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Jeffrey Dion

Fantastic care from beginning to end. I had two hernia surgeries, both different days and both by Dr. McCairns.

Xoli Burrell

Nurse Sherry in ER treated my son with love and respect and I called in her boss to give them a 5 star!! Thank you for all your kindness!!

Henrietta Clark

I'd rather die than go to this hospital again.

Cherise Arcamone

Overall everything was great....nursing staff very informative....surgeon kept me up to date, Hospital is average...just old

Trish608 King

Main line customer service sucks...they always have an attitude when you call...isn't that in your job description to transfer calls when locating a patient?? What is the problem??

Leo Armstrong


Lisjen Mana

Amanda Hopkins

This was by far the worst ER experience I've ever had. I was basically left alone in a series of uncomfortable rooms for four hours, during which time no one listened to anything i said apparently, since they randomly discharged me with no solution and a perscription for a low dose version of something i already take twice a day! It wasnt even busy. Staff wandered by loudly chit chatting and laughing about inappropriate personal discussions. Tge only helpful or kind people there were tge security guards and tge insurance lady (who told me i should have gone to a 'real' hospital). At another ER I once had to share a cubicle with a man who died of an overdose in front of me - i still received better care there. I should add there were also potential HIPAA violations, i overheard way more PHI of other patients than i should have been able to.

Lashauna Bennett

Robert and Donna Turner

San Chu Phu

tron le

Worse hospital i ever went to. The nurses AND doctor are lazy!!! The dr and seem to gossip more than trying to help the patient. I Came here to the er room with my uncle didnt waited too long to be called in but they sure did took forever for them to actually come check out my uncle. About 6 different nurse AND doctor come in and out every 30 mins apart to check him out. They said his ear have an infection but when you asked question the dr seem not to know anything. The dr didnt seem to try to discover the problem all he didnt want do a small check up and say you have this and gave him some medicine wishing for it to self heal. My uncle asked for pain medicine and the nurse took about 1 whole hr to bring the medicine. The whole time instead of bringing the medcine for my uncle they sat at the desk and chat. My uncle didnt believe it was an ear infection so he went to another hospital and come to find out he have stone in his gland where the spit travel through and he need surgery done for that.

Tim Buckley

I can’t speak to wait times, but we went to the ED on a slow Sunday morning and the attention was excellent. Dr. Einstein and Dr. Ray each had a wonderful bedside manner with my wife. Nurse Dan was very approachable and present during the 4 hours we were there and my wife was set at ease by his positive attitude. The receptionist was polite and professional and went out of her way to find me while the Doctors were speaking with my wife so I could be ahead and go straight home rather than have to do paperwork after the visit. I didn’t catch her name, but she was tall, African American with long hair; hopefully she gets recognized for being so proactive. The visit surpassed my expectations, it was a difficult moment for us so I’m very grateful.

Joe Trapper

The doctors are caring and they know what their doing

Jennifer Kapelus

My brother in law, Jose had surgery on Friday. The nurse's were phenomenal! He was on the 3rd floor. Rachel and Trisha were great with him. They both answered any questions I had and were very thorough and compassionate. There was some mix ups going on with discharge and Trisha worked endlessly to get him what he needed with the case worker and nursing supervisor (Sorry I dont remember their names). I was thoroughly impressed by the care he received post surgery and was also impressed with the listings of all of the Dr.s and nurses, plans of actions that are listed on the TV/monitor screen in the room. Jose was also impressed how quickly he was taken in and received the surgery on Friday morning. Thank you! Please pass this info along to them!

Marissa Leone

What I 1st arrived they new the reason for my visit and instead of helping me I did more waiting then seeing a doctor. Then I’m told to go see regular doctor when they didn’t really So much for me. Listen I would of done that in the first place if I knew it was going to be a waste of my time. Even after my sister told Them about a family history doctor brushed her off. I would rather bleed out then come Back here

J. Cohen

My wife was admitted and operated on at Methodist on April 12th, 2018 The registration person "CHRISTIANETTA" , the floor nurse "RO " and the room nurse "TAYLOR" were all fabulous and made her stay as pleasant as it could be under the circumstances. They are a credit to your hospital. Thank them for us. Barbara & Jerry Cohen (Room 329)

Deborah Green

I went yesterday in their ER because I'm sick and been feeling aching, but I waited in the waiting room for 2 1/2 hours. And around that time people who got there after me was being seen before me. When I noticed this, I told the receptionist this and told him I was in pain. He said it goes by and number system and they'll be calling me soon. Soon became later and they were still calling people back before me. So I just left because this was unfair.

Annamae Burnett

Wonderful care from truly caring nurses. I was in much discomfort, and my nurses did everything they could ease my discomfort.

Michelle ohmmassagetherapy

J Marie

Everybody’s was extremely nice from the information desk to the surgery and recovery the staff Was so lovely dr. Teffy was awesome and my nurse diana was amazing they made me feel so comfortable because i was really nervous because it was my first surgery

Elena O

hospital sucks. been here for almost 3 hours.. ppl coming in after me are getting called before me like really? i asked when am i gonna get called , the lady at front desk said im next but yet they called somebody else in before me so here i wait. smh.

cjoy harrison

Our son had to come to Methodist after a trauma to his hand. Came through ER from another Jefferson hospital. The ER waiting area is very small, they have 2 cell charging stations, 2 vending machines, and due to the size and set up others can hear protected health information. Have to empty pockets and walk through metal detector to get in. There were two Jefferson police, one in waiting area and one in ER, a little unsettling when you come from a community 30 north of the city. ER staff was professional and courteous, many were friendly. The person who escorted us in was so gentle, sorry I didn't get her name. His nurse Roe, and tech David, were so nice and are an asset to the hospital. He spent the weekend on the third floor with nurses Gwen and Juliette. Both are excellent nurses, Gwen was his night nurse, she is conscientious, responsive and works well under pressure. The first night she was working with Daria who got pulled from ICU and hadn't ever worked on that unit- she too is a great nurse, and has a wonderful bedside manner. Juliette kept us updated while he was in surgery and worked hard to keep him comfortable. And finally his doctors: Dr MacTaggert and Dr Wilson. Both are professional and come with people skills! Something that is extremely rare in surgeons. I hope they continue to treat patients and families with the empathy and compassion that they showed to us. Dr Wilson's surgical talent/ skill and fortitude are exceptional, he spent 6 hours to give our son the best outcome he could!

carlos godoy

Horrible experience, I get in here after went to urgent care with a sharp pain on my chest and neck, higher blood pressure 139 by 109 and higher fever also! The service here is a poor as hell, people working here ( every one, from desk, nurses and doctor!, security) they are good on sarcasm. Shaking in fever and pain they left me on waiting beside the desk, for about more than 3 hours even I complained of my pain and fever. Some old people was waiting for 5 hours. I left after 2 hours waiting and I got worse so my neighbor called ambulance even when I mentioned that I didn’t want come in here they brought me here and it’s being a nightmare since! I’m here for 3 hours already in pain and fever while a I’m write this. This place is a hell, every one here are really upset and mad some crying.

sir dan

Best care any were.

Russell R Gantt

My stay in the hospital was great from the ER to my room 406a all the staff who I meet was truly great and very helpful thank you so much I would love to work for Methodist I'm a CNA trying to get in to be amongst at the staff thanks once again

Robert Walton

Amber Gordon

Had orthopedic surgery here. There was a lot of waiting but the staff was really great! Very nice, friendly, caring and compassionate.

Milena Ilic

I was in emergency last night Feb 27, 2017, Monday and this is now 3rd time I was there in last 15 years. The doctor and nurse's are so wonderful and caring and gentle. This is one of my favorite hospitals, even though of course no one really likes to go to Hospital. But the care That these people give is better then other places. This is only my personal experience. I only wish that everyone would have a good experience in this hospital. The staff is pleasant and they really do take good care of people. All of my stays there were same way. I can't say anything bad about this place. My room was clean and not too cold, they broughtt me water pillows blankets Took me gently to bathroom and helped me with anything i needed with a smile and caring heart! This is the way it should be everywhere. When today I feel much better.

Kelly Metzler

Worst hospital . 3 surgeries had to wait 5 hours both times for a scheduled surgery. Couldn't just do a shoulder surgery made him get a antibiotic disc pot in,, no joint.. N antibiotic pump. Messed up 2nd surgery supposed to put a temporary shoulder joint in. (Outpatient mind you) N told he'll have to go to another hospital and couldn't even get the tenor shoulder put In. It's the waiting and awful service that's definitely their fault.??? On the DR. May not get use of his shoulder back. And pay for parking off your admitted?? Wth

Den Venuti

Geoffrey Allen

Officer "Phipps" or "Phillips" running the cashier station tonight berrated me for an honest mistake not putting "exact change" into the parking machine which ate it. (FIX THE MACHINE!) Meanwhile, my brother just went to the emergency room and had a surgery performed (Which the officer stated "does not matter"). I personally own and operate a business and treat people like people. Never had an interaction with a cop like that before over something so silly. I would not trust this man. I hope the administration understands even the small interactions make a difference when seeking healthcare.

Pinkerton Augustus

One of the worst hospital experiences of my life. Went in for a hernia, immediately got taken back. Had to get a drug and alcohol test since it happened on the job, got it done within the first 15 minutes I was there. After the drug test, I didn’t see my doctor for an hour. The nurse came in and took blood at some point. The doctor finally comes in and does his exam, didn’t think I had a hernia but still wanted me to get an ultrasound to make sure. I then waited 2 hours for the radiologist to come and get me. The radiologist was sweet with a good sense of humor. She also didn’t initially see a hernia. Then I waited another hour for my results, I was so frustrated that I hit the call bell, took them 45mins to come in and all the nurse said was, “the doc will be in shortly.” She turn of the bell and left. After another 30 mins a different doctor came in and said I did have a hernia and tried to set me up with a surgeon. Me living 2 hours away and having been at the hospital for 5 hours I said no and asked her to take the IV out of my arm because it had been in there for 5 hours. She said the nurse will pull it out. The nurse came in 15 minutes later to discharge me, but before doing so she took my urine sample that had been sitting in my room since about a half hour after I got there. Then another 20 mins later she took out the IV and discharged me. I gave the billing department the billing information for my company. They sent all the bills to my home which I sent to scan and sent to corporate. Then I had to see a local surgeon who said he didn’t feel a hernia but wanted to look at the ultrasound. He ordered it after the appt. then I get a call saying I have to fax a letter of consent to the hospital allowing them to release my ultrasound. I called and get the fax number and send it. Didn’t hear anything for a few days. Called again to get an update, turns out I didn’t get the right fax number, so the lady I spoke to sent it over today and that’s where I am at now. It is the worse experience I have had in all the years I’ve been going to hospitals. It’s a very frustrating process. The people there are pretty nice but overall had a very bad experience.

Alicia Spinelli

Horrendous experience. My family Member was in PCU and treated with the most disrespect I have ever seen. He is a World War II veteran and it was absolutely unbelievable how the staff treated him and his family. Not every medical worker was bad to him but when I was there the lack of compassion and lack of knowledge was insane by a few individuals . He was ordered a modified diet and the wrong food came up and he choked and choked and he was there specifically for aspiration. I told The nurse his food wasn’t right and she demanded it was. The kitchen people came to talk to us and were very nice and made adjustments to what was wrong. He was also lying down in bed and asked for a Pillow and she sat her lazy self in her chair and said “ I will give it to him when I find one” in the most nasty tone ever. What happened to patients first? I was blown away by the unprofessionalism!!! Blown away!!! When his meal came the bed did not go to a 90 degree angle where he needed to be In order to eat and she said 60 degrees is fine (as he continued to choke) it was pitiful to watch these people treat myself and my grandfather the way they did. No respect , no dignity , no compassion!! I’m a medical worker myself and can vouch that I treat everyone the way I would my family -with love, understanding , compassion, and getting them whatever they need it as quickly as I possibly can!!!! Some of these people truly need to re-evaluate what they want to do for a living because I’m still disgusted at the treatment he received. I forgot to mention the one nurse eves dropped on my cousins conversation where she was telling her mother how our family Member was treated and the nurse proceeded to say “none of that is true!!” MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS you horrible nurse and go actually treat your severely ill patients instead of rudely Eves dropping on a patients family member !!!!! Members conversation. Unbelievable !!!!

Farego Poxdecider

I went in with a serious problem and they didnt know what the problem was . i went twice 2 get the same results

Rhonda Mackey

michelle Spates

This is by far the worst hospital ever I will never come back here

Chet Donnally

Excellent staff and mid level providers

Emmie In Philly

To the person who left a review Lez Lebertarian approximately two months ago, I'm just wondering what "Medicaid dependent folk" have to do with the care you received at this particular hospital? And before you respond, you clearly have given another large University Hospital the same review. (See Google's good like that). Instead of basing your review on what type of insurance you "think" others may have or may not have, and sterotyping other patients, maybe you should try to place an actual helpful review, ie: the care given to you, wait time, ect. Granted, all hospitals have good and bad reviews, but yours is completely unfounded. I'm sorry not everyone can be as important and carry a private insurance such as yourself.

Joe C.

Excellent xray department,came in for MRI ,Linda and her co/worker at front desk no messing around they get your paper work done ,very efficient and friendly,after that they guide you to the back,before you know it, xray technician came out asked a few questions,and right to MRI,Xray techincians were polite and respectful.Job Done Well.

Shirley Tan

As an outgoing student and volunteer, I am writing to thank the entire Jefferson University Hospitals Methodist team for the opportunity to learn from its consummate practitioners. It has been one of the best, most gratifying and fulfilling experiences of my academic career. They provided me with honest, constructive criticism while always championing my efforts, all of which had a highly positive influence that greatly contributed to my ability to succeed. The professionals I shadowed taught me that working towards a goal is the first step to achieving it. Moreover, any challenges can be overcome through constant practice and improvement. They are individuals devoted to continually improving themselves professionally, which revealed how important it is for me to do likewise. By staying engaged and informed intellectually throughout one’s career, one can optimize one’s skill set and cognitive abilities to delivery of quality care as well as expand opportunities and continually partake in new avenues of learning. Their dedication reminded me that if one shows enough commitment to scientific learning, they will continually seek out and ultimately find the right answers. This attribute is a hallmark of a scientific mind with its ability to "go back to the drawing board" when things do not add up. During shadowing, it was impressed upon me that the desired goal in effective learning is to always have an open mind which is ever amenable to advice and insights from scientific colleagues. Scientific inquiry can lead to many surprises and is often difficult to predict, but with continued application, one can discover groundbreaking solutions that have the potential to impact the world. The staff excels in caring for the sickest, most medically complex patients while simultaneously modeling for students the professionalism, interpersonal skills, and scientific knowledge necessary for them to likewise excel in their own professional pursuits. While the entire staff is superior, I would be remiss if I did not specifically thank Nisreen R. Jahshan for thoroughly explaining the medical charts to me page by page. She shared her advice and exposed me to different specialties and alternative routes for effective patient care. Her enthusiasm inspired me to try and work that much harder toward achieving my personal and professional goals. It is impossible to express the gratitude I feel with mere words. Her guidance and encouragement ignited my own passion for learning and civic engagement. Next month, I begin studies towards a Master's of Science in Education degree while also working for the next 2-3 years as a full-time English teacher. As I engage in this endeavor, I will certainly apply the same level of commitment and dedication which Nisreen so consistently taught me. I am so honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her and the entire Jefferson University Hospitals Methodist team. I truly believe there are no better representatives which demonstrate this hospital’s unsurpassed excellence. Regards, Shirley Tan

Vincent Carnabuci

My dad was admitted to Methodist Emergency room in critical condition. He had just cardiac arrested. His care while in the ER was extremely exceptional. Dr Hurwitz worked on my Dad for over 4 hours trying to do everything in her power to save him after his arrest. Her medical expertise and knowledge of critical care treatment was terrific. She went above and beyond to fullfill her duties as an ER physician. Also the nurses in particular Julia and Beverly were also extremely caring and compassionate to me and my family during this trying time. Additionally the ER respiratory therapist Gerri was outstanding in her care and expertise. Once my father was stabilized and admitted to the MICU, his terrific care continued. I would like to thank Don, his nurse, who provided extremely precise and compassionate care to my dad and my mom while she sat bedside. His other nurse, Hannah, was extremely kind and caring as well and took good care of my mom bringing her juice and crackers after she suffered a fainting spell. Simply stated, being in a hospital is a terrible sitaution for anyone, but Jefferson Methodist treats you like family. I would recommend their care to anyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mary Saidawi

You should accept all insurance yes they should not fair

R Wise

I came in Friday night to get stitches and waited for four hours before anyone acknowledged me. I watched other people with even worse conditions sit in the waiting room in crucial pain. When I finally got in the back I watched the entire staff play on their phones and walk around doing absolutely nothing besides going on/getting off of breaks instead of HELPING patients in any possible way. If all these people were/are waiting for hours on end, then we go to the back and there is NO running around or emergency-like behaviors from the staff, then it is safe to say that they are ALL lazy (except for our nurse Dana Perfetti who FINALLY could help us) and do not care about the well-beings of the patients who have no choice but to come to this shithole. Being busy is one thing, but being busy, unhelpful, and unprofessional is something else! No one had any sense of urgency at all. I have never witnessed anything like this in my life. I really wonder who is managing this place. Whoever oversees this emergency department needs to be replaced asap!!! I have never taken the time to write a negative feedback or any feedback at all in my life. This was necessary. Something seriously needs to be done. If you are reading this, do not ever go to this emergency department in hopes of receiving emergency aide; you will not get it here!!! Perfetti was great though; the hospital is just severely understaffed and unequipped to even be OPEN and LISTED online, gps, etc. as "emergency room."

Janet Liss

Wait times for tests are minimal and the staff and technicians are very nice and considerate

Diane K

Nicky Paps

Alex Tavella

This is the most unprofessional medical setting I have ever been in. I’m currently in the emergency unit. I came in for chest and shoulder pain. It’s 5am and all the nurses are at their station talking extremely loud, cursing, and talking about everything but works. So far I listened to a conversation about breast implants and vaginal reconstruction (one of the nurses friends had both done). I also listened to a nurse say that when she does rounds she just marks a patients pain gauge at 0 if they are sleeping because, “if they are sleeping they can’t be hurting that bad”.

John Schilling

Everyone was nice and informative.

Zakk Snyder

Had surgery there a week ago. Everyone there was incredibly nice, from the intake staff to preop to recovery. My surgical team was amazing and everyone made me feel comfortable and well taken care of. Overall, a very positive experience. Thank you to everyone who helped me.

Stephen Burgio

Cars _And_Cigars_MD

Was at the Jefferson Methodist headache center all week. The care I was given was above and beyond anything I could have expected. From the sanitation workers up to the drs and all in between were exceptionally friendly and courteous. If I ever have to go back, which I hope I will not, I know I will be well taken care of.

wesnelle bonnet

Dawn Sweeney

Worst Jefferson hospital. The Dan the ER nurse virtually ignores you. Resident dr doesn’t listen. My father had to go to the bathroom and Dan the nurse was busy chatting it up with the pharmacist at the nurses station rather than helping my father get unhooked from all the machines. Definitely will never come here again.

Yifei Liu

Horrible experience

davido monochittionopo

Stay away from this hospital. I call it Frankenstein hospital...just an awful experience.

KEY Glow

My daughter in law she was there with strong pain and bleeding ,she is pregnant and they don't care she was waiting for 5 hours or more to take her to transfer to Pennsylvania the meantime no one came to the room and talk with us about the procedure with her.. they took a blood test and they don't sent to the lab , just they let the blood tubes in the counter with out her name ..this is totally un professional at all .. next to my daughter in law was a old gentleman asking for water he told to the same nurse that was in care of my daughter in law and she don't listen him and he was asking for a water for 30 minutes that so bad .. they don't care about their patients .. all of the nurse was in the counter makes jokes and someone in theirs personal phone.. the only thing they have good and very organized and super professional was the security.. they do a good job .

John Starr

Waited hours for no services and got nothing ,went in with a problem and left with a problem, I would not send my dog to this place, 2 thumbs down.

Prashila Kafley

Its not an emergency hospital I have been waiting for 6 hours and still haven’t been treated if you have an emergency you’re far better off with urgent care

joann stevens

I went there to get checked out about 2 1/2 years ago after I got abuse, my face was disgusting and the nurse going to tell me that I had herpes and try to give me medicine I declined I was highly mad. Same day I went to my primary doctor and told my doctor what this hospital told me and they test me and here it is 2 1/2 years later I’m still waiting on that phone call to say I have herpes. To top it off I was only 17 and dhs had to come out and investigate and now they think I got herpes cause this hospital. Don’t recommend.


Can't believe I'm waiting for a mammo and Steve Wilko is on the tv..smh. How disturbing and unprofessional! As if all patients are interested in "YOU'RE NOT THE BABY'S DADDY" programs! How annoying!

Oh Mattei

The two nurses in the emergency department; one name Eric and another women who had an attitude that drew my grandfathers blood after 2 attempts of placing a I.V. Was fishing for the vein for blood After I told them to pull it out they kept pushing it in while my grandfather was in pain and his expression clearly shows how much it hurt him. I am furious with this team. I am a phlebotomist and I understand how important it is to retrieve lab work but not if a patient looks like he is more in agony. Pull it out and try again!!! This is not patient care; nor in the patients best interest. It makes him more mad and not want to come here to get his health check but wants to walk out even with the medical issues he currently has ..

leelee jay

Great nurses and other staff in Endoscopy Department

T.j Waters

Great hospital

Philly Freebird

Unprofessional nurses....talking loud I will rather dye then go back there..wouldnt give me pain meds because of the opioid addiction epidemic...not everyone who asked for pain meds is addicted to them have compassion I had to leave ama because I got the worst pain. The staff nurses are unprofessional talk down yo you..after this visit i will never come back here.

Max Freedman

Maybe I just got lucky with my first ER experience. I had major reservations going in, obviously; I'd heard about long wait times and poor treatment by staff at other hospitals, but I hadn't even heard of Methodist before I was instructed to go to this ER. I experienced very literally no wait time upon arriving at the ER, around 2pm on a Saturday in September. I was in triage as soon as I was done talking to the person at the front desk. I was in an exam room maybe ten minutes later. I was brought to ultrasound pretty quickly thereafter. I was back in my exam room after that for maybe, like, 20 minutes before my test results were given, and then I waited no more than 10 minutes for a final nurse visit before being discharged. Everyone I interacted with was super friendly, kind, and just generally approachable and gentle. I hope to never need to go to the ER again, but I know the hospital I'll choose if it comes to that.

fuko mynacho

Many reasons will contact each dept individually thank you.

allan zhou

Terrible service .emergency room waiting more than 3 hour.

Tonya Drumgo

my husband had his appendix removed at Methodist, they done a very good job...All Praises be to ALLAH

Alondra Madera

Worse hospital wolf building the security guards just worry about her nails lord mercy, and in the surgery, the receptionist she need retirement all ready. I hope never have to get back here. Need training people

South Philly Mafia Tours

My nurse was a black Afro American person who made it clear that i wasnt properly cared for because im white person! They even drew a swastika on my forehead in whiteout while i was under anesthesia! Theyre referred to me as the cracka and now im in the process of seeking therapy and developed post tramatic stress syndrome

Kalpan Subba

What kind of Emergency hospital is this??? I never waited so long in hospital but this hospital makes me wait like 5 hours for fever.

Pamela Tudor

No one was there to register us when we came in for a hand procedure. It was like a ghost town. Really creepy. We had to wait a while for someone to appear to start the process. When we got upstairs it was busier and more populated. In the end, there were plenty of nurses and docs around, all quite pleasant. The first experience however was so unnerving that I would not want to return to this hospital.

Trudy DiMattia

I have mixed feelings. I got great care on 8/29/16, but I witnessed a woman, get scolded by the Head Nurse in public. She yelled at her, and was so disrespectful. I thought, she better not be nurse or her and I are gonna be sharing words....That woman didn't deserve to be treated that way.

Diane Hatchett

The best hospital I have ever stay at in over 50years.

J Coleman

Pasquale Fiore

Desirèe Belabbas

Almost killed my mom in the icu and nurse keep pushing me to pull the puluge on my mom and I refuse she got better and is still here not professional if u go to icu

Zee Williams


This place is HORRENDOUS. I recently had back surgery, and I was tackled at a party. I felt as though something had been knocked out of place. Serious stuff! The front desk lady was so rude I had to leave before I could even sit down in the jam packed waiting area. I understand that the job can be stressful at times, but if you cannot work with patients in excruciating pain, then this is not the job for you. This place should be able to move a lot more quickly. Listen to these people’s complaints, and fix it.

Lez Libertarian

I wonder if all of the complaints about this place are from Medicaid dependent folk. I have no problems with this place myself.

Robert Liss

Frank Juliano

If only I could give 0 stars. Disgraceful trip to the ER, ill wait for 2 days in UPenns ER before ever seeking care there again.

lo resist

Cleaned up. Pleasant people

Maryann Emami

I think this hospital needs a lot work. Most of the staff is not bad but the rest are not good at being nurses. The don’t have the patient’s care in mind. They are not helpful to the patients they are rude and do not put the patients needs first. My mother was there this year and we had a lot of problems with some of the nurses on the 4th floor. They were not kind to the patients at all. They gave her the wrong medicine and then tried to make excuses. We did complain to the resources at the hospital but I don’t think it will change. The hospital has a lot of older people because it is close to their homes, if only they could be taught empathy


I went there today to have a hand surgery done and was very happy / impressed. I was a little skeptical based on the 2.5 star rating. But after my amazing experience I felt compelled to give them a five star! The staff was super friendly and the establishment was very clean. Surgery was quick and smooth.

Carol Roberts

Briana Brown

Im looking to go here because I am trying to detox and stay off opiates ... Is this the place for me to go?? Any suggestions ...anybody please?? I'm looking for a place in the Philly area to go within the next few days, please someone who knows this place give me any advice ?

Jennifer P

I went in for surgery this past Tuesday and was released on Friday with all of my time spent on the 3rd floor. Upon arriving there was free valet parking for all of that days surgical procedures which was really nice. The checkin procedure didn’t take too long and I was up in the surgery prep room maybe 30min after checking in. The nurses in the prep room were both very good and exceptionally nice to both my spouse and I. After surgery I spent the next 3 days in a 3rd floor room(I had my own room!!!). During that time there was never a worry about how long I’d have to wait when the call button was pressed. If something about my healing was a concern, they were right there helping me. It didn’t matter the shift, day, or time of day, everyone was just amazing. During my stay, there was maybe as many as 10-12 different nurses who were there to aid in my recovery. There were a couple of items that came up just as I was leaving for which the Charge Nurse, Courtney, made sure everything was taken care of before I left. What stands out the most of my time at Jefferson Methodist is just how nice, and compassionate, everyone at the hospital was to me (and my spouse). From the valet parking our car, to the person where I checked in, to all the nurses, even the person who showed up every day to clean the room and the other who took my meal order and brought it, they were all wonderful. Before this procedure, I had never been admitted to a hospital, only a visitor, and I never heard of Jefferson Methodist until a few months ago when the procedure was scheduled (we are not local). However this hospital left an excellent impression on my mind and I’m so glad that my surgeon is operating here!!!

William Toner

I was treated with great care and respect, it was my first experience at this hospital and came away with a feeling of great confidence, great doctors and nurses. The staff was great, Thank you to all who served me during my stay


I went to the er at Methodist tonight , I woke up Out of my sleep with severe pain in my head and throwing my guts up . When I got to the hospital there was no one there they took me back fast and did a ekg shortly after a doctor came in did a 3 minute exam and next thing I know the nurse comes back in with a slew of medicines to shoot threw and iv one being something called haldol which is an extremely strong medicine used for psychosis I told him he is crazy and I was not talking that what was the reason to give it to me he said he didn't know ....... it's a shame that you get sick and then have to Worry about getting proper treatment from what's suppose to be professionals absolute disgrace ,,,,,

Kelly Spicer

JURDX-.- Gaming

James Thompson

Karen Campioni

I can't say enough wonderful compliments about my experience at Jefferson! I had a scheduled surgery with Dr. Park and all the staff, nurses and doctors were so kind and professional. Dr. Park and her surgical team were very reassuring and kept me updated and was there for any questions or concerns. Everyone went out of their way to help me feel comfortable and was quick and kept on schedule. The nurses were outstanding and very kind and compassionate! I would highly recommend anyone to the care and expertise of this hospital!

josh rose

lousy communication between nursing staff and patients immediate family!!

Not Sure

Bibi Alli

This is the most WORST emergency hospital I have even been to!!!! If you have an emergency do NOT go to Methodist Hospital because you will die waiting for a doctor to see. Seriously.

Learsi Martinez-Bailey

Hussain Dashti

If u r not dying then they will make you wait for 5 hours or more. Thats what i'm going through right now. I'm waiting for more than 4 hours and they let all the people that came after me in while make me wait. I feel tat they want me to get out by doing that. I'm really sick and have burning in some areas of my body and exhausted but they doesn't care. Worst hospital ever. If you are not sick you will be once you go there because they make you wait for ever until you die. No respect from people who work there.

Cleo Herrera

I go there.

Ahmarri Carrington

My stay was fantastic! I was admitted for three days after a surgical procedure and I was blown away with how supportive the nurses were. Would recommend this hospital to anyone because they truly value their jobs and committing to the patients.

William Steen

I have had a couple of procedures done at Methodist. (Hernia repair & vein closure). A very positive experience indeed, wonderful doctors & staff. 5 stars.

Kitty Meowsers

Prabhu Baskar

nice place


HORRIBLE!! I will avoid at all costs. I don't care if its an emergency. They are ignorant and under-educated people. When my Grandmother had Alzheimers and cancer, she was not treated with respect and care. The brain dead nurses (or not nurses) gossiped and laughed at her. My Grandmother may have had Alzheimers, but these people had something far worse going on in their brain. I had to go up there to watch my dying Grandmother during lunch because one woman said she wanted to “shove food down her throat”. She tried to smile in my face. Another time I went to the ER and a woman was coughing up blood and nobody did anything about it or even batted an eye! Her husband called out for help and they turned their heads until he yelled at them for like the 10th time. They keep you there as long as possible for the smallest things. They don't care about you, they care about money. This hospital needs a makeover and properly trained PROFESSIONAL employees, not trash.

Lo Mack

Hospital is dirty.. Waiting area for registration for surgery smells of food. What there calling a cafeteria is in the basement.... They don't take credit cards.. don't have pricing..

Giovani Cindy

Thank you for all the doctors, surgeons, and especially the nurses that were very attentive to us!

Gladys Wilson

Carl C

Amazing surgery experience. Doctor performed laparoscopic hernia surgery. From surgery prep to the recovery room, extremely friendly and smooth experience. Total time is hospital was 6hours. Highly recommend this Jefferson Outpatient Hospital.

Michelle Davis

Went to the ER w/my husband. Once we walked in I stated it will be a long wait. ER very crowded. From Triage nurse to discharge nurse all was outstanding. The Triage nurse never lost her sense of humor (we were sitting across from the triage room and could see through large glass windows) with patients and families. The nurse that placed us in the treatment room ( 4-hrs later) was very pleasant and when I asked for a snack- a lunch box was brought to me. Dr. Mark was very personable and displayed a very engaging demeanor. Answered all our questions (and we had a lot). Now - only issue was the registration front desk - asked questions (name, dob, reason for being here, were you here before) and all could hear so we had to reply in a very very low voice. What stood out the most was when we were leaving and a nurse acknowledge and apologized for our long wait - WOW...Yes, live in South Philly and this is my ER of choice. I also would recommend this ER. Thank you for the service you provided us.....

dwight baldwin

So highly NOT recommended..... Got a call for a doctor's appointment for my mom after visiting urgent Care..I was driving so I couldn't write info down. Asked for a simple email with info. Never received. Called number they called from ten times... NEVER AN ANSWER, no they canmachine..If they can't be trusted to send an email or answer a phone, should they be trusted with anything more serious... Like our mother's health?!?!

muath jarwan

Not such a pleasant visit, i had to wait more than 1 hour to see my physician :/

Christine Nguyen

Walked into the ER after getting into a car accident tonight and it has been over 4 hours and I still have not seen a doctor. I have not had a bad experience here until today. It is 3AM and I am still waiting while I’m excruriating pain. Everyone who has came in has asked me the same questions. Over and over. I would like to just go home.

Evan Logan

I was a bit worried to bring my sick friend here after seeing so many poor reviews. BUT - From the moment we walked through the doors, everyone we came into contact with was kind, caring, and prompt with their service. We didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes in the initial wait room before being seen. From we had to get an x ray, an IV, and some medication. I won't comment on the time it took because I understand they have many people to see and we didn't have a critical condition. Overall the wait wasn't long, we got great care from everyone, and I'm happy with the entire interaction. Thank you to everyone who helped us!

Jade Minus

Had a very long wait time but overall very nice professional nurses and drs.

Steve Dalton

Ive had 15 surgeries here and every one of them has been a 5 star experience. Nurses have all been super friendly and my surgeon is top notch.

Natalie Ruggieri

Lynn at surgical reception desk is a wonderful caring person. Such an asset to Methodist hospital. Wanted to add that the nurses in Endoscopy suite (Eugenia and Tina) are such wonderful professionals and took such great care of my Dad. Thank you for your care and compassion. It means so much.

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