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REVIEWS OF Flagler Hospital IN Florida

Karen Kelco

Nice nurse but poor practice. My husbands heart rate went to 38 and no one came in the room or did a repeat EKG. Who's watching the monitors? Alarm was going off constantly. Also did not alcohol wipe the IV plug prior to hooking up the IV or flush it after D/Cing the fluids or clamp it off at the site. Only saw a nurse 2 times in 5 hours.

Kim Posner

Shame on all them. Over my moms death bed Flagler Care just cared about my parents assets. Her oncologist Dr. Warmth still has not returned my calls for her diagnose of 3 months to live(Ivan and michelle also). I need this to start her Medicaid and social security benefits. Plus, Flagler Hosiptal just wanted to send her home with a box of stool softer to a disable vet. Plus, Michelle her nurse in Flagler lied to me that Haven Hospital would not help me. Guess what Michelle we planned for this day and she was in transitional hospice and they pulled her out and took her with no questions. As of today she stll has no bowel movement with nurses aid at hospice. Plus, the impact might be a tumor not bowl. You and Flagler just lied to me about impact gone, pain level, and bowel movement. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR MONOPOLY CARE SYSTEM - FLAGLER INSURANCE. WHAT A REAL SHAME SHE WOEKED FOR FLAGLER HOSPITAL! The worse care and so UNETHICALL Dr. WARMTH, DR. PETR AND DR. TANZLER!! WOULD U DO THIS TO UR PARENTS?

Laura Adams

Nice hospital, nice employees but tell me why for GOD'S sake that it takes half of a day to get released. Unacceptable

Lydia Case

If I could give zero stars I would! I have been sitting in a room for almost 4 hours and I have seen one person who gave me a gown and that’s it. I had to come to the hospital due to intestine blockage and they don’t seem to care not one bit! I would not recommend this place for anymore!

Kim Brown

I'm VERY, VERY disappointed

Nathan Russ

Never again!!

Mister WeddingULC

If I could give this hospital a negative rating, I would. If you have the time, go to any other facility. The staff is inexcusably rude and unprofessional. All the marketing they do is to combat the poor service they provide.

Michelle Smith

Ever since I was little, if there was ever something serious that we had to go to an ER for, this is where we went. The hospital in my town is horrible, and the hour drive to this hospital is well worth it. I had my first child there, and plan on having my next one there as well. The staff are amazing and kind. They always have made me feel like they really do care about each and every patient. I highly recommend.

kim stevens

Literally an ER that has called back one patient in over and hour and a half...I was under the impression that a child with a temperature of 104 is considered an “emergency”...but that must not be the case. Quite rude might I add. Front desk staff is lacking compassion for people who are in vulnerable states of mind. I’m sure by the time we are seen, my child’s pediatrician will be open.

A Colley

MOST of the labor & maternity staff are exceptional.

Emma A.

Go to Baptist South!

Tara Hyams

I’ve seen a lot of terrible reviews on here for Flagler, and I know when you or someone you love is sick it’s scary as hell. My husband has been here a few times now and I have to say the staff here is incredible. They’re patient, attentive and they really care. Shout out to nurses Jessica, kaycee, Lindsay and everyone in the SICU ward for making both me and my husband more comfortable. You guys are amazing humans and the world needs more people like you in it

H Greig

My father was in Flagler Hospital for 7 days and had surgery. His care was great. All of his nurses were very nice and attentive. I called several times to check on my father and the nurses all made time for me and my questions. I had interactions with the Food and Nutrition Department and Case Management as well and they were very helpful too. Any need that my father had, they were more than happy to address. The rooms were clean, the staff were professional, and my father was well taken care of. The most impressive thing to me was how I felt the Flagler team partnered with me for my father’s best interest. Not only was this a great experience for my father, it was a great experience for me, a family member.

Lorra Julian

My father is currently an ICU patient at this facility and I'm scared for his recovery. I spent 4 days there and not ONCE has my family had a Dr. come speak to us about his care, unless we nab a Pulmonologist in the hallway. They don't bother coming to look at a patient or speak with their family when doing "rounds", they just stand around the nurses station in a huddle. (Pros of having a room by the nurses station). The only people who will answer our questions are the nurses. NO care plan, no news of prognosis. All we hear is how overwhelmed they are, there are no beds available, etc. Some nurses are very nice, it doesn't take much to act friendly towards scared and concerned family members sitting at the bedside. Others...not so much. That would be Tara, who we have named "Nurse Ratched". She does not belong in nursing care. After she managed to yell in front of us at my disoriented Dad not to try to pull at his ventilator tube, I was afraid to leave him in her care after that. If she has the balls to speak to like that in front of family, one only knows how she treats him when we aren't there. The hospital is also unclean and I am concerned about further infection. The public restrooms are and elevators are dirty (same toilet paper on the floor for days, same spilled coffee in the elevator...) the nurses throw their gloves and other trash into regular waste cans and not biohazard, trash all over the floor of his room. I pray my father gets out of this place alive or can be transferred elsewhere.

Tae Robinson

I thought this hospital was descent turns out not to be I had my baby here and no matter how polite you are they will discharge you early so that you get no pain medicine misspell your child name and pretend to be kind will never go here again guess I got treated unfairly because I’m black! God bless them anyway

N. S.

My baby was born in August of 2015. The staff at the Maternity 2Nd floor and at the Postpartum floor was very friendly and professional. Little contact with the rest of the hospital's employees but overall great experience with everyone.

Shirley Graham

The only problem I have had at Flagler Hospital is dealing with Virginia Farrell in Social Services. She is rude, abrupt, demanding, demeaning, defiant, intimidating (to some), loud, oppositional, and not helpful whatsoever. Even when you give her facts and ask for a compromise in scheduling follow-up care, she refuses to listen and insists on "having her way." She tells you what she wants done and dismisses you abruptly if you try to question her. The other Social Workers I have interacted with are professional and willing to attempt to accommodate the needs of the patient. Ms. Farrell does not belong in a position where dealing with the follow-up care of a patient is as important as the inpatient care. I especially cringe when I think of the elderly patients without a support system to advocate for them, being discharged by this Social Worker. She is in need of serious re-training or dismissal.

Jake Nielson

We had such an amazing experience all around at Flagler hospital. The nurse that worked with me (Lindsey in labor and delivery) was so caring and helpful the entire time I was in labor. She took care of ANY concerns whether it was random questions, helping me through a contraction, or managing pain with the epidural. She was so nice and happy to stay for my birth which made me feel so great! After my delivery, I stayed in recovery for a couple of hours because the rooms upstairs were full and my nurse MaryBeth was the absolute greatest nurse! She was so respectful, caring, and understanding to my needs. She helped me with everything I needed and explained everything from my needs to the babies needs. I got sent upstairs and the next day MaryBeth ended up being my nurse again! We were so excited to have her as our nurse again! She cared for me and my baby with so much love. It really meant so much to me how nice and caring she was to my new baby. She is great at explaining things, addressing your needs, helping with any situation, and being almost like a friend! We really appreciated her and wanted the hospital to know how great and experienced she was!! Also wanted to say that Dr. Jago is such an amazing doctor and makes you feel like a total rockstar!! She was the best doctor ever to deliver me and I would recommend anyone to her! Thank you so much for a great experience for the birth of our new baby girl!

Cj Hern

I had several bad experiences!! They like to sneak around corners and mock patients. The services here are childish and very unprofessional! You will be overcharged on any type of services provided. I paid 8k waited 4 hours to have water sprayed in my eye. What really tops it off is they lost my 16 month old sons blood work and I over hear them trying to find a lie out of it instead of retaking the blood work and charging me triple of course. Pitiful!

Jack Buening

Exceptionally great expierence. Taken by ambulance Tuesday morning (Mar 27) and released last night (Mar 28). I was seen quickly in the ER and evaluated. My 4th floor nurses, Rikki and John, were outstanding in their knowledge, care and personal dedication to their patient. Doctor Tutor (cardiologist) was very thorough and explained my condition and recommendations. Everyone in the various labs and tests administered were truly professional. I would rate my stay higher than 5 stars if I could.

Dennis Dolanch

I think Flagler Hospital was a great experience very helpful people very quick to service and did a wonderful job I would recommend anybody to go there it was a great experience compared to a lot of other hospitals in the area

Justin Palmer

I went into their emergency room for chest pain. The staff was friendly and professional. My nurse, Lucie, was amazing. Communication was also very good. I'm glad Flagler was there for me during my emergency.

sylvia gortz

I had outpatient surgery. From check in to discharge, everyone was terrific. The nurses top notch. Dr Hsu was awesome, and my anesthesiologist was great. The hospital is very professional. The care shown to the patients is excellent. Overall A+!

Treisha Brown

I would refer Flagler Hospital to anyone. My mother has had the best nursing staff in the state of Florida. RN Tony & Alena and the other nurses are AWESOME! The cleanliness of the hospital and the hospitality of everyone was just wonderful. Thank you

Tommy Turner

Yes this hospital will kill you they have a 65% death rate and germs every where ripple have the flu and coughing every where

Kimberly G

Never have I experienced such poor service been here for several hours and they are just now starting a one hour breathing . Not even a diagnosis, Tried to me release me with an oxygen saturation level of 89. so instead of keeping me in observation they're going to continue these ridiculous Test I feel to just run up the bill. Never will I return to this hospital nor refer it to anyone with that being said new to the area where would you recommend

Sabrina Hill

Quick response times. Informative and helpful staff. Had a heart attack that required a stent. I was in for 10 days and everything was taken care of beautifully.

dustin askew

My 2 yr old grandson went in to the er with what we thought was a sprained ankle. Dr. Jorge Buendia was fantastic. He noticed that it was not a sprained ankle but a broken leg. Dr Jorge immediately contact pediatric hospital and orthopedic at 8pm. Dr Jorge and his er staff were awesome. They were very attentive to my grandson and went above and beyond to help us. I truly cant say enough about how great they were. I would give 10 stars if it allowed...

Paula Millington

Some of their staff are excellent. To name a few:doctor Jago, nurse Paula was great with delivery with the help of other nurses. They did an outstanding job. When I was moved to the 4th floor nurses Erica, Tanya, Liz, and assistant nurse betty they did an excellent job taking care of me and my baby. Thank u all...

AvgWhite Guy

The male nurses are the only hot thing there

Amy Harper

william tedder

They killed my grandmother

Jack Zang

The lady who works at the registration department window #4 named Lydia is the worst unprofessional staff I have ever seen in my entire life. When I walked in the office, she was eating crackers and acted like I was disturbing her. She started to yelling at me when I asked her the second question. She said she is the most professional person in that department. I really want to speak to a manager but she said she does have one.I wonder how she can even find a job in this beautiful hospital.

April Pratt

went in with a migraine and they were very nice. Came home next day a had a rash on both sights where i had blood drawn. NOT HAPPY

Deidra Juraszek

New emergency room procedures are aweful. They have no desire to help, they just want to get you in then out as fast as possible. Much different then they were a few years ago when I would have considered them one of the best in north Florida.

Bar55 videos

I hurt my shoulder and drove to the ER. They did an xray and couldn't find anything wrong. The pain was horrible so they gave me a prescription for oxycodone and sent me home. I fell down on the opposite (right) shoulder a few days later and voila, the pain in my left shoulder went away - its like it must have popped back into the socket. So here's the kicker, they sent me bills for over $5,000 for a two hour visit to the ER. Two of the billing amounts were $1,891 each with 6 cents difference in billing amount. The hospital cannot provide me with itemized bills and cannot find one of the $1,891 charges in their system but they state I must pay all or they will turn my account over to a bill collector and report to the Credit bureaus. Go anywhere else if you can.

Michael Highsmith

Dont come here they like killing people

Michelle Cherney

It's a nice place w/ friendly employees.

2% Remy

Went to Flagler for my mom having a panic attack and her blood pressure was elevated.The Dr Timothy ward that she was seen by was very unprofessional and rude. He came in and promptly jumped on the counter.When he proceeded to ask my mother questions in a slow loud manner. I let him know she didn't speak. he persisted with his questions(As if insinuating that she couldn't hear or understand).My mother doesn't talk she's not stupid or deaf!He then asked her to move a arm and leg that is paralyzed. After being told repeatedly that her side does not move. He even went as far as to try to force move.He then ordered a ekg, ct scan , chest X-ray... All for a panic attack .( adding up a 200k bill for a $15 script ) I asked if she could just have a Xanax. He then he asked are they for her or me? ( implying pill pushing). I asked for another dr and was told he would come. New dr never showed up. Timmy came back and said she needed nitroglycerin. Lol , I refused. Being a dr he should know you don't give that to someone who has had a stroke is anemic or overactive thyroid. After 4 hours of sitting with no treatment my mother blood pressure went down naturally but Flagler still got there money for absolutely nothing literally!!! I think Flagler needs to dig a little deeper when getting er Drs. At the 4 1/2 hour mark timmy came back to push a ct on her for a brain bleeding? We Denied.... Blood results still weren't in .5 hours later the NEW dr had seen multiple people around us before Coming to see her.The new dr was great when he finally showed up. No extra test pushing. No drama. He even found that the blood was still in the box in the room never even sent out. Lol great experience!!!!

James Novak

my Grand father is currently in the sicu and the daytime nurses are great but some of the night staff and nurses seem rude and uncaring. His doctor and staff are absolutely amazing the only complaint I have is with the hospital staff.

Crystal Bass

Tammy C

My niece went to the ER last night with her 3yo daughter. It was 330 in the morning and she had hives all over her. She waited for hours only to be told by 2 ER doctors they did not know what it was and sent her home. Broke her fever and gave her Motrin only! I’m an EMT/MA and have worked on the ambulance and in the ER for 22 years. My doctors would have NEVER sent her home. They would have sent her to Wolfsons or another pediatric hospital. No prednisone no Benadryl. And you DONT know what it is. What a liability on the doctors for sending her home. What if she would have went into anaphylactic shock. Would have been all on them. Hopefully they look into the two so called doctors. She had to pay a huge copay AND a visit to the pediatrician today who diagnosed it.

Matthew Vestal

Dani Gwiazda

I love this hospital! Especially the labor and delivery team. I've delivered all three of my children here and recommend it to all of my pregnant friends. I had a low intervention team that followed my wishes for a "hands-off" natural delivery. The postpartum team took such great care of me and my little ones afterwards. Thank you!

kimberly johnson

Flagler Hospital is a joke! They don’t take the time to even diagnose you much less Give you the proper care and treatment that a person deserves. I live in St Augustine but will NEVER take myself or my children to this hospital again. I will drive all the way to Jacksonville to go to the hospital the next time I need to go. This hospital deseves 0 stars.

Eric R Warren

Nurse left wife iv empty for 3 hrs never check on her for 3 hrs but has time to stand around have never seen such bad nursing staff they will admit you to ER for 14 hrs to train staff or leave you to die they take no vitals draw blood leave sitting around like on paper work all the bad review I see here are true if the nurse would told me here name I'd print here

David Smith

I would like to thank the staff at the outpatient surgical unit for the incredible job with my surgery this morning. I can’t remember all the nurses names but everyone was so professional, informative and pleasant they made me feel so calm and well taken care of in this stressful situation I would recommend Flagler hospital to anyone.

John Blanchard

Very nice staff.

Mary russ

We took our son 1yr there cause of a high fever and the nurse Julie was HORRIBLE!! She was very forceful! Wouldn't listen to me! I told her I'd given Hi Tylenol already not even four hours ago and she wants to overdose him by giving him more and Motrin but said it's perfectly okay. She also Grabbed our sons head and jerked it towards her cause she was losing patience over the fact that he wasn't taking his Tylenol fast enough, forgive me but my child had a fever of 102 and was crying and in pain and hot and scared and didn't like the nurse and she grabbed his head from behind while daddy was holding him and literally jerked his head around towards her, she almost broke his neck!!!! And when she did that she jammed the little syringe like baby liquid medicine thing down his throat and shoved the meds in him causing him to choking and spit up, wasting the meds and HURTING MY CHILD!!! Who does that!! So unprofessional and UNHUMANE! He's a baby! You have to be patient with him! We called to complain about this and the manager didn't seem to care, while I was calmly explaining to him what had happened and that we had to walk out, cause we couldn't get another nurse or anyone to help us so we left, he was talking to other people in the background and he did say he would speak with her, and he kept interrupting me and telling me to give my child meds every four hours, I didn't call for med advice I called to tell you how your nurse treated my son horribly! And didn't listen and had no respect and also abused him by jerking his head! And the manager didn't even care to listen or pay attention or anything! Sooooooo unprofessional! So wrong! So so messed up! And I'm so upset right now!! I wish there was someone at that hospital that would care enough to do something. That person shouldn't be allowed to work with kids! Or around people behaving like this!! She should lose her job or at the least be suspended for a while and reprimanded!! She hurt our child! She was forceful to a baby!!! In a profession that's suppose to help and be patient with people she was nothing of that! Just the opposite in fact! We went to the ER to help our baby and all because of Julie he is nothing but feeling worse! Thanks a lot for NOTHING! Horrible! I can't believe it! We will never go to the ER there again! Ever!

Michael Strazzella

Called Flagler hospital .looking for my friend if she was discharged they didn't even know she was at the hospital room 5021 . And didn't know she was listed at the hospital or who she was. Then I called abmissions and they was nearly able to tell me if she was discharged or not .Only in Florida the floridaaaaaaaa factor effect flows heavy at this hospital.

Daniel Noble

Abbie Labertew

Amazing! I went in with pretty bad kidney pains last night due to a uti and there was no wait whatsoever. I went in and immediately got checked in and taken to a room, where the doctor arrived less than five minutes later. All of the nurses were incredibly kind and the doctor worked with me to make sure I got medication that I wouldn't have an adverse reaction to. All in all, I was there for less than an hour. I recommend everyone go to this place.

Mama Kay

I had a c section at Flagler hospital on Monday (post hurricane ) and i really need to write this review to thank the amazing people that helped me recover and made my stay so comfortable. On the maternity floor , everyone especially Linda and staff were some of the most caring people i have met . I had a gentle c section and was allowed to have my son placed on my chest while I was getting stitched up . The nurse that assisted me , literally held him with me for a whole hour JUST so i can get the full experience. That was amazing ! When i was moved to the recovery room , they wrote Happy Birthday and my sons name on the board which was incredibly sweet . When i got moved to the permanent room I was to stay in , Linda came from the maternity floor just to check on me personally. Now the 2 ladies ( among the rest who's name i unfortunately do not remember, because i was out of it somewhat post surgery ) that stood out were Paula and Candace. They have turned my life around in 12 hrs .I was able to stand up , they kept me hydrated , tended to my and the baby's needs and made me feel so good and cared for I knew it was coming from their heart and I just want to say thank you so much everyone, You made this experience , one to remember for a lifetime ! God bless you and your families and again thank you Flagler hospital for taking care of us.

james James

Only come to this hospital if you want to die they're not good for anything they've almost killed my girlfriend with Crohn's disease now multiple times since she's been admitted if you have Crohn's disease stay away from this hospital all the doctors are incompetent when it comes to G.I. do yourself a favor and never go to Flagler Hospital , if you have any type of G.I. problem and Dr. Soto is your doctor she will choose you're being a drug attic before she actually does the test needed to see if you're in any pain such as a CAT scan or exam in the feces this doctor will kill you because they are not a G.I. doctor but like to think they have some type of knowledge of the GI track. Don't be fooled Dr. Soto can barely even read a CAT scan so whatever you do avoid this doctor at all costs.

Andy M.

Very fast and ER. No wait at all after 11 on my visit. And no hassle about being a tourist.

Terri Julian

Worst experience at this hospital! After the birth of my baby the scale they used was off by a whole pound and they were pricking her to check blood sugar when she didn’t need to be. Every room we were in was filthy, floors, bathrooms, etc. rooms were incredibly small and uncomfortable. Was in extreme pain from having a baby and they would not give me anything besides Tylenol. The food was completely inedible and was never what I had ordered, had to eat out the whole time. They choose an arbitrary time limit to make you stay even tho baby is healthy and we are literally just sitting in the room for hours until they say we can leave. Nurses are rude and not helpful and the doctors don’t listen to what you say. I delivered my first baby at Florida memorial in Ormond and it was a much better experience! I will never be back to this hospital again!

pr ts

Love this hospital . Have been there on several occasions . As a patient .Or visitor . They have been nothing but great . Professional from the front door to the offices . Never had any issues .

welder admin

A heart attack motivated me to call 911, and the ambulance hauled me to Flagler Hospital. I don’t like hospitals. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like this one. I avoid hospitals as much as possible. Hospitals are way too arrogant for me. I have to be dying in order to go to them. Well, I was dying and I was hoping they could save my life. To my surprise I did not have to put up with their pompous I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE. Because they did care and it showed the entire time. I was happily stunned. As happy as you can be while having a heart attack. They were polite, courteous, caring and diligent to make sure I was as comfortable as possible the entire time. Everybody treated me as if I was a beloved relative of theirs. Everyone treated me with the highest level of respect and manners. I stayed two days. Long enough to get diagnosed and stabilized in the ER, moved to ICU, heart surgery for a catheter heart stint, a day of recovery, feeling 100% better and then on to home for more easy resting. Being there for two days, I saw 7 shifts come and go. I could not have wished for better treatment. Everyone kept me perfectly informed of what was going on, what to expect next, what the future options might become. If I had a question and they didn’t know the answer, they went and found the answer for me. Everyone treated me like I was a millionaire handing out big tips, when in reality I was just a poor sick man. Their expertise and level of knowledge was top notch as they kept me out of pain the entire time, before surgery, during surgery and after surgery. Within hours after surgery, I felt 100% better and pain free. I couldn’t believe how good I felt. Flagler Hospital exceeded every expectation I could have. I was so impressed. They were 100% perfect in every area to my enormous surprise. Most of the staff I interacted with was nurses and every one made it clear with their actions and behavior that they really did care how I was doing, and they would do anything they could to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. While I don’t know this for sure, based on the treatment I got, I found myself imagining Flagler hired someone and made it their job to make sure all patients were satisfied all the time. This person overseas all the managers on all the shifts and is continuously stressing week after week, that every employee is directed to caring about the patients as job priority number one. And I imagine this person has been diligently doing their job for over a year until they have managed to get everyone on board that patient satisfaction is job one. I imagine this because everybody I ran into did behave as if they believed patient satisfaction is job one. You can tell what kind of tree it is by the fruit it bears. Well done Flagler Hospital. You have earned my loyalty. I can’t say I like hospitals, but I can say I love Flagler hospital and its staff. Thank you so very much. Chris

Nicolas Martin

We delivered both of our daughters at this hospital (2017 and 2019). The L&D staff were amazing, responsive to urgent needs, and reassuring. The postpartum unit was big and clean. The nurses were very helpful and met all of our needs. The biggest difference I saw was in their lactation consultant and her breastfeeding initiative. Twilia was very knowledgeable and understanding. She gave us detailed information and recommendations based on best practices. She met not only our physical needs but also our emotional needs. I am very grateful for her!

Christopher Smith

I just received a bill from a debt collector in July 2015 for services in June 2009. I never received a bill for this service. I have always paid in full or enter into payment arrangements with the hospital. I have one now with them that is almost paid off. The insurance company is requiring a written request to go back into the archives to verify is this amount. What a mess. The business department clearly is lacking in leadership and customer satisfaction.

Daniel Thompson

My wonderful partner of 40 years went to Flagler ER. They gave him medicine without consulting his Physician and it killed him . He passed away 5 days later. We had just been to his doctor less than 2 weeks prior and the Dr told us that he had a good 10 years to live!

Jennifer Kausch

Bruce Glassman

(1) Staff was very rude and unprofessional. (2) Care was substandard. (3) I would not recommend Flagler Hospital.

Joyce Holbrook

I have nothing but good things to say about this hispital and staff.

Tres Pease

My son was born here. They have great nurses and doctors. Some midwifes suck but still, overall a great hospital.

Xenophobic Xenomorph

I'm going to the hospital ,I'm coming down with Tonsillitis or Strep throat . Trying to get meds . The man an woman at registration where rude , I can barely talk An they’re getting antsy with me because I can’t speak properly this is not how you do your job

Chris Martin

I had to have back surgery and was only scheduled here because someone had recommended Orthopedic Associates of St Aug. Upon arrival for surgery I was presented with an invoice for almost $5000. I have never heard of a hospital doing this and was very shocked. I have very good insurance. I have been having multiple tests and procedures at other facilities which I have only been paying co-pay. I asked the receptionist what if I couldn't pay $5000 right then as I wasn't expecting to have to. She replied that I would have to reschedule my procedure as the hospital's policy is to make patients pay the full balance due prior to procedure. I have since had another procedure at a major facility in Jacksonville and at no point have I been asked to pay thousands of dollars on the spot prior to procedure which is good since I had a cancerous mass removed and am still going through multiple tests. This is a very stressful time for me and this policy of paying $5000 prior to the procedure has only added to my stress. I certainly won't be returning to Flagler Hospita.

Michelle Preli

This is my second visit at this ER and both times the nurses we’re very rude to all the people there. Any question you asked to clarify your own health was answered with sass and eye rolls. During my first and second visit it took the Hospital an insane amount of time to give me any pain killers. The first time I had a 4in ovarian cyst that had ruptured. So I sat there for hours crying as the nurse said to “act your age.” After the catscan she apologized but you should never ever treat a patient like that.

L vonR

Been there a few times during stomach issues. Every time I am yelled at and scolded for m body being bad. The absolute worst bedside manners. They can’t put an iv in correct and blame you for it falling out

John McCranie

I had heart surgery here & the staff took exceptional care of me. They were available for most anything I needed & always had a smile.

imene ben Jo

I've had a very good experience with it... My LO was born in Sep 2015.. Everything was excellent. Everybody, from the reception to the doctors, was nice and friendly especially some Brazilian nurse, she was "super" awesome with us in the postpartum floor. My Obgyn doctor was so good and made sure me and the baby were good. I had a C-Section by a different ObGyn since mine had a problem with her hand. I was so scared but everything was excellent. I like this hospital so much and would like to gobback there for the next baby when i am ready..

Lyne Drouin


Cami S.

Let me just say with all honest and the honesty of others I know, I'd rather keel over than go to Flagler hospital. In the last month I have been at Flagler 3 times. 2 for my friend who was having ovarian cyst problems, and once for me (last 24 hours) with signs of pneumonia. My friend was in the hospital for up to 9 hours for both of her visits, 7 of those hours spent waiting from someone, Even took them 2 hours to take blood and temp. For me I signed in with Pneumonia symptoms hacking my lungs out as I was walking through the door. I waited for 3 hours just in the lobby and watched several people go in who came after me with lesser illnesses. Everytime we asked how long, we'd get a snarky reply from a nurse either saying "soon" or "its going to take awhile." Once inside the ER I was put in a dirty room (dirty for a hospital, there was needle caps behind the bed, they left a vile of someone else's blood on the counter, and left my urine sample and tongue depressor on the counter) and told to put a gown on for x-rays for my stomach, which wasn't my problem. When the doctor came in he never introduced who he was or his assistants, just asked me simple questions. He listened to my chest and felt my neck. He told me I had a common cold. Last time I checked for a common cold you don't have a low fever (under normal body temp), coughing attacks with mild amounts of mucus if any, problems breathing, weezing, muscle aches, fatigue to the point of blacking out, and the key problem ENLARGED LYMPH NODES which he found! On top of all that when he gives me the doctors note for work he dates it wrong and uses the prior day's date. I came to the ER for EMERGENCY help because I know my body and I know when I feel like I'm dying.I've even had a friend who went there several times for testing on tumors they found and they kept saying nothing was wrong, until she went to Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville and they told her she had stage one Cancer. Beware before you go to this hospital, it's not worth the time or money.

Chris Duncan

Our daughter had twin girls in May at this hospital and the care was excellent! The NICU nurses were extremely professional and so helpful. The babies were in twelve days and had incredible care . We could not have had a better experience at a hospital! Thank you Flagler Hospital!

Summerdale Clinton

There was no wait when I arrived. Everyone was so very friendly and funny. The nurses were awesome. The nurse I had, took his time looking for the vein and made sure like 15 times that he was right. I was impressed. All my questions were answers. The place is very clean and organized. Y'all wasn't acting like a circus chasing each other's tails like a hospital I have been to. Flagler is the best hospital in my opinion.

Polly Hart

Worst experience ever. Do not use this hospital. Drive to Baptist!

Lori Pittman

I had an unfortunate incident requiring an ER Visit. Dr Wong was amazing. She had me stitched up and back home so soon. Thank you !!

Gene Cogburn

sheila bewsee

Third time in 3 yrs my 93 year old dad has been admitted to Flagler with pnemonia. Came home with Mersa last year, along with open wound on his heel. He was in 16 days this year. Came home with 2 diabetic sores on heels again. Care was really lacking this year. I was at hospital every day for 5 hours each day. Rarely was dad rolled over without my urging. Feeding tube was inserted with no issues. Then he was fed non diabetic food. He is a brittle diabetic. His blood sugars rose to 550. When I arrived at noon no one noticed his slurred speech and lathargic movement. Never again. I signed him out on day 16. I wrote a letter to customer service. Still waiting to be contacted.

Clifford Heald

Worst experience ever at a hospital. Sad to think my wife will be having our child here

Joseph Owen

Great experience!! On vacation and cut my finger requiring stitches. No wait and out in an hour!! Attentive staff all the way around!!

madison mckenzie

Went into the ER and the women at the front desk gave me the impression I was bothering/annoying her. I normally don’t make reviews especially because I understand sometimes workers are under great stress especially in a hospital setting, but I think that was a extremely unprofessional way to interact with stressed people coming into the ER who were not being rude in any way. I hope that’s something that improves there in the future so patients can come in and not feel uncomfortable asking for help in a hospital.

Aaron Lowe

Horrible Care. Flat out abusive.

Raymond Luccioni

Michelle Wells

Just delivered my baby at Flagler hospital last weekend. What an amazing experience! They really go above and beyond!!! Brice & Brenda were so kind to us and took such amazing care of us! I will never forget those two they made such a lasting impression on my family! The hospital food is good too! I am so satisfied with my experience I wish there was more I could do rather than a review!!!!

Jennifer Frank

I delivered my daughter here. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. The anesthesiologist was abusive and was stabbing me in the spine with the epidural needle. Then accused me of being fat and having to use an extra long needle. During my c-section he went on a racist rant aimed at my Obgyn and the assisting doctor. Offered no comfort at all, I was scared for my life that this racist madman was going to kill me through negligence. Then as I was being cauterized the assistants ignored me......I was inhaling smoke from my burning flesh and they only paid attention when I made mention of it. As I was wheeled out the epidural was losing affect, but I didn't know that at the time. By the time I made it to the room I was feeling the entire c-section, the epidural was no longer in effect. The pain was so bad my blood pressure rose, setting off the alarm. Two young nurses stood next to my bed clueless as I begged for help. I didn't know if something had gone wrong with the surgery and I was dying. I asked to see my daughter thinking this was my last moments. Another nurse came in and acted surprised at this request. They finally gave me pain medication. When I was in the maternity ward they insisted on giving me a combination of pain medications that didn't address my pain but made me loopy. I was dragged out of bed and made to go to the bathroom and it was the most excruciating pain. I was crying. Just a perspective, I have had natural childbirths by choice before so I know pain. The stabbing of my spine by the anesthesiologist must have done some harm as I developed a spinal headache. Another anesthesiologist came in and was very unprofessional and rude. He obviously didn't want to be there and stated, "it's really painful and the needle is huge." I declined the treatment because I really didn't want to be abused by another anesthesiologist. While I am grateful my daughter is healthy, this experience has scarred me for life. I hope this review helps expectant mothers make informed decisions about this hospital.

Norbert Tuseo

Wonderful facility NORBERT TUSEO

Shannan Jackson

Just had a seriously invasive surgery and I was out two days later healthy and happy. I am so thankful to my personal surgeon and the wonderful staff that took care of me in the ICU and in the regular room. I have my life back!!

tom m

This. Place sucks

Andrea Kinney

Run, don't walk AWAY from this hospital! They billed my insurance company $1800 for a stool sample. On my bill, there was a phone number to call if you have any questions. When I called, they couldn't explain why the bill was that high. I asked for a supervisor and they said she would call me back. She wouldn't give me her name. Why is that a secret? I am supposed to have a procedure that will involve anesthesia next week. What will that cost if a simple stool sample is $1800? These people are crooks! Update: The supervisor of the billing department never called me back but the head of the lab called me back along with a person from coding., and the only reason they called was because Marketing saw my bad review and asked them to reach out. Apparently the stool sample test ordered was an expensive test (lesson: ask your doctor to order the simple version - who knew?) and because I went to the Flagler Hospital lab (not located in the hospital by the way - located in a strip mall), it was considered a hospital outpatient service subject to my deductible. Had I gone to Quest or Labcorp, it would likely have been completely covered (lesson: don't have ANY test done at Flagler lab). I asked if they could reduce the bill since at no time did anyone - not the doctor, not the lab - advise me that this was a "special" stool sample test that was going to be thousands of dollars. The answer is no. Final lesson learned: ask the price of EVERYTHING before agreeing to testing. Not something I was thinking of when experiencing the pain and diarrhea of e-coli.


The E.R. sucks! All the nurses sitting on their phones, was sitting in the room waiting for 30 minutes and finally someone came in. We've been there 3 different times and have had the wrong diagnosis each time. I hope we finally got it resolved. I will not go back to this hospital!

Ty Lucas

Nick Hersey

Great local hospital..

Doris Craig

I was somewhat dubious about having my husband go to this facility but I couldn't be more pleased with the care he received. I found numerous staff to be exceptional in their care, compassion, competence and professionalism.

Thom Ryan

1/12/13, a slow Thursday evening, I went to the ED w/o EMS so I had to check in, register and all that-no big deal-but then there was the wait. There was a young man in his 20s, sitting in a chair holding his lower right abdomen. Clearly he was in intense pain and needed to be seen. After awhile of waiting, other people began to talk about the abysmal wait time for such a slow night, and one of our little group asked the young man how long he had been waiting, he replied "4 hours. I told them my pain was up in the 10 range, too." This hospital forced this young man to sit in the waiting room of an ED for over 4 hours before calling him in. People don't report to a hospital ED to wait, we go there for care. One of our little group went to the admissions rep and demanded to know why this young man in such pain had not been seen yet, and was told to ask the Triage nurse for a status. She did, and she was assured that the young man was next. A half hour later, he was finally called back to see the doctors. This St Augustine, FL-not NYC, LA, or Chicago. There is no reason on earth that people who need care should have to wait for over 4 hours in a ED for care! After seeing the absolutley unacceptable treatment of this young man in need, 4 of us decided to leave, and get our care elsewhere. In short, this hospital lost thousands of dollars for its incompetence and total unpreparedness to address the health care needs of St Augustine residents.

Evelyn El

Nice building in the heart of a beautiful city. But healthcare is about the human element. The respiratory department is dysfunctional due to its manager, Nancy H. Patients are treated like cattle in a factory farm. Employees are picked on, ridiculed, and harassed. The whole work environment is hostile and disheartening. Do yourself a favor and stay away either as a patient or employee.

Marcelle Jones

I just left Flagler Hospital after the birth of my child. I am so disappointed with my decision to drive all the way down from Jacksonville just to give birth near my baby girls fathers family. I wound up having to have an emergency C-section because she was facing the wrong way. Now why they are getting one star from me is because yes the nurses and staff were friendly (when i saw them) the quality of housekeeping left much to be desired. Hospitals are suppose to be clean and especially for someone who just have birth by c-section. There was blood all over my bathroom like housekeeping only took put the trash. No sheets were changed or even asked if I would like them to be. Seemed as though the cafeteria had an issue with an order being called in. Kept telling me to fill out a paper without any proper instructions. Which by the way you have to circle what you want on the Alternative Menu in case No one else knew that. Everything they gave came limited. They must have a low supply budget which is the total opposite of Babtist Memorial Hospital where I gave birth to my son last year. If I could do it all over again I would never have gone to Flagler Hospital to bring new life into this world. SMH!!!

Tony scott

I went there with my wife because I was dhidrated very bad and was throwing up a lot they wanna hand me discharge papers and tel me I am ok no I was almost dieing I asked for a iv hook up for fluids and they did noting when to South batis in jax they did sooo much batter then flager I was very upset with this hospital visit Flagler never again

Gee V

Worst place to work and worst place for be a patients.Nurses can be really rude specially the ER nurses.

Rojo Ninni


Marc Trimboli

Very poorly run facility. ER Department is the absolute worst. Been twice and I was misdiagnosed each time. Plus they charge an exburant fee for everything.

Darrell J. Finch

Wonderful experience at this place with a friend who had some problems from a fall.

Bahar Ansari

Francesca Denaut

If my OB/gyn was not a part of this facility I would definitely not have any future babies at this location. Had my baby 6 months ago, the labor and delivery nurses didn't believe I was in labor. Before even examining me they seemed dismissive. Then told me it was just a urinary infection... I was in excruciating pain. Then finally after 3 hours I met with doctor and in the interim my water broke. My midwife came in at 7 she was great and then I needed a C-section and that doctor was awesome. My epidural was great and went smoothly. The post delivery nurses were a little better. One nurse didn't give me any medication but wrote down she did, and only came in like once her whole shift. The better nurse was attentive but told me I need to be getting up vs calling them to help me put the baby in the crib . I just had a C-section. I couldn't move/sit up easily in the bed then rotate and lift baby into crib.. also my baby's security bracelet kept falling off so that was comforting. And the band was sharp and cut my baby's leg and he has a scar from it. The nurse helpers vs the actual RNs were the best. Betty was the most sweetest made me feel at ease!

Sierra Hostetter

Ayana Martinez has a VERY Horrible bedside manner.If you get any where near her just request someone else.She is rude and impatient with people.Just request someone else! She thinks her cheap don't stink!


My father was admitted for poor circulation in his legs. He had a bi-pass surgery as well as work done to unclog his carotid artery. Dr. Lewis, Dr. Muehrcke, and the amazing Doctors on both the 4th floor and M-ICU were amazing. The nurses Jen, Katie Mae, Aurora, Mary Jean, Dan, Mo, Blake, Vanessa, and there were many others but they were so incredibly caring. My father ended up suffering 4 back to back heart attacks and thankfully was revived. I strongly believe that it is because of the excellent care and quick thinking from the incredible staff at Flagler Hospital. He is currently in a Rehab hospital making great progress. Once he is completely healed he will swing by to personally thank each and every person who took such great care of him. In addition to the wonderful care he received the staff also took great care of us family members. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care of my dad.

Rachel Davis

Experience here was awful. People are rude, and my billing has been a disaster!

Donato Campanaro

they are the best Hospital you can go to,, the staff is wonderful

Donshell Smith

I’m just distraught at the way this hospital treated my family and I. I just don’t understand how can a place of business be so dirty and rude at the same time. I guess we came at the wrong time because the night shift was horrific. I felt as if we were a inconvenience because of my mom’s tummy pains. The worst part was there was someone else’s information in the room on the monitor but my moms blood pressure was taken and populated under this man’s name. The same name that was on the monitor matched the green tube of blood of blood that was on the counter. I told the female helping my mom use the bathroom about it and she smirked and seemed to care less. She said she would take care of it when she got back from her break. She actually never came back not even to help my mom off the urine pan I did it myself and sat it on the floor where there was old blood spatter. I have been to veterinary hospitals cleaner and that treat you better then this. I couldn’t even get help and I stood outside the room asking but everyone just kept passing the buck. Never again in my life will I come here I wouldn’t recommend this place if it was the only place in the world open.

Carlos Barrera

Wonderful nurse staff greatest experience in the hospital ever

Christopher Workman

Just absolutely ridiculous experience

Leroy Savage

I am NOT a doctor OR a nurse. Why do "I" have to remove tubes from my fathers arm 2 times now since February 2019 because the "hospital" full of professionals like to discharge my father and I have to do their job. Very cruel and twisted people. If you have a loved one please don't take them here for health issues. Because most likely this trashy "hospital" will probably kill you first..

Michelle Wise

Our experience in labor and delivery was great! All of the nurses were very kind and excellent at their jobs! Postpartum, however, was an awful experience (and since that lasts much longer, it brings this review down). Nearly every postpartum nurse we had was both arrogant and careless of us as actual people rather than patient files. Each nurse was absolutely sure her way was right, yet many of them contradicted one another. Also, they completely ignored our wishes from the beginning. The ironic part: they told me I wouldn't be able breastfeed, and, while in their care, they were right - my daughter wouldn't eat enough. After being home less than a day, she was feeding great and has been ever since. On top of that, people have been unhelpful for each follow-up visit! A Dr even had to come out and scold the nurses for ignoring patients!

David Nusbaum

Come here with good insurance, and a good attorney. You’ll need both.

Renee Bender

The worst Emergency Room experience ever! After being rear ended in a car accident in front of the hospital off of 95N on Old St Augustine Road, I drove from JAX to St Augustine because I heard Flagler Hospital was great. WRONG!!! The ladies at the front desk were awesome as was the Triage gentlemen. I waited about 10 minutes in the waiting room. It all went down hill after that. I sat in the examining room for 10-15 minutes before anyone came in. The registration lady with the Russian or Czechoslovakian accent was a witch. About 10-15 later my nurse Tara came in asked about my injury, asked if I wanted Tylenol or Motrin, which I said yes to and she left. 30 minutes later was X-ray time. I asked why I had to have an X-ray since I knew nothing was broken. My neck, shoulder and upper back were killing me and I needed an MRI. The Tech said my insurance company requested an X-ray before an MRI. My shoulder hurt so bad I couldn't raise my arm to take my necklaces off so the X-ray Texh had to do it. The X-ray Texh was awesome, the girl running the machine glared at me the entire time. It was that mean look that women give other women. After the X-ray instead of taking me back to my room I went straight to the Results Room area where I sat for an hour. My back started spasming and I took an Excedrin that I had in my purse. Tara my nurse came in 20-30 minutes later and handed me 1 Motrin. So arriving at 1130 it is now 2 o'clock. I went to the front desk and asked if I was allowed to walk outside to call work? They said no if I left it was considered leaving the hospital. I told them I had been in the Results Room for an hour and a half and I think they forgot about me. The lady said," that's typical." The nice Triage guy said he would go back and check for me. I walked back in and I was met by the Dr. telling me I had no broken bones but muscle strain and possible pulled tendons and legiments. I told him my back was spasming terribly and he said to expect that for a few weeks and that the next few days would be the worst. He suggested cold on all of the areas that hurt for the first week, warm after that. He said he had already written my prescription and had a work release paper for me that the nurse would bring right out. Due to the spasms it was too painful to sit down so I stood in the hallway outside of the Results Room. A lady came by and asked if I was ready to be discharged and I said yes. I followed her into a room and she asked me my last name and told me to sit down. As soon and I sat down she said ok you have 4 stars you can go. But I couldn't go because I didn't have my prescriptions or work release paper. A young tall gentleman who appeared to be an intern walked by me multiple times. He finally stopped and asked my last name and said, " I'll see what's going on." I never saw him again 20 minutes of standing in the hall later I left because the back spasms were becoming unbearable. So 3 1/2 hours later I walked out of the Flagler Emergency Room with what I walked in with. No broken bones, severe back, neck and shoulder pain and no prescription. I have never seen an emergency room like this. If they were swamped or even a little busy I could understand but this was not the case. I have never heard of a hospital discharging you before giving you your prescriptions and paperwork. I live 10 miles away from Flagler Hospital and I will never, ever go back!

galaxy- king

I am Muslim American and I came in for sinus issues they automatically gave me a female doctor and they treated me so kind and the male doctors assistant automatically waited outside while she checked my ears I was in and out in 30 mins love this place so friendly and kind

Aaron King

Alicia Collins

So this hospital has an issue with anyone who has been sexually assaulted and the request for a female nurse will make your time being seen longer. Actual it was 930pm and it wouldn't be until after 11 before I could have a female nurse so I ended up walking out. If you want to be treated fairly dont go to this hospital.

A google user

The er is one of the best damn ers on the planet, in my one time experience...After that, good luck, you’re gonna need it. My mom went in for an issue and they wanted her to drink and drink and drink on an extremely bloated stomach. Thank goodness she refused, but who feels like fighting for their life with the doctors when they are fighting for their lives with cancer. And I guess Flagler hospital is a high crime area because you can’t even wait for a loved one by the bathroom for 30 seconds or wait outside for 4 minutes without a visit from a watered down, “T.V. Land” version of the 5-O accusing me of trespassing when I was there to actually go in the hospital on whose land (private property as they said) I was allegedly “trespassing.” And when you go in the hospital it’s like C.S.I FLAGLER HOSPITAL with all their p&p now. And how are they in the top 100 that from their own publication or something? Not the Mayo Clinic or Florida Hospital...go there, it’s not that far away.

Nick Cesarini

Fast help, clean rooms, and great accommodations. If you're going to go to the hospital - this is the place to be.

Roberta Pedersen

My 96 year old mother was a patient at Flagler Hospital. She went into the hospital on a Friday night and had excellent care. Great nurses, techs and iCARE people. Being the age she is she can sometimes be difficult, but they were fantastic. She was treated like royalty. They did everything to keep her comfortable and were great at answering my questions.

Sun Flower

Jeness Chappelle

I went into the Emergency Department in April for rapid heartbeat. I remained there for about 3 hours under observation then was discharged. Upon review of my discharge orders I discovered I was being charged for medications, injections and fluid bags that I did not receive. This meant that there was INCORRECT information on my medical records. One is a controlled substance. I called the next day and was told a few days later that these items were taken off my medical records. Now in August I discover that these were NOT removed from my records and they also billed Medicare for all of these items. It is inexcusable to make incorrect notations on a medical record. So today, 3 1/2 months later I am still in dispute with them about this. And what did the nurse do with the meds she says she gave me?

K Neves

Went there to the emergency room yesterday with and for my seven-year-old son around 4pm. The doctor in the back (blonde lady) as well as a male nurse were very openly displaying to us their reluctance toward helping us, and most importantly unconcerned about doing a thorough job due to their impatience with my son's fear. Their fatigue was showing and their lack of diplomacy was astounding. All it takes is one negative experience and I'm wary to go back. These are the people we trust with our family's health and lives....How?? Save yourself the anguish in a vulnerable time and do NOT GO HERE. They allowed their feelings to deplete their commitment to care for us. Health careers are not for everyone.

Wanda Browning

On vacation, had a bad fall and broke my leg. Scary but the hospital staff was calm and helpful. Had surgery and stayed a whole week before I could go back home. The nurses and techs on the floor were nice. I didnt like the semiprivate rooms but luckily was transferred quickly to a private suite which was wonderful. I received very good care.

Raquel Lebron

My mini vacation was cut short when I began suffering from a kidney stone in the middle of the night. Upon Arriving to the hospital, I knew this was going to be a disaster from the moment the receptionist raised an eyebrow when I told them I’ve never been to this hospital. He said “you haven’t been to one of our 500 locations??

Kimberly Floyd

I was seen at Flager hospital on two different occasions. The first visit was in the beginning of November and I was diagnosed with a stomach bug. on this visit every single person was so kind and always checking on me. I was given a CT of the abdomen and was put on extra fluids following the test. My heart rate jumped and the ER nurse kept me to monitor me for a couple of hours. After noticing it was dropping I was sent home with medication for nausea. Three weeks later My husband and I returned due to abdominal pain I was experiencing for a three week period. I was in so much pain I was keeled over I felt like I couldn't breath and someone had their hand in my stomach twisting. I had lost over 8 pounds and couldn't keep anything in. I was very dehydrated and I waited a total of 1.5 hours in the ER. There was a wait so I was okay with it. They took my blood and sent me back out to wait. I was taken back and put into a room where they proceeded to take my blood again. Then left the vials on the counter. My husband asked them if they needed them and the nurse said no they don't since they already took them while I was waiting in the lobby?!?! They took me for an ultrasound of the abdomen and I was in the hospital for a total of 8 hours. The nurse came in to discharge me without telling me anything about why I was sick for so long. My husband got very upset and started yelling that we wanted to see a doctor before we left to make sure I was okay. The Physician came in and proceeded to tell me they didn't have the resources to test me for a parasite or anything with my intestines and they sent me on my way in full pain. The doctor told me to call around and find a Gastroenterologist and tell them my symptoms and maybe they could help. The doctor was dressed up like a celebrity with caked on make up and hair done like she was going to the Grammys. No care or compassion that I was in pain. It has been over a week and a half and I still can not find a doctor to see me, they keep telling me to go to the ER?!! There is a waiting list a mile long to be seen by a primary. We just moved to this town and I will not be going back to Flagler. My children go to Wolfsons and I will be going to Ormond where I know I will be taken care of. Such a shame. Beautiful historic hospital run by people who have no respect for others. My first experience was amazing but after my second I will not be going back!

evan howard

everything that went well in this hospital for my mother was purely a matter of the nurses. the doctors were impossible to get in touch with, barely visited and didn't even write down the fact that she had vertigo or needed a walker. a nurse pushed for more care and personally gave her a walker at leaving. the administrators of this hospital are either overwhelmed and/or incompetent.

katherine pellegrino

UPDATE: after my mother being in the hospital for several weeks we have come to find out she is just another body taking up precious space. The social worker Virginia Farrell is absolutely the worst. She immediately dismissed me and told me "She had 40 patients and she did not have time to talk with me". And now they are going to release someone to an empty home who can barely walk and take care of themselves. Flagler is nice when you're paying a pretty penny but once you start getting better their main objective is to ship you out. When I first got into the ER the staff was extremely prompt and waiting time was very minimal. After vitals were taken, a concerning nurse immediately found a room in the ER and everyone jumped into action. Within 5 minutes there were 2 nurses and 2 respiratory nurses quickly responding to her medical needs. They pulled all levers to make sure she would survive through the night being extremely thorough, testing for everything. She was taken up to ICU roughly 7 hours later and has now been in he ICU for 7 days now. During these last 7 days the ICU staff has been beyond exceptional. I have essentially lived at the hospital during my this week and I been beyond impressed. Granted I have nothing to compare to as I have never been in this situation but I feel they have done everything to a tee. The nurses are extremely attentive and take time to speak with us and let us know what is going on. They prioritize the patient and take the extra mile to ensure they are comfortable and getting everything they need. As mentioned before, all levers are pulled and no expense spared in efforts to gain a greater picture of the issue and find the root cause(s). There has not been a moment where I thought they were not genuinely concerned about her. As for the doctors, again, they have been inclusive and make it a point to include family in on whats going on. Every morning they allow us to attend "rounds" where all the doctors and nurses group together and go on patient's status's. Even after working a 12 hour day they have stopped by and taken time to really communicate what the situation is and what the next steps are. This has by far been the most difficult event I have ever had to experience. Being at Flagler and the wonderful ICU staff has helped ease some of the burden. I can't express enough how thankful I am.

Kelley Burnett

I have COPD and had been coughing, short of breath etc for 5 days. Went to er here 2.17.16. I was immediately triaged and taken to a room. The physician, Dr Jackson, was so awesome!! 5 stars for her. Dr Jackson was knowledgeable, courteous, friendly & let me help make the choices for my care & for my prescriptions. The nurses I encountered were also awesome. 5 stars for them as well. Cleanliness 4 stars. Upon entering the emergency dept 2 young ladies were behind the sign in counter, 1 was borderline nice, 2 stars for her. The other young women, white, young, long dark hair, zero stars for her. She was nasty, bossy, unprofessional & assumed she could speak to me in any manner. Not!! I quickly put her in her place & watched her sulk behind her desk after I spoke to her the same way she did me, except I was courteous with my retort. Her colleagues seemed appalled at her behavior. This is a wonderful hospital full of care givers that are the back bone of this facility. The sign in clerks in the emergency dept are the face of any hospital. That clerk needs to be retrained in customer service. Kelley

Jerry Minnick

World-class medical facility and staff. My wife's doctors and the nurses provided very special care to my wife as they beat breast cancer. Thank you all.

Janet Brown

This is a pretty good small town hospital. Nice, clean, with polite people. The emergency room is too small for the amount of patients they receive and they do not have a separate waiting room for pediatrics. That said, the doctors seemed pretty good. our doctors and nurses were very professional and well mannered. The wait time was very long, like any hospital, but all in all it was a pretty good experience. I have got to hand it to the doctors and nurses in the emergency room for staying so calm cool and relaxed when they are under so much pressure.

Joy Lockerby Hanna

I showed up to my daughter in ER. It looked dirty. I was just surprised that they don’t take methods for keeping things sterile. Like not putting patient clothing in a bag. No auto soap dispensers, toilets, paper towels...have to touch everything. Needs modernized.

Nancy Arico

Never, never again. I'll Uber to Baptist South if I need an ER. Medical Staff that would be fired for incompetence in reputable facilities are allowed to practice here.


Never in my life have I ever been made to feel less than dirt until today. Why? Because I'm transitioning between jobs and waiting on insurance so I'm not covered at the moment. But apparently that makes me a lowlife in the eyes of the registration department. Judgement will come to those who judge others

Joan Tardif

Staff was friendly and caring from Kathy (or Karen, short white hair:-) in the the emergency room to the nurses in my overnight care room and Dr. Crisco, Karen and the rest of the cardiac operating staff who kept me calm throughout the procedure. Thank you.

John Lawson

They just look for ways to make money before they go bankrupt.

Kyleigh Gonzalez

Probably the worst hospital in the history of time the staff are super disruptive, talk and eat most the time and that I’ll I’ve seen them do

Arielle Leach

I arrived at Flagler emergency department between 8-9 pm on easter Sunday 2013. I was on vacation, I'm not from Florida. My husband had a severe case of food poisoning that warranted a trip to the ED for some fluids due to dehydration. My husband was unable to walk or talk because he was so ill. I wheeled him in a wheel chair we signed in. My husband needed the restroom. As he was in the restroom they called his name, I tried to tell them we were coming but the bathrooms being down a long hallway secluded away from the ED no one heard me. They proceeded to call the next patient. I wheeled him back in and told the desk lady what happened she assured me they'd get him next. They indeed did come back to get him in a timely clip. This is where the review gets good bare with me. We are taken back into triage where my husbands vitals are taken. Me, being a healthcare professional myself, noticed my husbands blood pressure and bpm were a little low. Ny husbands begging for a blanket as he's sweated through his clothes. They refused him a blanket. The triage guy then says so what drug is he withdrawling from? ...... I replied no and didn't say anything else. its against healthcare etiquette and ethics to ask loaded questions or to just throw out accusations like that. Anyhow my husband whom is being treated and accused of being a drug addict tells ne his muscles are seized up on the left side of his body and he can't move. He starts throwing up again on the floor because he was not given a bucket. Another nurse comes in being rude but takes us to a room. So people come in and out viewing us like were in the circus or something all being disrespectful and rude and accusing him of withdrawal at this point I'm fed up because I know they are doing this all wrong. The Dr comes in accusing him of withdrawal too n I flip the script and start yelling at him that he can drug screen us we aren't addicts... He tells ne to leave the room my husband says no I say he doesnt want me to leave him in here alone and I can stay by law. He calls security and has me escorted out by security/police. Says he felt threatened I'm 5 foot tall...... ..... ...... Anyway three hrs later after I managed to calm myself down I go back in they let me back in his room I ask my husband to update me I noticed he has no iv. I go to nurse desk request fluid iv three times before a nurse comes and does so. Im Gunna wrap this story short now , I got a kid to take care of. We were there a total of 9 hours and left without signing out because we had to drive 16 hours back home so ny husband could go to work . This hospital is horrible I pitty anyone who goes here in serious condition. Please heed my warning and take yourself or your relatives to another hospital.

Rick May

Absolute pathetically ran organization. We have an elderly gentleman that must be evacuated for Hurricane Dorian. He must be moved from his home to an Assisted Living Facility for the duration of the storm. This requires a Health Assessment Form to be signed by either a doctor, PA or ARNP. They can't/won't do it or offer suggestions (Dr. Carlos Torres). The answering service states, "there is no one to sign it." Really?! An entire hospital and no one is available. This is actually an emergency situation and a critical time. Avoid this hospital because the staff is pathetic.Not to worry, AHCA will called and a complaint will be filed. If anyone else has an issue with this hospital, just call AHCA and they will listen. Typically an investigation will be initiated in the complaints (medical professionals hate these inspections, but, they are sometimes warranted).

Lois Vazquez

I love this hospital! I was born there, my brother was born there, his son and my twin boys were born there. The staff is always caring and loving. I had a really tough pregnancy with my twins. I was high risk, had to have a c-section, and stay in the hospital for 5 days afterwards. The staff, the doctors, and everyone are so caring. The place is always clean, occasionally you will get a jerk doctor in the ER but that is because they do a program with other hospitals and switch ER doctors a lot. Dr. Jones in the ER is amazing! He actually is the one who told me I was pregnant! and treated my husband for food poisoning. We will be having our future children here.

Samantha Underwood

I go in for a mass on my throat and trouble breathing. They tell me I have a thyroid issue and need an ultrasound. Although I have good insurance, they refused to do it and sent me home. Blood pressure was 160/108 and I couldn't get a good breath. But they did not care at all. And to top it off, the room they put me in was filled with dirt, and used tissues.

Toriano Preston

Terrible experience in the ER my daughter was having sickle cell crisis and the doctor and staff act as if she was in there as a dope phen needing a hit i just removed her and took her to Baptist South

Jessica Fusco

Joey Wages

My grandma went there and then I went there a couple times and it's about Hospital the ER is one of the worst I wood never go there if I was dyeing I hate that place in the er one of the nurses were so mean to me when I went in there with a horrible back problem

Emma Kostura

The entire staff did an amazing job looking after my mom. I’m so grateful for their care and their genuine concern for her health, comfort, and recovery.

richard moshman

Very nice staff,however I had to stay an extra day because there was no cardiologist and th e Dr who checked out my chest discomfort with testing was understandably skeptical to let me go home the same day.if a cardiologist had seen my tests the first day I could have been released the first day.

Sandra Gammill

I brought my sister here with chest pains. At first they were slow but when they found out she had insurance everything was going on. They admitted her, and the next day gave her a heart cath and a number of other tests. While doing one of her stress tests the group that brought the machine in hooked her up and ran the test. She told them she had a nitro patch on but they were too busy talking to each other and ignored her. My biggest gripe was the fact that when they finally decided to discharge her they waited for no good reason except laziness until after 10 pm. I sat in the parking lot waiting, called the floor nurses station and the nurse said she was discharged and waiting for a ride. I calmly explained I was here and no one came down. She then told me they were just getting her paperwork. There should be no discharges after 5pm. I have never lived anywhere where the hospitals do this.

Alyssa Wilson

I have been having trouble with my head for the past few weeks-- vertigo, headache, shortness of breath and nausea. I first went to minute clinic and they told me if it got worse in the next few days then to go to the hospital, so i did. They brought me in and gave me a mask and said i probably had meningitis. I did not. Then took blood and pumped fluids in me and kept me there for 4 hours. I saw the doctor twice. The first time was 30 minutes after i checked in for him to see what was wrong. The second time was 3 hours later for him to tell me that he was going to give me some medicine for my headache. Never saw him after that. Waited another hour in the room for a nurse to come and tell me i was being released. 4 hours in a room by myself to be told to come back if i had any issues after that. I told her that my symptoms were still there and i didn't feel comfortable leaving but she said there was nothing they could do and wrote me a prescription for a pill for my headaches. Same exact ingredients as Excedrin. Thank you for wasting my time and my money. I'm still sick. Will be going somewhere cleaner and more professional once the storm blows over.

Jim Bailey

Very pleased with this hospital. I was admitted to have heart surgery. The heart surgeon is one of the top rated in the world. I was in and out in three days. That was 8 years ago. Staff is super friendly and they inform you of exactly what they are going to do before they do it.

Mark Largent

I'm actually surprised they've gotten a 2.8 average review. A family member has been here several time over the last five years and every visit the ER declines. It's not clean, not particularly friendly, and not at all efficient. I've had much better experiences in VA and army ER settings. I know they're trying to save money the ER doctor staff I'm pretty sure is farmed out does some company now not sure about the nursing staff. The only thing they're efficient at is ordering and doing medical tests. actually speaking to someone about the results of those tests or actual doctor are far from acceptable unless perhaps you're from Canada Having visited Baptist south with my daughter for an emergency I would highly recommend if you can go that far, to visit Baptist South ER and avoid Flagler ER if it all possible.

kathryn gladwell

This past Saturday I had to go to ER while on vacation. Can’t say everything was poor, but I left with two blown veins one on left and one on right. I have never had a nurse go into the upper forearm first without checking other veins. I have two tennis ball size hematomas. Look like a baseball hit me going 90 miles an hour. Total miss on first stick and second stick I said again ‘I am difficult please go to top of hand or near wrist . Use baby size needle.’ She said ‘if I don’t get after two times I’ll get someone more experienced’. Nope she didn’t listen, she went right into the right arm forearm. Got it but traumatized it. Again straight stick, big needle. If I could post the pictures I would. I have had many IVs. Never experienced that kind of pain or bruising. EVER.

Sunny L

The nurses are the best I have ever encountered. Compassionate and caring!

Randy Marshall

Good people and caring. I appreciate them very much.

Paul A.

The ER takes chest pain seriously and will run you in ahead of just about everyone else. They were thorough in checking me out. Billing was outrageous. They are supposed to be a NONPROFIT facility but charge outrageous prices. Went in for mild chest pain which turned out to be non heart related. no surgery or procedures, they just monitored me a couple of hours. They tried to scare me into staying inpatient for additional monitoring with stories of sudden death heart attacks. OMG. got the bill $1100.00 physician bill (just monitoring and talking to me) and $5700.00 for the facility. i told these people i didn't have insurance and just wanted to get checked out. I didn't feel that bad. They repeatedly refused to tell me how much anything was costing. Someone in a hospital should know. I think the billing is adjusted depending on what an insurer will pay. This is why insurance costs so much. UPDATE 9/28/14: I don't know why the charges were so outrageous, but the billing department called me and negotiated what i thought was a perfectly reasonable amount for the service. I bumped a star for good care, but reasonable/preset charges should be the policy, even though many hospitals likely operate this way. I did edit some of my angry comments.

Veronica D Wilson Go in with an ingrown toenail, come out with a toe tag. Every time I'm forced to go in there, they make me worse. Horrible place, worse ER, FILTHY rooms even in ICU - NOPE, NEVER AGAIN.

Joe Williams

My wife and I just had a child at Flagler hospital. We can't say enough good things about the care we received. The staff was fantastic, they all seemed truly invested in our well being and were professional and calm throughout the entire process. One of our nurses, Brice, went above and beyond the call of duty and when complications arose, we felt secure in her hands. Thank you so much for your professionalism, care and kindness. There aren't words enough to express our gratitude.

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