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REVIEWS OF Union Hospital of Cecil County IN Delaware

Burnette Family

Forreal screw union ! My father in law was admitted on Friday morning . Of course because of the specific situation the WHOLE family left work to be with him . Now the last time we had gone up there we all had received work notes ! Well the nurse that we dealed with was completely nasty . Nothing but an attitude & then DENIED us work notes ! Like how rude is that ? I have NEVER been denied for a work note . So best believe you won't catch me up in there . Beyond that the cafe was good ! Little expensive but who cares food is food

Nathen Thomas

i went in to get something checked out and they told me it was nothing gave me ibuprofen sent me on my way. but i had a really bad feeling like thwy had no idea. went to a different hospital and they actually ran test and it turns out this person has skin cancer. domt waste your time here. theyre going to screw you over or worse

Roma Scopa

Fast hospital; however, their hospital works with MEP, and MEP is not supported by Cigna insurance. If you have Cigna, don't goto this ER unless you have no choice. It is a big hassle just to have insurance pay the hospital for a normal ER visit.

Claudia Arroyo

Sarah Brown

There really is a syringe left in the room

ramon bonet

Love the hi tech & quality of care great facility, people & equipment!!

Mary Martinez

They are wouldful people works there they care a lot for sick people n feed them good n beautiful hospital n very very very clean place


This review is in regards to Dr. Tackey,Rheumatologist. My appointment with Dr. Tackey was on February 13th,2019. That same day I was told to get blood work done right there at Union. I was told that the results would be back in 2-3 days max. On the paperwork it said to call the office if I hadn’t heard anything in 3 weeks. I waited patiently for almost 3 weeks before calling. I was told that the results had not come in yet. Another week goes by,I call where I had gotten my blood work done and I’m told that Labcorp messed up my blood work somehow. That the tests had been canceled and nobody knew why. Labcorp had no clue why the tests had been canceled either. So they told me that they’d send out something to allow me to go get the blood work done again. A couple of weeks go by & I hear nothing from Labcorp. I then called Dr. Tackey’s office on March 25th to get paper work from him once again so I can redo the blood work since Labcorp apparently was not going to do so. On the phone call I was shocked to hear that the results had been sent in from Labcorp. Though weeks before I was told that the tests had been canceled. I was told that Dr. Tackey would take a look at the results & make sure that they were not corrupted. Okay...Well I figured I’d hear back in a day or so. One week later (April 1st) I reach out once again. I was told,yet again,that I’d hear back from somebody regarding the results... I’m leaving this review on April 7th. I never heard back from the office. So this makes at least 3 times that I’ve been told the same thing. I was also told that somebody other than the Dr can go over results with me. So I’m going to assume that everyone there is just bad at doing their jobs properly. I honestly have nothing else to go on. I should not have to call constantly to get results of blood work I had done in the middle of February. I’ll be going elsewhere. Thanks for wasting my time. Follow up: The day after complaining about this to the head of Union,I received a call and my test results are not able to be read. They also told me that on March 6th the Dr and his office should have sent me to redo my blood work. Instead they spent the next month being incompetent. Every time I reached out to them it was a chance to do the right thing. They didn’t do their jobs. It was as simple as just sending me back to do blood work. I politely declined using Union ever again. I’ll be finding a new doctor’s office that can do even the simplest tasks.

Vicki Romberger

HORRIBLE! Urgent care was the worst. I was treated like I was intruding. I was in severe pain and I can tolerate a high level of pain, so you know I was in agony. The nurse assigned to me was named Jessica, who did not lift a finger to help me get from the wheelchair to the stretcher. She had me take a urine specimen in which she told my 14 year old son to take it from the bathroom to the my emergency cubical. She was mean during the question and answer time, leading my son to question whether she was capable of giving me the appropriate care. She didn't seem to want to be there. Since it was !:00 in the morning, my husband had fallen asleep and I heard Jessica and the attending physician making fun of my husband sleeping (he had put in 12 hours of work prior to bringing me to the E.R.). After being given my test results which were uneventful, Jessica quickly left the cubical. She did NOT help me up off the stretcher or even ask if she should do anything to help. I almost fell off the stretcher trying to get off because of the severe pain I was in. I had to put my shoes on by myself and walk out with not as much as offering to get me a wheelchair. Jessica is a poor excuse for a nurse. Union Hospital should stay from employees of this low caliber. I will NEVER again be a patient of this hospital and neither will my family members.

Ryan Akers

Had a horrible full body hive breakout. No allergies. Doctor didn't even look at it and said it's an allergic reaction then left very quick. Horrible service. I'm pissed..

Sherrilynn Phelps

I'm in Union now and the staff has been great and I have nothing to say bad about them they have been great with me

Katie Kreer

Abdulrahman Aldobiyan

Barry Baker

Brandon G

For a small town Hospital, this hospital is amazing! When my dad was in the hospital, the only bad thing was the night nurse he was stuc with most of the time could barley speak english and the english they did know they spoke way to fast. Besdies, that, t' a great hospital for such a small town.

Ray Goodwin

You want to die? Come here. They are happy to help you with that. I dont know how some of these Doctors still have jobs. Like most hospitals. It's all about the money.

Cassandra Hoagland

R Johnson

Richard Morterud

Drs don't family questions. Often patients needs are ignored.


This was by far the worst hospital experience I've ever dealt with in my life. My fiance went in to be treated for a high risk rabies bite. The bite was deemed high risk by a veterinary hospital connected to the University of Pennsylvania -- the animal in question was exhibiting strong signs of having rabies and, since it bit a human, had to be euthanized by law. We were told to get a rabies vaccine ASAP, but unfortunately that night we went to two hospitals that were severely and dangerously understaffed in the city and would have had to wait indefinitely. Since the CDC advises that you need the vaccine ASAP but within 24 hours, we decided to do this early the next day. Bear in mind that he is uninsured and we were willing to pay out of pocket for a vaccine, however much it costs without insurance, because his life was in jeopardy. We went to this hospital in Maryland, as it was convenient on the way to a work event and we figured the wait time would be short. The entire time he was there, he was treated to stories of "a woman came in the other week who had waited three weeks after being bit to get her shots and she was fine!", some coming from nurse staff and some from intake staff. Symptoms of rabies can show at 3 weeks at its earliest, and when symptoms have appeared, it is TOO LATE and the illness has a VERY HIGH DEATH RATE. I highly doubt this woman was "fine," but as far as vitals she checked out okay and was able to be released from their hospital. While my fiance was there, at no point did he see a doctor; he saw nurse staff that brought him through the ringer about getting a rabies post-exposure vaccine. They called the 24 hour vet and said there was "no proof" that the animal was there or that it had rabies (I was able to obtain this information with a simple email); they called the Health Boards of MD and PA, the latter of which spoke to him to say that "it's his choice to get the shots now but he has more time to do so" (which is inconsistent with what the CDC says), but the nurses at Union Hospital took this to mean that it's "policy" not to give the rabies shots now, and that they're "just following policy" -- even though what the Health Board actually said was that he could choose to do it now or a little later. At no point did he see a doctor, just incompetent nurse staff that did not seem to know or care about the scope of the issue and how deadly this was. I feel in my gut that this is medical malpractice, and only hope that other patients at this hospital who are in similar situations receive the care they need instead of being denied it. We were finally able to go to another hospital, Virtua Hospital in New Jersey, who let us in right away and gave him the shots he needed. I am floored by the unfair and unjust treatment he received at Union Hospital. He's uninsured and was going to pay out of pocket anyway -- why deny him something that could save his life?

Clarissa Kaul

Go to the butcher shop you'll have better luck there

Mark Gilbert

Erin Fisher

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to! Nothing but UNSATISFACTORY service over several visits. I was scheduled for a procedure by the Wilmington Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC) through the CHOICE program. The VAMC is the responsible party for the procedure as the VAMC is unable to offer that service through their facility. That was over a year ago and I am still fighting with them to bill the VAMC. I've called repeatedly and have been told it would be resolved. Now I'm receiving bills from a collection agency. The sub-par service doesn't start or end there. When my son was two he was extremely sick, he would not eat or drink because of sore throats. I took him to this horrid place and the advice I received was to essentially waterboard my son, "force fluids down his throat with an oral syringe every five minutes." He was loosing more fluids crying from hacing fluids forced down his throat. An hour or two later I ended taking him to AI duPont and he was immediately given an IV because he was so dehydrated. This place is the worst!!! I WILL NEVER GO TO THIS HOSPITAL AGAIN!!!!! And, I strongly discourage anyone else going there either.


Jennifer Prestridge

The nurses in the maternity unit are ignorant and their communication with each other is horrible. I would never recommend having your baby in this hospital. Go elsewhere.

Walter parker

I brought my son into the emergency room after leaving his football game and him falling hitting his head twice. After they checked his vitals they told us to go back out and said that they will be with us.... well we were still waiting an hour and a half later with no contact with the physician. There were only 2 ppl in the waiting room. They told us that we needed to be fast tracked but still had us waiting almost 2 hours later. This was the worse visit ever! We decided to leave and went to another hospital and was seen almost immediately!

helene dempsey

Uziela Smith

I’ve had to come here three times this past year unfortunately. All three times I had a very rude and sarcastic nurse and doctor. I’ve had to walk out with my son one time because the doctor had whispered a sarcastic comment to the physician’s aid, and she didn’t think I heard her. I don’t know who does the hiring here, but they need to switch out a lot of their employees. This hospital doesn’t believe in bed side manners, and some of the nurses like to make up thier own rules. Told me that I couldn’t hold and comfort my daughter while she was in pain, she told me it was against the hospital policies. Even though the doctor seen me and didn’t say I was doing anything wrong. This place is a joke smh.

Hafida Mehdaoui

The doctor is amazing the nurse too especially I like Abby, Linda one guy named James they are nice but one woman she's nasty I have surgery there so I couldn't get up I had my sister with me I couldn't get up but this nurse she didn't want to help me and she told me to get up by myself and told my sister not to help me. I had 19 stitches so how can you tell me to get up? She's lucky I was ill so teach her how to treat people like this woman your not supposed to let her be a nurse. Suppose she works in jail.

Tonia Smith

awesome and great .the doctors was so nice and helpful. thanks union hospital.


I've had less than desirable visits here, but this one was great. I was accompanying my boyfriend who has pink eye. The receptionist was great and let us know some valuable info about back dating his insurance so his visit is covered when his coverage starts next week. The nurse, Julia, was great and gave him a prescription that can be filled for $4 at Walmart. Even better, the visit was less than an hour!

Chrissy Henderson

This place is so slow its unreal .... Its like fisher price my first doctor .. Im not sure where anyone in this place went to school but thus is the worst hospital ever

Michael Funk

Rude unhelpful

Harry P Cheyney 111

I spent a lot of my time in out of the hospital and they are nice and polite and knowledge and experience too every one

R Selner

Would only go there if time dictates. Otherwise head to Christiana Care.

Peidmonte Eighty-Nine

My first visit to Union was great but my second visit was a joke so I am giving it 3/5 but maybe I should give it a 2/5 for my second visit. Anyways I was driven to Union by a family member. I am grabbing my chest, holding onto that railing going up to the ER check in area. Finally I manage to get myself to where the receptionist who was dazed out of her mind filing her nails asked "Can I help you?" Um let's see I'm clearly grabbing my chest, teeth grinding, and my breathing is labored. Instead of immediately coming over to assist me the lady casually walks over to her chair and says she just needs to ask me a few questions,. Um HELLO can you assist me with a wheelchair or get a nurse or somebody ASAP to help me. If I fall on my face I wont be able to answer your questions. They sit me in wheelchair and then it's time for a huge questionnaire. Hey how about checking my vitals at the very least? Anyways so I finally get this room off in the corner because it was an anxiety related incident. From that point forward I felt like a 2nd class citizen at the hospital. The nurses themselves were the only saving grace of my stay. They were extremely polite and warm and got me whatever I needed. But the whole ER receptionist area needs to be dealt with. Damn if someone is having a heart attack I couldn't imagine what the hell would have happened or what that poor patient would be thinking.

Kayla Hardy

The only reason I took away a star was because of the nutse who admitted me. She was cold after an emergency c-section i was being given pain meds. I dont do well with them and most make me real sick. After telking me i couldnt have a 5mg she made me choose from 7.5mg and 10mg and after i took them i got nauseated. She refused me nausea medication because "it wasnt in my order" let me dryheave in a puke bucket 10 hours after a c-section. It took my hubby going out and telling them you better help her now... When another nurse checked and sure enough... It was there... She didnt want to do that lil click of a mouse to actually check my med list. I would like to also praise Nurse Rose she was beyond helpful to the point of making me feel at home, like i was being cared for by family. She wiped sweat from my fosurgery, tears from my face and refused to let go of my hand even as they were whisking me away to surgery. The last thing i remember is her and the anesthesiologist rubbing my forehead and telling me how great i was doing... Rose was still holding my hand as everything went black and was the first face i saw when i woke. She was amazing. The other nurses there were very sweet and caring. Dr white did my csection and the cut was perfect, healed like a dream. Also want to mention the lady who was cleaning my room, what a sweet woman who came back to see me before i left. Dr nunez also deserves an honorable mention, she saw mw alot through my pregnancy and came in just to see my baby. My whole pregnancy she told me how well i was doing and how beautiful and glowing i was. And spent 45 minutes on an ultrasound just trying to get a pucture of my babys face even though i was her last appointment and her hair was frazzled grom a very busy day with no lunch. Thank you so much guys you made my pregnancy and delivery much more beautuful.

Amy Walls

I had a baby here back in 2008 the nurses kept telling me I wasn't in labor ...they yelled at me when I scream from contractions that were so bad I shook at the bone ..I noticed every time I had a contraction the baby's heart dropped they told me it wasn't nothing to worry about ...then they told me to use the bathroom I thought I had to poop I almost had my son on the toilet the nurses yelled at me as they helped carry me to the bed until they realized I wasn't over reacting and when I had him the embilical cord was strangling my son to the point he was blue and not breathing ...o might I add I wasn't in the delivery room ...I didn't get one of those until I was cleaned up and after I had the baby...the nurses tried to apologize... I was so pissed off for how I was treated I'll never go there again..and haven't since then


My daughter, Who lives lives two states away. they gave her a shot drugedher up and released her at five minutes after midnight.....alone. THEY SUCK........!!!!!!!!!!!

Rashaan G

deb gates

Terrible! 3 hours for nothing!

Randy Taylor

Paulette Stovall

Amazing, professional staff.

Amy Leigh

I came to the Emergency room with severe head and nerve pain. They treated me for my migraine, but ignored the nerve pain entirely. I got no real relief and was worse than when I left.

Kenny Hoagland

julia youngblood

Been there many times. I have had good experiences most of the time. But wen it came time do get my iv in took 22 times ..I counted. I know i have small viens ..But omg. Then comes a nurse 1 stick and we r good to go ..I only wish i knew her name


Ted Boyle

I've been in Union for a lot of different tests and a couple of out-patient surgeries. I've always been treated very well and had excellent care. It's not a big hospital; so you can't expect things like heart transplants; but I'm frequently surprised at the range of services that they offer.

Nathan Plumley

2/13/16 - 2/15/16 Justine Watson PA-C was amazing. She took the time to understand my condition and showed that she cared. Amazing, prudent, cautious and thorough. All the nurses and doctors and nurse assistants and even the food/bed runners were all very nice. Had some issues with my discharge so lost a star.

David Hardy

My first experience was a trip to the ER on a Thursday morning for my wife. We had no wait and were taken to a room in minutes. I thought it was taking an overly long time for treatment, and sent an email to the President of the hospital. He ACTUALLY came down to our room, explained what was going on, heard our concerns, and addressed them all. He was amazing, and made us felt like valued patients. Thanks Dr. Szumel.

Jennifer Clements

I didn't even want to give them any stars. They are rude and have no respect for the patients they see. Please hire more respectable doctors and staff. For those on here who have never been i advise you to NEVER go.

Timothy Gachanja

Racist people work here. There a white male nurse who works second shift he's racist and treats black people like drug addicts they also treat black people like criminals and don't really care.

Manic Mortuary

I just had a cholecystectomy at Union today and have PTSD..the nurses made sure to make me feel safe and helped me manage my pain properly before letting me leave. Union is far superior to Christiana Hospital. The people are nicer, more helpful, and they work a lot faster. I felt like I mattered and I felt safe, which meant so much.


Decent hospital

Krissy Barden

I gave birth here and the nurses denied me pain medication for one even gave me a pad or an ice pack after giving birth. Doctor Khadija Awan manually removed my placenta, a very traumatic procedure, with no medical indication to do so, and without my consent and then falsified my records to say my placenta was delivered spontaneously. Union Hospital Nurses also told us we couldn't photograph the birth of our daughter as it was their right to not be in the images. They also told me that I probably wouldn't get immediate skin to skin because they "don't really do that here".

Criterion Fire Station Flooring

Courtney Ryan

Went in to union hospital tonight to help a friend out. And while waiting with her the doctor who came in, Giuseppe Screnci was unprofessional and very rude. Did not listen to her concerns did not answer her questions and inferred she was on welfare by making the comment " I already pay for your kids". Pretty much a waste of 3 hours to see a friend be talked down too

Isaiah Stephens

Sat in the waiting room for over 3 hours!!! Girl arm was all broken and we still sat there. Horrible service hated here will never come back

Cracking a Smile

Union Hospital has come along way through the years. Its a fine hospital and I wouldn't hesitate to be treated there. My husband received exemplary care during his week+ stay. I felt the entire nursing staff in the PCU went above and beyond to accommodate my husbands stay. The entire staff was caring and professional.

Dan Harrington

Went in for severe back pain, the nursing staff was AMAZING however, Dr. Savio was rude and not helpful. I was offered narcotics, steroids, and otc pain meds, even though I stated I did not want pain meds and the steroids made me sick. It is clear to me why there is a drug problem in Elkton.

Jennifer Day

Gave birth to my son there in July. The nurses were wonderful, especially nurse Linda. She was by my side the whole time. She was very comforting and understanding... I don't think I would've done as well without her. Thank you for helping bring my beautiful son into this world.

Elizabeth Feika-Musa

Bethany Zepeda

The staff is very nice and helpful

Jerry Daley

This hospital is a joke I will never come back here again

Mark Workman

This hospital is nothing but a joke, you can’t trust the nurses to do simple tasks without taking hours because they’d rather be laughing and talking with each other as if they don’t have a serious job to do, and a particularly nice nurse decided to take the IV out during a discharge and continually squeezed my girlfriends hand to the point that she was crying, not to mention how rude everyone is.

Jaylani Alers

I was treated for cancer and had all my treatments at Union. The staff is wonderful, and I'm caner free for four years.

Joan Ridley

I hate going to doctors and hospitals, but I had to have an xray and ekg yesterday. Everyone, and I mean everyone was friendly and very helpful. No wait times, I was in and out in a flash. I was tied up long enough for my friend to visit the gift shop, which she said was definitely worth the visit, A great experience!

Judy Dukehart

Two of us felt we were treated rudely by nurses in labor and delivery. Shame on them

Kim Reichert

Has come along way over the years..

Cierra Walls

My grandmother is in the hospital and every time you ask the doctor a question he gives an attitude and acts like he doesn't want to answer my question. Attitude and mistreatment from the staff here is pretty common. While there are a few good nurses and other staff members here and there, a majority of the staff is fairly rude and unprofessional. I don't recommend this hospital unless no other option is available.


Several visits. Three different doctors failed to make a basic diagnosis. I was referred, twice, to specialists that were not relevant to my condition. My experience with the network of Union Hospital healthcare providers that I met with wracked with incompetence and literal absence of pertinent care. My ailment was debilitating and recurring, affecting my ability to function without pain for over two years. I moved. An actually competent doctor at Colorado hospital diagnosed and proposed the proper treatment, it took her 15 minutes of reviewing my verbal history to do so. I could never in good faith recommend this hospital.

Laura Teitsworth

My son came in because he had been shot with a pellet gun. He sat there for 4 hours. They gave him and X-ray and when I arrived at the hospital I was told he was having a scan done. That’s very over the top to run a test like that when he has a bb right below the surface of his skin. My son has a history of mental issues. He was getting very agitated because of the long wait and the fact that we were asking for the insurance info again and I had given them that on the phone which apparently they were never allowed to ask me for that over the phone anyway. On top of that two separate nurses kept making snarky remarks to him making him very agitated and clearly making the situation worse. They made comments to him such as. You know that you aren’t in a room with a door right? While clearly we are in a room with just a curtain. Another nurse was being rude to my son from the room next door while she was caring for that patient. I am appalled at the behavior of these nurses in the ER ON 7/29 at 11:55. Also the nurse was chewing gum like a cow and snapping her chewing gum.

Trump Rules

This place is as close to hell as you can make it. Been here multiple times and every time the workers mess something up. Today I had a scheduled appointment at 1pm but for some reason no one sent my order through. Meaning I waited 25 minutes to get them to fax it through when it should have been sent through a month ago, then waited another 40 minutes waiting to be sent back for a procedure I'm pretty sure I didn't even need that they recommended. I wouldn't recommend coming here if you're close to death or have had a serious injury, they'll make you wait outside in the cold just so they have less pacients to take care of. Friend came here to get his arm in a cast. They set it wrong now he has a bent arm and needs to get it rebroken so they can reset it. I'd give this hell hole a -5 stars if I could. I can't wait to get new insurance just so I can go somewhere decent.

Sam B.

Terrible awful hospital. Will never set foot there ever again. The OBGYN office has no idea how to receive referrals, or create appointments. Dr. White was as clueless “Ive never seen that before” “I dont have an answer for you”.

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