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Karim Mifflin

Hi ! First of all, let me begin by saying I am a veteran, but love going to Temple Hospital when I have to. I've been to Temple probably 6 or 7 times in the past year either through the ER, or follow up care. I like Temple because the people always have this attitude of caring. In all my appointments, I was greeted professionally and treated as promptly as possible. If I had a question, the person whom I was asking for information made sure that my question was answered. I have never encountered a rude employee. Being in a hospital for a 3 week stay can be challenging. I found the nurses, and doctors at Temple very communicative and understanding. They were always very good about sharing information with you. I never had any procedure "surprised" upon me. I was always made aware of what the next step in my treatment as well as my options.

Eleanor Riley

My mother has been at Temple for over two weeks with a traumatic brain injury and the doctors refuse to contact my father. The doctors give my mother information she can’t comprehend or remember and almost discharged her yesterday without contacting us. Have I mentioned she has a severe traumatic brain injury? What was the plan, put her on the curb with a note pinned to her? While the people in Patient Experience were very kind, the doctor who was supposed to follow up never did. Patient Experience is fighting an uphill battle because the rest of the organization is systemically flawed. Despite over 30 phone calls to several departments, no one returns messages. Room continues to be filthy, much of the staff is extremely rude and the doctors categorically refuse to communicate. We are now contacting the CEO, Chief of Staff, Chief Counsel and the Board of Trustees. The fact that this is a teaching hospital is appalling. Clear this lack of communication and attitude is coming directly from the Chief of the Trauma department, who took my father’s phone number today, promised to call him and didn’t. Obviously, I am most concerned with my mother but I feel so badly for patients in the hospital who have no one to advocate for them. This is deplorable, disgusting and cruel.

Baby Girls Romero Perez


Marie Scott

My nephew been in Temple since the start of the New Year. He is getting grate care the only thing is the Parking & Tv between both that almost $20 a day reg. working people can not do it. He under went Open Heart on the 16 and still has a long road a head of him. I do not understand why if someone is in need that they charge so much.Aria Heath have free parking & TV I think Temple needs to look at that thank you for letting me vent!!!!

Daniel Jenkins

The people always talked about taking there family member to temple working for Temple Hospital was good, until I experience the worse. I had 2 family members died in the hands of Temple employee's and I see why because I had hands on experiences working for this company and working side by side with the employee's. Temple University Hospital is a ZOO. I was treated unfairly because I came there to do my job and I was there for the patients that's why I thought I was there. I was discharge from Temple hospital after being there for 2 weeks because I seen 65% of the workers don't do there job, I had to much experience and I did my job and I was there for the patients so don't let the name Temple fool you it's not a good place to work nor somewhere to take your love ones.

Que te Importa

Worst hospital! Unprofessional/ staff don’t do they job u can be for hours waiting for them to call u / kids service is the worst to they don’t take it serious! The just sitting on they desk chatting wen patient r waiting for be seeing

reyna wiles

If I could give a -5 star rating I would. Temple University er is the most unprofessional unorganized unsantized hospital I ever been too. If this is what a dentention center looks like then it temple er nails it. Me an fiancé Anthony went to the er because my fiancé had a fever that would no go down and kept rising with the body aches and a bad cough. Upon arrival we waited about two hours after the nurse confirmed his temperature was really high. Once we get in our room the nurse that brought us back there just stuck us in the room then almost refused me with being in the room with him because as they explained “the doctors like their privacy” I do not know what that means but it does not make sense seeming my fiancé couldn’t really speak and was very sick. While waiting for the doctor we were rudely approached by registered nurse John O’brien who told us that the doctor was going to schedule an X-ray at this point we told the nurse that we wanted to skip the X-ray and to please hook him up to an iv to get soon fuilds because his temperature is rising. The nurse told us that if he doesn’t take the X-ray then he will not be treated and if it’s fuilds he wanted he could go and drink water! I explained to the nurse that it’s illegal to refuse any one care and to get the doctor. the nurse then slammed the door and almost hit me in my stomach and I’m eight weeks pregnant! My fiancé is very loving and humble person but that day that nurse brought the a mean side out because how the nurse slammed and almost hit me with the door while we still trying to talk to him. My fiancé was very upset with the level of unprofessionalism and the treatment we received. The doctor was so worried about not making a scene instead of talking to us he hurried and wrote us some scripts! So sad temple er you are by far the worst and I hope the nurse John o Brien is let go because he does not have the skills or sense of professionalism to deal with patients.


1/24/17 I bypassed several hospitals from Bryn Mawr to UOP once again. I had triple bypass at Temple back in April 2013. I wasn't crazy about the distance or going into the city. Funny I will go into the city for entertainment but I was hesitant about my health. Not anymore, here I am again for a check up and nothing has changed here. Everyone is saying " good morning sir" from the parking attendants, the administration staff and the medical staff. What makes a hospital good is not the location or distance. It is the the people who work there and how they treat you no matter what their position or job. Now my drive back home is a happy one because of how I was treated and the care they gave me once again. Sixty-five years old, I have worked in a hospital and have been in many as a visitor and a patient in a few. Patients talk about the people and the service in the hospital not the location and not the bricks and mortar of the place. But I will go the extra mile to Temple for my next 100,000 mile check up. Temple "Keep doing what your doing it works

Alicia Flores

Negative attitudes. They had no hope for my brother-in-law and rarely monitored him. Wish we had gone to a different hospital.

Keir Dow

Made me and my two year old child walk home in the rain and cold rather than give a cab voucher at three in the morning waited in the waiting room with my pregnant wife for almost 7 hours and then disrespected by the nurse all because her shift was about to end I'm sueing this hospital because I feel as though if we pay for these people to go to school and learn to help people the should help to best of there ability dispute shift changes

Alexandra Zirari

Staff was surprisingly very nice compared to other hospitals. Dr Friedenberg was amazing and very helpful with everything. I wish I could make him my primary doctor. Addressed all of my concerns that were not even in his specialty.

Chuck Murphy

From the nurses to the surgeons and doctors, absolutely the best I've ever experienced. I've had to be admitted to many (too many) hospitals, and I have never felt more cared for.

Tiffany F

I love this hospital my entire family was born here with no problems and don't forget the nicest people!

Danielle Kinslow

A fantastic hospital with very caring and diligent doctors and nurses. I had an unfortunate stay on the pulmonary unit and everyone really listened and made sure I (and all the patients) were given the best possible care and treatment. They are all professional and even the food service was timely and tasted pretty good considering it's a hospital. A big thank you to the blue pulmonary team!

Melaine Diaz

The service of pessimo, today January 25, 2019 in the emergency room, I waited 6 hours to be attended, I made the decision to return to my house although I felt bad, I preferred to return to my house to rest, to be 6 hours sitting in a bank so hard. it's not nice If you feel poor health

Joemar Cruz

They taking care of me

Jennifer Patton

I would not recommend this hospital to anyone. This hospital is dirty, gross, filthy and has some of the most unprofessional health care associates. I can not believe this hospital is allowed to provide care to any living being. They need to be shut down!!

sophie june

My mom was terminal and the nurses still treated her like s**t. Luckily, we got her out and into hospice within a couple days but they were the worst couple days ever. They are understaffed and if you want your loved one to get proper care do not take them here! The toilet was not flushed and had pee all over it when we checked in, the ceilings are musty and stained, the rooms are tiny and cold/ unwelcoming. My mom was in so much pain and the nurses still took forever to get her her pain meds so she was laying in the bed dying of cancer and in extreme pain for the days we were there. HORRID experience

vanetta wallick

Yesterday my Gastroenterologist sent me to ER for a cat scan,pain treatment and to check out my abdomen by way of wheelchair.I had a partial seizure (whole right side of body)while waiting for transport,in transport,waiting to be seen,in triage(none of which was noticed and written off as shaking/right arm convulsing due to cold even though it was my Gastroenterology Dr. called down to ER about my 30 yrs of seizures.I was in and out of Tonic Clonic seizures in which I could not speak and was unconscious still they just left me in the waiting room thinking that i was just faking it for many hours with more meds at all.My husband just took me home when I came to again.We will never use that ER ever again and strongly warn people to stay away if possible!

Noel Santiago

You are going to wait! 4 to 7 hours to be seen. Unbelievable. Unless you're shot, stabbed, or clinging to life in some way, YOU ARE GOING TO WAIT! Be prepared, pack lunch and dinner, maybe breakfast. Toothpaste, toothbrush, wet wipes. Bring a pillow, blanket, and reading materials. Any paperwork or homework, you have, bring it. Cancel all plans for the next 24 to 48 hours. You will live here. Who knows. It's like walking into a black hole. You might actually recover from your ailment by the time you're seen.

Sade Robles

I have my niece there and so far they have done the impossible to safe her life. one thing I don't like has nothing to do with doctors at all. front desk staff are rude, lazy and they eat while talking to you. they asked for you license and then give you an ID with other peoples faces that had been there to see her previously, so what's the point of asking if they to lazy to either look for you or add you. imagine if someone goes in there trying to hurt someone, then what. Doctor you ROCK, keep up with the good work. God bless you all.

Michael Edward

Unfortunately I had to admit my son there today. This is the dirtiest hospital I have ever seen. I could not believe it. Staff is extremely lazy. I will not recommend to anyone. And please there is no need for your automated response to call you you would like to talk to me. Because there is no excuse for this. And the bad part is numerous people are complaiing about the same things for months and years still no change. So don't talk to me talk to your staff. Respectfully, Michael

Sijo Varghese

Our insurance covers there, hence went there for my wive's delivery. Doctors and the residents are very nice, but not the nurses in the labor sections. They were neither supportive nor caring. Might not recommend if you have a better insurance.

Donte Beachem

Wait time in the ER can be between 5 and 8 hours to get admitted, in order to be seen by a physician and diagnosed, especially in the winter. If your visit is determined not a medical priority, you may be waiting longer. It is not 1st come 1st served, instead it's bed availability and severity of your life vs the possibility of death. People come for simple things like pain, cough or even flu. The flu is considered a simple thing in this ER unless you have a pre-existing condition such as Coronary Obstruction Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) or something other related to infectious disease or asthma. You may get seen right away if you're bleeding from new open wounds. Good luck if you have no other choice but to visit this ER.

Joyce Gailliard

Had a scheduled appointment and the check-in, appointment and check-out for the department were very efficiently done. Appointment for 9:00 a.m. Out before 10:00 a.m.!

Dante Alston

The worst hospital ever! My mother has been in for a week now, after having quadruple bypass surgery, and the staff from day one has been nonchalant about keeping my family updated on her condition. We have been to the hospital several times now, as well as called, and each time we learn something new about her condition or procedures done. I called and found out that she had a cat scan done to make sure that she her brain was functioning properly and to rule out a potential stroke. When we inquired as to why we were not informed of this procedure, we were told (and I quote) that they do not inform family of minor tests and procedures done. How do you deem something so dramatic as ruling out a stroke minor?! The staff has been rude and acting as if they do not give a darn about the peace of mind of the family. This is not the only time we have been told that the family is not told of so-called minor issues. We were recently told that she was moved from ICU but later that day moved back due to respiratory distress and again we did not find out until we heard it from a "friend" who went to visit her. My family were once again out of the loop and left to hear from rude medical staff who did made it seem like it wasn't a priority to tell us of her distress, stating that we were to only be contacted in the event of a patient taking a turn for the worst. I am furious at this insensitivity and pray that we never again have to go to this place. God forbid there are further complications she will be going to another hospital. It's ridiculous!

Maria Love

This is the worst hospital in Philadelphia when I was discharged the quality of care is very poor and they disregard the importance of patient care. I wouldn’t recommend this hospital for anyone

Maria Gonzalez

Yeah they treat me good.

Sabriya Floyd

I like Temple for my regular visits. I have been coming since I was 13 yrs old. Temple ER however is trash! I do not know how the staffing goes in there but they are very unorganized and the wait time is no less than 7 hours before you are even seen and an extra 2hours once you get in a room to see a doctor. My ER visit there in 2016 was my last because it took 3 visits in total for them to diagnose an allergic reaction to the seizure medication Lamitcal. They gave me meds for pink eye and the flu but the whole time I had the beginning stages of Steven Johnson Syndrome. I am grateful to be past that now but again the ER is trash with this hospital. My brother sat for 7 hours last night there for a lump under his rib cage and all they did was give him Tylenol for the pain and suggested he may have pulled a muscle somewhere. My brother is still in pain and we will be getting a 2nd opinion going forward. They need to do a whole lot better treating patient's in their ER. It seems like they only care about gun shot victims and drug addict over doses. That is important but they should have more qualified staff to deal with all these different situations. Pain is never a good thing so if I am coming looking for answers do not tell me what you think could be wrong I need you to know for sure and run the proper tests to be certain of the next move.

Tyleisha Rigsbee

My Boyfriend Went To Go Get A Check Up For His Finger . He Was Barely Able To Complete Daily Tasks . We Were Sitting There For Three Hours And All That Was Done Was A Freaking Registration . This Hospitals Staff Does Not Do There Job ; They Socialize Way To Much . I Would Not Recommend This Hospital To My Family , Or Friends .

Yaymarie Nieves

Is a good Hospital and the people are Nice.

Candace Priest

Extremely unprofessional and unorganized. The Ob/Gyn department is the worst! I had an appointment for my daughter at 145 pm.. I waited until 245 and still she was not called or was I given any explanation. I had to overhear the reception address someone else's complaint who was waiting there before us.. that the doctors were backed up so basically they were over booked . No one told me or anyone this upon first entering. This should have been the first thing said to anyone who came for an appointment that the doctor was overbooked and there would be a longer than normal wait time. Completely unprofessional. I sat and waited while about 14 patients went ahead of us which included at least 5 that came after us. After an hour and 10 minutes..I left.. I will not be bringing my daughter or myself there ever again! Disgraceful! I am beyond disappointed!

Romonica Stokes

Temple is alot better than it use to be.

Lonnie Hines

Worse hospital I ever been in my life surprise patients walk out of here alive

Jonathan Hidalgo

Great hospital in North Philadelphia. Really like that it’s affiliated with an academic medical school institution. Always professional.

Meeka B


Terron Kane

My daughter has been sitting in Temple ER with a friend who was having bad complications from her pregnancy. One its 5 hours later and her friend is still in the waiting she is being told to wait. Wait for what a miscarriage, she came there for help. But she feels like they are letting her lose her baby. This is the worst hospital ever.


The place is dirty. I have never seen a dirtier place then this hospital. The fact that you can smell urin the moment you walk in really says something. The staff is extremely rude and wouldn't help find documents that they misplaced. Had us running around in circles for hours. 10/10 would not recommend.

Cher Perrin

Great surgical teams, knowledgeable doctors & helpful experienced nurses. Had 2 almost 100% positive surgical multiday hospital stays here.

Abdul Davis

I've been going there for years I had a good Doctor for about three to four years then he left and they give me a woman the first day we met she was over a hour late and was very rude and really didn't ask me anything about my health in fact all she did was change my Meds without even knowing anything about me and when I called to get a new Doctor and explain how I was treated it was thrown under the rug a I was told I had to deal with her cause she's on the team!! I wouldn't suggest anyone that Care about there health to go there now after 4years I have to go through a bunch of bull to find a new Doctor there's a lot of rude and impersonal people working there I was basically told i have to deal with her or find another Doctor

Nick Yuan

Temple hospital. What can I say?? The Worst hospital that I have ever been to. The nurses were exceptional however the people (doctors) (administrators) were the WORST!!! No compassion towards the patients needs. I came in with a compression fracture of the spine. My pain level was nearly a 10 on a 1-10 scale as 10 being the worst pain ever. The doctor gave me Tylenol. I mean seriously?? I would never recommend this hospital to anyone. As it’s the absolute worst!! If you’re sick and need a hospital go to university of Pennsylvania hospital. They’re compassionate, understanding, and exceptionally quick to examine you and aid you (help you in your illness). DO NOT GO TO TEMPLE HOSPITAL

Mr. Lux

I love these reviews. Reading people jacked up Grammer and inability to write or spell is hilarious. " This is the worse hospital"

Ashley Kyra

I Came In At 6:15 This Evening And I'm Still Here... I Haven't Even Made It To The Back Yet To Be Seen... This Is Absolutely Horrible & Hope They CLOSED THIS HOSPITAL DOWN FOR GOOD

John Spires

This hospital is horrible. I had better service taking my dog to the vet. I would never recommend this hospital to anyone. If you care about your loved ones avoid this hospital

Nic Forte

Making an appointment is torture. They will cancel them in you without your knowledge. No one ever returns any calls. Constant miscommunication. The doctors are the only saving grace of this hospital.

Kevin Pimentel

Veery bad service and waited 4 hora in the waiting room just to go to the next level to wait even longer

Couture girr

Wishing I could give temple hospital no stars The doctors are unprofessional will let me say most of the doctor are... and just don’t care but what come around go around:) no stars and whoever say they like temple are lying It’s most be their own employees or someone they know writing good things review about (TEMPLE university hospital)

Yammy Thornton

I have to say that I would have never thought the the prestigious Temple university hospital would be down right insensitive when it come to patient care. But I experienced this and much more when the staff of nurses and the financial services dept proved it and more!. My son was treated rudely by the financial services dept ,assumed he had no Insurance and the case worker made a comment in passing " cant pay get out " we had to ask the nurses to change his wound dressing numerous times but they kept passing the buck. Emails will be sent to the president. Worst hospital in the city!! Treat your patients better and stop assuming they cant pay!

John Cassidy

I had an appointment for a persistent cough at Temple Lung. The initial appointment was pleasant, the dr. recommended chest x-rays but didn't bother to tell me that I needed paperwork for the x-ray office and was denied any x-rays. I called the T L to get it straightened out and all I could get was voice mail. I left message after message and so far, no one as called me back. It's bad enough that the dr. was negligent but to ignore me is inexcusable.

Jessie Keel

ABSOLUTELY THE WORST ER EXPERIENCES EVER And I'm speaking on multiple occasions. Expect a 3hr+ wait, staff run around, 2 doctors only on the floor(at least that's what the nurses say when you ask), expect for EVRYONE to give you the SAME EXACT RESPONSE as if they have some script memorized. This is just horrible horrible horrible service and I'm Seriously not exaggerating yo. I'm so over this. I don't even know how this hospital still stands, the school really covers their ass on this one here

yanira ortolaza

Will never come here again horrible hospital and staff didnt help me for nothing no xray doctor didnt check me but gave me three prescriptions...without even touching me once...HORRIBLE HOSPITAL...TEMPLE ER SUCKS..

sam suy

My wife and I gave birth to a lovely baby girl and everyone and Temple hospital were soooooo helpful!! They knew their stuff and gave us information that we needed. They even helped us with demonstrations on how to care for our baby. The nurses and doctors.... I tilt my hat to them!! So nice with every step of the way. Good job Temple!!

Renee Jeffries

İ gave it a 2 cause i didn" t. wait too long however this place is sooo ghetto.staff was loud taking about what they did last nite.These nurses wish they were anywher but her

Enrique Gomez

Stay away from Temple Period. Over the years this hospital has gone from good to horrible. My family have always used Temple as our first choice for health care, but that stops today. Room was dirty, nurses were hot or cold depending on the nurse, in the hallways staff were more interested into their phones and talking like truck drivers. Absolute disappointment.


It took me a year to find a doctor that specializes in my condition i tryed to book aptt with doc fekete they lost my records that were faxed over i asked to speak to manager of infectious disease chris he was very rude unkind ansympathetic & unproffessional he made it seem like i was crazy & denied records were faxed when i called my doc who reffered me they confirmed they were sent out and refaxed it again he never appologized for loosing them in the first place and screamed at me on the phone that he doesn't have to apologize to me bc apparently his staff are not his responsibility so i had to ask my doc office to refax again then he goes and tells me that he willl not make me appt bc doc feels i don't need to see a specialist even though i was reffered to one by my doc and been sick for 3 yrs w very hard to treat bacteria that i been on three different antibiotics for and noth worked he then tells me maybe if i ask my doc to call & speak directly w dr.fekete maybe i can get appt so i asked my doc to call he called TWICE Nobody called his office back i'm still sick n the only doc that specializes in my problem won't see me. Called patient advocacy still no appt w unkown reason i wasn't allowed to see any of the other infectious disease specialists at temple (when it turn in cancer and i die) it's on your hands bc u refused me care when i come to you.let me just say this dr.fekete & chris are not proffessional and shouldn't even be in a proffession of helping people. That's ok Katma is a b* ch it will get ya for all the tears i cryed over this matter and know the difference between "not nice" and frustrate (the reason why i was frustrated was bc the Lady at gyn it took her two months to fax those records in the first place n she acted short n irritated everytime i called (i called twice every week) n asked to fax them over n u really made it personal buddy) the only person whos rude & cocky is you! N u play god w peoples lives i hope u burn in hell! N ur whole family get sick w no one to help like me! Then u'l understand how i feel.( the reason why i was upset was bc the Lady at gyn it took her two months to fax those records in the first place n she acted short n irritated everytime i called (i called twice every week) n asked to fax them over n u really made it personal buddy) One day you'll get sick both of you it's coming don't worry i hope u rember this when death Knocks on your door cause at least if you can't help say you can't but u refuse that's tottally different story u'll deal w medical proffessionals seems Like a nightmare no wonder i had a bed feeling about asking for help at temple n there u go i Know Why now..thanks alot for your help!! I really appreciate it.

Manomano Ali

Staff was very rude and unprofessional..

Naja Dollface

I wrk her so I cant complain

Nelia Fiallo

This hospital sucks, they really be letting their patients die. They don’t try their best to survive them. Will never come to this hospital again. Please choose carefully when you’re having an emergency, there’s so little these people can do for you !

Pixel Panduh

The emergency here is the worst you wait FOR HOURS!!!! I get there because i am pregnant and been having cramps ( they didn't take it seriously). There are people in the ER sick throwing up just a room full of suffering and no actual help. I ask a nurse if she can give me water and i was told to buy water from the machine. So your nurse cant give me water temple? I legit cried and just left i regret going there and the way i was treated.

Karina Martinez

This hospital is the worst to give birth. A lot of the nurses are rude and seem bother when a patient calls them for something. They also give the visitors attitude I don’t like this hospital at all. I do not recommend!

ed petruccelli

My daughter was released from the hospital on a Friday night and Saturday night she was back in 10 days later the department that took care of her was not even aware that you was back in miscommunication the entire time confused employees and Dr a lot of flirting going on between staff members extremely concerned with the quality of care. The place is also very clean in public areas but the rooms fuzz hanging off of the fixtures sprinkler system

dawn cramer

My 14 year old son needed a CT scan, the Technologist was wonderful with him.

Harold Robinson

The worst experience of my life!!! Dirty...rude...time wasted!

Ara Bliss MOR

For the love of GOD please hire a scheduling team to assist with the mass calls around there!? I have been on hold waiting for three different departments to answer. Wasted an hour, sheesh still no answer......


Brought my mom to the ER with swollen painful legs, blood pressure in the 170's and after 3 hours of wait. I went to ask the status of why she was not called yet. At first I was ignored like nobody knew anything. I kept standing every 15 to 20 minutes to ask and at some point one of the nurses told me 3 hours is nothing, the average wait is 8 hours. I could not believed it! By then we had already waited 4 hours so decided to stay because my mom really needed assistance. They kept on cally fast track patients and leaving us for last. It has been 7 hours already and we still here waiting. If they call us at exactly 8 hours then it will be true what the nurse said. They made it standard for a patient to wait 8 hours for a bed. Never ever come here to be treated. My mom will never come this this ER again.

Louise Breland

I've started coming to Temple University Hospital when I was a teenager. I am 65 and still alive! Temple has always given me good care and follow up.

Thea Carter

Right about now I get that you all may becoming overwhelmed with patients due to Hahnemann's closing however I'm sitting in ER with my mother and I'm noticing several things that are oh so wrong. First this a hospital..we arrived at the ER only to have to stand after scanning, waiting to be screened in. Meanwhile a young man in pain due to a dislocated knee is sitting in a wheelchair leg propped but no ice pack given while he waits...needless to say, he left without being seen. I've been wheeling my mom around in here as if I work here. Okay so her vitals and such were the second thing done the EKG was first...different but okay. Now I see a young woman with 4 young children, she is the one who is sick. She's coughing and it sounds pretty bad...why hasn't she been given a mask to put on until she is seen? This is the ER as well as the fact that she has 2 babies. I can only shake my damn head. This place really needs some direction. Why is someone with a respiratory issue still sitting? We may have to leave and go to another ER cause this is simply the worst. I only came here to bring her because its close and I'm figuring based on what her need may be, it would be fast. This is never ever a first choice ever. This will be the last time. The bright spot was the woman who did the EKG as well as the guard who had to spray some air freshener due to very unfavorable body odor of yet another person coming into the ER. This place is in desperate need of direction.

boricuamammi39 torres

Horrible hospital an staff My father had open heart surgery They are all about the money not the patient Only 2 nurses was great My dad had a very bad stay in this hospital Had to stay for a week an it was the worst hospital an staff he has ever had to deal with Please do not take your love ones here especially the elderly. Find another hospital He also waited a whole day to be transported to rehabilitation center they told him 3pm an it was 10pm an still was waiting, so we asked for him to stay until the morning an they refused to leave him over nite Mind u this is a 70 yr old man who just had open heart surgery triple by pass .. got treated very bad.


Reviews should be able to post zero stars.......... I am fortunate to have had a litany of positive factors and facts that enabled me to ensure that my child did not die as a result of Temple University Pulmonary Department negligence. First, foremost, and always, my child has me. “I” was threatened by the office manager that my child’s care would be asked to be taken elsewhere. That “she and others discussed it.” Because pulmonary is indicative of something minor and warrants no immediate attention. Because talking about a patients mother is deemed professional practice. Because having attended ZERO years of medical school she can educate me on my child’s lung functions. Or any for that matter unregurgitated! Dr. Gerard J. Criner should be aware of exactly how patients and their families are treated by non medical staff members. How their health is negatively impacted. People who are the first face of the department and supposedly in a position to assist. Not depress and add further strife to ones already ailing body/mind. For a medical facility of this financial magnitude, political magnitude, societal magnitude, the scheduling is the most backwards, nonsensical, system implemented since dial up. The fact that an untrained medical professional is to assess individual situations “over the phone” to determine when one can be seen is ludicrous.That or representatives require retraining. Laughable, I think not! I called every other day in December as suggested. Getting no where there. I called every day in January even pleading to be put on a list if someone can not make their appointment. Once in the office the experience offers no further delight. That is unless it is in watching three females sit at a desk chatting the day away about Nothing job related instead of exhibiting common decency to come over and announce that your wait will be a bit longer than expected as a result of......... Nothing, Nothing, we waited 90min, classes were missed, work was missed. NO ONE WHO WAS SUPPOSE TO APOLOGIZE DID SO. This is not about Patient Experience, so do not think you can hand me that load. Notating something and addressing something are two different coins.

Crystal Zayas

While experiencing asthma symptoms of wheezing and coughing I was treated poorly in the emergency room. I was asked to fill out paper work and I was attended once to take my blood pressure. I am now being billed although, I didn't receive any treatment. After waiting for almost an hour, while sitting next to a patient who had a hole in her stomach where she was losing blood and screaming for help, I left. The staff members are rude and lack mannerism. Being that I attend Temple University I thought I would be treated faster but, instead I had a wake up call.

Curt eckstrom

Definitely not the parking.

James Smith

Went with my friends to help with her MS she was physically in pain literally crying, no assistance until like 7 hours later. They take there sweet time in Temple er. Treating parents as if they are unimportant. Worst hospital ever. Don't respond with that lame "call the patience department" cause it's obvious that they need new management.

K.T B.

DO NOT GO TO TEMPLE UNIVERSITY HEALTH!! WORST CARE EVER!! UNPROFESSIONAL, DONT CALL BACK, ESPECIALLY THE GI DEPARTMENT, WAS NEARLY KILLED 2X by nurses lack of skill, attention, or care as an inpatient!! THEY FAIL CONTINUOUSLY TO FOLLOW THROUGH with proper scheduling practices and make ZERO EFFORT to apologize for screw ups and failures in services! Took 2.5 months to get my records and ONLY got them by showing up in person to call them out on all departmental failures to call back from GI to to payment services whom I contacted over a dozen times and left long detailed messages with PLEADING to PLEASE release my records and stop holding them hostage over $6.80 and take my payment! I don't know how an institution run like this! If you don't want to die, be killed by a careless nurse, or if you'd like to be called back, I STRONGLY SUGGEST you find medical treatment at a different facility! If I could give ZERO STARS for this review I would!!, I've been escorted by THE GI DEPT to the ER for immediate admit and still waited OVER 12 he's in the waiting rm the sent back with a clogged and dislodged nj tube at the time! They were fixin to just send me home with no care! I said no I need it pulled and a j tube placed! Now I'm on TPN and violently vomiting 15-20 times in a day but each time I'm in the bathroom 6-8 vomits. And Parkmans office will offer no meds and just screwed me on my appointment and said oh well guess your gonna have to wait till May now. I've already waited 9 months to see him! This hospt is DIRTY, SMELLS, AND IS EXTREMELY UNORGANIZED!

Marie Toner

The services and staff at Temple Hospital were very good this past weekend when my spouse was rushed to this hospital. Security-Miss Fisher, couldn't have been nicer and was with my daughter and I with support and care while we awaited his arrival. She is totally professional and got us through a tough time. The hospital was clean and the staff kind and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend Temple Hospital.

Tessa A Kaye

If I could give zero stars I would. DO NOT VISIT HERE UNLESS YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE!!!! I was recently injured and thought I may have torn my ACL again (Temple gave me surgery 3 years ago for a torn ACL and Meniscus), so I called the orthopedic office at Temple where I had been seen previously. I explained that I was having an emergency, couldn't walk, and was in lots of pain. Despite this told me they would not see me for a month, and could speed the process up and schedule me sooner if I went to the ER. I go to the ER, and of course AFTER my being seen by the doctor do they tell me I will not be able to see the orthopedic department any sooner and that my ER trip was a waste of time and money. I made the decision to not continue treatment with Temple after this. I chose Rothman who could see me for the orthopedic appointment THAT DAY. I got my MRI the next day. I had answers on my knee in two days where at Temple I would have waited months- which I did not have time for as the Rothman doc saw my injury as a high priority and operated on me within a week after my visit. But wait! There's more. When I requested my medical records from my last ACL surgery from Temple, I was jerked around and spoken to with sass and attitude (terrible customer service during a very high stress/emotional time) and was almost brought to tears by the way Tameka from the Medical Records department spoke to me. This back and forth went on for days and I still could not get my records. Finally, its the morning of my surgery and my Rothman doctor calls Temple to request the records and they tell him I have never had surgery at Temple (HOW?). Thank goodness I have a talented Rothman doctor working on me who could perform the surgery without these documents. I am now one day post-op and was notified by my Rothman doc that part of the knee Temple claimed to have fixed three years ago was never actually touched. Thank you Temple for nothing but stress and terrible customer service.

Sandra Cohen

Avoid. If I could select "zero" stars for this review, I would. Nursing staff is argumentative. You are pre-judged by your date of birth (age), judged (which is ignorant), and treated accordingly. Even the phlebotomist was rude, with attitude, towards me. I felt as if I was in a Third World country. A shabby "inpatient" experience. In addition, it became my responsibility to keep an eye on my IV fluids, which was a number one priority for me, since I had not eaten for days due to my diagnosis. When I reminded the nurse to reconnect the IV, she became defensive and argumentative, as well. In addition, the doctor who was assigned to me did not make an appearance until 30 minutes before I was discharged! I can say nothing positive about this inpatient experience at Temple University Hospital. It was awful. I have not been hospitalized many times in my life. For minor back surgery, I was in both Jefferson and Pennsylvania Hospitals, respectively. But I have NEVER had a 'shabby' experience of this magnitude. And finally, to add insult to injury, my car was ticketed while in the ER parking lot! Someone from the hospital called the Philadelphia police and had them ticket my car. This, without checking if I was admitted as an inpatient, which I was. Stay away, if possible.


This is the #1 Worse hospital in the world. Please stay away from this. My bro get appointment at 2pm for his surgery, we came at 1pm & we were waiting for call. At 5:30pm Dr came & said he doesn't have any empty ot room. So we should wait( for unlimited time) or we gonna make new appointment after 2/3 weeks.

Jonathan Ruser

I see a really good doctor at temple lung center however the staffing and scheduling department for lung center sucks they never have a doctors schedule posted when he says 3 months or 6 months never heard of any hospital scheduling department ever working like this ever this is totally unacceptable and I will take further actions with my health insurance on how temple is operating such as their scheduling department and staff that works with my doctor. I wouldn't ever Recommend temple for anything but I would definitely recommend doctor Jaffe he is a great dr but his staff and scheduler Are horrible

Regina Johnson

Temple is one of the best hospitals in Philadelphia, they are a teaching hospital,u can see this place from the street, there are so many different departments that stretches for many blocks of Broad st

Bianca Rodriguez

The rudest nurses the rudest security there! Everybody is so rude

Deylin Banegas

My uncle was literally like dying his stomach hurt so bad and my mom comes home and tells me they didn't do anything,not even check what was wrong with him,so disappointed.

Matthew Gage

It's a good Hospital.Awesome staff.The nurses and doctors are excellent.I would highly recommend Temple to anyone.

Gary Cole

Great nursing. Wonderful service!

Kelly T

Terrible communication. You get about 30 different times for your appointments. Registration "missplaces" paperwork and makes you sit around for 2 hours like morons. The staff is so rude. The only positive place to thus hospital is Dr Parkman. Everything is always at least an hour or so behind schedul so if you have other plans don't plan on making it to them.

Curt Eckstrom

ER only takes gunshot wounds after 6 pm. This is North Philly any questions?

Divanna Brant

Just robots no personality no basic human skill, you are just another number specially for transplant patients

Cari Leb

The staff here is incredible. 0 customer service. Employees spend more time socializing with each other then actually doing work. Security in this hospital is joke. In the time that I spent in the waiting area there was one officer who was either using the hospital phone for personal conversations or sat and used her cell phone the entire time. Nurses aides were no better as they carried on with discolorful conversations while providing "care." The lobby smelled like a urinal as the housekeeping staffed mopped with dirty water. Please do not respond with the generic "call patient experience." It's evident that management is lacking in this healthcare facility. No wonder hospitals get taken over by networks. I feel bad for the public that only have this hospital as their only option to receive their care in.

arvind deol

They sent my father home to die or i should say they killed him. I had so much hope, so did my father.


This is not the emergency room review. You guys need to avoid that fuggin place.

Dejour Dillard

This is one of the worse hospital I’ve ever been to. The WORSE! I’m visiting my aunt and it’s been 12 hours since we been here. They still haven’t gave us a room. Then they tell us they got a room for us but like 3 hours later they tell us somebody took it. I’ve been up all night and been waiting on something to sleep on. I had no sleep at all. Thanks for making me comfortable

Frances Vitacco

I gave birth here. Once people. Fast er service.

Christopher Ramos

Great hospital, awesome staff

Bill Manuel

I would highly recommend Temple to anyone. My experience with a Pulmonary Thromboendarterectomy was practically pain free. My presurgery consult with NP Moser was the most thorough thoughtful experience one could expect to have. NP Moser easily spent nearly 2 hours with my family and I explaining what to expect before, during, and after surgery. Not only did he answer any and all questions during the presurgery meeting, NP Moser was available up answer anything we thought of after the meeting. Then as a Veteran, NP Moser assisted me through the paperwork I needed for the Veteran’s Administration. This was a long process, but he never stopped helping me. NP Moser and Temple University Hospitals Surgeons, Nurse’s, and entire staff are absolutely the best.

Cendy King

I have family here at Temple, I love the Drs they explain everything before they attemp to do anything! The staffon the other hand needs some customer service training(immediately)! Although the nurses on icu are exceptional there is always unfortunately one rotten one in the bunch.

A Gia

Referred to their neurologist by another temple doctor called for an appointment desk staff was very rude they made me wait 7 weeks for an appointment my wife called them back to ask if there was any way I could be seen sooner since I have been really sick they put her on the phone with some idiot stating he was a supervisor and he argued with my wife saying I don’t need to see their kind of doctor even though temple sent them the referral he then rudely stated he would call my wife back never got a call back so I called and talked to some girl stating she was from Human Resources and she would look into the issue and get back with me again no return call so I wait the 7 weeks day before my appointment I get a call stating their neurologist was hospitalized and they had to cancel my appointment and I would have to wait another 7 weeks to be seen then the rude girl hung up on me I don’t even believe these idiots were telling the truth I logged online to look at my appointment and they have written canceled by patient I put a complaint in to temple hospital whom didn’t even have the descency to respond back to me I would not recommend this hospital to anyone !

Ronald Young Jr

It's a good Hospital, excellent if you going for Lung cancer.

Marvin Lyles

One of the worst hospitals ever to go to!!! The staff here sucks and the services they offer is ridiculous. They are very slow!! I do not recommend anyone to go to this hospital for anything!!


Today was the last day that temple profit from me and my family. I took my two daughters to the emergency room which by the way there is no real children emergency room any longer so be prepared to have your children close to sick adults while you wait for 2 + hours to get someone that will ask you insurance information. Last night I took my 3 1/2 year old daughter and my 4 month infant to the emergency room because they were sick vomiting with some blood, and we had to wait for 2 hours and a half to get one bed in a very small space where my wife had to hold our infant in a chair and I was standing holding my other daughter. We waited so long that I thought I went to the wrong area and one male nurse or medical student told me that there were not pediatrician available, and one will be in at 9 am and it was 5:30 am, and we got to the hospital at 3 am. At that moment a felt very disappointed and told them why they took us in knowing they did not have any doctors to see my two daughters. He told me that I was welcome to leave if I wanted to and I did. I just can't believe the city and the government allow hospitals to operate at a such of low standard that you probably see only a third world country. Never again temple.

Sophie K

I had chest pains and came in after speaking to an RN on a student healthline told me that I should go to the ER. I walked in, got an EKG almost immediately, quickly had my blood pressure and temperature taken, and sat down in the waiting room. I sat there for over 5.5 hours, and ended up leaving before seeing a physician because it had gotten late and I had class in the morning. The staff was unhelpful and unpleasant. For contrast, I called Student Health, scheduled an appointment, was taken back early, had to get another EKG but was given the results immediately and found out it was a GI problem. If you are a Temple student, avoid this hospital - you'll have better luck at student health. For everyone else, it really sucks Hahneman isn't around anymore but I imagine most other hospitals nearby would be better.

Shuai wang

Bad experience in the hospital. My wife dileivered in the hospital last week. Although most of the nurses and doctors are nice, there medical services are not satisfied. They evaluated the weight of my baby to be only 5 lb and told me that they confirmed several times that there might be something wrong with my baby. They used scary words to notice us we must get to hasten parturition. But the baby was born to be 6.75 Lb!!! And no any explanation on this! During the delivery process, C-section was also advised before they did anything to help my wife. And we got bad experience in nursing service when we were leaving. No nursing service to help my wife to get into the car after we applied a wheelchair. They were just socializing with each other and seeing us. Overall, very bad experience!!!

Joel Suarez

Worst place ever lesbian doctors against me as a man and all i did was being there for my wife and my son they call DHS on me just couse of our history of meds with our back pain they were racist tourse latino in general and my wife dint speek inglish and there and they gang up on her wen i left a minute home and starded asking her questions to intimidate her it was so hard and her they made her cry so much telling her she wasent competent as a parent and may lose her child to child service's dont know why but it was not a good experience

Pavlina Zavorotnyaya

I would like to post a review on behalf of my friend Faina Kirina. Last month she had a surgery with Dr. Karachristos. The doctor was highly professional and passionate towards the patient. As always the recovery time was very challenging. However, the all stuff of intensive care unit tried to make this experience less difficult and painful. Faina would like to express her deepest gratitude to all doctors, nurses and professionals who worked with her. There are a few special thank you ( we may misspelled names - but we hope that you recognize yourself here) : Maggie, Nancy and Mickie.

Peggy Healy

Had surgery here with Dr. Eun. He was amazing and managed to save my kidney when no one else could. Have also been to the ER and Temple Lung and my experiences were great.


The day time west Indian nurses were loud, rude, & inappropriate

Karin Schwinn

Dr. Weaver , Was my husband's doctor for Spinal cord surgery . I can not say enough good things about this hospital . Everyone we came in contact with was wonderful. excellent service he was in the ICU for four days . My only complaint is that there wasn't any coffee or water for families waiting for hours for loved ones to come out of surgery . I think that people tend to complain before they compliment . We had outstanding service ! My husband is walking because of the excellent doctors there.

Patricia Higgins

Thank you for saving my hand and my life! Sincerely, P. Higgins. Thanks to all my Docs too...

Pamela Harrington

I hope those police officers are ok and will recover!!! Sending positive vibes from Boston Mass

Junior Acevedo


Annette Cruz

The Doctors are tremendous at their concern for your well being.

meah avar

WORST HOSPITAL IN THE CITY. The receptionist/intake ppl are rude and super nasty, the wait time at this hospital means wait until they feel like getting around to you. Hopefully you get the correct medicine unlike me i got ciprofloxacin hydrochloride ophthalmic for my ear infection AND THEIR EYE DROPS.

Melody Hertzog

There is alot of lack of communication they need to get there stuff together they are supposed to be a reputable hospital well they are not


Very bad experience. More than 4 1/2 hours in waiting area and close to 3 1/2 hours while being seen in patient rooms. Bathroom dirty and x-ray room with malfunctioning equipments. Stuff, including nurses and doctors are nice and professional though. I will not recommend it to anyone that I know.

Jerban pls

When I had severe chest pains they quickly got me in and out with a diagnosis. (ER) Low costs considering I'm a student, my go to if I'm ever in need of serious urgent medical attention.

Jose Lacend

I came into this hospitals emergency room on 6/11/19 at 1:00 pm. Because of being dizzy for the past 2 weeks. And now it is 4:00 pm and i am still sitting in the waiting room. I am getting so hungry that i have a headache. I am ready to walk out of this good for nothing hospital.

Carlton Hannah

Temple hospital is very slow when it comes to discharge patients. A wheelchair didn't come to my room at 3:30pm mind you it was 11:30am when told me I go home. Very disappointed in Temple hospital.

Simon Peter Coates

They have military doctors on staff, that are great at trama!

Annette Johnson

All my doctors are here and they respect you


I have issues with this hospital. The front desk person was Sitting at his desk on his phone while I in the waiting to go in the back. After waiting a half hour in the emergency room waiting room. Watched the staff talk about a patient at the desk, listened to a nurse talk about her wedding in September with a co-worker. The only positives things is the lady from registration and a nurses assistant was nice. Please don't ask me to call the service help desk which seems like it is a general response. I would not recommend this hospital

Tina R

Knowledgeable staff, very courteous.., the doctors at temple/ nurses are wonderful and saved my life 21 years ago , and helped deliver my children 2 of them , I will always be appreciative and grateful to them ...

andria j

I was taken in with an asthma attack and was refused a nebulizer until 30mins into the visit when I already called a ride to go to another hospital

Jonathan Shinefeld

Dr. Kaiser rocks.

Melinda Brown

On January 23,2016, I was rushed to Temple from Jean's hospital in critical condition. I recieved excellent care for the 7 days I was hospitalized. I will always be grateful for the care I received at Temple! All of my drs are affiliated with Temple !

Monica McGrail

My sister delivered her baby here late last night / early this morning and the overall experience was very poor. Although she was checked in and given a room quickly when we arrived - the rest of the process was unpleasant. She needed an epidural and apparently there was only one anesthesiologist in the entire hospital but he was busy in the operating room. The nurses and staff kept telling my sister that he was notified and he'd be up as soon as possible for the epidural. Well, the one and only anesthesiologist was nowhere to be found and it was too late. She had to deliver the baby naturally and was terrified. There was no sense of urgency during this situation, they simply said he can't make it up and you're going to have this baby any minute. She wasn't comforted by the medical team and was very upset with the delivery.

uneak josey

I came in due to a severe car accident I was not seen until three hours later. I complained of chest pains I received nothing no chest X-ray cat scan for my head nothing. Just a prescription for Motrin smh.

Kelly Mahon Beason

My primary is actually a temple doctor, and love her to death. But the ER is a joke my daughter came in with a sore back, unbelievably they gave her a breathing treatment. I get it, they want to check everything and I'm greatful for it But 5 hours iscompletely unacceptable !! Is this what our health care system is coming to.

Tenisha Turner

This hospital is the worst its suposed to be an emergency facility yet you have to wait 4 hours to be seen and the chairs are hard. My experience was terrible the allied universal employees are horrible they don’t know how to talk to people they called the cops on me just because i decided to sit in the plastic chair instead of the hard metal chairs so i sat on the floor then they threatened to kick me out the hospital despite me being a patent waiting to be seen by a doctor I dont recommend anyone go to this hospital unless they are Going to see a specialist if you have a emergency any other emergency room will do temple is not the one for you

luisanna Frias

Es sencillamente horrible, inhumano, i almost die having my son, 48 hours in labors room and i only opened 2,cm i asked them for caesarean and they said "we Don't have any doctor available at this moment, only student ...thanks God after 48 hours i had my baby through caesarean ..also when i used go to emergency deparment it take about 7 o More hours to see the doctor and them after waited so long the doctor just give me taylenot...they need to inprove the way how they treat patients.

Irvin Lynn

Emergency room nurse was horrible. Waited 5.5hrs to see a doctor. Priority is patients needs. Blood clot is not a priority? Suburbs faster and better service.

Teena Thomas

This hospital has gone downhill and its now just HORRIBLE!!!! The patient relations here is basically non existent.its like all they care about is spending your insurance dollars. JUST THROW THE ENTIRE STAFF AWAY... WITH EXCEPTION TO MS CHERYL IN ER REGISTRATION AND ER NURSE KATIE!!! The only person we have encountered in the 10 hours we've been here that acts professionally. Staff just standing around gossiping. Not waiting on pts. All he needed was to be seen for workers comp... Been here since 9 this morning... Now 632 pm... Triflin!!!! Nobody should ever get care here. Period!! Shut it Down!!!!!

Andrace Banks

If I could give this place no stars and still leave a review I would've my wife and I want there at 11am and walked out at 2:20 pm after still not being seen. My wife is pregnant and bleeding. Frankford hospital took us right back Im done with place...

Zorayda Echevarria

I'm in the emergency room right now as I'm typing in this review.. my daughter is 29 yrs old paraplegic with neurological problems including and not limited to a vp/shunt because of her spinal bifida at birth.. so its July 2rd 2019 and I'm waiting for her to be registered in the emergency department.. I'm looking at 2 ladies in booth 1 and 2.. and another lady in the office standing eating chips and they are just having a break and conversating and it seems that the more I look at them with disbelief the longer they take so finally booth 2 called my daughters name to register but first she checked her cellphone before calling my child.. my daughter was the last one to get registered before the shift change because the lady that was eating chips and conversating took booths 2 personells place.. and booth 1 still hasnt called anyone to register since I started waiting on them to call my daughter so its been about 20 minutes maybe more i wish i can take a picture of all the people here that came after my child and waiting to get registered.. SHAME ON THEM..I apologize for this long review but had to vent or go off ..

doggo man

The nurses and doctors are excellent

sophia walker

I would have rated them more, my dad came out of surgery from around 10am and is still without a bed.

Joseph Radomski

Had to wait 2 hours past my moms schedueled heart catherization appointment. Probably would of been longer if i had not gone 2 admissions desk and asked them why it was taking so long. Come on Temple U get with it. If u want too be considered the best hospital in philly need to step it up.

Joseph Giddings

Temple might not have the right protocols for their patients but Miss Denise and Miss Crystal , and a handful of PT's helped me out a lot with my legs and I am very appreciative of the help some of the staff at Temple Provided.

Saadia Robles

Grateful for the attention received at the ER at Temple University Hospital provided by the team composed of Marta, Sheila and Dr. Patterson.

Antonia Elizabeth Yuko

I was instructed to arrive 1.5-2hrs early to register for my testing in the cardiac unit and for the third time I've had issues with the registration people. First time, four different people told me to go somewhere else to register when I actually was in the right place from the start. The second time and third time, I waited in the ECHO/EKG/Blood draw waiting room for over an hour for the registration woman/man to return from lunch. Every other person told me that they had no idea where anyone was and actually had no idea what to do. Very uninformed and confusing! Other than that--extremely nice and helpful doctors.

Sharyn Maldonado

Well not too bad I need it assistance and they did help me ''I need to get checked and and 2doctors where there whit me a male n female doctors so I was comfortable '!and I'm sorry if other people had a bad experience

Annamarie Lozada

I checked into the emergency department at 3pm. I am pregnant with severe back and abdominal pain and I am bleeding non stop. It is now 8pm. I finally decided to ask someone what is taking so long and apparently they confused my name with a lady that has the same last name as me who left hours ago. I was told that i was going to be put back in line and have to continue waiting my turn. This is absolutely unacceptable. I have worked in the medical field my entire life and rule number one always look at the patients entire name.

Tivisay Colon

I’m sorry i would never recommend nobody to this hospital i was there the other day with pain on my right side of my abdomen first the lady in the front decided to diagnose me before i even seen the provider she stated oh you have kidney stones excuse me first of all they were more into their life and social media than taking care of patients they mouth piece was very nasty. Security guards smh father was waiting for me on a chair not even 2 min pass by the lady that was doin ekg that night was very rude told him to get off the chair that’s not for him to sit at even if she could of told him in a nice way.So i left and i would never go into this hospital again sad to say i had my children in this hospital that i thought was good at one point but i would never step foot in this hospital. I went to Einstein took well care of me! Will never recommend temple

Princi Tucker

The nurses and doctor were polite and treated me with respect. The problem I have is instead of a call the next morning after my surgery to ask if I'm ok which they told me they would. I instead received a call from the financial department claiming that my insurance which they have previously approved don't cover me if I'm in Philadelphia and I should come to their office to get it transferred. The morning after my surgery. REALLY??? So they tell people everything checks out only to slap you with a huge bill !!!!!

Kathleen Kremis

For heart and Lung issues I highly recommend this hospital's expertise.

Isaiah Faulk

Terrible service. Misdiagnosed twice.A bunch of over paid people walking around in costumes.

Chaneel Brown

Worst emergency room I've ever been in. I had to go there two nights ago. The entire waiting room was full of drug addicts who were just looking for a place to sleep for the night. Everyone was throwing up, scratching, coughing, walking around with no shoes OR socks. I cannot make this up it was a horror movie. A man walked up to us gesturing a gun with his hand pointing it at his head & we had to get security. He just kept walking around back & forth. The waiting room smelled absolutely HORRIBLE. (To paint a better picture of the smell .... imagine a car full of homeless people with the windows rolled up with the heat on after a long night of drinking) we stood up majority of the time. We were there for 3 hours waiting to be called to the back but wand up leaving before my name could get called because of the nonsense & how uncomfortable we were. Idk if environmental services had the week off but that smell is UNACCEPTABLE especially when you have to sit amongst it for several hours!

lichong zheng

Horrible patient experience. Doctors and Nurses are very nice, but nurse aids have bad attitude. Medical equipment problem: My bed wasn't lock and kept moving around. Hygiene problem: a fly in my room. people even smoke in the hospital!!!

Karen rilling

Some of the nurses didn't feel like doing their job....i am on certain medication which if they took the time to call my Dr or even LOOK up my scripts I wouldn't have to have left against medical advice especially having bleeding in my brain you would have THOUGHT to find out my allergies to certain medications as well as my medications so i could at least be comfortable enough to stay....or even just make sure i was comfortable!!!! They checked out my head but never checked out my leg which 3 days later I still can't put full pressure on it and I am still getting HORRIBLE headaches and still dizzy spells!!!! I wish I was alert enough to ask for the charge nurse....i was in and out of a stable mind but when I was I remember saying to them I have worked in the E.r. and know the protocols as well as my rights as a patient....I honestly wish i was in my right state of mind to ask for the charge nurse but I guess with my fall and injuries to my head and the bleeding in my brain unfortunately made me unaware to think to ask.....I WILL NEVER TAKE SOMEONE I LOVE OR EVEN MY PET THERE!!!! Unfortunately before the ambulance came and while I was in the ambulance if i knew they were going to take me there i would HAVE them drop me off at the side of the road!!! Or if i was conscious while i was still home i would have told them to leave and went to the hospital my Dr was affiliated with!!!! If you want horrible care than this is the place to go to!!!! Looks like im not the only one who has something HORRIBLE to say about this "hospital"!!!!!! Some of the male nurses were good but OVERALL CARE WAS UNBELIEVABLY HORRIBLE!!!!

Erica Hankerson

Was rushed to the hospital after having 2 seizures to find out that I was 26 weeks pregnant and need a emergency c section. Everyone was VERY nice and made me feel life my baby and I was safe. Love the nurses in the nicu very attentive to me and my son!! Love love love them

Cearra Williams

It was my first time having a baby. I choose here to have my son. Biggest mistake ever. firstly, the doctors and nurses like to gossip to one another even about private information they shouldn't be sharing. I had Preeclampsia and was supposed to receive a blood pressure cuff which they NEVER gave but lied about giving me one. My insurance company paid for a blood pressure cuff I never received but they even lied to them about it. The midwife was rude as well. Criticizing everything I did. Didn't like that I wasn't breast feeding. I had to share a room with another patient and her newborn son. Her nurse tried to call DHS on her. I even thought she was being judgemental. Things got worse when my son had to go into nicu 5 days after he was born. Some of the nurses and doctors were being dishonest. Other outpatient and inpatients were getting DHS called on them left and right. I felt like that was odd. Then it happened to me. A social worker called into a room but said she was a doctor. But she was a social worker with a doctor. They claimed my son was suffering from withdraw symptoms. I couldn't understand what the doctor was saying at first because she was mumble talking. Apparently he had Suboxone in his system. I never heard of that and don't take any type of drugs. I don't even like taking medication. I told them I didn't take anything. Did they care, no. Funny thing is the doctor tried to say it had to be from the mother but my urine came out negative. Something isn't adding up with this hospital. I will never go here again. I know who I am as a person and I know I don't take drugs. I also didn't like that they called DHS every five minutes on someone. I don't deserve DHS I've been taking care of kids since I was a teenager. I know I'm not a bad parent either

kevin kirschner

Very ghetto. Nobody is on the same page. I was put in a room with no ventilation and told I can't leave it. Staff is very rude.

martha ventura

the hospital service is pesimo arrives with a possible pulmonary wedge at 11 am is 11 pm and I have not been made a casque

Jennifer Nwagbo

This review is for their dermatology dept. This was the first dermatologist I started seeing when I moved to philly but i stopped going when my usual doctor at this location moved out of state. I didn't like the demeanor of the front desk people and the 3 doctors I saw when my usual doctor moved didn't have the best bedside manner. One of them wanted to do a biopsy on a keloid. I have had keloids for years and seen many doctors and none of them would suggest this bc cutting a keloid will make it grow larger. He had no idea what he was talking about. When I told him I didn't want a biopsy things got awkward and he brought it up again later in the conversation. It was the strangest doctor visit i ever had. Walking through the rest of the hospital is like walking through high school hallways. The security guards and lower level staff are loud and ghetto. I guess that's bc of the north philly location idk.

Mayra Figueroa

Now on my third child, having an early appointment at 8:30am, I arrived at 8:48am. It was my 1st ultrasound, being about 22 weeks now, so I was let off with a warning about arriving on time. Ultrasound technician did a great job with the pictures, even though baby was being stubborn as hell and would not stop spinning, turning, moving, and hiding. Only downside was that the entire appointment lasted 2+ hours seeing as I'm still waiting for the doctor doctor to review the pictures that were taken..


Like every other hospital


Dr. Gettings. A MS Neuro, He is probably one of the best experiences I have had with specialist. He sits and takes time with you and really takes the time to make sure you understand. Awesome Doc.

Kristin Thomas

Unfortunately this is the hospital I will be giving birth at. So far my experience here has been horrific. My blood pressure is through the roof, no answers. I'm contracting every 3-5 minutes for the last 2 weeks, no answers. I have protein in my urine, no answers. I just sit and sit and sit and sit and then I'm told to go home with NO ANSWERS! I've had one or two really nice nurses and the rest are rude and show no interest in anything but the gossip you here all day outside the room. If you ask questions about what is going on, they make you feel like a bother to them. I will never ever ever recommend anyone to give birth here!

Lizmarie Oquendo

Dr Rodrigo Valdes Rodriguez gets 2 thumbs up from me, seen him while at an appointment with my Mother, he was very nice, understanding and answered all questions without rushing us out. The receptionist, check in and out staff, and medical assistants were also excellent at the time of our visit to Temple Dermatology, thanks and God Bless!

wilmari mendez

Great hospital, #1 in stroke and MI. I just love the way the treated so quick my mom who had a stroke, their neuro floor is just one of the best!

subhi anderson

They were very professional and excellent on time. They made me feel welcomed and listened attentively to my problems.

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