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The ob emergency room nurses are so nice they make u feel so comfortable

violet Ramirez

Took forever to get admitted, very short unhelpful stay.

María Eugenia Fornari

You WILL get charged over $1000 for a minor infection and EVEN after you pay, people will call you to harass you to pay. INSANE.


I'd never thought not even once in my lifetime to actually get on Google to "rate" a hospital. But then, here I am. As a visitor from from another much bigger, really bigger metropolitan city in US. I truly felt such a congregations of negativities in this hospital. Staffs here are so different than where I came from, I really had to make a comment online. This place is truly not my first choice of visit. I had to be here due to unavoidable circumstances. What "congregations of negativities?" It's a similar group of like minded people working together in a place, which they have very similar ideology, behaviour, and actions towards other persons other than their culture.

Jorge Lledo

Amazing nurses!! NICU nurses are incredible.

Seaacountry My Country Music

What a great job and what professionalism of all the doctors and nurses who were involved in the birth of our son, including the service, I want to thank each of you for your incredible work, Thank you Doctor Pena. Amazing team. Alain and Cecilia.

Jose Dorante

Had nephew born at Hospital Sunday night. Labor and delivery staff and doctors were wonderful. but then it all turned into a nightmare when nephew threw up on Wednesday (thought it was normal for babies to throw up) and he was "rushed" to NICU. Two days later all tests were negative, but still was placed on antibiotics, IV fluids and only allowed to drink 15 mls of maternal milk every 3 hours. Seeing my nephew being poked everywhere, with swollen and bruised arms and being starved to death was like being in a twilight zone episode. This baby was full term, weighing almost 9 pounds and health with all negative tests. Doctor would not allow pediatrician to come in and see him because not affiliated with Hospital, when asked for their list of Pediatricians who work at their Hospital it never came. When asked for a gastro specialist for baby - doctor said "we don't see the need". "CONTINUED...

Priscilla Alvarez

By far the worst health care experience ever with my mother. I'm actually in shock that they are part of Baptist hospital. We have been waiting over 5 hours in an ER room waiting for CT and blood result and no one has come in to even check up on my mom. Oh and the IV has been done for 2 hours and no one has come to disconnect it. NEVER COMING TO THIS PLACE AGAIN.

George Barraza

Not only did they deliver our three beautiful children, but most recently they saved my fathers life when things were extremely critical. The nurses are super heroes! They really are.

Christopher Allen

Very nice staff awesome experience


I was there last year and the staff was excellent, the communication with the patients is awesome and the nurse was passing by to check on me , in general a good experience.

Alex Ru

10/24-25/2018 Service: excellent, outstanding Staff: Agnes: who placed the IV was gentle, kind. RNs: Meilyn, Pamela, CPs: Rossanna, Diego were very kind, helpful, caring, professional, and amazing. Facility: clean Highly recommend

Daniel Bravo

The worst ER I’ve ever seen!! Over 4 hours in the waiting room, we decided to leave after witnessing an altercation of somebody else that was waiting for more than 5 hours. Every single person in that room was mad and tired of waiting!! Is incredible how the level of urgency did not matter to this people. Don’t put your love one or yourself thru this pain, just don’t go to this hospital...

Iuliatrulia M

Wonderful staff!! Great hospital!

Ana Garcia

Very happy with The Nurses In The East Tower building Specially in the the 5 Th floor where my mother is has been There since last Wednesday and continues there. Nurses, Cp, and all the staff who have been with mi mom I would like to Thank Them For Their Professional service And care.

Canine Crusader

Very concerned about having my surgery here after reading all the horrible reviews. I may have to change doctors now....

Angelo Trovato

Welcome to South Miami Hospital.

Ed Rubi

Been here for a week came from another hospital here I found the best care!

Reyna Hernandez

I had an excellent experience at this hospital.

Ana Piloto

Amazing service

Andrew Carles

Very bad experience, this hospital has horrible labor procedures.


(Translated by Google) Super attention of all the staff, very clean, comfortable avitacion, very professional and attentive (Original) Super atención de todo el staff,muy limpio,cómoda avitacion,muy profesionales y atentos

B. R.

This place is the poorest excuse for a medical institution. You are better off going to Memorial Hospital or another well established medical facility where their staff had a reputation for customer service. STAY AWAY FROM NICOLE THE EMERGENCY ROOM SUPERVISOR!!!! Absolutely the rudest professional I have ever come across. She will get her director involved, and switch up her approach towards you so that she seems she is in the right. If you ask how many people are in front of you, they will tell you they cannot answer you, though they gave you an answer one hour before. Also they will make smart remarks, such as " that is what we are here for", mocking their patients in pain. While I was in the waiting room, A patient was choking and crying claiming they were in pain, and each and everyone of the staff members just sat and watched until a patient complaint, saying "aren't you going to do something, this is inhumane" which at that point, the medical staff finally saw it fit to ask him if there was something that they can do . Lastly, the reviews about the wait times is no exaggeration. You will be waiting a while, as they just do not have man power. There are only a couple of doctors working in the whole emergency room. At that point, Urgent Care or a facility like this would be your best bet. Absolutely stay away from this medical institution if you can, and if you cannot, the best of luck to you ! Again, stay away from NICOLE the Emergency Room Supervisor! Stay blessed!

alene feinstein

Greatest staff, most friendly and attentive. Everyone from every department was great. Good communication from all services. From the ER, to Imaging Services to labs, to Nursing on the floor ;it was a great experience. Only criticism...disclosure in advance that patient is observation status not fill admit. .

Deborah Valdes

Very Slow.......

Lilian Solorzano

I can't speak for the entire hospital, but the NICU and Maternity staff are second to none. I have had my three children at this hospital, two of which spent time in the NICU. Specifically, my last child, born at 23 weeks (1lb 3oz) spent 4 months (125 days) in the NICU, and I can't say enough about the care my daughter received. The doctors, nurses, and staff are extremely knowledgeable and patient. They always kept my husband and I informed about every little thing and gave us sound advice every step of the way. I spent every day at the hospital with my NICU baby and everyone from the security, to the cafeteria staff were warm and helpful. Thank you South Miami NICU for saving my baby :) I will forever be grateful for your miracle hands and care.

Cervélo Supply

The customer service, care level, and ambience at this institution have deteriorated. The patient rooms are small and I have heard similar unhappy comments from many other people who went there.

x Rodriguez

By far the very worst experience ever. Yesterday wasnt feeling well and was told by a dr to go there. First was greeted by a volunteer and after giving her the paperwork wasnt spoken to by registration until we got the bracelet. There was also mr robo cop that God forbid anyone not go & get a visitor sticker from him. During triage other patients that came after me were seen first. The blonde nurse that was doing triage kept coughing so when it was my turn I asked her to put a mask on. Her response' "I'm not coughing on you". I dont care i am sick and I didnt want her germs. In the end even though I told her three times to put a mask on she did not and said she would get someone else to get my vitals. The worst part was the horrible nurse Jenny. In the SEVEN hours I was there not once did she come to check up on me. I called couple of times for someone to send her and she wouldnt go. When she finally did go to my room she said that we told a nurse that we didnt need anything. Not only was that a complete lie because one we never had anyone come to the room like she said but why would we call and then say we didnt need her. Jenny had the nerve to say "are you sure you didnt say that to someone cuz that's what I was told". What the hell!! Why would you question a patient after they told you noone had gone into their room!!!! The whole experience with her was that she was extremely argumentative. One of the reasons I was there was to get a ultrasound and took literally six hours !! . I got there at 330 and not until 945 did someone come. I figured I'd be taken into a room but no they did the ultrasound in my room. Was told the six hour wait was because of not enough employees. Why should we as patients suffer because south miami cant schedule correctly. The ultrasound tech was extremely rude and maybe in the room.with me no more than twenty minutes and literally fifteen minutes mater the new nurse Cindy told me the results were already in. If it literally took less than thirty minutes to do the ultrasound and get the results there Is no reason for me to have to wait six hours to get it done!!. The only helpful people were the nurse I got after 730 Cindy and the ARNP that was there. I had told Jenny a couple of times that I was hungry, thirsty and she wouldnt do anything. Once Cindy arrived and i told her within fifteen minutes I had some food and water. After 11 pm I was discharged without any medication was just told to go see my dr and the specialist. Never again

Mel La

My favorite hospital and the best in Miami.. I live in North Miami area and will travel here for any specialists associated with SMH!

Marlene Mateo

This hospital is absolute TRASH. The emergency department has no bed side manners, lack communication skills, and just stand there running their mouths 90% of the time. When you ask a question they brush it off like theres nothing they can do about it. The only decent place in the hospital is the ultrasound technicians and the people that wslk around collecting your insurance information. As for the rest of the staff forget it. I've been here over 5 hours. I'm pregnant and have been sitting in these uncomfortable chairs for that long. I'm nauseous and haven't eaten because you can't even get an answer from them as to whether you have time to even grab some food. I hate this place and their staff with a passion. I should have gone to Memorial West. Baptist is a joke. This isn't my first rodeo with them. I only came here because its closest to my job. I regret it deeply.


I just gave birth to my seventh child. This is the second time at this hospital. The staff was great!!!! The treatment was very good!!! Had my baby the whole time with me. Very friendly staff! Keep up the good work!!!!

Juan Giraldo

Absolute nightmare I went to urgent care and they told me I had to go to the hospital to have more exams done and they suggested south miami because I would be seen faster than main Baptist. Biggest mistake of my life I came in with chest pain took 30 minutes before I had an ekg done and then I had a male nurse give me an ekg in the middle of the emergency room like I was on display with my shirt off. It has now been 3 hours and I have yet to see a doctor I would have been better off staying at home and waiting for a doctor's appointment this has been an absolute nightmare I will be speaking with my lawyer I'm sure they broke quite a few rules!

Madelin Gonzalez

I had my daughter at sout Miami hospital. Ericka Othelia and Kelly from pre opp where sweet helpful and helped calm me down. The procedure was a breeze the staff was incredibly professional and helpful. The maternity room was perfect and nurse Sai and Lisa made my stay a breeze they helped and made my stay with my newborn daughter the most peaceful wonderful experience. I love this hospital I highly recommend to anyone having a child the maternity ward

Grin Talk

Terrible experience.

Justin Ziegler

My wife gave birth here. Most of the staff is/was friendly.My baby is in the NICU and the staff is good. In particular my favorites were RNs such as Mona and some other RNs as well as Dr. Fajardo.

Jeanne Hardie

Best care possible. An easy 5 stars.

Dulce Pantaleon

My mom came to get a procedure done and the doctors and the staff were amazing, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication and excellent customer service!!!

Walter Smith

When going to South Miami Hospital after being in a car accident and being referred to the institution by friends in the area, I was expecting a high level of care and some sort of attentiveness to patient needs. When arriving, I was treated with hostility and what almost seemed as resentment from the ADM staff. Even though there was not a huge wait in the ER, they told me that I seemed fine and that it might be awhile till I was seen. Mind you, I told them about the accident and showed them pictures and let them know the driver, my best friend, was also in the hospital. The staff teetered back and forth between whether it was my car insurance or my health insurance that was responsible, then determining the cost was covered. Two weeks later I received a bill for an exorbitant amount of money for the hospital stay. They made it seem like there was no reason for me being there even though it was determined that I had a severe concussion, to the point that I missed several days of work. I recommend that if people want to be treated as a human being and have their voices heard, that they seek care at a different institution. I cannot speak to other Baptist locations, however I can assure you I will never return to South Miami Hospital.

Lesly Alvarado

(Translated by Google) Super cute place I love (Original) Súper lindo lugar me encanto

Jessica De Armas

South Miami Hospital Emergency is absolutely terrible, it took over 7 hours to be seen and the staff has zero bed side manner. They have zero compassion for the elderly. Not an emergency room I would recommend unless you just want to die already. The only staff member that was great the the ultrasound tech. She was great. Horrible emergency do not go there ever!!!!!

Jacqueline Marquez

Hope you read his before you going yo this hospital, service terrible. We got there around 5, my mom pain, we wait as normal to be call by a nurse. 3 hours pass NOBODY call my mom. I aproch to the main desk asking why no nurse see my mom yet . "You have to wait rooms are full" that was there answer. Ok i sit and wait 1/2 hour aproch againg similar answer to make short after 3 hour waiting NOBODY know that my mon was there, the nurse saw her, "wait outsite wait for a room". After 3 or 4 more hours .they csll hrr for the room a nurse came ask questions and thats all, "the doctor come now" . Looking at rhe clock no doctor came i call the nurse " oh he come now" replay her. Call the nurse 3 times the last one she never came. Literally after 5 hours waiting in the room no doctor no nurse and they didn't do notnothing to my mom,we left They tried too stop us but we left, my mom with pain .and they didn't nothing WORST HOSPITAL IN MIAMI.

Claudia M Garrell

The ER is way understaffed. The nurses lack human skills and professionalism. I would nor recommend this facility.

Rhonda Coyle


Miriam Pereira

I've been to their ER on 2 occasions-this year and two years ago. The service and attention were, for the most part, excellent. If only 1 or 2 out of a crew of 10-12 people involved in my care were just average (personality-wise, not with their work), I think that is not bad at all; the majority were attentive (and friendly). There was a lot of waiting, however, mostly between tests. That would put it to 4 1/2 stars, but that's not an option here. For the reviewers writing really negative reviews, I don't know what they experienced; I wasn't there, and there is no way to make any comparisons. The ER is not for headaches or for minor issues--yes, I've heard of people using the ER like that, in some situations because they may not have insurance. If you go to the ER with something minor, expect a long stay--at any hospital. Most likely there will be a wait anyway, unless you have an obvious emergency, as a hospital deals with all sorts of situations on any given day. I don't know if any of the people giving these not only low ratings and really unpleasant words might have had some unreasonable expectations. Consider what the review says. Are there statements of experience, including specific, descriptive details, or are they just generic words? For example, statements like "The nurses were all rude," "No one listened to me," or even "Great hospital!" do not tell me much. They may have had a negative (or positive) experience, but if no details are given, I tend to discount those 'reviews'. The more info given, chances are the reviewer took more time and effort to think it through. Good or bad, there should be supporting evidence. There are a lot of people who feel entitled, and there are those who find fault with anything or anyone. Those are not reviews. If the person at the front desk wasn't the friendliest, fine, ask to speak with someone else. I, personally, care more about how the doctors and technicians deal with me; do they listen to my concerns, do they follow all the steps for higiene, for my privacy and safe treatment, etc.? Are they dismissive? Separately, was I, the patient, being proactive? If there was a delay, I would ask. If you need a blanket or a comfortable chair for a family member, see if you can be accommodated. If something makes you uncomfortable or seems odd, don't sit in silence expecting others to read your mind. Accidents and/or mistakes can and do happen, anywhere. Perfection does not exist in the man-made world. This hospital's ER was very efficient on the two times I went, though. What's important to me is that what I received was professional, kind, and considerate care. I took down all the names of the people involved in my care-not necessary, of course, but this way if something isn't right, I know who/what to mention. There was room for improvement, mostly with the waiting--overall, and one of the initial people to see me, but I did not experience any disrespectful or nasty behavior, which is more than I can say about visits to CVS,Target, or the post office, for example. A hospital should be held to higher standards, of course, as well. After my visit two years ago, I went back at a later date to thank the head nurse of that shift. I've been to five hospitals in the greater Miami area; three were to the ER, one being many years ago, and that was to Jackson. I would have given them a ZERO, if that were possible, if only for the flagrant disregard of one human towards another, especially when distressed, or in pain. South Miami/Baptist is at the other end of the spectrum. I mention this only to give some comparison.


I recently had a bone biopsy procedure, Dr. Baquero, the RN & CP team are highly professional. I felt no pain at all during the procedure. I also like how while in the waiting room the RN’s as well as CP / CNA have a sense of humor you may forget you are about to undergo a procedure. Keep up the good work!

William Ward


Alexis Ardines

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor will perform my wife to an ultrasound and determined that she had lost her pregnancy. Ultrasound determined that the fetus had lost heartbeat from the eighth week. On Tuesday we went to a clinic and perform the necessary medical check performed on him for the extraction of lost baby. On Tuesday afternoon my wife started having contractions in the womb and bleeding from the vagina. We call your doctor and told us that if the pains became stronger we go to the emergency room. Later, the situation worsened, and went to the emergency room of South Miami Hospital. They conducted exams and ultrasound. After several hours there, and intensify the pain, the doctor determined that it was not an emergency and sent us back to our house. We told her that felt very bad, but she told us again that was not an emergency. Three hours later my wife started to bring an abortion in our house. It was the most terrible moment of our life. One night we will not forget ever.

Andrea Macko

I want to thank the staff and eveyone that took care of me -Room 622!!!! My nurses, CP, Doctors. I was at Jackson South, awful, scary experience! Was transferred to South Miami on Monday and I have been under such amazing care. The care is top notch! The all are on the same page and knew what happened to me, no lapse in communication and transition from nurses to nurses to transport and having tests done. I am so grateful to all and everyone that contributed to making me get better. The patience, and genuineness of this staff was one that I have never experienced at any hospitals. Thank You South Miami!!!!!!!

Enri Gonz

Once Baptist dropped dropped a dime here and purchased this hospital it all went to heck, yes it's an old building but the staff was awesome and caring now it's just another money meat market for the Baptist network

Eli Diaz

Great staff have taken good care of my dad after having had open heart surgery.

steve d

These people are criminals. They run Babtist urgent care clinics and charge hospital prices. Stay away unless you want to be taken to the cleaners. I went in for the flu for $5 worth of medicine and received a bill for $1247. They told me at the counter it was going to be $295 they lied right to my face. STAY AWAY SO YOU DON'T BECOME ANOTHER VICTIM LIKE I AM!


We rarely take the time to give feedbacks but our experience at South Mia Hospital really deserves it. My wife just gave birth @South Miami Hospital, as international patient and we made a lot of research and visits to other hospitals before making our decision. We could not hope for more. Everything exceeded our expectations. organizations are made of people and South Mia Hospital has THE MOST AMAZING staff, starting from Great Expectations and the SUPER Janine B., all the nurses especially Allison, Legna, Debbi and Loretta WOOW super professional & so kind and caring ... we could never thank them enough for what they did for us. Last BUT not least Annette P. (lactation consultant) she was just AWESOME a real pro. If you're looking for the best don't look any further.

Dyonne Bartolome

The Maternity and NICU Nurses are the best!!!!!

liss rojas

(Translated by Google) God bless that great staff doctors, nurses and others for your excellent care. (Original) Dios Bendiga a ese gran personal médicos, enfermeras y demás por su excelente atencion.

Carshena Knowles

Very good

Cassio Flor

Absolute horrible treatment, no communication between departments. Departments understaffed. Every single procedure takes over 5x times the time it should. Stayed over 30 hours for an apendectomy that was successful. After surgery I stayed 6 hours in a room without receiving any IV, no one checked my vitals or asked if I was in pain. Until a nurse assistant walks in and says "oh I didn't know you were here" Absolute mess of a hospital

Gail Maltagliatti

Great experience at South Miami Hospital, best choice in South Florida!

Alex Press

South Miami Hospital was key in saving my father from a type of blood cancer and helping him gain function in his kidneys. They took an aggressive approach and immediately started treating him. Facility is clean and staff is caring.

Ana Obonaga

Had my first born son here. My son had to be in the NICU and I had the most professional experience in the mids of my pain of c-section and seeing my new born going through so much. I'm just grateful to everyone that was part of this process.

Yaima Otan

Very nice hospital the nurse is goog

Sabrina Wyatt

Went to er last nite some Aaron kurmp was a pa that was horrible didnt have bedside maners no heart,no morals,rudest thing ive seen!!!!!! I had a ms relapse they dont care ,dont go here !!!! Death trap!

Noel Grijalva

Good Hospital

nana rp

(Translated by Google) Simply more than especial.trato personalized and top quality there is no comparison (Original) Simplemente mas que especial.trato personalizado y de primerísima calidad no hay comparación

Lazaro Pujol

Fourth time i bring my mom here in 3 yrs; The ER staff is very thoughtful, and expeditious with providing her with care. The staff communicate well with each other.

Aida Murillo

Staff very caring and extremely has been in CCU so far nurses have given her A+ care....the compassionate and caring to her needs both for her personal care and medical care....not much to say about the team of Dr's attending her....very dissapointed

karthik R

One of the worst hospital in Miami! They only care about money nothing else.

Carolyn Bradford

The staff in the NICU are AMAZING! They make an unfortunate experience a wonderful one. The Staff are so consoling and wonderful with the babies.

Salvador Sotero

(Translated by Google) They are very kind but take a while in atander (Original) Son muy amables pero tardan en atander

maria delatorre

I am so grateful with the nurses and doctors at ICU level 2 from the bottom of my heart I really appreciate the care and attention you all gave to my daughter with this experience of staying there for 14 days i saw how hard working and dedicated and very patient all nurses work you all are HERO'S your passion for what you do save lives thanks again to the whole staff of ICU level 2..Baby Delatorre

Google User

DO NOT GIVE BIRTH HERE! They keep removing my review because they have something to hide. I had a traumatic birthing experience here due to incompetent nurses and an incompetent doctor on call (Leon) on the late night shift. Sexually assaulted in labor after I told them no. I thought patients had the right to refuse to medical procedures?

Marcos Junges

Yesterday afternoon I accompanied a friend to the emergency room to treat a serious hand injury. The experience was flawless. We were promptly walked into the care area and Dr. Lazovic walked towards us and immediately began to manage the care to be rendered. Registered Nurse Diana was kind and compassionate and competent . Hand Surgery ARNP Rodriguez came in promptly and started the initial repair process. Dr. John Braden, congratulations and thank you for you team's excellent care.

sandra butler

The outpatient department was excellent. I went there with my daughter when she had a procedure done. The staff was very attentive and we were taken care of quickly and with compassion. This is a big departure from previous less favorable experiences that I have had at other South Florida hospitals. Thank you!

Yané Marie Sleppy

If you plan to give a natural childbirth here, arrive at the very last minute so that you don't get pressured into the routine, delivery, and intravenous medications. This will keep everyone in a panic, and you'll be in charge because you're not all drugged up. Don't accept a room by the nurses' station unless you want to stay up. Nights with a newborn are one thing; nurses' chatter is insufferable.

Marcelino Busto

I have alot of health issues kidney failure and cancer just being 2 of them. I went into the hospital due to severe body pain and not being able to urinate. After doing a cat scan and an MRI and no negative images appearing in my spine, I requested to have more exams done especially in my kidney. Doctor told me that they would and shortly after nurse came in the room and advised me that i was being discharged. I questioned nurse why since nothing has been resolved and i was told that the hospital is there to treat injuries and illnesses that have been found. Since they couldn't find anything after a brief examination i was told to call a specialist. After removing my IV blood started pouring and shooting out of my arm leaving blood all over my bed and on the floor. Nurse told me that I was being discharged and was not going to change the sheets twice. She threw a sheet on top of blood filled bed and told me to lay down. I found all this to be very unprofessional. I found all this to be very unsettling. Is your hospital not in business to help the I'll? Or is your hospital there for profit. I've been a long time patient of Baptist hospital and this has to be the worst health care I've ever experienced.

Veronica Ruiz

Okay there’s a lot I’m not happy about with this hospital and it’s staff. I delivered my first baby here, not my hospital of choice but because my baby had a medical condition during my pregnancy their NICU team is apparently great. From the moment I went in to after delivering everything was perfect. When they did the rotations and I got my new nurse she started asking me personal questions that she really had no right to ask. Those questions were along the lines of if my baby was planned, if the father is involved, if I have a job. If it was something on a paper and she had to fill in those answers I wouldn’t be as upset but it was just for her own personal knowledge which she has NO need to ask. Next nurse I get on my discharge day seemed like she was really rushing me and my family to leave the hospital. My baby has to stay another night and I can’t stay with her so I wanted to see her for a bit before I left and was still recovering from giving birth so speed wasn’t really my thing. This nurse told me to call her when I had my things and was ready to go but she would come in every so often and made me feel like she was rushing to kick me out. Overall this was the most emotionally disgusting experience I’ve ever had and for my first delivery, if I didn’t need their NICU, I’d never do it here. THIS IS AN EDIT 3 WEEKS LATER BECAUSE IM BEYOND BAFFLED RIGHT NOW. So this hospital took my review into concern and spoke with me and apologized, which I appreciate, but then send me a letter saying the questions I found personal were just hospital protocol. SINCE WHEN IS ASKING IF YOUR BABY WAS AN ACCIDENT HOSPITAL PROTOCOL?! Since WHEN is asking if I’m going to school hospital protocol? WHERE WAS HER PEN AND PAPER?! WHY DID SHE NOT SAY SHE WAS ASKING THESE FOR MY RECORDS? BECAUSE SHE WASNT! I’m absolutely DISGUSTED!

James Williams


Greg Cook

This is a old hospital that needs a total renovation. The surgery reception area is inadequate and crams a bunch of family members into a small area for many hours and TVs blaring. Notification system of a posted excel spreadsheet doesn't work.I sat for 3 hours after surgery and no one told me I could see my love one. The nurse in post op said " I didn't know you were out there". In the surgery reception area the doctors see family members in front of all so we are force to can hear. Coordination between departments doesn't exist ...with my love one out of surgery there was no room available! Surgeons are good surrounded in a antique hospital...even the phone reception system is from the 80s....

Diana Montenegro

One of the most caring places for hospitals. Employees truly care about patient care.

Caridad Guevara

If I could possible give 0 stars I would . I’ve always loved this hospital in fact I had 2 other kids here without any issues. Sadly my last baby was a primi and had to be admitted to NICU because his CRP was high. The staff has been ok in the sense of the actual nurses are not too bad at least not all. However the assistant physicians are the absolute worse !! Never any contact , they are rude and most of the time seem to be lost. No one is ever on the right page . This has been the worst Experience of my life . This place is a shitshow. Very disappointed !

Augusto De La Torre

. Greystar awesome nurses beautiful hospital grade doctors.

Rafael Gomez

Came for an emergency...wife having painful cramping. Was attended immediately and help in a kind manner.

Ericka C.

I had been to 4 hospitals in the past 2 yrs. I had a gallbladder attack close to my job and that this hospital was the closest one. When I got there from the ER personal to the nurses were amazing. I only had a issue with the ER dr. Which she wasn't very helpful, until I put my foot down she admitted me. I was there from Friday to Monday and I am so happy I,was in the best hands. Dr. Rabaza did my surgery and I couldn't be happier. He made me feel so comfortable, that I knew I was in the best hands. He was the only one who actually did his job and took my gallbladder out and took care of my health problem.besides from the other hospitals The nurses were amazing and I would recommend this hospital to my friends and family. They have real doctors,nurses and staff that really loved what they do. God bless them all.

Marcus M

Wow.! Don't know where to start. Best experience ever.! The staff here made us so comfortable. My son came into this world without any four letter words from mom during labor. I was scared and nervous about this big day. The staff washed our worries away. I almost forgot we were at a hostpital. I mean that in a good way.! 5 star service, nothing less. Feels like a resort with all of the nice employees. With a hospital this huge I would have never imagined every single person we came across would be so nice.! How.?? Every employee answered every question we had. Even the questions we thought was too weird to get an answer to. They made us feel very comfortable. Properly introduced us to the next employee who comes in after their shift is over. Whoever does the training here should be the trainer for these other "hospitals" I'll try to keep this short as possible. They helped us with everything, I mean everything.! My wife and I learned so much. Thanks for making this smoother than I expected. SOPHIA, ERIKKA, NANCY, LORAINE, MARY, LORETTA, ZORAYA, ARIANNA, GEMMA. DR. DUNCAN. Sorry for not mentioning everyone. Easier to say Everyone here is awesome. I was scared to have more than one child but because things here was so smooth we can probably have another 5 or 10 kids. What an experience. Forever a memory. Thanks everyone. love.

Dafne Mesa Reynaldo

My best wishes to the personal in this hospital, nurses are amazing and the CPs also, they took care of me with love and I could feel the concern, I felt not just that they was doing their job, I felt the love and the compasion. During my stay at the ER I received the care from Kenia and Martha, they literally saved my life and fighted for me, Rodolfo also was amaizing. After that I was admitted in the floor pavilion 7 and there I received care from amaizing nurses and CPs, Nadia, Ilda, Ivonne, Marriam, Celia and Maria and others nurses that unfortunately I don't remember their name, but all of them were nice, profesionals, always with a happy face giving me hope and exceptional care. I would like to also say thanks to the Ultrasound techs Julio, Miguel Perez, and in general all of them, you can feel the kindness when they care of you and also they are profesionals and do an exceptional job. I will always back to this hospital

Mdmdmd D

The nurses and quality of care is second to none!


EXCEPTIONAL STAFF: *Dr. Fongue. *Night RN 7 Pav Supervisor: Nick. *SURGERY STAFF: ALL GREAT seasoned and caring. *Radiology Tech: Jose Linares SHINES. *RN's Marion, a Russian nurse, Daily, Nadia.* CNA: Celia. Respiratory: Robert A. 5*, Nutrition Services: EXCELLENT staff, GREAT, delicious FOOD!, Carla and Sandra shine. Only flaw: too many young nurses and students made me feel uncomfortable, not washing their hands when handling my meds. Bad experience with a young nurse also, talking on the phone on her shoulder, with a syringe in her hands ready to inject my meds.



pilar troncoso

If I could give it -100 I would. The wait time is a complete lie. I've been here with my elderly mother since 3pm its 830pm and we're still waiting. Theres people here since 10am. Totally ridiculous and when you ask a staff for information they dont have answers. Will never recommend this place to anyone ever again. Cant say enough stay away its trap they will do unnecessary tests just charge your insurance. STAY AWAY there are better choices

Armando Capote

The parking ticket machine to enter the parking garage for the medical arts building has been broken for over a year, this is a hospital, it's just sad that they can't allot the money to make the repairs

Juana Leiva

(Translated by Google) Super clean, excellent service, very good medical attention .. My family is very grateful. Thank you !. (Original) Super limpio,servicio excelente,atencion medica buenisima..Mi familia esta muy agradecida.Gracias!.

Eduardo Levy

The nurses and doctors were very helpful, polite and professional


Charges for quick ER visit for what turned out to be minor burns on two fingers. -$473.00 for a two minute doctor consultation. -$1,440.00 for Bacitracin and bandages. ($10.00 total at CVS) Total just shy of 2 thousand...for this. Does anyone think that insanely inflated prices are not an issue?...

Diana P Ferreira Marroquin

Great hospital and clean , hospitality

Adam Fullana

I am very disappointed with the outcome of our visit to this hospital. You can imagine how upsetting it is to find out that it was not even necessary for your child to go through the painful series of rabies shots that were already administered. My son’s grandfather who was with him at the time filmed the entire visit and shots given to him in the emergency room. While both Dr.’s administered the shots at different times, there is conversation of him being bitten by a squirrel to each of them. The first, Dr. Lesser does not say anything and the last Dr. makes a comment to him that the squirrel does not even make it on the list of animals to worry about., but continues with the shots. They insist on him coming back to complete the rabies series of shots at the ER. After his second series of shots given I am puzzled as to why he would need to go through this when the squirrel should not have been a concern. I was happy to learn after my research with the Health Dept., these shots were not necessary and was advised to not have my son complete the shots. At this time he had to endure 10 horrific painful shots within 2 separate visits. His hand had swollen up and he felt horrible for the next couple days. BAD ENOUGH THEY PUT MY SON THROGH THIS FOR NOTHING. I am now stuck with a bill of $600.00 from Baptist after they received compensation from my insurance company for the rest of the bill in which he should not have ever been treated for. And we wonder why our health insurance is so expensive??? Shame on u Baptist Hospital!

Giooo C

I have nothing but great things to say about this hospital. Always clean, super professional staff. I had the best birth experience, because of my Dr. (Dr. Ishoof) and the wonderful nurses. L&D staff is wonderful, the nurses are very caring, and comforting. The NICU nurses are super sweet and make you feel at ease. I recommend this hospital! My next baby I'll definitely come back to South Miami Hospital!

Lagoa Susana

I had a very nice experience when I was admitted in the Telemetry unit. Great team work!☆♡☆♡☆

Marilyn Ramos

During my recent and unexpected hospitalization, I must say I had a team of great doctors and nurses. You are what this hospital is made of, and you should ALL be recognized for your excellence in care and bedside manners. A very special thank you to Dr. Flavia Mendes, Dr. Victor Calvo and your team of wonderful caregivers. 5 Tower East. Sincerely, Marilyn Ramos

Nancy Pobiones

I have had so many experiences with SMH and every time the care and compassion that both I and my family received surpassed my expectations. The staff are not only experts in the field but are genuinely caring and dedicated to the patients they serve.


South Miami Hospital has visiting hours that do not accommodate to family members. No bonding time between the mother and the baby. They take the baby away too fast after birth. The food menu is limited. Even though they are part of Baptist I rather give birth at Baptist Hospital at Kendall that at South Miami Hospital. Also the nurses and doctors at Baptist Hospital Kendall are way more understanding to the patient's needs after birth.

Grechis Nicaragua

Second time in one month in this hospital. Thank God.... service is EXCELLENT. I will recommend this hospital all the way. Thank you South Miami hospital staff ..

Helen Brooke

They take great care of you and they have great doctors and staff. Wait is bad though. Still best ER in town.

Carlos M. Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Very good hospital very good treatment and attention (Original) Muy buen hospital muy buen trato y atención

Dashiel Dominguez

The best

Greg Beaty

Worst care ever experienced from a healthcare provider. Child Birthing Unit nurses were obnoxious and rude when we entered the unit. Nurse Jarillo would not wait a minute for my wifes contraction to stop before continuing to fasten a fetal monitor to her belly. We said wait , she said she had to do it now. I said hold on a few seconds til the contraction was passed, she did not. I had to grab her hands to stop her. Told her I would ask her to leave if she continued. She then walked out without saying anything. 20 Minutes passed and another nurse was starting where Jarillo left off abruptly. No communication that she would be taking over. We were left in limbo for a while. When we were moved to the birthing room , Nurse Cherol was as bad as Jarillo. Very abrupt handling of every aspect of care for the next 2 hours. She was slamming drawers and cabinet doors, would comply with a simple request for a 3rd pillo to support my wifes head. Said sorry, only 2 per room. Terrible IV insertion. Caused pain and when my wife said it was uncomfortable and tried to adjust her hand position, Nurse Cherol said keep it down, do do like this.. and she proceeded to over extend my wifes hand backwards causing IV to pinch . She said thats what you dont want to do. Thanks for showing us nurse Cherol. Next time just tell us, you didnt have to actually do it. When we asked nurse cherol to stop moving the bed head rest up , she asked why and continued. I had to tell her to listen to my wife. She obviously was prep'ed by nurse Jarillo. Luckily the 7am staff came on and that seemed to have helped a bit. Theres much more to list here but not intreste in writing a book. Feel free to contact me for more details. STAY AWAY FROM SOUTH MIAMI HOSPITAL!!!!

Carlos Araguez

Excellent doctors and nurses, what else is there to say.

Maria Torres

Very rude staff. My 20 year old daughter just gave birth and I was with her through the whole thing now I am waiting for results on how her c section is. As a mother I am extremely worried and security won’t help me and nurses told me that, that is information she can’t give me. I am her mother and the only other person at the hospital with her. This is ridiculous I just need to see my daughter. It’s been 2 hours.

Juan Socarraz

The people who work in the emergency room do a lot of unnecessary things and the one thing you came to do will take 4+ hours would not recommend

Liliam Porras

(Translated by Google) If one does not die of hypertension, it is probably killed by the displeasure of receiving the bill several times even after paying it in full. The bad job of the bileo department puts the reputation of the hospital on the floor because even giving them all the information of the check and telling them that I was already charged by them they said no and that they could send me to a collection office. Today fortunately I spoke with Miss Sheila, she gave me a fax number so that I could send the copy of the check issued and cashed. I HOPE not to be disturbed again. The hospital and its owners must check the capacity of their bileo department employees because they still tell me that I have another bill when my coinsurance is already covered. That bill is for insurance but because they are so inept they have not reviewed my benefits. What a shame for employees. Not to mention that I was told that all the tests were good and I had a kidney infection. Terrible experience (Original) Si uno no se muere por la hipertensión seguramente lo mata el disgusto de recibir la factura varias veces aún después de haberla pagado en su totalidad. El pésimo trabajo del departamento de bileo pone muy por el piso la reputación del hospital pues inclusive dándoles todos los datos del cheque y decirles que estaba ya cobrado por ellos me decían que no y que podían enviarme a una oficina de colección . Hoy por suerte hablé con la señorita Sheila, ella me dió un número de fax para que yo enviara la copia del cheque emitido y cobrado. ESPERO no volver a ser molestada. El hospital y sus propietarios deben revisar la capacidad de sus empleados del departamento de bileo pues aún me dicen que tengo otra factura cuando mi coseguro está ya cubierto. Esa factura es para el seguro pero como son tan ineptos no han revisado mis beneficios. Que vergüenza de empleados. Eso sin contar que me dijeron que todos los análisis estaban bien y tenía infección en los riñones. Terrible experiencia.

Angel Castellanos

This facility is an absolute rip off. I went at the beginning of May to get an abdominal MRI done. I was told by the specialist it was going to cost me $4919 and I only had to pay at the moment $440.73 which was the 20% that my insurance didn't cover. Now I received an additional bill for $475.28 because apparently they needed to add the contrast which was $273 and some special medication that was $1876. I don't understand how this was not brought to my attention at the moment I made payment. If I would've known that the total was going to cost be $7068 and I had to pay over $915 out of pocket I would've definitely looked for cheaper options. Ridiculous how you think you are leaving the hospital and not owing any money yet you get a bill 3 weeks after for an additional $475.28. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL.

Arlene Miller

Very good nursing care, good Doctors, all needed equipment for thorough testing, food ok too.

Ora Greene

The Hospitally service At Baptist South Health sucks I wouldn't recommend anyone take there love one to that hospital my mother had to use The restroom but very weak to get up so she press the button for assistance no came so I went to get a wheelchair trying to help my mother too nurses pass by hearing the alarm she press has I got my mother almost up in comes the nurse with a bedpan and hour later once my mom was done to have it removed once again pressed the button for assistance no came so I her daughter put on gloves and and empty the pan the bottom line is they suck

Eric Sanny P

Decent hospital

Zandra Red

By far my favorite Hospital. The staff is definitely the best assit to the place. They are kind, proffessional and do everything possible to make you comfortable during stressful happenings. (5th time) stitches, 2 surgueries and 2 children later and each time my experience is better than the last. Thank you SMH for all the care and kindness, it's people like you that make our world a better place.

Isis Gonzalez

Very friendly staff

Linda Pelky

Helped a dear neighbor! Excellent care!


These people saved my life. Dr. Gonzalez, Dr. Sanchez, Dr. Verdeja, my nurses Rosa, Alex, Maria, Tameka, Knikeesha,Gibert and so many people to thank fro keeping me alive for nearly two weeks. Dr. Parra an ERCP expert and Dr. Verdeja who did my gallbladder surgery are second to none. This the absolute BEST hospital I could have ended up being admitted in to. Everyone works besides everyone esle and cares about everyone else's patient as well. Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlene Dover

I was there in 2017 December my stay was extended to care for baby. I had a beautiful baby girl .everyone was so kind and helpful especially Lynn who was my nurse for a couple days .thums up every one thank you guys for everything. All nurses and Doctors who delivered my baby and care for her thank you guys.

dan stahl

The staff was very professional and they worked well together whenever you would call the nurse they would always come with a smile and were very helpful and they're very knowledgeable


Why the he'll do I have to wait for hours before I'm seen when there is only 2 other patients in the back

Juani Acosta

The nurses are very attentive, and in general the experience would have been excellent, save for an unnecessary miscommunication that led to a 20 hr delay in a test being administered.

priscilla maldonado

Words cannot express how thankful i am of South Miami Hospital staff. From the emergency room to the doctors, surgeons, nurses, assistant nurses, cleaning personnel, all the personnel that in some way or another , directly or indirectly took care of my mother, THANK YOU ! I am so grateful to each and everyone of you for taking care of my mom.Special thanks to Dr. Derosimo and Dr. Abbay, Dr. Molano, Dr. Hassad, Dr. Weinberger. I am forever grateful....

Suzanna Bhinsen

Wonderful experience

Michelle Moss

South Miami Hospital is apparently a not for profit hospital, yet their ER doctors send patients to collections. I was in the ER after a car accident back in May of 2018. The young man who registered me failed to put in my unit number for my apartment so when sending my information to patient services, they received the incorrect information. He not only failed to put in my unit number, but failed to submit my auto insurance and health insurance information. Dr. John Baldino and Dr. Juan Gonzalez proceeded to send me to collections 29 days after my visit, again giving them the wrong address so I have not received any statements from the ER, the physicians, or the collections agency. FIRST and foremost, this is the most unethical thing I have ever heard--29 days from the time I was in the ER on May 12, 2018, they sent me to collections on June 11th, 2018. I can not believe a hospital that is a "not for profit hospital" even considers hiring 1) lazy and unprofessional staff to register patients and 2) physicians that have unethical billing habits. As a 25 year old woman, who had close to perfect credit, I am beyond upset that my credit score has dropped 60+ points and I now have a derogatory mark on my credit score for the next 7 years do to carelessness from the man who registered me after my car accident. The ONLY reason I am now aware of this, is because I constantly am looking at my credit account to ensure I am always paying my bills on time and ready to purchase a home--NOW MY LIFE HAS BEEN AFFECTED DUE TO THIS, WHEN THIS COULD HAVE ALL BEEN AVOIDED IF 1) THE MAN WHO REGISTERED ME PUT MY ADDRESS IN CORRECTLY, AND 2) IF THE ER PHYSICIANS PRACTICED MEDICINE THE ETHICAL WAY.

Mike Albarran

This was my third visit at SMH. The first was for a Hiatal Hernia repair in 2009. The staff and services were such that in May of 2016, I let Dr. Jorge Rabaza repair 5 Hernias, two inguinal two abdominal and one umbilical. The staff and services were awesome. Unfortunately I had a recurring hernia that needed repair and this was done on Nov. 3, 2016. Something must have gone wrong and on Friday, Nov. 4th, 2016, I had to go back for emergency exploratory surgery. I was extremely distended and had no activity in my digestive track. Four days later I was in the ICU with tubes in my mouth for breathing, down my nose to drain my stomach and four JP drains out of my belly and chest. I was informed that three hidden ulcers had ruptured and my stomach had been punctured. I was in the ICU for a couple of weeks and later in a regular room for another. I HAVE NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS TO SAY ABOUT MY STAY. Kudos to the staff of 4 Tower East and Maria of the physical therapy department. Oops I forgot. I do have one complaint: What the call the hospitalist, which is nothing more than the replacement for your primary doctor. I had to complain to staff and asked that they never return to my room or place any orders for me. My pulmonologist had just left my room complimenting on how clear my lungs were. He was very happy with my progress. A couple of hours later they tried to wheel me out for chest X-rays because the Hospitalist said that I had fluid in my lungs. Obviously, I refused to go and called for the Head Nurse. I voiced my first complaint and followed with the a complaint to the administration. I will not let this mishap damage the overall opinion of the rest of the staff.

marta e Gillette

Great care.

Maria Jose Verde

Everyone was so professional and careful since we registered until we left home. Every nurse was very helpful and polite.

Joe martinez

This hospital will send you to collections for 100 dollars after they received thousands in revenue from your insurance company and your copayment. Stay away plus the service isn’t that good.

Ruben D Paz

The staff were efficient and helpful they worked professionally and effectively. The conditions of the hospital were good clean.

Lily Amador

Here I am ,one more time, it’s my second time since I be here with my husband, I would like to recommend this hospital for all people need assistance , the staff, nurse, doctors,everybody ,the attention is really amazing, Iam so grateful for everything .I would like to tkank all of you!!! And HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!!!

CW DeLeon

This comment is on the Diagnostic Appointment waiting time to reschedule an existent appointment. I have been on hold, as of now, for 2 hours!!! How can that be?

Naomi Cash

I kinda love it

Jacqueline Koon

Don't like this hospital at all bad service

Amanda Jungkuntz

I am not even sure this review deserves a star AT ALL (that being said, some people deserve 5 stars for sure). There are always a few people in every organization that can make an experience horrible and draining. I want to file a complaint against a few people on staff in the NICU #2 unit. Most people who have the need to be in there are emotionally compromised and probably not in the best place in life... There was an incident recently where my sister was with her new baby who needed to stay under the lights to help bring down his bilirubin levels. She was able to stay with her baby almost the whole time but there was a certain nurse who was rude and did not help her, did not do her job well, did not express concern or compassion. She was cold and unfriendly. Not to mention ALL the mothers who are staying in the NICU with their babies should not leave feeling like they were punished for being able to stay with their baby. The main incident was when the nurse was asked to help with ONE feeding of the baby while my sister was in the middle of pumping for her baby. Breastfeeding was/is important to her and any nurse who works in the NICU better understand the necessity to stay on a schedule with pumping. The nurse refused to help and said to put the pumping off, to do it later. My sister was mentally exhausted, physically tired and worn out, she had been doing ALL the feedings, ALL the changing, ALL the temperature checks and anything else needed for the baby (it should be noted that if a parent has to leave their baby in the NICU and cannot stay the nurses do ALL of these tasks, that is their JOB). She had just given birth a week ago. Her husband requested to speak with the head nurse and she had the audacity to say "welcome to being a mom" and how tired all her nurses are. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Get over yourself lady! FIRST OF ALL, your nurses get days off, your nurses are not expected to give birth and continue their work days after. Your nurses CHOSE this profession and if they cannot show compassion and kindness in this role, possibly YOU and the others who meet this criteria should move on to something less difficult. I am not one to rant and complain but I am in complete SHOCK that this hospital would have such callous and uncaring staff.

Matilde Lopez

Stay away from this place. Told my son he would be fine with outpatient, my son never went once. We (his parents) had paid for the rehab, well they gave my son a full refund and mailed the addict (my son) more money to do drugs. Not even a phone call. Tell me they are not the most ridiculous center ever. When I called because I was beside myself they slammed the phone, rude. No one would talk to me. Left messages for management, waste of my time. These people care only for the money, not the patient. I knew my son needed inpatient, but since they no longer have it, they will push for this. Crooks.

Joy Marielle

The treatment my father is receiving at this hospital is absolutely atrocious. I have never in my life dealt with such inadequate nurses and doctors. I am floored that this is the way they treat patients. I would advise anyone to choose another hospital if possible.

Jessica Gonzalez

This hospital is the worst! The transport staff expected you to help in lifting patient..really. I must say the nurses are excellent in their Pt care. If Hippa paid a visit they be in trouble. Noisy hallways. Just entering the room without knocking several staff entered the room still wondering who they are. The transportation staff was theee worst. I am taking her for an extra and that was it. The one who return her wanted me to do her job and then left the room to discuss why I couldn't help. What your name? Why are you here? Why didnt you knock? I will not be returning to this hospital nor will I recommend south Miami Hospital to friends, family or clients.

Meily Castillo

I was just at this hospital, first time ever being here because my sister gave birth to her first son. Medical staff is great, but the two night security guards at the main entrance were not. I arrived at the hospital at around 11:30PM not knowing that visiting hours ended at 9:00PM, although I was not planning on visiting I was going to stay with my sister and nephew in her room. When I told the two security guards the room number I needed to go to, they automatically said “No, visiting hours are OVER”. I said alright, i’m not visiting I’m staying overnight with her. They asked me if someone was already up there with her and I said yes, my mom. They than proceeded to telling me unless my mother leaves I cannot stay up there with them? They wouldn’t even let my mom come down stairs and me go up stairs for 5 minutes to even see my sister and nephew. They were very rude during this whole conversation and when I advised them the maternity ward supervisor would be contacting them to tell them that I am allowed to go upstairs they told me “I don’t care who calls down here nor how many times they call you aren’t not allowed to go up stairs”. DO BETTER WITH STAFFING YOUR SECURITY GUARDS SOUTH MIAMI HOSPITAL.

Tony Dias

The one star is for the waiting time, i came in with abdominal pain and because the web site said 1/2 hour waiting time, I have been wainting for over two hours and they said , can't give how much longer it will be. That is the way medical businesses treat patients. We pay lots money , but the service is really bad. Seystem needs to be changed. Dom

Michelle Jones


Sandorf Montero

Best team!!!


Make sure the surgery department gets your insurance approval at least 3 days ahead of time. They dropped the ball big time and I had to wait 2 weeks. Horrible service

Karla Rodriguez

sadly i have to deliver at this facility, because my doctor is no longer affiliated at the kendall baptist. i've only been there twice and to be honest i thought i was at JMH. the triage area never has beds or rooms available. the waiting time it's more than 40 mins. i recently went there because i fell, at that time i was 7 and a half months pregnant. it took them forever to offer me help. i was in soo much pain and stressed because i didn't feel my baby move. if i rushed to the hospital because i fell while i'm pregnant why do i need doctor's approval to get an ultrasound??? I'm really disappointed that baptist has this facility. Hopefully by the time i have to deliver the staff it's not as lazy and incompetent as i have experience so far.

Genesis Echeto

(Translated by Google) The best hospital in Miami the best care (Original) El mejor hospital de Miami la mejor atención

Jonathan Del Valle

More support is needed for social workers. Otherwise, it’s not a bad place to work for.

Ramon Yglesias

Poor service

Bruna Indalécio

I went to the Urgent Care at South Miami Hospital last year for a UTI and spent about 15 min there. I was given a urine test and had my temperature checked. At the time I did not have insurance and was told it'd cost me about $200 for the visit. When I received the bill they actually charged me for $425 not including a $350 doctor fee and a $50 lab fee. I had to call them to as an itemized bill because what I received had nothing but the amount I owned. After receiving the itemized bill I called them to see if there was any discount I could get, it seemed an excessive amount for a simple lab work and 15 minute visit. They said there was nothing they could do but set up a payment plan. I started sending payments to this website for the pathology clinic that was on the bill, unaware I was sending money to the wrong place. I just found out in April this year, when I received a letter from a collecting agency. There was no attempt to contact me to let me know I owed them anything before they sent my info to the collecting agency. When I called to complain about the mistake I was extremely badly treated by one of their representatives, Maggie, who hung up on me. I tried to contact their supervisor, who I was told was not there at the moment, and left her a voice mail. I never got a call back. The average wait time to talk to a customer service representative is 30 min from my experience. Not only they will overcharge you but you will have ZERO support if you have any billing issues. UPDATE: I just received a call from South Baptist on this matter. The lady who talked to me, who unfortunately did not inform me of her name, started telling me there was a board in the clinic wall that showed the prices you were expected to pay for certain services. I did not see such board during my visit and I clearly remember asking the front desk clerk about cost and they never pointed out any board to me. My husband, who was with me at the time, did not see or was informed of anything of the sort either. I tried to explain to this lady on the phone that I was not aware of any sign, but she kept on saying it was there, that I signed the papers, and “if you did not read the paper about the charges, it is your own fault”. She also said the hospital repeatedly tried to contact me, mentioning the 2 times they sent me letters in June and July last year and one phone call on May this year (I was the one who called me). When I questioned her why they never tried to contact me when they knew I was not sending me the payments, that’s what she replied: they contacted me twice A YEAR ago and that I was the one responsible to be sending them the payments for that bill. As I explained to her, I was sending payments to the wrong place because I was misinformed by their staff. Instead of admitting their flawed service, she blamed it all on me. Nothing at all has to do with their terrible customer service and lack of regard for their patients. All this time, a year after attending the clinic I never received a single letter, a call, or email from them about my situation. On top of all this, the lady was extremely impolite on the phone and was screaming at me the whole time, without letting me explain my issue. The phone conversation ended when I told her it was impossible to talk to her and they were not trying to help their patients, but find unfounded excuses for their terrible service. Therefore I’ll seek legal help and use all resources available to compensate for my time, money and stress from handling this situation. To all current and future patients of Baptist Health, I’d advise you to look for another hospital or clinic in the future. This CORPORATION is merely seeking revenue without providing patients with proper treatment from their administrative staff. I feel humiliated and robbed.

Yordan Escobar

(Translated by Google) Wowww to all those who are about to be parents I recommend this hospital 100% in quality care, professionalism, cleanliness, they make you feel safe and calm at all times, super nurses who are prepared and delivered because nothing I recommend 100%. (Original) Wowww a todos los que están apunto de ser papas le recomiendo este hospital 100% en atención calidad ,profesionalismo, limpieza,te hacen sentir seguro y tranquilos en todo momento ,unas enfermeras súper que preparadas y entregadas pues nada se lo recomiendo 100% .

Richie Rich

South Miami Hospital is one of the best Hospitals I have ever been to. The Staff is always attentive, courteous, and knowledgeable. From the Nurses to the Doctors and even the Security Staff are very pleasant. The Food may not be that Great (when your a patient) but its exactly what you need to recoup.

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