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REVIEWS OF Virtua Memorial Hospital IN Delaware

m1k3 b14z3

Sitting currently in the ER waiting to be registered and I look up and see the lady who is doing that work on Facebook on the computer with 2-3 other ladies just standing around talking not doing anything for a good 15-20 minutes. I don't know much about how a hospital is run but I doubt Facebook has anything to do with it.

Gina Smith

Not only is this the most incompetent health care facility I have ever seen, but the billing department sent my bill to collections when I had been paying faithfully and on-time at least every month. When I've tried to contact them, both in writing and by phone, I have received no response. I am, however, being harassed by a collection agency for additional money. I will now be forced to pursue other action against them. But for sure, I will never be back to a Virtua facility or provider.

Geraldine Gepner

Easy to find. Friendly and helpful staff. Clean and organized. I was there for nuclear stress test and because of how great everyone was it was an easy and almost 100% anxiety free process. Would definitely go there for any follow up.

Melissa Keller

Put me on a gurney in front of 2 rooms. People that came in after me were put in rooms. I didn’t even get offered a blanket.

Marlene D

I was sent to this hospital from Virtua in Camden for mental health treatment during a difficult time in my life. They were good to me. The doctor sent me to Trenton’s Rescue Mission Shelter because I was homeless at the time. It was a good choice. I was able to get outpatient care, medication, housing in the shelter for my safety, meals, clothing and toiletries. I now have housing provided by the Mission to 5 women. Virtua placed me back on track.

Alexandra Hyland

We had a wonderful experience bringing our son into the world at Virtua Memorial. Everyone we encountered went above and beyond but especially the L&D nurse Mary and Dr. Udoh who safely delivered our baby. Thanks for another great delivery Virtua!

Christopher Yanoschak

Had an appendectomy there a little while back. I was on 4 Northeast and the nurses were great around the clock and Dr Wasser was phenomenal. I have always requested Virtua and will continue to do so!

Purabi Bhattacharjee

Blessed with a baby grand daughter by the caring and expert hands of the doctors, nurses and staff...

Holly Fick

My 85 year old mother was there the week after thanksgiving with a broken leg. She couldn't walk. She called for assistance to use the toilet. The workers were annoyed by this but they helped her to the toilet and said they would come back in a little bit to get her. THEY NEVER CAME BACK! After her ringing the bell many times then finally screaming they came in and were rude to her. Can you believe that? They were rude to her. She waited so long for them she almost passed out. My feisty mother let them have it! She cursed them and advised them tto seek a new job that didn't require compassion. If i had the names of the employees i would call them out! If you are reading this please do NOT use this hospital!

Davina Wrenn

My pregnant niece stayed at this hospital for 4 days because she was in severe pain. Her personal OB doctor was very unsympathetic and rude to her. He questioned why it took her so long to come to the hospital. Really?? They treated her for a UTI. In the end, she left and went to another hospital 25 minutes away from her home! And to top it off she DOESN'T have a UTI!!! She will never ever go back to Virtua hospital in Mt . Holly!!

Lawrence Pohlke Jr

Horrible. Rude staff. Horrible bed side manor . prime example of what is wrong with medical facilities nowadays.

Suzanne West

I delivered both of my children at Virtua Memorial Hospital and had wonderful care on both occasions! My nurses were attentive and knowledgeable and the mother/baby unit was beautifully updated. I was also thankful to have had a private room. When I delivered my daughter she had a short stay in the Special Care Nursery and I can not say enough wonderful things about the care that she received there as well.

Amanda McIntyre

The wait times for same day is insane. I get infusions and I wait downstairs until 30 mins after my appointment time. Then I go to infusion and wait an hour for my medication because the Pharmacy is so incredibly slow. This infusion already takes 3 hrs. It's an entire day once hot factor in 2 extra hours for slow delivery. Poorly run pharmacy, understaffed, need dedicated pharmacist for specific purposes ie: Infusions! Otherwise we wait 2 hours for the few people to fill EVERY order in the hospital. I'm going to have to go to another place for infusions.

denise panico

In the last four months both my husband and I were admitted to this hospital through the emergency room. It was the worse experience ever for the both of us. My husband went in with severe stomach pain, waiting over 2 hours to be taken back....despite severe repeated vomting and blood. Even the other patients waiting tried to get the nurses attention. All they said was when he was done vomiting he was to come back for his vitals. It took another two hours before he was brought back and then we waited another four hours for a doctor to look at him, despite the fact that I saw him repeatedly walk into his office and do who know what. After 7 hours in the ER they finally admitted him. Once he got onto the surgical floor care was much better. We had nothing but praises for the nurse in ICU and the care they gave him. When I went in July it was the same thing all over again. I went in with seizures so severe that never stopped. All they did was put a neck brace on me and told my husband I would be brought back as soon as possible. When I was called back for my vital check I was having another seizure and the nurse seemed to care less. All she did was take my blood pressure and temperature and sent me right back out to the waiting room...unbelievable. This is the worse hospital for ER care. Even after being brought back to the ER they just pushed me into a room while having another seizure and walked out. I was in total panic mode and they seemed to care less. The staff and treatment in this ER is the worse there possible could be. If I was bleeding on the street right in front of this hospital I would still go elsewhere. The staff was totally rude, uncaring and completely unprofessional

Andrea Callow

Very disappointed in this Emergency Room. While I have respect for everyone that assisted my family member on that long long night, I was disgusted by the lack of cleanliness this hospital had. The floors were gross, the doors in the rooms were not clean at all, the tech that took blood, spilled some and did not take any precautions to clean it up and left it there. I could not believe that!!! I am hoping someone in the hospital sees my comment and takes steps to get the ER department in order. I also noted while walking around, to go to the rest room, and CT room, that this hospital is in total disarray. What is going on here? I felt like I was going to catch MRSA while I was there. I was not the only person who thought this. There was a nice fellow in a room, while my family member was on a stretcher in the hallway for 6 hours, who agreed with me. He also noticed how filthy the ER was. What can be done about this? The second night I returned my family member to the Virtua ER in Voorhees, albeit a long drive, but so much nicer. I know it is newer, but it was top notch and I noticed housekeeping circulating the floor cleaning while we were there. I was reassured that this facility was clean and was taking the extra precautions to make sure the public was protected.

Freddy Cruz

I want to say that I had the very best experience for a first time dad. Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, techs, and all the staff at Virtua of Mount Holly. You guys provided top of the line care for my fiance ( mom) , my son and I. Thank you again.

Mile Martinovic

Excellent interventional radiology department. From doctors to nurses they are the best. I've been coming the past four years and they have become like family. I would recommend to everyone.

Mara M.

Everyone, even down to the janitorial staff, was so kind to me. They gave their all to ensure that my stay there was as comfy as possible. They even made sure my daughter was ok - she wasn't even the patient! LOL While I hope to never be in the hospital again, I'd gladly go back to Virtua Memorial.

elizabeth davies

I had a very heated argument over the phone with a doctor who was upset my father was a full code. Rather than respecting his wishes she argued with me telling me he deserved to die with dignity. Also, the oncologist, Dr Lee told me if he were his father he would put him in hospice. Well it has now been 17 months later and a trip to upenn. They treated his cll. No thanks to Dr Lee and now his numbers are fantastic. As for the other doctor who insisted that I let him die, her actions were less than professional. I got a call later that day from a doctor who explained that they saw people like my dad all the time and they never make it. I see it as a self fulfilling prophecy. Dad's still got some health issues but is enjoying his life. I am glad I insisted they treat him and that I got a second opinion. Some of the nurses are great and some of the doctors but the experience I had last year makes it a 1 star.

Crystal Malsom

Waiting 2 hours to see a doctor in ER is ridiculous when it's not even busy. We will never come here again.

Geralyn Williscroft

Nursing staff is friendly but overall not impressed with this hospital. My mom had a shoulder replacement here. It is run down. The patient alarm in her room broke so our room was switched. Something went wrong with the IV in her hand so her hand blew up like a balloon. You hit the call button and wait an unnecessary amount of time for someone to come. The info boards in the room aren’t used at all. They were two hours late getting my mom her pain meds. If i hadn’t asked about the pain meds, it would’ve been longer.

Mar Polk

My father was placed in ICU at Virtua the care he received was wonderful. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was not the best patience the first 3 days but they were very patience and kind. Tony the PC Aide that sat by his side all day really helped my dad feel better about being in ICU and kept my dads dignity during times when he needed his help... He was so kind and personable ... The nurses were also wonderful BEV, Catherine, June , NiAsia - were so help ful - I was very impressed with the entire staff !! Thank you !!!

Barbara Hock

One of their colorectal surgeons, Dr. Pilipshen, used an outdated surgical method in this hospital to perform a hemorrhoidectomy on me a few years ago without first making me aware. I was told by two other surgeons that this has caused nerve damage. I have been struggling since, first with a stricture which was attempted to be corrected by another surgeon a year later, as well as ongoing constipation. This has ruined my quality of life.

Mary Catherine Griffin

My mother was recently admitted to this hospital and she received the worst treatment !! The nurses weren't feeding her on time or changing her, as a result she contacted bed sores. We reached out to the hospital administrators to voice are concerns and they reassured us that this wouldn't happen again, that was a lie. The reason I'm reaching out to tell her story is because she can't. Why because mother has Dementia

April Hiltabidle

I had outpatient laparoscopic surgery here. The staff was very kind and concerned for my well being, and took great care to educate me on pain management and how to heal well.

keisha c

As I'm sitting here watching Grey's Anatomy, I just remember couple years ago, I wasn't treated like I suppose to at Virtua hospital in Mt. Holly. I went for abdominal pains and a knot in my stomach. I was told the knot was my uterus like I was stupid or something. Give me a shot for something she claim I have, with no scans but blood work. Next day I called and the results was all negative and I'm still suffering from pain. Went to another hospital and I was treated totally different. I actually had scans done and turned out that I needed surgery. Turned out she was wrong about the knot I was feeling.

Angella Hibbert

The Service provided was nonetheless exceptional,the pediatric Physician was informative, genuinely concern,nurses and staff were very professional so I give them a 4 star#satisfied.

Jessica Calope

Only reason there is stars is because of the phenomenal respiratory specialist. She was absolutley amazing ,took great care of my fiancee and even helped us find a pharmacy since we arent from the area. The triage nurse on the other hand , was terrible. She gave my fiancee an attitude because we misplaced his rescue inhaler during our unexpected road trip. Once she got us into a room she decided to turn around and make fun of his misfortune with the other nurses. I dont see how someone needing an ER visit over an asthma attack is hilarious to your employees. We are just thankful that not everyone we camd across was as unpleasant as her.

Marian Dove

Went to Emergency Room via ambulance 1 week ago today. I was quickly shifted to a wheel chair & spent 6 hours just in the waiting room! Your hospital took care of me in March 2013 for a very bad stroke which left my whole right side paralyzed. They gave me a drug in my IV and after some time, I started to feel my toes moving. The treatment was excellent at that time. Last week it was just awful. Sorry but it was. I arrived at the ER at approximately 3PM last Thursday. 6 hours in waiting room and then they took me back only to lay there listening to a patient going off on either a doctor or a nurse..One F Bomb after another! Then a lady was also very angry and I call yourself a doctor..I've waited all that time & this is it. She said shame on you around three times or more. She never curse at them though. Finally my nurse comes in and takes blood and check my vitals. My Blood Pressure was high as I have a panic & anxiety disorder. Had a Cat Scan and a Chest X-ray. The technicians were really wonderful & very compassionate. The ER Doctor I had was very insensitive and just didn't seem to care at all. They needed a urine sample and I had just went to the bathroom when they came to get me from the waiting room. I told them to give me some water and that it wouldn't take long for me to give a sample as I have very bad incontinence. All they wanted was to spend the least amount of time on me and get me out of there. So I was subjected to a Straight Cath. I never had one before & never will again. I felt degraded and ashamed. They just couldn't wait until I could go on my own. Off went the nurse and me with wet sheets. Then down for the Cat Scan . They are the ones who changed the sheets. Look, I know I'm not special & that I must wait my turn but I'm sorry, there were people coming in after me & they did not look sick to me. I think a lot of them used the ER as their personal doctor. I'm on Medicare. All I get is $1175.00 a month. I will be 75 years old next month. I cannot pay the 20% difference because before I even get my check..I'm flat broke. November 22, 2717...I had a freak accident and fell and broke my hip in 4 places. I went to your hospital and the ER personal was very good and caring. When I got upstairs, for the first day it was very good. But then they brought a girl who was probably in her twenties from another country & she was my roommate. No problem with her, she was very nice. She was showered with nurses pretty much all the time. Me on the other hand, was just about totally ignored. Had to ask for my medication at times when it was due. However the doctors were excellent as were most of the nurses. I'm not a bell ringer and I hate bothering the nurses unless I absolutely have too. Which is why I get upset when I really need a nurse and get no answer or get, I'll be right back and an hour or more goes by and I'm still waiting for my medication. The reason this is so long is because I'm really upset in regards to the lack of concern of some of your staff and my resentment has been festering since last week. Was told at approximately 2.15 AM that I was going home. I ask then how as I did not have a ride. Nurse said they would have to check Medicare to see if they would pay for my ride home. Huh? I can barely walk for God's Sake & live in Edgewater Park. They discharge me with one script for a UTI which I already knew I had. My BP was 171/76, my Temperature was 99 F, pulse 76, Respiration 17 and Oxygen 98%. I left your hospital feeling worse then when I arrived there...and I still do not feel any better. I'm sure you can get the rest of my information from my files. I have worked most of my life while raising 3 kids. I thought when I got to my Senior Years things would be different and I would get some respect.....I was so wrong and so very disappointed in the lack of compassion and decency I didn't get. I think your staff needs to be retrained in how to treat those are really sick with kindness and compassion. Not cuddling or fawning all over them, just some kindness please. Thank you.

Wanda Padilla

My name is Wanda Padilla I’ve been a patient at Virtua Mount Holly for about eight days now and I must say that all the nurses on the seventh floor have treated me so wonderful I’ve stayed in several hospitals and I must say that the nurses on the seventh floor at Virtua Mount Holly have been very Wonderful with me

Pipsqueak YJ

If I could give zero stars I would worst Hospital ever! My brother was in there, they told him to take a walk around the nurses station. He fell face-first into a wall and they laughed at him. When he asked for help getting up, because no one offered any, they told him "guess so". Who bullies their patients? Seriously, this is not your job, your job is to take care of them, to help them feel better not to make them feel so bad that they check themselves out of the hospital that's exactly what he did

Tyler Jones

I had both of my kids here. My first child had to go to the NICU. 99% of the whole section of delivery, mother and baby, and the NICU were very professional. The new CHOP section is nice and it's dedicated to the children for emergency care. Parking during the weekdays (10-7) and Saturday can be hectic, so plan accordingly.

keisha smith

I have been coming to this hospital for a long time due to my sickness and i always ask to be put on the seventh floor because the staff are very friendly n they really do care about how you feel n the nurse directors ate excellent

Yadira Maust

Went due to being pregnant and having some complications. The check in process was quick but then 1hr and 45min after I still wasn't called back. It smelled horrible and it was trashy. I asked when I would be seen and was told to wait I ended up leaving without being checked. Avoid at all costs.

Anonymous Trucking

Have extensive experience at this facility. First off, the people here are very compassionate and caring. They have taken great care of my family members. Also, their in patient hospice unit is excellent as well. Parking can be a bit difficult but it’s FREE!! Other than that a decent facility that is clean.

Anthony Rodriguez

Labor and delivery is great! Mother and baby is also great- all nurses and staff are very friendly and accommodating. However, please for the well being of the significant other or whomever is staying with mom/baby PLEASE get a more comfortable bed to sleep on.

Renee Galarza

I don't even know where to begin. I had my twin boys here on Thanksgiving in 2011. The night before, they had me in L&D to monitor contractions. I was just in the downstairs and lady was able to find their heartbeats just fine. Up in L&D they couldn't find my one son's and they pushed on my side constantly. I was in tears. I just heard his heart so I know he was ok! They let me go home but by 9am I woke up covered in blood. My placenta from my son (who they kept pressing on) became abrupted overnight. I went in at 9:30am and they were born about 1pm. My son who was swallowing my blood all night was very sick. For some reason they told me he came up positive for opiates! Oddly, his twin brother didn't? How does that even happen!! They put him on morphine for a month and had DYFS come to my home for 2 years! Not to mention they treated me like a drug addict after that. The one nurse deflated my catheter but walked in front of my bed and tripped over it, causing it to rip out! Oh, and they also informed me that my c-section scar might be odd because the curtain fused to my skin when they opened my incision! What negligence! Oh and regarding my son being forced on morphine for a month, my insurance didn't cover it because he didn't have enough "withdrawal" symptoms to warrant it. They drugged my infant and he's still not right because of them. I would love to sue this place for malpractice.

Krystin Burt

I want to say this hospital is the best hands down! My daughters leg was cut open and she had to receive stitches last night. The Er Doctor is the best doctor I have come to see in my life. When my daughter screamed and cried they had santa and mrs.Claus come and it relaxed my daughter so much the doctor was able to finish without my daughter even noticing! They even brought her a gift and when she was done they invited her up to the cafeteria for milk and cookies! When she walked in they clapped for her she was so amazed and happy we both cried! I want to say THANK YOU! My husband is military and is not here at this time without him I was freaking out but Virtua made everything better!

Laffin Buda

Waiting a week for a CARDIOLOGY test result. Not a fan of this particular location -- Marlton Virtua is a MUCH better facility. Mt Holly is unnecessarily slow and just never a pleasant experience.

Emilee Spencer

Had both my kids there. Went to voorhees when my daughter was sick at 10 months old. Big mistake. I’ll stick with memorial!

Manny Agbotse

This app is awesome and reliable to use

DJ Ness

Dont expect good service here, no kind of communication. Once you go through triage and get a room in the ER expect to wait several hours before you are seen or even have someone to come see you. At least some communication goes along ways. Waiting is expected but check in and let patients know what is going on. If doctor is busy, late or not going to be in until a certain time. Communicate that to us. Also you are spoken to like you are an illiterate like you don’t understand no type of medical terms. Horrible horrible hospital.

Adriann Serra

My mother had a scheduled procedure here .. The Doctor preformed an Endoscopy whihc required Anesthsis .. However they billed incorrectly under the Anesthigists Name .. That also was incorrect , so they were denied twice and Virtua sent my Mom a bill .. We also received a letter from Medicare (CMS) stating why and who billed and included that Mom was not responsible.. The Hospital billed incorrectly then missed the appeal date as well .. which caused them to bill Mom directly in Violation of the Contractional Service with Medicare ,, Then Virtua sent the Bill in question to Apex for Collection after I personally sent all the copies they had asked for at Virtua.. In my last converstion as of this writing , they claim they never received the letter or copies I sent back in January of this year .. It is not for the Patient to have to get this straightened out but the "Billing" department to send in the proper paperwork and appeals .. Had they done this correct the 1st time I wuldn't be writing this

todd carducci

I went to Virtua Memorial for my ultrasound study. The staff was top notch. Betsy was amazing and scheduled me the very next day. Candice performed my test. She was kind and professional. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Cesar Rodriguez

Great Pediatrician for my daughter , they told me my cat scan was good and my gi doctor found a couple things in the same cat scan they sent him .

razel nicdao

Horrible! I was here last night because I have joints pain and unable to walk and move my arms. I have also have rashes all over my body. We waited almost 2 1/2 hours. Thank God the lady before me left so I was seen. They told me to go into the room. I was in the romm for 1 hour. No one peek in to say hi or say we will get back to you. I was in so much pain. I told the nurse in Triage my pain is 10/10. Mind you there were several nurse seating chatting and checking their emails. We left and went to Lourdes ER. I gave 2 stars for the registration staffs they are pleasant and fast. No going to go here again.

Devon Atkinson

I have had multiple experiences at Virtua Memorial. From the birth of my 2 children, the L&D nurses were a calming force in a fast moving delivery. I also had critical situations with both my parents. Each encounter started in the ED where time was of the essence then moved to the ICU. The RN and medical staff was knowledgeable, taking time to explain each test and what to anticipate next. But I must say the team on the 4th floor holds special place. A terminal diagnosis was made on my husbands grandmom. She made her wishes know and hospice was set up. But while she was there, she commented daily on the kindness she was shown. The PT who helped her to the bathroom because she wasn’t using that pan. And other small things like the “housekeeper” who chatted her up to pass the time. And the lady who helped her order her meals because her hearing aide wasn’t working. All those little things added up and helped her maintain her dignity until the end. We will continue to choose Virtua for the compassionate care we all received.

Chloe West

I recently had a hand injury and needed x rays and a brace. I went to the ER and had a very good experience. I was seen promptly and because of their expertise and post care instructions, my hand healed beautifully with no complications. Wonderful staff and highly recommend!

Ellie Rice

The nurses were horrible to my elderly Mother and could have caused her to fall with their callous indifference. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS FACILITY unless you have no choice. Horrible, wretched, lack of competence or compassion. They must have the least attentive nursing staff, also rude and very mean.

Melissa Maressa

Where do I even start? I don’t normally leave reviews but healthcare is critical so I felt the need to make people aware. I’m at the ER as we speak. After seeing her my mother’s primary doctor told her to call 911 so she was brought in by ambulance for severe stomach pains at 4:30pm. It’s now 7pm and she still hasn’t seen anyone. They keep telling me they are busy but they are allowing her to: 1. Sit for hours in pain 2. They don’t know if she has a rupture or what is going on. Could be life threatening. We knew not to come to this hospital because my dad was here last week and the care was less then satisfactory (they discharged him without clearing up the issue and never truly diagnosed him). Unfortunately, the EMT’s couldn’t take her anywhere else. If/when she receives care I will update this post with further details.

ofthekings ofthekings

The labor and delivery nurses were amazing and wonderful. All the L&D nurses I had were so sweet and such great coaches! They made the whole delivery process bearable for me. Loved my doctors as well. The anesthesiologist was great to work with. He was very good at what he did and I barely felt any pain with the injection. Thank you to all the individuals that helped me through my first delivery :) couldn't ask for a better experience.

Jennifer McDonald

After waiting an hour just for triage for my 7 year old with a bleeding mouth injury,that we knew needed cleaned and stitched, we were told that the pediatric side wasn't needed because it was his lip and then sent back to wait for an additional 30 minutes. We then were shown to a room and waited another 40 minutes before I walked to the station to ask. We were told it was normal to wait longer than that and we "might" be next. After a nurse came in to clean his lip (and soaked his shirt because she didn't cover him before spraying salt solution on his face) we wait another hour for a doc to come in. Now- four hours after we got here we are told that he is fine and can go home. We have been waiting for discharge papers for twenty minutes so far. DONT COME HERE. they care about paychecks, not PEOPLE.

Louis Hauser

I recently had a very positive experience at Virtua. I was in the 7 Stokes section of the hospital, and couldn't believe how caring and professional every single person was that I interacted with. From nurses, to doctors to orderlies, a normally "hospital-nervous" individual's fears were fully put to rest. I felt as if I was in the most caring & of expert hands, and I enjoyed meeting and interacting with everyone that participated in my care plan. I recommend Virtua Memorial (and the Virtua system at large) to my friends and family regularly.

Anthony Sandonato

I had my son there recently and both labor/delivery and the mother baby unit's staff was amazing. They treated my girlfriend, son and myself with the outmost respect. Thank you

Alan R

The absolute lack of access to anyone going there for treatment is inexcusable This evening I gave up after trying all day to reach my elderly mother after being put on hold repeatedly, being transferred and having calls ended by someone at the nursing station who picked up the phone and immediately hung up without answering the call or, the phone system cut me off after being on hold for an excessive amount of time On one attempt I spent over 45 minutes trying to get through- unsuccessfully at that. This was an all day effort - when I got through to the ER I left 3 messages with the ER nurse asking for me to be called to provide me with my mother’s status - how she was doing, whether she would be admitted- yet no return calls. Being forced to listen to Virtua advertising while on hold repeatedly was absolutely brutal. Imagine hearing the same message repeatedly for well over 45 minutes. And still unable to get through. All I have to say is that this place should fire whoever is in charge and get someone who has heard of the phrase “customer service “. Don’t bother contacting patient relations- I got a message asking me to leave a message. Really- someone should be fired for not doing their job - or promoted - they’re very effective in their efforts to make you give up and go away. It’s been over 10 hours since my elderly mother was brought into the ER and I still have not been able to talk to her. Which means I will have to drive from my home which is over 3 hours away just to check up how she is doing Unbelievable.

Pukhtoon Nation

Here on a tuesday night 2.5hr wait so far, asked whats the hold up. They said there is no wait time they are “just cleaning beds”, been 30 minutes since. Both assistants have been on their private phones 99% of the time i have been here. Not a single soul in the waiting room either. Horrible service, and im sure the director reads these reviews. Sad really. Shame on you all!

Linda Ellmer

I don't know what it takes to get important medical records transferred after many requests!!!!!! My father is very ill with cancer (again)and needs his medical history regarding prior treatments.... I am beyond angry return calls, no responses of any kind and still no records!!!!!

Kenneth Sheehan

I recently visited a friend and was very impressed with the staff on 7 Stokes

Queeñ Niã

This hospital is super slow I have been in here since 10 pm I just got in the room at 1 a.m and my sister is in a lot of pain they don't have a doctor that signed up for her mind you there was people who came in after us and is already leaving to go home what type of hospital is that we haven't gotten seen yet and my sister is crying in so much pain. I wish I could give this hospital no stars it is crazy.

Tom Groves

Go somewhere else if you have the choice or you will never be seen at this hospital. I've waited for 3 hours with vomiting lightheaded dizziness and chest and abdominal pain and still waited hours! If you need treatment go somewhere else

Lindsey Shelton

My 2 year old has been to the ER 3 times and they are always so attentive and sweet. They are as fast as possible and great with him. I appreciate all the staff!

Timothy Jarmon

So I arrived here 2 hours ago to the E.R. and still have not been seen. I was told there was one person in front of me. As people kept coming in I'm still waiting in an empty waiting room not happy at all terrible terrible slow service! Will not be coming back here!

Kristen Flanagan

I’ve delivered three children at Virtua Memorial, and have had excellent experiences each time. The nursing staff has always been courteous and compassionate, the doctors have always been thorough, and the support staff has always been detail oriented. I opted to deliver at Memorial, despite having moved to Philadelphia and living 45 minutes away due to having such positive experiences in the past. I loved having a private room with space for dad to sleep, and the room service makes it feel like you’re in a hotel. It takes a lot of stress off of your plate, not having to be stressed by sharing a room, worrying about dad having to go home to sleep every night, or dad having to leave to figure out meals while tending to a new baby. The nursing staff was amazingly accommodating to all of our needs, and really helped us transition into our new addition to our family!

David Maples

Went to vertua urgent care and they sent me to vertua ER Mt holly to wait for over four hours just to be seen.

Steve Night

Dr. Karen Sobers-Brown of Mt Holly is the worst doctor ever, worst bedside manner as well. She is a disgrace. 6 Hours in a room with ZERO medicine to help you. She should have her license revoked and be fired. Doctors are supposed to help people not let them suffer. I pray she needs a doctor's help one day and no one helps her and that no one gives her anything to comfort her. I hope she gets fired from there one day soon.

Saulo Loor

Waiting for close to 3 hours to get my wife treat for severe reaction to iron infusion. Waiting room full and very uncomfortable. After wife talk to nurse never ask again how she feels. I use to come here years ago I never have to wait too long. Now looks like service is equal or even worse than Lourdes hospital in Willingboro. So sad.

Joan Gallo

Our 96 year old mother had a fall. She was taken to Virtua in Mount Holly and was given room 220 in the ICU on August 13th-14th. My sisters and I are extremely pleased with your entire staff especially the nurses!!!! She has dementia and was treated by all with compassion and respect . Kudos and many thanks to all ,we really appreciate it, Joan,Ellen.Diane and Bettyann ❤️

Sharita Ulmer

for the very 1st time I went to this hospital! and yes the wait at most hospitals are long, however when we get sick, Hospitals are the first place to go, and you have to get there and get care! by any mean necessary! it's a huge job for all staff members to care for so many people! by one patient at a time! I must say I was treated with great respect, and they seem so caring, I may have been there 4 hours which can be frustrating others have illnesses which are more severe than others, but we all have the same care and attention needed I thank Virtua Memorial Hospital staff for caring for me and others all the same with respect and happy to do so.

Shana Alexander

I had an awful experience! I spent a total of 3 hours in the ER before I walked out, without being seen or treated by a nurse or doctor. I feel like this facility was very unprofessional, no one communicated to me why I was waiting for so long. This was my first and last time coming to this hospital. Very disappointing.


Had a great experience with registration when getting lab work!

Deb Shumate

It is a wonderful, kind and respectful place to volunteer my time at Penn Medicine Virtua Radiation Oncology in Moorestown. I love the staff, supervisors and management. They have been so kind and supportive. It is a pleasure reporting to work as a Volunteer. Great place!

Lindsay S

As somebody who works in the medical field I'm purely disgusted by the care given, lack of acknowledgement of visitors to patients and the rooming situation is even more disgusting. Virtua Voorhees is a much better and medically fit hospital. The nurses are rude and disrespectful. They lack professionalism and etiquette and medical ethics. I arrived to see my mother at 7pm and only a technician came in to get vitals on my mom at 8pm and by 10 a nurse finally came in very arrogant , rude and disrespectful. Do not bring your loved ones here.

Thomas Mckeown

Our son was just born there on 7/24 and I was very impressed with their level of care. They made us all feel very comfortable and the staff were very nice and put all our concerns at ease. The staff in the delivery room dr udoh and the nurses April and Mary really took care of my Girlfriend who was giving birth. They were very professional and everything went very smoothly. Also our nurses during our stay Pamela Karen and Rachael were all very helpful as well. I’d definitely recommend this hospital to anyone who plans on having a baby. Thank you Virtua

Edward Burnette

Just completed a colonoscopy at Virtua Mt. Holly and I must praise the staff from check-in through the procedure. The nursing staff in the Endoscopy Unit are second to none. Special thanks to RN Karen D and the other nurses as well for their friendliness and professionalism.

Kurt Kuhlman

Recently, I was blessed by having surgery with Dr. Singh and an outstanding team. I had my appendix out on a Thursday evening. The main surgeon also found , and repaired a hernia. I was released, and was very comfortable by 5:00 pm the next day, "Friday". I was not hastily discharged. I was ready. The service of the staff was over the top positive, and was frankly shocked at how astute and professional everyone was. Everyone made me feel comfortable. Should I say when someone doesn't feel well , it may be a bit of a challenge to make you feel good. When you order your food, at any time you please: they will answer "Room Service".. The food choices were unlimited and I think I put on weight. When you order food, it is from a restaurant looking menu, and they ask you what time you would like it delivered? (In between my book, and the next movie), I thought to myself. It was delivered in 20 minutes or less. In the past when I visited my mother in other hospitals 25 years ago, nurse ratchet wheeled the cart down the hall exactly at 5:15, and you had 2 choices: take it or leave it. What a nice experience at the Mt Holly Four Seasons. Maybe I didn't say enough about the well mannered, polite surgical staff, and nurses, day and night, ... they were outstanding. You wont find the skills or service any better at any zip code or over any bridge from the surgeons, or the staff. My recovery, well, it has been pretty fast.. I don't think it was divine intervention.

Mason Garron

My father was admitted on 7 stones and I can not say enough of have great the staff was on that floor very professional and welcoming making his stay and care there the most pleasant stay at any hospital ever

K Harkins

I am sitting in virtua Mt Holly as I’m writing this. My husband had surgery yesterday, he is supposed to be sitting up in a chair at this point. The problem is he doesn’t have a chair!! Yesterday they got him one, then this morning they came and took it for another patient. I asked for them to get my husband a chair 60 minutes ago and we are still waiting!!! They said they are looking for one, each floor only has so many and they have to move them around!!!! My husbands IV pain meds ran out 30 minutes ago and the alarm has been beeping for 30 minutes now, I was told someone will be down soon!! I was a patient at Virtua in Voorhees 3 years ago. That hospital is amazing!!


Huh, what's with all the negative reviews? It's a hospital whereas the primary mission is to heal people and save lives. They do not have the time or resources to cater to individual needs and yes, patients frequently will need to endure and wait for treatment as hospitals are always full of the sick and hurt. Also, If u want a friendly greeting or happy employees, go to Disney World or someplace similar! This hospital treated me for Cancer more than 4 yrs ago including surgery and Chemotherapy, and still monitors me every 6 mos tho soon it'll drop to once/yr. If I had not received treatment from this hospital (or perhaps another) I likely would not be here to write this review. I was not treated as if I was special nor did I expect to be and things did not always go smoothly or to plan, but I understood what they do on a daily basis is very difficult and there's always a lot more sick and hurting people than there are caregivers. During my treatment with Oncology, there were dozens of other patients undergoing very similar circumstances to mine. I can say I was treated with a reasonable amount of care, compassion and respect, but always with a high level of professionalism and above all, the end game was that I was healed! I will certainly always be grateful for that to the doctors, nurses, support staff, administration and everyone else that works at this hospital. Thank you all :)

Lauryn France

Currently have been waiting three hours to be seen at CHOP Virtua Memorial. They have notified us that there is only one doctor here in the morning which I find ridiculous. This doctor doesn’t only have to deal with the ER portion but another side of the CHOP. I’m so irritated I can’t even function correctly. But they have fully staffed nurses that can’t do much but offer to bring snacks and water and let you know that the doctor is making “his way”

Anita K

My husband and I spent several hours in the ER on the evening of Monday, July 22, 2019. He was having bladder issues that we later learned are more than just an infection. It was very busy night. My husband, a senior, needed to use the bathroom multiple times during our visit. There are two bathrooms that are available in the ER waiting room. My husband asked if there were other bathrooms available. He was told by the security guard, no, that he just had to wait his turn. My husband did so and returned to his seat. Moments later a middle aged nurse with a blond bob haircut who we had encountered during my husband's check-in approached him saying, "I'm in charge here now!" She then bent over at the waist putting her face inches from my husband's and began speaking loudly. I assume this was intentional as it was unnecessary- she either wanted the other patients to hear there by making an example of my husband or she was performing for her coworkers to show off her authority. She asked my husband why he wouldn't use the two now available bathrooms and were they dirty, did she need to call house keeping. My husband replied that he had used the bathroom and there was no problem. The nurse strode off back into the ER. While we waited I observed this nurse hang out the door of the ER several times and shout remarks about other issues/ people to the reception and admissions staff. My feeling was that her unprofessional behavior was adding to the tension of an already busy, anxious atmosphere. Once we were admitted to the ER my husband had to use those bathrooms there many times as well. If the one nearby was occupied he would have walk to the other one. During one of these times he was approached by a security guard loudly demanding, "Why are you always walking around?" My husband asked the guard to come back to his exam room. There he showed his Prosecutor's badge to assuage any of the guard's concerns and explained he was there that night due to an issue concerning his bladder.The guard stated he was only doing his job and left. The staff my husband and I encountered that night were all busy but remained pleasant and professional. The security guard and head nurse, however, seem to succumb to the atmosphere. Instead of rising above and being a calming influence they became disrespectful and aggressive. Why were they so uncivilized? We hope not to have to return.

Angeline Jean Francois

I love this hospital! Where else can be better than virtua? For my experience I don't think there is. Virtua is my favorite. Doctors and nurses are very nice and loving. I thank God for them. May God bless them all. I love you guys thank you for your service

Shaine Kirby

They took great care of me, I appreciated the volunteers taking me on a wheelchair. They were very funny and made me laugh .

Tracy-Lyn Lambert

I was admitted to the 7th floor (7 Srokes). This floor is amazing. The nurses Michael and Rose calmed my fears and explained everything as they went. This is my 2nd stay on the 7th floor and my aunt with dementia was on this floor too. They treated her like family. They kept her company when they could. Their pateint tech Michelle was always there to answer questions and if she didn't know the answer she went and found it. WAY TO GO 7 STOKES!

Est Mancilla

Worst experience ever .came in with kidney stone in I. Excruciating pain . Was put in a room and nurse forgot to give me a iv and pain medicine like the doctor had instructed her . Waited 2 hrs in agony before they realized they never gave me medicine.

kayla bennett

I brought my son here for being sick on Sunday they told me it was a cold I take him to the dr Wednesday due to him still being sick they checked and seen he has strep. This damn hospital didn’t check for that which the nurse confirmed they are suppose to so he’s been walking around contagious and gave it to others as well and they could of checked him and seen he had it for us to give him the right medicine and keep him away from others. Smh he went to school like this I am sure other kids had to get it as well since he gave it to some of us at home. This hospital is HORRIBLE

donna dey-smith

I recently had an ultrasound at Virtual Memorial. Ray was such a pleasure. He was pleasant and knowledgeable. He was quick and courteous. He took the time to explain my test and even managed to make me laugh. Thank you for your professionalism.

Jason Edwards

Shouldn't take 5/10 minutes to get a live operator when all I want to do is be patched through to a room.


My father recently had spinal surgery at the hospital and while waiting in the waiting room the registration staff has been talking so loudly and it’s all negative about there job and complaining about patients,physicians and administrative staff. I personally work for virtua and know this is not acceptable. They should really be mindful of there surroundings and know that what there are saying doesn’t really make waiting family/patients feel very comfortable and settled about there visit here especially if one of the physicians they are talking about is a physician that is performing the procedure on a loved one.

Ananias Wilkins

This emergency room has the most disrespectful nurses I ever meet in my life. They took my family member stuck her in a room left her for two hrs no one came back to give a iv fluids they took blood n urine and left it on the table and haven't give her any pain mefs.We called for a assist four times. And everyone of they said I will get your nurse and didn't come back yet. She started throwing up n a nurse told her not to throw up on the floor and we had to clean it up!!!!! I will never came to this place again!!!!

Pamela StJohn

I loved my nurses and aides..especially Nick the nurse on ICU at Virtua Virtua Marlton. He made a scary experience a good one,

Christina Sereny

I delivered both of my girls at Virtua memorial in the last 2 years! The staff are super accommodating and on top of baby and mom for recovery. Nurses, techs, room service and cleaning crew go above and beyond with mom and baby care, and making sure you and you’re guests are comfortable. Nurses and techs (all staff) offer the obvious health care needs but also lend a listening ear or provide conversation to relieve the cabin fever! I had so many wonderful people during and after my scheduled c section, all of the OR staff kept me calm and reassured during my C and all of the recovery nurses and staff in the mother baby unit were AMAZING! Huge shout out to my nurses and techs Barb z, Desiree , Haven , Carmen , and Tasha (housekeeping ). Everyone is so friendly and helpful both physically but also emotionally.

Carolyn Lovette

I had a wonderful experience at Virtua Memorial Hospital. I was there for a Mammogram and Mrs. Gina was very kind and gentle with the test next I had X-Rays on my shoulders and both knees Mrs. Parul did the X-Rays and she was very kind. While waiting Mrs. Cheri made sure I was comfible. Great staff at Virtua Memorial Hospital. Thank You.

Jessica Axelson

The best nurses and doctors! Thank you for taking such good care of me and my baby!

Sasuke Uchiha

The doctors are pretty nice but the service is just okay. This is the second time I've came here and they didnt change the sheets, we had hairy dirty sheets. When I asked for it to be changed I was given attitude? I mean this is a hospital where people come in with any kind of diseases and I dont think it's in any way okay to be sharing sheets with the last person who was in your room.

Melissa Belsito

if u cant read or want to be dirty perfect place there no sanitation for hands nor are the wipes at any of the sations from.front door where babies are prioriety to the back emergency room and the bathroom iz on the way so from there nothing then the way the supposed to be md to "specialties" nothing but speak to u stupid then.i say go ahead get hired fired and maybe you might learn something...visit and speak to the nurses and especially the doctorz.....think I can spell or think this joke

Cecelia Chang

I’m giving a 5 star rating because of the best two nurses that taken very good care of me. During my stay they always had compassion and understanding in making sure I was comfortable and wanting for nothing. Mike Robins and Vickie Washington has made my stay at Virtua pleasant despite my illness. Virtua has two precious gems and I feel blessed to have both of them taking care of me. I personally appreciate you both and pray God’s blessing upon you all. Thank you, Eartha Chang

joseph cordero

My wife came here by ambulance with a compound fracture of her ankle. Suffering for 4 hours now and still no end in sight! Doctor is a joke! True baffoon! Nurse trying but she can’t really help! This is 8/28/19 1:52 am got here 8/27/19 Approximately 10:00 pm

Felicia Hildreth

A disgrace to Virtuas name. Incompetent physicians, Miscommunication, LACK of communication, ZERO sense of urgency, negligence, and disorganization. Do not trust them with your life or your loved ones. waiting to be transfered out, which they managed to mess up as well. If your case is not completely simple- stay away!

Donna Cajio

I have gone to this hospital many times. I have both known people and gone to the ER myself. I have never had a problem with this facility. I live closer to Lourdes in Willingboro, but my preference is absolutely Virtua. Whether ER or inpt or same day, I've never had a bad experience. I might add, the ER moves quickly, efficiently, and more professionally. The staff is accommodating and genuine. This is practiced through out the entire hospital. Clean and well maintained. Parking is available across the street, but not so great by the ER. And front door free valet parking. Yes, thumbs up!!!

Joseph Tempel

Great nurses and other staff that truly care about your needs.


This place is a joke. A family member has been in here for a few days now and doesn't have a phone in his room... when I call the front desk and tell them that he doesn't have a phone, they tell me he does, like I'm some idiot who doesn't know what hes talking about , so they transfer me to his phone anyway, i let it ring for a few minutes and no answer (what a surprise).... it's like trying to get a hold of the president... I end up talking to him after being transferred to the nurses station, which I tell the operator to do from the get go, and I ask him what's going on and he cant tell me anything because no one can give him answers... he tries to sign himself out and they tell him he cant because its court ordered... he asks to see the paperwork and they blow him off... he is being treated like an illiterate CRIMINAL who knows nothing... I can go on all night... youd think after going to school for years to become some doctor or nurse, they would train you how to deal with patients and family members but I guess not, it's a shame... I was born in this hospital and I have always held it high in my mind but after this past week, I would rather drive a few extra miles and to Lourdes or Deborah...

Barbara Yanoschak

The staff on 7 Stokes were very professional and anticipated all of my needs during my recovery from surgery. One of the nurses even made me a pillow to hold when I coughed so I wouldn't pull on my stomach stitches.

Matthew Zaragoza

It doesn't seem to much of an emergency room. My wife if literally crying in here and the people are just worried about going home. I get it everyone wants to go home but you don't know why you would get in to helping people if you actually c didn't care. The security guard is watching me on his cameras like I'm a criminal. If I ever need help this would be the last place I pick ever again.

Matilda Vanderpuye

Thanks the the ER for taking such phenomenal care of me. They calmed my fears and got in out quickly. They were so kind and attentive and kept me informed. I recommend this hospital 100%.

Colleen Schantzer

Awful ER. First time there and would rather go to Lourdes. Nurses not helpful, compassionate, nor friendly. Waited 6 hours for a bed, met with the doc not even 5 mins, given a script and sent home. Doc needed me to have a bed for that??? Not efficient at all. Spent 6 hours with sick people when didn’t have to.

Jack Bundy

My 16 had a sports related injury to his knee and we were sent for an MRI. He was already anxious about the injury and the implications as far as returning to sports, so going for an MRI was nerve wrecking. Everyone at Radiology was awesome! The registration process was easy, the MRI team, Cheri, Lauren and Mike were terrific with my son and me! Mike explained the process so my son knew what to expect, they informed me of where they were in the process while I was waiting, all of which put us at ease. This injury has been a long arduous process, but Memorial Radiology helped make it a bit easier! Thank you

white light

Last night went there with pain in kidney area had a doctor named Dr Awopetu she spent a whole 2 minutes with me I tried to explain I had lupus she didn't even ask questions now being with lupus I'm on a chemo drug(anti-inflammatory) plus prednison another anti inflammatory) she proceeds to give me toradol which in combo can damage my. Kidney which mind you I'm already hurting from! Thankfully I know my meds and disease ..and knew right away this was wrong thankfully so far nothing has happened but I will be reporting her already have to my urologist and rhumey doc she could have hurt me, they tend to think all patients are dumb and don't know better she should not be allowed to practice if she doesn't understand meds or fails to take time to listen to patient. What if it was a elderly or a patient that didn't know the difference?? I definitely will be turning this so called doctor in , so disappointed a waste of 6 hours to almost be positioned....

Penny Back

I had a great staff attending to my care. They were all very professional and compassionate. I am from Florida and the er time is worse there for sure. At Virtua, I didn't wait long at all. Only for lab and other results which does take time to process. Going to an ER is never fun but the staff and Doctors here were upbeat and informative. I would bring my family here if I needed to.

Shelby Moyer

My pop pop had amazing care at Virtua Mount Holly! The ICU Team was great and was so supportive and resourceful for his transition to Samaritan hospice. Pop had great care and Pop loved his nurses while he was there !

Sasha Sagan

The Labor & Delivery staff were horrifically ignorant during the birth of my son. The nurses pressured me to get an epidural that I didn't want or need (because the only reaction they could imagine to me venting about the pain was suggesting medication). I had a medical complication during "transition" (what we later learned was a vaginal hematoma), that was potentially life threatening-- and they didn't believe me that I was in sudden, severe pain for ninety minutes. It hurt too much to hold my baby safely, and they didn't believe me! Once they finally diagnosed the problem, they made me crawl from bed to gurney and back by my fingertips instead of helping me transfer safely half a dozen times. To top it all off, they refused to take my out-of-state insurance after the ordeal. Go *anywhere* else to give birth.

Stephanie Buonacore

Absolute worst doctors! My son went in today, they didn't check him at all. They said he was fighting a virus and sent him home. This does not match any of his symptoms. I will be disputing the bill and going elsewhere. For people who take an oath at graduation, it's a shame to see their poor judgement and complete dismissal of their patients welfare.

Keenon Isaac

Great staff, helped deliver and care for my first child. Friendly and professional.

Julia Smith

This is a terrible hospital! My mother had to go here when she had a mini stroke. After checking her in, they kept us waiting on a gurney in a hallway for over 6 hours. They waited hours before giving her any tests. The hospital was dirty and the doctors never spent more than two minutes with my Mom. She stayed one night, then was discharged. The doctor she saw prescribed pills that cost almost $300. Her family doctor later said that the pills the hospital doctor were so old=fashioned that they aren't even being produced any more and that was why they were so expensive. The hospital charged more than $25,000, not including doctors fees or tests. When she called the hospital to arrange payment of her copay, she found out that they had stopped offering a discount to Medicare patients who pay their bill in full with a credit card. Just last year, they gave a 30% discount to Medicare patients. Now they obviously don't care about seniors at all. If you have any choice of where to go for treatment, don't choose this hellhole.

ASMR sounds SJ

Here at pediatrics as I type. RNs seem upset that we spoiled their very slow morning... Hmm what is healthcare becoming its very sad.. Nurse that called us looks miserable. The second nurse that took my sons vitals just gave me a not too welcoming look. No hello, hi, what brings you here just an unsettling look guess I will do a sick visit at his doctors office next time. Rude thus far and I cant race bait as this is my first time experiencing this here in the pediatrics section. Only our 2nd time in this part. Could not be me, nurses are usually tired but i am disappointed in the service. The doctor was in fact friendly. P.S kudos to the RADIOLOGIST who actually made the morning better, she wantewd to be there.. Nurse es get an F for faceless and foul.

Dimple sutaria

Doctors and nurses are very lazy. They don’t treat patients right way they need big time improvement. They refused to push my mom’s wheel chair. All the time they were talking non sense instead of taking care of patient .

brittany sonnessa

I had the best experience at this hospital. Floor 7 took such great care of me! Clean, friendly staff!!! Thanks Andrew and all the wonderful nurses!

excelseor yuotube

My mother was a pateint on the 7th floor. Excellent care. Nurses where friendly and attentive.

DaLayiah Dixon

The worst experience I never had in delivering my child. Resident Dr. Dunkin(if I am spelling her name correctly), is the most ignorant and unprofessional person in the medical staff team, that I had caring for me. I suffered for very high levels of BP problem up until my delivery. There is no communication as well. Doctors prescribed me to take “Headache Meds”, not explaining if I took this med, it will come up positive in my urine. Next morning DYFS is at my room door because of my urine from a medication that was given to me under the care of Virtua Memorial medical staff was positive. It’s some Law that DCP&P have to call for positive urine screening. Instead of this being a happy time in my life, it was a miserable time and experience.On time of my baby having to be in Special Care Unit. My lawyers was in contact with happened to me and this will be the last time, I never step foot in this place, once my child is discharge.

Tee J

I was skeptical when i first walked through the door but to my surprise once we were taken to the pediatric emergency section it was amazing. The care was great. The staff was friendly competent and even funny. It was the best ER experience I have had. Great team of professionals

Jose Nunez

Been sitting here for over 2.5 hours with abdominal and back pain, All they say is someone will be with you shortly. I won't leave cause I won't be able to sit in a car for a long time . Never come back here.

Shannon Stillwell

I had a great experiance with my son in the pediatric ER. The nurses and doctors were so kind and I like that they spoke directly to him.

Jose Rosario

Nurses were standoffish, very uncaring, and rude. I told them I was having excruciating pain and am allergic to a lot pain medication. I told them the only one I could have and they refused to give it to me. So I was left in pain. I am never going back there and I will not recommend this hospital in the future.


This hospital sucks. Dr. Mark G Schwartz kept my wife waiting an hr after her scheduled surgery time. Nurse Cole poked her arm several times trying to put in an IV and had to get help. This hospital is lowkey racist/prejudice.

Jean JNESS Nerestant

Quality care and professionalism that is second to none. Great medical facility.

Jessica Storicks

I just delivered my baby there on Monday Aug 26th. It was an incredible experience. The care was exceptional and the staff was very knowledgeable in answering all my questions from L and D to Mother Baby Unit. I would highly recommend this facility.

Margie Burmylo

Outstanding servies, nurse Jackie & Dr. Thompson provided outstanding care & compassion.

Sara Conrad

The best care I could ask for! The nurses, doctors and ancillary staff were phenomenal. I was feeling horrible for days and probably should’ve followed up with my primary physician sooner. When things got bad I went to the Emergency room for attention. After about two hours in the ER I was swept up to the Intensive Care Unit. Eventually (a few days later) I was downgraded and moved to a regular bed on another unit. I’m very thankful for all of the Virtua staff for their compassionate care.

Anastacia Thomas

My labor & delivery experience was awesome! I only gave it 4 stars because my L&D bathroom was not that clean, they need a few updates in the bathrooms altogether, and the window in my Mother/Baby Suite was very drafty. They need to fix those... you can feel the air coming in. Where they miss in structural upgrades... they make up for in the patient services and hospitality. All of the nurses I’ve come across we’re nice and amazing! The support services for baby are amazing! My baby never left the room for any test or anything. This is such a baby friendly hospital, they promote “rooming in”. The food is amazing here! You get to order from a menu for all your meals to be delivered when you like. I would definitely recommend this place to have your baby. They took such good care of us.

Richard Elliott

My wife was admitted via Memorial's Emergency room. The experience was great. The staff not only focused in on her medical needs, they addressed her emotional wellbeing. She was nervous and scared. The staff did all they could to help her through the process in a very calming manner. Once she was admitted to a room, the inpatient staff continued on with the supportive care. Dr. Nisar and Patel were great. Each had taken the time to sit and explain to us what was going on and what the next steps would be. The Nursing staff on both sides of the 4th floor were exceptional. Every time she had an issue the staff were quick to provide care. We are glad we had chosen Virtua!


DIANNE DUDEK the "appointment scheduler" for Virtua Mt. Holly is an egregiously unprofessional and rude shrew of a woman. Claimed she did not receive paperwork that was faxed over by a doctors office numerous times, yet knew pertinent information that was on the documents without having them. She knowingly refused to answer her phone line and did not return any messages left for her. After finally being reached by someone with more power, she insulted them and hung up the phone that time as well. Virtua should be ashamed to employ someone like DIANNE DUDEK.

Nick G

Absolutely atrocious. I have lived in Mount Holly for 5 years and been to this ER numerous occasions with multiple people. Every time there has been nothing but an abundance of incompetence and 2-3 hour waiting times. If Virtua thinks this is acceptable then they are very much so wrong.

ekom B Asuquo

Excellent patient care and relations

Dee mess

I was there to get my gallbladder removed excellent service staff was outstanding. My stay was extended to a week and I had excellent care

Bill Dugan

Went to the emergency room, and couldn't have been more pleased with the professionalism that I experienced, from the doctors, nurses, technicians and staff members. Thank you for your care and compassion

alice kennedy

I had a good experience today while taking my husband to the ER. The wait time to see a physician (while not as short as noted on the website wait times) was shorter than ever in my experience at Virtua Memorial. Unfortunately, the nursing staff still seemed overworked. Although this was the case, they were very pleasant, helpful, and informative overall. Unlike my previous visits to this ER there was a Physicians Assistant there to streamline the process. This truly worked to get my husband treated much quicker and the treatment was much more thorough than past experiences.

Jody Gamble

Staff on 4th floor oncology unit are excellent.

Andrew West

My daughter recieved excellent care in the Pediatric Pavillion through the emergency room at Virtua Memorial. The facility was clean and the caregivers were extremely compassionate. I highly recommend Virtua Memeorial to family and friends.

Ashley Potpinka

The woman Kristina was amazing, very helpful and made me feel comfortable!! But the old lady with blonde hair and glasses that took my vitals she was ignorant. I get nurses work long hours and all but for her to be the first person i seen before i walked back made me leave! I told Kristina i would be back in morning which i did go back and seen Kristina again and she was awsome!! If i could give her 5 stars i would give her 10!!!

Rosemarie Wheeler

I’m sitting in the er as I’m writing this ,I just moved here with my family from Mississippi I lived there for a few years and had good experiences with the hospital emergency room there especially with my daughters asthma,in nyc also I mean we waited till my daughter was done but they nevertheless made her wait when it came to her asthma ,as I’ve experienced when a patient comes in saying they are asthmatic the first thing they do is check vitals and take them straight in to give them their they had my daughter sit and wait while she was coughing up a storm .she is inside now but once called she went in and still sat there and waited for care .i am not liking this very much.

Nancy Rosenthal

Give them a two for employee kindness and attentiveness, a 5 is deserved, but not for medical services. DON'T GET SICK ON A WEEKEND. Some testing was done in the ER. MD told me a CAT scan was ordered. RN on floor said nope. Was referred for a stress test, sadly I'd have to stay wharehoused here for 2+ days to get it. No available appts. on the weekend. The longer you stay in a hospital, the more likely you are to have some calamity like a hospital acquired infection happen to you. BEWARE: Specialists have 24 hours FROM THE TIME OF THE ORDER to see you. Then the clock starts again if they order tests. Another 24 hours IF THEY HAVE AN APPOINTMENT OPEN and longer if they don't have openings. Why don't they transfer me to where I can be treated in an expeditious manner? THE MOST INSULTING AND DEMEANING THING THEY DID WAS TO GPS TAG ME LIKE AN ANIMAL, TO KEEP TRACK OF PATIENTS IN THE HOSPITAL. OK, I understand to a point. But I am not demented nor suicidal. I came for chest pain. I can't justify this in any manner. Never again Virtua. Not even to the walk in clinic I had come to like. 0 stars to you.

Alex Gilson

Waited more than 3 hours to get a patient with severe pneumonia out of the waiting room in the ER. Watched them let in someone who was clearly in a healthier condition be let in through a side door because they talked with one of the nurses at the desk. Unbelievably terrible response to complaints about waits and truly terrible atmosphere.

Dana Boyd

Pediatric ER was great with my daughter, I will def give them credit for that. However, the adult ER was a hot mess. The whole unit from the waiting room all through the ER , a horrendous stench of urine filled the hallways. I felt like I might get sick just by passing through that part when they had to wheel her to X-ray.

Christen Cahall

My ER doctor simply does not care about me. She saw me in the beginning and has not come in since. Its been about 7.5 hours since I have seen her. Go to Lourdes hospital if you can. This place is garbage. Oh, and she goes by the name, Dr O. it's been 8 hours now. She does not care. Don't come to this terrible place.

Rick Elliott

Another great experience at Memorial. My son had a sports related injury that needed to be evaluated. The E.R. Staff (Tracey) and pediatric RN Jen were amazing. We received an xray and evaluation in leas than 2 hours. Thank you Virtua!

Laura Wiggin

Top doctors and nurses! I went there with my high risk pregnancy, and couldn’t ask for a better care ! At first , I had some doubts about this hospital, but now , couldn’t recommend it more !!! Thank you !

Andrea Rosenfeld

When Dr.David Flinker was chief of staff we never spent the 8 hrs. We are spending in the ER just waiting to be seem by 1 of only 2 Dr 's on staff. This is rediculous. My poor Daddy and even worse my heart patient mother who wouldn't leave till he saw a doctor and was settled. Lack of patient concern. Go anywhere else.

dionna martin

I was in extreme abdominal pain and once checked in and blood was drawn, I was thrown into a second intake room. There was no privacy, no bed, AND NO ONE CHECKED ON ME FOR AT LEAST TWO HOURS!!! I feel I was discriminated against because if that room was for people who were waiting for results, why was I the only one there? Plus I was in pain... why wasn't I treated while in there? Never going back

Bob Long

My daughter had her baby here. Was a great experience. Her primary OB was awesome (Dr. Chen) and the nursing staff in the Mother Baby unit were very kind and caring. Always had a smile which makes first encounters most impressive. Only issue is the parking especially during day time visits

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