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REVIEWS OF Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine IN Delaware

victoirya our

I am very upset at this Hospital ( 3400 civic center blud 3 floor - west Pavilion parelman Bldg ) I went to get surgery there with Dr David Anderson . I waited very long hours for the surgery. After my surgery they transferred me to the recovery room . I want to rest and nap alitabit because I was under the anisticia , was so noisy in the room look like fish market . very unprofessional .The nurses there was all talking so loudly . They were yelling to each other back and forth in recovery room . I was still recovering from my surgery but their loud voice wouldn't allowed me to sleep at all . This place is not a hospital , I feel like I am in a fish market st , where everyone just scream and shout and do whatever they want . the service here so bad. . it's not like any others hospital that I have gone to . in other hospital they would give me any supplies I needed to tend to my wound . this is gross negligence on there nurses . I blame the hospital management for not training there nurses how to do there jobs properly . All there nurses should go back to get retrained the proper way. On how to treat their patients better . I am not going there anymore . I don't want to spend my hard earned money at a place where I'm not treated fairly with respect and valuable patient . I will also tell my family and friends and any else that I know to stop wasting there time and hard earned money at this Hospital . unprofessional . very low class . very low education . street services.

Gina Chestang

Joseph Adams

norman cohen

Olga Ade

The staff is very friendly and courteous.

Soniebird Johnson

Francis Geldof

So many moving parts and the staff helps you tremendously. Great place . I've received nothing but good star treatment.

Tom McSorley

Annaliese Arda

Mark Maria

Dennis Ryan

Dr Cohen and oncology staff are # 1 , been going here for over a year and a half.8 more months I hope this will be it for awhile.

Gerald Tolbert

This is where my wife goes for her Medical Treatment. The staff from Security, Nurses, and Doctors are so PROFESSIONAL and helpful that she is very comfortable coming here. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Joel Alfaro

What can I say my wife is cancer free... thank you Lord and to the great staff at the Pearlman center for AM... side note I appreciate Dr Dardas's compassion even though she knew & so did I that there is nothing she could do about my wifes on going physical pain as a result of her surgery but she made my wife feel important. Dr Weber was ok, but I think she needs to go back to her early years when she was ready to show the world compassion.

Stefanie Stage

Rose M Fagan

Everyone is nice and polite. Great Doctors and staff. The Cafe is excellent! I didn't walk, but took Community Transit.

Charlotte Davis

April C

Worst customer service in the world. I saw the doctor on 5-1. I still can’t get them to fax over the prescription prescribed. I cannot even get the doctor to call me back and this is after i gave her a great review. Do not ever use the dermatology department at the pearlman center

Tara McGlinchey

Jianhuang Lin

Waited for 2 h because they made a mistake on my status

Kechun Yang

The best hospital in the area!!!

barb mcdonough

I absolutely love Perelman! I wish all my physicians’ offices were located there. It’s say o get to from all major roads. It’s busier on certain days and hours, so ask about that when you schedule. There is an abundance of help from the minute I pull up to the entrance to the minute I leave. I use valet parking, because I’m handicapped. The police tell you which lane to use when you enter the property, just let them know if you need help with equipment or a wheel chair. The valet parking attendants take my rollator out of the car for me and make sure that I enter the building safely. Inside, there is an information desk and also greeters in red jackets, who guide you to elevators and restrooms, etc. There are plenty of comfortable places to sit, cafe and coffee shop. You can wait there for your car to be brought up so you don’t have to wait outside in the weather. The personnel in each department are very professional, polite and always helpful. I have never had to wait an unreasonable length of time for any appointment and I see several doctors there. The doctors are extremely knowledgeable. You can ask them anything. You are truly partners in your care. I have been to many hospitals across the country and Canada, but this rates as one of the best.

Mary Reider

Kristin Hughes

Each time I have visited the Perelman Center I have had a wonderful experience. The entire staff extremely caring and helpful. I feel so lucky to be in the hands of Dr. Ming. I would also like to thank Dr. Ming's receptionist Kelly. Kelly was helpful in every way possible! She made so many difficult things that much easier for me. I hope they know how truly appreciated they are.

Teresa Armstrong

yvette yancey

Henry Staiber

Tracey Brown

Mr. PC Cookswell

Kathy Rashid

This hospital is great and staff very knowledgeable and courteous to patients. I am extremely pleased and comfortable with the doctors affiliated here. There is parking for a fee it's worth the cost for valet parking. They also have a self parking to parking lot to.

Ashley McCleaster

Stephanie O'Connor

Katherine Palozola

Gorgeous lobby and helpful staff. I enjoy the changing art collections and the accessibility. The revolving doors are a bit annoying though. Great labs to work in.

Shanae Grimes

Everyone is super friendly and nice. Went to get a mammogram, very short wait. They made me feel good even though I was extemely nervous. I love the free shuttle from the parking lot to the front main entrance. Super convenient....

Michael Latimore

Best hospital in Philadelphia. Top notch

Que'Bella Boss

The staff is usual very friendly. But today I had a ticket attendant who was just nasty at the P1 elevators who's name was Amina Preston. After waiting 5 long mins with my sick mother for some assistants with the ticket machine she was on her phone gossiping and playing in her weave and when I asked for help she gave me a horrible attitude. This is the first time ever so hopefully it will be better next time

Killer McCormick

scott mulch


Serena Ghodasra

Jaimie Clark

Joan Schoenleber

Richard Bank

I'm treated for ALL (Philadelphia+) by Dr Mangan and his team. I couldn't imagine getting better care than what I receive. Nurse Practioner Jacquelyn Smith is like my 2nd mom lol. Being that this is a teaching hospital, their are always throngs of young Drs. and nurses willing to help you. Right next to the Schuylkill expressway, it's easy in, easy to park, and easy out.

Peg Haskins

Michael forcillo


Jennifer Crystal Coston

Excellent Radiology Department....highly recommend Heidi!


Sam Mikhail

Nice facility. Professional staff. However, expect to wait, then wait, then wait. They ask you to show up 30 minutes early for an appointment . Then you drive around a packed parking garage for 20 minutes looking for a spot. You are moved from one waiting room to the next. After 40 minutes you are moved to an examination room where you wait another hour. There is no Wi-Fi to occupy your time. I am sitting here next to my wife who has fallen asleep in her chair waiting for the doctor .

Tomas Strouhal

Amazing building and helpful staff. Extremely busy, but great physicians with many practices. Give yourself extra time because the parking deck is far and you have to take a shuttle if you don't want to walk. Parking for patients is $5.

Nicki Katz

If I could give less than one star, I would. I know nothing of the quality of care at the actual center, because despite my husband having a seizure and being treated at Penn hospital, the scheduler, Brian, for the seizure clinic refused to call us back for an appointment, and when we called repeatedly, he refused to get on the phone with us. The idea that Penn Medicine wants to tout their top-notch care, yet can't hire administrative staff with common courtesy or a brain, is pretty pathetic. We were polite throughout the entire process, and yet no one was able to help even in the least until we got through to an ER resident. Shame on Penn for this kind of lack of organization

Melina Schweizer

When answering the phone, the receptionist should start off with "Hi, we have no appointments in the next 3 months." That way we can all save 10 minutes of our time by not proceeding to write down ALL my information only to tell me this after.

Jennifer Miller

Very prompt service and appointments. If you have multiple appointments, restaurants right next door for a quick lunch

Aaron G

I received top notch care here. Doctors are very knowledgable and helpful. They earned my trust and respect

David Glenn

Amazing experience everytime. Medical staff don't get any better or nicer than at Penn

Courtney Walton

Jessica Moreau

I must say I never received this VIP red carpet treatment in any hospital before. I went in to undergo a surgery and from the parking greeter, who I didn’t know would have my name and a reserved parking for me, all the way to the surgical team and my Dr. They were amazing! Wonderful and extremely funny conversations. I can’t thank everyone enough for making my first surgical experience an amazing one. THANK YOU!

Mike Peckenschneider Sr

THE place to go for stellar staff, care, and cutting edge surgical procedures!!!

Cheryl Denard

Hermione Gardener

Just had surgery on my ear to remove skin cancer. An awesome experience.

Jim McCafferty

Our experience started in the 3600 parking garage where we met Charles, a greeter. What sort of organization has parking garage security and a GREETER? Polite, of course but just so friendly and informative and thorough. Charles was the first face of Penn Medicine and he set a standard the rest of the organization lives up to.My wife wondered if she could hire him away from Penn. I just want you to know that the horrible day started so well for me with Charles and it just kept getting better as the Penn experience unfolded. I'm worth Penn Medicine and Penn Medicine is worthy of me.

Anthony Dean

Heather Pursell

Manda Thomashefsky

Rob Ozimek

Jason Ibbetson

Nice clean building, elevators can be tough to catch at times from so many people using them

Brother John

I had a liver transplant performed here....I may be bias, because this is my one and only transplanted organ, but this facility and staff are the best PEOPLE on earth. They make you feel like you're their only patient. Walking you through it every step of the way. I would like to give a special shout out to Doctors Shaked, Olthoff and Abt and not forgetting Elizabeth Knight, fielding phone calls at all hours when I thought something was wrong. This is a highly trained group of quality people and it shows. If you have any fear whether this hospital is for you or not let me reassure you pickup the phone and call them you won't be disappointed.

Frank Korczukowski

Sheila Garl

Great people, working hard to make lives better. :)


Chris Myers

This is my second time having surgery and array the lady at the front desk does a great job with making you feel at peace with getting your surgery done she always has a smile on her face and talks to you and jokes with you she puts a smile on your face thank you array plus the whole staff from parking crew to all the staff does a great job

Mindaugas Žilionis

Some of department physicians working in Perelman Center for Advanced medicine disappointed me very much. The main reason - I've been experiencing major GI issues for more than a year and some symptoms are very severe but doctors said "you've had many tests, screenings and results do not show any bad life threatening signs". Yes, I had many tests but not all I need in order to identify problem and address it.

Julie Phillips

luz hurtado

This is a beautiful, state of the arts medical center, where all personnel gives you the royal treatment. I have been a patient for a few years now and see 3 different specialists. They all are so professional, so nice and accessible whenever you need it. My life was saved twice by this friendly medical team. From the cleaning staff, to technicians, nurses and doctors, your ailments feel not to be so bad, being under the care of these caring, frienly and exelent doctors. Some of the best in the state of Pa. I am so thankful to be a patient here, and even when my plans were to move to Fl after retirement, I am not going anywhere, because they make me feel so secured, protected and well taken care of. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

Raymond Lafferty

Jeannette Aponte

Meghan Karlik

Michelle Bottone

Sok Yin

Alan Sydney Baer

jim curry

The Staff,from when you pull up at the door and Joe greets you, until you leave and Joe says goodbye are mostly friendly, and courteous, and professional, the building is comfortable, easy to get around in, and clean. Kitchen Gio, and Gio pronto, are another thing, the staff here is rude, and ignorant, but that is not part of your medical treatment. My wife has Been going for 5 years. We Have had contact with alot of staff from there

Samuel Mccollum

Great hospital but when you make an appointment try to get here at least one hour before your appointment time because the traffic is always busy

Joey Cengel


Rahn Monreal

had to get an MRI. Very efficient hardly any way during overall nice place

Seth Rhoades

ellen cuthrell

Very busy place. Park in the garage unless you are too sick to walk. Garage is $5.00. There are also people who will help you walk. I believe there is also a shuttle if walking a few blocks is too hard for you. My doctor is an incredibly meticulous, kind doctor., Dr. Kanchwala. He gets ten stars. I highly recommend him for any plastic surgery/reconstructive needs.

Johnny Cabrera

Aaron Williams



Best cancer center in the region.

Tracy Spencer

I love the Perelman center and University of Pennsylvania...I have to be completely unconscious to go anywhere else....when Doctors find a cure for cancer it Will be here at H.U.P Top 10 in the nation # 1 in this whole region Baby

Prakash Abraham

Leeanne Atkins

I love my doctors at Penn. My "health" is a hot mess, yet the physicians at Penn (Perelman and the main hospital) are thorough, professional and kind. They even work well with my two doctors here in NJ. It's a hike to get to Perelman, but it's worth it. What's more important than one's health?

Kamal Madinc

Very nice and clean, wonderful people who work there as well

Diane Drum

Terry Porter

Bashirah AbdusSamad


Nemo Zhang

Paul Masih Das

Andrew Stein

Mark Berenato

Great people, great care!

Errol Jones

Frank Garufi Jr.

The ONLY place anyone with IBD ( Inflammatory Bowel Disease ) should go to be treated. First class doctors, nurses, and supporting staff. Everyone has a smile on their face. There's no place better to be treated

James Battersby

Robert Brady

Anthony Johnson

Barb Bayer

A+ Love it here.... The staff is great. Awesome Pulmonary Heart specialist. They really care..

Kathryn Craig

William Callahan

Dawn Dunbar

i am a Cancer paient and I can't believe the direct contact to me ASAP for a difficult time during remission !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for helping me with all my heart during a so much difficult situation !!!!!!!!!!!! I am extremely greatful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janice Meade

Great Experience if you are getting the gastric sleeve Dr Noel Williams and his team are excellent.

Sandra Santiago


Robert Blake

I cannot say enough good things about Perelman/U of Penn Hospital. My cousin was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her hip a few months ago. After chemo and stem cell treatment, she is still in recovery mode at home and progressing well. A few days ago, my Uncle (cousin's father) was successfully operated on for severe back and leg pain. At 86, his prognosis is good after he finishes rehab. They live in Delaware County and came to Perelman/U of Penn because of it's excellent reputation. With my uncle, I was most impressed by the nursing staff that was top notch in my view. They appeared genuinely concerned about his recovery and comfort. Especially yesterday when he scared me and his daughter because he could not stay awake. I mean before the food on his fork made it to his mouth, he would doze off. His nurse seemed concerned by the look on her face and stopped in to check on him often during my visit. Turns out the pain med he was on was the issue. Today he was awake, about 85% more clear and cracking the occasional joke. Both of the doctors my Uncle and cousin saw are at Perelman and their stay was across the street at U of Penn. Both gives their experience top marks. Finally, in speaking with one of the nurses, I learned U of Penn is a MAGNET hospital. It is a prestigious award for quality of nursing care that only 8% of the hospitals in the country has earned. The hospital candidate has to go through a two year evaluation period before the award is granted. I am not looking forward to being a hospital patient any time soon. But if/when the time comes, Perelman/U of Penn will be my first choice.

Tom Plantier


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