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REVIEWS OF Bayfront Health St. Petersburg IN Florida

Melissa Dorsey

The 5 stars are for the staff from registration over to the entire team that took care of me. Laurine Gittens, RN, Annesse manager, Marian, RN and Florence, pct on the unit were very attentive and made sure I was well take care of. The entire surgical team was awesome. Everything went great. Thank You.

Robert Olson

The care and attention to my needs was great. Everyone from the transport people taking me to my tests to the test givers were very friendly. The numerous nurses that I had contact with went above and beyond to make sure all my questions and concerns were answered. The staff doctors also took their time with me and made sure questions were answered. Not that I hope to need a hospital in the future but I will try to make sure I am taken back to Bayfront.


I had a day surgery procedure yesterday. Everything went so smoothly. The staff was so friendly and informative through every step of the process from registration through discharge

Laura Craven

I was in with a very painful injury. Several nurses were wonderful in making sure I got pain meds on time. Others not so much!! They seemed understaffed and as a result I was ignored when all I needed was my meds timely! Continued to want to give me breathing treatments when I made the mistake of giving them my inhaler that controls my asthma and would not let me have it back till I left. Did not have anyone who could hit my veins for IVs or drawing blood, which they seemed to do excessively. Next time I’ll go to St Anthony’s but hoping there isn’t a next time.

Bethany Fuller

First baby and they really made the experience wonderful. My entire staff was super helpful and understanding of my wants and needs hell even the food was pretty good for hospital food. My expectations are extremely high for if I ever have another baby here because they set the bar extremely high ❤

Megan Greenwood

Wish I could give them a 0. My nurse rick was amazing but was called a week after I left to be told I have fluid around my gallbladder and needed to go back. Went back like I was told to and was told I wasn't getting any pain meds since that's all I was there for. But I never asked for any and they still have no idea what's causing me to be vomiting and not able to eat. Yet got discharged. This place is the worst. I am finding out how I can report them to the medical board. They are unethical and remember they told me to go back I didn't go back on my own. Even though my symptoms are worse now than before. You have a better chance of a monkey diagnosing what's wrong with you than you have going to this hospital. And good luck on any type of treatment. It's a joke when they can't even figure out what's wrong in the first place!

Tonya Marshburn

From Preregistration to discharge they were amazing! Went in for Brain surgery! Nurses are always amazing! Nurses for Neuro ICU are amazing! Doctors are on point and actually came pretty early on to check on me for rounds! They keep it clean. Transport persons were friendly. For something so serious I was pleased with the professionalism. Definitely a great Hospital!!

William Baldwin

Tell patients whether their ER physician is in-network and who they work for! My family and I will never go to Bayfront ever again. In fact, my primary care physician is a part of the Bayfront network, and I am switching to BayCare today. I love my physician, but I can't stand the laziness of the billing department, and the amount of grief they've caused is worth finding a new medical home. How hard is it to tell patients that they should be expecting a bill from a physician's company that is employed at their facility? I'm fortunate I have good job and insurance that I can recover from the hit I took to my credit. Other families aren't as fortunate. Just one reason why your ratings are declining folks.

Chetsivah Rodriguez

There are a lot of wings to this place, so I had to call to find the specific area to go to for surgery. The nurses and caregivers and transporters were very nice and attentive. They made me feel at vfc ease prior to surgery. The took really good care of me afterwards. The anesthesiologist and my surgeon were just wonderful... Jonathan Nutter, Marion, Florence, Katie, intake for surgery... I dont know how to spell her name... maybe Anise .... and Delvine of anesthesia... to name a few... I dont know the name of transporter ... but she helped me relax as she transferred me to surgery area.

The Green Iguana

The ER staff was great, while we were there. But when I called about (6:50pm 9/6/19) to talk to the room, a female told me the rooms didn't have phones. But mothers did and they said we could call. They also said the rooms had no numbers, Yet hers said CA 8. So they put me on hold, but never came back (20 mins). I called back and a gentleman connected me right through. I don't know if was just a bad employee or the management isn't properly training all there staff.

Pamela Smith

The best hosp in fla i think. They have saved my life twice. And everyone that works there is very nice. I was there and got only the best care. For the 12 days i was in. There number one

Andrew Laurent

Wasn't given a call button. Bed wouldn't recline. Machine beeped for 30 minutes before someone showed. Never saw a doctor. Discharged and left to walk out without a wheelchair until I re-explained that I can't walk. Didn't feel heard at all. Not going there again. Got me in (and out) quick though

Tom Sugden

My entire stay of five days at the hospital was fantastic. All of the nursing staff technicians even the custodial folks where is pleasant as could be professional as could be and very lovely. All the nurses were exceptional! There is one that stood out in my mind a little bit more than the others which doesn't demean the others, but Tiffany was over-the-top fantastic I can't say enough good about her and I would like to give her a special five star rating!

Gaye Masnjak

My daughter was treated here after a car accident. Every member of their team from emergency room security, to check in , to the nursing staff, PA, and attending doctor were wonderful. I was most impressed with the kindness and compassion that they showed to several homeless individuals needing care that evening. At first we were a little overwhelmed by the number of people in the waiting area but they work like a well oiled machine and people were evaluated quickly and moved into treatment. My daughter required a second visit 2-days later and we witnessed the same compassion and care for their community.

John Lindquist


Julie Wilder

I had great care and everyone was quick and super sweet. My Dr's were awesome to answer questions and to make time to visit my room twice each day after my procedure. Dr Katz did a great job and Dr Levoy is a awesome doctor and made sure I had everything I needed.

David Wheeler

All of the Doctors and nurse's after my admitance into Bayfront were professional. And the doctor who actually withdrew the fluid from my knee was very respectful. It was a most improved experience from my first visit a year ago in November 2018. Thanks to Elissa and Aaron and the rest of that medical team.

Frank Flanagan

I had an extremely painful sebaceous cyst for 2 years , that 6 previous walk-in facilities refused to remove , or treat , this alone was mentally , physically , and financially , debilitating. I called Bayfront Health Gandy ER , as a last resort , and told them what my issue was , that I had no insurance , and that the other clinics would not help me , and that I couldn't afford another medical expenditure ,without relief from my ailment , they said " come in , we will help you" , so I drove there , I was the only patient there. I was in the building for 25 minutes total , 15 was filling out paperwork , 5 was waiting in their treatment area , the Dr came in and said she couldn't help me , so I left without being treated at all . I gave all details of my situation over the phone , prior to going to the ER , received no treatment there , this is beyond obsurd , unethical , unprofessional , price gouging , and deceptive business practices in my opinion. Then I received $1350 in medical bills from them. I had the cyst removed 3 days later at St Petersburg free clinic , it took 10 minutes , and costs nothing , they treated me with so much kindness , and respect at the free clinic , where the Bayfront Health ER Gandy treated me like I couldn't be less important , but my money is apparently. Do what you like , I'll never use this hospital again for anything.

John Pilz

There are a few good doctors here (a lot of them need to continue their education), but the institution really needs to work on customer service with the staff (nurses need to be more gentle with IV insertion). The place needs better organization, and they really need to get their billing right. People, with insurance, don’t need to be harassed by third parties for payment, simply because the third party gets outdated information.

Tessa Morrell

Mrs.Loraine was excellent she took good care of me. The Rn did a excellent job with I.V and explaining thing. Also the care she gave. Thank all very much.

Chris Wells

I had a great team of doctors, nurses and CRNA who helped with my care.I have had care there before,but this time was the best care i have ever had before. I am very happy with the care i got

Bonni Klement

Our experience at Baby Place was incredible from the moment we came in to triage at 2am. The nurses were attentive and receptive to our needs and very understanding of the nerves of first time parents. Every nurse, physician, technician and lactation consultant we had went above and beyond to ensure our birth experience was a positive one, which it was. We could not be more grateful for everyone to helped us bring our little guy into the world. He’s happy and healthy and so are we! Baby Place is the Ritz Carlton of hospitals.

Beverly Tillman

I am glad we didn't listen to people who told us not to have my husband's much needed surgery here. Our experience was not their experience. Huge Thank You to Dr. Kirk Jobe and the surgical team/nurses and everyone we came in contact with at Bayrfront. It's been two days since his surgery, and so far so good. Patient, professional and courteous. Only one thing which does not reflect the Dr's./staff at all, it is an older facility and could use an upgrade aesthetically...

Steven Sweeney

Places so well they know me by name the rooms are very clean their staff is really good yes they're busy but they do get back to you I have had no problems with Bayfront St Anthony's and everywhere else I've had nothing but problems Bayfront is by far my favorite Hospital if you give them a chance they will show you that they're the best hospital in the state of Florida that's my opinion

Jorge Tavarez

Great staff!! Nurses took very well care of me and made my experience as calm as could be.

Paul Knapp

Please don't go to this hospital. For your own sake, and that of your loved ones, I beg you. The care is less than compassionate. They only care about the bottom line. This hospital receives federal funding to help indigent residents, and is failing miserably at it. They discharged me without a safe place to go, without wound care, and without physical therapy. I really needed to go to an inpatient rehab facility, which they have there, but they rejected my pleas for help. Towards the end of my stay, they intentionally slowed down the minimal care they were giving , as a way to try to make me want to leave. They gave my family member a whole 30 minutes notice as to when to pick me up. I wouldn't take an injured animal to this hospital. No one deserves to be cast aside like yesterday's trash.

Kelly Mazz

Discharged my husband in the middle of a full blown alcohol detox doctor told me to take him to a facility. In NJ that would never happen my doctor in NJ wants me to send him home to be treated properly. Oh and he left with an active DVT his leg has swelled up again. Not a chance if I was dying would I go there.

Mary Gai

They were spectacular in their kindness, their calmness, their efficiency. Dr. Mines, nurses Zsa Zsa, Whitney, and those whose names I do not remember who worked in the fourth floor, were all, each one, so great to us. My special needs son, who is so big and largely non compliant, was treated with such care it brings me to tears thinking about it. We are from CT and were feeling insecure. Special needs parents need TLC and they all knew this. So sweet!

Lynn Bennett

I came here because I had such amazing care in the past . This time not so much. The left does not know what the right is doing. Staff and doctors don't know what each other are doing. I have been here for 3 days and still have not met the doctor who is going to do my surgery. He must be too busy playing golf The staff is upset with me because I keep asking who is doing the surgery and when is it?

Melanio Matutina

I had a gallbladder removal procedure on July 26, 2019 and I would like to share the best patient care I have received. Denise from admitting is so professional and fun to speak with. Then there are the staff, nurses and ultimately doctors who were very reassuring and treated me very well. Dr Westervelt is the best! Best hospital experience ever!

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