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Kristine Comstock

I recently had surgery and am unable to walk without a knee scooter. The lady at the front desk at the main entrance made me go get ID just to use the bathroom which is right next to the front door. The parking lot is cracked and full of potholes so it's very unsteady pushing a scooter with one foot through it. The bathroom was filthy and had no paper towels! Gross, dangerous and unnecessary.

Swan Swan

I had an outpatient procedure done last week, the staff was excellent, they did a great job taking care of me,everything was clean and very organized , a big thank you to Ramona and Christina

Rita Sappington

My care at FMC was excellent. I have no complaints. I was surprised. Everyone was so kind, they treated me like I was someone special. I would never go anywhere else.

Nadia Glover

At first all was well. I read the reviews, some were good most were bad but I was in desperate need of care. The ER was spectacular, once I was admitted the trouble began. I’m transgendered and this hospital is clearly not LGBT friendly. I was called a number different slurs... but I’m pretty tuff, so I let those slide! But when my nurses began to refuse to service me is when I had drawn the line. My IV had been defected almost for 7 hours ... the machine kept beeping and my nurse pressed a button on the machine it stopped beeping and then she wrapped tons of tape around my IV as if she was trying to hold it in place. Amidst the pain killers I felt my vein blowing... it did. My vein had blown! I took photos to post here... to show the extreme neglect I experienced here...

Larry Benson

I have to differ with many of the opinions found here. My father was hospitalized at FMC and received excellent care by both doctors and nurses. I recently had some tests at the facility and most recently had a procedure performed. The only downside is that the building is older and in need of a facelift. The care I received was excellent and I was very happy with my treatment by the nurses and all the staff. I would give it 5 stars for care and service but only two for the condition of the facility. It needs a make-over badly.

Peggy Waite

I was nervous about coming here after reading the reviews below. My doctor’s office assured me to disregard the comments that FMC is a great hospital, so I kept my surgical appointment. I am currently here and can’t say enough wonderful things about the place. From the security officer at the front door, to the admissions staff, to the pre-op department, the surgical staff, the recovery room and the nurses on the floor, no one could possibly be nicer and more attentive. I will be here 3 total days and couldn’t be more pleased with the service. One comment below mentioned the food being bad. Let’s face it, we don’t come to a hospital for a 5 star meal so to expect that kind of food is rediculous but so far the meals have been good and delivered complaints. When I said everyone has been nice, it is an understatement. Literally no one has been anything less than great. I have been through blood work every six hours, physical therapy twice a day and occupational therapy. Even these peripheral specialties have been excellent. I highly recommend this hospital.

Mary Berischa

I had a very bad experience at Florida Medical Center Lauderdale, I went there because I thought if I would be there, they would take care of me and they would help me me , but instead of help me i leaved this place felling worse than the way I was before going there. I feel very sad for the bad way they threatened me an no only me, I sowed so many injustice also with the other patients, they don’t let you to take a shower after 2 days, they don’t let to brush your teeth for 3 days, they do this on porpoise , they treated me like a homeless, they moved me at 10:00 pm when I was sleeping from my room , because they say they need ny room to put two guys, and they told me to take my blankest with me , and the new room they gave me the bathroom was so massy, smelled like pi , was dirty and that made me feel most depressed than i felt when I got there. I thought they were supposed to help me no to made me feel worse. This hospital is the worst hospital I ever been in my life . They almost kill me with the medication that I was not supposed to take, and besides that the doctor put this horrible medication to take it lemotrigine, even though I told the nurse that this medication causes me side efects. .and she told me that she was going ti tell my doctor in theMedical florida center, And she never told that to my doctor, and my doctor prescribes again that poison medicine to me again. . really they almost killed me. with this medication knowing that I have a fatal reaction if I take this medication. I don’t recommend thus hospital at all.

Very Happy

Florida Medical Center is the worst! The nursing staff is horrible Jess, Suzu is just terrible care givers. You will get better care at home from family then Florida Medical This is a private hospital but care giving is below a county/ government hospital. During my stay there is weekend my nurse Jess comes in hand me a suppository and walks out, no instruction no gloves I call the charge nurse Suzu what good did that do? None she calls Jess in now they arguing right in front of me. I just had surgery the day before I just asked for gloves and did it myself. Not to mention the day before my surgery the hospital call asking for my 2k copayment for me to be provide with such horrible care. Florida Medical don't deserve a single star but must allow one star to give an review. This place should be investigated. No way or these people licensed

Sharon Walker

Everyone was helpful in letting me know what was going on. Also the whole entire staff was friendly and kind. Five stars across the board!!!!!

Lainy Stark

I had neck surgery at FMC Northshore Campus and do not have one negative thing to say. The pre-registration staff were friendly and took care of me in a timely fashion. All of the nurses and support staff were were kind and compassionate in particular the O.R. Staff. My surgeon and his PA were skilled and made me feel better immediately following waking from anesthesia in the recovery area. I will recommend this hospital to everyone.

Ashlee Coleman

My husband was transferred here from North Shore in Miami to do a procedure. He went down at 7am and got back at 12pm and was not feed that day. He asked the nurse for food and the nurse had him wait literally until 8pm to scrap up something which was hard as a rock, so he did not eat! His IV was filled with blood and the nurse has not changed it yet and he has been calling but she has not done anything yet! If he contracts an infection, further legal actions will be taken! My husband asked to speak to a supervisor and he was told the supervisor left and they were in charge!!!!! His mom called to see what the problem was and the nurse would not get on the phone. THIS IS THE WORST HOSPITAL EVER & HE WILL NOT BE RETURNING!

Gloria Sánchez

My husband was on the second floor for 3 days. The nurses and assistants were amazing! Even though he just had a simple stomach pain and thank God it was nothing complicated the staff made everything OK. Nurse Jiva and Victoria were the best! Thank you all.


An absolutely wonderful experience for being in the hospital! VERY attentive nursing staff, friendly and caring! Would highly recommend FMC for excellent care.

Sam Azuz

Professional service was good and attentive, food was okay. Overall, it was a good experience.

john orlando

My elderly father went to er for pain and was sent home. He stressed to everyone he is on blood thinner, Xaralto and he will bleed like a faucet. The RN took out IV and only put on a simple 3 inch bandage. A few minutes latter while he was dressing, he noticed some blood. He was bleeding like a faucet all over his clothes and the floor. How incompetent can you be? The man stressed the fact and warned you. You should know a patient on a blood thinner should have been bandaged properly. His arm should have been raised with pressure on the iv site to make sure blood stopped completely before a bandage and it should have been bandaged securely around the arm. Shame on an RN for bandaging so poorly. PS.. Also this RN stated the fact to the patient that Vitamin K affects a person on Xaralto.. TOTALLY FALSE(dont give out info if you dont know what you are talking about) VItamin K has no affect on Xaralto .....................UPDATE>>>>>>>>>>>> WHAT COULD YOU DO FOR ME NOW??..... THE DAMAGE IS ALREADY DONE......DO THINGS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.....FLORIDA MEDICAL CENTER FAILED, END OF STORY


Always receive great care there

Debra Rambaran

The worst hospital ever the nursing staff unprofessionalI rate the nursing staff zero I'm a diabetic was discharged this morning I asked about breakfast was told I was discharged.when I got to the main floor the lobby I went and purchased a breakfast but I'm sure my insurance company was charged! Just one of many complaints!

Luz Dary Jiménez

The worst experience in hospital ever I went there with influenza with a lot pain and they sending me to home exactly like I was entered with the same pain, no test, no medicine nothing! just a note to farmacist, that's it .

Dawn C

I went in to the emergency room. Everyone was wonderful, they knew what had to be done. I was taken care of immediately and they watched me through my time there. I was scared when I got there but felt safe after listening to the doctors who were knowledgeable and truly concerned about my care. I was there Christmas time of 2017. Went recently, thank you Dr. Lopez and the team. Love this hospital!!!

Rae Menace

Worst Hospital ever!!!! I recommend that you go somewhere else immediately. You will be waiting for a room or hallway for 4 hours. When they do call your name, its another 4 hours waiting for a doctor. When you ask for assistance, they forgot about you for another 2 hours. (If I didn't have a broken right foot, I would have WALKED OFF) which is what everyone does when they're forgotten to 10-12 hours!!!)

Olinda Otero Maldonado

Good experience. specially in the ICU very friendly, concerned and caring very grateful from all the staff specially,my husband nurse Sergio amazing gentleman. thanks Florida Medical Center at Lauderdale Lakes Florida. Att Olinda Maldonado

samantha witter

If i could put half a star i would.. I had surgery on my throat here, which wasn't bad.. I had zero problems, but one time i was walking in the sun, and as soon as i reached home i passed out.. Ambulance came and rushed me to the hospital, they asked me what could have caused it, as if i dam know.. When the paramedic told the girl at the desk what happened, she laughed at me.. Who does that?? This was a while ago but I'll never forget, if i wasn't so weak at the time.. I would have slapped her

Luciano Garzia

Thank you Lisa Love.

Ileana D hi

Is there a way to put less than one star? This place is horrible!! I do not recommend it to anyone that would want to survive. I just dont have words to say how bad this place is. Please if you and your family care about your health then do not under any circumstances visit this place.


Excellent experience! Friendly staff and great care! Highly recommend!

Elyse Santiago

on hand doesn't know what the other is doing. when they transferred my father to another room, they forgot to put his IV back & he dehydrated. That is just one example. I could go on

Mystical Heka

My name is Grace Guerra, I was discharge on August 25, 2019. I went in with bad concussion that it turn into a T.I.A. from a bad fall I just want to say if i can give more stars i would, from the Medical staff to the cleaning staff they treated me with care and love, every single one of them. I will always ask the Ambulance to take me to "Florida Medical center" I hope this is read by the Hospital should be very proud of your staff...Thank you, Grace Guerra

Janet Loney

I just want to say a special thank you to the out patient surgery department at Florida Medical Oakland Park. From the moment I walked in through the door I felt welcome. First I must say a big thank you to my surgeon Dr. Romaine Joseph, specially mentioned names Ruth, Chantal, Kayla, Robert, Mercedes, Sreesha the theatre staff, the security guard and the receptionist at the desk I cant thank you enough all. Ruth and Chantal you both went above and beyond to make me comfortable and ensure was going well and my family that was there waiting were also comfortable. A big thank you to entire team.

Sherry Bender

Great ER Dr. Isaccson - however, that was the only good thing at this Hospital. There is virtually no communication between the team of doctors once the patient is admitted. I've found their is 'so much expertise and egos ~ that there is NO room for any common sense. They appear to be extremely understaffed, especially with direct care of the Patient Care Techs (CNAs), almost all whom are cold, and nasty. There is little if any help from anyone when you need it. The food is extremely unhealthy and mostly fried (and expensive for the family). They make many, many mistakes throughout ~ from the Doctors through the kitchen. This hospital doesn't even use moist toilets for patients, so that the CNAs must use wash cloths to clean the patient's bowel movements, even when patient is considered ICU, (as my father was, after their poor care), although not 'on' the unit. Even if you get to the Medical Director of the Hospital-- you are 'poo-poo'd'. The lead Dr. overseeing the case does not visit, leaving a family practitioner to handle the case, who leaves everything to all the other doctors. More than anything else, the attending Dr. Mendez repeated "We can't keep him here forever", than the amount of time he spoke about my father's pertinent medical issues. He was Discharged while his chest x-ray noted "increasing pulmonary vascular congestion" without it being addressed at all for 4 days. I had to make a Kepro appeal to save his life. On the 4th day after the chest ex-ray evidencing pulmonary vascular congestion, the Pulmonologist Kumar put him on lasix. When I asked why the wait since the x-ray, he said "the cardiologist should have done it", however the cardiologist was already off the case, and not called back for consult (as he should have been). It was an extremely bad experience and harmful for my father, and the Discharge was horrendous and incomplete, and erroneous, listing many incorrect medications... Essentially, it's a nightmare, and unfortunately for my father -- he was just sent back there :'( In fact, if the hospital had followed reasonable medical protocols, my father would not have to return to the hospital within one week.***** I am now making an edit to this entry 2 days later - - This hospital could not be more despicable, and they've went way over the pale!!! I am my father's health surrogate, and had been asking about his medications, lab results and x-rays since Sunday night. I was promised call-backs from nurses that never arrived. Then, today I learned that this hospital discharged my father, without giving me or his wife any information about his status, labs & test results, or medications, AND PHYSICALLY FORCED MY FATHER ONTO A STRETCHER, WITHOUT HIS BELONGINGS OR HIS WIFE. My father was crying for his wife, and my step mother was crying because they physically forced her husband away from her, and onto a stretcher, taking him away before she even had an opportunity to collect my father's personal wheelchair and belongings. They left her there! both crying... and with no information about his status, x-rays, labs, or medications... AND, this is despite that I made a Kepro appeal the moment I heard that FMC was physically forcing my father onto a stretcher.. This is most heinous, CRIMINAL action a hospital could have taken. RUN from this hospital, never allow yourself or a loved one to go near this horrid, criminal hell-hole.

Valar Morghulis

This place is disgusting. The staff is lazy, and looks bothered when asked questions. The people in charge look like they are just coming to work because they have no other choice. Depressing vibe and super ghetto. Don't go here for ANY REASON! You've been warned.

Francia Jean

My daughter was just discharged at 4:30am on 10/12/19. My experience was nothing near pleasant In fact it was the most dreadful moments I’ve encountered. My family and I have recently transitioned from Pembroke to Lauderhill. Being a mother of two , I was excited knowing that the hospital was located right behind my house.Two out the three times that I’ve been in this emergency, They made me feel like I was mentally deranged.But never complained. However,This morning things were completely out of hand.I was very disappointed. The Doctor discharged my two year old and suggested that I give her Benadryl for a cold/fever/vomiting. I quietly signed the discharge papers and left. I really felt like telling him about my medical background in the field, but I didn’t. I wanted to keep it professional. Next time, please treat everyone with care and value their concerns ,because there are times you may never who you are speaking to. Overall, The experience was horrible and believed that they could have done a better job treating a two year presented with these symptoms.

Tom Furlan

My experience with Florida Medical Center was completely positive. My mom was taken there by ambulance in August of 2017. I was able to arrive at the hospital at about the same time she got there. I was quickly informed that she had probably suffered a stroke and was being taken to the intervention department for a scan and analysis. Within minutes, Dr. Cueva came out to the waiting area to talk to me about the scan results and the possibility of an intervention procedure to remove a clot in her brain. Once I approved the procedure, I was shown to another waiting area. I can not stress enough how thorough the communication was throughout this time, and how quickly everyone acted. Everyone was on the same page, obviously well-coordinated, and I was kept completely in the loop the entire time I was at the ER/Intervention area. After the procedure was done, I was taken to a room where Dr. Cueva showed me the before and after images of her brain scan. I could see the blood was now flowing to the section of her brain where it was not before the procedure. Educational and eye-opening. What this team did for my mom was amazing. I would like to thank Dr. Cueva and the entire intervention team for not just saving my mom’s life but acting quickly enough so that she still has a good quality of life following the stroke (after some rehab, of course). My mom then spent three or four days in the ICU, and that time only confirmed my already high opinion of Florida Medical Center. Again, communication was outstanding, and care was first rate. Everyone was professional, courteous, and “on the ball”. I have been to several local hospitals over the last several years visiting my mom and other relatives, and I have been through some very bad experiences. The level of care given to my mom at Florida Medical Center showed me that hospitals CAN get it right. Highest recommendation possible.


The experience was quick and to the point. Spent about 3 hrs, did an MRI, they found nothing wrong. Nothing spectacular. The bill came. They charged me more than $5000 copay for 3 hrs of service. I understand I have a high deductible, but good God!! They already took $250 from me on the spot, then the insurance company paid about $1600, then $5000+ is left for me to pay. I call to quietly dispute the bill and they send me to a dispute department in Texas that only has a PO box and a fax number. This is shady business. You can't even speak directly to the department and meanwhile they're going to start charging me, God knows when they're going to answer me. I have to wait for communication from them whenever they feel like it. Plus I'm 100% certain at the price that they charged me, there must be countless people needing to dispute their bill. This is outright bullying and thievery. I trusted this hospital to do the right thing. It's a hospital for crying out loud. They're worse than the damned mob.

Maureen Aguilar

My uncle is currently in the hospital and has been hospitalized for 16 days. The negligence and lack of communication has been incredible. Clearly, this hospital has other interests aside from the patient’s well being. I have already reported them for investigation on Medicaid fraud and have contacted a legal team.


I recommend FLORIDA MEDICAL CENTER. All the staff very professional, fifth floor is the best. The Nina nurse excenlent.

Kelly Mares

My grandma had a stroke and was transfered here. Everyone in the stroke unit is wonderful. Everyone has been so nice and informative.

Lashannon Lovelace

I came in today at 1:40pm complaining of chest pain they took my vitals and did an ekg very quick. Once I was place In room blood was taken it is now 5:57 pm and not one sole has walked In this room . Worst service every if I wasn’t in so much pain I would raise hell first and last time coming here

kay bernard

This hospital is the worst . Came in for an issues and without running any test I was given 3 different medications. All the while laying on a bed in the hallway. I am waiting to see this bill. I’m in terrible pain and not even a little peace and quiet and I’m sick

Divas Signature

This is the Death Hospital. If you don't want to live, go here. Everyone I know that has went here, never made it out, including family, friends, friends family members. Associates family members/friends. I don't even know why they're still open. Mention FMC to anyone and their response will be the same. DO NOT GO HERE, DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVE ONES HERE. I told my cousins time and time again to remove love ones from FMC, but it was too late. I watched my family member go from speaking, smiling and feeding herself 1day, to having a memorial and Ballon release

lawrence n

Staff incompetent, they have people laying around everywhere. You’d think it’s a shelter in their.

Devin Crumb

Poor communication with my wife resulted in her not getting the pain and inflammation medication she needed for over a day following her surgery. They were slow responding to call button with it taking between 5 and 15 minutes before some one tried to find out why it was pressed. You get better service on the worst airline I have ever flown on.

mike bortnichak

l wanted to let everyone know what a great experience l had with my total knee replacement.from the doctor to the therapy at out patient rehab department.1 person that made it exceptionally great was John Burton my physical therapist.He showed that he really cared. That I really thought I was going to do well and it made me want to go to therapy more.Thank you once again for everything.

Onite Joseph

I had such a great experience here the staff the doctos were so nice and i thank you for saving my sister she has heart problems and her chest was really hurting but after she came here the heart problems and chest pain wasnt a worry at all and i thank this hospital for that


Had a relative die here, for something that seemed routine. Crazy to see someone walk into an ambulance, n then die that night.

Ernestina Browne

Michele, Stacey, and Denise were wonderful therapists in the out patient rehab department. I made great improvements and had excellent care.

André s sausedo

Dr. Nanna is rudest doctor I have ever experienced. What gives him right to talk to patients so nasty. I came in as a rescue Sunday night (10th) from hurricane IRMA and never seen a doctor have 0 compassion in a time like that plus for myself having had a heart attack. Day after my surgery he wanted me out when and when said think I need at least another day he said no you need to go now. So I filed an appeal which I did win. Also, filed complaint on him with Medicare abuse line for doctors. If I owned that hospital I would be embarrassed to have him practicing there. Hospitals keeps bathrooms in ER and ICU disgustingly dirty. Food they serve is pitiful and hardly feed you. I understand was hurricane circumstances but I spent 20 hours down in ER before going to ICU cause had to await Cath surgery. Sam in ER was a great compassionate nurse but some of ICU nurses should not be practicing in medical field. Have been a person with lot of health issues past 8 years and been in just about all Broward County hospitals but 1st time at Florida Medical Center and was so disappointed in the care.

Sharon Ezzell

My husband had a total knee replacement and got the very best care possible. Five star all the way.

Crystal White

I know a lot of people don't like Florida Medical Center for what ever reasons, but I had the best hospitalbexperience for the past 4 days. I've never met such a compassionate,caring group of people who took care of me. The neurologist Dr. Mohsen went over and beyond the call of duty when it came to my health he genuinely cared. My nurse Kristen on the neurology floor who has been with me since Thursday night when I was admitted an absolute sweetheart down to the transporters 4 out of 5 of them who took me for all me different test, and the MRI tech who was forced to do my MRI at 10p.m. lastnight. I don't remember names and even the cleaning lady Ms. Brittany. Each and every one of them kept a smile on my face during this traumatic experience. I just want to give a special thank you to each and everyone of them.

Leo Sullivan

Great hospital. John Burton at physical therapy is excellent.

Polo James

They are so freaking rude an unprofessional there CNA s are just evil old women and stupid lazy nurses! An the housekeeping are my great grandmother age just a dirty freaking hospital! The worst I ever been in!

Amy Abern

I want to commend the staff at the ICU at Florida Medical Center. The nurses and the supportive staff are among the best I have ever een. My dad had been brought here even though he is affiliated elsewhere. So this was not our first choice of care. Due to the urgency of the situation, he was brought here. I am so glad they did. The staff and nurses on the ICU floor are the very definition of compassion. They take time to explain things in plain English. They explain thoroughly. They do not sugarcoat the situation. And they truly understand what we are going through. Not only do they take superb care of their patients and their loved ones, they take care of each other. This experience was completely uncharted territory for me. They helped me navigate through this difficult time with patience and grace. I could not have asked for better care. . 8

H Cox

Just took my relative to ER, he was admitted while I was waiting without notification! Something is wrong with their procedures but no one is willing to admit anything. Only rated them 1 because you have to rate them. Would not allow my dog if I had one to got there.

Onearmbandit Dex

FMC staff are soo nice!

Roudy Thomas Neree

Great place to work if you live at 1881 NW 31st Court, Oakland Park l, Florida 33309! Go FLORIDA Memorial Center!

Mitz Negari

They sent me and my father a bill for $17000 despite having insurance and they seem to have a lot of my stuff. They're not really a trustworthy hospital.

Gilles Boudreau

Out of the many hospitals I've had to visit in south florida . This place had me in ICU for 8 days. I have never been negatively profiled like this place profiled me. Never called any of my doctors ask me questions with listening to an answer. I went in with pneumonia which turned out to sepsis. Instead of asking If I had any dental problems recently they gave me an aids test. never discuss the full diagnosis on my pneumonia. I just had the first of 2 surgeries to a complete back reconstruction instead of asking anything they had me as drug attic and mentally unstable. I have a f@@@ing 144 IQ and will figure this out before this know it all geriatric doctor who actually had the balls to pull my family not imediat around the corner to tell them I was an abuser. I'll have to check where hippa stand on that. Never called my orthopaedic which would have set him straight just sent me home with 2 lies on my diagnosis to cover his behind. worst hospital I've ever been to. The staff in ICU had to be told I'm a drug attic since they treated me exactly like one until one nurse sat me up and saw all the scars on my back some fresh still healing. she was heartfelt. If you want to be a victim of patient profiling go to this hospital.


The nurses are so disrespectful. My mother was trying to ask a question pertaining to my grandfather and they just kept walking/ignoring us.

Mayling Melinda Jaquez

Very poor service no body knows nothing they all tell u different things that u don't know what to believe they don't come to check on u ask them for something and they never come with it and than u remind them about it and they get mad and give u a attitude and still didn't bring it I been here since 2pm and it 2:14am and I still don't know what is going on with me all I know is I'm staying here so they can Monitor me that is what the doctor said but than I asked the nurse fora drink and she said not because u going to have surgery so I'm like that is not what the doctor said. This is the worries hospital I been to I will never come here a again


They ripped me off by $4,600 for a sprained ankle.

Diana Hakey

No Stars! The entire staff is rude, unprofessional and of no help!

Vinette Bernard

My best advice for anyone with a loved one being cared for at this hospital is to be vigilant about their care. You have some very caring nurses and patient care associates. HOWEVER, you also have some nurse and charge nurses who need to be educated about the patient's rights. I strongly suggest you keep detailed documentation of your loved one's care or lack thereof. I also urge you to seek out Reader's Digest article on "What Nurses Won't Tell You."

Gabriel Nieves

Very experienced staft

Nikki Kee

They are not sympathetic to your needs and the pain your in. I came in with excruciating pain. Herniated disk it hurted so bad to move. I begged to be put to sleep for my MRI they took me for a joke I begged for more pain meds because I was terrified to lay on my back. I am also claustrophobic in that machine but they kept saying I already was giving volume for that. That's how you know it's a God because between the screaming and cussing and yelling in pain I was finally able to lay on my back. I also fell asleep during MRI. When they admitted me in took me upstairs I was still going thru excruciating pain and suffering and they only gave me 1mg of morphine and toradol which is nothing for the pain i was going thru. Until finally pain management doc finally showed up next day 7:00 pm she upped my morphine to 3mg which did help somewhat but I asked for dialudid and act like I was asking for cocaine or something. Anywho I checked my self out and left and went to another hospital never again I only ended up there because the ambulance said they were the closest to me because of the pain I was complaining about. Well never again will I go to that hospital under any circumstances.


Excellent care

Robert Russell

I had a Total Hip Replacement surgery at Florida Medical Center. The surgeon that did my procedure was Dr. William Burk. From the pre-op orthopedic class to post surgery, I was treated like a valuable and important person. The nurses are incredibly professional and have great empathy for the patients undergoing joint replacement. I could not be happier with the care I received at FMC. Oh, yes, the food was very good as well!

Brian Ebanks

Horrible customer service. Was forgotten about while on hold for 20 minutes. When i called back they transferred me and then hung up immediately. This has happened twice. Take your loved ones to someplace where they will be treated better

Christina LaFontant

Have been sitting I'm the emergency room for two hours with abdominal pain. Was called to the back to be placed in a room within 30 minutes of being here after vitals was checked to be stop by the doctor telling nurse I have to go back in waiting room.

Cris Signorelli

We are currently here with my father, the ER did not tell my father the results from his exam, he was sent to the 5th floor and has been here for 17 hours now and only to find that out that one of the tests may have been wrong. The nurses are great and very nice! But to get results from exams and the Results from the exam that they had to re do for my father has been a hassle, since the nurse may not give results only the doctor we are just here waiting. Its extremely worrisome that we have to wait so long without knowing when doctor will come to tell you the results even thought the test results are ready to be reviewed. If doctors are not in the hospital then they should at least access the system, call or do anything to keep up with their patients. Afterall thats what they swore by and the bill we receive from them and the hospital is high enough to have them give the correct attention to those in need. VEry disappointing! 5/17/2018 at 6:50pm at 8pm will be 24hrs at F.M.C 50 mins after response from my review still nothing, not even an estimated time as to when Dr. Abdou will be in or call to give results. Nurses paged him again as requested per my dad. 5/17/2018 at 7:20 Dr. Abdou calls in. One good news is the reviews here really work. Thank you very much for the person who is taken actions from here. So whoever is reading this make sure to use this system to help them better the hospitals system and staff, it works. The urine result that was positive for some substances which we believed to be wrong and after requesting many times it was re done and came out negative - what happened there we have no idea, we’ll definetly pursuit to see what happened, since this is not acceptable. All other tests we’ll get at the medical records office after 24hrs of my father being released. Marielle, Angela and Rose are really great and work really hard, we would like to thank them for being understanding and listinning to us. My father also says that the ER was quick everyone was really nice. So to be fair I’m raising the stars, but there is a lot to improve on the doctor patient side, which Doctors need to listen and spend more time with their patients in order to properly diagnose and make patients feel better. Dr. Ashraf, the cardiologist, should have listen to my father and not walked out of the room as he did, as afterwall the test was negative in the second run, but my father had to get upset, my mother had to cry and all to get a second test to make sure results were wrong as aspected, but why would they listen right, they don’t get paid enough. By the way it was a urine test! A patient in cardiology observation had to get upset to be heard. Oh by the way we still have no answer as to what my father had.

kerensa dessalines

My father admission was around 0700 this morning and he still didn’t get his eye drops for Glacauma . It’s 0711 pm now my father never received the drops. His eyes are hurting. Transport brought my dad back from getting a cardiac Echo done he left the bed high up he did not put the bed in a low position.

dawn valencia

I've been here before and the experience was ok. Ive since been to other hospitals and the experience was so so. I csme back to FMC and This is the best visit I've ever had. My Dr Mendez is excellent. My nurses are great. Jessie and Rolanda are the best. Very caring, smart and attentive. I couldn't ask for better. FMC will be my home away from home.

Christine Ahmad

I was treated so good there I did not want to leave. The food was great rate a 5. I just want to mention Christina Orthopedic Assistant she was so wonderful to me. She was great from the beginning of my surgery to the end of my visit. I also want to thank all the nurse on the 5th floor that helped me while I was there. Also I want to thank the PT and OT rehab they helped me get back on my feet. I do have a lot more rehab with my knee to get better. Thank you all for being helpful with my treatment. You all are wonderful. This is the best place to go. Thank you again.

Lovey Dogooder

Please don't go to this hospital or emergency room. They make you sign documents that don't have your name on them. The nurses mainly flirt & gossip with each other. The purposefully don't do any testing, etc. until you've been admitted there at least 24 hrs, as well as not seeing any type of doctor until 5p.m. You Must ask for everything there like water, new gown, towels, meds, toiletries, etc.

Alfredo C

I had knee surgery here . The people that took care of me had good bedside manor. Good experience!

Kenickay Prendergast

I don't like this hospital in my opinion this hospital is not a good one. My cousin passed away here recently and the providers gave up on here and I don't believe she would be gone today if she went to another hospital. I heard someone say people come here to die and I feel like with low quality care that I have witness maybe they do.

Milda Iraheta

My spouse had total hip surgery and was up walking the same day. Amazing ! As a nurse of 26years I can truely say the entire experience from registration to discharge was wonderful. Thankyou to all the care givers and clerical personnel. Special thanks to Dr William Burke and the fifth floor orthopedic team. Truely awsome !!!

bryan parisi

I was very impressed with the quality of service I received today at Florida Medical Center. After reading some of the negative reviews, I decided to find out for myself. I had an abcesse,. It was quite painful. I couldn't see my primary until Monday. I didn't want to go all weekend in pain and in fear the abcesse would get More infected . I have an immune deficiency so good health is important to me. I liked the fact that you are able to make an ER appointment. Everybody I came in contact with was knowledgeable, courteous, and actually caring. That included the front ER intake, triage nurse, my ER nurse, the insurance girl, and discharge. Dr. Lafontant was great. Im a stickler on who i choose for my medical needs. Contrary to those negative reviews, I was very pleased with all phases of my visit today. The only thing I could agree with in all those negative reviews is that the ER is quite cold. However, at least 3 employees noticed I was cold and each one offered me a blanket. I would absolutely return in the future if there was a delay in seeing my primary. I would recommend, without hesitation. As I stated previously, I am a stickler on medical care. I was quite impressed with the service I recieved. I didn't know what to expect based on some of those negative reviews. I'm glad I went, and was able to form my own opinion. I truly felt that they all went "above and beyond ".

Benjamin Kanarek

We found both the administrative and professional staff to be highly focused on our care. John Burton, handling my wife's therapy has been extremely caring and rofessional. Ben Kanarek, MD, PhD

Terry Mcphillips

Florida medical hospital is definitely the WORSE HOSPITAL IN THE U.S.A. I wouldn't send anyone to this hospital. They have a reputation of patients walk in and leave in a body bag. The way they treat EVERYONE is awful. PEOPLE DON'T GO TO THIS HOSPITAL. Everyone treats you horrible this includes nurses doctors techs aides even housekeeper are nasty. Don't waste you money folks.

Bebo Bjj

Worst hospital I ever being I my life! Waiting for 2 hrs almost 3. With a chest congestion barley can't breath and they taking their sweet time. Don't come here avoid this dump place is a waist of time you might end up dead by the time they take care of you..

Snova Joseph



definitely go here to die. i was discharged a few weeks ago and it felt like hell on earth except people actually go here to stay alive...also the billing department should definitely get INVESTIGATED FOR FRAUD!!

Edward Eggers

Gourmet food the best service nurses treated me like gold got me back after my Heart Attack Demi back healthy thank God for this place it's the greatest Hospital in Broward County the best in Broward

Angela Long

Thanks for taking care of me during the night/wee hours of the morning.

David Lopez

Terrible staff, mean, impolite, food sucks they ignore when you call them and when they come to your bed they are mean and arrogant. I was there for two days and they charged me over $36,000 dolllars and did nothing for me to get me better. Other hospitals do care this one does not care but for the money. Your better off somewhere else.

Alexandra Rolle

Mother was visiting Ft. Lauderdale, where she was experienced a medical emergency. she was taken to the ER and was treated immediately. I had the pleasure of meeting the most pleasant doctors, Dr. Aloof, (Indian DR. who travels to Bimini Bahamas, Ms. Bennie, Nurses Assistant and Neurologist, others whom i cannot remember his name, but I was impressed with the service. They were so tentative to my mother. I thank you all of you for taking such good care of my mother.


Absolute worst experience dealing with this company. Went to the emergency center for about an hour in the middle of the night. Took blood test and was given medication for a simple and common problem. I've been billed several times for thousands of dollars that I was told would be covered by insurance. It's been 3 months since I was seen and I've gotten at least 20 statements in the mail. Bills from doctors and bills from the hospital, separately. They try to bill you even before your insurance kicks in, in order to try to get money from patients who don't know the difference. I wish I would have had time to read these reviews before rushing to the hospital. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE GOING TO ONE OF THESE URGEN CARE LOCATIONS. the one I went to was in Davie off of SR84. I would have been better off going to a real hospital or suffering through the night until I could reach my doctor the next day. Save yourself the headache and DO NOT GO HERE! Also, if you are someone who has also been taken advantage of by this company, PLEASE share your experience in order to save other people the cost/scam/headache/manipulation of this company and it's urgent care centers! Unbelievable !


I was as Florida medical center recently for a major operation. I could not ask for any better care. Everyone was so caring and made me feel like they wanted to help me. From the admission staff all the way to the discharge nurses I could not have been cared for any better. I would definitely go back there should the need arise.

Mike S

Had a horrible experience in the cath lab. Just to start off with its freezing cold in both the cath room and the other room you go in after the cath. I think I had 4 blankets on me and my wife had two jackets and 2 blankets and all you could do was shiver. Of course the nurse missed my IV which is not encouraging when you are about to let them touch your heart...but mistakes happen..i get it. Inside the cath room was even colder. I had only one sheet one me in there and I was shivering the entire time. I told many people how cold I was. I think for the last 5 minutes I was in there someone finally gave me a heater with a tube under my blanket. The cath itself was painful the entire time. I felt every bit of it. My armed burn and I could feel where the cath was in my arm.I even felt pain in my heart when they were in there. Nobody ever told me to expect this. I was told I wouldn't feel a thing and would be done in 20 minutes. Well, I was in the for over 2 hours i believe. I kept complaining of the pain. I don't understand how anyone can think this is a simple procedure. I definitely will never get cathed at FMC again.

Kent Reyes

My mother-in-law is in ICU in very critical condition. The communication with the family has been almost completely non-existent. The only time I have gotten information is when we pry it from them. One nurse told me in the a.m. that the goal this morning was to get her stable enough for a CAT-SCAN.(Mind you the nite before they told us they werent doing one) at 7pm at the end of his shift I asked him (after waiting all day for an update) if they did the CATSCAN , he tells me he has no idea. How is this even possible when you are the attending nurse? The first night she was in they told us a neurologist would speak with us. After hours and hours of waiting they send in a nurse practioner from neurology instead. Not much empathy if any at all in delivering news. Only after I insisted on talking to the doctor did they make one available, again hours later. Yesterday they tell us two tests must be done by Florida law before they can take her off life support, we thought they would be done by now because one was already done yesterday. Not the case and again nothing said to us until we inquired. This whole thing has been a horrible nightmare. The two stars is for the CARE the nurses have proivided to her. The nurses have treated her with dignity and respect and I wholeheartedly appreciate that. Unfortunately because of all the non-communication, two stars is all I can give them. I pray they FIX this before the next family has to go through what we have gone through.


My wife Linda Fernandez was literally brought back by the paramedic/fireman and I was way beyond scared for her. she was taken to the Florida Medical Center and I followed them. My wife went from the emergency room strait to the ICU. They put her in a medically induced coma ran many tests on her and blood gases. she had a pic line in her arm. My beautiful wife had no idea where she was or what they were doing to her which was a blessing. I will say this she received the utmost professional care from all the doctors and specialists that visited with her. She has only the left kidney and it functions at 35% and the nephrologist took excellent care of her. The whole ICU dept. is spotless and the staff were amazing with my wife. Something triggered an awful reaction in my wife they literally tried to find out what that was. Our family is extensive but many came for her including her son and daughter cousins it was almost a tragedy but the educated specialists and nurses took care of my wife with exceptional care and would not give up until she came out of the coma and they were able to speak with her. We are giving the emergency dept. and the ICU a diamond rating for competency, excellent care, compassion, and knowledge. Thank-you all for saving my wife. After the ICU she was transported to Health South for two weeks in the brain and spinal cord Injury unit. Love that facility as well. Cheers to you all for a job well done.! Vincent Fernandez.

frantz louis Louicin

They treat babies just like adults there. I went there with my 1 year old because he had a fever. I sat in the waiting area for over 2 hours before they gave me a room after I asked one of the nurses what's going on my baby is really sick.

Adrianna Morales

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to. If it wasn't for the ambulance taking her to the nearest hospital, we would have never chose to come here. My mother wasn't even treated properly for over 2 weeks and if I would have left her in this hospital any longer, she would have died. She had a tumor in her brain and neither her doctor or nurses said anything about it. They wrongfully diagnosed her with depression and advised that was the reason for her decline. Majority of her nurses were rude spoke over you as well as her doctor. They take forever and a day to get a hold of. Please don't leave your loved ones in this hospital!

Latasha Gorman

When I had a stroke, they were excellent! I loved the staff.

Leah Iacono

I had a terrible experence. The Doctors and nurses on the Pysc unit are unskilled morons. Very rude!

Thelma Diggs

My mom was a patient at Florida Medical Center and had the best experience there . The girls in the Cath Lab, Margo, Dawn, CeeCee, Chante and anybody I forgot were awesome. Kudos to the surgical team, the security team, esp. Sharon and Lovely, the EVS team, all the employees in the cafeteria who were so kind and gracious to us, Ramona in Outpatient , the team of doctors, especially Dr. Beyer, the nurse practitioner, Daniel, the 2nd floor cardiac unit were all just beautiful. From the minute we walked in the dooe, everyone made us feel welcome and special. This hospital is definitely a TEN in my book!

Peggy Benenati

I highly recommend the Florida Medical Center Outpatient Rehabilitation Center. I went to there and was blown away by how nice and efficient everyone was! From the woman who made my appointment, to the woman who greeted me at the front desk, the registrar, the nurse and doctor. Everyone made me feel right at home. They were professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. Also, I am very pleased with the medical treatment I received. I would go back there anytime!

Tany Marcellus

Wish I could put no stars. The nurses are so rude and incompetent. The operators have an attitude every time I call to check up on my brother. I call and ask a question to the nurses on the fourth floor and they say it's none of my business and hang up. I heard many people have many bad experience with this center. If I can put no stars, I will.

sonya beckford

Reading the reviews I didn't know what to expect but it was closer to me. The staff was very pleasant from the time I walked in. Jessica I believe her name was and another lady across made sure I was very comfortable. They came and popped their head in every time they walked by. Don't know if I looked worried or what but I felt at ease. Dr. Isaacson was great also made me feel comfortable. He let me know what test was being ran when he sent them and explained. My overall experience was good minus the wait time when I reached to the back. But hey what do you expect it is a smaller hospital from the rest. I thank you guys for your service.

Susan Kooiman

I was worried after reading some of these reviews. I don't think we were even in the same hospital. I had surgery at FMC two weeks ago. The operating staff, the nurses, the pre-registration folks...nicest people in the world. I couldn't have asked for better nurses. They were kind, comforting, caring, and above all, friendly. They even felt bad about knocking at 4:30 in the a.m. to take me for post-surgery x-rays. Heck. SOMEBODY has to go at 4:30; it might as well be me. The doctor wanted x-rays before he came for his morning rounds. The entire hospital can't get them taken at 8 a.m. The nurses hunted down Diet Cokes for me (the bubbles felt great on my throat after being intubated) and I appreciated every bit of trouble they went through to do it. I'd recommend FMC again in a heart beat.


For the past two days I’ve been cut off every time I get a phone call transferred. Don’t leave it up to the staff. You’ll end up having to call back.

Claudia Turner

Very professional was seen almost immediately they make sure i were comfortable explained my situation with clear understanding only thing i waited for a while to get the discharge papers would recommend this hospital

Adrienne Brownstein

It was horrible. The creepiest hospital I have ever seen. I felt like there was no one around. It was super quiet. The staff was terrible. I came in by ambulance and they just left me alone in a room somewhere and I had to keep stopping the few people who passed by and asking for help. They out me in ICU and that was even worse. There was barely any one around. Whatever you do stay away from this hospital.

Tangela Carter

Great, friendly & knowledgeable staffing. I was very well taken care of by all the ICU staffing. Well appreciative of the standard of care given. Food was ok. Services provided and given toward recovery was excellent. Curtious & sympathetic staff. Clean & well take care of every day. Provided excellent hygiene products. Comfortable & clean bedding. Good TV selection.

john brown

I went to visit a friend and this security guard ,his name is Christopher he is very disrespectful and don't know how to talk to the visitors and workers .I don't know how they have a security guard like that working there ,very very rude and his dress code is very sloppy and inappropriate for the working environment.My visit to Florida Medical Center that day was disappointed to see such rude behavior coming from such young man.I am so disappointed in the service i got from that security guard. And the way he look at the ladies in a sexual manner its just unacceptable ,rude .

Missy Sue

Absolutely horrible night staff in the ICU! I will be reporting the male nurse who thinks he is more important than the patients. Abusive horrible staff.

S. Reniece

This hospital deserves -5 stars! It is a DEATH TRAP! My brother went in for a simple gallbladder surgery and due to the NEGLIGENCE and INCOMPETENCE of hospital staff, ended up DYING! The surgeon SCREWED UP and left another doctor to fix HIS MISTAKE! This guy couldn't even look my mother in the eye! No one took accountability for what happened. My brother fought for HIS LIFE for over a month in the hospital, in pain the WHOLE TIME! Please, if you TRULY LOVE your loved one, don't send them to this hospital. Save yourself the heartache..

Lamar Lewis

I don't have to waste my time to post negatively. Everyone's comments explains it for me. How does this place still exist?

Alan Katz

What a garbage hospital. I will give you the short story and only one incident of the two. The hospital discharges my mother back to the nursing home. Nursing homes in that area are not noted for their expertise and care. The minute my mother arrive back at the nursing home They sent her straight back to the hospital. My mother died within 24 hours of sepsis. I complained to the hospital and I never got a response. It's my fault for not hiring an attorney. The care on the floor was trash. Hopefully at least one person will read this in a void that hospital.


I was just discharged from this hospital about two hours ago. I was having one of the worst days of my life— I was in a lot of abdominal pain, throwing up, very dehydrated and very scared. I went to the hospital via 911 because my husband was at work at the time and when I told him where I was, he went online, saw the reviews on here and immediately rushed over to try to convince to sign out against medical advice so that he could drive me over to Holy Cross. I was surprised that he said this hospital’s rating was so low because the care I was receiving was good. My nurse, Sam, was very thorough, caring and actually listened to me. He’s awesome! The technician, Natalie, was very friendly and upbeat which put me at ease. The PA, Jessica, is very bright and took her time assessing me. I spent roughly an hour and a half there altogether and was discharged with no more nausea or vomiting, no more pain and hydrated. I was so out of it when I arrived that I dropped my wallet and can you believe the Secretary, Iris, actually went digging through the trash to help me find it? I mean— where do they do that? This hospital is not bad at all. I appreciate all of the staff. Hopefully, I won’t have to see you all again :), but if I am ill— I certainly will not hesitate to return.

Justine Graham

If it's asthma you chose the right place they are very fast depends on the doctors

Moe Dou

Horrible service rude nurse. I went in with many complaints I got a blood test and got sent right away I asked if they are going to check me they said just leave you're blood test is good don't have time for that

Ellen Taylor

DO NOT USE THIS HOSPITAL!!! I was brought into the ER on a non-emergency basis at the request of my doctor for a transfusion to treat very recent post-surgery anemia. I was expected there & arrived about 8:20 pm on a weekday. After the initial work-up with vitals & getting an IV started, I was basically left to myself for 9 (!!) hours on a narrow gurney, unable to turn, make myself comfortable, or use the bathroom; I was forced to use a bedpan. I could elicit no information as to plans or status, & didn't see the ER doctor until 3 a.m., who seemed "iffy" about what was planned. The ER had become considerably less busy by that time, yet my husband & I were virtually ignored. We were shown neither kindness nor compassion, let alone any attempt at keeping us informed of anything. Transfusions were started at 5:30 a.m. & I was admitted to a room on a floor where the unpleasant, sullen attitude of some of the foreign, heavily-accented aides made my stay absolutely miserable. They appeared resentful at being asked to carry out the duties for which they were being paid and made their displeasure known. In short, this is a poor excuse for a health care facility which doesn't reflect the least bit of compassion and tolerates this same deficit in most of the staff I encountered. The standouts, however, were a couple of excellent RNs whose caring I very much appreciated. BEWARE THIS PLACE!!!

Breanna Mills


Joe Forte

Best experience my Father in law could've imagined. Thanks FMC!

Tom Alba

Deceptive. Beware. Went to a walk-in facility on State road 84 for food poisoning. Was informed I would be transferred to the main facility at no additional charge including the ambulance ride due to the fact it was the same place. Great. My insurance I'm sure paid them a hefty sum. Then I started getting bills in the mail. $1,300 $600 etc. after fighting with them through my insurance company they sent me adjusted bills which we're still not correct but I have given them monthly payments so I did not feel it. The second I'm about to make my last payment I get another bill in the mail from another department by the way this is the third department to send me a bill. I called the hospital and the money has not been going towards my deductible which is STILL OWED. Basically they're trying to tell me that every single department can send me a bill. They think this is normal. This is like going to a restaurant paying the bill and then the chef comes over and hand you his fee and then the bus boy comes over and hand you his fee. after you complain and pay them the manager comes over to you and then hand you a bill for his management fee. This is a sneaky way to get around my 350 co-payment. It's not acceptable.

Irasema Rico

Everything was absolutely wonderful from beggining to end. Everything excited my expectations!

Toya Glenn

Great experience tonight in the ER. Everyone that cared for me were very personable and professional. Tests were performed and results given in a timely manner. Wonderful staff! Only critique would be to ensure the rooms and bathroom are cleaned routinely. Thank you guys for such great care!

Jonathan Farmer

I received great treatment and help with my rehab after knee replacement with the therapist John. I learned how to proceed after surgery, and I will be back here for my next knee replacement and I recommend them to anyone in need of PT!

Dina K

My husband was having a stroke so i took him there since it is really close to our house. They quickly took care of him and the nurses in the ICU took great care of him . They were caring, encouraging and told me everything that i needed to know. He passed away but I truly believe that they did everything humanly possible with God's help. The nurses in the ICU cared for him as if he was their family member, and hugged me when he passed. I seriously could not ask for anything more.

Allister Fournillier

Florida medical center is the best!! Great worker's, loving, carring. From the Doctors to house keepers mabe me feel like family.

Alisa V

***** UPDATE ****** I've noticed that FMC rep will reply to negative feedback on here asking to write an email to voice your concerns and have them resolved... which I did ... email went COMPLETELY UNANSWERED. They DO NOT CARE what you have to say and are not interested in resolving any problems and making this hospital a better experience for the patients.TOTAL JOKE! ********************** This is my second experience at this hospital and it is just as bad as the first. The staff in medical records department are completely rude and unprofessional. I called to ask if the results of my test were ready, before I could say anything else the lady rudely interrupted me saying "if you don't sign a medical release form I can't tell you anything". I tried to tell her l that i DID sign the form because I had to go through the same run around last time and she wouldn't listen and just wanted to get off the phone as fast as possible. Not to mention, new patients are NEVER informed that they have to sign this form to even see IF their results are ready. I understand HIPAA Laws as I am a medical professional myself and am not asking for anything beyond of what they are allowed to release to me by law. Bottom line is that the staff that are working in the records office are COMPLETELY unqualified to speak to people and perhaps need to seek a different line of work since they are so annoyed by people. The registration employees do not explain to the patients the process of releasing records properly. I will never come to this hospital again, will discourage anyone to also and will be filing a formal complaint. Absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable.

Justyce Printers

My bf Came in on a Friday learned that he had an abscess on his throat, we were told by 2 doctors & 3 nurses he would have the surgery Saturday and out by Sunday. Now all of a sudden things are changing , they're prolonging a procedure and making him stay longer than needed. His nurses Rachel & Happy were very kind and understanding. They moved us to the opposite side where nurse Janice took over, rudest nurse I've ever came in contact with . I was able to stay with him Friday night...all day Saturday, get over to her side and she rudely tells me i need to leave. I'm very unhappy with this hospital and i wish we had gone to broward general. He would be out by now with better nursing staff. That nurse needs to learn how to speak to patients & the policy on this hospital needs to be enforced 24/7. Don't let me do one thing 2 days straight then change your mind. Very disappointed

Aniah Lyons

I'm currently at Florida Medical, & I've been here since 4:20 and have yet to see a nurse or Doctor. The Nurses and Staff are incompetent, rude, MEAN, disgusting and takes their sweet precious time... This place needs to close DOWN... or Hire a complete NEW STAFF...

Miss Hamilton

The service was terrible, The worst treatment I have ever gotten at a hospital where people are supposed to be professional and care about people. No one cared. The doctors where so bad, they need to loose license, I would not take my dog there. I only gave it a 1 because, I had to for me to be able to leave the review!!!

Beverly Daw

Five years ago, 2013, I had a mini-stroke and was taken to Florida Medical Center. The EMT's said that was the best place for stroke victims. I had speech and occupational therapy at that time. Michele, OTR, was kind, patient and was interested in me as a person as well as a patient. I was pleased with the results and felt that I had good care. Now in 2018, my primary doctor recommended that I see a therapist for my hand. She was going to send me to one of her therapists, and I said that if I needed a therapist, I wanted to go back to Michele at Florida Medical Center. I'm a cellist and I'm having problems with a finger on my left hand. Michele is working with me now. She is very precise in the treatment, making sure I understand the exercises so I can do them at home. She is positive, energetic, knowledgeable, and very pleasant. But she makes you work hard so you can made the best improvement possible. I would recommend her at the highest level for her therapy sessions. She is excellent in her field of expertise.

Lucy Mangr

I was doing a mammogram in another place due to new insurance policy and I didn't have my past records from this center, during my appt waiting for getting my mammogram I called outpatient results for mammogram and the technician who did my last mammogram 2 years ago remembered me! and did me a huge and amazing favor to drive by the new place in Pembroke pines( far away) to drop my CD results on her way home to Hialeah!! This was one of the most amazing nice things ever at any medical location have done for me and for any former patient EVER. My admiration and gratitude for this kind of employees and human beings.

Allison Parchment

I must say before coming to fmc I was so nervous because of all the bad stuff I heard over the years but my nerves quickly disappear.the wonderful lady at the security desk was amazing and after that everyone else I met was beyond sweet and caring! I was at ease and it was all because of the nurses and everyone in the outpatient area! After my surgery I met even more nice and caring nurses!! Thank you to everyone I met on my short stay. It was really great experience❤️

Taro Iwasaki

At outpatient. The staff there was wonderful, friendly and had a great sense of humor. They make everyone comfortable and less nervous.

Dylan Mazzei

Amazing service. The nurses are always there when needed. Fast, generous, and they are all sweethearts who care about the patient. All of them had smiles on there faces and it is just a happy environment.

Venasia Smith

Horrible hospital it needs to be shut down or remodeled.. the rooms are dirty and they have too many interns students that still doesn’t know how to read vital signs


Patients! care is horrible they leave the patient all day drench and when you ask to help you to change they are too busy and say is not an emergency especially the Nurse Nicole, they leave the food tray of a patient that can't feed herself and is paralyzed on her night stand with no table in the room like if the patient was going to get out of bed to eat if i wouldn't have been there she wouldn't eaten cause no one came to check up on her while i was there so beware of your family care if you ever go to that hospital. i wouldn't trust my family care with that hospital when i was in the medical care i use to here from patients that they wouldn't never go to that hospital again cause once you go in you'll leave in a body bag. oh and by the way i score fl medical center a zero the only way i was able to post this i had to give it a undeserving star.

Eliane de paula

Very poor care, staff, nurses and doctors totally incompetent and above all ignorant. He is admitted into a Second World Country, but in a country like USA never. It's totally unacceptable, the better you close the doors.

david slaine

Florida medical center I had a great experience Excellent food, nurses and rooms And of course top notch doctor William Vincent Burke Thanks to everyone

Circe Raymond

I arrived at the ER for an injury in my Arm, they put me in a bed in the hall and told me that they would give me one as soon as one was vacated, which was a lie I saw people arrive after me and they gave them rooms. The doctor came to me 1 hour and a 15 min after my arrival, I had the xray done 20 min after that.I spent 2 hours and 15 minutes I never received medication for my pain.I discharge myself and left the hospital, it’s like they don’t care they’re used to give bad service.Honestly I'd rather die than go back to that place.

Fanny Marie

I am absolutely outraged. I came to this disgusting hospital to visit my mother when I found the security manager Romerio or Romario, however you spell his name, staring heavily at my daughter. Sure my daughter is of legal age but that is no way to carry yourself in a professional facility. It disgusts me. I had to ask somebody what his name is because I couldn't let this go. Excuse my manner but that is ultimately unprofessional. I don't know what kind of freak show is being run in that place but it's disappointing especially when it comes from a security manager. I'm so in shock. I'm usually not so uptight about things but I find it so disgusting to stare at someone's daughter that way. At that his demeanor is unbelievably rude and careless.

m d

As a patient, I experienced nothing but incompetence and antiquated service. Gained nothing from their service. With the exception to a few, the majority of staff have no compassion or proper training which is evident. It appears that the staff don’t even seem to know what team work is. The negligence and lack of professionalism I witnessed is absolutely shocking and absurd. I just find it sad that they have no actual rehabilitation in the Behavioral Health Unit. Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and they have forgotten the core values of treatment. The doctors and nurses value paperwork over empathy and concern. On top of this, I receive a bill with fraudulent charges of respiratory therapy. I then got my medical records which had no indication of receiving such service. Charlene in particular was one of the worst charge nurses that exists and should be stripped of the title. On the other hand there were caring people not in leadership such as Carlotta, Carline, Maxine, Patrick and Gary that were surprisingly pleasant with all of the negative leadership. It’s obvious that they had morals. This hospital should be investigated by the state and shut down immediately.

Helen Pellegrino

I want to thank the Outpatient Surgical Center for their compassion and kindness towards me..!!! This area of the campus is completely different from the ER and the 5th floor.. Dr Bayron, surgical assistant and the nurse I give you a

Marilyn Wernert

Worse experience I ever had being in a hospital, food was bad, service was poor, didn't give correct medication, I ended up checking myself out, I wouldn't go back there even if I was dying.

William RTP

Worst hospital based on communication skills. The very easy going attitude about attention to detail is an obstruction to efficient and competent service.

Kim Heater

I am totally pissed right now. I came in for a migraine and was put in a room pretty quick. The room they put me in had no bed, just a chair. It took over an hour and asking multiple people if I was going to be seen. The doctor saw me and once again STILL waiting for meds, IV. They are not even busy. I am NEVER coming back here!!!!

Jasmine Watson

So I called to speak with a nurse on the 3rd floor and the secretary ms.NOVELETTE answered was very rude and uncooperative because she stated “well first of all I’m not the nurse so I’m not responsible for answering your questions “. . My grandfather only had on a diaper and no gown so I was concerned that he may be a little too cold. After being transferred to his nurse she was very helpful and answered all questions for me.

Ana Cristiana

If there was an option to give zero stars I would. Horrible staff and doctors. Arrogant and rude to the patients.

N Avril

I brought my child to the ER. The day shift attending phyisican on the word of the PA, decided to Baker Act my child without having a pediatric hospital to send us. The attending phyisican never visited with my child. They lied to me that they were going to do an MRI. We have been here since 2:30p.m Now it 1:51a.m we are still here. That is kidnapping and holding patient against their will. Physicians should not use Baker Act as if it a bug joke. This is playing with people's lives with a 9 years old future. What proof does the physician have to just decided to write an order like that for my child.


Hate this hospital never will have a family member going back there again nurses rude everyone rude. Nurses in the night rude even the sitters too and the patient care tech rude was not happy with the service me and my family receive and the doctors dont know what they doing. Very bad hospital it should be close down worst hospital people please dont send your family members there people who i know go to this hospital never come out alive its that dad never got treated right and he has dementia its that hurtful. It was last year november my dad was there the 3 floor night shift nurses was not nice at all. And they bring this nursing home call the palms treat my dad worst came in the hospital said they can help my dad it was the worst experience ever florida medical center need to stop letting them come to the hospital telling the family that can help them it was very bad all lies palms center in lauderdale lakes is a bad nursing home food everything bad there.

larry lewis

All staff in ICU third floor very pleased the attention and infomative information extremly helpful In addtion other staff Holly,Diane,Carol nurses Shannon,Todd and others my very very thanks to all. Son of Doris Lewsi room 367A Larry lewis

Vivette Blackwood

I was admitted to Florida Medical Center, Lauderdale Lakes, on 12/5/17. I had major surgery there by a phenomenal surgeon and was on the fifth floor for four days. Everyone was exceptional including the phlebotomists who found my veins on the first try every time, even when I don’t see them, with only a pinch. For the record, I am deathly afraid of needles. They responded in a timely manner to my calls and were always pleasant. Even the Patient Experience Manager visited me to verify that I was happy with the service. Also, all the rooms are private with sofa, desk and your own bathroom! I rate this institution a 5. Thank you guys….

Bone Crusha

Worst hospital on earth don’t go to Florida medical there scammers they take hours and hours to see you just go to plantation hospital

Armando Perez

I went in with an eye emergency and they took care of me immediately it was a great experience

Michael Cyr

I can say enough good things about the medical ICU and its staff. My father was in the ICU for two weeks and the care was great. The medical staff were amazing. The nursing staff were great. The facility is good. Even the food was adequate. People were very friendly. My father's outcome is ok but even if it hadn't been, I would rate this the same.

darling rangel

I have so much to say that I don't know where to start. My mother was in that hospital for a whole week. The patient's service was completely incompetent, unprofessional, zero ethical. Most of the nurses in charge of my mother were rude, with no consideration neither respect for my mother. I was visiting her for a whole week, going twice a day and the whole time I was busy taking care of her doing the nurses and the staff work. Every time I asked for water, ice, bandage, soup, or whatever she needed it took hours to get it. The staff were always on their phones texting or watching shows. One night my mother was scriming and touching the nurse button and they came in to the room 1 hour later so my mother poop on her bed. It was embarazing for her, and besides that they gave her bad faces. Because of that. The doctors were incompetent too because since she got out of the OR they didn't clean the incision area so she had this dry and stink blood for days. The room was dirty all the time, also bathroom, the bed had blood on the corners so I had to clean it. My advice about this medical center is that never go there and get any procedure, because you will regret it for the rest of your life. This have been the worst medical experience of my mother and also mine.

K Newbold

This hospital is downright uncompitant. I had one of my parents there for c4 c5 c6 disk bulge on spine and other issues related to it. My parent was in massive neck, back, and head pain. Dr. Shwartz didn't listen to anything being said either. All he did was give my parent an aspirin for the heache. Didn't address any of the other problems! He doesn't listen and doesn't care.

Syriah Palmer

I’m here at the hospital and I keep saying I’m in pain the Dc keep giving me the same medication Over and and over I let them know it doesn’t work

Jess Tera

If there was an option to give zero stars I would. Horrible staff and doctors. Arrogant and rude to the patients, poorly trained and do not communicate to the patients on what is going on. The worst experience ever!!! Go anywhere but here.

alishea francois

My son was 6 weeks old and I came down with a fever and came here the second day here I never met with the doctor assigned to me to explain what maybe wrong with me. I was woken up out of my sleep and told I had mrsa.from a nurse. My only thought was I could never hold my little one again. After 8 hours of no answer I decided to check myself out . And went to plantation my doctor actually went to get information from their hospital my chart not only had mrsa but that I was diabetic which I am not. And they tested me I didn't have mrsa I had e-coli in my system and I suffer from hs.

Angie Wiltse

I stayed on the newly remodeled fifth floor orthopedic wing for one night and was incredibly impressed. I've had over ten surgeries in my life at various hospitals, and I've never stayed anywhere with such attentive, caring CNA's and RN's, PT's and OT's! I even was visited by the dietician to see if I had any allergy concerns. I was only there one day, so for them to take the time to see me to make sure my stay was enjoyable and healthy was incredible! I'm gluten intolerant, and after notifying the dietician, my meals were gluten free. I guess they've totally revamped their kitchen and I must say the food was better than some I've had at restaurants! I can't speak for the rest of the hospital, but the fifth floor orthopedic wing was awesome!

alex morris

Thanks to all ICU Doctors and nurses-was excellent with my Mom, thanks for all the great medical assistance given while at your hospital..

Stefanie Smith

What a pleasant experience under awful circumstances I came in here through the ER, was taken in immediately, RN and Dr were soon to follow. The testing that was ordered came swift, all results explained in language I could understand. It was decided that I be admitted, what a beautiful room with nice view!, very tidy and new, private. The nurses are great too, I had a super duper nurse named Felix, he was so compassionate and was able to calm me down while holding my hand, that really meant a lot. So many people in and out of my room, all concerned about my wellbeing and asking me if I need anything, even housekeeping! I would recommend this hospital wholeheartedly to everyone!

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