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REVIEWS OF Nanticoke Memorial Hospital IN Delaware

Lilli Tune

I came in and they got me in the room less than 2 minutes

Lenore Wallop

I had a baby here Monday July 24 2017 and the midwife left part of the placenta still inside of me I was rushed back to the hospital that Sunday with a high fever and an infection it took them three hours to do anything I needed a blood transfusion and everything!including a D&C!! I do not recommend this hospital to anyone!

Megan Cooper

The worst hospital I have ever been to and I have been to Milford so that's saying something!

Jessica Crossan

I was in the er all night! Just in the waiting room! I witnessed multiple people leave after being there for HOURS! Even people with small children! One couple came in with a baby that looked days old and the baby would stop breathing off and on and the hospital slowly chevked them in and made them wait! About 15 mins in they left and took the baby somewhere else thamk god! But what kind of er makes a mother and father of a brand new baby that isnt breathing wait in the damn waiting room and not even make sure the baby is ok at all! I almost flipped out and i pray to god that baby is ok! All together i was there in just the waiting room for about 6 hours and only 2 people were called back! There wasnt even alot of people there! And if wasnt for transportation issues i would have left myself!


Devin Baker

My wife went too this hospital for help because she was having server stomach problems.. in which they stuck her 9 times so they could start an iv in which they did not start one.. the doctor flung my wife's head around and pushed on her stomach even though she asked him too stop he was hurting her.. I advised my wife too file a report with advocates in the hospital because she felt she was not only verbally assaulted but she felt physically assaulted.. So instead of letting her file a report with an advocate they send the charge nurse down in which the nurse bluntly called her a liar and called security too have her removed from the property.. all she wanted was some medical attention.. It's disgusting too think these people think they will get away with this behavior when it comes too patients.. needless to say we will be contacting the medical board in Delaware about how this hospital handles their patients and how they refuse medical attention too someone in need.. and how they refuse to let some one make a report on their employees because they want too protect each other even when they are in the wrong...


Erika Lynn

Brought my daughter in with a fever of 103, couldn't get it down. She sat in the waiting room 6hrs vomiting her life away. Apparently she wasn't an emergency and the registration receptionist was very nasty. If anything else close had been opened I would've left. Very unprofessional. Bathrooms were horrible had stool on the toilet. Never again

Lisa Davidson

Went for treatment of my sister's illness. She was treated with respect, and the utmost of compassion.

Edward Guzman

Antonio C Magana

This is a terrible hospital. Violating hippa violations left and right. Talking about patient a alloud around other patience. And discussing it with people who are not apart of the patience care. Also talked very rudely about patience and terrible attitude from staff. Should be retraining or fired. Army medic not satisfied.

Heather Smith

Jt Lowe

Good place for medical care.

Stephen Gilbert

We will never go back; after being told while in the ER the on call doctor that is needed to treat you won't come in until his shift started. The I was sent to Christiana ICU because he screwed up and tried to blame it on me.

Tanika Williams

Don't even bother...appt at 9:30 arrived at 9:26 check in process logged 9:33 my appointment was cancelled complete waste of time horrible service.

Robin Johnson

Steve Chambers

The Joint Camp service provided by Nanticoke Hospital was amazing. What a wonderful group that provided valuable information and caring and concern during my whole knee replacement experience. Certainly makes Nanticoke Memorial Hospital Orthopedic Department a step above the rest in my opinion.

Claire Trimble

Everyone is very friendly and they have great food

Marie Charles

This is the worst hospital ever. These people do not care about you. And they do not take there job seriously. The hospitality is very poor. All the staff should be a ashamed. My friend was was in a car accident and there treated her like nothing was wrong with her while she was in serve pain. Seaford Hospital is not but a joke. Nurses are getting paid for being lazy. Shut down Seaford hospital please!!!

Sara Ridgeway

Horrible service. I visited recently to be seen, it just so happened to be an hour before shift change and everyone was so rude and grouchy because they were counting down that hr waiting to go home. Instead of sticking it out and staying professional they were not accommodating for me, who was in alot of pain and visiting the emergency room. Wouldnt recommend them to anyone!

Breonna Reed-Fields

Went in with a kidney infection chills and fever of 102.5. If I could have avoid a hospital I would because of fear of hospitals. However that day u had no choice i had to trust them because I was in bad shape customer service was fine but my ending care was horrible. I was released with a fever chills and added cheat pain. My heart rate was 120 blood pressure still high... common sense showing I was still in distress. I would not recommend this place I will be getting a lawyer for this issue right now I'm under someone else care. I shouldn't have to hope from one hospital to the next for care. I am very disappointed

carrie emplit

Had a wonderful experience while admitted here for surgery. I had a charge nurse named Jack who was awesome. He met you with a sincere word of encouragement and a smile so genuine that you knew you were in great hands. Thank you all.

Macy Hall

Tuesday evening 10/2 I took my 3 month old to the ER she ended up having to be admitted , the ER staff was very helpful & great... we had to stay for 2 nights and let me tell you the staff on the pediatric floor is AMAZING ! This one nurse that my daughter had on 10/3 and 10/4 during the day was absolutely amazing ❤️ She took real good care of not just my child but also me because I was a little under the weather as well

Sade Wise

I dont understand I get sent to the ER from the immediate care for chest an abdominal pain an I've been waiting in the waiting from for 2 hours bc they stated they had no beds however they took 5 ppl back the came in after I did.

georgia Rauda

Horrible place to go!!!! The wait is over 4 hours . You’re better off going to a bigger hospital. The staff in the front desk leaves for an hour for lunch while there is people still coming in . :-/

Ann McCann

Most of the staff thinks the hospital is great, and in all honesty they are not. Theyou are no equipment to handle anything major with patients but still acts like they can. They are broken bones and band aids , and would do a better service to the community if they get the own heads out of their asses and realize they are not worth the money the property is located on.

Glendy Perez-Castillo

Went to the ER room & attended me really quick . Had surgery done & the doctors and nurses are amazing caring people.

Cassie Duley

One word!!! Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha Lange

Was admitted for major surgery on September 30th. Night nurses were absolutely amazing and the care was incredible. The next day, however, the 2 incompetent nurses responsible for my care treated me like I was less than nothing. Accused me of being a drug addict and a lier, and I felt forced to leave before I was well enough too. I felt afraid for my safety, and have decided to take action to make sure they are FIRED! SHAME ON YOU SHELLEY AND DARLENE! If you don't like people, you shouldn't be a nurse, find another profession!

Josy Cruz

If i can give a 0 star, but i can't this is the slowest place I've ever been for emergency I been here more than 3 hours not a GOOD PLACE I WILL NEVER COME HERE AGAIN!!

Afrika Spencer

I visited the emergency room after midnight which was early Saturday morning. I had been sitting there for over 2hrs. I watched several people be taken in the back while I sat there in pain. I asked the front desk that checks people in why are others being taken in the back before me. Her response was because we don't have any beds. So I sat and waited but then another couple walks in and they are taken in the back. So I'm saying to myself no this isn't right. So again I go to the desk and ask again. She gets the er nurse and she says people are going before you because their needs are life threatening. Well wouldn't they arrive in an ambulance?? Hmmm. So now as I sit I'm thinking now they're being smart. So because the lady didn't know how to be a help she calls the security guy. He comes out saying you can leave. I'm like dude really, your on their side. Hahaha.... Sorry not sorry. Right is right, wrong is wrong. Clearly my pain wasn't enough. So the er nurse comes to get me and says thank you for your patience. I didn't have any at all. I'm in pain. So my reply was I have very little patience. She then says if your going to be disrespectful then you can leave. Like who says that to a patient?? I've never came to the er and met such horrible. The doctor was great!!

Brandy Hatten

One star they don't even deserve that I have been here in the er over 8hrs


Longest wait time ever. I’ve been in the waiting room for well over and hour and a half. I’m severely dehydrated. I was one of three people here and now others are being seen before me. Truly disappointed in this operation.

Isana Perez

As any emergency room, it took us 4 hours to be seen but once we went back they had all test done and results back within 2 hours.

Family Of Stones

Have been to ER several times with family members. Think it is best hospital in the area. Much..much much..better than Bay Health aka Bad Health. For a hospital this place is better of the choices we have

Josh Gerving

Take way to damn long for anything awesome and nice staff but horrible on time not even that busy and have been sitting in the waiting room for 3 damn hours

Dr- Ar

They did not attend right they didn’t even see when we got out

sold out to JESUS matthew 16:17-18

Julie Short

I'd give a zero if that were an option. Emergency room is the worst ever. Very incompetent employees. At least 2 hour wait from the door no matter how many people are in waiting room. Staff likes to good off and chit chat with each other instead of doing what they should be doing. You contact the president of the hospital and get no response. Needs to be shut down.

sil ron

i been at this hospital inpatient and outpatient,also for testing,ct scan,MRI,EKG...etc.the nurse are very good.the only thing is i will not use the ER.was there for like 3-4 hours,the physician charge separate from the hospital,and the feed is out of the customary,normal.charged me 1700 for 35 minutes insurance told me that is an excessive charge.i have now o pay $557.that day i had to be transfer to Salisbury PRN because Nanticoke do not have a neurosurgeon.that day i was charge by the hospital for 3-4 hours $3345.i spent 4 days at PRN and was charged $9500,now that is a big difference.PRN is a better ad best well equipped hospital.if i ever had an emergency,i told my family to tell them to take me to PRN .this is the second time i get charge excessive,out of the normal by this medical grout that operated in the Nanticoke ER.also PRN doctor and other medical provider are affiliated to the hospital and you will not get separated bill

Donna McDorman

I have updated my address with this hospital numerous times, yet they keep using an address from over ten years ago.

Hailee Tarbox

Overall workers are nice but there are some individuals that are really rude and are not professional

Auria Maria Brown

Service was awful. Waited her for 8 hours just to get results. Only one nurse was helpful. They are so slow and didn’t really help me.

cherish leccima

Yall sucks even if im dying in my last breath im not coming to the emergency room in yall hospital your workers are rude and unplaisant

Kris Adams

What a horrible hospital. The whole thing is a joke. If you get taken there against your will, I hope you do not have to deal with their billing department. Drive the extra distance to PRMC, Beebe or Milford.


The nurses there need to learn to have some semblance of a bedside manner. I took my 2 year old there a few years ago and my 2 year old refused to take the medicine the nurse was trying to give her. Instead of letting me talk my child for a min the nurse poured the medicine down her throat and then held her hand forcibly over her mouth to until she swallowed it. I was in total shock at the time. Now my child is still traumatized over that and is scared to death of drs offices and drs. Horrible people. I can't imagine doing that to a child! Completely unethical and unprofessional.

Illeanna Pick

I've been going there for several years simply out of convenience. But I've stopped. I have chronic issues. When you walk into a facility and people roll their eyes and Make comments that you can hear from another room it's time to just go . I'll stick to going elsewhere where I dont have to feel guilty about my chronic issues. Bye bye.. and yes i will let others know. Sometimes it's worth traveling a distance to get better care and not feel guilty for being sickly and having autoimmune disease . I literally felt horrible as I was sitting and I could hear I don't want to take care of her she's always in here. And employees just sitting around gossiping of other patients. How do you think that makes Someone feel? That could be Someone mother ,father,daughter, it doesn't matter.

Queen Beauty

This is the worst hospital in the planet. These people don’t care about nobody

michelle B

DO NOT go to this hospital unless it is an emergency and you have no other choice. I do not live in this area but my parents do and I have taken good healthcare for granted this is the worse hospital I have ever been to in my entire life. It's sad to see they give their community such poor care and I suspect they can not attract or keep the best medical professionals. My father went into ER they misdiagnosed him took no standard test for a person complaining of his pain were done. He later went back and had to have emergency surgery which resulted in them injuring him further and resulted in him going to ICU. The previous reviews of the staff are true and to add some of the nurses are so arrogant and feel they run the hospital. But there are exceptions some of nurses are Very nice and to those I say Thank You. I'm writing this not to speak to the friendliness of the environment but the quality of healthcare. And by far not speaking about ever individual Doctor in the hospital this review is only for those individuals that treated my father. This hospital should be closed or under review for negligence. In 2017 in the USA even small towns human beings should not be subjected to poor health care! My advice if you or your loved one is in the hospital DEMAND to be transferred when you see the situation deteriorating or getting worse than what you went in for make them acknowledge their lack of experience ask for a patient representative and DEMAND better healthcare. God bless those still there.

Ashley Hurley

I had to go to the ER on Tuesday night and needed an ultrasound with suspicion of a blood clot. Ended up staying till Thursday morning with at least 3 blood clots! But everyone from the ER receptionist to the techs, nurses, doctors, the lady who brings cookies before you leave, everyone was so very nice! The ER when I found out i had the blood clots was very scary, but they were all cracking jokes and making me laugh. I have been a PRMC kid all 28 years of my life, but this hospital went way over any expectations I had! The whole stay was as pleasant as a hospital visit could be!

yeli velasques

Jonathan Perez

George Ehmke

On Tuesday, the 23rd of July, I entered Nanticoke Hospital for the purpose of a knee surgery. From the first person that I encountered at the registration desk, to the person that assisted me in getting in a vehicle to leave, i was treated with the utmost respect and kindness. All the nursing staff that dealt with me were cheerful, attentive and very professional in their duties. I felt like they took an extra measure to achieve my comfort and alleviate my concerns. Dr. Eakin and the Anesthesiologist were both great. They tolerated my off color humor and actually made it a fun adventure. Thanks to a fantastic group of professionals !

Susan Baumgart

Very unprofessional. Not impressed with the care of my sister. They should check their attitude at the door. When a patient has complex health issues and it's over your head...admit it! makes for a better outcome for all involved. Because they couldn't wait to discharge her, they sent her home without a proper diagnosis. She had to be taken to Peninsula General in the evening the same day she was discharged.

Jan Tracey

Scheduled an MRI scan last week for 13:00 today (Friday 3/22/2019). First building that advertised MRI's . Girl at the desk said "... yes they do MRI's, just not mine ..." Then she suggested I go to that big building. Girl at the desk at that one looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language and sent me to a third building. They were looking for me at the hospital building. My time had expired by 1 3/4 hours. Never got the MRI. Guess I need to go back to Maryland, damn it.

meagon faulkner

I've delivered both my children there. Wonderful staff. They were very accommodating. All the nurses were super sweet and Dr Jones was wonderful.

marco vasquez

The food is so good

TripleOG Boah

They have the worst nurse and lazy doctors that will not even come check on you they forget when you ask for something I would give it less stars if I could

Larry Waryasz Sr

The staff in the ER are very helpful, friendly concerning. I would highly recommend this hospital to any one.I was a patient there on Tues.Nov,13,2018.They called for Trauma Code and I was really amazed how quick and how many personnel arived at that certain hospital room. There was about 25people. And every one had a device in there hand, I would personally rate this Hospital with a 5star.I was really impressed.


sne elliott

My 7 week old daughter was admitted for a fever. Had issue after issue with blood draws and IV's. No nurse checked an IV in her arm and after two doses of antibiotics they realized( since it had leaked all over me) that the IV had come out. The next day the IV put in her foot was again not checked over night and after shift change the nurse noticed my daughter's skin on her leg was tight. This was due to the IV again not being in a vein so the antibiotics stayed under the skin. This caused her foot to swell so bad that the skin tore! Literally an open wound from swelling. That is ridiculous! I will not be brining my child back here in the future. The doctors are contracted from AI DuPont hospital and I had no problems with them. Therefore the next problem I have, that is where I will be taking my child. Nanticoke needs better training with a lot of their nursing staff!!

Tony Sylvester

Nurses are good service good procedure to treat you .needs improvement. Don't get injured late in the night. M I R won't be there.

Justin Pack

Have been sitting here for 4 hrs and haven't been seen should have went to prmc

andreina arias

(Translated by Google) Very good patient care (Original) Muy buena atención a los pacientes

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