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REVIEWS OF AdventHealth Heart of Florida ER IN Florida

Lauren Kendall

Excellent hospital. I had a nice and quick visit. Staff was very kind.

Nikki Lee

Was referred by the Urgent Care Clinic STAT for abnormal heart EKG. The Intake Nurse had a friend visit while taking my information. Then finally after going back to the room, I explained my symptoms and informed the doctor about my lengthy health issues. He said the only reason for my heart to have any calcium deposits around it was that I was a IV drug addict. First and foremost never would consider doing drugs let alone use IV drugs. Then said heart palpitations are normal every day. Treated me as I was there to get something. Then received the release papers from the nurse and she put wrong medications on the list. They found nothing wrong me and I should find a family doctor since I am new to the area. I was referred there and would've never waisted time. I overheard them saying they mixing up the paperwork since the ER doctor was new. I wouldn't trust them ever! They seemed more worried about collecting the copays than anything else.

Donna Felder

This hospital is horrible!!! The nurses and some of the MD’s in the ER are RUDE, UNCARING, & UNSYMPATHETIC!!!! I have been inpatient for 4 days and I had to complain for my sheets to be changed on my bed! Housekeeping never came- my floors were dirty, sheet had holes in it, bathroom was NEVER cleaned, No tissue for hands and no hand sanitizer!!! The nurses are never at the station, they are slow responding to your request. One of the techs lied and said she changed the linens on the bed. My discharge is taking more than 3 hours and my MD has left the discharge information from YESTERDAY!!!! Not to mention my blood pressure was 173/103 twice in the middle of the night- I complained of feeling sick but No HTN meds came until 10AM!! THIS HOSPITAL NEED NEW MGMT AND REVAMP THE NURSING STAFF!! Maybe they will do their jobs if it’s in jeopardy!!! P.S. I forgot to mention I was forced to have a MRI I kept saying I DID NOT WANT!!!! Sincerely, Angry Patient

Jim harrison

Bad place to go the rooms are not private and the nursing staff is very inconsiderate. Rooms are so small the nurses bump into each other when trying to help two patients at the same time. Try to avoid going there.

Gerald Bluett

I would not let this poor excuse for a hospital treat my dog. Totally incompetent form the janitor to the ownership. Both my wife and I have had horrible experiences there and we are now in discussions with an attorney to file a lawsuit against them. I took my wife there with chest pain and the had us sitting around the E.R. for over 3 hours. The only thing they did was ask some questions and take her blood pressure. We left and went to another hospital where she was treated right away and admitted. Heart of Florida has the nerve to send us a bill for $800. Needless to say they won't be getting a dime from us. This hospital needs to be shut down and the owners should be prosecuted for trying to imitate doctors.

Danielle Nelson

Don’t even deserve a star!! Took my 11 month old here last night with a 104.1 fever and all they did was give her Tylenol which is cool!!! But the dumb doctor kept saying I want to hear her cough I’m going to keep her here for a few hours so I can hear her cough than he walked out and then I did not see him again for another two or three hours and than when he did come back he said again I wanna hear her cough, I said if you’d stay for 10 minutes you’d hear here than again he’d leave!! All the nurse did was sit on her BUTT the whole five hours whittling her fingers the other nurse sitting next to her was playing on his phone with earbuds in his ears this happen for five hours straight after 5 1/2 hours of not getting any answers nor any help we walk out as leaving the nurse says oh you’re leaving and I said yeah because all you’ve done is sit on your butt the whole entire time and been no help she just shrugs her shoulders! I take her to her doctor today and she has a double ear infection . Go figure!!! I don’t recommend this hospital to anyone go somewhere else!!! All these doctors and nurses care about is their paycheck and not their patients!!

Alex Hernandez

You can count with 1 hand the number of skilled, professional nurses. The other 50 don't know nothing, they don't answer questions, they don't pass notes from one shift to the other and once 5 pm comes no one is avilable. No doctors, case workers, no info. No customer service. If your looking for an "oh well" attitude this is the hospital to use.

Amarilis Gonzalez

Great experience delivering my baby girl and staying at the hospital!! All the staff was very friendly and helpful, especially the nurse Julissa who was my great support in the labor and delivery of my baby. She was very attentive, patient and has great knowledge in the area. Thank you all for everything!!

Paula Grimes

Staff don't seem to care for patients. Dad only got bathed when they were doing test. His room was dirty(floor had needle caps all over). We started bathing and changing him. Their so called valet service sucks big time. It was around 9pm when I left the 2nd floor ICU. TEXTED for my car. Said car was being brought up. Security finally gives me my keys and said "your car is out there". Sent me off without offering to take me to my car. I parked myself after that.

Alondra Maldonado

Honestly I don’t even know why they are in business. This is the third time I have came here and nothing is ever resolved they diagnose people based off ‘opinions’ instead of actually completing testing to find the underlining issue. If you’re not dying or bleeding out to death find another ER. It’ll save time , money, and potentially your health.

Sam Quinn

I brought my wife in to the ER after midnight. No one was at the front desk, just a sign that asked you to fill out an information form attached to a clip board... We did and took a seat and waited. My wife was bleeding but had to wait for the ER woman to come back from her break to process her. The ER worker would not process the form into I took it off the clip board and placed it in her basket. The woman had a bad attitude and looked unhappy about working the late shift. I worked over 25 years for The American Red Cross delivering blood to hospital ER’s after hours, so I have seen hundreds of them and meet their staff. This ER was not clean, out dated and the staff was rude. There was trash, and old tube TV turned up full blast that looked like it was about to come down off it bracket. I wanted to get my wife to another hospital but she was bleeding so we processed through to get a poorly trained ER doctor with zero personality that stop my wife’s bleeding but almost injured her in the process. I would rank Heart of Florida Hospital near third world so if you can make it to another hospital, please do so. Please note this was our ER experience so we really did not see any of the other parts of the hospital but if the ER is bad, I am assuming the rest cannot be any good.

Roger Peck

I was nervous, as I am sure most people are when they go in for surgery. From the admission process to my departure, my hospital stay was outstanding. The staff in the surgical center were informative, took the time to listen and made sure I was comfortable. After surgery, I was taken to my room and the care was equally outstanding where the nursing staff was on top of my care made sure I was comfortable. Only area that could use some attention was their meal service, but I wasn't there for the food and would highly recommend this hospital to anyone.

tammy harrington

This is the worst hospital in the world. We were traveling and my son cut his hand. It was bleeding and we waited in the ER waiting room for 3 and a half hours. They did nothing. The “Andy Griffin” looking registrar guy in the ER did nothing but chase people down and drag them back in the waiting. After losing blood for 4 hours with a deep cut, we walked out. “Andy” chased us down and said there was a $700 charge for sitting in the waiting wait. The only triage that he received was they took his blood pressure asked his height and weight and said “Have a seat in the waiting room” the triage nurse never looked at the cut or the amount of blood he was losing. We went to a fire department and they treated it till we could drive to Lakeland.

Ken Hassell

Both Dr and nursing staff were amazing. Best care I have received at any hospital here or in Orlando.

Adonis Zapata

Terrible service! The waiting time is to much! If you have a real emergency don't go right there!!!!

Giovanni Fuller

My Mother was recently there for her knee replacement surgery. All staff members, we dealt with were the utmost professionals that seemed to genuinely care for my mother’s well being. I believe the staff went above and beyond to ensure that my mother’s stay at the hospital was comfortable and that all her needs were met. A BIG Thank you to all the staff that played a role in my mother’s care, but a special THANK YOU to Nurse JOHN.

Jose Velasquez

Went to see a coworker, since I work in the same field. I noticed at the entry way lack of curb appeal, rooms don't look well. The walls were scuffed up, empty wall anchors, staffing a bit rugget, nurse picked up food plate with the same set of gloves in which she picked up a food plate to warm up in the Micro wave. Complete violation of infection control. Staff isn't or don't feel compassionate with patient nor guest. Very unhappy with the appearance and Staff.

DRight Left

I see a lot of bad reviews about the emergency room service. But my experience on the maternity section was excellent. The doctor that did the labor, the anesteciologist and all the nurses were very kind and professional all the time. If you are going to have a baby go there, you will not regret it.

Air Stream

Our family has had a positive experience here. We visited both the ER and 2 different imaging areas. We were treated quickly and efficiently during all 3 visits. The staff was friendly. The ER doctor was amazing.

Daria Banas

I was recently in the hospital it get my right hip done the staff and the theory apartments are great and Dr Manaswi is the best they all went out of their way to help me Leah and Rena and James And Margette and margaritas stand out I would use Heart of Florida again and would tell others about this hospital and the Doctors

Mark Johnson

Epically Zenith!!!!!!! I received "Magnum Opus" treatment. Dr. Messiah and his office staff were stellar. The Davenport Florida team @ Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center are "top drawer". Marianne Leahman and her team of nurses, nurse assistants, physical therapists, CNA's, food service and case managers far exceeded my expectations of service. Dr. Messiah's style of care is authentic and transparent. He incorporates the skill and profession of doctoring with spiritual compassion resulting in a profoundly cathartic experience.

Marianela Pimentel

There are no words to describe how please I'm with the service. Excellent doctors, staff and facility. Thank you for saving my dad's life and made our time there easier.

Lori Wilson

I took my husband here and was very pleased with the way everyone treated us. They were all very caring and nice. When you have a situation that requires an ER visit, it's great to know you will be in such good hands.

Jennifer Spielvogel

From the moment we stepped foot through the doors in the ER the staff was on top of things and organized... Dr Perez And Dr Rahhal are the VERY Best and I would recommend this Hospital and especially the drs. To everyone and anyone. Thank you for being so compassionate and thorough. You all are Fantastic!!!!

Rob Hay

I have been here before and the care has always been good. My doctor sees me every day and let's me know what is to be expected. The nurses are all very good. I would recommend this hospital to all my friends and family.

Britt Haynsworth

I went downstairs to go to the vending machines, they tried to drag me back to my room... When I refused and said this is America and i had that right, they called the police and forced me back to my room... This isn't America any more, you got the money to buy sleazeball lawyers, you can make your own laws... Make America Great, my A$$..? d;-{>

Gilka Martinez

Worse HOSPITAL experience of my life! I went to the hospital yesterday after my fiancé got back from work! I’ve been feeling sick all week and finally decided to go in. I usually go to ORMC, but I didn’t feel like driving the 45 mins. So I get there and use the computer to sign in, after waiting about 10 mins (not bad at all) they call me for vitals and to check what’s wrong, the nurse then tells me the wait time is about 2 hours, okay no problem that’s normal I don’t mind I’ll wait! Fast forward 2 hours later I’m in pain can’t even move I ask the hey how much longer they state you have 8 people ahead of you so it might be a little longer, I wait and wait NO ONE is being called in, everyone starts leaving, people tell me how they already been waiting for 7 hours and they are at a breaking point. Well to make the story short I waited from 6pm-2am to be called to be called in. I was crying in pain waiting for 7 hours to just get called ! So finally I’m in a room to wait 1 hour for the doctor to finally come in and ask what’s wrong, then another hour to get my test done. Overall I left the hospital at 5am!! That is 11 HOURS later! I have never experienced that in my life. What makes me even more mad is that the staff didn’t even care to be kind enough to let us know anything, no updates, they didn’t check up on us, just left us there. Then I ask for a simple blanket and they proceed to tell me we don’t have any sorry! Like WHAT?!?!?! Never again going to The HEART OF FLORIDA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER. I’d rather drive the 45 mins and go to ORMC.

Robert Dewitt

This hospital is a complete waste of time. Went here on several occasions to try and fix a kidney/ureter stone that was causing tons of blood in my urine. Was told by the attending that "they don't have the equipment" to do the surgical work. Such liars. You get fast tracked for anything here. Don't waste your time. If you even make it to admission, most rooms have two beds in them anyway (so you get stuck with a stranger)... Most nurses here are rude and do not care for your well-being. This hospital only cares about money! Not to mention that the waiting times are normally anywhere between 2 to 4 hours no matter when you go.


My wife had been there a year and 1/2 ago and had an operation, the surgeon could not have been better, gave us his personal cell # to call once she was released etc. The nursing staff, in general was beyond horrible, rude and so on. This trip the nurses were 100% better. Her day shift nurse Gwen was beyond outstanding. Overall, they have a way to go but major improvements have been made.

Lesley Taylor

Had a CT scan here in October. The staff were so caring and took wonderful care of me.

Yaritza Colon

Well, Doctor amazing, RN amazing .. but the Ladie Miss Gale needs to work how to talk to the people,She say is ilegal to take a video or picture to the ultrasound of my daughter, because is in emergency area . She needs to work on how to say things in a professional way, and since we we’re talking spanish my impresión is that she doesnt like latinos. How come is your baby and you can’t see the monitor or take a picture to have memories of the baby ... This is the first time i see this in the hospital ... Always you can see the monitor and take video or picture. I know about this because i am study medicine. Thanks you Doctor and RN .... work with this ladie... If this is a rules tell the people before and in a good way...

Carie Aguilar

I had a stress test and a Ecco test done on Monday. The ladies was great . They told me what they was doing the whole time.

Jarred Lovell

I highly recommend this medical center. They have very experienced Doctors and Nurses and their entire staff is friendly. Just walking through the hospital has positive energy and friendly faces. They are focused on providing the best quality of care and they truly care about their patients. They also do a lot for the surrounding community. A great group of people!

Lindsey Quinn

The staff has seen my grandmother several times for both preventative treatment and emergency care throughout the past 5 years. They failed to find her very advanced stomach cancer due to lack of proper examination and proper ordering by her providers. Very sad that the large tumor they could not seem to find is now inoperable. All of the positive reviews on here are clearly posted by their newly bought company Advent Health who is trying to improve it’s reputation. Don’t be fooled.

Kimberly Perea Figueroa

I went there today and i had the worst experience there. My privacy was violated since i was treated at the waiting area . i went there with a sprain ancle my xray were taken at the table in the waiting area thats was it no more test no pain medication nothing. I cant put any weight on that feet they did nothing the doctor came saying my foot was not broken from thw hallway i made a report with the house supervisor but i dont think they wiññ tske it seriously

Taylor Benoit

My husband and I came down to Florida from our home in New England to visit my grandparents who are come down here for 2 months each year. My grandfather started violently shaking, sweating, and vomiting last night. He has a history of some serious medical problems so we rushed him to the ER. They got him in quickly and I thought that we were off to a great start. Well, that is where it ends. Over the course of 4 hours they did a full workup on him, with very little information on what was happening. They finally said that they think they spotted some pneumonia on his chest X-ray and they’d need to keep him overnight. They promised he’d be given a room and a bed upstairs. My husband, grandma, and I went home to go to bed. When we woke up this morning we found out that my grandfather did not receive a room and a bed until almost 6 this morning, nor had a doctor been in to see him since 3am. He was feeling much better and his vital signs were good so he wanted some answers and to get out of there. A doctor did not come to see him until 1:30pm....that is almost a full 12 hours from the last time a doctor came to see him. The doctor told him everything looked good and he would be discharged (apparently he just had severe dehydration). It is now 6pm, he is still sitting in a hospital bed, needles in his arms, and he has yet to be discharged. There is zero sense of urgency in this hospital, and nobody seems to have any answers. We come from New England, where healthcare is top notch and the patients are a priority, this hospital could learn a thing or two from them. Finally, the worst of this, is that 3 different people told my grandpa if he left against their will he would have to pay out of pocket because insurance wouldn’t cover it. That is a blatant lie, and if any doctor every tries to tell you that they are being dishonest with you. We even called the insurance company to confirm that, and they assured us it would be covered even if my grandpa left on his own. Stay away from this place.

Anita Baird

I have been here a few times. Nurses are great. Docters are great I had Dr Zeiman and Dr Carillo. they are wonderful docters. my room was clean and was cleaned everyday. Bed could have been changed more. food could be better but not as bad as i had in Jamaca. I think this is one of the best hospitals I have been in and they are trying to make it better.

Ahmed Benali

The Heart Of Florida Hospital is a joke. The hospital from inside looks like an old gas station in a deserted road. I regret I went there. ER nurse does not speak English. My wife asked her, what language do you speak; she told her inighlichhh . Dr was OK. The administration do not know how to spell a name I had to write it for them.

John Gilson

I thoroughly HATE this hospital. Second time I ended up going here hoping to have a better experience, I was way wrong, it was even worse. Right off the bat the ER check in COLD non responsive. Gasping for air, they could care less. An hour later when I did get to triage there was a dead roach on the floor. The doctor that treated me Michael McHale was very inconsistent. I told him I felt dehydrated and my body was cramping up from head to toe. He told me "drink some water". So I asked the nurse for water and later I felt even worse. Michael then tells me "water isn't going to help, you need electrolytes, you need to drink Gatorade". At this point I was in severe pain and he tells me "you don't even have a fever". This was absolutely not true. I left the house with 101 fever and after he discharged me feeling worse than when I got there when I got home I had a fever of 101. He writes me a few prescriptions and than leaves before they are explained to me. And when I had questions about one of the meds the nurse had no clue. On the way out there was a vending machine with Gatorade so I bought one. Drank it when I got home and a little while later the cramping was much better. They sent me home in severe pain, feeling dizzy and I told them I didn't feel safe driving when alls they had to do in the least was give me a $2 bottle of Gatorade! You would think they could have been bothered enough to give me an IV of fluid, but in this place there is neither health nor care one bit. "Come back if it gets worse" Um, I'm going to go out in the lobby and turn around and check right back in!

Nicole S

After reading all of the negative reviews, I was very nervous for my grandpa to get his one replacement here. But the experience we had was the complete opposite of what I thought we'd have. We had issues with his insurance on the day of surgery. But that was taken care of within an hour. The nurse he had was a bit grumpy, but it was whatever, we laughed about it. Everyone else was great from there on out. He was in recovery for quite a while. And we were up in his room waiting for him to come up. The nurses on floor 4 were all very nice and polite. And according to my grandpa, the food wasnt too bad. Discharge didn't take all day, and were were out withing 2 hours.

aldis playland

On the date of service, I arrived at the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center Emergency Room (ER), located in Davenport Florida, suffering from flu symptoms. I immediately registered with the ER receptionist and stated that I am suffering from flu symptoms and I am at the ER seeking a flu test. I was placed in an ER patient bed and was met by the attending ER nurse. I restated that I suffered from flu symptoms and that I was at the ER to receive the flu test and prescription for flu medication. Subsequently, an ER attending physician, came to me and stated that it appears that I am suffering from the flu and that the ER will carry out a test to confirm it. The attending ER physician did not detail the test or manner of its administration. Following the attending ER physician visit, I needed to use the restroom, as I was being helped by my husband to the nearest restroom, two ER staff appeared from what looked like a radiology room and requested that I accompany them for a CAT scan. I was perplexed by the request and did not know why a CAT scan would be ordered for a flu test, a swab. After I returned to my assigned ER bed, a flurry of activities ensued. A series of painful blood draws, an EKG test and chest X-rays. I remained confused about the course of the tests which continued to include ALL ER capabilities less the flu swab test. Finally, the attending ER nurse administered a nasal swab and collected samples for analysis related to the flu test. All the CDC approved influenza testing methods refer to a 'swab' based test (see…). A while later the attending ER physician came to state that yes, I have the flu as confirmed by the swab test. I was given prescriptions for medications and my two-hour visit to the ER ended. I received the first of the billing statements from the ER with pre-insurance total charges of $17,279.82. I immediately contacted my insurance carrier to report what I deemed as a very bad case of abuse by a medical provider to the medical insurance I carried. Upon receipt of the ER second statement, I contacted the ER billing office to state that I considered the procedures administered to me at my ER visit, were fraudulent practices as the ER abused my medical insurance. It is obvious that aside from the ridiculous initial charges made for the services that distilled down to administering a swab test for the flu, the ER excessive testing was simply and only driven by GREED not patient care. I strongly believe that the ER simply trampled my Patient Rights and used my pain due to the flu to maximize its profit from my visit. I am just reassured that health insurance fraud is still alive and well and the swamp seems to have more evil beasts in it.

Crystal Doty

We had a horrible experience at this hospital. We were on vacation and unfortunately our 2 month old became ill. I have worked in healthcare for over 10 years and could not believe the way things were handled. First of all when you walk into the ER there is a computer that everyone gets registered on. Talk about disgusting and unsanitary. EVERYONE has to touch the mouse with absolutely no hand sanitizer in sight. Since we were from out of town we had no idea how things worked. I feel when you are working in a hospital setting so close to tourist areas there should be someone to greet you and explain how things work. I had lots of questions. After waiting almost an hour I decided to ask about the whole process. The triage part was a complete waste of time. The nurse was very rude and as she was checking my baby's temperature said "this is not my thing" what?!?! You are a nurse. That is your job. We were sent back out to the waiting area and waited an additional hour. During this time I saw so many things. A lady passed out on the way to the restroom. There was no urgency with the staff. They all took their sweet time assisting her. I also witnessed an older lady who had walked in complaining of chest pain, shortness of breathe and dizziness. They asked her if she had registered. The little old lady said she wasn't good with computers and felt horrible. They told her to sit down and someone would be with her shortly

Thomas Wilson

Fast service and friendly.

Belinda Crowley

My elderly father came through the ER. with a broken hip. The staff was very attentive to our needs and wants. They took good care of my parents. Carol B. and David B. was Awesome!!.. They listen to our concerns and kept us informed until moved out of their care. Carol B

Jeff Daniels

My father had heart pains so was rushed to Heart of Florida. When they got him into the ER, he went into cardiac arrest and was convulsing. My Brother and Mother were there when one of the nurses made the comment "At least he will have strong abs and laughed". Also, before we knew of the details of heart damage I spoke to one of the doctors. I mentioned that I was hopeful he could recover. He laughed out loud and said unlikely but yeah I hope so. The hospital should be called Heartless of Florida.

Ann Maggard

Not clean. Leaky faucets. Building not maintained well. Not impressed with some staff. Most nurses are great and very nice. Not impressed with some of the doctors. Will not come back if my primary agrees. Needs to be more clean.

Diana Vickery

I needed up at this hospital while visiting Florida. It was the BEST hospital I have ever been in. And I have been in plenty.the nurses and doctors were beyond amazing and took fantastic care of me.leslie and Michele thank you both so much! You both were the best ever! Dr. Patel thank you for being there!

Jorge Armely

I was at the Hospital with my daughter, the male nurse that take care her at the arrival was great, but after the shift change pass 7 pm, the female nurse was the nasty person you can meet, i told her that my daughter was evacuating after a nasty constipation, and she told me that she was going to be in there in just a minute. To make a long history short, we was the one cleaning her after making poo-poo in bed. She never show up, then a lady next room ash a question and she was nice and take care her immediately with a big smile in her face. Maybe we can qualify for a bill discount, been a second class citizen. They all need to watch Discovery Channel program ER, so they can learn how to treat peoples at Emerg. Room


Came here to visit my grandma.....and I have nothing but good things to say about this place.This hospital is quite clean and my grandmother’s room was absolutely spotless! My grandma doesn’t speak the best of English but the staff here are very patient with her. My grandmother usually goes to the Advent Health hospital in Winter park and Lake UnderHill. It is her fist time at this hospital and the staff have been nothing but good to her! I just found out that Advent Health purchased this hospital a few days ago. I’m sure that this hospital will get better with time. It’s not the most luxurious hospital but they do a good job at taking care of their patients.

Gyo Santi

Among other that stood out was when a nurse is on lunch there is no one to fill the responsibilities. So you have to wait to recieve any treatment or medicine. NOT COOL.

Stephen Siegenthal

The nursing staff sucked dalrine didnt introduce her self when she first came in. I was eating a piece of bread and it made my stomach cramp and when i told her she didnt reply or ask anything about it just walked out

Dylan Campbell

My mom had a bad heart attack and this was the closest place to where she was at. They decided it was a good idea to put a stent in her only good arterie. Thankfully there are other hospitals close so they could go somewhere else for the rest. I Would never recommend the "Heart of Florida Vet hospital"

Florence Witte

Patient was in er for 8 hours and still didn't get into a room. The next morning he was in icu incubated and sedated. Was unresponsive to commands. He was talkative on Monday, unresponsive on Tuesday, never recovered from a lung infection that his primary doctor should have treated weeks before. ppo's and hmo's are a waste.

Robert Chaney

I had a total hip replacement on 8/8/18. From the moment I checked into the hospital at 5:30 am, until I was discharged the following day...EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!!! Every staff member I came in contact with was not only knowledgeable, but seemed to genuinely care about making me as comfortable as possible. It has now been 3 weeks since my surgery, and I am walking 2 miles with no pain! THANK YOU DR. MANASWI!!! You are not only an excellent surgeon but an awesome person. If I ever need my other hip replaced (or my knees), I'll be back to see Dr. Manaswi at the Heart of Florida Hospital!

Baja Jessopp

Very nice and approachable. Took my baby there around 1am and there was about a 5 minute wait. Nice and quiet. Didn't take long for the Doctor to see us and provide us with my baby's scripts. Staff were very pleasant.

Nicolle MacAulay

ER looked disgusting, not something you want to see when your seeking medical attention. I just left and went to Celebration Hospital.

Tay Sed

My mom fell and broke her hip on Tuesday evening and was taken to Heart if Florida Hospital. Every single hospitalist, nurse and care staff were absolutely excellent; however, their care was overshadowed by the specialists (I.e. cardiologists and ortho). They were completely heartless and incompetent. All day Wednesday she laid flat on her back in pain and was NPO pending surgery while we waited for the cardiologist clearance. Someone from cardiology finally decided to show up after 6pm. Then we were told since she had to wait so long she would be first on the list on Thursday at 6am only to arrive at the hospital at 5:30 to be told it would be at noon. So FOURTY-THREE hours after admission she finally went in for surgery. I pray no one they love is subjected to that kind of treatment.

steve sargent

My wife was treated for chest pain in the emergency room at the Heart of Florida Hospital recently. She was quickly given an EKG. When that showed an irregularity, other tests were administered (chest x-ray and CAT scan) and it was then decided she should be admitted to the CCU dept. for observation and medications. We feel the treatment in both units was very good and thorough. We especially want to thank RN Jasmine in CCU for the excellent care and attention.

Miss Mia

I was taken care of like at was at home. I suffer from anxiety and needle phobia nurse Angela was amazing and the others nurses from start to finish Ángels. Nurses listened were compassionate, delicate and everything was clean.I had surgery today, came home feeling great and able to write a review. The anesthiologist Dr. Willey explained everything and was pretty cool he was even joking and making me laugh. I got a pd catheter thanks Dr. Rajaram you are the best!!!!

Bobby Manso

Worse hospital in the world i will never go there again u guy have shown heartless personal attitude u in the field medical care n all u care how much money u going to bleed out of me

John Freeman

Jennifer says: My dad was in ICU for weeks. He never came home. He died October 17, 2016. Still having a hard time getting over his death. My dad had a wonderful nurse. She was very kind and loving. Doctors and staff did what they could to keep him alive. Thank you.

A Google User

The care and attention received was far beyond my expectations. Very professional and you are informed of everything that has to do with your care.

Sydney Carter

Most awful hospital ever !!! was hospitalized here for 6 days. The staff doesn't even speak or understand English at all. Every time I needed my meds I had to beg for them and keep calling them a couple days I literally laid there and chattered my teeth in pain because they kept telling me they were coming but I waited 7 hours for them to even bring me something. The food I wouldnt even feed to my dogs. My family had to bring me food. One of the staff asked me and my family is we were Puerto rican and after we said no they all acted completely rude and when they came in the rooms you could tell they were laughing and talking about us. I will never return here again.

Carem Vega Rios

I came to the hospital to the emergency room. The wait in reception was short, they took me quite quickly. The emergency room area was very clean and organized. the employees were very friendly and attentive. Personally it was a good experience.

Nick Montes

Terrible service. No compassion from any of the staff and looked like they barely clean. If you have other options, go elsewhere.

Bob or Diane Armington

I was very impressed with the efficiency of this hospital. Staff was thorough and quickly responsive to my needs. I highly recommend.

Leo Picado

I was here due to my first child been born. As nervous as we were the reception on the first floor didn't make things better. There were semi-nice to us, but as we were checking in and filling paper work there was a man with, I'll say 2 yr old little girl been loud, moving around, sitting up on chair and down from the chair BEEN A TWO YEAR OLD! One of the ladies at the registration shouted to the man the he need to control the girl and to be quiet. He then felt awkward and try to cover the little girl's mouth and do whatever He could to maker stop. Is not about shutting up the girl, is about the way the this lady shouted to the man. After the fact the little girl didn't stop, so the receptionist got on the radio and call for security, WOW security on a 2yr old, funny! I bet if she wouldn't had shouted across the emergency waiting room she would of gotten a better result. Now I have to praise EVERYONE on the 5th floor, labor and delivery. Starting from Ms.Betty and Ms.Carmen were just some of the nurses we got the pleasure on meeting while giving birth. They were outstanding and I would not choose a different hospital in the area to give birth. They took excellent care of my wife and my first born. The wife was in labor for about 24hrs and in the time we had a lot of needs, there was not one thing that they couldn't do for us. They took time to explained everything not once, twice but maybe 30 times. Thank God for nurses like that and to those in the staff who make someone else day special in the delivery and labor. God Bless

Jesus Loves Me

This hospital is a mess... just throw the whole staff and building in the trash. My son has been running a fever for 3 days. The first time we took him to the hospital because of a seizure due to a fever. The doctor said the fever is coming from the redness in his throat and sent my son home!! Sent him home without a prescription for antibiotics. Just said followed I need to follow up with his pediatrician in 3 days. Like are u serious!! Why not give him antibiotics

Brittany Westgate

My review is specific to just walking at the door of the Day Surgery D building. Walking in to wait for my husband's surgery at 530am and there is an attendant present at the desk being a bit abrasive with patients when they first walk when they ask questions. Her attitude improves once she is considered "open". She was nice during registration but think that when dealing with patients and family in stressful situation its important to try to maintain compassion.

Norma Mendez

Recently delivered my 4th baby via C-section at this facility. Great service from beginning to end. Labor and delivery nurses were awesome during my entire stay.

Ms. Tiffany2u

The worst sreve ever. The nurses are walking around ever as if all they can do is babysitting. The charge nurse and supervisor themselves had left for the day.

Kate Merrit

I refuse to give birth here!! I Arrived here at about 1pm to the ER. I asked for socks the moment I arrived and it’s 3:43pm and still no socks. I haven’t seen my nurse in over 45 mins. I’m 6 and a half weeks pregnant and was complaining of sharp chest pains, still haven’t seen my nurse or the doctor. The only time I seen Dr.McHale was him coming to discharge me. The nurse actually stood there arguing back and fourth with me causing my stomach to tighten. I asked for a new nurse shortly after catching an anxiety attack because of her. They had to put me on an oxygen tank. Still no doctor! I had to beg them for a lousy sandwich. I can’t believe this is where my tax dollars are going to. People just aren’t in it for the passion anymore it’s all just a job to those working here at Heart Of Florida. I refuse to go into labor here!!!

Shawn Oliver

We had a great ER experience. Not only was the staff kind and courteous to us and our special needs son, but we were in and out in less than an hour. Also, since it was the middle of the night, they were kind enough to give our son his first dose of antibiotics. Our ER experience couldn’t have been better.

Muñe Max

Very nice facility ,I recently have a family member have a surgery in this hospital. We only have a situation with one nurse,we address the complaint about the problem. Next day everything run great. Thanks to all team doctors, nurses and the cafeteria lady for make our stay great.

Ashleigh Bakker

Terrible hospital. My husband went to the ER for severe swelling in his lip and face around Christmas. The doctor looked at him for 30 seconds and said it was a sinus infection. He didn’t take ANY tests, just said it was a sinus infection and that he’d get an antibiotic shot, pay $500, and be on his way. My husband has since had to see an ENT doctor because the swelling still remained after the ER visit. The ENT took an X Ray and said that there was NO sinus infection and that the hospital should have done an x-ray to confirm their diagnosis of a sinus infection because the x-ray told them right away that there was no sinus infection and ruled that out so they could find out what the real problem was to treat is correctly. Also, the doctor that came in had just gotten done eating something as he walked in with crumbs all over his ill-fitting scrubs. Unprofessional. He said “yeah, if the swelling doesn’t go away come back and see us.” Like everyone should come back and spend $500 for another visit since you didn’t take the extra 20 minutes to actually diagnose the problem correctly the first time?! This hospital is the closest to us, but we will never ever come back here! We will be making our way to Advent Health in Celebration the next time that we need emergency service.

Carlos Reinat

I had a heart attack, they saved my life. Great doctors and nurses .Thanks to all .

Amanda Berg

I wish I could rate this hospital negatively. I could not imagine having a worse experience with the staff here if I tried. The nurses and doctors here did not make an effort to do anything with any sort of efficiency, most evidently when it came to sharing information about my personal tests, medications, and why they were administering them. Communication was almost non-existent and frustrated me to tears at multiple points during my stay. Most annoyingly, when trying to ask for explanation for why I had not received results back, or even why I had waited hours to be discharged, I was always met with confusion and told that there was always two or three more individuals that had to be consulted to answer yes or no questions. When I would finally get to speak with my doctors, they would breeze in and out of the room, staying for no longer than 5 minutes, again, deflecting they had any decision making power, and disappeared for the rest of the day. I would ask for paperwork, be told that it was being filled out, and five hours later, find out that still no orders had been put in for my request. I understand that hospitals a busy places, with staff that have many important jobs to do. But I am left feeling less like I received any medical care for my illness, and more like I was purposely ignored and kept in the dark for as long as possible to rack up a higher bill. Seeing as I am still sitting here, waiting for someone to finally bring me my release papers and, I would definitely say to anyone considering this absolute joke of a hospital, please go somewhere else if you have the means. Do not subject yourself to the frustrations of this place, get quality care and don’t waste your money here.

Vanessa Arr Bur

I was emotionally and physically hurt at this location in the Imaging department. Never in my years have I ever seen such horrible health care like I have experienced in this state! I'm truly upset and the idea of having to deliver here makes me sick to my stomach


Staff was the best...

Beth English

There are only 2 reasons I’m giving this facility 2 stars. 1) they are extremely friendly. Everyone is smiling and seem to “think” they are helping. 2). I do think the Dr found an issue that had been plaguing my father. Time will tell. The negatives: extremely slow and feels like they were milking my dad for revenues. My father was dehydrated and the emt’s suggested this “quiet ER close by”. It’s a freestanding ER right outside the Disney parks (Four Corners ER)owned by Heart of Central When told about 11 pm that he would need to be admitted they said he HAD to go by ambulance to this hospital 20 minutes south of the parks. They said he was not in any kind of urgent situation but needed to be admitted for observation. He did not get to the hospital until 6 hours later. Nothing observing him, no fluids for the dehydration that he had. Ruining 4 people’s opportunity to sleep at all. At the hospital he didn’t see a dr until the afternoon. Late in the day he was told he had something that “may” need to have surgery. And that the surgeon would come by the next day

Tawna Mena

The Hospital Staff has been profesional, knowledgeable, amazing and caring.

precious barfield

I have never left a review like this, but I must say the treatment I received overwhelmed me. This is the only hospital, other than Winnie Palmer, that has floored me with their service. This was amazing from start to finish. The kindness of the staff, nurses, X-ray tech, and doctors was unbelievable. I was moved to tears. I was there was for 4 days. Everyone I encountered was AMAZING. They seemed to genuinely love their jobs and taking care of people. I’ve read some of the other reviews, I don’t doubt there may have been issues. We must understand yes they chose this profession, yes they are obligated to help, yes they should give us the care and information we need in a timely manner. Please don’t allow one person, or doctor to taint your views of this wonderful place. Also remember kindness, compassion and understanding is a TWO WAY STREET. Sometimes we get back what we put out. Anywho, this place is AMAZING!!! Thank you Julie D, Donna, Maria, Dr. Singh and soooo many more on the 2nd floor. You all deserve a Daisy award in my book!!! Signed- Your Biggest Fan

Cindy McKinnis

Staff is rude and unattentive, left in cath lab prep room for 4 hours past schedualed procedure. As disbetic on 3 straight day og fasting, and feel chronic untreated pain and discomfort. Was never informed of anything going on. And when complaint was made there reaction was to give a Valium. So you will be quite and give no issuse. Very unprofessional and uncompationate staff grarding this was a heart procedure!!

xx XX

No stars for this horrible place.I was hurt there by a nurse,which caused a herniated disc.12 hours out of spinal surgery. And that nurse still works there, even though my doctor said they had numerous complaints.Then they tried to get me out of bed and almost passed out from all of the pain. Nurses that do not know how to give IV pain meds, let you get about 4 ft of air in your IV line. And a nursing assistant ripping out a hemovac and says " Oh it will be OK" and get a very large seroma. And now suffer from PTSD from having such a terrifying event. And I'm still dealing with it trying to get the herniated disc fixed. Filed a complaint with their risk management, that is a joke,they protect their own.This is an at your own risk hospital. They care nothing for the patient at all, terrible attitudes they bring are beyond belief. I have worked in the nursing field and never in my life have ever came across anything like this. This is the worst experience I ever had being in a hospital where they are suppose to take care of you. Don't bother to file a complaint with Health Dept. they don't care either.

Melissa Phillips

Do not go here or to lake wales unless you don't want to live.

Stephen Marquez

This place just keeps getting worse and worse. To be fair I see some pretty good doctors here and had very good care while in the hospital. My problems come from on high. They have all my insurance information and apparently only bill some of my costs to the right insurance. I keep having to call them to try and get it straightened out but then more bills show up saying I owe money I don't. So they are sending me to collection for bills they have submitted improperly. To make things even better under their new owners they switched to a different service for all your medical records and doctor contact. Of course they don't have this location hooked up so you can't actually make use of it. To make life even more fun when you get your paperless billing through the old site and you log in all the contact information for them is useless because it has been shut down. Let's make things even more complicated. When you call your doctors office now you are routed to a service that wants to take care of everything. If you get them to connect you to the doctors office you can sit on hold forever not knowing if you are even properly connected. So to summarize: Advent Health has complicated healthcare in Florida to the point where it is worth looking elsewhere for care. You can't easily find your records or make proper contact. It is actually faster and easier for me to get in my car and drive the 15 miles to my doctor just to ask them to refill a prescription. I don't blame the doctors or their staffs, only Advent themselves.

Barbara Lassiter

Before I went in, I heard negative things about Heart of Florida Medical Center; however, I had the best care I have ever had in a hospital. The staff was courteous, caring, friendly, and competent. The food was tasty and the correct temperature: the hot food was hot and cold food was cold. I will be returning for my second knee replacement surgery in late April and have no concerns about the type of care I will receive at Heart of Florida. They are excellent!


I think the emergency department needs a little retouch and care, it's the point of entrance which everyone see's first that lets down all the other departments in the hospital. I was quickly seen by doctors, gynecologist and taken down to have emergency surgery. The care was unbelievable I can't thank them enough, it was a hard time for me and my family, we received so much care and support from everyone. It was so nice and professional. Thank you

Gianna Rivera

Hospitals, all have long waits. But my experience here was very professional and kind. I went right before the night shift started. For a patient, one needs to understand most of these employees stand on their feet more that 12+ hours in their shift. Been kind and courteous to them and thanking them for everything they did for me was what made my time there worth while. My nurses looked very overworked. So, coming up with conversations about there life and family. They were upbeat into helping me get better, it changed their whole perspective. This is where ever you may go in life. Always remember to be kind and cooperative, and respectful, in order to receive the same. We need it nowadays. God Bless!

Donald Martin

Go at your own risk.

Samantha Mount

Been waiting for over three hours if I could rate this place a negative 100 I would. Super slow service billboard says it's a 10min wait it lies. Next time I need a hospital I'm going to Winter Haven they are much faster and nicer people.

Shelisa DuBois

Horrible not come here. Staff does not effectively communicate and keep patients for "observation" when cleared by primary specialists. Fraud!!!

Marlenne Rodriguez

I was supposed to have my first child here but I was sent home because I was a "First time mom" and I didn't know what real contractions were. I walked in there at 31 weeks with strong contractions but I was sent home to take Tylenol. Hours later I went back screaming and a different nurse called an ambulance to have me transferred to the Orlando Hospital because I was clearly going into premature labor. When I got to the other hospital they said if the first hospital would have checked me correctly they would have acknowledged that I was a life or death case. I was having contractions due to pancreatitis, I was hours away from dying and everything could have been avoiding if they would have treated me right. I ended up being in ICU for a month , but luckily in better hands. I do not recommend this hospital to anyone.

Cyndol McNeil

Worse hospital ever. Do not go here!!!!! You are better off driving to a different hospital

Sandi Peterson

I had left total knee replacement last Wed. I am a retired RN. From the preop education class lead by Marianne to discharge, the care by everyone from preop to the 4th floor staff was exceptional! I know I will miss someone, but want to thank Ginny in preop, my wonderful CRNA, recovery room staff, and Paolo, Rena, Patrick,Marguita, as well as Dianna and Chris in PT. Care was professional and attentive to my needs. Marianne came in daily to visit with me to see how care was progressing. Dr Manaswi was my surgeon and I have nothing but praise for his care the year leading up to surgery and thru the surgical intervention. From my husband and I, thank you for a very positive experience!

Kyle Nazzaro

This needs to get out , I was not a patient but what I observed as a visitor was horrifying to see such a place that supposed to be about health and pleasantry be so disrespectful There was Elder woman there who obviously had some mental issues and how they treated her was horrifying to witness very disrespectful you don't treat people like that So the woman had stated that she wanted to speak to the Sheriff's Office about a occurrence that happened with in the hospital room with her doctor she asked for the front desk security guard to call the sheriff's office which he never called. At one point she went outside and the nurses and securities started talking about it the private information that was going on with her where several people who are not affiliated with the hospital could hear other patients and visitors I myself in the people I was with her and everything There was a Spanish girl working registration at one point she asked can I speak to that doctor and she left to go back into the rooms and when the woman when she came out the woman asked can I speak to him she's like yeah I told him you have to give him a minute her attitude and her body language was very unprofessional and rude. People were waiting to be registered and the registration staff was either talking to each other or going through the channels trying to find a football game instead of assisting with someone's health I witnessed it myself from the mail that was behind the registration desk as well as the Spanish female if you have an emergency I suggest you going somewhere else then then health of Florida because they are really not the place to be if you're having an emergency very unprofessional the staff is very disrespectful I myself had a problem with the security guard when I came in it was very rude.

Samantha Browning

This is the worst emergency room you could ever imagine. I went there three times with a broken arm. I was misdiagnosed twice before finally they told me i had a broken arm. One of the times i was there they put me in a bed. As i went to lay my head on the pillow i seen what looked like someone else's snot all over the sheet. I just took my boyfriend of twelve years there as he was screaming in pain for over thirty minutes. The triage nurse was very unprofessional. He said a curse word as he was in extreme pain. She then refused him care. I am very unhappy that he was refused care because he cussed.

Alicia Bienkowski

Nurse was nasty. Doctor misdiagnosed me. Horrible experience.

Alexandra Lopez

This hospital is the worst hospital in history! Everything about this hospital just sucks. I advise you NOT to go here

Glen Griggs

I visited this hospital on the 12th of November. My mother in law was having knee surgery done. We arrived at 5am in the day surgery wing of the hospital. I noticed employees coming in with smiles on their faces greeting one another and also the patients and family members. I thought all the employees seemed so nice for such an early time. The greetings and niceties never stopped. Everywhere we ventured in the hospital we were met with greetings and smiles with answers to every questions. I asked an employee later on about this and she told me that it's part of their culture and is impressed upon they to treat each person with this . They call it AIDET. Aknowledge,Introduce,duration,explanation,thanks. I wish all businesses were run with this type of philosophy. Thank you Heart of Florida for setting such a high standard for others to only wish they could follow.

Pam Lammel

Drs were great. With transition of hospital to Advent. Certain things need to be reviewed. Need faster response when call button pressed. Aids come in and gave to report to nurses what patient needs. Nurses didn't come in right away so patient cant get up. Not sure if short staffed or what. Weekends better than week. Hope Advent can make correction to keep hospital strong. Being close would hate to travel to another hospital.

Pam Cox

Had to come back to er tonight, I am livid my pain is massive, lastnight I was told by er dr I had a urinary tract infection and prescribed meds. Pain didnt get better went back. Tonight they say your fine nothin the matter with you. So which crack pot Dr is right.Never coming here again.

Joanne Markiewicz

I have been going to the radiology department for annual tests since moving to this community. The staff is professional, compassionate and very dedicated. I have never been disappointed in their service delivery and highly recommend this team.

carly gudino

I would rate them negative if that were possible. For starters I was diagnosed for something I don’t have, I waited 2 hours to be seen, and I was there for a total of 3 hours (2 hours waiting plus 1 hour being seen). Finally, I got the bill from the hospital and my insurance was charged $16,000 what in the hell for???? They ran NO tests!!! The doctor asked me a couple of questions and came back with two scripts and for that I’m being charged $16,000?

Lawrence Butler

I gave them one star do to my bad person experiences with this Hospital........I have MS, and visits hospitals at least every 6m......but because of the reputation of this Hospital and my own limited experience.......I go to either TGH or Celebration Hospital. I hope Advent health can save this place.

Allen Joyce

Was there for almost 8 hrs. There are no chairs in the exam rooms if you want to go back with the patient. My insurance company says i have a 150 co pay but they keep harassing me for a bill from a year ago. For about 6 months they didn't aven submit the bill to the ins co. They tried to get the whole amount from me. From what i saw they had only two doctors on call! For the money they charge you should get better service!!! TERRIBLE PLACE !!!

Amanisha Jay

Best hospital and staff and E.M.Ts in Florida!!!

Donald Divilbiss

Be sure that I will never come here again I will die first I am in the Icu bed #4 if you care enough.

Katie Koberlein

Such a friendly and helpful staff. Made my hip replacement a great experience. Would highly recommend this hospital.

Bo Howell

Not impressed with the staff on the 3rd floor. Pushed nurse call button 8 minutes before they responded by phone. Finally it was to late now they have a bed to clean. You would think with the security in this place it would be a good place to be. Maybe there is a reason for such high security.

Kristena Lee

Just came from there, waited for 3 hours 7:30-10:40. I had chills and was freezing they would not allow me to get a blanket and when I finally went up and asked the lady how much longer I had she got an attitude and said i' m "going to fast track which doesn't open until 11" one ever said anything and we could have went to a different hospital if we were going to wait that long.

Nelson R

ER visit was very quick and friendly staff

Belinda Rieger

I recently used the lab for services and they were wonderful. The registration process were easy and I was helped very quickly.

Teresa Thompson

My visit here was great. Everyone on the staff are very knowledgeable and very friendly. Thank you so much for taking care of me.

Melissa Prescott

Obviously a hospital in transition.

karen g

It was a horrible experience. If you can avoid it I would never go there .Husband went in with cardiac issues on Fridayat 9 p.m, the ambulance would not take him to Florida hospital celebration because this hospital was closer to us!!!!. He never saw cardiologist until we raised cane and one came in on Sunday at 3.

Katlyn Schweiss

I can't believe how many horrible ratings there are for this hospital. The hospital, ER staff, and doctors are incredible here! Everyone, and I mean everyone (doctors, nurses, front desks, security, even custodians) are the most kind and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in an ER. They work quickly and efficiently all while being personable with a smile. This is the only ER/Hospital I will attend in central Florida. Lorraine, an ER nurse, was especially thoughtful and treated me with the most respect. She helped me more than any doctor at any other hospital could. Thank you Heart of Florida!

syd lol

the negative reviews on this hospital are 100% not a joke. my grandmother has been sitting in the waiting room for hours, having respiratory issues, due to her emphysema. they put her in a wheelchair and hooked her up to an oxygen machine, but still left her in the lobby. then, after about an hour, my mother asked how long it would be, and they claimed they have no beds whatsoever. if that was the case, why would you not tell someone that when they first came in? this isn’t even the first time this hospital has completely screwed over members of my family, and my mother is watching as people literally leave in groups to go to OTHER hospitals because this one apparently doesn’t know what the word ‘emergency’ is.

frank trokey

Only rated one because it would not let me comment otherwise. My boss went there today via ambulance..they were incompetent. Left her throwing up with xray tech saying she didn't have time for this. She was going to slow getting up. She would not assist patient. PA told her they were too busy too take to bathroom or give tissues to blow nose. To walk herself if she needed to go. Both rails were up and no way out even if she knew where bathroom would be. She peed in vomit tub to avoid humiliation of peeing the bed. Discharged her with an iv still in arm. Iv leads on her chest and blood pressure cuff still on. The iv was removed in parking lot after she still asked. She could have bled out. The leads and cuff was noticed once home. We all took pics and posted at hotel to not go there. When you go in dizzy weak and scared and get told your done and wait in lobby for a ride unable to walk and barefoot. She had to request a wheelchair. Scary this place is open.

Robert Magee

Incompetent and lazy staff. Stay away if possible. I called up and spoke with melinda (supervisor) and shakida(receptionist) and they didnt even know if my brother was a patient at this hospital. They told me he was not there and it turns out he was. When i asked to speak to a higher up they hung up on me. This was not my first expeience like this with them. Please if you have someone you care about who went here and had a similar experience, voice your opinion. Thanks

Kellie Kent

My ex husband was hospitalized here for approximately a week. He does have a very complicated medical condition and lives with chronic pain and frequent infections. He presented to the ER with an obvious infection in his feeding tube and was admitted. While there he had three separate doctors, one general physician, one GI specialist and one infectious disease specialist. None of the three seemed capable of communicating with one another very well. He received two separate CT scans two days in a row. One doctor proceeded to tell him that there was inflammation in his colon. Well, that's impossible since he had his colon removed over a year ago. Throughout his stay he was given conflicting information. One doctor said he wouldn't be able to leave for several days and the other doctor said he'd be able to leave the next day. At one point his IV collapsed and the nurse assigned to him said he'd return to replace it after sticking him three times to get the first one in place. He didn't return until he was making rounds shift change and even then didn't replace the IV, the incoming nurse did. In the mean time he missed doses of two antibiotics and pain medication. Had my daughter who is a nursing student not been with him part of the time I think his care would have been even worse. At one point he was bleeding profusely from the wound in his stomach where the feeding tube was removed and the same nurse was unable to bandage it properly or stop the bleeding. Finally the doctor on call came in and stopped the bleeding using silver nitrate. Apparently he was discharged "on paper" hours prior to him actually being released. As a result, he couldn't receive his pain medication because he was "discharged" yet wasn't allowed to leave to go home where he had pain medication he could take. He ended up removing his own IV after waiting several hours for a student nurse to finally show up to do it after he had been "discharged." Overall this was just a miserable experience and I wouldn't recommend the emergency department or the surgical floor to anyone.

Joan L.

I've had better experiences at this hospital. Not sure if the lack of care and attentiveness has anything to do with the transition to AdventHealth, but on the night I was admitted my nurse did not come to welcome me to the floor or orient me to the room. I did not receive a welcome packet. The tech had an attitude of "I'd rather be somehere else" and it showed. I had no phone in my room for 3 nights. Housekeeping was horrible. They would come and empty the trash every couple of days and neglect the rest of the room. I had to call the housekeeping department to please give my room some attention. When I did call they sounded like they were partying down there and the person who answered the phone asked me if the room was dirty. Really?? I had to ask my bed linens to be changed. Overall, my experience wasn't the best but some of the staff in the nursing department I really appreciated such as Marisol, Ivelisse, Kelly, Joyce, Carlos, Daphne, Hermelinda, and Millicent. I thank these individuals for taking care of me and loving their profession. It takes a special heart to care for the sick. Thanks again.

John Scott

My wife is great abdominal pain. She was diagnosed as having constipation, even though she was having regular bowel movements. It turned out that she had an intestinal infection, that because it was left untreated became an autoimmune disease. Now she will love out the rest of her life in extreme pain taking 10s of thousands of dollars of medications every month. This is one of 3 equally unsettling visits to thier hospital. I would rather die in an ambulance on the way to any other hospital than to put my lofe in the hands of this incompetant staff.

Terry Peterson

I recently had hip replacement surgery. From the woman admitting me, the nurse prepping me, the doctors, the nurses and assistants after surgery, the physical therapist I had superior care!!! The hospital is clean, the staff is super, and I highly recommend this hospital.

Krista Creekmore

If I could give a negative I SO WOULD! I went to the emergency room with chest pains. I was looked at for 10 minutes and was sent to the heart floor for observation where I laid for 6 hours with not one person coming to check on me. The doctor came in and said that my tests were normal and he was sending me home. What tests we said. He said I was supposed to have some tests and they looked normal and that I was just having anxiety. I was appalled and left. I was diagnosed shortly after with having SVT and had to have an ablation. When I received the bill for over $10k, I tried to get it reduced with no avail. I never recevied phone calls back and they insisted I had procedures. My portion was around $900. I refused to pay the full bill and was sued by their collection attorney. I now have to pay the full amount plus court fees. I have NEVER in my life seen such poor service and inflated pricing. This place needs to be shut down. It is taking advantage of the sick. I WILL NEVER GO THERE FOR ANYTHING AGAIN!!! SPARE has been a nightmare! AND nice try with the fake 5 star reviews by your staff!

Saucy Joshy

Come here to full fill your death wish.

Jay __EF

I took my mom, and they told me that everything was covered by her insurance and a couple of day later, she received an invoice that she needs to pay.

Crystal Melvin

Went in for chest pain four 4 days. Keep me overnight and then tried to blame my chest pain and low heart on my thyroids that I had taken out a year ago. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone with any kind of chest pains. Dr. Don't care about anyone all they care about is the money.

Tangee Routon

Horrible experience. Never going back don’t recommend at all. Came in through ambulance from surgery center for chest pain they never checked on me. Waited forever while everyone sat around never got a drink. They Obviously forgot what they went to school for which is to help people and make them comfortable.

Amber Smith

My Dad was just recently here for his knee replacement surgery. The staff was wonderful and went above and beyond in taking care of him. Dr. Manaswi is an excellent doctor for knee replacement surgery. Dad is already talking about having his other knee done here because of how good the staff is at Heart of Florida.

Amelia Herrera

When I went the staff were so busy, I don’t understand why they don’t have more nurse assistants. Every time I needed help they had to rush and go help other patients. I would expect such a big place to hire more people.

Roberta Radloff

I am very surprised at the negative reviews posted here. I have had two out patient surgeries along with several tests in the last two years. All the departments I have dealt with including Bldgs C and D and the surgical area were superb. The staff was friendly, professional and skilled. Before and after each of my surgeries, the staff tried to make me as comfortable as possible. Even during the tests, the staff cared for my comfort. I cannot think of a single negative thing to say about the hospital, the staff or the physicians. I recommend!

maxx McDonald

All the staff I encountered were very helpful and attentive.

M Ve

Do yourself a favor and take the extra time to go to another hospital. You'll be glad you did. The admissions clerk's are so uncaring, no compassion whatsoever, had already diagnosed me before I saw the nurse and told me it would be a 5 hour wait. I'm am screaming and crying in pain, yes I said screaming and crying and all they could say with a straight face is are you checking in. My son turned around and wheeled me out there in a wheelchair and he took me to Celebration Hospital. I was seen right away and tended to right away. I told them what happened at Heart of Florida and they told me they hear that all the time. So to anyone reading this do yourself a favor and go to another hospital.

Paula Girard

I took my husband there for chest pain and pressure and yes he is a heart patient and has had a triple bypass and has a stent. Anyway they did lab work apparently that came back ok but the Dr said he wanted to keep him so they could do a heart Cath to look at his stent. Well this morning my hubby calls me and tells me they are discharging him I asked about the heart Cath he said that they told him that it was up to his heart Dr to do it. Well hello! This is a heart patient and he is having problems so it's your responsibility to do it cause you obviously felt it needed to be done! Don't go to this hospital they obviously only care about the money not the patiemts!!!!! (PaulaG)

Debra Geoghagan

I myself was very satisfied,the E.R. was backed up but when I did get to a floor I was treated like a queen but then you have to consider that I am not a complainer so my visit went really well,appendix surgery Emergency Surgery!

Diane Mullen

I was thrilled with my husband's care from ER to icu. The only reason I'm not leaving a 5 is the Dr ( I call him Dr Doom) who saw my husband this morning. I don't want him near me ever again! Dr. N something or other. Ugh. The second Dr we saw today was amazibg and honest. Dr Patel from yesterday was great and the ER Dr was fabulous. I honestly don't know where we will wind up on this journey through this hospital, but the staff truly care and have been patient with me and caring to my husband. I'm sure he would be gone by now if not for these people. It's early yet but I feel they are doing what they know is going to help!

Stephanie Rigsby

I had an amazing experience duding the birth of our last munchkin. Every single nurse that entered my room answered every question and really took care of me and my family. Amazing experience and I will never go to any other hospital.

Colenthia Wells

If I Could Rate This Place A 0 Star I Would, I Was Literally In Labor And In So Much Pain And They Sent Me Home

Dawn Alden

I hate the fast track. No bed side manner and act like your a bother. I severly need the e.r today but araid id be sent there. Is there a way not to be sent there? But I have to say Dr. boyer and Dr. Sharma are wonderful. Would love to have Dr. Boyer for a reular Doctor

mike zyrowski

Beware of this place my parents were there and said it was very poor.

Tabatha Carver

We came to Florida to visit Disney Land with no kids, instead my mom ended up having a stroke the first day. She ended up being admitted with major surgery on day one of vacation. Leslie was her day time nurse, who is BY FAR the best nurse we have ever had. God truly blessed us with her during our stay. Michelle was her overnight nurse and was amazing as well. We spent our entire vacation week in this hospital, so thankful it was at this one! Leslie made it 100%the best possible experience for us. Leslie is in ICU, short blond hair .... I think there's more than one.

Jo Medina

Took an hour and a half (maybe longer) just to see the nurse to get my vitals. The rest of the time there was just waiting to get my own bed. I was there for 5 hours and finally left went to another hospital. Never will I come here again.

Neetika Kumar

Not at all impressed with the skills of the ER doctor they had, unnecessary x-ray exposure, poor examination skills. We ended up going to an urgent care as soon as we got out of there.


Having minigastric bypass with dr ceased peraglee was one of the best decisions I have made in my life thanks to Marianne Lehman bariatric program director for helping me get through this process

Tim Troy

MUST READ! I moved from Boston to polk county and everyone i met called this the hospital YOU GO TO DIE which i didnt get why ok this hospital is very lucky im not pressing charges from my visit tonight! Im sorry i am on addoral and xanax been on them for a good 10 years but when i went into the ER (took 4 hrs) with the worst tooth infection pain to my ears i was really wondering why they looked at me weird until the actual doctor came in umm...has this hospital ever heard of patient client confidentially? U know its a law! Before the doctor came in i heard patient in room 1 on xanax and addoral and came for tooth ache(laughing) he came in and immediatly asked me if i ever had IV use?? I was puzzled n very irritated singled me out as a drug addict trying to get a fix? Gave me a urine test immediatly besides that im a nice guy but well waiting for my blood test making sure i didnt have the infection travel to my heart(AGAIN HEARD PATIENT IN ROOM 3 i believe SHES GETTING ADMITED TO THE HOSPITAL AND HOW WOULD SHE GET HER XANAX)laughing again! patient confidential is pretty serious! I will never come back i didnt want pain meds anyway exp a narcotic but they wouldnt even do that!ibuprofen would of been nice... If they are that bad i understand why they call it the hospital u go to die one good thing i heard was someone came out of the hospital after open heart everyone i met here got nothing but bad things to say b careful iiffrom of state. And choose a diff hospital im sure there r good doctors n rns but night shift is Terrible in the ER sorry but thats my review

Keya Laing

Going to the hospital isn’t often a good thing or a good experience, however, I love this hospital! The staff is friendly, the wait times are super short, and they get you treated and discharged quickly. Coming from a big city, it’s refreshing that going to the ER isn’t an all day event!

Cptn Jack Sparrow

"Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center is owned in part by physicians." So DO NOT go there unless you tend on paying the bill right then and there or they'll "SUE" you for whatever the amount is if you don't pay it. And don't think the court paper's you'll receive in the mail are not 100% legit/legal, because it is! Money is the theme and suing is their game.

Ervin Martinez

The worst hospital in Polk county ever. I visit for therapy for my leg and I always ask front desk if had to pay something from my pocket and they always say no the insurance was paying, well after a month the I been there Ia bill $1,600 got home, I got so freaking mad the I even went to the hospital and cancel everything, it's a bad bad service they should tell you the limit or the insurance pay this much. Yes and yes I dint want to pay the amount because I dont think there services it great not even to say fantastic. Well God always in control and I never had the service I work every one knows how worse is this place

Mayra Ortiz

Well my experience was good until one had to ruine it foe the rest his is Carlos a Tech at Heart of Florida Hospital was very rude and after reporting him he had the nerve to argue with me but the RN Catherine and the Tech Sian were very professional but the Tech Carlos meeds training in how to treat the patients.

Private Private

If I could give - stars I would. Poor poor quality. The person that does triage has no compassion and barley listens to you! Fast track is a joke! Nurse practitioner half way listens to you and could careless. If I tell you I have a disease and take the time out to explain it to you bc I know it is rare ! And you half way listen and prescribe me something I can’t take bc of my disease smh! Atleast take the time out to educate yourself if you don’t know instead of pushing your patients out so you can sit a desk and gossip and play on your phone !poor excuse of medicine , it is bad medicine is what it is.

Reynaldo Roque

When here last night after going to another emergency room (Osceola regional medical center ) wich I went with pain chest and barely been able to breathe and my blodd pressure super high and they did nothing never saw a doctor just a nurse and she said I have nothing they put a iv on me for nothing no medicine nothing very disappointing so I try to give it a shot to this heart of florida regional medical care cuz I couldn't take it anymore I was felling worst when there with low expectations but let me tell best decision ever, great great staff they took me in fast, (even though was at 11:00 pm) they did the test the doctor was very friendly and he found out what exactly I had with in a hour, wich was bronquiospam with acid reflux really bad and my asthma was bad too wich for I got my treatment prescription they check in me all the time and when home after 3 hours feeling way way better today I'm back to almost 95% of my health so I highly recommend this hospital the only thing I will change is the customer service in the front desk is a little ruff but that's it. Great emergency room. Only down side is the crazy amount of money that I have to pay now just for few hours I was there more then 3000 with insurance so imagine if I didn't have any.

Norma Vega Life Coach

Excellent service

Bruce Stamper

For the most part, staff is pleasant and willing to go the extra mile to tend to their patients comfort. Like any service industry, there are individuals that don't want to get off their backsides. When you ask for something it's a major production, and you can consider yourself blessed when you get it. Can't throw the baby out with the bath water. It's a hospital... No one wants to be here.

Placido Montero

Good place...has improved a lot. My family has been there a few times in the last 8 years. My wife had to stay for a few days recently and she liked it better than before. The team was very nice and professional.

Linz S

Hands down, one of the worst hospitals in the state. A family member of mine was in the icu, when her roommate’s alarm started going off. The alarm sounded for a solid 5 minutes before the RN on duty entered the room to check on her. The RN then had the nerve to ask our family “why we didn’t do sum’tin?!” Are you serious? Please try your best to make it to Lakeland Regional or Celebration. This place is a death trap.

Marianne L

I recently had 2 imaging exams at Heart of Florida. The technician was both knowledgeable and courteous. She made sure I understood what was going to happen, that I was comfortable and explained the process as I was undergoing the exams. It was a great experience!

Leann Calixte

Worst hospital ever came here in pain had to wait in the waiting room for hours and then they diagnosed me wrong. Stay far away!!!

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