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Natalie Berrios

The wait is ridiculous my mom stayed the night spent the whole day waiting for the cardiologist just for him to end up coming the next day they then discharge her at 1pm and had to wait several hours literally just for the nurse who never comes and check on my mother at all this hospital needs some work never in my life have I been to a hospital where the staff doesn’t know anything or how to do their job you ask the nurse how much longer she says I don’t know what type of answer is that the unprofessionalism is ridiculous please fix these issues

Millett Glaser

Extremely disappointed with my 88 yr old grandmothers visit. She had been in the hospital 6th floor for about 10days. I visited every day except 2 of those days. When I came to visit 2 of the 3 bracelets on her wrist were gone. I know for a fact they were stolen right off her wrist because out of 3 she was wearing 1 was fake which was left on her wrist but the 2 gold ones were missing. NOBODY (and I spoke to about 6 different people) could say anything to me except " I dont know" or gave me a look like I was crazy. Basically "I dont know what to tell you" My grandmother was discharged while being in severe hip and back pain due to being in the hospital bed and not being adjusted,moved,picked up. NOTHING as a result she also is suffering from the worst case of diaper rash I have ever seen. No communication about her health was discussed with me. I called several times a day to the nurses desk where nobody answered. She came out of there worse then when she came in and that's not an exaggeration. Proper medication for pain was not given for home and I have spent now the last 3 days since shes been home debating if I need to take her back to the ER. As a medical professional myself I am utterly disgusted at the entire experience.

roberta seider

Hi Yesica, sorry to hear about this miserable doctor! However, you really should not complain about the hospital with bad star rating! This was not about the Hospital; your remarks should have been directed squarely at the doctor! Hope this comment was useful for the future. I don't know you, but I wish you well.

marla comora

I don’t know what it is, but the Hospitals here in FL are the WORST!!!! No one knows what they’re doing. You have to keep asking the nurse when the patient will be taken in for scans. My Nana was there for at least 4 days. She has a cancerous tumor on her liver and she hasn’t been eating. The hospital really did NOTHING for her except give her a plethora of pills to take and sent her home. She went to NY to go to a hospital up there, and just like that they suggested giving her a shot to cut off the cancer receptors, etc.... Shouldn’t Memorial have done that days ago?!? They never even suggested it. What is going on with hospitals in FL?!? Even Boca West has morons running the place.

Maria Villa

I had to take my 3 year old daughter last night around 2:00 am as she woke up crying with ear pain. I can honestly say I've never had a better experience at a hospital. Once we arrived the the women that worked in the front desk for security were extremely sweet and helpful, the nurses were very patient and kind with my daughter and were asking her about all the pies she had ate at Thanksgiving dinner. Dr. Martinez was honestly a breath of fresh air the whole time he was trying to make my daughter laugh and make her comfortable and really just trying to make it so she felt it was a game more then a hospital visit. When it was time to leave the nurse said my daughter deserved a prize for being so good, and brought out a big lamb plush toy for her. This Thanksgiving what I was most Thankful for was such an amazing group of People at Memorial West.

Lyssi R

I am originally from Boca Raton but had a procedure at this hospital because my doctor works there. I have to say, that aside from the sadness of the procedure I was getting, the service was exceptional from the security guard at the front of the ER building to the department receptions to the nurses. Exceptional personalized service to the patient. In this hospital it really is about "the patient" and making the patient feel good and as comfortable as possible. Kindness, generosity and understanding is what came out of all the nurses. The organization of the registration, paperwork and even tracking system to check status of the patient is outstanding. AMAZING EXPERIENCE I HAD AT THIS HOSPITAL AND DEFINITELY RRCOMMEND! THANK U WEST MEMORIAL!!!!

Trisie Joyner

This has to be the worst experience I've had with any hospital. Obviously at an ER the objective is to get you in and out however the physician misdiagnosed me and only gave me a med to temporarily alleviate some of my pain. I was then sent a bill for almost $11,000 for a 4 hour ER visit. I will never visit this hospital again!!


Went to visit a friend in the hospital the other day and was very impressed by the staff. Nurse Brenda was amazing! I’ve never met a nurse that was so caring about her patients. Absolutely excellent

Jacke Marin

I had a emergency with my wife and everything was amazing. FAST SERVICE VERY PROFESSIONAL STAFF SUPER RESPECTFUL Keep the amazing service

Jimmy View

What is up with this hospital therapy customer service? No one is picking up the phone. This branch seem to be negligent. Is this institution truly living up to what it stands for?

Melody Plays

I went there it was amazing the doctors for my child we're Soo nice

Nancy K

There's never too long a wait on the ER. The Drs & nurses seem very efficient and helpful.

Milissa Janson

We had appt at1220 over a hour to even get in still waiting for a bone scan look like I'm not coming back here

Rebecca Tiger

Memorial West is a great hospital, all the nurses and staff are very professional and so nice, very attentive and are dedicated to their jobs and treat you very well. I was in the hospital in 2017 and July this year, my experience there was the best!

anne hanley

I was put into a linen storage area which had turned into a room after being in ER for 8 hours. A blaring light which could not be turned off, a bed which didn’t operate and no privacy. Zero sleep and now as I’m writing it has taken 5plus hours to be discharged. If they are so desperately in need of rooms then they need to speed up the discharge process instead of milking my insurance company and me. Disgraceful!

yesica blanco pérez

In June of this year I had a surgery with Dr. Bernardo Johr at Memorial West Hospital and everything was fine with him and the team that took care of me. But when I went to his office for the follow up for this surgery he was very rude with me, for example: when and I asked him how many stones I had in my gallbladder, he told me, ''I did not count the stones because they are not diamonds''. Also his secretary Johanna was very rude and unprofessional with me during this process. If you do not want to be treat like this, please, do not go there, I do not recommend his office at all.

Qualgrow Corp

My son and me came in to the hospital to the emergency and nobody was taking care of the baby (2 years old) and I had to call the 911 to receive a really emergency service. Today is July 14 at 2:15pm so the owner can see the security camera. I recommend to take care about the security camera.

Aden Burd

Great hospital. Better than any around.

Jessica Blanco Perez

The Doctor Ana Maria Garcia Iguaran was very professional and adorable during my pregnancy. She and her staff were very special with me when I lost my baby on March of last year at Miramar Memorial Hospital. She has a great heart. God bless you Anita. Thank you for your love and dedication to me.

Jessica Cala

My mother has been waiting for an MRI scan for 3 days. Their response has been that first* all the emergency patients must get their MRI scans, but she came in through emergency as well... 3 days ago. On top of that, she began having stomach pains and the nurse came in once after my mom called for her and the nurse has not done a second round to check on her again. I really thought it couldn't get any worse than Palmetto until we came here. Headed on Day 4!

Jess S

As far as Emergency rooms go this is the quickest experience I've had. I was checked in and seen by a doctor in under 20 mins which is exceptional in my opinion. Blood work and imaging was done quickly as well. Ridiculous that some people expect an ER to be a 5 star hotel. This is a well operating establishment that care about their patients

Kristina Todd

All of the Memorial Hospitals are fantastic, but the best are Memorial West and Memorial Regional/ Joe Dimaggio. Hands down it’s the only place I go for any of my medical needs. I find that they hire the best Doctors as well which is of utmost importance.

Steve Martin

So much corruption. No ethics what so ever. Just $$$$$$$$$$$ !

Gaelle Laguerre

This Hospital is amazing the customer service was great I was pregnant I had 2 seizures 07/24/17 on my way to my doctor appointment and the Ambulance took me there after God they save my life. Dr.karrie Bataskov and Francessca and the whole staff in general thank you so much I can't be more specific the ICU staff I don't remember you guys name but God knows every single one you that took care of me God bless.My 3 lbs baby girls now she's 10 months. She's a big girl now

Debbie Rosa

Very nice staff and Doctors.

Carlos Ramirez

3 hours and counting. Wife is here at the emergency room and she was admitted to the back rooms to see the doctor after waiting at two different waiting rooms for two hours. What a joke. No sense of urgency from anyone here. Just found out they only have one doctor seeing patients in our area with 20 beds. Not even a nurse has come by to ask about her pain and if she’s managing it. I will never come back to this place, looks like it will be a all nighter.


Very disgusting place to be. Stay away go somewhere else. My husband is in this hospital and the service sucks. Just for a simple update all the nurses acting illiterate. When they do come in your room they are literally running out. Gosh

Biscayne Horizon

Very impressed! From ER visit to surgery and recovery 12 hrs! Clean hospital and super friendly stuff from valet to security to hospital staff. Definitely two thumbs up

Darlene Lewis

This is a Hospital location in Miramar. The Professional Building has Doctor's office. As a Customer at the Vanguard office the employees are Unprofessional?! The Treatment Should be Reported to the State!!! Should Any Administrator from The Hospital Need to Contact me about this matter.

Hope Reynolds

Excellent Hospital, great staff, friendly environment, knowledgeable nurses and doctors. We spent a day, overnight, and met highly professional medical doctors. The rooms are clean and very accommodating, the cafeteria was great even though it closes early. Highly recommend!

Sandy Young

Theres not a zero to choose .... I'm a nurse and the treatment my mother recieved was unbelievable....avoid this place at all counts !! A joke , unbelievable attitudes of the physicians and nurses ... I'm just shocked that they feel it's a "place of healing" far far from it ...


Emergency is super Bad and slow. They don't care to emergencies and really don't treat the patience in a good way

Sarah Goodman

By far thee most unprofessional hospital I’ve ever been to. Most of the employees there look and act like they don’t want to work. Most nurses are no help. The 5th floor to be exact! Instead of knocking before coming in they slam the door open. Can care less for the patient if they are sleeping and the cleaning department included. Can also care less if the patient is in pain. Very hard to get a hold of any doctor. Amongst the extra details This hospital overall is very unorganized and definitely not INFORMATIVE w/patient and guests!! They will leave you in the air until you have to dig yourself to figure out the 5 w’s and most wont even know the answer but they are “scheduled” to be on your case. So you are never secure with any information because everyone is telling you different things or when you ask they don’t know the answers to your question. Thee most horrible experience! The cons outweigh the pros at this point. The only pro I can say is that they try and get things done. But all in the most unprofessional way....

Eric Grubisich

I have dealt with many departments of Memorial West and have found them to be amazing in every one of them. My wife gave birth to our daughter here, and there was no other hospital with the amenities offered here. Everything was pleasant and bright, private, and the nursing staff and doctors went out of their way to make us comfortable during our stay. Unlimited visitors, private rooms, and attention to detail were all incredible. My daughter has had to go to the pediatric emergency room a few times and they were always fast to bring us in, attentive to our concerns, and never made us feel rushed or unimportant. The nurses and doctors of the pediatric ward are truly talented, and worthy of praise. My mother has had to visit the hospital both as inpatient and emergency room visits due to various health issues. They always take the time to listen and explain treatments and are open to trying out unconventional methods where applicable. I can think of no better hospital and I will always choose this one when in need, although God willing I won't need to go to the hospital again (but let's be honest, it will probably happen at some point.)

Juan Fernandez

Horrible care! Front desk staff tells you to sit down without having any info of why you are there. You try to ask them a question or comment and they ignore you. Considering the branch of service they are in they should be a little more understanding since they don’t know the reason why people are there. Extremely long wait time. Better off driving somewhere further than going here. I have never had to walk out of a hospital to go to another hospital until now.

Mel A

I love this hospital, they have great care and great doctors.

Dionicio Garcia

I have never had such a horrible experience but somethings need to be said. I had heard the hospital was on a decline, today unfortunately I became a victim of there negligence. I have been there before and its been a pleasant experience. After going to the ER for extreme back pain radiating to my chest and being admitted after everything went well in the ER hallway, it turned into a nightmare. They did a bunch of unnecessary tests and drew blood thinking It could be a heart attack, after I explained it was from my back. But it went unheard. The echo cardiogram hurt my condition further and aggravated my back pain even more. I still maintained my composure even though I was still in great pain. After explaining to the Dr and several other people even though they assure that patient care is priority they still neglected me as the patient, show compassion or even give me my daily medicine at the right time. This adding more to my problem. The Dr decided to discharge me with out even telling me and when I questioned why couldn't they help me with my pain they said it was protocol. I pleaded with at least 5 or more staff members, to please help me with the pain I'm in to no avail. I stated I wouldn't leave until someone gave me an answer on what is causing my acute upper back pain, which is why I was admitted and should've been treated for but instead I was threaten and escorted out by some clown named Adam and other guys , I think they may have been security; when I asked Adam what's going on? He said "it is, what it is". I don't know who this guy is or what his authority is but I felt so violated and felt threatened that I was going to go to jail. One of the security guys which should be fired immedIately, while I was in the wheel chair in the room he reached down and ripped my medical bracelet from my wrist and startled me. I told him what are you doing man? He said you don't need that anymore you have been discharged. I said, please man, do not touch me again. You have no business touching me. As for the other guy he remained polite. All that time I feared for my life and my health because I am a disabled person and I didn't want to suffer further injury or worsen my condition. This was a total disregard for human care with no compassion for a sick person. I have all their names and titles and will be following up with legal action.

Sham Wright

The staff was excellent in the joint replacement center.

Gerardo Losardo

I love that place because they make me feel very comfortable. Nurse,pca,pct,all staff very professional and very affectionate. Specially 7 floor,nurse Andrea,manager Grace nurse Stephen every one super professional. And also 2 floor name Gerardo Losardo. Thank you for everything God bless you 4/10/18 to 4/14/18

mildred Martinez Villamar

The service at the emergency room is less than acceptable. 1. the wait once you inside the emergency is ridiculously long as the Dr's and Nurses walk around talking, on the cell . 2. Once finished then receive a bill for $4,310 in addition to at least 4 other bills totaling over $5,000 when I was clearly told it would be a $500 if I didn't have insurance. I was NEVER told it wouldn't include all the other test done!!! How unethical!!!!! Thanks Memorial great way to really intentionally take advantage of people

Julianna Posada

Amazing hospital. I moved here from New Jersey 32 weeks pregnant and was terrified about delivering at a new hospital that I knew nothing about. To say the least, my labor and delivery process was amazing. The nurses were wonderful and couldn't have done it without them. I just didn't like the hospital food. They barely give you an options and the food was not good at all. Other than that, amazing staff and hospital! Would definitely deliver there again in the future :)

Ooopsy Entertainment

From the moment I took my mom to the emergency room we were treated with gentle loving hands . My mom was in bad shape and they handled my hysterical crying and my moms situation like an orchestrated dance!! Thank you !!

Savannah Johnston

I sat in the emergency room with 102.6 fever from midnight until 2:30 in the morning. I was one of the first ones there and my name was never called. Everyone else in the emergency room waiting room had been called except me. I ended up leaving and going to the urgi care in the morning and was seen in under 10 mins. This hospital is a joke.

Katie McInnis

My grandmother had an incident at home and was transported to Memorial West.The nurse that was taking care of her was on social media very frequently. Two days later, after tests came back normal my grandmother was released. Later that night she had found the IV needle STILL in her arm.... She is now at a different hospital still in pain from some sores she had developed that weren't taken care of properly. I understand the staff is working hard everyday but this is unprofessional and very upsetting

April star Beaton

No body likes going to the hospital. But when I had to go everybody there took good care of me. Everybody was so caring and helpful. I ended up having an outpatient surgery by Dr. Delgado, she was very kind and check up on me the next day. When I was recovering in the hospital Kelly my nurse was the BEST! She didn't treat me like a some other patient she treat treated me like I was her very own daughter. I could not ask for a better nurse. If anyone else has to do an outpatient surgery and your nurse is Kelly you are blessed. I had a great experience.

Watching SouthFlorida

Came to er with an 81 year old lady at around 1:20 sat in the waiting room until 7pm still waiting at that point, she could not eat or drink for 6 hours, I complained they made her wait for way to long. She had surgery, a fall, and her head was dizzy and they refused to treat her. Just offering patronizing remarks as to why she's being poorly treated. This hospital may look nice but the staff is the sorriest. In fact a lady checked out and sat in the lobby over an hour because the forgot to remove her IV. If that's not mal practice then what is.

gabriela lopez

Worse “emergency” ever, doctor saying lies that everything is going to be fast and I had to wait 10 hours in an emergency room just to say that “everything is fine” , my boyfriends couldn’t breath and they say that everything is fine !!! , absolutely I’m not going to come back. I spend more than 10 hours doing nothing with any answers , everything is a lie .

Miry Besalis Barjoud

Leaving patient in the hall while there is empty rooms there is no privacy.

Carlag. Alvarez

i wanted to give it no stars but it doesnt let me , they left my grandma waiting for hours with a huge hole in her head saying she needed a bed with no even look at her .

Emilseth T

Can get busy due to it being a great hospital so the wait time can be very long. The staff,nurses and doctors are very caring and are thorough. The kids ER is not as busy and you don't ever wait.

Daphne James

A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing. To Dr. Aisha Rivers and her team. God Bless you all from Daphne Fagan

Juan Ramirez

My wife spent 2 days in the hospital, the cleaning was excellent, the ER service was great, but the nurse Jonelle At night Shift was outstanding, thank you Jonelle for your hospitality, your are more than special with all your patients. First time that I feel like write a feedback because this team is excellent I recommend this hospital 10000%

Sandro Rodriguez

This hospital is terrible. The service provided by the hospital is terrible. It is a hit or miss with the nurses on staff and some of the doctors (although we found out that it is mostly miss not a hit). They see you as a number and not as person. The only good thing was a few of the nurses and the imaging services lady who really cares (she alone would get 5 stars but not the rest of the attention from this hospital which is a shame because you see all these awards that must be phony because we just didn't experience the attention required) My mom stayed in the hospital two times. She was diagnosed with a serious medical disease and the level of attention this hospital gave to my mom's diagnosis was terrible and I have never seen in any hospital. Some of the nurses and PCP were nice but not enough of them. But the doctors just made their normal rounds and barely provided any information. If the doctors do not take your insurance they show they do not care at all even though while you are in the hospital they should because they are getting paid. Although I flew from out of state to meet with the doctor I was unable to, and not even by phone. Additionally the doctor on call made their rounds when I wasn't there and I could not ask additional questions. When I asked if I could talk to him later they said they could not wait and never met with me. Additionally the discharge papers she received were all wrong said to follow up with doctors whom the hospital already knew did not take her insurance and basically they wipe themselves clean from all problems. The second time my mom was at the hospital, she was informed that she needed to see a cardiologist although the hospital has some on staff to possibly see her and provided her more information. Instead we were discharged and told to see a cardiologist outside of the hospital. We asked many questions and we did not get information to the point that we felt it was better to leave. The hospital facility is nice and clean but don't let that fool you. If I wasn't there I think my mom would have gotten even worse attention/care. It seems you have to push people for questions or why things aren't being done in the proper way. I hear memorial regional is a better hospital but unfortunately the attention my mom received was less than adequate. It left me questioning the level of attention from doctors in general. I would avoid this hospital at all cost. If I was a doctor I would change affiliations because I will not look for doctors affiliated with this hospital.

Ana Moya

Emergency room was hectic and we had to stay in the hall half a day waiting for a room to be available, but the nurses and staff were very helpful. Once in the room, they provided excellent care. All xray, ct scan and sonograms were done very quick.

Lisa Hernandez

Arrived at facility just before 8pm. I was so sick with fever and vomiting. I was signed in and vitals were taken. I was given 2 extra strength Tylenol and was told to wait. I waited until midnight and was never seen. I understand that there are triage protocols, but some patients I spoke to were there for more than 5 hours. I also noticed people were called back and sent out again to wait. Will never come back. 5 hours is too long to wait - triage or no triage


Want a job here? You better know someone inside, otherwise you will not get hired. They hire friends of friends, not qualified candidates.

gilbert peraza

Always a good visit dr. Angela is an exceptionally good ophthalmologist been with him for about eight years

Yohandy Torres

My wife entered this large but disappointing hospital, full of rooms with first-class technology, but with an incredibly poor patient care. My wife Lidisbel was operated from the gallbladder by Dr Pombo or on Monday, on Wednesday November 15 they swallowed an emergency with irresistible pain, the nurse who attended her is the most unpleasant woman I have ever met in a medical institution, lamented every Enfer Mo who distressed and desperate, came to the emergency room. Is this the wrong profession? After 8 hours, my wife raging with grief, on November 16, 2018, at 3 in the morning they gave him a room (technology of first, no doubt, as to justify him because they charged so much to the insurance company) today it is 5 in the afternoon and my wife continues with the Do Terrible lor, without eating anything, and without doctor Cortes seeing her. The Doctor pin or no longer remembers that it exists, sending it home the day of the operation after giving him a test of urination. My wife Lidisbel of the tower did not desfeca since the operation, we definitely need more doctors and less businessmen. Here we go, my wife in pain without a doctor, and I desperate and no options looking as she complains


Great place..Staff is amazing. Treat my mom like gold.

Linda Raphael

RUN!!!! Unless you’re dying and that’s the nearest hospital, I would say take a chance. Otherwise, seek help elsewhere! The worst hospital experience ever, I wished I could’ve scored it a zero star. The ER night staff are the worst, I went there a day ago and was discharged without the doctor going over any of my lab results. Now I’m on my way back to a ER with the same issue, smh. Memorial West, you all have to do better!

Michelle Gittens

All the staff was pleasant, helpful and made sure we had all that we needed. From the Emergency Room right up to the ward and surgery was a good experience. Very Clean.

Shantrell Louis

I am very disappointed with the check in nurse. Tonight I brought my son to be seen about a rash over his face. The nurse took a patient that walked in after me, then she sit back down at the front desk looking/texting on her phone. Not one time did she say anything to me. I got up and ask her about the wait time, she inform me that she couldn’t give me answer or a time about wait, as I was getting ready to leave with my son then she started asking questions.

Kelso Redd

The absolute wort ER I've ever encountered. Wife is in excruciating Pain. We arrived at 2:30pm and it's now 11pm and we are still waiting for the issue to be resolved...smh

Javiera Delacruz

They supposedly care about patients pain but what they care mostly is temporary pain relief and opening space up for who’s next. I have been 4 times to the ER in a month and have not yet found what is wrong with me and I’m still in pain. They claimed no MRI could have been done because they only have one machine and I wasn’t priority. I still can’t sit or walk and no one seems to care. Would not recommend this hospital. Nurses are nice but have no control over what the doctors order.

Jennifer Stanford

This hospital only gets a 5star because of my doctor he is the best OBGYN I had ever had and I had seen alot of OBGYN and nun of them can even come close to Dr. Dimitri Lopez Linnikov, MD he makes sure you are ok takes him time with everything and to answer anything you have the bed side manner is amazing the care he has for his patients is wonderful he delivered my son wish i would of found him when i was pregnant with my 1st born but got lucky I found him with my 2nd because he just an amazing doctor hand I had my tubs tie he did the surgery ofcourse and he did an amazing job answer everything I had to ask or he bet me to it if you are looking for an OBGYN he is the doctor then so stop look dnt go to anyone else because you cant get someone like him anywhere it is hard to find a good OBGYN doctor so lucky I have him as mine

Lissette Connor

Thank you all so much for making me feel completely comfortable ❣ every single one of you God bless you and your families always❣

Lazaro Figueroa

I went to the ER Friday to get assistance with me not having control on the side of my face. Dr. Remaly, spoke to me for minutes about what it is. So he diagnosed me with Bells Palsy. I asked him if I could get a scan there and his response was to speak to a neurologist. He recommended me to a Doctor than no longer exists in that office. Now I’m trying to go around and look for a neurologist available and I can’t get anyone that can see me without an appointment. The next appointment being in May. This is my life and well being. I don’t know what caused this and neither does the doctor. He is assuming what it could be without factual proof. I feel that I was brushed off. stress causes Bell’s palsy and that is what these doctors are mainly causing. Now I called in and am speaking to the clinical manager Drew from the ER I went to and he has me on hold for 18 minutes now to get information on where I can go.

Janine Klinger

We had to come to the JOE DIMMAGIO ER at this hospital on Easter weekend and I can’t express enough the gratitude we have for the staff at this ER. All the nurses were very friendly and incredibly helpful. They treated our son with gentle hands considering he had to get some staples. I have to say the best part about this visit was the little booboo bunny a nurse , Melissa, made for the children who would come in on this weekend. Our son put it on like a bracelet, wore it all the way home , and slept the night with it. It was super comforting to him. I wish we could’ve thanked Melissa in person, but we wanted to express our deepest thanks that she took the time to make these little bunnies, I’m sure they brought many children happiness in a stressful time. Thanks so much to everyone at the ER, you guys are doing a fantastic job!


Great place of hospitality. Patient Priority

kristy Huang

Now I know why here has a lot bad review. .. I made my worst decision to come here..I never have the bad experience at any hospital, I came because my son has a high fever. I wait for 4.5 hours. And doctor show one time,tell me what they need to check him, which is fine. And after the doctor left, I wait for 3hours for nothing. The room was so cold and we both hungry, I call them 3 times and they didn’t show up, after the last time I call, they told me the doctor was busy,he will come soon, another 30mins, I decided to leave, cuz I know when the doctor come, he will tell me everything is fine, and I was waiting there for 4 hours. I’m not gonna wait anymore. And my son come with high fever, leave with high fever. Nothing change for 4.5hours. Worst people here. I never come back here. And people who wanna come here, please take my advice, they just wanna make money. That’s all!!!!!!!

Shia Adams

I can’t speak for other people but my experience from start to finish was superb. I gave birth to my son 1/30/18 & every single nurse that touch my son was a god send. Nurse Marci & nurse Darlene made my first time mother worries instantly disappear. I am so greatful for this hospital and all the staff that was involved in making my sons birth possible.

Peta-Gaye Edwards

Memorial Hospital West continues to steadily decline in customer service, professionalism, and provision of appropriate medical services. After almost three hours of waiting, a P C A felt sorry for us and spoke to someone to get us out of the waiting room. Kudos to him, as the Triage nurses stated that the max wait time of three hours and 23 minutes had not yet expired so there was nothing that they could do. But sorry about the pain that my dad was in. Then we finally make it to the back, where the dr took a look at him, and everyone disappeared. Only after speaking to the nurse manager was anything done. In addition, his vitals which were secondary, but still high and of concern to the triage staff, which made us wait for this ridiculous amount of time to receive emergency care was completely disregarded by the dr and nurse who evaluated him. This is unacceptable.

Mimi Greco

My family and I are here from out of town and My father was to undergo a very serious procedure, when I asked the nurse if the doctor could speak to our regular cardiologist ... her response was the doctors are only here for five minutes, so if in that five minutes they can reach your cardiologist then they will speak ... I would avoid this place


I’d give negative stars if I could because this place is such a joke. I see comments from months ago saying the same thing so obviously the owner who’s commenting on all these negative critiques has done absolutely nothing to fix anything. Had an appointment at 10 am for a procedure it’s now 3:30 so 5 and a half hours laters and my grandmother is still in pre-op. The nurses and the front desk don’t really care at all about anything. If you can avoid coming here I would because I can only imagine the ER. You’d probably just die there waiting. Total freaking joke. This has happened the past 2 times we’ve been here too. Don’t waste your time. Unprofessional.

Smarty Pants

Memorial Hospital has stepped up significantly in my years of living in Pembroke Pines. The staff has always been amazing as well as their technology advances. More recently that have expanded their parking situation which alleviated the severe congestion they had for years. Overall, Memorial Hospital is my favorite hospital for ANY medical procedures or consultations. Highly recommended! !

Patri chevalier

Went to ER very efficiency service, nurses n ER Dr nice. Was admitted, got a nice n neat suite, delicious menu n professional team Thanks to cardiology Dr. Ussapp n hospital Dr.(sorry forgot name), thanks nurses nattaly n Joyce made feel relax n confortable

Javier Navarro

Hello, I have my mother at Hialeah Hospital (ICU Unit) since 2 months ago. I would like to know if it is possible to transfer her to your facility for a better treatment. Please contact me. She has Medicaid.

Samantha Freeman

If you want to die come here. The emergency wait time is insane. I brought my friend here who obviously has a serious issue as it is bulging out on her side and we have been sitting here since 2:41; it is now 7:26 pm waiting to get a ct scan done. Hester who works in the ER dept. Is nothing but short and rude in her demeanor. I have never waited so long at an ER.

Arlhey Carmenate

Worst Hospital staff ever they were all sitting, chit chatting, laughing and making jokes of patients.

Maleek Hew


Darlesia Brown

They stingy with the sandwiches my sister had a baby and her fiancé was with her the whole time they didn’t even feed him a sandwich!!

Tom Wilson

Came into the ER 33 hours ago with my mother in a level 10 pain and were told we need a uriology consult. 33 hours later we are still waiting for uriology but have been visited by speach therapy and three shift changes.

Nelson Zavala

Avoid at all cost! Staff its nice, but the waiting is just insane!!! First and Last time at this Hospital..

Meryl Rebholz

Dr. Hirschberg and the entire staff of Memorial West made me feel comfortable and knowledgeable before and after my procedure. Great experience.

Mary Ana

My family and I have had excellent care in this hospital.

Dennis Aron

I recently visited DetoxMD at Memorial West. As someone who has worked in the field of recovery, It was a very nice visit, very clean, had my own room, food was good, and the staff was excellent. I wish I could remember all the names, Brianna for intake was very welcoming, and Maxiel at discharge was very good. A special thanks to Rey Starr and Maite Soria for their long term friendships & support. Rey, you made this possible, thank you so much!

L Crouzeilles

I was billed $12,000 for a half-hour visit which involved a moody nurse who clearly didn’t enjoy their job, giving me a script for antibiotics and then sent home. Enough said. They have no shame. That’s 1st world healthcare, folks. If you can pay up.

Ernst Joseph

This is the worst place to be if you have an emergency. It takes a whole night to get a CT scan done and all the nurses are joking around and not taking care of anyone while acting busy. You will basically die in that ER. Stay away. Go somewhere else. If I could give them a -10 star I would. Unfortunately I have to give them the one star. Really lousy place very unprofessional and unorganized. Nobody knows what’s going on with their bad attitude.

Sincerely, Bebe

What type of Hospital Could not access or have any records of they patients visit. I Was asked a thousand times when I visited , as if Anyone can remember what they ate the day or week before. Would not give me a Discharge paper or doctors note so I can go back to work. Very disappointed. Will not visit again. Very unprofessional !! No one even cared to try to help my situation


Excellent service .

john lennon

hit-or-miss the other day I waited 15 minutes today I had to run out because I waited an hour and a 1/2.

kandice jones

This hospital is so overcrowded that patients cannot get the attention needed. The wait is ridiculous. There are people everywhere. The Dr who saw my mother was condescending and rude. Although my mother lives nearby, I will NEVER bring her back here. Still in ER, and cannot even get into the bathroom as there are stretchers with patients everywhere! I have never seen anything like this in my life! This is horrible!

Steve Summerlin

I go here to see my primary care physician that I have seen since the early 1990s. The parking used to be horrendous but that majorly changed for the good by more than doubling available parking.

Israel Washington II

It would be nice to make the electric vehicle charging stations accessible to visitors/patients beside just employees.

Ashley Gonzalez

The nurse was great, but Dr. Alfa Dialo was very unprofessional. He didn’t care to answer questions I had about my grandmother and had an attitude towards my family and I. He had no interest for my grandma medical situation.

Athena King

This hospital goes above and beyond. I have had to visit this hospital three times in the past 3 months as I have a chronic abdominal illness. I recently moved to FL for work, and have been in my share of hospitals. This one is amazing. The past 2 visits, I guess coincidentally, I had the same ER nurse and physician. Tracy (nurse) remembered me, even 2 months and hundreds of other patients later. She kept me informed throughout both visits. Tracy was very diligent in making sure I was as comfortable as possible. Even as busy as it was, she made time to make some quick small talk with me. The physician, Dr. Gomes, recognized me as well. He has excellent bedside decorum, and for someone who had an ER FULL of other patients, he still took the time to fully explain the tests that were being performed, as well as what future steps would be depending on those results. Although I know a lot about my condition, Dr. Gomes made sure I fully understood what I had to do to stay out of the ER for longer than 2 months at a time. I interacted with several other care takers last night, and in a nutshell, they were just as excellent. Living around the corner helps when I need to go to the ER, but even if I lived 15-20 miles away I'd still make the drive. Thank you Memorial Hospital West, Tracy, and Dr. Gomes. I will make sure to refer people here if they need, and you have gained my trust, and I will definitely return to this location if the unfortunate time should come. Brandon Karkower

Maritza C. Bosch

Review on Memorial West on Flamingo and Pines. 3 days later, mom was never seen by a gastroenterologist or cardiologist. UC visit at BOS PINES revealed inflammation in the intestines-ambulance transfer to them. Later test revealed infection in the colon and low heart rate. Antibiotics ordered by hospitalist-followed by resident and student-Had to leave AMA. That’s it. Going to Memorial West is a risk to your health-stay away.

Sonia Bittner

Nurses dont answer the phone

Taylor Torres

The staff is kind and responsible but how is the management going to require their staff both nurses and scribes work while they have the flu?? Especially in the ER? That's disgusting and wrong. Pay those employees and stop requiring staff put patients in danger for minimum wage. God forbid I ever go I am making sure the people who come in all wash their hands and arms, put on new gloves, put on masks, cover their scrubs with a patient gown and dont breathe in my direction. Whatever I go in for I dont also need to get the flu.

stefany espinal

This place has no compassion or empathy for their suffering patients. This is currently my 3rd time being admitted in just one month and I the first 2 times they sent me home fever and all. Ive had a non stop high fever of 104. So many and most know that that causes body pain like horrible body pain to the point I wanna just die (not really just trying to get thru to anyone) long story short I currently have infection in my blood stream along with c diff colitis. I repeatively asked for administrative, patient advocate, social worker anyone who could possibly talk some sense into the pain doc mind. She was ok with me the first 2 times when I came so I asked can she jyst put me back on the same schedule long story short I'm getting no where. Nurses are awesome here however doctors (not just pain, but neurosurgeons and others) memorial will be the place I die I'm sure of it. They sent me home with 2 shunt failures before and ended up having 2 emergency shunt revisions smh horrible place. Lack bedside manners,empathy,communication I can go on and on. Save ur time go to Cleveland clinic.

Jon Levitz

Top notch hospital & staff. Will never go to another hospital if I had the choice.

Yaya D

Upset, how could you stage a patient in hallway because you don’t hAve any rooms available. Unprofessional, you should leave the patient in emergency room. Especially when you are trying to check a patient in the open. Bad business and unprofessional at its finest, wait until the room is ready before moving you patient. Privacy is a must.

Olivia Belardo

I came here today. Is the best service I ever had in the ER. Nurse Laurdes is AMAZINGLY caring, sweet, and very professional. Will recommend this Hospital 100%. Everyone has been just wonderful. Thank God for hospitals like MHW.

Susan Arata

I have worked in hospitals since 1983 and I have to say how appalled I was at the cleanliness of my Dad's room in ICU during his recent stay. There was always debris on the floor and a container that collected lung fluid when he was on the vent stayed there for over 24 hours after the vent was removed!!! Additionally, not everyone washed their hands and put on gloves prior to interacting with him and he has had MRSA infections in the past.

KePa GuGi

The ER is unbelievably one of the worst experiences I’ve had. I was waiting with my infant for over 5 hours and as I kept hearing everyone in the room the experience was the same. There were multiple times when there was no staff in the front desk. The staff was so dry and not very approachable. Everyone in the Waiting room was upset and many in the course of 5 hours lefts out of frustration of having been there all day without any information regarding their condition or waiting to be seen. Horrible.

Keytwan Sears

For the most part their staff is well mannered and experience. But I will never come back to this hospital again even in a life or death situation for myself. The first 24 hours of being admitted to this hospital the DOCTORs gave me the biggest run around when it came to me receiving the right pain medications to treat my sickle cell disease. Also, in the ER I suggested my IV be placed slightly lower then where the nurse wanted to place it. I ask to speak with the doctor. Instead of the nurse coming back with the doctor, she comes back with a none liability waiver for me to sign for my refusal. So I agree to cooperate and after the nurse’s failed attempt to place the IV where she wanted it, ended up putting it in location I suggested. This is the first hospital I have seen that puts making a dollar over the the comfort of the patient. Because I would never mind denying service and going to another Memorial branch that would no doubt take their time and care for a PAYING patient. Let’s not forget ladies and gentleman health care is not free and health is a very important aspect of life itself.

Minnie Cruz

Labor and delivery has an amazing staff. We had just moved to Loxahatchee when we discovered I was pregnant. I couldn't bare going to another Dr or another hospital so I would make the hour and half drive for visits etc. This was my 3rd baby delivered at Memorial West and I Can say the care is amazing. The nurses are kind, knowledgeable and so helpful. Gaby was like an angel to us and so we're all the other ladies that we encountered during my stay from 3/7-3/9. I can't remember everyones name but I can 100% say they all really made me feel like family. The nurse on our last day there remembered me from the last baby and she was extremely welcoming and genuine. Again, I can't remember her name but she is from Russia and a truly genuine person. I am grateful to have had such an amazing experience and I am grateful for the kindness and care received from everyone...from check in to delivery through to the nice man that wheeled me out before going home, they are all very professional and amazing.

fania five

Total lack of ethics, went to the physiotherapy department for a simple consultation and was charged $900+ for absolutely nothing, (i confirmed the price before agreeing to anything and they say i will have a little copayment of $30) I didn't needed any therapy and nothing was done but a simple checkout. I was scandalized when i saw how much they charged my insurance. Thankfully some of the charges were covered by my insurance but that definitely shows a lack of principles and ethics. be aware of this place and shameless charges.

Irina Pakula

Horrible nurse staff!!!! My mother is in ICU, and was supposed to have a procedure done on Monday at 12pm, to drain the fluids from her lungs.. Still waiting..... The nurses try to argue and cover their asses, coming up with different excuses every time, but whenever the doctor comes into the room their demeanor changes very quickly. And suddenly everything we asked for gets done. The floors are disgustingly dirty, look like hasn't been cleaned in a few days. The only reason I will rate it any stars The physicians and the therapists are sweethearts, but the nursing staff ruined it. If you have an option to bypass this place do so at all costs. The Memorial Hospital in Mirimar has way better care. Go there if you can!

shadow slayer

I recently came to this hospital for my wife to get induced and have our baby. When we had gotten there we were met with smart cracks and rude remarks. Now there were nurse's who were super polite but there were also nurse's a lot who were rude and didn't want to answer any of our questions they were harsh and basically annoyed if we asked anything were first time parents we have many things to ask everytime we ask anything to some nurse's we were talked down too and we're treated like we meant nothing after the baby was born the Midwife Nelly who delivered our baby was very nice however she kept calm and helped my wife through it all after however when we went to the resting area for her and the baby I was changing the baby outfit she bad poop on it I wanted to change her without getting poop on her head so I ask the nurse for help just to hold her head up while i take it off and instead the nurse named liliana quatrini said and I quote " If you cannot dress the baby yourself I will call social services on you to make sure the baby is safe ". EXCUSE ME THAT'S ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS I know how to change the diaper and her clothes I needed one thing and I get that response bull. My wife and I will never go back to here to have another baby if you can go to another hospital any other hospital is better than this. It took hours to get anything I asked for diaper and whipes it took 5 hours to get a student nurse got me them. On our last day the nurse Elsa was overbearing acting as if my wife and I were just stupid I was so close to snapping but I kept my cool now come to find out they didn't check her blood pressure and after one day were back in the hospital with high blood pressure. So thanks West for keeping an eye on my wife we never again when you have a baby the people around you should be happy and it should be a positive atmosphere but instead we were met with attitudes, rude remarks and plain people getting short with. Never again

Juan y Sofia

it’s bad, if you’re pregnant don’t go here

Brittany Perkins

Currently here in the ER and by far the worst nurses and customer service ever. Ive been here 13 plus hours in the ER and the second shift Nurse never introduced herself, Never once asked if I was okay or did I need anything. My alarm would sound for 30 minutes at a time and I would have to ask random people that were walking by to silence it for me. The most concerning thing was how can you receive a blood transfusion and the Doctor not ORDER that your hemoglobin be checked prior to discharge to see if the the procedure helped. I hooe soneone from this hospital reads this a reaches out. This whole experience is so concerning to be.

Dorra Craiu

Valet parking for free!! Everything clean and organized. Everybody's nice over here!

Yadira Desvergunat Saiz

I was scheduled for a surgery, the staff, nurses, and doctors were very attentive,hospitable, and extremely helpful. It was excellent service all around, would defenately recommend.

Stacy Rosen

I received excellent care during my stay. The staff on the forth floor made sure I was comfortable and continually checked me during the day. Best nurses and doctors.

Beatrice FV

Amazing hospital!, I have to stay overnight at the ER and I have to say that all the medical staff was super attentive and helpful. They made my visit very smoothly and at the same time I never feel that I was staying at a hospital. Kudos for that medical team that honestly do care for their patients. Besides this hospital is extremely clean and organized.

Nory Aldama

My son was treated dryly, inconsiderately and literally almost pushed out the door. The emergency room lacks empathy and kindness. The technicians who draw blood need to go back to school. They need to learn how to say something other than “ let me see what I can do”. The communication between staff is short of existing, doctor told my son it was ok for him to drink water, two minutes later the nurse said he can’t have water. Incredible! I will never go here again!

A Viator

Third world hospital with a third world staff. Don’t expect much from these ignorant people and you won’t be disappointed. I would never put my life in the hands of these low life bottom feeders. Run away. Run far away.

Tim Bell

My wife had a very bad fall, and we went to Memorial Hospital. All the staff were extremely helpuful and compassionate. We were in and out within 3 hours. Back in my home town, we would have been there 5 or 6hrs. Thank you to all the people who helped my wife during this very painful time.

Rosi I Alameda

Wonderful hospital and Staff! While I was there they attended every need and answered every question. Everyone was sweet and attentive. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone!! From nurses, to maintenance, to food staff and Doctors! All of you are amazing!! Thank you.


The wait WAS over 3 hours only to be advised there where no beds. Staff is unprofessional and unorganized.

Priscila Hill

I had an amazing experience at this hospital. All of the nurses in Labor and Delivery 2nd floor and Mother/Baby 3rd floor provided excellent care to me and was so caring and knowledgeable. Nurses Joelle and Kristy in labor and delivery and Nadine in mother baby went above and beyond to deliver excellent nursing care to me and was constantly checking on me to make sure I’m ok. Would recommend to anyone !

Angel Michel

If I can give 0 stars I would. I wish I read these reviews before coming here! I only came here because this is the only hospital that my OB delivers at. I’m actually still here. By far the WORST hospital experience I’ve ever had. I got stuck 3x WRONGLY for my epidural and the fourth time was done correctly by a second person. AS SOON as the epidural process was over I had the worst neck pain ever and the nurse ignored me. After giving birth the neck pain continued and they tried to blame it on delivery and pushing and not the many failed attempts at epidural even though I kept on expressing that I had the pain immediately after the epidural shots and before delivery. My neck is stiff and I am unable to bond with my son or properly feed him and no one here seems to care expect for one nurse. I gave birth on Wednesday and I’m still here saturday due to this neck pain that everyone kept on ignoring. Even now, I’ve asked for the blood patch since 9am in hopes of feeling better and it’s almost 3pm and I have yet to get any help for the same pain that I’ve been feeling for 3 days now. This is the type of experience that can cause post partum depression and has messed up my chances of being able to breast feed my son. The WORSSSSSSST experience ever.


Great service. Very professional and everyone is very kind. I highly recommend this hospital. Now i know where to go when i get sick :)

Carlos M

Excellent staff (pediatric emergency) . Today my son was attended in the hospital by laseration in your right foot and the attention was great!!! Thanks memorial west hospital

Leo Hernandez

So I currently had a 7 hour wait in the emergency room which is not my problem.. I got put in the ER had a great nurse by the name of Jessica gave me the correct pain med due to morphine not working on me but before I get sent to the 5th floor to lay on a stretcher in the hallway they gave me morphine as the pain med I speak to the nurse that I supposed to be there to help me I tell her that I'm in great amount of pain that I need the correct pain med.she tells me they just gave it to me so I explained to her morphine does not work on me she is like you still have to wait 4 hours to get another dose so I ask her to call the DR and she comes back with that the Dr said to keep giving me morphine till he gets does that make sense?!? Keep in mind the nurse nor the clinical manager introduced them selves how professional is that?!?

Maria Taveras

The doctor and the nurses were great and they had compassion for the patients.

Diane Barnes

Worst hospital ever!! They have misdiagnosed my mom, gave her the wrong medication and the staff is unprofessional. The doctor is extremely unprofessional. I will be filling a complaint with the hospital today.

Millett Druz

I wanted to follow up on my previous review. I am pleased with the effort that was taken to rectify the situation. Thank you !

David Eiglarsh

Doctors are all right there. There is a parking garage with no charge to park (as compared to Mt. Sinai Hospital).

Josie Defonso

The staff was very attentive and kind. Especially Wincy..Christian and Mike..They treated me with such kindness and respect..

Miguel de la paz

first and foremost kudos for such a wonderful job @ 3 central My spouse is very ill and was treated with all the care and compassion I have come to expect from this Facility. Nurses such Melissa , Katiana, Nicole, Pamela and several other staff members all deserve a standing ovation for such exceptional care. if need be , I know my loved one will most definitely be taken care of on that Unit. They go above and beyond to insure patients are looked after and treated with dignity and respect a big thank you for all that they do.

Angel Kelley

Professional, friendly and helpful staff. Was made to feel comfortable while my son had surgery.

Anna Guadalupe

I am currently a patient at Memorial West. Doctor's here are the worse at attending their patients. I came in for Bleeding and got several transfusions and now Im bleeding again. Makes no sense. I need answers and doctor has not seen me all day. What kind of service is this????

Nandie Monestime

I will never take my kids there again!! My 2 y/o and 9 month were sick. I brought them to the E.R. both had a fever of 104 so I valet parked. Once I was done the security clerk advised valet was closed and provided my keys. Then tells me she's not sure where they parked my car but it's probably at the far end of the hospital. Keep in mind its 8:30 in the evening and i have my little ones with me and i was afraid to walk there alone with my boys. A police officer was there heard the entire conversation chose to ignore while he was on his phone. After 10 minutes looking for my car I found it. When I got home Dr. Petrovani calls me and says my 9 month old son has the flu and she sent in Tamiflu to give him. She did not even warn me of the side effect of this medication. Just said he has the flu and pick the medication. When my husband picked up the medication it was the Tamiflu and probiotics. Not sure what the probiotic was for because she did not mention it when she called. I did not give it to him. Once I gave my son the Tamiflu he did not sleep the entire night fussing, crying and vomiting. After googling the medication it says major side effects are upset stomach and vomiting. Worse experience ever! Never AGAIN!! Btw, they asked to email them which I did, i have heard from them.

Sonia Colon

I’ve had my fair share of hospital visits, not for myself, but for others, and i have to say the hospitality and attention to detail here is profound. I’ve enjoyed my time here for my personal reasons and my nurses and doctor are true MVPs!

Bruna Rocha

Hello, I’d like to share the experience that my fiancé had since the pre-operatory and after surgery. Receptionists, Nurses, Doctor Black, Anesthetist , Entire team from Memorial Hospital West, I need to assume that I got surprised and happy how they treated her. I’m glad to share that this it’s a Great Hospital to be treat very well . You feel peace and kindness for everyone that work there. When you’re sick , going into a surgery, probably you’re so down and you and family members need a support and this Hospital gave this for us , better than we expected , making all surgery process easy for us . Thank you so much , Memorial Hospital West!

44 Jen

Best er I’ve been too in a long time. I was there a couple of years ago and I have to say there’s a lot of improvement. Customer service great and nurse was awesome. Dr Joseph Patrick cared about my situation and always answered all of my questions. Very respectful and polite!

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