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REVIEWS OF Kindred Hospital South Florida - Ft. Lauderdale IN Florida

Jamie Walmart

Angela Ashton was a very BIG HELP for my mother and I from beginning to end

Marie Pierre

Was very, very, very, very, happy!!!! with the care I received at Kindred Fort Lauderdale!!!!! The staff was truly AMAZING!!! I was weaned off the ventilator in no time, very quickly!!! I had a very speedy recovery! My son would often call to check on me and the staff kept him informed on my progress!!

Inez Leslie

My husband went to kindred hospital and spent 19 days there and I would like to thank the entire staff there for the care that was given to him.. The staff is caring , loving and always willing to help. You experience that family atmosphere been at Kindred. Please allowed me mentioned some names that I remembered, Dr Nana Dr strauss Stephanie, Elaine,Majorie,Daphne,Carlos, Richard, Shirley, Marie, Sherol, Ruth, Marsha, Megan, Anna,Gary . I'm unable to remember all , but once again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Continue to keep up the good work.

Jordy Johnson

My Mom was transferred to the ICU unit at Las Olas facility from Broward General 4 days ago. So far, every nurse and employee we have met has been great. So pleased with the care she is receiving and thankful that my Mom's condition is improving and for the wonderful care she is receiving.

Suzette Johnson

Great facility!! Every staff member was really thoughtful and caring! would definitely recommend Kindred Fort Lauderdale!!

Clementine Frederick

We are so happy to be at Kindred hospital - fort Lauderdale. I was surprised with the staff members and how they welcomed us. My wife and I wish we could stay long term but I understand the reasons why we will need to move on. The staff are well trained and always attending to us. Many many thanks. Everyone treated my wife with so much love! Everyone was very caring! Special thanks to the entire nursing staff for doing an outstanding job! Even the house keeper Candace was wonderful!!


The same person is writing the good reviews and you can tell by their similar grammar “!!!”

george hramatulov

If there was an option to even put no stars, then that would be my option. My father was moved in a very good condition from Holy Cross where the doctors did miracles to him to put him on his feet. After 3 weeks at Kindred on Las Olas he came home with serious urinary track infection that went onto the blood and it became sepsis super anemic and extremely dehidreated. All the indications that there was something wrong were there and I kept asking the nurses to do some blood work, to put some IVs. They assured me he was fine. Now he is back at Holy Cross again in a worst condition that ever and I don't think he will make it. The doctors are fighting for his life. Not to say that his mouth was full of garbage and nobody took his socks off for the 3 weeks at Kindred. His skin was literally falling apart. I have documented it with pictures. His diper would not be changed for hours. So to all those sharing the "great" experience you must be dreaming. To all of you who care for your relatives: please do NOT send them to Kindred Hospital. The human life means nothing to them.

m moore

At first I was not sure my sister was going to make it. To my surprise she did AMAZING at Kindred Fort Lauderdale. The staff was the most caring people I have every encountered in a hospital. The rehab team help my sister make so many improvements that she was discharged in a short period of time. No one wants to be in a hospital but at Kindred they made our experience as best as possible. There was always someone around to help when needed and the weekly family meetings were very helpful for our family to find out how my sister was doing. THANK YOU KINDRED!

terry scott

My experience at Kendricks Hospital in Fort Lauderdale Florida East Los Olas what is a great and wonderful experience as they took great care of my mother doing a very difficult time in her life the nursing staff there was phenomenal I appreciate every nurse that help took care of my mother Inga, Sadie, Marie, Jean, Mary Kay, Katie, Natasha, Tasha you all are very very awesome and to the respiratory therapist thank you all so much. my only bad experience was the departure the Social Worker of Pharah what's not good at her job she was not a woman of her word and the very last day of departure her phone conversation was not as professional as I know customer service of those that work in the social industry should perform, I hope that the CEO was speak to her concerning professionalism and that is my reason that they did not receive five great Stars but from the entering of the door it was pleasant it was awesome and again I thank you all. Terry D. Scott

Ives Victor

EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT HOSPITAL!!!! We loved it! we felt at home!!! Everyone was so awesome!!!! Veronica RT, was great! Mary Ellen, RN was on the ball with everything and Lydia, RN was very sweet!! Now that we are at another facility we kept on telling the staff that there is no place like Kindred Fort Lauderdale!!

Darcy Scheffer

My friend’s mother was recently a patient at Kindred Hospital Fort Lauderdale. She received outstanding care and the staff was professional and compassionate. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who has a loved one who requires intensive level care.

Mary Hubert

Dr Ali is a very good Dr!!!! He took very good care of my brother. We were very pleased with Dr Ali!!

Joseph Bonfiglio

Really terrible place do not leave your love ones here, my mother lived on two weeks after going here. do your research first.

Hortnese Rodney

My husband was weaned off the vent at Kindred Fort Lauderdale! We do not remember everyone names however, everyone was fantastic!!! The Rehab team was awesome!!! Kindred Fort Lauderdale in our opinion is definitely a 5 star Hospital!!! I truly wish that my husband did not have to be discharged From Kindred Fort Lauderdale.. we were very sad to leave!!!

Ricky Belyea

My father had the best experience there the staff was very caring and administrative was so nice the case workers helped me get my father the place He needed to go

Ambar Herrera

Kindred was excellent. My mother , unfortunately due to all the years of smoking, she had respiratory issues and Kindred took excellent care. The staff was great and very friendly, my mother felt very blessed to have been in such good hands. Met all the needs and she is doing so much better, her breathing is better and her fear of hospitals are vanished all due to Kindred. Couldn't be more thankful.

eileen mooney

I am extremely happy with the care my husband received at Kindred fort Lauderdale. All of the staff was awesome! Marie Arty, RN. Petal and Beatrice from PT who kept him busy and motivated. And the Respiratory team was just extraordinary! My husband was weaned seamlessly from the trach. Dr Hull is a very good Doctor!

daphne byas

My dad was at kindred fort Lauderdale. They have many excellent staff I want to thank including; Adelanie RN, Jessica RN (was super sweet)!, Frantz and Marvin Respiratory Therapist are excellent!

nancy helsel

I was very pleased with the care her mother received at Kindred Fort Lauderdale. The day time nurses were excellent at communicating updates on my mother’s progress over the phone. Even more so than the nurses that worked night shift.

Evy Daniell

Staff members were knowledgeable, kind and caring. Their infection protocol is excellent. My family member had to be weaned from a vent, and their compassion combined with professional care made it a less terrifying than expected experience. Their wound care (and prevention) is outstanding. My brother was admitted on a vent with a trach, feeding tube and wound on right heel. They healed the wound, got him eating solid food and had him mostly breathing on his own in about 6 weeks. Thank you to a great care team.

Luis Giniebra

The entire nursing staff was excellent! I have no complaints at all!! The nursing staff was very nice and friendly and kept me informed.

Audrey Tutes

First of all they're not very caring, they are very rude and unprofessional. My mother layed with fecies and urine on her from the time I arrived to the time I left. No one seems to know anything when you ask questions. If you love your family do not take them to kindred they will be mistreated.

Gerald Pierece

The treatment and the care I received at Kindred Fort Lauderdale was awesome! All of the staff was great'!

Alta Ball

Very happy with the care that my husband recieved at Kindred Fort Lauderdale. Marcia Doyley Rn, was great with him they would often times talk about different types of plants. Houston, the respiratory therapist ;Lindsay speech therapist; Diego from Physicsl therapy were all fantastic!

Terrol Barrett

Kindred Hospital fort Lauderdale is a great hospital! Very nice doctors! The dialysis nurses were awesome!

Audrey Dopson

I am seriously trying to understand the 5 star Rating that this place has been given On the reviews that I have read. It makes me wonder is it because those patients families have money that they pay so much extra to get preferred treatment. Does it depend on the type of insurance you have That will pay out more money. It has to be one of those because I am definitely not saying it. I stop myself from posting several times because I wanted to get the benefit after. I've taken pictures of trash on the floor, feeding tube sitting on the floor, The lack of courtesy Towards For the patient. And you are at the mercy because of the limitations of the type of treatment that your parent means. Has my mom is taken from ICU to the 2nd floor the Room is like an old junk closet and she is tucked in fhe back of this dim old closet. . I smell the urine as I come into the Room and can't figure out where it's coming from because I was told that she was just changed. So I am searching for this God-awful smell only to find it on the sheet she's laying on. How could someone be so callous. There is all sort of trash on The floor which I couldn't handle so I cleaned it up. Syringe covers, glove uses paper towels, etc. There was also urine on the floor..omg.. I could only cry for my mother because she has to stay here. It is God awful. Let me be fair some really nice nurse's in the ICU. Ceasar is awesome on the night shift. Richard Walker should never attend to patients. I would have let it go if there weren't multiple complaints about him and the care he takes with a patient. Its actually disappointing that he is allow continue working this way.

Bobbie Flemming

My son spent a month at Kindred and all of the staff and especially the nurses were sincerely there to help in every way they could. Everyone did a great job. Thank you so very much to each and every one of you! Kai and I are truly grateful.

David Walker

My mother has been at Kindred Los Olas for about 90 days and the overall treatment has been very inadequate. I extremely disappointing in the case management services and the discharge planning and thank God she was not because the discharge would have been an UNSAFE DISCHARGE..Kindred staff kept putting in my mother clinical and medical notes that she was wean from the ventilator and my family kept telling the repository and medical staff she was not ready to be discharge because she still needed ventilator support for breathing. Within a few hours to discharge , my mother condition worsen and she was place back on the ventilator. I have worked in the healthcare field for a number of years and have not seen such bad case management and discharge planning without any family involvement. Lack of communication is terrible between the case management staff and family. I feel as though the hospital violated my mother Patient Bill of Rights while her stay at Kindred and will be making allegations to the Agency for Health Care Administration. One need to ask the does Kindred Health Care measure their quality outcomes for the Las Olas site? Are these outcomes falsely reported by staff? Are these quality measures reviewed on a monthly or quarterly basis without bias. Don't get me wrong, Kindred Las Olas has a few staff who work for the best interest of their clients but that is few and between.

Sharon Bigman

Everything went very well at Kindred Fort Lauderdale!! All of the nurses were super nice and they all were very attentive to my needs!!! Rehab Team was very good! They were able to get me up and out of bed and worked closely with me so that I can regain my strength!! We would definitely recommend Kindred Fort Lauderdale!!!

alex acero

I'm very happy with the care I received at Kindred Fort Lauderdale!! Everyone was very nice and accommodating! I am doing so much better now!

Marrero Jesus

The Service at Kindred Fort Lauderdale was great!!! Everyone treated my dad with great respect!!

Mark Greenfield

Was very appreciative of the care!! The care was excellent!! The entire staff was wonderful!! The wound care nurses were very helpful!!

Paula Fulton

My mother received was there, everyone was fantastic! I would recommend Carlos, Marcia, Daphne, Joe, and Jeantilia... These nurses were outstanding.

Margarey Hubert

Everything was great!!! The nurses were really good with her!! The Dr Nana and his PA was very good! They took good care of her!!

Rhonda Kwaak

We went to visit our Step Father within the first 24 hours. I was in disbelief. This place is filthy. Urine overflowing from the catheter bag all over the floor. Smells like urine. When asked about the filth no one working there was willing to clean up the towels soaking up the urine or clean him up. This place is a disgrace for patients needing special needs to recover. I truly hope the owner reaches out to me and gives me a number to call so I can discuss this further .

Jas G

I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT THESE STELLAR REVIEWS ARE FRAUDULENT!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE COMPLETED BY THE STAFF via a phone interview and are extremely embellished. If I could give this place negative stars, I would. My grandmother has been a patient at kindred for the past three months and there is a laundry list of instances of neglect. I am truly concerned for these patients’ and their wellbeing. With the exception of few nurses, the facility as a whole is abysmal and needs an overhaul of new LEADERSHIP and staff. Starting with the CEO, who falsely advertised their capabilities and standard of care. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE. They will leave your loved ones in their bodily excrements for hours and unattended for hours.They will not follow the “plans” as laid out by the physicians. Praying for all the families and patients of Kindred who were swindled into going to this facility under false pretenses.

tedrick williams

The nursing staff was always professional, nice and friendly! we were very pleased!

Konstance Johansen

A Google User

Alicia Thomas

Most caring person was Monty the security guard. Really have to scrutinize who we entrust our loved ones care to. It's a pity we had to settle for that hospital because we couldn't do better. The rich will live but the poor always die. Beware

Mark Boncada

My husband has been at Kindred Hospital Las Olas for about 2 weeks now, He has received EXCEPTIONAL care. The entire staff is so kind, attentive and caring. I feel the nurses go above and far beyond the call of their duties. The family meetings that are held every Thursday with all department heads in attendance are such a fantastic way to be updated on your family member's progress and care plan. The doctors and all background staff are professional and caring. John is on the second floor and his nurses are incredible. Latoya, Carlos, Max, and Daphne are Top Notch! I have never written a review but, I felt compelled to write this one. I believe they have brought my husband back to life, If you need long term care or just want your loved ones to receive the VERY best care, bring them to Kindred Las Olas. I am so very glad that I did.

orlando souza

I'd like to thank all the staff of Kindred hospital for caring an kindness with my dad especially the case manager Phara that has been very helpfull every time we needed. May God bless you all.

Caylee McF

I stayed at this hospital for my grandfather, bless his spirit, and my smaller brother and I spent nights in a waiting room and they had the audacity to just give us only a blanket. I am saddened

Tameka Gyles

Irvin Milton

ICU nurses at kindred fort Lauderdale did a great job with my fathers wounds! Also the ICU nurses were great in responding to calls!

Reeves Thomas

The entire staff was great!!! Sherol the wound care nurse was very helpful!!! The physical therapy team was great! Great hospital!!!

Jonathan Toro

Came in with dizziness and nausea. I couldn’t even stand up. They made all the tests and couldn’t find anything. I didn’t see any doctor and the nurse that told me that I was released was very rude. I even had to ask to be wheeled out because I still felt sick and didn’t know where was I since I got there in an ambulance. I’m sure the bill will be on time though.

Donald Stevens

Excellent hospital...they're probably the best at what they do. They specialize in vent patients. They have an open door policy do you can see the CEO and hospital officials without an appointment of you have concerns to be addressed. They also have leadership rounds where different managers/directors come to the floors and just talk with you. I like the atmosphere, very friendly and patient centred.

Stevens Marilyn

My stay at Kindred was 98% fantastic. People are kind here, people are helpful here. Everyone was great and I would come back here if I had to.

Gilvania Paixão

Claudia Pillado

Loved it at Kindred Fort Lauderdale!! All of the nurses took special care of me! The care was very good!

Colleen D'Amico

Please do not hesitate to bring your loved ones to this wonderful care facility. I was paralyzed, couldn't walk, talk or move but the amazing staff never gave up on me & rehab'd me til I could move on to get better at another facility...I can't scream loud enough about my ICU team of Dr's, Nurses, Rehab girls who put me to bed every single day when I wanted, social worker, Respiratory therapists, hey FRanze!! I loved Franze...every day I needed to breathe & he helped me....I was @ Kindred for a month of my life but I will never, in my whole life forget these people. They're FABULOUS...if you have to , GO SEE, you'll be thrilled with the care, compassion & LOVE from all who walk thru the door. Well done to management, they must care as it reflects thru the people. Keep up the AMAZING work girls & guys, if you ever doubted your calling....don't ;)

dolly thomas

The nurses are all great at kindred fort lauderdale! Omelda was helpful and also the dialysis nurses too!

Mary Wacker

Everything was very Good with my son's care!!! Kindred Fort Lauderdale was a great place.

marilyn stevens

Diego and his rehab team were exceptional! Beatrice and Elaine were very kind and professional! Kindred fort Lauderdale is the best!

James Cunigan

There is absolutely no other hospital like Kindred Fort Lauderdale!! The nurses were awesome!!! Great place!!

Aprill Clark

Never leave your love ones at this facility! They're awful. There were very few nurses who were good, most of them were awful to the fullest. The doctors were despicable, especially a certain one which I will not put his name here, even though I should! Once they found out my son's Medicaid was running out, that was the end! Trust me, I figured it out quickly! He was 27 yes old!

Sharon Jackson

It was a beautiful experience at Kindred Fort Lauderdale!! The doctors and the nurses were wonderful. Great Team!!

Andrew Hume

Kindred Hospital Fort Lauderdale was great ! The Doctors and the nursing staff were awesome! The nurses were very attentive they were on the ball whenever we needed them!

Steven Sippin

Dr. Hus was very attentive, very careful and very responsive!! Big Thumbs up to Dr. Hus!! Alice the OR nurse was very informative and good! Phara in case management was very good as well; she reached out to the doctors and was very informative!!

Marie Pardo

We love it so far at Kindred Fort Lauderdale!! Everyone is so warm and friendly!! Great staff!

Desirea Graham

The care my mother received at Kindred Hospital Las Olas was horrific. The level of care here is poor. The staff there have no sense of urgency nor a caring bone in their body. My mother have stayed in her urine and feces for hours. You can not find any staff onsite when you need them. They are always in hiding. They leave patients who are on TPS for hours alone before coming in and checking on their breathing. They lie about weaning a patient when they are not doing it. They have lie on my mother medical records about her treatments that she is receiving. Case management releasing patient before notifying family members. The plan of care for my mother was never drawn up and we requested this information weekly for over three months. This facility needs to be investigated and shut down because I am truly concerned about my grandmother and other patients care that is been given here.

kim n

Mary follin

I'm very pleased with all of the staff at Kindred Fort Lauderdale. All of the nurses are just wonderful!! Physical Therapy and the Respiratory team is phenomenal! Even the food was beautiful and tasty!

harriet bashford allen

The nurses were very good! Felieth..Candace, Nikiesha, Saddie, Sterol.. these nurses really worked hard in getting the job done and when the C.NA were busy these nurses would jump right in and they did the job of the C.N.A,s The entire rehab team was wonderedful! Dr Gonzalez and Dr Olacio are excellent Drs!!!

Francesca Iyengar

Nice building but so far poor first impressions. Receiving nurse kept complaining about being short handed, and transferred and changed my mother with the door and privacy curtain both open. Then the next day I returned to find my mother restrained, laying in feces, with the beginning of moisture associated dermatitis. Nurses seem exasperated, and discount any input. (I am an RN with 20 years ICU experience). Plus there is a large stripe of what appears to be tube feeding down the curtain. So far, unimpressed.

Daniel Speiss

Ricky Aaron

Every one was very professional! The rehab team was great!! The infection control Dr. Renae did an awesome job ..Dr. Renae explained the entire care process and was very enlightening!!

Dina Partolina-Tubbs

It is a good atmosphere there, quiet, peaceful, the personal is very attentive. They had to move me 3 times from room to room, from floor to floor, but it didn't affect their service provided. When I was leaving, everybody wished me luck and asked to come to visit them. I am pleased with my stay at the Kindred Hospital in Fort Lauderdale.

betty mc cormick

Marie Faustin is a very good nurse. My mother's pain was under control! Kindred Fort Lauderdale has a great team of dialysis nurses.

harold greenberg

My father and I are in LOVE with Kindred fort Lauderdale!! The STAFF is very good!

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