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Sarina Aristide

Worst hospital ever !!

Diamond Mercedes

Worst hospital I have ever been to. I would rather go to a hospital in the middle of nowhere in the desserts of Mexico! Then step foot in that place again. I got admitted last night the ER was very slow an inattentive. On the way to my room there was feches on the floor someone obviously didn't care to clean. Once put into my room it was dirty and the bathroom unclean or sanitized. Nastiest place I've ever been. The staff I had was amazing but I was in such disgust that I checked myself out against the medical advice I was given and gladly currently waiting another 12 hours to be somewhere else.

Kiilolow Kiara


Daunte Palmer

Worst hospital and staff ever.


If there was 0 stars i would have gave it to them this hospital is the worst my dad literally only strained his shoulder it took like 3 hours just to give him a bag of ice and tell him nothing's wrong, he felt his blood sugar was high so when the nurse finally showed up after 2 hours we asked for the medicine the nurse literally said we don't have medication for high blood sugar so after we left we had to go buy his medicine himself. COMPLETE THUMBS DOWN

Robert Higgs

I found the staff at North Shore to be kind, helpful, courteous and polite. I left there with a feeling that the patient I came to see was in good hands and well taken care of.

Jemily Rojas

The biggest garbage of a hospital is there !!!! 3 hours in the waiting room with chest pain

Judi Edwards

Why was I just told that all hospital records are destroyed after 10 years and that my operative notes from 1984 don't exist anymore? I never heard such madness in my life. What happened to storage? I am totally outraged. I hope the person gave me this information has made a mistake. I will be doing some investigating.

Carolina Lafuente

Go somewhere else if you have the choice. I was taken to the ER by an ambulance after a car accident and was there for about 3 hours. While the staff that attended me was really nice I gotta say they were very understaffed. I waited forever to be seen by a doctor meanwhile my wrist was just laying there fractured and deformed and then I had to wait like a whole other hour for someone to come to discharge me from the hospital. Then I’m told the hospital bill was over $14,000 for just being there for 3 hours. I was supposed to then have my wrist surgery there and they wanted to charge me over $4,000. I ended up having it somewhere else where the surgery came out much cheaper and the attention was better. My surgery was even cheaper than my ER bill! This place is a scam.

Rayda Menendez

Horrible experience. I'm just hoping that my Father receives good care. The staff there are oblivious. I also felt like I should be ready to duck just in case shots were fired. People bringing in food the staff was rude. They have a security Guard bringing visitors back to the emergency room. The security guard they had there was on his phone texting and not paying attention to anything...I would never want to have to come to this hospital ever....

Moresha Pierre

I was at north shore emergency room for more then 4 hours and I didnt get no help, I'm 31 weeks pregnant and no doctors was available to help me. Bad service for a pregnant person going to emergency room. They always say north shore was the worst hospital to go to but I didnt believe, now I see.

Elisha Auguste

With my first birth I must say I received fairly exceptional service. But with my second and most recent birth I want to say I had such an AMAZING experience!!! I wish I could give 5 million stars. I really hope that the entire staff who cared for myself and my kids gets to see this. I am forever grateful to you guys for the amazing care. Not to say that the other nurses were anything short of amazing but Marie in labor and delivery you will forever be in my heart for your extra attention during my recovery from my c section. I'm so disheartened by the ratings on here. Please everyone I encourage you to take a tour and see for yourself how amazing of an experience this place really is!!!

Cosette Perez

I went with my dad to North Shore Hospital. We had an excellent experience at the Pain Care Center. We were treated with respect and kindness. The staff did everything they could to make sure he could get treated promptly. There was no wait, and everyone was attentive and helpful. They were able to target my dad’s root pain quite quickly and made suggestions of what he could do after treatment.

Chris Aquino

Great service the doctors are on top of everythig and the nurses care alot about there patients, i can't complain great service.

Jacq D

JUST GO TO ANOTHER HOSPITAL!!! IF YOU WANT TO GIVE AWAY MONEY, AND BE TREATED LIKE A CASH COW THEN YOU'RE AT THE RIGHT HOSPITAL. I was there for chest pains and numbness and tingling in my right arm. The care was poor, I was neglected by my primary doctor. I would suggest the MEMORIAL network or CLEVELAND CLINIC in Weston. MUCH BETTER!! The food was pretty good though and my PCTS WERE GREAT!!

dead bolt n door knibs Camon

My name is Lydia Camon - I was discharged today but my visit from the emergency room to the time of discharge was lovely; the staff were very professional, sensitive to my needs and the quality of care and services were impeccable; the food was nothing of what I received I thought I was eating at a star 5 restaurant the food was delicious from breakfast to lunch I wanted to stay for dinner but it was my time to happily be discharged the worker were nice - I give this hospital 10+ I would refer and return - my 95 year old grandma loves North Shore Hospital and so do I - thank you again for your warmth and kindness :-) I would highly recommend this hospital, etc. I can go on n on n on, etc but I have to rest - doctor's order :-)

Anthony Serrano

Wow i dont know where to begin. I have my mom in this hospital every other month and nothing changes with most of the nurses on the 2nd and 3rd floor. You have to call several times over an over for my moms bed to be changed. The rooms are not bieng cleaned like there supposed too. I use the bed control to for nurse and when they respond you can't even hear them thru speaker at all. When it comes to the nurses to come clean and change the patient they dont even respond to the call. They try to just ignore these calls at all time. Someone from the administration should be doing something about these problems! These types of problems should be adressed!! Not ignored! This will be reported and brought to the administrations office!! And secondly to all the news stations!! Also there are bathrooms that dont even have grab bars in them. This hospital should be ashamed! If these certain nurses dont like certai. Parts of there job duties then they shouldn't be nurses!! You have to have compassion for patients who are in this hospital. Not just ignore them!! This is a big problem that needs to be adressed!!!

Tamy Joseph

This hospital killed my uncle. That’s all. Then need to be shut down.

Ricardo Escalona

I recently had to go to the North Shore Pain Care Center to take a family member that was suffering from back pain. I can say that the attention we received was great. We did not have to wait a long time to be seen. The staff was very professional and attentive and the treatment my family member recieved was effective. I would definitely recommend this center to anyone that needs pain management...

Gabriela Cadet

I came at 10:30 for a pap and at12:50 I'm still waiting. When I ask, they said the doctor was assisting a patient with a delivery. This means that even when they set ppointments, they don't have the resources or the capability to take care of both situations. Wierd. Hopefully, I won't have to come back.

Manuel Supervielle

Excellent care, clean and friendly staff.

Lisa Paolucci

This place was the Worst .. never bring ur child here. We waited 4 hrs w a newborn it's a scam. Very very unprofessinal

Juanita Lau

I will never step a foot in this hospital again the worst I was there two hours without even a sheet and without no one even checking on me had to get up and go to the desk and ask if my results were in and informed him that my nurse Margarita told me she was going to get me a sheet and never came back so that gentleman had to get one for me after being there six hours and being told the system was down several times and that they have not gotten my results i decided it was time for me to go and find a better hospital this hospital needs to get a better system cause i cant stress it enough they are the worst and just trying rack up bills on poor sick people

Marla Grandis

Admitting nurse and staff were very nice Took a little longer than expected

Megan Bruton

I went for iron infusions for three days tho it was a a little dirty nurse Marie was helpful that Friday- SATURDAY was the most horrible day of my life it literally took pharmacy 4 hours to bring the iron the nurse had to complain herself that’s how bad it was- I got there at 12:30 and didn’t leave until 7pm that night- I wanted to cry - Sunday was better the nurse iggy was awesome....

Octavius Counts

North Shore is the worst Hospital ever they take forever to see you and then once you finally get in. They allow you to linger around until you get aggravated and want to go somewhere else. I was on ICU status for 3 days but never was in the ICU room or floor. The mother of my child went to this hospital and it did the same thing when she was in critical care we have to make choices to go to other hospitals after they collected all of your funds from your insurance or a personal pocket period that is not fair to go through the process and be charged a lot of money and nothing was done and had to go somewhere else 2 times in a row don't come to this Hospital.

Aaron Williams

Bought my friend here for her ovarian cyst ...Wait was ridiculous, staff didn't care and exceptionally dirty Update: she sat there for 4 hours in her bed in pain and they did nothing

Alexis Wright

This place is horrible. My two friends and I came to Florida from Ohio for vacation and someone ended up getting terribly sick. We waited at least 30 mins for the nurse to come to the room. When she finally came in she was smacking on her gum super loud. We were checked on by 3 people before someone actually came in. The paramedic on hand (Tony) was amazing! He checked up on us and helped us with as much as he could. There was also a short male doctor who was very helpful. I just wanted to acknowledge these two people for doing a fantastic job. So many people were walking around smacking on gum and the uniforms of the nurses were super tight. There was even a staff member who walked right in front of me to open the door behind me and he did not even acknowledge me nor did he say excuse me. Everyone here moves at their own pace not at the pace that is best for the patient. Overall I would say anyone is better off self diagnosing themselves and fixing the problem then going here.

Luisa Gomez

I was hospitalized in North Shore Medical Center after my surgery, on early March, and I have to say that, after all my experience is positive. The Center is very clean and all the staff are very polite, In the pre surgery room, I would mention (and I'm sorry I can not remember her name), the Brazilian lady that led me to the surgery room, she is amazing, like one of the nurses who take care of me, Valerie, she is the most professional, sweet, patient and gentle nurse that I have ever seen ( from the Tower III).and thank all those who have taken care of me. I totally recommend this center to anyone.

Lawrence Hutchison

Horrible. Do not expect to have your health insurance cover your incredible bills at north shore. This hospital billing dept. will lose the carriers checks and north shore will keep billing you even after north shore billing dept loses the carrier claim check. Also you can npt reach a live body via telephone. Every call to north shore will only give you voice mail message option. Customer non service.

Luz Mojica

I leaving Orlando Florida I have my mother in the hospital in the SC ICU, it's being the whole week, I went there last Wednesday, and I also was attended by the PA never saw or speak with a doctor in the unit. today feb,6 17, I was contact by the primary care doctor since a week ago, no response only today, the only person that has helped it's the social worker name Erika, and two nurses that I've been in contact with every day and they have give me information, honestly in my experience it's been horrible,the doctor has not show empathy and love for patience relative and they have not show compasión ether. It's sad that you are in this situation and it's went you feel vulnerable and get this out of doctors at this hospital unit. So sad and bad to said. Also the hospital unit don't look to good ether. Need chairs were the family can seats for a bit. And more love and empathy for other they all should show that they really love what they do by acts.

Tonya Whingent

I like to contunue with you guys with a plenty orders

djenny hyacinthe

This hospital needs to get reported, you can clearly see that the people are underpaid n why is it hot inside?worse er

alfred vieuxroy

Been taking my wife to the hospital it's OK but make sure to bring your own wheelchair! If you need one. No wheelchairs are available some rare depts carry one but it's their personal wheelchair....basically great hospital but no must not see the necessity for it within a hospital

Angie Maccena

The administrative team at this hospital is great. Just by the way they presented themselves to me and my husband was amazing. Thank you for giving and showing me the support I needed and was looking for. Brought tears to my eyes and brighten up my day.

Anna law the singer!

I went in for needing a steriod to make my mouth stop clinchn the doctor ND nurse were amazing .they fixed my mouth I can speak normal again hellajhea,thank u Jesus I'm healed!!!

Grin Talk

Kristin Piper. ICU manager. She sucks ass.

uk ra

Hi everybody I would like to share the feeling of my happiest day in my life, the day when my first child was born at North Shore Medical Center in Miami. First of all I have to mention that I am amazed by professionalism and kindness of whole stuff of Labor and Delivery department, especially by doctor Taina Denis,nurses Marianela Mugaburu and Diana. They have been taking care after my baby like their own. So as a representative of Ukraine and Russia I would recommend to everyone from my countries to trust life of their babies to professional nurses and doctors of North Shore Medical Center. This review is a small part of my gratitude what I can express toward above-mentioned personnel. Once again thank you Doctor Denis, thank you Marionela, thank you Diana and my candid appreciation to whole stuff of North Shore Medical Center.

Humble Boy Ethan

It almost killed my grandma

Rakhmonali mirzozoda

This hospital is sucks we have been here for 2 hours in emergency room and nobody is taking care of us. My friend was feeling really bad. Try to go somewhere else if you really have emergency.

Wood Luc

I wouldn’t even give this hospital a 1 star. Horrible hospital . Staff are unprofessional, disgusting. No good service at all. The Best hospital to go to for anything is memorial regional in Broward.

Maliha Daniels

Very dirty place, my son almost died from anesthesia reaction from a simple circumcision. A couple of years later, my dad had to be admitted to that same hospital. I went into his room and found the urine sample right next to his lunch tray. Think twice before going there.

Samannta Alexandre

Worst hospital everrrrrrr ughhhhhhh hate north shore


My wife gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on November 21, 2017. Dr. Sheryl Facey was our attending OB/GYN. She and the entire nursing staff was ABSOLUTELY great. Ms. Valerie was EXCEPTIONAL as well. There was a Latina nurse ( please forgive me for forgetting her name) who stay beyond her 12 hour shift to help my wife deliver with Dr. Facey. Overall, our entire experience at this hospital was SUPERB.

Evelina Santos

Stay Away from this hospital if you want to live longer. My sister in law came to this hospital complaining of back pain, they without even asked were giving her Morfina, are you kidding me? Only patient with terminal disease are giving this horrible killer drug. Doctor Jean Michel Amisial came to see her the next day and didn't even look at her record and was giving her a diagnose totally LOST. They draw blood from her at 7:30 AM and the lab girl came again a 12:00 saying "you have lab work schedule for today" . So make your own judgments, these people here are killing people.

jerome brown

the woman working at the outpatient information desk is very rude and don't make you feel welcome.I recommend you spend your money and insurance somewhere else where patients are valued and treated with some kind of respect....

Cindy Story

I was in ICU after a major surgery, the nurses were amazing, I was not an easy patient with normal complications and the nurses were on top of it! My nurses Rochelle and Kevin were outstanding and Annika.. My Drs listened to my needs and got me through a difficult time. DR CHARLES HARRIS and his staff were caring and there everyday to check on me.

Keric Holmes

I don’t like ideas how nurses staff care about the patients. Will not t recommend anybody come to North Shore

Shahidah Swanson

Hello. I had my son here. Both my self and his father were present and signed the birth certificate. The hospital cost us money and time for not submitting the correct paperwork to vital statistics . We had to go back and add him as the father ...we are so disgusted at the lack of attention to detail from the staff. I mean the vital statistics pulled the records under my social and my son is not even under my name as if he isnt mine! Great job North shore!!! What should have been something so important I feel they lack and dropped the ball in the worst way ever! Memorial Regional in Hollywood will always be my first choice I had our first two sons there and no problem.

Liz Poisonkiss

My grandmother was taken here during an emergency. I was with her the whole time. The nurse and some support staff were helpful. However, this was the only way we got serviced. The wait for all services was hours long. Basic necessities were asked for (towels and water) and were forgotten by staff. The dialysis was unsanitary. Very poor communication between staff. Left to the University of Miami Hospital for better medical services.

Yolaine Joseph

I came into the ER bimut it seem

Geraldina Lagos

My two boys were born at North Shore Medical Center on 1995 and 1999. I didn´t want to go home, I was in tears when I left both times. Nothing to compare to other hospitals. Whoever says there is bad attention in this hospital, it's a big liar. The only thing they don't do to mothers is to sing lullaby for us to go to sleep. I never forget Miss Huss, Miss Muriel, Miss France, Mrs. Bloom, Doctor Bloom, Doctor Stern, Dr. Bridges and Drs. Rub the pediatricians. Just the best of the best at North Shore. Love you all.

Amanda Grant

The emergency room wait is really long and a roach was crawling on the chair next to me. Been here 2 hours and only a wristband. Finally get in the back because a patient had left. My doctor was nice and fast but for some others total HIPPA violations. Overheard to much information. My doctor and nurse was great

Vonncella Swain

I had a great experience at the hospital. The staff was very comforting and very attentive to my needs. I took longer in the recovery unit but my nurse was very patient with me as he just told me to take my time. I'm very thankful for all who took care of me before and after my surgery.

britney smith

Absolutely the worst hospital. Very ghetto and unprofessional. Haven't seen my doctor since I was 33 weeks and they want to schedule my next appointment when I'm 39 weeks. I have no clue what's goin on with me nor my baby. Don't go to this hospital if u care about your pregnancy and baby.

Nikky Louis

From the ER to Neuro step-down my Mom was treated like a Queen, my sisters were hesitant to this hospital, but I insisted and there’s no regrets. My families and friends now have a different view, they all on board on North Shore being their go to hospital

Melessa Howell

They're so unprofessional! Oh my God

alfio mario Lotzniker

I've been at the ER of this hospital today (3/18) for a flow up after 11 days from the first visit, and things has been completely different. I waited almost one hour before to enter to be visited and almost two hours to be visited by a doctor, and after more than one hour go out without a copy of XR reports. For sure doctors are gently and let you feel to be in good hands, but they could assist me in only one hour and not in more than four hours, even I can understand that there were people in a worst way than me. As I'm covered by an insurance, I though to be assisted in a better way, but evidently I was wrong. This time I cannot say to have been satisfied. I'll talk about that with my insurance company I've been at the ER of this hospital yesterday (3/7). I waited for only 5 minutes and after I've been assisted by Dr. Quan Djaz. He has been gently and professional explaining me all in detail. They made me RX imagines and after I've been assisted also from another doctor, Raquel Méndez. Also she has been gently and professional. Both helped me in understanding the situation as my non perfect English. I had read bad reviews on this hospital, but for me it's full score

Nyshelle James

Need more staff

Melanie Reardon

I have interstitial cystitis with bladder ulcers. My nurse knew this and she pressed down hard on my bladder with catheter in because urine wasn't coming out fast enough for her. When someone has IC you don't traumatize the bladder further by pushing on it.The staff was incredibly rude especially my doctor. They sent me home with acute urinary retention. My nerves and muscles are screwed up from years with this condition. I had not urinated in 2 days so that was the reason for my visit. That never happened before. They said there was just a tiny bit of urine in there which is all they would wait for. I hate this ER. Don't go.They are abusive a-holes!


I just had my baby at North shore on November 8 I have nothing bad to say about my experience compared to how everyone was telling me not to go to this hospital. I had the best doctor Dr Magloire and the nicest most caring delivery nurse Mrs. Albert. They made me and my baby feel welcome Mrs. Mary the patient care just amazing. After birth when I started bleeding heavy they was right there to help me and made me feel like everything will be just fine. The two nurses named kim I had that day all I could say is wow they always checking up on you to make sure you have everything you need and Mrs Terry the charge nurse the sweetest most caring person you can meet. After having 3 babies at another hospital if I to get pregnant north shore would be my first choice. Everything is just amazing from the house keeping staff through the kitchen staff I can't complain.

Miriam Kaige

I experienced wonderful care from the labor and delivery nurses. This was my third child and considering I had given birth at South Miami Hospital and Kendall Regional. I can honestly say the treatment I received was as good or even better. My nurse and CNA were outstanding.

Chetsivah Rodriguez

So far service from staff is garbage. I will find out how to transfer my family member. I should have read the reviews about this place, before my uncle went in for his procedure. Well, my uncle died here. 1st they messed up his surgery, and had to keep him sedated because of excruciating pain he was in. 2nd We visited him and his room was unkempt. 3rd he insisted on NO BLOOD transfusion, they convinced him he would die if he doesn't take it. 4th got an infection that was eating him from inside out. He was a light tan man when he went in and had a blotchy dark skin when he died there. 5th As I tried to explain what would help him, a PA yelled in my face, and nurses would ignore me and my sister because they didn't like our probing questions. I pray no one has to use this facility especially when in a dire state.

Tbvictorious 1

I had my Baby here 4 and 1/2 years ago and I can remember the experience like it was yester-year! They really took care of me and my newly born at the time. North Shore Medical did all the necessary precautions and measures to ensure that my Baby and I was well and health.They answered any questions I had and whatever I requested, which was very little. I stayed in for 3 days, with my own room/ privacy. I was able to have my Baby in the room with me. Upon my discharge, I received a little cake and apple cider to congratulate me. I thought that it was so unique and considerate of them. I would definitely have another birth here if I ever consider having more children.

Nancy Cares

The one star is for the intoxicated security at the south lobby. Very disoriented, not focused. Dont know who else to talk to about it. But get it together, visitors are here to see the sick also, we shouldnt have to experience this.


The labor and delivery nurses gave me good care and attentive. My OB-GYN and operating room staff during my c-section were amazing and supportive. The postpartum unit, staff, nurses and nursery nurses gave me and baby excellent care.

Joy Joy

This place is disgusting, it needs to be shut down. Hospitals in this country need a serious crack down.

la panamena

Terrible. The nurses where not caring about my health or concern. I was on the bed for hours and with pain in my abdominal area. The nurses there we're all giggling and laughing. They we're careless and all they gave me was a pill after that my pain did not go away and eventually i went to Jackson hospital so the actual professionals can assist me. Ladies and gentlemen north shore hospital is a place for low life uneducated physicians and nurses that do not know what they are doing. Believe me they are getting paid to do nothing.... worst place ever.

Linda Raphael

Ohhhh how I wish I would’ve listen to all those that warned me to stay way from this hospital! As I write this post I’m literally fighting back tears due to the traumatizing experience that I had when I was admitted at this hospital. I had past patients and DOCTORS that warned me not to come here. It took me 6 months to finally have the strength to write this post and share my HORRIFIC experience at this hospital. I beg of you, those of you that are reading this post, if you want the best chance at life pleaseeeee seek help elsewhere. At this point, I’m not sure why this hospital is still in business. The fact that they’re still operating in business is a Crying Shame. I went to deliver my baby there and ended up leaving the hospital only to be hospitalized elsewhere due to an error that was done by my OB doctor. The account is to long to go into detail. I’ve voice my concerns to the hospital HR Dept at North Shore and I was told that this will be reviewed and I await until this day 6mnths later. The mother unit have some really great nurses and my heart goes out to them because the way this hospital is going they might mess around and loose their license. I never thought I would say this but you have a better chance of life at the county hospital Jackson South, at least they are known for having great doctors. I use to think some of these negative reviews were people being extra but I’ve come to find out by my own personal experience that these negative reviews are most likely accurate events. I really wish I could’ve given ZERO STARS! They really need to be shut down.

Shantrell Louis

I gave birth on a Tuesday morning and went for a tubal ligation on a Thursday morning around 7am in the morning. When I left my room I left all personal items into my room. When I got back into my room it was lunch in my room that one of staff had put into my room and the trash was empty in my room. I was discharged from the hospital that same night around 11pm because they didn’t have all my paper work, or prescription ready. Friday morning when I woke up my mother came to my house to go to the grocery store for me to pick up some items for me and my baby. When I went into my purse to give my mother money to go to the grocery store, my money was missing. I am so hurt and upset that someone would go into my belongings and take from me. I called the hospital to inform them about what happen. I was told that department supervisors was not in and to give her a call back on Monday morning. I did a follow up call in Monday morning like was inform. I spoke with the department supervisor, she inform me that she had to review the cameras and would get back with me. On Wednesday I did another follow up call to see what was happening, that’s when I was inform that the cameras was not facing my room. I don’t understand how staff can take from a patient and nothing can be done. I WILL NEVER BE A PATIENT OR VISIT NORTH SHORES HOSPITAL AGAIN.

Dawn Allen

I must admit my visit the other night was EXCELLENT. The ER team was professional and prompt! The doctor, nurses and techs were very GOOD caring for my cardiac situation. I was seen quick and got to leave that same night. I feel GREAT!!

Alexis Godwin

If I had the ability to give this hospital no stars I would. I tell you no lie this hospital most of the employees and the service in general is terrible. The rooms are filthy the food is horrible even my experience giving birth to my child there was equivalent to hell. My grandmother went in there last week for just a fall and ended up dying 2 days ago the nurses especially the emergency room treated my grandma like an animal. When my grandmother went there she was walking and going to the bathroom on her own. They made her sit over 2 hours with an extremely high blood pressure and pulse neglecting her medical needs and being rude to my family that was with her. There was a lack of communication between my family and the medical team whenever we tried to get the status of my grandmother the nurses would say they don’t know what’s going on and the doctors didn’t leave any notes. My family and I are still in grief, before my grandmother died my aunt begged and said to the doctor that was suppose to be providing care what do I gotta apologize for you to save my mothers life instead of acting on STAT he procrastinated to come into the room in the middle of her having a heart attack he asked the pcts and nurses do anybody have any suggestions he didn’t know what to do. I’ve never in my life would have thought a hospital could get away with mistreating people and families and I definitely don’t want this to go unnoticed or for something similar or worst to happen to somebody else family members. Please take heed to my experience or keep it in mind I’ll never be able to see my grandma again mainly because if her health would of been treated as a priority the she could have still been here. Don’t let them or another hospital have the opportunity to do you like me or worst !!!!

Aubree Rose

Let's start off with everything negative you read BELIEVE. I got to the ER and everyone was helpful to a certain point told me everything that was wrong with me did there best to try to treat me. They started giving me antibiotics. Once they decided to admit me and send me to a different department everything changed. Let's start off with putting me in a room with no AC as much as I complained no one cared no one came to check out the AC. (I believe this is why they discharged me) didnt even offer a fan even the nurse admitted it was warm. We all know hospitals are not warm. Secondly DR Naqui has to be by far the worst doctor I've ever come across you do realize you work with sick patients ? Rude, inconsiderate and told me NOTHING was wrong with me. Well according to my discharge papers alot is wrong with me and you gave me absolutely nothing to help cure me. When I left this place because you forced me out I couldn't even walk. Now you will bill my Insurance company and charge thousands of dollars for what if according to you nothing is wrong with me. Why admit me? I only came here because I had to call rescue and they took me here obviously something was wrong if I called 911. By far the worse hospital I've been too worse experience and discharged me when according to my discharge papers alot is wrong with me. Hospitals are to treat and take care of sick people! You guys absolutely failed at that.


Great staff especially, Brenda P....saved my life. I got the three words, " I'm cured."

Deborah Timothee

This hospital is trash , my mom was here and they didn't do nothing for her but take her blood . They didn't even give her water when she ask and they're very rude . They put her in a room like she have a disease.

Kevin Johnson

Dr Jorge Gamoneda The worse ever !!!

William Izquierdo

The nurses and the staff were very attentive and the staff knows how to have a good time happy Halloween

apex edny8

It took 5 hours for a checkup

Sarahy Bielsa


Micaya Johnson

this hospital kills every one i know

Laura Masse

The woman's health care center is the worst office I've ever been in. Terribly slow and very poor communication. Avoid at all costs.

Kelly Valdes

Been here for over 6 hours still no results of anything. The rooms are a bit dirty and no chair for a guest to sit on. The nurses aren't very attentive and they don't explain the waiting time for the results nor the tests that are going to be administered to the patient.

Bassil Bracho

Take my wife to be with your obstetrician and not answered the person with whom you had the appointment. We were not informed about anything, just they did a blood test and Pap smear and it took one month to deliver the records after so many discuciones WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE , ARE VERY IRRESPONSABLES.

Madeindade All

If you are a couple and may be expecting dont bother to come here the spouse or significant other has to wait in waiting area for everything even tho ultra sound ill Rate jackson hialeah and palmetto better than this place

Jonathan So

The absolute worst hospital in the world! I fractured my femur and this was the emergency room the ambulance took me to. The inpatient doctor staff is horrible. I was in the hospital nine days saw my admitting Dr. once his PA twice the entire time I was there. I would consistently have to wait sometimes hours to get my pain medication. In nine days, they cleaned me up 2x times. They barely changed my sheets as well. The majority of the nursing staff was terrible. In fact, they almost killed me the night before I left. This is not a joke. My nurse put a 50 µg fentanyl patch on my arm. The nurse proceeded to put a large piece of masking tape over the patch. There was no reason for this, as it has its own adhesive. I was not comfortable with the situation so I went online and Checked some knowledgeable, reputable sites. I came to find out that this is one of the most dangerous things you can do with a fentanyl patch. This can cause the patch to overheat releasing what could be a fatal dose.fentanyl is one of the most dangerous opiates and is responsible for many deaths in and out of the hospital. Thank God I am inquisitive and immediately ripped it off of my arm. The nurses reply was "oh I didn't know".there is special medical tape that needs to be used in this situation. Besides that, the staff consistently lied to me throughout my stay. Please be very weary staying or going near this hospital. I will refuse any ambulance that wants to take me to the hospital again. I would usually make the ambulance take me to another hospital but figured this was a much more minor incident after I fell.

Myrtle Tomlinson

It is in easy reach WHERE every you are coming from

maya merus

My Grandma was just discharged from this hospital and i had to wait to give the review, and i am so honored and happy that she was there, best hospital ever. Neuron step-down (RN Merlin’s, Colleen, Marie) PCT Joy, Audrey was awesome please share with the team.

Magdiel Carrazana

Last week I visited the Pain Center at North Shore Hospital, took my uncle for a knee injection and the entire experience was amazing. The management of this office is outstanding, they take care of every detail, the staff works as an effective team, there is no wait, they had complete knowledge of my uncle's condition, they are multilingual, you can see the nurses go above and beyond keeping everything cleaned and organized. Dr Vendryes and Dr Hernandez treated my uncle and he has been pain free since the injection. We were given a complete set of instructions at discharge and the doctor wheeled my uncle to our car when he saw that we were waiting to be transported. You truly feel like a VIP in this place. Thank you so much!!!

Nikita Cash

The lady at the front desk in the emergency room was very rude. they were not professional at all. The lady and the security guard we're both making jokes about me while I was in pain in the emergency room it was a very bad experience I filled traumatize I never want to go there again even if I'm dying and I do not recommend it to anyone I'm still sad about how they treated me i went in 3-4-2016 at 11:30am The security guard last name is McKnight and I know that for a fact because I asked for his name and he told me the lady refused to give me hers. DO NOT GO THERE ITS HORRIBLE

Robert Romano

My son was born here we had an amazing experience

Ketlyne Joseph

The WORST hospital ever! I have a chronic condition and unfortunately i live near so this is where i go during flare ups if i have to be transported by ambulance. But when I say if i have a choice i dont come here! Any where is better than here. Its EVERYTHING. BAD DOCTORS. WAIT IS HORRIBLE. I HEAR THE MOST CODE BLUES HERE. BE CAREFUL... AND BELIEVE ALL THE RUMOURS

Tom Garcia

Worst place ever

Alice Valdes

I just had my son at the North Shore Maternity Center. My ob/gyn Dr. Gotlin HIGHLY recommended North Shore to my husband and I and he said there was no place like it. Boy was he right. This is my fourth child and none of my previous experiences even come CLOSE to what I experienced at North Shore. From the moment I checked in at 3:30 am with Jennifer and Crystal to the moment I checked out with Opal several days later and everyone one in between, including Iggy who counted down as I pushed my baby into the world and Jessica who cared for me until my discharge, I felt like I was so cared for and special to these amazing nurses. In particular I would like to highlight Ms. Jennifer, who held my hand through a particularly long and arduous labor. This special lady went above and BEYOND to give me the most expert care, whether I needed pain medication, oxygen or just a pep talk when I was exhausted--her sweet words "Don't worry baby! I'm here to help and we will have this baby and it's all gonna be alright." Ms. Jennifer has a special place in my heart because not only did she give me the expert care and guidance I needed, her strength made me feel strong in moments I felt weak. She stayed after her shift to make sure I made it all the way to ten centimeters and if it wasn't for her knowledge I think I would have been wheeled away to c-section in any other hospital but nurse Jennifer guided me all the way so I could have my baby naturally. How could I ever repay her? She's an angel and North Shore is blessed to have such a professional on their team. I would also like to mention nurse Iggy--sweet, excellent and lovely. She was the nurse who was in rotation when I finally was able to push. Her energy, positivity and care gave me the final push so I could give the final push. I was so amazed at her lovely disposition and her interactions with my family. I felt like I was at home in her care and I'm so honored that she was next to me as I received my son into this world. In the after care, I spent the most time with Nurse Jessica. Humble, soft spoken, sweet and organized--what else could you want in recovery? We had many wonderful conversations and all I could think about was how well this hospital was staffed. They found the best and put them all in one place. The facility was spotless and everyone who came into clean--so polite. Melissa delivered the most amazing food always on time and with a smile and definitely restaurant quality. The food was one of the highlights and I was so grateful for these delicious and well prepared dishes. Jocelyn the lactation consultant was so knowledgeable, friendly and warm and a great asset to this team. She encouraged me and shared her knowledge with me during my stay. My son had a circumcision on the day we were to go home by the excellent Dr. Rub and Nurse Opal lovingly held his little hand and ensured his care was of the best quality. He didn't even cry. She was so mother like and excellent it made the transition from hospital to home seamless. She was the nurse who was last on rotation before I was wheeled off away from this lovely place. I was really honestly dreading my hospital stay--who likes hospitals? Not I. BUT North Shore--it felt like HOME. If only I would have known about it with my other children! But I pass on the knowledge and good news to YOU. If you are looking for a place that is clean, warm, loving and excellent--a place where people aren't pushy or cold but instead loving, knowledgeable and ready to care for you, head over now to North Shore Maternity--the absolute BEST South Florida has to offer.

Mytelle Cesar

Worst ever, just thinking about the experience upset me, nasty staff, truly don't know where they get their license from. They don't deserve one star, that the lowest I can go I selected but this place deserve to close down.

ThatGeneric Gamer

Doctos dont know what they doing. They discharged and neglected my older brother who is a cancer patient and didnt attend to him until 3am. He was waiting since 6pm the day before.

Ericka C.

Nurses and staff are great. They take care of you they come fast when you call them and if you need anything.. they will take care of it.I honestly have to say the staff is great... but your Dr's are clearly there cause they just care about the money. They come in with such a attitude they don't have bedside manners they make you feel like you are a piece of meat. I honestly can say look for another hospital if you can.

Dadmar Bony

My mom had a surgery at this hospital, when she went back for follow up, they wouldn t give her any care, they said she had her surgery somewhere else. I wish I could give no star,. The worse is when I found out they have done that to a lot of patients who had their surgery there.

Jessica Witt

Ive been here for two hours & twelve minutes and only received a band.....smh glad im not about to die....should of went to Mount Sinai

Bob Blahloblaw

Good place to have a baby

Rubens Riol

I've been twice in this hospital. I really appreciate Dr. Oscar Caceres support at the Pain Care Center. He's such a kind human being, very perceptive and professional, as the rest of the staff. I'm very grateful and highly recommend their services.

Raul Rodriguez

My wife and I have a baby in this hospital and we have the best experience. Nurses are very attentive and Doctors are the best, in special Dr Spence, and Emily. Thank you so much for everythin.

Kimmy Jones

They suck especially their emergency room sucks they need better care for patients.

Angel of God Girl

They cured my grandma

Cristal S

I had a safe and great experience during the delivery of my son in October 2017. The nurses were attentive, helpful and sweet. The stay at hospital was good, i dont like to be away from my own home, so i was looking forward to go home. Overall the nurses and administrators go above and beyond. I truly appreciate everyone for being caring and keeping my son and i safe. I definitely recommed the hospital. The only thing i am disappointed about was that my sons last name was mispelled by the staff on his birth certificate and social security card, which has been a headache now.

Spanish Boi

Here for an appointment, none of the elevators are working. Communication is non existent. I dont know what to say. I'm in building 1190

Hurricane Jumpers

Patient supportive doctors and staff - nurses are so kind and gentle from ICU to signature suites attentive helpful genuinely caring

Jessica Cotzin

I don't usually leave reviews but I remember being skeptical about giving birth at this hospital because of the mixed reviews. I just want to say I had a great experience! I can't speak for the ER or other departments of the hospital, but the maternity ward staff was amazing. This was my first birth and I had to have a last minute c-section and the nurses we interacted with over our five day stay were all wonderful. They were attentive, caring, and overall compassionate and helpful. I don't remember every nurse's name, but the ones I do remember who were particularly special were Ms. Valerie (amazing person chock-full of parental wisdom and humor!!!), Antonela (who was very sweet and helped calm my nerves), and Jessica (also very sweet and attentive nurse). If you're skeptical about giving birth at this hospital due to the mixed reviews, don't be! The staff was attentive and caring (and super knowledgable about breastfeeding etc), the rooms were very clean, food was hot and good (as far as hospital food goes), and everything went really smoothly. Thank you so much to the North Shore Medical Center staff for your kindness, patience, and helpfulness! Giving birth for the first time was a terrifying experience for me but you guys made it so much more bearable and it means a lot.

Mari Yrsola

Close to home and excellent customer service.

Cecelia Ramos

Dr a.oghourlian very welcoming, warm, excellent service , staff, referrals to experts, follow-up.

Annalie Fraguela

Worst hospital I've ever been to. This place is disgusting. Dirty floors, bad service. Rescue took my aunt here because it was the nearest hospital. Nurse was very attentive but we NEVER saw the doctor. A PA was the one who discharge us. They came to charge her for the hospital visit while she was still waiting for results. It was horrible.

Milan Rakic

Very satisfied.... very clean place... stuff is very polite... Dr. Gotlin is the best!!!

Jacqui Tew

Nurses thinks everyone is on drugs They are not caring at all I don’t understand why this hospital

Queen Mary

If you are black, don't apply for a job at this place. They are racist. Even though I have excellent experience as I worked for one of the best hospital in Florida, they didn't hire me. They hire all the Spanish nurses. Most of them don't even have hospital experience. I am not saying that the Spanish nurses are not good but, it's sad to see that racism exists in hospital setting. One day, they won't even admit black patients there. CNO you just lost a wonderful nurse. Anyway, I am going to take my excellent attitude and many years of experience to other units.

Monica Patterson

My mom was admitted to North Shore Medical Center. She's 88 years Old and she got the best care ever .Quick service, free parking and a caring Staff.Thanks!!!

J. V. Acce Virgile

Staff are super friendly.. Kids loves coming to the Dr., but hates the niddles... Thumbs ☝

Vee Lencia

Worst hospital ever

Eyxelterap79 jonatandavid79080410020

I had to take a relative to the Pain Care Center at the North Shore Medical Center and I must say that I was impressed by everything I saw. The staff is very friendly and professional. They got smiles out of my aunt (something really hard these days). Their facilities are also spotless. Two thumbs up!

Jessica Bulwin

I had the BEST experience of my life at this hospital. I had a scheduled csection which I was terrified of having for the 3rd time, but the entire staff from the OR, recovery to my personal room where nurses & staff came to treat me, my new baby & to care for my room were AMAZING. I never felt so much support, care, respect & love like I have at this hospital. I would NEVER go to any other hospital again honestly, truly they are the best. August 2017 :)

dstanart2 stanart

I delivered my daughter at this hospital 19 months ago and I think about how great my nurses and doctor were quit often. They never rushed the delivery (which was my biggest apprehension.) The doctor and nurse (mostly nurse) that delivered baby were so good at their job and made me feel comfortable. The recovery nurses were very caring. Overall great experience at North Shore Medical Center.

Mimi Larry

has unethical hiring practices. It is not fair to qualified applicants.

Michael Manzella

If I could give ZERO stars, I would. We requested our Placenta to be retained when checking into the Labor and Delivery room. The hospital told us everything we needed to do to get the Placenta, EXCEPT that we needed to sign a paper to make sure it was retained and not thrown out. So we never got the paper and they threw away our placenta. Good thing it wasn't the baby. Also they talked down to us for not giving our daughter the Hep B vaccine or Eurythmicin eye cream (even though we told them that our doctor would be giving all the vaccines in a couple of days. They also spelled my wife's name wrong on the birth certificate and never gave us the verification paper to sign off saying everything was correct. When we got the birth certificate and our name was spelled wrong, we went to the hospital to get it fixed, and they wanted $20 to fix it! I had to basically scream at them telling them I signed nothing that spelled my own name wrong, therefor I'm not paying to have it fixed. Finally they did it, but my goodness what a mess. Dont go here.

Blake Tucker

My food was cold and sharp

thalia st-louis

I delivered my baby last week at North Shore hospital. I was skeptical at first because people were giving this hospital bad reviews but i am glad i followed my instincts and gave them a chance. The delivery went very well the doctors and nurses were all trying to calm me down and were very patient with me. The recovery nurses were excellent, so friendly, attentive, polite . They gave me such good care , i remember all of their names due to their personal approach. Even the cleaning staff and lunch ladies were very nice. I almost didnt want to leave!! Very clean rooms , no complaints at all. I will most definitely give birth at North Shore again and hope to see all my favorite nurses , especially Kim and Shelly :-)

Janelle Souffrant

I was born here and I’m alive today

Dustin Campion

Great place and amazing nurses. Willing to go above and beyond

Blake Doyle

I was so dramatic and the doctors and nurses took care of me so quickly. Thank you to the 2am staff that put up with my screaming. Thank you thank you thank you. Maraming salamat po. This will be my new ER to come to. So professional and very kind.

Mirlande Borgella

Last month I went to the emergency room with my daughter and then I received a bill of 1350 $. As she has medicaid I sent the information about the case number and medicaid #, yesterday I received another bill of 1950 $ with indications that the insurance paid 1350 $ and now I have to pay 550$. However the medicaid cover 100%. I do not understand anything on that.

Sandra Williams

Operator won’t even answer the phone. I am not really sure what’s going on with the people that work there. But that is a place where you can say good help is hard to find. My list is too long to fit on this review.

A. Mezo

I can pass a polygraph test. 7 or so years ago I woke up next to a woman who was sitting over my bed with a colored pill. She moved it toward my mouth and i asked, whats that. No answer. Again i asked as she leaned closer practically putting it in my mouth. Scared I walked away and to show I was not at fault and scared, i left the room where i was and told another woman at the desk what was happening that i was being forced a pill. She said, we'll be right with you. Another woman came with a wheelchair and i was calmly baker acted for this. I could sue them for this and other human violation rights that incurred on me here.

Doumervil Pierre

NEVER GO HERE(North shore Medical) WARNING !!! DATE RANGE FROM 11/6/2018 THUR 11/7/2018 I spent 13 hours at TGK jail( First time ever to jail in my life I'm 23) before the Birth of my Child on 11/8 which was at Memorial regional hospital Rated 5 stars. I still made it on time to see the birth of my child . I was charged with: 1.Truss passing 2.Resisting Arrest with nonviolence to personal ******* i was framed and lied on by a north shore nurse and a off duty Miami Dade police officer saying active shooter with a uzi . They made me look as if i was a terrorist . This Damaged my Life for every *** But in the vids i have the officer saying i can come back at 7am which was like within 3 to 4 hours or when the nurses change shifts .************* I was big time framed by this hospital(North Shore) labor and delivery staffs plus security team . I ALMOST LOST MY LIFE to where my First NEW BORN wouldn't have seen her father. After Incident with police I received head damage from off duty officer which caused my ear to rip and heavily bleed out .Due to me trying to File a complaint on the staffing customer service and horrible IV Machine that doesn't work properly which kept my Girl in extreme pain. The list goes on to where the nurse herself was tired of coming back-and-forth to Room to fix the IV machine she showed me how to repair the IV machine when It sends a distress signal. The plugs on the IV machine is color coded . I don't work for North Shore but since she didn't want to do her job she showed me the repairs. That lead me to ask staff members how to File a claim no one know how to. It got to a point to where i requested for a New Nurse and the Head manager working that day completed the request(around 3 a.m on 11/7) . The whole day im there with my Mother and pregnant girlfriend . My mother ended up calling my father to come pick her up from north shore around 3 to 4 a.m . My mother didnt know her way down from delivery to ER so she asked for me to bring her down and wait tell my father comes to get her . Before I went down I asked one of the nurses " is it OK for me to bring my mother's down stairs knowing visitation hours is close but since I'm the father of the unborn baby can i come back up" . She told me "yes no problem" infornt of my mother and i ; so i continued down stairs. During that time of me out the delivery room walking my mom . The nurse went to my girl room with a Malicious attempt to get information about me . My girl unaware of the situation of what the Nurse have plan naturally gave her my info .The nurse claimed she needed my DOB and Name for the Birth certificate of my unborn child . Which my information is not need untill the baby is born ....and she asked my Girl if i ever abused her . At this time my girl have high blood pressure due to birth process responded saying "no im not an abuser ". From there is where i Interacted with officer after my mom left he didnt want me back up in the hospital . I requested for the police officer supervisor he explains to me he doesn't have one . The whole time i didn't know that cop was off duty . But i have film for this whole event with audio of the pain i suffered and how police treated me when i gave them the up most professional respect. How can i make a threat to a nurse when the Higher manager of that department Switched my nurse due to my request . Why would i harm a hospital where im having my first child and my mother there with me . Its makes no sense . The whole time my girl was in the room alone while i was going to jail with my baby still inside her . The staff was being hard with the discharged form not allowing my Girl to leave .(((From this point my girl been induce by North shore for 13 hrs))) It got to a point to where the nurse wrote on the discharge form ( you and your baby can die ) so that way my girl will be scared to sign the papers and she'll be stuck to stay . My girl still signed the form with the unprofessional writing from the nurse . That what lead us to have our baby at Memorial regional hospital .

Magdy Issa

Great friendly staff. Excellent service!

Tatyana Shiryaeva

I had a labor in the North Shore and everything was very good. Thanks to all staff who was taking care about me and my baby. From the first to the last minute they were professional, kind, friendly and thoughtful. NICU staff is the best!

Sonia Portela


Melissa O'Hare

If you want to learn creole & want to feel like you are in Jamaica or Haiti, with all the cool happenings that go with it, then this is the place.

geor karn

Terrible inhuman care completely not customer service wised. There is some great staff, but most of them are wicked and mistreats you, neglects you and make you suffer for fun. A fella in my room found his medication in the garbage , he showed them and they laughed at him. They are playing with your health and don't want to talk about it. No matter what your claims are once you are in you'll always loose, and if you do so, they will make a hell out of your life instead of empower your recovery. Stressful.

Franklin Wilbert

One of the worse hospital people can go to!!!


In Northshore Medical in Miami, my ucle was left abandoned. We called the nurse. 5, 10. 15 minutes later I stormed out and demanded to know why nobody came out or answered. I got a smirk and heard, "It don't work." He died. I arranged a funeral home. I called the hospital and they said that the body was ready to be moved. The funeral home called. They got the same response, so they sent someone to pick up my uncle. After waiting an hour to get a doctor to sign, the funeral home was told to come back the next day! The funeral home called this morning. Once again the hospital said my uncle's body was now ready to be moved. We will see.

Diahann Jones

Went in with a swollen leg was dumped on a bed in the hallway like a bum no actually the bums got better service than I did while sitting in the hallway was hit in the leg by an employee transporting a patient not once but twice asked about my pain meds never given left in tears

stephanie hernandez

They stole my jewelry off my neck while the sedated me I'm sueing them as of now I fell asleep praying to my neclace and woke up without it you could only imagine how feel

Erika Patterson

The service is incredible, the nurses are the best, and make you feel very special. Mary in the labor and delivery department so far is the most dedicated nurse I ever met. In a couple of weeks I’ll be having my 3 kid in this hospital !!! Also crystal, Ceci, Sosa, gaury, and so many more make this hospital the best of Miami dade. If you happen to have any issues, all the supervisors come to help you like a big family, miss hereen and miss Benjamin are also extremely professional. I highly recommend it.

shay torres

This is truly the most magical place. This was my first delivery with a c-section slash baby! This hospital left me at a loss for words with the dynamic care that myself, family and newborn daughter received. Not only did I feel beyond well cared for but, safe! The nurses have there preshifts in your room, introduce themselves each time they are finishing or starting a shift. They are the ultimate problem solvers to help you with whatever it is you need. Dr. Gotlin delivered my baby and he was a dream come true. I cant remember all of the nurses names that helped me but, they all have a special place in my heart. Thank you northshore!

Yordys Coro

Total rip-off. Went in to have my foot looked at for a pain (bursitis). received NO prescription, No meds and ER staff had the bedside manner of a frat house. Was charged $300 cash, plus Insurance paid close to $700. I was told to go home and take iBuprofen it would go away in a few days. Now receiving another bill for $159. Basically paid $1000 for identifying my ailment and no other treatment was provided. I will be contacting authorities that manage hospitals - NorthShore hospital is a scam. Waited for reply my issue was ignored.

Kingston Kings

North shore is the worst hospital in miami Espically for children because it dont have no Pediatrics Department and alot of people die there and its just really awful

Naomi Cash

Well They're Very Rude They Let people Die In The lobby I Came There With A fracture To my Back They Let Me Waited For Over FIVE Hours Until Let Me IN the ER

Bam Leeeoon

By far absolutely one of the best hospitals in Miami. Very attentive team my family member was in the emergency room and then in intensive care unit for almost 17 days the respiratory team was absolutely amazing especially Jude. He is truly an angel from up above. Very helpful , caring , professional and passionate. Thank You to the entire North Shore Medical Center for your care and attention with my mom.


Terrible front desk, waited for 25 min on hold... For the lady at the desk to then hang up on me after I ask her for a patients info. Will be there in 2 hours to make a scene.

Vibez YB

They never help out well wen we ask for a nurse they never call my mom is is pain we call for nurse they never come for pain meds the don bring it or come how is this a hospital if they barely help you out


The labor and delivery was a little dirty but the operation room and team were spotless and fantastic as well as one nurse from l and d went out of her way to keep baby with me when my pulse wouldn't normalize made extra phone calls to get me a special monitor so I could go to the normal mother and baby unit with my baby... the mother and baby staff were friendly attentive and went out of their way to keep my husband baby and I comfortable

Joce Milanes

Very patient with me, being that I wanted a home birth and had a very specific birth plan...everyone did their best to accommodate my desires to have a natural child birth, have my skin to skin, breastfeeding my baby and always had my baby by my side. I appreciated the staff not rushing my birth and letting nature take its course, even when my baby was over due. My placenta was saved and given to my midwife just as I had wanted, and all went well. Thank you for letting me keep it as real as possible in a hospital setting.

Mrs Nurse

The labor and delivery nurses abandon me for hours. Later after birth a beg them to give me my child because I wanted to hold her, give her my warm, and start breastfeeding, but they denied me that right. They left me again. I could not move because they gave me an epidural 20 minutes before my baby was born. When I tried to get up to see my child, I felt out of the bed. They are awful people, the nurses there should be ashamed of being nurses. They made my beautiful wonderful experience a nightmare.

Brett Borges

This place has to be the worst hospital in south Florida. How dose a hospital that has been in business for 61 years not get prior authorisation for ankle surgery with a two week stay in there hospital. How dose a hospital perform surgery on someone and have specialist come in and do things all with not having anything approved with the persons insurance company? Now after a two week stay I was transferred to Jackson North for two weeks of rehab I dont know if they got paid. I finally get discouraged and come home to this sad state of affairs. The poor surgeon.... Dr Olacio has not been paid. The Durable medical equipment has problems getting equipment authorized. I cant get an approval for home health care or a home nurse or even home rehab. I am all alone and need some help each day. My primary care doctor can not get my pain medications approved. None of the doctors and specialists I saw for the two weeks that I stayed at North Shore will be paid. Now I find out today my surgeon will no longer see me till the bill is settled.I still have stitches that need to be removed. I dont blame the doctors or any of the companies that are contacted with my insurance. The fault lays with North Shore and North Shore alone. My advice to anyone thinking of going to this hospital would be to stay as far away as possible. There are plenty of other hospital in the area. Hospital that know how to deal with insurance and know how to get a prior authorisation. **** If you find this review helpful like it so others will read it ****

Platano Senpaii

Ok look i don't care what yall say if its good or no but for me it isn't good. Take my mom for a surgery and give us the prescription for her and the doctor forgot to sign the prescription. Thanks god my mom is good but damn for just small things my mom almost die. But everything is good. Talking about the nurses. They take too long to assist you and for what i see they just wanna go home. Look if u work on a hospital betta be attentive with the patient not walking around. But it is what it is. My mom is good and everything but woow. Have to fix this or fired everybody. Bad experiences.

Veronica Miller

Labor and Delivery was amazing very attentive. Love this hospital.

Kid Menace


Gabriela Moyano

I was just in a car accident on Tuesday, I was transported to this hospital because it was the nearest one. The wait was absolutely terrible, the rooms and hallways aren't well kept, it looks more like an abandoned hospital than anything else... in addition to that, the hospital charged me approx. $21,867 not including the CT Scans and Xrays and path labs that were done to ensure nothing was wrong. they charged me that amount of money for my stay even though i was there from approx. 8 am to 2 pm. This hospital is a joke lmao

Sierra Clare

Worst hospital ever! The nurse was RUDE and left me in the room for an hour, The whole experience was terrible. While in the lobby the nurses and receptionist was talking about the patients, on their phones texting.

Bria Albert

They have the best L & D! I delivered all three of my children here & my experience was wonderful with all three. I especially want to thank Nurse Jennifer for her outstanding bedside care. She was apart of both my son & second daughter birth. Each experience with her was wonderful. I can’t express enough how great of a Nurse she is. Thank you Nurse Jennifer. Overall if you are planning to deliver your baby here, do so you want be disappointed! P.S all the Nurses I’ve encountered at L & D were great, but Nurse Jennifer was really caring & helpful after my delivery.

The Trippers Head

Nurses ignored my father everyone covered up the fact that he fell even the doctor! My father blood pressure skyrocketed to the roof and a stroke followed my father is now disabled, nurses ignored the high blood pressure, DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL, this doctor should have his license revoke along with every nurse involed.

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