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The wait here is entirely to long I have been in severe pain and they have done nothing for me , i sit here and watch people walk out after waiting for over four hours. If people wanted to wait four hour I wouldn’t be called a emergency. Not sure if understaff is the problem but they really need to get it together, registration nurses checking vitals are horrible. Heard them being unprofessional and talking abou t people. SICK PEOPLE , People in PAIN!!!!

Nathan Hubbard

ER CHARGE NURSE - Elizabeth Larkin - is the most rude, disrespectful and unprofessional nurse I have ever encountered in my life.

Frances Carpenter

I am 4 1/2 months pregnant & came in for chest pains & shortness of breathe. I still had to wait 2 hours to be seen because they checked my heart & everything looked okay. & to think this is where I'm delivering!

Well hey There

Well I was born here so it gets 5 Stars because I'm still alive

T Gang

The staff was warm, friendly, and efficient! We also had an added bonus of having Rowan University Medical Residents to aid us during recovery ❤️

Amy Rosenberg

Never thought I would give a hospital any kind of review but after being discharged I knew I had to write a review. Was recently at the ER, waited 3 minutes to see a Dr and get a bed in the Emergency Dept. Bed was private, in a room, curtains/doors closed. It felt more comfortable than being exposed in a room with 10 patients. Nurses and staff were great! Friendly, kind, nice bedside manner. Ended up being admitted overnight and the rooms were very nice. I was on the 7th floor, room was private once again. Nice big window gave the room a very pleasant feeling. Staff was great, easy to get a hold of, and always wanting to help. My husband was able to come and go whenever he wanted and there was a pull out couch if he wanted to stay over. I definitely would recommend this hospital to anyone looking for one. Hospitals get a bad rap, but this one breaks the mold! A+++

Christopher Vayo

I brought my dad in for a swollen red eye, took 3 hours to get a room and another 45 minutes before the nurse even seen him, I'm sure they're a great hospital for major stuff but for little every day walk in stuff they don't have their game on at all. Pretty disappointed.


Took my 9 year old daughter via ambulance in December 2018. Friendly staff. But received 3 bills since then as of May 2019. Hesitated I didnpaying bcuz't have a grand.. but I paid 10 dollars with the intention to pay what I can each month. And with no notice or warning I went in to collection. Not cool. I'm a single mom with 10,000 income. They could have reached out before sending me to collection.

jeanine sullivan

Great place and service.

Melissa Morgan

I have taken my child 2 x in the last 2 years to the CHOP emergency room at Virtua and we were taken care of immediately both times. I would absolutely go back.

Toni Brown-Miller

Friendly medical staff, Great service and Free Coffe and Tea :-)

Robert Lebron

Nurses and Doctors were great but housekeeping was terrible very dirty floors and bathroom. This hospital was not like this before. Really is going downhill.

chris mellor

I really don't have a bad thing to say about this hospital. The rooms were very clean and the food was really good. The people were really nice too.

Andrew Lochbihler

Definition of emergency: a serious situation requiring immediate action. Should be called the apathetic room at this hospital.

Kapri Baby

I appreciate the fact that you listened to me and turned and negative into a positive. Thank you for The Great Overall Care. You don’t make people come to a Hospital. People come to you for help at their lowest most vulnerable point. Thank you all for the service you provided for me and thousands of other people. God Bless you all.

Sarfraz Dar

Rude, lazy and non professional staff including the doctors, they charge u the most but no services at all. A big disappointment.

Laurie Lyles

This hospitals staff were so unprofessional. Staff were eating laughing and talking loudly. The wait time on web said 45 minutes. Been here for more than an hour and still waiting. Went to urgent care they said needed to be taken immediately due to an issue with EKG and still waiting. This is a negligent hospital with poor leadership.

Mel G

I think it is horrible that the nurses do not take the baby anymore after delivery. When I had my daughter I was mental exhausted and couldn't even keep my eyes open. I feel it is very unsafe for a mother that just gave birth to have a baby brought to her with no rest. mental exhaustion is a real thing. You say it's for bonding, I believe you do not want to pay for the extra nurses.

christine evans

Please take this seriously! I have never experienced anything as horrible as this facility. My MIL was NPO and no IV nutrition for a week. I don't want to go into the specifics of her diagnosis; however, not one patient should ever hear another doctor say "I work in 3 hospitals and I see people who are sicker than [she] is." We were watching her turn gray and weakened by lack of nutrients. Doctors are evasive, charge nurse - evasive, patient relations - unavailable, supervising nurse - MIA. Nurses came in only on family request and never had answers. When we finally did speak to the surgeon "ala carte" he was condescending, bothered by our questions, had no empathy for our concerns and no sense of urgency. Upon entering the room, his words were, "I'm only going to explain this once. I'm not saying this three times." This particular doctor did not even address my MIL by name when he walked in the room nor did he look at her wristband. He didn't go to her bedside. He came in with an attitude and immediately went on to tell us how busy he is and wanted to make sure we knew our place. We had to tell this doctor to stop talking to us about his personal work schedule and asked him to keep it medical and related to the patient who is laying in the bed in front of him. My MIL was admitted due to findings during surgery. Treatment plans were put in place and not executed. No phone calls were made to the emergency contacts about changes in the treatment and doctors do not communicate. We had to write everything down that was being done. If for any reason you or a family member end up being admitted, please begin to think about where you want to be transferred immediately. I could write so much more about the nightmare that my MIL just lived for 3 weeks, buy frankly I'm exhausted after hours of watching her wretch and vomit and her granddaughter crying and holding her grandmom because she was in utter agony. So relieved we finally got her out of there.


Er was super slow..... nurses were really nice but the doctor was horrible as if my problem was no big deal, and that he had better things to be doing. I waited from 6pm to 930pm to get into a room, was never given an IV after they had trouble getting blood to run tests, was just given a thing of water to drink. Nothing else was done till 1130pm and didn’t leave till 1am.... I left feeling the same way I did before I went in with zero answers.

Betty Cervera

My surgeon, Dr Gregory Klinginstein and his surgical team, Nurses, Techs and every staff member that participated in my care were exceptional! Each individual deserves 5 stars and more. Everyone was kind, caring and compassionate.

Maurice Bibb

My wife gave birth here and the overall experience was beyond great. The nurses were excellent in the maternity section. Being first time parents we were so exhausted those first days, but the nurses would take the baby for a few hours for a bath and just to let us rest, which was much appreciated. The amount of security provided by constantly checking the names and numbers on wristbands was very reassuring. I included a picture of the nurse we had the first night because I forgot her name but she was excellent. Also, a friend from high school was a nurse there as well and came by just to check on us and say hi, even she was a big help. Next baby will be born here for sure.

ana guerrero

Absolutley love them. Just had my first child there and i was in love with everything in the maternity ward. Great people

Joseph Capozio

I wish I could give zero. Came in with chest pain palpitations shortness of breath numbness left hand and the nasty nurse told the tech not to do an ekg. Cut me off from even finishing my symptoms. I said forget it I'll go to a hospital where they have real doctors and nurses. Didn't want to go there in the first place was just closest to me given that the pain in my chest kept worsening and I was losing my breath just talking. Security guard offered to get a supervisor and I said no don't want to have to interact with them again. I sat aside and he attempted to get a supervisor as I heard her nasty mouth. Well she shouldn't have got up then. I walked out said see that's why I didn't want to bother. Husband wanted me to call an ambulance. As soon as I walked out the door a nurse stood in front so I couldn't go back if I wanted to. I could be wrong but chest pain sob palpitation with numbness sounds potential ischemia. Maybe an ekg would have better assisted with triage instead of telling the aide not to do an ekg. Never been spoken to so rudely at a hospital. Did she think I was trying to line cut. I wanted to be there on my day off? Maybe emla doesn't apply there. Maybe jhco doesn't apply. They've adopted thier own quality standards

Jorge Ant

One of the greatest hospital experience I have ever had. We had two of our children here and it was a 5 star experience. The staff are all wonderful and caring. Must go here for your health needs.

Shana Marie

I was went to this hospital’s ER on 4/29/2019 because I was having chest pains come to find out I had severely high blood pressure over 180 but was made to sit in the waiting room for over 3 hours. I was never told about how high my blood pressure was until I finally was seen by the ER doctor. I also had a baby on 4/23/2019 at this same hospital and was still in pain from the labor and stitches I informed the nurses in the waiting room about how much pain I was in yet I was still ignored. Come to find out I had postpartum preeclampsia and with blood pressure that high I could’ve had a seizure or stroke. After my experience with this hospital I will NEVER EVER come here again worse experience of my life!! If I could I would give it no stars even 1 star is being generous.

Karen Kessler

Was there in ob and the staff was extremely rude and disrespectful. They need lessons in respect and customer service.

Joey Polizzi

This was the absolute worse experience. My daughter was dehydrated with a fever throwing up. They left her in the room with no IV for 3 and a half hours. When I asked for a new throw up pan the girls up front acted like I was a problem. When I asked for an extra blanket it was a problem. The 3 girls seemed like their cell phones were more important. When finally my daughter had to go to the bathroom I wheeled her out the girls pointed me to the bathroom I brought her back in, than those same girls asked her for her urin

sue gates

I got right in and cared for. But it All depends on Day and Time of Day. Can't rate them any higher. Received prompt professional care! Only issue,did take a long time,but I respect they wanted to be sure.

Dan White

Saved my grandmother's life! Put in a new pacemaker in May, she is alive and healthy. They even have a couch that comes out to a bed for guests to stay. I know if I was 91 I would not want to be alone in the room. They are the nicest and cleanliest hospital in South Jersey. The cafeteria is also very well stocked and affordable. I hear people joke they would eat there on their lunch break from work. I have complete trust in Virtua, as they are a NON PROFIT hospital. Put your faith in these people.

Allison R

I had to bring my young adult daughter to the pediatric emergency room due to the fact that they see patients 18 and under. Her nurse had the personality of pocket lint and a bedside manor of a unhappy Walmart cashier. I believe that they are extremely attentive to young infants which is excellent, however the hospital should allow a 16 yr old female to have care in a regular emergency room. This staff is VERY DISINTERESTED.

Alison Clemency

I give this hospital a 3 star rating simply due to the food and spacious, clean and organized room I received. Based on service I wouldn't even give it a one star. I had TERRIBLE service during my stay there. I gave birth in 2007 and received attitudes from all the nurses..during labor and after. I requested a bottle for my daughter because I was formula feeding and they took 3 hours just to retrieve one. The OB's were also terrible. They failed at explaining things to me and induced me without telling me I could have gone home and waited a few more days. Over all I would never go back to this hospital to deliver a child again. Maybe for some other procedure but not for child birth.

Jessica Hiller

Had a great experience in both the emergency room and once admitted. Staff was great and so nice.

Nicole Masino

Father was brought in by ambulance around 3:30 PM on a Tuesday confused, couldn’t form words let alone a sentence, unable to stand on his own. We feared it was a stroke, but hey, what did know? Dr came in to look at him for the FIRST time 3-1/2HOURS LATER!! (Every second after a stroke counts, right?) Well, unfortunately the hospital would be unable to confirm whether or not it was a stroke because “the MRI tech left to go home at 4:00!” (Umm....we’re in the ER, right????) So there we were with every second that matters slipping away. Once my father tested negative on a UTI test, (oh, thanks for that at least) we packed him up and had him transported outta there to a hospital that actually did their jobs! 2 (yes I said TWO) Drs were on him upon arrival! Multiple tests were performed overnight. Yes, it was a confirmed stroke! Peices of my father were taken from us that night that we’ll never get back. If you care at all for your loved ones...please keep them far away from here!!!! And to the patient relations person.....please do not antagonize me by commenting you’d like to hear more and to contact you!!! I think you’ve taken enough of our family’s valuable time already!!!!

redneck curtis

went there for my daughter. the nurse i had was vary nice. she was called mrs dianna. she had a great bedside manner. made my daughter vary comfortable.

Kristen Roberts

If you want to go to a hospital that doesn’t care about your health, then Virtua is the place for you. I encourage you to try some place different . Doctors and nurses aren’t on the same page. They leave the patient for HOURS without any concern or updates . They also try to keep you here for days to run various test, that you most likely don’t even need. I thought the purpose of the ER was to tackle “emergencies” quickly . You shouldn’t have to wait HOURS to be seen in the ER. Hire more staff and do more training !!!! I was stuck 12 times by 6 different nurses trying to find a vein, now I’m left with multiple bruises all over my hands and arms.

Christine Schwartzer

I had two outpatient procedures done here as well as delivering two babies, and had great experiences, especially considering the nature of my procedures. Only had a slight issue with the anesthesiologist for my second delivery, but the nurses, LC's and everyone in between were wonderful. And the food is surprisingly good!

Danielle Morris

Amazing emergency room! The wait was a little long but I wasn't someone who needed to be seen immediately. The doctor was so thorough and answered all of me and my moms questions. I had burns on my arm, knee and ankle which were getting infected. They gave me pain meds and the woman I believe Ann or Amy was her name was fantastic. Very friendly and really cared if I was comfortable. BEST hospital experience I've ever had. Will only come here.

Moonbong Kim

This is a great hospital in the area of Cherry Hill, Marlton and Voorhees.Doctors and nurses are very kind and wonderful medical treatment. This place is very convenient, clean and quiet. I strongly recommend this hospital.

RJ Vick

This hospital is understaffed and unfriendly. Everybody says how good it is until you actually go there . My son was born here and it was one of the worst experiences of our lives .. they treated my wife terribly and didn't pay any attention to her . Didn't give the baby much attention either to be honest . Super short with us and unprofessional. My wife stayed for two extra days cause of a heart problem , recieved zero answers and was sent home . They either need to fix things or send people to a better hospital

Susan Tarasiewicz

Sitting in the emergency room for two and a half hours with my daughter waiting to be seen. Lots of people moving about, but this full waiting room is not seeing much help!

Arlene Z.

My recent surgery at Virtua turned out great. No complications or issues. The main problem I find concerning is the lack of organization and communication between different departments. My surgery was expected as a admission due to complication concerns. My mother was instructed at bedside before my surgery that they would text her once I was in recovery. My mother was upset that no one contacted her until I was already in my room settled in. The communication between inter departmental staff needs a step up. Upon my discharge, I was not given good instructions on home care. My medication was never called in to my pharmacy only to find out it was sent to the wrong pharmacy. I tried calling but a nurse on the floor I was on was on was very unpleasant and rude. She merely tried to get me off the phone rather than help me. Especially after my painful recovery. The issue of transferring my prescription to another pharmacy was a separate issue in itself not related to Virtua. However, it would not have been the case if they sent it to the right pharmacy. I ended up driving 20 miles to this pharmacy because of the confusion. My attending nurse was nice needless to say. I am thankful for the surgeon and his team for a great and successful surgery but the overall stay was a bit much for me and my family.

Mary Tanealian

This review is for the ER only. I was taken to the ER on Sunday, June 10th as I was gushing blood. I arrived at the ER at 4:30. I had to keep running to the bathroom to expel blood. I told this to the Triage nurse. I also told him that I had had a procedure 2 weeks prior and was told if I started to hemorrhage, to go to the ER. We waited and waited as I continued to have to run to the bathroom. Again, I went to the Triage nurse to ask him when I was going to go back and was told that they have other emergencies too. I saw him take every single person who showed up before me obviously in the order they arrived and not be seriousness of condition. My husband finally sat me in front of the Triage nurse's desk and didn't move me. I was in a wheelchair because by this time, I was very dizzy. They finally took me back and put me in the hallway. Now my husband had to walk me further to the bathroom as I continued to bleed and get more and more dizzy. To condense this review, around 7:30, I was finally put in a room around 7:30. About 8:00 I asked when I would be seeing a doctor and was told that they had a "real" emergency and they didn't have an answer. Around 8:30 I finally saw a doctor who told me that they were going to send me for a CT scan to see where the bleed was. At 9:30, they told me they found it and was calling in the on-call Inter-radiology doctor to fix it. They would not tell me what would be done. They said he would tell me. During this entire time, I was still gushing blood. They took me to the Inter-Radiology Department around 10:00 and we waited until 11:45 for the doctor to arrive. During this time, the nurse had to roll my bed to the bathroom. I was in ICU until dinnertime Thursday when they moved me to a regular room because my hemoglobin had dropped from 12.3 to 6.6 due to all that blood loss. I had to have two blood and iron transfusions. All this could have been avoided if they had just looked to see how bad my bleed was. I should have gone home Wednesday morning but because of their lack of urgency, I wasn't discharged until Friday.


Absolutely fantastic people. Nice, friendly, and polite. They took great care of me at the ER, they diagnosed me thoroughly and took the time to listen to everything I had to say about how I was feeling. And they were quick, I was in and out of the ER in around 3 hours, including my wait time. A+ hospital!

Dana Creely

Because I didn't have insurance for the past 2 yrs, when I called my Dr from the Mt Holly location- He wouldn't call in a prescription for my Lovenox that I'd been on since 2008.) So instead of using daily, I only used it once every few days... After feeling dizzy and sliding down the wall at my morning job, I left and stopped home and laid down for an hour... I then drove my myself to the hospital at 2:00 on 09/21. I felt weak and my left arm and hand kept twitching... After FINALLY SEEING A DR AFTER 6 HOURS, they told me I'd had a 2nd stroke- (which I'm not aware of having the 1st!) When I was going to be discharged a few days later (the generic Lovenox 60mg/2x's daily costs about $3,000 per month) They sent a caseworker- (THE WOMAN WAS RUDE & LEFT THE ROOM- I HEARD HER TELL SOMEONE THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME & I COULD CALL AROUND MYSELF TO FIND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE)... I was so angry, I called the nurse and told her I could hear what the lady said.... The nurse apologized, had the woman call around & didn't let her back into my room... I had a relative bring me there again on Dec 17th, after having a mini-stroke (no problems w/that admission).... I'm actually not feeling well tonight, which is why I'm looking to see which hospitals are open..... This location is wonderful as far as the private rooms and food, but after reading all the RECENT bad reviews on here..... I might just go to the closest hospitals near me- Jefferson Cherry Hill or Virtua Marlton....

gg106 orlando

The NICU Team is the Best in South Jersey

Ivy Walkwitz

I have always been treated very well 3 times I have unfortunately have had to go to the ER . 2 times for Lyme disease and once for a badly dislocated finger. Each visit I was treated quickly and efficiently with compassion and kindness. I have been to other ER ' S that do not compare to Voorhees. Hopefully though I don't have to go back.

Jason Sobal

My wife is pregnant and had some blood coming out. We went to the ER. They have us waited hour and half. The ER is slower than the urgent care. What a joke.

Ellie Roseman

Pros: Their cafeteria is good. Cons: Virtua has doctors attending to patients with no experience making health decisions on patients where the doctors have not studied in that field of medicine. They will use foreign doctors as escape goats to deflect responsibility. My family nor I have confidence in their practice of medicine and nor consider Virtua a quality health care provider. Period.

Jacob Aviles

Don't go to this hospital unless you're planning on dying. It would be more appropriate to rate 0 stars. I came here to find my grandfather restrained and starved for days. Given NPO orders awaiting a biopsy for 5 days THAT WAS NEVER ACCOMPLISHED. I found him restrained I take the restraints off to find his arms bandaged. I walked in on a nurse on her 4th stick trying to get a line in. Multiple veins blown up and down his arms... but they didn't understand why he was upset? Come to find out multiple nurses have tried with no success. I would be upset as well if I'm stuck 20 times. I complain and read notes in their system on a Friday. These nurses do not round on their patients. I spent the night and watched his nurse show up twice in a 12 hour period. I hit the call bell when my grandfather is complaining of shortness of breath.... 15 minutes later I need to rush out to physically find his nurse. I meet with the hospitalist whose in charge of my grandfather care and has been the man in charge for the whole week he's already been admitted. This hospitalist has the audacity to tell me he needs to review his case because he has no clue what's going on.. This hospital is absolute trash. I thought I'd never see the days a private hospital would be WORSE than the VA. Like I said in the first sentence. Do not go to this hospital unless you're planning on dying.

Galaxy LLamas

This Hospital has some of the worst nurses ive ever delt with. As a patient who was in very bad shape when i arrived i was not given proper medications or care by the nursing staff. ring the buzzer to ask for help and you will hear them chattering away....completely ignoring whatever need you might have . The Techs were great as were the doctor's. This in no way made up for the negligence of most of the nurses here

Nazilya Kilicoglu

Worst place ever waited for 6 hours and still waiting and they saying we have people who comes with ambulance so we have to take them first because they are sick, and peopke who is waiting in waiting room not realy sick. Damn this place

R.A Thomas

Seen in ER and I wish I had never stepped foot in Virtua at all. I was first seen at Virtua Urgent Care. The doc suggested I go immediately to the ER for an intestinal bleed, shortness of breath, and pain in upper right abdomen. The ER did a CT scan and found multiple masses in my liver and lungs along with an enlarged pancreatic duct. They didn't even tell me until I was home the next morning after they discharged me (by phone). Like an idiot, I did as I was told and followed up with the suggested Virtua doctors. I saw a gastro doc who confirmed the findings by MRI and ultrasound and did nothing to rectify anything. The "cysts" in my liver have since grown and I cannot even sit. I can see the bulge covering my ab muscles and the pain is unbearable. If u are looking for a hospital to run tests, bill u, and do NOTHING about what they find, VIRTUA is for you. But I advise, stay away if u actually love your life.

Captain Kirk

Do not come to this hospital for any kidney issue, even a kidney stone. They do not have Urology doctors, and they sub contract to another group. Was in severe pain with a huge stone that would not pass on it's own. After an hour or two, they finally gave me something for it. They left a shent in me to relieve the pain and save my kidney (next day). Still have shent in. They never removed the stone. I would have gotten much better care at Cooper. Some of the nurses were good, but they can't really do anything to make the process quicker.


My sister delivered the baby @ Virtua Voorhees. Her experience before birth (labor etc) of the baby was amazing @ Virtua. But once she transferred to the maternity section things started getting bad. As new mother no one would come to wake mom for breast feeding. Not even once they would offer mother help in breast feeding. As first time parent nurse doesn't feel an obligation to teach parents to how to change diapers. We would call nurse line but it will take them 30 mins to 40 mins and sometimes one has to remind again to bring the stuff which we requested. The night time nurses were bit more helpful in comparison to the day time nurses. Every time we request something and when they come back to give that we felt they were judging us not sure because of our different ethnicity or something else... And during the day of discharge newborn mother had some complication and she requested doctor to discharge little late so that she get better hang on the new complication. And Doctor agreed to that arrangement but the nurse who was assigned to us on day of discharge would not listen to it and adamant on releasing her on the time which was already decided before this complication occurred. We tried to talk to her that due to new complication we are leaving on same day but little bit later during late afternoon but she would argue and said that doctor didn't tell anything like that to her, we asked her to check again with doctor and she was not willing to do that and at one point she got frustrated and told "you guys are discharged, you can do whatever you want "and walked out on us. And my sister was in pain due to new complication instead of cleaning her up and helping her she just walked out. Later our doctor came in the room and told that she did tell nurse to release us in later in afternoon but she was not ready to do that . I never ever seen such an inhuman behavior from maternity division. I am not sure how come this hospital is great for first time mother.

chris keeley

I give it 3 stars, their in house staff is awesome but their ER is so hit or miss.

Darshita Patel

This hospital is full with super owsome staff. My baby boy was born in this hospital and the experience was unforgettable. During my pregnancy visits nurses and front seat staff always have been so much co-operative and helpful. Even during my delivery nurses and doctors were so much helpful. Food in the canteen is hygienic and specially I’m vegetarian my preferences were taken care. I thank each and every staff members of this place for making my journey of pregnancy smooth and unforgettable. And how could I forget to mention the view from my window, My over all experience of my pregnancy have been amazing. And credit goes to the staff members of this hospital who are very friendly and helpful.

Paolo bravo

This is the worst hospital experience I’ve ever had in my life. I came here with torn patellar tendon in my right knee. Was told to wait in the ER for about an hour, when they brought me into a room i couldnt extend my leg for x rays(tendon was broken) and because I couldn’t get them done they sent me home . Not a single Tylenol for pain or nothing . The staff was very rude and just plain nasty. If you are ever in a true emergency please do yourself a favor and go someplace else. It’s a shame places like this exist and are still around

Kathy Stoneback

Emergency room had one doctor on Saturday at 1 am. Unacceptable . Sleak new hospital, but understaffed. What good is that? Nursing staff are uncaring to family of patients, when the patient has no one to speak for them. Compassion in low supply there. As a mother of a sick daughter over age 21, I was threatened with removal from the hospital. No communication between doctors, nurses and the patient. My family was kept in the dark for four days as to plan of treatment for my daughter. Nursing care is not carried out with compassion, but rather doing the "minimum" to get their shift over. Sad.

poproberto bambino

The hospital services are good, however, I have a major complaint about their billing services. I received a bill from a collection agency in June 2017 for the services rendered for my daughter in January 2017. However, I was not aware of the bill and had NEVER received a bill from the hospital. Mind you the bill is only for $125.00. When I called Virtua to inquire about the bill, they told me they had sent the bills but the bills were returned to the hospital. I do not believe they sent the bills to the correct address because I have been in my home for the past 13 years and have always received and paid my bills in a very timely manner. They were calling a phone number that was 15 years old. They have not updated their billing information in that many years. We have been going to this hospital for years and they continue to use addresses and phone numbers that are not valid. Now it is the patient who has to clean up their MESS. They don't care that they MESSED UP and now I have to clean up the issue. Highly disturbed about their lack of responsibility and accountability in this issue. MY WARNING TO YOU IS: BE CAREFUL IN USING VIRTUA FOR THEY WILL NOT HOLD THEIR BILLING PERSONNEL ACCOUNTABLE FOR MISTAKES AND ERRORS. THEY NEED TO TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THEIR LACK OF TRAINED PERSONNEL AND UPDATE PATIENTS INFORMATION.

Emily Rose

4 hours later still waiting to be seen for my boyfriend's broken wrist. All the nurses are just standing around .... don't come here unless you plan on staying your whole day. Extremely dissatisfied!

Ish B

My wife arrived at the emergency room 11:30 pm with BP at 189/96 . We have been sitting here for over an hour and her BP went up 202/102 . She got very worried and went to ask the nurse in charge at front desk who told her there were seven other people in front of her. When she told him “ I’m in a lot of pain, nasty headache and feeling faint due to hypertensive urgency symptoms with spiraling BP “ his response was “everyone else is in pain , you’ll just have to wait”. We saw at least six people who came after us being taken before us anyway as if to spite us . At 1:10 am she was last one to be taken in and put on a bed in a room and no doctor to be seen anywhere. It’s now 1:25 still no one attending the room they put her in . 1:30 nurse turns up and asks for urine sample . Why the hell didn’t they ask for the sample for the two hours we waited? Nurse Teresa very professional smiling joking made her feel at ease and reassured her whilst taking blood samples. Doctor turned up at 2:00 am and spoke to her . BP Arm attachment failed as it just kept pumping until my wife told her to stop it. She got a replacement and BP came down to 145/80 by 3:00 am. 5:00 am we left the hospital and nurse Mitchell smirked as we left . Communication skills by nurses in reception area here seem less than adequate and they don’t make you feel welcome here . We are certainly not coming back here . The nurse at front desk was so miserable and unprofessional it’s unbelievable. His body language speaks volumes.Very unprofessional and needs seriously to think what nursing is about .

Google User

No one communicates with each other at this hospital. I will say that the nurses were great for my husband's hospital stay but the doctors have no bed side manner, no common courtesy to explain symptoms or explain next step plans to either the patient and/or spouse and completely lack empathy. One department will tell you one thing and the other department will tell you another thing. This hospital revealed the vicious cycle that in reality no one really knows what they are doing . The Medical Records department especially is extremely unhelpful and needs to be retrained in customer service. I will say in the future if either myself or my husband ever get injured or sick I would drive 100 miles out of my way then to go to this hospital.

Satwinder Kaur

If you want to get more sick & serious then go to this hospital . Personally very bad experience with my daughter . Took her with uterus infection & ends up having big open heart surgery . If there is star lower than zero I wlil give it to this hospital .


I had my daughter here, the staff was great from the moment we walked in the door to the time we left. The nurses were very quick to respond whenever I called for them and the lactation consultants were extremely helpful and patient. I would highly recommend this hospital for labor and delivery!

Corey Lee

Apparently went to hospital in 2012 for something and its popping up on my credit report 7 years later and wont drop off supposedly for another 7..

lisa ngo

I gave birth here yesterday and over all I really love my experience here. Nurses here are so nice and they work so hard. First baby and they made it less nervous to reliever.

Vika Ortiz

I had both of my kids here back in 2013 and 2016. I had a great experience both times. Nurses were professional, knowledgeable, and patient with us in L&D and in mother-baby units.

Veteran Fishing with Brian McClernan

My wife had problems and we went there and checked into ER we waited and it's hard to hear your name called because the nurse is behind a big glass partition plus there is no Hospital sign or indication on Route 73 north bound where you turn to go into the hospital than the ER is all the way around the other side! Crazy design!

Walker Boots

If you want endless bills created out of thin air even months and years after stepping foot into this hospital then this is the place for you. Buyer beware even if you have great insurance.

Timothy Lavdas

Admitted to the hospital for chest pain given 3 blood thinners at once can't get a hold of a doctor only physian assts after 5 was told if I were to leave for a real hospital my insurance would not pay my test results haven't been told to me they said doctor will be in tomorrow had to go home no one on staff knows what to do just want to feed me blood thinners said I have to wait for the doctor

Reviewer 1

Absolutely abysmal. The triage nurse, tasked with taking your information should not be judging a patient who had to leave AMA earlier due to a job issue. How dare she comment at all. Her flippant remark was so incredibly out of place ahe needs to be removed from her duties. Patients have a right to leave AMA. That job pays my mortgage and I shouldn't have to explain myself to anyone.

Carolina Bevad

I took my son to the "pediatric" ER to be treated for lacerations. There was nothing pediatric about it - no distractions for children, no care taken to manage pain, and no haste made to treat young patients. My son was practically tortured during his treatment. When I complained about the substandard care, I was given no satisfaction, and actually insulted by the hospital's "Risk Manager." An overall terrible experience. Don't subject your child to this awful place.


I was impressed with the facility, it was well maintained, no waiting list, and was seen right away (10mins at most). Of course the elderly and severe patient were seen and attended first which I completely understand. My Attending physician was Tamashaushky, D.O., Shaun and primary nurse was Rembert, LAshia they were extremely helpful and kind. I highly recommend Virtua@Voorhees. If I ever need to visit the ER again, this is where I'll go.

Tony Gaskins

7 hours in emergency & still haven't seen a doctor. People come here with the flu instead of going to their primary care physician or urgent care & makes coming here a nightmare. We asked when a doctor was coming in & said they were waiting for test results when last test was done 2 hours ago. Do yourself a favor & stay away. Staff is nice & courteous but I think they are WAY understaffed.

Damian Burgos

Thank you again for great service.

Nicole Gunn

Camden county has a specific hospital for a specific problem (lady of lourdes= best stroke unit for example) and Virtua is the BEST baby hospital. Its also beautiful, newly built, and clean. I see alot of complaints here for ER visits. Well it took me less than 2 hrs to get seen & stitched up. Like all hospitals they go by priority. Me with my thumb practically cut off takes priority over someone whos there bc they have a fever & the sniffles. And if someones arm was cut off i wouldnt be mad that me and my cut off thumb had to wait longer than them. Common sense.

Louis Pagnotto

Bad enough we have a sick child but dealing with this Children's ER was like sticking an ice pick in ur own ear. 1.The girl at the ER check in is as cold as an ice cube. I explained to her that my son has pain in his belly, vomiting and he is having difficulties breathing. No compassion no sense of urgency, just a robot. Since when is belly pain and difficulty breathing not an emergency. Today's visit was on 11/12 @ 11 AM. 2. A guy in scrubs came out to the ER waiting room (not sure if he was an aid or nurse since he never identified himself) and called our name after a 20 minute wait. Keep in mind NO ONE was in the waiting room but a man with 2 kids waiting for someone being treated in the ER. The guy in scubs took us back to the treatment room was also robot like. No verbal schools and appeared that he didn't want to be there. Now my 7 year old son was in pain at level 8 out of 10. He asked what was going on while he took my sons vitials. I explained my son has pain in his belly, vomiting and he is having difficulties breathing. After taking vitals he left never to return again. Obviously my son would be all over the bed like a jumping bean since he was in pain and couldn't breath. He never bothered to raised the bed rails. As he's leaves he says the Dr and nurse will be in soon. To make matters worse no blankets in a freezing cold room. After waiting 20 minutes and no nurse or Dr came in, I go out to the nurses station where 4 people are having a conversation about something that they did in in their personal life last night. I had to excuse myself to ask for a blanket. 3. Another 40 minutes go by my son still in pain and having difficulty breathing I again go out and ask when will we see a Dr. The answer was they are busy. My response well call more Dr's this is an ER isn't it. 4. Dr comes in 15 minutes later. He does spend as much time as we needed with us. Request he set up an x-ray and Tylenol for his pain. 50 minutes later they finally come to take my son for the x-ray. Come back to room and we wait 25 minutes before the nurse finally comes to give him Tylenol. 5. Now sitting 1 hour for ex-ray results. I again go to the nurses station and asked when will we have the x-Ray results. The answer was that they get read by CHOP in Phila. I asked when will we see the Dr again. I was told the Dr is suturing up a patient. Really! I don't blame the Dr as he was the only comforting factor in our need for medical care. But one Dr on the ER floor is not good medical care. I will never come here again and will go to Philadelphia.

Jason Umosella

This place is amazing i love.

Tara Buonpastore

I typically love my experience at Virtua Hospital. I gave birth to my daughter there and can not discredit the labor and delivery ward. They are great people. The one star is strictly for the pediatric unit. The majority of them were rude, judgemental, not considerate, and unprofessional. There are a select few workers that this review should not reflect on them, but my bad experience with the other nurses and doctors was so awful and sad that I felt the need to share this here. None of them were on the same page, it seemed like during shift changes none of them caught up with one another. But most importantly they were disrespectful and their job is to take care of people not act like they are above you. I believe the one nurse in particular's name was Alicia. My experience there with my son still bothers me to this day. I wanted to follow suit with attorneys but just never got around to it and knew that it would be a long drawn out process. But i want everyone else to know that just because the hospital looks nice and new not everyone there is good for the job.

Karen McNamara

I had 4 weeks of Radiation in June of 2015, for breast cancer there. Everyone there couldn't have been nicer. The ones who administered the radiation were friendly, kind, patient and able all knowledgeable. I felt well cared for and would recommend to everyone!

Vanessa Ramirez

Beautiful building but just a business hospital. They just want to get you in and get out. I had a miscarriage and bled and cramped for 4 days and went there 2x within that time. They just sent me home instead of calling an ob/gyn to examine me. When the unbearable pain persisted without ceasing I then went to Jefferson hospital where they had me seen by an ob/gyn right away who couldn't believe Virtua had sent me home both times without seeing and ob/gym. Because if they had than I would've gotten a D&E right away instead of being sent home to suffer the most horrific pain of my life for 4 excruciatingly long days. Never going back to Virtua.

Nick Peronace

We rushed our daughter here tonight and staff was on point! Extremely caring and professional. We were seen immediately. The waiting room for adults was jam packed though so we won’t be coming here to be seen but will continue to use them for the kids.

Michael Kassab

I have been here many times for a family member. The healthcare and attention to detail is first class. However my only complaint is the Nurses Aide that was very arrogant and had zero compassion.

Carla Henderson

I was just in Emergency Room in pain no medicine given. I even fell an hit my head because I was lighted headed. I had stockings on so floor was slippery. The mean older nurse insisted I walk across the hall while I was doubled over in pain she said to me I must be faking. When I fell the first IV fell out and she then gave me a quick IV in my hand. They did not no a proper ultrasound. Sent me out the door doubled over.

megan voelker

I loved this place . My daughter was born here . They made the whole process extremely easy and also were very helpful .

Jennifer Cosgrove

This place is the worst hospital for care if you are ill. Extreme lack of communication between doctor to doctor and with doctors to patients, patient to nurse care flawed, hospital rooms are filthy. Doctors make you wait all day for information to either never come by or wait til late at night. My mom suffered for the last two weeks of her life due to the doctors dishonesty of her true diagnosis and lack of communication with the family and between all the doctors on her case. They Diagnosed her with pancreatitus for a week when she never even had a fever and wasn't improving on antiobioics. Then finally decided to stop antiobioics and wait for a few more days to inform us of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Pumped her full of pain meds to where she couldn't move or speak, and then put the pressure on our family to make her eat and drink. Telling us she will never get better if WE don't get her to eat and drink. My family and I had to take care of her in the hospital because there were not enough nurses to help or it took forever for a nurse to respond to her call. She couldn't lift anything on her own so the staff thought it was appropriate to place hot coffee and oatmeal in front of her. We would arrive to see her comatosed with hot coffee spilt on her. We were petrified to leave her at night. The Patient advocate was appalled by our complaints and concerns but really did nothing to rectify the situation and then left for vacation and my mom was forgotten. Finally after watching our mom suffer in pain and declining rapidly for almost two weeks Dr. Ji placed her in hospice to pass away a day later. We have had several friends complain of the same issues with their loved ones and died due to neglagience. The compassion and care was nonexistent. Just another body in the bed to this hospital.

Tamim Alyounes

This hospital is awful. Every single time one of my family members has came here they were in the waiting room 6+ hours in pain. If I could give this hospital 0 stars I would. I do not reccoment coming here at all.

naomi goldman

Nice place if your looking for a hotel stay. My advice? do to the Hilton instead. and if you are looking for people who actually understand healthcare go to Cooper, Jeff or Penn. But stay far from these people.

Jesse Patti

This hospital saved my wife's life. After time at Upenn and Thomas Jefferson a Virtual doctor connected a missing piece of treatment and I feel like I have her back after months of her being in pain and anguish. Thank you to the entire medical staff.

Jennifer Hasson

All the staff were excellent they have a program while there that's excellent for COPD patients. Really helps you understand and ways to help you with different signs so you can prevent episodes the Respiratory therapist that helped so much is Peter Pezzetta he worked every day with me on all issues related to this. This program is something they should continue and grow this program.My Doctor s from Virtua were excellent also one Nurse stood out friendly and helpful was Brittany on the fourth floor. And all the med tech were great. I can say they were packed but still took care of everyone professional even the ER nurses were under tremendous stress they were full and had 22 people waiting in lobby still managed to really care about patients even though I was in the hall way for 8 hours in ER they still have excellent care. So thank you all even Dillion from transport was a hard worker pleasant all by himself all day and always pleasant.Great job all around.


My daughter delivered there less than 48 hours ago. Though her care was ok, I think it is an absolute disgrace that she was forced to leave the hospital today in the middle of a blizzard and forced to place her newborn on hazardous roads when both her doctor and a few nurses told her yesterday she would be allowed to stay until tomorrow, when the roads would be cleared a lot better than they are right now. DISGRACEFUL!!!!! Given the fact that she was told most of hospital administration could not even make it in today, I think it says a lot about them that they won't take into consideration that her and her infant may not be able to safely get home during this monumental storm!

Sophia Stephen

My mother went to the ER last Thursday due to stomach pain. After various tests she was told she suffered a heart attack. From the beginning she refused to believe she suffered from a heart attack (62 year old, healthy woman). The staff wanted to transfer her to the Marlton location and perform a Cardiac catheterization. My mother refused, and called her cardiologist. He suggested a nuclear scan. After two nights in the ICU and various tests she was discharged, and was told her stomach pain was due to acidity. My mother also had travel plans in the upcoming days , and was told to cancel them because she needed to be under hospital observation. Two days were wasted, and travel plans had to be canceled due to the incompetent hospital and staff - would not recommend to anyone.


Was in horrible pain and they make you wait forever and if you ask when you are going to be seen because you feel awful they are extremely rude and impatient. They also enjoy taking 'precautionary measures' and performing many blood and urine tests; however fail to actually analyze the tests as more than half of them were left untouched next to the bed throughout the visit. If you don't mind waiting forever for the "you should see a specialist because I'm not sure" answer, getting 1/2 your blood sucked out for no good reason, and rude people go to virtual emergency.


Waited three hours to even see a doctor. Came in for numbness and disoriented also prego didn’t even want to check on the baby they don’t know what they are doing

joann Ashcroft

This hospital is good as a birthing hospital, I had my daughter here but every other experience me and my family have had here was a nightmare, my mom was rushed there because she want feeling well, the male nurse in the er immediately was rude one of his comments was "oh your on anxiety needs so your having a panic attack" he then made it his business to tell the doctors in the er she was having a panic attack, her organs were shutting down and she almost died because of him that was only the tip of the iceberg for her first visit there to which they discharged her and she had to go back. I took my husband there a few months ago because his head was hurting and he was losing eye sight they treated him like he was faking it, treated him for sinuses come to find out he has a tumor behind his optical nerve that they "didn't see" on any of the scans just got a bill from them yesterday they charged for 3 treatments he never received! My grandmother was taken there 2days ago because she couldn't move, she was having a reaction to new meds they got there at 2 were treated rudely and were not even seen till 10 at night. I can go on and on its worth going to a different hospital or even a patient first I will never ever go to this hospital ever again!!!!!

Bridget Pody

A long wait for a room in the ER on a Tuesday night, but other than that everything else was great. The ER nurses were excellent and very quick with starting treatment. I got admitted that night with GI bleeding and severe anemia. I stayed here for 6 days. I had the best team. My nurses were wonderful and I had great doctors too. My room was cleaned and bedding changed every day. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience

Barbara Priest

My daughter was seen in the ER today after being seen in an urgent care yesterday. She was having severe joint pain and a low grade fever. Blood was drawn at urgent care for lyme disease. Her joint pain was significantly worse today with severe fatigue. In the ER she was given fluids and blood was drawn for a CBC and BMP ONLY ! I asked them to include a sed rate, ANA, CRP, and rheumatoid factor in order to rule out an autoimmune condition. They were drawing blood anyway ! We were told "we don't do that in the ER. It's not a life or death situation". My daughter is an educated young woman who works for a living and pays for her health insurance. She doesn't live off of the system. She didn't come in with cold symptoms or a stomach ache. She isn't a drug seeking addict. Unlike the people who use emergency rooms as their primary care provider, my daughter went to the ER seeking help for the sudden onset of these symptoms that worsened in less then 24 hours. What she got was a script for motrin 600mg and instructions to follow up with her regular doctor. Some of the laziest doctors and nurses work in emergency rooms. I have been an RN for 30 years and I have had to visit the ER on a number of occasions with sick or injured family members. There is more eating, talking, laughing, flirting, texting, and story telling going on then there is medical care. It's shameful. There is such a huge difference between city ERs and rural or suburban ERs. We didn't ask for anything exotic. Just some simple lab tests to get the ball rolling in determining what is causing my daughter's symptoms. But the doctor at Virtua Voorhees could not be bothered providing good, basic care. Unless you are sure you are on death's doorstep go somewhere else ! We definitely will !

Libra Male

My daughter was put in I.C.U.,they took great care of her.They have all good nurses & a few great nurses.Bobby the cleaning guy,came in friendly & professional. I feel like I made a good choice coming her with my little princess.❤

Jeffrey L Dayton

I am currently sitting in the waiting area of the B Building in Voorhees wondering when my son's needs will be attended to. After being seen in the ER on Friday night for what seemed to be a very painful cellulitis infection in his forearm. He was placed on oral antibiotics and sent home with instructions to return if it got worse. It did. We brought him back in on Sunday with an arm that has swelled up like a balloon an he is shaking in pain. Several medical professionals have indicated that they have never seen anything like it. So what is the problem you ask? My son is also a Type 1 Diabetic. So imagine our surprise when we walked into this swanky, cutting edge new hospital with a driveway not unlike that entering Disney to find out that the maintenance diet and treatment for Type 1 Diabetic patients admitted IS THE SAME AS IT WAS IN 1988. My son was not even familiar with a "sliding scale. Secondly, we were informed of the hospitals cooperation with the State of NJs "opioid dependency problem" . To the best of my knowledge, this involves the hospital having to get a signed writ from the Pope for anything stronger than Tylenol or Motrin. If you have breakthrough pain, the treatment for that is to let you know when your next Motrin due. I worked in healthcare in the late 80s and early 90s and I cannot remember it being about anything but THE PATIENT. Now, it seems to be all about marketing the facility, magnate status, awards. If you need proof, just take a ride along 100 Bowman Drive.

Carly DeAntoneo

This review is based on the experience of my friend who went to virtua seeking help. Typically I would let her share her own story, but she is still hospitalized now and I want to get this information out there as soon as possible to potentially warn others My friend has had ulcerative colitis for most of her life. For those of you who don’t know, colitis is inflammation of the GI tract that can cause a plethora of issues. It’s chronic, painful, and difficult to manage. There is also a lot of potential for colitis to worsen into other GI disorders. My friend’s battle with her illness has led to her developing depression and anxiety. I’m sure this is not hard for most people to understand, but for those who are struggling: imagine having a disorder that no one quite understands, that causes you massive pain on and off, has the potential to become increasingly worse, and puts you at very high risk for cancer. It’s not fun, and my friend mental health issues are understandable and relatable. She did her best to seek help and got both a therapist and a psychiatrist. She has been managing her mental health with Prozac and was overall doing fine, until her colitis became worse. When her pain intensified beyond what was normal, she went to her doctor who informed her that she is likely developing crohns and that she may need part of her stomach removed. This freaked her out, and she was terrified for weeks. Her situation because even worse when she found blood in her stool and her pain intensified even more. A fight with her fiancé the same day finally led to her having a full blown breakdown, and she called me asking what to do because she wanted to harm herself. The fact that she was also suffering from the blood in her stool and even more pain led me to tell her the emergency room at virtua was a good bet. I had a sister in law who delivered my premature nephew here, and we thought they were excellent. It seemed like a good plan Unfortunately, virtua is NOT as competent when it comes to mental health issues. In fact, I would say they’re incredibly criminal. The second my friend said she wanted mental help in addition to her physical issues, they started treating her like a crazy broad in a 1950’s insane asylum. Their care was beyond mediocre, it was harmful to her health. They did absolutely nothing for her physical issues and instead just put some kid on watch to make sure she wasnt going to kill herself. And by “on watch,” I mean some random non-medical professional sat there on their phone in the same room for hours. No one came to help her, and they refused to let her contact her family, doctors (in network or no), OR take her own medicine! Imagine a person having a mental breakdown because of physical pain recieving no treatment and being locked in a room like a crazy person without any of her already prescribed medicine, including her Prozac. She flipped. After a full day of nothing, she eventually started just screaming from the pain. Finally, someone in the department saw fit to send her to the icu. After another day they finally started to treat her physical symptoms, but no one saw the need to communicate with her. They kept giving her medication that was not written on her white board, and the digital charts they have now were not given to her for her own knowledge. When I was visiting her, I witnessed the nurse administering an antibiotic that was not written anywhere for her to see or acknlowedge. She didn’t even check her name, it was honestly baffling. Even worse was the exchange the nurse and her had when she asked for the doctor’s plan of treatment. The nurse straight up treated my 22 year old friend like a complete child. It was belittling, and no real information was given. I’m not quite sure what virua was doing, maybe they were under staffed, I don’t know. But I do not recommend them for anything even remotely related to mental help unless you want to be worse off...

Elise Wagner

My mom was admitted to the ICU unit here. There were a few situations in which this was a very unpleasant experience. She was admitted in severe condition and a nurse was extremely ignorant. She was asked what her weight was, and she answered to the best of her knowledge, even though the bed could weigh her. The nurse actually said to my mom, who was the sickest she has ever been, "I didn't ask what you weighed in 1984." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. To have an ICU nurse insult a very sick patient is a disgrace. Then my mom asked a question and the nurse said a quick remark and walked away as if she couldn' be bothered. A day later my mom was scheduled to have a colonoscopy and the doctor came in and saw the order and said "I don't have time for this today!" This is the doctor, who is suppose to be eliminating cancer as the cause for my mom's illness. A different, much more pleasant doctor did the test. Another nurse saw that my mom had swollen veins at the IV site and mentioned that it was about to blow and instead of starting a new IV as she should, she still used the old vain to send the medicine through. This caused my mom to get an extreme case of cellulitis. She had to go to urgent care after discharge to treat the severe infection which was caused by a nurse too lazy to start a new IV.


Emergency Room? I am not sure what their definition of EMERGENCY is, but it isn't the same as Webster's. Went to Urgent Care who sent me to ER. Was told the wait was currently over two hours.The ER doctors are good, the nursing staff...if they are not busy talking about their weekend plans or eating-MAYBE they will attend(somewhat)to you and if they do, you are lucky if they do anything besides come in the room. Triage/intake doesn't listen-the wrong medications were listed which was an issue when the Dr. was prescribing something. This is a hospital-not a lot of room here for mistakes. Very confusing place to get into, and the confusion continues when you get inside. This isn't an emergency room-this is a clinic.

Sade Whittle

I don’t even no where to start I’ve been sitting in this place for 2 hrs for something so simple they can handle in 5 mins they all stand around this is just insane I wish I went to Kennedy honestly I will never come back here I do not recommend there service u would prolly die by the time a doctor gets to u ......

Felix Salazar

It's really hard to rate good a place that you visit when sick. The hospital seems fairly new and modern. The maternity ward seems awesome. But the ER is flawed. The floor in the waiting area is carpeted! A carpet floor in an area full of sick people. That should be Hospital Design 101: don't put carpets in areas where "liquids" could be spilled

Anna Moser

Tuesday, 7/31/18. Entered the ER at 10:30 pm. Called back at 12:30 am. It is now 2:30 am and we still have not seen a doctor and the nurse hasn’t showed her face in hours. This ER is a disgrace! Dr finally came in at 2:45 am. Took no blood, urine is still sitting on the counter, and we are being discharged with the diagnosis of: you don’t have meningitis cause you would have been dead by now. Not sure what’s causing numbness is your arm. I’ll give you something for the head pain and you can go home. Five hours later...goodnight!!!

Lin Cruz

I always spoke highly of this hospital. I had my son here and everything was great! With my second child the staff was extremely rude ! Wasnt given the epidural because they were telling me I was exaggerating when I was in labor (the doctors exact words!) she felt sorry when I gave birth to my baby girl 20 minutes later! No epidural! Even when I kept asking for it but she was worry about my past doctors appointments when I was there the night before !!! They knew/saw me already !!! They treated me with no care at all ! They are all stuck up people. They will say comments under their breath. The only doctors that were so sweet was josette , Amy & Melissa. the rest are mean. the lady from room service should be fired she’s extremely rude I didn’t even want to order anything her name is terry !

Vanessa Caporusso

I delivered my daughter at Voorhees last week and had the most positive experience. From our first touchpoint to the hugs that our nurse gave us at discharge, we couldnt have asked for anything more. The rooms were beautiful and private and the staff was all amazing. The food was good! The nurses and lactation consultants were incredibly helpful in helping us navigate the first couple days of parenthood. I'd highly recommend.

John Wallace

phone system is TERRIBLE! tried to call navigator. for days. can say your voice message verbatim .What do youneed have to do to speak yo a,olive person.

Yolanda Brunner

A few weeks ago I was in the Voorhees ER with chest pains. I was told that my records would be sent to my primary care physician and cardiologist. They were not. When I learned that my physician had not received them I called to ask if they would send them to him. I was told I needed to fill out the paper work again. I was told they would send it to one of their cardiologist if I wanted to choose one of their doctors. I am disappointed that this is how they practice medicine. For a $14,000 plus bill getting my records to my health care providers should not be complicated. Friendly staff in a nice clean facility does not equal quality reliable health care. Very disappointed!!! And I will not return to Virtua for the services I have done routinely.

Steven Rice

I had my wife deliver our baby here. And it was comfortable, and everyone is nice.

Mary Collins

This is the very best hospital in Jersey! The staff is so friendly and caring! The doctors are AMAZING and they don't talk to you like you're silly! I live right down the street from an ER locally known to Jersey and I REFUSE to go any place aside from Virtua! I drive the 35 minutes to et here because of the quality of care my family receives

Temur Mustafa

Worst hospital you can ever be in, be aware of the staff that is not trained right for their positions, only know how to chitchat instead of trying to help people.

Norm Davis

Great care. Great nurses. Round the clock care.

Rena Cybulski

Virtua Voorhees is a great place to have a baby! It is beautiful and everyone is so kind

Heather MacVicar

I came here a few times & was left in the waiting room & the ER was cramped & dirty the nurses were talking loudly about patients & the Dr. said that I did not need to be admitted & was moved to what they call JET care & sent back out to the waiting room for my fiancé to come pick me up & he took me to Jefferson Hospital Washington Township & I was admitted. Please everyone stay away from this hospital for Emergency Care & stay out of the Mount Holy Hospital as well . If you really want to die then go to these hospitals. But no offense to the Comprehesive Cancer & Hematology staff . You are the real heroes!!

Weow PITA - Behind the Scenes

The nurses and staff were so friendly and so helpful. They explained step by step about meds and treatments.

amanda Flynn

My boyfriend and I came In at 1am because he was having chest pain. After we got checked in we sat In The waiting room for 3 hours .. mind you there was only 4 people waiting then came back to a room where they kept us for another 3 hours. Ummm are you kidding me. Now we are going on 7 hours

Ann Marian

If I’m dying pass this hospital and go to the next one, and I’m an RN! Rude people at the desk. When I called to complain the girl on the other end seemed as though she could have cared less and there was no apology. Surely my complaint never made it passed her ear!

ilene matthews

I went to the Emergency room and was admitted with a serious Colon perforation. Was in the hospital for 2 weeks! Dr Avi Galler SAVED my life! I am used to going to the BIG hospitals across the bridge and felt that this hospital was just as good if not better! My family was allowed to sleep over every night, which I couldn’t of done without! Patty the surgical team nurse was fantastic!!! I have only GOOD things to say about my experience in June 2018. Thank you to all... Ilene Matthews

Carmen Cuevas

Been in emergency waiting area for over 2 hours

Blue Jersey

We had our son in this hospital, and it was a wonderful experience with the staff and everyone involved. We want to, and always pay our bills. This has been horrible what they are doing to our family. We have paid out over 7.000.00 so far and they keep coming. This hospital is without question the biggest financial rip-off in the history of hospitals. My son is over 2 years old, and they continue to shake us down for more money. We were making 500 dollar per month payments and that still wasn't good enough. They are ruining our credit and will not allow us to breath. Every month new bills, new add on's. It's as if they know we were able to pay some money now it is their goal to squeeze us dry. By sending bills in bits an pieces they know that there is no way you can possibly keep track. It's like going to a restaurant and getting one bill for water, one for bread, one for everything that you experience. We found out today that there is another magical 600.00 that we owe.Rip-offs and thieves. And wait til you have the experience of their garbage and multiple collection agencies. They are destroying our lives.

Aaron Yanuzzi

We had 2 of our 4 of kids here and it was a fantastic experience. Truly enjoyed the whole experience.

Caroline Febus

My husband ended up at Virtua Voorhees twice. Once in emergency and the second for a planned major surgery. I do believe that an emergency experience can be more challenging because it is unplanned. We had to be proactive and literally told the emergency Dr. what my husband needed because we were getting a placating reaction from the Dr. rather than him truly listening to what we were telling him and coming up with an action plan. He was not a urologist so seemed to be unsure because of that. Finally, after conferring w urologist, Dr. said they’d admit him and followed the plan we suggested. Admittedly, we ended up there because an outpatient procedure didn’t quite happen as expected and on hindsight, I would’ve called his urologist before going to emergency so they’d be prepared for his arrival. Second experience was major surgery planned way in advance. From a medical standpoint, everything went even better than planned. Virtua will text you as to status of patient and everybody did their job well and politely. My only complaint is completely non-medical. Although they have an excellent cafeteria the hours are not posted anywhere, nor on their website! So I missed dinner and got a burger from nearby Wayback Burgers. I believe they’re open 7 AM - 7 PM. I stayed overnight as they have a foldout couch. I brought an inflatable camping pad as the first time killed my back because couch is too hard. Just ask and they will supply linens. Keep your pass with you at all times to show every time you pass front desk on way back up to patient’s room. Other than the first Dr in emergency, everyone else was on top of things, gracious, and constantly asked about pain level. If I made a request, even stating no rush, the nurse brought what I needed quickly. having had MANY hospital experiences, I would recommend Virtua, but know one must always be proactive in a hospital setting. And a calm but confident attitude is best.

Cathy A

Everyone seems to love the birthing experience at virtua but it must be because they never had a baby anywhere else. I had a HORRIBLE experience there and will never recommend. The idiot resident told me I wasn't in transition and that I wasn't having the baby. This was in triage. Well I pushed and had the baby. Idiots. Morons. Get out of the medical field you inepts. However.... The actual doctor was good...he was upstairs..whoever he was. Triage should not even be involved in birthing. Duh!!

E_ P_rry

We have delivered a few children and the staff at virtua are great along with a top rate facility. They made it the most pleasant experience! We always say "if you can't say something nice, Dont say it at all". In this case it was all just perfect!

Amy dews

The wait was absolutely ridiculous. We were waiting for literally 6 hours before anybody came and did anything. They gavemedicine which my doctor days I cannot take. Then when I refuse that, they gave me something else that didn't work. I'm in a room that isn't even a real room. It's freezing and they don't know what to do. I'm sitting here watching these doctors, RNs techs do nothing but talk and joke about medical school and their mates. I'm watching them eat and snack and catch up with each other as if this place is a social meeting area rather than a medical center where people come who have real problems and need help.

Aisha Ritter

I gave birth to both my babies here (2011 & 2017) and had a great experience both times. The staff especially the nurses and lactation consultants were so attentive and helpful. We now live in Mt Laurel literally 5 minutes from Memorial, but when we had an issue and needed to take our youngest to the ER we chose to go back to Voorhees. We love Virtua Voorhees!

Helen Brandi Lore

As far as the nurses .. they are absolutely fabulous! Missy, Loretta, Laura, Corrine on the 3rd are the BEST ! I cant thank them enough. The Doctors - I would rate on a VERY LOW scale. Half ass at best. You feel like its just about billing the patient. No real attempts to find out what is wrong, they treat for what you are presenting with and ignore other symptoms that should be a cause for concern. The specialists run in and run out and certainly don't give you any real answers. I am educated enough to ask a series of questions but even then, I felt like we were just dismissed. If by choice ... I would NOT select this hospital. As far as cleanliness, the place is EXCEPTIONAL and the rooms were very nice. Private suites so that is great if you have to stay. The staff in the cafeteria are awesome ... food, ehhh, the burgers are very good but you have very limited choices.

Al DiPietropolo

The emergency room is typically four to five hours. When you inquire with the staff one will say the wait is really long today which is quite unusual. Ask another staff member and you are told it is always like this. Plan on camping out and the quality of care is questionable at best.

Joanne Giordano

These people have saved my life on numerous occasions when my diabetes was all over the place. The nurses and doctors are all amazing people


Wish I could give them 0 stars. Unprofessional staff and lack of urgency. Waste of space in what they call a “hospital”

Ariel R

I took my 5 month old daughter there during January with RSV... boy was that a mistake. Not only did they bill.... they tripple milked my insurance, charged for the E.R. and admitted her. Then they refused to give her the treatment she needed for hours as my daughter laid there in agony. They refused to give the treatment because of internal politics within the hospital. The they said the PICU was full, when in reality it was empty, bit the Pulmonary staff did not want to come to an ICU to do the treatment. The attending was not allowed to administer it even tough he was perfectly suited for the job. We asked where can she get he treatment and Philadelphia CHOP came up. .... right before the transfer they all of a sudden move her to the PICU, which had not a single person in it. Pulmonary came down and hooked her to the proper treatment. The call to transfer her to CHOP philly was already under way. They made sure to get that billing in before we got her transferred. An epic fight broke out between the nurses, the pulmonary staff, and the EMS transport. Apparently the PICU sent the most green and uninformed person to do the transfer to ambulance hookup. This lady had to get a guy on the phone to ask him how to do things about 12 times in the span on 15 min. None of them were trained or knew the steps or prepare the equipment to hand it off to the EMS transport. At chop with the proper therapy she got better within the span of a few hours, after languishing in pain for days at Voorhees Virtua. With proper treatment at CHOP she was released by the end of the next day breathing normally. This hospital is a bureaucratic nightmare who has doctors handcuffed and prevented from giving proper treatment. My two children have been born at Voorhees virtua, with complications, theybhave made more than half a million of my two kids alone from insurance payouts and copays...... and then they send me a bill for not fixing my child, they sent me a bill for the inhumane lack of proper treatment administerd . Parents if you have an infant and really good insurance... just make your way to CHOP and dont get caught up in this beuracratic mess they have at this hospital. Sad is that this place is only 5 mins away, I will just take the 15 min drive to CHOP.

Rachel Wheeler

I was in the labor and delivery department on August 12th and 13th 2019 for an unexpected turn of events at the end of my pregnancy. The nurses who took care of me were absolutely amazing and handled our situation the best we could ask for. Nurses Casey, Nicole, and Amy had me for most of the time and deserve every praise we can give them to be recognized by their management for the job they did. My midwife Lauren Butler is a superstar and did way more than serve as the medical professional in my situation. My husband and I and our families are so appreciative of the virtua staff that took care of us.

Nelson Vazquez

Never again well come here stood in the waiting room for 4 hrs unit my little baby was sene then it took 4 more hrs in the room till she was discharged... on top of that they had enough time to through one of there coworkers a baby shower smh never never never again

James Pelaccio

Doctor let my daughter leave the hospital with a 104 feaver and no course of action. Refused to test for flu and insisted she was fine. Urgent care in cherry hill diagnosed the flu along with an ear infection. Very disappointed in the lack of care provided by CHOP doctors at Virtua

Angela Ama

Truly amazing. Kind nurses and a very clean hospital.

Christine Filderman

My grandmother has been in this hospital for over 2 weeks now and has been treated like she's not worthy of care according to her nurses. Not only is she left dirty and in a dirty room everyday we have to beg for someone to come in to clean but she's also left unchecked all day long. No one ever asks if she ate for that day if she drank anything for that day if she's even feeling okay for that day. The nursing staff in this hospital is the worst around. I asked her nurse what medication she was giving my grandmother and she had no idea the name or even the dose. Also I witnessed a 90 year old patient fall and scream for help and when I went and got her nurse she rolled her eyes and said "she's so annoying she always is screaming and falling she's crazy" and never went to even check on the patient. Also asked the nurses if they were giving my grandmother her medication and they told me she could only have so much because there is a sortage so she now has to suffer. This place is totally unprofessional and unacceptable. I have recording and videos and will be taking further action. WARNING DO NOT GO HERE!!

Mary Miner

PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS EMERGENCY ROOM UNLESS IT'S A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION!!! You will get much better care at Cooper in Camden or Jefferson and Penn in Philadelphia. The ER doctor (Dr. Mehvish Ahmed) treated my husband for an allergic reaction when he was having trouble speaking instead of ordering a CT within 20 minutes of his admission. This shot his blood sugar through the roof. We had to wait over 4 hours for his CT scan. Once we knew he had to be transported to another hospital to receive treatment from a Neurosurgery unit, he asked to be transported to Jefferson or Penn in Philadelphia. She refused our request stating he had already be seen by a Neurosurgeon in Virtua and had to go to Virtua Mt. Holly. She basically violated his patient bill of rights by refusing his request! It seems to be all about Virtua getting the money from the insurance company and not their patients getting the best care. Dr. Ahmed's bedside manner and communication skills are horrible. She is the rudest, most inconsiderate doctor I have ever met. In my opinion, she should not be practicing medicine. We found out from the transport EMTs (not the doctor) that my husband was being taken to the ICU in Mt. Holly. We also had to wait another 3-4 hours for him to be transported. And don't even waste your time trying to file a complaint with their Patient Relations department. Virtua will always side with their doctors and not admit to any wrongdoing. They charged our insurance company over $12,000 for the ER visit when the doctor did NOTHING to help my husband!! The only good thing that came out of this experience is that my husband is now getting excellent care from Jefferson doctors. The scary thing is how many patients go through their ER dept. and get misdiagnosed or receive subpar medical treatment resulting in life-changing consequences to their long term health. If you want the best care from doctors with experience, Virtua is NOT the place to go. We have learned a valuable lesson from this experience, and can only hope that others will heed our warning.

Piere LeClerc

Not a good experience. I felt like the treating doctor had a unknown grudge against me. I never seen her a day in my life. I was still more than respectable and thanked her for her time. Dr.R could have come off alot different, like compassionate that i had many recent surgeries that had everything to do with my visit and not come off like she was irritated that I needed e.r. treatment. Treatment wasn't to thorough. I hope to never experience an e.r. visit like that again. Not happy and honestly not surprised after reading a couple reviews.

Marc Pukenas

My wife delivered our daughter here. Nikki Rogers, RN and Dr. McCrossan were fantastic. It was a long delivery for us. The entire team was kind, caring, and compassionate. Nicole, the recovery RN was very helpful and detailed oriented with her care instructions. We are really appreciative of the entire staff and so happy we chose to deliver here. Four weeks after delivery, my wife suffered a complication and we were told to go to the ER. We were seen promptly, diagnosed, and treated with care and efficiency. Excellent care all around.

Nabila B

Great hospital with amazing staff!

Liza Diaz


bob rodgers

Virtua Voorhees used to be the only emergency room myself and family woukd use , even though we live mant miles away. Went there on 1/12/18 and I must say it has changed, but nit for the good. The triage expierence , which had in the past been a very professional and friendly expierence, has become very non-personable. The wait to go back into emergency room was not long, but instead of what was before avery nice and clean facility it has become drab with curtains. Had to wait for about and hour for a doctor to pop hus head in and before that no nurse checked in to see how I was doing. After being seen by the doctor I wheeled into another part of the ER department, which again was adorned with drab curtains, only this time there was another patient in the room seperated by a curtain. This setup made fot a cramped room and very little privacy. All said and done not a very pleasant expierence.

Gino Marino

Incompetence is running rampant. Stay away!

matt hochreiter

If I could give this place a half a star it would still be too much. Was in the waiting room in the emergency room for 6 hours before finally being taken back. They tried to get me to go for a ct scan 3 times after I had already went back for a ct scan hours before. Dr. Asked me if I frequent we had headaches not realizing I was in there for a concussion. And still tried to treat me just for a headache. I would drive 2 hours out of the way just so I didn't have to deal with this hospital ever again.

Bernadette Hughes

These stars are for the helpful nurses in the mother/baby unit and the labor and delivery unit. They were very helpful and compassionate. The system loses 3 stars fro the attitude and rudeness received from Morgan in the records department. She speaks down at you. I called her out on her behavior. She laughed in my face but left before i could get the baby out of my hands. She refused to get a patient advocate when requested. She claimed to NOT have a supervisor on duty. After a few moments, Ferne the supervisor appeared. She was absolute no help and seemed more rude than Morgan. Ferne and Morgan spoke to me as if I was the illiterate black kid from the corner slinging rocks! After pointing out my educational level, she seemed more frustrated. i know how dare me be educated. Morgan continued to display her behavior in front of her supervisor Ferne. Even laughing at us (AGAIN) in front of Ferne. Ferne had a excuse (not a good one) for Morgan but no solutions or patient advocate for our problem. A complete joke. After the nurses saw and heard the commotion, they promptly found the patient advocate and even shed a few tears with us. Not sure about the advocate part. We were promised a formal apology and help with getting our problem resolved. None of that has happened. I have done the foot work myself and solved the problem. Still no apology and at this point they can keep that apology! I just cannot wait for my satisfaction survey and I will let my insurance carrier know how the patients are treated. NEVER AGAIN


I had a hip replacement in the JRI building. Virtua doctors, nurses, and PT were caring and attentive.

charlie urdaz

I went there in an emergency visit they checked me quick then I sat in a room for over an hour and a half with a doctor or nurse coming in to check on me. I will never go back to this hospital

Barbara Engelhard

Went to the vorhees ER after falling down the steps. X-ray was taken immediately. I waited for 5 hours for Doctor Jacobs to read the X-ray before finally giving up and walking out. Inexcusable!!! Never saw him at all. The nurse kept telling me he'd see me shortly all the way up to my leaving. Even the nurse said that she'd try to hunt him down and send him my way. She never came back herself either. As I was leaving I saw the nurse in the hall. I told her that I was leaving because the doctor never came and I wouldn't wait any longer. In all that time I saw a nurse one time. To top it all of I never even had a room. They had me on a gurney in the hall. Not one person even seemed to care that I was leaving. Terrible care!!!

X1 Blizzard

Waiting in the ER for 4hr before being seen never again


Very well kept hospital. Staff is nice and understanding. The rooms are also very spacious and clean. 100% Reccommended!

Rose Minyon

Never again will we use this hospital!! For a pediatric ER associated with CHOP very disappointed and dissatisfied with the whole visit. Our daughter has a health history and they said they saw no reason to do any test (blood work, Ultra sound anything). They left it that if she has pain come back. We use CHOP in Phila for all follow ups and specialists. We used Virtua thinking we would get her the same care since they are CHOP associated. Boy were we wrong. Never again!! I would never tell anyone to bring their child here go to the main hospital where you get treated better and they truly care and make sure you to home with answers that relate to your child not a general classification along with everyone else who has those symptoms. (even more so for a child who has a health history)

Sabrina Lynn

Best NICU and Best nurses and Dr on both the High risk maternity floor and in the NICU. They took excellent care of my while I was in bed rest for 8 days before I delivered my daughter, once my daughter was born she had top notch care from the nurse, doctors, respiratory therapists, therapists and everyone else I know I’m missing. Thank you for everything

MSJ 678

Been here for HRS NEEDLESSLY! Upon entering there was ZERO privacy! I had to ask them to remove me from the fast tract area smh I shouldn't need to be telling them to move me for privacy reasons! I shouldn't be here for hrs either. I have deff been put on a back burner smh THEY NEED WAY MORE STAFF HERE!!!!

Edward Weeast

Repeatedly, Virtua Voorhees demonstrates excellence in treatment and care. I consider Virtua Voorhees to be one of the best hospitals in New Jersey. Over the years they have never let us down and their staff are second to none! Highly recommend!

Miroslaw Dembinski

Best hospital! My daughter was delivery there. Fantastic personnel, great doctor!!!!

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