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linda conley

Went to Jackson South ER. Had to put one star to be allowed to post, but needs to be 0 or less. My husband had been very sick for almost 2 weeks and had/has terrible stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea. We waited 6 hours to be told there's nothing wrong and he should take Pepto Bismol!!! Been there, done that! If it had worked, we wouldn't be there!

Melinda Dorsey

The staff seemed rushed and careless. I never received Tylenol which was all I asked for as well as waiting for hours and being rushed out carelessly at the end. I am 15 weeks pregnant and I couldn't be over looked more if I tried

Julie Jamieson

Avoid this hospital if you can. They do not attend to their patients, much less in a timely way. Communication is horrendous- you spend hours as a patient wondering what is going on. You will see dozens of doctors and nurses and will not feel like there is anyone who is really taking care of you. They must be grossly understaffed because it takes hours for doctors to see you, if they come at all. (I contracted MRSA while there and am still waiting to see the infectious disease doctor who was supposed to come to see me.) It is a confusing mess of a place that essentially robbed me of the entire last month of my life. There are some great professionals there however as a whole this place simply DOES NOT WORK. Go private.

Mike Hollingsworth

This is were you pray they bring you if you're in truma !!

Alyeris Ramirez

Jackson has lost efficient is not that same as before. I won't go there for emergency.

Kerryssa Lynn

You may spend an entire day without being served. They are soooooo slow. And the place is not clean, especially the restrooms.

Abby Priv

Incredibly rude and unprofessional staff littered all over the hosiptal, doctors so indulged in their cell phones they don’t even have time for the patients. DO NOT COME HERE IN AN EMERGENCY unless you’re willing and able to sit and wait for atleast 3 hours just for the to log you into their wonky, out-dated system. I’m at a loss for words on how a hospital could be so trashy, and ghetto I don’t know where they find the staff I’d be surprised if any of them had some sort of training because none of them act like it they all lack basic people skills necessary for their job


Let me first say that the outpatient clinics and emergency room with the Jackson employed doctors are C+ rated at best. However, where the creating of miracles comes at Jackson Memorial Hospital JMH) is with the first rate doctors from the Miller school of Medicine, in combination with JMH skilled nursing, astute trauma and dedicated auxiliary staff, inclusive of talented residents from the Miller School of Medicine, make for incomparable skill sets when it comes to saving lives. That said, let me give a shout out to three such commendable surgeons, Geraldine Mecker Moller (breast cancer surgeon), Dr. Carlos A. Medina (urogynecology) and Richard M. Strassberg ( gynaecology). Let me say without prejudice, that for a public hospital the quality of care is excellent. Rooms that I had the privilege of staying in were like four star hotels, that is, clean, spacious and comfortable; and to boot was the palatable healthy daily food served. Thank the Lord for a place like Jackson Memorial Hospital, a saving grace for the indigent, a place where their dignity is preserved and their existence is not discriminated against. Instead, presumed with the thoughts, if it weren't for the blessings of the Lord, there goeth I. God is Great. Of course, I would be remiss if I did not comment on a weakness of the hospital system too. I am a big believer in perception and I know that JMH is a public hospital that gets government funds to provide health care to the county's indigents, that's a given, but what was a real head shaker for me was the incompetence and dated skills of the nutritionist that is employed by the hospital. My first turn off was that she looks like she could use one less daily meal herself. My second turn off was the fact that in this digital age, she scribbled notes on a piece of paper and gave me it to me, of which, as soon as I left her office, it found its place in the nearest garbage bin. Finally, my third turn off was that Sherlock could not decipher that maybe and just maybe that cost was an issue as to her out of reach life style recommendations to me. It would have been more worthy of my time and value added to my weight loss goals, if she could have given me a list as to where I could buy affordable nutritional foods to meet my diabetic challenges.

Katia Bryan

I had a kidney transplant and the people from the post transplant are extremely inefficients. They give you appointments and the day before they cancel them. Coordinators never returned your phone calls. Every time you call to talk to your coordinator she is in a meeting. The place is always filthy (specially knowing we have no defenses) Workers on their phones and in a personal conversations, and you can’t interrupt them because they will make you wait longer!!! Try to get the supervisor to call me and after 10 days, still waiting.

David Andrews

I wish I could give these morons ZERO STARS. If my surgeon did not have surgical admitting privileges there I would not send my DOGS there!!!! While the vast majority of their staff is friendly & helpful they are so MISMANAGED & INEFFICIENT that it is a joke.



Sebastian Uribe

The attetion is horrible! Never come here NEVER! And they don't know how to spell and say Any name or last name!

the fnaftale roleplay.

There is nothing I can say good with this Hospital. I wish that I can give them a no star.

Karla Martinez

Their costumer service is very bad, unprofessional people work in the Medical Records department, they can never take care of your request, they never find your request, even if it is urgent, they keep transferring you from line to line to see who would take of you and not solve your problem regardless. It is crazy how expensive medical services are and how poor quality customer service patients and people in general get. That is not OK!

Nancy Sanchez

This is a congratulatory letter to the staff including maintenance, janitorial, nurses and doctors who looked after my treatment while I was in Jackson Memorial Hospital from July 3 to July 12, 2019. This time I was under the care of the liver transplant team. The care that all the personnel gave me was top notch. Everyone seemed happy and their faces where always pleasant and eager to help. Medications were given promptly that at some point the physician in charge was surprised that it was given already by the time he ordered them, and he got to my room. Jackson Memorial Hospital is and will be my hospital

Bryan Madrid

This place is horrible, McDonald’s gives better service. My mom and I have been waiting for almost 2 hours after us telling them she got in a car accident and hit her head. There’s people in obvious pain and no one is at the front desk. It’s an emergency center and they’re acting as if everything is casual

Stunna Mode

My son was in critical condition, and Doctors, Nurses, and Staff took good care of him. this is the best hospital in Miami Florida. May God bless you all. You will be rewarded sooner or later.


This is the worst hospital that I have ever been in in my entire life. Nobody has any clue on what they are doing and they don't care about the patients at all. I went multiple times because my doctor told me I had a hernia, they said I had absolutely nothing just to come the next day with more pain and surprise surprise I had 2 hernias. Turns out they didn't even check my ct scans and just told me I was fine. They gave me several phone numbers to schedule my surgery but nobody answered or even replied to my messages. It is by far the worst experience I have ever had, it feels like they purposely make your situation worse so they can make you come back. Its honestly, ugh a hospital like this shouldnt even exists.

Kayley Esposito

I was from out of the state and unsure where to go when I fell ill. All of the nurses, doctors, pathology , X-ray techs were the nicest I have ever experienced. Things were done quickly and efficiently amazing care.


Just dirty, old and horrible service, too many people in the ER waiting room that don't have an Emergency. We needed to be seen more quickly for rabbies shots series and we will put on waiting list every time we came. Slow service...the Dr. Katherine here was nice at initial ER emergency.

Jeramie Lynn

Went for pain in my face was told I need a CT scan....I arrived at 12am by 6pm I still wasn't seen I left in pain and went to UM

Fui T Phang

Aweful!! They scheduled me in for an appointment today at 1pm. As usual, they usually make an appointment confirmation call the day before the appointment. Since I didn't receive a call from them before the appointment, I called them to confirm the appointment. The receptionist said my appointment was rescheduled. BUT THEY DID NOT NOTIFY ME OF APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION AND RESCHEDULING. She could transfer me to the specialist depart and she did, but they were on lunch break and though Ashley answered the phone, instead of explaining to me the reason of the cancellation, she transferred me back to the scheduling department. She was kicking the ball around. So I thought maybe I could call them after their lunch break and hoping they could work something out to make up for their mistake of cancelling my appointment without notifying me. I called and this time a receptionist named Christina got on the phone. I was trying to explain the whole situation to her, but she cut me off and asked for my personal information and ask me to write down a new rescheduled date that is more than a month away from my initial appointment date. I asked if there is anyway that they could get me in sooner since its their mistake cancelling my appointment, yet she replied that they made no mistake and it's my responsibility to remember the appointment that I scheduled and that they don't always call patients to confirm an appointment. (What's going on here??? Was she even listening to my issue at all???) I said "No, you don't understand" and as I explained and repeated everything again, she cut me off again and said that she understand but there is nothing they can do. I asked if there is anyway possible to schedule me in earlier since this is not my mistake, then Christina answered "No, we can't simply take away other people's appointment". Ok, so I asked "then how could you all simply took away my appointment without notifying me?" She said there were no note mentioning about the changes that they made and she rushed through and trying to hang up the phone while I was still talking. Totally rude and awful!!!

Nill Hill

Great body of workers, medical doctors and nurses! My mom is in the ICU the team of workers there replied all of my questions even if I asked them numerous times. I changed into very impressed via how lengthy the docs spent with my mom. They were additionally available via smartphone after I or my mom had additional questions. After about every week within the ICU my mom went to a med/surg ground and the outstanding interest and care persisted. I am very truly grateful for Jackson Memorial and all in their team of workers.

Jacqueline R

Staff was very unhelpful and unprofessional. Was admitted for a stroke discharged after they got me stable *3 days* blood pressure was still high and so was my sugar *stayed over 300 most of the time and was 293 at discharge*. I have insurance so that was not an issue.

Lee Yeonsil

My appointment was 10:15am. But I'm still waiting.(12:15 right now) Also i have another appointment at 1pm. Huh. Amazing this Jackson Memorial Hospital. I was stayed here for 5hours when i visit first time. AMAZING.

Liliya Kalendareva

My father got very sick on a Caribbean cruise and was flown to Jackson Memorial hospital to the ER. The staff was very attentive and quick. They made sure he was well and when he was ready to go inpatient the staff was extra caring and made sure that he had everything he needed. Additionally, the nurses were on top of everything and helped us deal with our insurance company and many questions to make sure that everything was squared away before we left back to New York City. They made sure my father had everything he needed and that he was comfortable. He felt very safe and calm whilst in their care. I really appreciate the care that they provided and have made his miserable time there a lot more pleasant. Thank you, we are very grateful!


My mother was flown from keywest where she and my father live and got the care and professional help from Doctors who know what there doing, shes elderly and just started having dementia issues which is the cause of her unexpected trip to the Er 4hrs away but doctors in keywest are at best a 2 out of 10 thanks Jackson Memorial yr worth the knightngale flight.

Elsie Bordon

I took my husband late at night to Jackson Memorial Hospital because he was vomiting for over 10 hours. Dr. Christopher J. Freeman barely spoke to us and immediately without doing ANY exam concluded that my husband has "Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Snydrome". I tried to speak to him about my husbands diet and how he feels when he eats but he wouldn't even look into my eyes or bother to listen to me. He didn't even want my husband to go through a catscan. All they did was keep him hydrated without trying to find the cause of my husbands sickness. He begged for water which was not given (Understandable but they didn't even want to give him Ice chips; the other hospital in Naples did)There were times when I would see this doctor tiptop to take a peek on us and immediately walk away. Honestly I feel like we were discriminated because we're covered in tattoos and with long hair. The stares say enough. We're not low life people. Overall the man was cold and completely unprofessional. This is the WORST hospital to go to and I will never come back here or recommend this place to anyone. We were charged with over $3,000 + the physician's pay (which he doesn't deserve a penny) and labs. My husband and I traveled to Naples,FL where he is originally from and we went to Physician Regional Medical center and we received REAL ANSWERS. That hospital did everything by the books; cat scan,ultra sound and concluded he needed an Endoscopy to see WHY he was vomiting. Because of this they found out my husband was passing Gallstones and he had Gastritis. Turns out my husband doesn't have "Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Snydrome" like Dr. Freeman heavily believed. Miami Jackson Hospital doesn't care about their patients. They treat you like a # and don't care about our health. Its all about the $$$. Very disappointed and disgusted and I don't think this hospital even deserves 1 star. Good riddance.

Moni Feld

I took my 88 year old mom their because of noise bleed. First of all staff appearance in ER awful. Techs and Security with tatoos covering entire arm almost, very unprofessional. First set of ENT docs appeared very concerned and professional. Wanted to monitor moms Hemaglobin, making sure it didnt decrease and discovered mass behind noise. They wanted to also do imaging to find out if it was causing bleeding. Was Admitted next day. Sat in hosiptal 2 days, Told they had ordered imaging by nurse Ed. I asked when. He didn't know but subsequently returned and said it would be in 2 to 3 hours. About 30 mins later Asst Nurse Ana Triana Briang said doc ordered her discharged. I could not comprehend this. No imaging, hemoglobin dropped, which initial ENT docs indicated she could pass out if it got in 7's, and not allowed to eat for 2 days in prep for imaging. Also after complaining with Guest Relations. I found out Asst Nurse Ana Triana Briang lied to me regarding docs name and led me to believe I had spoke with a doc when i later found out it was a nurse practicer. Well people come to this country with unethical practices. No follow through on Jacksons part. And didn't appear to be concerned about their patient. Also they put a patient who might have had pneumonia in with an 88 year old patient whose hemoglobin was already low. Dont' understand this!

Cheryl Williams

On 1/17/19 Thursday Night I was driven to Jackson Memorial Hospital (1600 NW 12 ave Miami FL ) by My Daughter "Lilred" with my Grandson "Bigmann" in tow as Soon I entered the Emergency Room front Desk my Heart Rate begin to Rise, before coming here I was at a Urgent Care facility, they wanted to Transport me to their local Hospital, I Refused and signed myself out. Yes that was a Dangerous move on my part but mind kept telling me that I must go to Jackson Memorial Hospital were the ENERGY STAYS ON HIGH TO SAVE LIVES. I did not wait at all when my daughter told Admission Clerk I'm having chest pain I was immediately given Care, I was taken to ER-C with Shortness of Breath Chest Pain, Dizziness, Lightheadlness with a Heart RATE that was Climbing Rapidingly. The ER-C Nurses were Simply FA'BU and so was the Doctor. The Nurses Introduced themselves and went to Work on me, Now that I look back I was thinking it was just a heart Palpitation, I was very WRONG, the Nurses Knew Exactly what to do they were Calm Cool and Collect along with the Doctor he too introduced himself and explained to me in a very Mild Calm Manner at the same time a Serious Manner that this was much more serious then a Heart Palpitaiton. When the Nurses were done Working me up, My HEART RATE had Climbed to 260 that didn't STOP the Nurses or Doctor...The ER-C NursIng Team Took Orders from the Doctor and The Creator of THIS Unverse gave them the Knowledge and the ER-C Nursers and Doctor SAVED MY LIFE. This is my second visit to ER-C the first time wasn't as Nearly as CRITCAL as this Visit, the Experience was just as Beautiful when a Patient Care Technician SOOTHE my Soul with his Encouraging Words, That I've Never Forgotten. The Care that Ive Received on the SouthWing and Now on The WestWing has been very EXCELLENT Loving&Caring. Words cannot EXPRESS the GRATITUDE I Feel in my HEART For the Nurses and Doctors that have kept My HEART BEATING. Starting from My Dietitian Assistant to My Environmental Specialists I have been Treated like a Queen and it makes LIFE for me.. Feel BEAUTIFUL AGAIN.

Monica Herrera

Excellent Doctors, nice people, excellent service! Thanks Jackson Hospital for the best service....I was there 2 days for a surgey and now I feel very good.

John Hardy

On vacation my son was ill we are still sitting in the waiting room going on 8 hrs . Dr’s sitting around literally doing nothing but laughing with the nurse. If we were from here we would never come back !


Probably the worst hospital I ever worked at....the SPD has environmental service employees processing their surgical instruments. This place is extremely dangerous. God forbid people going to this dumpster of a hospital. Edit: And there you go with your genetic response....shows how much you really dont care.

Madelin Gonzalez

Security guardPeterson Dorival has scared me a 35yr old woman half to death i an 3months pregnant he folkowed me and my husband from outside first asking if we where smoking we where not next followed me to building next to emergency room and started asking for my pass as my husband and i where getting one. He kept looking at me in avery pervertedway i amwearing a dress and this man has creeped me out. I feel like calling police i feel so violated

Yelena Amador

I took my son to the children emergency today because he woke up with a stomach ache and a cold. My son is only 2 going to 3 in October (don't let his size full you) he's pretty solid and tall. The male African American nurse took him in for vitals, now my son isn't a fan of hospital or hands on when it comes to strangers. Then again what kid is? My son started fussing and crying his soul out. Of course with being sick he was coughing and gagging... this nurse was holding him down tightly and telling him "relax! Calm down! It's not hurting you!" I was just observing at that point. I could tell he was starting to get a little irritated himself, but then soon as my son started coughing he was yelling at him "don't cough at me" repeatedly and acting like my son was some kid with a terrifying illness. Which is I understand him turning his head away... it's obvious. But my thing was the way he handled my son and spoke to him. He's a child that doesn't fully understand. Much less English! Where's the compassion? I do appreciate the fact he apologize regardless of it was genuine or not. But this could happen to anyone; kids are treated differently and with care, love and compassion as well as RESPECT!

Jonathan Sakers

The staff was wonderful, but the wait time was ridiculous. Had to leave after waiting 7 hours and still didn't see a doctor.

Joseph Garcia

Most of the nurses are extremely lazy, negligent and there is no communication or teamwork. ICU unit is horrible. My experience at Jackson was absolutely terrible except for a very nice chaplain Jeremy.

R&L Toulouse

Don't go!!!! urgent care told me to go to a hospital for a test and they thought they were better then them.. Never got the real help I needed... place dirty, what ever you do don't use bathrooms there to...yuck

Germaine Newton

Psychiatric Unit - absolutely despicable. I am petrified at treatment of persons in mental health crisis at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Patients are herded like cattle, ignored, and starved. You'd have to scream and shout to get the most simple request resolved, but not before almost being given a shot and locked in a room. Social workers there should be paid exactly what they do - NOTHING! Please go elsewhere or take your loved ones somewhere else. I am a mental health professional and consumer. Jackson Memorial Hospital - Do Better!

Timaj Marie

Called to receive guidance and advice on a medical condition and the staff was very rude. The female operator's attitude was disgusting and the male Hematology attendant was just as rudely arrogant. The nurse was the only person who was truly helpful and she gets my only star rating! Nasty attitudes will get them nowhere. They chose their jobs, so play your part.

Tiffany Brown

Worst Service Ever hospital so Unsanitary, staff beyond unprofessional. I don’t understand how there running a full operation , emergency room super slow staff more concern with socializing amongst each other then tending to patients in front of them . Ridiculous!!!! I advice anyone having a true medical emergency please go somewhere else !!

Coach Cranky B

Wow! Don’t hesitate. Arrive with a great attitude and remember that the staff works long shifts and sees thousands of people a day! How can you bring a little joy to their day in exchange for an EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE! Although, there was a wait, I felt that the care I received every step of the way was amazing. Once you look past the veil, these are all great people healing the sick and they do so with integrity and compassion. I’d like to thank everyone who attended me on my visit, May God repay you for your kindness :)

Yarely Mayorga

Giving it 2 stars because some of the nurses that attended me after were nice. I delivered my babygirl here because it's close to home and decided to give it a shot .I will never give birth here again! I almost died because if their mistake, on top of that they gave me wrong medications! Not the best hospital, avoid it!

Sergeline Pierre

This is the worst hospital in Miami Fl this hospital should seriously be shut down immediately !!! Whoever in charge should most definitely take a look on what iam about to say my father been in the hospital for 1 Month just for them to take a biopsy test on him really it takes One Month for you guys to take a Test on him ????? From the staff to the doctors to every employee in the facility this hospital needs to be SHUTTTT DOWNNNNNN ! They are horrible LAZY, RUDE AND INCONSIDERATE These people take they job for a joke If you don’t love your life and your ready to dieeeee then be my guest come to Jackson but if your not and you need help go somewhere else .

Lino Quagliariello

OB team deplorable, specially Dr. Carugno and Dr. Moscoso. Arrogant and impatient, with few exceptions, they will make you regret choosing Jackson Main for the birth of your child (UM doctors attend Holtz Children's Hospital). The C-section Dr. Jose Carugno was awful, more than 12 inches and crocked, at a time most are 4-6 inched and, of course, straight. He never consulted us before any decisions - one of many ways he ignored our birth plan - and made our experience worse. Nurses were GREAT though, but they can only do too much.


This hospital is the worst. I feel bad for anyone who has to get treated here or God forbid has to spend time hospitalized here. It's a third-world type of hospital. If you were to put this hospital in Havana, Cuba, you would not be able to tell it apart from the rest of the hospitals there save for the few African-American nurses and even fewer white doctors who are still left and can still speak English. The staff at Jackson is like 95% Cuban. Most of the staff can barely speak English and are exceedingly incompetent and the doctors are narcissistic. It's always been a dump. I was born and raised in Miami and nobody has ever had anything nice to say about this place. Not to mention the area surrounding it is a horrific ghetto infested with crime and drugs. This is where they take gang members who have been shot. Please, oh PLEASE avoid this third-world dump and only go there if it's your absolute last resort. In fact I would rather not be treated and die than ever go there again. Real talk.


Horrible service, the staff is horrible and very slow. They keep you waiting for a long time I'll never come back here again!

Synthia Diaz

Went yesterday around 10pm to the ER because I'm pregnant and having pains and was treated like garbage by the staff in the women's emergency room. They look forever to attend me, where standing around talking, laughing and joking around. Would make my mother have to get up and call them to attend me at all, which she did several times throughout the night. They gave me Tylenol for my pain knowing clearly that I told them that was not doing anything for me. If that was the case I'd stay home and take the Tylenol from my very own bottle not waste my time at the ER for nothing at all. Also the hospital room was super cold, way too cold if you ask me. It's not like there preserving a snowman there. The doctor took forever to come and see me. When she did she said she would run two tests to see if I'm okay. One was blood work done by this lady who kept moving the needle into my damn arm and hurting me and continued to hurt me even after I told her repeatedly that it hurts. Still did it. The next was the ultrasound to see if I had anything wrong internally. Both tests came back negative. But at the end of it all before I was discharged the nurse came in and told me that they don't know what's wrong with me at all and can't do anything for me. To try this and that and that it may or may not work for me. So I asked her okay so if non of these things that she's suggesting works that if I should return to the ER. The woman raised her voice and gave me attitude saying No to go to my own doctor so they can take care of me. Needless to say I had a horrible time. So thank you very much for the most unpleasant experience especially when one is not feeling well at all. And leaving your hospital still feeling the same way that I entered. I thank God I was not ready to deliver at that time. God only knows what's would've happened to me and my baby with that kind of care.

Alma E.

Unsafe horrible place. You go for finding health and you can get worse because of unsanity and unprofessional doctors. ACC ambulatory care is a mess.They give you appointment at 8 am in the morning and you have to let baby and work to go and they let you to wait more than 6 hours and at end you see any doctor that doesn’t care about your health problems and doesn’t search nothing to find what you have. They just use you as a person to let they student doctors to learn something about their profession. The nurses are so rude and uneducated. They don’t do nothing just gossip with each other and when you ask something don’t pay attention for nothing. I had delivery one year ago in this hospital and the doctors of this hospital said to me that my baby can be with down syndrome and they let me passing my pregnancy in stress and think that my baby really has down syndrome . My baby has not Down syndrome. My baby is normal when they let my pregnancy to pass in stress for nothing. After delivery Im having so many health problems that I haven’t had before and my doctor Laban Yoshua Noel didn’t even care about my health problems and has wrote to my health history that I discussed with the resident at the time of appointment when the day that I saw him I didn’t have any discussion with no one. They tried to convince me to fill some papers when I wasn’t here for that and I even don’t know what that papers were. I’m in shock what kind of doctor are they ? They don’t care about health problems but when you go there they ask stupid questions about personal live of patients. So unethical place. At the laboratory you give blood and they don’t check the results .They check them one year later when you go again. Omg, when in Europe my doctor check my results in the same day . In my last blood result looks that my tsh hormon is a little high and my doctor ( just in name) he didn’t even check my result .They don’t care about the patients health but just write no real things about patients in health history. About the emergency you go for emergency and can die during waiting that someone came and care about you health. At the laboratory the girl that took my blood uses long nails like is working in fashion show. She got my arm hurting for days. You can’t see any person that works in lab to use long nails in Europe. Horrible place. Someone that came from Europe understands how unsafe and unprofessional is that place.


This is for the CCU Department In general the care is good Ask for anything a cup of ice ,juice , blanket and you get it They are very nice and understanding with family members Open visitation hours Have made my dads stay as comfortable as can be

Juliet Albano

Worst care I’ve ever received

Johnny Appleseed

You should boycott her place of business and see how much she learns her lesson. Why would you want a person that is that belligerent helping you and working on you for any reason. If i acted like that, my employer would not hesitate to part ways with me and I am a plant supervisor.

Matthew Habib

Horrible experience at Jackson M. ER. My friend got sliced across his forehead (very small, not even an inch long, about 5mm wide) We arrived at 2:15PM, wasn’t able to speak to a doctor until around 5PM. Here I am now at 10:30PM still waiting for my friend to get his stitches. A very basic procedure, and we are here for almost 9 hours. Thank god it wasn’t a major emergency or he would have been dead by now. Won’t return again, not even for a bandaid.

George Nika

It's sad how people complain about parking tickets etc If you need to get cured is the place ! However is always going to be a little problem here and there but they really deserve 5☆ they never [rush] & they wouldn't let you unfinished. And they are best, human can do "personally I am very thankful to them"

Amelia Edwards

The doctors are here to learn or to save lives. Don't let the support staff stop you from getting some of the most brilliant minds to take care of you.

Decypress Williams

Got my kidney transplant here they rarely came back to my room after I ordered things. luckly I was able to take care of myself and bathe myself, risking falling and all but I'm pretty strong I know what to do (been sickly for a few years I'm a pro lol ). The only reason I gave a four is because of the procedure went excellent and my kidney is thriving. No infection or anything after surgery . Im not a person to really care about someone being nice and kissing my ass as long as they do what I need them to do for me in the right way.

Patrick Stephens

Came in E.R. 10 am this morning,still at 8pm sitting here waiting to see a doctor... Terrible, terrible...and watching people being pulled I'm front is so hurtful... Just shameful and no free parking for ER. Meaning go somewhere else!!!! I wonder if the still a valid association here...Is Miami sold off like Russel Simmons Rushcard???

Nick Suarez

Going to Jackson memorial for best cancer treatment was the worst experience my family cou ever have. They treat the patients as if they were livestock by putting them in line half nude while they are doing exams and the techs and radiologists have horrible attitudes. This place is so ghetto and the employees (specially Silvia's Gutierrez) do not want to be there and it shows through the way they treat people. The hospital tried to run extra exams when they weren't needed in order to charge more from our insurance, the radiologists believe they are oncologists and everybody else is there to learn what to do when they get a job at a better hospital. If anyone has insurance, I suggest you change hospitals, and if you don't have insurance me and my family will be praying for your quick recovery in order to leave Jackson memorial as soon as possible.

Terry Smith

I truly have to say that i've seen the whole facility make a miraculous change over the past 10 years & that's also including the upgrades to their clinics as well, they have really invested a lot into this Hospital system, plus the staff is unbelievably well trained & remarkably nice & caring. Thank you very much.

Angel Johnson

Everything is so discombobulated in here i dnt every want to recommend this hospital too anybody staff slow...then if u go ask a question they got a attitude....this really dnt make no sense and i have a iv in my arm and its hurt i am never ever coming back here....i mean never

Nyeisha Moven

Here's my story based off of my experience as a former employee. I was hired the beginning of April. I was fired the beginning of May. At first I thought it was time for me to move forward in my life, and find a permanent job instead of a dead-end job, so I applied for Jackson as a PCT(Patient Care Technician). I was hired and I had orientation for 3 weeks and a half. Not knowing much about working in the hospital setting I was still determined to learn and grow. During my last week I was suppose to have a senior employee shadow me because I had a full load of clients to myself, but instead one PCT called off and she had to have her own load for her self. I was left alone with absolutely no supervision, or at least I wasn't aware of who was supervising me because I was not informed. I only had one difficult client that everyone was aware of on the unit and yet I was still left alone. When I noticed abnormal activity within the client I notified the clients nurse, and the nurse was on the phone majority of the day ignoring the whole situation. Later during the week I got a phone call from my supervisor stating that the client was transported then later past away. I was in shock I was shaking, I was afraid. I was told to come in the following week, and end up being terminated. Yes there is more to the story, but over all every employee is extremely cut-throat. Meaning that they will always place the blame on someone else for the sake of their job. There is no efficient team work and no collaboration what so ever. I tried fighting back to get my job back but they have YET to call me let alone write me an email to attempt to fix the situation. As a former client, and employee at Jackson I DO NOT recommend anyone to come here they are truly disgusting people, and their hearts are not what you think they should be. Jackson is one of those hospitals that many would go to because of better technology and services that they provide, but do not be mistaken by the way they treat you because right after they leave from your face they're going to bad mouth you like there is no tomorrow. Majority of the clients that they admit do not even belong on most floors regardless if they have space or not. This world is full of greed and Jackson has to be one of the most greediest businesses out in the nation, if you're looking for a good hospital consider else where, if you're looking for a job consider else where. DO NOT come here you will be forever damaged with this system may God guide you into the right direction.

Gabilao Oalibag

Great Hospital. Nice crew. A huge facility.

stefanie colon

If you are coming here for an appointment take your time. There is NO reason for you to be here on time. They just glide through their day and do not care one once about your precious time.

Marina Trapasso

The Doctors are amazing, very knowledgeable in what they do. HOWEVER, no one else has ANY clue what they’re doing. I’m a transplant patient and I’m still in the process of getting established here (because no, I wasn’t transplanted here). And wow, it’s been nothing but a nightmare. From being woken up in the middle of the night, waiting in the ER for 15+ hours for a SHARED room (transplant patients should get their own room, we’re on a ton of immunosuppressants) a ton of miscommunication, a few impatient staff members, not getting my medication on time, I’m just really disappointed with the entire facility. People in hospitals need to be better taken care of, they need rest. It’s essential for fast recovery. Bottom line: They need more rooms (an entire renovation) and better trained staff.

Guitar lesson Jeanpaul

Jackson hospital have bad experience with this hospital if you sick don't go there I prefer aventura hospital for you.

Mel Scooper

Resident Onyi Ugorji is very unprofessional. She wanted to prescribe me medication that I eventually agreed to, and then she did not even call in the prescription. Why waste my time? I will be contacting my insurance provider.

Harol Santos

Thanks to all them for the nice job and care they gave to my cousin, he arrived there in bad pain for an intestine obstruction and after I read some reviews I got really worried, but actually the staff from emergency, doctors, technicians, nurses gave him the best care. I want to thank to the doctors team that tried every option avoiding a surgery, which it worked, they saved him without taking him to surgery room. Also thousands thanks to the staff of the west wind building, all the nurses in 14th floor, this ladies were exceptional and very attentive, special mention for Marie, Andrea, Jennifer... you guys love your job and are very professional. Also thanks and 5 start to the Trauma Center staff 3rd floor, thanks Carmen, Judy, Rich, Chris and the rest of the nurses thanks for all your care and help. Finally and advise for who ever read this review: even you are paying for this service a " thank you" , "please" are magical words that stimulate this staff job.


Been here since 9am now 5pm nightmare still waiting on results from last test two hours ago. Customs Agents, DOJ people everywhere. Smells like urine and unsanitary.

Ivania B.

Roberta Orlen Chaplin Digital Breast imaging Center. Everyone is polite. Place is clean. But the techs take Long to get the exams done! Have waited 3 hours. I’m exhausted.

Jesse Sarmiento

I have lived in Miami sixty years so i know Jackson. Firstly Carlos Migoya has turned that hospital around for the better. I went to the ER last year one week after having gone to the University of Miami ER which misdiagnosed me. I had an peniel abcess which they diagnosed as cancer. This is without a biopsy. I was able to see the sonogram and knew there was no mass. The ER physician, Greenberg, was sarcastic and rude. The nurses station was a place where it appeared sports was the issue. The nurses were rude. I ended up in JMH's ER in.horrible pain. A wonderful Eurologist came to see me. The procedure, a ring block, was painful but in needed to be.done. Long story short: a horrible abscess. It was drained and a week after after i underwent surgery to repair the tissue. The nurses were great and supportive. Everyone was great. Beautiful people. Ruth Ann Mitchell and Rosa which I hope are still there know me. Ladies my Operation Kids project never got a plaque on.the wall. The award disappeared. Perhaps you can relate to Mr.Migoya how much I did for JMH. It was a different administration. Love you all Thank yoi

Tyrone Howell

I had a brain surgery at this hospital in 2010 and their team along with some fellow surgans from the University of Miami they saved my life.

Esmeralda Marrero

Every staff in the labor floor was nice except this one guy a nurse in the ER he was tall and black I don't even know he's name but he couldn't pronounce my name correctly I correct it him not in a mean way or anything he replied with a lot of sass I don't know if it has anything to do with him being gay but it was rude I didn't say anything I just chuckled I was going through a lot emotionally and physically and this cuban guy nurse he asked me if this was my first pregnancy I said no this is my second he asked if I had one child I said no an abortion he said wow like I feel like he was judging me or something

Stella M

Horrible dirty place, it’s incredible that the place hasn’t been investigated & closed. My husband is very sick & in need of transplant, we unfortunately thought this was the best hospital for his difficult surgery. The post by Marina was spot on, he too has spent many 15+ hrs in ER with out even 1 doctor on “his team” seeing him much less being admitted. When he was admitted the nurses were generally rude, condescending, too busy for him, the lack of compassion in this hole is unbelievable. The practices here are questionable ; Don’t blindly trust anyone from the top to the one. It’s okay to ask questions regarding your love ones & expect to get an answer, seek better treatment before it could be too late. When we see a soul being ridiculed, ignored, or treated badly by those entrusted to care you know your at JMH.

Angelique Estopinales

I been here since 2AM. I have the flu and there's a possibility I'm septic. I have yet to see the Doctor and the labs are taking forever and my symptoms are getting worse and am not being treated. Meanwhile nurses are joking around and being as loud as they can. What hell house did I just walk in to???

Sandra White

My mother Lawanda Dayton Barker was admitted on Sunday January 20th due to shortness of breath while in the care of the Er office at Jackson it seem she was given some medicine that caused her air way to swell up. She was then rushed to ICU and was sedated for 2 weeks with a closed air way and swollen tongue tubes were every where and we was confused because this happen out of no where while she had some amazing nurses Marilyn and Jean the two i can remember they took great care of my mother and made us feel like she would over come this which she gracefully did she was taken off the tubes and breathing on her own two days ago and i am extremely excited as me seeing my mother in that condition was heartbreaking. She was moved last night to the south wing of the hospital and I'm being told by her she is in pain and she used the bathroom on herself and no nurse to be found. I am seriously the wrong daughter to play around when it comes to my mother y'all need to train the staff or hire a new set of staff because this is going to cause problems being that she has to be there for a few more days or even weeks. I only rated three stars to the ICU who took great care of my mother thank you.

nour sankar

If you have an appointment there be aware that they will keep you waiting at least 2-3 hours always always never been on time for once ..

Erika Saint Juste

The staff made us wait there all day I arrived at 5:30 am and did not leave till 6:00pm we were the first one there and the last one to leave the case worker she left and would not meet us and the nursing staff was very unprofessional maybe it was because my mother was not Hispanic but she is sick just like everyone else there so the level of rudness and the wait was not necessary

jamar kellyman

I WISH I COULD GIVE THIS PLACE A NEGATIVE NUMBER!!! WORST HOSPITAL EVER!!!... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY. MY GIRL WAS HAVING A WORST stomach pain ever and she was throwing up, we waited about 4 hours before seeing a damnn doctor. All they care about is the money money money (ready to bill your insurance)... this place is sickening. No CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILL EVER. YOU'LL RATHER BE DEAD BEFORE THEY EVEN ATTEND YOU. PLEASE STAY AWAY.. IM WARNING YOU GUYS PLEASE..

ApostoliChris238 !

My mother Died here a few years back. She Had just been in a car accident with head injuries and broken leg. She was on the 11th floor & the nurse on duty who was suppose to be supervising her, stepped away from the room for many hours. My mom waking up in confusion had no idea where she was & the nurse had also left the window open. My mother falling over b/c of her broken leg, plummeted 11 stories unto her death. (JMH) needs to hire better staff, lives are at danger. They also better not reply to me with their stupid little copy and paste customer service apology script.

Alfredo Pedraza

We have been at Trauma center since 12/30/17 were treated great was moved to 3fl treated great also the nurse &Doctor's very attentive.then moved to 10 rm1015 floor on west wing nurses &doctors very attentive .moved to 6floor#637 still here an the nurses &drs very nice and very attentive,so going on 14 day from a car accident and I have been staying with patient since,its seems that every nurse that their shift starts or ends they are very attentive and a nice personality and nice manners too, and the food has been good too..I give them all 5 stars on everything they do...going on 20 days the 2nd shift the Pct Mariah very nice and caring she really cares about her pts.. and still in the 6fl.#637..the Pct before that was Enma wasn't to attentive and left garbage for Mariah to do.the Nurse Paulette &Natalie were so caring &very attentive, I know that the Nurses get overwhelmed but that's not their fault its the shortness of staff, he was finally discharge on Sat. Jan.27but was treated so good that the drs and nurses were happy with his recovery,he still has another surgery but we know his in good hands..

Antonio Hernandez

Emergency room bathrooms are disgusting... service is horrible very bad experience

Isairis diaz

The nurses and staff at the West Wind were very kind and attentive. There were a few people that truly went out of their way to help me while I was in pain... Ms Owen and nurse Li are my angels sent from heaven. The rest of the staff was kind and helpful. However , please keep in mind a simple "thank you " or "please " goes a long way. I'm grateful for having a successful surgery here at Jackson and for having a wonderful and experienced surgeon take care of me. Nurses were also all kind and helpful. I hope anyone that goes to Jackson have an equally pleasant experience .

Jason Stewart

Your communication skills need work. They did not have female feminine products that were needed. They did not bring meds to bedside as advertised & pharmacy gave us wrong type of meds. Overall care from nurses & Docs was ok, but nothing special. Wish they would do what's best for their patients instead of their pockets.

Jo George

If there was something less than one start this Hospital would deserve it. Their customer service is deplorable and the their system sucks. We've been here for over 3 hours in the mental health department just to be told that there is only one doctor on shirft and that the ER will get seen quicker due to it being an emergency. However, there are staff in the back watching the game and having endless conversations and laughter that says otherwise. To have my mentally ill cousin come in willing to receive services and he is told that it'll be more hours to see the doctor. What type of bull and foolishness is this? There has to be a better system in place than this garbage that is being served to us.

Eston Riley

I happen to be employed here, making a contribution to the high level of care offered to our patients

Martha L. Orozco Lopera

Hospital staff here are lazy, disrespectful and no sympathy for those sick! The left doesn't know what the right its doing and sooo disorganized. No professionalism. How does the medical staff not be able to answer questions about a patient medical care and what is the course of care. Disgusting!! Since it's a teaching hospital you should teach kindness, caring and English as the 1st language!!!

Ash Belle

The hospital was clean, sterile and very orderly. Our nurse Ms. Leslie was very respectful, prompt and did her job accordingly. Our doctor assisted to all our needs and answered all questions that we had. They were very patient with my boyfriend through his situation and kept it very professional. I recommend this facility to everyone in the local Miami area. And for all interns to come and learn from the best.

Big Moose


Leonardo Savini

Young untrained people work there. Pray.

Elier Perez

The Emergency Room Staff, Nurses and Doctors are the best in South Florida!! They are always caring and willing to take care of patients no matter income level. A lot of people don't appreciate or understand the hard work they do everyday. I have always been treated with respect and a friendly caring smile.

Adalberto Montes

I recommend never come to emergency 4 hours wight


I think they didn't do everything they could to save my father. I hated this hospital from the moment they took him there. I wanted him to be taken to Doctors Hospital but supposedly they dont have cardiologists there. This hospital is disgusting. They make you pay for parking which I think is horribly unethical because people go to the hospital out of necessity, NOT for luxury reasons. It's a low quality place. A lot of the nurses & doctors were insensitive & I felt like they were not very smart or had good attention to detail. I did not feel secure there & I lost my father. I wonder if Doctors Hospital would have saved him but it's too late now. I hated this hospital. Hopefully your loved ones do not have the same experience I did. Good luck there.

Victoria Andrews

I'll give this place no stars if this app will let me. I'm from out of state, Charleston, SC. Hospitals there aren't perfect, but they have time management skills, basic social skills, a conscious, a work ethic, they actually care about doing their job and not just making it through the shift... Initially I waited to be seen by a doctor in the waiting room for 5 hours even after I had a physician referral with a doctor recommendation for a CT Scan. All considered it was Friday. However, my arrival time was 4pm and it was 9pm before I was even given a bed (not a room). This place felt like a ER in third world country. The doctors, nurses, etc were at their computers about 80% of the time while the patients laid on their beds throughout and down the hallways. It looked like a building blew up and these people came in at the same time. We didn't though and they could barely manage 5 patients at a time with a staff of about 20. Overwhelmingly discouraging that in Miami the people depend on doctors like the one I spoke to for one minute who gave me results of my CT Scan with no recommended actions to take next for my abdominal cramps/possible appendicitis. If someone like me didn't have common sense I wouldn't have any hope with my symptoms. The nurse who gave me my iv (was actually nice) shoved my iv in my vein (I'm tough but it was the most painful iv experience ever) and she used a different vein for her blood sampling with the exact same lack of concentration/level of pain on the clock. Found out after she was finished that she was in a rush to get home to her daughter. I had 4 nurses whilst being questioned, felt like an interrogation for an excuse to less work when all I wanted in my 9 hour visit and wait from 4pm-1am was CT Scan and I had a physician referral/recommendation. I should have been in and out. Those who were employed at Jackson went to school to help and serve people. They had a 'place a review for your miracle worker' ad in the waiting area. These employees were just that, employees. There was a serious lapse in compassion. They are so numbed by the volume of patients they receive there is a complete absence of any sense of urgency at Jackson. Having been born and raised in Charleston, SC I expected a big hub like Miami to have top of line medical facilities and care. I would suggest highly against ever seeking solutions for your health at Jackson Memorial. I left with 9 hours out of my life stolen and no real direction. Thank god for Google and my RN friends. The real helps in my confusion and neglect to proper health care from Jackson. Just Be Ware.

Parties Extraordinaire

Security is Horrendous!!! They have homeless people walking around in the hospital soliciting all the patients and families. If you don't give them money they curse you out. They should not be allow through security. I'm in fear that I may get mugged in the lobby. The staff is very friendly. Heard the doctors are amazing. We shall see after the 8hr surgery.

Jason Pelish

My dad had bladder cancer and they fixed him up really good down here. We were so worried, but they took such great care of him that he was back on his feet quickly. He speaks about how he's so grateful, despite having gone through it all, for the attention he was given here. What makes this place extra cool is how it has a moat around the front side, and how it has all these medical supplies inside, so it would be a key strategic location to hold out against zombie hordes. The Zika posters they had up gave it a somewhat more sinister-than-necessary feel, which is always how those zombie movies start.

Gabriel Velez

1st 2 days staff very attentive and helpful, after if we don't ask for the bathroom to be cleaned they don't do it. The breakfast they bring whatever they want not what you order. So many different Drs come but only once the one that did the surgery. Late at night every time they come and check knowing there are people sleeping they make as much noise as possible throwing the trays and the lids of the trash. I have insurance and they had us as self pay. We did have 2 awesome nurses but once they went on days off is like no one else wanted to do service. We still here God knows till when.

claudia gomez

Just before a surgery to help deal with an injury from a car accident, I was called by the lab doing the preop evaluation instructing me to go to the hospital ASAP because I had severe anemia. I was registered and in a cubicle in the emergency room in no time, and even if it took a long while for a doctor to see me, they did a very thorough set of tests and cross examination to make sure I was diagnosed correctly. I was admitted to the hospital, and received the quality care that I needed by the expert staff, I was monitored very carefully to ensure treatment was working, hence when discharged I can rest assured that I'm truly better. I just wish I was sent into this hospital first when I had my accident, life would have been way easier.

Blake King

Jackson sometimes gets a bad rap, but overall the care has been excellent. I even chose JMH over the private UM hospital across the street for my recent urology surgery as the care is much better here from the nurses and techs, to the doctors and other support staff.

Leopoldina Nicola

My sister got her hysterectomy surgery here. The nurses are fantastic. Doctors are exceptional. The nurses of Gustavo Rocha team are exceptional. So care so nice so Linda's so good at what they do. Marie,maria all of them The hospital is like a hotel. You may even order your food like in the restaurant. Bathrooms clean. Everyone is friendly. I highly recommend this hospital The doctor s are the best .the cleanest hospital the best . The janitors, the cafeteria personal, everyone there is friendly

darling price

They have the best doctors, it's a learning hospital and the best equipment

aiya Singleton

Horrible treatment.. No help! If I could put no stars I would! Btw they're racist af smh.. What's the point of working with people if you don't like people!


Every single person from the front desk to the surgeon was, extremely nice and helpful. My husband was there 6 days, the hospital was spotless, the nurses were so nice. I would recommend Jackson to anyone who wants the BEST. thank you!

S Reneau

Gave me the best emergency care. Doctors and nurses were kind and caring. Would highly recommend their neurology team of doctors and nurses.

Ashley J

Love the staff and doctors are awesome! I always feel welcomed when I come. The reason for 4 stars is the damn elevators. They are the worst elevators in any hospital I have ever been. I have had to wait more than 10 minutes to catch one. Half the time the the elevators are full of the hospital staff. I dont understand why there are not staff elevators to help with the crushing amount of people.

Mendy S

Listen!! PICK SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! Literally ZERO STARS! The gross negligence we experienced here has left us no choice but to consider seeking legal action. I’m just happy my family member alive and home—lucky to be alive after they CONSTANTLY IGNORED their symptoms and the medicinal allergies they CONSTANTLY told them they had. In the presence of multiple people. They just kept dismissing my family member and they coded. Emotional turmoil for us and I just can’t even begin to imagine how my family member (who is a former medical professional and constantly just expresses deep disappointment in how people are treated today).

Octavio Carbonell

This is the worst hospital in Miami unclean bathrooms Drs are rude . They always try to do what they want to your family member. Every week you get a new Dr and it makes matters worse for patients. Am reporting then Mmmm to Medicare. My mom got a stage 4 bed sore because of the neglect at the hospital

Luis Lopez

We came from Miramar hospital to here because they couldn't resolve anything and sent my wife home, she is currently here at the Holtz building, after 3 weeks the doctors still havent determined what was causing her pancreas and liver pain and on top of that they switched her to a new doctor who was going to send her home yesterday while still in bad pain, first two weeks were good, they were running all types of tests and scans showing her pancreas swollen and trying to determine the cause of her pain, the doctor was a young hispanic woman showing great care and really was trying to help figure out what was causing my wifes pain, this last week they switched her doctor and he was just going to send her home with the bad pain and nausea that she still has, she hasn't had anymore scans or anything, not even blood test results, they said earlier this week they were going to run a stool sample and another test and l they never did , this whole past week has been the worse and all they did was switch her diet from liquid to low fat to mashed to low fat and lower the dosage on her pain meds, poor woman can't even sleep let alone eat, I would think to lower the dosage once I find out what was going on but nothing has been found yet, I don't know if it's the general doctor or the gastro or whoever is in charge but it looks like they don't know what they are doing, she is currently in real bad pain and throwing up and her diet is low fat solid food, she can't even drink water without being in pain, groaning in pain and they bring fish green beans bread cake , please make a better effort while we are still here, I know being a doctor isn't an easy job but this week really looks like they don't know what's going on. My wife already had 3 people in the bed next to her that got their issues resolved and left yet she is still here and nothing, still looks like when she came in

Sabrina Jules

Customer service was disgusting. The wait time was 3 hours, just for them to let me know i have to purchase over the counter drugs.

Adrianna Faced

My father in law got surgery with Dr Figuerrola and Dr Ferrer and they are a great team . Also I want to recognize nurse Kevin from ccu 4th floor he was awesome and very professional .

Stephen Asaro

I want to give it one star, but that is reserved just for the ER. It was a madhouse inside. It is not all their fault as they have to deal with all the homeless and the issues that they bring just outside their front door. It is a very dangerous area and was scary being solicited and yelled at for money, cigarettes, etc. If you have another option for an ER, I suggest you use it.

Mda Fig

This place is really fast to get you in and do the test, once thats done is where the wait time and miss information kills you.

Tammie M

As a healthcare provider myself, I am in total disgust with the "care" that was provided to my loved one. The nurses are very incompetent and have no common sense. I thought maybe it was just the ED nurses but I truly believe it's an hospital wide issue. Please stay away from this facility. I would never step foot into this place again.

Noemi Perez

Thanks to Jackson my son is alive Dr's and staff the best thanks keep the good work and God bless every one who works at JMH

Nancy Perez

My son was admitted to the hospital due to gall bladder stones. The majority of the staff was very professional, but this young man, by the name of Dennard Flucker, ER-Tech was phenomenal. They should assign him to train the other employees on exceptional customer service.

Gabriel San Miguel

Extremely attentive, respectful and caring staff. This hospital has the most up to date technology and research to deliver the best patient care.

Lazaro Carrillo

I was here my first time on january with a chest pain and i was attended pretty quickly. Very friendly staff. Downside is the waiting for a doc. I understand there are lots of people to take care of.

Erika Alvarez

Terrible experience. This hospital almost killed my best friend numerous times. My best friend only had one disease. After coming to this hospital many times she began to get sicker and sicker. Now she has multiple diseases that are ruining her life. This was from many botched procedures and from giving her many different medications without taking the side effects into account. I detest this hospital. She lost her best friend due to this hospital and the only reason she keeps returning is because of her insurance. If you want to die by all means choose this hospital.

Nataly D

I was held hostage at the parking lot because I lost my parking ticket in a rush to pick up medical records and return to work in the limited lunch hour that I have. (Forgive me Jackson Memorial, for not being perfect.) The robot attendant refused to lift the exit arm until I forked over 11 bucks. No courtesy? No one time exception? This is a HOSPITAL, remember? You get two hours free anyway. They really thought I was the parking lot bandit striking again. Then the R2D2 manager in his worst robot speak regurgitated the classic tripe about sticking to policy. This is why it's important not to skip class because you lose out on your cognitive skills. Try to think outside the box, Robbie; you can move up in the world when you do.

Brittany Cutter

If ever you need a trauma/burn center take my word and pick Jackson over Kendal. Jackson Memorial Trauma in comparison to Kendal Regional Trauma is a 5-star resort! The doctors at Jackson saved my boyfriend from having to undergo a skin graft for a chemical burn that covered more than 50% of his face. All I can say is how grateful I am that I asked for discharge papers at Kendal Regional to take him to Jackson where they ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Pretty important when you’re talking about someone’s life in your hands!

Enrique Acosta

Ryder Trauma Center, the best profesional people and technology to save life... Thanks God to have them...

shanna young

I would not have even given this 1 star. My mom has been on dialysis for a few years now, and Jackson Memorial Hospital tricked her a couple years ago saying she was getting on the kidney transplant list. Turns out, all the tests that she needed, she had done already, but they apparently wanted more tests with dye; Dye will kill off the rest of her kidneys!! The doctors at Jackson are not listening to her kidney doctor. She has a 7 yr old grandson, daughter, and son that loves her very much, which apparently these doctors/surgeons dont care about. You want 5 stars? Do your freakin job!!!


If you’re not Latino forget it!! Been waiting for 10 plus hours with insurance!! Staff street handshake and hunging and joking with each other instead of addressing the long waiting black patients! Spanish patients get first priority in care!

Miss Reviewer


Gabo Blancas

My first time and the service was excellent.. They help me still with my language English and Spanish..! Very fast today..! I went to emergency..! Thanks guys..!

Oscar Sosa

Apparently Jackson doesn't mind if you use their hospitals name to threaten people. Someone claiming to be a "Dr" said to me, "I'll remember your face, you better hope you never need my help at Jackson". I have video/photo evidence, and I have contacted Jackson more than once and have yet to receive a reply, so if they are okay with this type of conduct, they should at least be transparent about it.


This hospital is so horrible! No one takes anything serious, they are just playing with my life.

NAyDEAN Gustave


Rose Nepal

The worst hospital and no duty of care towards patients.So shocked to hear how they treated my dad when he was there due to major car crash. 1) They even refused to take him in emergency asking for money before admitting him telling my dad that they have strict policy and they cant admit the patient without sorting financial status.We had to give $5000 as a deposit for the treatment to begin.U don’t treat ur patient based on where they come from and whether they have money or not when they presented to ur hospital whilst even struggling to breathe with multiple ribs fracture and have haemothorax( bleeding in lungs). 2) After giving deposit of $5000 They started the treatment but everyday they harrassed him with the medical bills and finally discharged him without operating his broken hand too. 3) For the patient who just had a motor vehicle accident and have multiple ribs fracture anterior and posterior with the broken arms how can you discharge without even giving scripts for the pain relief?? 4)He was kept fasting from midnight until late afternoon for the operation but operation got cancelled everyday instead they harrassed him for not paying medical bills.How can u threatened him to kick out of the hospital when he insisted to have treatment for his broken right arm. They told him to get the police and kick out of the hospital.I don’t live in America and I don’t understand their policy but what I understand “where is your medical ethics”? 5)The funny and rude things they did to my dad was given the letter of “not fit to fly”due to medical conditions for two weeks and asking him to go back to ur country and have it operate there.

Anika Aguilera

the parking system is disgusting until 4 minutes before the time limit for the 2 hours they charge you $ 5. When you complain about the error, they tell you that they can not do anything that is the fault of the system. It is useless to call the officer and tell him that you inserted the ticket 4 minutes before and that it is wrong because they are charging your answer is the same is the fault of the system. I do not understand why so many staff working in the parking lot if the cameras and the system do everything. ?? Erroneously but they do it all without help from anyone and it takes all responsibility

douglas houghton

I had a major surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital by neurosurgeon Alan Levi MD on 10/9/19. The surgery was a total success at relieving my symptoms and I had outstanding professional, expert and courteous care throughout my surgical experience and recovery. Jackson has world-class nurses and doctors who provided me with excellent care throughout my stay. Thanks!

Louise Paul

I have arrived at Jackson Memorial Hospital just to receive my medical records at 1:02 p.m. and left there at 2:15 p.m. This guy was there before me sign in he was the second person on the sign-in sheet was there for 2 hours just to get his medical records. It dont make no sense .Espanol people went before everybody else even though they came after me and others. I dont know employee discriminate there but everyone should been help in order has they sign in and provide with authorization form when they arrive not to ask for the form and ask should they provide their ID. Should been already told to do so.I suggest you get a better helpful worker there.

Humberto Vargas-Vidal

I have been an outpatient and inpatient recipient of medical care at JMH for over 21 years now.As a person who is very low income and cannot obtain private insurance,Jackson has literally been my only source for healthcare. I am suffering from numerous health conditions that have negatively impacted my quality of life.I want to thank JMH for helping to make healthcare available to everyone,because otherwise,people like me wouldn't have it available at any other hospital.However,there are three major areas where JMH has got to make improvements or reforms on. First,for many poor people like me, transportation to and from JMH is often a major problem.Many of us simply cannot afford cars,or even have funds for public buses,and many of us often live many many miles away from the hospital.Jackson has got to develop a system of shuttles or vans for helping to transport its patients to and from the hospital whithin the Miami Dade area.Second,the process for applying or being recertified for the JMH card should not be as incredibly difficult or so full of excessive proof of residency requirements as now.

Jose Montes

I never write reviews but there's always a first time. If there's was an option to put -5 stars I would probably press it for the rest of the day. I was at the emergency room for four hours and after I noticed people going ahead of me first my wife told the nurse why was this happening, she said they had call me an hour ago and that they had released me, and that I had to go back to the first window to sing in again. How can they call me if I never moved from the first place. How can this happen we over sixty professional working in this emergency room? Yeah!! They did call me to get all my insurance info but never received any treatment, we the little energy I had I needed to get out from that place. It was the second and last time I'll set a foot at this emergency room.

Mitchy Dean

This is the best hospital in Miami in my opinion!!! I loved every employee! Awesome peeps ...From the top specialist rt down to the registration department! It gets a lil dirt due to high traffic & value at all times but still the best hospital!!! ❤️❤️ Had the best care & treatment with my broken arm, Kendell hospital sent me away at the emgency room when I came back to them for help after 3weeks w/ a broken arm I was told to find a hand specialist & never even got to get seen


I had to go there for a blood test. I didn't want to touch anything, I saw blood on the needle disposal bin, etc. I believe the conditions were unsanitary. I recommend going elsewhere if you can physically do so. The follow up care, after you have left, is nonexistent. I still cannot get my records explained to me by anyone, after no less than 6 calls. Someone will answer the phone when you call in, but they will never come back to answer your question. I waited 30 minutes on hold, until my phone was dying and I gave up.

Laporsha Chardai

It was a long wait, but it was worth it. Thank you! Special thanks to the Orthopedic team, Dr. Justin, Prince, and Carlos Garcia. They made my visit more bearable. i was all smiles from the time I arrived, to the time I left, despite the pain! They went above and beyond and i appreciate attentive physicians and supports staff. Thank you guys so much! I told you i leave reviews, haha!!

Jorge L Nip

Everybody criticizes Jackson Memorial Hospital but they take the poor also prisoners from jail people with no insurance And they're saving my life from cancer they done a great job including the dentist department Shout out to the ENT department-radiology oncology

Colon Capone

Wish I could give this place one star. Horrible service. That lady working at the front needs to get fired.

Disa lee

Horrible service very negative employees I only experience one nice lady. It took 3 hours just to be seen by a nurse for the urine sample & blood pressure check which I noticed she didn't even check it properly. She just placed it on my arm. I had to hold my own urine sample when she was checking if I was pregnant, and then told me to dispose the cup myself. Never had I ever experience this in a hospital. I had to wait another hour before I saw a lady who wanted to know some basic information. Before she started I asked how long before I can see a doctor she told me it can take all night. At that point I decided to leave. Never again will I step foot onto this contaminated campus. There was a urine cup in the emergency waiting room on the floor I can only imagine what could of happened if stepped on. Someone reported it to the front desk it wasn't attended to until two hours later they reminded the staff about it. WOW My waisted time 7:30-10:30 still didn't see a doctor.

miriamstephanie claude

This hospital it’s a waste of time.

Doris Rivera

The people they have working here have no hospitality very very rude not welling to help loved ones thru trouble time will family members go thu a hardship nurses are very RUDE

Jose V Perissinotti

They are just amazing. Tnks for all

Family Christ

I just gave birth and they treat people like if they are better than them, no respect or professionals, the transporters are more educated and nuturing than the young doctors and most nurses and the people in brown are sweet, the cleaning lady nice. But these young doctors that just got their degrees correct you when you call them sr. They make you call them doc, like if they even deserve that title onle cause they got a degree and started working yesterday. I respect the older Jackson, where there was RESPECT, honor, nuturing and genuine staff. I was born here and had my other child here. And this experience was not good, they charge you almost 300 to have a decent visit. They give you hard core meds to get you to leave and then they do not even care how much pain you're in, or try and find out what's causing the . The infected my iv, and said it's nothing,. Get it together Jackson


Even though this hospital is not fancy it’s the best hospital they have the best doctors and they save lives is what matters the most you have to wait a while but it’s worth it! I’ve going there for years the nurses and doctors are very niceI love it!

Alan Boss

They treat animals better at the zoo and honestly for the first time ever I felt that my relatives were actually in danger the longer they stayed. An apple a day can keep you away from this concentration camp there running.

Bigg Dru

Jackson hospital west wing 6th floor has the most disrespectful and rude nurses!!! They show no regard for their patients well being they have attitude problems and shouldn’t be working with the public!!! If you have to choose a hospital I recommend you finding a hospital with better nurses and people who care about their patients!!! When you call the nurses station they are rude they hang up on you, when patients ask for assistance they don’t show up or they take hours to respond!!! I understand that they have multiple patients but to treat people like animals is definitely not right!!!

LOB3 100

My first time coming and last they took hours to tell me results and they don’t have no respect for patients.While I was waiting to my results for my x rays.All the nurses are eating and talking as if we are in school or on break while having a room full people that need help.They told me they would give me a shot for my pain.After they gave me my shot I got cold sweats right after feeling as if I was gonna pass out. They did not give proper attention I had to scream to get assistance felt as if I was going to die And had a purple mark on my skin they never put a bandaid on me after the shot.It seemed as they don’t follow regular protocol and do as they please.And to top it off one nurse was dropping a big flammable gas tank on the floor multiple times thank goodness the hospital did not blow up .This was a very traumatic experience I would never come here again In my life even if it depended on it.The most unprofessional hospital in the whole state Florida.WHO EVER WILL SEE THIS TAKE MY ADVICE AND NEVER COME TO THIS HOSPITAL ITS UNACCEPTABLE AND UNSTABLE!THIS HOSPITAL SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!

Julian Galindo

The JMH is well known and has experiences and knowledge. Love the stuff and people who work there very friendly people

Shanaya Posse

This hospital is the best. The environment surrounding the hospital is I do believe disgusting incredibly nice. The food and the people are just so friendly and kind I hope the people will like it.

Brenda Crawford


Elias Rahman

I understand the nature of a nursing position. I understand hospitals can be busy. But for goodness sake, could you pick up the pace? I waited 4 hours to receive one pain killer. Let's be serious now. And please, please, please pick up your phone! You place people on hold with no intention of picking up. I'm not blaming every staff member, but it falls under one umbrella.

Monique Lassooij

The nurses and everyone at the desks are friendly and helpful. And most doctors even have very pleasant bedside manners.

jason staples

worst hospital ever

Ollie Bates

Very bad experience.

Ana Callard

I could honestly say that the staff n the nurses n the doctors help me and they were are nice.

Mike Klozar

My father died here. A Vietnam and Korean War veteran of 30 years in the USAF. They at first refused to accept him. When we arrived they asked what country he was from (Cleveland, Ohio). We airlifted him in to the trauma center at midnight after his stroke, the doctor (who spoke Russian and had an interpreter) didn't bother to see him until 6 hours after when it was convenient for her. By then it was too late. As he was in a coma, they said he may not make it and said they needed the bed for other patients who may come in. He died 27 hours later. They could not care less.

Joe Chite

In my personal experience, I would only ever go here again if I fell ill in front of their building. From the brash doctors unwilling to listen to patients to their combative staff not trained to handle the demands of the thanks. They aren’t better just because they’re a teaching hospital in a big city. They’re overworked and prepared to treat you like. Irving more than a number.


Terrible customer service false promises were made

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