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REVIEWS OF Saint Francis Hospital IN Delaware

Aisha Ringgold

The nurses and doctors were nice to my mom however they released her and did not take off her leads or take out one of her I.V ports.

Bryan LaBerge

Very happy with service provided for my pop

Deval Miller Sr

A great place to work

hector duarte

Idris Alston

I took my daughter to the er, we arrived at 11pm and didn’t get to the back until 3am. Not to mention it was only me my daughter and 1 other lady waiting to be called. I wouldn’t recommend taking a stray dog there. The staff is not doing their job correctly and their really comfortable with the he lazy conditions. This hospital really needs supervision ASAP.

Betty Turner

Terribe experience,mixed with rude staff.Took a friend,left after waiting for almost four hrs.Would never go there again.

Margaret Michini

Discharged after 10 days at 8pm on a friday night with a Percocet prescription after questioning why i had so much pain and fever post op....they said just push the button on your dilaudid pump and the pain will go away ....admitted to Christiana within 12 hours as i had gone septic from 2 bowel perforations from surgery...never again will i go to saint francis

Rachel Lou

The wait isn't usually too long and the people there are nice.

Janaisha kent

@VALEY DEVANEY: please everyone take your time and read the post. I wish I would of read this post before.


Rebeca Balleto

Love the service I have received by the hopital staff. I have had two babies there and the staff were awesome!!! The tender care and attention that the nurses gave will be something that I'll always remember. Hands down to the nurses! including food services that were great. You mother's know that cravings go hand n hand with pregnancy....well i loved that the staff would even ask if there was any cake, ice cream ect..that i wanted. Something that christiana staff will never measure up with. Example: after having my first child at 11pm i had to beg for a little something cause i felt like i was going to faint. The Dr. That was on call kept disappearing to take a smoke and would actually come back in reeking of cigarettes! I dislike christiana hospital very much. My oldest was born there and my experience was awful! Nurses were extremely rude! Till this day I regret not suing some of the staff! By NO means am I saying that no one makes a mistake at st. Francis or that you'll never have a bad experience but St. Francis employees have a lot of lessons that they can teach employees at christiana hospital. All my family has had super bad treatments at christiana. (If your wondering we are an outgoing, quiet, happy fam that doesn't demand service from people) so even sick in a hospital i was taught that a please and thank you are a must! I also have had my gal bladder removed at st. Francis and all was very may be a small hospital in comparison to christiana BUT the service there is 100% better. thanks ST. Francis

Shay Bates

amazing hospital. i was born here and i just had my daughter here. the maternity nurses treated me better then the ones at christiana. i totally recommend coming here

LizAnAngel Icy

10/10 I will never come here ever again! Talk about money hungry/greedy disrespectful people ever. Don't even offer to wheel a new mother out! Just "you have to leave and bye, see ya"..I wouldn't even suggests the devil himself to come here!

Karem Hernandez

I called with a few simple questions regarding their services and when they answered i got a really bad attitude to the point that brought me to write this review. I had began to talk and was interrupted mid sentence. I began again and then the woman who answered the phone said" we cant help you here" and they hung up. What kind of hospital is this to treat people this way?

SiLow El vaquero

This hospital has to be the worst hospital ever, they claim to have a 30 min wait yet I've been waiting for 2 hrs, and we came in by ambulance, from being in a car accident

Mark Brown

This hospital is one of the best me and my wife had three out of five of are kids here. Thay are very nice people and take really good care of you. Parking is great you dont have to walk very far after parking. The food is preety good and you get good serves.

Terrell Yarborough

Elisabeth Lambert

Joselito Ayala

I had surgery at this hospital not too long ago and I was very but very satisfied with the service and attention I received at St Francis. They have an amazing team that really care about their patients. The doctor and everybody on their staff did and amazing job. I don’t would like to go there anytime soon because is not a restaurant but if I have to because for any circumstance, I won’t hesitate to go there. The nurses did everything they could possibly do to make sure that I rest, had my medications on time, that I was comfortable the whole time. They ran the extra mile just to make sure that I had the best recovering process after my surgery. Thanks to everybody at St Francis Hospital!!!

Jamal Perkins

Tatyana Dailey

My daughter was treated with allergic reaction at ER Hahnemann university hospital because we were in Philadelphia .... we were waiting from 9 pm to 1:30 am and still haven’t got seen by anyone and if I would say anything they would reply well her level of pain isn’t that bad....but she would have trouble to swallow and breathe ..Her throat was closing up and she had a purple leg and no one would help us. I put her in the car and drove home and decided to take her to Saint Francis Hospital... they took us in a less of a minute with the most friendliest stuff ..our doctor and nurse and everyone from greeting at the front desk to security were amazing. We are so lucky to have them here and don’t even know that!!!! If you don’t believe me please go to Hahnemann ER you will be for a real awakening there...

Theresa Woodson

I'm a RN in Maryland. Recently I have a love one at St Francis hospital in the Select Specialty unit. This was my first time at St Francis Hospital. As I approach the building from the parking garage. I was greeted by smiles, and helpful staff to find my way through the hospital. Also, had the opportunity, to tour and speak with Compassionate Care Hospice in St Francis hospital. No matter what part I visited or was introduce too. I was very pleased by the cleanliness, friendly and compassion of staff. I highly recommend St Francis hospital or other specialty in their building. Thank you for making a very difficult time in my life easier.

Deborah Kraak

I was very surprised and disappointed by the service I received at St. Francis when I had a fall and broke my hip and come in for emergency surgery. Due to lack of care (and explanation), my back went into a bad spasm before surgery; nothing was done to alleviate it. The anesthetist asked me what pain medicine I'd received earlier; wasn't it on my chart? Why trust the patient to remember? After surgery, the visiting staff doctor commented on my hip, but told me my arm was OK--when, actually, my chart showed that I had broken my shoulder. (Nice careful reading.) A small point--I'm vegetarian, and but asked for vegetarian meals. I was brought meat. It means that the staff weren't listening or weren't paying attention.

lanae evans

Reese Fox

Nikkie Simpers

Nice hospital

Sorimar Rivas

Ava Anderson

How I was treated in 2013 and how I was treated last week and my pervious visits , non friendly very rude nurses , I was not offered a blanket the nurse did not close the door while I was sitting half naked on the little cot they gave me to sit on it was freezing a janitor stop by the door and asked if I needed the door closed how sad is that ???? she could not find my vain and kept poking me even despite me being in pain already , and before they gave me a bed with dry blood on it .. YUCK! I’ve always spoke highly about st Francis until now I am very disappointed and I would never recommend anyone going here ☹️ Never again

Laura Ann Gearhart

Meg Emerson

Semaj Barnes

the staff was nice but i did not like the service, my mom and i waited 7-8 hours before i was seen. they were not on top of everything , every hospital i had been to made sure the information on the bracelet was right, they did not do that they didn't know what was going on. i was half way registered they called me for x rays and when i seen the Dr she didn't even know i had x rays done. they had people waiting for HOURS. and he staff was unprofessional, we and several other asked for crackers and refreshments and the lady caught an ATTITUDE and was rolling her eyes and getting smart, do not come to this hospital if you or a loved one is dying ! or really injured! or just don't come at all for no reason whatsoever

Nani jimenez

The worst hospital ever been here since 6pm and 3hrs later still waiting for my husband to get an x-ray. The sad part is were the only 2 people in the waiting room so wth is the hold up??? Makes no dam sense. I would understand if it was crowded but it not.

Kim Sutherlin

Miss3d dx

Josh Startz

Wife went in to the emergency room over the past weekend for what appearwd to be an alergic skin condition. Didn't offer to have her see a doctor. Nurse Practitioner only. Result was a terrible and off-base diagnosis. (Later confirmed with specialist, after a week of torture with the wrong medicine, as condition worsened.) Would never go back and could not possibly recomend.


Its a shame they gave St Francis a bad name

Melissa Butterworth

LOVE THIS HOSPITAL... Easy to get to, great parking garage right next to the entrance door (you dont have to walk miles to just get in the building) CLEAN, and small, but that just means you can find the room in a minute (no wandering around and around long hallways). The Doctors are quick and direct to the point (nice feature when your juggling sick parents and work), the nursing staff has a great bed side manner (friendly and just flat out nice) Keep up the good work Saint Francis & Thank you!

Niyesha G

Had a terrible experience Sunday 2/18/18 at the ER. My 6 yr old had the flu 2/13/18- present and could no longer walk literally. Complaining of chin pain but couldn’t even stand up without crying in pain. The NP (Joseph Lopez) seemed to be irritated and simply said there’s nothing wrong with him after doing a X-ray after being told my son was in bed for days due to the flu so there’s no way it could be broken or fractured. So he Sent us home. I googled his symptoms and my son had Benign Acute Myositis, And a blood infection and too much potassium in his blood. Had I not researched his symptoms and took him to another hospital my sons kidneys would have failed, he would have lost the use of his muscles in his legs and or could have died due to the amount of levels his blood was producing. Sad the doctors nowadays don’t wanna do their jobs and we the parents end up diagnosing our kids ourselves. When all it would have taken was a quick GOOGLE SEARCH like I did and or A BLOOD TEST.

Cheyenne Abbott

I had my son there June 18, 2019. He is my first child and I was very nervous about everything. The nurses and staff were amazing!! Very friendly, accommodating, and made sure I always felt comfortable. My C Section went very well and speedy, Dr. Fan is amazing. One of the nurses I had while we were there deserves recognition. Her name is Brenda, and she was the sweetest, most thoughtful nurse I've ever had. She has a real passion for her career. I felt so cared for, she helped me feed my son and learn to latch him on, she made sure all my needs were met and even helped me shower while my husband changed my sons diaper and did skin to skin with him. She made sure the three of us were happy and comfortable at all times. She deserves a raise!! All of my nurses were nice, but not all of them were as amazing as Brenda. She came in with mother's love and treated us as family. I'll never forget her <3

Holly G

I was examined with a stethoscope for 3 mins and given an albuterol inhaler when I had my first ever asthma attack on a Sunday night when my regular doctor was closed. The cost was $1,370!!!. Insurance wouldn’t pay for it. What if I had broken a bone? What would that have cost? I was charged 20 dollars for the inhaler. The rest is the stethoscope fee.

Humberto Morales Hernandez

Don’t even think about it. My credit card was stolen while I was recovering from a surgery. Overall a very bad experience.

Ingrid Searcy

Always received excellent support and care from the surgical staff to the nursing staff.

boss lady

My grandmother stayed here they forgot to feed her her meal more than once it got so bad she took her IV off and went home. The cops showed up shortly after to take her back in and she refused.

Kendra Hairston

There were 4 people in the waiting room including me and my daughter an I have been in the ER for 3hours waiting. That's all I have to say about St.francis.

Laquita Gibson

Amanda Smith

Rosa Godinez

Hellene Kley

We truly strive to be Delaware's #1 healthcare provider. We enjoy being able to connect and spend time with our patients and treat them like family....

Antony Romar

Our first baby boy was born here on May 9th 2019.Entire maternity team and nurses onsite provided exceptional service and helped us a lot.They took great care of mom & newborn.I would specifically like to appreciate nurse Frances,Tammy for providing excelled service.They provided lots of information and guided us very well.Kudos to Nurse Frances.She is great !!

Sarah McNeill

Went into ER for severe hemmorhaging (15 weeks along) and had to have an ultrasound done to see if the baby was okay. The US tech had the nerve to refuse to show me the screen due to "policy", which is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard when I am possibly gushing MY child out underneath her hand. I will never go back there and will forever go to Christiana (which is where I went immediately after for better assistance and received amazing care). Stay away from the ER here at least.

mohammed farhad

I don’t think the staff of the outpatient services don’t know anything they say you have to pay zero dollar. To make sure I asked the physician how much is going to cost and he said 0 dollar and I agree to do it.because he said it’s going to cost me 0 dollar. Later I ended up getting bill for 500 dollar which is ridiculous. Never going there again.They need train their staffs better.

Shon Daniels

Came in with chest pains and shortness of breath. Ended up getting admitted and needing 4 blood transfusions. Im terrified of hospitals but the nurses and doctors were EXCELLENT!

Mariah Innocent

Husband hadn't been feeling well in 3 weeks. An associate from his job recommended St. Francis Hospital in Wilmington. It wasn't easy to find. Our visit from our time parking to the time we left was 3 hours. Staff was extremely personable and empathetic from our greeting to our discharge. The doctor was prompt and testing began almost immediately after she left the room. The doctor, nurses, people in x-rays were beyond exceptional, but tech Lovell really stood out to us with her personality, demeanor, and jokes to lighten the mood. Husband was referred to a specialist for further testing. Very much satisfied with the services and care provided by this ER staff both as a whole and individually.

Samsong Eben

Teresa Dawson

I went to visit a relative and was impressed by the staff. Everyone we encountered was positive and helpful. We must have encountered 15 staff members on our way to our relative's room and everyone had a smile on their face! The nurse taking care of my aunt was very informative, kind and friendly. Very impressed.

Joe Fax

Beautiful place and they help people there excellent service

John C

I have had reason to visit the hospital for tests twice in the past month for lab work and radiology . From the time I walked in from the parking lot and approached the front desk, I was treated as if I was a VIP. I don't know whether the staff thought I was someone else or they treat everyone with such consideration and kindness. It was a very impressive and touching experience for me.

Pat Brown

Great hospital Dr. and nurses are just wonderful.

Born A New

Hospital is terrible, went in with severe swollen throat and awful, terrible pain that was borderline unbearable. Went almost 3 hours waiting for the doctor and asked for a simple cup of water and was told “in a little bit.” Prescribed me with medication, said I would feel better. Two days later my throat is swelling up so bad it’s very difficult to breathe. Swallowing is out of the question. Staff was rude, condescending, and honestly better off just not going in. If these conditions worse, I’ll definitely be in contact for possible prescribing me the wrong medication and nearly closing my throat. What a joke. Stay away.

Valey Devaney

I totally changed my mind about this hospital they need to take jesus down off thier walls. They made having a baby there a nightmare. I wouldnt take a dog to this hospital. It took time to see what this hospital is all about. Who in the world made this hospital think they are the judge and jury over a patient. Talk a patient into leaving christiana hospital bragging how much better they are having at delivery babies and after they bait you in the next thing you know ypur treated like a no good junky. Also let a person I know die refusing to treat someone for an overdose I am outraged. I would only hope and pray they would shut this hospital down. It has brought nothing but pain and sorrow to a beautiful person. I don't know how they sleep at night. They are cruel. Especially if you have good insurance but if your on medicaid your released with no problem see that with my own eyes. Believe woman DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL UNLESS YOUR READY TO BE TREATED LIKE A PIECE OF GARBAGE AND THEY DO IT BEHIND YOUR BACK. But I know my lord and saviour will take of this they will pay 10folds for what they did to my friend. All I can do is pray for this hospital they need it. How evil can you be to target such a good girl and let every no good mom walk. Its all about the money. When the bible says money it the root of all evil St. Francis Hospital is at the top of the list. God help this hospital. We will get through this because good wins over evil everytime. God help this place do not trust the nurses or doctors or anyone at this hospital is has done nothing but judge and report things to social services when the patient was honest with them from the start and they made it seem like everything was just fine and then when the baby was born they slandered her name and made having a baby a horrinle experience. So please listen TO NOT HAVE A BABY OR ANY OTHER TREATMENT AT THIS EVIL HOSPITAL. THEY LIE AND THEY ARW GOOD AT IT. They are so prejudice against white people and I am not even white. They work the black workers like slaves. Every face on worker and patients are miserable and now I know why. We previously apoken to the ceo about how wonderful this hospital is. They need to start from the top and rwbuild or tare it down. Don't take this hospital at firat clance I wish they would close the doors to this hospital tomorrow it is pure evil. For those who believe in the lord. This hospital rem8nds me when the anti-christ comes and he will convince everyone that he is the messiah. But this hospital will give you a good look what the devil ia going to do and make people believe he is the lord but make sure you pay attention this hospital is the same way. BE AWARE IT IS DECEIVING IT IS PURE EVIL. GOD HELP US ALL WITH A HOSPITAL LIKE THIS. THEY NEED TO REPENT AND STOP THIER JUDGING OF PEOPLE. THAT HOSPITAL WILL CRUMBLE TO A PILE OF BRICK BECAUSE IT IS REALLY THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE. GOD HELP US ALL AND BELIEVERS PLEASE BELIEVE ME. I HAVE SEEN THE DEVIL AT HIS BEST AT THIS HOSPITAL. I suggest wilmington christiana care. If you go to an emergency room and it is crowed that is a good hospital watch vwry carefully with an empty emergency room there is a reason and it is usually because the hoapital is no good. People leave because the treatment stinks or they waited so long for care when they are sick and just leave. I have heard horror stories in st francis hospital emergency room. I hope everyone reads my warning because this isnt the end with me with this hospital. I took a friend with no insurance to christiana care wilmington and gave her excellent care and my sister has been there a few times and she has cancer and they treated her with the best care ever. Believe me between her and I we both have a lot of medical knowledge and we both agree that christiana care wilmington is the best for de and aouthern nj. Thank you all but please believe what ypu read.

Nicole Bella

Lisa Taylor

DO NOT ALLOW YOUR LOVED ONES TO GO HERE. Filthy, rude staff, poor care. Zero redeeming qualities. My father might be alive today if he were given proper care after his cardiac cath. Truly disgusting. Should be shut down. Edited to add that I chose not to add the photos of my father's catheter tube completely filled with urine that I discovered and reported in the morning but it was not addressed until late afternoon. I also am not including the name of the nurse who forced my father to eat after a doctor ordered that he not until after a swallow test. There's so much more. Absolutely disgusted that they are allowed to remain open. Death trap.

Ivelisse Reyes

I was going for a half star the service at the fast track really sucks. They are very slow hell like nobody wants to do there job here.... U will have to die before someone sees u

P Nosa

not terrible, but upon returning 2weeks later with aggregated symptoms, the doctor's response was pure neglect. she literally stood in the office, behind the glass, and told me i would be fine. 4days later, when the problem escalated, i went to another hospital where they felt my systems warranted an ex ray.


Always my first option when I need to be seen! Super fast and actually take good care of you!

Joliene Ivory

We went to Christiana first and were facing down a 10 hour wait. So we went to St. Francis instead. We saw the doctor in under an hour. In addition the mobile admitting nurse was absolutely awesome!!!!!!! She offered a warm blanket because it is cold in there. And she was friendly. I almost cried because we were actually being treated like humans! Amazing experience. Awessome staff!!!

Robert Pierce

Horrible place wife was treated like a druggie and did nothing for the pain she was in. The pa should be fired and drugged down the street and not given anything for pain. Just saying

Ricardo Loo

(Translated by Google) Good attention (Original) Buena atención

Jayonna Paul

Crystine Henry

The hospital staff's are so much helpful and kind towards patient and visitors.

yaniris cabrera

Jasmin Madison

First time mom and was concerned about my stool they didn't make me feel stupid.

Paul Willis

Lonniea Peterson

Derrick Chambers

They're becoming an great place to get care. Letting old rumors about the Hospital dissolve into memories..

Torry Richardson

Stef Weather

Awful. Stay away!

Eric Brown

I was born here in Wilmington at the hospital in 1993. I had reconstructive surgery on my hand in 1997 after I was rushed to the hospital In a police car by the heros of the Wilmington PD after suffering a gunshot wound to the hand. My hand was saved by the Renowned hand surgeon Dr Saunders and His team of surgeons and nurses, I also had my second hand surgery there for my adult growth plate insertion. The nurses and doctors there are the real heros. I’ll never forget the time and dedication they put into making sure I was completely rehabilitated. They deserve more than a 3 star rating.

Jennifer Nabokin

Staff was thorough and helpful

Peter Lindvall

Great hospital! I drove to St Francis after I waited 3 hours, at the Christiana ER. At St Francis they led me directly into the ER, as soon as they noticed, that I had lost motor function of my right arm. The kept me overnight, after doing a cat scan... In the morning, the on call neurologist, told me, that my radial nerve was impinged. It took 9 months for the nerve to re-grow.

Douglas Myers

Caitlin Zweidinger

Tirth Patel

marouan bouchnak

We just had a baby delivered at this great Hospital yesterday. The whole experience was great. The staff was very helpful and courteous. Friendly atmosphere I can't speak enough about this place honestly.Thank you Saint Francis hospital maternity for the awesomeness you giving to the community of northern Delaware .God Bless.

shivani chawla

I just had my kid there. All ob/gyn doctors and maternity staff are great and helpful. They take good care

Lynn Bey

This is the worst hospital to come to. My daughter has an history of seizures and was transfer by ambulance from AI DuPont hospital for children to St. Francis to meet the neurologist here. It’s now 1:10pm and no one haven’t seen her yet. It’s been 4 hours and they still haven’t done anything yet. Please don’t Come to this hospital nor bring your love ones. Nurse is loud on the phone talking to an family member, 2 other nurses laughing and talking about another patient. Doctor talking about an patient with an heart condition, no privacy. I will never come here again.

Kirsten Kearsten

I would give them a zero if I could, but unfortunately I the lowest I can give is a 1. The staff is extremely rude (the nicest people I encountered were the security guards), incompetent, and overall have no bed side manner or basic understanding of HIPPA (patient confidentiality). The nurses are the worst. They openly talk about patients in public areas where anyone can hear. After I delivered my daughter, they took her to a different part of the hospital and wouldn't tell me anything (where she was, how she was, or let me see her) for over 3 hours. When I finally went to try and find her or someone who could at least tell me how she was, all my belongings were removed from my room and when I asked for my handbag back (so I could call my husband) I was asked by a nurse "do you even know where your kid is? Cause it don't look good babe." It wasn't until I begged a doctor (who wasn't even mine) to give me any kind of update that I was allowed to see her. I wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy. After I was discharged, my daughter remained in the NICU for 5 weeks. They made me (and another mother there) feel extremely unwelcome and uncomfortable the entire time we were there visiting our kids, like they're trying to rush you to get you out. It is just one big room, with a limited number of chairs. There is no where to be alone with your baby or bond with them. If they thought no one was there to visit yet, they'd talk extremely loud for a nursery. There were a few nurses that even handled the babies on the rough side.

Yandi Amore

My neck, shoulder, and back was really stiff. I tried to treat it at home but it got so bad to the point I was in tears from the pain and couldn’t even drive my vehicle! A friend of mines drove me to the emergency room here. I waited for about an hour and was seen. Doctor prescribed muscle relaxers but DIDNT GIVE THEM TO ME ON SIGHT! Gave me a prescription paper to get it filled! Where the heck was I supposed to get a prescription filled 2am ?! EVERYTHING WAS CLOSED. I’m from philly and I’m not familiar with the Delaware area. When I asked the doctors and front desk nobody had a clue for me to go. Horrible service. What was the point of going to the ER if you couldn’t help me right there and then. How was I supposed to get anything filled when I couldn’t drive??!! Not to mention a few racial slurs were thrown around at me because I’m black. Never again, I hope they get shut down!!

Wyatt Foraker

venkataramani rajalashmi

Plz don’t go this hospital.... totally waste of time and money.. always charge more money it’s my own experience....

cheryl moosreiner

I HATE ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL ! I could write pages on this. Worst I would say is they put IV in arm right inside elbow. Needless to say I woke up about every few min. all night. Every time I moved it set the BP machine to go off. They tried to even tape my arm down. Finally just close to A.M. I asked them to move it somewhere else. Did they do it, of course not. The following I think is the most horrible of all.I have spent at least the last 6 months trying to get my bill fixed.I finally broke down and paid it because it was that or my credit.Cost me $2500.because Dr.Cosgrove put outpatient on my chart instead of inpatient.If it was inpatient the whole bill would have been paid.I went to everyone possible there for help Guess what no one could help. NO SURPRISE THERE !! I was in there 2 days. I even HAVE the paper from them that says INPATIENT on it...This Dr. sits on the board of that hospital and supposedly is the only one that can fix it..NEVER EVER AGAIN !!

Virginia Pfau

Osvaldo Garcia

Camille Hand

I had an Xray done there 3 days ago, the staff from the get go were friendly & efficient. I was in & out within 1 hour 15 mins. My Dr. had not recieved the Xray so I just called them & it has now been faxed. The facility was clean & bright (I did not go to the emergencey room so I can't speak to that), parking was easy. Here's an update- Dr. couldn't open the digital Xray. So, I called radiology at 4:30p & Reese answered. He said they were closing at 5 but he'd start the process of a physical X-ray. He was very professional & nice when I got there at 4:50. He gets 5 stars!!!

Sue Allen

I used to volunteer here long time ago...just want to say, they have one of the best services around. It is a small hospital which is why they are so caring compared to some of the bigger ones here. Anyway keep up the good work.

Julian Stankiewicz

Never experienced such terrible treatment as I have here. Staff is extremely rude and judgmental, showed zero professionalism or compassion. Never coming here again. If you care about your dignity or your children, you're better off going to Christina in Newark, longer wait times but at least you're treated like a human being.

Matt Werth

CJ& Ashlee Violet

If I could I would give this place 0 stars rude nurses I was in the emergency room when I walked in the nurse or whoever she didn't say hi all she ask what was wrong with me in a rude way wow and she just looked at me with a nasty stare I can't believe it. They need to change that nurse dragging the whole place down.

Lady Bug

The staff delivered my baby very professionally and they were very kind to keep me updated on my babies health.

Iman Ismaaeel

I’m confused as to why they have wait times post everywhere that aren’t accurate? I drove all the way here because online and on the bulletin boards it said 30 minuets wait time, and so did the intake say 30 minutes wait. An hour and a half later still waiting with no call back and the woman at the desk said there are still two ppl ahead of me

Masong Tarkang

Karen First State Coton

Unlike Christiana Hospital the wait time for emergency care is reasonable. there are no patients in gurneys waiting in the hallways. My experience was extreme back pain and they saw me right away and started treating me. The only issue I had was with the ambulance drivers, they seem determined to try and take you to Christiana, almost felt like they were getting a commission to go there.

Cory Pierce

Ravenna Harris

I had the unfortunate luck of having to go to the emergency room when my blood pressure was too high. The difference was made for me between the two doctors. The first never smiled, and rushed through an explaination of what was wrong with me. I didn't even know what to do next. The second doctor came in with a big smile, and explained how blood pressure works. She even helped me understand something else I had to go in for, and she made an appointment for me to see one of the doctor groups, and they were good also. She must have known I was upset because she held my hand when she explained and told me the next steps. I would go back for the second doctor but not the first doctor.

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