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Marlene Santiago

06/1/17 7pm everyone working in the ER today was horrible, waiting 2 hrs to be seen after being told that a room was ready but they never came back to get me. Was given attitude from everyone except for the young lady in the front checking patients in. Bathrooms are nasty! Whoever gives this hospital a good review has never been to Dr Phillips Hosp. I got tired of waiting 2 hours without being seen. I got up left to Dr Phillips and was seen in less than 20 mins.

Sana S.

I would like to give them "ZERO" stars for the experience we had when we were there with my father. He had gone to the hospital with an elevated heart rate and low blood pressure and the ER doctor told us that there is nothing they can do for him and we should just let him go. The ER doctor pressured me to sign the papers to not to intubate him and she had a smile on her face as she was explaining that he is not going to survive. After he was intubated, he was moved to a so-called ER department. The first couple of days they were being really nice and as my father was getting better they took the tube out and he was breathing on his own with a normal heart rate and blood pressure with medications. But after the first week, the doctors and nurses attitude changed and they wanted us to sign the papers again that "just in case" if he needs to be intubated again what we want to do because they just wanted to cover all their grounds so they do not get in trouble, and after we signed the papers; they started ignoring us, the doctor on duty would not come in the room to check on us and they gave us the worse nurses after that with such BAD ATTITUDES!!!!!! the nurses DID NOT CARE, THEY JUST CAME IN WHEN THE MEDICINE WAS DUE AND LEFT RIGHT AFTER. One of my family member was always their to keep an eye on them because they DID NOT CARE AT ALL!!!! BOTTOM LINE: The doctors will ONLY try to help you if "THEY THINK" you will survive and if not then you will get their BAD ATTITUDE and RUDE nurses!!!

Rhaizaliz Melendez

(Translated by Google) Horrible service since you enter the hospital, please if you plan to visit that hospital do not do it, lousy service from me or a star has ... and the Dr. who attended my daughter nothing humanitarian that was, dared to ask us because I took my daughter to a hospital for a fever called Lina Bajraktari .. attended her in the room and never saw her again, there were no nurses and they take a lot, they never explain the results well and if you ask for something you they leave waiting too much (Original) Horrible servicio desde que entras al hospital, por favor si tiene pensado visitar ese hospital no lo haga, pésimo servicio de mi parte ni una estrella tiene..y la Dra que atendió a mi hija nada de humanitaria que fue, se atrevió a preguntarnos que por que lleve a mi hija un hospital para una fiebre se llama Lina Bajraktari.. la atendio en el cuarto y nunca mas la volvi a ver, no habian ni enfermeros y se tardan muchisimo, nunca te explican bien los resultados y si pides algo te dejan esperando demasiado

Latisha Badazz

I went to the hospital for having stomach pains from being pregnant, and I was in the waiting room for nearly 3 and a half hours

Ximmeña T

The service was bad the room was filthy it didn't seem like they even attempted to clean. Going to a hospital you expect it to be clean and it wasn't Dr . Phillips is so much better that's were my sister normally goes they treat you great and they see you on the spot and it's clean . I wouldnt recommend this hospital !

Jose Moreno

(Translated by Google) they need more staff (Original) necesitan mas personal

Gloria Lee

Great service, very nice doctors, and nurses, clean hospital.

Jose Gomez

Bad service in my life. Go to emergency 1 am is 6:32am and I am waiting bad bad hospital

enrique corujo

Hello Yesterday 01/04/2019 was attended in the hospital florida kissimmee hospital by nurse RN lastar and nursing assistant Jesana Sulivan RN to which I have treated her towards me was excellent and of high quality at all times behaved in a respectful way, Jesana At all times he gave his round to me and his phone in his hand at all times and was guided on the medical treatment I hope that this employee is recognized by the company I thank them for the time they gave me to me with real patient that I have no words, also for the person at night they are the best ovio if it is for jesana is the best 100%. Blessings Enrique Corujo RN MSN Ph.D

christina dunham

Worst experience of my life. My husband passed out in my front yard so I called 911 the ambulance came super fast and off they went. the ppl at the ER wouldn't give me any information about him if he was dead or alive. Then he turned up walking out the door fine. The security officer was so rude and made a bad situation worse. I can't Believe how horrible they treated us. Like we were second class citizens

Luz ENID Vargas Cortez

Beautiful hospital, very nice room. What I don't like is my, father was discharge yesterday and he was in contact insulation and the staff when we was waiting for room putting hall second floor waiting for room get clean. After that , yesterday incident happened by mistake iv was pulling out when he move and mom when nurse station to let them know, and one of the staff came put finger without glove touch him. The bacteria my father have in blood is getting from hospital . I think this hospital need to be more strict rules and regulations with nurses staff.

Hector Cotto

Horrible Service. Waited almost 5 hours and nothing. If you can find another hospital do yourself the favor and find another one.

Josue Rivera

Best care in town treat me awesome

Chuck Butler

My wife and I have used Florida Hospital Kissimmee for our specialists, medical procedures and recently my wife was admitted through the ER. Each staff member has always gone above and beyond in their interactions with us. We feel the entire medical staff that treated my wife from her admittance to the ER until her release 2 weeks later were responsible for a successful recovery. It was amazing when the staff entered the room each had full knowledge of her condition. It was quite evident they had been involved in a coorinated treatment plan by staff.

Claud Jimenez

(Translated by Google) I FEEL ULTRAJADA, AFFECTED PHYSICALLY AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY ... I went for a wound in one hand with a glass ... I had more than 4 hours to perform the suture. I asked if they would put staples to close the wound and they said no, that it would be suture because it was deep (however, internal stitches did not grab me). I did not see the procedure because I have a blood phobia and I was scared, so I closed my eyes and let 'the professional' (a doctor) do his job. They blessed me after the suture and did not discover until the next day to clean. I had never seen or received stitches so I did not know anything about it, I sent back photographs of my hand and my family is horrified by the way they grabbed my stitches. They only medicated an antibiotic cream for 3 days, advil if they had pain and remove the stitches after 10 days. I was not prescribed an antibiotic, and his response to me because no antibiotic, was that it was not necessary, but if it turned green to ooze something would come back with them. NOTHING PROFESSIONAL

Alexis Quinones

I WOULD NEVER IN MY LIFE EVER GO TO THIS HOSPITAL AGAIN. I went to the ER with severe chest pain and I was throwing up blood. The woman in the front was very nice. She attempted to help me get set up but wasn't really sure what she was doing. Then I was taken back for an EKG and sent back in the waiting room. From there they moved me to a triage where a nurse basically took my blood pressure and my temperature while another nurse was typing in the computer. The second nurse (typing nurse) was very rude. She even tried to argue with me about my blood pressure which was extremely high for me and in the high range. After that I was placed back in the waiting room where I was literally in tears for about an hour and a half. Finally, the rude nurse came and got me to take me to the back. I was in excruciating pain and the nurse had me follow her while she was running through the halls because she stated she wanted to get to her desk because she didn't like moving around. When we got to the back there was a bed in the hallway next to the nurses station. That bed was my "room," I was given all of my treatments in the hallway! The doctor directly checked me in the hallway!! She spoke about my medical issues in the hallway with many other patients family members standing in the hallway. MAJOR HIPAA VIOLATIONS!! The nurse that took my blood was supposed to be my nurse and I NEVER once seen her when I asked for her. They would say shes coming and I could literally see her walk pass my hallway and go sit down in the Nurses station from the other side of the hall. She was extremely rough when putting the needle in my arm, she did not understand me when I told her what arm they normally have to use to draw blood and for IV's. She stuck me in the WRONG arm twice before taking my advice. While hooking me up to my IV she was also very rough, she was yanking and pulling on the tubing extremely close to my arm. After sitting in the hallway for a little over 6 hours a patient came in and received a room, the nurse THEN and only then put a half fold around the one side of my bed so that I could not look towards the ambulance entrance anymore. It was time for me to go and I was still hooked up to an IV. I asked for about an hour and a half to be unhooked and the nurses kept going back and forth. Sitting in that hallway right next to the nurses station I heard how the employees and not only the nurses spoke about the patients in the hospital. Leaving call bells ringing and talking about how they're not going to answer the light because the guy is "Puking his brain out," which he was and I felt so bad for him. It took thirty five minutes for someone to answer this poor mans calls. They weren't busy, I could literally see their computers from where I was sitting and they weren't exactly working. I watched as they took "selfies' together. Went in and out of the ambulance door just playing around, and I heard them speaking about their sex life to one another about how they are sleeping with the same doctor from the hospital. This was the worst hospital experience I have ever had in my life, so bad that I was ready to leave before being treated which I forgot to mention didn't happen until 2:00 am... I arrived to the hospital at 7:30 pm!!! I was not discharged until almost 4:00 am!!!! They said that they are behind and very busy.. that was their answer every time I asked for some type of assistance. The CHARGE NURSE discharged me and literally she handed me a folder and told me to follow her to check out. She didn't explain anything to me, I basically had sat in that hallway for 8 hours not to be told what was wrong with me. The best part of my visit was the check out. It was simple and easy, the woman that assisted me was very compassionate and I even told her about my experience. She went on to tell me that she is in her last few days of employment and that working there at the hospital has been a bad experience. There is a lot more but my blood is beginning to boil. End result I would NEVER recommend even my worse enemy to go to this hospital.


The worst hospital in kissimmee, Fl. I was waiting for 4 hrs and have to leave the hospital because the doctor never came to see us. I asked the person at counter and they said that they do not have a room available and the doctor cannot check the patient without room. Finally move our to another hospital at Celebration FL and waiting time was 17 minutes. It was fast. Florida hospital at Celebration is awesome, they have a friendly staff and very quick process. Even free valet parking.

Rosalinda Hernadez

My dad is being treated for Alzheimer's, and for falling for no reason. He is legally blind since birth and has Glaucoma. My dad and I asked for every discussion to go through me. Long story short, no one ever spoke to me or contacted me. I received a call from my dad saying he was at the front waiting. He was discharged (they had him sign when they knew he could not see, they gave him instructions when they knew he could not understand) without anyone knowing why he started falling.

sj201569 sj2015

They are slow they don't care about anyone in still here and just got called back to see a doctor and I got to the hospital at 4 am and it is 5:45am and there is no one in this hospital if they would get off there phone's and Facebook they mit get there jobs done

Steve Maring

If you love receiving bills that don't describe services ... If you love having bills sent to collections that were never first sent to you ... If you love your FSA expenses being rejected for lack of service description ... If you love the wrong amount of copays being collected ... If you love bills being separated and divided across numerous different accounts without explanation ... If you love accounts you are making regular payments on being sent to collections ... If you love a haphazard collection of billing systems that hardly work ... well ... then Florida Hospital services might be for you. I have zero issues with the doctors I have used that WERE associated with Florida Hospital. Two of them have left in the last couple months! ... and I think I see why. My family will NEVER us anything associated with Florida Hospital again until we've been convinced that the entire Billing Department has been expelled and all billing systems been completely rewritten. I will be telling all my friends to avoid them as well.

Tank Till

This hospital makes Osceola regional look like heaven. Although the staff is nice the service is at most the most terrible out of any place I've been. Let me start by saying I've come here five times, twice for my girlfriend and three for me.everytime we came we would wait more then two hours. The third time I came I was waiting for 6 hours when I was in chronic pain, with a life threatening situation which caused my c.k level to go over 50,000+, 6 hours and no IV on yet I thought I was going to get kidney failure and die right there but I kept knocking on the triage until they finally called me. They then kept me on a nothing by mouth diet until 6:00pm when I have a metabolic disorder and I became even more sick. I can safely say I will never ever come back, although Osceola regional has a history of rude staff I can't complain with how fast they are and how serious they are with life threatening situations. Plus Osceola regional has a subway so yea! XD

Rebecca Vargas

This is Currently the worst vist I've had at the hospital , I am in the ER and the nurses are not well trained and they smell super bad . The bathroom is nasty , there is pee all over the bathroom and hair in the sink on top of that I've been here for over an hour and no one has told me anything . This would be my last vist at Florida hospital for sure . MY NURSE WIPED HIS NOSE ON HIS SHIRT AND THEN HAD MY STICKER ON HIS SHIRT ANS PLACED IT ON ME ! She dropped the cap of my Blood sample An she did not replace it

Kayla Jusino

Kayla Jusno not pregnancy Baby girl Natalie child born little small stomach big head hair arms shot blood test side chest hurts okay part pee going help broke water come out doctors ultrasound picture weeks 14 hospitals nurse period time hearts breaking six hours pee pants open 24 hours excited translation see more hours 3rd Floor Room cuartos 37 01 - 37 41

Brenda Hernandez

I’ve been waiting patiently 2 hrs for them to call my mother. Had to bring her because she felt and opened the back of her head. Still bleeding and the only thing that’s been done, was only the vitals. They didn’t had room availables and very poor staff. Blood work was done after 2 1/2 hrs. Nothing for the pain. They haven’t even cleaned her head & still waiting for the Doctor to come see her. I certainly feel very upset at this point. Is ridiculous.

mercedes carter

The front desk and the nurses are friendly and great the Doctor had a nasty attitude. She does not care about her patients what so ever!!

Tracy Edwards

Every time I've been to the E.R. and have been admitted, I have been treated with care and respect. The Nurses and Doctors and other staff are very nice.

Eva Juarbe

This hospital lately became suck, i was in so much pain and i have to wait 4 hour before the doctor see me and on top of that they send home with the same pain. so before u go to this hospital prepare u self for the waiting.

Melanie Ramos

Great nurses and ER. Food was good, rooms comfortable. Doctors were the coldest and least helpful I've ever experienced. They gave me approximately 2 min of their time per day. 1 month later and I'm getting bills but no results or follow up care. I'll choose Celebration next time for sure.

amarilis olivo

Love the hospital especially Monica in ER and MS.Nichole thrid floor tec... Thank you ladies made me feel welcome and in good hands. Doctors were great especially Dr. on all mu nurses as well...Thank you to all.

Maribel Garcia

I started at ER with my mom because she fell and had baxk pain. I had to wait a little bit but it was worth it. They did a CT Scan which show she had a fracture on her lumbar. They did all the arrangments for my mom to have a procedure perform on Florida South. The nurses of the third floor were very nice and helpful they treated my mom so great like they were family. Our experience was great. E erything was really clean and sanitize. They help me choose a rehab center for my mom.

Ana Ramos

Love the service,staff and doctors were wonderful and took good care of my husband!

Stephanie Batista

Hospital staff are rude and disrespectful.. Lack of attention and medical care. 4 hours in the er room without seeing a doctor ! Horrible horrible place

MariJoel Reyes

On Saturday night I took my son to ER, the PA(practitioner assistant) in a hurry, diagnosis my son with Flu (he didn't aoscultate or did the flu test) and send him home with prescriptions for Flu. My son get worst, he couldnt breath, eat, walk. Last night(Tuesday) we went to Osceola Regional Hopital, they did the Flu test and it was negative, he has Pneumonia. Please be careful trusting the doctors at Advent Health(Florida hospital)

Husseyin Aktas

The Er service very.bad and waiting to waiting 2 hours I have kidneys stone pain nurse.doing nothing I'm coming back home its services really bad make sure change this hospital all manager .because I'm coming 2 years ago problem still same never changed

leila stakun

The best place ever!!

Shawn Crowley

Dr Adriana at Florida Hospital South is what all doctors should be. I came in tonight to find out I had a terrible possibly life threatening condition. I was supposed to be admitted for 4 days but I let her know this was not something I could do. She worked effortlessly and tirelessly to help me find every way to get a $500 medicine for free and to get me home and back to work right away. She went so far above and beyond what any doctor has ever done for me and I can’t tell you how appreciative I am. She made phone calls at 3 in the morning, studied online and sat and talked to me knowing how scared I was about the whole thing. This is what a Dr is and should strive to be.

Dahlia Deida

Left Saint Cloud Regional at 4:10 a.m. after waiting over two hours to be seen. Was furious at the lack of attention because my daughter's pain was indicative of appendicitis. Pulled up to this ER 15 minutes later and the entire experience was like night and day. Immediate attention and triage. Immediate room assignment, immediate Doctor's consult. They even provided us a care guide with hourly updates on her progress and test results. This is what healthcare is meant to be. "Care" shouldn't be eliminated from this environment. And special thanks to RN Arnel, your attention and charisma made it all the more tolerable under the circumstances.


They must have had an overhaul in management because it has been nothing short of phenomenal for us. We are a family of healthcare providers and we have never experienced such a quick triage and life saving management. The emergency room admissions got us into CT in ten minutes. The night nurse who thought to check for an embolism was right on target. Even the woman in the cafeteria was kind enough to help us get hot food to circumvent a food allergy. We are incredibly impressed by how kind and alert the staff are and I think the previous reviews must have been during a different time for the hospital.

Jarolyn Espejo

I’ve been admitted to hospital for crohn’s. The staff and doctors have been nice. But the hospital is disturbing disgusting. The newer area is better with the actually room only being 3 years old.. but the linen and gowns are stained and ripped. It’s so nasty I’ve refused most of their linens and gowns. I’m ready to walk all with all my pain. The moves me into the old area due to a chemo treatment that I need and it feels like I walked into a horrible film to die. The shower was filled with hair and even broke. The towel was stain and ripped. The gown had what looked like blood. I’m literally wearing my own clothes, contemplating leaving and going to another hospital. I’ve never been so disgusted in my life.


Very pleasant experience

Myya Taylor

The wait in the ER was just long. But once i got a room it was better. The people try to keep u as comfortable as possible.

Cynthia Espejo

Came in this evening at 7:20pm, with wheezing, shortness of breath, cough, and fever, it’s 11:31 still waiting in the lobby. After almost 5 hr wait a nurse just came out to inform everyone it will be an additional 4-6hrs wait !!! Never again...


This is the best hospital that i went in my hold life. They treat me like a Queen

Bader AlHarbi

Veeeery expensive, they charged me $690 for what, emergency physician!!


Doctor discharges my mother today 6/5/2018. The nurses came in the room and told my mom she had to take these anabiotic meds by IV before leaving . My mother is allergic too the meds. My mom declined so the nurses told the doctor and the doctor said my mom will now have to wait next time to see her before discharged her which means another day stuck in the hospital. I had to call in and speak with nurses that kept disconnecting the calls on me and on my sister when they tried calling. We spoke with nurse Brunei that was in charge in 2nd floor date 6/5/2018 3pm there was another nurse by the name of Karen.

MrsGrimcredible caceres

nice nurses but we had a very bad experience with the doctor

Sunny Bokhari

I would give them negative stars if possible. My sister was taken to ER last night. She was kept overnight without them doing any diagnostics. No blood work, she possibly suffered a stroke or a cardiac attack. The doctor kept telling her we will do this and that but did nothing. The blood pressure monitor was broken, the nursing staff incompetent, the doctors who were supposed to come this morning never showed up. The ER docs and nurses were so laid back with no sense or urgency for any of the patients. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this hospital. Horrible management! Out dated equipment that is falling apart and no patient care.

Jennifer Rojas

Fast service, friendly staff, A+ Service

1form R

I went in for a tummy ache and came out with a $13,000 in 5 hrs. This place is a joke and they should take your license and close down this hospital for being crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Valley

Worst Hospital ever!!! If I could give zero stars I would. I do not recommend this hospital to no one! They were not feeding or changing my mom she’s in ICU when I spoke to the nurse to why they were not feeding her they told me she has 20 patients and 2 care techs.

Tom D

Went to the emergency room at 4:30 am on Friday. Waited 2 hours before leaving and not being seen by a Dr. Another patient was out in the hospital hallway and said they had been waiting 45 min. I told then we had been there 2 hours and the nurse told me I should not have told that??? I can't believe staff tried to censor me! Anyway walked out and luckily by that time was able to get in to see my family Dr at 7:30.

Doris Del Mar R.

I came here with my fiance about 4 days ago. The time overall was moderate and majority of the people we came across were polite.

Ariel McCubbin

I came to the Emergency Department straight from my doctor's office after finding out that both of my legs have possible infection in the bone from the knees down to my feet. The admission department was fantastic. The two women who registered me were fast and wonderful. But the "RN" who called my name to go back into a room was extremely rude. I then was placed in a storage room with a hospital bed placed in the middle. My husband and I sat and waited for 15 minutes without any recognition whatsoever. I was in extreme pain and my vitals still had yet to even be taken. Finally when an RN came into my "room" she was rude and had zero bed side manner. I explained my condition to her and she didn't seem to care whatsoever. Once she left my room an ARNP (NOT A MD) came in to access my knee. I advised the ARNP that I had just had X-rays taken that day of my knee, and did not need additional X-rays. I was just concerned about my white blood cell count and needed to rule out an infection and needed something for pain until I could get into an Orthopedic Surgeon. The ARNP STILL ordered the same X-rays that I had just gotten done hours prior. After the X-rays were taken a paramedic came in to draw blood for labs. She attempted to start an IV on my left forearm, and fished for the vein and ended up blowing the vein. Blood was all over the bed, and she wasn't even able to get any blood into the tubes. Another RN came in who was very nice and professional. He was able to start an IV line and draw the necessary blood for testing. I was then told that I was going to be placed in observation and if it got overcrowded that MY HUSBAND wouldn't be able to stay with me. I was in the observation area for about 2 hours, and my husband was able to stay with me. The ARNP finally came to tell me my results, and discharged me. Overall I will not go back to this Florida Hospital location due to the lack of professionalism and bedside manner. If I am a patient with extreme pain and have a possible bone infection in my legs I DO NOT want to be seen by an NURSE PRACTITIONER!!!! I will not be returning to this location in the future, and I advise the same to you!

angelina acosta

Those animals let me whit no medication for more than six hours and intimidated me because I made a complaint and I left the hospital because they treated me like a animal that hospital have a problem and they not have medicine on their pharmacy you have to bring your and they charge to Medicare to much and this is taxpayers money bunch of criminals.

Rita Gutierrez Loeding

This hospital continues to be one of the best in the area. Our family has had multiple visits and each time during our visits- ER, tests, three surgeries. We have had friendly staff, clean rooms, professional treatment. A unexpected visit to ANY hospital is not enjoyable but we have received professional treatment from knowledgeable medical staff.

Randolph Hanna

The worst service and longest wait of any hospital anywhere.

Bernice Mathis

it. was ok i had stork. 1yr ago i enjoyed. my stay thet was good. to. me


Excellent customer service and Dr's w a great bedside manor

Alberto Torres

Dr Ajaz Afzal was arrested for beating his wife, leaving this review until this is addressed.

Hilde Paulsen

My daughter was there in 2012 with clostridium, have never felt so save in a hospital before.

Heriberto Zayas

(Translated by Google) The attention is pleasant, human warmth I recommend it. (Original) La atención es grata,calor humano lo recomiendo.

Leo Murphy

My experience could not have been better. All of the staff were professional but friendly. I have been in healthcare for 46 years, I know good care when I see it.

Joshua Ruff

Went to visit my grandmother , asked the nurse for an update on the status of my grandmother's health. Was instantly met with a horrible attitude, non-personal skills, and completely rude responses. Simply asking for an update on a loved ones health shouldn't be that big of a deal. In this case, the Nurse acted as if I was bothering her. Therefore, this location Kissimmee is probably the worst experience with hospitals that I've ever had. I would have chosen less than 1 star, but unfortunately that is not an option. HIRE CARING INDIVIDUALS FOR YOUR STAFF

Rafael Reyes

Honestly, what's there to say? It's a hospital. I've only gone a handful amount of times, but the most I can say about this place is inconsistent. I went twice due to heart related issues and both times, they seemed to be more concerned with getting my insurance information than helping me. The second time I walked in (which was about a year later), they performed various tests on me that was never done the first time I walked in. Not sure how good I feel about that...

tom stacey

I was here today my wife was being treated the nurse cut her leg two times with scissors I took a picture of the injury the nurse Chris started yelling at me saying I can't take picture of her leg then got the charge nurse Haley . Haley then chewed me out so I gave he'll back at them they got security told me to leave three security officers charged at me in the parking lot they trespassed me and my wife because they lied to the police .The police took their side over ours when we did nothing wrong and my wife never got treated for her injury thanks to the nurses and security .They got things coming to them legally these employees don't care about patients they like to hurt someone or kill them this is the fourth time employees have done wrong to us .They better learn the constitution of the 1st amendment right and anyone can video record take picture of a injury that happened by employees in the room !!!

Lymari Arroyo

I went to this ER because I had broken two fingertips bones. They didn't know how to treat me. The PA want me to be admitted, transfer in ambulance and leave one night in Downtown facility. I just because of the money. I sign out a release of care and went to ORMC Orlando Health facility. I just loose my time over there and ending paying a copay for nothing. Never going back

Yomar Torres

Worth hospital to suck they don't help you die before they help u

Eimy Otero

Don't go to the ER. Try to make the trip to a different hospital. Staff does not care about anything.

viviam rivera

I recently visited Kissimmee ER twice in less than 24hrs. I was told that they had done everything they could to help me but I insisted I didn't want to leave because I was suffering an excruciating pain and my face was getting so swollen.. I never had any test I

Oficina Rampergi

My dad went to the ER with a numb arm. No insurance. They performed every kind of test on him to make sure hes ok, heart tests, CT scans etc. He was very pleased with his treatment....very nice staff. They dont care if you have insurance or not, they will take care of you no Qs asked.

Alex Holm

So I had an abscess that needed to be drained. With out any pain meds or numbing they the nurse practitioner no doctor still went ahead and cut me and then said a few very unprofessional things. They wanted to admit me and I did not. Never ever should you entrust this hospital for care.

Traci Klepack

I see all these bad reviews, but I just returned from the er with back and sciatica pain and couldn't have been treated any better. From the moment I walked in, everyone was very kind and compassionate. The nurse, Bernadette, and Dr Lina, were amazing. They gave me the pain relief I needed, which is already starting to help some, and scripts for the next couple weeks, and also a referral to a pain management center. 5 stars for their service, care and compassion.

Leticia Ayala

Horrible experience. My husband was bought in by ambulance due to a fall and a seizure, they had no ER rooms available he was on a bed in the hallway for 5 hours they even did his ekg in the hallway. When he finally got admitted there was no call light nurse botton it was missing. No bedside tray table. They forgot him for every meal daily. When they did bring him a tray on the last day it didn’t match what he ordered and it had no drink. They transferred him to another hospital for an MRI and waited for ever for the transfer. then they did an EEG on his brain for seizure activity 4 Days later. They waited so long to do it. It showed nothing. We also didn’t see a doctor before they discharged him. We also never got the results of the EEG or MRI before discharge we were told to get the Medical record copies in 4 Days. The doctor called to discharged him and didn’t come in we left with so many unanswered questions. The charge nurse Melissa in the CDU department was rude and very unprofessional. I had asked to speak to a patient advocate to make a formal complaint and no one ever got back to me. We will never come back

Courtney Davis

We are on vacation and after looking at the reviews & debating on whether or not to come here, I'm so glad we did. As soon as we got there, we sat down for 2 minutes and got called back to triage and then immediately we were taken back to our room. The PA Hannah, was just amazing. Took the time to listen to me and seemed very concerned about me & my daughter. Our RN Ken was by far amazing as well, me & my daughter needed IVs, other hospitals has tramatized me and he did awesome. I couldnt have thanked them enough for the patiences given & how quickly they were tending to us. We also had to move rooms & our 2 RNs were great too. Thank yall for the wonderful experience that I was definitely hesitant about. ♡

Edgar Velez

Slow service, dirty bathrooms, no room available in the ER. They left my son on a bed placed in the hall way waiting because they said there were short of personnel they could not use all rooms available. They did not offer blankets or a pillow and when we asked for hel left us waiting but we could hear nurses were telling jokes.(2/5/17 6am). Floors were dirty and my wife was not able to use the bathroom due to the filthy conditions it was on. This place was good in the past but I would not come back.

Anibal Santiago

No room available at the ER for a kid of 5 years old, and wasn't full of patient, too bad, been here 5 times before and never happened. Nenvwr again

Velez D'Alejandro

(Translated by Google) My mother it was for a pain. They set out pills. Next ... an invoice of more than $ 1,000.00 (still having medical coverage). I called for a payment agreement, because it is a widow and receives the minimum social security. They sent us an agreement to pay $ 303.00, and I paid. But they sent another invoice. Take my mother for a pain. He was prescribed some pills. Then came an invoice of more than $ 1,000.00 (still having medical coverage). I called for a payment agreement, since she is a widow and only receives the minimum social security. To summarize ... they sent me a letter with an agreement to pay $ 303.00, and I paid them. You may believe that after the payment I made, you are being charged again. (Original) My mother it was for a pain. They prescribed a pills. Next... an invoice of more than $ 1,000.00 (still having medical coverage). I called for a payment agreement, because she is a widow and receives the minimum social security. They sent us an agreement to pay $ 303.00, and I paid. But they sent another invoice. Lleve a mi madre por un dolor. Le recetaron unas pastillitas. Luego vino una factura de más de $1,000.00 (aún teniendo cobertura médica). Llamé para un acuerdo de pago, ya que ella es viuda y sólo recibe el mínimo de seguro social. Para resumir... me enviaron una carta con un acuerdo a pagar $303.00, y los pagué. Pueden creer que luego del pago que hice, le están volviendo a cobrar.

Maria Rodriguez

My second hm. This hospital and the staff have always treated me and my family members. Great.

Nichole Arguello

I was a little nervous to take my daughter here after seeing 3 stars, but I'm glad I didn't let that deter me. From the moment we walked into the ER, nothing but great great great efficient care from everyone. THANK YOU and God bless Florida Hospital.

Candan Ergun

I really love it good hospital

Shelby Finch

I went there around 5pm and got in around 7 which really was crapy. Once I got I a room and settled in the doctor's were the best. They were so nice, gentle, they kept up good conversations. Was fantastic. Thank you guys so much for helping me and making me feel like part of your group

Judi Tougas

This is for the person who the service and wait time here is bad. The worst Hospital in Osceola County is Osceola Regional Medical Center . Kissimmee The last time I was there I waited 12 hours in ER to get a room with the walls lined up with patients waiting to be seen. There are a few good nurses but not to many. Came in @ 6PM and did not get anything to eat till 6PM that nite. I have live here for over 23 years and all it does is get worse. I came here and was treated like a human being. Never will I go to Osceola Regional Medical Center.

Denisse Serrano

there is no professionalism in the worker starting from the doctor and anding whith the nurse's sorry to say but not good at all

Maryam Ali

Great hospital

Carlos Figueroa

Been here several times to the emergNcy room with my dad. We are always attended very quickly and with lots of kindness.

Heather Sample

My dad recently had surgery and was supposed to stay overnight I got a call from Florida Hospital at in the afternoon telling me that this was Florida Hospital and that my father was ready to come home I come to get him from Sanford I get there he's not supposed to leave you supposed to be staying overnight and it was just a big big mess that hospital needs to have better communication than what they have nobody should be calling anybody unless the doctor tells him to the doctor had no clue that anybody had called he didn't know until I showed up mad because I had to drive from Sanford to to Kissimmee when I was supposed to come the next day

Roger Frotten

My mom got great service. Came in with a lot of pain. Diagnosed gallbladder, prepped for surgery Bing, bam boom. All done and almost ready to go home.

Svitlana Stoyko

I was coming with my sister in Thanksgiving night. How was front desk very nice, and cooperation. I spent less then 10 minutes to finish all paper work and doctor checking her very fast. It's best place ever i see in my lifeThanks . Because i have experience with other emergency hospitals like celebration and Kissimmee regional medical center. I waiting 3 hours .

Steve Moore

It was okay

Ramesh Ragbir

If I could give it less I would. This god forsaken place needs help. How do I walk into an EMERGENCY ROOM and have to wait 4 1/2 hours to be seen. Avoid this hospital at all costs!

rebecca pagan

The bedside manner that staff show to the patients and the families is horrible. Lack of respect and Compassion, the one word thrown around here Compassion- well no one here at Kissimmee has it. Even if you are a follow co-worker no Compassion what’s so ever. It’s Sad but very true. My poor son waiting for 7 hours for care. This is ridiculous!!!! The nerve to tell me how bad his symptoms are but he has been off his IV for the past 5 hours. Then everyone passes the buck around here. No one can give you a straight answer. Knowing that the patients are NPO they are walking around with plates full of food?? I mean really.... next I will definitely make the 45 min drive to Orlando. Much much better place

pinina matcab

My husband JC works here ,very nice place,good service and excellent employers,


Went in with severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic and was treated with kindness and care in the ER- its was almost 2pm and my nurse at the time Olga, would not take her lunch until I was taken care of. When admitted and taken to my room, the same. The staff is educated, caring and diligent in what needed to be done to me. I have been to Dr Philips Hospital & Orlando Regional either as an Outpatient or for the care of a family member and they defiantly need training from FL Hospital Kissimmee. Thank you so very much for all you did for me.

Rosemarie Richter

Medical staff was great. Next day when I was more awake from procedure went through my paperwork. I received the wrong final report, not so good. Called back outpatient services they are looking for my final report.

Helen Chase

We went in after the doctor that started treating my husband's foot with a twisted and torn ligament stopped treating him because of his insurance change. The staff was great, very understanding, most compassionate to our needs. Although there were many people in the ER, as is usual in most ER's, they kept the lines moving constantly so one person didn't sit and wait for hours in any one area. The doctor removed the boot and just told him to take it easy on that boot as well as giving him some relief for his discomfort which the treating doctor just would never do. He is now doing so much better thanks to Florida Hospital Kissimmee!!

Jaicee Gonzalez

I spent a week in ICU , and it wasn't for the staff and amazing employees I don't what I'd do. They made me feel taken care of, safe, and that everything is going to be okay.

Iomy Anaya

Amazing service

Anfal Alkandari

They r really wonderful, the whole staff starting from the reception members to the nurses & the doctor

Soleil Fernandez

A friendly hospital and a truly caring hospital. The Times we come to this hospital my spouse is treated with great care. We love it here.

Dan Graiber

I went here for lumbar massive pain do to post surgical fusion. They gave me a shot of Valium and a script of 800mg ibuprofen. What the heck is ibuprofen going to do to cut the pain down? Even my surgeon told them to prescribe a pain narcotic. What MORONS!

88impervious alchemy

If you wanna wait till your body just gets mad and heals it self then this is the place to come!!! U will wait till u heal ur own self im leaving !!!! Came in with asthma hours ago and now its gone ! Had horrible headaches and chest pain and never got seen for hours i got hear at 3:30 am

marlene knoepfler

I've been here for 3 days and I've had no problems or issues.. the Dr. Listened. The nurses smiled and was prompt the aids were so compassionate .. and they literally saved my life. Thank you so much already. Xoxoxo

Sharon Bonilla

STAY AWAY! My mom was here for 6 days. She called the nurse WHO NEVER CAME and as a result she ended up trying to walk to go to the restroom FALLING and HITTING her HEAD! They would leave her unattended with NO WATER, the nurses clearly wouldn’t make their rounds and you can see the lack of care and incompetence they display. If their were was a negative Star that’s exactly what I would give them! I had to pull her out of this hospital because she was worst than what she came in, and to top it all off they never did an MRI until I decided to pull her out! All of a sudden they were concerned with her well being! Oh please, your staff is the worst I’ve ever seen and I will never have anyone that I care for go to this so called Hospital “. That surely is a title you don’t deserve!

Da Fhantam

Nobody wanted to kiss me in this hospital. Shame.

laura estevez

I was just in the ER a couple of days ago and was treated great i waited about an hour before i saw the doctor and right away he had test and lab ran on me and i was given the medication i needed and sent home all went well and my nurse was the best!!!!

Jeanette Ramirez

When I stay in any Hospital in FL, I try to be the best patient ever I do not give the nurses or the doctors a hard time. The Florida Hospital of Kissimmee was the worst experience stay I encounter. I was extremely disappointed when they kept telling me that I was ready to go home and they did not let me come home, it was always an excuse I felt that the only professional person there is Dr. Esat & her staff, and Dr. Delgado.I will try never to enter this hospital again.

love yourself

(Translated by Google) The quality of the medical staff nurses assistants is excellent. In the end it is the most important thing. (Original) La calidad del personal medico enfermeras ayudantes es excelente. Al final es lo mas importante.

Amanda Rosado

Waited 3 hours which was honestly expected from a hospital because they always take forever but what really gave them this bad review was the rude ass service. Now, i wont speak for every employee at this hospital but almost every single one i encountered when i went was so rude. They don't make you feel comfortable, they talk to you like you're dumb, they act like they are being forced to treat you. Like nobody told you to get into this profession mama. Anyways, terrible service, i def won't be back

Luz Colón

(Translated by Google) Is that not a star deserve, but force to choose at least a couple to post the comment. The worst hospital that can exist in Kissimmee and nearby areas. Your staff, and I dare say most, do not pay attention to the patient. My mother was held for ten days. We had to pay attention to everything, his blood pressure, sugar levels, serum, sleeves, chest patches, because the staff, both in the intensive unit and in the unit that precedes it, did not pay attention . I had monitors, but none activated, and nobody came to the room to see what was happening. Finally, to make the story short, they discharged her without being ready, at four o'clock she returns to the emergency room. Three days later it was cadaver. They did not give her the attention she needed. He went on a cardiac arrest, and even with the monitors, nobody sent to the room. My father realized that she was no longer breathing, ran screaming to the service table, and then the code was activated. And the rest is history, three hours later it was gone forever. And so, many more stories about this hospital. Do not take your loved ones to this hospital, they are mediocre. And yes, there is a demand in the process of leaving. (Original) Es que ni una estrella merecen, pero obligan a elegir al menos una par poder publicar el comentario. El peor hospital que pueda existir en Kissimmee y areas cercanas. Su personal, y me atrevo decir la mayoria, no prestan atención al paciente. Mi madre estuvo recluida por diez días. Teníamos que estar pendiente a todo, su presión arterial, los niveles de azucar, el suero, la mangas, los parches en el pecho, porque el personal, tanto en la unidad de intensivo como en la unidad que antecede a esta, no prestaban atención. Tenia monitores, pero ninguno se activaba, y nadie venia a la habitación para ver que pasaba. En fin, para hacer la historia corta, la dieron de alta sin estar lista, a las cuatro horas regresa a la sala de emergencias. Tres días después era cadaver. No le dieron la atención que ella necesitaba. Se fue en un paro cardiaco, y aun con los monitores, nadie correo a la habitación. Mi padre se dio cuenta de que ella ya no respiraba, corrio gritando a la mesa de servicio, y entonces el código se activo. Y lo demás es historia, tres horas después se fue para siempre. Y así, muchas historias mas sobre este hospital. No lleven a sus seres amados a este hospital, son unos mediocres. Y si, hay una demanda en proceso de salir.

Liza Picorelli

Im at the ER with the incredible back pain.. And the nurse said they ll give me something for my back so I can go to a specialist. And its being more than an hour.. Literally crying for the pain and they left me seated in a Room. I asked three times now if they gonna do something for me or not.. And I being ignored. If I would know this.. Shouldnt come here for emergency. First they say gonna give me steroids. Now they give me some pain killers that doesn't do nothing for my nerves spasm.

Its Simgii

Best service in Kissimmee. Great staff and quick!

Jami Eyth

This is the worst hospital I have ever been too! I came in with chest pain. The ER staff was ok not the best since they didn’t know how to communicate. When I did get a room the staff there were horrible!! I waited almost 30 min in my room to get hooked up. The charge nurse came into say I didn’t know you were here. Then another 30 for her to come back to hook me back up to machines. Told her I was in pain and would like some pain medicine. Said ok and she would be back in a few minutes. I waited 15 min no nurse. I went up to desk to see where she was. Front desk said she was in a “huddle”. I asked what this was said it was a meeting the nurses have to review patients. I then asked if another nurse could give me pain meds they said no and told me to wait until my nurse gets done with her “huddle” in about 15 min”. All the the nurses were rude, incompetent and lacked any compassion whatsoever. I would have to wait at least 45 min to get pain medicine when I asked for it. The biggest event was when I got a CT scan with contrast on my heart. It took them over 12 hrs to tell me the results. The nurses told me they called several times for results but no one was giving them answers. When I asked the another nurse and the Dr. why it took so long the nurse said” it normally doesn’t take this long we are still trying to figure it out even with the population we serve the low income and homeless it doesn’t take this long”. The doctor said tests came back fine but still couldn’t tell me what was wrong said to follow up with my dr. Why in the world would you make me stay in the hospital for so long? Because I have insurance bottom line!! Please don’t take anyone here. After I was told I was discharged about 10 min later the nurse came back and said “this tells you how tired I am. I forgot to have you sign your discharge paperwork! The MOST terrible hospital I have ever been to. I will be calling HR this morning no excuse for how I was treated.

Ernesto Rodriguez

What an awful hospital. My grandmother has terminal cancer and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance for anxiety and agitation. She spent 1 hour and 40 minutes on a bed in the hallway, without any medication! When I approached the nurse about why my grandmother had not been given medication, her response was "she has only been here for 30 minutes". A nurse next to her proceeded to correct her and supported what I was saying about her being in the ER for an 1 hour and 40 minutes. My grandmother was admitted into the hospital and spent the entire night waiting for the doctor to put an order for medication to be given. The night nurse was called more than 5 times and she took an hour to respond to the calls. If you have a family member that is dying, DO NOT COME TO THIS HOSPITAL! This is not how you want to see your family member in their final moments of life. You want them to be at peace and to have the proper care that they deserve. This hospital needs a review of customer service with all of their nurses and a training of timely responsiveness with their Doctors. You can tell that the hospital is understaffed and although they are continuing to bill for medical expenses they are not putting the monetary resources into the right departments. What good is it to have a beautiful building if your medical staff does not take care of their patients?

David Swain

I went into emergency room thinking I had a broken ankle. I explained the pain, etc. They gave me an x-ray and crutches and a cloth brace and sent me on my way. The pain never went away and after 2 months I saw another doctor who figured out it was gout in a few minutes. I got over $3,000 worth of bills from the two hour emergency room and insurance didn't cover it. These guys are crooks. They even charged me for things that never happened like giving me pamphlets in spanish which I can't even read. They charged me several dollars for an aspirin that I was never given. I don't trust these doctors at all. It's a big scam to rake in money and over charge the insurance agencies. Only go here if you have lost a limb or something, go anyplace else you can find, even a vet would be better.

geydys barroso

(Translated by Google) I was last night for a car accident, since they called me to take my vital signs, to enter a room they spent more than 2 hours, they took me to make x-rays walking when I could have had fractures, my urine was for pleasure because they never checked it, and they did not take blood or do anything, only 2 pain pills and nothing else, because of my experience, terrible hospital and treatment, because the nurse who accompanied me until the x-ray is a rude, and then Tube I went back alone and did not know where I was going, thank God it will take me for the x rays I took it and it was the one that told me to live for days with pain, because neither the nurses nor the doctor never told me anything , Thank you. (Original) Yo fui anoche por un accidente d carro, desde q me llamaron para tomarme los signos vitales, a entrar a un cuarto pasaron más d 2 horas, me llevaron a hacerme rayos x caminando cuando podía haber tenido fracturas, mi orina fue por gusto por q nunca la chequearon, y ni me sacaron sangre ni hicieron nada, sólo 2 pastillas para el dolor y más nada, por mi experiencia, pésimo hospital y trato, por q el enfermero q me acompañó hasta los rayos x es un grosero, y después Tube q regresar sola y no sabía ni para donde hiba, gracias a dios la demorará d los rayos x me llevo y fue la q me dijo q viva a estar par d días con dolor, por q ni los enfermeros ni el doctor nunca me dijeron nada, gracias.

Jordan Rivera

This is a hospital that cares I love fl hospital

Laura Marina Rivera

Worst hospital I have ever been to. Some of the nurses are nice. The others are rude. Its dirty. And make you share a tiny room with an other patient... horrible. Never coming back

PositiveEnergy DrawingRelaxTime

Terrible service, I will be getting an attorney

Yan Reyes

I went to the hospital because I was having chest pain and other symptoms. The lady at the check in desk was awesome but after that. ...The nurse at the vitals area was in a rush and too busy with whatever else she was doing. When they put me in a room in less than ten minutes they assigned 4 different nurses and none of them took a few minutes to check what the nurse before did, so thank God I was conscious. But my last drop was employee who came to the room while I was laying down with chest pain, headache and shortness of breath and ask me if I have insurance and I answered NO, she inmeadiately told me that the minimum down payment for the visit was $200 and how I was going to pay cash or credit? I told her that I didn't have that amount. ..Her reaction took everything on my veins for me not to be rude. I will NEVER recommend this hospital to anyone. Kudos to the lady at front desk (I wish I knew her name) and shame on the billing department employee (also wish knew her name). So if you don't have insurance be prepared to either pay or receive the surprise of your life...

Mari Marrero

Absolute worse hospital in the state of Florida. Went in with extreme pelvic pain barely able to walk. They did an Xray, and came back and told me I have muscle problems and they cant help me i should probably see a specialist. No blood work, no ultrasound, no care in the world that i can hardly walk. Do not go to this place unless you wanna waste time and money. They take people's pain and health as a joke.

Victor R Baradit

..good nurses..bad doctor in the ER

Luis Cartagena

I hate hospitals but this location was great i was admitted a few days ago. They went above and beyond they made me fill at ease from the ER to the day i was discharged. They accommodate me as well as my service animal. My admitting doctor was very good (sorry can't remember his name). The nurses were great as well. THANK YOU.

Ruth Anderson

On the 24th of October I was cutting the hedges with the electric trimmers and cut into 2 of my finger on my right hand. I scream, then called my husband. He said he would be there in 8 mins. Then I wrapped it up in ice and waited. He drove to St. Cloud and there was a hour wait and 30 people there. I said no! Drove me to the Florida Hospital and there were 7 people there and I waited 5 mins to see someone. They assessed my fingers and rewrapped them. There were about 5 interns around me. I waited about 20 mins and was taken into a room. A doctor came in and said yes you will need stitches then left. Saw him 1 min. Then a Intern doctor came in Audrey Fitzpatrick and said I would need some numbing before she could stitch me up. I had a ring on that finger and one of the nurses did a trick to get it off. It worked. She was an awesome nurse. She stayed with me while it numbed up and 7 stitches later I was good to go. The nurse and intern doctor were awesome!!! I have recommended this ER to others. I will come back again if needed. My husband has since got me some special gloves for me when working in the yard.

sam zad

Yesterday ,I was in the hospital :I have law back pain .the nurse practice Lena trait me no nice .she didn't do anything no blood work.she give me ibruphon and something for spasm and I told her before I came I did take ibruphon and med for spasm .I think she didn't like me.i told her I have 3 days with pain and deep anlyse ,i explained to her I did use ibruphon 800 mg and spasm med but is not working with me .at the fin she give no nice face and prescription with ibruphon 600mg and med for spasm.she trait me with no respect .she is nurse practice her name is Lina bajraktar.Now I still with pain I have to call the doctor and wait for opointement with this pain.for me this bad experience.

Daisy Velez

I've been here since 1:48am. Its 12:56pm. and still waiting for test results.!!

rangel molina

The young lady who picked up the phone calls doesn’t know anything. They transferred me 4 different times and they never know what’s going on. I keep telling my mom to go to Arnold Palmer

Gigi Abbey

This hospital is a joke go for a knee problem and they put me in the hall way where all the sick people are walking around exposing me to god knows what. Have me wait for 3 hours in the hallway with people that have god knows what, to tell me to go home and bend my knee oh and that was the one thing that i told them i could not do with out extreme pain

Jennifer Llibre

I dont like that is the worst hospital ever.. I went to emergency room for long time with a pain in my left legs and only i come out with Tylenol.. finally one time they found my leg is broke and send me a note explain it and say come back, i did and i say good no more pain , i went and they again check me and say i dont have nothing in my leg and give me Tylenol for pain.. really

Senthil kumar

Such a Worst Hospital. i literally seen a doctor race through even in attending the patient. my younger one was injured, went there almost after 3 hrs waiting on emergency taken to the doctor. i was in Hallway7. he saw us and moved back to H13 and following, never came forward to attend. My kids almost went into deep sleep. after complain, one of the nurse said she will ask Dr to attend us next. I never seen such a bad attitude dr in Hospital environment. I just walked our with no hope with the Doctor Treatment. God Bless him with great mind.

Sandy Sandoz

(Nicole Harding) she's a practitioner with terrible attitude i asked for samples being that i have no insurance and she was sarcastic about it and said, "this is not a pharmacy this is a hospital " . all she had to say was they no longer give out samples due to "osha law", not get sarcastic some people are not fit to be in the medical field they're just in it for the money . if you have no compassion towards others then you should consider doing something else. If you get her as a physicians assistant good luck because she's grumpy.

Madeline Hernandez

I was admitted was in icu in a coma they treated me and my family with the utter most care even though at the time I had no insurance I was even on kidney diayalis it didn't matter they treated me when I finally woke up these people from the doctors nurses housekeeping nutritionist all were happy genuinely some even cried. I'm proud to say this hospital and all who work there made me feel like royalty and my family there is no better hospital and thanks to them I have insurance they took very good care of me there and at home they gifted me a wheelchair a nurse for home care my iv's the list is endless and my physical therapy at the hospital that crew is penamenol as I said my list of this hospital is endless I will always recommend then

Craig Dahl

My mother inlaw is currently a patient. We can not thank this hospital enough. The entire staff we have encountered from the doctors to the scribes are incredibly kind and patient. They take into consideration all aspects of their patients needs. They are all on the same page with each other which can be confusing to the family when you get different answers, but not here, they all know what is involved with their patient and treatment. They also take into consideration the family & what they are going through. Kindness & bedside manner goes a long way & at AdventHealth Kissimmee, its miles and miles. We are eternally grateful.

Sara darh

Worse place ever, never see a doctor always a PA, why charge me full price if I'm not seeing a doctor? Rude and wait time is awful cause all the employees busy on their phones or chatting...

Carlton Boyd

Nice hospital but they rush out to fast people should have The right to stay if they or not feeling well why rush them out?

Giovanny Duran

Bad experience especially with doctors they rush Patients with not even asking how they feel

Pablo Molina Mendoza

Very slow service and patient care It is the 2nd time I come to this Hospital and the same thing happens more than 2 hours for the Doctor to see the child Maybe they also charge money for the time of waiting for the doctor.

Shaunda Drum

I'm visiting from out of town for my son who had a big surgery at Nemours. Right before leaving home I found out I had gallbladder disease and one night at the Ronald McDonalds house accidently ate some spicy rice only one bite and the next morning was in excruciating pain! This hospital was the worst ER I've ever been to!! I got poked 8 times for an IV and 7 viles of blood drawn and they tried poking me an 9th time for more blood that failed so I had to REFUSE to let them poke me again. The nurse I had gave me dirty looks from the moment she walked in my room. And when I was taken to my ultrasound I was made to hold my own IV bag needless to say it didn't work because anyone who's in the medical field knows it has to be above you to work properly! The only reason I left my son at the hospital was because his nurse asked me to!! I'd rather deal with the pain and/or die from my condition then to be treated like a dog at a vets office! I've had LOTS of experiences with hospitals and ERs but this place was by far THE WORST EVER

Diana Mashni

If I can rate this hospital a zero I would. My sister went into the hospital with contractions and was ready to go into labor, but when the doctors came they were confused and did not know what to do. The nurses don't know what they're doing they even gave the newborn antibiotics even though their primary pediatrician told them not to and that it was not needed and that he was healthy. I literally told them to never go back to this hospital I can not ever trust these doctors or nurses. This hospital is the biggest scam!

Eglis Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) My mom admitted with heart problems. The response was so quick. That my mom was rushed to Florida Hospital in Orlando by helicopter. With recovery response 100%. Thanks to Florida Hospital. My MAMA returned to be born. Thanks is little. They are wonderful and professional. (Original) Mi mama ingreso con problemas del corazon. Fue tan rapida la respuesta. Que mi mama fue trasladada urgentemente Hospital Florida en Orlando en helicoptero. Con respuesta de recuperacion 100%. Gracias al Florida Hospital. Mi MAMA volvio ha nacer. Gracias es poco. Son maravillosos y profesionales.

Yaritza Velez

(Translated by Google) Last Thursday my husband suffered a stroke and on Friday coming out of visiting my husband in the hospital corridor my daughter falls, she had a double fracture in her left leg. To put plaster had to cut his pants. The attention was excellent for both my daughter and my husband. On Tuesday, my husband suffered a second stroke and today two people from the rehabilitation team came to my husband's room (Chelsea) to bring him new pants (which they cut) and a card signed by everyone. It was a beautiful gesture that made me cry and they even embraced me. The attentions with my husband have been excellent and with my family too. The doctors and nurses are very attentive and explain all the procedures clearly. I love service, empathy and the environment. Everything very clean and watch over the needs of my husband. The nurses are very kind Susan, Rita, Faith, Marjorie, Donna, Esteban, Yanara, Dr. Husain, the neurologist among others who do not remember their names (Original) El pasado jueves mi esposo sufrió un stroke y viernes saliendo de visitar a mi esposo en el pasillo del hospital mi hija se cae, se hizo la fractura doble en su pierna izquierda. Para ponerle yeso tuvieron que cortar su pantalón. La atención fue excelente tanto para mi hija como para mi esposo. El martes mi esposo sufrió un segundo stroke y hoy llegaron a la habitación de mi esposo dos personas del equipo de rehabilitación una de ellas (Chelsea) para traerle un pantalón nuevo (por el que cortaron) y una tarjeta firmada por todos. Fue un hermoso gesto que me hizo llorar y hasta me abrazaron. Las atenciones con mi esposo han sido excelentes y con mi familia también. Los médicos y enfermeras son muy atentas y explican todo los procedimientos con claridad. Amo el servicio, la empatía y el ambiente. Todo muy limpio y velan por las necesidades de mi esposo. Las enfermeras son muy amables Susan, Rita,Faith,Marjorie,Donna,Esteban,Yanara, Dr. Husain, la neurologa entre otros que no recuerdo sus nombres

Ashlie Almodóvar

(Translated by Google) I give a star for the fact that it is necessary to leave a comment. I took my son Saturday for a congestion and a serious cough. At the beginning when I arrived, they did not want to give him therapies and treated him as if he had nothing. They decided to give him a medicine (mixed with apple juice unnecessarily) with a syringe. I do not lie when the nurse abruptly wanted to give medicine to my two-year-old son, who injured one of her front teeth. I realized what had happened and asked that they treat him more calmly. They did not prescribe any type of medication for the house. Since Saturday I have verified the tooth to my son and the same stroke was put on GRAY COLOR. I go now to your pediatrician to explain what happened. (Original) Doy una estrella por el hecho de que es necesario para dejar un comentario. Llevé a mi hijo el sábado por una congestión y una tos grave. Al principio cuando llegué no quisieron darle terapias y lo trataban como si no tuviera nada. Decidieron darle una medicina (mezclada con jugo de manzana innecesariamente) con una jeringuilla bucal. No miento cuando la enfermera bruscamente al querer darle la medicina a mi hijo de dos añitos le lastimó uno de sus dientitos frontales. Me di cuenta de lo sucedido y pedi que lo trataran mas con calma. No le recetaron ningun tipo de medicamentos para la casa. Desde el sabado le he verificado el diente a mi hijo y del mismo golpe se le puso COLOR GRIS. Voy ahora a donde su pediatra a explicarle lo sucedido.

jennifer Lugo

Worse hospital I have ever been to I get into the room and they take the blood do the labs and then while I am in CTscan they take my stuff and place me in a Waiting for Results room where I am on an IV and still in pain and no one checks on you. These nurses don’t care they have me waiting for my results not ask me if I need something or anything I am leaving this place and going to another hospital makes me feel like they don’t know what they are doing and don’t care if you die if your here.

Lily Mayas

The wait time is inaccurate. The website says 29 minutes, we have been here for over an hour and we still haven't seen a triage nurse.

delianne chacon

Horrible hospital! Don't waste your time going here. They have the worst service.

Astrid Pagan

Worst experience ever! From emergency room to the surgery department. I wouldn’t recommend taking any loved one there! Ever! slow service, dirty emergency rooms, doctors are terrible, nurses are overworked.

yesenia cañizalez

El peor de los servicios y la espera es lo más horrible .El peor hospital de kissimmee. The worst hospital in kissimmee and the wait time omg horrible horrible service they should close this location if they are not there for the community 100 percent .

Evelyn Lopez

Just left ER disappointed with treatment.....the doctor...if in fact the person I saw is a doctor didn't even introduce herself...I was so sick asked for a cup of water never got it.....I even too out my own I've and got dressed without anyone caring DR. PHILLIPS HOSPITAL KNOWS HOW TO TREAT PEOPLE. IT'S WHERE MY HUSBAND GOES....AND IT WHERE I WILL GO FROM NOW ON. Even Florida hospital East treats people better....I am aware there were more serious cases than mine...but I wouldn't go to the emergency room where I have to pay a co pay if I didn't think I was sick enough

RR Anduxar

Nurses were great and very polite, but the rest of the staff was rude. So rude that they truly seemed to put forth an effort to make it look like I was making up my symptoms, which made me super uncomfortable. Had my primary doctor not called and spoken directly to the PA ( not expect a real doctor to see you in the ER) they might not have run all the tests they ran. You see, it was my primary doctor who told me to go to the ER ASAP, and so I did. Don't expect the name of any PA or Doctor to be in the paperwork, especially if they were purposely rude. The manager at the front said that no name was written on form because the doctor who oversees the PA was not the one who saw me and also they don't write names of PAs because of "privacy". The manager must have thought that I was uneducated. So let me get this...If there is a malpractice done in the ER the patient doesn't even know the names of those who did it? Everyone there wears their badges backwards so you don't even get a name. They can internally cover their tracks and this is a very dangerous way of practicing medicine. BE CAREFUL ABOUT THIS! ASK TO SEE THEIR BADGE. Long story short I had three infections going on, a fibroma that needed follow up since I had been bleeding for 16 days and was on warfarin due to a dvt etc. My issues were serious enough to pay a visit to the ER. I was not there for fun! Who likes having to wait four hours while in pain? No one! I was given IV antibiotics and I feel that had it not been for my primary physician who was calling them to check up on my status, the skeptic attitude of the Physician's Assistant would have caused her to become even more limited in terms of my medical care. I asked for no pain narcotics (because they make me very sick) and the one Tylenol was brought in hours after I had been lying there in pain. The PA was just rude in her demeanor. Almost as if it was a bother to hear someone complain of pain. Then when some of the tests came back negative ( although I had several infections and a UTI) she even made me feel worst about my pain complaint with her tone and demeanor. Like she was skeptic about my symptoms. My 18 year old daughter was with me and asked, " What in the world is her problem?" Even she noticed the rudeness in tone and behavior. The hospital upstairs might be better quality, but the ER Department needs a better system and the administration definitely could benefit from reading these reviews and having a serious talk with their ER PAs and Doctors. If they are burned out in their careers and go to work behaving like all patients are full of bs thus show a lack of interest in the patient, then quit and find a more suitable job that does not involve dealing directly with people. You cannot complain because according to several nurses who came to me that night, due to one complaint that I launched against a staff member (this was a month ago at ANOTHER hospital) who attempted to insert a mid line after the cable had dropped to the floor which was bloody from two previous attempt to get it in (he never changed the wire which I knew had to be sterile), I was being blacklisted. The staff did not know exactly the reason for the report, but I knew right away who it was and why. That person (staff with dirty midline) threatened me and told me that if I EVER filed a complaint that he had the power to ruin my medical record. Whether this is true or not, I have no clue. I just pray that this is NOT something that Florida Hospital staff practices because it truly can cost someone their life. UPDATE: I was given a referral to an oncologist. Apparently what I have is far more serious and I require specialized attention. THIS is why behavior like this coming from staff is DANGEROUS. Although I agree that there are people who abuse the system, hospital staff SHOULD not be influenced by the written account (which could be very motivated by a mistake they made as they try to cover it up) of someone who did not have good intentions. Lives matter and that is why hospital staff is there. They have a job to do.

Jonathan Ortiz

Entered emergency room at 5:00 am on 3/3/2019. Put on ivy and a "no food or drink diet" so I can be ready for test. It is now 6:00 pm on 3/4/2019, 37 hours later, and still no GI doctor to order test or to consult me! This is insane. Stay away. None of the nurses show a sense of urgency or care that I have been here so long without proper care. At 7:00 after getting a little more upset with the situation, my nurse then called the GI doctor several times until she finally answered stating she is off today and to call the on call doctor. The whole time my file was sent to a GI doctor that was "off"! Now she transferred my file to the on call doctor. I am guessing I will be waiting another 36 hours to be treated!

Erick Feliciano

Doctor was going to discharge my mother today 6/5/2018. The nurses came in the room and told my mom she had to take these anabiotic meds by IV before leaving . My mother is allergic too those meds. My mom declined the meds so the nurses told the doctor and the doctor said my mom will now have to wait another day to see her before discharged. I had to call the hospital and speak with nurses that kept disconnecting the calls on me and on my sisters when they tried calling the hospital. We spoke with nurse Brunei that was in charge on the 2nd floor date 6/5/2018 3pm there was another nurse by the name of Karen. I don't understand why a doctor or nurse will attempt to inject a patient with meds that will give a patient allergic reactions that can result in deaths.

salina pistone

Early early this morning at around 4am, I had to rush my five year old to the ER . What started as a small cough festered into , vomiting , fever, achy hands., rash and very sore throat . We are in Kissimmee on a small getaway from Ocala. So as you can imagine this is a major bummer for my daughter and the whole family. Every single person we came is contact with was AMAZING. They were very very quick and made sure that my little girl was comfortable and happy . Such a breath of fresh air to go to an ER where you don’t real like a burden .

Manny Rios

This hospital is awful. I went there one day. They took my vitals and told me to wait in the waiting room. 2 hrs later I still haven't been called to see a doctor. So we told the people in the front desk we were leaving. Went to dr Phillips hospital and was taken care of and seen by a dr in less than 30 min. 6 months later I get a bill for almost $300. From florida hospital in Kissimmee for reading my vitals. Really? I called the billing department and they verified the bill was for taking my temperature and reading my vitals. Unbelievable, thank goodness I never saw a doctor I probably would have gotten a bill for 10 thousand. Amazing. Never will go there again. Almost 300 to read my vitals. I'll probably report this one to the news.

Arlene Caraballo

The worst hospital care for a child everything went well til the APRN saw my grandson and asked a couple of questions then asked for meds he was on and didn't care to follow up with me in regards to the meds he was taking, i fell that was really unprofessional on her behalf, and i totally understand how hectic a emergency room can get but every patient deserves a complete and satisfying attention. What if what she prescribed has a effect with what he is already taking? THIS WAS THE KISSIMMEE ADVENTHEALTH .

Yolanda Melendez

Always treat my daughter soon good

Keilan Williams

Doctors here believe in cutting someone open and not sewing them back together. So in other words no stitches just a big ass cut mark on your body. Please don’t go here. You can’t even fight to get not one person to understand why leaving a open wound on any part of someone’s body isn’t right.

Patricia Daniels

Ample parking, Staff professional & friendly. Excellent outpatient Imaging center

Kenia Matias

(Translated by Google) Emergency room should be called the movie theater, I went with my son with a chest pain and spent more than two hours and they did not attend me, I complained later I left, there was so much my helplessness that I looked back and the employees the only thing they did was laugh Total, I want to tell you that I made the difference. Seek help at another hospital Orlando Health, apart from that its employees are friendly, the cleanliness is impeccable, I don't know why I went to that hospital. (Original) Sala de emergencia deberían llamarla sala de cine, fui con mi hijo con un dolor de pecho y pase más de dos hora y no me atendieron, reclame luego me fui, fue tantas mi impotencia que mire hacia tras y los empleados lo unico que hicieron fue reírse Total le quiero decir que yo hice la diferencia busque ayuda en otro hospital orlando health, a parte de que sus empleados son amable la limpieza es impecable,no se por que fui a ese hospital la emergencia es una mi...

Kenneth Egholm

We received very professional and polite help. After having read some of the not so positive reviews we were kind of scared to go, but that was totally unnecessary.

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