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REVIEWS OF Morton Plant Hospital IN Florida

James Endres

Overall the hospital was great, great nurse/tech teams, kept me informed during my stay after total knee replacement surgery.

Bryan Harper

I wish I had this hospital in my home town. Every person is so nice and gets the patients in quickly. Love this place!

paulina cotnoir

My experience at mortan plant labor and delivery is beyond 5 stars! They were amazing from checking in to checking out! I could not have had a better experience ! They made the best day of my life (birth of my son) that much better by their professionalism and bedside manner. They truly care for their patient and it shows. Nurse Bonnie was absolutely wonderful and helped guide me through labor. She truly is an angel on this Earth! 10000 stars!

James Knight

Orthopedic Dept at MPH was top notch. Julie, Beth, Stephanie, Justin, to name a few, are qualified professionals doing a wonderful job in a very humane and personal manner.

Garry Lansing

The whole staff, the emergency room doctors and nurses treated me with so much care, my surgery was a very good successful experience, my recovery room nurses, caretakers and the whole staff was very caring and loving. I thank you very much for taking such good care of me. Love you all and thanks again


Recently had surgery here. I had excellent doctors, nurses, staff, who explained everything to me every step of the way. I am extremely pleased with the excellent care that I got. I highly recommend this hospital.

Fredrick Smith

I was in serious pain and my fist time in the Morton Plant Emergency. They were exceptionally busy and unexpected for the Memorial weekend. Well they admitted me fast but very caring. They took care of me with the perfect solution and I was very pleased with their service and I'm more pleased with my decision to be apart of their network!!

lori pickett

This hospital has great doctors, nurses, techs. Everyone that works there has a smile on their face and very nice. I was at three other ER's in the last month and they were not much help. I went to Morton Plant and was admitted soon after getting to the ER, was diagnosed. The doctor was very good and thorough. I will not go any where else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Zagorac

I was treated with professional and friendly staff. I am very impressed with the entire Morton Plant facility. My doctor was absolutely great.

Peggy Schmetzer

This used to be my favorite ER & hospital, but they have seriously gotten waylaid by more patients than they can handle. They need to close down the ER like other hospital and refer patients elsewhere when over capacity. I was there 8/13/19 with 70 people showing up, most of whom looked well, but three of us were obviously very sick and left for more than 4 hours having to lie down on short couches next to flu victims coughing and sneezing with no masks on. I did not get my back looked at until midnight when I had arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon. I did not get up to a room until 4 a.m. and put in a very lumpy bad bed, begging to keep my E.R. bed, but severe pain even with pillows behind my back. My roommate had moved from the bad bed to the other one when her roommate had left. I was finally given a decent bed the next afternoon. The food was always served cold as i noticed the metal cart door wide open for more than 20 minutes as the other side of the floor was served. Food was awful, except for one baked potato in foil. They seriously need a better cook and better training for servers to keep those doors closed when away for such a long time. I am not wanting to return there, but I have a serious sinus infection since a bad head injury April 9, but the doctor told me they could only treat one body area so my back took priority since I could hardly move. I had a STAT ct scan for a sinus which was ignored since I had to choose my back. Now my head is in so much pain I need to find a different E.R. What do they do for car accident victims with more than one injury???

Mary Philpot

I went to the Bardmoor ER on 8/8/19. I was treated very well and very quickly, It was a very scary situation for me and they really stepped up! I would recommend this facility to everyone!

Nikki Toleikis

Now while the wait time was a bit longer then one would have thought for a pediatric patient it's to be expected. The security guy's were nice to have in a particular situation and kept a safe distance between myself and the problem. I can't say enough about the nurse we had. She handled me and my son so well. I understand the fact that she was at the end of her shift and was exhausted, I knew they had her going in a million direction's but she still made sure my baby was her main focus. She handled that little IV like a boss and made sure to double check everything.

Bonnie Vogelsang

I haven’t been to many hospitals but I have never seen or been to a hospital as good,, as safe, the nicest staff I have ever seen., a place that goes out of their way to make you feel as comfortable as they do. I would never hope to go back into a hospital again but if I ever did it would be Morton Plant with out a doubt.

Sue Clark

Went to emergency and was treated nice. Tests were run quickly and Drs. and techs were very polite and compassionate. Kept one day for observation. Nurses Rebecca and Matt and assistants Katelyn and Steven were efficient and very nice. They knew what they were doing and that is comforting. Fast responding to a call from me and I felt I got treated as well as if I would have been at a 5 Star hotel. Kudos to all staff and management.

Glen Harper

Had open heart surgery. Was excellently cared for by staff doctors and nurses techs all.

SA Scott

They took outstanding care of my mother. Thank you Dr. Mickler & everyone that took care of her. Much appreciated

Stacey Martin

Dr. Charity he was amazing. The whole staff is amazing.

Bryana Rooks

Just had our 2nd baby here. First baby was delivered here too. Clean and we were always well taken care of. Nurses and staff are super friendly and helpful

Margot Sabillon

Amazing hospital, they took great care of my husband. Staff is very sweet and caring, doctors are so helpful and took their time taking care of him. Could not be happier.

Don Mildon

In all my visits to hospitals, this was the most possitive interaction To date. What a awesone group of folks. Thank you so much.


Staff and facilities were excellent. Food ranged between acceptable to outstanding.

Paul King

I have had major operations at Morton Plant and have always received excellent treatment from everyone.

Cheryl Margolin Cummings

This is an excellent hospital. I very recently had an outpatient procedure done and was just there for the day, but I found it to be a completely comforting and stress-free experience. The entire staff from admitting to the nurses, nurses aides, the anesthesia staff and of course my doctor.......they are the absolute best....a wonderful, caring group of warm professional people with one goal in mind.....making sure you are taken care of and are comfortable during your stay there. If you find yourself needing to be in the hospital and your doctor is on staff at Morton Plant and it's within your insurance network.....make this your choice :)

Shana Randell

My mom was visiting from out of town and was having some trouble breathing. I took a chance and went to Morton's Hospital and I am glad I did. They were super fast and efficient and took excellent care of her. Normally in any ER we would have to wait for hours and the staff weren't so friendly. This was the opposite! My mom was completely taken care of and felt better in a matter of minutes. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone. Thanks staff!

Stefanie Hooper

the staff and Dr's were very professional and helpful. They took me right back, addressed my concerns, fixed me, I was very impressed and thankful for the help I received. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work!!

Donmary Lehrian

I really appreciate the entire staff who shared this experience with me, from the initial registration process to the recovery room nurses. All of the staff I had the pleasure to interact with put the CARE in BayCARE


I delivered all 4 of my children with Morton plant hospital. I always had an amazing experience!

clairetha landers

I was admitted thru the ER on Friday, September 13, 2019. While in the ER, $235 cash went missing from my wallet. While I did not see her take it, I believe it was the patient care tech attending to me. I believe this because of her drastic change in behavior shortly before I was informed that I was actually being admitted. I believe her name was Dana. The theft caused me financial hardship.

Etta Young

So well taken care of, they know what they are doing.

Davin Clement

Expects patient post op to unpack and pack their own wound daily after surgery and discharge. Literally sitting in same dressing and same packing tape inside the wound they put in for over 24hrs now. Impossible area to self administer yet, this was the answer received after discharge. I can't do this myself, can't even see or barely reach it...Unfortunate cause until now I was happy with my treatment and care. Just be very careful and get clarity on any outpatient or post opp treatment.

Jay Jones

Couldn't breathe well due to COPD, emergency room as full as ever. They were the most professional and prompt under DR. Feusner's care, excellent ER!

Rossana Eichman

Being to the ER with my husband for at least 3 times. Staff is very courteous and professional. Going to the ER is never a good experience, but they do all they can to make your stay as comfortable and as fast as possible.

Kelly Morris

Every aspect of our stay while we had our baby was fantastic. The nurses and staff were so supportive of what we wanted as a family, they were willing to hear us out, and they were all very knowledgeable and kind. Every employee goes out of their way to see how they can help us, and the culture there is one of kindness, professionalism, and encouragement. It was such a relief to know that my baby and I were both being cared for so well. I can’t recommend them highly enough for maternity care!

Ana Dahl

I just had my baby via c-section at this hospital and was blown away by the excellent service. I moved here from California and wasn’t sure what to expect. I found the hospital to be very clean, the rooms were spacious and the staff were incredible! They were very knowledgeable and accommodating and helped me a lot in those first few days of recovery. I would recommend this hospital for anyone in the area that will be having a baby.

smylin huey

Great People, Father had major brain surgery here, then I had recent issue, they were wonderful. Truly appreciate this place. They saved his life, and also helped me get back home.

Patricia Rankins

No long wait in the ED. Nurses and staff were exceptional! PA Stephanie outstanding and Nurse Nancy fabulous!!

Donna Wilkins

Very nice facility - very caring staff - only complaint is the wait. I had to arrive at 8:30, but they never took me to the OR until 1:30

Janise Taylor

Great experience from the moment I walked through the door . Everyone was so organized and professional Admitting the volunteer who took us to floor for procedure the lady at the desk in Endoscopy waiting room and the Nurses and IV team and Doctors and transporters were all great. Had a very positive experience and can't say enough about how well everything went and how great I was treated. Thank you to everyone who participated in my care August 15th 2019.

Brendan Muldoon

I was in Morton Plant just one night having come through the emergency room. My experience was excellent. All the staff, doctors and nurses were kind,caring and efficient.

Pamela Cordova

Amazing staff! Felt well taken care of. Great hospital overall

Bill Dunn

Arrived at 11:30 pm with puncture wound on ankle, bleeding profusely at home. Applied pressure bandage & went to ER. At 2 am taken from waiting room to clinical area-placed in hallway bed. Someone said "someone will be right with you." A nurse said sometime during the next half hour "I'm waiting for a doctor to pick up your chart." Around 3 a.m. examined by PA (very nice). Xray ordered of ankle, done promptly & efficiently. Back to room (hallway space) by 3:30 a.m. PA put in stitch to stop bleeding around 3:45 or so. Pressure bandage applied by nurse tech around 4 or so. Thankfully, she told us that blood can be removed from carpet, fabric by hydrogen peroxide! That was the best thing that happened. (Amy was her name). We walked out about 4:20 a.m. !!!

Melissa Suggs

First...I was born in this hospital and I have no complaints about the care given to patients as the staff is extremely caring. However, I came to the hospital to visit my sister and I was required to show my ID. I am guessing this is of course a process to ensure the safety of the patients and employees. That being said there aren't any signs until you get inside of the hospital...AFTER you have gone thru the security check. I take only what I need inside of any hospital since there are so many germs and bacteria and the employees touch everything without changing gloves sometimes but visitors do not have I myself had a bad experience with that at this same hospital. I am only 45, and being a service member to Medicare recipients I feel not having signs or notices outside is very inconsiderate as I am not the oldest person who had to go back to their car for identification. There's nothing online either when I checked for visiting hours and policies.

Kimberly Connor

If you gotta be sick, then this is the place to be. I was so impressed with the friendly staff and clean facility. The hospital is newly renovated, I believe only 3 years old and it's pristine. The waiting area in the front is like a zen garden.They went with neutral blues and greens but not boring or typical, just peaceful. In processing was easy, a bit long and annoying but easy. They offer complementary valet parking so no need to arrive 20 mins early in search of a spot. The icing on the cake for me was the card in the mail after my procedure. UMMMMM WHAT!? The ENTIRE TEAM wrote me a get well card at the end of my stay. Either I was very entertaining when I got the goofy gas for my surgery or they are just amazing and do this with everyone. LOL. The nurses were so compassionate and reassuring. I felt well looked after and like they truly cared. I'm grateful there are people like them in the profession! If you gotta have it done, have it done here!

Kiana Gagnon

This past Sunday I went into the ER because I thought my water broke due to excessive discharge and was 36 weeks pregnant. They immediately put me in a wheel chair and took me to the birthing floor and got me checked quickly by Nurse Amanda and Doctor Philipedes (sorry if I spelt it wrong!) these women were SO compassionate and caring! I was at 3cm, normally a hospital would send you home but the doctor kept me there to see if anything changed in an hour...I went to 3.5cm in the hour and so she admitted me to a labor room to stay till my sons birth! (Again, Amy other hospital would’ve sent me home!) I was there for a total of 47 hours progressing in labor and every staff member was exceptional and accommodating! I did have one nurse though, who I REALLY want to thank out of them besides Amanda, and that would be Bri. She respected my birth plan (I didn’t want an epidural but was open to getting one if I couldn’t handle it) and was there for me as the labor went from 4.5cm to 7cm, at one point she had to pick me up off the floor because my labor pains were so bad without any pain medicine. She coached me through everything and I ended up getting the epidural which I wouldn’t have been able to bare without her (I’m terrified of needles) unfortunately, after going through the most intense parts with me, she left and I got to have Amanda back to help me deliver my son! The nurses and doctors in the mother and baby section were SO helpful too! They even let me watch some testing be done that had to be in another room and let me wait outside the circumcision room (I just didn’t want my baby out of my sight lol) the discharging process was SUPER easy and on the way out they made me feel SO special, I can’t thank you all enough!! You guys are THE BEST!!

Jeanne Zuehlke

Yeah for Morton Plant Hospital and Rehab Center. Excellent care.

Kyle Michels

Just had my baby there and I had such a wonderful experience. When you're there they make you feel like a princess- It felt as if the nurses were not only there to take care of my medical treatment but also offer full service hospitality. All the nurses were so kind and caring and tended to my needs, even things as basic as food and water. The team in Labor and Delivery were so attentive, I felt like I had my own personal nurse. Bonnie actually began to feel like family by the time I left. I can't say enough good things about my experience. God bless those nurses and all the other staff that helped me bring this little bundle of joy home, healthy and happy.

James McCague

From the moment I arrived they were very attentive to my medical needs, and comfort. Explained all procedures and medicines checking on on me every hour monitoring and asking if I had any needs. Very caring and professional!

Stephen Jacobsen

Just had my Gall Bladder removed and everything went so smoothly. Staff was very pleasant and helpful. If I ever need surgery in the future, Morton Plant will be at the top of my list as the place to have it done.

Jillian Morrison

Labor and delivery was absolutely fantastic. I was there for days when I delivered and had to go back in after I realized I had pre eclampsia. Every single nurse I had was fantastic and compassionate - every single one! Jess helped deliver our baby and she couldn’t have been more straightforward or compassionate - exactly what you want in a l&d nurse. Danielle discharged us and if she hadn’t have educated me on signs of pre eclampsia after delivery, I never would have known I had it. It’s scary to think of what could have happened if she hadn’t have told me what to look out for (forever grateful to her). Christa and Verlinda were amazing and so comforting when I was back with pre e. So thankful to Morton plant labor and delivery for everything! The only thing I could possibly recommend is remembering that birth is a very personal and vulnerable experience. There were a lot of (unnecessary) staff members in and out of my room while I was pushing out our child.. I know that for hospital staff, it’s an every day occurrence but for me, I would have rather not exposed myself to the 5 people walking in and out of the room to ask questions about where extra blankets were.. etc.

Sherry Tribby

Treat you like family. My mom was away Morton Plans and I never had to worry about her care, they were wonderful, kind and compassionate.

Andrea Cariello

Wonderful staff, from sign in, admission and prep nurses, to surgical staff, recovery nurse and post op nurse, treat you with respect and care about your comfort.

Les Sell

Morton Plant hospital is the flagship of BayCare health. It is staffed by the best of the best! From maintenance to surgeons, you always get a smile and friendly chat. They really care!!!

The Bowzer

Very good care. Much better than St Anthony's hospital.

Dale Loope

Awesome staff all the way around!! I think I will marry the little Columbian woman in PT - Barb!!

Lakesha Harris

My visit to Morton Plant Hospital has always been a excellent experience, great customer service, friendliness, taken care of all our need. Problem Solved with resolutions each time, very clean environment. Thanks

Debra Cain

Thank you all for the personal and professional care I received during my surgery and the following 4 days in the ICU and other unit I was in. I would highly recommend this hospital t anyone seeking hospital care.

Kathey Scott

Gwen in Accounting is awesome, Carrie in Scheduling is fantastic, Rob (nurse) in Interventional Radiology is great, and Dr. Eric Lopez is amazing.

Dawn Johnson

Doctor called my ride prematurely and had to park in the wrong parking lot. Otherwise things are great

Theresa Lofton

Wonderful hospital. All three of my children were born their. All the nurses and doctor's are wonderful

Margo Senia Hayes

My Emergency Room Visit I have had at any hospital. was the most positive. The hospital was meticulously clean. The staff was great! They were compassionate, professional and friendly. Sue, Demaris, Chrisymarie and Dr. Salzberg were THE BEST! Thank you all so much! God Bless you.

Mike Zalewski

Morton Plant is one of the best hospitals I have been in. I have been there many times and the care is very good and very professional. The staff is great. Jennifer and Lizbeth were very professional and friendly. They made my stay a good one and I would highly recommend this hospital in Pinellas county .Thanks to all of the staff.

Tyme4 Gr8payne

I dreaded going to the hospital coz of my previous experience [Diagnosic Clinic], but what a difference! Morton Plant was a 10 +. Staff, beyond friendly, nurses, capable [ good looking too] and I felt a complete confidence with all the tests. If you have a choice....

Jerry Boettcher

Excellent care. Particular thanks to Kristin and Jesus for their nursing skills and being so very accommodating.

Terry Affeld

Everyone was very friendly. Did not have to wait long. I would have liked the PA to explain more why I should follow up with my Urologist.

Sonja Vandermeir

Dr. Lopez and his staff are wonderful, friendly and professional. They answered all my questions and took care of my needs. I can recommend Morton Plant Hospital to every one who needs hospital care. Thank you

Kim Gee

For the most part it was a positive experience. The care moved along steadily. The wait time was short. The PA and RN were excellent. My issues are with privacy and safety. My name, address, phone number, ss #, insurance information, etc was all discussed openly in a public area. That's disturbing. There has to be another way to share that information. The other issue was with the ER technicians. They need to be taught how to correctly apply an ace wrap and knee immobilizer. I had to re-do both after they were done. They also need to be taught how to correctly fit someone for crutches. The height was incorrect and the hand grips were not adjusted. Being familiar with crutches, I was able to adjust them myself, however, someone else might have fallen or further injured themselves due to the incorrect fitting of the crutches.

Donny Tsai

BayCare: One of the best rated hospitals in Florida, remaining in the inter-coastal of Clearwater Beach. Services are professional, nice and you get well treated better than most hospitals in Florida. (Patients usually stay here for about 9-12 hours in the emergency room)

chad anderson

Best hospital I've ever been to. The establishment was extremely clean and everyone was super nice. They were quick and efficient with testing and treatment with meds. Very pleased, I don't have one bad thing to say about this hospital or any of the workers. Very professional

clearwater green

I had surgery at Morton Plant couple days ago. Hospital staffs are excellent from pre surgery till going home...and of course awesome surgeon. Clean, professional and friendly. Recommended!!!!

Jane Jacobsen

The staff was universally friendly and helpful. Evev when they told me my procedure will have to wait 48 hours and I was really disappointed they helped me deal with my frustration and annoyance. Great experience.

Keishla Vazquez

Nurses and doctors are excellent they take very good care of each patient .... I also loved that the volunteers make teddy bears handmade for kids very beautiful detail

Barry Kain

I've been aware of Morton Plant's reputation for excellence as long as I have lived here (25yrs). I found out for myself this Saturday, my first ever ER experience. Smooth process, great doctors and nurses! No wonder everyone wants to go there first

David L

This place treats you like a prisoner. They also have very bad food on the menu. The doctors don’t listen to their patients and assume with arrogance that they know what’s going on with you you’re whole life even, though they just met you. The doctors don’t communicate what they think your diagnosis is until you’re gone. Overall, I feel like this place just wants your cash and doesn’t care about anything else.

Tom Garrett

I'm impressed w the whole operations of the Surgery Center from the valet, front desk, security, professional and friendly staff, their procedures. And many thanks to Wonderful Surgeon Dr. R Rodriguez!

Ron Virgil

I hate hospitals and I actually like this one.

Teresa Massie

Last Monday I had a total hysterectomy. Every single nurse and those working in the Doyle building were excellent, kind, caring, and patient with me. I want to thank the whole B3 team especially Perry who took great care of me in the middle of the night and was so patient, Ashley and Kelly were fabulous and very encouraging. The whole rest of the group were amazing!! Thank you for being there for me!!

John Brown

Have not had to be hospitalized in 35 years, but this week required a visit to the ER downtown Clearwater w/ 23 hour f/u monitoring. Impressed immensely not only with the hi-tech testing available w/ real time results, but w/ the compassionate & competent care I received. Every single team member from Doctors to Nurses to CNAs to Dietary to Transport introduced themselves, explained their role, performed their duties flawlessly while exhibiting both interest & expertise in my status & clinical needs. Will never go anywhere else! Wish I could give each another hug & a raise! Sincerely, Bev

believer 737

I just recently had a baby boy at Morton plant hospital and it was a great experience the whole way through. From the mid wives at turley medical center to all the doctors and nurses at the hospital. I stayed a week before my baby was born to keep an eye on high blood pressure and monitored baby vitals. The nurses switch shifts every 7 hours and I was always nervous to see how the next nurse would be with me and every time I was extremely pleased with their attitudes and demeanor. They were all very friendly and helpful and great at their job. After baby was born I went to a different area with all new nurses every 7 hours and the same was true. All nurses were fantastic and doctors too. I would recommend Morton plant for any mother to be! Thanks to everyone who took care of me❣️

Suzanne Pratt

My husband was seen at Morton Plant Mease Country side Emergency room recently at 11 pm This was a 5 Star experience. From Iris that monitored blood pressure, Jennifer our Nurse and finally MD Dr Ahmed. Dr Ahmed was kind, patient and spoke to us clearly and slowly diagnosing my husband making us feel a sigh of relief. Nurse Jennifer was with us every 15 minutes. This facility was on it which was wonderful considering the emergency room was packed with People. Never hesitate to pull into this emergency room you will be well taken care of. Suzanne Pratt

Amanda Gremal

Everyone was very nice. Brandon the Dr Chonge's Pa was amazing. He explained everything thing to me showed me the radiographs and was a pleasure to see. I would definitely recommend them to everyone!!!

Scott Moore

On Aug 12th I had a major surgery due to a congenital birth defect (Morgagni hernia). In which my entire ascending colon, some transverse, and small bowel where herniated into my right chest cavity. The surgeon and surgery team did a good job of reducing the hernia contents and patching over the defect with mesh. After surgery the nursing staff also did a good job through my post-op stay of four days. Overall it was a very positive experience.

Edlyn Rojas

I was well cared for during my labor and delivery process. In time of high emotions the team was wonderful in coaching me in delivery and all my aftercare was fantastic for mom and baby. Thank you so much :)

Edwina Miller

The staff have the highest level of professionalism. As someone in the customer service industry, I recognize excellent service, dedication, and hard work. The nursing staff went above and beyond and saw them treat all patients with dignity and respect while handling all issues. The doctors were patient and in explaining my diagnosis and planned treatment. Food was good and plenty to choose from. Hopefully, I will not be back, but I would certainly choose Morton Plant Hospital again. My only wish was that I could sleep as I was in a shared room with a needy neighbor. Overall an excellent experience considering my health issues. Thank you so much!!

Dawn Barclay

Surgery went well. The staff did everything to help me after the surgery because I was having trouble waking up and breathing. My recovery took a lot longer but the staff was patient and understanding and let me stay until I fulfilled what was needed of my body and then gave me time afterwards to let them know when I was ready to leave.

Kimberly Justiniano

This was the worst experience from the time I arrived at the ER to the time my father was discharged. Never say the ER doctor! It was like they were on a timer to get him out of the ER. They moved him to an observation room. ER doctor assigned him the WRONG cardiologist group even they in an early note he noted the correct one. The WRONG group finally show up in the room 7 hours after arriving in room, took another 6 hours before the right one showed up. The primary care showed up 12 hours after being moved to the room. No diagnosis was ever given. In fact the notes were not even correct that were read to us by the nurses. They took him down for a Echo, with no notification that one had even been ordered. Called the next morning at 7am, asked the Witt 3rd floor nurses station to speak with his nurse, was transferred to the WRONG nurse. Asked wrong nurse to speak with his nurse, she put my father on the phone who said that he was being discharged. Told him I needed to speak with his nurse, talked with her and she said she was waiting for the doctors to sign off on his d/c. Gave her my phone number, as I would be the one picking him up. Stopped by at 11:30a.m. Nurse said nothing from the doctors yet. When left, she said she would call me. At 2:10 p.m. my brother called me said my father had just called him and said that he was being discharged. NO ONE called me. I called the nurse, she said that doctors had signed off on and that he may be downstairs in the discharge area. Got to the hospital, not idea were the discharge area was. Went upstairs looking for him, found his room empty, went to the nurses station and asked where he was, they said downstairs in the discharge area. A med tech took me down to the room which was behind doors that you had to get badged into. NO ONE went over any discharge instructions with either me or my brother. Still no idea what his diagnosis was. VERY DISPLEASED WITH THE SERVICE OR LACK THERE OF RECEIVED AT THIS HOSPITAL.

Jennifer Sanabria

Mostly everything and everyone was great. Super polite and attentive with the exception of the guy at the front desk when I was leaving. The stickies were still on from my heart monitor and the guy not only refuse to give me anything to help take them off or advice on taking them off, he was adamant that they weren’t “that stuck”. I get it, overnight shifts are hard, but no need to be rude to patients who are in obvious discomfort.

Mike Wilson

Whenever I need care I either go directly to Morton plant or your sister emergency room at bardmoor I always get treated with the utmost respect dignity and the staff always listens and hears what you say unlike a lot of other places I've always had a very good experience when I go there thank you very much for your caring and dedicated employees. God bless and thank you

Victoria Corbier

A great experience. I gave birth at this location. I wish that I could remember the name of my nurse who helped me before I delivered my daughter in May 2016, she was an absolute god send. Rubbed my back for a while after induction, and she talked me through my epidural, vomiting, etc. I have never felt so cared for. I think about her a lot. I hope this nurse knows how wonderful of a job she does. The stay was comfortable and all of my care was top-notch, provided food was delicious, and discharge was prompt.

albert buca

Top of the line service. You guys are all amazing thank you for your excellent service.

Faye Bailey

Staff on Witt 3rd Fl heart wing were extremely helpful, patient and kind during husband's recent hospital stay. Especially the nurses and staff on duty Tuesday night, August 6, and Wednesday, August 7th, day and night, and Thursday morning. They were all so very accommodating, seeing to every need, sometimes anticipating the need before the patient did! Thank you, Angels of Mercy. I might also say the same thing to the ER Room staff of Tuesday, August 6. We entered, full of fear, but the staff and doctor's immediate care rendered made us know that they would do all necessary to ease our minds. Again, Thank you, Angels of Mercy. My husband was intrigued by the food service! It is very much appreciated!

ken darby

Everything about this hospital is fantastic, from the courtesy of the staff to the cleanliness. I would recommend this hospital.

Brooke Certa

The entire hospital team were caring and efficient. Thank you!

Christy L

Thank you, For everything you did to me the other day. I will only go to this place. Made me, Feel comfortable and had a really good lady doctor. I appreciate it

Elaine Pickford

Everyone was very friendly and made you feel like you were important to them

Amanda Samson

My stay here was so much better than my stay at baby place back in 2015. I was catered to and treated well. My nurses Arisse, Allison and Bianca were the best, the other nurses I had were ok. The food was amazing! Discharge took until 9pm because there was only one doctor and 11 deliveries and 5 people to discharge other than that I would definitely recommend this hospital for all moms!!

Dominique Whitney-Johnson

I had my daughter last week at Morton Plant Hospital and I had the most amazing doctor and nurses. Especially the 3 nurses through my laboring process. I wish I could remember their names, but I have major mommy brain. All the nurses were so helpful and helped me with whatever I needed. Because my daughter wasn’t getting much breast milk from breastfeeding, I was able to use some donor milk. Which made me feel 100x better about giving her a bottle so early. I was able to meet with the Lactation consultant , Sharon, who was extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend the Labor & Delivery Department at Morton Plant Hospital!

Melinda Gray

The hospital was very clean and efficient. All the nurses knew what they were doing and made the stay tolerable

Shian Jeffrey

Unbelievable. Waited for 4 hrs for a chair. They repeatedly said they were looking for one when they weren’t then proceeded to tell me they looked on every floor and they couldn’t find one. I literally had to walk out of the hospital before I lost my cool. The other nurses and doctors were very nice. Maybe it’s just a bad night for them but I’m far from happy with this hospital.

S.B. Woo

I had an open-heart surgery to replace one valve and repair another. I stayed in the hospital 4 days prior to the surgery so that my pre-surgery conditions can be monitored. After the surgery, I stayed for another 6 days. My experience in those 10 days was near perfect. The doctors, nurses and the patient-maintenance technicians were all competent, caring, and good listeners. I had one nurse, Olivia, who was truly an angel. It's been 3 weeks since the day of the surgery now, I am doing well, perhaps a few days ahead of the expected degree of recovery. I'll recommends Morton Pant Hospital without any reservation.

Chezree Khandani

This hospital really exceeded my expectations. When I got here I expected a long wait time in the waiting room, but I was called in quickly and placed in a room almost immediately. The nurses and all attending staff were super friendly, and Dr. Charity was awesome! I also give a huge thumbs up to Josh in Radiology since I was being a big baby about going into the CT scanning machine, but he got me to chill out with some deep breathing exercises and the whole thing was done rather quickly. When it was time to be discharged, everything was explain to me in full detail. I greatly appreciate the courtesy and professionalism of the team. Probably the best experience I've ever had inside a hospital it was almost a pity to leave.


First baby and I was induced. Overall a very good experience. They took wonderful care of me and my baby and made sure I knew what I was doing before going home. They also sent me home with plenty of things to aid in recovery. And they had a photographer on site to take lovely first family pictures.

mary B

Private rooms a real plus. Staff is professional, efficient and caring. Food is good, especially the homemade potato crisps. Very appealing decor. Would go there again, but hope I don't have to.

Ashley Fallin

I recently delivered my first child at Morton Plant Hospital. Being first time parents my husband and I really relied on the staff to guide us through the whole process. Everyone we encountered from my doctor, to the labor & delivery/mother baby nurses, anesthesia, lactation consultants, etc. were so amazing! They were patient with our questions but not pushy. They gave us privacy to bond with our new baby but also assured us they were close by when we needed help. I would recommend this hospital highly!

Brandi Jones

Team B3 were awesome. Got admitted for a few days and found out I have surgery in my near future. They helped me to talk to social work to get everything situated so my inpatient turned into outpatient so I could go home and help with insurance cost. Best hospital!

Cecily Dones

Went to the ER for kidney pain and all of the staff was excellent! As much pain as I was in they made me feel at ease. Very attentive, made me feel like a priority. Very thorough as well.

carlos arce

My service was great and fast. Thank you


Had to go to emergency yesterday and went to Morton Plant because it was the closest place to go. I don't go to hospitals much and have never been a great fan of doing so or of any one place. Plus I realized I have a skewed view of them because of how they're portrayed in movies and on TV, the news, etc. This experience couldn't have been farther from all that. It was great from the beginning and I was not doing well when I got there. No long wait to be seen. Over the four to five hours I was there I must have been serviced by at least 10 different people from check in to check out. Every one of them were awesome --very friendly, professional and informative. I was well cared for from the beginning. The nurses, assistants and doctor all took time to answer any questions I had and I never felt rushed. All in all I was really happy I went there and would recommend the place to anyone.

Jade Amber

I had an amazing experience here, I was treated nicely and every nurse and doctor I got answered my questions thoroughly and very understanding. I was there for about 3 days and they helped me get through every second of it. Thank you guys!!

Bob Fisher

Oct 10, 11 Morton Plant Hospital ruined my life! Admitted, failed Proceedure and harassed by Dr and nurse. Discharged worse than i entered.


Focused on accuratcy, cleanliness and comfort. Kept myself and family well informed.

Harold's Car Donation Service

Very happy with my experience at this facility. The professionalism with every single person involved with my surgery from start to finish could not have been better, and this includes many. Genuinely caring people.

Gladys Cubberley

Last week I was in severe pain, I went to Morton Plant Hospital and I was attended right away in the Emergency area. I had the necessary test and I get the results in few hours. All the personal who attended me was very nice with me and take very good care of my necessities. I appreciate very much that they help me with this difficult time that I was having. Thanks to all.

Mimi Hidalgo

Amazing hospital! Clean, organized and minimal waiting. The staff is friendly and informative. Definitely a highly recommended hospital and one of the best in Pinellas County!

Joe Justified

Aug 2 2019, had a heart attack! I was in pain, I could not breath, I was scared. The staff handled me with speed, care and made me believe I was receiving the best care possible. By the way I am at home and doing well. Thank you all very much.

Andrew Jablonsky

Top notch professional and caring process right from Valet drop off throughout Team Members involved in my hip replacement surgery. Dr. Heremma is the best! God Bless him and all involved. Thank you so much!

barbara hackett

My surgical experience was very good. I was treated with care and respect during the pre and post operative experience. Two of your employees stood out , my pre op nurse named “Brooklyn” and my post op nurse named “Matthew”. My anesthesiologist and his team were excellent , I was very happy to be cared for yesterday at Morton Plant Hospital because my needs were met and I was smiling as I left

Dave Jr. Lamb

Morton Plant is the by far the best & cleanest hospital with the best, most caring & knowledgeable staff you could ask for, from admissions to Dr's to Nurses & everyone else.. I've been there several times now & it only gets better.. Thank you to all of the staff there!!!

Norwin Schoenherr

The hospital all staff were excellent, friendly very capable and extremely caring Many thanks to all. Susan Schoenherr

Renee Haggerty

It was so nice to have such competent and caring people around me for an outpatient surgery. Everyone was very upbeat and helped to keep me calm which I truly appreciate.

marsha tucker

Morton Plant has always Carried a professionalism beyond compare. The Best of the Best...that's Morton Plant. Staff is great!

Monica Adams

I went to the ER for abdominal pains. I was seen very quickly. I did not have to wait long for tests or results. Everyone was pleasant and professional.

Brandee Williams

I went to the ER in excruciating pain. All the nurses werw very sympathetic and compassionate. I was treated like a human and not a number.

Alexis S

My experience at Morton Plant Hospital for my surgical procedure was fantastic. From my pre-op appointment to my actual surgery day, each member of their staff that I interacted with was patient, kind and extremely helpful. I highly recommend Morton Plant Hospital.

Michael Day

Excellent attitude toward their patients, as well as their caregiving skills which was top drawer from helpers, Techs, nurses and Physicians. They listened and assisted accordingly. Would without hesitation, recommend Morton Plant and I'm not a local! PS the food and selection was well above par.

Angela Parks

Great Hospital! Wonderful staff very attentive and caring!!

cyndi emily

I was sent to ER by my physician. I was treated with compassion and respect from the time I entered the door until I was discharged. The assistants at the front door and front desk greeted me with concern & compassion. The nurses, techs, & PA were knowledgeable and thorough. I received an explanation for procedures & thorough(not rushed through) discharge instructions. I am a nurse practitioner-with high expectations. These were met across the board! I am happy to have found my new hospital as I just moved to Largo within the past year.

Tricia Butts

The nurses and patient care techs were great! They came within a few minutes of putting on call light. Nurses explained meds and what was happening.


It’s Amazing how people bash public servants and business that serve the public. Morton plant has been a top 100 hospital. That’s Amazing considering how many thousands of hospitals there are. You can please some of the people some of the time. The rest like to vent. And that doesn't change the imperfect human experience. Be constructive not destructive with words. When there are hundreds of employees how can they all get it right.

I'esha Hayes

Jenga, my nurse was amazing. Very compassionate. Everyone was very understanding and very quick when it came to my care. Along with efficiency, protection of privacy and personal care. Thank you.

Sandra Gens

Great staff :) got me in right away Would highly recommend Morton Plant to anyone!!!

Denisa Peterson

I was bit by an ant last night (on the foot) and within an hour I was burning up and itchy with throbbing ears. It was a very scary time. I went to Bardmoor Emergency room and received wonderful care. A huge thank you to the nurse with the really awesome mermaid tattoo, Aiden, Ray, all the nurses and doctor Patel who cared for me. Not only were they great with me, but also helped my 5 year old not feel scared. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

Ann L. Kurz

Over the last 4yrs, Bardmoor Emergency Center has been there for us through both mental and physical health care. Never disappointed. They have always exceeded our expectations. Felt instant peace of mind during times when help is needed and now!

Leonard Kaul

Excellent doctors and staff. Recent back surgery was expertly accomplished. Nurses and aids all are very attentive and happy. Would definitely recommend!

Francie Glasz

Great nurses, doctors and staff- starting at the E.R. Being in the hospital is not a pleasant experience but the staff here makes it as close to enjoyable as possible. I have been hospitalized here a few times and each time has been a good experience. This hospital is doing something right in their hiring to have the nicest doctors, nurses, techs and housekeepers.

Mary Elizabeth Welpton

My experience has always been positive under all the situations I’ve been involved in. Everyone has always been willing to answer questions and help me in whatever situations occurred. I have come from the North and when was coming South was worried about the kind of medical care that would be available. I can only say that it has been better than I could have imagined. I feel very grateful to have Morton Plant Hospital in our neighborhood.

Amy Matzke

My mother had a full knee replacement today. I was with her before and after surgery. I can’t say enough good things about this hospital. Starting with the valet parking to every person we were in contact with. I didn’t get everyone’s name but the ones I remember are Karmine the pre op nurse. She listened to everything my mom said. Asked for help to get the iv in as my mom was nervous about that process. She could also sense my mom was a bit anxious and made sure she was feeling comfortable. The nurses where so helpful to get her settled in when she got to the room. Then there was malcarlo (therapist not sure I have name Correct). He was so understanding and encouraging. Explained why she was having pain behind her knee and what she can expect in the day’s ahead. Praised my mom for doing all the right things pre surgery which lead to getting on her feet quick. It is very apparent all of the staff enjoy their jobs which is a reflection from top management down. Keep up the good work. It is no wonder everyone raves about what a great hospital Morton Plant is! My mom is facing a second the other knee surgery and there is no doubt we will be back at Morton Plant! Thank you appreciative daughter Amy Matzke

Sue Miller

Nice clean rooms. Staff was polite and respectful

Phil Schantz

Excellent experience......Nurses all were very cooperative and nice and never unsympathetic.....I had experience at other hospitals where they were not so hospitable. Thankyou, Phil Schantz

Greta Baehnman

Excellent care! Entered on Tuesday through the ER, then admitted for tests. Friday had a cervical Laminectomy/fusion. Released on Sunday to a rehab facility. All of the nurses and personnel we encountered were awesome. If the need ever arises again, we will definitely seek care at Morton Plant!

Alma Flores

Staff from valet parking, guest services, registration and the clinical staff involved in my procedure, ALL, were genuinely caring, compasionate and concerned about my comfort and safety. Dr. Aviles is a gem.

Michelle Rivera

I just had my baby here 4/2/2019. I am super greatful for everyone of the staff that took care of me and my baby. They were all super generous and helpful. I felt so good during my whole stay and recovered so well here. Thank you so much Morton Plant Hospital staff you all are so amazing!

Frank Beyer

Outstanding Professionalism Top To Bottom.. Clearwater Has A Gem On Jeffords Street.. Morton Plant Hospital.


Extreamly poor ER service, ignorant, lazy and dirty staff. Be prepared to not recieve relevent service according to your reason for intake according to your high paying insurance coverage.

Jeff Cozzaglio

Best personal hospital care I have ever had. Organized, understanding, communicative, safe and friendly. This is in addition to the absolute professionalism that EVERYONE showed from beginning to end.

Alisa Coats

I was in an accident the day before I came in. The staff was very kind and patient with me. They were efficient and got me in and out very quickly.

Omrani Ramnath

Thank you for Providing, The Best Care in Our Community!!!

Toni Dennis

Recently hospitalized via ER. Everyone from ER to the floor, nuclear medicine, EGD & transport were wonderful. The only hospital in the area I will use. Highly recommend the team here.

Dourian Butler

Awesome friendly staff and very informative and helpful I would recommend to any friend or family member

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