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REVIEWS OF Wilmington VA Medical Center IN Delaware

Ron Siebach

angela maldonado


All good for me. Went for an ultrasound and something else and all was great. Everyone was uber helpful to me at every step-even people in the halls to guide me where to go. I am grateful for my veterans care and like great service.

Juan Rivera

So far this VA is not that bad. Depending on what you are doing. For instance.. the ER can be really slow even when there's no patients in the waiting room. Specialist clinics are generally really good like the eye clinic and psychiatry or nutritionist. But the primary care clinics can be bad depending on which one you are on. Doctors always booked up and is a pain to schedule an appointment and their secretaries can be very arrogant. Overall not that bad but there's plenty of room for improvement.

Riley Reiter

Sharon Yaruta

My husband is currently admitted to the hospital. They re giving him the Best care and Treatments. He has a bedside t.v. n it also is a touch screen that can turn into a computer. I told him he has of all the Best Stuff as it should be for the VETERANS. I think with his dx he will be there for two maybe three weeks. I will go see him soon.

Ronald Johnson

Tina Parsons

Well I do work there, so that must mean something. It's not just a paycheck to me I enjoy helping others.

Richard Clement

carol mckay

jay McKay died a painfull death at the va hospital because the doctors and nurses were not experienced or qualified to deal with spinal cord problems. he was over medicated and not given a good nutritional diet carol mullen mckay

Hiram Vega

Good luck trying to get a hold of dental. The staff never answer calls,even when he is free and available. Do not leave a massage, just call until the guy behind the desk desire to answer,. They do not have an sneering machine most of the time. Great doctors awful staff. With exceptions

William Derrickson

I've been going to this VA Hospital for years, never had a issue. I rate it 4.5

jacob saxton

Anthony Davis

Patrick Leopardi

Never had a problem.

Dionne Faulkes

I was in a bad way two weeks ago, I'm from Baltimore, MD and ended up just driving aimlessly to get away from a stalking ex and ended up in the sweet city of Wilmington. I stayed at the Holiday Inn for three days before I decided I couldnt take this lonely miserable life. I called the crisis hotline just so not to feel so alone and to have someone to talk to on my birthday. She called the hospital to tell them I was coming and kept checking on my whereabouts. I was so close but so lost in this unfamiliar city. The police (who was so calm and understanding) eventually found me and ecorted me to the Wilmington VA Medical Center where these four nurses was talking to me like they knew me for years. They put a glitter heart with my name on it next to my bed and made up a birthday card that I will keep forever and signed it; Elijah, Molly RN, Ronnie and Dr. Delpor. I barely looked at becaue I was out of it and simply said "Thank You." Hours later I actually opened it and was overwhelmed with tears. Sometimes we get so used to fake and non caring people that when you meet genuine beautiful people it brings me to tears. Bless them all Lord.

Cookie Perry


Terry Brooks

Lauren Unrath

Eduardo Jones

Proudly serving our country in recognition of our Veterans!!!

Andrew Stoffer

While I was at my appointment. The VA police saw a pocketknife in my car. I was greeted by 2 police officers waiting at my car. They pretended they knew me, they saw my unit sticker on my car and then said they were going to search my car - they didn’t find anything so they let me go with a warning. I didn’t know it was illegal to have a pocket knife and I didn’t know the VA is doing vehicle searches while we’re at our appointments..

Linda Longo

Chris Martin

I think everyone here has good intentions but the procedures for scheduling patients is broken. Transferred five times before I gave up.

Aaron Allen

This place is nothing more than a cattle chute! The phone system is horrendous; it re-loops you through the same automated messages and then disconnects you. IF you do get through to an operator, they're short and ignorant. I went 2 weeks ago and my doctor was away on vacation. Then I'm told that she wants to follow up with me, so they schedule me a "first available" appointment which is two months from now. In the mean time, I was seen by a floater who was with me for all of 5 minutes. She didn't even stay long enough to catch her breath. Yet they wonder why so many Vets hate the VA!

shamair buckner

I'd love to give 5 stars but, Im scared I'll jinx my wonderful experiences. Plus, there's always room for improvement. I will say this is the best VA hospital I've been to (I've been to 4 different ones) . Anyhow, they have free valet parking or u can self park. They have self check in kiosks. You don't have to wait forever to be seen. When it's your turn, you receive personal attention. They do not rush your service. I've had appointments different with four different departments, and each was thorough and friendly. As I wondered around lost, they had touchscreen kiosks to help me navigate and random staff gave personal guidance. Everyone was exceeded my expectations in service at this hospital. Each care provider has educated me in some way regarding health. Best of all, it isn't hard to get an appointment there, and they are open Saturdays. The only complaint I have is they don't really have a gift store, no Starbucks, and the cafe breakfast was truly hospital food. But, I can deal without that. The doctors, nurses, and adminstrative staff have been great!

LJ Rich

As s Veteran I feel the care is fantastic.

Kathleen Clifford

Always very respectful to the veterans. Take great care of the veterans.

Kelley Kormondy

Milva Montes

Caricofe Michael

This is the worst VA hospital I’ve ever been to. I had a substance abuse problem at the time, and they treated me like I was a big piece of s-it. I heard them out there talking about me like taking bets if I’d make it or not. It was so bad I ended up leaving. Months later I had the veterans response team from the County Police Department take me into the ER due to a very bad infection in my arm. Well they needed to have a arm handcuffed to the bed and the only place was behind me on my right side. Well they know I’ve had surgery on my right shoulder and this nurse who was the rudest most ignorant woman I’ve ever met was pulling, tugging, and fighting to get it back behind my head to be handcuffed. I was in so much pain and screaming because of this and it was so bad the other nurses wanted no parts of it so they walked out. The infection was so bad they wanted to keep me and put me on IV antibiotics but the cop told the dr, “I just brought him here because i had to and just need to get this paperwork signed and we will be out of here. He could get meds at the prison so the Dr changed everything and i was gone out of there within 30 mins. Thank god I bailed out because I ended up going to Christiana where they kept me for 9 days giving me IV antibiotics. Worst experience ever and that nurse should be fired. The other nurses told me i needed to get ahold of the patient advocate. Lastly that veterans response team is a complete joke. The officer in charge of it was in the marines and he’s the one that told the DR he just needed the paperwork signed so we could leave because his shift was almost up. He doesn’t care about veterans and would rather take them into jail than to the VA to get the help they deserve. He’s such a joke and the worst one to have that position. That nurse and him must be related or something.

Mindy Mutko

This place was awful. My husband was promised help and they completely screwed him over. He sat there for hours in pain and they refused to help him in any way. What they finally offered was a cab ride home. The doctor was a jerk and it was too late when then realized they screwed up on their end.

James Baldock

don't try and get a hold of a real person they just keep sending you to another automated phone directory

Pamala Howell

They give great service to most. However, they need more primary providers and need to step up the outside clinics. They are always sending people to Wilmington b/c they can't seem to keep providers and.

steve vogel


Richard Stork

Curt eckstrom

Had gallbladder removed 9/28/2016 drove home to Millsboro that same night. Staff was great the building was clean and free valley parking.

Gail Hunter

Tailor Tolliver

This is a horrible hospital. The staff is rude and not welcoming. Management is very unprofessional.

Helen Holland

Total fail! Do NOT answer phones, months for appointments, refuse to allow us to go outside VA and when we have gone out with referral they do not pay bill. Should be shut down.

Sherri Brough

I submit 911 Emergency transport bills for several Veterans in Sussex County, and at least 95% of them are not paid by the VA. The reason they deny paying the bill is because the veteran did not obtain prior-authorization Really? Most days when I call the VA I am transferred to someone who is not able to answer my call, and then I am not able to leave a message because their mailbox is full. These veterans would be dead before they ever spoke to a live person..911 Emergency transport services DO NOT require prior authorization. WHY ARE OUR CLAIMS NOT BEING PAID!!

samuel lyght

Great building and facilitates, But Unfortunately most of the staff don't show real interest in the veterans and also unfortunately provide poor patient services.

Kenni Graham

Drove 40 minutes to get aleve and pushed out the ER, no test done and my bp was high 170's over 100+. Guess the possibility of a stroke on the way home is ok. Worst VA I've been to in a while.

Paul Gauthier

JD DuBois

Almost never get to see my doctor, multiple consecutive days where my appointments are cancelled without my knowledge. I know they try.

Brenda Clark

The physician the the Greatest... That handled my husbands colonoscopy proceeder

Joan Durand

I was dreading having to go to the emergency room today (as we are new in this area and I don't have a primary care doctor yet), but I am so glad I did. June Sanchez was working at the admitting desk, and she was so kind and patient, it made the whole experience infinitely better than any I've ever had at my regular VA hospital. It's a beautiful, well kept facility. The nurse and doctor who treated me were kind and very competent. I feel better already.

Eli Bentley

For the most part it's very good hospital


Every psychiatrist I see always trying to force pills on me. This is the 2nd psychiatrist who was uninformative and a complete A hole. The rest of the facility gets 5 stars. The psychiatrists on the other hand. I won't be coming back to see them. Very unprofessional and very insensitive towards me and my own mental illness. Smfh huge zero stars for mental health department. Rant all you want about this review. He admitted getting paid to push medications on me as all doctors do. Being a doctor is about helping patients not causing more harm than good. I told yous the medications were making me sick and yous upped my doses and added more meds. Every visit. I walked out of this appointment. Wait until I get your name. I'll be glad to speak to your supervisor. He had no business working in that building with veteran's who need real help.

Ali Shepard

maria dafilba

Can't wait to work there. Nice hospital.

G Mendez

chuck dogg


Friendly staff. I trust their expertise.

Peggy Miller

Excellent hospital excellent care

JJ Harrison

My place for all of my health needs!

James Campbell

the doctors are very knowledgeable and I leave there confident. I have never had any issues in all my years of using the hospital.

Jack Trzcinski

Great place, the VA in Elsmere DE. They care about the vets and act properly.

Willie DeJesus

I came to the emergency room last night and was checked in almost immediately, wow sounds great, however I sat in the exam room for close to 2.5 hours without even an acknowledgement of any kind. I was in a lot of pain and when my wife asked the nurse when I would be seen the response was “well this is an emergency room” ???? The only other response was “we only have one doctor” I decided to leave since no one seems to know when the doctor would see me. The attitudes were not nice and they were not busy to boot.

Channing Greene

Very good treatment in Audiology.

Kyle W

Good service

Leon Winstanley

I find service at Wilmington VAMC to be quite good. This facility is easy to get to and not as crowded as the Philadelphia VAMC.

Donald B. Reeder

The care received is great. Sometimes getting the appointment can take months.

Juan Perez

The best VA. By far way better than the one In Houston. Service is good and they get you out of their quick.

edward keen

Sniper Pigeon

Can't beat the service here, especially compared to it's public counterparts

Charlotte Miller-Miceli

ER Dr. Thompson and R.N. Christina were wonderful and took excellent care of me. They actually listened to me and took the time to explain everything to me.


I have been a patient at the Wilmington V.A. for many years. Since 2013 I have been hospitalized approximately 8 different times for 2 different illnesses. The most recent was 12/15/2017 - 12 / 21 / 2017. The staff of Nurses on 4 East are the best. They are all very caring and compassionate to all your needs while there. The doctors are also the best. I have never had a bad issue with any Doctor or Nurse since I have been going there, from the ER to the fourth floor to follow up has been great. I give five stars to the whole medical staff of Doctors and Nurses. Keep up the great work you do, it's greatly appreciated. To all the Doctors and the great Nurses I SALUTE YOU ALL.

Karen Sinnett

Wayne Harris

bigwig 48

when I walked into the emergency room there was one person waiting and I waited there for an hour an half to be seen then if that wasn't bad enough when I got into the room this dumb looking retard of a doctor told me there was 4 people ahead of me, are you kidding me I looked around and there was one poor bastard sitting in the bed, what a disgrace to this country, they all should be fired immed, imcompetent morons.only the u.s. govt can find the dumbest people on earth to work for them.

Michael Diossi

I have been going to the Wilmington va and coatesville va on and off for several years and i must say the Wilmington va is by far the worst hospital I have ever walked into! They deny veterans treatment and send them home ill! Coming from the coatesville va and seeing a good support system for vets compared to the Wilmington va I must say its sad! Very sad our vets come home for help and the only place they have benefits and support is the place denying them both! Im not saying there isn't good people that work there but they can only do so much! The bad outweighs the good! God bless

Lamar Dobbs

It's convenient for me and the staff are polite

Cassondra Hyden

Rosa Luna

John Jones

Wilmington VA Medical Center is an insult to medical care! On several occasions I was given wrong I formation and harassed by the staff. The standards are to lie in medical records and then be proven wrong by an community doctor and then try to lie about something else! If you use choice it will take them several months to pay the bill if ever! Hopefully it will not cause your credit score to take a nosedive! Some medical providers within the community will not take choice because the Wilmington VAMC staff are delaying payment causing to community care to stop taking Vets who are paying with choice! Wilmington VAMC will and the VA will cause you to think "I would be better off dead". Following Vets around and even filling medications without just to get rid of the Vet is a norm! If your injury or illness does not fit with your VA quacks agenda it will disappear or never end up in your medical records. The place full of smiles and apathy! Never thank me for serving VA is 200 million dollar trash! Even when a Wilmington VAMC leaves a message and read what they wrote in your medical record it is also a lie!!! Bring a battle buddy and prepare to face a life long uphill battle against the Wilmington VAMC and the VA!

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