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Tanya D

The ICU staff at the Marlton hospital were exceptional in their professional care for my mother. They each put in working effort that was over and beyond their call of duty. My family felt very comfortable and appreciative of the care and attention that was given and we will forever be thankful for their services.

Angela Nagy

My 90 year old father spent a week there. I found out he was being neglected and I had to make sure he ate and get cleaned up. He was too weak to press the button for a nurse, he was not able to order his meals, they put him on a regular diet when he needed soft foods to eat as he would have choked. I had to spoon feed him so he could get some nourishment and I had to order his meals so that a grilled cheese would not end up for his lunch. I had to advocate for him and told the nurses to help him when I wasn't there. I was basically there night and day. Just because someone is 90 doesn't mean that they don't matter. When I was there no one was overworked and I got the feeling that I was an imposition.

Scott Osborne

Although we waited 4 hrs in the ER, the care and professionalism was excellent.

Adrian M

My mom chose this hospital without consulting me first, but I would NEVER recommend a family, friend or loved one to this place ever again! After hearing from my mom that the nursing assistant and nurse taking care of her were being negligent, I found no apology at all after confronting them about it. Every time I voiced my concerns to advocate for my mom, I was either redirected or given an irrelevant answer. The doctor taking care of her was blindly making decisions which resulted in further consults after the fact that he had already chosen to operate! When I attempted to contact a manager or any of the executives, I was given the run around, especially on the hospital toll line. I tried to retrieve her personal records to help her file a lawsuit, but the hospital kept denying it. Just in case they aren't aware, this is completely illegal and a violation of patient rights. If you care about your family and friends, do yourselves the favor and DO NOT go to this hospital. Don't recommend it, don't attempt to find employment there, or don't even associate the name Virtua with anything positive because this was exactly the experience that warranted me to write out this type of review. They don't even deserve a one star rating.....

Lisa Gordon

This is horrible! My daughter is in excruciating abdominal pain and they have her throwing up in the emergency waiting room for two hours now. They are rude and uncaring. They're HORRIBLE! Everyone here is complaining. They are yelling at the patiences. Don't come here unless your coming to die! And Samantha at check in is a horrible person.


ICU staff caring, compassionate and excel in patient care. From registration to discharge, every person a joy to deal with

Tre Cinco

I had the best experience in the emergency room. The wait time was short and the staff was friendly. If needed, I will return. Best in the area.

Ryan guess

Very upset with the standard of care here. I am an acute care medical provider in Texas and I sent my father here for urgent evaluation of a possible CLABSI and high fever. Dr Klebacher was the doctor caring for my dad. Not only was my dad discharged with a fever of 102.5- he was given no IV fluids and he was only given a dose of Tylenol at his discharge. Very poor work up and even poorer management. For fever of unknown origin he did not have a chest X-ray or UA. My father is now at Jefferson hospital where they are actually doing a thorough work up and administering the proper medications. My father has become extremely dehydrated because of persistent fever and the lack of IVF at his er visit just baffles my mind. His doctor also called to get the results of the blood cultures that were sent and the lab could not find the results. Someone from administration needs to reach out to us because he had 2 ER visits in under 24 hours and each one did not meet standard of care. I’m so disappointed that I have colleagues across states that have no sense of care or empathy. Look at photo attached, sent home with fever of 102.5— didn’t even re-evaluate. Pathetic.

Valley -Girl Nay

I went to the hospital for stomach pains just to hear we dont have a nurse to take your blood. The nurse took a patient to be admited. Wth? This make me want to move back to NY. In NY, there are at least 100 or more people waiting to be seen but one thing for sure, 5 minutes into the E.R , blood and urine samples are taken. Mind you, this hospital had maybe 10 people. Step it up people.

Brian Sharp

Sarah Parido

So I can say that Dr. Young , Nurse Cathy , Transport Shawna , and ultrasound tech Liz were all amazing . I have never had better treatment at a hospital let alone an ER. I came in scared and in a lot of pain and these beautiful souls took good care of me . I highly recomend this ER for your needs and care.

Anthony Renzulli


sue gates

Won't EVER go again, no matter what! Staff very nice+ caring But sadly it's Not clean. You can be fooled by how clean floors are+general areas. But procedure rooms, not good. Going to leave it here I don't like writing negative reviews,unless it's important. And Health is very important.

Yeana Chung

Andy Bowman

Dan Ortiz

Brandon Cresci

Been in the ER here with my wife since 10 pm. It is now 2 am and we still have not even been seen by a doctor. We will never return to this god forsaken place. She has been in excruciating back pain for hours now, and still no doctor.

jennifer walter

Ridiculous. I would NEVER choose to come here... Level of care and cleanliness is atrocious. This hospital has gone down hill. My father is currently here. I can’t imagine what happens to elderly patients when they have no one to monitor whats going on..

John Karamisakis

Horrible. Waited over 2.5 hours. In that time over 5 patients also walked out. Never again. Understaffed.

yee yee

We have been here for almost 3 hours and there is people in front of us who have been waiting for 4-5 hours... IF YOUR HAVING AN EMERGENCY DO NOT COME HERE!!

Chuck Q

Emergency room on a Sunday morning.

Kathy Borton

Went to the ER because I partially ripped a toenail off at 10pm. Urgent care was close. Was at this ER about an hour, received a lidocane shot, a bandaid and one antibiotic pill. They laid the nail back on the bed withthe help of lidocane. I left. Bill came today ER $3097.75, ER physician (a resident) $917, amazing, simply amazing.

Christine Prendergast

So, when I checked in at the front desk (at 3:30pm) at the ER complaining of horrible stomach pain and throwing up, Samantha at the desk was dismissive, uncaring and rude. After getting the basics of problem and information she told me to go sit in the waiting room. When I asked how long the wait was until I would at least be triaged and I was told I had to ask a nurse, there were none to be seen. Three (3) hours later i was taken into the back. I was asked to change into a gown and once again I sat and waited (40 minute). The doctor was next to come in. He gave very brief "physical." And sent me for a ultrasound. After an additional 2 hours I finally received the results, not my gallbladder, which is was the doctors original thoughts. After another 2 hours, I get the results of my cat scan. This is a test I was told I would get results in less then an hour. I had been sitting in this waiting/exam room for over 7 hours with an appendicitis. They finally agree (it is now almost midnight) to admit me, which again, took almost 2 hours again. Today is Friday the 12th. They finally operated on me on Thursday. I now have major pain in my left shoulder. Now, onto the staff of the 4th floor. From the moment I was brought upstairs the mood changed. The nurses and techs up here are amazing. Ines C. (RN) Has been a life savor in so many ways. She has eased my mind, distracted me from the pain, encouraged me and just was a generally awesome heart. She talked to me about my passions and truly cares. I still haven't seen a doctor since my pre-opt discussion and even then, I didn't meet the doctor that was actually preformed my surgery. Honestly my overall opinion is that they generally don't care, as long as your stable. Very displeased and in the future I will be driving the extra few miles to make it to the Voorheese location. And honestly, the nurse staff on the 4th is what got you the 2 stars instead of no stars.

Karen Berman

Beware of Dr. Herschel Kupfer.

Cathy DeWitt

I’ve had lots of o/p procedures and testing done there. Staff was very pleasant and caring. Physicians seemed very professional and explained everything so that I could understand them.

Bruce Barber

Very positive experience. The nursing staff was very helpful and patient. They didn't act like you knew what they were doing, they fully explained every detail, as well as the Doctor. I would go back again if needed.

Zach Pepsin

Maekyla Rosendo

Recently went here for an ER visit and was very happy with the care I received. The ER staff, from check in, the nurses, and additional staff were very attentive and kind. One of the better ER experiences I've had.

Al Al

Bad hospital. Go to a university like Cooper or Penn. Bad nursing especially on PCU .

TiAira Shene

If you are looking for a professional patient centered, and ethical medical experience , sorry Virtua- Marlton falls waaay short! Please think twice about bringing your loved one to this facility . I hated having to bring my mom back to Virtua! I did not sleep at night while she is in their care and got fed up and asked for a transfer to another hospital. She has had a year long health battle and has had to attend this facility and while the other hospital was the best option for her needs , this last trip to the Virtua ER landed her back in Virtua’s care. I regret allowing the EMT to take thier !!!! . She had to have surgery and doctor who appeared to be highly competent did not order pain mediations. Post major operation , , How unethical ! I have never felt more frightened with leaving mother at a hospital . While there for treatment the first time she caught an infection and was not treated with a level of human dignity. I was in constant liaise with one of the nursing managers who was kind but her engagement was a beard for the unprofessionalism experienced. Honestly the mistreatment moreso seemed like the staff needed some professional development training in the area of cultural competency, patient sensitivity and additional resources that would enable them to do their jobs well . The nurses appear to be overworked, stressed and ok with giving thier patients sub-par mediocre care .

Diana Schimenti

I had two nurses who were amazing but that’s the only good thing I have to say. Another nurse gave me attitude and was rude to me because I was in screaming crying pain and they also refused to give me pain meds. While I was screaming and crying in pain I asked for a doctor 10 times within the hour but did not see one. In fact I barely saw a doctor at all while I was there. They made me feel like I was a nuisance. So I left against medical advice and went to Cooper and they finally figured out what was wrong with me. Because apparently me throwing up blood, not being able to keep food down, and being horrible pain wasn’t serious enough for Virtua. I’ve never been so offended. They are lucky that I.T wasn’t worse because I had to wait 24 hours for a cat scan and over 48 hours for another test. I wouldn’t go to this place if I was dying and I.T is the last place around.

Bill Bissinger


nora macglaughlin

1ST and last trip here. Husband has surgery today and every person we have delt with is robotic. Also they are separating the family members during a trying time when you need to be together. Leaving them to sit alone for over 30 minutes to prep the patient.

Daniel Moise

As a Virtua employee, I recently spent a day touring the Marlton campus and meeting people from various teams and departments. Without exception, everyone I encountered was kind and committed. I was really impressed.

Carter M

Be prepared to wait in the waiting room for four hours while there are ten or 15 open beds in the ER

Nadine Parker

My husband went in for a blockage in one of the major arteries going to the heart. The surgery was done by Dr Marreddy. They took us in on time, were very professional, took the time to answer all of our questions. After the surgery Dr. Marreddy took the time to talk to us and explain everything. He even came back a second time because we had an additional concern.

Patricia Coucoules

If I could give more stars I would. The Doctors and Nurses here are absolutely wonderful. My Father receives nothing but the best care. Today is his 80th Birthday and they gave him a balloon with a stuffed animal. Thank you!

James Nehr

I recently had back surgery here, 7-25-17, and the staff were very nice, professional, and efficient. They were very eager to help and made my visit a comfortable and pleasurable one.

barbara householder

They said my Mom could have surgery in the morning and wouldn't give her any pain medicine to keep her blood pressure stable for that surgery while we listened to her in agony. The nurse called a few times to surgeon at his home who kept saying no pain medicine. We watched her suffer through the night telling her to hang on only for the surgeon to come in the morning and say "I told the doctor last night I wouldn't operate on her because she was too sick". So we had to watch my Mother die in agony instead of comfort Care.

RoNi N

why you ask one star - because there is not a spot for NO STAR? after coming through emergency room, with severe pain all weekend in my back, that I could not walk, sit stand etc.. and then being admitted with an IV and waiting over 4 hours to get blood taken, and supposed to see someone about emergency health care - Michael- Promised to come to see me when I got there.. that never came and now invoices over $12000.00, that are telling me I should have died instead of going there and sitting in triage - because they had a bed freezing and girl coming through the door has anyone been in to see you - Nope. FYI the desk near by wish I had a been and paper - I heard your staff - getting socials security numbers, names and addresses from people OUT LOUD- talk about identity theft someone could do, and the rudeness I could hear - how much they couldn't stand it there and then the remark "it is 11am they all come as usual".. Customer service at that desk that represents the Emergency room - unf*cking believable. Oh and yes I am still waiting for Michael to come see me to do the paper work for the emergency health care insurance - due to a change of circumstance in my life. NEVER GO THERE - RUDE RUDER AND RUDEST - Michael still waiting for that phone call in regards to the health care to help get it!! 3-4 weeks later........

Ed Paris

First of all My doctor was great. I had a tumor removed from my bladder and s stent put in my kidney tube. All was good, until I got a room. My nurse was horrible! I asked for one of them poles for my iv at 11am so I could move around and use the bathroom Cause I have not had a bow movement In four days. I did not get one until about 3-4 o’clock . Then I asked if I could get the iv unhooked so I could get out of the smock that I had surgery in. He would not do it. I could not get any coperation out of this nurse at all. Then At 7pm I’m still in the smock I had surgery in and asked the new nurse if she could help me out. And she unhooked the iv and I was able to get a T-shirt on. Then I asked for a day catheter bag, so I could put pajama Pants on. Well she was squeezing the catheter bag witch plows air up into ur bladder and dose not feel good at all . Then she puts the day bag on , UPSIDE DOWN . Now my bladder is not draining at all and it’s building pressure in my bladder, witch is not good after just having surgery . Now I want to leave this horrible place. But my doctor needs me to stay so he can run more test in the morning. To see if my kidney is working or not. Now the guy I’m in a room with starts mouthing off. That was it for me. Sign me out. I lost out on getting more answers to my bladder cancer , witch I’ve been telling the other urologists that I’ve had for the last three operations that I’ve had. My dog could take better care of me then this place.

Bob Stolzenberger

My experience was excellent. I was in twice - once for 17 days and the 2nd time, a year later, for 15 days. The level of care was 5 star - the nurses were beyond excellent. They were caring, careful, thoughtful, and helpful. I can't say enough good things.

James Natal

I was just here in the ER, and I must say the staff the are all great! When I entered, I was greeted and quickly taken care then called back to triage where that nurse was also super friendly took great care of me. Once I was in the back, I was quickly met and had my insurance taken down and whatnot, and that lady was very pleasant as well! For 7am, all the staff were great! Dr. Patel was great, and so was Brittany! Dr. Patel made sure I was able to get in touch with a gastroenterologist right away so that I did not have to be admitted. All the staff I came in contact with were absolutely great and would love to deal with them again! As per usual with ER's they are spread a bit thin, but Brittany still did a great job checking in on me! I would go back to Virtua over the ER closer to me. I could be the only person waiting at my local ER (only about 15min from Virtua), and still sit there for hours, and then still wait to be seen once taken back. you My only reason for 4 stars is because I could tell once it started to get busy, they staff were running around a lot more going from room to room. It's really just a call out to management to suggest adding additional staff to help lighten the load.

Justin Culligan

Horrible service emergency room is a 4 hour wait every time this hospital staff is horrible they need to get the bosses to fix this place up beacuse it's literally horrible

Otto B Kilt

A little slow after triage.. more staff would help. Trustworthy hospital in my opinion.

Lorna Kimble

My husband has come here for the 3rd time unfortunately in 6 weeks time. From the time he came in to discharge he was treated very well with 97% excellence proficient kind sympathetic professional people from the clerks to nurses technicians doctors and all the staff. There’s many shinning superstars who were above and beyond their positions but #1 is Sarah Mignano of ICU who topped the lists of you’re exemplary staff. Please keep the great staff. Thank you very much and thank you for serving us all. Ref: Fred Kimble

Emily Graziano

Was seen in the ER and immediately greeted by Jo and Katelyn, both showed concern as I was in extreme pain. They were quick to get me registered and comfortable while I waited to be seen. And wait I did- I get it, it’s flu season...they were super busy. As I sat there (and sat there) my husband and I noticed a trend- the triage nurse would disappear and the poor girls at front desk took the brunt of the abuse- I watched people go up 6-7 times to yell at them about wait times and demanding they get them taken back, and these two kept their cool. Seems like the triage nurse should be better explaining that front desk girls have nothing to do with when people go back because that seems to be what everyone assumes. Also maybe if nurse kept people up to date every so often it would keep people from getting angry. Felt like she was hiding because she knew people were getting tired of waiting. When I was finally taken back - room was clean- nurse Kristy was nice and quick to take my medical history, she is super bubbly. Jo stopped to complete my paperwork, made small talk so it didn’t seem so formal, and grabbed a blanket for me without me having to ask...dr Kincel came in and was very personable and put me at ease with his mannerism. Got to the bottom of the issue in what I felt was a reasonable timeframe. Throughout my 5 hour stay I saw multiple staff members working their tails off with the obvious influx of patients...were some grumbly- sure- but I get it, it’s peak flu season. On my way out Katelyn and a security guard both acknowledged me and told me they hoped I felt better which was appreciated. So if people take anything from this is that it’s an ER- you are most likely going to be waiting- don’t take it out on the staff they are obviously trying their best.

James Reno

Everyone is so helpful and friendly. When wheeled in a tray of sandwiches and drinks sent this place a five star plus!


Sitting here at this hospital for almost 3 hours and the doctor hasn't come in to even check on patient. They say it’s only one doctor working in the ER. Bull.....that’s what they have doctors that are on-call. They wonder why people get upset and impatient this is why. Need a better system on how manage time better. Nurses running around laughing and joking need to be attending to the patients instead of joking and talking. This is unexceptable for someone that came in the ambulance to sit for 3 hours and not be checked on by the doctor. The hospital is here to care for people instead they are letting patients sit for 3 hours waiting on the doctor.

Pamela StJohn

stephanie sullivan

This is a disgusting and dirty place don’t take your loved ones here for healthcare... my mother is currently in here as we speak and I walk in and there are needle caps and bloody needle inserts (not sure what they are really called) used on floor I’m appalled and disgusted I took pictures of it unbelieveable yesterday we tried to get her some food because her chart said she could have normal diet so I call down to the kitchen for a muffin and cereal and they tell me no ... come to find out the doctor “forgot” to communicate with the nurse they she could have food so needless to say my mom didn’t eat for two whole days... then they bring the muffin up completely hard and cold after waiting on the phone 40 minutes to just order it ....this place is the worst ....seriously the poorest quality healthcare you can find in south jersey

Donya Finney

Bonnie Beegal

Staff in pre-op was great Kept me informed Nurses on floor were wonderful.. Mike was the best Room was cleaned every day Food was good .. full menu and arrives hot Discharge is another story .. it is a Saturday but still takes too long to get signed out

Stephen Richmond

Paul Millili

had blood drawn here. the wait was a bit long but the kindness and level of customer service was great. they were very friendly. I would go here and wait 2yrs any day instead of going to quest or another lab where they seem to not care at all.

Darrell Gordon

Called virtua in order to pay my outstanding bill and it took 4 minutes for operator to answer and switch to Patient Accountin. When I was transferred I received a message to leave my phone number and they would call me back., ?????

Traveler RN

As a traveler of 15 years, this has been the worse ER I have ever worked in. The Nurse Director and Nurse Manager are beyond unprofessional and have no respect for their staff. On a daily basis we are critically short staffed with only two nurses in the ER dept. If you want to jeopardize your nursing license, Please Apply! RUN! RUN! RUN! The Union and Upper management are aware and no interventions have been made in past 8 years that I know of. If you speak up, "THE UNION" - The End Result is Termination from the Nursing Director/Managers. RUN! RUN! RUN! How do you feel about the future of Virtua? Poor - The Upper Management knows of the problems at Virtua Marlton ER. No interventions have been made, Many physicians, nurses, and staff have notified them of the issues. Patient care is critically compromised.

l mel

My husband went ER last night for severe back pain. It was vey busy and no room was available. It took almost two hours for us to finally check in. Dr. Kincel came quite fast and he had very clear treatment and made my husband felt much better - he finally could sleep well for a night in the past ten days! The nursing staff were also very helpful. I gave 4 star because things could be done faster if they had more staff. Thanks!

David DiVenti

Craig Haisfield

Cooper our ladies and kennedy far behind virtua


Place is terrible.

Mike Ruggiano

I just got home from being in this hospital for 6 days. I gave 4 stars because it wasn't a perfect experience....and tbh I wasn't expecting it to be. The staff was very professional and very quick to resolve any issues or questions I had. If the person I asked didn't know something they would rapidly find someone who did. I never felt forgotten or neglected. The nurses I had were very caring and enthusiastic to do their job. The doctors were also very caring and down to earth. I would recommend this hospital to anyone and would return for future care.

April Sullivan

My mom was taken to the ER then ICU. Her experience there was awful! We feel they made things worse, not better. Some nurses in ICU are good, but many young ones are awful and rude. They were nowhere to be found when you needed them, even when you called for them. My mom was in distress, they said she was just anxious and disappeared. 2 minutes later, she coded and we had to FIND the nurse and she didn’t believe us until we yelled at her! Luckily they revived her, minutes wasted and damage done. Some doctors were good but don’t spend a lot of time and not very personable. They had no idea what was wrong. When my mom had a breathing tube in, they brought food in, almost a tease. It was just an awful experience and the supervisors did nothing about our complaints. Do yourself a favor and go to the one in Voorhees or mount holly!

Joey G

As with any hospital it is essential to be diligent and have someone with your loved one as much as possible for the best care. That said what I like about Virtua Marlton most is their nursing staff. We drop the rating by one because my father was to ill to order his own food at first and was not put on automatic meals and was removed from automatic meals the next day. The nurse helped straighten it out. My father was supposed to move to rehab on Saturday but they lost the bed. The nurse worked along with the transfer staff to get him a bed the next day. I would like to ad that I do have cleaning concerns. Beds are thoroughly cleaned between visitors but some pee had gotten on the floor. I wiped it up except for what I missed under the tray. I also dropped a cup warmer and both were on the floor for 2 day.The grate on the room heaters are removable yet the grate was full of dust.

Christopher Vitali


I cannot believe this place is allowed to call itself a health institution. This place is filthy. Staff is rude and unprofessional and it is run by crooks. What a dump?


TL:DR - IF YOU GET "NURSE" NATASHA IN ICU DEMAND A DIFFERENT NURSE! I had a lung mass (nodule) removed by Dr Walter Boris on Nov 6 2017 and he was incredible. Surgery went great and my incision sites are healing quick and clean. After surgery I was in ICU where he visited and said when I felt ready I could go home. First day after surgery I had ICU nurses Cathy, Pinky, and Katie, all of whom were incredible even while I was getting sick from the pain meds, had a drain tube and was attached to 2 IVs. They did so well I was even able to walk that first day post ( I over did it and became exhausted but my spirits were up bc of their kindness ) The second day I had a "Nurse" named Natasha from 7am to 7 pm who was one of the most cruel people I've ever met. She seemed ok, held my hand while the DR pulled out the drain tube and was pretty nice until the DR and my parents left for the day. After everyone left she started saying things like "I'm going to get you out of here." when she was giving me my meds. I'm sorry but two days after having a lung mass removed, hacking gunk from my throat and not being able to breath right because the lung isnt opening fully I was not ready to go home. I was scared and in pain. (I also have an anxiety disorder) This "Nurse" kept making me feel guilty for being there like I was faking it. After the tube came out she made it like whatever pain number i gave her was exaggerated when I'd been low-balling my pain the entire time Id been there. She left me on the toilet twice promising to come back in "A few" to get me. She told me it was weird that I couldn't bend forward all the way. Then told me I should just get up and go to the bathroom myself from now on. She was supposed to order a throat spray and laxative and never did. I was so scared and in so much pain, the she tells me she'll "walk me later" as if I was begging for it instead of the Dr ORDERING her to do it. I then heard her talking about me to her tech like "oh I'll get her walking" "Ugh I tried" (to get me to leave) I was so scared to walk after hearing that I started crying and feeling guilty for being there. I decided I wouldn't walk with her or ask for anything else so she'd leave me alone till 7pm (it was 2/3 ish at this time) she missed my pain med dose and I started to feel awful but was afraid to ask for it. Eventually the tech came in (the one who she talked to me about) to "Walk" me and says "Ready to shake rattle and roll?" which would have been funny in another context but I was horrified. She talked about walking fast or whatever but now I'm lacking the pain meds because nurse Natasha "forgot" them- so I shuffle around the hall as fast as possible then get back to my room away from them. Then I just cried until she came in again- I asked for pain meds- she said she'd get them before she left at 7- never came but I could hear her chatting away outside. I gave up and started documenting every cruel neglectful thing she did- started watching the clock waiting for the night nurse (who I'm nominating for the Daisy award because of her unbelievable kindness and uplifting spirit. Her name is Brianna by the way and if you get her in ICU you're one lucky person) At 7 PM the nurses are supposed to introduce your night nurse, Natasha just looked at me through the glass window- and I glared at her because it was all I could do in my state. At that point I was unable to eat, drink, sit up straight or move. Brianna (the most amazing nurse ever) came in and could tell I was wilted. She gave me the pain medication and helped me sit up, within an hour I was able to talk, move and I felt like I'd be ready to walk and go home the next morning. It's a shame about Natasha, everyone else was kind, informative and capable of doing their job.

S Z.

Brenda Podell

This is BY FAR the WORST ER I have ever been in. I came in by ambulance w/ a kidney stone, so I was spared the waiting room time, however I was told I could not get any pain meds until the doctor came in. Much later I heard several of the doctors just outside my curtained area, talking about a movie playing @ a new theater. One of them giving a description of the movie & another giving directions of how to get to the new theater, all the while I am horrifying pain waiting for them to finish their conversation. One of the doctors finally came in who talked to me like I was 5 yrs old. He prescribed Dilaudid via IV, which took all my pain away within seconds. When it runs out though, it's like a light switch - it's either on or it's off. There's no warning at all that it is about to run out. They gave me more periodically. The Dr. said even though the kidney stone was large, I might be able to pass it at home & was being discharged w/ a script for Vicodin. I signed the discharge papers & literally less than 30 seconds later the Dilaudid ran out. I asked the nurse to put the IV back in for a final dose of Dilaudid, so I could make it home. She folded her arms, looked up to the ceiling & said "no", claiming she was "too busy". At this point, I was back to laying flat on my back writhing in the same pain I arrived in. What does a patient have in their arsenal of things they can say to get the help they are requesting? I begged her to put the IV back in. When she continued to refuse to help me, I said "I am not leaving until you put it back in, PLEASE". I was literally begging. She said "Not leaving? That's it, I am going to get the Dr." I felt like I was high school & the principal was going to come see me to punish me. Then, I thought to myself, good, go get the doctor. An ER doctor most likely would have had other patients come in with kidney stones. I figured the Dr. would have some understanding & compassion knowing what a kidney stone patient's level of pain was like. No such luck. The DR. who had treated me up until this point, went home. His shift was over. The next person who approached my bed, was a woman Dr. & even before she got to my bed, she started yelling at me "what's the problem here?" I told her the nurse took out the IV & then had me sign the discharge papers & less than 30 seconds later, the Dilaudid ran out, so I asked her to put the IV back in for a final dose to get home with. She gave me a hard time, asking how I got to the hosp (by ambulance or by a friend giving me a ride, figuring if I walked in, I could walk out). She would not put the IV back in. I again used the only line I had in my arsenal: "I am not leaving until you put the IV back in, PLEASE!!" She said "Not leaving? I am calling the police." 6 Evesham Twp POLICE showed up at my bedside!! One on each side of the bed & 4 more at the foot of my bed. I tried to explain my plight to the lead officer on the left side of my bed. Needless to say, he would not listen. He not only gave me a hard time, but he gave my friend (my ride home person) a hard time. He said if I didn't get into the wheelchair & leave, he was going to bring me to the police station & book me on trespassing charges & here I am flat on my back in horrifying pain. Then he said to the cop on the right side of my bed: "Just drag the body from the bed & throw it into the wheelchair" at which point the cop grabbed my arm. I decided somehow, someway I will have to find a way to get myself up & drag myself over to the wheelchair. The cop wheeled me to the curb where the 6 police cars were parked while my friend pulled her car around to get me. They followed us 4 miles. I guess to make sure we wouldn't go back to the hosp. I wouldn't go back to this hosp if it was a matter of life or death & I MEAN IT!!! This a 100% true story. I reported it to the Hosp Administrator & it is on record, but nothing was ever done about it. I see I am not the only one who gave poor reviews of this hosp's ER. I guess the hosp condones this type of treatment being given to their Emergency room patients.

Hope S

In August 2017 on a Sunday morning I brought a seriously ill friend into the ER at Marlton. Wait time in the ER was 5 mins. ( only 3 or 4 other folks seated). All staff was kind ,courteous and professional. The ER team swiftly recognized the gravity of my friends' condition which was difficult to evaluate because she was being stoic. The physician was intelligent and moved swiftly to stabilize her, along with ordering appropriate tests. I am a career RN with much experience myself and had already evaluated her breath sounds,HR, BP, etc. before bringing her to the ER. My friend was afraid of hospitals and she was uninsured and fearful that they wouldn't treat her because of lack of insurance.The Accounting department secured her temporary coverage which was a great relief to her. Once admitted to the floor and then ICU, they continued to do a great job! Thank you to a hospital that runs the way they all should.

Eleni Vafiadis

Dennis Diven

Jace Carey

samantha was actually chill. jen, gabby and jennette are really cool on the 4th floor. they get 7/5 stars but virtua gets 3 bc tbh the alternative to virtua is dying for some people and they should just be grateful people are trying. I hope people realize their power and potential and make this place awesome

Tony Campbell

We are here now and this is the dirtiest hospital I have EVER seen! We came in through the ER and there are a bunch of used blankets just laying around, a bloody cotton ball, empty bottles etc. Mind you there wasn’t anyone else in there and 3 nurses behind the counter. Now laying in the bed and freezing, they brought my husband a dirty blanket with a used bandage stuck to it and there are open hospital supply wrappers around his bed. I’m writing this for my husband who has been now laying here in severe pain for the past hour and a half with out even a nurse stepping in here. It’s very quite and doesn’t seem to be a busy night yet when I just went to the counter there were at least 4-5 people and at least 3 sitting back chatting in their chairs. This is crazy that we pay so much for health care to not even be cared for currently.

Linda Devenney

I had a 5 day stay, had surgery. I'm fine. It was very comfortable, nurses were great! Very nice staff!

Erin Schiff

Watch them man handle my frail 91 year old arthritic grandmother just because some muppet from radiology thought she lost her anatomical marker after taking an xray with her. Radiology came in 2 times just digging thru covers not finding anything without an introduction or clear explanation of what she was doing to my poor grandmother, we tell the RN who tells the assistant manager. He comes in all concerned to listen, leaves and then comes in with the RN not 3 minutes after without introducing himself so the two can manhandle an 91 year old, roll her on her left and right while she yells out in pain, they said it was just to grab her night gown but she didn't need to roll right and left for that, it was only under her on one side. While they rolled her they grabbed her by her arthritic hip and shoulder (at the incorrect area more towards the glenohumeral joint and not the scapular joint), when my uncle asked them why it was such a big deal to find it, the RN fired back with "well they are very expensive", so is she....while she was wheeled into emergency surgery, the RN had the nerve to ask the team to search her blankets thoroughly for the marker. Something they should have done from the beginning. Complete lack of professionalism and empathy here. They clearly dont want to take the fall for missing something "expensive" when it's their own fault for losing it. When we told the ICU they said they would report it, and someone would come talk to us that afternoon...her icu visit was a month ago...nobody contacted us, met with us, or anything. Awful hospital.

Devin Gorski

ER is terrible. Online wait time said approximately 10 minutes. I waited over 2 hours WITH AN EYE INJURY! Still wasn't seen. If you have any other option available DO NOT GO HERE!

stephen garcia

I stayed in the waiting room for 3 hours, just to have the doctor tell me he couldn't do any exams or test. Afterwards, I got a $600 bill from the doctor himself.

Gina Huber

So, just saying that My personal experience here at virtual Marlton is not pleasant!! Been here with my Dad since 3:30, told at 7:30 there's a bed ready but have to wait until after shift change (which does makes sense), but now we are at 10 & dads still laying here..... immobile (paralyzed from the waist down), on a massive bedsore, just had chemo on Friday so no immune system with all kinds of stuff rolling past him, fluid bag empty & oxygen alert beeping away

karen Kelly-mandl

This hospital is awesome! We live in Mt. Laurel and the nearest hospital to us is Virtua Mt. Holly. We have had such bad experiences at that hospital that we hate even the thought of having to go to ER there. My girlfriend recommended that the next time we needed to, we should try Virtua Marlton. It is a little further for us, but since we felt this emergency was not life threatening for the moment, we would try it. Thank goodness we did! This was the very best hospital experience I have EVER had. We waited about 5 minutes in the waiting room, was triaged, sat down for a minute and was called to window for intake. The intake receptionist noticed that my husband was cold as we left the house to go to Urgent Care and was not thinking that he would be referred to an ER because his condition warranted that, and he had on shorts and short sleeve shirt and hospitals are usually cold. She asked him if he was cold! When does that ever happen at an intake window! He said yes and she got him a "warmed" blanket so he would be more comfortable... I was floored! How considerate. He was so sick and I was trying to cover him with my sweater which did not fit his arms. We went to sit back in the waiting room, was there for about 2 minutes and was called to the back. So, all and all we waited about 7 minutes in the waiting room, was triaged for about 5 minutes and was taken back to a room! THAT has never happened to me in an ER! We waited in the room for about 10 minutes and our nurse came in. She was excellent! She was congenial and caring but quick, hit his vein the first time, and was very thorough at her job. Waited another 5 to 8 minutes and the doctor came in. He assessed my husband and ordered tests. He was very nice. He was diagnosed, given medication and we were sent on our way with instructions as to his care. The next day we received 2 follow-up phone calls, one to tell us the results of his test and to instruct us as to the medication he should be taking, and one just to see how he was doing later that day. They said if he got worse to come back. He is doing better today, Monday, we were there on Saturday. I will definitely use this hospital ER again!

Ann Marie

I almost did not go because of the reviews posted here so I felt the need to post my own review after my visit...I stopped by the library before I went to the ER because I figured I would be there a while...I was right...I spent two and a half hours in the waiting room and four hours on an ER bed before being sent home...the place was SPOTLESS...there were several people there before I arrived but there was plenty of open seats...Timothy was very sweet and patient - he handled my EKG...there were two girls at the admitting desk - both were very nice and pleasant - I sat with each of them but did not get their nurse (I think her name was Jamie) was GREAT...she listened and smiled and only stabbed me once (although my hand is still swollen and very tender now five days later) and she was in to see me often enough - because sometimes you think they have forgotten all about you...if I had any issue it would be with the ER doctor herself (the release form listed her as 'Guerrera')...she came in to see me right away but looked at me as if I was wasting her time before rushing out and then not returning for the entire visit until she sent me home (at which time she was very friendly and smiling and explaining everything - where she was in the beginning I could not say) was very busy that night for whatever reason with the PA lady screaming code colors everywhere but everyone I dealt with was wonderful and the place was clean - cleaner than the new one down the street - yes it took longer than it should have and the fact that I came in with a heart issue should have gotten me in a bit faster but it was a very good visit and I would go back - probably much sooner than I would like to...I did not want to go there - there are two other hospitals much closer for me but my doctor said that Marlton was the place that would do the test I needed (which ER doctor lady did not do) the event of an emergency I would be taken to Kennedy where I do not wish to die so if I can do something to prevent that from happening I will - even driving way outta my way while having heart related issues...I would recommend this ER (Several weeks later) Wow - just found out that this Dr. Guerrera was the same evil woman who took care of me once in Kennedy Stratfords ER...that time she came in to work with her hair full of curlers...she had the same nasty attitude when I met her there and yes once again she refused to run a test my doctor specifically sent me there to get (kidney doctor that time)...she was one of the reasons I do not go back to Kennedy - and now she's at Virtua - dang now what (Iwould still recommend this ER so long as there was another Doctor)

Diane Musmanno

I have had to stay twice for kidney stones,and cannot say one bad thing about this hospital! From the moment I came trough the emergency room to the 3 day stay I have to say every nurse and staff were very polite and caring. The one thing I did not care for but all hospitals have this are the doctors that are on call for this hospital. I had my own urologist which is what I needed but they also a sign a hospital doctor, but I could not understand them and they did nothing for me, but Bill me!

Dave LikesBikes

I was just discharged from Virtua Marlton and have to say that even if I were dying and it was the last hospital on earth, I would not go there! From the moment we walked into the ER, to the time we left, my wife and I were treated like 2nd class citizens! While the majority of the staff was helpful, and friendly, the few that weren't really made me wonder why they chose the medical field as a career choice! I realize the hospital was quite busy during my stay(I spent 34 hours in ER because they supposedly had no rooms), but that does not excuse the lousy treatment I received, nor the conditions I had to endure, nor the mistakes that were made....Filthy room,(floor covered with various medical debris, never swept or cleaned for my entire stay), Sheets/blankets never changed, took over 8 hours just to get a pillow! Commode brought to the room with no toilet paper (was actually told that there was none, and handed some tissues to use)!!! Forgotten medication that was asked for twice, and the night nurse didn't even know I was diabetic!!! I could go on (there's a lot more fault's I'd like to point out), but I'm not up to typing them all! I'd like to thank my Dr's, and Nurse Karen for all the help and understanding, but I really think my insurance company should ask for a refund on this one!

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