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REVIEWS OF Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital IN Florida

Sullyanne Lopacki

I want to make very clear that I have not yet visited this hospital and I have heard awesome things about this place. However if I had to judge by the phone experience I had. I would never step in. Just called both Sarasota and St Pete locations and had the worst experience with 2 very unhappy and unprofessional employees. I was making an appointment, nothing too complicated, I think, and the first time I was put in hold without letting me know, when she came back she was just plain rude all the time answering with a plain yes or no, and at the end she hung up the phone on me without even saying good bye. I had to call back and forth to make sure one location sent a confirmation number to the other location, because apparently they can't comunicate between offices. And both people behind the phone gave me the same attitude. I dont think is rude if i ask what the soonest available appointment is... i mean you deal with people whose kids are sick and they want to get them checked as soon as possible right? So is it really so hard to check?

Dean Maloney

My children have had surgeries there. Super staff. Exceeded our expectations! Thank you for all you do.

Heather Dennen

Disappointed in your antics to discriminate children who desperately need care because of religious preference. You should be on the earth to help the weakest, not join political agendas. Shame on you all. You’re on the wrong side of history.

Jordan Ries

They don’t believe in parental rights. Don’t go here. A child is cancer free and you won’t release him so that the parents can go seek second opinion on after care?

Michelle Bittencourt

This place deserves 10 Stars! I have not one negative thing to say about Children's Hospital. They really go above and beyond with care and service. Their patience is extraordinary! My son could not have been in better hands. They understand the special individualized care each patient needs and requires. The Doctors, Nurses, Techs and staff all possessed extremely well bedside manners even during the most difficult of behaviors. My son with severe special needs really put them to the test and not a crack from anyone! We stayed on 8th Fl North - They are the Best! I send a huge heart felt Thank you! <3 The hospital facility was very clean and to date.

Taren Culgan

I use to think this was the best kids hospital up until yesterday when my son was transferred to all children's from a driffrent hospital. He was in so much pain due to having several lymph nodes on his right abdomen near his appendix and they sent him home. Seriously the er doctors there are very unprofessional and not helpful at all. The nurses there were really nice. This is the 2nd time they have sent my son home with severe problems. Last time his throat was closing because of his tonsils and what did they do they sent him home. 2 days later he had surgery to get his tonsils removed by a different facility. I'm so over this hospital and I'm never going back with either of my kids.

Krystina Kolbe

I am highly disappointed in the billing department. I was set up on a monthly payment plan back in January. I have been paying faithfully every month on time. I guess my insurance is approving and paying for different items. Instead of adding what I owe to my monthly billing they sent me to collections without letting me know. I did have a credit score over 800 (you can tell by that alone I pay my bills). The one bill I knew about, I called and the woman "said" she added everything to the monthly bill just extending the time. Obviously this department needs an overview and someone who can help for real instead of doing this to hard working parents.

Team Kronos

I love this hospital and ll the nurse and staff❤️❤️❤️-Brandon Syvilay

Ryan Lampel

Seems like the few bad reviews should actually be directed towards insurers rather than the hospital. Other reviewers must understand that patients are triaged using objective logic and not everyone's child can be seen immediately. I am at ACH right now with my daughter, who arrived Tuesday barely responsive, and this is the most compassionate staff I've ever come across. They have brought her so many Legos, some Play-Doh, and so many other toys that now she doesn't want to go home! With how bad the US healthcare system is today, All Childrens is definitely a bright spot and will always be my go-to when my kids aren't well.

Mark LaGatta

This is the best hospital Ive ever been to caring, professional, pay attention to details. Explains everything and don't make you feel like an idiot.

Anonymous Anon

There are no profits to be made from unvaccinated children. Very clever move on this corrupt hospital's part. If vaccines worked, non vaccinated children would not be a threat to those pumped with toxic chemicals aka vaccinated children. There's documented proof that vaccines injure and even cause death: Google Vaccine Injury Lawsuits!

Little Loves

My son was also medically kidnapped via John Hopkins and social services. Shame on this hospital and it's power hungry ignorant staff!


Very nice place, Staff was extremely kind and willing to take care of you, The hospital is extremely clean to the bone and Is also very efficient in what they do. They also care about both the patient and visitors. I had Gallbladder surgery and when my mother was borderline hungry, a woman from one of the sponsors came in and offered her a food ticket and a shirt to wear. 5/5

AnnaRuth H

Great hospital for children's & parents. I thoroughly recommend!

Steven Shopnick

I was sick the closest hospital at 12 00 pm was John Hopkins so I road my bike there I was taken care of immetelie and I was in the er the doctor took care of me blood work and tests and gave me a script I was better in 3 days thanks John Hopkins great job. Steven Craig shopnick. The staff was super friendly and professional there attidue made me no I made the right choice to go to John Hopkins great job thanks .

Aundia Bristol

My daughter Jada Butler had an appointment that was scheduled 3 weeks ahead. During that time I was told to give all the info of the party responsible for the accident (car accident). I gave all info to Jessica & Aria in Radiology whom said that's all they need and to show up at 4:30. On 10/23 I was there at 4:30 to register but that was such a bad experience. The Africa American lady at front desk radiology had no clue to what she was doing. I think she said her name was Racheal she wear glasses. The info that I was asked for was not good enough for her. She ask for the crash accident info while trying to get the info, she demanded I give her the papers. Gave the papers to her and after having them for over 20 minutes while helping others on my appointment time. She say do you have your car insurance card and I didn't because I wasn't told I need that. So after now a hour she comes back and ask me for my car insurance phone number. The lady has the crash report with all the info and still had the worse service I've ever delth with. I was there over a hour and still was not registered. At this point im so frustrated that she looking clueless asking irellavent questions so I ask for my paper work so that I could just leave. This was so disappointing because it was close to 6 when I left and I kinda feel like it was close to her time to get off, so she just wanted to get us out of there. That was her way to frustrate the situation so that I would leave. I left peaceful and respectful but don't know if I would ever bring any of my kids back

tanuja uppal

Good doctors. Process sometime overwhelms some. Definitely better when you have insurance. Would like them to improve their administrative processes so that life will be easier for patients and their family members.

Estela forever 2

Terrible experience. It's not the first time, I came with my daughter for severe back pain. The Dr did not do nothing. My daughter went home still with back pain.

Lauren Berns

Spent a LOT if time here with my son trying to figure out the cause of his vertigo and other symptoms. The doctors have been extremely attentive and willing to listen to all of the minute details surrounding his illness. Just like you'd want them to, they started with the obvious and went out from there when the obvious got ruled out. We've settled for now with a diagnosis that seems likely and are now treating that. I'm really quite happy and impressed.

Jim Stevens

The best treatment for children, for all of the right reasons

Penny VanZant

Took granddaughter to ER and everyone was nice and took good care of her

Philip Moring

My little brother has been going here for about 4 months now and will likely be here for another 3 or 4 months being treated for cancer. The staff is very nice and accommodating for our very large family. The nurses are all very friendly and engaging with our family and are more than responsive to any need we have. The Physicians' Assistants stop by at least 4-6 times a day and have gone above and beyond by doing additional research to ease our minds. Our only complaint is when we had to bring him into the E.R. when he was running a fever between chemo sessions. They did not have the correct paperwork on file about his access port and because of this it took them a few hours to admit us. He was cared for and given oral medication to counteract the fever, but he couldn't get an IV immediately because of the clerical error. I highly recommend the staff, the medical care, and the amenities provided to the patients.

Melissa Temple

They Will not take in any child that follows an alternate vaccine schedule.

Cortney Hatchette

My daughter was transported here after a CAT scan at Bayfront ER Pinellas Park showed she had appendicitis. While in the ER at All Children's - they were very helpful and informative. I spoke to both surgeons who gave me all the details and walked me through the appendectomy procedure. Fortunately, her appendix wasn't ruptured so the surgery was pretty routine. She was discharged the same night which I felt was best. Just wanted to thank all the doctors, nurses and surgeons who were most professional and took excellent care of my daughter.

Benjawan Venable

My daughter was sick last night and we arrive 01.00 am. I have to say this place it's the best and fastest service ever. They quickly help us and baby and solve the problem right away. Thank you so much . We are really appreciated.

Luke Michaels

Will have the government take away your child if you take him elsewhere for a second opinion. Google Noah McAdams.

Matt Donovan

Good service at first, but extremely disappointed in them sending much needed medical records to the follow up doctors concerning my sons treatment. Had to make numerous phone calls and two trips to the facility to finally get the records that I needed. I expected better, especially after the quality of care he had received earlier.

Sarah Norris

The ER could use improvements. However, the rest of the doctors, staff and floors are really personable with good bedside manners. They really work to accommodate families and their needs.

Rachel K

This is a great hospital for kids. All 4 of my kids have been seen at the ER here for different reasons. The staff is always very friendly and they help to keep the kids calm. We drive all the way from Spring Hill just to take our kids here because it's well worth the drive.


I would rate this hospital 5 stars their workers are amazing and nice when they brought me my food they helped me set it up and made sure I was comfortable all of the nurses and cooks are good at what they do and help as much as they can and they check on you on a rug lad basis to make sure your doing okay this is the best hospital I have ever been to and they found out what seizures I have great job! Keep up the good work

Danielle Hirth

We've been there multiple times and love much as you can while you're kid is super sick. They have always treated me with respect and have made my 4 year old comfortable. I love when doctors actually speak with little kids to calm them down. Best hospital for children. I wish I could go there!

Unlimited World Travel

Our visit to the hospital was great, if you can say that a visit to the hospital can be great :))) everybody was nice, friendly, funny and very helpful. We were on our vacation, my son had a big cut so we had to to the hospital, and nurses were so nice, comforting and caring. Thanks to them our visit was nice and smooth, they made my son's life easier, because hospitals can be scary for kids.

nicole cosma

I had a intern tell me I need a better at home plan for fevers when my daughter had a kasi procedure and billary atresia and its still in her first year after surgery and surgery and I made it very clear if she had a fever she needed to go in due to cholangitis its Miss information due to the lack of knowledge of interns and hospitalist and the Rarity of her disorder they need to inform the interns to speak with the doctors before Consulting parents and that certain patients need different Medical attention then just at home health plans and home nurses when they need ultrasounds labs and IV antibiotics there's no Health home plan for that that is misinformation from the hospital standpoint and I will never bring my daughter back because of this

Jeremy McSwain

I absolutely love this Hospital. All Children's Hospital Doctors and Nurses actually care about the patients. I am 19 years old and I can go there until I'm 21 and I will take advantage of that when I'm sick! I was hospitalized twice and the Structure and outline of my treatment of care was great. I was seen by a Specialist, General Practitioner, Social Worker, and Had my nurses. They really care.

Hannah B

This hospital medically kidnaps children. Stay away! Look into Noah's story.

James Williamson

They were very friendly and did a good job of keeping my son calm through a scary situation. They continue to check on his recovery and help in any way they can. Great place for kids.

Emily Williams

#7WEEKSTOOLONG Actually help young, black children instead of calling them drug seeking addicts.

Alicia Strickland

One word. UNPROFESSIONAL. Oh. My. God. The nurses here are awful and they are very unprofessional. Try to make a complaint ? The advisory is even worse. It was an inconvenience to make a complaint about how I felt uncomfortable with the nurses lack of professionalism and poor work ethics. WOW. Our child was sent home and returned and was one day away from being septic. They left a hole in his intestines. Ignored his comments on how his chest was hurting and basically almost let him die. If your child has a serious problem and your looking for respectful staff. I advise you to look elsewhere for care. I wouldn't bring my child here if they had a low grade fever. That should tell you something.

Jane Muino

Dr Jallo is an amazing asset to All Children's Hospital . A man of great integrity who took amazing care of my son Charlie along with his team in Anesthesia and PICU with Charlie recent surgery . I commend him / team on his knowledge and honesty regarding my son and situation . I highly recommend him for anyone in need of a Neurology Surgeon . Thank you !

Gayl Farley

This hospital is a disgrace! We have a dear family friend inpatient for 8 weeks with Sickle Cell. The staff and physicians are neglectful and uninformed. They are standing by watching this child suffer. They are decreasing treatment and pain meds without consulting the parents. All parties involved will be held accountable! Sickle cell pain is REAL! Save this child’s life. Don’t kill her!!!!!!!!!!

Katie Wright

Vacationing at beach and had to get our 2 year old stitches on his eye lid. The did mri and caught he had a hair line fracture. Very detailed and accommodating.

Rachel Burgess

The cafeteria here is great!! Incidentally, my grandson was born here too!! Score!!

Ahmad Nash

Awesome place for babies!!!...

Andrew Davis

Great hospital! Has security, valet, a number of departments, and great staff. Always clean and safe.

Joseph Fawls

Have dealth with Johns Hopkins a lot over the last two years. Their billing process is convoluted and relentless, and they are unwilling to work with you in any way. Everybody in their billing department has a different answer to the same simple questions. No auto pay so we have to call every month, acquaint one of the billing people with our many disorganized accounts (all for one visit) and then pay the $150/mo minimum. For a while there, every few months we were finding out about another small bill (<$200) we had never heard of that was on its way to collections. Also made the mistake of taking my sick little one to the ER a month ago. Slow Sunday night but still somehow waited for hours to be seen. We came in at 7 pm, didn't get out of there until 3 a.m. and they actually billed us for 2 days. I was assured by the billing person we would only be responsible for $250 for the visit, as that was our insurance copayment. Just got a bill for $1500, for motrin and a negative flu screen! Unbelievable.

nahum duh

Hospital is very inconsiderate of parental wishes for childrens wellbeing


Do not come here if you’re self pay. I’ve been going for the past 6 years for my yearly exam. Every time I come in I receive a bill or 3 in the mail for random amounts. Usually totaling somewhere around $1000 or more. They have no record that I’ve actually paid at the facility after my appointment. Each time I call they have to call the doctors office themselves. It’s gotten worse since they’ve switched to Johns Hopkins. I’m now on the 4th incorrect bill and they cannot pull up all the other incorrect bills they’ve already sent. Now this week nobody picks up the phone when I try to figure out why the amounts on the bill once agian do not match what I paid! Left messages and no return call. I JUST WANT THIS OVER. I always end up with a huge credit for my next appointment. Now that I absolutely do not want to go back I don’t want another credit. The billing agency has no idea what they are doing and now I’m feeling like they are running a scam.

David Lemon

Here for our daughter's surgery. The staff here are absolutely amazing!!! They went above and beyond to help us through everything. Outstanding hospital!

Tammy Holcombe

We at My Florida Adoptions, LLC appreciate the professionalism and support the social work staff in the NICU provide to our adoptive families and sick babies. You did it again!

Darlene Bennett

Such a shame...I was employed at ACH before the take over at which time the kiddos were priority as well as siblings and family. Not so anymore....Just so sad to see these reviews. Just confirms why so many of the employees that I worked along side have left since the take over. Personable care is hard to find anymore.

Jose Alicea

How dare All children's Hospital keep any child against the parents will for another day? My child is ok n healthy. They want to keep my child to keep an eye on her. My 2 eyes work fine. I will never recommend this lousy hospital to anyone. I had better treatment at st Pete General. There should be kidnap charges on the doctor that refuses to release her

Carl Bergeron

Very kid friendly environment. Friendly and helpful staff.

Sherryl Lynn Jones Parrish

What's not to love. Always the best of everything! Look at all the photos!

Carissa Hughes

Our son is a patient and we are so grateful for the care and compassion we receive at JHACH. Dr. Sriaroon has a plan in place for him and his life has truly been changed because of our decision to leave the last doctors office and come here. Thank you to all the staff and physicians for all you do, all for kids.

Carmen Caballero

Have been in the emergency room for 6 whole hours. This is ridiculous.


John's Hopkins All Children's Hospital has wonderful staff. My son's two visits have been traumatic but the staff made him feel better. Kudos to everyone involved in his recovery.

Sam Collins

Beautiful hospital and friendly staff.

Commander Salamander

They saved my daughter's life after she was hit by a drunk driver and suffered a traumatic brain injury. She should not even be alive right now. ACH has many different specialized doctors, nurses, and counselors, which helped us through this whole process and get us to the next step, rehabilitation. They also helped us emotionally, gave us advice for financial assistance and left no stone unturned. By the time I was checking out and they asked if I had questions, I knew everything ! They are the best ! It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.....ever ! And I will always have a newfound respect for doctors, nurses and even the cleaners, because they prayed for my daughter and always had kind words to say to me.

Yumii Yimx

Honestly the worst. Maybe try looking more into these nurses. It's great to know how there are those that can mistreat a child. We're definately not coming back to this so called "friendly hospital." I don't recommend this place!

Justin Ward

First off I need to say the staff at the hospital is absolutely amazing with children. Unfortunately the billing practices are far from amazing. After paying at the time of a test for my child and paying a secondary bill they have now sent another bill 3 months after for nearly 10 times what I was charged last year. After researching they are charging 4 times the national average of a test. Be sure to ask them for the final cost of all testing in writing before taking your child there.

Brian Adams

Most of the hospital is 5 stars. They could do a better job dealing with families as a whole.

Ashley Pannarale

Love This Hospital . every single person is nice & friendly. You always know what's going on & no one is ever slacking off. My son had a small out patient surgery this morning. He's 8mo. They did terrific with him! I'm very thankful & I also give Dr Botta in urology 5 stars. My son has had to see him a few times. He is very great at what he does !

Ali Nazir

Had my daughters surgery there February 14th! EVERYONE there were friendly,helpful and nice! From cafeteria staff to nurses and doctors. They made sure our child/us was comfortable at all time! Great facility extremely clean and well maintained. HR doing a GREAT job by hiring great staff in every field! Compassions and courtesy is something you can’t train people! They must genuinely have it! I hope never have to have my kid sick enough again to need to stay at hospital but if I do it’ll be John Hopkins! You’re child will be in great caring hands!

Laura S

Caring staff that goes above and beyond to help the children. Thank you.

a queen

The staff in radiology are wonderful. They worked very well handling my son. They get five stars in my book. Keep up the good work, It really makes a difference to us.

Sylvia Manning

This was a great visit to the John Hopkins all children's hospital. The staff was very very welcoming, very helpful can concerned about the baby and the first time mother giving lots of caring information and helpful advise. Love the family feeling.

Loren E. Martinez

I took my son for a hearing exam which consist of several tests; my son was feeling sick at the moment and they could only perform 1 test. The doctor said that the hearing exam had to be reschedule. They didn’t have any appointments right away so I took my son to another place to have the hearing exam done. I only had to pay a 50$ copay. One month after I got a bill from Johns Hopkins for the hearing exam for 232$. They are charging for 3 tests, 1 that they really performed and 2 they didn’t. I tried to talk to them about it, but they don’t care about what I have to say they just want my money.

Idania Ramos

They are horrible as far as discharged

Annie M

Exceptional quality. Knowledge teams of Doctors, Nurses, Staff. They make it as comfortable as possible. They answer questions with compassion. Great hospital

Investigators Home Inspection LLC

My daughter was out of school sick for over two months. Although we had insurance, our pediatrician couldn't get lab reports analyzed, and no specialist would see us for another 4 months. In desperation, we brought her to All Children's in St. Petersburg. Fantastic care began immediately! The staff worked tirelessly for 5 days, and concluded she has Lupus. Now we'll all be home for Christmas together, with peace of mind, a plan, and hope for a bright future. God bless you all at John Hopkins.

Linda Cundiff

Won't accept non vaccinated children which does go against the Nuremberg Code, the went against their oaths as doctors. They need to be shut down. And, top it off giving a child without cancer chemo? Should god come down and shut this hospital down with a flood?

Danielle A.

Everyone here is wonderful. They are dedicated to helping children heal on all levels physical, mental and spiritual. For many years I have known this to be one of the best Children's Hospitals.

Joshua Mckinnon

I love this hospital

Ruby Godinez

Best hospital & great cardiologist!

clearwater green

We have been waiting over 5 hours for our son to have surgery...unacceptable waiting time.. Not just us...almost all patients. The management needs to schedule surgery time better. Not recommended!

Patty Chetakian

Beautiful facility with the most patient and sweetest nurses and employees from the moment you step in till you’re out the door. My super fussy and slow to warm up 2.5 year old came in with an ear infection and I’ve never been so happy with the way we and especially she was treated by everyone. We were in and out even with a very thorough check up to clear her of everything she could have had. She felt safe and comfortable and we as parents were so grateful for the way it all went. Thank you so much to the entire staff at this facility that took care of my baby girl. You definitely made a huge impression ! God bless you

Tiffany Kordenbrock

We had a wonderful experience here. Facility was very clean, staff was friendly and the staff listened to my input as a parent and advocate for my son. We will absolutely refer others and go back personally. Thank you for being great at what you do.

Lan Chau

The nurses were really nice. The wait was crazy long. The doctor reassured us that our baby was okay so that’s what matters. When it was time to be discharged though it seemed like they were trying to push us out as fast as possible. After waiting an hour and a half and only been seen by the doctor for a short few minutes was quite annoying. 3 different nurses came in just to check my baby’s blood pressure no reason was ever stated. Then the lady trying to get information on discharging us was asking a million questions all at once. How about slow it down. One nurse in at a time jeez.

Patti Haines

Nurse's and doctor's are wonderful. Every staff member is awesome.

Adv Living

They should call this All Malpractice Cover-Up Hospital, based on recent reporting in the Tampa Bay Times about a needle left in a baby's heart, incompetent surgeons, and cover-ups. Sick! Some of the doctors and management of this hospital should be in jail, and also be sued until they are bankrupt.

Alissa Harding

Always great coming here. So nice and friendly. Understanding staff. My daughter has been a patient here a few times for her CT scans and MRI. She will soon be seeing a neurologist to treat her headaches due to her brain condition called Chiari Malformation. I have so much Faith in this hospital, truly Angels from GOD working here.

Christian Rubach

Great specialists, units and caregivers!

Jennifer Cory

Best children's hospital in the state of Florida in my eyes! The staff is extremely professional and friendly!

Christine Daniels

My daughter was born at 28 weeks. I was informed and educated on everything they did with her, they gave me peace of mind in the most terrifying time of my life, and they took care of her like she was their own. This is the best hospital and the best NICU hands down. They are a family and they treated us like we were a part of it from day 1. We love All Children's.

Daman Money

They have a lot of money behind them as you can see with the comebacks to negative review's. They seem to really role the red carpet out for mother's also. You know, to have there way with them, signing consent forms and such. The father's definitely get treated like second class citizens, that's for sure. Be careful of those terms you sign in registration also. They like to tape record and video you to class you as a type personality, and use those old physiological tactics on the parents. It's very lovely to deal with, trust me. Oho and how other local pediatric doctors in the area are to petrified to contest the garbage this place comes off with. Don't count on records being straight either or ever being told the whole story. Intend on bits and pieces comming out as time passes. Couple of doctors have been ok. But they seem to also get very personal and unprofessional about personal point of view on paper. Rather than brass tacks diagnosis/prognosis. What ever your quam, intend on an afillated doctor or member of the staff to attempt a one up and have a really good prepared argument or combative protest for you. It's mostly bogus if you ask me, but you know, they have marketing buget the size of Trumps wallet. And underhand people very well. Plus they are in the buisness of helping kids and do help some. Now if they ever actually chose the right course of action? You won't really know. There very aggressive treatment, and pass along paperwork style, really makes your head spin on so many visits and treatments etc.. They seem to do this to keep parents from comprehending till it's to late so they can have there way especially with mom's and pump another out. And for now answering services for some doctors because they handle a volume they can't seem to actually handle well. I don't know seems bogus on some serious levels but not worth bringing to anyone there, as you can see from responses to negative review's. Get what you can out of them, but remember the above. They might organize the old effort on you, and get that physiological, digress the aggressor, thats so common in Pinellas out. I'll barley give it 2 stars and say it just isn't what it use to be. It's kinda like having a CNN pulled on you.

Stephania Christian

This hospital just sent out a letter to Religious parents demanding they comply with vaccines even if it goes against their RELIGIOUS beliefs - When the double blind vaccine placebo studies are done and vaccines are tested for carcinogenic and mutagenic effect give us a call. We are very aware Varicella vaccination is causal in Leukemias and there are studies being done all over the earth showing vaccines cause auto immune disease. How dare a medical facility attack Civil Rights and freedom over informed medical consent in such a way. Be very careful in this hospital. Anyone demanding you succumb to a procedure - especially one such as vaccination (which has paid 4 BILLION tax payer dollars to the injured) needs to be checked. I will never use this hospital again. We will not comply until the vaccinated vs FULLY unvaccinated safety study for overall child health in relation to vaccines is done. To date per Dr. Stanly Plotkin the grandfather of vaccination the study has never been done.

Samantha Burt

Absolutely the best care. They made the entire hospital stay very pleasant for my 5 year old. The doctors are thorough and nurses are excellent. I drive here from Sarasota for their care.

Melissa Lee

I came here to visit a friend who gave birth to a baby and parked in valet in the back since there was no one at the valet by the ER valet for pregnancy. We had to walk to the other side of the building because they're not connected, I guess so we did so and when we came out to valet, they were "closed" and we had to go back to the ER valet side where we came from and the valet guy checked the whole bucket for our keys but was unable to find them. He went to go see the valet where we left it but the guys already left and our keys weren't there. We decided to go back and check and THEY LEFT OUR KEYS IN OUR CAR AND IT WAS UNLOCKED! Not to mention, it was a rental car. Worse valet experience ever, I will never go to this hospital again and will advise others not to either!

Sonia Duggan

The staff is very knowledgeable and kind and made the whole experience easier. My daughter had a coin stuck in her esophagus and because she had a loose tooth in the front they had to pull it. The nurses took up a few dollars to give her from the "tooth fairy". The doctor who removed the coin was very gentle and reassuring through the whole thing.

Mark Duckworth

Very difficult to work with after the visit. Patient accounts was at times misleading. I have been unable to get a itemized bill despite 3 requests over 2 weeks. ER doctors were knowledgeable about the condition. However, things seemed a little disorganized at the time of visit, after a moderate wait we saw a doctor who remedied the condition. Then we were immediately seen by another doctor to address the same condition. This could be the source of questions about "services" we were billed for, or perhaps the bills are typically obscure.

Michelle DiBetta

The staff and care is excellent but beware of the billing department. I paid $100 co-pay at time of service for an echo and have been receiving bills for that amount for the past 18 months. I have faxed proof of payment to the manager "Claudia" 3 times. Twice in 2015 and now I am starting all over with them again in 2017. I have offered to even pay it again in the 10+ times I have had to call these people over this issue. Now when I call it always seems to be "peak call times" and I leave a voicemail which has never been returned. If your child is seriously ill than it is worth dealing with this nonsense to have specialist care however if it is a test/procedure that can be done elsewhere I highly recommend any other facility. TGH is not that far away. I am a local physician and I will no longer send my patients to any of the outpatient facilities if there is another option for the service after this headache.

Brittany York

I recently moved to St. Petersburg fl from Spring Hill. My daughter is 2 and our first expirence unfortunately was when we were transported to all children's at 2 weeks old with a minor stomach virus. Recently I needed to find a doctor here closer to home where I was comfortable to take my daughter knowing her care was the main importance and didn't hesitate when choosing John hopkins. Her appointment was on Halloween and upon arriving we were greeted with friendly faces from the janitors to the nurses and even other patients and their families. The whole facility is wonderful from beginning to end there isn't a doubt in my mind that my daughters health wouldn't be taken seriously. I'm overjoyed with the amount of care and support we get every visit. Thank you guys for being heros without needing the credit. It's a blessing in disguise specially to those children who require more attention and devotion than just a simple hi and bye! I'd recommend this facility for every parent looking to fill the pediatric doctor void. A plus !!!

Lloyd Plum

I brought my son in at 6am on Sunday 6/02/19 for a wasp sting and was sent away and told to keep an eye on it, the next day I took him to his regular Dr who had to give him an antibiotic injection as well as oral antibiotics due to the severity of the infection. He also needs to carry an epipen and get an allergy test as well, not very pleased with the hospital that is supposed to the best for children.

Janet Boone

You have infringed upon the civil rights of families. This hospital should be shut down. Feel free to google all of the child deaths that happened here and the medical kidnapping John Hopkins is responsible for.

Sabrina Minnix

This hospital is breeding grounds for medical kidnapping! I've heard countless stories of children being taken away because of parents wanting a second opinion! You could loose your child if you take him/her at this hospital!


My experience begins with, My grand-daughter had broke her ankle. The staff was very attentive as well as fun and supportive. The Dr. was gentle and very professional. I give him five stars, only because, there is only five to give

Rahn Hortman

My daughter has been hospitalized in pain for over 7 weeks! Members of your staff disregard her pain and her condition . Actually saying she can't be in that much pain, and refuse to treat her properly. INHUMANE!!Instead they are treating #SickleCell patients like they are drug seekers. Her pain is real! #RESPECTSickleCellPaiN We deserve the same dignity and respect as cancer patients. Your Sickle Cell Clinic is doing absolutely nothing except consistently trying to force us to take chemo drugs.. It's at a lower dose so its supposed to be safe. When you question their motivates they consistently remind you , there are other places you can go. AFTER they have charged me and my insurance over $250,000 . My family requested another meeting with your Director if Risk Management ,kindly had security guards outside of the room and placed all over the floor as if I am a threat for advocating about my daughters care. I've been a customer here for over 15 years . Never have we've been so disrespected, insulted and disregarded. The integrity has went down and egos have grown to an all time high. I WILL NOT STOP ADVOCATING FOR MY CHILD. Do your research, sickle Cell patients are dieing because of under treatment and poor care. I WILL NOT SIT AND WATCH QUIETLY!#SICKLECELL #RESPECTSICKLECELLPAIN #7WEEKSTOOLONG #COMPASSIONFORSICKLECELL #TAMPABAY #MILWAUKEE #ALLCHILDRENS #TAMPABAYTIMES #CNN #FOX #ABC #

Lisa Hammond

Wonderful staff. Very caring and comprehensive.

Holly Vancauwenberghs

My daughter was recently admitted and had to have emergency surgery we spent 15 days here and I just want to give a huge shoutout to all the staff on 7 North. All of the nurses and aides not once gave us any grief no matter how many times they have to deal with a hangry and aggravated 3 year old, they always tried their best to make her comfortable and to try and make things better. Miss Karyn, Dana and miss Stephanie you guys are the best!

Jena Minish

This has always been an amazing hospital. I went when I was a child and enjoyed my time spent. And now I take both my children here

Sheyla Waylah

Good hospital for kids, bad hospital to work at. The volunteers control your career path so basically people who are NOT your bosses are essentially your bosses and or the people who can get you booted if they don't like you. Admissions and most other departments are good from the outside but if you work directly under a director watch out! The directors are used to being in charge, and don't take kindly to anyone trying to help take workload off there shoulders by say, doing what they were hired to do. Robin Copes is by far the worst director out of this mentioned group, so steer clear of her if you value your life and dignity as a human being. I recommend working with literally anyone else in the hospital. Again good hospital for kids, bad for working.

Clara Pena

My grandson arrived with appendicitis was in advanced case but they did not do a surgery they wait longer until he had peritonitis. The procedure was incorrect They did not clean enough. And had obstruction intestinal. They did not do anything. After 6 weeks my grandson suffering pain . Inflammation. I called the director of hospital and he said that we have to continue waiting. Thanks God dr Gonzalez do the intervention and save my grandson life.terrible experience

C Shantaz

Every time I speak with Janet in Pulmonology dept she is always short and interrupts when I am speaking concerning my child. Another incident I called to request some test results and she had the nerve to ask "you don't have" ??? Excuse me if I had them I would not be calling! I have had to speak with her on numerous occasions and each and every time her attitude/demeanor is just horrible. Her lack of concern her tone and her rude comments are unacceptable. She is the only one I have ever dealt with who is so condescending and not easy to communicate with at all just a rude incompetent! Every one else is always very kind and friendly and they don't interrupt when you're speaking. That is rude and disrespectful when you're explaining about your child for her to cut you off like that. She should not work where she has to communicate with parents if she hates to lisen and answer questions! Wonder how she would feel if it were her child and she was treated in this manner. She would speak with upper management and have my ..s fired. Upper management should listen to these complaints and stop dropping the ball. But then who are they going to side with?? The employee or the patients advocate? Overall I have had a great experience at All Children's except for this one bad apple who has left a really bad taste in my mouth. She needs a course in bedside manners. And change her tone and demeanor and to have patience when speaking with parents as well as have a better attitude maybe try smiling when talking instead of looking down her nose. I'm would bet she is only this way to a certain class of people.


Not clean at all!! Staff is very unfriendly!!! They go behind your back!!! Don't trust them!!! Don't ever leave tour loved one!!!

Christina Edgeworth

Dr. Schlefman in pediatric rheumatology is an incredible doctor. She truly shows that she cares about her patients and has been instrumental in helping figure out a complicated diagnosis for my daughter. She is the type of doctor that will go the extra mile to help her patients and she listens very well. She is amazing!!

Madeline Perez

This hospital has excellent care for detail and give a very warm welcome, from the parking attendant to the entire office staff. My child felt comfortable during his entire stay. The kid perks throughout the hospital kept my son smiling the entire time. I highly recommend this hospital.


All Children's Hospital is the most amazing place for any of your children's medical needs. I wish there was a place like this when I was young and growing up. Everyone from the cafeteria workers and environmental staff to the Doctors, Nurses, and registration people were amazing. My son had his thyroid removed and they made us feel so comfortable. Not only is the staff amazing but the facilities are amazing. Any medical issues with your children, it is worth the drive over to St. Pete to take them there. Thank you All Children's Hospital!

Kohl Rachlin

What an amazing place. From the pediatric emergency nurses to the rn nurses to the dr. Thank you all. Zoe appreciated all the help she received this evening as well as I did too.

amanda janzen

To the ER department: Such wonderful, intuitive, attentive staff. From the check in staff and security officers, to the nurses and doctors. The promptness and genuinely warm environment considering it's a hospital, makes all the difference in an alarming and anxiety ridden situation that leads one to take their child to the ER. Thank you for all the TLC bundles of love you are. Sincerely, -A Fellow Momma Bear

Ashiyona Wilson

They towed my car while I was in labor. Then lied about the reason why my car was towed.

John Doe

They will send bills to collection even though you have been paying them regularly.


They took very good care of my granddaughter.

Karla J

Details to come later as my child is currently there. Stay tuned.

tina ferry

My daughter was transported to all children's NICU from Tampa because she has a brain bleed. She was born at 24 weeks and I live 1 1/2 away and I make every attempt to be there as much as I can but with two other kids it's hard to be there every day. So I call to check on her to see how she is doing, grant you I call every 4-5 hours so not to bother the nurses. Yet when I call it's as it's an annoyance to have to answer a concerned parent. Now the last two days no nurse is answering the phone and this morning they picked up and hung up TWICE !!! I figured it was an accident so I called back and it happened again!! The unprofessional Nature is making me look into another venue to send my baby to. I've never experienced anything like this before I'm worried sick for my baby and I just want to check on her and now two days in a row I haven't been to have a nurse answer??? SHE WAS BORN AT 24 WEEKS !!! SHE HAS A BRAIN BLEED!!! AND THIS IS HOW THE FAMILIES ARE TREATED WHEN THEY WANT TO CHECK ON THEIR BABY??? Sad very very sad

Dan leisten

Show up at midnight to have our new born looked at because he was wheezing and coughing. Told us they are a little backed up. An hour and a half later go ask how many more are in front of us they say 3. Family next to us has a child who sounds like they are dying, one leaving with hives all over their body and another family that has a mask over their kids face. I am from up north in Illinois down here on vacation and I’m from a town of over 400k in it and have never waited over 15 min. No urgency complete joke. If you have a day to waste looking at drugged out moms nodding out while their children run wild come on down. There is no charge to people watch at this amusement park.

Jordan Town

I use to love this hospital, they did amazing things with my son. But, a few weeks ago, I brought my kids in, the nurses were alright, the nurse practitioner, was terrible, then the doctor came in and was discussing what she thought it was, as I asked about antibiotics..she told me she’s killed people by giving antibiotics. As a parent with a son with tons of medical problems, this freighted me.

Brian Stoner

We are new to Florida and After a terrible experience at the first ER we went to with our 3 year old son for a dog bite to his head, we had him transferred here not knowing what else to do. They calmed us down did not keep us waiting alone for more than 10 minutes at a time, and took great care of him. First place told us he was just going to have to go home with a large piece missing from his scalp and let it close on own. This place took him right in, had one of the best equipped plastic surgeons called in and fixed him right up. This is the only place we will take our children from now on. 10/10 reccomend.

A Shields

I brought my infant into the ER due to dehydration from slow milk production. Dr. Hirsch ordered every test to be performed on my newborn son, and went to the extreme in treating my son, because she felt he had an infection, even though he did not display any infection symptoms. She turned her nose up because I had a healthy natural homebirth. My son suffered unnecessary tests, unnecessary antibiotics in his small newborn body because of this lady's poor decision and judgement. He was only dehydrated. The anger I feel is undescribeable. I pray no one else has to endure her bad decision's heartbreaking to say the least. The doctor's and nurses in the NICU were sympathetic and understanding as I went through many emotions, as to all the unnecessary things that were happening to my son.

Michelle Cedeno

I love this hospital so much the whole staff has always been there when we need it most my sister has been going there since she was born and truly the most helpful people work at the hospital

Erica Ricks

Medical staff need to be educated on what Sickle cell is how to treat patients who are affected by this disease. Suffering in silence isn’t an option, and we will no longer stand for being under treated!!! Have some compassion and do your research on sickle cell. You might actually help to save someone’s life! #7weeksistoolong #Sicklecellpainisrel

Alyssa Peterson

Forcing medical care on a child who’s been clear of cancer is sick and twisted. He’s tests not only once but twice showed he was cancer free. Forcing chemo on him for possibly the next 3 years?! I will never step foot in this place. Disgusting.

Chris littlepage

Hospital takes care of my child great. But the billing and accounts staff absolutely suck. I've been requesting certain forms for 3 weeks for my insurance and they have sent it to me wrong twice. I call and i ask if my wife can come pick it up mind you we live 2 hours away. She gets their and now its a damn problem. Really? Help me understand?

R-K S.

Our son failed a hearing test at school. We suspected it was due to an ear infection. So we brought him here to get it checked. He was 22 months old at the time of his check up. They checked him but told us they couldn’t complete the testing because he’s too young. They told us to come back in 3 months when he’s a bit older so they can finish the exam. Well... just got hit with a $500+ bill! For an incomplete exam? And they want us to come back so they can finish it and charge us again? They knew his age when we called to schedule. If he was too young, they should have told us. Now we have to pay again. Unreal.

Brandi Tunstall

I love this hospital

hana halilovic

Today I went for a consultation about something my doctor was concerned about which was a gangallion cyst.They were not rude at all even though it was something easily treated. And when I first came in the nurse at the pediatric surgery section reassured me that it will be fine.I recommend going here!!

Christi Anne

Hospital will Medically kidnap your kids for asking for second opinion.

Mark Lepore

I work here and it's a great place to work. On the other end, for those who seek care for your kid this is the place to come. I've worked here for almost 8 years and I know first hand. I would take my kids here.

Alisha Behney

Everyone here is always so kind and accommodating. Its nice when us as parents are always going through so much. They are amazing with kids and really try to make it a fun experience.

Rhonda Martin

The supervising doctor working on the night of October 27th was the rudest person ever. My daughter is a first time mother and was treated like she had the plague. She had specific concerns regarding her daughter and was basically looked down upon by this particular staff member. Other doctors in the past have been incredible but this particular supervising doctor needs to change her profession if she continues to be that unprofessional, insensitive, rude and lack compassion or empathy. Makes me want to boycott this hospital!!!!!

Rosie Hays Carden

Best in complex cardiac surgery and care beyond for cardiac newborns through adolescence. Have saved by son's life 3 times! My son is happy, healthy and living a normal childhood!!!

Ebondy George

Worst Hospital Ever. They will make your child sicker than he or she is and once you try to speak up for your child they will call DCF on you and report lies. This hospital Will call DCF on the parent to make them look good. When they should be worried about the death rates at this hospital they are too busy trying to make hard working parents who actually care and are concern about their kids look bad. They will treat your child for everything but what they were admitted for. Not to mention they stay in the news for killing people kids. My son will never ever go to this hospital again.

Michelle Sassaman

This hospital is BEYOND amazing!! Our son has been in and out since last October with visits, testing, etc..The doctors and staff are top notch!! My son, who's 6 years old, actually looks forward to his appointments and overnight stays at ACH because they make it so comfortable for the kids.. I can't say enough positive things about everyone there, down to the cleaning staff. They are all wonderful people with huge hearts, who all seem to love what they do! HUGE props to the nurses and staff working on the neurosciences floor, 7 North. I couldn't be more pleased with the level of care our little boy has gotten each time he's had to stay! Thank you!

Ice Queen

All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg is amazing! The techs, nurses, doctors, and all staff are incredible people. Especially RN Denise that works in surgery. She made my daughter(7 months old at surgery time) so happy, and made the whole surgery experience as smooth as possible. My daughter loved and still plays with the bear with pink scrubs on! She saw that I was getting nervous and calmly reassured me my daughter was going to be fine. The surgery was excellent! Denise followed up with my daughter by sending her a special certificate of bravery in surgery. It was so sweet! Makes me tear up now thinking about the thoughtfulness and care my daughter got from Denise. She is an awesome RN!

Sharon Register

I get a call that my family member(a child) not going to make it. We seating In 3 chairs near his room 5th. Floor(look like a sitting place it's near a window at the end of the hall) So a male employee come and say we can't be seating out here like that, and so on. Informed us of a waiting room too. Just at the other corner of the hallway. So I ask so am sorry but these chair are here, what are they there for. He couldn't give me no answer, but we had to go to the waiting room. I remind you we so quite., just sitting everybody in they own world and praying. Come to find out the waiting room way down the hall and half way down another hall. What customer service skills?

Vanesa Thai

Thank you so much to the staff that took care of my daughter right away!! From the time we walked in to the time we left! The Nurses took great care of my child and the Dr. made us feel at ease and fixed my daughter right up. We cannot thank everyone enough!

Cortnee Laws

I love Jonh Hopkins All Children's Hospital because the staff here is nice, friendly,and very knowledgeable and very caring and understanding I recommend this Hospital to everyone I even recommend if your child need a specialist to bring them to John Hopkins All Children's Hospital they're the best...keep up the outstanding job

Amanda Sargent

My daughter is 7 years and has never even been admitted over night to a hospital. So last night when we brought her to our local hospital with her in fairly extreme respiratory distress I was pretty much a mess when I found out they would be transferring her to All Children's. We live an hour and a half away and it was a scary thought being far from home and such a scary situation. But, from the second we arrived, everyone from the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists all the way through to the emergency room security and valet were nothing but helpful and extremely comforting. It was after 2 am, I was practically delirious from no sleep, a nerve racking drive following the ambulance and of course, as any parent knows, there's nothing scarier than having your child in anything but good health. So, I could not have been more thankful for every single member of the staff. Every single person we interacted with during her time there was extremely knowledgeable, caring, accommodating & understanding. They all had a wonderful way with children not to mention their nervous, frazzled parent! I cannot thank them all enough for the excellent care my daughter received.

Rebecca Sharp

Disgusting hospital, better off elsewhere

Jasmine Esmay

I have been a nurse for 11 years, mostly in pediatrics and neonatal care. I could not find fault with any aspect of care at this hospital if I tried. From admit to discharge we received stellar care from everyone. The CNA's were gentle and patient, the nurses were very skilled and knowledgeable, and attentive. Our room was immaculate! I really appreciated that I was involved in the plan of care and treatment for my daughter. The Dr.s were highly knowledgeable and the plan of care was holistic. The food was great. I was traveling from out of town so had no vehicle or way to get food or clothes for myself and assistance was provided for all my needs. The beds were even (semi) comfortable. Thanks again so much for your highly competent care. There is a lot to be learned from your care model and I will be trying to incorporate some of it into my daily routine were I currently work in labor and delivery.

John Smith

Love this place! Great staff, bright facility and warm feelings

Gregory Deltoro

Would like to first start off by saying DEBBIE PARADIS FROM FINANCIAL CLEARANCE DESERVES 10 STARS. She makes my life so much easier when it comes to dealing with Insurance Issues! She is a pleasure to talk to and gives you the right questions to ask when you need help. My daughters have been seeing Dr. Decker for years due to a CONGENITAL Heart Disease that I their mother has. My oldest daughter is symptomatic and on a Beta Blocker for years. Although, he does not see anything structurally wrong with her heart. He will not allow either child to play competitive sports. My condition I have had since childhood but was never seen by any Cardiologist until I was 32. That was my lucky day because I could have died in the 32 years prior. Heart Disease runs very deep in both sides of my family. My point is, I feel as though he should insert the 3 year monitor because a 24 hour or 30 day event monitor is hit or miss. His statement to me is that because there are no markers to support such an invasive procedure, maybe I as her mother would sleep better at night. But if he would place a defibrillator/pacemaker in everyone, he would sleep better at night. John Hopkins is very far from my home. I am seriously considering finding someone closer due to the distance and maybe someone who would take her a little more seriously.

Tiffany B

Pediatric cardiology was awesome. Treated my son very good! The whole staff was good

Desiree Preskitt

The absolute best hospital, my family has ever had to deal with. Every single one of them went above and beyond. The compassion, the respect, the attention they provide ALL THE TIME is absolutely beyond incredible. The nurses treat your kiddo like they are their own, go above and beyond. The doctors really take the time to listen to you, and know how to deal with parents and children both who are going through a tough and scary time. I never once felt unsure about my son being there. I never once questioned his care, or their ability to care for him in the way I would. If that makes sense. Love them. I wish they all could get the recognition they most defiantly deserve.

Matti Burgo

Unfortunately, I would not recommend treatment at this facility; A horrible experience overall. Along with delayed admission, a lack of pace and care, I received numerous tests that were not only uncalled for, but done against my will. After many attempts to get my discharge paperwork, the doctor's finally released me from their care. For accurate and knowledgable service, I would highly suggest seeking help from any other hospital.

Desarie Stanford

In this day in age, when insurance is so high & healthcare is not at its best... I truly frustrating to call all different offices to pay a hospital bill for a child! with all the money one pays the health industry really needs MORE STRUCTURE MAKING EASIER FOR PAYING THE BILLS VS MY CREDIT being Jeopardized. Outcome has been hell!! total run around.

Raquel KingsC

If this place is indeed holding patients against the will of their guardians that is DISGUSTING. Get a right diagnostic and let a child live without the harm chemo does!!!!!!!

Christopher Lee Jones

My daughter was in to have her progressive scoliosis corrected with a full posterior spinal fusion. A huge surgery. I cannot say enough kind words or give enough commendations. The doctors, nurses and staff made every step of this process as comfortable and transparent as possible. The doctors, nurses and staff introduce themselves as they switch staff and feel truly invested in the comfort and care of our child. I would recommend them without hesitation. Thank you to everyone at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital for the care of my daughter. We're not out yet but the first few days here have truly exceeded my expectations.

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