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Jenny Mitchell

I needed emergency care last weekend and decided to come here because they were the closest hospital who took my insurance. When I got inside the ER was extremely busy. I was greeted by Lori and told her I was having chest pains. She took immediate action. Within minutes I was having an EKG done by a great nurse named Chance. Both of them were professional, caring, kind, knowledgeable and compassionate in my time of need.

Winter family Fun time

I have been battling illness and stuck in a loop of medicaid dr's for just over 2 years. I have been to LRMC & The Villages hospital. I have been to general practitioners and specialists. No one ever listens.... until I came here. The ER can be hectic just like any ER is bound to be, but once you are admitted it was a breath of fresh air how much respect they have for your care. They listen well & constantly make sure your are as comfortable as they can make you. They did more for me in 3 days than others had done in 2 years. If they had the specialist I needed there is not a doubt in my mind they would have treated me immediately. This is what a hospital should be like. I understand everyone has different experiences, but this was mine for 3 days & I am so grateful to Waterman for everything & relieved to be on the road to recovery thanks to them !

vedarti dyal

I would like to said thanks to all the doctors and nurses that take care of me this is very good hospital, clean environment and friendly staff I give all u guys 5 stars thanks once again for all ur help may god bless u guys always an give u strength to do ur job ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Katherine Caro

The staff have no clue about what an emergency is, NOT friendly or concerned at all. Took my now one year old grandbaby with 102 fever , weak, cant breath and vomiting. Waited for four hours and nobody even came to take her vitals. Exactly the same thing happened when I took her 4 months ago. When you ask the staff about it, there respond is that we have to wait.

Melanie French

Hospital is fine but the staff does not communicate well for something that if a life concern. Husband was in progressive care and they (the nurses) decided during the nite to move him to ICU and called me but forgot to call the DOCTOR - what the heck does that say. Some of the staff is profession others not so much not sure I'd put my life in their hands.


Went there to the E.R. and was not bad on getting seen!! But had to have surgery n my kidney stones!! The doctor in the E.R.was good. The E.R was very dirty and left one bed in the hall way.watched a nurse put a nother lady wright on the bed that I left from with out cleaning it or changing the leaning on it!! After surgery came out at 5pm! Was asked was I Hungry ??? Every ones knows you can't eat or drink before surgery! So I ordered my dinner fell a sleep!!! Only to be woken 2 hrs latter by a man asking was I done with plate?? What plate ??? Never got dinner at all !!!! Then went to walk to bath room and alarms went off?? Then ask can I walk down stairs head nurse told me I couldn't walk out of pod!! MAN I must be in prison!!! She said she would give me something to make me go to sleep!! SO!! I replied so give me dope instead of letting me walk to get better!! Just dope me up and make me stay in bed!! With nothing to drink or eat yeah !!!!!?! I checked my self out at 8:45 pm!!! Walked right out them sorry ass people's hospital!! I will die before I ever go back there again!! FAR AS I'm CONCERNED IF YOU GO THERE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A REAL HOSPITAL! JUST had emergency surgery 3mouths ago at ALTAMONTE HOSPITAL a REAL HOSPITAL!!! I will die before I ever go to waterman kenales a gain !!! FIRE ALL the night staff on fourth floor!!!!!

Ralph E. Ford

The medical staff is great. Very attentive and helpful! Nurses, technicians and doctors!

Joyce Mitchell

I was in the E.R. fast track and I had a bad experience. My heart rate was extremely high and I was experiencing some bad dizzy spells! I could barely walk. Therefore, I asked one of the Nurses to give me a wheelchair so that I could go to the bathroom and she rudely told me no that the bathroom was right next door and that I could walk. So, I asked her so what if I fall trying to walk to tge bathroom and again she replied! oh well! I feel like it was a racist thing!!!!

Kathy W

As always this is an amazing hospital. My dad went in today for a knee replacement every single person that I came in contact with in the 13 hours that I was there today was not only friendly but helpful. I can't say enough about what great service care and respect the patient and their family are given while there. Keep up the good work. And Sophie on the 6th floor was just amazing!

Afsaneh Kani

My first visit to the office the nurse broke my xray cd trying to read the disk. The second time I went to follow up to book my surgery, I didn't understand some of the pre op questions, and when I asked the staff what some of the health questions meant, the women said that she didn't know and that she just "does the paper work". Days before surgery I called to make sure my medication would be ready so I could pick it before and not have to worry. They told me that I would be able to pick it up 1-2 days beforehand. The day before surgery I still called trying to get my prescription and then they told me it would be ready now the day of my surgery but that I could pick it up. I have been calling back and fourth asking them to please send my prescription. I've been waiting all afternoon in agony waiting for pain medication and a signature from the doctor that should have been sent days before. Not only that, but not a single person apologized for giving me the run around.

stacy Bateman

ADVENT health has very rude worker MULTIPLE rude workers especially OMAR. Referring to my sisters and I as “the black girls with stank attitude in the back”. We all left and will not return!

David B.

Twice, Waterman Hospital has failed to forward test results to my Doctor even though plenty of time was allowed before the scheduled Doctor visit. In the future, I will drive to a hospital in another city for tests rather than deal with Waterman's inability to perform even basic tasks..

Nicole Everetts

The worse hospital I have ever been to. Took my 11 week old there because I haven't been able to get her to eat shes had diarrhea a horrible rash on her head neck and face they did absolutely nothing for her said it was eczema didn't give her fluids, or anything and sat there 9 hours for them to say it was eczema and not do anything or even give her a prescription for skin cream... So I took her to another doctor and they said she has impetigo she's now on antibiotics eating right and feeling much better.. no thanks to these stupid doctor's at waterman I will never be coming back to this hospital hell I wouldn't even take my dog there

Jesus Colon

Worst hospital I ever been they ask you your personal information right on front of everyone and make you wait for hours and the hospital is dirty , staff isn't nice they treat you like they're making you a favor .

Leanna Mcbrady

I am 32 weeks pregnant. I live about 30 minutes away from the hospital and I’ve tried MULTIPLE times to tour labor and delivery because I want to feel comfortable delivering here. I have tried 4-5 times to no avail and keep being turned down because they’re “too busy”. I always call ahead of time to check or I stop by the wing after my appointments. I’m getting extremely anxious and annoyed considering I’m so close to my due date and now I’m just pretty turned off by the hospital. It should be a priority for them to make incoming patients comfortable and invite them in for information. I don’t understand how they’re so understaffed that they cannot give me a ten minute tour and the information I need. I’ll probably find a different place to deliver my child. Just completely rubbed the wrong way.

Taylor Jackson

This hospital's L&D unit should have a zero star rating. Do not have your baby here. Run far away from this hospital. I showed up wanting to wear my own comfortable gown. Nurses told me I wasn't allowed to. I wanted to be comfortable. I ignored them and did it anyway, but they made me feel terrible. I delivered my son here. He came out PURPLE. My mom told nurses. They laughed in her face. Told her he was fine. He needed oxygen. At 12 hours of life, he was found to have low blood oxygen. He was transferred to FL Hospital Orlando NICU because this dump doesn't even have a NICU!!! He almost died here. He was not treated properly. He was born 11/28/17. Passed away on 1/13/18. He died with low blood oxygen. That aside, I didn't like how some of the nurses treated me. After my son was born, an older blonde nurse with curly hair was guilting me about not nursing my son immediately. It still angers me to think about it. A mother should be left to bond with her baby, not prodded at and talked down to. Horrible. I am pregnant again and will be going an hour away to FL Hospital Orlando.

D Carver

Many thanks to Drs Cheesebrew and Acevedo for excellent treatment over the past few days. Many thanks also to all the ER nurses and staff who were so efficient and caring.

Ivan Rivero

I’ve just left the Waterman hospital. I came yesterday through emergencies and I have spent the whole night there. During this time I have been treated or interacted with maybe 30 people of the hospital team, doctors, nurses, paramedics, technicians... I have received an excellent treatment from all of them, they have all been very professional and extremely kind and sympathetic all the time. I have also observed them treating other patients. I am not English native and many of them were able to speak in Spanish when I found hard to understand their medical explanations. Perhaps I had to wait initially, but it is true that it was a busy night, but from the moment they started treating me, everything went just perfect. I have no words to describe how impressed I am of the wonderful team of professionals I’ve met there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get all the names but Curtis, Ashley, Martha, and all the team in Emergencies and Cardiology, thank you very much...

Joe Cornish

This hospital is the most disfunctional bunch dirty rooms nurses take their time getting anything released while the whole time the patient is suffering seems they don't have enough staff I guess more money in the pockets of the ones that matter oh and if you want a hot shower good luck lol make people who visit wear masks but the room can have blood on the floor and dirt everywhere not to mention everyone on eggshells because of the doctor groups might offend them. ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

Tom Heinsinger Jr

Every aspect of saving life was met and appreciated. The everyday care from every single one of the staff is outstanding

Its Sadielin

I go there every time I have to do a X-ray for my spine. I have a disc outta place. All the staff is amazing. And it's a beautiful clean hospital and I trust the Dr's fully.

M Watkins

This is the BEST hospital EVER! I was taken by ambulance, got quickly into the ED, had an amazing staff taking care of me and was in a room very quickly. The hospital staff from the doctors to the custodians were very kind, caring and professional. They resolved my issue and I soon went home. A BIG THANK YOU to Florida Hospital Waterman.

Lisa Pabón

Great service

Paul Cutler

I had a great experience at this hospital, especially with the team in the accounting department. I did some of my paperwork incorrectly and they were very calm and capable. They helped me fix the chaotic situation in no time.

Cade Carter

Wow, where do we start.. My wife and I recently stayed at Advent Waterman for the birth of our son, and I must say the experience was unforgettable. The facilities, room accommodations, food, medical resources were all very nice, however it was the nursing staff that made all the difference! The support we received from the nursing staff was Out Of This World! All of the nurses were extremely genuine, thorough, well trained and experienced. They all gleamed with passion for what they were doing and always seemed to go the extra mile. Their confidence in caring for our baby and genuine interest in our family’s well-being was present in every thing they did for us. The nurses would always explain to us (in a relaxed way) what they were doing and why they were doing it. We felt like we had an entire team of extremely qualified coaches with us every step of the way. Kati and Erica, thank you for being so calm, cool and collected when my wife was in labor, preparing for the operating room. You two were amazing and work so great together. Colleen, thank you for all the attention you gave our baby boy when he was sent to the nursery and put on oxygen. If he didn’t get better then we would have had to go to Orlando. You believed in him and cared for him with great detail and passion which was a huge contribution to his recovery. Amber, we were a little nervous when Colleen had to leave but wow, we were so blessed to have you there to care for Caden in the nursery. You stayed with him the entire night, routinely monitoring him. You worked the plan the doctor had to get him off the oxygen and by the end of your shift he had made a ton of progress! You were so sweet to my wife and encouraged her with the breast feeding. By the end of your shift you felt like family. Cindy, we were very lucky to have you as our lactation specialist. Breast feeding can be challenging and you were so encouraging. The techniques you shared with us were a huge help and all the support you gave us “your doing great”, “your right on track” “its ok, just be patient” was very helpful. My wife’s breast feeding to this day and we wouldn’t have been able to do it if it weren’t for your help. Jodi, you were there in our last day when it was time for us to leave, you coached us through what to expect when we leave, and went into great deal explaining to us various ways to care for our new baby, what signs to look for, when to seek medical attention and when not to worry. You we’re so sweet to us and we were so blessed to have you. We’d also like to thank Stephani, Cindy, Byonka, Heather, Robin, Cathy, Glenda and Lana. You all were so wonderful and made our experience at Waterman amazing. I would recommend everyone to consider this facility for childbirth, we had a 5 star experience and couldn’t be more proud to call AdventHealth Waterman our home town hospital!

R Smith

Was sitting here for 9hrs.

Lena Kozma

I don't think I'll ever go back to LRMC again. We took out special needs child in and they did not hesitate to see him asap. They took him back and started to work on him right away. They where kind understanding and empithetic. (sp) when it was all over the nurse brought him a stuffed bear. Over all even my son like it there. An amazing place with amazing people. Thank you all.

Deborah Stanford

I was bitten by a dog. I was in and out of the ER within an hour. That included a shot and an antibiotic since it was too late to get a prescription filled. Record time. Highest quality of service.

Stephanie T

I’m just upset they told us if we pay upfront they would take 80% off our visit and we did so we figured it was taken care of... she was there for a bit over an hour.. now im getting all kinds of crazy bills

Richard Squires

Friends of Bill w meeting ! Always 5 star

Kelly Helen Denski

The worst service i've ever had in an emergency room; I waited 6 hours to get into the Emergency Room. Security didn't do it's job very well, they seemed not to care. All in all, at the end of the 6 hours the Doctor was nice, told me I was fine and waited another half an hour for "Go home directions" that were blank pieces of paper.

Alysa Hritzik

Very clean and the most caring staff I’ve ever experienced in a hospital.

Carrie Beighle

Just got back from er nurses not friendly what a place after 3 hours. They keep putting you i n different. Rooms cold bare. The worst .thank thank god for the cancer center how wonderfull we were treated

Judith Hayden

Brought my husband in today. Tests were taken quickly Test results received in a timely manner. .The doctor was wonderful as was the staff. They are a bit tight on rooms so he will get one shortly but has received great care.



Colombia Colombia

The E.R .No privacy they tell your business in front of everyone .i asked for a more private area so other people dont have to listen since everything is so small. then after im being discharged doctor came out and said my buisness right there in front of people she knew i aint want people in my privacy ,to me she did it on purpose .What happened to CONFIDENTIALITY??That was just uncalled for ,second they didnt spell my name right after I gave them my i.d in the front desk .I specifically told them what was wrong with me and got sent home with cream that had nothing to do with my problem so went back home without being treated. It was a simple waste of time and another bill.people are rasist in there sad enviorment you've been warned ...

Greg H

I've been to the ER here a couple times unfortunately, but each time I was taken back faster than any other hospital I've been to.

Kim Taylor

My husband had to b n icu. The staff and doctors took very great care of him in fact they saved his life. I wish I could do something for everyone there, but nothing I can do to even ce close to the care and attention they gave h I'll think of something thou Very professional and caring Thank you soooooo much I love every one of you Kim

Eva Carter

A relative of mine was just there and we couldn't be more pleased with the care and compassion he received. Thank you to the third floor team and the team of doctors that managed his case.

Anthony Miller

Been in ER watching the woman next to me cry and scream out in pain for 2 hrs... half full lobby... very disappointed in this ER....

Joan Grant

it was my 89 birthday when i was taken here at the emergancy area i was made to feel secure in my ride there. I received care every minute there. they help celebrate my birthday,with a card and a gift before i was admitted. quite a thrill. it is wonderful to know there is such a place where there is real care .Cant thank them enough all of them.

Amanda Goff

The worst treatment I have EVER experienced has came from this hospital. Too much to even mention but don't go there unless you want to be seen for simple things like a cold. DO NOT GO FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES!!!! AVOID THIS HOSPITAL. Advent health has plenty of other choices and WELL worth the drive!!!! Guaranteed... I have history of ovarian torsion with ruptured ovary and have had about 7 emergency surgeries in my life. Well have showing all signs of hemorrhaging (as a secondary follow up to another ER(Lake Mary which is exceptional) I went to waterman since my symptoms did not improve, and gotten worse. With horrible abdominal pain they rush me to the back (quickest ever) have me get into a gown into a bed, doctos comes in, while im in pain an expects to do pelvic exam. I asked for non narcotic pain meds and she said she would give me Tylenol and I requested torridol. Reluctantly she gave it and did not do pelvic after allowing my pain to subside some. Ultrasound came in to transport, meanwhile i cant even sit up and they made a HUGE DEAL about me staying in the bed. So i stood up(feeling dizzy and excruciating pain) said I cant sit in a wheelchair and it took me getting to the point of walking. Transport finally said lay back down we will take the bed... In middle of ultrasound they actually came to get me from the bed to take the bed back. I said nope i am using it thanks. The gentleman that came to transport at that time was very helpful as he said "God knows you, and he has his hands around you" that was the ONLY comfort i got during this visit. So when I was took to another room the new nurse for that room had to be found by my boyfriend so i could make sure they understood i was in another room and she was less than nice. I was an inconvience for her. Needless to say, my complete drug screen came back negative (I have been in and out of ER my whole life and never had a drug screen EVER) to their shock I am sure as i was treated like a junkie because I didnt want a pelvic exam while it hurt too much to even breathe!!! Guess me being in pain was a great reason to treat me so poorly. Plus blew 2 veins out trying to start and IV while they fished for the vein... DO NOT GO HERE FOR A MEDICAL EMERGENCY

Amanda Mapstone

Professional & experienced bedside treatment! We were seen Friday, Memorial day weekend 2018 by a Nurse Practioner. I wish we had gotten her name. It was busy (I think) that night. Our 7 YO son had been referred by Mount Dora Centra Care ( AVOID this urgent care) for possible pneumonia. Her bedside manner ( and all ER team) was prompt, professional. SHe did what was needed without unnessecary ( and costly or timely) treatment. This is what's missing from medicine! We need 10 thousand more like her - and the rest of the ER team.

Ben Gilbert

Thank you to all of the staff that took care of me for my 3 day stay. The staff on the fifth floor observation ward are extremely pleasant and attentive with awesome personalities that made my stay great. I can't thank them enough.

Linda Topping

my father in law is in hospital with high blood pressure on the fourth floor and they do not watch over him high blood pressure is not great where is our care here in florida

Debra King

Everyone courteous and professional. But i must say that er nurse, Cornelia, as well as nurses in observation,Trish, Melinda and especially Averi .....LADIES, YOU ARE OUTSTANDING#!!!!!!

Jack Triplett

All good here from the time got here to the time we departed!☺

Chana Heidtman

I am a Registered Nurse that received care here on an emergency basis, and was admitted for surgery. What saddens me greatly is that other than the ED staff being very good, the inpatient experience was the worst I have ever seen in over 20 years of nursing, and no one cared, at all. Repeatedly, nurses attempted to give me the wrong medications. I had medication withheld because I had no IV access, but no one seemed to be able to get the PICC team ordered. Nurses didn't want to call doctors in the evening, so if there was a problem, I was expected to suffer through the night. My family was in such distress leaving me at the hospital because they knew that I was having to fight for every bit of care that I received, being both patient and nurse at the same time. And administration let me know, under no uncertain terms, that they did not care in the least. That was the worst part of it, that, and knowing that people much more vulnerable than me are getting this level of care every day. Don't blame the nurses though. Administration gives them too many patients, and they burden the nurses with computer charting to the point where the nurses cannot take proper care of the patients.

Cristian Morejon

They were very helpful help me get in and out

Greg Balkey

I really appreciate the hospitality and service you rendered unto me for the past 3 days. You must be commended for a job well done. Waterman will always be my hospital of choice if I need anything in the future.

Kristie Whetstine

Great staff great doctors, I really felt like the cared. Grateful to have a good experience when I feel so terrible.

Jeff Edgmon

Anne the nurse on the 6th floor, and really the entire hospital are just outstanding. The emergency room is being remodeled, and it took them a while to alleviate my pain, and they put me in the hallway, because the ER was being worked on. But once they realized I was there for legitimate reasons, when the Cat Scan came back, everyone took excellent care of me. The 6th floor absolutely is outstanding, they alleviated my pain for two straight days, the surgery staff, even the volunteer Bob in the surgery center was fantastic.

Wanna Play

This is the perfect place to go to die while waiting, that is if you can find a place to sit in the filthy waiting room. Emergency room has no idea what the word even means. The ER staff is just as bad.

Suzanne Howell

I am not a well person unfortunately having autoimmune issues and have been admitted to Waterman numerous times. I have never had any problems with any of the staff. They are kind, caring and will make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Laurie Schofield

My hospital stay was amazing! The people that work on 6N should definitely get a very big pat on the back. I was treated with respect, comfort, and outstanding kindness. They were all very informative, patient, and sympathetic to my surgery issues. I would recommend this hospital to anyone. Thank you Waterman for all of your professionalism and kindness during a very scary part of my life. You are all awesome!!!!!

Wesley Brewer

Wow came to get medicine refill 3 hours later yeehaw great ER

Kristin Weaver

This is by far the worst hospital ever! If you are seriously ill please take the drive to an Orlando Health Hospital. My initial experience was over a year ago and my husband was brought there by ambulance due to a seizure. The nurse asked him numerous times what his medications were because he couldn’t get them straight mind you he had just been unconscious and struck his head and could hardly complete a sentence. I had to be is advocate and order the staff around and tell them what to do which is just unacceptable. Last night was the final straw and the last time I will ever go there. I brought my husband in with severe right lower quadrant pain. He was doubled over in pain and could hardly move. They got us triaged quickly and took us into a room which I thought would be our final destination. Oh boy was I wrong! They took his blood labs, put in an IV and he was placed on a stretcher (at my request because I was concerned he would have a seizure with the amount of pain he was in). Instead of bringing him back to the ED they wheel him back out to the waiting room on the stretcher and stop him right by the automatic door! We wait for about an hour and he is still in severe pain and now has the chills from the door opening and closing. No one ever offered a blanket for him or concerned having a doctor order pain medication while he waited. When I questioned the triage nurse if I should have him transported to a different hospital I got major attitude about the fact that there were a lot of sick people and that the woman that was taken in recently had to wait 3 1/2 hours! I told them that it was unacceptable to make him wait that long due to the pain he was in and the possibility that it could be is appendix due to where the pain was located she again was rude and said there were a lot of sick people. I looked throughout the waiting room and there was NOT ONE person doubled over in severe pain like my husband! I demanded they take his IV out and drove him to Orlando Health’s Health Central in Ocoee and got seen immediately by a friendly and caring staff.

Jeff Patrick

Many great, friendly, caring, gifted staff. But, like many health care professionals, some appear to be overworked, frustrated, and very discouraged/burned out. I've heard they pay their nurses less than some other central Florida hospitals. Let's hope that changes. All things said, I'd still highly recommend them, because, all hospitals run as lean as possible and have a hard time finding good, quality, ample help. And, their mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ, is very impressive and commendable. It's good they are enlarging their ER. The area is growing. Even though our health care system delivery and payment system, is very screwed up, let us thank God we're in the USA.

John Hoffman

Im here for my fiance. This place is horrible. The staff is not friendly at all. The nurses most of all. We had another horrible experience here when my son was born. So we are done with this place...

Kathy Jordan

Thank you for taking such good care of me last weekend. My nurse was Rhonda. I owe her a huge thanks. She was so sweet and knowledgeable and made sure I was comfortable the whole time.

Bobby Walker

Amazing! All nurses, registration and physician amazing. The new ED has private rooms. When the door is closed it is so incredibly quiet. I was so incredibly thankful for the treatment plan the physician decided for me. Quick efficient and kind. Thank You Kimberly Walker

Killi King

surgical staff and cardio doctor mr.Allen excellent but for rest of hospital er, nurses all have attitudes. A nurse that will violates your HIPPA rights is jeri hendershot and when you make complaints they push it under a rugg so that they can keep there hospital looking spic and span. They treat anyone who has tattoos or mabe a past with the law they treat very poorly also waterman is a sub station for LCSO so if youve been arrested the police intices them to give u less that proper care .They have sent people who need care out ofthe hospital and some have died that night but most it has been detrimental to there health.I have had a major surgery 3 days now out of surgery they stopped my meds there trying to find any way to kick me out ..IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE DO NOT GO TO WATERMAN HOSPITAL GO TO DELAND, ORLANDO ,MABE EVEN LEESBURG BUT DEPENDING ON YOUR LIKE DO NOT CHOOSE ADVENT HEALTH WATERMAN.....

ken sneary

I came in with chest pain they did EKG and started an IV right away l waited over 2 hours to get to room it's now 2 1/2 hours and still nothing for pain but I'm in a room pulse was 37 when I came in but I guess that's not low enough to get quick treatment I'm still waiting for something for discomfort I'm clammy sick to my stomach granted they're busy as HELL but they could've did better

Susan Mullins

We have been patients at Waterman for 15 years for various surgeries. We have always received the best care. Last year my husband arrived there at emergency and was transported to Fl Hospital South for emergency neurological surgery and they took care of my husband immediately. After that major surgery follow up tests were done at Waterman. The doctors and nurses at Waterman are the best, the chaplain was wonderful and prayed with us.

Pri B. Drugge

ER staff are flat out LYING to patients about follow up care costs in order to generate revenue for the hospital. Was told I could have my follow up care done at ER for no cost and save the copay to my PC. Instead Im now on the hook for what my insurance does not cover of the $1200 ER visit fee! I was not even informed of the cost when I went for follow up. Took complaint all the way up the chain and they basically blamed the patient as if I would have chosen 1200 bill over 30 copay. WATCH YOUR PURSE AT WATERMAN!!!

Marcia Hamilton

July 2013, I went to this hospital's ER with chest pain and weakness. I was given an ECG and was told I wasn't having a heart attack. I told them that my cardiologist said to say my heart itself is fine but I have coronary artery disease. They made me wait for two hours and more. I told them I was leaving because I couldn't sit up anymore. They treated me like I was there for drugs or something. The next day I went to my cardiologist who sent me to a cardiac surgeon. I had to have triple bypass! I am fine now, but will always remember my lousy experience at this hospital's ER

Tina Couts

I went in for chest pains & they forgot me out in the waiting room after I registered and paid my $500 copay. Entire ER emptied so I went up to find out was going on. They said they had called my name. I was sitting right in front of them. The guy rudely asked if I lost consciousness. The Dr and nurses who finally saw me were great. But that was horrible care in one of the scariest times of my life. This happened 3 years ago so hopefully this was a fluke and didn't happen to anyone else.

Lee Dellasanta

The staff treated me as a person not a number. I was doubled over with such pain and with any emergency room you have to wait and it goes by the severity of each individual to whom is still first.(people must realize this) From the time that they take you back to triage everything is done in triage from vital signs to blood being drawn and orders for what the Dr feels nessisary. When a room becomes available you go straight there, by this time all orders are already in the process of being done. The nurses to The Dr.s Impressed me so much, they made sure every stone was turned over before releasing me They made sure I was comfortable at all times and when results came back explained everything and answered all my questions. I will most definitely will recommend this hospital to any one in need of the use of an emergency room

Terri Passaro

My mother went in for open heart Bypass surgery and a pacemaker. I simply can't even describe how caring, loving and wonderful this facility is. From the ER to the Nursing staff to the houskeeping, surgical team, down to the Valie Parking. The food is amazing and the cleanest hospital I have ever seen. I wish I could describe to you the care that my mother received while here at Waterman. I CAN TELL YOU HANDS DOWN I am blessed to only live 15 minutes from such a great hospital. As I get older it is wonderful to know that Waterman will be here to care for me as I enter into my Golden years. Thank you for the outstanding job of caring for my loved one. Terri Passaro resident of Leesburg, Florida

Jesse stroombeek

Never seem to have a problem here. They always figure out what is wrong with you. Unlike South Lake. I wish I could of went here last month for my seizures.

andrew kinard

Felt belittled by the Dr. He told me the punctate stones in my kidneys don't cause pain. I have been in pain for weeks in my kidney area and I finally get the courage to go to e.r. for him to say that. I've had large stones before and know the symptoms. The ct scan only showed small punctate stones so he sent me home. Now I am sitting at home the day after with flank pain, upset stomach and unexplained fevers. Thank you for wasting 6 hrs in the e.r.

Arnaldo Ortega

I will never come back here!

What the Fuck

Really the best hospital around these parts.. Highly Recommended !! If you have any problems ask for Michael he will help resolve any problem..

Luis Melo

Professional and outstanding service that strive for the excellent

Troy Fowler

I came here to the hospital for family and I noticed the "facelift" they have gotten, but the service was poor and trash. I notice the lack of respect of the individual and patient care. I was terrified of the care she/he was receiving. I asked politely for the patient to use the facilities and was welcomed with attitude and eye rolling. All and all WILL NOT BE COMMING BACK WILLINGLY. They do not deserve a star

jay alphin

The nursing staff that I encountered was amazing. There was one staff member that was not so professional but you will have that. Overall exceptional service.


I had a great experience there. Two trips to the ER, then a procedure. The doctors are professional, knowledgeable, and respectful. The nurses are amazing - they have a tough job and sometimes things get hectic and can't be with you every second. There are a lot of patients who come through the ER and they don't always have time to hold your hand. But I never found them to be rude or neglectful. They did their job and they did it well.

Guidance 33

Worst hospital I ever been too went there 2 different emergency's it's disgusting how they treat you they violate your rights I don't care if your dieing do not go there or you will see for yourself

gene schulp

Had heart bypass surgery here. Surgeon screwed it up. 2 graphs failed. I had a heart attack because of it. They tried to repair with 3 stents. Failed. Now they are covering it up. Now I need more surgery to repair damage and redo the bypass surgery at Shands. I have been to Waterman Hospital way too many times the last 5 months, including heart physical therapy. I have learned a lot. Going to Waterman for heart surgery is foolish. I should have known better. I have lived here for 35 years. Been there many many times with kids, family and friends. Waterman should be your LAST resort for heart issues. Drive to Orlando, Gainesville, Tampa, Go anywhere else. A broken leg is one thing they may be able to help with, not a heart. A Shands cardiologist told me I will have permanent heart damage because of what happened. You've been warned. Good luck to everyone and may God bless you. .

Jason Mccowan

My stay started out well, but after a couple of days i had a hard time get meds. I had to tell them when my medicine was due. Also the food was awful and hard to keep down.

Thomas Horning

I came to ER under the strict request of PCP. I was suffering from chronic insomina and did not sleep for 4-5 days. I saw my PCP who looked at me which morbid concern since I been having chronic insomina for 14 months and now all my sleep meds quit working. I ended up in the ER with chest pain, difficulty shallowing, light headedneds, severe headaches, tremors, loss of appetite, lost 8 lbs in 4 days. Total exhaustion from lack of sleep and they NPO my food for 3days in hospital stay. And been up the whole hospital stay with old basic tests being done. I psychiatrist shows to my who I fired last year for prescribing anti psychotics I was allergic to for sleep and reg dr at hospital only offered sleep meds that stopped working one week prior at lowest dosage. My nurses have not checked on me for 3 hrs. Or updated me on next days procedures or orders!

Lainie Trujillo

Was in the emergency department and my mother was placed in the hallway with other patients one of which was contagious. All of their medical and insurance information was discussed in front of all of the patients in the recliners. This seems like a an invasion of privacy. She was then asked to change her clothes in front of all the patients, we had to request she be allowed to change in the restroom. If I could have given zero stars I would have.

Fae Scherer

This place is beautiful and clean but I hope I never have to come back here. I arrived with an infected/blocked gallbladder, vomitting, extremely high blood pressure etc... I was in the most pain I've ever been in in my life. I did not have health insurance, I was approached by someone 4 times during my stay here to inquire how I would pay, even right after getting back from surgery. When I got back from surgery, the air conditioning in my room was "broken". I was sweating profusely and no one bothered to hook up my IV's etc... until 3 HOURS after I got back to my room post op. I was prescribed IV pain medication every hour or as needed. I had to stay here for 2 nights. The night nurse was atrocious. The pain med was supposed to be given via slow injection into my IV but every single time she would shoot all of it in in one swoop and my body would completely lock up on me. My machine began beeping and I awoke to my arm swollen twice it's size. The nurse tried to stick me again 5 times before getting it in my other arm. I asked for a hot or cold towel to help with the swelling and discomfort and she just straight up told me no. I rang my bell for my pain medication and multiple times I was kept waiting an hour or more. At one point I was in so much pain I was crying and an aid came into my room and literally told me to "Stop Crying!". In the two days I was there post op not one person changed my bandages on my abdomen. They sent me home with the same bloody crusty bandages that were put on right after my operation. I have never in my life been treated so subhuman. I don't know if it was because I was uninsured or if they just didn't care but I wouldn't send my worst enemy here.

donna golub

The staff are efficient and caring. I’ve never had to wait for my tests, always on time. They have some good doctors here and the hospital is very pretty.

Denis Armstrong

Great staff,great health care and best food

Isabel Nazario

Sitting in the ER for 2 hours still waiting to be seen. Second time here only because it’s close to home, never again. They are waiting for a clean room and in the meantime 4 people that came after me went in already

Poppy Ron

Just left there today 10/26/17. I spent 3 days for total hip replacement surgery. I can not say enough good about this hospital, clean, professional friendly, courteous, caring. As busy as their schedule is the staff always took the time to stop in every hour, to check on you or answer any question. Every new shift I was asked how are you feeling, do you need anything, is there anything I can do for you today?

Andrew Cerny

My wife just finished a three day stint in this joint and we were both very pleased and satisfied with the care and professionalism of the staff

Dani Babi

Came with my mom who has severe pneumonia, she came in with a doctors note explaining the severity, 4 and a half hours later still waiting to be admitted and only has had 2 tests done while she waits in the waiting room.

Amber Wilnau

My son came here because he had 2nd degree burns. They got him right back and took excellent care of him and made him comfortable. We had a bad ER experience back in 2017 and this visit changed our minds about this hospital!


My wife has been there numerous times.. The staff is terrific.. The caring and affection displayed is wonderful..The ER staff is also terrific.If there has been any concerns , it was mainly with the check in procedure but, even that has been rectified.. I highly recommend this hospital .

Marie Longua

Doctors and Nurses were wonderful. Acted very quickly with my child, were caring, gentle and helped her after she had a severe allergic reaction to something.

Obver Tisity

Everyone here was very helpful and informative along the whole way. I even got into some humorous conversations with the staff. You see a lot of complaints about wait times and such. What most people don't understand is that hospitals are a BUSY place. especially the Emergency Room. Yes the wait times are typically longer than that of a doctors visit, but at least here, you know that you are in good hands.

Dawn Degler

My father had to stay a week and a half longer after discharged because the staff did not look at his records and see the address. Pour, to zero skills in handling the elderly and transferring them to rehab.

Ambur Hardee

The maternity floor was very impressive, I had a wonderful staff of nurses take care of me. I was so scared and they helped me after I had my child. I still see one nurse around town and thank her for her dedication. I couldn't be in the field and I respect those who can because it is sure brutal at times.

Amamda Spillane

This hospital is a crock iv been waiting 3 1/2 hours for the 2 people ahead of me and I finally had to just leave wouldn't even give me a dr note for work.(cause she couldn't do that) save ur time just call an ambulance..

Mary Kuwana

Hospital staff is great (except for the technician who poured hydrogen peroxide into my husband’s wound instead of irrigating with betadine and saline and when I questioned her about it she blew me off & started whispering to another staff right in front of us behind the curtain ) It’s their billing practices that are unethical. My husband came in with a deep laceration. They charged $301 for just pushing an IV medicine and tacked on another $264 for IV pushing a different medication, then added another $296 for pushing the same medication again which he didn’t receive. These costs were separate to the actual medication charges. They also charged him $195 to inject him with a tetanus shot. The actual tetanus vaccine was another $294. I suspect these high prices are because my husband has insurance. But what the insurance didn’t cover we had to pay out-of-pocket and they wouldn’t even consider negotiating for a discount on these outrageous charges. Don’t bother calling the billing department because they tell you that there’s nothing they can do and they refer you to a patient satisfaction representative.


My wife was left in the hallway and ignored. She had 2 seizures and was vomiting on herself, and no one seemed to care. No one addressed her vision issues, and didnt even care that her foot was busted up in the fall down the stairs she took which precipitated calling an ambulance to take her here. I will never bring my wife to this place ever again, and if youre smart, you wouldnt take a loved one here either. Dont bother with a reply and the empty platitudes that it would contain. Advent health is atrocious across the board and care more about their shareholders than they do about patient care.

Britt Gardner

I was enormously overbilled for about four hours in their emergency room that did nothing to solve or even diagnose my problem. To make matters worse, I was never quoted pricing on any treatment or test before its administration. They have also been double-billing my payment plan every month despite me setting one up for a specific monthly amount and specific day each month shortly after receiving my bill, and if I don't pay both bills, the bank account I filed for the one I set up gets billed for the second (which I did not set up) anyway. My significant other has since , from ANOTHER hospital, required an emergency room visit, a three day hospital stay, and an emergency surgery which actually did demonstrably save her life, yet her bill is much smaller despite being on my exact same insurance plan, and their billing processes have been functional and efficient. I would die before going back to this hospital's emergency room. I doubt they could do anything to save me anyway, and if I survived again on grit alone, as I had to this time, I'd just come away more broke for it than I was going in. Skip this place, and save your money for a nice coffin and flower arrangements. You'll be better off. (Edit:) Upping rating to two stars because their billing department did finally fix the issue with my payment plan. (Re-Edit:) Now these parasites have turned me over to a debt collection agency without any warning two months after I just used my income tax return to catch myself up to where my payments were supposed to be. Back to one star. Bunch of greedy, evil people at this place.

Alice Carrera

Laura & her team took excellent care of me after my lung surgery. My family & I are very grateful for your wonderful care!

Kim Gibbs

My son in law age 51 was seen at this hospital for 2 months approximately 4 visits for pneumonia . On his 5th visit it was for a collapsed lung and bacterial infection they said ate a hole in his lung. They said they couldn't do anything for him and basically let him die. The doctor's didn't want to do their jobs! I feel for anyone that puts their life in the care of this hospital.

Mike Mccormick

Wow our experience was amazing! Labor and delivery was unbelievably perfect the staff was amazing thank you Dr Mayne and Dr Rogers this hospital deserves 100 stars


Been setting in the er for 6 hours..nobody has let us know anything...very awful place to go if your sick

Barbie S

I have applied numerous times to various positions and I either don't get any response or get immediate denial. This last position I applied for I actually have an Associates degree for and STILL got rejected...I must be blacklisted for some reason (unknown to me) with this hospital because no matter what position you apply for, you can't get a job here. I've tried going in to talk to the HR manager and they refuse to talk to anyone. Not sure that this would be a good place to work if Human Resources is handled like this. Very disappointed in this place and their application processes.

Anessa Hunt

I went in for a very serious procedure and the treatment I received was amazing! I'm so thankful for such a blessed group of remarkable health care professionals!

Josh Steele

I'm a travel RN. My overall impression is it's a very safe, clean, well supplied. I would want my loved ones to receive care there.

Stefanie Billette

ER was a waste of time and money. Some nurses were nice but the ARNP who was attending offered no salient advice regarding my broken nose. I had to get a protocol for immediate care from a doctor friend of mine instead (e.g. saline and Afrin to reduce swelling and clear clots).

albert spaulding

Nice place to work with benefits friendly staff and great physicians, we are one big happy family.

Michelle Robinson

I personally like Watermans they have really good food.

R. McCoy

I was in and out of the ER in an hour and a half, including labs, on Thanksgiving evening. Very impressed with the staff. They listen and are compassionate and caring. I did not expect much since it was a holiday and the walk in clinics were all closed. Happily surprised!

kim sue

i think this is a great hospital..kind an caring.i dont mind a small wait for such good doctors an nurses.they take there time for each an everyone of us.

Ma'Lina Savill

To be honest this hospital doesn't even deserve one star. It took FOREVER for my dad to be seen. He was in complete agony, and she tried to tell him he was stung by a wasp. Excuse me? My dad can not walk, can not move his foot and you're going to tell us a wasp did this. You went to school for who knows how long and got so deep in student loans to diagnose a wasp sting. Please.

dawn S

Took my toddler here w/ a hurt leg they were short staffed we had to act as exray techs and hold down our screaming toddler since the sedative she was supposed to get didnt come until 15 min after xray was taken. She was mis diagnosed w/ broken leg (I questioned the supposed break when I was shown the xray & saw nothing, was told it was some special kind of hairline fracture BS) she was put in a temp cast. We then racked up more bills at a orthopedic dr only to find out there was NO break at all. His xray the day after Watermans confirmed it as well as another xray a wk later just to b sure. I brought it up to the hospital admin they stuck by thier bogus diagnosis refused to handle it despite my proof, my insurance investigated as well & again despite proof from the orthopedic specialist the hospital won. Cant go up against a hospital, they refused to admit fault or incorrect diagnosis and have the $ & attorney's to fight the average person so they can get away with anything. This place is a joke, extremely unprofessional, poorly ran, under staffed, dirty, they dont even have up to date technology or services. They are completely unprepared for pediatric xray. On top of meds not being administered on time, no weighted blankets or distractions for upset toddlers who are hurting & scared. They further traumatize them!! I wouldn't take my dog to this place. This is where they send all the drs who would never be hired at a big hospital because they lack in the training, skills and intelligence!!!

Emily Vineyard

I was so dizzy to the point where I couldn’t walk without losing balance, and literally every time I would move I would puke (horrible enough to have to go to the ER)...aka this is a horrible case of Vertigo and they could not figure out I had vertigo due to an inner ear infection. Nurses were great but disappointed. I left with a inner ear infection still in the same boat just not throwing up- instead I was left getting billed thousands of dollars.

Kelly Emberson

Horrible nurses! Untrained INCOMPETENTS. And the techs do not help either. Standing around doing the bare minimum for a pay check. Absolutely disgusting hospital for patient care! I have also emailed the hospital. And have yet to hear ANYTHING back from them! Go figure......

Tiffany Pelletier

Just gave birth to my third child in their new maternity wing. Staff was extremely knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. We never met one crotchety nurse. They always had time to address any concerns I had. It was an amazing experience and I am very grateful to the hospital staff. I would highly recommend this facility!!

Vanessa Ortiz

Worst “Valet” parking ever. The construction they are doing for the new ER needs better organization with parking. Drove around for 10 minutes before finding out how the new parking system worked. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

Tyrone Stephens

Beautiful facility but the Doctors have terrible bedside manner. I've never had a bad experience at a hospital until I visited Waterman.

John Hollowell

This place is filthy and the staff are extremely rude. Spent 8 hours in the ER in a room with 8 other people coughing and throwing up. If your not sick before visiting this dump u will be. If u don't like your job find another profession. It's bad if u prefer Leesburg over someplace else. That's all I got to say about that.

tacgnol 06

Great doctors. Billing staff was cruelly indifferent to my recent cancer diagnosis, even with my insurance paying them at 80%. As a billing specialist myself, these people shame my profession. Update: Second person I spoke to about my bill was far more helpful and understanding and didn't treat me like an inconvenience, so there's that.

Patricia Najac

I don’t know who they have paid to leave these reviews but don’t be fooled. IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF OR YOUR “LOVED ONES” GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!ANYWHERE ELSE!!. The nurses don’t know anything. Not even basic diagnostic information and no one advocates for the patients. I’ve told my family not to ever go there because that hospital has literally almost killed me twice. I have no idea how this hospital is even open. But my personal feelings aside and dealing with facts, this hospital has done nothing but waste my time. I live literally 3 min away, and I’m going to at least Altamonte.

Mike Dennis

I have experienced two medical situations that called for me to spend some time at Waterman Hospital. I can only say I found it to be one of the most efficient medical facilities I've ever visited. The staff are courteous and understanding. I never felt rushed or ignored. And clean? Someone was always cleaning or polishing or sanitizing something. Even the food was satisfactory. First-rate hospital.

Daniel Daigneault

Wife had open hearth surgery a few days ago, had chest tightness. Went back to emergency room, we have been waiting for now 3 hours and 6 minutes and they tell us that they ate aware and are doing the best they can... Unacceptable in my opinion...

Natalia Anderson

I really need to speak to who is responsible for hiring these ppl well some of them my son care was horrible I rather drive 45 to Arnold Palmer than set foot back into this hospital

James Bergen

Can't give zero stars like I want to. My girlfriend went here Dec 26 for extreme tremors and a kidney infection. The doctor said she wanted to keep her for a few days and run test to help her. Well the only test they did was a MRI and no other test after that.i asked if there was going to be anymore test and the doctor said it wasn't necessary. Sent her home the Dec.27th and she is worse than before. What a big freaking joke waterman....thanks!!!

Steve Kondo

My wife was in Waterman Hospital for 11 days. Quintuple bypass. She and I can't say enough good things about the Nursing, Staff Doctors. Bless all the people that work there.

Spiral Out

Was there for abdominal pain Friday. Certain nurses kept staring at me and making faces. Ultimately I was told I need my gallbladder removed. Today is labor day so no one is open. It's so bad today that I can barely breathe, can't keep food or fluids down and I'm afraid to go back cause I think they see me as wanting drugs. Not sure what to do. I feel helpless and with my heart block I am having chest pains as well.

Maritza Lewis

So freaking horrible treat people differently if you don't have insurance or don't have the insurance card they are not helping they called me for registration and put me as self pay just because I didn't have my insurance card on me I'm sorry but that's lazy it's 2018 I'm pretty sure all you need is your I'd number they didn't even make me sign nothing was waiting there an hour and half in pain while people who came in were called to the back right away I never felt so humiliated of life sitting there crying in pain I feel like bringing this to the news channel because something got to give everyone needs help I get it but don't discriminate people just on what you see

Graham Addison

Terrible. I arrived with a non-life-threatening disposition that I suffer from frequently and left with a brand new case of internal bleeding due to a random medication that they administered me without checking it against my patient history. The medication timing is off, one of the staff members gave me saline instead of my medication which I assume they use themselves or sells, and the rooms are never truly cleaned. The housekeeping only performs spot cleaning because they are probably never trained, or they don't care, may be understaffed or all of the above. The orange rag went from toilet, to sink rinse, to chair arm wipe-down (I wish I was kidding). In an emergency, try not to be near Waterman if you can help it. I'm truly surprised that this is a branch of Florida Hospital. I see absolutely NO relation whatsoever in quality, care, or professionalism between Florida Hospital and Waterman. Not only did I call my lawyer, but I want to warn everyone I know that if you go there, you may leave in worse condition.

Šøçīåł Øütčäšt

I almost died her and this is what happend. I got here with a bleeding out leg and they did nothing until i almost passed out from blood loss. Still after they wraped it up stil bleeding.

Kathy N.

My only complaint it was a long wait... Hours in the ER to be seen considering there were only a handful of families in the waiting area. But after I was seen I was helped. Thank you so much.

Katrina Lomneck

So today I was having heart problems and decided to go to the ER at Advent Health in Tavares, and despite the bad reviews, They were amazing!! From the receptionist who checks you in, Alexis, to the wonderful Doctor Putigna, everyone was super nice and had a great bedside manner. Thank you for your kindness!!

moon123 gracha YouTuber Renshaws

Everything was good until it was time for them to rush us out of the room and move us to the results room every chair was full ppl had strep flu etc and I asked to move so we don't catch it or give strep away they didn't seem to care.... This was my first visit and last will not be back ....

Jordan Tatum

Went in and had an awesome experience everyone was nice and polite.

David Ward

Worse ER I have encountered in quite some time. If ER is ever needed again in the future it won’t be Waterman. 2 stars only and that was they took my billing info with a smile...otherwise it’s a 1 star facility

Jeff Temple

I had not been a patient in your facility before but I had occasionally had to utilize your ER. I want to tell you that you have the most outstanding staff working in the ER department. Everyone was extremely professional and caring.

Michael Robinson

The hospital facilities are excellent! The physicians, nurses, allied health care workers and other employees were professional and courteous. However, the hospital, specifically the emergency room, is seriously overworked. Consequently, service is slow. In their defense, they are constructing a new emergency room scheduled to open in April. Overall, a good facility!

David Smith Jr

It really deserves a zero, worst hospital ever. Keep spending millions on the facility about spend that money on staff .so there's not 4 and 5 hr wait times in the ER..

John Pierre-Benoist

Doctors have no respect for their patients. If you're over a certain age you are assumed to be senile and/or stupid. Inordinate wait times are the norm. It's a third tier hospital which requires any serious problem to be sent to Orlando, at least an hour away by road.

Harry Legrand

Great staff, it's Florida Hospital so I've always had great service from them. Just a note: The ED wait room is really small but they are working on expanding the hospital.

Daniel Shaffer

Anyone coming here watch your billing. My insurance paid the hospital and drs in full yet I had to put up front for a unsuccessful surgery. They are claiming they took my deductible money from this year with a new insurance and put it towards last year bills. Cannot be legal. Waiting to hear back from them on where the rest of my money went! 2400+ that the hospital cannot explain where it went!

Alicia M

This place is straight trash, the staff at the desk is rude and nasty towards people, ones eating like miss piggy, and one I guess is a supervisor which is rude. I came here with my mother hoping they would accommodate her needs due to her not feeling well and all they did was give her a bag of water! They may of had a "facelift" but the front desk staff in the emergency department are what makes this place suck. They do nothing but eat, munch and judge the patients. They also have staring problems,when my man wanted coffee a housemade was standing there with them, and miss piggy asked "do we have any volunteers?" And of course the housemade did it. Miss piggy and her supervisor need to go and maybe the place would be better.

Adam Stauffer

Why even build a new ER if you were just going to stick a bunch of sick people in a small room full of old recliners? I had to wait 30 minutes to get my IV removed after I asked to use the restroom. I was trying to give them the urine sample they requested. Now I have to wait even longer in this disease cauldron. Thanks Waterman for giving me an illness I didn't come in with!

Kevin Koch

Well I've dislocated my right shoulder 5 time and this makes the 6th time. Usually I'm here for hours on end most 12 hours, this time they where super efficient and fast, they were super nice and I've only bee. Here for 3 hours and I'm bout to leave no pain and a feeling of impress for them getting me out as fast as they are. I owe it all of that to nurse , doctor who did my procedure

Kelli Kautzer

They make you wait for an xray 2 hours missing work. Had to reschedule . Called made an appointment for 945am. Its 1045am still waiting. Why lie to me me?? Just let people know 1st come first served!!! Scheduling department does know what they're doing!!! Now I'll be late for my 1100 am appt. Liars! Very disappointed!!! Expect to spend the day if you need an Xray!

John Walters

Stay away from this Hospital... They changed the name but are the same Terrible service hospital. The doctor almost killed me on the Operation Room Table!

Heather James

If I could give a zero I would give a zero horrible experience just saying


The clean up crew is good in cleaning rooms a big problem that can affect your performance and reviews drastically is the nurses and how many of them are scatter brains they were going to get us clean bed sheet but we had to ask 3 nurses for them but they never came except for one by chance who was walking by they should be retrained to be more aware of patients needs and need to be retrained on the 3rd floor. It is ridiculous how most of them just sit in chairs talking all the timec when they are suppose to be working on getting something we need it and also the people who delivers food to my family members room left it on the shelf for over 40 minutes when we werent there to get it for them to eat and they were very hungry and werent able to get up at all to get the food cause they couldnt get out of bed cause they were recovering. The scenery and security is great but management of workers has to be fixed ASAP and have them come around rooms more often instead of them just sitting around talking to one another and not working. Overall it needs to improve alot in order for me to change the rating to a 5 star.

Diane Miller

Yesterday my Dad had a stroke My Mom brought him to the ER they rushed him in, did all they were supposed to do regarding a stroke ,Cornelia his nurse was Amazing as was Jessica and Ted the ICU PA. Also. My father had Great Care and Compassion from everyone.I work at a nearby hospital and was very impressed and grateful for everyone there that night.Me and my family Thank You

Melanie Taylor

All in all, I have been happy with the services I have received at Florida Hospital Waterman. The staff members are caring and kind. I would recommend anyone go here.

Teresa Lenz

Their digestive health team is wonderful. Warm, outgoing and genuinely caring. They’re informative, thorough and treat you like family. I have been well cared for.

Billy Kochersperger

This place is absolutely horrible. Stay as far away from this place as you can. My mom was very sick and throwing up while in waiting room and they could have cared less. The lady at the front desk was the rudest I have ever encountered in a hospital. Go to leesburg hospital and avoid this place at all cost for your health. When I asked the rudest lady at the counters name she said its Krystal. I said ok well I have a name to complain about now. She said "do you want the charge nurse?" I said yes and that was a hour ago and nobody ever came. The nurse once we got in the room finally was Henry and let me tell you he was amazing with my mother. The front counter staff (krystal) should not be helping sick people. She has the personality of a security guard at a prison not to help sick people.

Hanna W.

I was hospitalized for pneumonia and I’d just like to say all the staff are incredible. Super kind super helpful and they make you feel comfortable and not like you’re a burden. Everyone seems like they’re happy to work here and I love that! Probably one of the best hospitals I’ve stayed at compared to others in lake county.

Meredith Gibbs

I was in there on LABOR day and the wait was minimal and all of the staff were in good spirits and quick.

Vanessa Marie

Unfortunately option to give ZERO stars is not available. Worst hospital I have ever been to. I have been in this hospital 3 times with my toddler in the last 6 months and sad to say it is the worst place to take a child. On my first visit my 2 year old son had a high fever and no one including the PA felt the need to take his temperature until 45 minutes later when he started getting fever blisters and I interrupted her triage with another patient. Her response was I dont need to take his temperature to know he has a fever and we are very busy; worst bedside manners ever. As any parent can imagine my response at that time was beyond livid. He ended up having flu. Then today 7/7/18 I came in at around 12 pm where I was told he has nothing only to return 3 hours later and wait 2 1/2 hours because he was complaining of ear pain. Turns out he has an ear infection, working in the medical field I know things happen and everyone gets sick. However the poor bedside manners of ER staff is mind blowing the nurse chuckled telling me hope not to see you here again. I wish I could pass them by my medical office and teach them a thing or two. To work in a hospital you have to love what you do and not consider it just work. Unfortuantely FH Waterman ER has just that bodies that work not people that are compassionate, caring, and love helping others. The best service I received at this place is from the Valet parking attendant, I witnessed him going beyond his call of duty numerous times helping visitors go into the er.

Flo Rie

By far the WORST place to work especially 3N .. a lot of favoritism ,bullying ,disrespect etc.. The patients do get poor treatment as well as the nurses.. stay away from 3Rd floor PCU and the charge nurses.. The charges nurses are useless .. the proof is in the retention and turnover rates!!!

TheCute nTheUgly

I hate needles, doctors ect. This place makes me feel very comfortable and at home.. nicest docs and nurses.. even just walking by to say hello.. they truly care about your needs.. 5 stars! They are checking me out way better then other office.. a lot of true people who love their jobs

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