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REVIEWS OF South Bay Hospital IN Florida

kirk warren

wonderful, very clean

smokin truker

Awesome fast curtious. Stayed with me till health issue was taken care of

Amber Ray-Mirto

I came in for extreme pain in my back. I was literally there for 45 mins the doctor didn't even examine me and gave me a shot of toridol and a muscle relaxer and sent me home in tears. 2 days later still in excruciating pain my husband took me to Tampa General where they are able to determine I have 2 herniated discs in my back as well as newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes to which they admitted me to get under control. The providers at south bay could learn a thing or two from the provider's at Tampa General!

kristine perillo

Dr E is a wonderful Dr!! My husband had recently passed away and I. was a mess. I I took up drinking and would end up at the hospital often. He graciously told me he believed my problem was alchpl related and suggested AA. I am a very happy camper as I took his advice. I am sober and enjoying my life sober today. Thank you for your suggestion Dr!!! I would have died hadn't he told me the truth

Gail Walker

Fast friendly service

Barbara Ann Anderson

When I went for my pre-op tests, i was taken back with minimum wait time. On the day of my surgery, I was made comfortable very quickly. Everyone was kind and checked on me constantly. I definitely would have surgery at South Bay again. Too bad my second experience was not as good. I do not recommend South Bay if you need to be an inpatient. Had inpatient surgery recently, a completely different experience. I definitely will not be going back there for anything that requires an overnight stay.

KorI Modisette

The worst hospital EVER! I have been here almost two hours and the doctor just came into the room. I’m here because I am having trouble breathing and still haven’t sent anyone into my room to give me a breathing treatment steroids nothing. Like they want you to come here just so you can die while waiting on them. They should really get more staff if it’s auch a problem attending to the patients. Just ridiculous!

Terrell Parker


Haley Maxwell

Day shift nurses are not competent enough to do something as simple as taking a proper blood pressure! Witnessed a patient in the hallway get their BP taken 3x consecutively (when it was already high). Nurse tried to take it a 4th time. When patient refused the 4th time verbally & stated that it would just be even higher (because that’s what consecutively taking multiple BPs does) the nurse rolled her eyes, sighed loudly, and said “well are YOU a nurse?” The patient responded and said she was actually a healthcare provider. (LOL) Being an incompetent nurse isn’t a hard job, so I don’t know why she was talking down to the patient like she was beneath her... just bc she didn’t want her BP taken again. Do yourself a favor and avoid going here at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald Veasey

The entire team of people at South Bay made my Hip Surgery a complete success. Kudos to the doctors, nurses, Food Services and cleaning crews. Thank you!!!

K Clark

My husband went here on a Friday evening with a potentially broken ankle and we were in and out, including x-rays, in less than 1 1/2 hours. The staff was personable, professional and thorough. They checked in on him multiple times, and the doctor and nurses took time to explain the injury, x-rays and treatment. Although I hope we never need to return to an ER, I was very impressed with the service and would have no problem recommending it.

Kim Rising

Doctors were awesome, bed side manner is exceptional. Only had 1 issue (and it's a big one) was the Emergency Room nurse was extremely rude, disrespectful, unkind and down right mean woman that should not be employed with any kind of customer service EVER! She was humiliating and degrading, she insulted me to no end. If I wasn't so sick and literally screaming in pain, I would have dealt with her differently. I only hope her or her family never experience the disease "Lupus" because it get to the point of unbearable pain, so excrusiating you cannot think or function correctly that having to deal with people like her is inexcusable!

Barb MCmama

Went to the emergency room yesterday with my husband who was having some abdominal pain. I am speaking with some experience with emergency rooms as I worked in one for ten years and I could find no fault with this one at all. The staff were all friendly and helpful and the Dr. on duty was attentive and diagnosed my husband quickly and correctly. Overall a positive experience for us.

Deborah Zinovoy

If you want your loved one to survive....then this place is NOT the place to go. You will get no answers, no information and a huge amount of run around BS!!! Worst experience 3 X's now! Trying to get my dad out of there so I don't lose him!

Stephen Gladu

Everyone on the operating room staff was fantastic and couldn't do enough for my comfort. Highly recommended!!!!!

Carol Ward

Everyone was great and we are very pleased with the ER.

Kay Birum

Recently I experienced knee surgery as an Out Patient at South Bay Hosp, here in Sun City Center, FL. Dr Robert Maddalon & his surgical staff were most professional & helpful thruout the process! From Registration onto Recovery & Discharge, every hospital Staff member made themselves known & offered professional instruction & positive support to alleviate my anxiety. Its been decades since having any surgery, so I observed newer approaches, new skills, newer technology used, etc. It was impressive to watch Staff interacting well together even with a case load of many other surgeries that day! All patients were given caring attention, even me. Ok, I admit, I've learned tales of woe & heard stories before chosing to have my surgery here in town. However, I sincerely believe we are very fortunate to have such a skilled surgeon & progressive hospital right here in Sun City Center! I am thankful for all pre & post op care & follow up calls. My Kids & I are greatful & recommend South Bay & Dr Maddalon to others! Respectfully, Kay Birum May 2019

Barbara Gaines

Gave me good attention and diagnosed my bronchitis and ordered good meds. Satisfied!!!

Francis Hinson

Ha CT Scan. Everything was good

Rosey Bautista

This hospital is horrible . I called a nurse because my mother fell and was in pain and its been over 30 minutes and no one has came. No one in sight ! She has been crying nonstop and nothing .I finally found a nurse and told them she is hallucinating and I got was she seems fine to me !

J L Arnold

4 times at Bay and each time they saved the day and the life! The director said they always leave a light on and they do. We moved from Ohio based on the being close to a hospital and other life needs. The nurses in IC and other areas in the hospital are always informative on the progress of the patient. This hospital and all the staff is excellent and hopefully will continue.....

Heidi Oelgart

It is always best to see a Hospital from the outside, however when one needs emergency service/care I would like to share our experience: First time ever that my husband needed ER service. He injured his leg - dropping a piece of heavy equipment on his leg. He was bleeding quite a bit...I drove him to the ER- he was taken in immediately - friendly service at the first point of contact - the security guard - then a few minutes later - the Healthcare staff - Dr. Chumak, Michela, Eric - who performed the stapling of the large wound - Jen - the Charge Nurse - and Rosetta who processed all the patient information. The entire staff worked in "concert" - every body had a role to play - they were friendly - caring - and after one hour - I took my husband home. We always heard horror stories about "Emergency Rooms" not this one South Bay Hospital - although going thru some major renovations - congratulations to such competent staff. Just like say THANKS for doing what you all do every day.

Hollee Puryear

Do NOT take your loved ones here. This hospital is the worst!

Dennis Fraher

Friendly, efficient and professional

Margret Wilson

My grandfather spent his last few days here. The nursing staff was very rude, I understand you have to keep arm's length from your patients and such, but don't talk down and treat them and their family like they're "beneath" you. Additionally, what irritated me the most was that they *knew* my grandfather incompetent and could not get to do things, like use the bathroom(he had suffered several strokes and was dying.) But they did not give him a catheter or anything. Instead, they allowed him to urinate himself several times. The pillow separating his legs was filled with urine. None of us(family) knew it until we started to smell urine. The nursing staff kinda just pushed it off like it was no big deal. What I want to know is how many patients have they done this to? Let them lay in filth because they don't give two craps about their patients? I'm beyond pissed. If you want good, caring nurses and doctors go to Tampa General.

Carol Dodge

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always a great experience!

Francine Webb

I'm truly surprised at the negative reviews as whenever I've been at the hospital for surgeries and/or treatment, staff has always been compassionate and care has been excellent. Only once, in emergency, did I have to wait more time than was comfortable.


The experience was pleasant and timely. The staff was kind and professional especially my RN nurse.

Jerry Young

Excellent care. Very caring environment Thank you to all who made my fathers stay a pleasant and healing one Our family highly recommends South Bay Hospital

Sexyc Watson

I wouldn't recommend a DOG to come here....maybe if you was a animal they will treat you better.....

cynthia husebo

I went to South Bay last night with dizziness, nauseous, and really weak, black outs they did a chest x-ray and blood work, then I had the rudest lady come in and tell me I was fief there is nothing they could do for me that my white blood cell count was 49.5 and that was normal, the hell it is not, so today I went to my primary care doctor she pulled the labs and the nasty lady at South Bay lied, I know what it was they didn't want to help me because of my insurance, I got a referral today to go see a hematologist and oncology, so yeah I was fine I was told today that they should have done something for me, I have kids to care for, the lady that was rude and nasty to me was Julie McGuire, I left in tears I needed help and did not get it because she refused me, the nurses that attended to me they were amazing, so thank you Chad.

Mike Przewoznik

Worst hospital ever experienced. Thank God for the new hospital close by. This place should be closed !!!! Poor care for my parents. They get brought in and all they do is send them home. Bring to other hospital and take great care and resolve issues.

Catherine M Porter

Wait time to be triaged & to see someone was minimal. Tests were administered efficiently & quickly. Nurse practitioner was informative, professional, caring & friendly. I highly recommend South Bay if you need an emergency visit.

Jesus Mendoza

Been here a few times and each time it just takes longer and longer for the one Dr. to do his job. We have a life and they act as if it’s ok to take hours to get anything done. Please someone staff that place accordingly. Customer satisfaction should be a priority!!!

Michelle Gaudin

Entire staff was wonderful. I came in very scared but I was treated so well that my fear was quickly alleviated.

Sharon Skaryd

Very comfortable throughout the mammogram. (I should add that my late husband used to say South Bay was the best hospital where he'd stayed and he was in a lot of them.)

Brenda Schultz

need to improved their waiting time after doctor sees you.

Zane Campbell

Excellent hospital. I had 2 surgeries and the staff was great.

justin freeman

I had the absolute worst experience of my life as far as medical care goes at this not go here if you're under 80...horrible a veteran who's dealt with the VA I didn't think it could get worse...if there were an option for 0 stars I'd use it

Roni LaFleur

I would not recommend going to this hospital at all. I went to the ER yesterday morning and the process was absolutely absurd. They violated HIPPA regulations by asking for your social security number at a desk in the waiting room. Then the Patient Registration clerk came out and asked for our information while in the waiting room. Again, against HIPPA regulations. This hospital could get a large fine for these actions. I would not give my info and they did take me to a private room. I would like to stress that I went in with severe hip pain and was asked to get up and go back to Triage, the ER (4 or 5 times) and a private room to give my info and had to return to the waiting room after each encounter. I will say, the employees were very nice and respectful.

Rene Boutotte

Fast, friendly service and care was great.

Michael McCluskey

Great service from Shirley in registration handled some issues with ease and made things easier for my wife. Annie on the volunteer desk was very busy but was handling things with a cheerful attitude and smile for everyone. Great Hospital.

Adolf Hitler

Waited a day and a half for an EEG for grandma. These nurses are honestly so stupid it's not funny. Idk who's hiring these braindead "nurses" and "Doctors" but you morons shouldn't even expect a paycheck

Samantha Schwartzman

Go somewhere else. Trust me.

Laura Moshier

The staff was very nice and caring. I do have a couple of problems, the food was blah. I was on a special diet so I know the food has to be blah. Maybe some mrs dash? I filled out the form for my testing results to be sent to my doctor, the results never we're sent. This is my heart so teyitr to discuss my issue with him and no record of it was a waste of both out times.

Mike W

Very happy with the swift, efficient and professional treatment I got at this hospital. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Mary Jane Buhrke

Very pleasant experience. Technician was very friendly, knowledgeable and took the time to answer my questions. I would recommend this Hospital for Mammograms and Bone Density any time. ✝️

Latasha Malone

I was sceptical about going to this hospital, because of the reviews. But, I have to say, this place is pretty awesome. I was taken back right away. Dr. Gillespie took her time explaining and did all the tests that needed to be done. I highly recommend South Bay Hospital.


I'm fairly new to the area so I rushed my son(1 yr old) to this hospital because his fever had risen to 105 and couldn't hold his head up.. this hospital is only a few minutes away from me. First I walk in and no one is around not at the front desk or anything.. I'm literally walking around looking through doors with a screaming crying child and couldn't find not 1 staff member.. finally after abt 5 min a nurse came out and signed us in and took is to the back to a room.. she said she needed a rectal temp and shoved the entire thermometer in (which only the tip needed to go in) at that time I did not know this hospital had no pediatric doctors (do not bring children here) the doctored was very nice but the nurseing staff with the exception of 1 was very aggressive with him.. it was the biggest mistake of my life taking my child to that hospital and won't ever happen again..

Gary Rosenfeld

Nursing staff were great but their attending physician, Dr. V. Bireddi did not answer his calls from the nurses in order for him to put in the computer the medications I take and therefore I went without them for almost 3 days causing me discomfort and high Blood Pressure. Same problem occurred when they could not reach him to discharge me. Very disappointing and I filed a grievence with the hospital and the nurses complained too. I am told he will be brought. before peer revue committee. Hopefully he will lose his privileges.

Shelby Bennett

Zero stars if it would let me for the hospital overall, 100 stars for the nursing staff. Every nurse I encountered was wonderful. But somebody somewhere dropped the ball. I was sent over directly from my physician's office for out-of-control BP, shortness of breath, elevated heart rate and chest pressure. The ER team got me back right away, the nursing staff (especially Makayla) were INCREDIBLE. But my BP was 239/150 or something like that and I NEVER saw a DOCTOR until I was checking myself out AMA 7 hours later because of lack of care. In the ER I was seen by an ARNP (which I feel is HIGHLY inappropriate in a situation like mine). I was not given any BP meds, did not have an IV started (although Makayla got a hep-lock placed on the first try - you go, girl!). Had a chest x-ray and some blood work. That was it. On my admission to the telemetry unit, my BP was taken at about 11 am give or take, high at 183/80s. It wasn't taken again. NO orders were written for BP monitoring -- I could have been over the top and no one would have known -- diet, water, BP meds, not the most basic things you would expect in what I had been told was an emergent situation. Period. At 4 pm or so I announced my intent to leave AMA for lack of care. Suddenly I have a head nurse, a hospitalist (he's a story unto himself the way he talked down to and tried to intimidate me) and a cardiologist (whom I actually liked and did provide some help for my BP by writing a prescription) in my room trying to convince me to stay. My BP was dangerously high, my heart rate was high, etc. Yes, I know. That was Friday, this is Monday and, with the help of the cardio's script, my BP is better but the rest is not. I am miserable. I know I am sick and now I've got to go the outpatient route. But if I was so at risk, why was my BP not being monitored? Why was I not being given BP meds? Why did I not see a DOCTOR until I was checking myself out? St. Joe's or Brandon for me....

Sheryl Boles

Came for outpatient labs. Was promptly seen and able to carry on with my day. Beatrice provided excellent customer service!!

John G.

POOR TREATMENT Went to the ER and they said I needed an appendectomy and I would go home the next day. The surgeon cut my intestines during the arthroscopic surgery and I became distended. 3 days later they say I need emergency surgery to repair my intestines. Then the nurses did not know how to work the NG tube, my records show it wasn't even in my stomach! There were 5 nurses in my room trying to work it. Yes, 5 nurses who did not know what they were doing. I then got an infection and then sepsis. Then I had tunneling under my incision due to the sepsis and they had to cut me open again. I was in the hospital for 15 days and it took 2 months for the tunneling of the incision to heal. Do not trust your life with this staff at this hospital.

Carroll Vaughan

My surgery was 6 hours late. The first day after I was ignored and belittled by the CNA. It took, at a minimum, 30 minutes for a body to acknowledge the call button when I needed help. I was discharged against my wishes without my bandage being changed (as ordered by the physician) or having been seen by my physician. The hospital itself was very clean but the staffing needs attention, ASAP!

Gary Kramer

Very good staff . Took good care of me. Doing great post op. Have one more hip replacement in a few weeks.

Sharon Phillips

Excellent, fast and professional the lady was in doing my mammogram.

Mary Cleveland

Worst billing system I have ever encountered with the exception of Watson Clinic in Lakeland, Florida. They double billed charges to my account, misapplied almost $1300 worth of payments and I have wasted three months of phone calls without any success fixing the problem! The best part is I never saw the doctor when I was in the ER. She came into the room while I was in the restroom across the hall and never actually examined me but I received a $1600 bill from her!

Rahela Mahmood

I came in and I told you I don’t know what causing the pain, but there’s a cutting pain. You look towards one direction and since that direction showed nothing I must be lying. You gave no other options but the option to leave and seek help somewhere. I’m sorry I’m in excruciating pain at points I came to a hospital where I thought I should go. I do have to say though all staff members I encountered besides my doctor was caring and compassionate my doctor I really felt was racist to be so rude and not let me talk. She just cut me off REPEATEDLY saying the same thing over and over again sorry nothing in your cats-can, it was obvious she was done engaging after the cats-can. Guess what cat-scans don’t find all body malfunctions and if I’m having an extreme pain obviously if it’s not major which I’m thankful then it’s and infection which would make sense locating where the problem area is. But don’t give me any antibiotic just some generic pain medication I left on the bed I needed you to give me something to fix the problem not just get it by. Your a doctor after one direction failed you closed it with pain pills then you wonder why people come in druggies. Because your basically saying here’s some pain pills we don’t need to find the real issue.? So thanks a lot Dr. ShaRonda the next issue I have I’ll just seek pain pills my $1500 dollar solution!

Debbie Roberts

Very pleased with service at South Bay Hospital. Facilities top notch and staff is great. No complaints whatsoever.

Jamie R. Tigner

I went in for an outpatient diagnostic test and was really impressed by their system and staff. While waiting I was given a number to call if I was still waiting after 15 minutes, which I didn't have to use. Everyone was really nice to me, especially the nurses and x-ray tech that helped and comforted me through the test. The x-ray tech is the first person who I felt really listened to me when he asked me what was wrong, and viewing the x-ray video while the test was running was a great way to get my mind moving in a different direction. I've been in and out of doctor's offices and hospitals through the last few weeks and my experience here was exceptional.

Barbara Bruesch

The doctors here are so horrible. If they do not want to work, why come here>?

Deelightful aj

Miscommunications galore between staff. I was in for kidney stones-they were able to manage my pain after 6 hours. I was sick to my stomach and hadn't eaten in over 24 hours- they insisted I couldn't eat bc of further procedures. I was now crying and upset- A nurse or assistant named Brittany N comes to my room- was unbelievably apathetic, cold, and so sarcastic---her comments to me.."Wow...oh my god...well you aren't going to starve" It was her tone and demeanor- it made me feel worse. If I'm at a hospital, scared and alone and crying, I would think the staff would at least pretend to empathetic. And long story short--I was allowed eat!!!! A miscommunication between staff is why I had to wait 12 hours to receive a meal. I felt vulnerable and instead of comfort I felt judgement.

John Barry

Staff is helpful and caring they are the best.

Ruth Brink

The care could not have been better. The nurses and aids were kind and considerate and always ready to hep when needed and contrary to popular beliefs about hospital food, South Bay's Kitchens put out great food.

Jim McKelvy

Had serious problems with my eyes due to pain caused by pencil cactus juice. Had to wait about 45 minutes before getting treatment in the emergency room. Not happy with this visit.

Wayne Bigelow

you have very excellent Personnel very professional in all field I had a very comfortable stay thank you

Nicole Agueda

I just left this hospital with my 9 years old, female, disabled daughter. She has angelman syndrome, epilepsy, severe developmental delay and she is non verbal. My daughter got a sudden rash all over her body and it itches her. I took her today at 2:40 to this hospital. We were waiting in the lobby for almost 4 hours and my daughter was never given a room, a bed or nothing else besides a very uncomfortable chair at the lobby. One hour passed by and I went to the triage to ask why my daughter was still in a chair while everyone else that came after her already left, she told me that a “doctor” said that she called my daughter twice. She called an “Ortiz” which a lot of people could be Ortiz. No one ever called her by name, when they called and Ortiz someone else stepped up and went in, obviously it was not my kid. After my complaint they saw my daughter in the same triage office, did a strep throat test and sent her back to her uncomfortable chair. Another hour and some minutes have already past by when I walked back again to them and there’s no results or nothing and I keep seeing people leaving that came hours after me. I am so mad, I feel disgusted with the treatment that was given to my disabled daughter. If I recommend this hospital? HELL NO!!! And I am calling Morgan and Morgan tomorrow to see what we can do about it. Thanks for nothing

Richie Brower

Dump !! My vet has better care for our dog. Worst service I have ever experienced. They need people who care and want to work. If the doctors and nurses don't want to work they should stay home. More worried about lunch break and finishing shift than taking care of patients

Joseph V. DePinto

visited the ER to check if i had a brain bleed from a fall. Process was quick and competent. No complaints.

amy sellers

When I first came in (about 11:00PM) I was confused because no one was there at registration. Then I saw the computer that scanned my ID and checked me in. Wait time was short,and the intake nurse was very nice as I was in severe pain. Everyone was super sweet, and made my painful experience bearable. The nurse, the x-ray tech, and the Dr all came to me quickly, and everything was handled smoothly and promptly. Thank you! I was in and out in less than an hour for the fractures I had- that included xrays!

Elaine Shaefer

Friendly, caring, very professional.

Elba Rosario

This is my second day at South Bay after surgery. Starting with the immaculate cleanliness to their kind, considerate, and helpful staff . All around its a hospital stay experience like no other. These nurses are amazing people as was everyone in the surgical team. They all do their best to put one at ease. The foog has been very good, very well seasoned , never cold. . I had a choice of another local hospital for my surgery but decided on South Bay since one of my co workers recommend it. I must say I have not been disappointed. When I leave here it will feel like I'm leaving friends behind. Keep up the great work!

Christie Crain

A great experience. The staff, care recieved, the food all excellent!! It is wonderful to have such a wonderful facility so close!

Debbie Kay

I had two experiences in the ER at Southbay Hospital this month. One for myself: My abdomen hurt so bad I could barely breathe and I was nauseated. I was holding my bathrobe while trying to get my drivers license out of my pocket to sign in. A volunteer ran over and entered my info while my hubby was parking the car. The nurses got me into the back swiftly... So fast I don't remember them putting the IV in my arm. They gave me something to lessen the spasms in my stomach and I was so grateful. After a CT they didn't find anything wrong, which is good & frustrating all at the same time. I will go see my gastroenterologist to continue the study on this. But I was treated with respect and dignity. I love this hospital in comparison to St Joseph's on Big Bend Road. Would have given four stars since they didn't find out what was wrong with me. I still have the same pain, but it has not been as intense. AND... my mother in law has been to Southbay Hospital three times in the last year & they have been absolutely wonderful to her. We sent Mom to St. Joseph's Hospital on Big Bend & were shocked at the lack of regard for total health care! It seems they got STUCK on one problem when the ER Doctor was concerned with her lungs along with the anomaly with her heart. IF the doctors (upon admittance) had treated Mom in accordance with the ER doctor's recommendations, they would have found the pulmonary embolisms in her lungs!!! To add insult to injury, Mom's ALF facility had SENT Mom there for her lungs! When we kept asking to see a pulmonologist, we were ignored five times. This was like a deja vous back to a year ago when my father in law was there & was misdiagnosed with pneumonia via asperation. When I kept asking several times to see a pulmonologist for HIM, they totally ignored me! He had a stroke at Sun Terrace Rehab (who told me to just go home & stop worrying about things). I was so mad! I was actually up all night worrying about Dad. Looking back, I should have insisted they take him to Southbay. But, we didn't realize how bad St. Joseph Hospital at Big Bend actually was! We found out! Long story! Anyway Mom wanted to go to St. Joseph's on Big Bend. My husband and I rolled our eyes, but decided to give them another try. WRONG. They discharged Mom in one day without checking her lungs for embolisms. She went back to her ALF. Mom was back at her ALF one day & ended up unable to walk. We sent her to Southbay Hospital and within minutes they found the pulmonary embolisms & began treatment. They also checked the rest of her body for clots or embolisms. We are very grateful to Southbay Hospital. During Mom's stay for pulmonary embolisms, low potassium and when her blood got too thin, the staff wad phenomenal! By the way, St. Joseph's Hospital at Big Bend stopped Mom's Alzheimers medication... For some unknown reason & when she went to the ALF for one day, they hadn't caught it, so when they sent her to Southbay Hospital, there was no order for Mom's correct meds & I didn't realize it until Mom was acting stranger than normal. Southbay got on the ball as soon as they found out & the Assisted Living Facility (ALF) did as well.

Susan Newmeyer

Thy professionalism of the medical staff would get five stars! Everything by the book and more. I will recommend South Bay to everyone. I even had a phone call from a member of the O.R. team checking on my recovery three weeks after surgery. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. Linda “Susan” Newmeyer

Karin Seitz

Was not the best experience I ever had Came in for a breathing problem, was moved twice once upstairs and last but not least, fell in the shower. Floors were so slippery it wad awful, no grab bars on the wall, nothing to hold on to!!! The care I had by the nurses was outstanding. If whoever wad in charge of cleaning out the rooms so they could be refurbished had that on there brains instead of the patients, they took nursed away from patients so they could get .the rooms cleaned outi don't know why some people sit on there brain's, they have patients to take care of . let's worry about that instead of trying to get reconstructions done, when you have a floor full of patients so that's how my stay was, I know you don't care, you pushed me out there that's what you wanted!!!

Helen True

My visit went well. Appointment started on time. All people I was in contact was professional and friendly.



Danielle A.

Thank you so much to the Nurses. The area of the Hospital that I did see I thought was beautiful and everything was clean. The one thing I think they need to improve is to add more employees. The people there need more help.

Gerson Ramos

The Best Service

David Kruger

Visited ER. Did a great job patching me up. Was in and out in an hour. Very professional, everyone was great.

Amador Gonzalez

Very clean

Melissa Burnham

Super nice staff. Their technically updated. I felt the care was appropriate and respectful.

Roger Detrick

Was well-pleased with each step: Registration, check-in, chest x-ray & fluid removed compressing left lung.

Dustin R

Went into this hospital cause I could not stop the bleeding and pain after dental surgery. I got one script for antibiotics that’s it and no more. I was in this hospital for around 1 and a half hours. They billed my insurance 2700.00 then asked me for another 300.00 . For 1 script?my insurance is now investigating......

Paul Kuzman

Nothing less but the very best was given to me as an emergency patient. Very caring and knowledgeable group of health care professionals . I would not hesitate to return to South Bay Hospital. Thank You for getting me back on my feet !

Kathy Hatfield

In & out even before my appointment time!

William Prentiss

Everything seemed better. Happy staff and timely response when button for help was pushed. Food was so-so but I know it's difficult to prepare meals for so many people with diverse restrictions. Rooms were clean and everyone on staff introduced themselves so we were all on a first name basis. Very nice gesture..

Mercedes Reithoffer

Nurses were nice, despite the fact that they were very busy, they seemed to be doing their best... The food tasted alright too, not like mist hospitals where u would rather have mcds... overall I had a good experience, except for the reason I was in there of course, and I believe others will too!!!

jugg boii

My grandma was here for knee surgery and woke up and asked for a nurse so i went to the desk and asked for a nurse in our room and the nurse has yet to show up Preston

Nice and clean.

Mary Whitaker

They were very helpful took me in to register made sure I wasn't kept waiting. The ladies in were very reassuring.

Ryan Holding

People don’t give this place enough credit. Of course if your mother is 184 years old there’s a chance she might die there, but the hospital is taking care of what they can. The patients there are usually knocking on Gods door so there not much they can do there. I’ve been there as a patient many times (more than most) and I think that they are for the most part really caring and try to relieve any pain I have

Colin McLeod

My wife has cancer and was dehydrated which should of been an easy fix. Was there two full days and underwent repeat and unnecessary test from three doctors the day after she was released but the doctor forgot to sign the paperwork the night before. Nurse left her on bedpan for four hours when she was capable of going to the restroom with a little help getting out of bed. Put on a pain patch that she told them she was allergic to and got a bad reaction. Not impressed with this place.

Stanley Conway-Clough

South Bay was a very well organized facility. Staff went about their various functions smoothly. I felt very well cared for (and cared about). My problem was addressed quickly and cleared it up quickly and efficiently. Thank you for living up to your CEOs published letter which is what enticed me to select South Bay when I was asked where I wanted to go.

Brian Lewis

I went in with a gout attack at 12 midnight. There was no one out in the waiting the time I was wheeled back I was confronted by a very RUDE intake nurse. I told her my problem was gout...she told me not to diagnose my problem.....she's an idiot...I have had gout attacks for 20 years...think I know what's going on when I have one.....once in the ER......took for ever for a doctor to come in as far as I could tell, I was among 3 others to be seen in the ER at that time. 1 hr. later a doctor came in....he was not sensitive and actually acted like he didn't want to be there. Took blood and ordered an IV and dose of steroid....typical procedure.....took another hour for that to happen...they took blood at that time as well. The tech who took my blood was the only nice, knowledgeable person I saw that night. I was giving the IV with steroid and sat there till 5:30am. There reason was waiting for my labs to get back....again I was 1 or 3 others in the ER that night. Paid my deductible of $100. This was in August. I recieved a bil from the hospital for $3500, stating that my Florida Blue Insurance didn't respond to there several attempts to collect for my visit. I talk to my insurance company, they stated that the hospital's billing and code was wrong and they were questioning why I was being charged by the hour.My company sent a request from the hospital for more information....the ONLY bill the insurance received was on notice.....not several attempts. I called the hospital back and told them they coded and billed it wrong according to the insurance company and gave them a number with a person to talk to. They finally got it figured out. NOTICE: This hospital charges by the hour in the emergency room...the longer they hold you...the more money they make.

Bill Monsma

While I went in for no major problem the radiology department made my experience as pleasant as possible. They were prompt and courteous and answered any questions I had. I was in and out in a decent amount of time so the experience was bearable and over quickly as possible.

Casey Cardwell

Excellent outpatient services. Thank you.

Katherine Bluett

I was in and out very quickly. Everyone was polite, friendly, and efficient. I will definitely return.

brittany howard

My dad was recently in the ICU and the nurse Christine was so cold. How did she get to be a nurse. You may have 100% competence on the job but being cold makes you the worst nurse because nurses are empathetic. I chose to remember her name because I wrote to the ceo. My daughter and sister in-law are nurses and were all amazed on her coldness. Talking down on other nurses, a boss does not act that way. Hope not to be in ICU again

Sharon Tucker

If I could give a zero i would have. Never take your love one there. My Mom had surgery on thursday, because she broke her Hip. When I went to see her the next day they had moved her to PCU. Well all down hill from there, how do you loose doctor notes stating she is to have pain medicine every four hours and ice for swelling, and none of it done all day. Explain that to us, her family. Oh and when I told the nurse she needed pain medication at 2pm, it took until 6 o'clock for her to get it. The nurse finally told us there were no notes and the notes for pain meds dropped off. Disappeared. After we approached her doctor who came to see her. He stated that the notes he had written we're gone in the computer. So she apparently suffered for a long time. When I came out of knee surgery at my hospital, the nurses and doctors were right there checking vitals, asking if I needed pain medication and if I needed anything. Not this place. Plus she was supposed to have therapy the next day. Late in the day they came. Also when my mother finally went to rehab, you didn't have the decency to change her or untangle her from her bedding, again unexceptable. You are a horrible hospital. This hospital and staff are a joke. You should never put your patience last. And stop rewriting your comments to everyone here. Write individual comments it will make your words more believable. We will go elsewhere for now on. Horrible hospital.

Candy Johnson

One-star because I cannot give any less it seems like if you have medical coverage they're great they're on the job they do what they're supposed to but as soon as you don't have medical coverage takes hours for them to see you and then they don't care what you have to say. The woman beside me had the same exact doctor same test she was right in front of me for all of them and the doctor talked to her four hours before I even got to .see him.And the only reason I got to see him was I seen him walking down the hallway at 8 at night telling everybody good night and I hollered for him he wasn't going to come see me. I understand that you like to have medical coverage it does help yes some people just can't afford it . Which is no reason for the way people are being treated at this Hospital for the test they took me in a room said it's going to take six and a half minutes to do this test I waited almost two hours for the doctor to finally show up to start the six and a half minute test. None of the doctors cared what I had to say about how I was treated about how what was hurting me what symptoms I had they just took it as though she's having chest pains it must be a heart attack let's put her in here and run all these tests is and take hours and days to do this and it wasn't even that no diagnosis upon release. And it's been this way at this Hospital off and on for years now and I hope Sun City area is grateful for the care that this facility thanks they offer thank you provide thank you very much.

lori meadows

this is the worst hospital ive ever been to. I was choking on a pieace of watermelon, they took me and gave me evvery test that had nothing to do with what I was there for. too 4 vials of blood twice within ahalf hour of each other. then when I felt good enought o go home, they talked me into another test. They are insurance ripoffs at this hospital. Dont go there.

John K. Paik

The visit was excellent. Am delighted to have such a nice hospital near me. Thank you very much. Very truly


South Bay Hospital is very clean and organized. The staff is caring from the beginning, during, and at the end of my stay. They all explained in detail the process and what to expect to reassure me so I would feel comfortable. I am very pleased with the whole process.

Jorge Ignarra

Technician Maria was professional, polite, and communicated all steps of the procedure.

Chris Tubbs

I was recently rushed to this hospital(12/15) due to a steel beam landing on my left foot. I rode in a ambulance to get here. They sat me in a wheel chair for hours before anyone would see me. I was later given some pain killers and then an xray. After the xray I was put back in my wheelchair and left in the hallway for a couple of hours. I was told I didn't have any broken bones but none of the nurses would allow me to see my xrays. I flew back home(Houston) and saw my doctor and was given another xray. My foot is broken and I have some torn ligaments. I do NOt recommend anyone going to this hospital!


First hospital visit since moving to Florida. So glad I picked South Bay for my surgery. From pre registration to the recovery room staff are outstanding, very caring makes you feel comfortable. We came from a small rural area in pa and south Bay reminds me of our hospital back there. Thank you all for the great care

Maritza Bartholomew

I had here a knee replacement 3 days ago. This surgery is painful. I have to stay in the hospital two overnights, all professionals that attending me, made easy to recovery better. They were trying me with compassion, very professionals and able to help me anytime I called them. Thanks everyone: Arvin, Marcy, Margarita, Monica, Michael, Maria, Verna, Felicia, Yary, Elvis and Ana. Thanks again

Rena Egan

The ER staff was comforting and accommodating and the treatment was thorough and timely. I could not say enough good things about my visit.

William Wolf

In general, the care from the nurses and administrators is quite good. As for the doctors, some are quite attentive, but others really rush in and rush out in order to see as many patients as possible. The people who answer the phones need to have better training. Their manner is abrupt and accusatory. Instead of asking how they can help you, they say things like, "So just what do you need to see this person about?" in a harsh tone.

David Hayman

I have a broke back and wrist . they gave me ibephrone and sent me home and said ibwas good . this hispital is the worse hispital i have ever been to in mylife . the drs are a joke and the RN as well . this hospital sould never even exist.. I would advise no one should ever go there even if ud dieing .. Cause u will die there . THEY SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK

Pamela Windspirit

Two outpatient appointments back to back. Right on time (early even), felt treated like royalty. Even got an escort to my 2nd appointment! Can't express my gratitude for the wonderful treatment adequately!

Gerald Keyles

Everyone treated me with the utmost kindness and respect from the moment I arrived until the moment I was discharged. One of the nurses Brandi worked so hard to complete my discharge that I was amazed

Janet Harding

Everyone is patient, kind, helpful and pleasant.

Marilyn Chaudoin

ICU staff was great, on the ball, nothing to complain about. Miguel was very good, entertaining if the situation warranted it. Step down was the same, very alert and helpful staff. Nothing but positive comments...

Fran Forcier

I couldn't have asked for a better experience before, during and after my mammogram. Beautiful, clean facility. the staff was wonderful and no wait time, yes, I said NO wait time. Thanks to all of you.

Bradd Robinson

I see there is a mixed bag of reviews for this medical center so I will give you my take on the facility. I have Leukemia which can cause problems almost monthly. I have to visit the ER here at least once a month. I have never experienced a problem with the care or the staff here. Come on people, this is a hospital, no one wants to be here. People claim the staff here doesn't care, blah blah blah. Everyone feels that they are not being treated as the #1 patient when they are not feeling well, or a loved one is sick or hurting. I have been to a LOT of hospitals before and this one is amongst the best.

Carol Johnson

I was treated with care snd respect. The nursing staff was very helpful. The hospitalist left a lot to be desired.

Sandra Goldstein

As always my test was done quickly and with a minimum of discomfort. My only problem was that the results were never sent to my physician. When I called her for results they had to call the hospital to get them. The letter I usually get from the hospital, did not get to me either.

lee crapo

Great care provided by staff, Doctors nurses.

Donna Follert

Hospital staff sucks Didn't take care of my mom at all. And she had a broken hip. Never ever going to that hospital again. They should all stay home seeing they don't want to help any one! Horrible hospital and staff!!!!

Brian Baar

Had great care during my visit. Have used ER several times also. Think I was there 5 or 6 days last visit, good food menu also.

Danielle Baldwin

I am disgusted by some of the care practices that I witnessed recently. I was waiting for my family member to come to the med surg floor after surgery. I was sitting outside the room where my family member would be going after leaving pacu. I observed the tech going room to room taking vitals wearing the same gloves! As if that was already not disturbing enough, 2 of those rooms were isolation rooms. My family member got brought into the room. The tech came in. She was getting ready to do vitals. I asked the staff member to please wash her hands before touching my family member. She nodded briefly acknowledging me. She walked over and put gloves on but never had washed her hands. My family member was just post op. I spoke to the nurse and the charge nurse. They said they would talk to the tech. That was not acceptable to me. I felt that more needed to be done. I found a supervisor and spoke to her. She told me that she would email the correct people. Thinking I would get follow up, I got nothing. I am not at all happy with what I observed or the follow up. Handwashing is what helps cut down infection. Yet it don't seem to be a policy that is followed. Very upset!

Dianne GBF

I have had good treatment here, except from occasional ER issues, but word-of-mouth is very negative as a rule. Today I tried to call a friend who had been admitted, told the surly operator I didn't know her extension, operator barked, "Name!" and rang a number without telling me what it was. Nobody answered after 10 rings, so I was left not knowing how to reach her without involving the operator. Not as serious as medical mistreatment, of course, but bad for the hospital's image. Now that St. Joe's South is open, South Bay needs to step up its game.

Pika Chu

WORST HOSPITAL!GO TO ST JOSEPH'S! The paremdics took my mother there by "mistake" (and one was especially aggressively rude but thats a whole other issue) and when my mom told her nurse practitioner instead of being synthetic or offering advice she said "Well maybe next timw you can get your daughter to drive you to the right hospital next time instead of calling 911...honestly go to St Joesphs

Rich Cleary

I was impressed with how friendly, polite and helpful everyone has been. they treated my wife the same way when she was there last year. a first rate operation!

Sue Redmond

I have to say that South Bay is the best hospital in my 71 years that I have ever been to from the emergency room care to in patient care. Just about everyone has been excellent. The nurses are outstanding, the ER doctors excellent, the care was exceptional. Even the food was good, at least in my opinion.

Madison Y

If there was a quality option below 'Poor-Fair' I would have chosen it. I was an ER patient here after a flip and roll accident (I was a passenger) on the highway and had NO insurance. I sat on the emergency stretcher for over an hour before I was seen by staff. I had obvious trauma to my spine and shoulders. The staff were rude when they did check-up on me (4 times out of the entire 6 hours I was there). I was scared and in pain and not one of them seemed to care. I never received xrays even after complaining of neck and back pain. I saw a doctor for maybe two minutes before I was released. I was given something no stronger than Motrin. These people are rude, inconsiderate, understaffed and careless. I was billed for xrays I NEVER received. If you have the option - do not seek treatment at this hospital.

Alta King

We bypass St. Joseph's just to come here. Best Hospital around to be honest.

Jodie Brown

Only reason I would go to the hospital for is if I need to. Never again will I go to this one no medicine no nothing took their time and didn't do very many test that I know needed to be done. If you need a hospital this one is not the one to go to

Karen Hitz

The tech (Jennifer, I believe) listened to me and took her time so it would not be necessary for me to return and repeat the procedure as I had done in the past. She is a real asset to South Bay Hospital.

Michelle Barry

Wonderful care by nurses/staff; food was good; hospital clean.

Ruth Sabo

It seems I was about over with the worst of the dizzyness & nausia I was experiencing by the time I finally decided to go into ER. It may have seemed more worthwhile to the staff if I had come in earlier but I feel I was better equiped then to comprehend all they were telling me in order to avoid this experience again. I know better now that vertigo is more commonplace as we get older and have found some easy & interesting exercises on line to help keep this from happening again as much. I also learned I have to pay more attention to the warning signs my body provides letting me know I am once again getting dehydrated. Great Staff. Thank you.

John Schauer

Excellent job in their ER

Randi Greenhough

Kudos to Dr. Barrios and his team! I was in the ER with sepsis and my insurance refused to admit me and Dr. Barrios reached out to my P. C. to ensure I received the antibiotics I needed. His entire team of nurses and techs were so caring, kind and treated me quickly with dignity! Not to mention, they were also all gorgeous and Dr. Barrios was very easy on the eyes!

Mary Maggie

We didn't have any bad experiences here, the nurses were great, they gave us detailed information about my grandma's health, she had a stroke, chest pain, and numbness, they came with medicine that didn't work before so we explain what she needed and they came back with the one we asked, even house keeping was helpful. No complains what so ever, We recommend this hospital. Patient care was excellent.

Alex Supertramp

My experience here was impeccable. The staff were friendly, helpful, and caring.

Clarkette Velazquez

At 2:30 yesterday afternoon I took my significant other to the ER with a complaint of severe abdominal pain. I will admit that they were pretty quick to give him medication to alleviate the pain after it took 4 attempts to get an IV started and did manage to draw some blood. The hours were going by after that without seeing anyone. He was finally sent to have a scan on his abdomen and then we waited, and waited and waited. I asked several nurses to please find out what was going on because I had pets at home that had to be tended to because I had been gone so long now. After threatening to remove the IV ourselves, the doctor finally came back in. We're now going on 7 hours at this point. She explained that she had called upstairs at least 6 times for the scan results. I mean, couldn't someone have taken the elevator upstairs to check on what the problem was? Then, not only was the doctor uable to get an actual picture of the scan, but they had to fax her the results from upstairs. She said she wrote two prescriptions, which she also stated in her discharge papers; however no prescriptions were with the paperwork. The doctor said that he (my sig other) was the first patient to have ever been there that long. Doubtful. Anyway, South Bay Hospital has lived up to its reputation as being the worst hospital in the Bay Area. All the renovations they did to improve the aesthetics of the facility did nothing to improve their quality of care. They WERE pretty quick to collect our co-pay though, within the first hour.

Marticqa Conley

My experience here was extremely awful. Id give it 0 stars if i could. I arrived here per close commute from my job and because of a recent accident. The triage rn was condescending when asking questions in regards to the accident. The nurse assisting me was no better. Extremely rude and condescending. As the consumer, I have always believed that you should be treated with respect and help the patient any means necessary. Not treat them like you do not want to help them or as if they're bothering you. I didn't want to make a far commute to another hospital, but this trip has left me with no choice.

susan kitchen

Very personal, professional and convenient. So happy to have this facility in SCC.

Ron Owens

Overall care was good & much better than seen last visit several years ago. Communication between staff & waiting family was lacking. What information was given was sparse & not timely. Could & should do better with that. Otherwise, care was very good.

E.L. Abusaid

Just amazing!, crack professionals trained to treat the ill.

Sharon Nelson

My husband was brought here at the end of Dec.2017 instead of going to Manatee,because it was faster from our home in Parrish. The staff at night were very efficient, the Dr was very nice & ordered all kinds of tests to get to the route of the problem. I was pleased how with the cleanness of the emergency room and all staff that tended to him in the emergency room & on the 3rd floor. The nurses were very busy but always there if you needed them.Food was not bad either. Thank you for the great care

Carol Howley

Dont know about the food because I had to fast for all the test. The day staff was super great!! Bill & Jim. I was awake all night and never saw the night shift.

Welcome Amb Sun City

great experience at South Bay Hospital. Very fast and efficent

Jan Jehn

I have been there twice lately. I was on the Fast trac, and I was in and out in 45 min. Every one working in ER was friendly and caring.

Ed M

Thank you South Bay Hospital. You made a normally stressful experience into an easy day. I just had an Achilles Tendon repair surgery in here. The days before the surgery they did a preadmision through the phone. That made it easy for the day before surgery when I meet with the nurse and anesthesiologist. They explained their role and in details how I should prepare. They day of the surgery they made everything easy and fast. Nurses were caring and efficient. I was nervous b/c I never had any type of surgery, but they were so confident and positive that they made a this easy on me and my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Teri Lash

Did not have to wait, immediately taken through. The nurse was very nice and very efficient. Attending Physician caring and thorough. I did have to wait over an hour for the results of the xray.

Linda Dealaman

ever one great

Owen Kellerman

I was treated extremely well at South Bay Hospital. In fact, no other medical facility has provided such pleasant service. All the people I dealt with were very professional and kind. They also considered the special-needs of the patients. It was a great pleasure to deal with the people at South Bay Hospital. Should I have a need in the future to select a hospital, it will definitely be South Bay Hospital.

rad da

Id give this place a 0 if i could. Can't even remove a simple ingrown toenail.

Laura Coppola

Fast, efficient, friendly, courteous service!

Kamarie Duffell

I have been here twice now. Once for myself about a month ago and I brought my son here on Thanksgiving. Both visits were great despite the reason that brought us here. The wait was short, the staff was great and attentive to our every need. We were in and out in less than a hour and a half. I think they are doing a great job.

V. Handy

Pay very close attention to the fees and how they process insurance claims! They made me pay a co-pay that I shouldn't have been charged for, and the insurance paid them for, and 2 months later, no refund to me. Also, this is a for profit facility. Why do they rely on volunteers to check me in? Shouldn't they be creating jobs to do this work? Although very nice and friendly, these volunteers are elderly, slow, and don't understand the process.

Jean gardenhire Carpenter

I recently had a biopsy at South Bay, a scary experience. Dr. Perez and his assistant worked together as a team and kept me informed at all times. The coordinator, Leslie, found a topic we had in common and kept me distracted. She was very warm and supportive. Her post-biopsy instructions were very clear, so I knew exactly what to do and watch for. The entire staff at the Breast Health Center made a scary situation less so and everyone was kind and patient focused.

Roger Wiggins

My wife of 58 had the flue and went there and they gave her medication that shut her kidneys down so they had to air lift her to brandon hospital where they couldn't do anything for her being sun city hospital waited to long before realizing that they are over there head. All I've got to say is if you want to die go to sun city . Apparently they don't know how to help and when they are over there head in anything they wait to long to do anything. I wouldn't recommend this place anyone or anything. I wouldn't even take a dog there. If there were minus stars I would give them minus 100. They need to close there doors. I would never go there for anything . .I see when I drive by their sign shows 3 to 5 minutes for er. That's how long to wait to meet your maker. Close the door

sylvia wendel

Excellent. SouthBay Hospital has done a complete turn-around. The staff was professional and competent. The nurses were attentive and compassionate. And my husband's room was cleaned - really cleaned- every day. High quality medical care.

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