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REVIEWS OF MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital IN Delaware

Geezmoms Silva

It was great they excepted my heroine addict but, they can keep you 5 to 7 days, my child was barely there 5 days before being put out while still suffering withdrawal symptoms, they didn't have a place for her to go .after discharge, instead they had to work something out, then they dropped her off at a rehab right in the middle of Crackville, needless to say she signed herself out the next day and is now back in the street! Thank you meadow wood. And thanks Jordan.

carly patterson

staff was friendly and genuinely cared about me and the other patients.

coool stuff

Waste of money and time and i still need help.

Leyla Didehvar

Adrienne H

2nd time admitting my 12 year old son. horrible place. there was minimal contact between me and the social worker. i had to talk to my son to find out what was going on. social worker would lie to my son and said he contacted me. they wanted him discharged without speaking to me first. i wanted them to call social services so they could see how negligent this hospital is. when i picked up my son, no one asked for Identification. i couldve been anyone picking him up.

Emecee Ellison

Emerald Devine

I have to say excluding the wait time, I feel this has been one of the better mental health facilities I've come across. So far I'm happy with the assistance they've provided my child. I would send someone here before any other local location.

Steve L

Didn't really care for this place to much. Very small group rooms and the doctor's are not very friendly. The food terrible and it was a small room that you eat in. The aftercare planning really wasn't that good. Social workers don't really care about the clients. But for the most part I got what I needed to get out of here. A peace of mind new meds that worked for awhile. A ton of smoke breaks.

Nanci Roberts

This facility is understaffed under trained and improperly run. Dr. Jacobs spent literally four minutes with me and wanted to put me on five different drugs. I declined that many and agreed with two. When I left Meadowood facility I want to my own psychiatrist and he immediately took me off the two drugs Dr. Jacobs put me on. I was told by many that Dr. Jacobs has a terrible reputation and should not even be practicing. The counselors all try but there are only five of them and many many patients. I went there under my own free will and wanted to get something out of the program. I literally spent 20 minutes with each group session. The day is made up of six hours so all the time in between is spent doing absolutely nothing. When I first got there I was told I had to pay $2000 because that is my deductible. I was not thinking clearly to realized that my deductible had already been met when I was in the hospital for two weeks before I decided to go to Meadowood. I have been calling every other week since march and this is now almost July to get my money returned. They keep telling me it is on the way. They must be sending it from Europe using pony express.

Kit Karrot

This place was terrible. The staff here were very rude and unprofessional with the exception of a few people. This place doesn't help people, they find someone to single out and they mock and judge you in sneaky, indiscreet ways as if they really know what it is you're going through exactly. Pump them full of meds and shut them up, right ?

Andy Foraker

Staff are very abusive towards the patients. Facility is very dirty in the cages where they keep the patients.

Lena Hull

Best mental health institution in the area by far

Michelle Shiflett

I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND MEADOWWOOD NOT EVEN TO MY DOG...... First of all, they lied on the discharge summary....the whole time my son was in there I never once spoke to the DOCTOR. My son had episodes of outbursts of harming himself and others and they said he wasn't harm to himself or others. All they want is the money from insurance and they DON"T CARE ABOUT THESE CHILDREN..... IT MAKES ME SICK......

alan shores

If anyone you love or care about is having a mental health crises...DO NOT bring them to Meadowwood Hospital! It's a faciest torture chamber! The medical staff have no regard for the well being of the patients..and instead seem more interested in holding people hostage until their insurance runs out! They do not give patients the medications that were prescribed by their regular psychiatrist, and instead treat patients like pharmaceutical guinea pigs! My son was unfortunately a patient at Meadowwood, and they gave him a medication that caused him to have seizures, and he ended up in the emergency room! He came home (eventually) in far worse condition than before he was admitted! It took several weeks of sessions with his regular psychiatrist and therapist before he was back to his usual self again!

K. Wilder

Fawn Rittenhouse

Professional and want. Knowledgeable staff. Ready and able to help.


Don't let your loved ones wind up here! Gross neglect of basic needs is the standard. There is zero mental health care ("group sessions" are usually watching TV) and most drugs are prescribed without any safety information-- even witnessed drugs prescribed to expecting women that are contraindicated for pregnancy! Informed consent was violated here daily with virtually every patient I met. I had a week-long stay and literally never spoke with a doctor for longer than five minutes at a time. My social worker spent longer-- 10 mins!-- with me. Beware of the "voluntary" label-- you won't even be evaluated for 72 hrs, after which you can still be committed against your will. When my roommate was acutely depressed, anxious, and crying, the ONLY interaction she got from staff was when a charge nurse named Stacy told her to "grow up and put on your big girl undies". Throughout her stay when she would break down in tears, staff would consistently ignore her. This left me, a patient, to talk her through it and provide daily emotional support. Much of my discharge paperwork, including the crisis and safety sections, were filled out by a social worker without discussing anything with me (she actually forged my initials) in order to speed the process up. This is not a safe or ethical facility.

pink pie

Paren of patient J

This facility is an abomination and no wonder why the state of mental health care in DE is at an all time low. The doctors are incompetent and the facility is grossly mismanaged. Did I say Grossly Mismanaged. If you care about your family member go out of state and avoid this facility at all costs. As a concerned parent, I was lied to, misled and ultimately disappointed in the entire system. While the secondary staff is nice and on the surface accommodating, the primary health care providers are basically useless and even more harmful than good. Do Not Place a Loved One in this facility if you care about the care they will be given.

Johnna Hopkins

Please realize that people with negative experiences are much more likely to write a review than people who had a positive experience. I was a patient for two weeks and have nothing but good things to say. The staff were kind and very helpful. Dave, Keith, and Brian couldn’t have been more helpful. Treatment is what you make of it. Most of the reviewers sound like they weren’t very involved in their treatment. I would not hesitate to return, should I need to, and would recommend this facility highly.

Sherry Hall

Gross negect of patient care by the social worker and psychiatrist. My daughter never received a thorough eval. She was discharged too soon. There wasn't a discharge meeting. The referrals for aftercare weren't done. No administrator was ever available. Terrible.

becki james

My 15 year old daughter was in a dark place and we placed her in the care of Meadowood. This was a great place to figure out a plan of action to get my child feeling better about her life and future. The place was relatively clean and they separate the adults and adolescents. The intake lady was very kind and it made it a little bit easier to leave my child in their care. I gave the facility 4 stars because my daughter was in the facility for mental health issues and a lot of the kids there talked about their substance abuse issues (which I know can be due to mental illness) but it made my daughter feel like she didn't belong at times because the group therapy sessions were talking about the drug and alcohol abuse, it just would be better if they maybe limited the drug and alcohol usage during group time and maybe offered a group that was geared for help with those specific issues. My daughter was accepted into their out-patient day program where they picked her up everyday and brought her home so the transition from being inpatient to being home was much smoother. The therapist that ran the outpatient program was amazing and had such and positive impact on my daughter.

Ryan Haines

Place is a complete joke. Rude & unprofessional. Kinda ironic, right? Being it's a place that's supposed to help you. There is no structure within the partial program. Expect to just be sitting around for 45 minutes at times doing nothing. Not to mention, they have doctors that diagnose you in 10 minutes. Either they're really gifted or just don't give a damn. Oh & they will try to put you on several different meds just for the hell of it. You have patients slumped on the couch or walking around like zombies because of all the meds they're on. Seems like it's all about getting the insurance money & getting you out as soon as possible. I'd recommended the Rockford Center over this place if you're actually seeking help.

Orita Thompkins

Of all the nursing facilities that I have been employed ; the most recent statement, I felt that I spent 8 days there. We were mistreated by not many compassion handlers. I have seen 5 our of six un- dissatisfied clientele. I had very beautiful roomsmates, who cried as myself for being roughly handicapped. Just to say it was wasn't all staff, but directcare, and some everyon meds nurses on night nurse. That experience is one that I pray, that I never have to endure again, nor any of my family and friends! Those individuals with non-conpassioned should have taken Behavior in-searvices, and positive attributes when MINISTERING to God's children. Amen!

Evan Harper


Camden Ann

Lauren Dell

Staff has repeatedly been rude and unprofessional on the phone. I have been hung up on 3 times in 3 days. The staff I have spoken too lack customer service skills and even basic communication skills and manners. I am very unhappy with the way I was treated over the phone from this facility... can only begin to imagine the way they must treat their patients.

Mark Riley

I see alot of bad reviews but this place is what you make it. I checked myself in for drug addiction & depression and feel like they saved my life. Every place has it's bad seeds but your there to focus on yourself, not worry about someone's attitude. I turned my life around with the help of this place and if I can do it, anyone can. Keith is a great addition to this place, it's nice when people can understand. I realize not everyone can share the same experience as me, but I checked myself in for a reason at no one else's fault but my own. If you want to change this place will give you step 1, the rest is on your own. If anyone reading this needs someone to speak to feel free to contact me. Good luck!

Christine Gutowski

I would give it no stars; however, that didn't work. The staff is incompetent and unprofessional. The person whom I spoke to is Keisha, and she was extremely unprofessional and rude. How DARE you try to tell someone that maybe it was a choice that the person did not return their call - when just seconds later, you then state that they are just walking into the common area. AND then to sit there and place the phone on the desk and think it's professional behavior to speak about the person on the phone when it's OBVIOUS they can hear you. If these types of services are needed in the future, I WILL RUN as far away as possible from this facility. I will NEVER recommend it to anyone, no matter the circumstance. The few and far between professional individuals that work there do not make up for the ones that sorely need re-training and/or a new job. This facility has fed misinformation on three separate occasions within the last six days. I will look elsewhere if these services are ever needed again.

Katy walker

shawn warner

Horrible place. Very out dated and dr. Klump is very unprofessional. If you have other choices go there instead.

Lila Wildey

Jason Bishop

Do not send anyone to this place. They have killed my grandfather by drugging him to death.

heath webb

I stayed here for two weeks an I thought the staff was great they was not strict they give you as much space as they could what really counts is I was sick when I came there an they did their best to help me get clean an make me feel better they allow you to smoke the food could get better this is a two week program it would work for people if they really wanted it to I would go back here to get help if I needed to I'm very thankful for this program for their help an caring it would be very selfish for anyone to give this place a bad review thanks Meadowwood Behavioral Health for your program


Staff is unprofessional and sorely lacking proper training. Specifically Keisha.


Horrible, you come in high, stay high in there, and stay high when you leave. This place is full of drugs from "counselors" GED leader's and drop out nurses that that get high off of staffs drugs for money. Is this a place to help someone or is it there to make more drug addict friends. There should be no exchanging of numbers and hanging out on the outside. I will be following up with senator coons and the state treasurer about funding and potentially shutting down the drug addicted staff. Counselors and actual drug addicts. The spread of stds inside bathroom sex. Disgusting. Not a place for help just a place for drug connections. Honestly everyone should be put in jail this is the 1st of you hearing about me riff raff

Anthony Salerno

Only because I couldn't give it less. My kid was their less than 24 hours before I pulled her. Too long a story to describe here but it is like a jail.

Erik Leon

Brandin Ford

This place is for the INSANE. I’m SUPER SANE. My type of sanity is something you can not understand. It’s too complicated for a normal person. That’s why I knew how to break out. It’s amazing what someone like me can do in 5 minuets.

Peter Lindvall


Joyce Galello

I don't know how anyone of any decency can give Meadowood a bad review. Perhaps those that are painfully going through the process would not see clearly, however from a loved one's perspective I cannot say enough. The hospital, staff, along with Dr Foster saved my family member's life. Everyone was attentive, professional, and available at any time to help me through the process of putting my brother's life back together. Additionally, Julie (Clinical Assessment Nurse Liaison) helped me with the next step when I had no idea where to go. She is so dedicated in her position and was there for me 24/7. I highly recommend this facility.

That’s It

Adam Gochnour

The staff is cordial and caring. They helped me through a difficult time in my life and offered great out patient care programs that continued my treatment. Shouts out to Mr.B, Karl and my man Cam, thank you all so much for the care and support!

Anna Mello

Very good

Court Jester

Decent folks: Mr. Karl (THE PROFESSOR) + Mr. Tyrone + Sabrina (the teenage witch aka D from Clueless) + Stephanie (RN) + Deborah (RN) were my ONLY saving grace. G-d help these children....Thank you Dr. Desi, I've got a Movado too for my graduation, I just needed EYE DROPS....Dr. Smith needs 2 go back to med school ASAP and stop waving her finger at people as if she were holier than thou because ADHD, bipolar disorder, and panic attacks are NOT the same thing so stop shoveling pills down people's throats so that you can get a paycheck. Dr. Jacobsson (Друг, Здравствуйте?!? Cheers from St. Petersburg!) needs a promotion ASAP. NOTE TO ALL: ask to sign a 72-hour release if over 18 and NOT under civil commitment unless you enjoy being drugged and treated as if you were in the 3rd grade.

Zyayre Coursey-miller

Love it

Bridget Regan

Photography Master

I was there a while ago, horrible place. Terrible people. Especially Ms. Milly! She was always rude and terrible. We had our doors shut and locked. We were stuck in the day room for groups. We could not leave. I gained weight from that place. The pills they make you take! This place traumatized me more then the reason I got put in that hell.

Jerry Allen

Needed paper signed from my daughter so I could get medical attention for her 7yr old son my grandson. Lady at desk called social worker told her. She ended up talking with me asked her for just a couple minutes of her time so I could get signature, she tells me if she had to come out to lobby every time someone needed to see her she would never get anything done. She says I’m in a meeting, told her I’ll wait in late baby 1-2-3 hrs what ever, I really need this signature. She tells me make an appointment! Leave my name and number at desk I’ll call you. She never did. She told me to come in at 6pm tonight during visiting hrs so my daughter could sign paper. I came back at 6pm only to find out there was no visiting that night. I’m not done with this I’ll take this as far up in the he state I can.

Claire Champagne

I have had horrible experiences and life changing experiences at this hospital. Currently I am working on a non-profit organization for an arts and music center for New Castle County(to begin). I am reworking my web blog that will focus on this project and getting exposure in order to better serve the community with art and music therapy. Meadowood doesn't seem to have a direct line to Human Resources, but I'm hoping as a college educated(many are, but contribute nothing to the adult programs as far as helping patients in groups) artist(animation) and since then explored the vastness of the arts, which is one of the top most beneficial therapeutic methods to help those with mental illness express themselves while simultaneously building self esteem. I hope people will read this and help my project take off, to better the state of Delaware and increase awareness of mental illness and open up more resources, which are few in this state. I hope to help those in-patient, as a former patient who knows first hand the program suggests more than it actually offers(a rolling table with cheap colored pencils and paper greeted with little to no interest in providing at least an introduction of themselves and the many forms of art therapy. If its based on a degree, then my passion to connect with people I can truly relate to has no merit for consideration. I find that a waste of time for people who really want in depth ways to cope with their illnesses. Rockford also needs a lot of work. Those are the only two centers I have found to exist, and should work hard to improve their facilities. I could care less about ones education. The RS's who helped me the most had no college education, but their stories were inspiring and compassion was in their eyes and words. Maybe this will push these centers to offer more, considering any review might have a negative impact on their reputation. Its about money and selling the business. I've always thrived in sales, getting grants is the next step

Taylor Gube

Staff Member was hostile towards me after 2 failed attempts to deliver her food. Walked into lobby with nobody at front desk, 3 calls to customer, no response, still nobody in lobby 10-15 mins later, moved onto next delivery. Came back 8 mins later, nobody in lobby yet again, no answer, so I move onto one of the 6 other late deliveries because of this delay. Get back to the shop an hour later to see the order still sitting there at the shop! Another driver took it and ran into the same obstacle. I'm sent back there for a final time, somebody is finally in lobby, the number on the ticket answers and she's there within a min. Just to be confronted with yelling and accusations of how I never arrived in the first place the first two times. You got security footage, you can see a good 10-15 mins of me standing in an empty lobby patiently waiting to give this lady her food. You can also see me pull up again 10 mins after I left attempting to deliver the food again. If that's how that person treated me, a person simply trying to do their job. i'm sincerely afraid how that person treats patients.

Sam Alex Earley

I have been in Meadowwood many times. This place sucks and makes you feel less than human. If you can, go to Rockford or the unit at Wilmington hospital.

Lion Altroz

Ghetto. Nurses are SO cocky, especially one black nurse I forgot her name. One guy got treated like a criminal. Thats not a healthcare facility thats a jail.


bad place

Nessa Belphoebe

Leigh Garwood

Admission front desk staff are VERY person and most definitely on phone.. TYPICALS..

Grace Miller

Absolutely, utterly terrible. I was in th child program and the children were treated like GARBAGE! It disgusted me from day one, the staff never addressed the behavioral issues properly, they would constantly make comments that destroy self esteem (Ex: telling one girl who was struggling with schoolwork that it was below grade level, supposed to be easy) I was fifteen and I was having to advocate for all of the kids in there with me. I left after two days with an amplified phobia of mental hospitals and I still have a hard time trusting therapists and psychiatrists, or anyone. The program was not only unhelpful, it was damaging.

Mindy J

Dori S

BEWARE OF UNPROFESSIONAL PHONE RECEPTION You'd better *know* what ward your loved one is in, what the password is or you will be barked at and cut off. You'd better call some kind of main number to find out how this phone call system works or you'll be treated as THE ENEMY. And after reading the other reviews, I'm fearful of what kind of "treatment" or "advice" is being fed to my poor loved one.

Amy Hulse

Very unprofessional.

Phillip B.

Excellent courtious staff. Very intelligent doctors. All around an excellent place.

Wheylin Hawkins

I need contact from the highest supervisor owner ceo how do I tell..

Alaina M

I came to meadow wood to get help because I want to kill myself. The supervisor Kiana came to lobby and told me to come back the next morning cause they had no beds. I went to Rockford

Liberty Yoga

Outrageous behavior. I called admissions to get help for my daughter who does not live with me and who has mental health concerns and my daughter said she wanted to check herself in. She said that my daughter should call in to talk with her so she could get details. Then my daughter called and the woman, April, in admissions said to her that her mom said she was a danger to herself and others and she did heroine. Things I never said. This upset my daughter so much who was already in a fragile mental and emotional state to the point where she decided not to go. Terrible. They need to have training to care about people especially when this is a place for helping those with mental health concerns!

Susan Herbert

Grandson was admitted. The only Family therapy session was on the day of discharge which is totally inappropriate. I asked nurse on unit what type of facility this was and she told me that she did not know becauuse she had only worked there for 3 days. Discharge summary is unreadable. Trying to get a typed copy has been impossible. Next step is to write a complaint to The Joint Commission.

Gina Peirce

Awful rude staff. Any job I’ve had, I would have gotten fired if I talked to people the way they do.

Cassondra Hyden

I was in this place a few years ago falsely accused by a psychiatrists who lied on me to the doctor and said i wanted to kill myself which I did not say that and so I didn't know what was going on because the psychiatrists said excuse me a second so I'm sitting in her office on my phone until she came back which she never came back all of a sudden I hear a policemen say are you Cassondra I said yes then he says im here to escort you to the hospital and I stood up and said for what then he took my purse to see if I had any sharp objects which there were none then he tells me to turn around so he can hand cuff me I was in shocked of what was going on I refused him in touching me for what I didn't do anything so the cop says if you don't let me hand cuff you we will have to do it the hard way that's when all the staff stareted surrounding me ready to help the cop out I had no choice he then took me to the police car and rushed me to meadowwood I felt it was a set up and going to be hell this black lady doctor there treated me like trash talked to me any kind of way she just did not like meat all gave me dirty looks and everything else she was a very mean person some of the staff was just the same I didn't feel safe at this place and they new I didn't belong there I end up suffering a full week I was finally discharged I had no ride so they walked me to the bus stop they didn't care how I got home not a safe place I did not belong in this place

Joseph Donato

Tyaunna daejanae

This place changed me

Franz Ridley

Meghan Douglass

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