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REVIEWS OF Sacred Heart on the Gulf IN Florida

Alison Anthony

My family rented a house at Cape San Blas for a week. My mother has COPD and is on oxygen 24 hours a day. Upon arrival I realized I left part of her breathing equipment at our home 4 hours away. I was very worried and upset. I called Sacred Heart hospital in Port St. Joe. They could not have been any more accommodating or helpful. I spoke with Gretchen, Angie, and Nancy. They were so compassionate and helped us so we can enjoy our vacation week. Thank you!! Alison Anthony

Emily Montefusco

Diaconal Ecumenical UMC Minister Dr Tom Curtis


My husband went in for a severe leg injury (chainsaw) After filling out the paper work instead of rushing him back they walked around the corner and had a conversation and were giggling about something. I had to say excuse me this is a medical priority and finally the Er nurse came and took him back, They took for ever to give him something for pain which was a pill instead of a shot so took forever to kick in, didn't even take his vitals, or Elevate the leg, tool another 30 before they gave him lidocaine, and almost another hour to sew him up. The only good thing was the doctor and nurses had great bed side manner. Also did not get any crutches for a injury he can barley walk on.

Katie Baxley

Our 3 year old son contracted strep throat while vacationing at the Cape, so we brought him here for treatment. Dr. Jones and the rest of the staff we came in contact with were all so kind and efficient. We were only there for about an hour total, but we never felt rushed or like they didn't have time for us. The best hospital staff we've had. Thank you all for taking such good care of my kiddo!!

T Sanford

I walked in at 2pm on a Sunday, with severe back pain.I figured it to be a kidney/uti. Getting into a room was quick and painless.The problem is the doctor there put me in a very stand offish mood.He kept asking why I didnt go to my doctor, He kept walking out of the room and coming back in ! Between coming in and going out he would sit there and judge the reason why I was there.He tested my reflexes and sent me off with a prescription for relaxing the muscles. They never even checked the urine sample for kidney /Uti infections.I took 1/2 of one of the pills he described and was knocked out for a day and a half.Apparently, this area must be known for people who are trying to get drugs.TO THAT DOCTOR.....NOT EVERYONE WHO COMES IN WITH PAIN ARE LOOKING FOR A FIX, SOME OF US HAVE PAIN AND IF YOU WOULD HAVE DONE YOUR JOB AND RUN TESTS YOU WOULD HAVE FOUND THAT I ,INDEED DID HAVE A KIDNEY INFECTION AND DID NOT NEED MUSCLE RELAXERS FOR THAT.DOCTORS LIKE YOU NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM THE CARE OF PEOPLES HEALTH.Unless you are dying or feel like you are do not go here, take the trip and go to bay medical in Panama City, it may be far away, but you wont have to deal with fools like this there ~ Good luck and God Bless!

Ricky Maples

Zartaan Zar

Best hospital experience I have ever had. I didn't even know there are hospitals like this. Next time I don't feel good I may have to ride back down from the smoky mountains ! The ladies there took amazing care of me, I can't say I liked hearing that I need to lay off the vaping lols ! X( Amazing staff.

Haley Griffin

Nicole M

Donna M Bernard

Thank you to the exceptional staff at this facility. Vacationing from NY we needed emergency care, We found this facility was new, state of the art and immaculate. The staff was competent and professional with all the required testing available onsite. Pleasant and supportive - they quickly made a correct diagnosis and with an overnight observation sent our patient back to me mentally and physically fit with a great prognosis and, all of the the test results printed out and on disc for our NY MDs to follow up upon our return. Staying out on Cape San Blas these last 4 years I've always worried the "what if "something happens.. who knew this jewel was 20 minutes away. Hope you never have to experience this while away from home but if you do these wonderful people will take the very best care of you - after 25 years in public health I know the difference. Thank you Sacred Heart Hospital, ER and Volunteer staff- you are amazing

David Strange

This is a magnificent little Hospital-well led and staffed. Don't hesitate to bring Family for health services.

Jason Oliver

While on vacation in Cape San Blas I got a infection in my forehead. From the time my wife and I walked in the front door we were impressed. All the staff was amazing. Although we were not in a fun place they made it great.

Jonathan Cross

Our boy had a nasty fall while on vacation we had to get urgent care. The nurses did a great job helping to make our child was comfortable and relaxed as he was being treated.

Elysia Bell

Im from out of town. In and out quickly. Everyone was very nice.

tina richter

Elisha Dasenbrock

I have a cyst on my neck. I am from out of town so they told me to go to the ER. I was shown a room immediately and everyone was extremely nice. My nurses were all really nice and funny. they were very efficient and got me in and out.

Kevin Lanier

On June 10, Saturday Morning, I went to the ER because the night before I had injured my ankle. I could not walk so they met me at the door with a wheel chair. I was the only person in the ER. I was taken back and put on the table. The Check in and nurse were great, she took all my info and told me the Dr. would be in shortly. My foot and ankle were swollen and i had a rope burn on it. The Dr. came in and examined my foot, told me to elevate it and treat the burn. He then said a nurse would be in and treat my burn. No Xrays were ordered. I was wheeled back out to my truck. 3 days later, my ankle still swollen, i called my Dr. and went in the next morning. I describe what happened. They examined me and said lets xray it to be safe. The next morning I received a call from my Dr. office and was told that I have a severe fracture in my ankle and i needed to go to Panama City Bay Med to have surgery to repair my leg. The ER doctor at SHPSJ lack of concern and not ensuring that he had done everything for me put me in danger of losing my foot. His lack of professionalism and pure laziness is inexcusable. Fortunately for me Proactive Doctors have been able to get me headed to recovery. I have received one phone call regarding this and have been told that it is not how they do business. Injured person beware. I will drive to Panama City in the future

jude smith

My recent gallbladder removal went so well with the wonderful staff. Dr. McAlpin is so kind, understanding and an excellent surgeon. All of the staff from admitting forward was cheerful and efficient. I can't recall all of their names right now but two remain in my memory. Brandi in surgery is sweet and patient. Holly in recovery made my day. When she asked if she could do anything for me, I said - sing me soft kitty. She didn't miss a beat and started singing that little song as if patients requested that all day. We are so happy to have this hospital in our area so that we don't have to drive 1 hr and 45 min. to another location. Many thanks.

Cheryl Alford

While vacationing in Port Saint Joe, I had a bad fall and broke my wrist. The ER staff, nurses and doctors were amazing. I ended up having surgery the next day and Dr. Enad and his staff were extremely caring and took excellent care of me. Thank you Sacred Heart Hospital!

Stephanie Carpenter

I kept in constant communication with the billing department,letting them know the status of my "share of cost" medicaid insurance. I followed every step I was given and they sent the bill to collections, even though I had been in communication with them trying to get medicaid on board to pay the remainder. Not only that, my one hospital visit left me with a $6,000 bill to be told "there is nothing we can do for you, you are not dying today". I was then billed from two separate departments for this visit. $500 from one and $400 from another. A sum of nearly $7,000 to do absolutely nothing for me but tell me "you'll need to go see a specialist" .... I also agree with the guy below. I was constantly questioned as to why I did not go to a hospital in bay county. The closest hospital to me was St. Joe. I was asked if I wanted pain pills which I declined and was told "we fix you if you are dying today" otherwise you are told you go see someone else during normal hours. THANK YOU SACRED HEART for being a complete and utter fail.

Sarah Peak

My 4 yr old son fell and had a gash on his head on his eyebrow . We went to the emergency room and they said they were going to use skin glue/adhesive to close it back up since it was a clean cut. They didn’t even clean the cut out or off at all. The nurse/doctor applied the glue to his head and it dripped down his face and into his eye glueing his eye shut!!! My poor child was terrified when he couldn’t open his eye (and so was I). After about 3 long tries of prying his eyelid apart it finally opened. They acted like it was no big deal and let us leave with glue all over his face, in his eyelashes, and eyebrow. We are all traumatized. I still can’t believe that these people are medical professionals.

Dewey Blaylock

Great local hospital. Managed very well.

Kira Sedona

This is such a great place filled with compassion and capacity to help

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