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arthur moe

My sister has been at Kindred of Hollywood for the past 2 weeks having been transferred there on a ventilator from another hospital. Thus far, I Have Been Extremely Impressed With The Professionalism And Helpfulness Of The Nurses And Therapists. I had been advised that the hospital aggressively wean patients off the ventilators which I definitely found to be correct. With the help of the expert respiratory department she is now off the ventilator and the tracheostomy tube was removed, and now she is able to talk, breathe and eat . She is now on the way to full recovery. Thank you to all that you've done.

Casey W

My position as a Cook with Kindred was the worse experience of my life. I was bullied by the kitchen Supervisor and Management. I had only worked barely two weeks and recieved a written which was based on lies. It was so bad I decided to leave my job. Do not be mislead the nurses are very nice. But to have so much hatered preparing food for the patients there really is no love for the patients care in nutrition. Shame on the Culinary Staff.

Susan Niles

I'd like to thank the great staff who provided wonderful care and contributed to my ongoing recovery.

Aida Sanez

My sister was admitted at Kindred Hospital-Hollywood on 10/20/17 on a ventilator very sick with multiple complications. She was sedated on full ventilator support admitted to the ICU. The other facility was unable to wean her from the ventilator after multiple attempts. Once she arrived at Kindred of Hollywood she was quickly wean by the respiratory therapy dept. headed by the Director , Frank Gomez and his team. The nursing care has been great and all the other depts have done a great job with her care. I specially recognize respiratory therapist that have gone above and beyond the call of duty, Lina Martinez, Ana Armas and Jorge Izasa . RNs, Luz , Ariana , Ana and Yvette and all others that unfortunately can't remember all their names. I want to also thank the doctors, Dr Vicioso, Dr. Bjekic Dr Pena and Dr Leslie and can't forget Dr Stern and I wish I could remember all others that provided care.

Miriam Garay

The place smell like feces and nurses red button does not work until you ask the nurse why they don't come miraculously it works patients are in bysoil clothes you keep going to the nurse station to call them you wait another half and hour portable toilets are left there for hours and if you share a room you share the stench My mom hace a catheter in the neck that is bleeding and still is unattended the frustration is unbelievable I got just 2 good mornings from the staff and it was me starting the conversation. I guess people can bleed to dead and nobody cares my mom has been with y the same stain gown full of blood since we got here costumer service it is at their worst I spend the night on a half broken bed by my mother side praying morning came sooner. I got pictures of the bad conditions my mom is in right now and I feel powerless. I fear her condition will get worts with this kind of care it is not enough room two people to walk This is not a place you want your love ones to beeeeeeeee the only helpful person is a nurse name Ruth the rest look at you like you are from another planet also since doctors have groups and niw it is a holiday they send you doctor Nieves that completely ignore you and continue to talk like you are not in the room and them proceed to tell you what do you want to be done in case she need resuscitation instead of telling me what is to be done now by the way my mom it still bleeding go figure it is a long weekend and people resent to work on holidays look we are all tired and need vacation but really do you need to make it clear that you just covering and this is not your pacient Wow

Heather Houchins

Kindred Hospital has worked with me to understand the care my father would have upon transfer from Memorial to their location as well as through his care here. I was nervous and struggled to understand the new routine of things, Kindred hospital staff stepped up and met my questions and concerns with confidence and kindness. My expectations with the continued care of my father Are continuing to be met. Sometimes these things can feel like a roller coaster.. but I have a purse full of staffs cards to help me through.

Krystal Waffles

wolf richemond

My father was referred to kindred hospital by the previous facility and we asked our friends and family members and all we heard was very positive things about this hospital. My father came to Kindred hospital-Hollywood to be weaned from the respirator, he was on full support and the previous facility was unable to wean him. We are so happy today as he has been weaned from the respirator and is on minimal oxygen. Words can not describe our gratitude and joy that this has brought to us. This is a mile stone. We are very happy with his care from the nursing staff, respiratory staff has been great and very knowledgeable to say the least. Overall we are thrilled and gracious with the results . Thank you Kindred for all that you are doing for our father and husband.

Huggy Bear

I was admitted to kindred-Hospital Hollywoofd on 2/8/17 for continued aggressive care and rehab. I will tell you that my experience thus far has been excellent from the clinical staff to the administrative team. The nursing staff being attentive and compassionate to my clinical needs to ,mention a few, Cristine and Luz they have gone far and beyond nursinghard to remember all the other nurses in the ICU. Rehab, Lisa and the rest of the rehab team that are doing a tremendous job. CNA's, both Nicole and Cassandra have been great meeting my every need. Dietary, Mat is the best making sure that my food requests are met. Respiratory therapy, Olga, big George, Natacha and Frank that visits me everyday to check on my progress and making sure that all my needs are met from a pulmonary prospective. The painless blood phlebotomist/RN, Danilo, Mary Strom, Maria and Lori. Wound care nurse, Arlette is the best taking care of my wounds.The CEO, Mr. David Wagner has personally visited me, runs a great hospital,and made me feel like I was at home. He made me feel relax since I was very nervous. Arlene the nurse manager has made sure that all my nursing needs are met. Kindred is fortunate to have such a wonderful nurse manager. Dr. Bhurdwaj recommended that I go to kindred and I'm glad that I did..Thank you Kindred hospital for taking such gate at care of me.

AJ OReilly

This venerable long lived building contains teams of professionals giving exceptional care in their fields. Examples: Respiratory program is outstanding. They provide continuing observation and treatment of each patients needs. They created favorable, informative atmosphere not just for patients but also for patients families. All patients are treated with respect and kindness. Nurses - professional, talented, sensitive to patient and family needs. CNA's- are attentive to the patient's needs at all hours of day and night. Housekeeping- does a good job keeping all surfaces clean with shinny floors. Rehab- talented therapists work conscientiously and patiently with all level "needs" building confidence in the patient. Overall the employees act as a team, cooperating and assisting each other.


Carlos Herrera

I was transferred to Kindred Hollywood from Memorial for respiratory treatment. Our nursing staff is great. Raymond, 2nd floor nurse is great. Everything has been great. I would recommend Kindred Hollywood and am very happy with the facility.

ernest milton

I was admitted at Kindred Hospital-Hollywood on 8/8/17 to continue my treatment for acute respiratory failure where I was placed on a ventilator and had a tracheostomy done because it was difficult to wean me off. I came here from MHW to continue the weaning and now I have been successfully weaned and the tracheostomy tube was finally removed. Now I'm able to talk, eat and breathe on my own thanks to Kindred respiratory staff which has been amazingly wonderful and it has been truly. Miraculous. The nursing staff has great too and I will tell you I'm not easy to please but, they have done a wonderful job with care and compassion. The CNAs have also been great along with rehab services which is now making me stronger so that I can finally go home with my wife. Everyone has been excellent and will highly recommend this amazing hospital for their great services and patient care. Thank you Kindred Hospital and I'm so glad that I made the choice to come here instead of the other 6 choices that my wife and were given.

Brandon Valladares

My father was transferred to this hospital/rehabilitation center from Aventura Hospital and he has been saying that the staff here is more caring and more attentive to what he needs compared to Aventura. Marie has been great and been very caring in taking care of my father.

Michelle G

This hospital is filthy and smells like dirty feet. My father was transferred there from a major hospital and died less than a week later. The staff is unprofessional and uncaring and don't know what they are doing. They all have attitude problems and couldn't answer any of the questions that I asked them. The first day I walked into my dad's room he was covered with a sheet that had a hole in it and had blood on it. When I asked for it to be changed the nurse just put another blanket over the ripped one. My dad's doctor there was Mario Marcgalas. I tried to reach him for 4 days to speak to him about my dad's condition with no call back. I got a call back the day after my dad died from one of the doctors office assistants stating we are returning your call. She didn't even know that my dad died. The way I found out that my dad had died was in a dirty family room in front of 8 strangers and Dr Marcgalas was actually smiling when he told us. Please do not let your loved one be taken to Kindred hospital in Hollywood florida if you want,them to live

Robert Mandell

I was transferred to Kindred Hospital Hollywood from South Lake Hospital in Clermont, Fl in order to be weaned from my tracheostomy due to a heart attack, pneumonia, and sepsis that occurred while out of town. I required a long term acute hospital due to my medical conditions so ultimately decided to come here. I was on mechanical ventilation in Clermont for 15 days, and had a trach for roughly 3 weeks. After one week of being at Kindred, I was able to be fully weaned off the trach due to the great respiratory team here. Frank, director of respiratory was very informative and we are most grateful for his expertise. I had a purée diet for 3 days and remarkably was able to eat solids after 5 days of being weaned from the trach. The communication in this hospital has been great from all departments. Dr. English is an excellent physician and I have made significant progress due to his care and attention to detail. The rehab department has been remarkable and have worked with me during my entire stay here. Luz, RN is a great nurse and has taken great care for me.

Judilcia Perez

If I could give less than a star I would. What a nightmare of a place this was. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT take your loved on here unless you are looking for them to die. This place is sickening. From the care to the case management. They nearly killed my mother and then kicked her out. Dr. Reinfeld is as incompetent as they get. Had no idea what he's ever talking about or WHO he is talking to. Melissa and Tanya the case managers are another pair of hypocritical and incompetent human beings. They lied numerous times about referrals for our mother. They are deceiving and can give two *** about their patients. Melissa is as fake as they come and a snake. Just like nurse Mercedes who was trying to throw her under the bus then cover her a$$ when they messed up with my mother. Mercedes is another ghetto, incompetent nurse of many employees there. This place was simply disgusting.

Alberto Venereo

I was admitted at Kindred Hospital of Hollywood on 2/23/18 after traumatic event after falling off a ladder at work. However this fall was complicated by an emboli that required emergency surgery to have it removed to save my life. I ended up with a tracheostomy tube and on a respirator which was very difficult to be weaned. I was fortunately transferred to this great specialty hospital that one of their specialties is to wean patients from the respirator. Considering that not only was on a ventilator but also had an open chest wound that ended up with additional complications that required additional surgical intervention that required a flap to close my open chest wound and was weaned from the respirator and tracheostomy tube removed. Now that I've shared my reason to be admitted at Kindred Hospital of Hollywood, I wanted to share my successful recovery that nearly took my life away. This hospital was the greatest decision that my wife an I made to be healed and weaned from the respirator and heal my open chest wound. The doctors were the very best from Dr. Stern the best surgeon that I was fortunate to have for my open chest wound, Dr. English the Primary care doctor, Dr. Elks yam, Dr. Freedman infectious disease and can't forget Dr. Magcalas group, the pulmonary Doctor. Now ultimately the clinical staff in the ICU, the nurses were all great , Sam, Vivian and all the rest that is difficult to remember all their names. The respiratory dept lead by Frank Gomez did an excellent job with my Respiatory problems. In all every clinician that came in contact with me did an excellent job helping me with my recovery. I would highly recommend this specialty hospital for anyone that requires extended care like me. Thank you Kindred Hollywood for everything that you did.

Roscoe Morey

I was admitted to Kindred Hospital -Hollywood on May 14, 2018 to continue my treatment for carbon dioxide retention due to Obstructive Sleep Apnea and other complications. I'm happy to say that the care here at this hospital has been excellent, nursing care, the respiratory team and rehab services have done a great job helping me recover. The respiratory team along with my pulmonary physician Dr. Bolton were able to re-adjust my Cpap settings and oxygen and the outcome was great. Dr. Vicioso also did a great job. Thank you Kindred for helping me get better and today I'm going home.

Roy Brown

My father was referred to Kindred Hospital - Hollywood from the previous facility to continue recovery from open heart surgery and weaning from the respirator. He originally came here with sedation and unable to wean from respirator. Today my family and I are extremely happy to say that he has been weaned from the respirator and the tracheostomy tube has been removed and he is now able to talk and breathe on his own. The care at Kindred has been excellent from the nursing dept to respiratory therapy and now he is beginning to work with rehab. Overall we are very happy with the care that my father is receiving and would highly recommend Kindred Hospital -Hollywood.

Mashanda Ellison

I was transferred to Kindred Hospital - Hollywood this past December on a respirator very ill to continue To be treated for multiple health issues including to be weaned from the respirator. Today I'm very happy to share that I've been weaned and the trach tube was removed. I'm now able to breathe, eat and talk without any assistance. This is a great hospital that has given me my life back. I'm now concentrating on getting stronger so that I can go home. The rehab dept has been great a few names that I would like to mention, Stephanie and Allison. RN, Laure, Respiatory dept . Specially Frank. All the clinical staff that has taken such great care of me. I wish that I could remember all the names. Dr. English, Dr. Nieves and his PA, Ricardo have played a big part in my recovery. Thank you to all that provided care for me. This is by far a great hospital.

Krystyna Jackowski

I was transferred to Kindred Hospital-Hollywood mid August from Aventura Hospital for further care. All staff was really great,from cleaning people to all the way to the top. All staff was truly very nice and made my stay here wonderful.

Chris Cornwall

My son was admitted to kindred Hospital of Hollywood on 12/27/17 to continue his care which included weaning of the respirator which the other facility was unable to accomplish. Here at Kindred hospital he was successfully weaned off the respirator and today the respiratory director was able to decannulate him and now he is able to breath, talk and eat on his own. He is also going to the gym and is getting stronger each day. I initially was sent to several facilities to choose from and when I came to Kindred Hospital and did the tour with the director of respiratory therapy, Frank Gomez, I was convinced that this was the place that I wanted my son to come based on the thorough tour the I received and the weaning rates that Mr. Gomez had mentioned. The overall care has been excellent from the respiratory therapy, nursing and rehab depts. I want to also thank all the doctors that provided the care for my son.

The lavish life of dyamond !

Sarah Moscovich

I typically do not take the time to write reviews, however our experience here at Kindred South in Hollywood warrants public recognition. The attention, care and compassion that we were treated with at this facility has been unparalleled during our four month, five hospital adventure. The journey to bring my loved one off the vent, and walking on a trach collar would not have been possible with out the dedicated attention that we received from the respiratory team here at Kindred, headed by their director Frank. Frank saw my husband as more than a patient, more than a diagnosis, more than whatever is read about in a textbook. Frank and his team treated my husband like the unique, determined human being that he is, and without that, our story would have had a very different outcome. Frank has been an invaluable team leader in this department and is an asset to the hospital and patients under his care. They provided respiratory and weaning services that were not possible at other facilities, but additionally provided moral support, comfort and most importantly, hope. We are extremely pleased with his progress. Among those exceptional also include Grace from physical therapy, she worked with us everyday that we were able to, going as far as checking in on us several times a day, and using creativity and encouragement to help us find better ways of adapting to his situation. She always has safety of the patient and family in mind. Jorge has shown himself as one of the best respiratory therapist that we have so far worked with. He is gentle and patient and has a way of intuitively reading the patient’s needs, as well as using clinical judgment to ensure the best patient outcome. Dani from speech therapy was able to assist my husband in using a speaking valve while on the vent, and never gave up on him, checking on us daily to assess his progress. He was never comfortable enough at previous hospitals to do so. I will also praise nursing, assistant nurses and administration for being extremely accommodating to us, and providing personalized, caring services during our stay. He is much better now than he has been in months. We are happy with our decision to come to this facility. Overall, at this hospital, they believe in you, and will work patiently with you day after day until you reach your goals.

Doreen Appenzeller

My father was admitted at Kindred Hospital-Hollywood to continue his care for open heart surgery that was complicated by pneumonia. He had a tracheostomy done and was placed on a ventilator and has been difficult to wean. My father was initially at MHR and was then transferred to MHP where he was unable to be weaned off the ventilator, now at Kindred Hospital since 7/26/17 finally weaned from the ventilator. The care here at Kindred has been excellent, clean, great communication which is huge and they treat him like a human being. I would highly recommend Kindred Hospital-Hollywood for anyone that is in need of their specialty services.

Sabrina Petit

My grandmother was at this hospital for a very long time with a trache. Her medical journey these last 2 years have been turbulent. After almost 2 years of being at the hospital and rehab facilities, she is finally ready to come home! We want to thank the whole team but especially Mylene Voltaire. Mylene has been a pure angel for my grandmother, counseling her and giving her the confidence to get better and complete her therapies. Denise was also a great help to my grandmother as well. Thank you all so much for all you have done.

Finita Reed

Horrible place! 25 patients per nurse, who are u kidding? Don't even think of bringing a love one here. Nobody knows what they are doing, even cleaning rooms is a disaster. Nurses have no time to administer

Ronald Ash

My wife was referred to Kindred Hospital -Hollywood on 4/11/18 to continue with her treatments after a long and complicated medical illness where she was placed on a respirator and had a tracheostomy placed. One of the reasons for her coming here was to be weaned and finally today the tracheostomy tube was removed by the Director of respiratory, Frank Gomez. I want to share with the world how happy we are as a family and specially my wife. The clinical staff is outstanding to say the least, everyone that helped her directly I give Kudos, from the nurses, CNAs, respiratory, house keeping, rehab and of coarse all the doctors including , Dr. Vicioso and Dr. Magcalas. We are so great full for this moment that words are not enough. I would highly recommend this specialty hospital to anyone that is in need for this type of facility.

Donna Carpenter

Margarita Levy

I was transferred to Kindred Hospital Hollywood from Cleveland Clinic in order to further treat a very large wound. The administration team came and introduced themselves upon admission, which was a nice gesture. The assessments and evaluations were very thorough and intensive. Dr. stern has a very good reputation for his wound care. Audrey from wound care has been very helpful and has provided good care. Important issues, such as food, that I brought up were immiediently fixed and improved by the next day. All staff members have been courteous and very professional. They always introduce themselves in a professional manner upon entering my room. I would recommend Kindred Hospital-Hollywood.

John Evans

My stay at kindred hospital was exception in every way. The staff was helpful And courteous. I especially want to thank the Rehab staff. They Started me out with what I was capable of doing and each day they progressed Me to the point where i was able to walk and and shave and do every day things We take for granted. I rate the entire staff as exceptional.. The thing that stands Out the most is how much they care and treat each and every one. Thanks for Your help and keep up the good work.

Tina Gonzalez

BEWARE!!! After being transferred doing well from a hospital she went downhill in 5 days. Nurses and CNA’s are few and far between, they are unprofessional, rude, heartless people. Patient were never turned, call buttons not within reach and forget any help with eating. She became SEPTIC because of pure negligence. Thank goodness I got her out of this Hell Hole where she passed in Hospice.

S.G. Martin

My sister transferred to this hospital from Memorial West ICU and while I understand Kindred doesn't have the Memorial standard; Kindred's ICU care was 0 out of 10 for me. There is a general lack of urgency, lack of ICU standard care giving and lack of human kindness. My sister was immobile and unable to speak so obviously she needed special attention. Nurses would walk in and begin their routine with no introduction to family or verification of the persons present to ensure they were not sharing any personal information with a non family member. There were about 2 nurses that were good in executing their duties but again, interactions were mostly unfriendly. Doctors were not as responsive or attentive either. It's an obvious culture of the organization. It took me 2 months to write this review but I had to. I hope someone in Corporate leadership with any inkling of care giving reads this review.

rosa gonzalez

My father was referred to Kindred Hospital of Hollywood for a multitude of complications and to be weaned from the ventilator. I wanted to share the gratitude for Kindred Hospital clinical staff because they provided such great care and he was weaned from the ventilator and now he is receiving additional rehab in the sub-acute unit which is working with him to get him stronger. All the staff from respiratory therapy, Luis, Marck, Ana and george and all the rest of the clinical staff that provided care and assisted with his recovery. There are so many great people that is hard to remember the long list of names i also like to thank the doctors who helped my dad to get his health to where it is today

Trev Allen

J. M.

⛔ Update: Never received a call from the "owner" (comment below) ⛔ DONT GO HERE!!! ⛔ - Here is my long story/ short: I tried to reach ANY case manager during my dad's 15 days stay in April 2019. A few days after my father was admitted I only spoke with Kenny (for admissions info) and since then I’ve been calling him and Tania for updates but noone ever returned my calls. On May 15th at 4pm aprox, I received a call from Melissa Myers telling me that my father has been discharged and they already arrange his transportation to Tamarac (and if I was ok with it). We are from Miami/Downtown. I asked Melissa: What happened with the long term care he was before? Melissa SAID they were not responding her calls. She added, discharge was in place and he will be transferred in a few hours. And if I preferred another place for my father, I was going to be financially responsible since my father was already discharged and THEY FOUND ONE BED in Tamarac. First of all, I was impressed with the lack of "touch" for the tone she was using and lack of organization since discharge rounds are made in the mornings by the patients’ doctors. Melissa waited until 4pm and AFTER she arranged the transportation for my approval. She (or the nurse, case manager, social worker...) was supposed to call me as soon as my father was discharge or the night before. But I never received any updates, ever. I told her I will give her a call back in a minute. She said, ok but the ambulance has been program for pick up at 6pm / they leave at 5pm (wow... nice way to make relatives run, Melissa). I communicated with Blanca (admissions) at KrystalBay who IMMEDIATELY answer the phone telling me she had many beds available. When I called Kendric Hospital back, to reach for Melissa, she was NOWHERE to be found. Then I tried to find Kenny and Tania, same thing. After calling numerous times, desperate because my father was about to be sent to the wrong long term care in about an hour… I decided to speak with ANYONE who can help me. That was when I spoke with Missy. She was caring and empathetic enough to understand my situation and personally walked to Melissa Myers' office to get her to call me back. Melissa called and just said, "she already spoke with Krystal Bay and my father will be transferred at 10pm because of the changes. After a short silence, she apologizes to me, for the time and delay responding my calls. I did not accept the apology (although afraid of retaliations or delays towards my dad, I did not mentioned to her). Melissa Myers sounded like Missy or someone else was there, the apology did nit sound genuine at all. She lacked of empathy, communication & organization skills and bedside manners (or whatever term applies when communicating with a patient and their relatives.)

Carol Fogarty Redondo

We wanted to share with the community what a wonderful hospital, Kindred-Hollywood has been to our family and my husband. He was admitted back in November, 2018 to be weaned from the respirator and treat him aggressively with a multitude of issues that were the results of an accident. He was admitted to the ICU and the care has been second to none. The nurses have been absolutely wonderful, the respiratory team had him off the respirator in less than a week. Fantastic results to say the least. Now he is talking, eating and going to the gym everyday. This is truly a miracle to have my husband back. I want to thank everyone that has taken care of him including all the doctors. It is truly amazing results. Thank you Kindred for everything that you've done.

Non Sibi Sed Patriae

If I could give less than a star I would. Unprofessional staff. CEO David Wagner, Dr. Patrick Mortan and Dr. James D Stern are 3 idiots. They have no clues what’s going on with the patients. I wish the state would take it into consideration to cancelled or revoked their licenses. It would serve justice to the suppressed patients families and to society.

Michelle Cohrs

My husbandwas admitted to Kindred Hospital-Hollywood on 1/16/19 with a tracheostomy and respiratory problems. He has received top notch care from the doctors, nurses, physical therapy and the respiratory team. Frank Gomez (Respiratory Director) really worked miracles on my husband. After being here almost 3 weeks, he was downsized, caped and now today 2/1/19 the tracheostomy tube was removed. This is a huge accomplishment. Thank you Mr. Gomez and team for being so passionate and taking care of your patients.

Alex Sarkozy

I was admitted here at kindred hospital -Hollywoofd on March 29, 2017 from Jackson North due to cardiac issues and was there for 41 days unable to fully recover. I was referred to kindred to continue Aggressive care for my breathing problems and rehabilitation. I've only been here for one day and have received outstanding care and been seen and treated by more clinicians in the one day here than the entire 41 days in Jackson. Kindred has proven to have great clinical staff that are professional, compassionate and providing me with great care. The equipment provided by the respiratory staff is by far the best from the simple nasal cannula that have Cushing to protect the ears to prevent soars and provide added comfort to the Bipap equip to treat my breathing disorder to the overall patient care services to include, dietary, housekeeping, nursing and wound care. I would highly recommend this great specialty care hospital.

Bruni G

My mother was admitted in Kindred Hospital Hollywood on 10/16/17 from another broward facility after an extensive open heart surgery which was complicated by aspiration pneumonia and other complications and was not able to be weaned from the ventilator. She first arrived extremely agitated and had to be sedated which in turn made the weaning very difficult, but the respiratory staff have been extraordinary and very knowledgeable were able to wean her from the ventilator and now she has a red cap that allows her to talk and breathe on her own. She is now able to start eating and is receiving great physical therapy , she is going to the gym for therapy. The nursing staff has been wonderful. Overall everyone has been excellent with her recovery. God bless all the clinical staff that has contributed to her recovery. This by far is the best hospital that she could have gone to fully recover. Special thanks to Frank Gomez which was instrumental with guiding his staff on the weaning process, Luis Rodrigues from respiratory, Leida from rehab, nurse , Neomi and Pauline from housekeeping. Dr English, Dr Allaf , Dr Stern, dr Gulati and dr. Elkayam. What a great team of doctors and clinicians.

Barbara Ann Horowitz

Beware: I am truly disappointed with the care that was given to my brother at Kindred of Hollywood. He is definitely a victim of iatrogenesis because of the pure negligence of this facility. His feeding was cut in half, which resulted in him losing a considerable amount of weight. He became even more weak and more infection prone. You would think that providing patient care to rehabilitate those who are truly in the need would take precedence, but not here. When it comes to the staff, they lack professionalism and were often negligent to my ailing brother. I often found myself requesting repeatedly to get someone just to clean him. The social worker that was assigned to my brother lacked empathy and concern. She didn't follow-up on his paper work, and I had to enlist other family members to cross check her work. I once waited for two hours at the nursing desk and received no assistance as I couldn't find one nurse on the floor. What if there was an emergency??? How can anyone feel comfortable knowing that if something happens to your loved one they may be on their own here. My brother was practically suffering. The air conditioning system in his room was nonfunctioning for almost two weeks, which equates to almost half of his stay. As often as I complained, nothing was being done. My brother would sweat profusely where I was constantly asking for towels to wipe him down. Nurse Sheri was the only good thing this place had to offer because she seemed like the only person who cared. She was kind enough to put a fan in his room during her shifts. Unfortunately, she didn't work around the clock so that meant my brother was drowning in his sweat once her shift was over. Kindred of Hollywood's sole interest is to use up all available Medicare and/or Medicaid funds, and once this happens they will go every which way to discharge you. In fact, my brother was supposed to be at Kindred temporarily, but they made every excuse to avoid getting him placed somewhere closer to home. However, once his funds were exhausted, now there was some urgency to get him out their door. He was basically discharged because his Medicare funds were depleted and for no other reason. At the time of discharge, he had multiple bed sores from their lack of moving him. He would not open his eyes or respond to others, but as soon as he left, everything went for the better. His condition improved almost immediately. Basically, him leaving was more of a blessing than a curse. It was obvious that my brother's care was in adequate. I would never advise anyone to admit themselves or their loved one in this disaster of a facility called Kindred of Hollywood.

Doug Husted

Nury Lavandier

I would have given this hospital a 4 point review but there's hardly any place that is completely perfect. My aunt had jumped from hospital to rehab to hospital again and finally landed at Kindred. When she got to Kindred almost 2 months ago, I had no hope that she would get better. She had back surgery 2 months before and got an infection and that along with the burden of anesthesia, my aunt was not the same the same anymore. Before getting to Kindred, she had to go back to Aventura Hospital because the infection would not go away. I have to say that her recovery has been miraculous. Her infection is gone and she's doing a lot better mentally, she's much more lucid. I attest that to the care that Kindred has provided. This place is about an hour away from where I live and I couldn't go see her every day but I always felt that she was well taken care of.

Carl Fawcett

I wanted to share my experience at Kindred Hospital in Hollywood to continue the care for multiple Problems that kept me hospitalized and ultimately I ended up with a tube in my lungs hooked up to a respirator and I was transferred to the ICU. The care here has been outstanding to say the very least. I'm happy to say that the tube was removed along with the respirator and I'm feeling much better and getting stronger every day. The nurses and CNA are the best, the respiratory dept did a great job weaning me off the respirator and removing the tube. I will say that for a small hospital it provides excellent care and the staff is very knowledgeable and compationate. The diatery dept has best food and is very tasty. The doctors are the best and I consider myself very lucky to have come here to receive the care that I need it.

Arlene Ebelhar

On March 27, 2019, I was referred to Kindred Hospital in Hollywood to continue my aggressive treatment for lung problems. I must say that this place saved my life. When I first got here all my labs were out of the normal range and thank got for the Respiratory Therapy dept , Dr. English and Dr. Magcalas saved my life. The treatment that I received was the very best. Today I'm going home with my husband and I feel great. I want to thank all the clinical staff, including the director of the Respiratory dept , Frank Gomez that worked very hard on getting my breathing back in order and all the doctors and nurses too. This place I would highly recommend for anyone that requires this type of specialty treatment.

bigbeautiful X

My father was there for three weeks after being transfered there from a local hospital. During his stay there the staff was very unprofessional. They would not answer call bells, the respiratory therapist turned off my father's oxygen after giving him a breathing treatment. She also turned off another gentleman's oxygen who was also on 24hour oxygen. The most upsetting thing was when a woman came into my father's room stating she was a podiatrist and cut my father's toes (he is a diabetic). The next day he had wounds on his big toe and two other toes. My father came home with wounds on his toes, buttocks and penis. He arrived to Kindred with all skin in tact. This place is a dump and should be shut down. Most of the staff doesn't speak english so they can't communicate with the patients.

Lonna Mann

It is obvious the 5 star ratings are fake. They all use the same wording and all are being weaned off ventilation with a multitude of other issues. If you are going to take positive reviews, at least have different people write them as to not be so obvious.

Thea Reid

My mother was referred to Kindred Hospital Hollywood from Cleveland Clinic for continued care and to be weaned from the breathing machine. We are very happy with the care that she is receiving here at Kindred, today she has not only been weaned from the breathing machine but, the tracheostomy tube was removed and she has also been weaned off the oxygen. The Kindred clinical staff definitely has a lot of compassion and heart with the way that care is provided. We are really greatful with our mothers improvement and want to give a big thank you to all the clinical staff that has provided care for her and all the doctors too. All the staff are very friendly and that has been a great help in difficult circumstances.

Olga Letushko

My husband was recently admitted to the Aventura Hospital with a critical condition of pneumonia. He was 16 days in ICU there and then transferred to Kindred Hospital South Florida-Hollywood. He got successful and fast recovery thanks to all the doctors and staff at Kindred Hospital. Staff and nurses were very patient with us, very kind and caring, the doctors were very knowledgeable and great! Administration team was very helpful with all our insurance and aftercare questions. I Thank all the team of Kindred Hospital for being there with us in our hard time of recovering!

Michelle Downes

This place is horrible! Please don’t send your loved ones here unless you want them to go downhill. Staff is incompetent and not nurturing. Stay away!!

Cindy Shouse

My big sister was admitted at Kindred Hospital-Hollywood on June 15, 2017. She was referred here from MHR due to a fall that she sustained off her wheelchair and fractured multiple ribs and also sustained a pneumothorax. She came to kindred to continue the healing process and for rehab. Our experience at kindred has been great. The nursing staff, respiratory therapy and rehab staff are absolutely wonderful. They work in synchronized manner like a team and have made it very easy for the patient and myself with the care that they provide. They respond quickly to the call bell and make us feel very special. They take care of the patient and the family and go beyond the call of duty. I would recommend this hospital to anyone including the president of the US. This hospital is a hidden gem and is a special place. I certainly appreciate that someone took the time to obtain this review in light that everyone is so busy taking care of patients. Thank you!

Brain Felsenfeld

My Uncle was recently discharged from Kindred. He was admitted there last year as well. The care was so different this time. He has dementia. I am so thankful for Dr. Sonia Kalirao for reaching out to all of us and making us understand what’s going on. We felt very much involved in his care.

Carol Beck

I was transferred to Kindred Hospital-Hollywood from Memorial Regional due to a infection in the bone and toe amputation. The care and staff was excellent and very kndowledgeable. Ultimately I was transferred to the SubAcute Unit at Kindred Hospital. The staff in the SAU is very pleasant. Dr Vicioso, Dr Ruyani, and Dr Kaghazchi are very knowledgeable and communicated very well. Dr Kaghazchi was so wonderful that we are going to see him in his office even though he does not accept our insurance. Our stay here has been very pleasant, the food is very good, and the facility is very nice. All staff goes out of their way to accommodate you. Mertyl from EVS is incredible! Even the maintenance staff is geeat. I have no regrets choosing Kindred Hospital Hollywood or the SAU Unit and would highly recommend the facility.

Jossie Gonzalez

I was transferred to Kindred Hospital Hollywood from Aventura hospital in order to continue my care for renal disease and dialysis. Overall the care at this facility has been very good. The CNAs have been very caring, attentive, and respond promptly. Jackie, CNA knows what she is doing and has been amazing to me. Nursing has been wondererful especially Cora. Grace from rehab has been wonderful and very motivating. I would recommend this facility and have no regrets coming to Kindred Hospital-Hollywood.

Maria Macias

My brother was recently hospitalized with multiple wounds and pneumonia and the care that he received was excellent. The wound care nurses, rehab and respiratory therapists were great. This is the best hospital experience that my brother has received and would highly recommend to anyone that requires this type of care.

Zoila Bustamante

Leonardo Rutigliano

My dear friend was admitted here at Kindred Hospital -Hollywood in early June to the ICU extremely ill on life support which included a ventilator with heavy sedation. He was involved in an automobile accident where he was hit by a car riding his bicycle. He was brought as a trauma alert to Memorial Hospital Regional. He was unable to be weaned of the ventilator and it was recommended that Kindred Hospital -Hollywood was the best place for him to be weaned from the ventilator. We are happy to say that he is now weaned from the ventilator and today they removed the tracheostomy tube. He is no well and able to breath and talking able to continue his recovery to a normal life. I want to thank the nursing staff, CNA's, rehab , doctors , administrative staff and of course the great respiratory staff that worked diligently to get him off the ventilator. I wish we could remember all the names , but rest assure that the whole clinical staff has done a fabulous job with his recovery. Thank you so much for all that you have done and would highly recommend this hospital.

Lesly Rodriguez

My husband was admitted to kindred hospital Hollywood after a traumatic event where he ended up on a ventilator and was unable to be weaned at the previous facility. Kindred Hospital has been a blessing to my husband and our family as they continue to make progress with my husbands care. I want to thank all the respiratory staff, nurses and doctors for the care that they are providing for my husband.

George Killa

Julia Yakubova

the worst facility for your loved ones; pls don't bring them here; terrible staff with minimum sense of responsibility; my family was screaming for help and no one came; you'd have to have your loved one watched 24 hours per day, no one at that facility will provide care that you need; they confuse medication lists, directives of the doctors are not followed and it's dirty and smelly everywhere; if you ask them how anything happened they'll say that they were attending to other patients; 1 star is only given because their respiratory specialist Joseph is actually the one helpful person in the entire place;

Marcia Warner

I wanted to share my wonderful experience at Kindred Hospital of Hollywood where I was given a second chance of life. I was referred to this specialty hospital from Memorial Reginal to continue my aggressive treatment for respiratory failure and unable to be weaned from the respirator due to multiple issues including Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Today thanks to the wonderful clinical staff including a great respiratory therapy dept and wonderful nurses and doctors, I'm now free to breath on my own, eat and talk. Frank Gomez and his Respiatory team are by far the best without them, I probably would not have come off the respirator. I also want to think Dr. English and Dr. Bolton for all they have done. I was a very difficult case due to my Sleep apnea but with their technical expertise! I was able to succeed. This is the best hospital by far and would highly recommended.

Erica Butler

My husband was referred to Kindred Hospital of Hollywood to continue to aggressively treat him from multiple diagnosis that included to continue weaning him from a tracheostomy which the previous facility Was unable to accomplish and I was told that this hospital specialized with this types of patients. He is now breathing on his own. The tracheostomy tube has been removed and my family and I are very happy with this outcome. The nurses and respiratory therapy team have been wonderful. Our experience here has been excellent. Thank you Kindred for all that you have done for my husband and I.

Judith Ruiz

My father was transferred to kindred hospital-Hollywood from the VA hospital in Temple, Texas after after the doctors and for me that my father was going to the ventilator dependent and was going to have the tray for the rest of his life I did not want to except that so I researched and brought him to kindred because I found out that they were very aggressive when it comes to treat patients and ventilator patients after being here for about a month and a half things to the respiratory therapist team which is led by Mr. Frank Gomez my father was taken off the vent to later and no longer has a trach and I serve a week ago no oxygen and he is going on his way to have at least a better quality of life that he had before I have to thank also double my knowledge his team headed by Dr.Ferrer Dr. Monica doctor Nieves also his primary doctor English their nurse and the staff of the hospital I cannot thanking me enough for everything that they have done for my father and for my family at least I have my father back the way I wanted him to be oh no my father is on his way to to the next level of care which is a lot a rehab and a lot of occupational therapist and ultimately going back to Texas thank you God thank you kindred God bless you all sincerely Judith Vazquez

Martha Ysabel Paz Castillo González

My husband was admitted to Kindred Hospital -Hollywood on 8/8/17 to continue aggressive care due to a traumatic event where he sustained head trauma and was placed on a ventilator and was not able to be weaned off at the previous facility. He is now weaned off the ventilator and his trach tube was removed. Now he is able to talk and is going to the gym. I want to think Kindred Hospital and the excellent care that he received. I would like to think all his great doctors, Dr. Forgone, Dr. English and Dr. Friedman which have saved his life. I want to thank the Director of Respiratory Therapy, Frank Gomez for his due diligence with the weaning process, the nurses, specially, Jenny,, RN and Luz, and Lady both RN, CNAs Melody, Lourdes and Esther.. Ana in respiratory and the staff in rehab. I'm if I can remember all the names but I'm greatly appreciated for everything done.

Errol Woolley

I was transferred to Kindred Hospital Hollywood from Memorial Regional in order to be weaned from tracheotomy due to having a stroke and heart attack. Within one week of being at Kindred, I was fully weaned from the trach. The Director of respiratory, Dr. Scott English, Dr. James Stern, Dr Magcalas and his team, Dr Gulati were all superb, very attentive, commucated very well, and treated me with dignity and as a person. The respiratory department is second to none. I would not be where I am if it were not for them. There are too many nurses to name; however, all were very respectful and attentive. All staff at Kindred was excellent and you can tell they truly care. Physical therapy was initially a challenge for myself but Lisa from PT was awesome and very motivating. Lisa actually gave me the encouragement to get out of bed and comply with physical therapy. Marilyn from Food Services was very accommodating with my food options and I am very thankful for her. I would highly recommend Kindred Hospital-Hollywood.

Robert Clark

My wife was admitted to Kindred hospital on December 1, 2016 due a CVA and requiring a tracheostomy. She came for continue aggressive care and to be weaned from the tracheostomy. I my experience has been great with all the clinicians specially respiratory team for their clinical abilities and compassion. To name a few , Leonard, Natacha, Lina, Ernst, Florcie and Marie to name a few. Nursing care has been great to name a few, Lorie, Cora, Ivette, Janette to name a few. Rehab, Grace, Michael, Soudine, Tara have been great. I'm very pleased with the outcome and her progress. Thank you Kindred.

Anet Reine

They are inept. Not an acute care hospital. ICU staff behaves like bar staff in a sports bar they stretch out TVs from rooms facing nurses station to watch sports games. I thought Inentered a sports bar. They do not listen to the rabbit hopping doctors orders. The CEO is an arrogant bastard. They got away with murdering my Mom due to the Wrongful Death Act in FL.

Brian G

HORRIBLE place. Not very clean, old looking with nurses that knew nothing. You could hear patients moaning and calling out for help to no avail. My dad was there 3 days and died there. I wouldn't take anybody or anything there. Hardly any parking. It's a nightmare. Horrible, horrible, horrible!!!!!

Victoria B.

Uncaring Nursing staff and PCA. I believe you have to be there for your loved one 24/7 and give direct orders to people that are getting paid to do their job. This hospital should convert to a PHP Day Treatment maybe the staff will improve. The odor is disgusting in the semi-private rooms it depends on what your neighbor is doing.


My wife was admitted at kindred hospital - Hollywood on 8/22/19 to continue her treatment plan including to hopefully remove the tracheostomy tube and the much needed rehab so that , she can come home. The care at Kindred has been 2nd to none . This includes her doctors, Dr. English and all the clinical staff that has come in contact with her. Everyone has been great and would highly recommend this facility that is highly specialized and compassionate.

Roger Garduzi

My father was admitted here at kindred-Hospital Hollywood on 2/3/17 to continue aggressive care and weaning from the ventilator. When he first arrived here, he was very sick and on full support from the ventilator in the ICU at that time it was touch and go and my family and I were very worried about his recovery, but due to the great care the doctors , nursing and respiratory therapy clinical staff he was able to recover very quick and was weaned from the ventilator in a matter of days and now he no longer has a tracheostomy tube and he is eating by mouth and going to the gym to do his physical therapy which is another great dept.dietary, CNAs, housekeeping and pharmacy have all done a great job with his recovery. I'm really please to say the Least with his care and highly recommend this great hospital to anyone that needs this specialized care. I'm sorry that I can't remember all the names of everyone that has provided direct care. Thank you kindred-Hospital for all that you have done for my father and family.

Raquel Guenoun

My father was admitted to Kindred Hopital of Hollywood on Sept. 17, 2017 to continue his care that was extremely complicated that started with fall then respiratory failure that required a breathing tube and a repirator. This was also complicated by high blood pressure, asthma and bradycardia. He was very sick and was unable to be weaned and they had to put a tracheostomy tube and was then sent to Kindred Hospital of Hollywood to continue the weaning process . Today with the hard work of the respiratory therapy staff he was fully weaned including removing the tracheostomy tube and is not using any supplemental oxygen. He is now going to the gym and working with the great rehab dept. all the nursing, CNA and all the physicians have been great. His recovery has been incredible to say the least. This hospital has been a blessing for my fathers recovering and the support that they have lprovided to us the family. We want to thank everyone that has participated with his care. We are very greatful. Highly recommend Hindred Hospital for all they've done.


My husband was admitted on March 1, 2017 her at kindred hospital in Hollywood. We were referred to come here by the previous hospital and were told that since they were unable to wean him from the ventilator that this hospital specialized in weaning patients from the ventilator. We first came here and were given a tour by the director of respiratory therapy, Frank Gomez. My husband came here on full support and on sedation, Frank was quick to point out their successful rate on weaning patients from the ventilator . Soon after his arrival on the 2nd day he was weaned off and today they removed the tracheostomy tube. We are so happy the he can now breath and talk on his own. We are really please with his outcome and would like to thank everyone's that provided care for him. The respiratory therapy staff is phenomenal to say the least. The nurses, CNAs, rehab, pharmacy, dietary are great. I wish the I could remember everyone's name but definitely would highly recommend this hospital to anyone in need of this type of specialty. Thank you kindred for all that you have done for my husband. And family.

James Whitehead

I have worked in the healthcare field for many years - I have worked around Kindred Hospital for about as long - I also work for them in the 90 s, There care efforts are outstanding and can provide great care due to smaller facilities. Personally 1 of my friends was in a motorcycle accident and he was transferred to Kindred Hospital Hollywood for wound care. He had developed a very bad bed sore at a local hospital. They healed his would and was then able to leave their facility to continue his rehab. Jim Whitehead

catherine martinez

My brother-in-law was in here and he was treated very well and he lost his lower Bridge and they replaced it.

Eleni Coppla

My father was admitted to Kindred Hospital of Hollywood back on 2/4/19 to continue his aggressive treatment for pneumonitis and pulmonary hypertension. He was initially on High Flow Oxygen and was admitted to the ICU. The respiratory dept was very aggressive and were able to weaned him down to a regular nasal cannula within a day after being admitted. He is now on 3 lpm of oxygen and going to the gym for physical therapy . His breathing problems have improved, the care from the clinical staff , nursing, respiratory therapy. Dr Magcalas and his PA , Rick and Dr. Nass and his PA, Rufat have been wonderful with their care and communication. Thank you to all that have provided direct care to my father and myself.

Terry Darling

I wanted to share with the community how happy we are with Kindred Hospital . My husband was referred here from MHW to be weaned from the breathing machine. When he first came here , he had a multitude of breathing issues and the other facility was'nt able to wean him off the breathing machine but Once he got to Kindred Hospital Hollywood they all worked really hard to wean him off & he was weaned off in just a matter of days HALLELUJAH

Ralph Amodei

I was admitted to Kindred hospital-Hollywood on 1/26/2017 for cellulitis, renal insufficiency, fluid overload and respiratory failure. My experience here has been terrific, excellent food, great nursing care, Rehab has been great, housekeeping has kept my room clean, CNA's are great making my bed and helping me with my hygiene, respiratory therapy taking excellent care of my breathing treatments Along with making sure that I use and ware my Bipap at night since one of my medical history is Sleep Apnea. Multiple physicians came to see me on a daily basis. I'm sorry that I was not able to provide and remember everyone's name too many to recall. I would highly recommend Kindred hospital for anyone requiring long term acute aggressive care. Thank you for being there!!

Mónica Gonzalez

I would like to share our experience here at Kindred Hospital in Hollywood. My husband was admitted here at Kindred Hospital Hollywood back on June 15, 2019. My husband that has a multitude of illness that requires him to become ventilator dependent and has been by far a very difficult case to wean him from the ventilator. Although he has been a difficult case the respiratory staff continuous everyday to do weaning trials to get his Respiatory muscles strong and we are confident that he will be weaned at some point in the near future. This hospital is a specialty medical center and we have made some great relationship with the Respiatory staff, rehab staff and nursing staff. This is a small hospital located near downtown Hollywood and has become a special place for our family and my husband which in fact is the patient. We would like to thank all of those clinicians that had put a special touch to help my husband and my family.

Flecthisa Finney

My mother was admitted to Kindred Hospital of Hollywood on Feb, 2019 . She was referred by her Physician, Dr. Mogghaddam to continue her treatment for respiratory failure along with Sleep Apnea. I will say that the care was excellent from the respiratory dept that is overseen by Frank Gomez to the nursing staff and everyone that came in touch with her care including the doctors. Now we were fortunate enough to go to the next level of care which is the Sub-Acute Unit that is also part of the Kindred family. Here she is also being followed by the same respiratory staff and she is receiving some much needed rehab to get her ready to go home sweet home. I want to thank everyone for there care and compassion that is helping my mother with her recovery.

Rosette De Saadia

I would like to thank all the staff at Kindred Hospital Hollywood. They all have been very very very great. They always are there to attend to my needs. The staff are all wonderful. I would like to say thanks to Leyda and Stephanie from rehab. The nurses and CNA's especially Michelle. If anyone needs to go to a place like this Kindred Hospital Hollywood is the place for you. They are the best for you.

Michael Eide

My friend was admitted at Kindred Hospital Hollywood on 10/12/18 with a multitude of medical issues. I just wanted to acknowledge the care here has been exceptional and all the clinical staff has been wonderful. It was recommended to us that Kindred Hospital in Hollywood was the best place for him to continue his treatment and we are so glad to have made the decision to come here. I just wanted to say thank you for all that it has being done to help with his recovery.

Ray Chee-A-Tow

My husband was admitted at kindred hospital-Hollywood on May 12, 2017 very ill on a ventilator . He was transferred from Doctors hospital in the Bahamas to Cleveland clinic and finally to Kindred Hospital for weaning from the ventilator. We were told that this was the best hospital for ventilator weaning and rehabilitation. Although Doctors Hospital gave him no hope for recovery we were reluctant to accept their prognosis. I will say that this is the best hospital, all the staff are great from the nursing staff all are very knowledgeable. The respiratory staff are the very best and special thanks to the respiratory director, Mr Frank he has been very supportive and persistent with the weaning of the ventilator. Today he is weaned from the ventilator and able to talk and will soon be decannulated. The rehab dept has been excellent and all the doctors are great, starting with Dr English and Dr Friedman. This is by far the best hospital that we could recommend for weaning from ventilator and rehabilitation. I will share with all my family, friends and colleges. Thank you Kindred for giving my husband and my family the Freedom and health to go back home to the Bahamas.

Stephen Quant

My pastor was admitted to Kindred Hospital Hollywood on September 21, 2018 to continue his treatment to be weaned from the mechanical ventilator. He was referred to Kindred by the other facility which he was admitted to specifically for their expertise. Today I’m happy to say that he was weaned and they also removed the tracheostomy tube. God bless this hospital for giving him a second chance in life so that he can continue his journey of helping other people. I want to thank everyone that has provided care for him here at Kindred Hospital, from the nurses, respiratory therapist, and all the doctors that have provided care for him. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of their special healthcare services, such as what was provided for our loving pastor. Thank you Kindred for all that you have done.

Jacqui Bretan

I was admitted at Kindred Hospital-Hollywood on June 23, 2017 to continue my treatment for pneumonia and CHF. I was referred to Kindred by my Pulmonary Doctor Anyikwa, I was initially at MHP. My experience at Kindred Hospital-Hollywood is 5 Stars, excellent care by all the clinicians, nursing care has been great, Martina, ketlyn and Cora are wonderful, but in general all the nurses. Respiratory Therapy has been wonderful my breathing has improved tremendously, dietary, Marilyn has been great working with me to get my weight under control.Rehab has been phenomenal, Stephanie, Leida, Lisa, Luis, Jose and Jennis have been wonderful and helped me tremendously. The doctors are exceptional. This has been the most positive experience with the care that I received taking care of all my healthcare needs. Thank you to all that I came in contact with me.

Sheila D'Andrea

My husband was admitted to Kindred Hospital -Hollywood in the beginning of January ,2018. He was referred here from the University of Miami to continue his recovery from a recent tracheostomy and Peg tube due to his illness, which is ALS. Now he is ready to go home. I wanted to share that his care has been excellent and all the clinical staff including the doctors have done a wonderful job. I want to thank all the staff that provided care for my husband and would highly recommend this wonderful hospital.

David DeVlaeminck

I was in a bad accident, some people wanted to give up on recovery. The people at kindred inspired me to learn how to walk again, let alone take care of myself. The best in Florida care hands down.. I was in four, I know this.. thank you all for giving me life.

Ava111 Whyms

This place is absolutely awful...staff is uncaring and do not care about the patients ...keep away from this place

Daniella Laguerre

My brother was admitted. In March 2019 to be weaned from the ventilator . He was very sick and the Respiratory dept did a wonderful job and although it was very difficult to wean him, they never gave up and today he is going home . He is actually walking out of the hospital. The care was great and will highly recommend it. Thank you to all that took great care of him. All the doctors and clinical staff.

Gloria Davis

My son was admitted at kindred hospital on Dec. 9, 2016 from Jackson North hospital. He was very sick and was on a respirator and had a tracheostomy, he was unable to breath on his own. He came to kindred-Hospital to be weaned from the respirator. When we arrived the following day the respiratory director, Frank was doing his rounds and explained to me what the goal was to wean my son from the respirator. My son was weaned in 2 days something that the other hospital was unable to do in 3 weeks. He now is not only weaned from the respirator but they just removed the tracheostomy tube and is off the oxygen. Thanks to all the staff, nurses have been great, the respiratory therapist are the best, I,m really happy that we came to Kindred hospital for his recovery. He is now going to be discharge home. We had the greatest experience and highly recommend this hospital to anyone that needs their espcialty services. Thank you kindred for all you have done form my son and family.

alex freire

Where to begin, the communication amongst the social workers are the worst I've encountered anywhere. They hide so you cant talk with them, their phone is never picked up. Left a message and they returned it over a week later. They did not help my mom like they were suppose to, they barely did any therapy, we had to always look for them so they can put my mom in the wheel chair so we can get her some fresh air. There were many times she went days without being taken off the bed to the wheelchair. BEWARE, They rob you for your medicare days...while doing the very very Minimal at their jobs. At first I noticed this happening and I wanted to transfer, they did all the possible things necessary so the places would deny, by being rude to the other centers when they was suppose to send the transfer papers, they drag it out to discourage the situation. I hate that place, and who ever goes there, PLEASE DONT LEAVE YOUR FAMILY MEMBER ALONE, EVER!!!!! my father was there every day and I can only imagine the horrible neglect they would do if the patient is alone 24/7. They will suck all the Medicare days they can from you, then they will kick you out. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, TRUST ME!!!!!!!!,

Annette Reine


david saka

My mother was admitted to Kindred Hospital-Hollywood about 2 weeks ago with a multitude of illnesses and dependent on a breathing machine. I wanted to share my familly's experience has been very positive. Their clinical staff from nursing to respiratory therapist is second to none. This is a great specialty hospital and would highly recommended.

Theresa Macias

My husband was in this dump for 4 days until he passed away. I just spoke to my husband 10 mins before these uncaring people called nurses called me and told me they were "losing" my husband due to low oxygen. How can that happen when he was on high flow respirator. Also they dont like when the patient complains too much. I believe they are to blame for his death. Please dont take your loved one here. They might not come out alive. DUMP. Nurses are aweful here.

Andy Sanabria

I was transferred to Kindred Hospital Hollywood from Memorial West due to an infection. I have all good things to say about this facility. Nursing has been great. They have been attentive and informative. Wound care has been amazing and they all know what they are doing. I cannot stress enough how great they have been to me. Dr. Stern is a good doctor, updates me daily, and has been taking great care of me. Marie from rehab has been superb. She truly is amazing, very motivating, and it clearly shows that she's cares, which I have not experienced in other hospitals. I truly feel safe in this facility and would highly recommend the facility.

Lydia Hutcheson

My friend loves it there

Wilbens Charite

I was transferred Kindred Hospital Hollywood roughly 2 weeks ago for further wound care management. Nursing, especially Darlene and the night shift have been great. Arlette and the wound care team have been very informative and have taken great care of me. I would have to say that the care across the board has been great and they have all gone above and beyond. I would recommend the facility and truly believe that my needs have been met during my stay here.

Lillian Bays

Carol Elias

My mother was in Kindred SAU for a month and a half. She was treated with kindness,compassion and excellent care. The nurses on the second floor are exemplary, from the ladies in dietary to environmental they are all exceptional people! A special thank you to Mr Doug Pinson who helped me immensely., the caseworker Anissa,..and Ms Sandra Green who is an angel.

Magaly Morales

(Translated by Google) The servicing was excellence. There is no complaint. The very good nurses and professions, except, Elizabeth Rodrigguez on Friday, 1/5/18, I'm trying two transfusions from Sanger, it started at 3:30 p.m. and at 7:30 p.m., leading to the patient Teresa Frade of the room 319-A turned dark red neck and face until the other day in the afternoon. Saturday. 1/6/18 when disconnecting the food through the peg, do not clean the way with water as it is due to hospital discharge, as a consequence the food was stuck in the tube so we had to discard the way in the house, and that is a bad job. This nurse usually responds in a bad way and angry at least with me it was like that. Received from the case manager Mr. Jorge mistreatment of offensive words shouted from the hallway such as dirty, filthy and rabble, accompanied with a movement of hips and head towards both sides uncommon in the partnering of a gentleman towards a lady. It is a pity that people with this behavior bridle the brightness and comfort of the place, where other people strive day and night for the welfare of patients. (Original) El servicing fue excellence. No hay ninguna queja. Las enfermeras muy buenas y profesiones, excepto, Elizabeth Rodrigguez el viernes dia 1/5/18 apuro dos tranfuciones de Sanger, empezo a las 3:30 pm y a las 7:30 termino, dando lugar a que la paciente Teresa Frade de la habitación 319-A se pusiera rojo oscuro cuello y cara hasta el otro dia por la tarde. El Sabado. 1/6/18 al desconectar el alimento a traves del peg, no limpio la via con agua como es debido por motivo de alta hospitalaria, como consequencia se pego eL alimento en el tubo de manera que tuvimos que destupir la via en la casa, y eso es un mal trabajo. Esta enfermera suele responder de mala Forma y enojada al menos conmigo fue asi. Recibi de el case manager el senor Jorge maltrato de palabras ofensivas gritadas desde el pasillo tales como sucia, cochina y chusma, acompasadas con un movimiento de caderas y cabeza hacia Ambos lados poco comun en el copartamieno de un caballero hacia una dama. Es una Pena que personas con ese comportamiento empanen el Brillo y confort del lugar, donde las demas personas se esfuenzan dia y noche por el bienestar de Los pacientes.

Randall Smith

My husband was referred and admitted to kindred Hospital to continue the aggressive care to hopefully wean him from the respirator which the previous facility was unable to do. The respiratory team here at Kindred is by far the best. The first Pulmonary Doctor recommended the he needed hospice. On the other hand we decided to get a second opinion from another pulmonary group, Dr Aldana, PA Rick Sainz and the rest of the physicians that took care of him. Frank Gomez was very instrumental and knowledgeable and weaned him off in less than 2 weeks, including removing the trach tube. The Rehab dept and nursing were absolutely wonderful, caring and knowledgeable. I will say only 1 thing and that is Kindred hospital of Hollywood , thank you for giving my husband and I our lives back . He is now going to acute rehab to finish getting stronger so that he can go home in 2 weeks.

Jul Car

My aunt was admitted to Kindred Hospital of Hollywood a few weeks ago . She was referred to this hospital to continue her aggressive treatment to be weaned from the respirator. Today we are happy to say that she is currently being weaned off from the respirator and is on oxygen and doing well. I want to thank the Rehab dept . specially , Stephanie, Nikita and Maria, they have been great. I want to specially thank Mr. Frank Gomez and all his respiratory staff, Luis, Lina, Mylene, Ernst and Marie that works nights. All the physicians that have taking care of her. Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Kindred for all they are doing for my aunt.

lanya Johnson

The WORST FACILITY I've ever seen. My grandmother was at this hospital they have the worst service. The nurses are rude and doesn't take care of their patient(s). The place smells like feces as you walk through the halls. My grandmother was sharing her room with a male patient at which the staff claims it was an ICU Unit. My grandmother passed away 2/18/2016 in the room and the staff NEVER moved the other patient out the room. My grandmother passed away around 6am and the nurses and the other patients relatives were just walking pass my deceased loved one and talking loudly as we grieved on the other side of the curtain. I've never seen in my life a hospital leave a deceased person in a room with another patient. The staff totally ignored me as I was asking him if my grandmother had passed away. He just walked passed my grandmother while the monitor was beeping. I repeatedly asked the nurse to check my grandmother to see if she passed on, he continued to assist the other patient as If I wasn't speaking to him. I ran in the hallway to seek another nurse or Dr to see if my grandmother had passed away. I eventually got a female Dr and she checked my grandmother and confirmed that she had passed away. The rude, uncaring, unprofessional nurse came back in and turned tbe monitor off. Do not take your loved one at this facility they will not make it out. My grandmother deteriorated rapidly at that facility. This facility needs to be shut down/investigated. So many different things happened to my grandmother at this facility I can't even put it all in this review. I was told by several friends and colleagues to take my grandmother out of this facility when they had found out she was supposedly getting long term care. Please if I can save your loved one's life or extend it DO NOT TAKE THEM TO THIS FACILITY

Paula Davis

I was admitted to Kindred Hospital to complete my recovery. I was apprehensive about coming to this facility because I had never been in a long term acute care hospital and didn't know what's to expect. Upon admission everyone was attentive, and eager to make me feel comfortable. During my recovery I have the pleasure of being cared for by a group of phenomenal clinicians that provides exceptional care this include: Nursing, CNAs, Rehab, Respiratory Therapy, Housekeeping and Dietary. They have all been exceptional to say the least. I would like to recognize the excellent RNs: Fontil, Alejandro, Bunnie,Yeves , Monica, Delva, Beverly, Tisha, Yvette, June, Cora, Gerda, Maggie, Marie, Cristine, Florence and the others that have been absolutely wonderful. Rehab: Lisa, Grace, Genesis, Tara, Luis, Leyda and Frank. The wonderful CNAs: Gloria, Albet, Estime (wonder and she goes above and beyond the call of duty), Mo, Saint Louis, Angelina, Nicky, Michelle, Roberto, Romelus, Mary and Jorda. Respiratory Therapy: Edwin with his wonderful smile, Francesca and the rest of the respiratory team. Housekeeping: Ms. Myrtle and Jefferu and the rest of the housekeeping team. My apologies if I forgot to name staff that I have come in contact with me. There are no words that could express my gratitude. I would highly recommend this wonderful hospital for anyone that mIght require this type of long term acute care hospital. This hospital is more than a hospital it is a home away from home with people who become your family, a circle of LOVE. The staff is a group of people who not only take care of you but show that they love what they do.

Debbie2 Botero

My husband had the unfortunate event to be admitted to Kindred. The staff was pitiful. If he rang the bell. No response. He had to call me, I called the nurses desk and response! He was left for over 3 hours to lay in his soiled clothes. On his return to a normal hospital, traces of the fecal matter was still on his skin. HIS CELL PHONE WAS ALSO STOLEN!!!!. I wouldn't bring my dog to that place.

annie leblanc

Lucia Iglesias

My father was referred to Kindred Hospital of Hollywood on 4/11/18 to continue his treatment for his current illness including having a tracheostomy tube in place due to future reconstructive surgery that is still pending. I wanted to share my experience here at Kindred Hospital . The clinical staff has been excellent extraordinary. The nurses are the very best specially, Raisa , Danilo, Yvette and all the rest rest of the nursing staff that has provided care to my father. The respiratory staff and rehab, Grace from PT, Anthony , Tara and all the others that have again helped with his care. The communication is by far the best, anytime I have called to inquire about my fathers status they are always very helpful even though sometimes I call multiple times they are always caring and ready to speak with me regarding his progress. We as a family are very greatfull to had brought my father to this hospital. Thank to all of the Kindred staff for being the very best.

Purple Passion

On 6/12/19 our mother was transferred to Kindred Hospital of Hollywood from the previous facility to be weaned from mechanical ventilation since she was unable to be weaned in the other facility. I must say that this specialty hospital was able to accomplish the weaning within a week. She is now able to breathe on her own but, she is also eating regular food and going to the gym and is getting stronger everyday and soon she will be decannulated, meaning having her tracheostomy tube removed. We are really happy with all the progress that she has made and we have our mother back for a second chance on being normal. We want to thank all the respiratory staff has been second to none.

Elizabeth H

This is the worst place ever to send a loved one, the facility is outdated the staff is very unknowledgeable, they do not have doctors on staff and you have to go through hell to get answers or to reach the doctor. They are not compassionate, they can't communicate with each other and forget trying to get your loved one transferred to another facilty. The ac does not work, it smells, and good luck trying to locate a nurse. Words cannot describe what I am experiencing with this facility from hell. And if you do go MAKE SURE YOU READ THE AMDMINISTRATION DOCUMENTS!!!!! THEY WANT YOU TO WAIVE YOUR RIGHTS TO TRIAL, YOU HAVE TO SETTLE WITH CEO AND IF YOU DON'T YOU ONLY HAVE OPTION TO MEDIATION OR ARBITRATION... Be sure to read all their other reviews, your loved one is a check to them not patient to care for.

Kelly Kwan

I was referred to Kindred Hospital of Hollywood on May 2019 to continue to treat my wound. I just wanted to say thank you to all the nurses, therapists and doctors that took great care of me. Special thank you to nurse Christine Florentine and occupational therapist, Lisette. I now get to go home and enjoy life thanks to Kindred Hospital of Hollywood?

Willie Mae Phipps

Let's stop the hating of Kindred. The entire staff is phenomenal. Kudos to the ladies who wear the pink scrubs, who are assistants. Recognize the structure in the organization and pay these ladies decently and give them their respect. Thanks again for everything you all are doing for my husband, and keep on keeping on!

Maria Lopez

My mother was referred to Kindred Hospital -Hollywood on 7/11/18 to continue to aggressively treat her pneumonia. She was initially upon admission very congested and having a difficult time breathing. She was on Bipap therapy as need it for the shortness of breath and on supplemental oxygen. The respiratory therapy dept immediately started to work on her breathing initially the respiratory director assessed her and spoke with us regarding on ways to remove the excessive amount of secretions by performing a auctioning procedure that only took a couple of minutes and was very effective. The overall treatment and care at this hospital has been great and my mother has improved tremendously and now we are planning on bringing her back home to New York to be with her family. I would highly recommend Kindred Hopital - Hollywood for anyone that requires extended acute care like my mother. I want to thank everyone that has taken care of her.

vyerme DAN

Matt Buschman

My sister was referred t Kindred Hospital-Hollywood on August 23, 2018 with a multitude of medical problems including unable to be weaned from the respirator. Today , we are thrilled to say that she is not only weaned from the respirator but they removed the tracheostomy tube and now she is able to talk, eat and breathe on her own. Now she is ready for her final step which is acute rehab so that she can get stronger. The clinical staff from nursing to respiratory therapy , rehab , dietary , CNAs and everyone that touch her has been awesome. Let's not forget all the doctors, such as Dr. Vicioso, Dr. Vazquez, Dr. Leslie and Dr. Freedman and all the PA's. The administrators have been truly spectacular. Thank you Kindred my sister came to the right place to recover and we are very happy to say that this is by far the very best hospital and would highly recommend it.

yessenia rodriguez

This is the worst hospital to take your loved ones. My father was transferred to this hospital to suffer and die. The staff were careless and negligent not to mention doctor's were rarely seen. This place looks like a dump! Do not take your loved one here unless you are ready to let them go! Please find a better place to give your loved one a opportunity to survive.

Linda Cook

My mother was transferred to Kindred Hospital Hollywood from Memorial West in order to be weaned from tracheostomy and further therapy. Her doctor, Dr English has been wonderful. He has been very informative and communicates very well. Angie, Dr English's PA is also great. Beside manner from both is beyond excellent. The nursing staff have been great. They also are very informative, patient, and supportive towards my mother. Respiratory has also gone above and beyond. I have confidence in the respiratory team that they will be able to further progress my mother to be weaned from the CPAP. She has already been taken off the ventilator. Housekeeping and cafeteria staff are very friendly and also go above and beyond. The care here has been the best thus far and am very pleased.

dieuvandel dorcius

I am a patient. at kindred Hollywood for the last week. The nursing care has been awesome and I would like to give a special thank you to Bunny for all of her wonderful work. All of the nurses are nice but there is no one compare to Bunny.

Maria Delgado

My daughter was admitted at Kindred hospital-Hollywood on 11/20/16 for weaning from tracheostomy and aggressive rehab. My experience here has been great all the clinical staff are knowledgeable in their specific fields. Specifically respiratory therapy to name a few, ., Ana, Natacha, Lina, Ernst and all the rest that have provided care for her. The nursing staff has been wonderful and compassionate. Rehab has done a great job considering my daughter's challenges. Housekeeping does a great job keeping the room clean . I wish that I could remember everyone's name that has provided care for her. Although it has been difficult , I highly recommend this hospital. Thank you Kindred for the great care that you hav e or ovidned for my daughter.

Dave Friend

I took my poor little aunt here for rehab - 3 weeks later she died. Do yourself and your love one a favor. Do not take them here take them anywhere else but here!!!

Madeline Valdes

My mom stayed at Kindred Hospital and Kindred Rehab for 5 months until she died from bad care. Some of the nurses ignored her cryies for help. They would even take away her call button away so as to not have to hear her cries for help. I complained to the physicians and admin and they would resolve the problems for a couple of days and again I would have the same problems. She obtained terrible bed sore that were unattended on a regular basis. They falsified records to show they cleaned her wounds regularly and gave her meds to deal with the pain but i would find days that nothing was done and meds were held. Do not send your love ones to this facility. I had to give it one star cause you cant post anything unless you at least give them a star. WARNING: This facility should also be reported to the state or ACHA. They didn't send my mom to the hospital until she was completely unresponsive. By the time she got to the hospital, I was told she should be put in hospice cause there was nothing they could do. If you want your family member to die, this is the place.

Hugh Jasole


If you are looking for a hospital to send your loved ones so they can get better please do not send them there. The hospitals staff is horrible, they do not give the necessary attention to their patients. The administration dose not help or care about the family's request or needs. There would be patients calling for help, but the nurses would ignore them and its really sad that they don't care about others, and how they would just let them suffer .Thank god there are a few nurses and respiratory therapist who actually care about their patients and will help them every step of the way . Also if you do end up sending your loved one to kindred please stay with them at all times so that they can get the attention they need.

Annelis Ávila

I wanted to share our experience at kindred Hospital of Hollywood. Our father had a bad automobile accident in the west coast of Florida and had to be placed on a respirator with a tube down his throat and was not able to be weaned from the respirator. After multiple attempts he had to get a tracheostomy tube. Since we all live down in Hollywood it was recommended to us kindred hospital in Hollywood because one of their specialties is to wean patients like our father from the breathing machine. We are so glad and happy that this specialty hospital was right in our backyard, he was weaned off the respirator in a couple of days and now he has a red button covering his tracheostomy tube and will have it removed in the next couple of days. I want to give a big Thank you to the Respiatory dept, specially Frank Gomez and his team are the very best. All the ICU nurses are very special and compassionate, the Rehab dept is doing a wonderful job getting him stronger and working with his swallowing so that he can start eating. We want to also give big thank you to Doctor English, Doctor Kalirao and her assistance, Lauren, Dr Magcalas and Ricardo his assistance and everyone that has come in contact with my father and our family. We would highly recommend this specialty hospital for anyone that requires their specialties.

Matt Groth

Horrible horrible horrible. Nurses neglect patients. Smells horrible. My grandfather was repeatedly mistreated until we finally rushed him out and into better hands. My grandfather, who had severe pnemonia, was asking for a tissue to spit out his mucus. The nurse in the room would rudely dismiss him and tell him to stop "calm down" until finally she got it after 15 minutes. They were two hours late for a very important treatment apparently for no reason, and at the end of a treatment that involve a ventilator mask they ripped it off of his head like he is a corpse without saying anything. Staff does not talk to patients or treat them like human beings.

Gio Jimenez

pnina leah

My mother was admitted on January 18th after a car accident on january 3rd. She was transferred from one hospital to this one, Kindred in Hollywood, on a respirator with a multitude of complications. She was transferred here based on the recommendation that the Kindred team was excellent with weaning patients off of their respirators. They exceeded all of my expectations. My mother was treated so well by the clinical staff, and the entire respiratory team of professionals at Kindred. I am so grateful for their services and I know my mother is too. At the time accident we were despairing that she would even be able to breathe on her own, but the Kindred staff made sure that miracle happened! She is weaned and ready to have her tracheostomy tube completely removed, and she's eating and talking. Thank you Kindred for all you have done, and for the excellent care you provided to my mother. Frank Gomez is the wonderful head of respiratory tech here, seek him out for any help or concerns you might have.

Sauveur Thony

My wife was admitted here at Kindred Hospital on July 29, 2017. We choose this hospital because she has been previously admitted here and we were very please with the care that Kindred staff provided for my beautiful wife. Unfortunately she expired , she had a long battle with Dialysis , but I came back to say Thank you to the wonderful staff that took and provided excellent care for her and provided support for me during this difficult moments.

Paulette Skinner

I have been here 10 days in the gym receiving occupational and physical therapy after having an acute COPD episode. The staff at the gym are the best. They have taught me how to make improve in my breathing, how to understand my disease more and how to be ready for when I go home. What I liked the most was the teamwork that was quite evident as one watched them work. Safety was always the top concern. All have a great sense of humor and one can catching smiling all the time. Some outstanding employees are: Lizette Vasques (OT) She is top in this department. I've learn how to take care of myself once I leave here. She helped me when I couldn't take care of body. She would clean me up and not once did she mind. Had a great repertoire of activities for me each day. Lisa Garland (PT) is a top notch professional. It was a pleasure seeing her each day trying to coach me to do activities. I always look forward to seeing her each day. Always says good morning and has a pleasant disposition. Stephanie Crump (PT) I liked to consider her as a cheer leader. Always telling me I can do it. She keeps the mood happy in the office. Grace Holman (PT) I didn't spend enough time with Grace but she is to me one of the most knowledgeable to me. One should see her work with various people. The all value her and her time with them. I wish I could have spend more time with her but it was good to observe her in action Shatara Bellamy , Pedro Diaz, and Eartha Joseph are al in the Rehab and have been good assistance to the OT and PT. They were a cheerful bunch and I look forward to seeing them each day. Andrea Suquenz, Director of Rehab. Andrea is visible all the time and has been accessible all the time. She treats her staff well and is respected by the patients that are in the hospital. If one has a problem, one should seek her out before complaining because she is a professional and would be able to fix the situation. Kindred Hospital of South Florida has been a great experience for me. I am so glad I made the choice to come here.

Nancy Rosser

BEWARE!!!!! Patients NEGLECTED!!!!! If you want your loved one to get well & live.....PLEASE PLEASE do not send them to this nightmare of a so called hospital. Don’t be FOOLED by the tour given or the so called caring administration prior to your loved ones being transferred here. My mother passed away less than week after being transferred to the 3rd flood of Kindred Hospital in Hollywood. PLEASE read our experience: My mother was transferred to this facility from Memorial West to continue recovery from surgery and pulmonary care. At the time of transfer she was alert and doing well. Over the next 3 days she became unresponsive & SEPTIC due to NEGLECT!!!! Here are several things that my husband and I witnessed while sitting with her: diapers are ONLY changed twice a day, unless requested by family, medications are not given properly; my mother was OVERDOSED!!! Nurses (RN) have no knowledge of medications they are given out, call buttons are placed away from patients where they can’t be reached, patients personal cell phones are turned off by staff ( I know this because my Mom was too weak to do it herself & I made sure it was always charged), patients are not turned on a regular basis, wound care is not done on a regular basis, no assistance with eating or bathing & most of the CNA’s are RUDE & LAZY. On the weekend help was very far & few in between. ( I personally witnessed a CNA come into my mother’s room, forcefully shake & scream at the other patient in her room to wake up; then walked out of the room; by the way this women was very sick, unresponsive, receiving fluids & had a feeding tube). When you ask to speak to a RN they will listen, but have no knowledge of what you are asking, show no compassion and are expressionless; as if they have been trained to show no emotion and instructed not to answer a question. There are ALWAYS many staff members at the nursing station laughing & talking while MANY calls lights are on from patients needing help. My sister & I met with administrators and were assured our areas of concern were being addressed, we did some improvement that day but it did not continue. 5 days @ Kindred my mother’s situation become critical, the staff didn’t think she needed to moved that night & waited until the next morning to then RUSH her to Memorial Regional. My beautiful Mother passed away within 48 hours of being rushed from Kindred-Hollywood. ****Anyone thinking about admitting their loved ones to Kindred are welcome to contact me for more further information & knowledge of law suits & investigations regarding the Kindred organization. This is a FOR PROFIT organization; it appears profits are being used for personal gain. It is apparent Medicare payments are not being used for patient care. This hospital is run down with very low standards. I will contacting Medicare to request an investigation.

Alicia Moreno

This hospital was very comforting for both me and my husband and helped my husband get better during his stay here. The doctors, nurses, and therapy staff were all a great help and I truly appreciate what they have done for my husband.

Cheryl Hammock

My sister was admitted at Kindred Hospital Hollywood on 06/11/18 with a multitude of medical issues On a respirator unable to be weaned. We were referred to Kindred hospital from the previous facility and we were told that this was the hospital that one of their specialties was weaning patients from the respirator. We also have a friend that had her husband here as a patient and was weaned from the respirator so that helped us make the decision to bring my sister here. Today my sister has been weaned from the respirator and she is doing well. We are pleased with her recovery . The care has been excellent, the nurses, specially, Cathy and Vivian from nursing are the best. Olga from respiratory is the best she really worked hard to get me off the respirator. Again, I would highly recommend Kindred hospital- Hollywood to anyone requiring this type of specialty service.

Alberto Muniz Da Conceicao

(Translated by Google) COOL (Original) GENIAL

Bob Schwartz

I was admitted at Kindred Hospital of Hollywood on 5/23/19 to continue my treatment for pneumonia and respiratory failure along with rehab services. I was referred here by Cleveland Clinic and I,m glad to be here. The care has been tremendous to say the least. The care by the respiratory team has been the best and the rehab dept with special recognition to Grace, she is by far the best and really knows how to take care of her patients. I want to thank Dr. Vicioso and Dr. Ferrer group and specially the nursing staff which has been tremendous. Basically everyone that has come in contact with my care has been great including the house keeping dept, keeping my room very clean. Thank you Kindred Hospital for making this a wonderful experience.

Nina Walters

I was referred to Kindred Hospital -Hollywood by my pulmonary physician to continue my treatment for Breathing problems. I was on Bipap for almost 2 weeks in the previous facility and they were not able to wean me off the Bipap. Fortunately the Director of respiratory, Frank Gomez during his rounds recommended To try the HFNC to attempt to wean me from the Bipap. Once I was placed on the HFNC it was instant relief, now I was able to talk, eat and my breathing started to improve and the Bipap was only used at night. Today I'm on a regular nasal cannula which is wonderful. Today I feel much stronger able to start doing, physical and occupational therapy. This facility is clean , the clinical staff has provided the necessary care needed for me to get better and I.m pleased with the overall care. I would highly recommend this specialty hospital to anyone that requires pulmonary care.

C Katz

Jane Lisak

I am so grateful to Kindred Hospital in Hollywood. My father was referred here from MHR to continue his treatment for a multitude of health problems and complications after surgery. He was placed on a respirator and had a tracheostomy done due to difficulties with weaning from the respirator. Today I'm so happy he has been completely weaned off and tracheostomy tube was removed. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the Director of Respiratory Therapy, Frank Gomez and the rest of the clinical team, nursing, rehab, nursing assistants and all the doctors specially Dr. English and Dr. Stern.

Andrew Levell

My wife came to Kindred Hospital on a ventilator with renal complications. The respiratory staff was wonderful with her care and are highly skilled . Although due to other complications she has not been completely weaned but has made great progress. Frank has provided day to day updates on her plan of care and weaning progress. Respiratory staff is very kind , compassionate and educative as it relates to her progress.

Emilio Gonzalez

These nurses are lazy, lazy, lazy!! They change patients diapers 3 times a day even when the patient asks for more. Disgusting!!! Can’t wait to get my mom out of there!!!!!

Spongebob Squarepants

Stay away!! They are murderers! My dad had the worst care ever with this hospital. Nurses don't help at all, there were no cups on third floor so my dad doesnt get to drink, real nice. Then as he was dying and we got there, the nurse wouldn't let us in , literally pushing and shoving my mom out of the room! Why??? Covering something up? There was an IV pick that was supposed to be out days ago still in his arm, very suspicious.I never got to say goodbye to my dad. The state is already doing an investigation I'm not done with this place.

David Zinger

I was admitted at Kindred Hospital of Hollywood back on 10/28/18 to continue my treatment after, being operated. I came to this hospital dependent on high concentration of oxygen. Many physicians from different specialties were following me to come up with a treatment plan that was suitable for me to recover. Progress was felt within a few days while the Phisical Therapy dept. was helping me regain my strength. To make this story short I'm great full for all the help that I received and on November 12, I'm scheduled to be discharged home. I would like to recognize a few of the staff that provide great support. Nursing Supervisor Mr. Garcia, the director of respiratory Frank Gomez and the wonderful physical therapy staff.

harry goldstein

My mother was transferred to kindred Hospital-Hollywood from Aventura Hospital in order treat sepsis, shortness of breath, questionable pneumonia, UTI, and ischemic cardiomyopathy. All nurses and staff are very responsive, caring, treat my mother with respect, and all orders are addressed immediately. Everything a hospital is supposed to do is done here promptly and without hesitation. No regrets at all bringing my mother to be treated here. Given the circumstances, I am very happy with the care provided here. This hospital handles medical conditions that others cannot provide.

Robert Utley

I was referred to kindred Hospital-Hollywood on 4/27/18 very ill due to breathing problems. On High flow oxygen. I will tell you that the care here has been excellent. The nurses and respiratory therapist by far the best. There is someone always checking up on me taking care of my needs, the call bell is answered quickly and that is very important to me. I just like to say thanks to all the clinical staff that has been providing care for me.

Gloria Ortiz

My husband came here pre very sick on a Respirator the care I receive from the respiratory department here is no less than amazing my husband is now talking you no longer has use breathing machine Frank Gomez I director respire is been amazing that man is theirs live medal of honor if it wasn't for him had been it would not be on his way out hopefully coming toward me so I totally recommend this hospital for anything specially whisper issues thank you so much Canon hospital you will have me in your prayers for ever

Ivy Te

The medical care is ok when it comes to procedures and charging for it thats the 2 stars. The facility overall is very old and dirty for a hospital. The respiratory nurse when asked what was she going to do her sarcastic unprofesional response is "a trick". Thinking it was a joke I laughed and asked her again and her response was the same one?? Then the room nurse kept walking in and out of the room after 4am every 30 mins turn in on the bright light of the room preventing the patient from resting which is key for recovering. Instead of doing all at once, one shot get it all done and DONE versus waking up the patient every 30 mins. Very inefficient and lack of consideration and respect to the patient who has a hard time sleeping. I wouldnt recommend this place at all.

Shirley Lim Jimeno

My husband was admitted to this great hospital on October 12, 2017 for the continue extensive care which included to wean him from the respirator which the other hospital was unable to accomplish. Today is another mile stone for us specially for him, he has been fully wean from the ventilator and the tracheostomy tube was removed. We are so happy one he can talk again breathe on his own with no oxygen in place. Wow this is more than we had expected in such little time. The staff has been exceptional, professional and highly skilled with their specific functions. The respiratory dept is the best. The nursing staff second to none. Rehab is by far he best. We have nothing but great things to say about this specialty hospital they really know what they are doing and you can see the passion with the way they approach their patients. Thank you Kindred Hollywood for taking great care of my husband and I .

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