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Mike Mac

The emergency room doctors although licensed I'm sure we're horrible to where I felt "AT RISK" in their care and had to sign out against their advise but it was a chance I had to take and went to another hospital. No 2 doctors or nurses knew who we were or why we were there. After catching the head ER doctor in his 2nd lie to cover his first one, I repectfully asked to leave. No fuss, just wanted the get out of there as FAST as possible. The head ER Doc was a mess and the resident Doc was tremendously rude, disrespectful and calis. He treated us like we were HUMAN CATTLE. I don't think I could put my life or the lives of my family in their hands and I truly hope they do something to improve for the sake of the community. I thought Aventura was better than that and frankly the staff and adminstration should be ashamed of themselves.

Duncan Adelaide

Probably a very decent hospital but they seem to have a nasty habit of allowing government agencies to arrest their patients with no warrant or charges.

Brian Kettler

Great Outpatient Experience! Very kind and committed staff. Dr Grossman is a great surgeon! Thank you!!

Daniel Newman

The ER is horrible. No attention from staff. Unless you are dying, try to go elsewhere.

Marena Dibowitz

very quick and efficient

Fitzcarl Reid

So far so good. Mom treated in ICU like a Queen after having a stroke.

Rhona Wexler

Had two CT Scans. Employees were very accommodating, polite, caring and told me what to expect. Everything went smoothly and I was very pleased. Would recommend Aventura Hospital to family and friends.

Teresita Bella

awful service, I’d rather die than go back

Dayanis Olvera

The reason why I gave this hospital a one star is because I work in building adjacent to it. Today on my way to the cafeteria I was trying to enter thru the service area where they park the golf carts. The door was closed and I asked both man and female workers if they can open the door for me. They were both on their phones. The woman looked up at me and then IGNORED me and continued to be on her phone. So I asked again and when we made eye contact she just looked at me like I was some worthless person. Mind you, im 8 months pregnant. So I asked the man if he can open the door for me and he did. Im just so appalled by how inhumane this woman was. She blankly stared at me and ignored me. EVEN if your not a nurse or doctor I would hope her mother taught her decency. This occurred 08/21/2019 around 12:50 pm.

Gavin Ravens

Dr Rolando Garcia is one of the finest physicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with and I am looking forward to having him as my surgeon. Unfortunately the hospital and Orthopedic care center do not parking well enough parking for handicap individuals. I arrived to a regular appointment with Dr. Garcia at the Orthopedic Care Center and the parking lot to the building was monopolized by valet which was full. They did not approach me or give me direction or where to go. They just signalled me to keep going and that they were full. I went to the cancer center, which is the closest building with available parking, but they too were full. I tried the parking garage which I found to have only 1 handicapped parking space on this side of the garage. It was taken, so the closest space I could get was halfway up the incline ramp to the second floor. Coming back to my car I had to drag my bad leg up the incline. I am in such bad shape that I cannot walk without the assistance of a back brace and a cane. And if that isn't embarrassing enough on it's own, I have to drag my bad leg up an incline when I walk, which I had to do here, step by step. I wanted to ask someone for a ride up the 50 foot incline, but I felt too embarassed and ashamed. It was a very painful, slow and embarrassing experience. It took me just short of about 15 minutes to get to my car from the office door. The only other parking option I could think of would be if I had gone to the ER entrance and asked if they could help park my car, but it was not an emergency, I think they reserve spots for those kind of situations.

virginia L

Mom went in for a TEE /ICE Ablation and I was so blessed to see the wonderful attention she received from registration to the Pre- Post operation team. Their kindness and easy ways made my mom and myself at ease, I specially loved the sweetness, very kind nature of her attending nurse Jack in the main recovery room. Excellent, caring proff. Staff. Thank you for caring with love my mom at this procedure. Thank you with all my heart.

Bruce Newman

We had a poor experience with the hospital. My 91-year-old father was admitted for two nights and three days. The hospital made mistakes on my father's eye drops (cataract surgery 9 days prior to admission), his insulin shots, and his general medications. They also did not handle his urinary tract infection properly. In addition, there was poor communication with the attending staff. The psychiatrist contacted me on the second day which was great, but the hospitalist attending ignored several of my attempts to contact him, including two attempts after the admission was over. The final summary given on the exit did not provide any information on the admission, and the hospitalist attending has not reached me, as I want a summary on the admission. My personal conclusion is to avoid this hospital in the future. Bruce Newman, MD

Beatrice Noel

Very high tech and very professional. I felt like being in the next cutting edge tech savy hospital

Jason Combes

I’ll begin this review by saying that I was a supervisor within the Memorial Healthcare operation so, I am coming from a position of experience. I came inro the icu after suffering some blood clots that caused a stroke. My gf (a Memorial CFO) was present when they brought me in. It took 24 hours for them to determine what was going on. She said that she should have transferred me to a Memorial Hospital right then. I spend 4 days in a icu room which, was by far the worst experience of my life. The door was glass and right by a noisy entry point to the floor. I got no sleep for days. When I inquired about a reg room I was told that ‘they were full so none were available’. By the third day of no sleep the headache that brought me in was back. So much for a stroke patient being able to recover. I was finally put into a reg room where I was able to get some rest. But, not good service. I would have people coming into the room at all hours and they would all leave the door open when they left. Flooding the room with noise and light. Such a basic thing and they couldn’t handle it. Any question I had about discharge or that the nurse had to inquire with the doc about was a battle. They clearly don’t want to ask the docs anything. What made this stay unbearable was my second night in the room i felt a bout of gout entering my elbow. I was in the Er a few weeks ago with this. I called the nurse and told her it was vital to stay ahead of a flare up. It took 2 hours to get gout meds!! After another 2 hours I told her I needed a painkiller. 2 hours later (not 5am) the smallest painkiller I’ve ever seen was brought to me. My back had locked up from all the straining I was doing due to the pain. I asked to speak to the charge nurse. Although he listened to me I heard only excuses. I asked him him how it was ok for a a stroke patient to sit and suffer in agony the way I was for over 6 hours in a hospital?! I didn’t get any relived until after 6am. Jut when I was at a point where I was falling asleep I had people coming in waking me. Terrible! My gf brought me my own med for the gout which is the only reason I got telief. I was able to speak to the doctor who is treating me and he said the plan would be to discharge me the next afternoon. Of course this wasn’t told to the nurse looking after me. I think the nurse has forgotten that as a patient, the doc and nurses work for me the patients. So, when they ask for information don’t put up roadblocks for them. Get the information. I know how it can be. If you don’t demands answers you can be in the hospital for way too long. If I had to do it again I would have demanded that I be brought to a Memorial Hospital branch. Aventura has a terrible reputation online and within the healthcare industry professional. Now I see firsthand why. Again, I don’t work for the docs or the hospital, I’m the patient. Do more to make your patients comfortable and get them the info they request. The whole staff (including the icu staff) needs to a class on basic patient service. Being aware of the noise they produce outsider the doors. Being sensitive to light and sound and your NEVER leave a room door open that was closed when when u entered it. Ontop of the noise, because of my condition, I was light sensitive also. No consideration was made for this. When I was finally able to open my eyes in the icu the nurse kept coming in and turning on the overhead light without warning or a care of how it affected me. What really surprised me was that no supervisors were walking the halls at night or observing the staff. I was a third shift supervisor so, making sure my staff was giving great survive and keeping the environment quiet was always something I walked around monitoring. The staff here has no supervision and it shows it. NEVER COME HERE IF YOU WANT TO RELAX AND RECOVER WELL.

Wilson Metellus

Thank you for a great on time respectfully recovery. Thank you Aventura Hospital!!! Quote on Quote, what don't break you makes you stronger

Talent Management Adivisors

I waited for 40 minutes after my appointment time.

Marcel Meier Mendes

Horrible place to go !!!! So in case of emergency do yourself a favor, dont go there. Find another hospital. This place almost took my life.

Doug Izarra

Excellent service by my technician Rachel. She took the time to explain and describe every step of the way on the different exams performed. I’m very satisfied with the overall experience at Aventura Hospital and their staff. Thanks!!

D Shep

We would like to share our amazing experience with Dr. Neuhut. My mother is a September 11th survivor and has been struggling with severe depression and post traumatic stress for many years. For years she has been on anti-depressants that seemed to help some, however, lately her depression has gotten even more severe to the point that she didn’t want to even get out of bed.Between the months of November 2018 and January 2019, she has made 3 suicide attempts by taking an excess of medication. On her third attempt, while still hospitalized, Dr,Neuhut spoke with us about the option of doing Electroconvulsive Therapy. He clearly explained to us what the benefits were along with the risks. As three very worried daughters, we were terrified of the thought that our mom would have this treatment. We were very reluctant to agree. However, we knew that we had to make a decision. We knew that if our mom went home, she would most likely continue to make suicide attempts until one day she would ultimately be successful. Through his hard work in keeping our mom hospitalized, she was able to complete 5 treatments. Once she was discharged and settled in at home, we started to see a huge difference. Our mom sounded like she did years ago, like a happy and pleasant woman. It’s now been over a month and our mother has gotten even better. She stopped being pessimistic about everything and stopped sounding so lost all the time. She is now happy to wake up in the morning and get out of bed, go to the pool with her friends, eat full meals and see life as beautiful as she used to see it. We are all optimistic about the months and years ahead. Flora, Vicky & Debbie

David Lebed

Good work team and organized the doctors knew what to do to handle my case they madea lot of exams I think to be sure there was not anything else than a type A influenza treated with antivirals , Tylenol amd Motrin Now I am a little worried because I do not live in USA and are a self paid patient so I am expecting a special treatment on the invoice amount to pay Besides all details I am gratefull for the efficient help received by everybody Best regards David

Lashay Mitchell

The WORST ...... After being admitted for chest pain was assigned to a room but another person in the room bumping my bed she had several guest's. So i went against medical advice sighned myself out. Been calling around for documentation of my visit only to grt the runaround. 21 call's and still no information. This HOSPITAL NEEDS TO DO BETTER..

Heng Zhang

A couple months ago, I hurt my ear and lost my hearing when was playing basketall, then I went to this hospital. Only one nurse received me there was no doctor came to see me, the nurse just asked me a couple of questions and gave me a prescription. They gave me no body test and no medicine but a $2200 dollars medical bill. More ridiculously, they send wrong medical report to my insurance company, told my insurance company that my illness was a minor illness rather an accident injury which will not covered by my insurance policy. I almost lost my hearing from the injury! You guys told my insurance company it was a minor illness??? Then, I went the hospital medical report center, tried to revise the medical report, they told me that they will contact me and make the adjustment within 30 days. It has been almost two months, nobody from the hospital has contacted me. I am so disappointed about this hospital!

Ashley Daniel

When u call to speak to one of your family members they take forever to give you them phone. Also worse service ever!! Memorial Regional Hospital is the BEST

Joseph Caputo

This is the worst hospital in the world I would rather die before going to this place I have several friends who all say they know people who have gone there and died I know from experience the staff is rude and they take forever to do anything good forbid you ask them for anything

Arias M

The staff in the emergency is absolutely worthless. Worst staff I've ever delt with. My grandfather was here for a blood transfusion due to his low blood results. Its been 11 hours and nothing. We are still sitting here in the emergency room with these idiots. So now its 3am and we are asking for them to give my grandpa his anxiety and sleep medication because he is becoming restless and its been about 30 minutes since they said they were on their way. Dont come here. The nurses and rest of the ER staff are a joke. As an RN myself I am appalled at the professionalism in this ER.


2 years ago I came to this hospital for major spine surgery in 3 levels of my lower spine after I had a severe car accident years before. I can't tell you how grateful enough I am for all the attention and hospitality the staff, doctors, surgeons and nurses and lets not leave out the physical therapists they all gave me. I was admitted for a couple of days in a private room after surgery and while being there I was very well taken care of by the nurses and staff. Physical therapy team got me up next day making sure I was walking and never left me alone since I was under narcotics for the back pain. I never felt pain since medications kept rolling in as doctors order so I would not feel uncomfortable and I am glad they did because this is a very painful surgery but not with proper care like I was given. I took a very high risk on such a mayor surgery trusting this hospital, doctors and staff and I am very glad I did. They made sure I was very well prepared before my surgery and I couldn't be happier. It has been 2 years already and I had never had a complaint about my surgery, my back has never been a problem ever again, I am glad I am able to be walking pain free with no horrible sciatic pain pressing down my leg. The surgery was a SUCCESS!!! Thank god I made the decision in having my spine surgery here at this hospital after researching 10 other hospital and Neuro surgeons in Miami I was very scared and undecided until I was recommended by a friend who also had spine surgery here at this hospital I saw his amazing recovery and told me about Aventura hospital, staff and neurosurgeons and decided to operate with the same neurosurgeon that worked on my friends back. . You will be in great hands with the up most professional doctors, Neurosurgeons, nurses and staff. My family are very grateful also and they all loved the staff and just very happy people working here. This is a very nice, clean hospital very well taken care of and parking was never a problem for my family. Thank you so much Aventura Hospital is my #1 choice so far.

jodian beckfored

Doctors and nurses don't care about their patients. I was bleeding from my head and no one wrapped it. It bled into my eye.

Maria Hernandez

The doctors are great and RNs were very competent!

Shanna Daudi

This is by far the worst institution I’ve ever come across. Doctors and nurses are incompetent to say the least. I went to the ER several times with excruciating stomach pain, and they never found out what was wrong with me. Only after going to Memorial Regional for the first 24 hours they found out I had a twisted intestine and performed emergency surgery... I could have died. Aventura Hospital wanted to keep me there to charge me more nights instead of admiring they had no idea what was going on with me. Be warned, do NOT go here.

Charlyn Valli

Why wouldn't you help diabled people? Your security and staff need sensitivity training or new damn jobs!

Artsy Journal

My mother was released by the doctor at 11:30 AM and it’s now 2:50 PM and we are still here in the hospital. The nurse just told us in 15 minutes will come back and bring you the paperwork. Three times we asked them three times they said in 15 minutes. My mother has not eaten since eight this morning and they won’t let us go. We feel like hostages in this hospital.

Ellen Moses

I had a pet scan @ the mobile unit in the back of the hospital, the check in was not clear where to do it & the paper work was not done properly so it took scheduler over an hour to straighten in out she (glenese) was very good. When i went into mobile unit it was very dirty i was surprised, the two women were very nice & the test went well. I was surprised @ the paper work glitch & the shape of the mobile unit but the impirtant test went off good.

Regina Screen

Aventura is Wonderful I drive outta my way just to come here and the nurse Evenly makes me laugh I look forward to seeing her every year ❤ (The Breast Center)

Inga Boutboul

The worse experience! Mom my died 4 days after admition ! She was suppose to get better but the doctors treated her so aggressively for different problems she had instead of thinking twice what was the priority. They stoped for less then a minute to discuss. The Medicine they gave killed my mom instead of helping. She was better home then in the hospital! They treat on thing and kill another. The night when she died they put oxygen mask which was the most horrific experience: huge , half broken , not holding well , we were holding it ourselves to make sure she gets oxygen! Heartbreaking!Horrible medical system ! I am so sorry bringing her there

David Jacques

My mom went here for psychiatric services. When she complained that they never paid attention to her and that she felt a certain doctor didn’t like her. She confronted the doctor privately about her feelings and was told it was her perception and that it was disrespectful to have a private conversation about this. They then publicly shamed her in front of the other patients in group, yelled at her and said they liked the doctor she was complaining about and if she doesn’t like that doctor that’s her problem. Then another patient chimed in to call her a child and the doctor leading group sided with the other patient. So are you in the business of helping patients? Trying to get them to commit suicide? Or just defrauding the federal government to line your pockets? You probably don’t remember charter hospital. A mental hospital that got shut down for defrauding the government and killing kids in their care because they hired substandard employees without medical training nor empathy.

Eddie Bridges

I was very impressed with Adventura Hospital and my surgery took place with no glitches or incidents. My procedure surpassed my expectations. But, what I was not impressed with was the billing department. Adventura Hospital accounting department called me prior to my surgery and told me if I prepaid, I would get a 20% discount on my responsible amount plus walk out of my surgery debt free. Sounds amazing doesn't it, get a 20% discount and walk away with no further surprise charges or nagging medical balances unpaid by insurance? Two months later, I started receiving bills for unpaid balances that were marked as my responsibility. I called Adventura Hospital to inquire about my prepaid, walk away plan. Much to my surprise, they said it was all based on estimates and there was no guarantee that I paid up in full. That was never mentioned to me when they were asking for money. I escalated my call up to the management level only to be told the same thing. They promised detailed billing in the mail. Oh, and I did call the number below. After several rings, I was asked to leave a message. I did. No one ever called back. I was promised a detailed billing in the mail and weeks later, I have received nothing. Update: After talking with my insurance company, I did find out that there was a discount. My insurance company went through all the details with me and explained exactly what I was supposed to pay. So in all fairness, Adventura did give a discount. Was it a walk away owing nothing, no definitely not. Should you pay early, according to the insurance company, I did save around $200 by paying early and it was applied to my deductible. But, I will leave the three stars because Adventura Hospital accounting has done nothing to resolve my issues or provide me with any detailed information to understand what took place. Would I go back, yes the service was wonderful. Would I pay early the next time, yes because it is a savings to the patient. Do I hope the Adventura Hospital billing and customer service department get their act together, most definitely.

Marisol Rios

We have to come to this hospital because it's where my dad's doctor sends him. Each time we've been here since August the quality of care gets worse and worse. I won't say all the nurses are terrible, but we're looking at a vast majority. The communication here is awful and when the nurse call button is pressed it takes the desk twenty minutes or more to even respond on the speaker and even more than that for a nurse to come into the room. We asked for his pain meds at 5am and repeatedly asked until they finally gave to him at 9:20 am. I complained yesterday to the nurse leader and it seems that that made it even worse for my dad. I have to stay in the room 24/7 with him because if I don't fight he doesn't get any care whatsoever. I cannot be more disappointed, disgusted, and disturbed by the lack of care in this facility. I will do my very best to ensure we never come here again after discharge. We've stomached it this far only because we love our doctor and don't want to leave him.

Cliffina Johnson

This is one of the worse hospital in regards to hospitality and sympathy. I was in so much pain and these people did not have a inch of care. I vomited multiple times while I was waiting and not one of the employees came over to see if I was even okay. I was hardly coherent during all of this because I was in so much pain. The person who help me in the hospital actually push me into a wall while I was sitting in the wheelchair. My sister checked me in and they put her name on the ID bracelet. I had to tell them that I was not my sister. I waited two hours. I never received any help. No no nurse or doctor saw me and after 2 and a half hour of waiting I mustered enough strength to leave. I will never go back there.

Elaine Vargo

I’ve visited the Adventura Breast Center on Wednesday, March 6 for my diagnostic mammograms and ultrasound test. I was greeted by Miriam at the reception desk extremely cordial and courteous. Erica my technician was warm and professional and made me Feel comfortable. I cannot remember the ultrasound techs name but she was wonderful. After my diagnostic tests were completed. The reports were verbally told to me by the technician. The results were unchanged however the woman radiologist dr. Tejeda whose name I may be miss spelling did not personally come to speak to me to discus the findings of the tests. I asked why and I was told she had to go to a procedure. This is very unacceptable and I was disappointed because prior to that my experience was very positive. As a healthcare provider I was quite taken back that she could not take all of two minutes to talk to me. I hope that this doesn’t happen to other patients in the future, and that it is as important to speak to each patient who especially is going through diagnostic testing.......

Jaime Gray

Everyone at the Aventura hospital was great I have no words to express my appreciation for how they helped me. THANK YOU!!!!

Shannon Vidal

My 80 year old father was rushed to the emergency room here. He was in this hospital’s care for a week. They really did not stop until they found out what was going on. It could have been a few things based on all the tests. They finally diagnosed him with a bacterial infection in the blood. The hospital is beautiful & the room they put him in was big & comfortable. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is sometimes it took a long time to actually see a new specialist.

Adriana Denis

My Mom had a stroke, they gave her some medicine, she was doing good, suddenly she was not doing good, I told the nurse that check her because she wasn’t talk properly and the mouth was twisted, she cannot move her left side, she says I don’t know what you see, she seems good to me, I went to the desk and start to scream that my Mom need a Dr. now, one of the ladies told me why you think your Mom is not good, I told her go and see for yourself, she went and called Dr immediately, Mom was in the ICU for 48 hours and was doing better, now they move her to a regular room, but nobody check her blood pressure for st least 3 hours, my Mom now has 209/116, 30 minutes to find a nurse, they called Dr. but nobody is there yet. Horrible Hospital!!!

Mary Bosch-Cicala

I made the massive mistake of going to aventura hospital cause it was closer to my place than memorial and I regret it and so do my bruised arms! Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all bad and I did have some nice nurses but overall the service wasn’t up to par. I will definitely not be going back to this hospital if I can help it.

marino molina

I am a physician. I went to Aventura Hospital because I was feeling very sick and my internist told to go to ER there. The quality of a hospital does not depend of the physicians, they only go see the patients and give the instructions. The administration, nurses, nurse aids, etc. are the ones that run the hospital. The administration does not seems to know the details. I was there for 3 days. In the 3 days there, they never came to change my bed or even to make my bed. Once a day a cleaning person "clean" the floor, the bathroom and with the same cloth "clean" everything else including the table were I eat. Most of the nurses, nurse aid and similar staff, even that they might have the professional qualification required for their job, they do not have any bed manners, they do not seem to care about the patients and seems to be very busy talking loud by their cell phone or in Facetime (I was hearing their conversations) during their working time. You can hear the multiple rings from the patient rooms. For example my IV was beeping for long periods and nobody came. They left an stool sample for over 12 hours in the bathroom despite the fact that the results were important as part of my diagnostic test. One of my symptoms was severe pain in my muscle, I do not like to use any opioid. I found that the pain lowered with 2 Extra Strength (Brand Name) Tylenol (1 gram of acetaminophen) every 6 hours. The nurse gave me 2 generic acetaminophen tablets (650 mg) and told me that generic regular acetaminophen is the only one available at the hospital. They could not understand that at least should be 3 tablets (975 mg) to be around the same dose, even that the quality is not the same (length was only 4 hours). I am a physician and explained to her. I could not sleep the whole night due to the pain and she did not do anything about it. I was so afraid of the contamination at this hospital that request to my internist to be discharged and wait for the results of my test at home (I never received). By the way, the 15 minutes they advertised for attention at the ER is not truth. I really do not recommend this hospital.

Ivonne aztec

I needed to have an ekg done. My experience was flawless. From registration intake to radiology all staff were friendly helpful and professional. I am a repeat customer living in the area The service and experience is superb. Only bad side.....what can be done about parking?? Still a horror

kathy b. lewis

Everybody and everything was wonderful, helpful. 5 stars to everybody. But: I was on the 10th floor. Guess what time did we get our breakfast? Just before 10AM!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!! 10 pills in my stomach, very powerful meds after the 3rd hip replacement ( I have only 2 legs). Starving until 10AM???? Please hire another help to make breakfast or deliver breakfast or start serving on the 10th floor every other day! Do not start on the 3rd floor everyday!!! Is the 3rd floor for V.I.P. only? Can they start to cook one hour earlier every day? There are so many unemployed people would love to work in your hospital! For old, ill, cranky patients starving until 10AM with 10 pills in my stomach is not fare! People are walking on the Moon since 50 years and Aventura Hospital can not serve breakfast earlier than 10AM on the 10th floor?????? Please help! Thank you in advance.

Angela Vitaliano-LaBatch

Very professional and attentive staff

S Crane

This hospital has gone downhill. Please don’t pay attention to the 5 star reviews. The negative reviews are the most accurate. First of all, metal detectors? I get someone walked in with a gun or whatever the case was but this hospital has become so trashy. They care more about remodeling it than hiring nurses and doctors that care about human beings. But when you have horrible management, it falls on to the staff. Doctors who tell you your loved one will die when THEY prescribed the medication to put them in the position they’re in need to not be doctors. Closing down an entire section then saying they don’t have a room to put them in is the biggest lie and to your face is highly disrespectful. No one knows what’s going on. Aventura hospital you need to hire doctors who know how to be compassionate. If you love your family member or friend, take them to a hospital that isn’t all about corporate greed and actually caring. Aventura Hospital, bring back compassion and empathy. You ALL can be in the same position the people you deal with daily are in.

Precious Sargent

I am Sooooo very disappointed with the service of the providers here, especially the Dr.his name was Maldonado and he completely ignored my concerns and the reason I presented to the ER. After waiting in the waiting room for hours, I SAT IN A ROOM IN PAIN FOROR AN HOUR, BEFORE ANYONE CAME IN TO EVEN INTRODUCE THEMSELVES. The ultrasounds clearly showed that there is a lot going on, I clearly have an issue and my pain was NOT addressed. The only time l saw the attending Dr. Was when he wanted to do a pelvic exam and then he dashes out the door being very short and condescending. He sends the resident who was a black female to do Everything he didn't want to. The service here is horrible. There is No respect for patient satisfaction. The patients voice is NOT heard. I would hate to think that there is racist biased going on. I literally came in pain and I left in pain as well. I will be writing a letter to the CNO and CEO of this facility. I work at a Medical facility and the only reason I didn't get treated there was because of the severity and personal feminine matter at hand. PLUS I LIVE IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD! The conversations that you hear from the room while you're sitting in pain is enough to make you pull back the curtain and yell... Who wants to hear about someone going on dates and what they're eating for lunch when you're in a bed in pain and no one has came in the room. This facility gets it's "GOODY" reputation because if the area OF AVENTURA, NOT because the service from the medical professionals. You can tell that it's all about patient flow and the money with this facility. The service is beyond sub par and mediocre. I'm extremely disgusted and disappointed. I will make it my business to let it be known this facility is horrible. Aventura hospital you need to hire doctors who know how to be compassionate. If you love your family member or friend, take them to a hospital that isn’t all about corporate greed and actually caring. Aventura Hospital, bring back compassion and empathy. You ALL can be in the same position the people you deal with daily are in.

Frannie Dee

Fascinating. First time here. I had some minor unexpected bleeding so I drove over. Within five minutes I scanned my NY driver's license, and it even had my basic SS# in its computer. It was after 10pm so I was tired, but, within a half hour I was seen by the next intake person and within another 45 minutes I was seen by the MD . 15 minutes later I was brought into the exam room and had the two other staff observe the MD deal with me. I was impressed that they let me take a picture of it, and maybe because I'm 64 yrs old, I gave him permission to share it with any other medical people. I was also given follow up specialist name & number. Pleasant place, pleasant neighborhood. NOT LIKE downtown Jackson.

Steve Schulman

Easy check in not much of wait to see doctor but long wait to check into a room.

Mauricio Hinostroza Silva

I can say from my own experience that the Hospital care was Excellent. All the doctors and nurses treated me very well. Thank you

ricardo recao


Lee Couturier

My wife did not have a good experience at Aventura Hospital, last week. Several things were very frustrating. In no particular order. 1. My wife was restricted to bed and the nurses did not respond very well when they were needed. She could not get out of bed herself for a while and when she had to be disconnected from IVs, etc. to go to the bathroom. She unfortunately was not able to make it. 2. She is incontinent and had to linger in a wet bed for a couple hours more than once. 3. Because she went to the hospital by ambulance, she was not able to bring clothing etc. The hospital did not provide adult diapers as most other hospital do. 4. We provided a list of her medications when she arrived at the hospital. The hospital refused to give her blood pressure medicine as well as other important medications. She occasionally had high blood pressure readings when her vitals were taken, yet the hospital still would not give her her medications. 5. Although she requested a list of food selections for her meals, she was never provided with one. 6. The evening before she was discharged, a nurse entered her room around 11 PM to make an assessment of my wife’s body by examining her skin everywhere. This was late in the day and had not been done by any other staff member previously. My wife said she was fine and did not want that examination. Although my wife said no, that nurse continued to grope her While still continuing her examination. My wife is a 74 year old woman and insisted that her skin was fine everywhere and that she stop, but she still continued her examination. My wife was so shaken that she dropped her dentures on the floor thereby breaking them in half. She told everybody that she never felt so violated. Hospital management admitted that that nurse should have stopped when she was told no. We have filed a claim with the hospital for new dentures to replace that which was broken due to this careless nurse. We have been told that it will be a long time before the hospital makes a decision whether to approve our claim or not. Aventura hospital is responsible for allowing that nurse to force herself on my wife.

joe grimmett

I unfortunately have been in hospitals from K.C. To Texas and in between. I had an unfortunate situation while at the beach at Hallandale. My feet suffered 2nd degree burns. I was transported to Aventura. I can’t say in my 61 years I have ever been treated, met caretakers or experienced anything like it. From the EMTs, to my attending Physician Dr. Schneider (who was back that day from maternity leave). My attending nurse Tomica whom I thought had been doing this for years. (Two months) her trainer William and last but not least the E.R. Director Rochelle who took the time to sit in my room with my sister and make sure everything was okay and we understood my options for treatment and being moved to a burn unit. She then returned later to follow up. They made sure since I was here from K.C. I had plenty of supplies to heal before trying to travel back. I rarely write reviews and believe you pay people to do their jobs and really don’t need to thank them for what they get compensated to do. While I hope I never see any of these individuals again, this facility should be aware and proud of the individuals in the E.R. And the way they treat their patients and represent the hospital. Thank you all, Best Joe D. Grimmett II

Sandy Marks

Wait time in emergency room was virtually nothing. I had yto go back for a follow up and the nurse practitiner I saw was fabulous. Went above and beyond, even to give me a phone number to call because I have to go back again, to call to make sure they have what I need. Very happy!!


Take your loved one to the veterinarian before bringing them here. This is the worst hospital. The absolute worst. The step down ICU is a ghost town with no nurses to be found. Patients screaming for help in most rooms. No nurses to be found. A disgrace.

Yeslie Valdes

SHEENA WAS AMAZING! She treated me super nice and was very patient explaining details to me. She expressed a genuine care for me which now a days is rare to find...keep up the good work, you truly made me feel better.



Winsome Anderson

Went to ER with a nasty cold virus which affected 1 eye and was diagnosed with conjunctivitis. Medication was provided. Overall very satisfied with service and timely response from all. Thank you

ruth tami

Best hospital, fast service, great people

David Tomen

My stay of 9 days came as a complete surprise and certainly was not planned. But from the first day I arrived by ambulance to the day I was discharged, I've never been treated so well by hospital staff anywhere. All of the staff worked well together, communication between staff and with my the patient was exceptional, and my stay comfortable all things considered. I'm happy that the paramedics and my wife chose Aventura Hospital.

Juan Pablo Quinteto

Great hospital the emergency team love the work they do, you don’t have to wait to long for a Doctor to see inside the room, they took blood test,

Reneca Davis

They always took care of me when I needed them and they have the best doctors here. I looked to thank. Dr Joy Groszczyk. And Dr. Jeremy White. they are the best of the best doctors and they deserve awards. Amazing doctors love these guys. This hospital is my number one choice.


The worst experience of a lifetime. The proper tests were not performed. Waited hours for a DR. Cat scan machine broke down while I was in it. The bed in my private room didn't work. Had to sit in a very uncomfortabe chair for 24 hrs, etc. etc And I have congenital Spinal Stenosis. Thought I was going to die. Went to ER in bad shape, came out worse. Medicare QIO has opened up a case and I have turned this mistreatment case over to my attorneys who are preparing a law suit

Cintia C. Thormann

I was attended to in the emergency, which was okay! I have BCBS, but now NPAS continues to send invoices. I have already paid and my insurance has already paid. When I call the NPAS they tell me they see my payment but a balance come up. Not to mention another company that claims to charge me $1800 more to pay the doctor. It was a simply stomach ache and I was well after the medication and couple hours of rest. The bill is already around 10k. This hospital is a scheme to steal people, it can be normal!

Sumi Gabriel

It is truly difficult to give any hospital a bad rating as hospitals should always be viewed as safe havens for the sick and injured. It is also very upsetting to see patients wait for hours and hours with no word from a doctor or hospital staff member. Such is the case for my mother. She came into the emergency room complaining of pressure in her chest and tingling sensation in her arm. When the ER doctor came to check on her, all she was given was Tylenol for a headache. She waited in the ER for 6 HOURS to be taken to a room where she still hasn’t been given any tests for her discomforts. The level of care at Aventura Hospital needs to be seriously reviewed because it’s unfair for patients to be treated as such.

Helena Saravia

We were attended by Isaac Azar and another doctor by the name of Pattel (sp?). In the ER. It wasn't a pleasant experience. You can ask questions and try and inform yourself as a family member because you you love that person, not because you are trying to be a "secretary". There is nothing wrong with calling your daughter, who is involved with the care of that patient, to keep her informed. I will never understand, how that is something to be frowned upon. Bottom line it wasnt a pleasant experience. Communication and professionalism needs to be improved.

Marisa Gardiner

All nurses and physicians very attentive and caring


Really nice place and clean place. BUT, parking is terrible. Not enough disabled parking place, they ask 5$ for valet and the parking garage is way too far for a disabled person. Rooms are really nice. Nurses are nice, but I asked them to help my relative to finish her Glucerna, but nothing happened. Nurses are not communicative, we saw two doctor during 6 days but neither one gave us a complete update. You have to fight for your all information. Place is clean but not all of the employees are well qualified. Aventura Hospital has a bad reputation for over years now, and no change! What is going on???

Elaine Scott

worst experience ever!

herna jb

Going to this hospital turned out being a complete nightmare. Simple nasal infection turned into $4000 bill. Insurance paid a small portion and I was left with the rest. A place where I went for care ended up being so crooked. Adding on extra absurdly priced items l did not even need nor was told I would be charged for. For r example $730 for a pregnancy test! Or how about $248 for antibiotics I didn't take. I guess when I answered yes to having insurance that gave them the green light to charge on every unnecessary thing they could all to "give me better care". When I went on ahead trying to read the paperwork before signing male nurse said " don't worry it's not a bill" . Completely regret going there. I wish I was more informed and avoided going to that hospital all together. Not going to that ER unless i'm on the verge of dying.

Gilda Penna

Getting better each time I have been there, a fantastic improvement , congratulations since APRIL I h e been several times THANKS

The Real E-Face

DO NO GOT HERE, buldings floors and equipment are junk that looks like they bought a a crack head yard sale, floors with duct tape, holes in the ceilings, AC works only at night, none of their beds worked, and to finish it off the staff of lazy people, you click the button they just come and turn it off, hours later you click it again they come in and say someone will be with you shortly and an hour later you go outside and they yell at you for not pressing the button, its sad this place has turned into Jackson Memorial


Nurse drawing blood kept missing vein causing large hematoma.


My grandmother was hospitalized here and the customer service is lacking. It was hard to get someone to answer my questions and it was very difficult to get a hold of my nurse when needed. I understand she was busy but it took over an hour for her to see my grandmother after her surgery...she’s a post-operative patient who needed assistance. If we were not here, it would have been horrible. Another example is that they wanted to manipulate my grandmother’s hip without premedication with pain meds and she had a hip fracture. Even with the pain medication that I requested, she still had pain so imagine without anything?! I understand the health system is overwhelmed but I am very surprised by the lack of care and customer service at Aventura Hospital. I also find it odd that there are cameras in the room. While standing at the nurses station, you can see everyone in their room! Supposedly, the cameras are not turned on in every room but this is alarming and how do I know if the camera is not turned on randomly?! That is crazy and a violation of privacy.

Katia Wesby

My family has been to a number of hospitals in our lifetime. This by far was the worst experience we’ve ever had. My sister struggles with severe mental health issues and going to this hospital made things massively worse. She wasn’t allowed out of the hospital simply because there were no doctors to discharge her. No one knew what to do with her so she wasn’t given any sort of treatment in the 50 hours that she was there. She wasn’t even allowed to take her prescribed medicine. The staff was incredibly rude to her and to my family. And once she was finally out, she had an episode even worse than the one that sent her into the hospital in the first place. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone.

David St John

Actually sitting in the ER since 6pm and it's 1030pm. My wife had severe chest pains, SOB, nausea and back discomfort. We were triaged well and sent to the back, but once there, we were left alone waiting 3 hours for labs. I just used the call Bell to ask if our labs were finalized and was greeted by an unfriendly 'hello,' but only after the call bell rang for 2 minutes and interupted their conversation. All night the employees are talking about going to a Christmas party, religion and other nonsense. I myself work in the field and enjoy down time and nonsense talk, but geez, take care of your work first. Hopefully there won't be a next time to come here.

Erica Rojas

We had a wonderful experience at aventura hospital very clean very fast very helpful in all aspects doctors nurses even the security staff were very nice and helpful great visit

Rodney Norelus

Good service, everyone come to aventura hospital they are working good and fast.

darrell jones

I am a Kentucky native, my stay of 5 days was great with only one bad experience with Mrs.Marva Leon ,she was rude and did not have time to answer my questions. Adventura Hospital has it going on, the nurses ,techs are awesome. The physician are without a doubt the best in the United States .The physician chief of staff should be very happy, you have great doctor. Except for Marva Leon it was great. Thank You Darrell Jones

Tanya Brown

Prompt service. Results available on patient portal in less than 1 hr.

Yevgeniy Melnik

I'd like to share my experience in this Hospital in Emergency Room with Newborn (7 weeks). I would NOT recommend anyone, ANYONE, with a newborn to go here. It's just not a good place for our little one's. Waiting time pretty was pretty good in our case - about 20-35 minutes. But after that... The staff just doesn't care that it's a newborn and it needs different care than adults. To install the IV they tried several attempts before they did it... what cause bruises all over the hand. If you gonna need some help from nurses, good luck... they just never anywhere near you, after we press on the RED button to get help the nurse came to us only after 20 minutes!!! In the end, we spent there about 5 hours and left with test results only... Thank god our pediatrician was just next door. Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital located just 6 miles away and it special for children...

Ilya S

Arriving before 6am is worthless except some “security guys” there is no one to speak with. (1star) Anyhow the medical crew, especially at the day surgery is awesome and professional, please deliver them my appreciation of their solid work. The humor and support of the first volunteering lady that welcomed me during my c/i at the department gives tons of courage. There is no doubt that the crew I faced today at the department of day surgery: volunteers, nurses, anesthesiologists, doctors, recovery crew, are professionals that proud and happy do their jobs. Thank you guys you are really professional and firm. (Millions of stars, hugs and more)

Emiliana Bernard

My favorite hospital I been to the emergency almost 3 time in one year the service is quick and much better and memorial regional for sure . They will attend to you so quick is just amazing this is the way a emergency room should be

Alfonso Miller

I had two good surgery there

Tiger Ortiz

I arrived around 3pm ish on Sunday April 28 2019. Place is spotless love the self check in machine although the one on the right gave me some trouble so I used the left one. The security lady was very helpful going above and beyond with patients. Everyone was super nice attentive quick and caring. I loved everyone that took care of me. Please find out who and let them know their level of professionalism and care can help anyone start to feel better from the first few minutes. -chanon ortiz

Fernando Stern

Impersonal,detached and clueless staff with of course same exceptions.Everybody at their computer terminal and patients and vigors do not exist.Sorry

Ladora Redmon

I love coming in to Aventura Hospital for all my medical needs. All the doctors and nurses are so kind and patient. I am always given the best care and treatment every time i visit! All the staff members at Aventura are the best!


Staff were helpful and caring. I never had to wait more than a couple minutes between attention provisions. At the end they provided all of the information I needed when it comes time to see the doctor.

Marina Berberian

Horrified after reading all the reviews. Looks like your quality coordinator- JOYCE is not doing her job.Its time to change your automatic response.

Myrtha Wroy

The staff is great


All employees were professional and helpful during my short time at Aventura Hospital.

Morgan Berk

My father has been waiting for 3 days for a colon divergence surgery. They have not fed him 3 days in a row because he’s getting surgery and each day he has been told at 8pm it’s not happening. The surgical oncologist keeps getting pulled into traumas. The hospital is clearly not staffed well. This treatment of starving someone is Inhumane and Unacceptable. He is now hypoglycemic because of this.

Ashaunti Brown

In currently here located in the hospital an they have a excellent staff on north 8floor also

Bel Seym

I was sent from Plantation hospital in Broward on an emergency vehicle to Aventura around 2am. I arrived there and got a bed. I was waiting for the doctor during the night time. No one showed up other than the nurses to check my blood pressure. Morning came no breakfast and no doctor. Afternoon came no lunch no doctor. Mind you it is supposed to be an emergency visit. It is so disgraceful. I do not advise anyone to visit that place. Totally unprofessional attitude towards sick people. I am giving the 1 star for the nurses.

Jeri Boyce

I always have an amazing experience when I deal with anyone or any department at Aventura Hospital - Thanks everyone for taking such good care of me.

James Gagne

The doctors didn't listen and the nurses need more time in school

Michael Jacobs

I unfortunately had no choice because the ambulance took me there after my biking accident. Avoid this place at all costs. The overnight care was an absolute joke. Sat in wet bedding for 4 hours till nurses decided to change it. Medicine was delayed 3 hours past scheduled time. Still waiting for hospital to send my records to my primary care physician so I can get some meds. Discharged me with no wound care instructions.

Christian Torzel

This Hospital ER has a bad service, unclean and unprofessional, we understand people from only Aventura and nearly location use this hospital, but please go to another qualify Hospital

Marcia Stein

At first I thought my experience would not be too good since when I arrived they had no record of my appointment. Luckily I had the paper I had been given the week before. Once I was taken in for my procedure, the staff was efficient and courteous.

Rosa Espinosa

It was great the two ladies that did my pet scan were wonderful they help me finish my test I wanted to get out because I’m claustrophobic but they stared talking to me till I finish my test thank god for them

Yosleine Perez

I really recommend this hospital, good customer service

Michelle Bostwick

A very clean and neat facility. The office staff, Drs and nurses were all professional. In fact all staff gave excellent service.

Victoria Mattingley

I must say this hospital never let me down. The doctors actually know what there matter how busy it is they get everything done so quickly so your comfortable. I will be seeing you guys soon I 100% trust Aventura Hospital over any hospital in Florida.

peter wolfe

Mixed bag......walked into ER used the kiosk to sign in. Sat down and a minute or two called by name to register. Wow.....quick and easy. She took me to a waiting area in the ER exam room and within 5 minutes like magic there was the ER Dr. to exam my injury. Then another Dr. came in and took a look. A few more questions were asked then they ordered an xray. My wife and I looked at each other in disbelief. How could this have gone so well so quickly? An HOUR later a Male nurse walked by us and saw we were very agitated. He asked what the problem was and we told him we've been waiting over an hour for an xray. He said he would see what he could do. 5 minutes later an xray tech came and got me. Now I'm no doctor but dimbette xray tech shot my inside ankle, my top of ankle, the front of ankle and a somewhat side angle of my ankle. She never took a picture of the outside of my ankle which is where the injury is, fibula???. Back to the waiting room to wait for doctor to review pictures. 20 minutes later I stood up and grabbed my wife, said we're leaving mail my results, that was it the fork was in....done. The ER Dr. looked at me and said the results came back negative he was going to get my paperwork. He left, we waited another couple of minutes and we left. I am not sure at this point if my ankle is broken or not. I don't think xrays have xray vision on bone??? I can walk and it doesn't hurt enough for me to do anything but be careful on it and maybe keep an eye on swelling. One thing for sure when a neighbor told me just that morning he hates Aventura Hospital, I now understand why he had that statement. Oh, I'm not interested in calling Joyce!

dave d

If you have any pulmonary problems like copd, the doctor that you want in Aventura Hospital is dr.stuart Bernstein. And his team, they are great The Diaz. family thank you very much.

Kiara Chooran

Some of the staff is what makes the place decent. Some nurses were competent and on time with pain meds, vitals, food, checkup etc, while some were just completely clueless and acted like they were being bothered when contacted! Communication is also a factor that needs to be addressed with the team. I recently had an minor arm surgery here and my experience was 5/10. God forbid I am not back in here for something more serious. Accommodation for guest were good. ER is another post on its own!

Migdalia Burgos

The front desk guards and the nurse who checked me in deserve 5 stars. Their kindness and consideration were exemplary. The ER staff, on the other hand, were mostly indifferent or in a bad mood. The ER nurse had a sour expression most of the night and gave curt answers to any questions. I threw up, and she gave me a disgusted look when she retrieved the pan. The resident came in once at the beginning, indicated they'd do tests, and never returned for follow-up or to check up on me. For that matter, after an hour, neither did the nurse once she put in the IV, using equipment I haven't seen since the 1990's (not joking). After 4 hours of waiting, the supervising physician appeared to tell me I had a kidney stone, would prescribe meds, give me a referral. I explained that I'd have to contact my PCP since their doctor was not in-network and I'd need all test and lab reports. I asked questions about any special instructions, foods to avoid, etc. "No. There's nothing special you have to do." After another 30 minutes passed the sour nurse told me she had my discharge papers and the printed reports. I asked again about any instructions, or are there instructions among the papers. "No." Then she smiled, apparently because she was glad I was leaving. As a result, I missed key information for my follow-up care, which hinders my PCP's ability to adequately treat me. My Walgreens pharmacist was more proactive and did give me instructions, advice. As did my PCP who was very disappointed in the low level of care. Aventura did the bare minimum. I come from a family of medical professionals, and I remember a teacher's instructions at Weill Cornell: "You never assume what a patient has, and you check in to make sure there are no other issues and to show you care. You're a doctor. 'Care' is in your job description." Bottom line: It's clear by the appearance of the facilities that A LOT of investment has been made on exteriors and technology at the entrance to make the place look gorgeous. However, similar investment hasn't been made on medical technology nor on the medical staff who need training on care, communications, follow-up. I came to Aventura because it was technically closer and in-network, ignorant of its shortcomings, but - God forbid I need it again - I'll make the trip to Mt Sinai which is only a 1/4 mile away. UPDATE: Aventura Hospital personnel reached out to get more detail. Aside from the Quality Assurance person, the Director of the ER department called me personally. Based on the conversation with the Director, I feel optimistic that they'll make improvements. This is one of the few community hospitals around, and it's vital that it stay around and provide quality health care to the surrounding community. Raising quality will build confidence among the patients who need their services, and it provides good competition vs the medical groups that are moving into the area. I wish them success. That means all groups will strive to stay at the top, and that's good for everyone.


Excellent ER -- ICU -- Hospice Teams. Provided Mom with outstanding care. Thank you.

Marilyn Jones

This hospital is the absolute worst in the way they treat family members while in ICU. There is absolutely no comfort in the beds for the companion, how is it possible that in such a hard moment this hospital doesn’t provide a full reclining chair for the companion. While in the floors when the patients are not in life threatening situations then the chair is a bed! Really? Incredible how inconsiderate this is!

mariana mora

I went to the Aventura Hospital today instead of Mount Sinai because last time I was there, doctors and nurses where really nice and helpful to me. However, this time my experience was totally different. I had a bad acute allergy reaction, and I was really scared because I didn't know the reason. When I got to the ER, there was not a doctor on call, so I didn't get treated by a Doctor. Then, the PA and RN that treated me, were not helpful and did not care about my reaction. The ER looked pretty empty, but no one took the time to explain me what should I do (should I go to an allergist, should I get any blood test done) or even give me instructions on how to take my medication. They just told me to sign my release papers and asked me if I wanted a work absence. I couldn't believe the treatment received because I was really scared since even my vision was blurry from my eyes inflammation. They let me go without any improvements. It has been 10 hrs since I came to the ER and my face still swelling and red.

Lowrandy Demas

I was under a lot of pain the nurses were nice ! But the ER nurses are a little careless ! When they brought me to my room on the South 7th floor I was in another atmosphere! The nurses were amazing ! ALL OF THEM ! You could see it was a difference between the ER nurses and the the 7th floor nurses ! I stayed for couple days and it was superb !

judy berger

It took most of the entire morning to have a mammogram and bone density test. Computers were to blame. The staff are nice, but the wait was too long. While waiting with other women, we found out that we were not taken in the order of our appointment times.


I went to the Laboratory to do Pre-OP work. Felipe was the young man who took care of me. When he did my blood I was a nervous wreck. I hate needles. With him I didn't feel anything. Great job. Thank you. Also Thank you Rafael for such great workers. God bless all of you.

Cynthia Babzien

I wish I could give this hospital a negative amount of stars. My father was brought in due to a fall where he fractured his hip. 24 hours later it was decided he needed surgery and not a full hip replacement but a partial. Dr didn’t bother to come out and introduce herself, didn’t see us after surgery. His IV was not placed correctly and was leaking. During all of this my mother did not feel well a nurse took her blood pressure was high enough for her to have a stroke. The nurse told her to drive home carefully and take her blood pressure medication. A nurse in the elevator asked my mom if she was ok and my mom told her what he blood pressure was, this nurse escorted to the emergency room and had her taken care of personally. When my father was discharged to a rehabilitation center he was discharged with sepsis. We found this out because several hours later he had a fever. We had him sent to the Cleveland Clinic where he was admitted immediately for blood transfusion. This is a HORRIBLE hospital. If you care and love Your family you wouldn’t go to Aventura Hospital. Sadly when you are taken by ambulance you don’t have a choice. However, I recommend that once your loved one is stable and can travel -have them take. To the Vkeveland Clinic or other 5 Star ⭐️ hospital. These people Do not care about their patients or their well being. Disgrace to the medical profession.

Alberto Jalil

Long wait for a minor laceration

hugh corrigan


Shondra Leggett

Everytime I visit this place I get the best treatment by the nursing staff and doctors.. They treat you like your human and not like your just a nobody

Kenny Ackerman

My father in law was taken to the emergency room with breathing issues. From there is was sent to ICU. He never had any serious prior health issues, and all the tests they did were normal. Nine days sfter checking into Aventura Hospital he passed away. No one had any clue why. Cause of death was listed as Unown. How can they not know anything? The hospital then wanted $5k to do an autopsy. I thought they were required by law to know why someone dies?

Barbara Showalter

This hospital is the slowest at EVERYTHING! I once waited almost 2 hours for pain meds. The wait to be taken to the bathroom is atrocious- sometimes 30minutes. Got new catheter put in by the roughest girl. Took a week and a half to get lymphedema tech to come by. Waited 5 days for PT to show up to walk me and therefore got a blood clot in my leg. Now I have an infection. Bedside remote control comes loose from the wall so the call button doesn’t work. Every time it rains the tv goes out because they have cheap dish tv. Too much noise in the hall at night. I can’t say enough bad things about this hospital. Stay away!

Barbara Diaz

Some nurses where nice. Others were nasty. The food was bad. Response time was bad. They don't have an Orthopedic doctors.

Michael Doup

The hospital is as bad as ohio health must be owned by same. Person

diana Donovan

Doctors, nurses and personnel in general were amazing! The only thing I will say is that the food in the cafeteria is beyond disgusting, I suggest you guys looking into different routes to give doctors, staff or friends and family of patients a healthy meal that tastes good. The food was terrible and expensive! I feel bad for doctors and nurses that have to eat there after a six hour surgery.

Linda harth

Excellent nurses and doctors , clean and thorough....but they did NOT have two of my medicines that i take regularly hence we had to get a script from the hospital doctor and thank god my husband was able to go to the local pharmacy. Shame Shame on hospital pharmacy. I was supposed to take my Lyrica and Maxalt while in the hospital. They told me not to bring my own. Turns out the hospital didn't have my meds, nor a generic! What kind of hospital is that?

Juliana Martínez

Great staff! They treated me with kindness and compassion. Its a beautiful location with state of the art equipment for 3D mammograms and ultrasound. Another great advantage is that the Aventura hospital has an online portal that keeps you and your Physicians informed about your test results.

Marina Cuartas

Omg by far the best hospital ever my nurses the head nurse Tony sonogram tech she made me laugh so much I thought I was in the improve stand up comidy "black list boo"!omg

Cecile Mankes

Orthopedic 10th floor and it's entire staff were amazing. Reason for a 3 star and not 5 is due to the negligence of the case /social worker assigned to order my walker AND NEVER DID!!!! I had a total knee replacement the nursing staff , therapist and Dr Shiffman were beyond anything I can say in a positive way.

Jed Guzman

I came in with a very hard time breathing. I didn't know what was going on with me, so I rushed to the hospital. Checked into the hospital and had to wait for a while. Was already having issues with my back and neck pains, but the breathing issue recently started that week. They took my vitals and they were fine, and the staff seemed apathetic anyway. They also took an x-ray with nothing. Someone came to see me but could not diagnose what was wrong with me. They sat me down and checked my vitals again. I sat there for a total of 2 hours, still having a hard time breathing. Nobody came to check on me. I sat there thinking no one could help me. After the two hours, the doctor came by and stated that there's nothing wrong with me and you're not going to die when you walk out. He also stated that I shouldn't diagnose myself because there's nothing wrong with me. There's no point of helping myself I guess, because this Hospital couldn't figure it out. The doctor then stated that you're probably suffering from anxiety or is there anything dramatic that happened recently? I said no, just the pains in my body. He said I'm young and that I shouldn't worry because I take care of myself by working out all the time and eating right. He then stated that there's no point of going to another hospital because they're going to say the same thing. A week later I find out from an orthopedic that I had costochondritis. It was due to my body pains, and my muscle spasms. Because of my tense back muscles, it caused the inflammation of my ribs, thus causing my breathing problem. my muscles are still stiff and spasming, but I'm going to physical therapy. This Hospital did nothing but waste my time and made me feel stupid for even thinking that there was nothing wrong with me. They made me feel like I had no hope in searching for other help because it's just anxiety or depression. They guarantee that I would walk out feeling fine eventually, yet I'm still here two to three months later trying to fix this. I've gotten better, but not because of this Hospital. I would recommend to anybody to not go here.

lavon smith

I must say this hospital has gone total DOWN FALL I been here since 7 with a painful and numbness neck with a bad headache. No medication. They seem to not even care truly about any of the patient. The nurse up front seem aggravated because she says there are UNDER STAFF. Aventura you have to do Better

Stephanie Saint-Louis

I went to Aventura Hospital at 5am because I sprained my knee. When I got there they checked me in and I was sent to triage. The doctor came out with 15 mins. I had to get a X-RAY done. I waited an hour. After that I was done getting my X-RAY, I waited almost 2 hrs for a doctor to come back and give me my results. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I left. I got up limping away, NONE of the nurses asked me if I was ok or where I was going. The time I left AH was at 7:42am. I should’ve went with my guts when I thought about going to Memorial Regional. After I left AH, that’s exactly where I went. I was checked in/triaged, got an x-ray, seen by a doctor, taken care of, ALL WITHIN AN HOUR!!!! Aventura Hospital, shame on you and please do better.

Tracy Rodriguez-Miller

The staff always makes you feel welcome and at ease.

Evan Lasher

What a great hospital stay. Staff from the nurses to everyone else that came into my room could not have been nicer. I couldn't have asked for better care. Thanks to all of you!!


Streamlined registration using your driver license scan. Compassionate and courteous staff and doctors. The best hospital experience I’ve ever had and I went in through the ER and was out within 2 hours. Great place, very clean

Ellen Fisher

I was nervous at first because I was a visitor from Maryland. I soon became comfortable. My ultrasound and xray technicians were so very friendly which helped me to relax. When I returned home I went to my doctor and told him everything the hospital did. His comment was, wow, I'm impressed. They were very thorough and checked for everything that could have been life threatening.

Nancy Adams

Great doctors. Great care

lisa wallace

I had very good care, I felt like family instead of a patient. I love the attention I received from the staff.

June Miller

Of my many stays in this hospital this one was the best yet. The nurses actually honored my request to not be disturbed during the night and no one came in before 7:00 a.m.. I actually got some rest.

Dr. Brenda J Williams

Great care!! Doctors bedside manner exceptional!!

Mickyg Golato

Unprofessional and not qualified

Marcia Chaviano

I just came from an outpatient GI procedure and I was not impressed. No 1 signage to the main entrance was poor. No 2 Once I was registered and waiting to get my procedure done the nurses and doctors were singing happy birthday right outside my room. Within earshot of other patients in recovery. Very unprofessional. No 3 while waiting to get my procedure they had me in a room with the door wide open. Not private while again hearing nurses and doctors screaming happy birthday. No 4 After my procedure they pushed me into an area without any privacy. I will never go there nor would I recommend this hospital to anyone. Let’s not even talk about the nurse that shoved the needle so hard to start my IV. Smh

Dorothy Chayter

I had an appointment I didn't have to wait the staff was kind and friendly and my doctor was happy with my progress a nd was able to advise me on a matter that worked as he assured me it would.

Elayne Shapiro

Older woman in registration was a nightmare to deal with. No one needs to be treated like that.


It took me 5 years to write about the horrible story of my husband death in this hospital. Started from ER thru ICU. I can't say not even one good word toward any hospital personnel neither nurses nor doctors. My husband who came to ER with minor problem developed pneumonia at the hospital and died in ICU within one week. The night before his died no one was near his room in ICU for long time which led to complications. Neither doctors or nursing personnel were concern in given him necessary treatment. His death was shocking because he wasn't in that condition before hospital. Stay away from this hospital

Liz Hernandez

I came here with a laceration to the face that needed 7 stitches after being hit in the face with a rifle from a robbery. The doctor did an excellent job and my wounds are healing wonderfully. I just wish they were a bit faster. I don't recall exactly how long I waited until the doctor came to stitch me up, but it was at least 2 to 3 hours.


Thank God one always find some good people every where. But this being said most everyone at the hospital specially the Dr's are really horrible. Patients are numbers and not people. I am sure the hospital hires mostly mediocre staff. If you are unlucky enough to end up there I hope you get better to move to somewhere else. Very poor service our Oncologist came in a little before the surgery and we Never saw him again. No explanation no face to face. Pitiful

mauricio Montoya

I'll give a 5 stars for the nurses there. But 1 star for the Specialist Dr. My Mom has being there for 40 hours. For kidney stone. They schedule surgery for today. But we don't even know if the stone stills in her body!!! She haven't take breackfast and is 11:30 am and the Dr Urologist haven't talk to Us . We haven't see him . But she is waiting for a surgery today without any clear information . We don't know whats the procedure, the risk, the recovery time. Absolutely nothing. I put this review because I havent reach anybody in the hospital to talk about. Unfortunelly the nurses can't talk about the procedures and is understandable.

Iva Kalikow

Friendly and caring and appointments are very timely, not a lot of waiting time. Drs are thoughtful.

lori blake

This IS THE WORSE #$$% HOSPITAL!!!! the doctors NEVER communicate with each other or the family!! The entire hospital staff is rude and unprofessional. My mother is 82 years old and had to wait 3 whole days to get tested. This is unacceptable and ridiculous for this type of behavior to continue. No matter who complaints, nothing is done about this. This hospital and its staff need to be investigated. We are still waiting for that results and have been here for 6 days now. Dr. Fernandez is a joke!! He is completely worthless to us and he needs to do his job. I can't wait to get my mother out of this hell hole!! This hospital does not even desire 1 star...a negative star would be appropriate!!!


The worst experience ever. My parent died in this hospital because of the hospital infection contracted in the ICU. Incompetent doctors and lazy hostile negligent nurses who have no compassion for suffering patients and no skills required for their job. Their hearts must be made of stone when they ignore the patient in agony of pain and they don’t even stir their finger to help. They have no respect for a human life and there are no consequences when a patient dies due to their incompetent care. My parent was dying from sepsis and cardiac and pulmonary distress in a step-down unit for two days groaning from unbearable pain and they did NOTHING to help. Dr. Morgan on the response team didn’t even send the patient to the ICU after the patient lost consciousness. Nurse Jacky told the family to hire a private sitter because she was too busy with other patients. Patient safety office did nothing to address the horrific experience . She won’t return calls and never followed up on the our complaint despite her promise . Her job is only to cover up for the hospital’s horrible system. The whole family was traumatized and horrified. We are scared that one day somebody else in the family will end up in this hospital because we all live in this area . Dogs in animal hospitals are treated more humanely than patients, especially elderly, in Aventura hospital . We believe that our wonderful Aventura community deserves to have a better hospital than this one.


Went to the ER after I was exposed to an infectious pathogen. ER Doctor wanted to send me home without preventative drugs. He then followed up stating that the drug was very expensive and that I probably need not worry about the exposure. I have good insurance. Finally, the ER didn't ask me about the seriousness of my exposure or the circumstances so they can gather the extent of my need. Finally, after I got the prescription the doctor should have followed CDC guidelines. Instead he wrote a bad prescription. Luckily my pharmacist gave me the correct and needed medicine and dosage. The ER staging area is all open and not private. Every one can hear your business. Not a recommended hospital.

oren shmuel

Family member was brought to the hospital by ambulance. ER experience was good. The nightmare started at ICU when we asked to transfer to another hospital as we were referred to a family friend at higher standard facility. Lack of coordination and willingness to get the patient what he wants was very surprising to us. I hope other families do not go through a similar process...

Ben Sklar

Just brought my 102 year old dad home after a 3 day stay at the Aventura hospital. He is fully alert, smart and witty but unable to walk. The ER team did a great job when we brought him, however, once admitted, the staff on his floor was extremely slow to respond to his need. The main reason was that there are too many patients and not enough help. One nurses aid was responding as quickly as she could and did an excellent job The main complaint is that my dad is immobile and needed diapers , but I was told that they have no diapers and their policy does not allow them to use them, even if I provided them. They had problems putting a bed pan under him, so they told him to poop in bed. How undignified for him!!! So every time he pooped, we had to wait up to 2 hours for him to be cleaned. Ugh!!!!!! Shame on the hospital administration!!!! In addition and for my last complaint. Was told that his Dr approved his discharge at 830-900 in the morning, but wasn't able to leave till 230 in the afternoon. Paperwork!!! Horrible ordeal...

Elk Tilles

Must echo the concerns about very long wait times in ER. Our doctor sent my husband over directly from his office. Since the office was on the grounds he sent us in a golf cart run by the hospital. He called ahead to prescribe treatment for severe dehydration. Hours later we were still sitting in ER with no treatment. When they finally looked at him they decided he needed to be admitted. Five days and thousands of dollars later he was discharged with a diagnosis of severe dehydration. Whole experience was a wallet biopsy.

Rose Gabriel

Once again Aventura ER staff were pathetic in their assessment and service. I should have never gone a second time after my first horrendous experience with them. But after conversing with the top administrator who promised that changes are in the making, I decided to give it another chance. I had a major lupus flare up and my pain scale was over a 10. I told them my pain symptoms and they started with giving me an EKG????? I told them that my heart is not the problem but that my lupus needed to get under control, to no avail. For pain, they wanted to give me a shot of advil with some other chemical. I was in tears telling them that I had already taken tons of advil and tylenol to no avail. They claimed they couldn't give pain meds. anymore. I looked up the new laws and this was truly false. In fact the only providers that can treat pain with pain medication are ER doctors and pain management centers. The doctor didn't even introduce himself and had such greasy hair that I could have changed the oil in my car with it. He showed absolutely no compassion or explained anything they were planning to do to alleviate the pain and control the lupus. I left b/c my pain was increasing drastically and my heart rate was off the charts b/c of this experience. I spoke with the charge nurse who just basically said "ok" and walked away without making any effort to explain anything or apologize. I went by ambulance the following day to Doctor's Hospital/Baptist in So. Miami and Boy what a complete polar opposite in all services they provided. The doctor came in immediately when she saw my vitals and the rest of the staff went right to work. Everyone was professional, had excellent bedside manners, were clean and presentable and communication b/t them was excellent. The final result was that the lupus was starting to attack my lower colon and possibly my lungs. No EKG or advil. I r/c pain medication and a detailed report for follow up care. I have no idea, with all the pathetic reviews I've read on Aventura, why this hospital continues to exist without the DOH, AMA or other governing auspices demanding immediate change since their inadequate attendance is a serious liability.

Yolanda Mirabal

I want to recognize the excelent job made for the staff who took care of my husband, specially Lisa Stauffer, the caring, very profesional nurse.

william gibson

Admitted for major back surgery, was there 3 days. Excellent nursing staff on 10th floor, big shout out to nurse Liberty and nurse Breezy!

William Marks

Prompt check in. Helpful, polite staff. Short wait for diagnostic procedure. Very pleased with the service.

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