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Brenda Lowman

I cannot think of one unpleasant thing that happened on my visit. Nurses and staff were very attentive, and answered any calls from my call button promptly. The supportive staff, physical therapist and occupational therapist were extremely helpful and patient with me, and very kind. I wish I could remember the OT person's name, she was very nice and patient! My favorite was Kim, the PT person I had. She was awesome!! My nurse Fredrica was wonderful, and both of the nurse assistants that I had were very sweet. My overall experience was very positive and I would not hesitate to be treated there again.

Laneve Thompkins

Very kind staff and doctors...i experienced a small town niceness. I went in for a simple throat surgery and unfortunately the clamp used to hold my tongue to the side not only busted my lip some but also cut the skin of my gums and left my tongue numb on the tip and left side. This was a complete surprise when I woke.. I'm still healing. So I'm trying to figure out why the doctors were so rough when I was put under.

Marianne Mc Bride

I have been in my 86 year old mother's room for 4 hrs no one has come in to check on her once

Roger Gardner

Excellent process and great care.

Rena Fort

Every caregiver was very sensitive, caring, polite and knowledgeable of their job. They all seem to love what they were doing and that makes it easier to to take care of the patients. Thank you all so much for taking care of my needs.


My husband went in to the hospital with right chest pressure, dizziness with vomiting, and extreme fatigue. After testing, the doctor told us they can’t find anything. I specifically asked if it could be his heart. The doctor’s exact words were “pressure on the right is not the heart”. We went for another opinion. The new doctor said he could have a heart attack any second. He said his family history and the chest pressure are tell tale signs of a serious issue. I’m just glad my husband is alive and didn’t have a heart attack. We have 3 kids one is 7 weeks old.

Victoria Shaw

Apart from 3 staff members that really stood out. This was by far the worst experience I ever had at a hospital. My Daughter who is 5'2 weighs 100lbs, was hit by a Car going 30mph, she suffered a fracture jaw , teeth broken, 2 missing teeth, concussion and lots of pain.... within an hour of being there , they were ready to release her - because and I quote "no major problems"... the first and last time I will ever go to that hospital - Only went there because that's where the ambulance drove. So thanks for nothing. Absolutely deserve ZERO stars. Will be contacting the Florida Medical Board committee in regards to the treatment and care my daughter received while she was there, if I can call it that. I'm thankful to Doctor Snyder, who at least reconsidered releasing a concussion patient only do to the fact I practically begged. And gave , what I thought a good enough excuse - that my Daughter was hit by a car.

Pat Atkisson

Staff was knowledgeable and efficient. They displayed an attitude of caring which I greatly appreciated.

Christina Howard

Great outpatient experince!!! Friendly staff and had my bloodwork and CT done quickly. I was in and out in less than an hour!

Althea Wallace

I was on the third floor for almost a month thank you Nurse Tracy, Dionetta,Angela,,Kevin for your great efforts of making my stay as comfortable as possible ♥️..Thank you Tech Rhonda and Sylece for helping me through out my stay as well ..this third floor has the good ...the bad...and the ugly.Chinita the house keeper (tall black lady) she was so nice she cleaned my tub and she cleaned my room unlike the short Spanish lady the day before.will I ever return back to Central Florida Regional Hospital? Only if I could have the staff members that I mentioned in the beginning of this review


Every singleone of these people... Are not friendly at all. Fake faces fake emotions... Just people making money. No connection or commitment. Fake as fake can be. Come here and I guarantee you'll feel the same way. Don't believe me... Go ahead and come here. Otherwise... Very cleanly, hygienic, and hospitable. But these people... Money. That's it. Your a paycheck in their eyes...

Angel Romero

My dad arrives with a stroke and he received an inmediataly attention. I thank to all the personnal for all their care for him.

Vanessa ortiz

Love the nurses and staff in L&D they are amazing

Jeanna Suzor

The ultrasound tech and radiologist reevaluated my breast lump and decided that I did not need a core biopsy after all. Another imaging place did the original diagnosis. There was a mistake made and I found out almost 6 mths later that I needed a biopsy according to the first imaging place, so that's why I was reevaluated 6 mths later at Central FL Regional Hospital. Thank goodness I didn't need the biopsy.

Eric Padilla

As we currently sit here waiting for treatment for my pregnant fiancee shortness of breath. We have been waiting over 2 hours in the room waiting for the nurse/Dr to even check on us. No tests have been run other than triage. I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure if some comes in and says they are having difficulties breathing you would want to check on said patient every now and again especially when then patient is 8 months pregnant. Completely unprofessional. This is the second time this has happened. And it's the second visit we have had. We pressed the emergency button after 90 minutes of no one coming in and we were told a nurse will come in. 30 minutes later still nothing.

Duane Marsh

In and out in no time. Everyone was very professional, but still took time to be courteous and friendly.

SusieQ The Apps Liberator

Extremely upset ! My son has been there for quite some time now, treated horribly by staff. Small minded Dr. Who's narrow minded and cannot, nor able to find cause for my sons illness. Treating for one thing , obviously there's something else going on with son and Dr doesn't seem willing (or able) to find out what. I want him moved to The Mayo clinic where at least some fresh prospective, open minded Dr's will TRY to find and resolve ! I wouldn't ever recommend this place ! Ps, calling EVERY medical official I can find to report the horrible way my son has been treated. Turning off the water, neglected for bedding, bathing, etc is UNACCEPTABLE

Stacie Becker

I came in for a pretty personal and sensitive issue on a Saturday and I was treated with such kindness and respect from every single person I came in contact with. Seriously, the triage, the nurses, the doctor, and all of the other technicians I had to see made my difficult time as easy as they possibly could have. The care was excellent, and the compassion was unexpected and much appreciated.

Antwanette Ingram

Very good staff from the doctor to the nurses. They all helped each other out if my nurse was too busy to do something I didn't have to wait to be seen which was good cuz I was in alot of pain. They kept me updated on the screens in the room normally I would be mad at an er because you never know what your waiting on but they keep you well informed and that helps alot. I feel as tho I got the best care today and it's a plus that they are very organized as well

Rza Law

My 1st visit was incredible especially since I was there post car crash. I was listened to by my physician. I was cared for expediently and well. A veeeeeery Scary situation was well tended Here!!! And the staff, All of The Staff I encountered were 5 star. Even Ms Carol, the awesome registration tech, was a soothing and helpful presence!!!! My New 1st choice in the area

John Sink

Always great service and great staff!

La’Wana Yost

They were kind. Registration was super easy. The radiologist staff was great and accommodating. Terrific service all the way around. I would recommend them.

emmanuel fernandez


Peggy Wilkes -Adkins

The care provided is so lacking in companancy. My mom went in with a head injury. First she was given an antibiotic that her red alergy wrist band clearly stated she was alergic to Yet her chart said no alergies. Next her meals were cancelled with no explanation. Had I not been there no one would have noticed. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone. I must say that the nurse Leanne on the 3rd floor is an ANGEL.

cata ariza

I got a ride from the parking lot to the hospital door and this was great for me as I use a walker because I have mobility issues. Also everyone from the receptionist to the nurses were great. Thanks for all.

JOHN Danenberg

Was taken to the emergency room by the paramedics. I received prompt treatment from the doctor and staff. Yes there was some wait tme for the test results of my blood and CT scan to come back but it always seems longer when you are waiting than than it actually is. Overall experience was a good one.

Ron Gerard

Horrible experience here. Was given a bill for over $10k and still have no answers. Sure wish i could just throw out bills to people for not doing anything. This is one reason people DONT go to the doctor. No one listened to my concerns and they just did whatever tests yhey thought needed done. This hospital gets an F- from me.

Kelly Gator

Michael from CT went above and beyond to get my family and I fresh, hot coffee and a surprise donut while we were waiting. It was late at night and not much was available. I appreciate his kindness immensely! THANK YOU!

Thomas Peluso

Pre registration was done over the phone at least 48 hours before my scheduled procedure.. At check in, there was a very minimal wait ( 3 to 4 minutes ) before going to radiology. The same held true at radiology. I barely sat down to wait and was called for my procedure. Very well organized and friendly.

joy gilstrap

This place is very poorly ran.The nurses are very inconsiderate and heartess they say one thing and do another. Their deit plan consists of a sample.The only thing this hospital has going for them is the cleaning staff and security . I would recommend u going to any other hospital besides Sanford!!!!

Joseph Peek

Every health giver was exceptionally friendly, helpful and competent. All of the rooms , hallways were extremely clean. This is my first choice in hospitals in the area. Their check in time is extremely quick and yet secure. There is a wholesome feeling as if we are family. I highly recommend this hospital to all my friends and family. Please come out and give them a try, it would be money well spent. No health care facility should cause you anxiety and frustration. I am in no way associated with this hospital nor have I been coerced to saying these things. All that I have said has been truthful and from the bottom of my heart.I thank the staff for all services they provided me and an experience that I will never forget. They all worked well as a team each one supporting the other.

Henry Frederick

Central Florida Regional Hospital is the absolute best ER facility I have ever been treated in. The staff is professional and dedicated. The hospital was clean and the atmosphere pleasant despite a lot of movement in the ER.. The doctors, nurses and lab techs were first rate. To expand on cleanliness, I was truly impressed with the janitorial staff and the effort with the cleaning, polishing, wiping. I also felt like I was priority No. 1 with the nurses, support staff and attending doctors who took care of me from the time of my arrival in the ER on an early Sunday gasping desperately for air with a severe asthma attack and the the course of action taken over the the next five days to improve. I would and will continue to recommend Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford, Florida... Henry Frederick, resident of Sanford

Jeanne Lyons

In network doesn't really mean "in network"! Staff was great while I was there. My nurse took great care of me. He was thoughtful and kind. The doctor said, maybe 2 words to me during my 4 hour ER visit. The kicker was that a month later I got a bill from the doctor for $1500.00. I went to this hospital because they were in network with my insurance. Well Beware! because the ER doctors are out of network! The hospital claims they can not control that! SURE YOU CAN! Employ in network doctors! So after paying my 2500.00 deductible, I was then made to pay 1500. for the doctor. Its that bait and switch? So much for being a responsible American!

Ann Wyant

My daughter was admitted with pancreatitis . She has lost 25 lbs since gall bladder surgery. She is in pain and can’t eat , yet the hospitalist released her saying they can’t care for her pain . Tell me how this makes sense !!!! Stupid stupid people ! If anything happens to her now that you sent her home, we will make sure to sue the walls off you

Patricia Shannon

Prompt care. Caring staff. ER service was superior.

Tom Grace

This is the worst hospital ever. You are supposed to go to a hospital to get better but this hospital people go to die. The doctor was a dumb quack head. A baby is smarter than the doctor.

Vincent LoTempio

Do not have a loved one in this hospital. The doctors don't know what they are doing. There are a few good nurses but more bad ones than good ones. If your loved one needs surgery get them out of this hospital or they will end up leaving in a body bag.

kathi harmon

Everyone there was very helpful and our appointment was handled in a very timely manner.

Robert Green

My wife came to the er byrescue got prompt attention by that dept but thats where the prompt service ended she was transferred to 3 east. which giving credit where its due is inderstaffed but on one occasion she needed the rest room pushed the nurse call button and waited in the meantime i put her.leg brace and shoes.on her which set the patient.fall alarm nurse called.did.not come in the room that happened 2.more times no nurse by the time pne did come in i had her back in bed i have approached several on staff to have a case manager come see me still havent seen one tonight she had to go waited 25 minutes and finally went to the desk and got the dr to have someone come i took my issues to a nurse leader but as far as i could tell did absolutely nothing i do not recommend this hospital if you can go somewhere else she also waited 2 days to go for an mri they only have 1 and i guess that has issues all in all not to great but there are a couple shining stars nikki and sheila the rns attending to my wife do the best they can with what they have to work with


Wonderful hospital, staff,& cardiac unit!

Alfredo Millan

My experience was not disagreeable. Let's put this way, between Orlando Health -Fisk Memorial in Orange City, and Central Florida in Sanford, Central Florida would be my choice!

Robin Schwinn

They were very attentive. However wasn't aware there was another pain medicine alternative. Everything turned out fantastic! Major neck surgury home and healing.

Rebecca Hertz

WORST. PLACE. EVER. I would give them ZERO stars, but since this is not possible - I have to give them one star. I would never recommend anyone, ever, let a loved one be taken or seen there. I have already reported this hospital to the Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and hope that something comes of it. I don't even know where to begin. They outsource their doctors and nurses. The doctors they use are incompetent and their nurses lazy and uncaring. I am surprised that anyone leaves that place feeling any better. If the person I took there for treatment gets worse, has permanent damage because of neglect, or passes, I plan on suing.

Tori Jackson

The food was horrible,however; my nurses were AMAZING!!!

Vanessa Rod

If i could give zero stars i would! The ER staff is full of stuck up nurses who should have chose a different profession. You bring your child in because you- as a parent- know something is wrong. We bring our children to you for some help, and get treated like the worst parents (because kids never get sick). Then the immature staff acted as if what was wrong with my child had to be kept a secret. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to my worst enemy.

staphanie morvan

I was scheduled for a mammography. Rachel is extraordinary. She walks you through it, explains the process, and politely/patiently answers your questions. She makes you feel comfortable (given the circumstances). The staff that checked me in was also friendly and attentive. I would highly recommend to friends and family!!

Roseann Parrino

Patient CARE is a thing of the past!! I worked in healthcare and I always made sure my patients FELT that they were safe, clean, hands on help with hygiene, toileting, feeding, dressing etc...when incapacitated, and they had the help and support from every staff member in every way possible. The LACK of empathy is horrifying. Assistance with any task is non existent. I couldn’t do as much as reposition myself in bed but I was expected to get up and care for myself without assistance right after waking up from surgery. Apparently the new rule in patient care is a HANDS OFF approach. Everyone is scared to death of a lawsuit so they’d rather just turn a blind eye and cold shoulder. Insurance companies and healthcare need huge overhauling! With the age of IT growing, there is an over abundance of people who are available to fill hands on roles in caring for patients, children and the elderly. Where has compassion gone!!

Stephanie Brown

My daughter is still sick and it's gotten even worse ever since she left 2 weeks ago she still having vomiting chest pain and pressure issues

Leslie Wagner

The staff were very kind and attentive. Elizabeth was an AMAZING pre-op nurse. She made the experience much more relaxing and I truly appreciate it.

Shelly Paquette

always a pleasure.

Cassandra Pagan

My 2 stars are for prompt care and for a couple doctors that are amazing. However, I have been to this hospital a large number of times dealing with hyperthyroidism, swollen lymph nodes tonsillitis, enlarged spleen, and the only thing I’ve received care some what helpful is for the thyroid which is what they blame EVERYTHING on!!! The last few weeks I’ve been suffering swollen, painful lymph nodes, spleen pain abdominal pain and a cough so bad I hemmoraged my eye...first visit thyroid/strep throat diagnosis but with no swab 2nd visit upper respiratory infection/thyroid and I forced them to do a chest catscan said it was fine sent me home 3rd visit finally, an amazing doctor a woman but don’t know her name, diagnosis enlarged spleen, enlarged lymph nodes and after review of my previous catscan s MASS/ TUMOR found near my lung !!! THAT THE LAST DOCTOR FAILED TO TELL ME...crazy right? Her diagnosis most likely Lymphoma/ Cancer...she put me for admission so she could get me help and guess what the hospital denied my admission THEY DENIED MY ADMISSION WHEN I HAVE AN ENLARGED SPLEEN AND POSSIBLY CANCER!! That hospital knows I’m only covered by Medicaid in the hospital but they seem to keep trying to send me outpatient even tho I told them I haven’t been to work because of this! Here I am my neck lymph nodes causing me pain, can’t walk spleen pain causing me to curl in a ball that cough that never went away and probably cancer and I don’t wanna go back there anymore because that’s horrible !

Rich Mallonee

I have always been treated very well and with respect and dignity on every visit. The staff are always nice and helpful.

Chet Atwell

It would be 5 stars, but the a/c was out during my “stay”... and having head trauma, back, arm, and leg i was already miserable so dripping sweat all night was absolutely miserable! They wanted to keep me another day but i said no way, ill go home! But, the staff, from the ER to my room are amazing! They are so kind, and happy... and to be honest, the food was phenomenal!!!

Cody Slackwater

BEWARE This place has nurses, charge nurses and up that food chain that lie to patients and hold them for ransom to keep you there long.

Lilwoman Biker

I'm relatively new to the area and am still learning my way around. I experienced severe lower abdominal pain a few nights ago. I was immediately taken to the ER at CFRH the next morning. I was nervous, I didn't know what to expect because I knew nothing about CFRH. After a few minutes of uncomfortably sitting in the waiting room (due to my pain level), I was taken to triage and from there the great experience commenced. The triage team asked the necessary questions to get me back to an ER room as quickly as possible. The ER team was quick to assess the situation. Before I knew it, they had me scheduled for ultrasounds and a CT scan. They were able to find the source of my pain - acute appendicitis. Even with this being a routine surgery, they knew it was my first time visiting a hospital on my own accord, and with that knowledge they made sure I was comfortable, informed and relaxed. They kept me abreast of what was happening and what to expect next. They were genuine, warm and friendly the entire time. I felt the same with the ultrasound ladies as well. They were very professional, yet showed appropriate sympathy. The OR surgeon was wonderful. He spoke to me in a professional, yet casual way that put my concerns at ease. I honestly never felt worried about my impending first surgery. I also enjoyed the anesthesiologist's sense of humor. Even in my room, post surgery, the floor nurses were so kind and showed genuine care for me. They listened to my needs- like details down to decreasing the speed at which the saline/potassium mix came through my needle due to the sensitivity it created in my hand to ensure my comfort. I only wish I can remember everyone's names I encountered so I may appropriately thank them. All were superb! Thank you CFRH.

Marcela Adriana Malvido

Very good care. Excelent Staff. The nurses are highly recommended. Second floor Victor, Hannah, Laurie, Jeff very good nurses. Everywhere the staff is nice, professional, (experts to get the must difficult veins and get the IV running) and successful.Yesterday I came very sick to ER about to get in a coma, (my insulin pump was not working right) staff was quick to get me in control again. Today I'm about to get out, but this has been my best experience in a hospital. The only issue is their low budget but they do their best can with what they have.

Jim Maxwell

Emergency rooms are not fun. They didn’t make it fun but were very professional and found and started a fix of my problem and I thank all of them now, as I did then!

maja rot


Andrea Melody

The surgery center area of the hospital is all I can speak of but they literally treated me like family. The care and attention they showed me during my foot surgery was so appreciated. Any anxiety I had about it quickly went away because of their wonderful treatment and how they explained everything from beginning to end.

Carol Stum

The nurses were amazing, housekeeping, food services were equally as good but that is were it ends. The higher ups and doctors suck!!!!!! They don't give a Damn they don't listen to your concerns or needs and when your discharged your kicked to the curb and when I say this I'm not joking it's get out period!!!!! I was told by my insurance company I paid for the day but not according to them so I'll be seeing an attorney!!!!!!!

Nancy Triola

Very professional and very clean facility! Staff was very accommodating! Thank you Central Florida Regional!

Kat Cowart

I have been in there several times. This was the most pleasant visit ever. The nursing staff was wonderful & caring, as well as the Dr.s.


Small, community based Hospital with limited resources, services and medical professionals. Think my Dogs veterinarian would do better in patient care.

Deb Palmer

Dee in registration fantastic, Susan in cardio also provided a wonderful experience. Only problem i had was when i arrived in cardio for my 830 am appointment the office was empty It took me until 9 am to find someone to assist me. Overall good experience

Meghan Leining

This hospital is by far my favorite!!! I had such a great experience with my second child here, I made sure my 3rd child was delivered at this hospital! The nurses were so very kind and informative, they made sure I was comfortable and helped so much with the baby! I will forever go to this hospital! The mother/baby unit is hands down the BEST!

Jane Black

I was treated incredibly from the time I entered the same day surgery until I was discharged. Lili, my prep nurse was very nice and efficient. Sue, my surgical nurse was real attentive and very good at her job. I was made to feel very comfortable from the minute I arrived. My doctor, DR.JORGE DIAZ was amazing. My surgery was done with complete efficiency! I was very impressed with his skills. On the floor in cardiac icu all the nurses were so nice and caring! Steven, Jessica and Vicki attended to all my needs with such care and competence. They went above the call of duty to treat all of my needs. I was rather frightened upon arrival, but this staff eased my fears with their expertise and kindness. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone. If I could rate it higher than a 5, I definitely would. I had an incredible experience! Thanks to all of the staff, E.J. Black

Antony Persaud

We that live in Sanford have something else to be very proud of - CFR. I had my first experience today with the emergency room staff. Amazing nurses, personnel and Doctor. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and may God Bless you all as well as your families. You deserve ten Stars - five is not enough. Thank you again.

Richard Read

Registration staff went above and beyond to get me in the facility as fast and friendly as possible.

Robert Thomas

I went in not knowing what was wrong with me and in a short period of time they found out my problem and started to take care of me and a week later I was released and felt 200% better the staff in the ER was great and sent me up for care to the second floor where the nurses and staff took great care of me and took care of everything I asked for, they made a painful and stressful time of my life easier and they helped me through it. Not if but when I have another problem with my health I will be going right back to the second floor and look forward to the care they gave me without hesitation, I can't thank the staff enough

becky riley

Went to the ER Thursday at 1:36 and didn't get a room in the PCU until Friday. I work in a hospital so I understood that part and my first set of nurses were awesome then shift change happened at 7pm and let's just say Frank the nurse that was supposed to be taking care of me, well he SUCKED. He came into the room and gave me my IV medication and that's it, when I had to use the restroom I would have to wait 30 minutes for him to come see what I needed, so my dad and myself started unhooking things so I wouldn't wet myself. The following morning before shift change he came back in and tried getting blood from the IV, couldn't so ended up bruising my hand so bad it hurt to touch, then another shift change and got another nurse Jonathan, who wasn't much better for a few hours then was handed off to nurse Theresa who was AWESOME, she cared enough to ask me if I had eaten anything and when I said not since 8pm Thurs when my dad brought me something she went and got me something. Then finally around 1pm Friday I was moved to a room in the PCU and nurse Dawn who was also AMAZINGLY AWESOME took over until 7pm, she actually took the time to talk with me and really helped me to relax and took the time to explain everything to my husband. The rest of my stay and care was terrible.


Should have read reviews and stayed away from the ER. Was in pain and went in. Spent less than 4 hours there and have a bill for 23K. Didn't even get an ER room like you do in Longwood ER, just a cat scan, urine test and for a doctor to say, here is a prescription for pain and here is the specialist you need to make an appointment with for your kidney stones. STAY FAR FAR AWAY from this place!

Jordan Miller

Had to stay one night I labor and delivery and the Nurses,techs were exceptional! They were absolutely amazing with their care, rounding, and making sure not only myself and my child were okay but also my fiancé was well taken care of. The MD was very caring and answered any and all questions to make sure I was comfortable. All staff always were polite as well as having a smile on their face. I appreciate the care that was given to us and I can’t thank them enough!

Cherie Warren

The quality of care I received during my hospitalization was very good. The nurses showed compassion and understanding of my concerns and made me feel at ease. The techs we're awesome, always there with a smile no matter what kinda day they were having, doing whatever necessary to make me feel comfortable as possible. I have to go back for more surgery I only hope I get the same kinda treatment.

Sandi Palazzo

The ER staff was fast, professional and competant. I was in the hospital 5 days; the staff was kind, pleasant and helpful. I would have given the hospital 5 stars, but the TV reception was just plain lousy- that might sound picky but I do love my TV. I was on a liquid diet almost the entire time and the one meal I did get was some concoction of pasta and cheese and some kind of meat, like a gulosh, and it wasn't my favorite but that's how it goes sometimes.


Everyone was professional and friendly until I went down for my second CAT scan. I was insulted and humiliated when Mike said to the young lady pushing my wheelchair, "Are you bringing THAT to me?" Highly unprofessional.

cookie dog

Was seen immediately by Dr. Michael in the ER, and received treatment within 5min. Dr. Michael followed up after the first round of medications prescribed and given, which didn't work and ordered more medicine which did work. He asked me if there was anything else I thought I needed which is appreciated. Ezekial RN was compassionate.


I went in to CFRH for a routine colonoscopy. My experience was wonderful. The same-day surgical unit nurses and staff were professional and pleasant. The endoscopy team were great. Parking was close by and easy. Overall, a very positive experience.

Doug2 Manigault

Terrible place, don't listen to what the problem is, just make their own decisions and don't listen when you tell them you already have done all that. Not everyone has money. I was there the first day and had a terrible headache because of a 240/140 bp never went away. Just told me I needed to keep up with my medicine even though I'm homeless and barely making it as it is. And they want to charge you up front $5 for a guest tray, really, the food isn't worth 5 for the whole day. I'm making this last entry for this place, I'm about to be discharged and I'm worse now than when I came here, the heart Dr. was going to keep me so he could regulate my blood pressure but the regular Dr. Discharged me even though I was still short of breath when I move around. I will say though the nurses there was very helpful in trying to get me right but as you know they can only do so much. So as a whole,if you got $ you probably like this place but if you don't avoid at all cost, and thank you to the nurses who tried to help if it wasn't for you I probably would have died there.

Marnix D

My hospital of choice, if possible. Nurses and staff take much better care of you then at Florida hospital.

Marie Walters

Staff was very prompt. Explain everything they will be administering to you. Food was good too. Clean room clean linen..

Lamiya Cross

I never get the help I need here.

Ro Pagan

Was there for heart procedure, everyone I encountered from admissions all the way to procedure and after were absolutely great. Took great care of me.

Jim Kleinhans

I was there for 12 hours and didnt get a pillow. Also wasn't put on the list for the DR to see me so I was there waiting to be discharged a few extra hours

Randy Mihok

Went home in worse condition than arrival. Few tests and very little treatment. Went to another hospital for second opinion. Tests showed need to replace two year old valve.

Richard Dwyer

I brought my wife to the EAr today with severe stomach cramps. She received excellent care and prompt attention from Dr. Mitchell and her ER nurse Pamela. Very much appreciated..

John McMurran

The friendly and helpful staff made my visit way less uncomfortable than it would have been. They gave me 5 star treatment and tended to my every need. And they were great people to talk to.

Susan Burns

This was a repeat MRI for my original appointment on Saturday 8-17 @10AM where they read the order wrong and took a MRI of C-Spine instead of Lumbar. Arrived @ 6PM on Wednesday August 21 for a 7PM MRI repeat appointment. Registration couldn't find order. Waited 45 minutes for resolve. Arrived @ Radiology @ 7:45. Technician Larry came out at 7PM and said he would be with me in 15-20 minutes. Finally came and got me at 7:50 PM. Insurance waiting on MRI results in order to approve/authorization for Epidoral/Corizone Injection. This has caused me additional pain & distress due to error on hospital.

Terrie Kona

I am disabled and was taken by ambulance to my first choice of hospitals, which is always CFRH. I was raised in sanford, my children were born there and the majority of my dr's are affiliated there and not to mention I always feel comformfortable being there. I was immediately admitted. I was close to not being here to write this. I had multiple infections and any one of them could have killed me. One being an extremely bad sepsis infection. This infection, if bad enough can alter your mental state, which it did with me. I couldn't remember who people were, felt like I couldn't trust anyone and had horrible hallucinations. This is the main reason I only gave 3 stars even though I should have given better, but at least the first 3 to 4 days I cannot remember alot because of the mental confusion and altered mental state the sepsis infection had put me in. I have never had sepsis before and had no idea an infection could do that to you mentally. From the little bits I do kinda remember I was in good hands and after slowly starting to mentally come around about the 4th day I was being well taken care of from Dr's to Nurse's. All of them being caring and sympathetic because they knew what I was experiencing from just the sepsis infection alone. I've never experienced anything like it before in my life! I have been home now for close to a month and still am having issues mentally but they told me it would take alittle time to feel like my old self again but "may" have some permanent problems because I wasn't getting the proper oxygen my brain needed and the severity of the sepsis infection. They said if an ambulance hadn't been called for me I probably wouldn't had made it another night. I couldn't help but had to change the rating to 5 stars because after writing this I realized I wouldn't be here without your team of critical care Dr's and your incredible caring Nurse's who made sure I was comfortable, made me feel safe and from what I was told, were constantly checking on me day and night. So Thank You CFRH for saving my life! God Bless!

Gabrielle Right

My grandpa (93) was transported two nights ago for chest pain and the staff has been amazing! The food looked like it was from a nice restaurant down to the flower on top! Our nurse yesterday was named Chris and he was supper sweet to re explain everything to him and answer all the questions I had. There was another nurse on the wing when the I couldn't find Chris helped and was so sweet! All the staff we were in contact with was super awesome!

Mia Jefcoat

Only giving a one star cause giving zero isn’t an option. This place needs to be shut down. Not everyone there is incompetent, but as a whole, they just don’t cut it. They put my life in serious danger by continuously sending me home from ER visits until finally they admitted me for aggressive cellulitis in a very critical location. It’s dirty (really dirty), left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing, their food isn’t fit to even be fed to stray animals, and there is a total lack of communication with anyone and everyone who works there. Let me sum it up by saying I will never go back there or allow anyone I love to. If you value your health and life, please chose another hospital.

Brittney Johns

Thank goodness for the caring and efficient staff at this hospital especially Dr. Tomas Martin and his team. I took my husband there almost a year ago for chest pains and he received immediate attention and care from the time he checked in and mentioned his symptoms. In a matter of hours after conducting a series of tests, he was operated on for triple bypass surgery by Dr. Martin. I was scared to death but the nurses there were ALL so kind and reassured me that he was in good hands and was going be just fine. Almost one year later and he's doing great!

Alberto Oyola

Always professional service.

J.B. Crosby

Other than the test being over 1 hr. late, the administration and the test itself was flawless. Hi marks for all staff that I came into contact with.

skyryder1208 caollor

I'm posting this review for the doctor not so much the hospital. Dr. Amanda Pelly was my ER doctor and she was fantastic! Not only did she come in to speak with me promptly upon arrival, she truly listened to me. She had sympathy for what I was enduring, as well as mirrored my concerns. 4 doctors offices and 2 hospitals later, Dr. Pelly helped when no one else would. She was honest about how far she would be able to assist me, since TECHNICALLY my case is now chronic and she's an emergent doctor. I've had excruitiaing eye pain for over 9 months (3 stumped opthomologists) It is now day 5 without pain (and no, not pain medication.) It's not a permanent fix but she set it up to where I will be pain free, or at least as close to pain free as possible, until my follow up with a specialist. I never write reviews, but I absolutely had to for Dr. Pelly. I wish more doctors were like her. Our healthcare system would be so much better.


I only waited about 5 minutes before being called over by the nurses and taken to a room. The nurses and doctors were very kind and helpful, and the lady who took down my insurance information was very nice to talk to. I didn’t have to stay long before I was discharged and the problem was taken care of.


Had to bring my wife here many times for various medical problems that have come up. I would say more than a dozen and two hospitalizations and only maybe 2 or 3 of those visits total (ER visits) we got good QUALITY healthcare.

Angel Garcia

Not happy with the treatment my grandfather has been receiving there’s so much lack of communication I feel that the Dr Gives up on their patient and tells the family there’s nothing that could be done but to let nature take its course in other words wait till he or she dies there’s one nurse thats 10 out of 10 extremely amazing the way she treats the family and my grandfather I’ll definitely go out of my way for she has been extremely caring hope I’ll see more nurses like her

daniel ouellette

ran down the doctor who did m y surgery through that was great

Tommy H

They took good care of me, but they really need to clean up that hospital. Honestly the doctors and nurses were great. My only beef is that the hospital was kind of a mess. I went to the ER before I went to them, they gave me a prescription for something. Turned out I really need it so I have a procedure done to clear out my throat I wasn’t able to eat or drink. They were very caring and made sure that I was fixed before they would let me go.

Brianne Williams

Quick,nice, and very helpful

Gregory Pierce

This hospital has a wonderful, competent, and caring staff.

Tina Buchanan

I came in to be induced on 2-27-19, on 3-1-19 I gave birth to my first baby girl. The nursing staff in labor and delivery are knowledgeable, friendly and incredibly helpful. They worked hard to ensure my delivery was comfortable and safe. Dr. Guerrero delivered my little girl and she is an absolute rockstar! Being prepared helped me a lot, but the L&D nursing staff are what made this process amazing. Plus the birthing suites are incredibly comfortable and secure! Thank you for all that you've done to get my daughter and I hope safe and healthy.

sebastian beadnell

Was just there for two hard swollen lymph nodes bursting out of my skin in my groin/crease area got in pretty fast and the nurse came in to get all my information while I was there was a trauma patient who came in so the intercom called all the doctors and staff to the treatment room left me and my fiancé in our room for over an hour with no one coming in and checking on us as I’m laying there with pretty bad pain in my groin registration girl finaly came in and explained all the doctors and staff were dealing with a trauma patient and it would be awial I looked at here and said they haven’t even put a IV in me so I was looking at about 2 or so hours before I’d even get helped I looked at her and said I rather be in pain in my own bed at home put on my clothes and walked out will never go there again NO STARS dose anyone know someone I can speak out to about the treatment I was given

David Park

Wonderful staff!

Jay Junk

Unable or unwilling to help with pain control from a preciously diagnosed and documented condition. Very unhappy with the unwillingness to provide me adequate pain control OR allow me to take my own meds which I could have brought from home.

Cat Underwood

I was brought in via ambulance from the airport (was on vacation and had a medical emergency while away from home). The nurses in the ER and on the floor I was transferred to we're wonderful. However, the tech in the ER was completely unprofessional. She would make comments about my situation that I believe could have been kept to herself. When a nurse came to clean me up, the tech said, "gross" when she saw the soiled linens in the container. I understand nursing is a gross profession at times, but when I have taken care of patients I have always maintained professionalism in the presence of patients and their families.

Lorraine Shaw

The front desk is always so willing to help - just wonderful people. I saw Anna who I absolutely adore. She is attentive, thorough and so kind. She was the best hire you could have made

Joe monte

Good service and kind staff with curtesy all the way from receptionist to the scan. The dentist community should learn from these people.

Terri Thorn

My husband had biopsies as out patient and everybody was caring professional and efficient. Everything was explained and there was no confusion as to what was happening


Classless hospital. Thankfully, what I needed wasn’t an emergency so I had the luxury of choosing to leave almost immediately. The first nurse I encountered was rude and abrupt. A man walked in with chest pain while I was signing in and again the nurse was abrupt and rude showing no compassion. I quickly knew I was not going to subject myself to these people. My health is too important for such lack of compassion and class. I have been blessed and spoiled with Florida Hospital (now Advent Health). So, that is where I am headed. Thank you Advent Health.

Aubrey Best

Worst hospital ever!!!! Every one who lives in sanford knows the reputation of this hospital. If you want to leave alive do yourself a favor and go to Florida hospital or Orlando health.

Shirley Wilson

My husband and I were shown a lot of care, concern and kindness during his stay .pleased with our experience.

Hector Maldonado

I was there for 3 nights because I was having a pacemaker implanted. Everyone, from the emergency room to the nurses and doctors that took care of me were really nice. The service was great. The whole staff was corteous and caring.

linda gordon

I was admitted for a TIA and had to stay to have 4 tests done to see if I had any clots. I had to wait over 24 hours for an MRI and it was very frustrating. I heard that the hospital was now a trauma unit and the emergencies took priority over the other patients. The hospital needs to add more equipment so all can be taken care of....

Freddie Salazar

HORRIBLE HOSPITAL! If you are angry with your father-in-law or mother-in-law or generally to your “In-Laws” and they become ill and needs hospitalization... Bring them here!

Jennifer Tavara

Went in for a ultrasound and have always had the best experience. I can’t remember her name exactly but it had to of started with a k or c and she was the head of the ultrasound department she was awesome! We recently paid for a 3D ultrasound else where and the ultrasound tech there was horrible so coming here and seeing her was great!

Pat Southward

Be sure to get the name of the patient advocate -- you're going to need her/him. Penny pinching by management here really shows in the care, but the food is pretty good.

Naymond Fontenot

Great Staff and they took really great care of me during my outpatient procedure. I highly recommend CFRH!!

Blanca Sarduy

Worst hospital ever!!!! Is all I have to say.

Tammy Lee

I was sick they made me better :)

Theresa Stevens

I went to the hospital with feminine problems, I went to the wrong place(front lobby) instead of the ER by accident. My bf was holding me up and was halflway there when i stumbled because I was weak with blood loss. There was a nurse that had just delivered a patient to their car with a wheelchair. She put me in the chair and took me to the emergency room, told the nurse there what happened and I was promptly taken care of. All of the doctors, nurses, and staff went above and beyond to find out what was wrong with me. I was admitted overnight and treated with the utmost care by everyone. In my honest opinion they saved my life. I thank you all.

James Shelton

I have never had a bad experience at this hospital. I have been admitted 5 times over the past 7 or 8 years. The staff have always been courteous and professional. They have never miss-diagnosed my problem and have always found a treatment plan that works.

Linda gardner

My recent procedure at CFRH went very well. Every member of the staff treated me professionally and courteously. I left the hospital feeling that I had received excellent care.

margaret rafiner

While visiting my husband during his back surgery, I had to make a trip to the emergency room and I can only say it was a very pleasant one ! I was feeling low and had been unable to get in at my primary care doctors, I was advised to go to them as I was here at the hospital. I was taken care of quickly and kindly and came away feeling thankful that I now had the meds I would need to cope with my acute bronchitis. Being a caregiver is tiring and I knew I needed some help !

Rick Grooms

Everyone we dealt with was polite, accurate, and most importantly took great care of my daughter. They were also very quick getting her in and out. Definitely would recommend.

Katherine Bauder

All personnel was great. From pre-op to release. The only issue I had was I was not sent home with instructions for after care.


Mom works here she likes it

Alex Luke

I was disappointed at how rushed my ultrasound was. I barely got to see the screen. Most everyone knows that as a pregnant mom, you look forward to seeing your baby during an ultrasound. The tech Must have been in a rush because it was super quick, I didn't get to see anything, not even if my baby has all 10 finger and 10 toes. I sure hope it does.

Paul A. Andrews DDS, PhD

I needed to have some outpatient laboratory work and x-rays taken. The teams did an outstanding job. Also, I went shopping at Lori's gifts. Mary Kate took such wonderful care of me.

Elena DeLuca

Thank you everyone for helping me to get better :)

Wayne Parker

Very rude Male nurse. My wife is in ICU in the Sanford hospital, the male nurse was very rude, and chairs for visitors are hand as rocks. If you spend more than 8 hours a day in these rooms it is the most uncomfortable environment ever.I ask for a different chair and they say we will see what we can do , but that is about as far as it goes. And I am sitting in my wife's room right now looking at two comfortable chairs just sitting in front of the nurse's station this is ridiculous. And she hasn't had a bath since she has been here this is the fourth day.

Rylee Bryant

The Labor & Delivery department was wonderful! Very attentive staff and considerate to all of our needs. We loved how intimate it is with as much attention as we could have needed or asked for! Thankful to have had the experience we did.


This hospital is terrible, I was rushed there for a severe trauma that required immediate surgery. They stitched me up without fixing the problem and sent me home. I was never seen by an actual doctor!

Lena Simone

I’ve come here several times in a matter of a week with excruciating pain and I’m told “It’s normal “ as to what I’m going through. It’s really NOT okay when you are made to feel like a second class citizen! I’ve given this horrible hospital multiple chances throughout the years of my living in Sanford. Completely done with it!

Thomas Baron

The er fee right off rip for just antibiotics is 2270. You are better off going to fish memorial or the deland hospital. This is robbery at its finest

Kellee Anderson

All the staff was wonderful. Nicole and LisMarie on floor 2 were exceptional, so was the man nurse, I think his name was Chris. Thanks to everyone for being so kind.

Ken Whiteleather

Dr. Ahuja performed a heart catheterization on me last week and I was back to work on Monday. I am doing very well and am very happy with the care and professionalism of the staff before, during and after the surgery.

Ameira Fargally

This Hospital saved my life ! I delivered my son here after developing a near fatal rare disease.This establishment is professional and thorough when handling patients . The nurses were compassionate and attentive.The doctors are on top of your care plan. My surgery was carried out without any complications. ICU staff was amazing at accommodating me and making it a experience that was as comfortable as possible. The food was amazing and professionally delivered and savory. I spent 12 days there and had no complaints. After reading previous reviews I am so glad I didn't listen and went with my gut in trusting CFR! This hospital is top quality and fully equipped

Lori Odell

Had to go er after a surgery due to a allergic reaction and seroma in my throat I was in and out in no time Care was good. Quick ct scan and blood work turn around

Harriet J Lockshine

Good staff

Steve Morgan

My daughter had to be brought here when she had severe abdominal pains due to a kidney stone. They are not quick but they did a great job. The nursing staff is amazing and Dr Mitchell was very informative as to what was going on and treatment.

Nicole Bowers

I got my Blood drawn and had an excellent experience. Quick fast and friendly

Emily Dupree

I delivered my baby here and I really wish I would have looked more into it beforehand. When checking in, I was told that there was no issues with my birth plan and that they would be able to meet all my wishes. During my delivery, they went against what I had asked for. They didn't delay the cord cutting and I didn't get immediate skin to skin. My son came out and the cord was immediately cut and he was taken by the delivery nurses before I could even speak. I wasn't even the first person to hold my baby (as I had asked to be) I asked about my baby repeatedly while the doctor was stitching me up but they all ignored me. After they gave him to me at asked to see a lactaction consultant and they told me they would just send in a nurse. What kind of hospital doesn't have a lc?? After the nurse "helped" me breast feed, all the nurses left.. For hours. I was left sitting in a pool of my own blood, no pads, naked, no bed to lay my baby, nothing. I had to hobble to the bathroom on my own. I could have bled to death and they wouldn't have even known. And I was practically ignored for the rest of my stay, nurses hardly checked on me. Gabby is the only nurse that did her job correctly. I wish she could have been with me the whole time I was there. Also, I was told when we were leaving that my son's birth certificate would be sent to us. Lies! I wasn't told that I had to go to the health department to apply for one. They don't do circumcisions at the hospital anymore, I was not told this until the day after I had my son, and I had to ask them.about it at that. This labor and delivery until is just pathetic and I will never come back to this hospital

Mrs lee

June 3rd 2019 I was up all night dying from my teeth killing me so this morning I decided to head to my towns hospital. She asks the basics except for if I was taking any other medicine while another took my temp and blood pressure. I told them I was having severe toothache pains on both sides too and bottom molars going up my face. Lady asked me if I had bad teeth.?? I guess since I’m in the ER I thought in my head. Soon as I got in the room the doc comes in asks me what brought me in here. I explained again and told her I tried all the otc meds. She looked in my mouth and said she sees nothing wrong with my teeth but maybe a little cavity and my teeth look good. Then she tells me that she thinks it’s TMJ or something that was causing the pain even though I told her it was my teeth. I couldn’t eat. She says it’s caused by grinding your teeth at night. Told me to go to Walmart to buy some type of mouth guard to protect them.But it’s weird since I notice your back teeth are not flat. She says no one knows what they do when they sleep. I told her I do because I recorded myself due to someone saying I snored. She tells me she’s writing me a script for soma which is a muscle relaxer. She says she had TMJ and she knows it will help with pain. Then nurse hands me discharge papers. I was confused as to I was still in agonizing pain. I had to ask if I could take one there. She gave me a soma. I felt no relief. She also said there’s no magic pill whatever that means. I couldn’t take it so I went to altamonte hospital. They were amazing. Got in quick, they listened to me tell them everything I tried. Doc even cut me off to passionately tell me he’s gonna give me something stronger to help me. 11 minutes later I finally felt a hint of relief. Took me a little bit to get up but when I did the doctor yelled have a blessed day. I didn’t even know he was paying any attention to me because his face was into the computer and he was speaking with a nurse across the room. Everyone I passed while holding my face wished me well. Discharge nurse explained everything that was in my paperwork and told me to please return if I’m not feeling better. Went to pharmacy right after but there was a delay due a to a new worker. By the time I got home the hydrocodone no longer worked. I had no other choice but to return to Sanford er which I dreaded but I couldn’t take it. I really just wanted to go to sleep. I felt sick with all that medicine and no food because I couldn’t eat. All the workers crowded me which I didn’t mind because I thought it would make things quicker. I had to go to registration. She told me to go back across the hall and the ladies will know what to do. Kelli came to me with a pill, I asked what it was and she replies your prescription. I said what is it called, she said ibuprofen 800. First I said I can’t take it because I have nothing in my stomach. Also it don’t work. She said so you refuse to take it. Instead of asking if I would like some milk or crackers. She tells me to have a seat. I went to ask about what was going on. Kelli told me to sit down here but wasn’t looking at me so I asked if she was talking to me. She rolled her eyes and says yes have a seat still avoiding eye contact. I asked to speak to another person. She was very nasty. Seemed mad for no reason at all. So another woman that was in charge came into our circle. She said I should be going to the dentist every 6 months. So uncalled for. I have dental anxiety. I begged and pleaded to please just give me some relief. I didn’t want a prescription, just pain relief given there. I’d been up all night dying and by the end of the next day I was starving, frustrated, and humiliated. The lead nurse kept saying I don’t know what you want. You only have a toothache. I grabbed my blanket to put it on myself and asked for all of their names. She instantly said I was threatening and to leave. Forced a discharge and thrown out. Security guard n cops followed us out until we drove off. So I had a severe panic attack. I’m going to have to inform the big bosses.

Kimmie Pinkney

My experience at your facility was awesome. From the beginning of my admission process to my discharge. My best and most memorable moments were the way your staff treated my daughter with the utmost respect and importance just as they did myself. Thank you so much and God bless.

Kim Prevatt

The initial getting the IV in my arm for the surgery was not a good experience I was poked several times and the bruises are still on my arm a week post surgery. However , the surgery procedure itself, recovery, and my overnight stay was amazing. The Nurses were wonderful and took care of my every need.

Lamar Miller

The facility was great and the staff was excellent. Would definitely recommend.

A Google User

Wrong diagnosis which resulted in unnecessary surgery. Total scam artists who put financial gain waaaaay ahead of patients health.

Ramonia Brown

Im still feeling bad with the high blood pressure and nausea and chest pain still vomiting

Elyse Cagan

The nursing staff was awesome !!! The lead nurse Cheryl and her staff went out of her way to make sure I was receiving the proper as well as "Best" treatment. I admire their dedication to the patients and the one-on-one care I received.

Diane Miller

The ER was AWESOME with my Mother in Law we brought her in Sat 1/5/19 her condition was emergent the triage nurse came out to get her with a wheel chair immediately she was put in an ER. bay and within 30 min.she had her IV was seen by Dr Lambie who was also Awsome.But her nurses Jeff And Kim and the paramedic Cory all went above and beyond with my mother in laws care.God Bless You All you are all Truly Awesome Caregivers.

Shatela Dellafield

The MORNING NURSES were AMAZING ❤️❗️They were so patient with me.

Toni Cox

I had to take the hubby in as an emergency, we were a bit leery, because it was our first time there, but let me tell you we were very very happy with our experience, especially the staff and timeliness of all procedures done, our nurse Paloma was amazing and so was Dr Mohammed, EVERYONE was very courteous, we will definitely go back if the need arises, but hopefully not anytime soon... Great job guys keep up the good work!!!

Jane and John Lawless

Treated promptly and professionally

Tony Smith

I have used the ER on a few occasions and had surgery on my right shoulder on the 19th. I feel that this hospital has a very good triage to pre/op to the caring folks in recovery , I felt I was very well treated...I only hope I don't need the hospital again anytime soon , but if I do I have plenty of confidence in them

Kathy Miller

During my stay of 1 1/2 days I was VERY, VERY happy with my care. My reason for giving only 3 stars is that I forgot my pillow and it could not be found. It was a king size, “My Pillow” with a blue pillow case, guest Relations not only checked lost and found, but went to every floor. (I appreciated them trying to find it) I believe my pillow was either thrown away or stolen. Very disappointed! Kathy Miller (room 382)

Maryann Sears

Staff are friendly and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and taken care of

Imna Rodriguez

They were quick to process and give medical help. I should point out that we went for a sliced finger so it wasn't life threatening. The entrance of the ER can use some love and care. The staff was courteous, the PH's were also. I did notice blood drips on floor.

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