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REVIEWS OF Palms of Pasadena Hospital IN Florida

Ruth Dambrosio

Everyone at Palms of Pasadena Hospital were caring and professional. I received wonderful care all the times I was at Palms.

Lilja Davis

ER is RUDE and not helpful. I pray I will never have to go to Palms of Pasadena hospital again. Arriving I felt worried and a bit scared but leaving, I felt aggravated, lost with time and money wasted.

Shay Peters

If I could give this a complete 0 I would. I almost never post negative reviews and this was over the edge. I don’t go to ER’s for the fun of it. I presented with upper left quadrant pain. Chest pain. Lethargy. Jaundice of palms and feet. Dr. Roe (which I cannot locate on the PoP website as a listed doctor) was condescending, rude, lazy, dismissive. There was no triage questions, my meds were never asked about, a ton of assumptions made for lazy pathetic healthcare. I asked for another doctor and the nurses commented on how she is the ONLY ER doc and “set in her ways.” When I was an IV drug user I received better treatment - 5 years ago. I don’t want narcotics. Didn’t ask for narcotics. Listed narcotics as an allergy. My friend who works here recommended I come here and I trust him. He would be so embarrassed as an administrator here of this treatment. ALSO SHE WAS THE ONLY DOCTOR IN THE ER AFTER 7pm. If two people in Pasedena have a heart attack/stroke you’re screwed. Don’t die here. I promise you for a hospital that does bariatric surgery I have never in my life felt so absolutely demeaned. She needs to be fired and I promise I will file every complaint with every ethics board and governing agency making her life a nightmare of a mess. And anyone who knows me that it takes A LOT to get me this angry. **EDIT** Also look at the cut copy past response at the bottom. If I received this kind of feedback, I’d immediately reach out personally, which the hospital hasn’t. I also told Dr. Roe personally how demeaned and belittled I felt and an unapologetic “I’m sorry you feel that way” is what came out. Zero ownership of her actions or words or behaviors.

Lois Vascellaro

The radiology staff was great as usual

Vlademere Bishop

I had my gastric sleave procedure done November 7th and got such wonderful treatment. Dr. Jessee was awesome and all of the nurses and medical aids were terrific. They treated me so well. I highly recommend this hospital.

Robert Mcgahan

Me and my fiance had a terrible experience first off one of the techs gave her an overdose of potassium then ignored her calls for help missed her veins at least 30 times if not more not only that she went nearly 5 hours without pain medication after her surgery the staff was completely unprofessional incompetent judgemental and I feel racist towards us our nurses ashley,Tina ,Jackie and the tech I feel should have been fired on the spot this place should be shut down and if anyone reads this please take yourself or your loved ones to st Anthony's hospital save your self a lot of pain & heartache

David Hendriks

The experience at Palms was beyond expectations. From the quick admitting process, excellent nursing and OR staff it was evident everyone I met had a caring attitude. The hospital was spotlessly clean and even the food was 5 star. I highly recommend Palms of Pasadena.

Chris Gibson

friendly helpful, professional

Dharma May

Procedure was delayed over 8 hours and during all that time my surgeon never came to see me or my family. No one gave us any explanation for the delay. After surgery doctor never went to visit my family in waiting room although they watched other doctors come and visit other families. Two hours after family saw my name moved on the board into recovery no one gave them any word of my condition, and they were treated rudely when they called back and asked. I was not given any pain medicine post-op because I complained of nausea. It was not until my family was finally allowed to visit me in post-op and they learned I had not been given anything for pain, that the nurse gave me something. We waited in post-op until 11 p.m. and my surgeon still never came by, so my family finally insisted we just leave , they refused to wait for her any longer. I strongly recommend not going to this Hospital.

kim haaff

We went to the emergency room for a cut on the hand, which required three sutures. The sutures came out in two days because they were too loosely done. He did not have x-rays . We received a bill for $8000. My husband and I are both in health care and are appalled by the care and the bill. We do not recommend their Emergency Dept.

adrian lahey

I received very good health care

Lucy McGee

I received EXCELLENT care at Palms of Pasadena Hospital. From the intake procedure to my release 3 days later, my care was outstanding. The nurses, doctors and staff were responsive in a very timely manner and I felt well cared for and respected as a patient.

Tony Spinney

Ill-equipped for trauma. Went in for a head injury and had to be sent out to Bayfront, now at my expense, by ambulance. Calling for assistance about ambulance bill since it's considered non-emergency and told I "should have known their limitations" prior to using the Emergency Dept. Was told by VP of Quality they are a "small" hospital and have to send out many emergencies. Surrounding community, visitors to the area and snowbirds, take heed! This hospital cannot handle a higher level emergency and will cost you, either with with astronomical bills or your health. Go elsewhere!

Victor Tonas

This is the worst hospital, you'll get no quality of care here. Complete chaos with no communications with doctors. Financially driven excessive life threatening & deadly invasive tests and procedures made strictly for high billing. Doctors and nurses are neglectful, disrespectful and totally incompetent. There is a total lack of human compassion by the doctors. I wish somebody had warned me before I let my mother stay there at the assurance of a crooked doctor. If you want to die go here.

Pam Neale

I had out patient surgery (colonoscopy and endoscopy) in Feb 2016 & then another endoscopy in June 2016. The nurses, staff, and Dr. Bontemps were WONDERFUL. Everything from check in to recovery went on time and smoothly. They made sure my son was informed throughout the procedure and gave him the 'after care" instructions while I was a little woozy. Really love this hospital.


Admit person was absolutely outstanding!

Karrie Oconnor

Everyone here is Amazing. My Father in Law is in for hip surgery w doctor far so.good. everyone is very nice and helpful. I am extremely impressed

S. Joseph

The reviews are pretty acurate...If i could give 0 stars I would. This is the worst hospital ever. Granted they have a few good staff, unfortunately the bad out weighs the good. Natasha on the 2nd floor has to be one of the rudest nurses I have ever encountered. If you love your loved ones take them some place else.

Germaine DeHoyos

Thank you!  I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a fantastic experience I had being a patient at Palms of Pasadena. The Surgical staff and floor staff were impeccable. I felt so welcomed and assured I was being given the very best care. My husband was cared for and kept updated of my condition while I was in recovery. Nick was there every step of the way in Surgery making sure the process was smooth. Bill and Malia stopped by to check on me more than once. I have been raving about the care I received to anyone who will listen. Please extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to every Director, Manager, RN, OR Tech, Registrar, PCT, Food Service and FANS employee who was a part of my wonderful experience for my procedure and overnight stay on July 17th and 18th. Warm Regards,

Jim Hilgen

From admissions to release the process was seamless. Everyone I encountered was pleasant, helpful and professional.

jack ayad

Please do your research and look up ABC action news. This hospital has put the patience in risk by having the worst doctors in the State. Please save your life and do your research first. justice is coming soon

Eder Flored

I would give zero and even negative stars if I could!!! If you’re dying or are in a real emergency do not come to this ER! I have been sitting in ER with no one at the front desk to assist. There was a woman going back and forth from door to door passing us without even making eye contact or attempting to make sure patients in need were being assisted. About ten minutes later, someone wearing royal blue scrubs strolled in with her lunch in hand and asked if anyone was being helped, at this point it was myself and a recovering stroke victim waiting for assistance, so I told her NO! Her response was OK and moseyed on back into the secure area before her food got cold. I called the head nurse and told her there’s no one here to assist patients coming into the ER with EMERGENCIES!! She rudely responded “well sometimes we have volunteers and sometimes we don’t, but you can sign into the kiosk if you need help.” Oh awesome thank you for that stellar insight!!! Overall don’t come to this hospital to be treated, if it’s your only choice then you can be handled here but clearly patient care is not priority!!!

Brian Long

Dr. Renke has a great staff!

Sophie Canto

My husband had a speech evaluation completed by Dea Deming at the hospital. She kept my husband informed as to what was going to happen next and put him at ease. Was very thorough in the testing and took her time to explain to me what was happening. Nothing but high praises for her kind manner to my husband.

mike minuto

Excellent from beginning to end.

Barb Fern

My daughter Ashley was the patient, having had her BCIR surgery there 3 yrs ago. When she developed sudden abdominal pain, Palms was the place to go! The BCIR unit is beyond compare. It's like being with family. And Dr Rehnke was the main reason I took her back. I knew, no matter what the issue, she was in the best hands ever. She was treated (operated on for small intestine blockage) and again received the best care from Dr Rehnke, his staff and the incredible BCIR nurses. Praying this wonderful unit and Dr Rehnke will be part of Palms for years to come.

Michele Medwin

ICU was wonderful. Once my mom got to a regular hospital room it was like a different hospital. The care was terrible. The staff lied about following through. They did not did not include me in decisions even though it was specified in her record and made decisions that were inappropriate for her situation. My mom felt like they just did things to her without explaining anything. She said, "get me out of here! This place is crazy!" Her body may be in bad shape but her mind is still very sharp.

Tina Kellestine

Walked out of ER worst than when I went in. Was not hooked up to IV or heart monitor 3/4 of the time

Warren Seitz

The hospital services in Pasadena, FL might be acceptable. The billing department is totally INCOMPETENT! Palms of Pasadena copied my insurance card and Florida Driver's License; then sent an $18.00 charge to me at the wrong address. Did this two times; then referred the $18.00 charge to a collection agency. Called - would not talk to me! Wrote the administration - would not respond. I' will never use Palms of Pasadena again. I would rate them no stars but site will not let me post without at least one star.

Geraldine West

They have a wonderful staff and they are so caring...I would recommend this hospital to everyone... Thank you so very much for all you have done in getting me well... Keep up the good work... I shall not forget the friendly house keeper Lori... Thank you so very much

jk_my_platinum 1511

I checked out of the ER after the bus quit running. I was told by the nurse that it was fine for us to stay in waiting room until the bus ran. Security made us leave and we sit at the bus stop for 6 hours. During this time I had to use the restroom so I went back to the hospital to use the restroom and security told me I was not allowed to use the restroom...and I had to leave. WOW WHAT TREATMENT OF A PATIENT WHO JUST HAD OVER $3,000 WORTH OF TEST DONE!!!!

Catherine deHaan

The staff was great. The nurses on the orthopedic floor were caring and attentive.

Merielley Dias

Very caring staff, everyone has a good attitude and always doing their best to help patients and family. From hosekeeping - specially Peaches on 3rd floor, to doctors and nursing managers, (Julie, Kevin, Fallon, Sara, Dani, Catherine, Tasha, among others I can't remember at this time) there are no complaints, they are always trying to accommodate and serve patients and their families with their needs and requests with a big smile. Everyone seem to be happy to be working at this facility. Definitely recommend this hospital.

Larkilita Musick

Worse hospital in the county


This hospital used to be the best in the area. Sadly, my experiences with them over the past year have been significantly under par. I would recommend using a different hospital if you have the option.

Murray Stollman

ER staff treated us with courtesy and respect, supplied care and got us out as or even more quickly than expected. All in all, a good but necessary visit.

Vince Cantarano

Had bcir May of 1991 after having iliostomy since 1976. Quality of life greatly improved. Can't thank wonderful staff enough. Here in hospital for revision of pouch July 2015. Staff from 1991 still remembered me. Maybe this surgery not for everyone, but it worked for me. Could not be happier. God bless staff. V

Joe Reck

If you expect to see a doctor upon visiting at the emergency room don't even dream of it the best you'll see is maybe a one-year intern who knows nothing and you will leave with I . That is no more information than you could have googled online. Now what would I recommend is the best hospital in St Petersburg ? NONE !!!! ANY DOCTOR WHO DOES HIS MAIN PRACTICE AS A HOSPITAL ON CALL DOCTOR SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING HE'S A FAILURE. The last five years out of three hospitals I went to in St Petersburg area I was only seen by one doctor the rest where interns or wewe serving their 2-year residency. Also there was never any doctor on call in the hospital. so if you want to be treated by the best I suggest you go to your local golf course and meet a doctor on The fairway. Post

Jaime Hebron


Matt LaMotte

Spoke with operator and asked about Billing. She mentioned that it is not handled on-site and I asked to be transferred to them (which they had just done without any fuss 10 minutes before) and she did so after letting out a huge sigh and no good bye or have a nice day. Just thought you should know that when you work in a Hospital, there's already enough bad S*** happening and bad stuff patients are going through and to have to have an attitude when someone is calling about the billing they probably are having trouble paying, it's best to be in good spirits and have manners. If you don't like your job, go work somewhere else. If you're unhappy, leave it at home or talk to someone at work. Don't take it out on your patients calling back after having stayed there and spent thousands of dollars.

carol parrott

I have always had good care from the staff. Hospital always clean when I had to be a patient and everyone from the various departments always cordial, introduce themselves and check on you for needs.

lori jenkins

I would give them a negative if the site would have let me!! Just got off the phone with the collection agency again...told them the same thing I do every time!! My stay was HORRIBLE!! the only nice in all of it was my nite nurse she was sweet as can be, very helpful, brought me a little bath kit after the 3rd day your really feeling ugghh!! And she tried to make me feel better I couldn't sleep at night the only sleep I was getting was the occasional 1/2 nap or so right after hitting the pain med drip. Because I had ROACHES in my room!! Yes I did and I am extremely big aphobic...I hate bugs so I could not sleep.. I called the nurse she took her time getting to me as when she did 2 of them came and she said I didn't understand you you have what in you room and I told her and they just laughed.... they LAUGHED really it's funny, I'm suppose to be in a sterile atmosphere right??? She saw a couple run she said what do you want us to do?? Um.... how many years of school did you go through??? Get rid of them, move me that's 2 suggestions!!! I was sooo post it took 6 hours for someone from maintenance to show up!!! After I left I wrote to corporate and guess what... NEVER HEARD A WORD BACK!! I'm surprised but then I'm not... I'm very irritated.. you know I wrote them that I never got a breakdown of charges billed to the insurance co and myself the first bill I got from them was one for collections... that pissed me stay was horrible, I think I felt worse when I left than when I went in for my surgery and that's saying a lot!! I seriously thought About suing their asses but I've just never been that type of person but then I'm always the one that gets taken advantage of because of it.. one of these days I'm gonna get tired of it and say enough is enough and someone is gonna be surprised!! If you have a choice of another hospital even if it's 20 miles further out and it's not an emergency go there!!! You won't be disappointed!! Take care...god bless!!

Capt. Mark Gore

Hernia Surgery on 8/7/17 From the moment I checked in First class service! The Surgical team preop Nurse RN Savannah and Postop Nurse RN Jackie and the entire surgical team treated me like family. I am so glad my Dr. Tiffany Jesse with Tampa Bay Surgical Group chose this Hospital for my Surgery!

Patrick Shropshire

This is a FOR PROFIT HCA HOSPITAL. The first and only goal of the hospital is to MAKE MONEY. The facility is horrible. They painted the walls and floor but it’s infastructure is still horrible. The long desolate halls are the worst. Nothing is convenient about the place from parking to finding a patient room. The staff is hit or miss. There are some great people there, but most just clock in for a pay check. Administration at HCA hospitals is terrible- they’re career minded individuals who work as cogs in the big corporate wheel. The majority of the physicians at Palms have either been forced to practice there because they have lost privileges to practice elsewhere, or they hate the place. I would avoid Palms for general healthcare, severe emergency services, and elective surgery. There are better places to go within a reasonable distance- Bayfront, St. Anthony’s, Morton Plant etc. NOTE: I have heard okay things about there imaging and mri services.

Linda Griffin

I would go anywhere to see dr Levine. Best pain doctor that I have had without drugs. His injections on my back and hip have been very successful. His staff from start to finish is utterly the most professional. They are caring about you personally. Don’t hesitate to go see dr Levine. How do you spell relief LEVINE.

Deborah James

The staff were extremely friendly and obviously good at what they do.

Andrea Gearhart

Everyone in the imaging department were very friendly and professional. Attention to patient comfort was excellent. Thank you



Victoria Bernardo

Walk up to ER with broken arm and no one there. Took forever to be seen. When finally brought back no urgency for issue.

Sandra Landry

Everyone was polite and efficient starting from your liaison and finishing with radiology department. Was disappointing that radiology did not follow up with ordering physician.

Christina Bernsdorff

I've had excellent care for the last 5 years whenever I've been there.

noushad keloth

horrible experience. This hospital see dollars firsts not patients my ct scan was over $10 k plus hidden costs when we questioned the bills they said too bad you signed papers for additional costs! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Keelee Hurley

Unfortunately due to poor treatment by my primary Dr. Karen Monroe and her staff I will not be returning here. I was very pleased initially when coming here 3 years ago and my continued care but the doctor that they have hired has poor bedside manner or care of her patients, which then causes her staff to be just as rude and oblivious to proper patient care, and at the end of the day just nice. I feel like my voice isn’t going to be heard by this organization because this day and age it’s about profit and not treating people like people. But I had to voice my opinion so at least one person avoids this doctor.

Steve Lucas

From check in, thru prep, the operation and recovery I couldn't be more pleased with the staff. Everyone was friendly, accommodating and professional. I highly recommend this hospital.

Dale Haagenstad

Been to most the major hospitals in the area at one time. Had to come to Palms ER recently. It turned out to be the best experience of any of them. At one time St Anthony's was this good (but not anymore) and Bayfront is OK but usually so busy sometimes long long waits..And gets put on long down because it's full. Everything at Palms of Pasadena Hospital 50 times better than the other mentioned hospitals that have turned into 2nd rate hospitals in recent years . Doctors should not be in such a hurry to get out of a patient's room, ( but sadly that is everwhere). Had one of the best nurse's I can remember at Palms, (Serafina) is a real keeper..Congrats for finding her. The "Doctor I had that was not a hospital employee owned her own practice, so no complaints she was a good doctor. Most doctors in the area work shifts at the hospitals and do the same. Good Job Palms of Pasadena Hospital ... Efficient ,Clean, and great care and food. Now just make it mandatory Doctors spend at least 15 minutes with their patient's... You'll be perfect.... .

Shari Wolson

THEY DISPENSE NARCOTICS UNNESECCARILY!! THEY TREAT PEOPLE RUDELY AND NEGLIGENTLY!!! Went to the ER for a shot to relax a muscle spasm in my back. They refused to call Largo Medical Center (in their HCA group) to get my records. Instead gave me Narco and two 5mg Valium which did nothing. Didn't even knock me out. When I asked for a Patient Advocate and the Medical Director I was discharged with two narcotics and a muscle relaxer. All unnecessary. Then escorted out of the ER by a burly nurse and security. Telling me I was discharged and I was not going to see the other people I requested. I then called them idiots. Because they were. One shot vs all these narcotics. I still have the prescriptions. I didn't go there for narcotics, I went for a shot.

Patricia Solecki

While the staff, nurses and professionals in the MRI and Imaging departments are very friendly, pleasant and efficient, I could not have been more disappointed in the written results of a recent neck MRI taken on 8/6/2019. The write up diagnosis was literally four sentences long, and in reviewing same with my own doctor, we were both shocked at how little the MRI results stated. It noted "degenerative bone loss" in a variety of areas and "stable soft tissue mass" but did not identify the LOCATIONS of these conditions, nor did they identify the type of bone loss in question or its severity if any. The MRI was, according to the Palms written report, basically useless. I am going to request that another radiologist read these test results because frankly, this is why Palms of Pasadena has the "bad" reputation that it does among residents and physicians: sloppy, inefficient work on the part of the physicians themselves. Needless to say, reviewing the test results was extremely upsetting and disappointing.

Geoffrey Aleman

This is the absolute worst hospital ever. Anyone needing to go to a hospital go somewhere else. The people at this hospital could care less.

David Lisk

The staff from room cleaners to nurses are superior in my opinion and I have had many admissions as a patient

Renee Keller

Even though everyone was exhausted from Hurricane Irma my sister received warm and friendly care (apart from one person) from the woman who registered her to the pre-op staff to the surgical staff to the nurses and doctors and aides on her floor to those who cleaned the rooms! A particular shout-out to the nurse assisting Dr. Alexander in surgery (Jen?), the rehab folks Christie and Pete, the charge nurse Fallon and my sister's nurse for much of her time...Andrea. Cannot say enough good things about Andrea!! Thanks Everyone.

Vlad Birman

Fully satisfied my stay at Palms of Pasadena hospital. ER, Dr. Garcia, nurses, house keeping and other staff were pleasant, professional and very helpful. I recommend this hospital.

Sean Stephenson

I would give zero stars if possible. Have a bacterial infection in my feet. I told them what MEDS I currently take. Idiot then brings an nsaid which Can't ever be taken together. A Dr. That doesn't know what MEDS CANNOT be combined should 1. Go back to school or2 BE FIRED pool


GREAT! Refused at St. Pete General after sitting there for four hours they decided to tell me after they said they would take me, that they wouldn't take anyone outside of Pinellas County. They don't wear name tags, they are afraid... Stating safety issues. More like if they are that afraid to work at a hospital then shut it down!! Instead of lying and then wasting ones time like they did mine (4hrs), taking four hours of my life sitting and waiting on utter disrespect and no class from the unintelligent, rude unattentive nurses that work there. Pasadena on the other hand was very courteous and friendly from the start. They didn't lie, they said they would take me and they did. Fast also, as we all had a good laugh on the incompetence of St. Pete Gen. They too found it incomprehensible what they put me through. Any of you that come from out of state and need a legit hospital, this is the place to go. From registering, to labs and health they are very knowledgeable, extremely caring, courteous, respectful something that St. Pete General could learn from. Especially since they don't know how to take lab orders from doctors not in their system (lmao yes you heard me right--- makes you feel uneasy about going there. Learn from my experience on that hospital and their sister hospital St. Pete North, stay as far as possible from). This is the place to go. Quickly done also. Palms of Pasadena Hospital ..awesome experience and where I'll be going from here on out! All of you people looking for a place to go, be it that your from out io town or just want caring and knowledgeable individuals taking care of you, then this is it!! Saw where someone made a comment about the parking, parking was right to the side of it possibly 500 ft away so don't know where the problem lied. I mean how much closer do you need it. Don't know about the flower shop but it could be for health issues as allot of people have allergies. You want flowers stop on your way there... Simple enough. It's a hospital not a flower shop, hospitals are supposed to be sanitary so don't judge over the florist issue. Keeps them sanitary not bringing in flowers that could carry in lots of germs, bad enough dealing with all of the different perfume women wear or does it wear them lol. All in all a great experience!!

Mike Todd

Palms of Pasadena can you tell your community why the State find too many issues and Violations by having Dr. Rehnke practice in your hospital since 2015?? Your community need to know why your hospital killed People who was very healthy and have family and kids. Palms of Pasadena need to answer this and fix the issues. You people do your research first and check out the news before even go to this hospital. Justice is coming soon for the kids and family who lost their Mom.

Angiedy Rivera

I have recently came in for an a tonsillectomy and I have to say I was treated so kindly by the medical staff. They really understood how nerve wrecking operations can be so they took their time to make sure I was cared for and as comfortable as I can be. The staff was super friendly and very willing to go the extra mile for each patient. Not only did I see how well I was being treated, I also seen the same genuine treatment being given to the other patients. To be specific, I had Nurse Jackie assist me with all of my needs. I had to stay in the recovery room longer than I expected and she made sure she did not leave until I felt well enough to get up on my own and leave the facility. She was super communicative and you can tell she really loves her job. I also have to point out Nurse Assistant Eddie. He has a strong and happy personality. Eddie looks fowards to dealing with different situations at work. He does his job with care and determination. He made my stay so much easier by assisting me with getting on the med beds carefully and supplying me and my partner with warm blankets. Not only does he look out for the patients but he also looked out for the people I came in with. Overall, this hospital is filled with an Amazing staff. I would highly recommend coming to Palms Of Pasedena Hospital.

Lynn Geiser

Don't go here if you can at all wait to go to a clinic, I had been putting off a back ache from work. Finally after not being able to get in with a clinic or my own doctor soon enough I went here after work. Yes it was quick but only being there an hour and 15 minutes they billed me $5,000 for a backache. I have the top of the line insurance from work $75 a week for a single female and I still owe $1,600 they gave me two shots of medicine that weren't that strong did knock me out and charged $500 a shot really what a scam

Michael Crist

Care in er was excellent however the next day a follow up call for a doctor appointment was made on my behalf and I still haven’t herd back from them , now five days

Dennis O'Connor

This was our second experience with Palms and the entire crew from operating room to discharge was the best. Especially the staff on the third floor. We appreciate them very much and thank them all!

Tuttle Marathon

I’m not telling you what to do or don’t go to this hospital. Just PLEASE do your research before you go. This hospital and doctor Ernest Rehnke. Had the most worst malpractice cases in the State of Florida. Please don’t be a victim do your research first

Tuttle BP

Beware of this hospital! Please do your research before you go to this hospital. Save yourself and family. Please do your research first

Cary Boufford

A family member came to visit from Chicago and fell gravely ill during the visit, a day or 2 from death of a blood infection. A second family member was checked into Mies countryside into ICU. It's interesting to compare care between the 2 hospitals. The level of care provided by palms of Pasadena was top notch, especially the nursing staff and as we all know, the nurses are the people who really are responsible for your recovery. I want to say thanks to palms of Pasadena for the excellent care given to my family. My family member is recovering nicely.

Henry Pisano

Extra care and concern for each individual. Highly recommended.


My experience here was very good . Friendly and accomodating .


Er was great fast treatment. Got in right away. Took care of me well. The only issue I had is with Dennis he was pretty rude to me. Making me uncomfortable so much I didn’t even want to talk to him. Everyone else was great.

Drew Fet

Near death experience due to lack of medical assistance. Gall stones nearly turned into pancreatitis. No doctors available for more than 17 hrs. Worst medical experience I've ever had. Stupidest medical assignment system will leave your loved ones suffering for over extended periods of time. Definite shortage of doctors here. They only seem to show up after 6pm, then chit chat and socialize while people are dying. The doctor you get is exhausted and working his second shift and I have to be patient and understanding. You've got to be kidding me!!!

Daniel Potthast

ER is very suspicious of drugs and drug use based on your demographic (its called profiling...). Some of the staff were quite nice, I felt I could have received better service if the doctor would have just listened to me rather than hearing what he wanted to hear.

Alona Nicole Alancio

John and Ash from the ER are the most amazing & memorable individuals of all hospital care staff one could ever encounter in a lifetime. Being that cancer and heart failure try to consume me, I’ve been presented with many, many hospital care members on the East & South Coast ... NOTHING gave me the healing joy in my soul, as these two individuals have. I shall forever share my gratitude for their superior care. Should you find yourself in an unfortunate situation, having to come to this ER, I assure you that you will receive the highest quality of healthcare, if this duo is on shift.


Admissions Staff was the worst. Nursing Staff was the best. When I get there i wait 25 minutes before I get to sit down with someone named Tracy with Admissions. Right from the start she was rude and terse with me because for whatever reason I never got any of her phone calls even though the nursing side of admissions had no problems with my phone number. She acted like it was my fault and I was wasting her time. She asks me if I have insurance, I tell her no, but every time I come here I always pay my bills as soon as I get them because of the discount if you pay it in a week and my records should show I have done so. She then wants all of the money for the procedure up front since I am self pay. I tell her I have never had to do this before, and she just replies with "Well the hospital has new owners now. This is policy" I ask her for a schedule of fees. She refuses to give me one. I ask her for an itemized list of what I am paying for. She refuses to give me one. She kept repeating the same thing: "You are paying for the Self-Pay Package, and It needs to be paid for up front in full" I ask questions like: What if my procedure takes longer? Will I be billed more later? Does this include complications? What all does this package include? What are the contents of this Package? and every time she word for word just repeats: "You are paying for the Self-Pay Package, and It needs to be paid for up front in full" Seeing that this is going no where, and I need this procedure done, I hand her my card and she then hands me a tablet and asks me to sign. I ask her is this for the payment? She then just says no initial in these three boxes please and there will be more on the next page. I look at the tablet and it says Page 15/17. I ask what am I signing for. She said its just the privacy policy. The only lines I can read on that page seem to confirm it did include privacy information, but also says that I accept that it was explained to me in full and then further signatures indicate that I was explained my financial options. Just wanting to be done with this impatient rude robot of a woman, I initial in the half dozen places she runs my card and I get my receipt. It says on it "Final Bill Pending". At this point I ask here what is this, and when do I get a final bill? Will there be additional charges? Did I just pay a Deposit or a Bill? She then only says "Oh its just a formality. Have a nice day, you can go now" And that's where that experience ended. With a ton of unanswered questions. This was literally the worst experience I have ever had. I have never handed away so much money for so little service. At least a car salesman would smile and shake my hand at the end, this woman wanted nothing to do with humanity as a whole and made it very obvious she hated her job.

Jessica A

Nurses were terrible and management didn’t care. The night shift was even worse, no wonder this place has been on the news so many times. There’s literally 4 other hospitals around this one, ask the ambulance to take you somewhere else

Gi Gi

Mother In Law was sick on vacation & they were fantastic. Quick ER service , professional and extremely thorough. Thank you for the excellent care.

Mike Parker

Palms of Padadena is a great little Hospital with friendly staff and excellent Surgeons , My Mom fell and broke her arm at the Assisted living facility and she had Dr Panello which did an excellent job , I would highly recommend Palms of Padadena

Jacqueline Brown

Your nurses were all so friendly, caring and competent...I felt as though my concerns were their concerns..Thank you!

Vincent Frantz

I don't get the negative reviews. I was admitted thru the ER, and while THAT part had some room for improvement, the rest of my stay was totally positive. Vivi, Tara, AJ, Emma and Lori were just AWESOME! Very professional, compassionate, and showed pride in what they do. The doctors were awesome as well, taking time to answer any questions I had about the procedure I needed, fully explaining everything. My stay here will be brief, but again, I fully recommend this hospital. A huge thank you to all of you for taking care of me.

Alice Vining

The Nursing Staff is very compassionate and the Doctors are amazing and are truly the patients advocate.

Nicole Cook

The emergency room staff was wonderful & excellent at what they do. I did not have a long way & they treated me right away. They care about your health & want the best care for you. Would highly recommend this hospital to anyone.

Amelia Casillo

Very efficiently run ER. Staff very nice and caring

Kellie Barnes

My daughter had jaw surgery this past week. She had researched the hospital and saw it received less than desirable ratings, but this is where her doctor scheduled her surgery. From the front desk, to pre-op, recovery and the ICU, we have not one negative word to speak. Every single person we encountered was courteous , professional, compassionate. Even the attendant in the cafeteria was as cheerful and patient as could be (I showed up just minutes before closing time). We had the most interaction with the ICU and my daughter's nurses, Cris and Carol, were the epitome of what a nurse should be. I cannot thank them enough for their attention to detail, their professionalism and mostly, their compassion. Kellie Barnes

Doc John

Facility was filled with necessary rehab equipment. The staff members were very knowledgeable and cordial. I felt very comfortable with them.


I was here as a visitor, not a patient, visiting a friend's daughter. The parking valet, receptionist, nurse and staff member in the elevator were all very pleasant, professional and helpful in finding my way to her room. Judging from the signs, pictures and things on the walls as I made my way to her room, this hospital seems to specialize in Gastro-intestinal procedures. That is what the daughter is there for. She has been through the ordeal of having her colon removed, and has been very well cared for by the nursing staff. The hospital is small, the decor might be a bit dated, but it seemed like a quiet, calm place to recuperate from a life changing illness.

JoAnn Smith

Physical Therapy With Helen Puckey is always exceptional!!!!

Bella Bee

Very caring staff and superior service. I was skeptical after other local hospital visits but here everything was first class and they did not fail me like the rest. I was treated and cared for very carefully. I appreciate their hard work and dedication. Even after being discharged the nurses have called daily to follow up after my surgery and make sure im doing ok. More than any place ive ever been to before. Thank you and please continue the great work you all do.

Lisa Hughes

I just had surgery at Palms of Pasadena and was thrilled with the service I received. I loved the fact that it was a smaller hospital. The care I received was phenomenal. I could not have received better. I just wish I lived closer, this would be my new hospital of choice!

Clayton Potts

Excellent staff and doctors. Great service in emergency

John Duddy

Terrible. I went in with severe constipation. They gave me something that did not work. I explained it was not working. They discharged. I went home and treated myself with success thank goodness. Horrible hospital.

Sandy Wilson

I had X-rays. I always get a disc for the doctor. From start to finish it is a pretty seamless process.

Stanley Robles

Rude. One of the nurses was mocking my wife for being chronologically ill in the ER. Be very weary of coming to this for emergency treatment. We have decided to be baycare only now.

Sharon Rothert

Came in for a biopsy and unfortunately my lung collapsed. I found that everyone was completely professional and came to take care of me very fast. From the head of one day surgery to the doctors who treated me and care I got when I got when I was in the ic unit.

Bassem Girgis

Human lives is Matter. Your hospital has Doctor Ernest Rehnke which is number one in the State of Florida with malpractice cases and he just killed someone last month. Which mean your hospital helped him with the malpractice cases and he is keep practicing in your hospital. Justice is coming soon. Justice for Nisrin

Joe Cappello

Excellent care from a professional, friendly and very supportive team.


Very pleased, I was a walk-in needing an x-ray of my foot, the people were very friendly. I only had about a ten minute wait.

Perry Murphree

Service and attention was excellent. Very efficient.

Karen Martinotti

I went for an annual mammogram a year ago. They billed my Insurer for 2 mammograms. Although my insurer paid for 1 mammogram, Palms of Pasadena has sent me to collections for the 2nd billing. Despite repeated audit requests and phone calls to their billing department, they still have not corrected their error nor called off the collectors. I'm done with Palms of Pasadena Hospital. As a corporate accounting officer, I find their accounting and billing practices appalling. Is there no other recourse for patients who fall victim to this pathetic performance. This is my 2nd such experience in 16 years. It seems that no other business operates with such a lack of accountability than Hospitals.

Ginger Goepper

Getting labwork done at Palms of Pasadena was smooth and easy. The ambiance is relaxing, and staff professional. I liked the little chapel near the waiting area, and the restroom was super clean.

Alice Copeland

Everyone at Palms of Pasadena Hospital are very friendly, helpful and professional. I

Fred Ward

My appointments with Emily Farris for PT were outstanding, she has a great knowledge of my vertigo and was able to correct it. I would recommend her very highly. Thanks Emily

Joseph Hnatko

Wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone..... talking badly about some of the patients, doctors saw me for 2 mins didn’t do anything to help me now there trying to charge me so disgusted I had to leave

Maranda Lefevre

I'd give this place negative stars if I could. My mother is currently at the hospital and has been for two weeks. The care has been HORRIBLE, she has an immune disorder and has been laying in her own secretions for up to 3 hours at a time daily after repeatedly telling the nurses she needs to be cleaned, with an OPEN wound, no doctors have seen her at all in the past week, she was supposed to be discharged a week ago yet nobody can seem to get together and work it out to let her leave, instead they would rather walk the halls and gossip with each other. She asks for medication and never gets it, even after several attempts of my family and I not only going to the nurses station but also calling again and again and again. She has previously stayed at this hospital and gotten numerous infections including MRSA due to poor hygienic care from the nurses and no real medical attention. Nobody cares about the patients here and have been not only rude but incompetent for the entire duration of this stay. You would find better care at a morgue.Save yourself and your family and DO NOT GO HERE!!

Kathy Krol

Everything went smoothly. No problems, no hiccups. Just waiting for the co-pay I paid for a procedure I didn't need to be refunded to me.

Liz Page

Brought in by EMT was seen right away. Everyone extremely nice and great communication. Also very clean which to me is a plus!

Nancy John

Most of the reviews is a fake because the real people know the truth about this hospital and how this hospital killing people by having number one malpractice doctor practicing in there. I have lost my beautiful wife because of that. Please people do your research first and check the local news to know the truth about this hospital. You can make a difference and save your life and other people lives. Human lives is not for trade for business or money. This hospital don’t care about your life all they care about is how to make money even if people losing their lives. Please check the state website and the local ABC news first and you decide.

Wassem Ayad

Please do your research and look up ABC action news. This hospital has put the patience in risk by having the worst doctors in the State. Please save your life and do your research first.

Bille John

Most of the reviews is a fake because the real people know the truth about this hospital and how this hospital killing people by having number one malpractice doctor practicing in there. I have lost my beautiful wife because of that. Please people do your research first and check the local news to know the truth about this hospital. You can make a difference and save your life and other people lives. Human lives is not for trade for business or money. This hospital don’t care about your life all they care about is how to make money even if people losing their lives. Please check the state website and the local ABC news first and you decide.

Jessica unicorn

do your search and check ABC action news please save your life

Tiffany Reilly

Had a temperature of 103.3, been sick for days, couldn’t wait on Doctor appointment. Staff was great, big thanks to Ben, intake lady who did the paperwork and lovely lady who had blonde hair, black glasses and her name started with an “M” it was a beautiful and unique name. I didn’t feel like just a number (bed13) but a person in need of their help and expertise. I left knowing what was wrong with me and feeling better. Thank you

Renee Lazenby


Damian Swope

Deserve negative stars. They took an x-ray of my mother's arm and determined that it was dislocated. They then attempted to put it back in place. Get the x-rays again and the arm was not reset. They put her under and try again. Now x-rays show her arm is broken and a fracture of the neck and they basically scared her into leaving. We have all medical records to confirm treatment. Had to litterly freak out just to get them to give her medication and food. Was there for 8 hours and denied food even though the doctor approved of her eating. Had about 5 nurses asking her about her medications yet not one of them did a thing to order the meds. The doctor on call was to order them as well and again nothing. Just hours and hours of excuses until I went off. Left her laying there in pain when asked for pain medication. When they finally get her into her bed the rigging above her collapsed on to her. She has mental health issues and was not understanding the information the hospital gave her and made her sign forms saying she understood. If it was not for me I am not sure they would have done anything at all to help her. Worst experience. Attorney has been notified.

William Bally

Prompt and professional care of my urgent medical problem.

Alan Kilinski

An excellent experience from the time I walked in until the time I left.

Kristin Williams

Billing department is quick to send you to collections, even though you are making payments. I tried calling to see what the reasoning was that I was sent to collections, it was due to me not setting up a payment plan. If someone would have just called to let me know that this needed to be done, things could have gotten taken care of. When you call the billing department, they just blind transfer you to the collections phone number without any explanation. So even though I have been paying on their online portal, that means nothing, because I now still owe the collections company. I tried asking Palms of Pasadena to remove me from collections, and set up their "payment plan", that I was not advised that I needed to set up, they refused and said that Palms of Pasadena was no longer responsible for this account since it was sent to collections. It's all about money these days. Way to go Palms. It's not like the bill wasn't getting paid. I'm sorry that I don't have thousands of dollars to pay off my bill. What a disgrace.

Donald Kuhn

Fantastic!!! Best hospital care I have ever received in my eighty plus years. Intensive care personnel excellent and very attentive. Food very good also. I want to get their recipe for their tomato based veggie soup.

yaser moe

Please do your research and look up ABC action news. This hospital has put the patience in risk by having the worst doctors in the State. Please save your life and do your research first.

Dan Keller


Sandra Kuznet

Everyone I dealt with for my procedure was absolutely amazing!! The surgical staff made me feel relaxed and at ease and everything was explained to me in detail. The staff was polite, funny, sympathetic and all around awesome!!!

F1KISSfan F1

First class ER. Professional and focused.

Susan Cook

The hospital had excellent caring nurses, doctors & staff. I was taken care of with the highest expectations. John bell was my nurse an he was the most caring & informative. He took very good care of me an made sure I had everything before I left the emergency room. Malinda from registration we very nice & treated me with the utmost respect. I been to other hospitals where the registrar’s were not nice or friendly at all. Malinda went the exceptional Service! The palms of Pasadena ER was the best ER I have been to in a while. I highly recommend them to anyone of my friends and family!!

Jim Harper

All visits very good so far.


Always a good experience. Very clean and well managed. Dr. Levine and his team are great. Five Star all the way.


I am from out of state and had an accident. I dislocated my shoulder. From the time I walked into Palms of Pasadena to the time I left, I was treated very well by Dr Mark Casanta and staff. I was in and out within two hours. I hope to never have to use them again but if any other accidents happen on vacation this is where I will go.

Donald Bremner

Palms of Pasedena Hospital Is The Right Choice for locals, tourists and Canadians all are Welcome, the ER Dr Donald French the Emergency Room doctor was just wonderful, he is very kind and professional, my wife suffered a serious allergic reaction. In our 35 years of extensive travel and living locally in St Pete Beach as snowbirds we have never had any serious health issues while out of country that required hospital care. I can now highly recommend this local hospital, the entire staff were very courteous polite and very good. The medical insurance coverage paperwork was processed and PofP hospital dealt directly with our Canadian out of country medical insurance provider/company. We have Universal Healthcare in Canada just show your healthcare. So dealing the first time in USA hospital healthcare system was frightening however thank you to all the Palms of Pasedena Hospital staff and especially Dr French, and nurses of the ER-Emergency Room:; Thanks from Don Bremner the former President/CEO Emeritus retired of Abcott Construction Ltd, Restoration Environmental and Markham Waxers Junior A Hockey Club.

Bob Lauster

I would rate 0 if possible. This is an HCA hospital which means for profit. They refused to treat my mother and told me to contact hospice as there was no hope. Also informed me all of her tests were normal. I went for a second opinion at TGH and they found through labs her blood gas were low and kept her for 4 days. Stay far away from palms of Pasadena.

Ellie Guarriello

I was looking forward to going to Palms of Pasadena because of recommendations from friends on how they have changed and evolved over the years. The majority of the staff was wonderful, but some not so much. They kind of forgot to give meds on time and when told I would need juice to take one particular (Miralax) never returned with it. I was told of a blood clot in my leg just as I was about to leave and then waited to see if I was indeed being sent home. No indications or instructions on follow up other than the notes I was given that told me to see my primary doctor in one week. Turns out my primary was told this appt. was for a follow up to my surgery and they were not prepared to do this follow up on the blood clot due to lack of instruments necessary to do so. They also never received paperwork from the hospital regarding this. Why didn't my primary doctor be given all the test results that showed a blood clot. He knew nothing of it. I was also given a "regular" diet even though I am a diabetic controlled by diet. When my sugar was high they wanted to give me insulin. I refused. Late, they said they gave me a lower carb diet which included 2 pancakes, a roll, cream of wheat and I think potatoes. Really?

Linda Ellis

The rounds doctor refused to meet with me to discuss my husband's health care. He never returned my phone calls or his pager prompts. None of the healthcare team would meet with me to discuss a treatment plan and a discharge plan for my husband after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Upon his discharge, there were no recommendations given other than multiple referral's at different doctors offices. He died 7 weeks later.

Mike Ayad

Human lives is Matter. Your hospital has Doctor Ernest Rehnke which is number one in the State of Florida with malpractice cases and he just killed someone last month. Which mean your hospital helped him with the malpractice cases and he is keep practicing in your hospital. Justice is coming soon. Justice for Nisrin

Linda Hoehn

Nurses were great. They made my stay a great experience. They were with me all the way. Would recommend this hospital.

Anne Carter

Great therapy department - Heidi is the best!

Susan Donohue

Terrible experience. Misdiagnosis. Overbilled by 200%. Customer service in trying to right the wrongs has been non-existent. Would not go back even if dying.

Wayne Mitchell

All Good

Connie Van Elsen

Here for a knee replacement. I have the utmost confidence and faith in my orthopedic surgeon. The pre-op was mostly organized. When a blood draw was needed, the nurse was unable to find my vein on my left arm even after trying numerous times (I have NEVER had anyone fail to find my huge veins for a blood draw in 74 years).That has left a very noticeable dark bruise on my arm. Then anesthesiologist's assistant informed me that I must have a spinal to have this surgery at this hospital. This was counter to the expected method. Nonetheless, the spinal was given. Following the successful surgery, I was taken to the recovery room where I was supposed to remain for 60 - 90 minutes. However, I remained in the recovery room for over 3 hours - actually closer to 3 1/2 hours, while the staff attempted to locate a room/bed in the surgical wing. As I began to recover feeling in my lower extremities as the spinal wore off, I discovered that I had to pee badly. I was finally taken upstairs and placed in the hallway as the staff frantically searched for a bed/room. None was located and finally was taken out of the hall into an unused ICU room where I had a catheter inserted and was able to provide 650 ml of urine. What a relief. Then it was back into the hallway as the search for a room continued. Once in my room, I was in SEVERE pain from the operation and was continually requesting pain medication. The nurse stated that he would give me a pill and I requested an IV pain medication to deliver the relief faster. He refused and gave me the pill. A physical therapist arrived shortly after this episode and determined that I would be unable to do therapy per the doctor's protocol due to : 1) Being in severe pain. 2) Having received a spinal. 3) It was time for her to go home. The day nurse now left and was replaced by the night nurse whose name is Hope. She was very good and took very good care of me. I once again had to battle the pill versus IV issue which I lost and remained in significant pain throughout the day. Physical therapy was given but was extremely less than the protocol deemed appropriate by my surgeon. I had an issue with the nursing staff whenever I requested anything via the call button. They would come and see what was needed and then disappear for what seemed like ages before returning with the requested item. I should have been discharged from the wing no later than the afternoon of the day after the surgery. The only reason that I was to stay the first night was due to my using a CPAP machine and my pulmonologist did not desire me to spend the night of surgery at home without monitoring. There was one incident that HIGHLY perturbed me - at around 10:30 p.m. I was awakened from a sound sleep (which was rare to have) by a female staff member who stated that she was with Medicare and she needed me to sign/initial several forms that she had high-lighted for me. I informed her that I did not have my glasses and I was mostly groggy from sleep and I had no intention of signing/initialing anything at that hour. I requested that she return in the morning or have another representative perform that duty. I never saw her or anyone else concerning this matter again. The following morning, I requested to be gotten out of bed since I had been in the bed for about 2 days. It seems that nobody was interested in getting me up. I was finally taken to the chair to stretch. My surgeon arrived shortly thereafter, and I strongly urged him to discharge me from the hospital. I had not satisfied his criteria for discharge, but I believe that he could sense my discomfort and dissatisfaction and knew that my husband would assist in my therapy and care. He agreed to discharge me. I did have a therapist arrive shortly after that and she had me walk some and go up one step and back down on a device brought to the room. I was then discharged to my husband's care and was transported out the main door to our waiting vehicle. My recovery since has been so much better.

Danica Oliphant

We were on family vacation and my son developed a serious bacterial infection that required surgery. I was worried, being 1200 miles from hospitals we knew and trusted. All of our worries vanished the minute we went to Palms of Pasidina. The entire staff from ER to floor room to surgery were amazing. Knowledge and sincerity were abundant and I never encountered a single person who didn't make us feel at ease. I am truly grateful for this hospital and other hospital administration around the country could certainly use Palms of Pasidina as a role model!

erin murphy

The worst hospital experience I have ever had. Do not prolong your agony by going here. It should not be classified as a hospital at all.

Gwen Swinburne

I fell and dislocated my shoulder, Friday night. I was taken by ambulance to Palms ER because I could not move. They had to lift me off my balcony in a huge sling. On a scale of 1-10 the pain level was 100+. The care I recvd at Palms was wonderful and couple hrs later I walked out in my straight jacket (LOL) almost pain free. Shoulder all back in place. Except for a few days not moving that arm, I will be okay. Thanks to all who took care of me. Sorry I was noisy, but the pain was worse than any I have ever felt in 76 yrs.

Samantha Girgis

this hospital killed my mom, me and my sisters can’t see our mom anymore because this hospital has Doctor Ernest Rehnke MD practicing without reviews since 2015. this doctor is one of the most doctors in the State of Florida with malpractices cases and he still practicing because the hospital gave him a chance to kill and hurt people. we miss our mom. please do your research and look up ABC action news and see the report they had about that hospital to know how is this hospital put people at risk and took our mom away from us.

Be Smart

Love♡♡♡ my stay at Palms of Pasadena hospital. #amazing staff. All the doctors, nurses, house keeping, food service and other staff were so wonderful! My heart is back in working order. Being a longtime heart patient I have been treated at almost all hospital in the St.Pete. and Brandon area. For me this visit was the best. Very fast treatment, no wait time, continuous observation. Prompt service. Thanks to everyone! Thank you Nurse Valerie!!

Mark J

Do not use this ER center. They hire physicians who come in to only write a prescription. This hospital accepts BCBS, yet the physicians they hire are 'out of network' and will send you bills from their "office up north". I ended up paying my $250 co-pay, then he sends me a bill for $208. Next time, I will drive an extra few miles to St.Anthony's.

Stella Herrick

Neither the Hospital front desk nor the ER Triage clerk, were very knowledgeable of hospital protocols and policies. Luckily as a last ditch effort I convinced the ER clerk to check with Radiology and confirm that I was/wasn't supposed to be there. Once they confirmed I was supposed to be there, I had already wasted more than a 1/2 hour, time which the Radiology staff could have used to finish earlier. Everyone I encountered was very cordial.

Charles DePrisco

Amazing care & support! Above & beyond! The Nurses and Aides assigned to my room we're top notch! Mrs. Linda, Ms. Chanel, Ms. Caitlyn, Ms. Venus, Octavia, Marie, all are top notch professional's when it comes to care & bedside manner! The Dr's associated with Palms are phenomenal! Very caring & understanding! I was at ease being able to speak with them one on one, and understand everything that was going on. Recommend this ER & Hospital, time & time again! Thank you!!

Luke Bouman

Out of town and on vacation and my wife needed to go to the ER. I was hesitant to go here because of the reviews but it was the closest to our resort. Because of my wife’s chronic pain we have been to numerous Emergency Rooms. I can tell you that this ER was outstanding. The nurses & Doctor were knowledgeable and friendly. They were quick to run tests and got her pain under control. We are both extremely grateful to have come here.

Ray Landes

Very courteous and great standard of care.

Earl Cehrs

If you have pain don't come here

Pamela Mccarthy

the staff and nurses were excellent great hospital

Valerie Dipinto

Today, my sister had her second surgery at Palms of Pasadena. Since we walked in at 5:30am, everyone treated us with respect and kindness. They reassured my family by answering questions thoroughly and with confidence. Her surgery was almost 6 hours long. During that time, staff would come into the waiting room and they offered us blankets and pillows to take a nap while we waited. They were so efficient with updating us throughout the surgery. Once the surgery was over and my sister was in her hospital room, the registered nurses assigned to her room were so amazing and helpful, and even if we had silly questions, they helped us answer them and helped us feel confident in her recovery. I would 110% recommend this hospital to anyone.

Tom Campbell

Staff could not have been more professional, friendly, and disarming. Made a stressful situation much better.

Rebecca Ball

Our experience at this Hospital was Outstanding! We are from out of state and my Husband had an Emergency that required him to be hospitalized briefly. It is nerve racking to be in an unfamiliar place, but the Staff from the ER to the 2nd Floor were very supportive and caring!! One of his nurses named Kathy (agency nurse) was Fabulous!! She clearly loves the work she does. We thank her for making our visit less stressful! Rebecca & Verne

Bill Nelson

very friendly staff

Don Botto

I am a middle aged man and an inpatient at Palms of Pasadena Hospital. I was admitted on Monday by my surgeon, Dr. John Clarke, for the fifth time since January of this year. Two admissions were for hernia repair and the last four surgeries were due to a chronic disease. To summarize, I do not have anything negative to report. Details to follow. anythingin negative to report on any facet of staff

Aloma Kumm

I was on the 2nd floor..BCIR unit.I had outstanding nursing staff taking care of me.From the doctors to the nurses and cleaning staff...OUTSTANDING. Regarding cleanliness on the floor.Rooms were cleaned daily along with clean linen.Regards staff and germ awareness,all staff followed rules regarding germs and were very concerned. Bill the director of nursing on the floor was on a daily basis doing spot checks and making sure that what was needed to be done was completed along with cheering us up.A big thankyou to all who were involved with my recovery.Once again THANKYOU...

Tory Anello

I had to do two surgeries 7 months apart and had them done at Palms...the first one was a life-threatening emergency...the staff was WONDERFUL! I was so full of pain and illness...and the nurses and doctors took the time with my family and me it required (and more) to get me well. At nearly 70yo their patience and accommodations meant EVERYTHING to me. They care❤...REALLY CARE about you. I've been other places much closer to my home when others needed hospitalization and I now know how very.blessed I was to be at Palms!

Steele Elliott

We arrived in the ER to treat a laceration on my son's ankle. He laid there in the bed for over an hour before the wound was even cleaned (which I had to badger the nurse to accomplish). And then, due to some BS story about all cellular networks being down (which they were not) they could not contact an orthopedic surgeon to even look at the wound. Let me say that again. They could not contact an ortho doctor to look at a patient in their ER. They/we decided we had had enough and agreed to be transferred to All Children's Hospital. They provided 1 cleaning of the wound, local anesthetic to the wound, an IV with morphine and antibiotic and they stitched up the wound with the minimum stitches so that he could be moved. They billed insurance $11,400. Imagine if someone else got to that ER on that day with, for example, a heart attack or some other life threatening event. They would not have been able to page them. Just think about that before you decide to go to Palms of Pasedena.


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