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REVIEWS OF Fawcett Memorial Hospital IN Florida

Sara Smith

This is my 3rd admission to Fawcett and I have been extremely satisfied each time. The staff is awesome.

Cynthia Cannady

Great team of people, very good service, considering how busy they were.

Alex Gunnard

doesnt even deserve this. My mom was in excruciating amounts of pain and they let her sit there for 18 hours not controlling it well. She was suppose to see a GI doctor for a complication with a surgery and he still hasnt come and it has been 18 hours.

Bonnie Samuel

Very good experience. Very good service . Staff made it easy.

John Theis

Best staff and caring people. Food was great. Nurses that really cared about your recovery. Had full knowledge about your surgery. Five star from me. All CNA's etc. did a fine job of caring for me. PT's very knowledge. John Theis

Mary Belser

Such great care

Jennifer Roman Duarte

Have always had a good experience with Fawcett.

Dennis Bischof

After my CT scan at 9:30 Am I was asked to wait for results. An hour late I asked if they had forgotten me. No the results would be in soon. After another hour I was told they were waiting on my doctor to call. After another 1/2 Hr. I called my doctors find that they had called and left a message at the wrong number. After another 1/2 Hr. I said I would leave if I did not get some answers. They came back and said I should continue with my meds! I expected nothing less from Fawcatt It has been my experience that they do not know what they are doing and hire the least expensive staff they can. It shows!

Nancy Davis

Fawcett Hospital is the only Hospital I recommend to friends and family. Going to the hospital is always stressful and knowing that the staff is going to treat us well has been what brings me back. Small things like an extra warm blanket prior to surgery, a gentle smile or a kind voice letting you know it’s all over and things went well, are what keeps us going back! Thank you Fawcett Hospital.

Mogar Tech

ER staff friendly,fast and efficient. Was all ready being treated before any talk of payment or insurance status came up. Your not getting through doors of Bayfront Health unless they have the approval code on your Mastercard. Once I was in, the blood work and tests were run in a timely manner. Was administered medication, taken care of, had my issues discussed with me and sent on my way. Entire staff knew what each other was doing and the patient doctor communication was good. Even though I was not very happy with the end result of me being discharged, it was not an overall bad experience.

Catherine S

Incredible experience at Fawcett Memorial Hospital for my hip surgery. Patent care was caring and responsive with gourmet meals for me and my visitor! The never ending smiles were contagious and reassuring. Please keep up the excellent Healing Environment now and forever.

R & B Butterfield

My one & only stay at Fawcett Memorial Hospital was in December 2016. Why am I receiving this email now?

melwanda kardel

I of course had knee surgery Everyone was super nice to me from getting into sugery getting my bracelets to IV hookup, to putting the gown on everyone was Awesome ! Putting cap over my hair ! Rolling down the hallway, to surgery. At last minute my bladder kicked in, the gentleman helping me, was Awesome ! Last thing I remember was getting off the bed onto a skinny table bed like and spreading my arms . I woke up in the. Room, with a olderlike woman waiting to be discharged ! I'm thinking oh lucky you ! I was looking forward to the ovenfried chicken. It was Tuesday ! I believe that I got the ovenfried chicken. Soooo good ! Great iced tea ! The nurses was so nice, to me. Fawcett Memorial Hospital, is beautiful ! Didn't get to go in the Cafeteria. I did notice, quite afew went in there. It must be enjoyed by the familes, whos loved one, or friend was in the hospital. I was very pleased, with Fawcett Memorial Hospital

Theresa Estes

They might say 5 minutes to be seen but it will take 5 hours to discharge.

Nancy Gardelli

Very caring staff and professional staff.

Angela Moore

They don't even deserve a 1! But I had to put something just so I can comment. I came here for help. I had back surgery and after coming home from the hospital, I developed a migraine. I was given alot of vitamins, stool softeners and pain meds to me before leaving. After coming home I didn't eat much and wasn't staying hydrated. This caused my migraine. I couldn't break it. I couldn't stop throwing up, then it caused stress on my stomach. So now I'm stuck in my shower with it coming out all ends. I have a 4 inch incision with only glue holding it closed. My husband and I was worried so he called for help. The ambulance were just so disrespectful!! They took me to fawsett. I was in pain, I needed there help!!! All they did was yell at me and treated me horrible! The nurse was upset she had to clean my mess so she jammed my arm with the needle, and left my head laying in my puke. (GET A DIFFERENT JOB IF YOU DON'T WANT TO CLEAN UP AFTER PEOPLE!!!)They treated me like a drug addict. I couldn't believe it!! The doctor said it was from not smoking. He couldn't of been more wrong. This Eisenhower doctor has no clue and has no business being a doctor. Took my daughter here last year, her hands were peeling horribly. We weren't there for even 5 mins and he looked at them said, it's from milk and eggs. To stop eating them. We walked right out. Found out it was her nervous system causing it. I would die 1st before I will ever go back here again!! And that is no joke!!

bob T

Great experience at out patient Physical Therapy clinic. Tyler is the most positive and encouraging person you could ever ask for. Thank you for your continued support....


Arrival was 6 am, but wait time was lengthy! Staff were informative, kind and courteous! They listened to you concerns, with exception of the anesthesiologist. He asked appropriate questions and we discussed my allergies and side affects! I have severe reactions to most pain meds. I did not vomit, but I had a severe headache until Friday after my surgery,! My discharge was swift and the staff were rushed.and I could barely get into the car went they brought the car.. I have been to both Bayfront and Fawcett and Fawcett is my preferred hospital.

Dolores Grimmig

Everyone I encountered handled themselves very professionally. They kept me informed of the procedures that were going to take place and they answered any questions that I had.

John S

Had outpatient surgery for double hernia at they're facility. Everything from the expedition process once I arrived until the surgery was completed, was top notch. The staff at the hospital were great and the facility runs smoothly. Everybody knew what they were doing and there was great communication between the staff members. An overall good experience in which I felt comfortable the entire time. Will definitely have any future procedures done here. No other area hospitals can compare.

John Hace

I spent two days in the hospital with diverticulitis. The staff could not be more attentive, professional, accommodating and friendly. I could not ask for better care. Thanks

Jacqueline Walker

My experience on the surgical are of Fawcett was excellent, can say enough of their staff and professional care given. However, once you leave the security of such care and joint the regular hospital staff, you are then faced with the most incompetent people called nurses. I was to be monitored over night and my nurse Lynn who lacked the basic skill of a nurse never monitored me that night as a patient who had major surgery hours prior. I would not recommend you stay after surgery unless things drastically improves. The next day I was to have Megan as my nurse who never came in to see me as a new patient or do my discharge. Lack of training and personal compassion seriously needed.

Carol Vernia

Taken care of very quickly and got some relief. Good professional people.

Jana Borchardt

This is the worst medical facility around!!! My dad suffers from COPD and we have used Fawcett several times for his treatment. He was taken into the ER via ambulance, we were never called back to see him and then was treated rudely when we went up to the floor to finally see him. Since being in-house he has gotten MRSA, has not been given anything to eat for a week due to tests that had to be done and then waiting for results, his primary care physician didn’t get called for almost a week after admission. I then received a phone call in regards to planning his discharge. The lady that called was rude, cut me off several times and had no idea as to what was really going on with him. I asked her questions and she had to review his chart in order to answer and my thought on that is to review the chart before calling so you have some kind of idea as to the situation in hand and exactly who you are calling. I will be getting all of his medical records so in the future we can go somewhere else.

Tom S

I have to say that the experience I had at Fawcett Memorial Hospital was outstanding. I had a Myelogram CT done and they made it so easy and with no pain. Everyone from the doctor and staff in radiology to the recovery room nurses were wonderful, even the lady at registration. I don't know if everyone takes happy pills or what but they all were happy with smiles and just so nice. I spent 4 hours in recovery which they checked on me continuously asking me if I wanted anything at all. I was served a very good lunch, cookies, juice. I really was spoiled... Thanks.

Anna Barnett

I thought everyone treated me with respect,were very courteous. They all made me very comfortable.

keywestjoan holefelder gaines

Having a Heart Attack in Fawcett Memorial ER saved my life. The Nurses were quick to notice I was in distress. They swiftly took me in room and gave me an EKG. Boom, I was in Cath Lab. Doctor Rosenfield and staff treated me w/ kindness and respect in this dire situation. A shock and 4 stents later i'm doing Great. My Sincere Thanks to all. My stay in Fawcett was Super. The nurses were kind and helpful. The Food was Delicious ...Yes Hospital food and it was YumE!! Cardio Rehab has been great! Shannon is helpful and pleasant. Thanks to Team Fawcett

Dwayne Gibbs

The staff at Fawcett Memorial Hospital are very professional and very courteous they treated me as a person not a number, if I ever had a reason to go to the hospital again I would choose Fawcett Memorial for my care

patti snider

Run.... don’t walk away from this place! Unfortunately we were taken here by ambulance.... couldn’t get out soon enough! Staff left my husband for 3 days without contacting his dr! 3 of 9 days that were not needed!

Charmaine James

This hospital is so awesome, and talk about the most awesome gift shoppe, check it out, even if you are not sick, it is so beautiful, please go and check them out, they are open to the public...

Lazaro Ortiz

I was having chest pain around 4am so I got to the er they took care of me right away with no hesitation and every one treated me with respect and did there jobs to the best of there abilities thank you guys and thank you dr Eisenberg thank you for all your help.

Sarah Norris

Emergency care is a fiasco. The nurses aren’t very respectful or considerate. However, being admitted on the 4th floor the staff there was like being at a totally different facility. I commend the nurses on admission floors! They need to get that emergency room together on the other hand.

El Okim

Staff and doctors were incredible attentive and compassionate.Its just so much better than Peace River hospital.Its gets very noisy at night because they do not have limits on TV sound after 10 pm and a lot of elderly hard of hearing patients. AND also lots of mentally insane individuals who should be in mental institution and not in hospitals where normal people go.It was incredibly noisy at night ,but 5 stars for professional staff and doctors.They were amazing.

Joseph Andersch

Nursing staff was attentive but slow to respond to need for pain medication. Took 45 minutes and 3 requests for pain med to get an Ultram. Confined to bed and unable to get urinal which was on window sill several times, or not emptying urinal so it could be used again. This caused embarrassment when I wet the bed. Other experiences in the past were far superior to this last one. Nursing assistants were not very helpful except for Jennet. Thank you to Tori, Ben, Carl and Stephany of Nursing staff.

Renee Ray

The ER is very friendly and quick to service.

Peggy Goyette

Omar is an excellent Therapist. Even though some days, it hurts the next day I have more range of motion.

Robyn Francis

Everyone went out of their way to help and make me as comfortable as possible during my total knee replacement. From the pre op nurses (Darlene was one) Tammy in the OR. I can't remember my circulating nurse or the surgical tech's names in Dr Reiss' room, but they were all fabulous! My floor nurses and my PT nurse were the best! All around great experience with great staff. Thank you all so much for taking such great care of me.

Christina R

Amazing experience here tonight. Dr Tucker Greene and nurse Kelly Sawyer were so wonderful. Compassionate smart kind people really felt Blessed to have them tonight. Both are meant for what theyre doing. Made me feel comfortable and really calmed me down, overall excellent people.

Gee Gary

Was impressed from beginning to end, admission to discharge. Facility was very clean, staff very attentive and professional. What more could a patient ask for


Just had surgery at Fawcett a week ago. From the time i walked in for my pre-op until leaving after my surgery the next day every staff member i encountered was so caring and very friendly... I have never felt so at easy and comfortable walking into a hospital as i did here... Thank You so much

Linda Martin

They do great work, are extremely friendly and care about their patients!

Patty Porosky

Outpatient surgery dept handled very well. Great experience.

Kathy Watson

I went in for a full hip replacement which Dr Reise performed. He did a great job, minimal incision, very impressed. I'm sure I am going to need knee surgery in the near future and I will absolutely have Dr Reise perform the surgery. As far as the staff goes I have no complaints whatsoever they were fantastic! They were very caring and was there whenever I needed them. I cannot say enough good things about the nurses and staff at Fawcett Memorial Hospital. From the moment I checked in until the moment I checked out everybody was very attentive, warming and made me relax, I was pretty nervous. I have to say that the food was very good also. It was definitely not the typical " hospital food ". The food was very tasty not at all bland. I've already told quite a few people how pleased I was with everyone that I came in contact with at Fawcett Memorial Hospital. Thank you very much, Kathleen M. Watson

Anthony La Rotonda

Every Nurse that had anything to do with my care, was not only very pleasant to be around , but they very professional to make me feel comfort. In my time of need.

mark gorze

The Staff/Nurses are great however the Hospital is dated and needs remodeled/upgraded.

casualty ofaaron

Wow! Just wow! What a beautiful hospital and a beautiful set of caring considerate nice helpful understanding kind hearted doctors you are all just a bunch of really amazing people and I can’t thank you enough for helping me I’m feeling so much better today I really didn’t want to go to the hospital but I did because I had to and I am so thankful for people that are like you that are working in the hospital in the medical field and you have no idea how hard that is to find! Thank you! So much! We need more doctors like you in this world and the woman at the desk and mrs boots

S Tejeda

We saw Dr. Anilus during this visit. She was hostile, antagonizing, and lacked bedside manner completely. One of the worst experiences ever. We're filing a formal grievance.

Jill Bouvier

Fawcett hospital was a mess-instead of air conditioning-they had motel type units that were on heat. It was sweltering there. I spent about 24 hours there; the garbage was never emptied-bedpans full of urine, heaping over. No way to take a shower and they were very short staffed.

Karen Ahlgrim

I have been in rehab for my shoulder since April. There aren’t more caring therapists than Faucett. I have a main therapist, Jeff. He is outstanding. Also, Tyler, Joe, Omar are outstanding. The staff is very helpful. I couldn’t be happier with Faucett Sports Rehab. They are very patient, helpful, encouraging and understanding. Thank you for your support!

Theresa Fenelon

Are we sure this is a hospital?? Food is excellent! That's all myself and my friends/family could talk about. Shrimp paella, salmon, steak salad! That was patient food. Will definitely stop in on occasion since the food was better than most restaurants around town. As for patient care, love the bear hugger system. I'm always cold. The nurses and staff were professionals, kind and caring. All and all a great hospital.

Mary Ann Okomski

Dr Reiss did a total knee replacement surgery on me. From the pre op to the dismissal everyone at Fawcett hospital made this surgery as PainLess as Possible. The staff was very caring and friendly while Providing excellent care

Jamie Castor

Absolutely horrible. I explained when i went into the ER that my pain was about 9 out of 10 and that i had a possible kidney stone. They made me wait almost half an hour in the lobby until finally I collapsed onto the floor and layed in the fetal position. They finally took me back and places me on a gourney in the hallway and it was another 20 minutes before I received any kind of help. Almost an hour in "emergency care" with the worst pain i can imagine. Then I get discharged with a prescription for pain meds on a Sunday night when the pharmacy is closed. I can already feel the nausea and pain returning and express my concern that if discharged i may be left hanging until the next day. The nurse says to me "oh yeah that can happen sometimes". Are you kidding me? Then they had me walk myself out of the ER to my ride and after 90 seconds in the car I'm puking my guts out. I will never go back there and I will warn every person I know to stay far away.

Jennifer Jones

Terrible hospital. I can't believe this sham of a place is still in business! Unprofessional and totally uncaring! Unbelieveable!

Heidi Sanchez

Super friendly and excellent service!

Connie Williams

Best staff ever. From the ER right down to the cleaning crew. Nurses, aids, labs and Doctors were all excellent. Only complaint is the billing office sending the correct information that the insurance companies need. My claims were denied due to lack of chart notes or medical information.

Alexandria Davis

My dad recently had an anterior hip replacement at Fawcett and the experience was superb!

Luanne Powers

Had outpatient surgery. Staff is awesome. The only reason I docked 1 star is because they are crowded and busier that the struggling staff can handle. Hospital needs an expansion! But very nice. If Port Charlotte grows anymore the county should fund more facilities.

Benitza Offenberger

Was released yesterday from having back surgery and I have to say I am feeling good. Fawcett made my stay so welcomed and made me feel like I was a priority at all times. Thank you Fawcett Team!

David Moorhead

Great treatment, attentive friendly staff.


EVERYONE from the moment I walked in we’re friendly and helpful.

Roger Pickett

Absolutely wonderful experience. Everyone was attentive and so very helpful.

Tom Ozimek

The ER staff were efficient and on point.

Brian Hickman

It seems like more people here fuss then give props. I'm here for props. Chris, female, is a nurse practitioner who was extremely helpful over the phone. I cant imagine how awesome she is if I'm there. Way to go Chris

Debbie Hielm

Recently met the most friendliest people from reception, lab, pre-op, to the admissions desk. Stayed in the Spine. unit on the 2nd floor after my surgery, and the same was for there. Excellent nurses and aides, who go above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and getting what I needed. Dietary staff were also friendly and eager to please. I highly recommend Fawcett Memorial Hospital!

Cheryl Eastman

Over two weeks of nearly all ICU care due to collapsed lung. Thanks for saving my life

Nicole runyon

My father was an outpatient at Fawcett Memorial Hospital. The registration process was smooth and easy. They had a smile on their face and were extremely helpful! The speech therapist was phenomenal and extremely patient. The radiologist was one of the best I have ever met. He took the time to evaluate and was extremely thorough. Fawcett Memorial hospital is a hospital that truly LOVES their patients. I will definitely bring my family back.

Michelle Switzer

I want to thank everyone for saving my dad. Martin Switzer ,And giving him 100 percent care. He has been hospitalized many times but never sung praises like he has about this care or team. May god bless you all. Thanks

Deborah Noe

Excellent care! Thank you.

Bruce Pierce

The nursing staff was excellent The doctors were excellent. Food was terrible I got some bites all over my back. Not sure from what.

Sha James

I was admitted to Fawcett Memorial Hospital from 5/6-13 for major lung surgery. From pre opt to day I left the hospital, I was treated with highest level of medical care, professional staff and doctors with great bedside manners . The nurses work tirelessly to stay on top of my pain management n all other physical emotional aspects of my stay . My surgeon n his team Dr Stapleton I thank you specially for successful surgery , ICU 4th floor you rock Guys. God bless you all . SK

rick ames


BSVPOA President

I was there for knee replacement surgery. Previously, I've been at Fawcett for the other knee replacement and a strangulated hernia. On a scale of 1 to 10, these folks are off the scale at maybe 15 or 20. Beyond the shadow of any doubt, the staff at Fawcett, from the doctors, the nurses and the support staff, all are absolutely fabulous. Friendly, courteous and professional. You simply can't ask for a better hospital.

Ashley Boreni

Amy at the gift shop is WONDERFUL! She was incredibly helpful. I had to call to order flowers for our boss. She went above and beyond to help us find something to our liking!

Patsy Cooper

I waited more than 3 hours for ANY care.. whatsoever! The front lady misunderstood me (because they are busy during"season" but CLAIM to be "storm ready" REALLY?? NOT EVEN "season"ready..they assumed I was having one problem (personal) but left me suffer. Because they misunderstood and said you'll learn from your mistakes! My "triage" male nurse was high fiving the EMT staff and teaching hold moves..,,(sherin ru) Kung Fu.. and joking about! Then turned around and took blood from a woman!! Then after her blood drawn..he washed and dried...ON his SCRUBS,! Puerto Rican guy..RN

Robert Fell


Keli Sare

Fawcett Hospital is filled with staff that work hard to provide comfort and help you find answers/solutions to your ailments as if you were a member of their family. From bringing family members to the emergency room to having routine mammograms, I’ve never been disappointed with my experience and care. So thankful to have a local hospital that I can trust!

Mckenzie Wilson

Care in ER and ICU was great. However, once transferred to medical floor, horrible.


It was Halloween morning, everyone wore costumes. Hoping the people who took care of me won the contest! They were like family and couldn't do enough to make me comfortable. I thank you all for all your efforts to help me.

Ross Echtermeyer

My wife was admitted with a brain bleed. Dr. Hershowitz performed the operation. She spent a month in ICU. He and the other attending Doctors and the ICU staff are top notch. All the Inpatient Rehab therapist are also top notch. We are thankful for the courtesy, attention and friendliness of those professionals.

Joan Racicot

From pre admission thru discharge was efficient. The nursing staff was friendly, helpful & on time with medication. PT got me up and going on the right foot I was encouraged by my progress. The food was excellent. I chose from a menu that aimed to please. My husband had a complimentary lunch with me. Dr. Connors made the right choice for me. Over all an excellent experience at Fawcett Memorial Hospital.

Michelle Guadagno

I was in Fawcett Memorial for 3 weeks in April to May 2019. I was very afraid to go to a horrible experience at another hospital. But everyone was so good to me at Fawcett. Especially Kit on the 4th floor. He made me keep going when I was afraid and felt hopeless. In the long run everyone was amazing and I can't say enough about the amazing care.

Peter Hutchison -Lepine

the food was actually good, day shift Nurses would get a 4 star... night shift Nurses a 2 star..... big diffrence in care


The care team was professional, friendly, and compassionate.I highly recommend this hospital.

John Mooney

No place is ever perfect. It seemed I was in bed waiting for my turn for quite a while. I didn't realize an anesthesiologist didn't automatically come to your room, we requested he come to see us as I didn't want too much anesthesia to make me overly groggy. Overall, it was good.

Judith Young

Always great. I was in tough shape arriving in er. They were super and so kind. Short stay to correct incompetence at local facility. On my way to being healthful again. I don't and won't go to any other hosp. Here. 5 stars and more

Dick Banning

The nurses were excellent, taking care of me was a handful and they still did a great job, can't wait to get better at home and go visit them and tell them in person how good they are, great job Fawcett..

Tom Beltz

I read some of the reviews and wonder if I was in the same hospital. Went in on a Thursday for triple bypass, released the following Monday. Dr Stapleton and his team were fantastic as was the cardiac wing watching over me. Never asked for anything I did not get, right down to a very sympathetic ear when needed. I thank all of them for their caring attitude for my complete stay. My deepest appreciation.

Joe Beeson

Very efficient and knowledgeable . Totally happy with service .

Carol Brown

Just about a year ago, my husband was taken to ER, admitted to ICU and had a 12 day stay. We were visiting from 1700 miles away, and this was a first experience, and it was absolutely awesome. ER was just great, and ICU nurses rock! The whole team worked together and saved his life, and I cannot say enough about Fawcett Hospital. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Bettie Davis

I just had a Cervical fusion at and stayed 2 nights at Fawcett. From pre-op to discharge, I never encountered not even one negative or bad employee from any department. Everyone was so friendly and smiling all the time. I got to stay in one of the new rooms on the 3rd floor which was private, comfortable bed, huge bathroom and a 60" TV with all of the Dr., Nurse and Tech as well as patient information that would scroll along the TV. Everytime I needed assistance, someone came within 1 min or less. I'll be back in about a month for my back surgery.

Kevin O'Malley

Best hospital in the area. Staff was very attentive and caring.

Levi Sare

Having to go to the hospital is not fun - but my experience (and my family's experience) with Fawcett has been nothing short of stellar. From minor injuries (my daughter had her toe bit badly by a BUNNY when she was 1!) to major surgeries - Fawcett has made things comfortable, easy and transparent. It is a MAJOR decision to place trust in an organization for the health of your loved ones - and Fawcett has EARNED that trust from me.

William Rambo

Staff were very nice. They made me feel at ease at a time of high stress. Everyone took excellent care of me both per-procedure and post-procedure. Thank you.

Carol Gershowitz

From parking to exiting the experience was positive. MRI was on time with professional friendly technician.

sally whiting

My dear friend's father had hip surgery yesterday, 9/10, and she was so grateful how attentive the staff has been to her father. She can't say enough how wonderful the care has been. Please give a shout out to the staff on the Spine/Ortho Unit for providing such excellent care. Keep up the great work!

Edith Peterson

Staff and care was good; however, very poor communication between staff. Would choose another hospital if I had the choice.

Terry Edinger

Was at this facility last year, service was great food was great don’t know if they had a management change or what. This year service sucked food sucked, took 1hr 45 min. Just for some ice water. Sounds like typical bean counters cutting service and quality just to save a buck just so sad. They shouldn’t be able to charge so much for a terrible experience.

Jerry Southwell

My recent stay at Fawcett Memorial Hospital in Port Charlotte could not have been a better experience. The pre-surgery education class prepared me for what I should experience and the staff delivered! I can't imagine a more caring experience. My comfort was foremost in their efforts as I was treated better than family. Doctors, nurses, aides, transporters, valet parking, and therapists were all courteous and caring. I highly recommend Fawcett to anyone needing medical treatment.

Nikita N

I was admitted Thursday & was not looking forward to staying however once I got up to my room & met my nurses, my attitude changed. I was on the cardiac floor where I had April & JoAnne as my day time nurses & let me just say, they are the true definition of a nurse. Both were extremely helpful, caring, loving & made me feel like I was just as important as any other patient would be. If I had any issues, they would find a solution. They both were nothing positive & all around amazing!


My mother-in-law was in for a few days because of blood being to thin and i brought my 10 year old son in to visit her and the condition of the hospital (3rd floor) was so bad that my son cried when we got home ! He felt so bad that his grandmother had to stay there in that nasty , smelly place and he was going to have nightmares! unless it’s life or death I would tell you to go to a different hospital !

Steve Reeder

Great hospital I was on 4th floor for 4 days it was 1st time there .. I would go back .. I was in ER 1st on Sunday and met the CEO he was walking around and talked to me.

Esther Grigorian

I was in as an out-patient and my short stay was very good thanks to Jessica, the best nurse I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Samuel Hay

I had a out patient procedure done. All the nursing staff were great.

Naticris Tellavi

Every time I need a hospital I use Fawcett because nurses always helpful and a good mood. Never had a problem on my several times I stayed in on over 20 years.

TooHigh Senpai

I went for extreme pain and bleeding when I was supposed to be 1 month pregnant. I came in crying, balled my eyes out in the waiting room, and cried in the room I was given. Obviously in pain, to which no one asked about or asked to treat or told me anything. One staff pricked me 3 times trying to draw blood- I'm used to it so it's fine and I told the lady who was representing me they did not take my blood. An hour something goes by and I'm wheeled to an ultrasound and told "sorry it's taking so long, just waiting on your blood work results" which annoyed me as I explained again I didn't get any done and I didn't give a urine sample. In the ultrasound room she gave me my cup- I passed the dead tissue and was really shaken up about it- I had a miscarriage right there. She said to just relax and we would see and make sure- I enjoyed her and that she tried to make me comfortable when I was in pain. Came back to the room with the dead tissue I passed in the urine sample and told 4 nurses to take it away. I sat on the bed for the next 4 hours with a bloody urine sample with my miscarriage in it. One nurse said she'd take it away and walked out only to come back and sat it next to me- I took photos. No one was comforting, no one wanted to talk to me about it when I asked questions. The nurses came back to give me a pelvic exam- I cried from the pain and said they were just hitting my bone and they said "you need to relax." I screamed I was done. she said "I know your just scared" and left me sobbing in the bed and turned the light off before leaving. I was horrified. This has been very traumatic from the start but the hospital staff made it so much worse. I won't even get into having to wait 15 minutes for a nurse that looked to be chewing gum with an attitude that had to find my paper work and told me that I had to sign some paper without explaining what it was. Or the fact that while in the room you could hear the women talking and saying " just hit me so I can go home early" Edit: don't tell me to call when you don't answer or call back. I'm done trying to settle things.

Steve Chandler

They took good care of me. Kept me comfortable. I had a little problem when I was prepared for a procedure. The nurse was new and didn't know exactly how to prep me. I do like this hospital.

jalana Migan

Lefted bay front went to Fawcett stayed 3 days everything was great except for dr joseph he never came and saw me .great nurse's

Nosey People

The PA was very patient and understanding. It is nice when your are hurting, to have someone gentle, caring and with a little sense of humor.. God Bless her.

Michelle Alderman

Tried going to the emergency room because I threw out my back. I was treated like I was invisible by most of the staff after the valet person acted like I was imposing. Apparently they don't realize people go to the er because they need help.

wendy kumke

I was there last night in the emergency room and was treated so wonderfully! Everyone was so attentive and kind. They made the whole experience so less tramatic.

mark chasteen

Went in for hip replacement. Was completely satisfied with service, explanation of what is happening,and the care I received.

Denise Steele

I recently had a major surgery, 2 week stay, and a return visit for infection, 1 week stay. I had 2 major complaints, which has caused me extensive pain and delay in healing. I had a drain placed in CT, had signed a consent for sedation, and I was awake during the most painful part of the procedure. The 2nd complaint I just was made aware of, was the drain that was placed was supposed to be flushed and it did not get flushed during my hospital stay, which has now delayed the removal of the drain. The drain is very painful, I can not sit, and I am having to take pain medications around the clock to take the edge off the pain. It is interrupting my sleep, interfering with my healing process and life in general. Therefore; I am quite upset and disappointed with these 2 major issues that occurred during my extended stays. There were other minor issues, although I choose not to discuss those, as there is no perfect world.

Carol Fisher

All around excellent from parking to registration and to my procedure.


Got there in pain so bad from kidney stones i already knew i had i couldnt even stand up ran tests put iv in arm within 30 minutes after then another 30 minutes after i was told we will give you saline and some meds waited 4 hours before they started anything then comes back 15 min later after the 4 hours then says yeah you have them and then gets me the diacharge papers within another 15 minutes and said im good to go nothing has even kicked in yet for how bad my back and side were hurting,lucky to even get 3 stars at this point.and ps not to mention you will not even get a room half the time here same for alot of others that were there

Diane Petee

Received scripts for medication that had another patient's name on them. Had to go back next day to get correct scripts. I even got the patient's name on my going home instructions with her case number. The doctor, working in ER, didn't even examine me.


My choosing Fawcett Memorial for surgery was their reputation of excellence. My surgery and 1st day of recovery was very good. However, discovering MRSA put me in another room and then another. I had been told I was going home, but had to stay for an x-ray and CT scan. Due to 3 room changes, my clothes disappeared with my car and house keys. I was told the hospital will continue to look for them. Hopefully, they will be found. Everyone was helpful and accommodating and looking forward to finding my belongings.

Sandy whitman

Everyone was very professional. My discharge took too long. The nurse didn’t know how to do the paperwork and I never got discharge papers. Wasn’t sure what I should do or not do after my bronchoscope!!!!


Unfortunately, I have made a couple of visits to Fawcett Hospital. But the experience was very good. Everyone I came into contact was wonderful.


I was taken care of in a professional and caring manner. Each nurse & my PA showed concern for my symptoms and proceeded with test that would rule out anything serious from my symptoms. Being from out of town and having no local doctor I appreciate their time and expertise in giving me confidence with my situation until I was able to return home to see my family physician. They also made me feel comfortable during my time in the ER

petar Blagoev

Hey there, my name is Peter , I was in for a surgery on May 13 and honestly I'm really impressed with the staff on the 2nd floor, all the nurses were absolutely wonderful, like assistant nurse ED, and spesialy yong lady name jeana (I hope that I spelled the name correctly) they are one dedicated group of professionals and we need more of them around !!!! Thanks for your wonderful service, and kip up the good work. Sencirly Peter B.

Submit Beacon

great hospital

Tom Varley

Nursing in PCU and in ICU was very good. Special thanks to Steve and Brittany for going above and beyond.

Chris Schepperly

The staff was good but I'm disappointed in the facility. I was in the hospital for only 2 1/2 days to start medication and they put me in a room with a person that should have been in special care and kept me up the entire time I was at the hospital. The hospital needs updating.

Nikolai X. Shadeauxs

Went in for surgery.. Had to fast from 9pm.. Go in at 5am.. Still sitting at 2pm.. So walked out.. If we have to sit all day fasting waiting for surgery could at least sedate us so it's not so traumatic..

Phillip Scott

Everything was done in a professional, friendly manor. Treatment was done on time and done by a friendly, caring nurse.

Vicki Crabtree

Dr. James explained two options for me to choose between, but failed to discuss the timeline of the selected procedure. Other staff came in, without wearing a name badge or introducing herself or her role. She explained the timeline required to complete the procedure and had me sign consent forms. The RN stated that she did not want to keep these papers and schedule anything for me six months from now, as we were leaving the area for that amount of time. She refused to make an appointment for me until I return to this area. Therefore I will spend 7 or 8 months in pain because when I return it will take a month to get an appointment and another month to get prior authorization. I was disappointed that they could do nothing to relieve the pain sooner and angry that the RN was more interested in her bookkeeping than reducing the amount of time the pt has to be in pain awaiting service.

Cindy K.

Excellent care before and after surgery. Staff very efficient and caring making this a great experience.Dr. Reiss did my total knee surgery. I have no pain. Food was good.The valet parking is also excellent. Thanks Fawcett.

Bill Housley

Everyone was great !!! Very Happy !!

Diane Gonzalez

My husband is a cancer patient at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. He had his second chemo in the new series last week Thursday and had a fever on Saturday afternoon. The Moffit doctor on call informed me I needed to take him to the nearest ER as his blood count was extremely low. She then called Moffitt ER to inform them we were on our way. When we arrived, the nurses, doctors and staff were all very helpful and efficient and they diagnosed the infection and proceeded to treat with intravenous antibiotics. We were able to return home after a few hours and have my husband recuperate further. I was very impressed with the care and treatment we received while at Fawcett Hospital.

Brandi Shepherd

Had an interview not once did they ever ask if I had any questions then asked me the same questions very filthy place as well

C. Dale DeVoe


Debi Kirkwood

I have NEVER been Treat so badly as I was at your Hospital!. It really was Patient Abuse! You will never have me as a Patient again!

Mark Olson

Everything was great except for the wait time, you have a appointment for eight and don't get into the procedure until Ten, I think anything over a hour unless there is a emergency is unacceptable, and to wait in a chair instead of a bed is also unacceptable , otherwise you have great staff and great doctors.

Pat Brown

My stay at faucet hospital was life saving thru Excellence and dedication from the doctors on my case to the nurses from ER to the 2nd floor Staff of excellent nurses to the 4 th floor nurses Excellence is there everyday standard Dr Weerasinghe for his great skill he has helped me So much by fixing me after another Doctors mistakes also the team he put together was so professional and caring Thank you all for your Wonderful care Pat and Mike Brown

Albert Juarez

Through the E.R I was admitted to 4W IMCU Cardiology . Although they were very busy I was taken in by the most wonderful group nursing care staff i have ever been acquainted with . True to their word they kept me posted as to all that was being plan for me . Very attentive to detail and full of compassion . Special thank you to a Nurse named Hillary . All the way to discharge I was thought of as a person and not just a number. God Bless you all and all that you do. Sincerely Albert Juarez

Brenda Sproul

We all know no one likes to go to the hospital for any surgery or procedure, and it is not often that one person can put your mind at ease. A person who makes your experience from beginning to end a calm and positive experience. A person who goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable, important and very special. I want to shout out a great big thank you to Yvonne Smith in the Cardiac Unit Pre Op and Recovery, for you are that person! From the receptionist who greeted me, to Yvonne, to the kind nurses in the operating room to the nurses on my floor, Steve and Dan and of course Dr Cossu, everyone was great! This my second positive experience at Fawcett and I would not hesitate to recommend Fawcett to anyone.

Denny Moore

what a surprise to find this level of care in the local area. Kudos Fawcett.

Thomas Berninger

Dr. Melody Strattan, D.O. and Shannon Barnes R.N. in charge of cardiac rehab are both Excellent and I learned a lot from both of them. I highly recommend both to anyone that has heart concerns. My wife spent hours waiting for me in the reception area. Everyday she observed the exceptional attention for everyone entering that area. The valet parking was greatly appreciated.

shari smith

Worst place ever and I mean HORRIBLE. Went in with migraine had for several days that it affected my eye (blood vessels burst). Saw my eye was drooping (after affect of stroke) did all kinds of tests spent the night in hallway ( normal for them) I spent 5 days in hallway before loud bright didn’t find anything and never gave me any meds for migraine to go home with. What was the point. I would have to be unconscious to go again.

Bill Warnke

The worst ever. Went in on Saturday having a heart attack was put on a nitro drip than laid in a bed for 24 hours before seeing a doctor. Had to be transferred to another hospital to get proper care. Would never use that hospital again.

Maria Bejerano

I visist this facility with my 5 years old daughter and the attention was fantantic, fast and clean.

michael murphy

Not even going to start. I would go on for an hour. Nurses are fine generally. The doctors were like the 3 stooges. You take your life in your own hands (their hands) how about the hammer, auger bit and hand saw.

Debbie Morrow

I was thoroughly impressed with the care I got while I was an out patient the other day. The nurses’s In Pre-OP were wonderful. A girl by the name of Terri took such good care of me before the test and she even checked on me after the test was over, and she didn’t have to do that. On the other end of the procedure, Jennifer or Jessica L was great to me. She hovered over me until I was ready to leave. Although all of the nurses and people in the Outpatient Unit were caring and wonderful to me, these two nurses went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and I will never forget that. From registering to leaving, everything ran smoothly and like clockwork. I really didn’t have a bad day there, even though it was for a procedure I was dreading. Thank you to all who made my trip less anxious.

Elizabeth Ramirez

I felt so hurt being a patient at memorial hospital I had chest pain I was asking to sit down and wait but I never got called at this point after waiting for 45 min

Caterina Abraham

Nurse came out quickly to start vitals. After that, it went to hell. Nurse was rude, doctor wasn't concerned about my symptoms. Treated me like I had no private insurance. Didn't ask much about my history and very little eye contact. Was warned about going to any hospital in port Charlotte. Never again. Will just drive to a bigger city hospital. THEY NEED TO GO UP NORTH TO SEE HOW A REAL HOSPITAL IS SUPPOSED TO BE. THEY HAVE LOW MEDICAL SKILLS. WENT TO MY CLINIC, AND THEY FOUND OUT WHAT COULD BE WRONG.

Alan Glassman

Very easy check in with well trained staff. The nurses are very compassionate and put the patient at ease. The facility is immaculately maintained. I felt very at ease before my procedure as the staff were very courteous and friendly and strictly focused upon the patient. This hospital is run like a spa.A very pleasant experience.

Dave Woody

Very short wait. Good coordination. Good results.

Alex Wheat

One of the worst “medical professional” experiences I’ve ever had. It is an honest shame, but not uncommon. If you are experiencing a medical emergency please consider that this ER may not be helpful to you. They will take your blood and have you sit in a surge bed and get you registered but your health is not a priority there. Please go somewhere else where your health will be a dominant factor in your visit. After falling at work and having a seizure that required four of my coworkers to hold my body down and two concussions, this ER had me sit on a surge bed by myself unable to communicate to anyone. They took my inability to communicate as more time to go do other things. I did not see a doctor until a doctor mistakingly walked up to me, and then left. The PA was briefly helpful but ultimately irrelevant considering my discharge papers said that I was seen for an anxiety attack. ? It was has been about a week since I was at the ER and through no help of the Fawcett medical staff I am coherent enough to communicate this to anyone else that should know, it is not a place for medical care. I do not doubt that there are some staff there that work hard for what they do but for them it is most tragic. To be a fish trying desperately to climb a tree. Or rather, a poor surgeon with no good tools.


Great service! The staff went out of their way to help me. They work well with the VA and my doctor who sent me there. When ever the VA gives me a choice of medical places to go to I always choose Fawcett Memorial Hospital.

Philip Clarke

The staff and nurses at Fawcett Memorial made my stay an easy and pleasant experience. Very dedicated people, the hospital is well run with attention to detail. You always feel that you are receiving the best of care.

Luis Rodriguez

Usually when someone has direct admission to a room you usually get it. Not here, they’ll let you watch people go ahead of you. I suppose triage is irrelevant here. Just know you’ll be waiting for something that should be quicker than usual.

Tonya Brown

I absolutley LOVED ALL the staff at Fawcett Hospital. I was treated like Royalty, they were so nice, the food was wonderful and I would definitley recommend it to anyone.

Rich Strong

My wife, Diane Strong, entered through ER and was admitted for 4 days. During this time she was taken care of as she was a Queen. I have nothing but praise for the entire staff. Everyone went above and beyond to make her stay as well as they could.

Beach Guy Bob

So many nice reviews. Unfortunately my review is just the opposite. Went in for an outpatient procedure that was supposed to take about 3 hours. I had preregistered over the phone a few days before but the hospital said that they had no record of it. So we do it again. In pre op they made me sign a second consent agreement because I had checked "no observers" on the original form. They then refused to give me a copy of the new form. I believe this is not legal. But the worst was yet to come. Pre op complete at 2PM and they take me to the holding area outside of the operating rooms. Arrived there at 2:10PM. About 4 other patients also there. Fifty minutes later (3PM) all those patients had left for their respective procedures. I was still there with nothing to do but wait. I had been told by a nurse that I would be going in soon. No magazines, no cell phone, no TV, no tablets. Just lie there and wait. After 3PM more patients are wheeled in. Then they start be taken in for their procedures. Again I am the only one left. At 3:50 PM I had had it. I tell the nurse that I wanted to leave. At that point I had been lying on the gurney in the holding area for an hour and forty minutes. I had been told numerous times that my procedure would begin shortly. That clearly was untrue. Well when I said that I wanted to leave things finally started happening. A head nurse came in and apologized for the delay and for the lack of a clear explanation as to the cause of the delay. I am a very calm person but this was too little, too late. I was finally wheeled into the operating room a full 2 hours after I had arrived in the holding area. The hospital didn't even have the courtesy to telephone my wife to inform her of the delay. She was very worried and she finally called the hospital at 6PM to find out where I was. I walked out of that hospital at 6:30PM. Total time for what was supposed to be a 3 hour procedure was over 6 hours! To me the lack of communication with the patient, the complete disregard for the comfort of the patient and the attitude of the medical staff was completely unacceptable. Previously I had had outpatient procedures performed at both Bayfront locations. Those procedures went fine. But since Fawcett has a higher satisfaction rating than either of the Bayfront locations I thought I would give Fawcett a try. What a mistake! And it is a mistake that will never happen again.

Yani Rodriguez

The most compassionate and caring staff I have ever met at a hospital. I can't say enough good things about everyone in this building including the crew from transportation all the way to the housekeeping girls. Its a old building but i can imagine is hard to renovate because is always full. Parking is terrible but I think they might be working on that. The E.R wait is never too bad, I guess it depends at what time and day you go. The food is delicious, I mean look at my salad!!! The only downside I find with food is that the cafeteria closes too early (1:30 p.m.) If you have family with you the other choice they have is Subway.

Tracy Golden

The nurses where very helpful and very caring and very supportive to me and they made my stay there very pleasant and I will return to Fawsett hospital for my care.

pam geiselmann

Wonderful care. Staff was professional, caring and friendly. I recognize this hospital.


Not very clean. Staff in rooms short tempered and commanding not caring.

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