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Maria Fernandez

My best friend was amitted Friday Ivan RN in ER was spectacular wonderful bedside manner. Victor Fernández in ultra sound great care. Rossbet Nurses Aid was stellar Saidy the 3rd floor Nurse was very efficient and sweet. My Best Friend Vivian Casals-MUNOZ is home today and feeling much better. Thank you to all staff at Hialeah Hospital.

Lazaro Garcia

Hialeah Hospital has been the best hospital my mother has been to. My mother had two surgerys that where complicated,we just don't have the words to explain the awsome service that my mother has revived at this mother has been on the floors as well as in step down unit and ccu2,where ena villamill,and many others have gone out of there way to make our stay a five star .My family and I would like to recognize the entire staff,at this five star hospital.We also would like to recognize joandra Hernandez for all the hard work she has done to make our stay here the best under a stressful situation.I would hope the administration reads this review and gives the merit to all invloved in my mother's care.Thank you to all the nurses and wonderful doctors at Hialeah Hospital from the bottom of our hearts. Lazaro Garcia,Guzman. Respectfuly.

Enzo Pallara

I was at emergency room last week with my girl and was amazing service really accurate and fast thank you Hialeah Hospital


you need to improve in your costumer relation. i have been calling your hospital since last week, i had left more than four voice note and no one got back to me. i am in Nigeria and wish my wife deliver in your hospital base on referrer, there is no any email address in your website, your phone always goes to answering machine. how do i contact you?

Bronflakasenater Alifia River

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Manuel Guerrero

My wife recently delivered at Hialeah Hospital with Dr. Tudela. The nurses for her labor and delivery, Evelyn and Olivia, were amazing and so supportive from beginning to end. The nurses in recovery were also wonderful, Linnet and Marjorie. My wife and I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend the hospital to others.

Donna Brendlinger

I’m the mother of one of the patients admitted in HlH Hospital psych unit and was surprising and unbelievable for me the sad news this unit will be closed soon. Unfortunately my son has been admitted in other psych hospitals here in this area because his mental condition and he never was treated in such a good maner, with humanity and professionalism like he receives there in Hialeah Hospital, when I thought finally we have a good place to take our family with psych problems and they’ll be treated as human beings, the human beings that must of the time have been discriminated just because of their terrible condition , hard to treat but mainly hard to understand.How can it be that such great unit and team will be terminated just like that. We the people who suffer every single day dealing with psychiatric relatives like we are, need more Hospital and psychiatric service like this one . Which should be a model for the rest of those who do not provide the services they must provide. Anyway I always will be thankful to that unit And team that worked so hard and make the difference and also demostrated we could be again the country we were before, the times when people really matter. I hope you keep on raising up the standar of psych care where ever you guys have to go. I’m deeply sorry. God bless all of you. Donna.

Jose Piedra

My mom was recently admitted through ER for abdominal pain and was a patient on the second floor. She had the most excellent professional care . The doctors and nurses were all devoted to her best outcome, they were attentive to her every need and compassionate and caring towards the family. They kept us informed of every step and intervention. We are so grateful to still have her with us . Thank you!


This is one of the worst hospitals in Miami , DO NOT GO HERE .. my aunt was admitted to the hospital through the ER for infection , they did not treat her the the infection till 10 days after being hospitalized they had her on pain medications and physiatrics medication just to calm her down and have her sleeping through out those 10 days , they wouldn't care for her and told our own family to feed her or she wouldn't be fed for the rest of the day . After the 11th day she started treatment for the infection and just let her pass away on that hospital bed . This hospital is completely one of the worst hospitals you can ever go to , treating you like animals and making fun of their own patients that they should be caring for. this is one of the worst experiences we have had mostly grieving with a lost of a family member due to the negligence to treat their patients .

Sylvia Ramos

Today I had my yearly mammogram at Hialeah Hospital. Ruth Chavez, the technician was not only professional, compassionate and caring. I highly recommend Hialeah Hospital for your mammogram. The registration staff was efficient and professional. Thank you Hialeah Hospital for serving our community!!!

Yajaira Rojas

I want to say what a wonderful experience I had through the ER and the Maternity Unit treated me excellent the nurses and doctor and overall staff is great. This is the place to have your baby. Thank you Hialeah Hospital.

Rider Ulesia

Great service at the maternity unit.. thankful for the staff and doctors.

Norberto Perez

Doctor and surgeon treatment was good but male nurse treatment was rude! was told or heard the male nurses tell the female nurses at time by some male nurses handling my mothers case or chart "mandala para la casa" meaning in spanish send her home. The female RN telling him "oye heso no es hasi" meaning hey that's not like that she has ECG electro cardio gram ordered. After that she was done labs urine and even had a heart monitor connect being told "she was a able to go home" she removed her heart monitor and told on 2-3 ocassions her dismissal papers were being prepared. After this I told the male male nurse who said they would be ready in 40 minutes that I would hold him to his word. After 40 no dismissal papers were prepared, and we thinking we were going to be kept a 3rd. Day were asked are heart monitor be removed and we left without signing any papers. The cardiologist never should his face and we cant say who he is. My mother was said to get operated for a hernia got operated for a small ulcer. Told good it was found on time before things got worst. What surgeon did well male nurses and unnecessary tension as well as cold central temperature for 3 days made worst. Got home thank God for miami dade transit and metro rail got dadelandsouth and all the way home in Jesus name!

Jason Katz

I had my girlfriend at Hialeah Hospital last week. The care provided to her was exceptional. From the Emergency Room to the Observation unit. The attention provided by the nurses, techs, doctors, and other hospital staff was excellent. A very caring and dedicated team Hialeah Hospital has and should be proud of. Thank you to the nurses who provided her care Jose, Maritza, Sandra, Maria to name a few. Regards Jason

Michael Jones

Words are not enough to say how much I appreciate the care I got from Hialeah hospital I would always recommended Hialeah hospital for myself & family & close friends they have a great staff from the time you come in the my case I was admitted - during that time I never had problems getting my meds & etc.I have to give a special thanks to the 2nd floor doctors, Nurses, Nurse's Asst,Therapy, housekeeping, cafeteria, case management.thanks for everything.Michael jones

Tony Delgado

Our Babe was born on 12/30, I have nothing but good stuff about the care given to my wife and son, from the moment we walked in all the way to taking babe home!!’ From Nurses,medical and maternity staff were super!! I recommend this Hospital to anyone in need,

susan hinkson

I was seen in the ER and the staff were competent and caring. I was transferred to the GI station quickly were I received a procedure and the GI doctor and nurses were awesome and passionte. I was then transferred to the 3rd floor were I again received excellent care from the nursing staff and techs. The environment was very clean and the food was good...I rate this hospital a 10!!

marjorie lozada castro

Thank you Nury S ( admiring department) . I really appreciate your support in all surgeries activities. Your job makes my life easier!!!!

Derek Obando

The service here is amazing i have been here a few times and i was actually born here.

anexajoogi Diamanté azul

I was in the hospital on the fourth floor for weeks, the attention was wonderful, a very professional staff with a great directive Sandra, her leading maneyer has good control of her equine, very attentive nurses Faustino, the very professional nurse, good hygiene and very good use of Disinfestants to treat the patient, its director Marlon visits the patients room by room in the mornings to learn about their concerns in short Feliciyo to the staff because they work together and with very good quality. I give them a five star rating

Ramon herrera

At First the ER was great they were fast on trying to get exams done so we can see what the issues were. The issues began when we were moved twice and still didn't have any results and it was 8 hours we had been waiting for them. So like any obvious person would do when a family member is in the hospital we started to get upset. But as soon as we spoke to the director things started to move swiftly. With that being said the nurses have been great in trying to find answers and take care of any issues we have and being the most helpful people. We can't thank them enough

Falisa Houston

Me and my husband George Mcgriff love Hialeah hospital the people that work here is excellent worker's, very nice, they take good care of there patients believe me because they is making sure my husband is well enough to walk out this hospital happy and we love them.

Jessie Correa

I wanna say thank you to HIALEAH hospital for their EXCELLENT care provided to my life time partner specifically on the 2nd floor the unit under the direction of Sinai for over a month we have been admitted thanks to them and hospital today we BOTH leave happy and free of all illness my partner almost lost his right hand because of the special care of this hospital my partner still has his hand and will return to WORK as a hair dresser soon .life beautiful.HIALEAH hospital is and always will be to us THE BEST.


I delivered all my kids at this hospital. I have no complaints. The nurses are great! Very helpful and kind.

Rikki Wilson

Is this news true? My aunt called me to let me know my favorite psych unit will be closing soon. Let me tell you this, to whoemever is in charge, it’s scary times for someone like me, when I have crisis I like going where I am being treated like a human being, and out of all of this years, this has been the only place. It’s scary.... we are out of resources. How come politicians say they will help with mental health and then keep closing out community resources?!?!? What’s going on?!?!!!

Abby Leon

Hospitals are always the last place anyone wants to be but inevitably we at some point need to go for one reason or another. However when you end up in the hands of individuals that have worked at the hospital for years on end that truly genuinely care the treatment becomes unforgettable even through a tragedy. My experience has been beyond words can express. From the Kitchen who has catered to my not so easy diet to every single nurse I have come across who by the way are not only educated about medications, procedures but are also ready to help you feel comfortable beyond their task and let me not forget immediate respond to needs and request. All the way down to the janitorial/cleaning staff who care to stop and ask how you feel on a daily basis and encourage your days to be positive. Far and for most I will forever be greatful for my Doctor and his team who deserve gold medals. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to be in such a difficult moment of our lives. Moments like this makes a difference and leave a print. Thank you Hileah Hospital.

Mark Crowley II

Here for planned surgical procedure and overnight stay. Off to a bit of a rough start, surgery delayed a couple hours then waited in recovery quite a while for a room, once in a room though the staff were amazing. Very knowledgable and attentive. Great place if you aren't on a tight schedule.

Stephanie Socor

Such a great hospital! Rushed my mother last night, service was excellent. Everything was very clean, their system was organized, and I was really impressed with their service. The night shift nurse that attended us was named Jose, he was very professional, attentive, and friendly. The doctor took the time to explain to us everything with detail and was also very professional and attentive, his name was Dr.Rodriguez. The night shift team made us feel at home. Nurse Lisa was also such a great help! Will be returning in the future if needed!

Armando Anel

I had a wonderful experience, I came in through the emergency room for a kidney stone and had to stay for a couple of days. The nursing staff and floor doctors were wonderful and Dr. Cohen my urologist was a lifesaver. Preop I had to stop by the administrative office and met Yordy Expo and the finance staff were equally professional and courteous. Thank you Hialeah Hospital

Laura Santos

My father-in-law was recently hospitalized at Hialeah Hospital and the experience could not have been better. Juan is 84-years-old and diabetic, and prior to him being admitted to Hialeah Hospital, he had been hospitalized three times at another hospital and discharged without any health issues being diagnosed or resolved. The staff kept telling Juan he was okay but we knew something was wrong. Boy, were we right. So when we found him on the floor, having fallen during the middle of the night, we decided to take him to a different hospital. Thank God we decided on Hialeah Hospital. While at the hospital, the doctor diagnosed him with blocked blood vessels. Juan ended up having three stents inserted near his heart! We are very thankful for the excellent treatment Juan received at Hialeah Hospital. Not only was his problem finally diagnosed, but the nurses and other staff treated him with great care and kindness. They were very attentive to his needs and we can't recommend Hialeah Hospital enough! Great hospital!

Veronica Perez

Stay away! The ER air conditioning is broken! My mother sick and sweating profusely, big infection control risk and other risks. Poor employees all look like running marathon. No spot coolers nothing! This seems like hospital from third world country not USA Just saw news you should be ashamed to have patients in a hospital with no ac! You will be reported to all news media, joint commission and Acha, so sad!

Felix Maytin

This place it’s awesome my grandma was in the room just on the side of a overdose cucaracha... plus the caffe place DOES NOT allow you to use NFC payment with Square System just because the owner doesn’t want, this person it’s a completely ignorant a it needs some education about it, and Square should cancel his contract whit the cafeteria

Wendy Perez

I want to tell you about my positive experience with Hialeah hospital. My mother was admitted with a posible TIA . From the minute she arrived, her treatment was top notch. The nurses who took care of her, both Gretel and Danelys (forgive me if I spelled this wrong) treated her like if she was their own mom. They were patient and kind. They didn’t seem annoyed at the questions we may have had during her stay and took the time to explain everything as much as possible. The nurse in charge of the floor, Marlon, went above and beyond to make sure she was comfortable and came by the room on more than one occasion to check. The little details such as a special valentine card that came with her food on Valentine’s Day, were some of the added touches that made her smile during a very difficult time. So thank you Tony, from the food dept., for this. Overall, I recommend Hialeah Hospital and thanks to them my mom is home again.

ximena lizarro

My mom had surgery here, I was upset her Doctor picked this hospital since it had awful reviews, but surprisingly everyone was nice here! It's clean and the food is good my mom is very happy and is already better.

Luis Jimenez

I took my cousin joel hernandez last night to the er he received great service since we walked in. I will like to say a big thank you to the nurses maritza and marbelina and to doctor lugo. Thank you hialeah hospital for the great service given to my cousin.

Sara Fay

I had a great experience in the ER the staff and doctors are fantastic. They expedited all that was needed for me to feel better. Thank you Hialeah Hospital

Mr savage

This has to be 1 at is wort , doctors and nurses are just plain time and take their sweet 6ss time to get things done while some of the nurses are worrying about fb or ig , just plain crab this hospital You have every medical illness go a doctors hospital away from this Hialeah cubanitas chcletera plase.

Aldo Corrales

I had a great experience at Hialeah hospital ER. The staff was quick and attentive. Definitely has improved a lot from previous years.


A + Thank you for your excellence

Ermys Garcia-Roves

I love this hospital, all the nurses, doctors and staff have been great very nice. Even the cleaning and the cleaning staff of the hospital is great. The emergency room was so fast that I didn't have to wait not even ten minutes. This hospital has gotten so good, that you get to enjoy talking to the nurses and the patients. They are always checking up on you and making sure you have what you need. The food is also great. I would not go anywhere else. Even the cops come to eat here. My kids love food from the cafeteria and the coffee shop. I recommend it if you have any kind of emergency. I would like to thank them all one by one.

ana ampie

Really liked the attention they gave my partner , even though he does not have insurance they did all tests and medication ! Great hospital.

Yenisey Rodriguez

Outstanding service at the labor and delivery department. Most experienced and caring team.

Brandy Espinoza

Horrible .

Maureen Aguilar

Only reason why I even gave 1 star is because I couldn't leave a comment otherwise. This hospital is disgusting. Room phones don't work, mold in walls, old gum on floor, dirty patient and waiting rooms. Even the equipment that the nurses use are dirty. I would compare it to a hospital in Cuba. This hospital should be shut down due to no hygiene and incompetent employees who probably hate their life for working in such bad conditions.

Dana BC

After coming down with food poisoning and multiple episodes of vomiting, I felt so weak that I knew I needed to head to the ER. The Hialeah Hospital ER staff was amazing, the registration department, the charge nurse, Tom and my amazing nurse Raul Caballero. I had to post a review and let them know their professionalism and amazing care was truly appreciated.

Laura Ana Cerdeiras

This is an excellent hospital for seniors. I am the administrator of an assisted living facility, so my residents used to visit Hialeah Hospital any time they need to be stabilized. The ER is very efficient and the nurses are communicative. I have to thank doctor Rafael Abreu, MD, my resident’s PCP and the hospital social workers that facilitate every procedure. It is one of the few hospitals were the CNA and the food services are not in hurry when you try to inquire them regarding any situation. Thanks to all and keep being so professional.

Caridad Ferrer

I want to thank with deep appreciation to the entire staff at ER, ICU UNIT, 2ND FLOOR STAFF, you have a Fantastic team work very organized including housekeeping GREAT EXPERIENCE THANK YOU VERY MUCH THE WAY YOU TOOK CARE OF MY MOTHER ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU.

Alba Lopez

My mother was recently admitted through the ER. Despite a very busy day, Alex (RN) provided excellent care to my mom. Very professional, caring and efficient. Awaiting for a bed upstairs, my mother was then transferred to a “transitional” area where we were greeted by Daimara (CNA) who was very caring. She put us at ease during a very stressful situation. Grateful for the care that was provided.

Pita Santos

I would like to take a moment to appreciate the outstanding service that was given to me today. Especially to congratulate nurse Alex. You are the best, thank you for taking such good care of me. I was really nervous when I arrived to the ER this afternoon and you were so welcoming and attentive. Thank you!

katy diaz

I understand if you are not a fan of Hialeah Hospital. However, I have to highlight the last visits of my residents to this hospital would completely change your mind. I used to send the ALF residents to this hospital only because of the privileges of their PCP, Rafael Abreu, MD. Even though I've always been pleased with the medical care, the hospital faced big issues. Now, the facility itself is clean & nice visually. The nurses have been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful; and I was delighted by the patience of the food staff. Additionally, I have to thanks to the social workers that always coordinate carefully every single detail with the ALF.

Queen Tonya08

This is the worst hospital ever. They have lack of compassion and is very snobby. We have been here for 3 day from my mom having a minor stroke and they have yet to give her her results. It saddens my heart that the employee do not care about the patients.

Alfredo Hernandez

You are very special “Daimara, thanks for all the love and for being so professional. ☺️

Ana Vasquez

They gave my grandfather the wrong chemo which soon lead to him being weak and recently passed away

All Florida Collision

Incredible no one answer the hospital phone at Hialeah Hospital. It just rings and no response have been trying for one hour. nurses at the night shift are no where to be found and the patient is there with pains and nurses are lost.

jim brannigan

I was there 2 days ago because I was having severe stomach pains, shortness of breath and chest pain, mind you I had a pacemaker implanted just 6 weeks ago at another hospital plus I was born with Situs Inversus Totalis, my organs are on the opposite side of the body including my heart and even though I informed everyone in the ER and on the telemetry floor, nobody checked my pacemaker during my stay or even bother to do an echo cardiogram of my heart. During that first night I must have lost conciousness because the last thing I remember was coming out of the bathroom and lying down on my bed the next thing I saw was a day and a half later in the afternoon I woke up and all of a sudden the doctor is there with three other doctors telling me that he's discharging me without any excuse whatsoever how explanation of why I was being discharged in my condition I was totally disoriented and when I walked out with the nurse through the emergency I started bleeding heavily when they took my IV off my right arm because I was on anticoagulants and they did not do the proper procedures when they remove the IV and putting in a bandage I was bleeding so badly that my pants and my sneakers were full of blood and I was trailing blood all over the floor until she ask somebody for some more gauze and tape to retape me and clean me.the doctor should have not let me leave the hospital in my condition I was very disoriented I couldn't even walk I was stumbling and I fell as I was reaching the Metrorail station three times on the floor I had to pick myself up scratched and everything and get on the train and then a bus and make it home when I clearly told them that I did not have transportation to get back home and I was very disoriented and I was not feeling well at all. I may have had a stroke that evening or a heart attack, why else would they move me from my room to ICU if everything was fine? That's just it, everything wasn't fine, something happened and it was kept from me and that is illegal. I could have died that day. A dog gets better treatment than the treatment I received. it won't let me give it less than one star like zero so I'll have to give it one star by that place is horrible there's no compassion for human life in that place and I'm thinking about proceeding with legal action.

Helen Sanchez

This hospital is terrible and has awful service! Nurses refuse to bath my mother in law. Nurses take super long to give out medication. Refused to assist to go to the restroom. They took more than five hours to put IV on. Employees have bad attitude and never have time to dedicate to their patient. I don’t recommend this hospital to no one. It is a cementary. Thank god we only stayed there 5 hours before we had to take my mother in law back to Memorial West where she had outstanding service. Memorial West has great attention and I would recommend this hospital to anyone!

Ana Gonzalez

Great experience just had my baby yesterday and all the maternity staff has been amazing, specially Nurse Carolyn Bryan was excellent very sweet and charming with all my family members. Great Maternity department!

Yerard Toledo

You could see the difference in treatment. They went all out for a patient that had a better insurance than my dad. Every so often a different health professional would go check up on him while they would not go see my dad for hours. It's sad to see that the quality of care given is in correspondence with how expensive your insurance is. Things are backwards in this world. Everybody should be given equal treatment in hospitals.

Alex Reeves

Great hospital thank you nurse Maria for your help .

Sonita Polk

They want give me water or food the nurse really brought me an sip of water

Andres Diaz

I was Admitted to the second floor on the medical floor the treatment was excellent from the nurses and the doctors I’m very thankful specially Daray, Rachel, Hugo, Sheila and Pierre , and Dr Blanca Gonzalez and special Sinai the director and case management .

Xiomara Nieves

peas a patient on room 237a for a couple of nights and was under the care of extraordinary nurses. Claudia was exceptional. I love you Claudia ‘

Raniel Stubbs

This hospital is great Had surgery Marvin was my nurse and he was an amazing nurse. He took care of me and was so kind Katrice also was my nurse at night and she was great My doctor is Andrades and he is a great doctor Thank you for the kindness. The whole staff was great Nursing supervisor Charge nurse Nurse marvin and katrice CNAs Physical therapy & Also, the rest of the kind people who took care of me for 3 days Thank you Hialeah Hospital

Diosdelto Napoles

Good morning, everyone what can I say about Hialeah Hospital well to begin with they have a great team I want to thank Marlon which is the manager of the intensive care unit great job, Dr. Jerry Capote thank you for never giving up on us. You are a great human being. And to conclude Camilo Puerto nurse in the intensive care unit you are the best nurse I have ever met. I want to congratulate this nurse he should be nurse of the year, dedicated, pationate, there are so many good things that I can say about you. You will always be part of our family we took a great part of you in our hearts. There is no gifts in this world that can express our gratitude. We love you CAMILO PUERTO Kind Regards, The Cardenas Family

Gissell DelCastillo

I dare you to ask someone where to validate your parking ticket. PLUS I had to come back because the parking lot doesn’t accept credit card payment. It’s 2019 are you serious? Even sedanos accepts credit card payment. My father was admitted today at 2 in the morning from the EMERGENCY ROOM and 12 hours later, at 245 he still hasn’t seen his primary hospital doctor. The specialist CONSULTANT came and spoke to him before he saw a doctor. The nurses are fantastic. But I can get him water or blankets. He doesn’t need a nurse, he needs a doctor. Honestly this hospital is just out for the money and nothing else.

Diana Delgado

I had a very good experience giving birth in this hospital. It was my first time and definitely I’m very thankful with Dr.Grant and nurse Maria Rivera. I had an excellent delivery everything went good, good service, tasty food, nurses very attentive. I really recommend this Hospital.

Brittany Williams

I have come here a few times for emergency situations as it is the closest to my house aside from Jackson and I just REFUSE to go there. Both times that I have come here for my own reasons, the experience wasn't too bad. The wait was short. I have never had to wait more than 30 minutes to be seen. The last time I came they were so packed that I had to sit out in the hallways, however when it was time for them to give me my shot in my shoulder they did find a bed for me. I appreciated how they accommodated me when I needed to get an x-ray on my shoulder. Since I had my son and I was alone, we had to find a spot for him. Luckily they got an tech to sit with him in the monitor room (i suppose that's what you call it) and keep him occupied while I got my x-ray. Overall this hospital is okay. It could use some renovations. While it isn't my favorite, I'd certainly come here before I go to Jackson though! That's for sure.

Janin Ubeda

This hospital was great! My aunt recently underwent a very complicated surgery that required a lot of post op attention. Everyone was superb with her and the nurses checked up on her every two minutes. They would take time from their busy schedules to assure us that everything was going good, and even explained thoroughly some questions that we all had. The room where she was staying was big and spacious. I truly recommend this hospital to everyone, many reviews online only focus on the negative. The improvements that have been done to this hospital in the past 3 years gave it a 360 degree turn. Definitely a great hospital!!!

Alexander Burg

This place feels old and run down. I think things are try to change here, and I hope they do. I won’t go back unless something does.

Amarie Aviles

If I could give zero stars I would. The staff at this hospital are very unprofessional, unsanitary & have to be reminded to do their job. I was a visitor and witnessed nurses talking bad about other patients. They don’t come into the patients room often and there is a log they must sign every hour, they fill out the log at the end of the shift and sign for all the hours they missed at the last hour of their shift. They’ve given my wife 4 different diagnostics without doing any exams and looking at old procedures from over 8 months ago. After being admitted from the ER it took two days for a doctor to come, to then send for another doctor that came on the 4th day of her being in pain and discomfort. On the 4th day of having abdominal pain and not eating is when they ordered an ultrasound and CT scan. Doctor Nassif ignored me and walked away while I was talking to him concerned for my wife. He told me he can’t speak with me without permission, this is after 4 days of sleeping with her in the hospital and them showing me her records, he was given permission to speak with me by my wife and still chose to ignore my tears and concerns for my wife. Seems if you are younger and/or not Hispanic, like the majority of the staff, you get different treatment.

LT Gutierrez

I was born in this hospital 50 yrs ago. Today I don't have words to explain how blessed I feel with the GI department staff, Dr. Fernandez, Luis from the lab/"the blood man"!!! They've been taking care of my mom's transfusions for several years. They treat her like family, they check up on her, and they truly and genuinely care about her and my dad. This week my mom was actually admitted. The ER staff and nurses on the 2nd floor have been great!!! THANK YOU!!!

Deborah Perry

This is the best hospital I've ever been treated in the State of Florida. Carmen in ICU and the whole ICU team was excellent during my stay...five star treatment, meals, and a five star medical staff. The people here are friendly and knowledgeable and always willing to help.

Charlie Rodriguez

Talk about service! I was not feeling good at all. While experiencing stroke like symptoms, I visited the Emergency Room. The staff quickly assessed the situation and without hesitation began to treat me with appropriate care to stabilize my condition. I am extremely grateful for the professionalism and caring attitude of the ER staff. Thank you for all you did for me.

Laidy Morell

I took my husband Damian Jimenez to the ER for stitches and I received great service everywhere since I walk in to when he was taken care off .Great doctor and also I was only there for a short time. I would truly recommended Hialeah Hospital great job keep it up.

Lil Basulto

I went to emergency room with 34 weeks pregnant and was sent to labor in delivery and was attended by one of the best nurses that I have come across Alba Romeo she was so polite and nice so patient and wiling to do he job the best way possible with a smile on her face since I got there until I was discharged. Definitely made my visit really pleasant I wish she is my nurse the day I deliver my baby.

Zulay Grandal

my father was there yesterday for a surgical procedure the nurses were great he was very well taken care of thank you Daisy from registration and Yordi for everything

Christine Garcia

I would like to say thank you for the experience I had in the ER. The staff was kind and caring when I visited. Specifically Dr. Castillo, Nurse Naraa and Nurse Jose Izquierdo.My sister was a bit frightened of the situation and thanks to this staff their were able to ease me through it.

Sandra Barrera

I was referred to the Physical Therapy department by a friend and I'm so glad that I heeded her advice. Everyone from the Family Care center who initiated my paperwork, to the ladies at the PT office, Zaida and Mary, to my wonderful therapist, Claire Martins, were outstanding in their assistance and knowledge. I would gladly recommend it to anyone requiring physical therapy. Thank you to all, I feel great!

Gloria Alvarez

The excellence service , the nurses go out of their way to make you stay more comfortable. I would like to give it a 5 star especially Camilo RN and Amanda RN excellent nurses in ICU.

Israel Gonzalez

Excellent service! After having a judge surgery in Hialeah Hospital, my father getting better each day. He was in the room 213 since January 17 to 21. Professional teem work from Med Surge unit: Unit director Sinai, RN Sandra J., RN Liz, RN Pier, CNA Silvia, and Gloria and Ana both are units’ secretaries. This team was Helpful, Outgoing, and very Caring with my family member. Thank you very much! Special thank you to RN Heidy who is Admirable Nurse with care and passion for patient care. She was interacting with my father, making sure he was able to meet his needs and giving him the best possible care. Thank You Hialeah Hospital for All Your Services. Gonzalez Israel

Javier Navarro

After 3 months at Hialeah Hospital in a critical condition, our Mom is finally at home. We had some difficulties with the staff at the beginning but at the end, we took her home alive and in a better health condition than when she was admitted at the Hospital. We were under a lot of stress and all this process was very hard for us to handle, to see our Mom close to death was the worst thing in our life. We would like to say thanks on her name and our own to some of the Members of ICU staff that did a very good job with her. Thank you Camilo Puerto, your professionalism, love and compassion with her was something unique. Thanks to the Nurses Laura, Maria, Hendrik, Sebastian, Valery, Iliana and Ernesto, all of you did the best too, thanks for that. We want to thanks the medical staff too, especially Dr. Capote and Dr. Mederos. Dr. Rossana Lopez, you are an angel and you were always there for her, thanks. In addition, we want to say thanks to some of the Reparatory Therapist but we do not remember all the names. Josue from wound care, man you are the best of the best, thank you. Betty (the social worker) thanks for your help, you did a lot for her and us. Every time we had a complaint, the Nurse supervisor, the director of intensive care and the administration always tried to help us with the situation, thanks for that. She will be under some health care at home but we hope she will be back to normal soon. Thanks. Olivia, Madelin and Javier

Siory Negrin

My husband husband had outpatient surgery. I was truly mesmerized how wonderful the staff was. They let me know how he was at all time. Thank you Sonia for being so caring And answering all my questions.


My was referred here from Leon Medical Center for a surgery she has no complaints against Leon. When she arrived at 1:00pm, she didn't get a room until 8 pm, the reason was that there no one to take her in a wheelchair to the room. The doctor in the emergency was ready to cut my mom right in the emergency room, until my mom told him she has a surgeon. The nurse, no uniform, we thought she was part of the administration staff. My mom is a diabetic, my mother had to keep reminding the nurses to check her sugar and to give her her shots. I have taken my mother to Jackson and Baptist Hospital in the past; please stay away from this place at all cost.

amado cruz

I like to thanks the ladies in the Physical Theraphy Department, very polite and helpfull. Special thanks to Claire Martins DPT who took care of me during this last month, helping me to to recovered of my Osteoarthritis pains. I really recommended the Physical Theraphy Department.

Christian C

The hospital is old, and you can see many signs of its age when you park in the parking garage and walk through the medical office building. However, its clean and the staff is friendly. My biggest problem is the time it takes to get what you need done. I went to register for surgery and it took approximately 3 hours between paying for it, meeting with the nurse and then meeting with the anesthesiologist. The process could have been faster. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30am on Friday June 3rd and I arrived at 7:15. I was not called in until 10:30. The attendant in the waiting room said that the first 4 people were scheduled for 6:30am and didn't go in until 9:30am. Lastly, like I said - the staff is very friendly but most of them either only speak Spanish or will speak to you in Spanish first. I speak Spanish fluently but can see what a problem this would be if i didn't.

Alisson Hernandez

Maternity care was great! The doctor was really nice and great and the nurses were very attentive really happy with the service

rob will

I never take the time to praise for the good, I complain too much. i want to thank all of the behavioral health team for the help i received, thank you guys, i am forever grateful.

ralph west

Visited my grandmother who was on the second floor. The staff was excellent and very attentive, this was a great improvement from two years ago when she also was admitted there. The staff there frequently visit patients rooms making sure everyone is safe and has what they need. My grandmother had an excellent stay there. I would definitely recommend this hospital to any of my loved ones or friends. Finally this hospital is heading in the right direction

Yaneisy Oliva

Awesome maternity unit, and the best environment. The best nurse Caroline

Lissette Piedra

My sister was admitted to Hialeah Hospital for a possible stroke and she received immediate attention in the ER by the physician and staff. I would like to thank Cynthia her night nurse for doing a wonderful job at being professional and going the extra mile to make my sister and our family feel comfortable leaving her overnight. Great rehab team and imaging department! Thank you all for all that you did for my sister!

Yordanka Exposito

I was admitted in the critical care unit and telemetry and the service was fantastic. The nurses and Doctors were excellent and explained step by step on my clinical and medical needs. Thank you Hialeah Hospital for taking care of me.

Michelle Williams

I would like to thank RN Ms. J. Murphy for responding to my concerns promptly.

Mike Anchia

My mother was in Hialeah Hospital for two weeks. During her stay I was amazed and truly pleased at the high level of care and attention which she received. From the moment we came into the Emergency Room to her lengthy stay on the third floor, everyone was absolutely amazing. The professionalism, care, and attention exceeded my expectations. This care went beyond just my mother. I was amazed to hear how well the staff treated the other patients near my mothers room. The nurses were amazing as well as the aids who went out of their way to accommodate my mothers needs. Something that really caught my attention was how members of the administrative staff would come by the room and ask how they were treating her. If she needed anything. My personal experience with Hialeah Hospital is one that I will forever cherish and share with anyone that asks. They provided the highest level of care and compassion. 5-Stars is not enough to show how we feel about the care and attention we received at Hialeah Hospital.

Demi Castellanos

Hialeah Hospital behavioral unit is a 5 star unit. After loosing my mother and some other harsh life events I suffered a deep depression and was fortunate to be taken there. My life has changed quite a bit since then. I received the personal care that I need. I was cared for and treated with respect and humane care. The unit has high security and privacy and is extremely clean. The staff and doctors are very well trained and respond quickly to patient needs. I believe the community highly benefits from this unit. If anything it should be expanded. If you or your family member need professional care, please do not hesitate to take them to Hialeah Hospitals behavioral unit. They will definitely benefit from it and their family will be grateful... Feel free to ask me any questions. I will gladly answer them. Have a blessed day!

claudia gomez

Took them a while for a doctor to see me, even when I arrived in an ambulance. Only did one test, x-rays, before bandaging me and sending me on my not so merry way. If you have an emergency and need quality care, go find it elsewhere.

laz perez

Amazing staff, they are on top of everything the respect was amazing also, my baby was taking care of like king! Thanks Hialeah hospital continue the great service.

Aracelia Gomez

Im in the Emergency Room Holding since and The Assistant CNA Daimara Martin was Professional Helpful Outgoing and very Caring with My Mom. Thank You Hialeah Hospital for All Your Services. Also at the. Emergency Room Anibal Cabrera was Excellent Nurse with Care of Passion for his career and Patients. At all Times he w as attentive to my mom Thank You again

Martha Rubi

My mother inlaw Pura Cid is admited in room 611 I Would like to say she has received great care great nurses and everything has been great excelente everywhere i highly recomend hialeah hospital thank you

Liliana Fernandez

hi i will like to thank the emergency room for taking great care of my brother specially to Kimberly the nurse she took great care of him and everyone in general great job hialeah hospital

Felix Suarez

I want to thank all the Hospital staff who attended my dad, especially the ICU department to their nurses Yaqui and Carmen and in step-down Anabell and Yodani nurses How they make a difference working with a lot of professionalism and Love all of them Excellent. Also I wham to special Mention to the CNA Astrid my respects and thanks for Love and professional with whom she works and without stopping all night I had never seen a CNA work as well as she, In General our impression for the care provided is exelent.

Hector Albert

I would like to say that im very happy with the treatment and i will also like to thank everyone in the 2nd floor the nurses the nutrition personal and the cleaning personel for there great services giving to me .i highly recommed this hospital,.

Archer Tiny

Horrible, No Manners, not Polite, unprofessional, dirty, no Hot Water. They treat you as if you were in a Cuban Hospital. I am talking about the maternity ward.

Anais Perez

Such a great experience, staff is super attentive and rooms are very clean

Lisa Francois

The nurses are the best but the doctor seems to be lost. The building is very old and past due for an upgrade. They didn't clean often but the nurses were on their A game! UPDATE! I came into the ER for bleeding, painful urination, and abdominal pain. I was almost discharged but after shift change a great male nurse in the ER was concerned and decided to run more test. Numerous things were found! A mass on my kidney, bladder infection, fibroids, an abscess that didn't heal correctly, and low hemoglobin 5.3. My discharge was changed to being admitted. The doctors seemed to care less about the situation at hand. After being told on Saturday that another scan will be done and signing a clearance for this scan, it wasn't done. Once Monday came about I had to have another IV in my arm for the contrast of iodine for the second scan. Never happened!! I was then discharged shortly after having a wound specialist look at and rupture the abcess on my leg. Basically what was told to me is your going home you can deal with these situations as an outpatient( blood level at 7.1 nowhere near 13). No clearance to return to work no full explanations of why all tests and procedures were ended. Now at 3:20 in the a.m. I feel worse then when I went to the hospital. I am highly disappointed that it ended like this. The cleanliness of the beds and bathroom and machines were sad. The RNs were on point but of course they answer to a higher authority. Some CNAs were professional but others were loud when dealing with the patient next to you. My room was changed on 3 different occasions. Seriously not feeling well and about to go to a different hospital. You guys need to get it together!!

Nylah Thomas

My aunt went to the Emergency room a few Saturdays ago and I really wanted to commend the staff for their excellent care and the time in which it took them to care for her. Within 30 minutes of being there she was assessed given a room,meds given, test done and within 4 hours she was discharged. The staff was excellent and very caring.

Sara Mallory

My nurse at Hialeah Hospital was so sweet. She bent over backwards to make sure I was as comfortable as possible after a pretty awful incident. I am incredibly thankful for the empathy and compassion she showed me during my stay.

Nickson Jean-Baptiste

I have been taking a family member to Hialeah hospital for surgery. I must confess that Silma Treto from Family Care guest access was very instrumental to the entire process. She is very knowledge, very friendly and very professional.


My daughter gave birth here to her baby boy great experience with maternity floor I love the nurses and the staff definitely recommend it !

Mark Taylor

Always late, hospital staff constantly having personal conversations and seem annoyed by patients. You will be lucky to find a staff member that speaks English well enough to discuss medical issues sufficiently. They literally could not locate my 100-year-old grandmother for a few hours after she had a procedure done. When asking where she was, staff members seemed confused and it was hard to understand them in English.

Emily Piedra

My aunt was admitted to Hialeah Hospital for a possible stroke and she received immediate attention in the ER by the physician and staff. Taken for MRI and CT scans in record time And we were told results right away. Special thanks to nurse her ER nurse Narra, Tele nurse Maritza and Yolanda on med sure unit. Thank you for the excellent care you gave my aunt. -Emily Piedra

Mora Sutil

I’m writing this review with one star just because it won’t let me post a 0 instead. This hospital is the worse hospital I’ve visited ever! And I’m not saying it from the point of view of a patient care only, but from the point of view of a medical staff as well. Sadly my aunt was taken here because she called rescue due to a terrible abdominal pain last Friday. She was left at the ER to run some diagnostic test to find out the cause of such terrible pain. Obviously, since she lives alone, family members were notified by the neighbors right away. I went there right after to see her and find out what’s going on. The nurse at the ER that was taking care of her cane in minutes later, he was busy with another patient. Understandable! I followed by presenting myself to him and explaining about her. He didn’t even say who he was. His batch ID was turned backwards so nobody could see his name. As I continued to ask what has been done and what was going on, he stated “ I know nothing about her”. “I’m not her nurse”. I read a bit before but I know nothing bout her”. I proceeded to ask: have you spoken to Her main Dr. Olazábal. She is well known here at Hialeah Hospital—- he didn’t even let me finish and stated: “We do not call the doctors” . Then I asked: how is that possible? How are you getting her past medical history if she isn’t able to tell you because she is in pain? He said: family!!! - but then again, nobody had called us to fin out! So basically my aunt has history of heart conditions and has obviously allergies to meds and they just don’t seek any info to treat her the SAFEST WAY! After getting to nowhere, I left, and promised her to call her later to see if she was feeling better. Yesterday, 4/15, she was supposed to go into surgery of gallbladder removal and hernia repair. They were waiting on the Cardiologist to clear her for surgery. Meanwhile, she had been NPO since 4/14 from 6 pm. We called several times. We called her, we call the nurse at care - Ana María, a very condescending lady who doesn’t even speak english that was the rudest person I’ve encounter so far at this hospital. She answered the phone, I stated who I was and asked if my aunt was ok, because she hasn’t been responding my calls. Ana María, nurse at care of my aunt said verbatim: “I do not speak or understand English. Please speak in Spanish”- not trying to argue with this person, I proceeded to speak in Spanish, and she immediately stated she was fine, talking on the phone to call her there, and then she hanged up. Not only me but my mom, my aunt’s sister, had the same kind of treatment. Anyways, my mom is at the hospital at this instant because my aunt has not eaten in 2.5 days because she has been waiting for the cardiologist clearance. What we just found out ???? Well, after addressing the director of nursing of the 3rd floor regarding this issue, we come to find out that the Ok has been given since Sunday, but my aunt has not been taken to surgery because of the terrible service that this hospital is giving. Whether is the nursing or the management or the hospital in general. This is ridiculous! She could have worsened in her condition and probably catch an infection or die in this past days and NOBODY CARES!!!!! Nobody!!!! I hope Joint Commission, ACHA, DNV and everyone else sees this message! This poor delivery of services and little mindfulness about the health and lives of the people that come seeking their help need to be noticed everywhere. Ps: I’m posting this comment every where so everyone is aware of the horrible services that Hialeah Hospital offers to their community.


My mother was a patient at the emergency room yesterday and the staff were incredibly fast, attentive and professional. Dr Castillo and the nurses were very good, quick and professional

Teresa Falo

I have to thank the staff in ER also the staff in ICU CCU taking good care of my Mom last year, she was diagnosed with A fib and a leaking artery but they couldn't do surgery due to her age (90) so with meds it has been controlled, everyone that was there to take care of Mom were so nice I can't thank them enough, nurses, assistant nurses , Doctors, can't complaint, and they loved her, she's very friendly with everyone and not the type to complaint for everything. Just a big hug for all of them !

Shelby Hughes

After reading the negative reviews about this hospital, I must say I was scared when I was told I had to stay overnight. But, I must say the wait via The E.R. was about 15 minutes, once I got up stairs to labor and delivery, the staff were very nice, the rooms were clean. The night over up until me being released was nice as well. Each nurse I had was very knowledgeable about their job. I look forward to having my babies here in the next couple of months. I pray you all have a wonderful experience like I did.

Montserrat Padilla

The care from the RN and CNA's was excellent. They really show compassion for their patients. The reason I didn't give the hospital a 5 is their RN ration to patients (7:1) . Most hospitals outside of Florida are 4 to 1 ratio. However, they managed with a smile. Carmen - was great in communicating with me important issues. I believe the hospital has improved from years past.

Heisell Fraile

I gave birth at this hospital and the nurses here are amazing i specially want to congratulate nurse jessica who was really caring and helped me as a new mom, she was also my baby’s nurse in NICU and took great care of him, I couldn’t be more thankful, she was basically an angel.

joel hernandez

I will like to thank the entire Emergency room department for the amazing care I received thanks to them I feel great again. Thank you Hialeah hospital

Margarita Serralta

I was a patient in the ER back in October. The staff was so caring and attentive. This was my first visit to Hialeah Hospital and I was very impressed. From the physician, nurses and tech - all did a wonderful job. They demonstrated that their patient's well-being was their priority. This is a hospital that I would definitely return to.

jackie millares

This hospital has one of the best and greatest most giving amazing nurse her name is Patricia Williams, she will go out of her way not only to treat you as a patient but most of all as a human being she has a kind heart and soul she tends to you like if you are one of her own The Compassion it's unbelievable, nowadays you not find anybody or in the professional business like this great amazing nurse she truly is an angel and at moments like this when you're in the hospital laid up is that when you need that angel and I have not seen one and so many years until I came across her . Patricia Williams has the compassion and the soul of a caring nurse. She e will stay by your side when you're feeling bad she will take care of you and make you feel better automatically she lights up the room with her smile and she's always there with you caring for you,.making.sure you're comfortable or, whatever else you need. this is the only reason that I would come back to this hospital because of this great amazing professional nurse. She should be commended for the great job.she.does day in and day out for all her shift she remains a helpful and caring person, she should receive an award for this because nowadays this across. Jenny Martinez and Hilda Pacheco are two of the most amazing nurses I've met in Hialeah hospital. Jenny Martinez And Hilda Pacheco go above and beyond their job duties not only do they make you feel better physically but also emotionally their Bright Smile lights up the room and it is so contagious you just have to smile back they explain.and they take their time to tell you things ,explain to you detail by Detail no matter how complicated no matter how big or small both of them always take out of their her time and explains it to you which makes you feel better and also like a human being because unfortunately nowadays that's something that other people in the medical field lack of, that is sure not Jenny Martinez nor Hilda Pacheco they're quick to respond when you call them and always have an answer and a solution I congratulate Hialeah Hospital for having this huge asset. For which Jenny Martinez and Hilda Pacheco are to its employer. And Hialeah Hospital. Angels in Nurse Uniform with an amazing soothing touch and smile help your stay as a patient or visitor more comfortable and. Provide relief.

Melissa Sanchez

Wonderful service and attention to patients.

Stephanie Zeigler

Wonderful Experience, Excellent patient attention. I just had my baby here and I couldn’t have asked for better service. Every person I came in contact with went out of their way to accommodate me. I really am enjoying my time here. Pretty good food too

Martin Rodriguez

My wife had an outpatient procedure done at this hospital. It had Very bad post op service from the nurses and you can not see your loved one until it is time for them to leave. All other hospitals I have been to allow you to see your loved ones once they wake up from the anesthesia. The procedure was 3 hours and then another 3 hours till they released her and I was able to see her. Do not have surgery here find somewhere else. The nurses in recovery are very insensitive and my wife had to do everything on her own. She told them she wanted to see me and their response was that she had to wake up and get dressed before she could see me and that she could see me when she was ready to go home. NEVER AGAIN!!! Ben Rodriguez the CEO needs to look into better treatment for the patients and family. I am not going to mention other hospitals by name but Hialeah Hospital is not even close to providing the quality of service and care that I am used to receiving in the Southwest area. I guess that is why Hialeah was the cheapest. You get what you pay for.

Jose Gonzalez

I just had a surgery this past Wednesday and I would like to thank the surgery team, and the nurses. They treated me like royalty. They were very helpful and professional.

jacc gr

I was recently discharged from this hospital and i want to thank all of my amazing nurses and tecnicians from the psychiatric unit up on the second floor, everytime I am here i have been treated like i am family, Dr. Lopez is an angel! god, i couldn't thank her more for all the care her team always gives me. I am extremely sad and upset to hear i will never be able to receive the excellent care and respect i have always been given at this unit. thank you guys, i am sorry to see all ya'll sad.

Damaris Negrin

I needed to take a moment and congratulate the excellent customer service provided to our family today by the staff at the surgery waiting room on the 2nd floor. The ladies were extremely accomodating and very helpfull as they kept updating everyone on their loved ones status. Thumbs up for you ladies! Thank you for your dedication and for keeping us calm and informed at all times. In times like these its great to have people that are proffesionals but most of all very family orientated. THANK YOU!

Maureen Diaz

HORRIBLE service. Not very professional staff, half of them don't speak English. Nurses all have attitude and building is rundown. Keep your loved ones out of this hot mess of a hospital. Instead of a remodel the State needs to close it down!!!

Helen Dunkley

My mother-in-law was taken to Hialeah Hospital as an emergency, mainly because it was the closest hospital to her, not by Choice. Frankly, I was expecting a terrible experience. But every single Nurse, Aid , P.A. ARNP, Technician , (x-rays, sonogram, etc) Custodians, and Doctor’s were there to make a stressful situation manageable. Everyone was caring, considerate and professional. Our family can’t say enough about how truly happy we are with the care she received while at the Hialeah Hospital. If she ever needs to go to a hospital, Hialeah hospital is our choice.

Cary Urquiaga

Parking issues is ridiculous, parking close to emergency is a challenge to begin with, there’s no wheelchair in the emergency room and if you ask for one you get treated like you asking for way too much.

Bruno G

I can keep doing this over and over and don’t find the right words to be so graceful about the way the make us feel on the 2nd floor at Hialeah Hospital. I don’t know about somewhere else but here RN- CNA are like angel like part of of your family.. I gonna start mention some names and if I forget somebody ... please ... congratulate that one double ...Daniel-Leo James-Lillian Yeneisy-Mercedes Yeleny Daray-Meray... I know I missing one CNA from the night shift but like I said is double for you too. Including the new staff from the administrator Sinai and Ivan very professional , dedicated and accurate the way they handle our concerns, including a phone call from Sinai on her day-off. Thank you... But one very very special to RN Yeneisy we have her twice at night and make you feel like if an angel is taking care of you. Thank you guys again and keep with the hard work for us. Special thanks to all the personal on the surgical room and colonoscopy extended to Dr. Mederos and all his crew members.

Sergio Camero

We came in through out patient and was greeted by a young lady named Silma ..... Immediately advised us that we were at the right place ...... And calmed my father as he is going through a very hard time.....She referred to him by his first name and really brought such a personal touch to the experience.....While I waited for him she kept me abreast of his visit ...... She did the same for all those that came through those doors..... What an asset she is to your hospital !!!!!!!

Emily Smith

This is probably the best hospital to be at to give birth. My sister gave birth and no lie every nurse around her encouraged her! Helped her out any way they did. She is treated so well and give all the necessary tools to feel comfortable and be confident. They had her do exercises and helped her out with her baby! They check her every hour. Every single hour. They give her advice about being a parent and much more. Terrific staff. The only complaints I honestly have are: The doors are squeaky on the fourth floor..they sound like a horror movie door. The amount of visitors that stayed for one afternoon were driving me nuts on the noise level. I haven't seen anyone clean the room within the two days of being there. Usually in palmetto, I have seen the women pick up their dishes from the rooms. It's super duper clean when you first go into the room, though. I have seen other comments about the hospital being for the emergency room. You can feel confident about giving birth here!

Susy Perez

This is by far the best Maternity unit ever. Thank you soooo much , Yailin, Carolina, Teresa & the rest of the staff who took such good care of me. I could never thank you girls enough.

Joseph Rivera

What can I say about this Hospital... Thank you Thank you, Thank you!! To the following: Josie in Telemetry Susan in GI Joseph in Telemetry and All Administration Thank you! from the administration team, all the way down to to the environmental services, it Is clear that you are all focused and driven on patient care. Your harmony between all systems are beyond impressive. Whether directly providing patient care or supporting those who do, every Hialeah employee, my family encountered has an impact on the quality of care my wife received. Thank you for taking care of my wife in her time of need.

Rebecca Guerrero

I visited the ER and the nurses and doctors were great. The nurses were very attentive and the doctor was very informative and explained to me what I was feeling in way that I would understand. I will definitely go back to their ER. I felt very safe and in capable hands.

Danay Rodriguez

My Grandmother was treated with so much love and given exceptional care. I would like to thank the nurses and the doctors for the attention she received.

Jorge De La Paz

After 3 days the doctor said you better go to the Jackson hospital, he can’t do that kind of surgery here and don’t tell them that you been here

Sherry Watkins

This hospital does need to be shut down, I called trying to see if they could get a private room for my mother in law because my brother in law (her son) was with her and no where to go (he is handicap) the supervisor said they can't and that they will call social services and they know what to do, I told her he will not go with anyone else and if they force him something will happen to him and if something happens to him something will happen to my mother in law and I told her if that happens I will sue the hospital and she said yes sue the hospital. She did not care because she could not even speak good English and it was not coming out from her pocket, all she cared about is what my name was and my phone number (stupid broad), she hung up on me.

Lucia Estrada

On 09/12/2017 I went to Hialeah Hospital Outpatient Service for a surgery scheduled for that day, upon arrival I was informed that it was cancelled due to hurricane Irma (I could not drive after surgery) as I was seating there waiting I was approached by the security guard on duty who told me that I had to leave the hospital, and I told him how can you throw me out like a dog? and He said he was following directions from the floor manager. I had to get out and wait and it was hot and windy. We, the patients are the ones who pay for their salaries, the hospital charges huge copayments, deductibles, etc and their employees treat us like garbage. I am very dissapointed with this hospital and will never ever go there in the future.

Jose Hernandez

Overall great experience, took my grandmother C. Riesgo The staff was very attentive. I would recommend this to anyone needing medical assistance!

Frank Lopez

My mom came through the ER yesterday and Ana charge nurse and Matriza the RN were wonderful. The ER Dr Valespino was tentative and quick. Omar the radiology tech and staff were great. The diatery was tentative and professional. Dr. Fernandez was quick to see my mom and very professional. I thank Hialeah for the great service provided to my mom.

Sheron A

I am a patient here in the ICU.Nathalie my nursing assistant, is very pleasant, loving, and attentive. The hospital and ICU team have been very kind, attentive and cooperative. It is a pleasure to be a patient here

Evelyn Ortiz

Amazing experience with both my babies.. had both my son in the hospital, the nurses where amazing with me and my family.. thank you and i really recommend the hospital...

Wise Guy

Not sure why this hospital is still up and running. Only went there because it's the closest hospital to me and I had no option. Let's begin with the ER nurse treating me like a junkie because of bruises on my arm from my phlebotomy class at college. She asked me what the bruises were from and when I told her she just rolled her eyes. Skip 5 hours and finally i'm moved from the ER to a room upstairs. The nurse tells me "By law the doctor needs to see you within 24 hours." I guess he's a criminal because it took almost two days. Cut to another nurse explaining how marijuana is bad and sharing life stories about her friends smoking weed. Long story short, this hospital is garbage and I'd recommend avoiding it unless you are having an emergency and it's your only option.

Alfredo Garcell

Horrible, the type of hospital you would find in a 3rd world country only used to treat farm animals. By the way the only way this lets you post is if you click on at least 1 star, there should be negative stars for us to select as well. My 1 star really means -5 stars.

Lily Roberts

The nurses located in emergency and ICU are doing everything besides taking care of their patients. Flirting and whoring around with patient family members instead of saving someone’s life. It’s a disgrace to the healthcare industry. But then again, what else would you expect from nurses who can’t even speak proper English and become an RN in two years. Pathetic. They(she) had the audacity to send a private message to a family member of mine whom which she thought was very attractive. Again, doing everything instead of taking care of the patient. It’s disgusting. UNPROFESSIONAL.


I gave it a star because there was no way to write a review this has been by far the worst experience in a hospital. My mother went in thru emergency and then she was hospitalized. She was never seen by a doctor the entire time she was there or a cardiologist she was given a blood thinner without asking her consent which she is under no circumstance allowed. They kept her there for 2 days and did nothing she needed and when they discharged her they didn't give her any discharge paper work which is standard procedure for any normal hospital. Then 2 days later they harassed her for a payment that she was forced to pay and later her insurance told her she didn't have one so they charged her for no reason. I am horrified by the horrible practice of this hospital.

Hany Cueto

I have to say that although Hialeah Hospital doesn’t have the best reputation there are some great nurses and doctors that works hard everyday and try to make their best efforts to make us feel better once we are there. Specially at emergency room where everything is so crazy and sometimes you can see that there is not enough nurses and doctors to take care of so many sick patients at the same time. I had to take a few minutes to give thanks to doctor Henry Mata at Emergency department for being such a caring and professional doctor while talking care of my daughter Hany Cueto and myself in more than 1 occasion that I have visit Hialeah Hospital. Also thanks to Guillermo Perez (manager of nursing) because while we were there we could see how he hustles himself to run that ER. That being said, I want to take another minute to point that there is a new director in charge of this Hospital and hoping for this changes to be positively good for our community and the neighbors like me that live around this facility and we want to continue visiting this hospital every time we feel sick.

Pedro Mayea

I want to take a moment to convey my most recent experience at Hialeah Hospital during and post admission of my elderly mother’s stay at Hialeah Hospital. The entire staff, from the initial ER admission, to the 4th floor Telemetry staff, provided the utmost professionalism and treated my mother with much care and compassion. Particularly Dr. Heriberto Fernandez and staff, Nurses Mercedes Puentes and Hugo Pena, and Dr. Amnerys Garcia, for their attention to detail, empathy, and exemplary care given to my mother. All are true professionals in their trade. I want to sincerely thank you for all your efforts from me and my family.

Maria Marin

Ailyn Alcolea she is the best nurse thanks Ailyn also great job for all the team from Hialeah hospital at night especially Aylin Alcolea,Dr Casteyon, Rafael Abreu, Dr Raul God bless you

Jaime Perez

Horrible hospital. AC broken in the whole hospital. Very hot. Urine smell in the telemetry floor. Horrible experiance.

Jose Estevez

Nursing staff in ccu are excellent!


My mom was recently hospitalized in the Critical Care/ICU unit in the 6th floor and we were impressed with the level of care and attention she received as well as the respect we received as her family. The leadership of Mr. Marlon Margarejo, the CCU/ICU Director and Assistant Director Dr. is OUTSTANDING, They are in the rooms talking to the family and working with the patients alongside the nurses. Everyone in the Respiratory team and the lab team were great. The following AMAZING nursing staff who also delivered excellent care and to whom we will be forever grateful to: Christina, Hany, Yalien, Camilo, Greter, and Valerie, and assitant Ms. Booz and Yolette. The nurses help each each other in a heart beat and as a patient you have a sense of their team work. If your nurse was not available another nurse would try to help the best they could or the Charge Nurses (Martha & Eva) would come over to help. I also want to higlight the excellent care we received while in the Emergency room by Dr. Mata. He was prompt to respond and took action to help mom right away and to keep us informed every step of the way. 7th Floor Case Management team (Elizabeth, Juan & Beatriz) are also the best I have ever seen compared to other hospitals we have been to. They were available and willing to work with us to make sure mom was going home with all she needed.The only recommendation we have is for the Radiology department to be more efficient with their personnel and their scheduling and to respect patient's needs and times. I will not hesitate to come back and I recommend anyone to take a chance on them. Thank you. I hope this review was found helpful.

gisela moran

I recently had surgery in the Outpatient Dept. and was very pleased with the treatment and attention received. Pre-surgery all the nurses were very kind, constantly asking me if I had any questions. The same applies for the doctor, and anesthesiologist, Post surgery the nurses were also very attentive, frequently asking how I felt, if I had any questions, wanted to go to the bathroom, etc. The discharge instructions were very clearly provided. Overall, it was a very good experience.

Anonymous Review

I am in the hospital right now im the emergency room . Instead of the nurses working they are standing around having personal conversations. The nurse told me she won't start with me until I pee in the cup. Never heard of such a thing. In other hospitals they work around it until I have to pee. I told her that I have nothing in my stomach cause I've been vomiting. The hospital is also dirty. How can this hospital even be opened its disgusting. This is not sanitized. The emergency nurse is awful she hasn't even checked on me again simve she told me to pee. Her name is Maritza, horrible nurse & shes the one doing most of the talking.

Emily Cruz

My mom went to the ER on the 24th of this month and she kept on insisting I let people know how good the care was. She says her nurse Jany was very nice, funny and explained every medication she was giving. She said she didn't just push medications down her IV like most nurses. My mom was so surprised of the care she received due to the reputation Hialeah Hospital has had in the past. She told me her nurse was always around and would even let her know when she was going to the restroom or taking another patient up stairs; she let her know who the charge nurse was if she needed assistance and she wouldn't be available. My mom also wanted to thank Dr.Graciela for taking care of her and explaining her results before discharge. She said many doctors send you the papers with the nurse and don't explain anything. Thank you Hialeah for taking care of my mom.

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