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cindy walker

Recently I had the experience to spend time at this hospital. If it was possible I would rate my stay there a 10+. Dr. Mayes and his team in the Cath lab saved my life. I will be forever grateful and thankful. My care in the ICU was perfect. The nurses were wonderful. Even the food was great. The very best care anyone could wish for.

Patricia Graves


Sadia Mahmood Ali

great hospital. no complaints.

Fish 30A

ER visit extremely good experience.

Michael Lebert

I had surgery at Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast last week. I was very satisfied with the level of care that I received . EVERY staff member from Doctors to housekeepers were caring and compassionate. The staff followed up with a phone call to my home to check on my progress.

Amanda Polo

I just had my son here. 7 years ago I had my daughter on Eglin AFB... This place makes Eglin look like the back seat of an El Camino. The staff is AMAZING, the comfort is AMAZING, even the food is great. Professional and friendly. Love it.


Kristen Ward

This hospital has always been amazing. I have neen admitted several times & always have has the most amazing treatment. My Mom & Dad & Hisband has also been admitted here several times & their treatment was amazing. I also have had to have surgery here before which went perfect & everyone treated me great. Same with my Mother she had to have emergency surgery Dr Schmidt who is a ER doctor found out quickly what was wrong with her & Dr Haney the surgeon performed her surgery Dr Schmidt & Dr Haney both saved my Mothers life that day. Dr Schmidt has taken care of me many times especially back in 2003 when I had Pancreatitis problems & 2004 when I was involved in a vehicle vs pedestrian accident he has always taken amazing care of me & still to this day speaks to me when he sees me & has taken such great care of my husband. There are many great doctors that work in the ER that all have showed kindness & respect. We live an hour away from this hospital & my family & I all dont mind making the drive to get care from this hospital because of the wonderful care they have always given & still continue to give.

Henson Bartlett

David J. Mathena

The best emergency room visit I've ever experienced!! Friendly, caring staff, got in to see a doctor FAST, and even the room was comfortable!! Good job, Sacred Heart!


First off they were very busy I get that. But from the point of check in to being discharged was nothing more than a circus. There was a couple people trying their hardest and I appreciate them hence the not one star. When you first go in you get checked in. On their website they have a sit in your living room and get checked in option which I thought was amazing. If it was real. That lil rid bit I realized as they told me it didn't work so they don't use it. I say why offer it then. But the young lady got my name and had me sit down and told me it would be 5 min and she'd check me in. 20 min later nobody around her for the past 15 I went to the desk and of course she was on her phone. End story of that part she forgot me. So I get checked in and wait. The lady that took my symptoms and blood pressure etc was awesome. That girl should run the ER. She was trying her hardest and very understanding. She went ahead and set up to get my blood taken and the young man zack I believe was his name was as well pretty awesome. Then I go back to the waiting room and wait. I get called back to a room about 3 hours later. Me and the same group of people that was there when I got there was waiting. So it's midnite and I go back to my room nurse comes in talks to me blood pressure again dr comes in talks to me for a few seconds has me go do a urine test. I never find out the results of my blood tests dr comes back in about 30 min later and says my protein is really high in my urine talking about it could be a problem with my kidneys. Said he was gonna refer me to. Primary dr because I don't have one. I get my paperwork they refer me to an orthopedic dr???????? I question it. What. Why an orthopedic dr over my kidneys. I get told well my kidney dr is my primary dr. I realize wow. They really don't know what they are doing. For the price a person pays for the ER. They should with the drs they have be able to tell me more than "we think" it could be your kidneys. It was like a fast food not caring experience. Will not go back to the ER.

B&C Sutton

Dr Tidwell is phenomenal! Great bedside manor and great facility! TWINS!

Kyle Davis

ER was taken back in 10 minutes....admitted to a room within 3 hours and nice staff...

The Dude

The nurses and Dr’s are great. But the people you have to deal with during the admission process treat everyone like garbage. I’m not sure why they hire such rude people who don’t care at all. My mother kept losing consciousness and instead of helping her the put her in a closed waiting room so the other people waiting wouldn’t see her keep losing consciousness. Until they change their admission process and the people who work it. I would avoid this place at all costs. They will let you die in the waiting room and joke about it with each other.

Jessica Raico

Yesterday I had the BEST experience I have had at any E.R. at any hospital ever in my 42 years of life. I felt terrible because I had no insurance but I was very sick. They treated me so kindly, so professionally and were just amazing. I can't say enough about good about this place!!

bobby bowick

Princess Wilson

It's not enough I can say about this hospital. They helped me so much I was so sick. I had a seizure from my diabetes being so high while being on vacation. They gave me amazing care even though I was known as the fighter. Everyone work together hand on hand to put me back together again. I don't know what I would do without my sister husband and them they truly have a sacred heart

chrissy hughes

My brother was just born here

Atif Mahmood

Great facilities and great ICU team.

Melanie Holt

Took my child for an ear infection in the wee hours of the morning. The staff was AMAZING! They saw and treated her promptly and were very kind and courteous!

Mandy Holsombake

My husband was a victim of a crime and was told that he would not be charged for the treatment. We received a bill for $4,000.00 and when we called to ask about it, we were given the run around. Our experience in the ER was horrendous. They took a urine sample that sat on the counter for hours as we waited. There were dirty sheets sitting on the counter as well. When I asked about the items I was told that they took what they needed from the sample and it was fine for it to sit there. Not what you want in what's supposed to be a sterile environment.

Kevin Purdy

Provide excellent medical care, but administrative side is very unorganized. They also overcharge exponentially for services in comparison to other regional hospitals. Have tried to get financial assistance but they make you jump through so many hoops you'll have it paid off before you're done or you will be sent to collections. They will give a 79% discount if you don't have insurance, which was less than the amount if I went through insurance.

Oriana Scruggs

Horrible experience with my baby ultrasound. The tech didn't let me see the screen at all and the appointment was very cold and not personal. I felt like just a number.

Andrew Webb Curtis

Normally when getting simple blood work done, I'm in and out within 10 minutes at other hospitals. Here, I waited at least 45 minutes to even fill out the registration paperwork. Absolutely inefficient

Helen Cervantes

No star really!!! I had to put one star so I can post this. I was seen in this ER when I had an accident, a hot baking dish shattered in my hands and lacerated my left wrist. The staff was nice alright. But the PA that saw me, Shawn Taylor, failed to do a proper assessment on my laceration, he called it a simple lac, sutured me, even told me that I could remove the stitches out myself in 10 days. It turned out that I have 100% laceration of the two tendons in my left wrist. I kept telling him that I can't turn my left hand around and it felt weird, felt weak. He just ignored me. He failed to do a proper assessment when he explored my wound for a few seconds. I made an appointment with a hand surgeon when we got back home, and it took him two seconds to figure out that I lacerated my tendons, just by listening to me and my concerns. The hand surgeon told me that I had seven days from the time of the injury for him to reattach my tendons. So, I had my surgery. I was fortunate that I saw him on time. I had a cast for a month, now just starting occupational therapy. My surgeon told me that this type of injury would never be missed if the medical provider took his time to assess my injury accurately.

Nate Kelly

Loved the family birthing center. The birth of my son was incredibly smooth, as the staff is very professional and personal.

Melissa Estes

Great place

Jennifer McDaniel

Came into ER with seizures/blackouts, after two hours of waiting I had to ask an was told they pick an choose who goes back. So basically unless you come in having a heart attack or in an ambulance, plan to spend the day no matter your discomfort.

Jenny Hill

Wonderful experience! Nobody wants to go to the ER while on vacation, but everyone at Sacred Heart made the unfortunate circumstance better. We were greeted by a very nice receptionist, had about a five minute wait time in the waiting room and then were taken back to our room. All of the nurses were extremely kind and patient with my two year old who did not want to be examined. They checked on us regularly and even found toys and treats for my daughter. The doctor was also wonderful and gave a very clear diagnosis and treatment plan. I can't recommend this hospital enough!

Candyce Brantley

I went in for blood work and sat for over 45 minutes, then was taken back to admissions and asked for insurance and ID. I asked why the wait was so long and the admissions person, told me "she had been at lunch". THIS IS A HOSPITAL!! IF YOU CLOSE FOR LUNCH THEN PUT UP A SIGN!!!!! Second, you never tell a patient that you were at lunch. She absolutely didn't even care. I asked for my orders and left. NEVER AGAIN

Robbie Washington

I have been there quite a few times for various health reasons and surgeries. My experience here has been great. The staff has been awesome and caring.

Therese Andrews

Terrible first experience! I brought in my medications, and a detail list with treating Physicians to help with my Complex Medical History. A Student Physicians Assistant came in to speak with and examine me, telling me the Doctor will be coming in after. He did not, the Student PA came back to tell me I was being released with the Doctor's recommendations. I was not comfortable with this process and asked to see the Doctor, when he finally came in did no exam and only asked me questions. I was told they were going to contact my Family Doctor and the Hospital I was in 5 months prior, they did not. Two Specialists Declined to see me, one of them said No standing in the doorway of my ER room. In awe of this visit, I took my dc papers and prescription for steroids and left being made to feel my symptoms/concerns were not taken seriously! I have an Incurable disease which I have been dealing with for almost 10 years, this was not my first Hospital visit!! I will never go to this Hospital again, these Doctors need to reflect on their Hippocratic Oath! This review does not reflect on the Nurses, they were all wonderful!

sally meadows

Called to get an appointment for a mamogram. The woman that scheduled my appointment was TERRIBLE. She asked if I had an order which I did only because my Doctor called them directly with an order but I never heard from them. I had to go to the doctor again and ask for a paper order since they never called me to schedule. I told the woman I never recieved a call from them to schedule and she laughed. I told her I didn't think it was funny that they never called but assured her I had an order. Then she asked when my last mamogram was, I told her about a year ago, she laughed again, stating was it a year ago or was it less. I explained it was over a year ago and again asked why she thought this was so funny. I have never been treated so sarcastically when scheduling an appointment. I will go through with this appointment but hope the rest of the staff is professional and not sarcastic. Not sure why a hospital would allow this behavior. I did not get this persons name but I called back to make sure I was scheduled and asked what her name was. All they could tell me was her initials were MR. I sure hope someone follows up and corrects this behavior.

Jennifer Lansing

The first ED visit with my husband was an absolute nightmare. To keep the description of a very long and miserable ED experince short he was told his foot xrays were negative and did not know why he was experiencing so much pain. On a follow up visit at a specialist he sure did have a fracture. So with much hesitation my husband had to go back to the ED at Sacred Heart Emerald Coast for a slip and fall which resulted in a head laceration. After many hours of sitting in the ED room hands and face covered in blood (which no one even attempted to clean off) husband was left sitting there with an obvious gaping whole to the back of his head saturating countless sheets and pillows. Not to mention he was having trouble with vision and wrist pain which was not being addressed and did not upon discharge. What the really upsetting part is that billing comes in and wants all kind of information right as you are getting into the room. I understand they have a job to do but imagine you and your family are just getting to the ED with a trauma and loss of conciousness do you really think you would be worries about signing a piece of paper...I think not...its unfortunate they hang their hat on being philanthropic when they don't even care about the patients that are coming to their facility to help literally dripping blood...don't you think it's funny they boast about being a top 100 hospital but they never say what for?

caroluj kole

Thomas R Christianson

Very caring smoothly run hospital, my wife had an outpatient procedure and the Doctors really took the time to go over everything and answer questions.

Judi Mader

They helped me with my broken arm, and staff treated me with excellent care. They recommend a orthopedic doctor who also helped me heal.

Rachel Dunn

Went here after I'd been misdiagnosed at Destin ER a week earlier. I got in immediately and everyone was so friendly and nice. Actually felt like a patient and not just a number. By far the best hospital in the area. It's hard to find doctors that listen to you and actually care.

Amy Smalley

Great care in the ER this past week. I fractured my ankle while on vacay down there. Eveyone from the Checkin people, Dr, Nurses and transport guy were great. Loved the nurses humor.

heather jiles

Comfort in every way! Food is gourmet.

Ryan Lacey

I will never come to this hospital again!! Waiting for hours and they could care less!!

Josh Jones

Everyone was friendly, and helpful in the emergency department. They got my wife feeling better, so we were able to enjoy our vacation.

Ashley Royal

This ER doesn’t care at all.. nope. Not even a little (the people when we walked in were pleasant, however) Besides, the fact, that the bedside manner is horrible, ...........yes I am talking to the ER Dr’s and your Nurses.. especially the “millennial’s” yeah you! Yes you!! On a patients side, you are just another ticket in a line at Sacred Heart. Get a primary care Dr and go to urgent care or Destin ER... if it is truly an emergency dial 911 ..Misdiagnosed at an ER... Get real! (Ref- a review below) Nobody that has any common sense knows not to go to the ER for an ongoing condition. Handle your own health, these Dr’s and nurses are just a bunch of pompous ‘know it all’’s’ whom think they are better than you are because they are not on the other side of the bed. “Can I get an extra side of fries with that?” ... truth be told they do not care at all.. unless you’re about to die (no joke) don’t go to Sacred Heart ER. -experienced in many ways- specifically referencing the ER.. not their welcome staff, but the Dr’s and nurses. I truly wish admin would do a better job. PS.. they were not busy the last time my family and myself was a kid in training tried to put an IV in my arm that I did not need at all. My husband was horrified and had to take our kid out of the room. Good job “y’all”!

Laura T

Jamie Wertenberger

Rachel hereford

Beware employees. Watch your time card and keep track of your hours. I recently discovered that I did not get paid for hours that I worked. I got shorted over five thousand dollars. I am disgusted by this corporation.

Megan Ray

The ER staff at Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast is the Best they go above and beyond to make sure that while you are there that you are comfortable and that you are taken care of and they find out what is wrong with you unlike other ER rooms in the area. Thank you my ER staff y'all are the best :)

jacob woodham

Paramedic bout shoved needle through my wifes whole arm, gonna be sore for weeks. Then RN Duncan came in complaining about how she was 5 mins late going home and could she help us in any other way sarcastically after not seeing us the whole time. Rude and unhelpful staff. Ultrasound tech was awesome & so was Dr Hamilton

Casey Clark

This hospital is unbelievably AMAZING! The staff, the facility, the is all TOP NOTCH! What they did for my grandmother (truly for my grandparents), there aren’t enough words to say thank you! They went above and beyond for them! When we were all trying to pick up the pieces of our lives from the recent hurricane that devastated our town (Panama City, FL.), our local hospital did the best they could with what they had left to treat my grandmother for a broken arm/ shoulder but they were so limited. We decided to pack my grandparents up and take them to Sacred Heart Emerald Coast, from the second we pulled up to the front door, we were greeted (car side) with a smiling face and a helpful hand...we were provided the most amazing customer service and care! We truly can’t thank the entire staff enough!!!! Your professionalism, kindness, and guidance has meant more to my family than you’ll ever know...THANK YOU!

Gabriel Schlief

First day of vacation and I found myself in need of emergency care. My wait was short and intake staff was professional. My nurse was Robert and he was hands down the best nurse I've ever had. I have severe anxiety and most Drs and nurses don't take me seriously. Not Robert. He listened and empathized. He acknowledged my symptoms seriously and Dr. Wolf (I think was his name) did the same. No one judged me either. I wish this level of care existed where I live. Everything was done very quickly too. Thank you so much for actually caring, I wish I could give more than 5 stars. ❤

Luwana Locke

Shannon Rangel Arredondo

Family Birthing Place has the best staff. I could not have asked for a better 1st time experience. I went in nervous to give birth and came out a happy 1st time mom. Thank you guys so much for helping bring my baby girl into the world safe. Baby Natalie 02-26-16.


ER visit: The support staff and medical personnel were very kind and compassionate. They took excellent care of my little boy. RN Amanda Muse, was very gentle with the IV, my son said it didn't even hurt! She also always explained what she was doing so he would not be scared. My son said she was like an Angel and she was his favorite nurse. The PA & other RN Shawna, were very kind and professional, we would like to thank you all for getting my little boy back on his feet again. Thank you so very much! US Army Veteran Ret.


Wonderful hospital! Cant say enough to the Pre-op and Post-op staff during and after my procedure. I could not ask for better care!

Butch Hatcher

aja anglea

Amanda Caughorn

Lacey Jerred

Labor and delivery with dr. Sledge Robert and the other great doctors and nurses took very good care of me when I have preeclampsia HELLP syndrome I can't thank them enough

Love Bird

Jana Tarleton

ALWAYS used Sacred Heart for Mammograms - called for my yearly Mammogram in April 2019 - it was scheduled for July 27th - I had to be out of town so called to reschedule and now they are booking into February 2020. This is ridiculous - very disappointed. Let's just pray there is no emergency! Timely healthcare is important to our community! Maybe you need longer hours if the demand is there. I asked why booking so late - I was told it was because of their new machine??? What does that have to do with it.

Bob Shelton

Very dirty.

ellen stephens

This is a review of their medical records policy. $1 a page, plus tax to get your Own medical records? That is unacceptable, especially for a "non-profit" hospital....what gouging.

Elena Garay

Great place

Mary Wingate

This was a really nice experience today. The doctors and staff were very polite and professional. They made our outpatient procedure very pleasant, as we are new to this areas medical practices . I had blood work done while my husband was having his procedure. Two things done in the same time frame.

Meda Keefer

David Kozikowski

Ill Nevertell

Downhill,,,too busy tooting their own horn about being in top 10 hospitals,very disappointed in last two visits,used to be A1 facility. I had my wrist set with no pain killer, and my screams only made it worse on me. 5 hours reconstructive surgery to repair and I will punch a certain person in the face if I see him away from the E.R. SADISTIC@#$%#

James Jordan

Went in for back pain, excellent, courteous service by Dr. Hill and the other staff. In and out quickly but Dr. did not act rushed. Glad we went here rather than stand alone ER.

Rebecca Gray

I live almost an hour away from this hospital (two hours in traffic, and my husband and I drive all the way out here every single time we or our 4 and 2 year olds ever have an emergency. (20 times in the past 2 years- yikes) It is ridiculous that every time I get to go by myself to the ER, I feel like I'm going on vacation, especially if I get admitted! Room service and privacy. But seriously, the ER is very fast, even when they're very busy, and caring. All the doctors are thorough, nurses as well and everyone else in between! And they really care. I've tried one other hospital to save an hour of driving and they did unnecessary testing on my two-year-old. We said the whole time, we should have gone to sacred heart by now, even with a two hour drive there and back we would have been done faster and our daughter would have been treated correctly! I have 100% faith in Sacred Heart. Both my kids were born here, and it was incredible- very caring staff, very clean, and seriously like a private getaway.

Karen Duguid

Marcia Johnson

From registration to surgery all the staff was very helpful and caring. Loved that someone called to check on me the following day of my release.

Jenna Beougher

Ashley Patterson

The nurse we had was not very attentive and extremely RUDE!! Would not use this hospital unless it was life or death and I had no other option.

bmore ftw

The ER is a trainwreck.. I'll leave it at that. Staff is hit or miss when it comes to bedside manner. My family and I have been here for non-ER related issues such as surgeries and again.. hit or miss. I don't want to disclose too much because it is the only hospital in the area but they pride themselves on being a top tier hospital but sadly... not true

Rick Olsen

Very friendly staff rated in the top 100 hospitals. Cafeteria has excellent home cooked food.

Sarah Harrell

My Son had surgery we was treated so nice the recovery nurse was awesome my son is special needs she did not leave his side and they also called the next day to check on him it is a 5 Star hospital

Effie Talcott

I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THIS HOSPITAL, from the doctors to the staff, everyone made me feel so at ease about the surgery that I was about to have, and that's hard to do when it's major surgery, I have to have more major surgery, I will be having them at this hospital, won't go any where else for my health care.

Jonny Smart

My wife gave birth here. We have never been treated with this level of respect. We have not seen a hospital of this caliber. I'm not easily impressed. Dr. Sledge made every appoment and performed the c-section. He made it a point to remember details of our everyday life and brought a very calming spirit into the whole experiences. Dr. Sledge when confronted with a issue handled it with out distain and awed me with how he handles his authority. My wife loved the food as did I. The staff from: Doctors, Nurses, Cook, Janitors, and Guards where very professional and friendly. We highly recommend Sacred Heart. Thank you all so much.

Kurt Utich

The front desk clerks, techs, nurses, PAs, and doctors were excellent! This is the best hospital on the emerald coast!

betty boop

Actually one of the better hospitals I have been to in my life...the best one is ucla California...the only thing I didn't like is the bill lady comes in after they put a iv thing in my hand and EKG running to ask me a bunch of stuff and wanted me to sign something and I thought that was really silly...very bad timing.. I went thru was so fast ..the receptionist saw us coming and I could barely walk and she rushed with a wheelchair to me...impressive...everyone was pretty nice...the doctor was great...they took action right away...a small surgery too...I was walking out so much better than when I creeped in there. .I had a friend told me it was a good hospital ...I'm from out of insurance.. I would go again...they will ask you your name at least 50 times while you are there tho? I'm not sure what that is for?

Hugh Blansit

Awesome place. After being in another local hospital for 5 days, I was still sick. They couldn't find what was wrong with me. Sacred heart found the problem in 3 hours. The entire staff treated me like a person and not just a piece of meat. Ty - Sacred Heart

Joan Glover

Always a good experience. Friendly, knowledgeable staff!

Robb Brown

Went into the emergency room with a concussion and there was no wait and they took me back and completed a CT scan and the nurses, CT personnel and Doctor were very informative and compassionate. Best emergency room experience I have ever received.


The whole team was a pleasure. Very helpful, knowledgeable, reassuring, and thorough.

Matt Maze

So far they've been very courteous we will see what the prognosis brings

Vicki Banaszak

Doctors, Nursing, and any others treated me extremely good. That is why I only go to Sacred Heart Hosp. PENSACOLA & MIRAMAR.

Lynisha Smith

Recieved care here; Major Surgery. Everyone from Admissions, Registration,Nurses, Doctors, and Anesthesiologists were so friendly, caring, compassionate, and patient. I really liked the check in process at the Kiosk. For Major surgery I was in and out in record time. I was really wanting to get home to my own bed. Sorry I can't remember names but everyone on my team was excellent and should All receive an award. Especially the last Nurse that dealt with me. I kept asking for drinks and bathroom and she was so kind.

Jasmin Luviano

Worse hospital EVER !!! Took my daughter with a fractured elbow that she made falling off the bed went here & all they did was take xrays & said it wasn’t nothing big & that I had to call to Pensacola where the kids pediatrics is & make a appt !!!! Plus had to wait 2-3 days to call & make the appt .... thank god the next day in the afternoon I get a call from the surgeon in Pensacola & tells me it’s a emergency that I go in & that my daughter needed a surgery !!! Till this point my daughter still ain’t good from her elbow thanks to this hospital for sending me home when she needed a emergency surgery that moment that night ! Worst place !

keosha horton

ER is horrible..My friend was left on a stretcher in the hallway for 6 hours in pain.The triage nurse kicked me out the hallway and was very rude how she spoke to me. Pensacola ER is way better and I will not recommend this hospital for people to go to, they totally forgot about patient care here!

Chris Parnell

Super kind staff.

Sharon LeBeau

OH WOW!!! AMAZING STAFF! We had to take my son to Sacred Heart while on vacation in Destin. From start to finish the care was superb! Every staff member was kind and caring and took excellent care of my son. We are so thankful to you all!

david pascoe

Emergency rooms are not places to get great care as they are usually too many seeking immediate care. They can only handle so many and when overloaded, the trouble starts. That said, as a kidney failure patient I've had good and poor experiences here, but mostly good. They judge and try to take people on a seriousness basis, but don't always make the right call. I've been in and out of many hospitals with Cleveland Clinic ranking as the best and Sacred Heart a little above average. If you think this ER is bad, try a big city hospital some time with a room full of 50-100 people all wanting immediate treatment. There, you'll see what real E.R. horror stories can be like. If an ER is crowded, you should avoid it, go elsewhere or don't expect too much. Sadly, that is just the way it is and you can't escape it.

Sarah D

The Emergency Room doctor and her team saved my Mom’s life when she suffered from a stroke on vacation in Destin. From the 911 dispatcher calming me and helping me assess the situation in the CVS parking lot, to the EMT’s that picked her up almost immediately, to the nurses and admitting staff in the Emergency Room, to the skilled doctor who treated her carefully and quickly with a clot medication, and then to the transport team that airlifted her to Pensacola. These people are amazing. My Mom was able to smile and talk within a few hours of the trauma. When they moved her out of ICU in Pensacola, she had no symptoms of the stroke beyond her memory of it. It was amazing. Thank you!

Grady Cooper

Labor and delivery staff is top notch even when at capacity. Highly recommend the team here.

CCNC3 Hendrii

At a local's recommendation, I went there with a child whom has a long history of medical issues. They were knowledgeable, compassionate, open-minded excellent listeners who did all they could to resolve the issue quickly. Wish there were more nurses like Matt and the other RNs there. And the PA, Hector Bird, was one of the best I have ever seen. Before our 19 year old was born I was in the medical field, including emergency medicine. Wish there were more PAs of Hector's caliber. All had excellent bedside manners

Walter Fincher

There is no other hospital or care that can come close to Sacred Heart Hospital. The nurses, Dr.’s, techs, even the admission folks are so professional and seem to really enjoy their jobs. And the food ain’t bad either.

Deborah Estes

Best hospital experience EVER! On our last day of vacation, my husband was experiencing chest heaviness which progressively got worse even after taking 2 aspirin. We decided we better get to a hospital and happened upon this one. Attentive, caring, excellent, knowledgable staff is an understatement! Long story short, my husband had a mild heart attack caused by a 99% blocked artery in his heart. The average hospital would have missed the diagnosis and sent him on his way, but our doctor stayed with it until the problem was found and fixed. A stent was installed. The entire staff was incredible, intelligent, and caring! I highly recommend it! God used this hospital staff to save my husband's life!

Jordan Pearson

Brigitte Schroeder

Jake Rader

Susan Hendryx

Beware using Olson Women's Mammogram imaging center. Breast ultrasound was ordered by physician and in addition to lengthy wait for scheduling, radiologist at Sacred Heart refused to do ultrasound until another mammogram was performed, at my own expense. Insurance would not cover because it had been less than 6 months since previous mammogram. They would not complete the test my Dr ordered and rescheduled me to have an unnecessary mammogram, which both my insurance company and MD clearly stated was not necessary. I had to pay out of pocket AND wait for reschedule. If you have an order from your Dr, the radiologist should not be allowed to require you to pay for an additional test before performing what was ordered.

lori Zetterstrom

Lisa Weingartner

The worst place on earth. Brought my asthmatic grandson to ER. RN proceeded to tell me he was retracting and wheezing then stuck us in a room and never came back. I had to take him out and go back to find breathing treatments to help him after begging them for a albuterol treatment. The secretary told me that she would get out nurse and never did. Thank God his lungs did not lock up. Proper triage is to take a asthmatic and put them in a continuous treatment for emergency airway then to administer steroids. They should be held accountable. Lisa Humphrey Atlanta Ga

Corrisa Glass

Very nice staff dr pierce is wonderful thank you for making my daughter feel safe and comfortable and treating my family with so much respect during my daughters procedure

Elizabeth Jones

I have been coming here for years, anytime my self or my kids needed to be seen and i couldn't get them to the Dr. This is the only hospital I use....BUT when I came in tonight @ 6:55 on Nov. 28th the lady in the tan sweater working the front desk was rude and would shut me down when I tried to respond to her questions, she asked how to spell my sons name I told her and then she asked again so I tried to shower her it was printed on his medicade card and she waved me away and then ignored me and started asking my 9yr son questions..... Very very rude.....

Robert Denson

My toddlers toe was hanging half way off. They got us in and got him fixed up. They’re kind reliable and fast. We are from TN and were out of our element here. They took care of us.

Steve Holmvig

My rating is due to the communication issues within the facility. The RN’s are wonderful except they appeared understaff. I have been in the hospital three times and each time it appears they are understaffed. An example was my IV pulled out three times in a 1 1/2 days because it was warm in my room causing the tape not to stick. I pushed the nurse button and the first time the nurse came and the other two times they sent someone else who finished pulling out the IV but seemed unfamiliar with shutting off the IV. The third time I went in I had fainted dur to my illness. This was Saturday. They took X-ray of my chest and CT of my knee that I fell on. They ran other tests and when asked for results the nurse did not have the info. On Monday morning, the day I was going home, the Doctor came in and asked me how I was doing. I asked him how my knee was and he said fine, we have been working on your heart because you know being dead is worse than having a bad knee. Couldn’t argue with that logic except I layed in the hospital waiting for information on my knee and no one told me about my heart which I do have HF. So Dr. told me he was sending me home with a antibiotic for an infection and we go to pick it up, no prescription. Wife looks at exit summary, no antibiotics. So the outcome of spending this time in the hospital is: have to find another physician to schedule an MRI on my knee, contacting and trying to find out how I get antibiotics and third meeting with another cardiologist. Like I said, the people are great people, it just seems the processes are not either developed or in place to allow smooth information flow from one work group to another. Someone did mention they are getting a new operating system which will help tremendously. I trust they will take care of you but you need to ask them questions to make sure you understand what is going on. Update 1/30/2018 My wife just called about the prescription and now they are denying I was a patient this past weekend. They said I need to find a primary doctor to get the prescription even though the doctor who released said he was taking care of the prescription. Updat #2 Received call from Sacred Heart saying again I was not a patient. They showed I was in ER but not a patient. Found out we transferred to Pensacola and being their operating systems aren’t tied together so they could not tell where I was.

Jack Wilson

SH is taking very good care of me.

Gina Burns

Ryan Patterson

My wife and I was disgusted at the way we were treated. We had a two-year-old boy have an allergic reaction, and we were treated awful. They scoffed and laughed at questions concerning our young son, and made us feel like they were doing us a favor. We would drive the extra distance and risk harm to our family, rather than visit this hospital again.

LeeAnn Duke Martin

Wonderful people when having scans or tests done. They always are so nice and make you feel right at home. The food is good as well . I wish all hospitals were this nice!!!!!!!?


If you are taking an infant here, avoid at all cost. Head to Panama City or Pensacola and go to a children's hospital. I understand the hospital billing department must get a lot of folks calling and trying to wiggle their way out of paying a bill. That is how I felt they treated my situation. However, the money we were charged does not compare to the incompetent treatment we were given. My wife and I are both traumatized from the experience. We were on vacation with our 1 year old daughter. Being new parents and never seeing our daughter display the symptoms she showed, we were not sure if she was dehydrated from the beach and decided we better go see a doctor. Sacred Heart Hospital was the only place open. We were impressed with how clean the hospital was and how quickly they got us into a room. That is when the horror show began, and I assure you, that is what it was. The nurses discovered she had a high fever and gave her medicine to bring it down. A NP came in and said "her ear is red, it could be an ear infection, but those are over diagnosed". With that, we had every test under the sun performed on our daughter. A temporary catheter was ordered. My daughter screamed as they tried to insert it. After 10 minutes, they gave up and got someone else to come in and assist. My wife and I questioned if this was necessary, and they said yes. They pinned her down again and attempted to get the urine sample. After 5 more minutes of watching the nurses struggle and listening to my daughter scream, the nurses gave up and said, "I don't think we got enough urine to test for anything". Next, they ordered an IV where they were going to give her fluids in case she was dehydrated as well as try and draw blood so they can test for infection as well (which we later learned from our hometown pediatrician, if your baby has tears, she is not dehydrated). So the nurse came in and attempted to put an IV in her arm. After a couple failed attempts, my daughter screaming, and my wife crying we once again asked if this was necessary. They called in for assistance and got the IV in.... so we thought. Our daughter started screaming the loudest yet. They missed the vein in the arm, and our daughters entire side filled up with fluid. Her arm was double the size of the other. I had to call a nurse in and they quickly scrambled to unhook everything. Once again, the blood they were able to withdraw was minimal and they once again said probably not enough to do anything with. My wife and I were done after this... we lost all faith and trust in Sacred Heart and their ability to work on infants. This all happened over a course of a few hours. Since we had arrived, no one had checked her temperature again. We had to call a nurse in to check that. Her temperature was normal again. We asked that nothing else be done to our daughter and asked if we could just stay in the room for another hour and see if her fever stays down. We were released about an hour later. They never gave us any test results back. Mortified from our experience at Sacred Heart, we headed home the next morning, leaving our vacation early. We scheduled an appointment with our pediatrician and wanted to make sure she was okay. (We even had him check where they tried to attach the catheter to make sure she was not inured). Guess what he said, she had an ear infection!!!! We spent over $3500 at Sacred Heart for a misdiagnosed ear infection. Incompetence at its best! We also lost money on our vacation rental. More importantly than the money lost, was the horrific memories we gained. I hope I never have to see my daughter suffer like that again. If you are on vacation with an infant in Destin, make the drive to Pensacola or Panama City Children's Hospital.

John K


They couldn’t care less if you live or die. Avoid this place.


Labor and Delivery has nice facilities and a friendly staff. Felt better about the security and entry/exit procedures.

Nathalia Luna

We went bc one of those not-true-emergencies-but nothing-else-open-at-this-moment scenarios we have all had with our kids. Everything was great, the staff was very friendly, check-in process was quick and painless. Hospital is very pretty and clean. We were in and out in less than an hr.

Jamie Mason

We live in Ohio.. I have taken my mom to hospitals continually for years. Some considered the very best. We brought her on vacation knowing we could have some problems due to her many health issues. This hospital was AMAZING!!! In every way.. her care was top notch. Each and every nurse and doctor cared. Her condition improved immediately. From what I can tell, this hospital works as a family, each loving their job and treating it more as a vocation. We travel to Destin every September, it is certainly comforting to know that while we are away, if need be, we have a safe, caring hospital we can depend on if something arises. Truly.. the BEST nurses EVER!

A Beck

Michelle Hawhyns

Rude nurses. Had a c section and was only given pain meds for the first day, wanst allowed to eat anything for over 24 hr following c section .Was told that I needed to deal and get used to the pain after having my c section. What a crock. This place is a joke!! It's been less than 2 days since my child was born and i am in lots of pain. But they refuse to give me anything for it. DON'T HAVE A BABY AT THIS HOSPITAL!!!!! Warning, beware. And there staff is extremely rude and judgemental. Plus nurses stood outside my door listening to a private conversation that I was having, then they were asking questions about who I was talking to. And what I was talking about.

Kathy Schmidt

I have to congratulate the staff in the ER for listening, comforting and making every effort to provide the best care for my mother. Being an ER RN myself I give praise when it is deserving and the team here today have done justice to their profession.


MRI department is EXCELLENT!!! The female tech is extraordinary and always goes above and beyond! Thank you!


Brenda Barbee

Excellent care.

Eminent Entertainment

Common Sense

This Dr's here do not care about the patients. They sent my mother home after one day while she was still vomiting, losing consciousness and unable to take any of her medication. Going to this place has almost become a death sentence.

Tina Popa

Great hospital. Wonderful experience. Dr.Whitlock delivered my son and I was well taken care of. I would definitely recommend Dr. Whitlock and her OB/GYN staff to anyone. I am thankful to have her as my physician and I will be forever grateful.

D Lee

My wife will not go to any other hospital. We live across the street from Fort Walton Hospital, my wife has a heart condition and refuses to go to Ft Walton Hospital for anything and tells me she only wants to go to Sacred Heart. She has gone to Ft Walton Hospital once, and they almost killed her. She was in ICU for a week after. Her Internal Medicine doctor, Dr. Virgil Brown even said that you would have gotten to go home if the hospital hadn't tried to kill you.

Kristen Marrow

The worst in the area! They are supposed to be non-profit but they charge more than any other hospital in the area. Unbelievable, They also do not offer many services. They wanted me to drive to Pensacola for a heart procedure. Forget it. I went to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center instead and was treated great. Their charges were less too. Fort Walton has the best heart docs!

Giulia Ozyesilpinar

Terrible doctors rude , a money making commercial hospital

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