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REVIEWS OF St. Anthony's Hospital IN Florida

gene short

Nurses and staffeta are great. Very friendly and informative. And the food is good

Kim Delisle

I was taken in on 4/21 by ambulance with severe leg pain from a collapsed disc, unable to pass urine and rectal bleeding. ER gave pain meds, straight cath to relieve urine in bladder and a ct scan. No medical person examined me. no one palpated my stomach, no one did a rectal. I was sent home without the ability to pass urine. I was sent home with ct results that my colon was backed up with stool and no protocol for laxatives to help alleviate the colon back up. I was unable to advocate for myself given the IV pain med caused me to be out of it. It is clear that non of your doctors and nurses advocated for me. How does an ER send a patient home who can't urinate, who has rectal bleeding and no one does a physical exam? This level of care confirms how inadequate St Anthonys is. Unfortunately as a resident of St Petersburg there are no good options for good quality care.

Peter Ball

The staff from the moment we walked into the ER unit I was discharged 3 days later were very professional, detailed as well just simply nice. Myself and my wife THANK YOU ALL for everything.

Gabrielle Swanson

The care I received from my nurse Patrick was amazing. My physician and all the staff including the hilarious CT guys and transport people as well as the ED insurance/intake guy went above and beyond to make me comfortable. I was blown away with how professional and kind the staff were, all while meeting my needs and having me safely discharged within 2 hours of arriving to the hospital after a car accident.

Morgan Parks

From the moment I pulled into the complimentary valet, to the wheelchair as soon as I came in; I truly felt cared for. Not only was everyone friendly, professional and knowledgeable, but Dr. Wolfe was amazing. She not only asked if I was okay with the diagnostic plan, but took the time and discuss what my diagnosis was and best treatment options. I was truly blown away with my experience.

John Wright

All the nurses and staff support and the doctors were great!!

Denise Gibbons

I went to St. Anthony's Friday for a Cardiac Cath. I entered the hospital through the Jackson St. entrance as instructed. I was greeted by two unfriendly security officers. One took my purse apart and shoved it back together while the other had me walk through a metal detector. Before I had a chance to put my purse back together, I was next directed to check-in as a visitor. I was there as a patient for an outpatient procedure, not as a visitor. This entire process felt invasive for someone coming into the hospital to have a procedure. The procedure went well and all of the staff in the Cath Lab were great but I can't get over how invaded I felt by the unnecessary search at the front door. St. Anthony's needs to treat patients with more respect!

Lamika Turner

They took really good care of me. They came and checked on me very often when I have any of my kids they ask if I needed anything for them



Sheila Galloway

Coming from Sarasota, I had to have surgery at St. Anthony's Hospital because I was using an out of town specialist. All of the staff were so professional and extra caring. I can't say enough about the people that work there - from pre-op check in until the end of my stay in the surgical and post-op department. Everyone at this hospital was more than I expected in a hospital.

Grace McCallum

It is never pleasant to be Hospitalized; but when it is necessary; I will recommend St. Anthony's Hospital for the care and the Pleasantness given from the establishment. It makes the stay that much easier for a patient. Thank you St. Anthony for your comfort.


The "new" Security they have is absolutely rediculous! Okay i get security and checking people's bags but i have a dying Gfather and i need to go in and out with out the worry i have to stop dump my bags walk through a metaldecter get my son out of the stroller empty his stroller and diaper bags. EVERY SINGLE time come in and go out whether if its just to smoke to help calm me while i suffer with saddness the last thing i need is people serching me 20x per visit its wrong and very offensive!!!! Oh i have alot more complaints... Why is my GFather Dying. Well saint Anthony's operated in him and now he is toxic and going to die.... Oh he isnt bleeding internally. I did his operatiin I would know.... Today he had an operation to put a drain in where hes been bleeding internally for 2 weeks now with a massive infection and coagulated blood so now the drain might not work ..

H Venners

Hands down best hospital in Tampa region

Beverly Smith-Tillery

Great place for people to get care

Raytina Rayner

St. Anthony's ER services are the best! They helped me with more than just my physical needs. Their ER team made me feel confident about getting better. They provided me with social services, health resources and a safe ride home when I needed one. Thank you :)

Sara Bassett

The nurses and staff was amazing especially the nurses I had a 5th floor... The two on call doctors that came into my room for like not even 5 minutes not so much... They aren't even in there long enough for you to ask questions... I felt a little rushed when they said I could go, my nurse told me I was being released she walked out my door I grabbed my clothes out of the closet to get dressed and as I'm getting dressed someone was knocking on my door to take me to a little discharge area to wait for my ride... Heck I didn't even have all my belongings to either...

Donecha Tillman

Thw waiting room was very long wait especially since I was having stroke symptoms but once I got to the back everything went much better. I was admitted and the nursing staff was awesome.

Ellie Vates

After checking into the ER, I was seen in a timely manner. Dr. Nelson was my primary provider when being seen after my car accident. He was so kind, he really took the time to connect with me deeply, bringing ease to the hospital experience. I got cold at one point and a nurse quickly provided me with a warmed blanket! What a treat, made me feel super comfortable! They also gave me the option to chose a television station while I was waiting for service, though it didnt matter much to me at that point. Best possible hospitalization experience.

Kayla Jones

My ER experience was not that good and it was mainly the nurses / techs. They all smirked when I told them I was having chest pain and my heart rate was in the 150’s before coming here. One of them said “I don’t think you would even be here if that was true”. The physician was great but I only saw him once. He ordered a lot of testing which was good to rule out anything.

hank woods

Horrible treatment by staff was diagnosed with endocarditis and was open and honest about My drug use. I was made to feel lower than low and had many descions made for me against what I wanted and needed. To make a long story short they ended up searching my backpack and found a brand new brass tobacco pipe that had zero residue of anything on it I was rushed out of my room by security and not even given time to collect my belongings in which I had a brand new pair of Samsung galaxy budz which I had just paid 140.00 for and was rushed off the compound by security. I almost died walking back to my house because I was and still am so sick that as soon as I got to my street in the high heat collapsed and called 911 where they took me to Bayfront.. I immediately called security about the earbuds and charging case and all I've been told is that "no one has turned them in" its so upsetting on top of all the medical issues I'm dealing with that I also have to deal w being stole from obviously by one of the staff at the hospital. I understand I have caused all these health issues myself but don't think I was treated fairly or even like a human at all.. The ambulance driver told me if I had waited 10 more mins to call I would no longer be with us. So I just wanted to take the time and educate people on the type of care given at Saint Anthony's and the horrible time I was put through please steer clear if you don't want to have a horrible situation like this happen to you.. Thank you for reading my experience.

Kate M

My father was admitted into the hospital and has been there for the past week...just released today. He had many nurses and staff caring for him, but there was one very special nurse who deserves recognition for the level of care he received. Sara went above and beyond to make sure he was always taken care of. She made it seem like he was her only patient. We understand that there are many patients to care for, yet somehow she always managed to make her rounds 5 minutes early or sooner, enter with a smile and wouldn’t leave until she knew he was taken care of. Every interaction was always Friendly, personable, prompt and proffessional. We are so blessed and grateful to have had her. This was a very difficult time for our family and she made his stay so much more pleasant. We need more health care professionals like Sara!!! Thank you so much!!!

Paula S

Excellent customer service from the nurses, Dr.'s,registration and discharge services. Very patient oriented!

Dave Richman

If I can't be taken to St Anthony's then just leave me on the side of the road to die

Jim Longstreth

Dr Menon and his surgical staff were wonderful and on top of everything. The pre-op, post-op and shift nurses were all so positive. Knowing that they are understaffed like most hospitals they never left me feeling uncomfortable and did everything possible to make my surgery stress free.

Ian Elston

The staff, nurses, and Dr. got me in quickly and were able to not only stitch up my injury but guided my wife and two young children to keep them appraised of the procedure, allowed for them to eat and stay entertained, and got them in to see me when necessary and bring me the essentials. Def very appreciative of their efforts and ability to make things as comfortable as possible!

Darlene Coney

I must say the nurses was very caring an loving. I had a very positive experience an environment. Special thank you to the heart cath team they made me feel very comfortable without the meds just their personality was great.

C Tyra

I was on vacation, when I had a gallbladder attack. The staff was very friendly, competent, and answered all of my questions.

Kathleen Anthony

Everyone my husband & I met we’re wonderful. Very professional, passionate & knowledgeable about patient care. We were in Room 532 A & B. Food was very good also. All in all, excellent experience. The same also applies to the ER staff.


Very positive experience. Doctors and nurses were all caring and professional. Facilities excellent.

Tim Piccirillo

I had my gallbladder removed by the brilliant surgeon Dr. Huguet. And the care at St. Anthony's was simply superb. I was kept informed every step of the way and the day of the surgery was visited by the anesthesiologist and Dr. Huguet prior to the actual surgery. The attentiveness by the nurse assigned to me was second to none and I couldn't have been treated better. I even received thank-you cards and a follow-up call the next day by Dr. Huguet's office to make sure I was ok and had no issues. I highly recommend both Dr. Huguet and the staff of St. Anthony for any surgical procedure.


Overly impressed with how friendly the medical staff were. Very helpful and rich in detail when explaining the medical procedures. Very clean. The staff has my full trust and I am grateful for such a great experience.

Ann Handyside

Excellent nursing staff I was taken care so well. Doctors were first class.

Suzanne Hartline

Couldn’t ask for better treatment... courteous, respectful, informative and prompt. The best !!!

Brian Hill

First let me say that this place was very nice and everyone in there was extremely professional and kind!! They billed my insurance company $22,000 for what boiled down to having a cut on my forehead that needed 15 stitches and a CT scan. I was in the hospital for all of an hour and a half!! WTH!! I would definitely think twice about using this facility, I would try an urgent care location if at all possible!

Chris and Jon Wellington

All the Staff were wonderful!

thomas cook

I have been to St Anthony's many times. I tell everyone if you need a hospital St Anthony's is the best. Everyone at St. Anthony's has a smiling face which means a lot to those who are not feeling well.

Steve Kozlowski

Everyone was very nice and polite. Nobody likes being in the hospital but they made me fill very comfortable and relaxed.

Marie Seilers

Rude doc assistant Nurses forgot to collect my urine specimen doc ordered

Pam Barany

My experience in St Anthonys Hospital in St Petersburg FL was awesome. Everyone was kind and efficient! It was the fastest and most thorough emergency room visit I have ever had!!

christine zimmer

I had a sprained wrist and I was in and out in under 2 hours. The staff was very efficient and friendly and wasted no time just jumping in and taking care of me. Great experience given the situation.

Kay Marino-Munion

The customer care I received was excellent from admission to discharge with two (2) exceptions: > A Home Health Care rep came to see me to tell me they were going to set up daily home health care visits to monitor aftercare and assist with medications, etc. without first assessing my living situation or abilities. As I work outside of the home 4 days a week, am married and am fully able of taking care of myself and my household, I found this to be ageist, presumptive and offensive. > I was discharged without receiving a diagnosis or aftercare instructions, other than to follow-up with primary care physician and cardiologist.

Christy Kruklinski

Excellent care from the moment I arrived. Personal and professional attention given to every detail. Gave me a feeling of peace & security following surgery.

Raymond Carrado

Entire staff was caring, professional and quickly responded to any needs. I felt like I was the only patient they had

candace nutter

To a person everyone was beyond excellent.

Linda Jones

Everyone was very pleasant and thoughtful. They responded quickly when I pressed the call button for the nurse. I also was pleased that I was sent an email with a link to the website for all of the information about my visit. Being away from home and needing emergency attention l felt that I was in good hands at this hospital. Thank you.

Oanh Nguyen

Very professional,take care patient with all their heart as family members. We deeply appreciate for their helps.

Carlos Ruffino

I was in trouble when I went to St. Anthony's Hospital, being so close to my residence. The level of professionalism, empathy, compassion and respect received from every member I interacted with during my stay cannot be underlined enough. i am deeply humbled and greatful to everyone who participated in my care. The ER personnel was incredibly caring and kept me informed of every step that they took to care for me. The Stroke Unit was a cascade of attention, courtesy, friendliness, compassion and a feeling of goodness, that certainly made me less stressed about my health issues. The registration office, Doctors, Nurses, Chaplins, Techs, transporters, radiology technician, Cat Scan staff, Sonogram ladies where especially very kind and professional, MRI Tech, Physical & Speech therapists and housekeeping staff always had a bright smile when addressing my needs. i will forever be greatful for the care you have provided me. Thank you so much! May God bless each and every one at St. Anthony's for the high standards and dedication to patient care. The level of team work cannot be described in a short review. Kudos to the Administrators for running such an amaizing and well oiled operation of love, care and compassion.

Gregg Fata

The best hospital for professional service and care.

MS. mya

Upon entering the hospital as a PATIENT, we were searched by SECURITY as criminals! Since when do hospitals need medal detectors with security guards to allow you to enter into the hospital??!!. My personal money wallet was also searched. Courthouse POLICE OFFICERS don’t even open and search a MONEY wallet. I would NOT recommend this hospital to my worse enemies.

Gloria Hathaway

Thank you so much for such Wonderful care by all.

Shelly Malek

Everything about my experience with the ER was positive. My nurse Jordan, Tech Danny and Drs. Val and Mendiola were all great - attentive and caring and competent caregivers. I felt that I was getting top notch care from all of them. Thank you all very much! Dalyn Michele Malek

john richardson

The whole Staff at St. Anthony's hospital is Great except for the Security some of the people have really bad attitude problems especially at the walk in emergency room. (There is a Security guard there that is really rude to the Sick people that come in for help.)

Roxie Hannah

Very unprofessional. I understand that they must go by the severity of injury/illness, but how can you tell a person what their feeling. I was the only person in the waiting room for almost in hour with being called. So I left I'll just deal with the pain...... something I shouldn't have to do.

Myrna Secondo

I love the nurses, doctors, every employee that i came in contact with. Professional but caring and thoughtful. I would always choose St Anthony's!

Vilma Boyd

I went in for chest pains. From the ER all the way back to Observation area it was very comforting. The nurses are outstanding. They made me feel like I was the only one there. Mark was one of my nurses back in the Observation area and he was very attentive. Just checking up on me, giving me updates on the next step of care. I felt genuinely cared for. Thank you for all you do.

Jen J

I'm in health care, so I am very critical of all health care services, so this 5 star rating says a lot! I was at St.Anthony's for surgery a few months ago and without disclosing my medical experience on social media, I will say that the entire admission, surgical and post-op teams were excellent. Great food in the cafeteria, free valet service. You folks make it real easy for patients and families!

Joey - Chica Fawcett

This was an excellent experience. All of the staff was quite knowledgeable and attentive. They guided me through my surgery well and answered all of my questions. Thank you all at St Anthony’s.

William Kollner

In the past 12 months I have been in St Anthony's three times as an outpatient and twice overnight. The nursing staff is the best that I have seen in any hospital. All of my needs were taken care of. And of course Dr. Morrow, my surgeon was wonderful.

Tony Amico

To whom it may concern: St. Anthony's Hospital was absolutely the best stay I have ever had in any hospital. Being in the hospitality industry I found it impossible to match the profound personality and professionalism of the total staff that I came in contact with. It would be hard to single out an employee they were all wonderful at their jobs and performed with a smile and a word of kindness every time they entered my room. Being of the same conceptual ilk my hat is off to the management and staff of St. Anthony's Hospital for a job extremely well done. Thank you Tony Amico

Dale Haagenstad

Came in with HORRIBLE PAIN and will not get admitted. .Said chronic pain.. I TOLD DOCTOR I HAD A ESI INJECTION THAT WENT BAD... So SOMETHING couldn't be NEW. ??? BECAUSE THIS IS DIFFERENT. DO NOT COME HERE FOR A EMERGENCY... NOT St Anthony's anymore. 2nd rate. NEVER GET ME THROUGH THESE DOORS AGAIN....**. Now its Sat. Afternoon the next day. I'M at Palms of Pasadena Hospital. Admitted for A-FIB. Came in For Fast heartbeat like I came to you with. NOW 2 MONTHS LATER I FIND OUT I HAD BLOOD IN MY URINE WHEN I WAS IN THAT NITE AND NO ONE NOTIFIED ME. You seemed to take my symptoms very lightly. Thanks for nothing.

Mary Taylor

Was recently in patient for orthopedic surgery...I was apprehensive, there have been good and not so good with that being said I must state ..Thank God I was very grateful and appreciative I am of every person I encountered...the food was actually excellent..thank you kitchen...housekeeping couldn't have been nicer...the pre op procedure by far an experience that by far greatly alleviated anxiety.....Gretchen from surgical pre are a true gift....bless you...Dr Pagano...he's a rock star to me..he is a gentle man...he has a bed side manner that reassures you are in good hands...all Dr Pagano s staff are top notch..attentive..caring..quick to respond when closing I want to thank a gentleman I believe his name to be Pedro...he is the lab tech genie that was able to draw blood from this old ladies beat up arms....bless you all ... Dr Pagano you have been a true God send....he's a solid 10 ....genius...

Jon Sedor

The staff was beyond helpful and caring. I was so impressed with the care St. Anthony's offers to patients!

Nick Callahan

Im here right now been here since 5:10 PM currently 7:17 PM. Unless you are dying don't come to this hospital, their treatment plan is to sit you in the waiting room for three hours at a minimum, i will update what time I'm officially seen by.

Barbara Ev Thomas

Was pleasantly surprised that snacks were supplied for free. Everyone very polite and helpful.

Edward Blau

The burst artery in my nose was competently fixed with cauterization of the blood vessel. My only disappointment was a cab was called from the "independent Cab Co." to "cab me home." The cab arrived with a R.R. tire so flat, that the wheel rim was almost in contact with the pavement. The driver knew about that even before she arrived. After getting in the cab, I was treated to a ride in every direction, except my home, as the driver went from gas station to gas station, looking for air for the tire. Finally, a working air supply was found, and the tire was inflated. I was finally headed in the right direction to get home. It was a very scary happening that brought me to the hospital, but the ride in the cab was even scarier. The buckle in harness didn't work. The car was really just worn out. But that's not all, the driver upon delivering me to my home thought I was paying for the ride, and had no idea that the hospital was the payor. The driver called her office to get the confusion straightened out, but even more confusion ensued, with the driver bursting into tears, and proclaiming that she quit. I couldn't wait to get out of the car, and I finally did. I suggest that St. Anthony's hospital find another cab Co.

Cassie Molina

Great place, trusted with my son's care!

Katney Baby

The nurses and the doctors were very nice They took time with me The waiting time was not that bad at all I will Recommend anyone to go to Saint Anthony’s Hospital

Bland s

Went to emergency and they did a great job a lot of patience and listening I always recommend Saint Anthony's to any one cuz they do a very outstanding job and very nice attitude

Angel Rivera

This is the best ER service I guarantee 100% satisfactory! Great people, employer and Awesome Doctors!

Edwin Holton

I had excellent care from the doctor and from the nurses. The medication they gave me worked very well . I appreciate them very much.

Frank Werhner

My experience at St Anthony’s hospital was exceptionally good! I’ve already told my friends and family about my experience in the same day surgery department. This is a perfect example of how all hospitals should be run.

Amanda Halford

Surgery is stressful, painful, and difficult to deal with, but when you come to a facility like this one, it helps alleviate some of that. I can say that I've never had a better experience with my medical treatment, and I would go back to St. Anthony's in a second if I needed more services. My surgeon was top notch. He explained everything to me, made time to come see me every day I was there, and made sure I understood everything that was happening with my procedures. You're awesome Dr. Shah!! My nurses were amazing, and the few who stood out to me were Bri who took my coming out of anesthesia issues like a pro, was able to get me into a private room to recover and was kind to me no matter what, Amanda who also had to deal with a bit of my attitude was just the nicest person, :) and Gilda who was just the sweetest person ever. I know there are others who were amazing as well. My techs were great and helped me with everything I needed, checked on me constantly and made sure I was as comfortable as I could be. The staff and my experience overall was stellar. They also have a wonderful program that helped me with my patient portion and alleviated so much off the stress I was under. Thank you all so very much for the care that you gave me. You all helped me through a very difficult process and made it as easy as possible. I can't thank you all enough for everything.

Diane Desir

I was left with a huge bruise on my arm from the IV but other than that I think they were pretty thorough.

Amanda Hernandez

From the transporters to the physicians, the care here was absolutely amazing! I can NOT brag on them enough!

Rick Waterman

Last evening I arrived at St Anthony's ER after a short walk from home. After checking in, I was promptly called into Triage, then into another room and ultimately into the exam room -- all this within 15 min of my arrival. There was no waiting around. The staff was pleasant, even to a point of a little laughter now and then. After having labs drawn, and ultrasound was promptly performed. After all the test were done, now the wait for the results. Dr. Woof called me into the room again and explained what they had found in the test. The referrals to another doctor, including back to my primary care physician were advised. I would suggest St. Anthony's Hospital to anyone who is in need of medical attention.

olvin elvir

Very wonderful staff and fantastic environment.

gail simpson

All of the teams were great. They were very courteous,kind, they came as soon as I needed them. I was very appreciative of the staff and the kitchen workers. I love St. Anthony's Hospital. I go there every time I am in need of help. Thank you all for taking such good care of me.

Morning Manna

I went in for a procedure Monday and from start to finish I had the best experience. Everyone was cheerful, kind and thoughful. The nurses, anesthesiologist, the entire surgical team, was great, made me feel like I wouild be taken care of and I was. I prayed for God to send me heavenly angels and I know he answered my prayers. Thank you St. Anthony's you guys were the BEST!!!

Julia Wynn

My husband and I were amazingly grateful to all the doctors and above all, the staff, and nurses. They were so attentive and courteous! They are amazing!

Stephen Horowitz

Excellent nursing care. Very caring and helpful.

Joseph Davis

All of the staff were knowledgeable, professional, curteous and friendly. Regina Davis

Jerri Williams

This is an AWESOME hospital!! The staff and physicians are incredibly supportive, caring and make sure that the patient and their support system of family and friends are kept informed of medical procedures and results. My husband was treated with kindness, respect and like a family member by the nursing staff in the ER as well as on the 6th floor. I'm so glad we went to St. Anthony's hospital ER for the pain that my husband was experiencing as they took very good care of his medical needs. I recommend this hospital to everyone who is in need of medical care.

Lance Ferris

Very pleasant experience. Staff was helpful and informative...Loved waking up to a great crew in recovery!! Thank You!! ;-)

Dave levy

Everyone at the Hospital went out of there way to make my surgery visit as comfortable as it could be. Recommend the Hospital A Plus

Fix Margarita

Very nice good place the doctor's and nurse were doing an excellent job on taking care of my exscrueciating pain that was for my infection. Thanks to all the stuff good people.

David Weimerskirk

I had an outpatient procedure there and the staff was very accommodating and friendly. They really took care of me.

Monica Bilodeau

The friendliest staff ever very helpful.

Michelle Queen

Excellent experience from beginning to end. All the nurses and doctors were professional and caring.

David Munoz

Hi. I was admitted to these great location on September 13 2019 for my hart failure,I have never experienced the level of professionalism of such dedicated people or personal at any other given place thank you Sy Anthony's hospital for your total loyal dedication to serve and to save our lives. Doing great here thank to you.

Julie Wilder

St. Anthony's Hospital is a wonderful hospital. The level of care is excellent. They schedule test and care them out quickly. I recommend them for great quality care.

robert raposa

Went to the only hospital I've ever gone to since I moved here 3 yrs ago. Cut my arm which required 10 stitches, Dr did a professional job. Such good people work there.

Thomas Bedwell

The Florida Cancer Center has very caring nurses and Doctors. They took great care of me!

Johnny Williams

best experience Ever

Charlie Florida

I was scared and they went right to work taking care of me. Every single person that was involved in my stay was very pleasant and helpful from doctors to the folks that take you down for your tests. No complaints. (Except maybe that I had one test to do and it took a day and 1/2 for me to get out - same as the lady next to me. Is was the sequence of what had to happen) But still give it 5 stars

Britam Bush

The staff is wonderful. Took great care of my daughter during her multiple-day stay. My only frustration was with one security guard who was very nosy and disrespectful of my things... She held up the line to touch every item in my purse and threw my sunglasses into my purse unprotected. But, of all the security folks and times I went through security, to have only one person be "extra" leaves me happy enough to give a five star review. Definitely a good thing to have security and I don't mind going through what is required to keep folks safe inside.

kevin corter

I was in there first thing in the morning at 7:30 AM I only waited in the surgical waiting room for maybe 10 minutes I was called back I was the first one to use Apple Pay for my co-pay and the total experience was excellent.

Robert Shaffer

The speed at which I got through the ER and to my room was amazing compared to any emergency room experiences I have had in the past, and the entire staff from arrival to discharge was the friendliest I have ever encountered. And an aboslutely special shout out to Darby from the One Flex unit. She is terrific!

Edi W.

I was a patient at St. Anthony’s for 2 surgeries, 7 weeks apart, in 2017, and I would choose St. Anthony’s again if, God forbid, I ever need hospitalization again. After my 1st surgery, the post-op/recovery room nurse was excellent. I awoke to her asking, “How are you?” I was not doing too well (bad reaction to the anesthesia), and she was with me the whole time. The ratio of nurses to patients in the post-op area is fantastic, as this nurse seemed completely dedicated to me. I assume there were other patients there but this nurse was focused on me like a laser beam. Once I was taken to a room for the night, though, it was a different story with the floor nurses. The breathing tube had damaged (lacerated) my uvula--the little dangly thing in the back of your throat—during surgery, which I didn’t learn until days later, but I sure knew my throat was in a lot of pain and I kept gagging. I kept pushing the nurse’s button, asking for water or something to drink, explaining that my throat was in pain. The floor nurses did not always even respond at all and, when they did, it took a long time, I got a tiny can of soda each time so I had to keep asking and, to my horror the next day, I found out it was all “diet”, thus contained aspartame (Nutrasweet), which I and many people avoid. I was never asked—I would never have drank that if I had known what it was. Anyway, my experience with the nurses/staff on the floor I spent the night on was not good (that was just one example--I’m leaving things out for brevity), and the anesthesia team on my 1st surgery did damage my uvula with the tube, though that might have been no one’s fault, just one of those things that can happen. 2nd surgery, 7 weeks later: GREAT experience with the anesthesia team this time, especially Dr. Valentine! I remember his name because he was SO wonderful: In pre-op, I anxiously told him that the breathing tube had cut my uvula at my surgery 7 weeks prior, and that I was scared about it possibly happening again. He listened attentively (he had not been the anesthesia doctor at the 1st surgery), told me that had actually happened to him once (as a patient), too, and that he would be very careful and it would NOT happen to me again, and said he would use a smaller tube on me. He was so reassuring. When I awoke, my throat was TOTALLY FINE! A tad sore but FINE. He had listened and took steps to ensure that my throat would be okay! The team also took steps to ensure that I wouldn’t react to the anesthesia as badly as I had before, by putting something behind my ear in pre-op. I had a much better time the 2nd time around, and did not have to stay overnight. In the 25 years I’ve lived in St. Petersburg, I’ve only ever had to go to the hospital for those 2 surgeries in in 2017, both at St. Anthony’s. I think St. Anthony’s is the best hospital in the city, and is the one you want to choose, if possible. I had a choice of 3 hospitals and asked my surgeon if she has a preference. She said she prefers the operating facilities in St. Anthony’s. I appreciate the state of the art facilities (like the Da Vinci robot), the recovery room nurse who tended to me after my 1st surgery, and I LOVE Dr. Valentine of the anesthesia team, who made my 2nd surgery so much better than my 1st, throat-wise! THANK YOU, DR. VALENTINE! Last but definitely not least, a profound thank you to the pathology lab doctors/team, who found a tiny ovarian clear cell carcinoma in my right ovary, in the lab after surgery 1 (which is why I needed surgery 2, 7 weeks later, to stage it). The OCCC was extremely tiny and I think could have easily been missed, since my surgery was mainly to remove my precancerous uterine lining. But the tiny OCCC tumor was FOUND. Had the great lab team at St. Anthony’s not found that tiny tumor (0.7 cm), I don’t know where I’d be (or if I’d be) today. They were a key part of the mosaic of great medical care I received in 2017 that saved my life. So do I recommend St. Anthony’s? YES!

Doug Mayer

First time ever overnight in a hospital. If you have to do it, this is the place. PLEASANT, is the word for 100% of the staff contacts. Three especially deserve mentioning. In pre op Tatyana is full of bright smiles, filling needs, and letting the patient know what to expect is coming up for them. She likes her work and it shows with her kindness attitude My night nurse, Duc, is very professional, as well as looking out for his patient’s best interest.He is attentive and friendly. Diane, the orthopedic coordinator, is perfect for that job. Her attention to detail in getting the best for the patient is excellent. She has the information we are looking for and the answers to our questions. If she doesn’t know the answer, she goes and finds it. It was a pleasure to have her available to guide us through the experience. Thanks all at St Anthony’s for a very good experience for my first night in a hospital at 71 years old. Please don’t take it personally, but I hope I never have to come back.

Assoc Secretary

Very well organized and professional experience. All I came across made me feel like I was in good hands. Ten out of Ten.

Scherrin Hobbs

This visit July 31 was very pleasure. From registraion, nursing staff (Richard, Chris, Kevin) on the floor, Stephanie in Radiology for my port placement, transporters made my visit relaxed and pleasant.

Carla Kuni

Excellent care no wait private room with a door in ER not a curtain. Compassionate care from nursing staff and doctor

Getting Past

my appendix was removed, nurses and techs very friendly, attentive went the extra mile to help me get food when I was starving after 24hrs with no solid food after surgery and the kitchen was closed. Glad I chose Saint Anthony's. Emergency room wait long as expected but still far better than visits to other hospitals I have visited (northside and bayfront). Gilda, Jackie, Tenisha, PA Gunn, thank you all for the excellent work. I couldn't remember all the names but I tried. Everyone was great.

Sheri Frantzis

The best care and treatment from Doctors, Nurses and staff! Thank you!

Keri Smith

This was by far the best ER experience I have ever had, as far as ER experiences go. Everyone was friendly and respectful. I was in and out in under an hour. (didn't think that was even possible). Will recommend St. Anthony's to others.

Kathy Richards

This facility is just the best, in my opinion! I had outpatient surgery there yesterday (in their Surgical Center), and the pre-registration process that started last week was really great. I had my lab work and EKG done early one nothing and then that night they called from the billing office, and I got my deductible taken care of over the phone. So, when I went there early yesterday due the laparoscopic surgery, there was very little paperwork that they had to go over. When it came time to prep for my surgery, they were very thorough. When I told him I had a problem with anesthesia making me very ill, they tackled that problem and when I awoke in the recovery room, I was not sick in the least! I was very sore and very tired, but I was not sick. That was really wonderful! I can't say enough good things about St. Anthony's and I give kudos to all the employees... They are simply amazing there, and my doctor was really great, as well! If you need medical care, that's the place to go to!!

Tom Camphire

Care was excellent throughout the three days I spent at St. Anthony's. Comfort for the patient seems to be what they strive for, and in my opinion, they more than meet their goals.

Ethelene Prouty

I would like to thank special nurses: Sylvia, Lasla, Latina, Tor, special techs Patrice, Nadine, Joyce, These are very dedicated nurses and techs. A special thank you to Sylvia. I have been in hospitals many times and I don't think I have met anyone as dedicated to her patients as she is. Thank you Sylvia for all your care. A thank you to all who helped me through a very trying time.


Compassionate care from all staff, couldn’t ask for anything more.

Brandon Bomar

Friendly but professional staff. Attentive and informative. Quick and effective. Couldn't ask for a better experience.

Helen Leslie

Excellent care during my recent visit !!

julie rossi

I had a great experience having outpatient surgery at St. Anthony’s. Everyone was so caring and kind.

chaka sheppard

The nurses did not listen to me. Everything I said just went in. No answers came out other than one person putting off on another. Complete run around!!!! Worst experience for a patient post op to have to go through!!!! I feel like there is a serious integrity problem with nurses and narcotics at this hospital!!!! This is my second experience with both hip replacements having similar issues when it came to narcotics being given!!!!

Jayne Jahn

From the moment I reached day surgery floor, I was greated warmly and made comfortable by each member of the staff. Registration was prompt and I was taken to the pre-OP area within 15 minutes. My husband was treated with equal respect, informed of approximate time lof each stage, what to expect and how he would be contacted. Diane and Paula walked me through each step of the tasks they were to handle with efficiency and ease, helping me to be comfortable & feel safe. I shortly met the anesthesiologist and others who would be involved in the surgery. Feeling secure in the pre-OP phase was well appreciated. I would highly recommend this hospital and genteel staff when needing a hospital. Jayne, RN

Frances Mulligan

I had never been to St. Anthony's before and from the moment I came to the main building I was very impressed with the people I came in contact with, from the security, information desk and the garage. They were very giving of their time to answer my questions. I had to have a nuclear bone scan done and was very nervous. Kat was the tech who answers all my question and explained everything and made me very comfortable. It is nice to know there are still people out there who take pride in their work and it shows with their caring for the patient. Thanks Kat. Frances Mulligan

Parkside Cafe

Good morning peeps yall know i bless small steps and i feel a lil better today heartrate down and even tho im still congested i must admit i feel better thank you total staff at st. Anthonys for taking care of me and i thank God for giving yall the grace for your experience in medical to help and go above and beyond the call ive watched all of you for 3 days taking care of us and i thank God for you thank you St.Anthonys medical staff one and all!!!!

Kendall Squall

Absolutely the ideal place for health care hands down

Gina Dellantonio

Excellent care, staff and service!

Ginny Yanson

From the moment that I walked into the emergency room until I left, I felt that everyone that worked with me was interested in my well being and were very competent. All procedures were explained to me in terms that I could understand. Someone was with me at all times directing me as to where I was supposed to go. Personnel were conscientious about checking my ID and my birth date to make sure I was the correct patient for the procedure. This was the best experience I have ever had at an emergency room.

Stephanie Mischke

Very impressed with how quick and efficient my ER visit went. All personnel were patient and kind.

Tiffany Stevensgray

They took good care of my mother

Melissa Donahue

My favorite hospital! The staff is always caring & friendly.

Joseph Wallace

This place is atrocious. Their cafeteria food gave me food poisoning.

Richard Kadel

Great care but no follow through!

Stephanie Dillane

Where do I begin? From the moment my mother entered the emergency room to her discharge 5 days later, I have never been so impressed and satisfied with a medical experience. Every single staff members was kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable, professional and had a positive attitude. From finding ice packs, fans and any other thing to make my mother at ease, the staff at St. Anthony’s went above and beyond to make her experience as comfortable as possible. The nurses in flex one unit and on the third floor deserve more recognition than I could ever give. Thank you St. Anthony’s Hospital for being a medical facility that I can trust with my family’s care.

Adreinne Barnes

I am filing complaints on multiple people. For ignoring me for pain meds. I had to wait an hour. I was ignored when asked for water. Had to unplug my iv and walk out and ask. I was a fall risk do to the meds I was on. I was laughed at by multiple nurses talking about me. I told them numourus times I could NOT be seen by dr. Allendary because he has discharged me 3x. The last time was for a pancreatic flare up and I went 142 hrs without food. Because I was instructed by my GI to go to bayfront after that. Allendary came in and pressed his scope as hars as he could on my uterus, which is why I was there to begin with. I will be going to the full extent to make sure these people are prosecuted to the fullest.

David Jose

The nurses and doctors were wonderful and very helpful. All staff were great.

Gary Howard

As part of her chemo Nancy Howard had a port installed in St. Anthony's. All went well orchestrated by your excellent staff

Kimberly Morelli

I fell down a concrete set of steps and hurt my wrist shoulder and back. My back has metal in it. The put me in a bed beside a group of people answering phone calls. I laid there for 3 hours. No one stopped to check on me. Finally they came and got me. I knew my wrist was sprained and my shoulder was sprained . I was worried about my back. It was broken in a car accident. The fixed me sprained wrist and shoulder. I sat there waiting to get my back looked at. They show up with discharge papers. I asked what about my back. They said it wasn't on their paper work. They said it would be a couple hours to check my back. By this time I had been there for almost 6 hrs. I declined. I would rather die on the way to Bay Front then go to this place again.

Judy Severs

I spent 2 days at this hospital. I had a very good experience. Their dialysis unit unit was small but I had my dialysis in a timely manner.

John Lefebvre

All the RN"s and attending physians with their respective attentees were very cordial and respected my needs. The evening shift nurse did not control or dampend the noise from a man in the opposite room with his TV on ALL NIGHT LONG. The nurse requested him to lower the volume on his TV which he did, and after his door was shut I could still hear all the noise. I tried to put in ear plugs but couldn't get the plug in properly. The night nurse assissted but couldn't get the plug to stay in the ear canal any better. So I wasn't able to get any sleep that night.' There should be a MANATORY TIME SCHEDULE to turn off all noise from TV's or radio in each patients room at a certain time say, 11:00 P M. to 7:00 A M. Or have EAR MUFFS available for patients when EAR PLUGS do not work.

james Harnish

Very chilly place But that is to be expected the nurses were awesome The doctor was great I would recommend this hospital Stayed there one day Never did clean my Room

Deejay Hayes

The staff and various physicians cared about my condition, however, the room bed was extremely uncomfortable and caused me to lose much-needed sleep during 2 of the 3 days. The airbed in the ICU was the best.

Bruce Wakeman

Recently had some GI surgery at St Anthony’s. The attention and care I was given from pre-surgery scheduling, during my stay, the entire nursing staff and follow up was exceptional. Dr Huguet and staff have been fantastic during the entire process. I’ve not had prior surgery experience but can’t believe there is any better care available. St Anthonys made my stay very comfortable and ensured my wife was comfortable as well. Thanks to the entire St Anthonys team!

Vicki DeFrank

I have been bringing my 95 yr old mother here for several years. 1st time was a disaster. She had fallen and urgent care sent her to E.R. with a recommendation as she had a broken finger and a gash on her head. We sat in the waiting room 8 hrs before being seen. I had to keep going up to security guard to get gauze to hold on her head. Didn't return for 2 yrs. Had much better service until yesterday. Came in with suspected stroke. (Sorry to be gender biased) the nurse standing at the computer (after I went back up to see why we had to wait so long) was very abrupt and said they'd done an EKG and it was fine that others were there ahead. Finally after an hour we were taken back and the female nurse said she hadn't had an EKG (She has history of strokes). Then the nurse practitioner and other female nursing staff were concerned and quick. Then Mike came in. Big mistake. Felt we were dealing with a car mechanic. Some are just not cut out for this industry. They wanted mother to walk to see her strength. He didn't bother to try to cover her back side nor was he comfortable touching her at all. Didn't have any skill to access her skill. Then when he came in to give her antibiotic thru the I.V. He pushed it in so fast she rose up off the bed. I told Shannon I didn't like him. Next time no male nurses for us. The quality of care has decreased at St Anthony's. If it weren't for the fact that her records are there we'd go to St Pete General.

Shavar Sampson

Great staff and not a long wait. They are very courteous and conscious of each individual patient. Very pleasant experience here.

Valerie Pendarvis-Haynes

I can’t say enough about the services I received at St. Anthony ‘s Hospital. Very prompt, courteous and thorough intake. Very clean, courteous and professional staff to include: medical providers, nursing staff environmental, dietary and transporters. They even did follow up call when I returned home. I would recommend without hesitation.

Random_ Fan

I went my son, and they take care of him, quick, the staff really friendly and outgoing!!

Felicia Ferráez Pasquier

Memorial Hospital on Swann Ave, basically released me without even an exam, a hysterical woman who just wanted pain meds.. I literally had to call 911 from my ER room to get enough treatment just to get released so I could go to St Anthony’s. There is was given the care and treatment I needed, emergency surgery. Wonderful staff and physicians who take your medical concerns seriously.

Vicki Nangle

The ER was amazing & made a quick & accurate diagnosis. The hospital stay had some serious problems. Concerns- 1) Not enough communication between nurses & doctors 2) Nurses seemed to have trouble reviewing patient reports in the ERH. Some treated my husband before reviewing his records. I started attaching notes to my husband's IV pole to relay medical updates! 3) Nurses (some) were afraid to call doctors to verify orders and/or report changes. Some seemed confused by the doctor’s orders. Rather than verifying, they just used their best guess. 4) Nurses (some) did not record medication side effects nor did they report them to the doctor. 5) This Hospital pushes Lovenox blood thinner on patients after admitted, but not all nurses know how to properly administer and watch for drug interactions and serious reactions. Staff really pushed my husband to continue taking the medication despite serious side effects & our concerns. This concerns me greatly because it affects nearly all your patients. I have no medical background but this is what I observed- A) My husband was given Lovenox shots in his arm, causing the entire arm to turn black form a large hematoma. B) Lovenox was given with other medications that cause bleeding, including internal bleeding, including Toradol. C) Nurses continued to give Lovenox despite quickly dropping platelet count & low hemoglobin. D). Nurses (some) were not reporting to doctor or documenting side effects my husband was having- Dizziness, confusion, hot flashes & chills, diarrhea,.severe headaches, weakness, tiredness, shortness of breath, anemia, bruising, etc. E) Lovenox was given for much longer than the suggested 7-10 days. 6) Discharge plan lacked aftercare instructions that made sense. 7) One nurse really dropped the ball- Yate H. Yate let my husband scream all day long in horrible pain- Just closed the door. She should have contacted the doctor for an updated pain management plan. She didn’t help him until I repeatedly opened his door & other patients family members got involved. I truly believe the stress she allowed that day greatly contributed to my husband’s quick decline in health. That said- We had some excellent Doctors & nurses. I thank the surgeon Dr. Jamii St. Julien with all my heart for saving my husband’s life. My husband had some excellent nurses & aides. (Wish I had written down names of the aides to recognize them.) The nurses that were most amazing - Josh, Summer, Minyon, Christina J, Dallas, Sara, Darrick, and Jennifer J. These nurses were knowledgeable, compassionate, & attentive. PS- Nurse Minyon F, I thank you for being the bravest, most compassionate nurse of all. You have no fear of calling the doctors at anytime day or night to make sure your patients have the best possible care. I believe this information, if acted upon, will improve outcomes & save many lives.

Broomie H

The staff and doctors were great. Always friendly and always helpful. First time I have felt good about not staying with husband to make sure he was properly cared for like at other hospitals. I rated 4 stars because the rooms are tiny and the chairs in the rooms for family are very uncomfortable . Folding chairs.

Centree Santiago

When nursing textbooks are written and examples are cited of RN’s operating at the highest levels of their professions, Dionne, Lyndsay, Phillipa and Angela from the 6th Floor SW should appear. During an unexpected five day stay, they provided care that made me feel that I was part of their respective families. They were never rushed, despite being pulled in every direction. You feel that you’re being cared for by a friend you’ve known for years. These folks exemplify the Care in BayCare. St Anthony’s is a wonderful place to heal when the vigors of life require such!

Phillip Sinclair

Absolutely the best hospital in St. Pete. Caring staff and quick to help

Kerry Carlisle

From check-in through the completion of my outpatient procedure, every staff member I encountered was kind and courteous. From the smallest detail - like asking me how I would like to be addressed, to explaining the procedure, then the results in detail - to offering warm blankets - my experience @ St. Anthony's was superb!

Barbara Barnhouse

There were so many caring individuals (and teams) throughout my care that I would like to mention; however, this list is only a few of those I encountered. Pre-Registration, Registration, Pre-op, Surgery, and Post Surgery. Donna, Myla, Jackie, Haleigh, Anita and all the other medical professionals. The focus on myself and my family was evident from the beginning. Although I was not a fan of the long drive to St. Anthony's, I would be glad to go back at any time! Many blessings to everyone for my care!

Yesenia Hernandez

The hospital itself is not the greatest. Slot of rude staff and unprofessional doctors. However, I have to say that RN Erica has been the most caring and professional I have yet to meet in the hospital and I am giving her a 5 star!! I could immediately tell she was concerned with the patients well being and had a big heart for once. There should be more people in general like this wonderful person.


I give 5 stars to each and every person I had contact with at St. Anthony's Hospital. All employees demonstrated a true caring nature. Smiling comes naturally to all employees and is contagious when interacting with with them. Professional care is what they deliver, from the cleaning staff making sure the rooms are ready for the next patient to the discharge Dr`s that get you prepared for any follow ups or outpatient care. They keep you informed and updated with a smile while keeping you well fed from a cafeteria that outperforms all other's in the area. The rooms are clean with an interactive TV that gives you tailored patient details, information on medications, TV and internet via a remote with speaker and headphone jack so the patient in the next bed isn't disturbed by a blaring TV enabling a better restful stay. 5 stars is not enough to rate my stay at St. Anthony's Hospital. Thank you to all the wonderful staff that gave me the best experience and Care I've ever received at a Health Care Facility.

Monica Jordan

I come in to visit my good friend today in the ER and I mean I know it’s Halloween and everything but a young women had so much green eyeshadow from her eyebrow to the bottom of her eyelid literally. Basically all around her eyes with bright red lipstick. I mean I don’t feel that is very professional especially walking around from room to room taking information from patients you can scare children or even the elderly. I don’t know if it was supposed to be apart of a costume but save it for Halloween festivities not WORK..appearance is everything working in that sort of setting.Please do better with your staff....overall every thing else is pleasant very nice hospital

germana drago

I just got home from having a hiatal hernia repair. Dr.Kevin Huguet was my surgeon, he’s with BayCare specialist. He did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing surgery. The entire staff at St. Anthony’s hospital was astounding. The nurses were top notch. So compassionate and professional. The kindness and compassion they bestowed upon me brings tears to my eyes. All staff members went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable. I had a private room. The wing I was staying in is just a few years old. The hospital was immaculate. I’m So glad my stay was at St. Anthonys. Bravo to the entire team. God bless them all. Much appreciation, G. Drago.

Porter Landrum

I took my first ambulance ride today!! I checked out fine, just ran out of electrolytes! Raquel in the Emergency Room was AWESOME!! And Dr. Rocky was THE BEST!! Efficient, Professional, Compassionate - what more can you ask for? Excellent! Thanks guys!! - Porter Landrum, Largo, FL


St Anthony's has the most wonderful, caring, kind people working in the surgery out patient 2nd floor Bronoscopy dept! I was very anxious and they made me feel comfortable and safe. Excellent team! A+. Thank you so much, sincerely, Debbie

Randy Craig

When entering the emergency dept. I felt like I was trying to enter a jail with the security like a airport port not a hospital... Made me feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!! GO some where else if they think the area is that bad!

Frank Liebenow

Excellent experience. Very well thought out procedures and excellent staff that kept me well informed at every step. Surgeon and Anesthetist did a fine job leading to almost no pain at all!

amado gonzalez

Thank you surgeon becker and baycare staff for taking care of me and doing a great job during my visit at st anthonys st.pete facility

johnny bruton

Worlds greatest service, no slips and great staff to meet your every need.

meg mccleary

The care I received was very good.But the food was not edible. Sorry.

Lori Stoller

Everyone at St. Anthony’s from the check in staff to all the medical staff were amazing. I was in the hospital after major surgery for 3 days and all of my needs were met without asking. Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly and were always one step ahead to make sure my recovery went as smooth as possible.

Jamal Qandil

If there is less than one star I would have used it... in the waiting room so far for four hours with serious situation and bleeding .. people with less situation came after us and left while we are still waiting.. this is ridiculous..

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