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REVIEWS OF Northside Hospital IN Florida

cc pro

great and kind people...excellent service

Kris Sherwood

Better than most hotels I’ve stayed in. Great food, so clean and very attentive and helpful staff. I didn’t even have to ring for them, they checked on my comfort like clockwork.

Stephanie B.

The ER doctors and nurses were quick and efficient in their assessments, lab work, and med dispensing. The Family Waiting área for surgery was comfortable and well staffed by friendly and helpful volunteers. After that, my experience (and my daughters) declined slightly. After admission to the 3rd floor, we felt that the majority of the nurses were less than thrilled to help. Some good ones and a wonderful phlebotomist that was quick and painless (she should teach a class!) but the overall experience was diminished slightly due to the experience on the floor.

Sam Tollefson

Second time here. Have always been treated quickly and respectfully.

michelle benedetto

In July 2017 I was taken by ambulance to Northside Hospital. I had a bottle of tramadol for pain so they assumed that I had overdosed which is ridiculous. I was called a drug attic by hospitalist Dr. Ye. But actually my confusion and inability to answer questions was due to the fact that I was septic, I had two of the hospital superbugs in the lining of my heart and had to have surgery on my heart to remove my pacemaker and defibrillator. During my stay I was tied to the bed which left extensive bruising and continuing pain. I was deprived of water even though there was no order to hold food and liquids. I still wake up thinking about this horrible experience and it's the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. I would not send my worst enemy to this hospital. Send my worst enemy to this hospital. Did I mention that I am a nurse? I know how people are supposed to be treated.I know that I was not treated correctly in this hospital.

Billie Nichols

Where do I begin? Total confusion in the ER. There for over 7 hours. Didn’t ask if patient needed water or restroom break. Doing work on other patients in front of everyone, several HIPPA violations. Blood all over the floor. Mystery medication just sitting in a cup for anyone to get a hold of. When we brought it to the attention of the nurses, they joked about it. Felt more like a bad comedy show. Wrote one thing on the paper, told verbally something COMPLETELY different. Fake patients allowed to be on their speaker phone while in the exam room, loudly. Never saw the doctor or spoke with a doctor. This hospital is a complete disgrace, at least in the ER. SHAMEFUL.

ashley applegate

I came to the ER after having a bad car accident. I was in tremendous pain when I told the nurse she said I’ll be back... once the ambulance left I sat in this room for over 45 nobody came in asked me anything or seemed to even know I was in that room. I got my cat scan and was yet again left with no nurse or anyone around, I feel like the pain I was in was a joke to them. This hospital is a disgrace poorly run and the staff are rude. When the doctor finally came in he said your ok nothing life threatening... what the hell kind of bedside manor is that? I asked was there anything of concern he barely could stand to answer my question the only response I got was just rest followed by you will be hurting more in the morning. I left in tremendous pain and feeling like I was more of an inconvenience to them and not taken care of at all l.

Stephen Wittmaak

Just completed an 11 day stay after emergency surgery for a gangrenous ruptured appendix. There was zero wait time in the ER, the got me in and prepped for surgery immediately, which saved my life. I havent been to the hospital since I was 5, but at 40 I can say that the nurses, doctors and staff were incredibly helpful and worked their best to make sure I was comfortable and answered all questions I had. They went above and beyond for both myself, and my family that visited throughout the duration.

christine jannino

Er dr was very rude. He usually is but the 2 nurses I had were the best I ever had in the er department.

Fla Gal

I went to this hospital twice last year. Each time I was treated with respect by the doctors and nurses. I wish I could remember the the doctors name but one of them was from Africa who was very concerned and could see I was scared. He made a call to another doctor who came from eating dinner with his wife in Tampa even though he was schedule to be on vacation according to his calendar. When he arrived he was very compassionate and caring. I did not get a hint of him being upset with an interruption in his night. Thank you everyone.

Joesph Kreitzer

I received great treatment was in and out inside of forty minutes to get a script for a cold sore. The problem is I received one bill for $188.00( which was no problem to pay) then a month later I got another bill for $914.00 for “services rendered”! Hard to believe that this is real seriously a visit to the ER treated and released inside of forty minutes? $914.00?! Come on get real

Tammy Sperling

Well we are in the Er and most of the staff has been very helpful but Trudy is the most unprofessional nasty nurse we have seen. A issues with my moms mask while on the bipap machine and the mask is to small it keeps coming of her face. She has no business working with the public maybe in a back room where she doesn't talk with anyone

Alberta Long

Physical Therapy is a plus five! Excellent staff! The only thing that should be addressed is the food. There must be a good chef who knows how to make good home-made soups. Also, it is less expensive to cook something good from scratch. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but wholesome and tasty. Also, a good cup of coffee is a necessity. Decaf only when requested. Food must be hot when served. Compare costs of preparing good food versus pre-cooked foods that are often left untouched. This is cost effective! All you need is to get people who may see a future in food preparation and servings as employees. You already have some, but your food could be outstanding, an added feature where people would line up to enter this Rehab and Nursing Home. It would be less expensive to bring up the quality of food, than to spend a lot of money on those ‘give away presents with your Logo on them.’ People would appreciate good coffee creamer from Aldi’s, both regular and sugar-free a lot more. Also, Aldi’s sells cheap fruits and vegetables that would also be cost-effective. Thank you for all the good care when I was in Rehab.


The lack of communication is beyond anything I have experienced before. TINA from Social Services is the most CONNIVING social worker I have ever come across. She sent my Dad, who just had brain bleeding and Dementia to a rehab facility WITHOUT my authorization even after I told her that I needed to research the facility before he was discharged. I found out the rehab facility that she sent him to has been charged with multiple accounts of abuse.

Geraldine Meehan

nurses in critical care are supremely difficult, rude, power freaks, treating family members who are in the worst frame of mind ever, like children to be reprimanded for asking questions. I was surprised my knuckles weren't rapped with a ruler when their equipment malfunctioned and was forced to ask for help after libby did not answer the call light. Not only that, they provide and withhold necessary info and flat out lie about facts that can be googled. It was a surreal experience. We will never be back to this hospital.

Elizabeth Ottrani

The whole staff was always kind caring and funny they made my trip pleasurable

Brian Melton

Dr. Gionnini and the staff were great from check-in to release for my day procedure!

gen tre

First they let my pre authorization expired but not before scheduling the appointment and then 24 hours later canceling the appointment because it was expired. Then I had to wait another 2 weeks to get another pre-authorization mean while I have two herniated disc and a pinched nerve in my neck and massive pain with nothing to help assist in taking the pain away. Then 48 hours before my procedure I get a phone call telling me my patient responsibility is $1,500 like I can cut it off a tree in my backyard so at this point I'm completely frustrated. Then less than 10 hours before my procedure I get a phone call saying they want to change my time from 11 a.m. arrival time to 9 a.m. arrival time so I get there at 9 a.m. and they tell me that I'm still on the docket for 11 nobody had any of knowledgement that my time has been changed. So yet again completely frustrated worst experience I've ever had with a hospital and very frustrating to boot. But there was a nurse named Andre and Cat that made my time at the hospital completely pleasurable if it were not for these two ladies I probably would have canceled on them and went somewhere else even with the max amount of pain I had. I was released from the hospital while I was still dizzy and I don't think that was appropriate either.

Catherine Sweet

Excellent teamwork and care by all

Ross Norsworthy

I was very impressed with the courtesy and efficiency of service. I also appreciate the thoroughness of handling of my case.

Brandon Shirah

My father has been here numerous times and this was by far the best visit due solely to nurse Katie Adams and CNA Mike Ryan!!!!! I thank them both from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for making my Dad's stay here as comfortable as possible.

Larry Michael

ER Personnel were very nice and pleasant and easy to talk to. The doctor who put the sutures in my forehead was very professional and gentle with the procedure. She informed me what her education level was, but I don't think she was certified doctor, but she did have a doctorate degree. I think there was about a two hour delay in getting my CAT Scan. ER personnel were not to happy with the delay. I have always been treated well, when I have had to visit the ER.

Judy Archer

All Doctors and nurses and staff treated us with care that we needed.Including the nurses that are in training. The diatary staff care too.

Jonathan P

I cannot even believe they call this facility a hospital. I arrived at the ER for internal bleeding concerns, checked in and waited to be called by triage. The triage nurse was highly unprofessional as she yelled out patient's names through solid glass. She could not even get out of her chair to politely call the next patient from the doorway like normal people do. After my name was yelled out a few times, I went into triage and I began to explain why I was visiting today. She immediately began telling me what they cannot do at this "hospital". I advised I was not there for the things she was listing off and informed her I only wanted to make certain I was not in fact bleeding internally. I then got up, told her that she has made me lose all confidence that my medical needs would be met by this facility and instructed her to remove my name and insurance information from the system immediately as I would not feel comfortable being treated at Northside Hospital. Additionally, I have left a voice mail for the director of the Emergency Room however, I want to ensure proper steps are taken to make this facility more professional and at least show some concern when a patient comes in with symptomatic issues. Therefore, I will be reaching out to the HCA Corporate Office on Monday and request they have a representative visit this facility and provide coaching/additional training for this triage nurse and maybe clean up the facility a bit as it was disgusting. There is no way I will ever visit this hospital again.

Ryan Bowles

Rude staff completely ignored while i was the only person standing there waiting wanting to visit my mother while these staff members were talking about their vacation and other not work related stuff

John Boscoe

Recent Heart surgery went perfectly. From the surgeon to the ICU staff was the best.

Christina Ludwig

Most of the staff was amazing..... The hospital is very unorganized though.... Discharged my husband even though he clearly needed help. DR Zalocha was very rude and unprofessional......BTW....I ended up having to call 911 again and he is now getting the help he needs

Penny Fuller

Everyone was very nice and helpful. The hospital’s food was really good. I loved the Salmon. However I feel food should be available later than 7:00 pm with more choices. Soda should also be available, not just Ginger Ale. You should at least offer 7 up or Sprite. I felt the room wasn’t cleaned often enough. Also times are changing where hospitals are going to single rooms. I would have preferred to be by myself instead of sharing a room. More privacy is needed. Your privacy rights aren’t protected. When the doctors come in to discuss your case everyone in the room can hear.


High fives for all the staff, best and most caring Hospital I have ever been to, of course the circumstances were not good but the ER Staff ..... I love you... thank you for helping me in my time of need

Walter Humphrey

I’ve been in a lot of hospitals in my life time but I’ve never experienced anything like Northside Hospital. The doctors, nurses and staff were world class. The hospital was clean, the rooms were awesome and for the first time I’ve ever said this the food was awesome.

K. P.

I was at Northside for a day of testing getting ready for a surgery. I was treated with such kindness and caring by everyone I encountered. Radiology was my "home base" -- after each test I went back to radiology and they told me where to go next and most times somebody came to escort me to my next test. I was given a nice lunch in between some of my testing and I thank Northside for that. I have no complaints at all in the way I was treated and will be back in a week for my first surgery. Thank you all very much. Job well done by all!

Kathy Carey

everything went well here I had laparoscopic gallbladder surgery and went home the next day, Bernadette and Megan were awesome only bad part of my stay was that $40 came up missing out of my purse, please have your valuables locked up if you must be admitted

James Moorer

I went to emergency room at this hospital last Saturday everybody that dealt with was just AMAZING I have never had this great service anywhere else. I just moved here from SC. Where you go in and it is common to wait 3 hours to see a doctor or a PA. THIS ER Had me in a bed less than 30 minutes and the PA had me have a scan of my neck which was killing me with the pain and a diagnosis in a out a hour. KUDOS TO the whole staff that took very good care of me.

Lexy La

1. We asked for help opening a door that was hard to push and a nurse said “you open it?” Like we were stupid. Giving unwanted attitude. 2. doctor dill was very cocky and rude like an idiot. 3 The food took 1 hour and 30 minutes to get into our room we made two phone calls and still didn’t put syrup on the pancakes. For the nurses and doctors if you are going to be dealing with patients then you need to learn to control your emotions cause you are helping them not stressing them out more or treating them like they are stupid. Shout out to Jessie and susan they were nice

Patricia Acosta

It was terrible. Thet didnt run any blood or urine tests on me to tell me i had a virus. Told me not to go back to work for 2 days gave me 2 shots and ekg and sent me on my way. The next day i was admitted to Morton Plant hospital with a kidney infection gone septic with a 102.4 temperature. I spent 5 days in the hospital' missed 5 days of work and it all could possibly been taken care of or on my way to recovery if Northside hospital would of only ran some tests! Im getting an attorney now....l

Debi Cannon

Love this place. very concern and caring. Nurse staff is great, in surgery and recovery.

Terri D

On 4/1 I was transported via EMS to their ER, and subsequently required a return visit which segued into an admission with surgery. I was admitted to the new Spine-Ortho wing. My original EC triage was triaged efficient and respectful. I have nothing but good things to say about the overall services and accommodations There as excellent communication, warm and knowledgable care. I always felt that I was involved in the process which was extremely important. Special thumbs up to my two primary RN's, Larissa and Meghan. Also, resident physician, Dr. Cable, was a super friendly and accommodating practitioner.

Diana Pitts

From Admitting to Discharge, every person we came in contact was helpful & professional. My husband had surgery and spent the night in ICU. No complaints.

Lois Incerto

Horrible. When the doctor came in he asked if I smoked, then asked the same question of my husband. He then remarked he smelled us when we came in the area and followed the smell to our area. How rude. Nurses were fliting around, not focused at all. There was no direction. We heard laughter from the nurses station. My husband went to the desk several times to remind them I was waiting for a walker and knee stabilizer. Then he went back out to ask about my discharge. They were totally oblivious to the needs of their patients and didn't accomplish tasks in a timely manner.

David Seymour

I went in with chest pains and it hurt to breath. In ambulance. Saw RN and DR immediately. BP Was very high..they medically lowered that and ran all labs and ekg.. put me in an observation room. Saw my personal dr in AM and was discharged. To see a cardiologist in a few days.

Nancy Barlaug

I brought my wife in for an svt ablation she read the reviews and didnt want to come to this hospital but I have to say and my wife will agree as she's thy he patient that this hospital is awesome. Everyone we've been in contact with since stepping foot in the front door has been polite, courteous, and over the top nice. The food OMG so good. Pain management awesome, she told them we live 2 hours away so they did all they could to give her a private room so I didnt have to sleep in the truck. The rooms and O.R. are very clean and the doctors are awesome. I've never been in a hospital that checked you for MRSA and then gave you a prevenatative so you dont get it. I would choose this hospital for my surgeries if I had to have any

Claire Vosburgh

I am 56 year old lady who woke up on the floor after a fall. I was in the most pain of my life. My neck and right shoulder mostly. Later that night i noticed a big lump on my head but they never bothered to look at me so who knows? I dont know what happened. The ambulance brought me and the Doctor barely stuck his head in the door. Said they would ct scan me. They did. Then they left me alone in the room for 2 hours. Nobody checked on me. The doctor came back and fine. Bye bye. He never touched me. Nobody came in the room. So the ambulance peole did not bring my purse like i asked. Almost 11:00 at night i have nobody,. No money with me- my phone at 2%. They said LEAVE! I have NEVER been treated SO HORRIBLY! I am in SO much pain i can hardly stand it and my right had is still numb.i could have had a heart attack. They didnt even listen to my heart much less do an ekg. He didnt look at my eyes or anything. The nurse wouldnt even give me an ibuprofen much less somethong for this ridiculous pain. Now i will have to go to another ER where they will treat me!


Room was disgusting.. vomit all over the bathroom, used bandages left on the ground and on the counter top. The floor hadn’t been cleaned in what looked like a week. We were left waiting for HOURS, nobody came to give us an update on what was going on or to see how we’re doing. They blew out my friend’s veins and had no idea how to draw blood. What a terrible hospital!

Sesto Ramadori

very efficient and friendly service.

Kevin Morrissey

If you like a hospital that was built in 1976 and run completely by East Indian Dr who do not communicate and flat out lie to your face then I rexomend this hellhole Terribly inefficient operations..drasticly understaffed..overall run by an East Indian Dr who has a temper problem and barely speaks English..if ores your normal Doctors orders and subsarutes his own with dangerous effect at times. Avoid the facility at all costs. Half of the nursing and training staff is 323rd rate and don't care at all so long as the have a job. I am currently looking into litigation as I was missdiagnosed and suffered I hurt as a result ..then when complained about it was told I must leave the hospital even though I could not not walk more than 30 steps and was in great pain from improperly placed chest tubes. Three of them. Do not say you were not warned.

Bobby Howell

Staff members and Doctors were absolutely outstanding for my diagnosis and prognosis. Super Hospital.

Ruth Miller

Place was a damn nightmare. Went in with kidney stone issue, got held hostage, 3 days, for non existent heart issue. This place is completely gross, cockroaches in operating room lights, sticky floors in my room, bearded doctors that do not cover up entire needs to be investigated. STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE MISTREATED AND GIVEN A STAFF INFECTION.....update as of 12.01.2018... kidney stone not removed, stints left in... have to have surgery for actual removal of initial problem. THIS HOSPITAL SHOULD BE CLOSED.

Sabina Yang

Horrible staffing. Came to visit my aunt and was rudely kicked out of the room because the other patient was being "tested". There was no sign on the door stating testing do not disturb, nothing. Rude nurses. Waited outside of room forever and no one asked if we needed anything or help. And the place smells like poop! No one should ever come here to visit or be a patient.

Aaron Garner

Worst hospital ever!!! Rude, unprofessional, don't know the meaning of private medical information! Gave me a prescription I am not suppose to take, I had to point it out to the Doctor my chart says I cannot take this! So ignorant I was scared! Never going there again. They treat you like you are a problem. It is thier dam job to be educated and help you. I felt like I was on Saturday noght live, but it was not funny! One of the prescription said it could cause sudden death. The state needs to look into this hospital. One man said he wanted to leave and when my son and I where leaving the check in nurse had called the sheriffs on him 5 appeared for one man, and took him to jail. They continued to search his vehicle without probable cause. What a low life! You go to the ER brcause your sick and you get treated like you did something wrong. Rude people you would not have a job if wr all boycott you!! So ignorant I am traumatized...

george creel

I must say after having read the reviews I was a little skeptical about putting my husband into this hospital however the experience has been nothing but fantastic everyone we come in contact with has been absolutely 100% professional, caring, and nurturing. This hospital has been everything you would expect in top notch hospital. I haven’t gotten the bill yet, LOL but I’m sure it will be worth every penny. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone, especially those with heart issues.

peter cassidy

Went for a fish bone removal and couldn't have had a worse encounter with a doctor. Should have been a couple minutes in and out for a doc to see it stuck in my tonsil and pull it out with tweezers, right? Wrong. The moron is sitting there gagging me saying he can't find it yet I am able to see it on my own in the bathroom mirror. Then he spots it and says he can't pull it out because they don't have an ENT on staff. Then, he tells me he wants me to get a CT scan to see how far in it is. Seriously? For a tiny fish bone? Absolute incompetence in that ER. I highly recommend going elsewhere if you can. Looked like druggies and drunks is all they know how to take care of in there.

Shelle Berk

Excellent personal care!! Everyone that I was in contact with was caring and made me feel very cared for!

ImSoGay 85

From the moment i walked in everyone was amazing.. My nurse gus wes so sweet.. My downstairs doctor was cute n my upstairs nurses was awsum n the doctors listen n care... Id def come back!!!!!!!

Jamie Semprucci

The Staff was professional, and polite. The nurses were kind, courteous, and proficient. Doctor Olufolahan Lawal, MD is a brilliant Doctor with a great bedside manor. He took wonderful day care of me. Doctor Lawal gave me his full attention, and checked out all the signs and symptoms of my recent injuries. He then gave a great examination, and ordered necessary imaging. To top it off he told me I needed to follow up with Doctors who specialize in my type of injuries. I asked him if he knew of good Doctor's who specialized with my diagnosis that are affiliated with Northside Hospital, and Doctor Lawal gave me the names of Doctors who are affiliated with Northside Hospital. I am so grateful that my dear friend told me what wonderful treatment they give at Northside Hospital, and so very grateful for the excellent care I was given. May God bless Northside Hospital, and all the Doctors, Nurses, and Staff. Sincerely, Jamie Semprucci

Colleen McKenna

Well so so much dissatisfaction we all had here. My Mom was left to pee in a cup by herself , I.V. in arm and a blood pressure of 250/99 in ER..

Gerry Kinyoun

Went to the emergency room last Saturday 11/18/2017 was treated the worst ever...the nurse you see before you go where they treat you was very nice and helpful...when I got took back to a exam room that's when everthing went sour...the IV was stuck in so deep my arm is black and blue still is 7 days later...they never asked me if I had any allergies...They prescribed a antibiotic Bactrin which has sulfur in it which I'm allergic to, which I didn't know it was in the antibiotic. . when they where done with me in the exam room I was told to go down to the end of the hall where there was a bunch of green chairs and wait for the prescription, 40 minutes later a different nurse comes to me with my paperwork and prescription and a dose of bactrin and the first thing out of her mouth was very rudely you got dumped on me and I already have two patients...I said I'm sorry.there was no I start to walk out I forgot the IV was in my arm and had to tell her about it, she rudely pushed it in farther and jerked it out and applied a small gauze and tape by the time I left the double doors thru the emergency entrance blood was dripping down my arm...never again ..oh and I have very good insurance and you can bet I called them...went to my primary Doctor that Monday and he put me on the right meds after getting on to me about going to the emergency room...This Hospital will kill you if you are not careful...Don't waste your time contacting administration or customer care ...waste of time they sweep it under the wonder they have a 2 1/2 star rating

Matt Pires

This place is bad news! I've been overcharged for misdiagnoses and procedures I never personally consented to, and of course I didn't find out about it until they gave me the itemized bill. Wrote an appeal last year and they still won't communicate with my health care provider or vice versa. Don't come here! Suffer if you need to or FIND A BETTER HOSPITAL. Staff seems too young and lacking experience to be working in ER.

Erica Maye

My mother in law was brought to northside by ambulance 3 days before thanksgiving for severe dehydration. They admitted her to the med surg floor. She was supposed to be discharged to a skilled nursing facility Me and my husband even told them which one we wanted her to go to. Well thanksgiving my husband gets a call saying she was being discharged to home..... For starters they never tried to get her into a nursing facility so we asked if they could write an order for a hospital bed and home health and the doctor rudely said that she couldn't do that! It only gets worse.... She lasted a week at home before she was admitted to St. Anthony's. We found out from the Dr when they got her records from northside that northside diagnosed her with pneumonia and NEVER TREATED IT! as a result of northsides gross negligence she died from the pneumonia ravaging her lungs. Never go to this hospital they will kill you

Sharon Jensen

I was very happy with all the Nursing staff. They were awesome. Everyone was so nice, helpful, caring and they did an amazing job. They are a great group of nurses.

Michelle Foster

I have visited the ER twice in one week and everyone I came in contact with was very nice which helped to ease the situation. Thank you for all your help and bedside manner.

Shannon Zuelch

Horrible hospital!! I came in by ambulance with abdominal pain and dizziness. They did bloodwork and sent me home. No imaging. I explained I had issues with my liver with possible cirrhosis. I asked for pain meds they tried to give me Tylenol!! 1st did you miss the part where I got liver issues?? Tylenol worst thing to take. It’s toxic to the liver. If they had bothered to read my chart they would’ve seen it and that is a malpractice lawsuit waiting to happen 2nd what kind of pain is Tylenol helping?? Then because transportation is included in my health insurance all they had to do was call my insurance and it would’ve been taken care of. The nurse refused!! Said they didn’t do that anymore!!! I wouldn’t take a stray dog to be treated there. Worst hospital ever!!!

Marvis Norwood

Very disappointing experience here with the nurse and doctor in the ER. Give me a creditable contact to file a complaint with.

Maria Muffaletto

very good n sweet service Loved it

Rare Ghost

My god. If i could sue this place i most certainly would. I was in there for about 20 min for an anxiety attack and my bill was 1200$.... ive been trying to get a charity write off for months and after i sent in all my information i was denied because i didnt send in my auto insurance because they said i was INVOLVED IN A CAR ACCIDENT. NEVER I MEAN NEVER, EVER GO TO THIS JOKE OF A HOSPITAL.

Vincent Frantz

Probably the WORST hospital in the county. On 2 separate visits to the ER, received substandard care. 1st..Dr Rafaat Hanna....joke. 2nd Dr Ronal Berman. Both must be completely ignorant of HIPAA regulations, as both decided to loudly discuss my Rx history in front of other patients. I was told both times, yes you have kidney stones, but they dont hurt until they obstruct. When asked if they had ever passed one? To add insult, Dr Berman stated in front of other dont have a kidney stone problem, you have a Dilaudid problem, and that its ALL OVER MY MEDICAL RECORDS...Nice.

B Sab-Dem

Don't bother visiting your love ones after 7:30 because the security guards consistently not around to let you in. There will be 2 police officers there however filled with typical authoritative rage to give you the run around and tell you that you're not as important as the helicopter that just landed. Guess my grandma that just had a stroke isn't that important. Bottom line this place is mediocre at best.

valentyna Gulyuk

everything was top notch. i really like the service and attention of all hospital staff. thank you very mach

Roger Catron

Northside hospital is by far my favorite facility in Pinellas county for hospital based healthcare and emergency medical services. Unfortunately they have had to use their skills several times over the years to literally make save my life, which thankfully they did. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I am never left to wonder if anyone sees the call button. They do everything in their power to get you up,on your way, and home healthy and feeling as if all was done that needed to be done.

David Marcum

I was admitted in the 2nd week of Jan. this year for a bowl obstruction/hernia, serious pain. ER staff were very attentive to my situation and took care of me. After being admitted, all Nurse's, CNA's and even Env. Services sprang into action. I received wonderful care and was able to go home after a few days. I would like to say that the staff there could have chosen to do anything else in life, but chose to help and serve those that may be suffering and need help. It takes a God given gift to do that. Now to put my soap box away, and pray that future patients read this review and take that to heart. So y'all need to RECOGNIZE!!!! PEACE

Jess VanDemark

I am not too happy with this hospital. CVICU nurses took AMAZING care of my Grandmother. Then she had to be moved to 1 North after being in CVICU for about 10 days. So one day one and two of being in 1 north was ok. These nurses were there for G-ma. Then I noticed they started to get laid back.. and not taking full care for the patient. I also got very frustrated about how many times I heard nurses say negative things out LOUD, such as "I only have 11 days left in this place" or " the patient doesn't want to listen and lay down, well then just sit up and bleed to death, your the one being non-compliant" (that right there is just WRONG, if the patient will not listen and continue to lay , strap the patient down, don't just let them die.) If you nurses don't want to be in patient care then don't be, these sick patients need you, you should feel grateful that people in this world need you. Also with my Gma and her over all care.. today is day T.W.E.N.T.Y. O.N.E that she has been in here and the nurses are JUST now finding out and asking about her daily routine medications!!! Some Nurses aren't even aware of her past procedures that have been done in their own hospital...Me and my Mother have been trying to meet with the doctor to discuss some concerns we have about Gma and its almost impossible to speak with a Doctor.. I am totally disappointed. I truly only give a 3 star because the CVICU nurses.. Crystal, Amber, Mary, Liza, Joe, Jackie, and head nurse Christine if it wasn't for that team of nurses my Gma wouldn't even be alive! 1 north nurses need to quit playing around and dancing with each other and get off their cell phones and pay more attention to all the patients in there.

Charles Bertrand

I was treated with loving care my whole stay at Northside and will be my first choice as a hospital.

Linda DeHaan

My son was given an NSAID even though we expressly told them and the paramedics he was allergic to them. They told him to " man up" He is covered in blisters all over his body.

Deshawna Mansfield-Alexander

I went to be seen after hitting my head really bad and was placed in fast scan no addressing my hit to my head.They wanted to treat me for a migraine since I have a history of but not what I came there for.I felt I needed a scan I have left eye pain and drooping of my left also facial swelling.all went ignored.she went over my medications and I told her my pcp and I had been eliminating medications since I’ve been having reactions but even after I refused Toradol .she went on with her side conversation like I wasn’t there about another patient with diabetes.She still had it administered and I have a reaction.I left once I realized my concerns weren’t going to be addressed and figured maybe once something drastic happen then it would get addressed.this is one of the worst visits to this hospital.this is why people have lost faith in the healthcare system.


My wife suffered a lot of eye pain and had to wait 5 hours and the nurse had a bad attitude to us

Anne Dickson

The staff of the department where I had the colonoscopy was great ! Caring and warm

Edward Blau

My first two days stay was in room 345. It was a f'n nightmare. There should never be two patients in that room. The other patient in room 345 with me was a dementia patient, lost to reality and a real problem for staff to handle. Disturbances went on all night and all day. I was in bed one that has a work station on one side and the privacy curtain on the other side, almost touching my bed. There was a chair between the two beds that took up all the room. My wife had to sit in the alcove on the wall opposite the foot of my bed. To converse, we had to raise our voices. We were both very uncomfortable when and "eruption" of activity occurred with the dementia patient. On the second day of my stay, after almost begging for a better room environment, I was told that would happen. But it didn't happen 'till my third day stay. Then to surgery and afterwards, the ICU. While in ICU for five days, I was appalled to observe that when my urine bottle was emptied, not once was it rinsed out before being returned to me. Consequently, the rim of the bottle was returned to me wet with my urine. I left a grey plastic tub with some things in my room the day I left the hospital. No one called to tell me about having left it behind. I was too confused to remember it after returning home, but my wife did. About the food...I didn't think it possible that anyone could ruin chicken breasts in the cooking process. Your cook/cooks proved me wrong. I/we eat chicken breasts throughout the week, weekly. It's not hard to get it right. Northside's cook/cooks served dried out chicken breasts topped with whatever sauce/garnish to create appeal, all for naught. Every time I had the chicken it was over cooked and dried out. Even when I called in to the food service to place an order, they got it wrong in different unexplainable ways. Most meals I got two coffees and two milks! I ordered steak medium rare, and it came to me way beyond done. It was hard enough to be used as a sole for a shoe. My room guy in the green uniform volunteered to get me a steak done medium rare and thick, unlike the thin one that was a waste. He went to the food source to personally order the steak, thick and medium rare. What he brought to me was a thick steak way over cooked, so that I couldn't eat it. The best food I had was the meat loaf. Not great, but better than anything else I ate. ON The bright side: The staff on the third floor were the best. They all seemed to be enjoying their work and I was especially impressed how cheerfully they handled that poor soul with dementia, in room 345 who surely was a handful. So the question looms, should the need arise, would I chose Northside Hospital? Most likely, because of the staff on the 3rd floor. The food problem can easily be corrected. Grooming the staff to be excellent, not so easy, and they are excellent, when I compare them to St. Anthony's Hospital where I spent time as a patient 69 days earlier.

Brittney Shaver

Came in today and was taken right back , Dr.Haddadin was amazing very adamant about making sure I was ok , he made sure I was ok and felt safe and was ok . I won't be going to any other hospital after this ! Thanks guys

Development Net

I had the best Care today 4/27/18 the charge nurse Kelly was able to get my IV on the first try and Jessi my nurse was so caring. Also Props to Bearded Joe for being so sweet. The Nutse Practioner Burke was great! Also the CT Tech was so funny and wonderful. I was a little leery of coming here due to the ratings but the ratings are incorrect as I had a great experience. Thanks to all the staff! Lisa

Anthony Donnatien



I have no clue what people are supposed to do when they are down here visiting and have MS, CKD III stage, Lupus and needs to have lab work done but they refuse to take out of state orders, even if from a hospital that is located around the US. Plus refuse to give you their names and wear NO name tags (makes you wander what their hiding and who they are afraid of). RIDICULOUS!! UPDATE!! I went to Pasadena Hospital the next morning and they were graciously warm with their welcome, taking of my order and running the labs. They couldn't believe when I told them that after four and a half hours (after being told on the phone sure, come on in), that they finally, after playing their games, between the three of them, picked one, to tell me that they couldn't take any orders that weren't from Pinellas and in their computer system. (Talk about the longest run on sentence. I believe I just won hah!) Pasadena hospital couldn't believe it either. They said you gave them this order? I said yes! They were flabbergasted! We laughed as they joke was on them. It's ok though as this place was a very nice place, extremely warm people and quick on getting the results. I've told many people and put it in our magazine for Indigenous People that is seen world wide by over a million readers. To all of the retirees that live here part of the time, if you need to go to a hospital, or have your labs run from your own Drs to keep up with you in terms of your 3 month check up... GO TO PASADENA HOSPITAL... They'll take you without hesitation. They're fantastic!

Kelly Dixon

Woke up at 12 with chest pains by before 4 I called 911 and took me to Northside.. only ran heart test and gave me a drink to numb the pain did nothing for me still crying in pain they are acting like nothing wrong with me kinda made me feel as if they throught i was lieing still 7 hours later in worse pain and nothing done I'm back in bed crying where started... Not only should I mention how rough the guy was that did my IV that pain was just about as worse as the chesy... Definitely will be going to a different doctor later never would i ever go back here

Katherine Martin

The nurse's kept me updated on my dad's treatment. They was very polite and friendly

Judith Wilman

I received excellent service and when I needed medical treatment within a week I returned to Northside hospital and I highly recommend it.

Sona Simo

My daughter went to the ER for x-rays after a fall, was released and told it was a bad sprain. She was swollen, red, and couldn't move her arm so we got a second opinion , turns out she has a broken clavicle ! What a horrible misdiagnoses !

teagan tte

This emergency room saved not only my foot but my life from the second I hobbled in there until i left everyone was so amazing and I have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT TO KEVIN THAT DUDE IS AMAZING WITH HITTING VERY SMALL AND DEEP VEINS I love this emergency room thank you northside you guys are awsome

Brenda Mcnamara

Great Drs and staff

Jeni DiVenuti

The staff here are so friendly. Mohanie in the CVICU is the most amazing woman to encounter! Sharon - Nya: Words cannot explain my appreciation for everyone here.

Jordan Ward

Worst Hospital ever I was sitting in a waiting room for 20 minutes and finally I get to the back room and they don't service me for 2 hours when I was by myself in the whole er

Hans Clausen

The staff on the third south is amazing

LPD 214

This hospital is a joke. A bad joke. Dr Hanna in the ER is even more of a joke. If you're in pain don't go there. 9/10 pain and they give you Tylenol.

Alex Outdoors

Excellent care for my beloved hubby after his stroke from the doctors and nurses in the Neuro ICU. Although it appeared often understaffed, they provided compassionate and competent care.

dana briley

Thank you Northside , You saved my mother's life. My mom had a heart problem and ended up in the ICU on a ventilator . The staff there were professional, knowledgeable and very kind.The physicians and nursing staff saved her life. She was able to leave the ICU and go to 3rd floor west.The nursing staff there were the most incredible group of care takers I have ever seen. They went way beyond what we could expect to care for my mom with gentle loving care. They never stopped for a moment and it was each and every person we encountered there. They even showed concern for the comfort of my family members there to sit with my mom. Every physician took extra time to explain things to us more than once. And when we finally got to the 2nd floor we experienced the same kind of professional loving care from the staff. My mom left last Friday and was able to go to a rehabilitation center ( with the help of your case worker) where she will get stronger over the next few weeks, She is expected to make a full recovery. We do hope to never need you again, but if we do, it is comforting to know there is a place like Northside to turn to. Thank you so very much.

Marie Mitchell-Hughes

This place is horrendous, the staff and Doctors. Don’t give you answers get offended when asking questions, rude run by incompetent people, run away and don’t look back. They will let you lay in pain for days then when the family gets involved they will do something but on their time . Hours to get an x-ray when saying something around 12:30 in the afternoon they finally took the x ray at 9pm , WOW!! i only Hope they don’t treat their family members like they treat outsiders.. i was Only here at this hospital for 2 days and it’s not a place you can get good care..

Glow Queen

This place is a lawsuit waiting to happen. The Nurse's and PA's are super disrespectful. NO sympathy or common courtesy for the patients at all. The staff are super stressed out and they most definitely will let you feel the wrath. If you want the proper care you're paying for go anywhere but here. They're playing with people's lives and in my eyes most of them are clearly just there for a paycheck....I didn't even know this was a 2 star rated hospital until I went to write this review and the numbers don't lie this place doesn't even deserve 1 star. Disgusting. What ever happened to doing what you love? If you work in the medical field your passion should be "helping people". Right?

Paul Fletcher

Went in with Pancreatic pain very painful. Wanted to be out of pain. Nurse said there was a nationwide shortage on narcotics so they gave me something that did not work. Asked for pain medication Dr Hanna said my lipasse levels were normal. He should know when a person has half a Pancreas and takes lipasse pills it is NOTa marker for pain. Should have listened to the previous reviews. Drive 5 more min. Trust me.

Kevin Tran

Most of the nurses have been in contact with since stepping foot in the front door has been polite and caring a lot. Fantastic nurses and staff!

Sadie Thompson

Kira michelle was they best doctor in the world. And she was soo supportive with my mom loved her so much.

Angela Gallagher

I went to Northside at night with SEVERE strep throat and bacterial infection in my blood. I was seen for all of 10 minutes and sent home "diagnosed" with pharyngitis. It took going to a different hospital the VERY next morning to be admitted and given IV antibiotics for days. The absolute lack of care is shocking considering they did so well before. I wont be back after the fact. Disappointed beyond

Cottage Gyrl

My mother recently spent 3 days here, she was being treated for a stroke. The care she received was excellent, this also includes the way we were treated as her family. All of the RN's on 3rd floor and Neuro-ICU were wonderful and caring, they all took the time to introduce themselves and check-in to see how we were doing. We were offered coffee and blankets, as well as extra chairs while we waited. I cannot say enough about how great the staff and volunteers are, they made a difficult and stressful time as easy as possible. We are Canadian so our visit was covered by Private insurance, perhaps that changes our perception when you remove money out of the equation, but overall I left with a highly positive impression of this hospital and its staff. Dr Delbrune and Flaherty were her treating physicians and awesome human beings.

Shavaria Webb Green

Best hospital ever kind very patient staff love the one on one attention the doctors gave me absolutely I would recommend this hospital to anyone

Sharon G.

Great place. Best hospital for diagnosis. Saved my life.

Nicholas Whitfield

Terrible staff.. the worst experience I've ever had. They decided since I had good insurance that they would take a simple exam and turn it into a multi thousand dollar tab. For ZERO reason. I literally had to explain to the "doctor" aka nurse practitioner who was introduced as the doctor, mind you.. how blood pressure worked. I kid you not. It was sad.. We are talking to our insurance company and they told us Northside is constantly getting sued and have one of the lowest ratings. Stay AWAY!

Marcus Tilley

A very caring and dedicated staff in the cardiac ward.. They are specialists, so they understand what their patients are going through and are there every inch of the way. A beautifully clean, well run facility.Thanks one and all.

Richard Pilato

Everyone from the emergency rm to the day I was discharged was fantastic

Jen Parker

Came here after a car accident and they didn’t even do one freaking test! Gave me a muscle relaxer and sent me home. Doctor said she was going to give me a lidocaine patch and never got it and asked the discharge nurse about it and she told me it was never ordered! Great first time here! I’ll die before I would ever come back here again!

Jazzy Mcdole

Waited 3 1/2 hours in ER waiting room....after telling nurse I had knowledge of my ureter being 100% blocked! I had severe pain and had to get up to vomit several times in trash can in waiting room. Took the nurse 52 mins to bring an emesis bag that I asked for while in triage. I finally decided to go to another ER where I was told I had gone septic. So yeah, I'd rank it as one of my worst ER visits!

Alpha 82

Quick in and out for the most part, but staff doesnt seem as caring more or less just a job and paycheck.

genevieve urbanski

my er visit was very good I was happy w/the service I got

Jon Ham

Currently in this hell in major pain doctors dont wanna perscribe pain meds because of drug history so now im forced to sit here crying in pain. Plz help. Room 238

DIANNE Zimmerman

Excellent service and competent associates.

christina barajas

great care

Brian Link

Worst place ever the wait time is forever and the doctors do not care about your input at all. Only go here if you want to be disappointed. This place is a joke. If I could give zero or negative stars i would.

Susan Thomas

I was told I had a concussion yet no paperwork was sent home with me about it. My neck and both arms are still in pain, yet I was sent home with no meds. The accident was 10 days ago and the billing was sent on the 4th. I wish some meds were sent to me that fast.

Aaron Sands

Absolutely the best ER service I have ever received. From intake to diagnosis to treatment to discharge it was 90 minutes. Staff was professional knowledgeable and explained everything. I mean everything. A diverse staff as well. This is my hospital going forward


It's going on 2 years since I got a pacemaker defibulator. I have to give kudos to the nursing staff, cleaning crew and your kitchen. The meals are the bomb and you don't have to stick with what the have selected for the day. The nurses, cnas are very attentive they go out of their way to make you comfortable. I seen 3 doctors while I was there, they were friendly enough but I believe they need to spend a little more time with their patients to anser amy questions the patient may have. I know they were under staffed and had a lot of patients to see however spending a little more time with patients would give them answers.

Tracy Meeks

I've been to this hospital on several occasions & each time I've received nothing but the best attention from each nurse & my doctor who visited me daily. Each person went out of their way after each of my surgeries to ensure my needs were meet & that I was very well taken care of as well as my physical therapy needs were met each day.I would recommend this hospital to everyone, I always do if I need a hospital, I always go there. Thank you to each & every staff member who works so very hard to ensure the well-being of each & every patient. With appreciation always, Tracy Meeks

Charles DeaKyne

I have never been treated better! They went out of there way to treat me like a King..My Heart goes out to all the Ladies there...Thank you, for all that you did for me...while I was there...To the Guys Thank you as well...and a Big Thank you to Dr Giannoni and Dr Patel you guys Rock!

Shannon Richmond

I’m sitting here now in a room on the 2nd floor. I was told I was being admitted for sepsis on Sunday. Monday comes, I’m told I have a mass inside of me causing obstruction with my kidneys and that I didn’t have sepsis. Which would make sense why I have excruciating pain. Anywhoooo, I have 5 different doctors telling me 5 different things. Can’t get 1 doctor on the phone to return any of the nurses calls, they want to administer 1 tramadol and 1 vikodyn every 8 hours. Granted I have a spinal cord injury and told them I have a high tolerance for both meds and not to waste them on me since they don’t work and use them on someone that it will work on. I’ve been lying here in excruciating pain now for 2 days crying. I’m ready to sign myself out, the only person who made any sense that I spoke with today is my urologist Dr. Modh, great thing he has working privileges at other hospitals than just Northside. Northside will never see me again and I will fight any bill they try to charge my insurance. Inadequate, poor health care!

Zach Woloshin

Very understaffed and unorganized. I came in because I was dealing with chest pain and the EMTs that came to my apartment suggested I get checked at this ER to make sure everything was fine. I came in because of chest pain and shortness of breath, but on my patient sheet they gave me upon leaving it says visit was due to weakness and fatigue? The charges for being in the ER for an hour and a half are astronomical. $6,000 for an hour and a half of one ECG and one blood test? Ridiculous.

Samantha Hatch

I was very impressed by the staff at Northside Hospital. I interacted with roughly five people directly and each one of them demonstrated an amazing amount of empathy, human understanding, and a desire to serve and educate. The concierge at the front made check-in easy, and the woman working at the billing/insurance dept was straightforward about my liability and my insurance’s liability, and was happy to work with me to get it all taken care of. There was hardly a wait for the med-techs to get me back to radiology, and both Brian and Tim were awesome. They helped me feel very comfortable by continually refreshing my blankets with freshly warmed ones, explaining everything they were doing so I was in the same page as them, and by making good, easy conversation. I really appreciate the time and energy put forth by Tim especially, whose service went beyond the normal call of duty. All in all, I had a wonderful experience with Northside Hospital. I will also mention that my initial call to schedule the appt was a huge relief, because it was so easy and I got through immediately to a scheduler. This was a welcome and stark contrast to my attempts at calling St. Anthony’s scheduling department. I was on hold for just over an hour and a half with St. Anthony’s before I finally hung up and tried Northside. When Northside immediately answered and started scheduling me, I knew it was going to be a good experience!

candy hansen

As we sit here currently waiting in "fast track" area, we are in this sad excuse of a waiting/treatment area. Absolutely a mess, it's dirty and no privacy, super slow. Very bad and short staffed, as the Drs and nurses complain while you are sitting right there. While they say how they are leaving soon and it's not their problem to deal with. Just sad excuse for a hospital all around. Very disappointed.

J.T. Johnson

Nay is Amazing!!! You gotta have her be your RN


This hospital seriously needs to be reviewed for its negligent practices. I drove myself there at 2 am for severe stomach pain and vomiting. After taking every test they possibly could in 2 hours to rake up the $11,000 bill, and nurses treating me like I was some type of drug addict and/or a 5 year old child, they tell me I had to leave. I then tell them I was very groggy, which they completely ignored. So I staggered out and got in my car. As I was driving home, I literally had one eye open and was weaving all over the road. So bad that when my 3 concerned friends checked on me in the morning, they asked why my car was parked "sideways" in the driveway and why the windshield wipers were on when it hadn't rained. They couldn't believe I drove my car home like that. (I'm actually a professional driver, thank God, maybe someone else would not have been as lucky). I then researched the meds they gave me. Ondansetron 8 x 4mg, side effects: dizziness, drowsiness, and blurred vision. Doctor Richards notes stated I left in stable condition. You call THAT stable, really? I could have killed myself, or someone while I was driving home. The magnitude of how they cared for me is both unacceptable and very risky to everyone. I still get nightmares about that night in how a place that's supposed to help people actually put my life in jeopardy. According to the World Health Organization, we are 37th in the world in healthcare, now I see why firsthand. But, in turn, they expect us to look up to them, and take their advice without question? I kept asking the nurse what was being given to me. She basically in so many words told me to shut up, and stop questioning her, like a miss know it all. Maybe you should have rode shotgun that night home with me big shot. Enough said.

Ron Smith

Very punctual, and professional. And clean as a hopital should be. Great staff. Great food(not that I go to the hospital for their food). Very happy to have had my heart surgery there. Great doctors.


If you care about your loved ones, then by no means allow this hospital to treat them. The doctors are too busy competing with each other even to the point of insulting, undermining, and arguing in front of patients and family. Their lack of regard for the patient led to several oversights that endangered my mother's health. As a result we transferred to Mortan Plant and are now in the hands of professionals.

Michael E Doane

Went to Northside Hospital on doctor's orders for my wife severe pain in her back and hip, they checked her in right away with her existing records from when she was there before got her right into a private room, the nurse came in and took all of the vitals, and within minutes the doctor was in the room on the computer and asking my wife questions about her pain he scheduled all the appropriate test scans and he EKGs from top to bottom, came back as soon as the results were ready explain the situation to my wife gave her some meds for her pain and sent her home it couldn't have gone any better they said it would be a 2 to 4 Hour, and it turned out to be just under 4 hours couldn't beat the service and the politeness of everyone my granddaughter and I ate lunch in their cafeteria while the work was being done, and it was pretty good food for a hospital overall everything was fantastic

Liz Tyler

Had a wonderful experience there. I had a heart attack and pneumonia at the same time, so was in the hospital for a week. Had wonderful docto nurses. Have absolutely no complaints.

Irene Dechert

Very good care from all the nurses. Most everyone helpful and caring, as they should be.


My recent experience at Northside was due to my mother having a major stroke. The ICU nurse was rough and rude. It looked like the other nurses were very nice so I think I just lucked out. When my mom was moved out of ICU and to the 2nd floor, it was much better. GREAT NURSES: Trish, Sabina (and Linda from PT). I feel for these employees... they have such a tough job and the documentation they are required to do.... ugh. Thank you so, so much to Trish and Sabina and also Linda. There was one more nurse and I wish I could remember her name. They were so busy but also so very kind to me and my mom. The ICU nurse... not so much.... but I tried to be appreciative. It must be hard to see death every other day.

Lea Turland

I was recently at the er visiting a family member. The staff is VERY unprofessional. There was a patient brought in that had a stroke the staff parked her near the doorway to the room i was in. The staff and emts stood over her discussing her st patricks day attire. It seemed like they didnt care about her condition because she came from a assisted living home. She was near the doorway for quite awhile, even though the room next to me was empty. It took over two hours for somone to change the bedding when the person i was visiting had peed herself. I turned on the call light someone came in and said that shed tell the nurse. I turned the light on again about 20min later. Someone hit the intetcom button so the light went off but we could hear the staff talking at the desk. I waited awhile longer then turned the light on again. Still no response. This went on. And on. Like i said about 2 hours she sat in her pee. There is no air conditioning in the department.

Ron King

My father had several visits to this hospital and was never asked to provide a living will, the result of this inaction resulted in him suffering longer than needed. To add to the misery key staff was replaced everyday, namely nurses and case managers. Everyday was a repeat, new staff, long introductions and their assessments. Most of the staff behaved with a professional manners with a few exceptions. During the last four days of his life he shared a room that was clearly meant to have only one bed, in order to visit I had to squeeze a chair between beds and deal with a stranger that defecated in his bed to spite the staff.

LD Aiken1914

I can only say that I will do everything in my professional and ethical power to keep patients associated within my industry from ever having to go back again.

Patricia Patrocky

Staff very pleasant and knowlegeable both in Er and on unit. Small rooms and loud roommate.

Josh Rock

I would say never come to this hospital for anything there is always a long wait they charge way to much with good insurance and u will receive mutlipe bills from third party companies i would recommend going anywhere else

Dylan Phillips

If I can I would give them negative Stars I would literally sit at the hospital for 4 1/2 hours because my girlfriends ankles were swollen they tested her for a blood clot two hours later and nobody has came in and checked in on us no communication I will never be coming back here again

Tiffany Evans

I’ve come here both for myself and my son. We are always brought into the admission room immediately or close to it and seen quickly. If we have to wait for tests someone always has come to check on us and update us. Everyone here has been so friendly. The staff here honestly cares about their patients. My son has even received cards from the staff after visiting. While we all hope to never need an ER if you do you’re in excellent hands here.

Tony Dell' Aquila

Quality care by the staff.


I came in last night at about 1:45am. The nurses and doctors were all great. I was scarred going to the ER and everyone made the experience as painless as possible. I saw the doctor, had tests run and prescriptions in hand in an hour and thirty minutes. Couldn't ask for a better experience.

Richard Downs

Northside Hospital is an excellent facility. The professional staff provides top rated services.

Nikki Colenewell

Amazing friendly staff. I was in and out in no time. Wonderful bedside manner. I even recieved a get well card signed by all the staff who took care of me. It ment a lot to me. My first time using any hospital in Florida and will be my first choice. Thanks for all you do for all who enter your facility in need of medical attention Nicole Fennimore

Robert Felipe

I think this is an five stars hospital because the service of doctors nurses and all the members in this hospital is excellent. I'm very happy with their professionalism and they knowledge. I thanks so much to this hospital and recommend it for everybody.

Dotdot One

I was very pleased with the treatment that i recently received from P.A. Ryan and my nurse Amanda.. I was seen today for gallbladder issues and while i was not happy with physicians decision i was very satisfied with the P.A. and nursing staff.. They were very understanding and caring..

Jill Young

This should not even be hospital I had my gallbladder removed surgeon nicked my bile ended up there for 13 days with one of the on call drs trying to plae a stint 3 times Finally ended up at st Anthony's great hospital I wouldn't send my dog there.......


At night time they take their SWEET TIME instead of doing regular procedures they do extensive ones which is prolonging a patients time. Also, their lazy and nasty. Before they could even thoroughly wipe down a Bed properly they changed the sheets and put another patient right back in that bed instead of having that patient in a nice in clean THOROUGHLY Wiped down bed. Machines will be going off like crazy right next to the nurses station and the nurses will literally IGNORE the sound and let it beep knowing there’s TWO people sharing a room. Also, I could’ve sworn when ANYBODY Nurse or doc walk in a room they are suppose to sanitize in and sanitize our and out in a new pair of gloves instead of keep the remainder ones on they walked in the room with. Will not be coming back and will be spreading the word.

Goat of the Falls

Was there to get a check up. The staff was very attentive and there was allot of security both in the building and outside in the parking lot. Would definitely go there if I need to go to the hospital again.


My experience at Northside was horrible. I went in due to heart palpitations. I was in the ER for 6 hours so they could run and re-run the same tests. During those hours, the nurse only came back once to see if I needed anything. I was then admitted overnight for observation even though the tests came back normal. It turns out what I have isn't serious and there was no need to keep me there. They told me a cardiologist would see me the next day. However, at least 7 or 8 doctors and residents came to my room during my stay to ask me the same questions and leave after 20 seconds. Each one of them are now charging me for their so-called time. I never saw this many doctors the last time I was in a hospital. A practice like this shouldn't be allowed at any hospital. Those doctors didn't see me because they were there to help, it was just so each one could charge me separately. I'm also being tripled charged for everything because they ran the same tests again and sent me for an ultra sound, which was not even necessary. The cardiologist finally saw me 5 hours after the ultra sound was done just to tell me everything was normal... again. 2 other doctors were with him, but said nothing. Obviously, they were only there so they could charge twice as much. I had to wait another 3 hours to be discharged. The hospital sent in a claim to my insurance a week later and they are trying to charge me a copay for a second ER visit even though I never left the hospital. They didn't hesitate to send in that claim, but sure are hesitating to send in a correction. Weeks later, they still haven't adjusted that copay off their claim. I'm never going to this hospital again. I'd give them 0 stars if I could.

Melissa Taylor

Amazing staff and service. The nurse Scott is incredible. He definitely goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. The doctor "OJ" was also super friendly and personable. If you have to go to the emergency room I definitely recommend this one.

Rhonda Vaters

My husband went into the ER at 2:30 am Wednesday morning, then admitted around 3:30 am and stayed until Sunday. I was there all day Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, except for the couple of times each day, I went home to check on our dogs, and all night Wednesday, and Thursday night. He had gall bladder surgery on Friday. The entire time he was there the ENTIRE staff were so very kind, so very caring. I would recommend Northside Hospital to ANYONE

Esther Glickman

Emergency experience was great. Third floor is another story. They must be understaffed. They nurses stand around talking with bells going off. My Mother could have been on the floor for 20 minutes before anyone came. No team work. Each nurse is on her own. The two nurses Mom had were good. Mom was told that she was going to go home today, Dr released her at 3 it's no 5:30 and we are still here. The only reason we are here is because of our Dr, but may consider another hospital that is not so understaffed. It's too bad.

Stephen Petanowick

Excellent Hospital. I was just discharged yesterday. GREAT staff in all areas. Very knowledgeable. At the end of each shift, the nurse on duty would introduce the on coming nurse to each patient. I think that is totally cool. Thank you North Side Hospital for taking such good care of me.

Tammy Whitney

Worst hospital ever...

brenda spraggins

Gone to North side for new Migraine treatment ...the staff was friendly and caring

Darlene Garner

I had shockingly fast, effective and friendly care when I visited Northside Hospital ER. From check-in to discharge, every encounter was a good one. I walked in a little scared and walked out with medication to treat my condition and a referral to a specialist in hand. If I have an emergency in the future, I would trust Northside to fix me up fast. Every experience I had during my visit was kinder & more caring than expected. I really appreciate that.

efren cazares

My wife has been in there for 2 weeks and the service has been terrible I want her out of there as soon as possible there constantly forgetting the basic necessities!!!

Roseann Doucette

I went to Northside Hospital last week for a one day surgery and I cannot say enough of the care that I received. Had never been there before but will go there again. The staff is so caring and nice. Thanks to all those nurses. You ladies are the best. Also a big thanks to my doctor , Dr Nematbakhsh.

Kemal Kvakic

Wife and I had to visit Northside Hospital, and our experience was really bad. Doctor, Paul, was very rude and unprofessional letting us know that her pain is chronical and they usually don't treat people like her (she had 9/10 pain). Student came in and blew her veins in both arms while attempting to draw blood. Then he took one too many, one came back as ”invalid” and had to be redone due to ”air” inside the bottle or ”shaking too much”. Third attempt was not successful and another vein blow by different student. They did ultrasound, with ”all good” results. We went home with same pain as we walked in. My wife had another appointment with specialist few days later, they saw the same ultrasound we took in ER and found she had severe hydronephrosis. Suggestion: drive little longer and go to Bayfront!

Diana Swan

People have to understand when deprived they think is not being deprived. This is the only hospital I come to and always taken well care of from emergency to the hospital it self. I recently here for 3 days. The CNA'S and Nurse's are the best from CNA/Karen that really stuck out to all nuses in general. Thanks Brittney for stopping by to make sure all was good. And cant forget dietary .Which was on point in cooking. Thanks all for all you did for me.

Dave Nicolas

This place has nurses posting pictures on social media of selfies during operations. I’m disgusted. I looked on their website of course there is no email address to send the pics too. This hospital clearly does not care about their patients.

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