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REVIEWS OF Lankenau Medical Center IN Delaware

Vincent Elliott

Great hospital excellent staff and great patient care, some of the best doctors around are there, Dr. Clifford Pemberton is an excellent hematologist.

Anelia Bedelbaeva

First work at USA. Big good hospital. For all people

Archie Martin

I must say, the best hospital I have ever experienced. I do not like hospital's. But this is the place. Awesome staff, everyone from maintenance to the nurses. And the best Doctors in the country.

Shervia Weddington

I work there that'd why I love it

Carolyn W. Moore

My husband has had two life/death experiences, and he was in the hands of the professional Lankenau Staff. My experience during that time, the staff gave me strength, with their positive words and support. The atmosphere there was genuinely friendly, clean, well equipped and professional. When we have a problem, that's where we go!

Rosalyn James

To my nurse on the floor of 320,5/20/18- 5/22/18 Thank you for taking care of me!and ER was right on time to take care of me Thank You! One thing that I am upset about is I left my apple phone chargers in my room in plug behind the bed on the wall..... Now I call up there no one saw it... so that mean that housekeeping clean room had see it and took it okay! The cleaning women I saw as I was leaving My room she had a beautiful color scarf On her head at that time she was at room next door to my room.... all I know is my $25.00 cord is gone now I am upset because that mean someone who work there took it... I call nurses station last night no one saw it to me that a lie okay..... I call housekeeping man there say to me oh it mix with the laundry Now that a lie because all night Gowns and towels Was in a Pal on floor that I put there next to big trashcan!!! All I want is my Phone Cord, or check for $25.00 so I can get me apple phone cord..... Ms Rosalyn James Ps all my doctors are there and I like hospital but now went someone take something that not there!!! Oh I live in Florida but I come up here see my doctors here at hospital..... Medical Doctor,Pain Doctor,GI Doctor, foot doctor, surgeon doctor, Ironing Doctor, 5 Doctors are under one roof...I be here for 3 more months....


My daughter was born here. Great doctors and services

Danielle DiCristino

As long as you stay over the weekend you are good. Weekday staff is so-so. Weekends there are plenty of student nurses who are nice. Some of the regular nurses are friendly, some are irritating. I would say bring your own painkillers and your own food. The rooms are typical hospital rooms, it's not a hotel. If you keep these things in mind you will be fine. If you require more critical or round the clock care... Forget about it you'll probably die before you get out!

ray martin

marco figueroa

Shanikqua Matthews

Horrible horrible hospital. My spouse's grandmother went in sick they automatically put her on life support. The doctor that was assigned to her was so rude that we requested to speak with his supervisor. She passed away early this morning. Beautiful place but looks can be deceiving.

Parker Bond

I had to go to the emergency room on the 19th of February around 10am. I was greeted by the registration nurse i dont remember her name but she was wonderful. I waited 5 min and was taked back to the ER where even though very busy was treated with respect and sympathy. My nurse Lisa was the best. Very attentive and sympathetic to my needs. She also made my wife feel comforted in a stressful situation. Thank you to all the staff there.

Alfreda Miles

king davis

I love them doctors, My nurse ms Cheyanna was very nice I had a miscarriage and I went to HUP first because that's close by but they did nothing for me the whole time I thought the baby was outta me and it wasn't so the team of doctors at this hospital took great care of me and I want to say thank you very much

Donna Bruce

make sure you don't leave nothing beyond on 4/2/2019 came in with an ectopic pregnancy I had to get emergency surgery I called my husband explaining I need extra clothes etc. around 830 nurse comes in asking who taking belongings I'm like my husband have everything unfortunately my husband forgot my shoes we didn't realize until the next day when its time to go home. when they ready to kick you out they don't care either nurse like go back to ER go down there they like someone will call you after investigation no one never call me not even after the surgery to make sure I'm ok anything anyway I had for a follow up there told the doctor and nurse finally someone call me back stating she going to look into it to call me back to say o its one of them things if you left it or not my mouth almost hit the floor so now all this time they think I'm lying why would I lie about some shoes I couldn't believe my hear I'm already in pain stress I lost my baby and now they really think I lied about my shoes all they had to do was run the tape the room have to get clean out who ever clean out that room stole my shoes run the tape but it sad in so many words they call me a liar you really think I lie about some shoes really this place is sad I thou they was better than Jefferson but I was wrong

Shelley-Ann Robinson Dolby

At the Cancer Center

Honest Review Guy

Large new emergency room. Beautiful inside and free parking (for now). Curtains in the room, to cover door and window doesn’t cover window completely. Security standing over my wife definitely creepy!

Sarwar Jahan

6 hours in ER, still hasn't been seen by doctors. This is a joke. They shouldn't call this ER.

dakota greenidge

i was born here! :D

Jaelon VanBuren

The er is horrible... we were waiting for hours

Joe Vandegrift

My wife was admitted for blood clots and they said they would do other stuff then wife calls me and says I'm getting discharged thought you were going to have more tests done she said yes but the doctor said everything looks good and we are sending you home at 7pm what the hell no test and doctor was no where around when I got there and the nurse said that the doctor is not here ok so who's in charge the answer I got was I don't know so if a person was dieing who's going to help that person hopefully not the nurses and if something happens to my wife and my kids mother someone will be paying though there ass because you don't mess with a life like that

Helena Calkap

This is second time within a year that they forgot about us in emergency room, when you look outside of the room they are not even busy but they leave you in the room for 3 hours no communication. It is not a coincidence or bad luck just a bad reputation...

Jacob Perritt

we had my child here and this is the only place i will trust from now on. the amount of care they gave my wife and child was unparalleled

Michael ONeill

Had a heart procedure. This place is great. Great treatment. Great doctors.


Our doctors have been great, but the waiting times have been down right awful at times. Just waited 2 hours for a post-op visit.

Rae Bam

When I say this my second time here this year and my second Experience was worse than the first they don’t care about you the nurses are extremely rude and ignorant they barely come to discharge you and give you any instructions or diagnosis I was discharged and nobody never came back to do anything they just bought me papers and told me to leave Wouldn’t even give me paperwork on the things that I have been diagnosed withOr anything saying my diagnosis I was given the wrong medication call for two days to get the right medication and nobody will help ! I have to find out how to report these people this has to be illegal

Nashay Rigsby


My Mom was admitted on Sunday 07 May 17 in Room 209. I haven't experienced such compassion, professionalism, genuineness and concerned staff in many years. The staff made a difficult, anxious situation into a smooth one. Wow who knew that medical professionals still existed who talk to you and not at you. Even asked if we had additional questions, feel free to contact them! THANK YOU

Roger Granville

I had sustained a large gash on my index finger and needed a quick stitch. My personal care physician was booked for the day but I was quickly referred to this place. All the reviews on Yelp and Google were glowing so I decided to commit. Phenomenal experience at GG Urgent Care. Not only is the space roomy, modern and clean but the staff is incredibly friendly and personal. I was in-&-out within 30 minutes with a bill that would have easily been 10-15x more at the ER. I had no idea getting stitched up would be so enjoyable. Definitely coming back next time I hurt myself (soon, I'm sure).

Cameron Wright

An amazing neonatal facility.

Tracey Johnson


Itai Weissberg

lynne Silverman

Carolyn Hopper

Poor experience with one of the nurses in cardiac care unit. When I described her conduct to the charge nurse, she said that the individual was " a good nurse" and "blunt " in her approach.That was an overly polite way to put it. She said that she spoke with her. I asked for a different nurse. No. The nurse was dismissive about a request I made on my loved one's behalf. Said she could "wait 15 minutes". The nurse said that I would have to move because I was "in the way". Not an " excuse me". Courtesy ? No. In tbe way? I was sitting at my Mother's bedside where I had been long before that nurse had even started her shift. Heartless.The use of "hon" and "are we good" and first naming patients... enough! There were other things that she did that raised red flags. It is terrifying and sorrowful to see your nearest and dearest in very difficult circumstances. No one should have to put up with intrusive and disrespectful employees... especially under these circumstances. Stop enabling rude and heartless employees. They are not "good". We have seen trusted organizations fall because of leaders who look the other way when people tell the truth and raise concerns. Another nurse in the unit had a heart of gold. Respectful, calm and comforting. Wonderful. The second nurse was overly talkative , jumpy, jittery and seemed way too comfortable being the poster person for what not to do as a professional nurse. Please stop the enabling of known employees who enjoy wielding their "power"... with the knowledge that their supervisors will cover for them. So wrong. So harmful. I appreciate all who care and show kindness. They are extraordinary.

Eileen Menardi

Had the worst experience with Labor & Delivery in Feb 2018 with my daughter ending up with a C-Section. Was induced on a Thursday morning and by Friday night after not progressing past 5 Centimeters, they decided it was definitely time to take baby C-section but needed it approved by Doctor L. who was in charge of the floor that night . Well , he decides NO WAY ,he's going to reboot her body and now had Pitocin level in the 30's and asked the family members in the room " WHO'S in the Big rush here " . The baby's heart rate was going from 60 to 202 up & down and was told he's just playing but it was him pushing on her pelvic bone trying to get out . To top it off , when they decided to give up on Saturday AM with direction from another MD , the Epidural had fallen out for 6 hours and not one nurse thought to check or to figure out why she had been in so much pain all night. Mom ended up with fever , levels we're off and had to have blood transfusion and Magnesium. Room and bathrooms we're dirty . I myself, go to Lankenau for Heart and would recommend but NOT labor & delivery when you need to be induced


Gail Green

Horrible ER service spend 4 to 5 hours registered just in the lobby to be seen ridiculous

Pauline Scott-Brown

Tani Ukere

I had a situation on 2/26/2019 at the main building where the security woman(black) cursed at me because i was trying to get the parking discount for my 74 years old mother(on medicare) who came in to do a procedure. The security woman at the main lobby called the security swat team on me . I never had any problems with the nurses or doctors for over 10 years i have being going to Lankenau because they do a good job. The security team needs to be overhauled especially the ghetto black woman and her supervisor(a black arrogant man). I submitted a complaint and the vice president responded back to me with what i already know with regards to the parking policy . No apologies about being cursed at. I guess it is what it is!!

Lasheenam Miller

Excellent hospital

Zion Taylor

They dont know how to do stitches and they give inaccurate information b4 they rush u out .

Princess monica

Don’t got here under no circumstances!!!!!

angela flem

Helen James


Let me first say the pre & post-op staff deserves 5 stars! However once I got to my room my entire experience changed. I had a 5 hour surgery and then had to wait 4 hours for a room. once I got to my room, the nurses basically ignored me. No one helped me get in the bed although I was quite drugged up and had had invasive surgery in my stomach. No one ever checked on me unless I called for them. I was on a schedule for meds to avoid pain, each dose was missed and I’d be in pain and have to again call for someone. Once the shift changed the new nurse didn’t seem to anything, I could go on but it’s 2:22 AM and I need to request my meds which are 22 minutes late. All things said, I wish they had just left me with the post-op nurses rather then sending me to the second floor.


KinjalParikhMD Resident Physician Wynnewood, PA Hematology/Oncology Fellow at Lankenau Medical Center

Butterfly Sparkle

I had surgery for my diverticulitis. My Doctor was highly recommended, and I am so far pleased with the outcome, although to soon to tell since it's day 2. He has very good reviews and this is how I based my decision on getting my surgery done by him. He is very nice and was right after my surgery that I was taken to the heart unit to recover. As with any surgery I was in excruciating unbelievable pain. There was two CN Nurses that I felt was not fit for a unit like this. I forgot one of their names, but I remember one name which is Katie. Being a nurse on this unit requires patience and empathy, not talking rough and having sort of an attitude. I understand that it may not be easy to deal with high demands, especially when someone is in so much pain however it is a job you are getting paid for. As I overheard by my door by Katie this is why I don't care as much. To hear that was being insensitive to my needs or anyone else needs. I was asking for pain medication and the Doctor that visit me told me that at 7pm I would get my usual medication and that did not happened bc the order was not put in. I was literally in pain throughout the whole night. I was not hear to be stressed or get into a debate. However, Katie had no compassion. And she took forever to assist me with everything, hardly checking in on me. The next shift nurse Bri checked on me regularly and was much nicer...she made me feel comfortable. My boyfriend was not happy that the pan where you pee in was not changed or cleaned. The dirty pee pan was left for me to used with waste and pee in it. So, my boyfriend told my nurse Katie about it. After my boyfriend left, Katie came into my room and had the audacity to say that I didn't have to wait for them to come and change it, and that I could avicate for myself. She was a complete smart ass in a nice way. She definitely needs to be put in the ER...her personality fits that type of environment. This unit needs to rethink who they are hiring for this unit and do such a poor job in being attentive to hurting patients. I'm not one who complains, however this was totally unexceptional and I feel sorry for other patients that may not speak up about this.

danyelle gissendanner

I am currently very disappointed with the manager of the maternity section in this hospital. I am pregnant at this moment and I wanted to begin my pregnancy treatment with this hospital so I called to set up an appointment. A woman named Denean answered the phone she was very nice. She asked how long ago did I have a period. I explained to her that I have a irregular period because I just had a baby last year and my period has been irregular since, but I just started feeling the pregnancy symptoms two weeks ago and I bought a pregnancy test this past weekend and it confirmed that I am pregnant. She said ok and talked to her manager... Her manager said that they cannot help me because I'm 5 months and I would have to seek treatment from another hospital. I just started feeling my pregnancy symptoms two weeks ago. I know I am not 5 months and it is perfectly normal to have a irregular period. She denied me treatment because I have a irregular menstrual cycle. On top of that I requested for her to call me back and I never received a phone call. She would not even talk to me on the phone. They did not even ask advice from a nurse or doctor it was so unprofessional. I did not appreciate being accused of being 5 months pregnant and not seeking maternity care. That makes no sense. I would like to hear back from someone regarding this manager because I refuse to let this go.

Tanya King

It was an HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I came in the

Kalena Williams

The family planning in B5 is amazing been going there since I was a teenager and will continue with them. My only complaint is being in there for more than two hours . Unfortunately Dr. Susan Burke office in B-12 treatment has declined I will no longer be with them will change to Penn Medicine..

Lisa Sellers

Excellent across the board, they give quality care to patient, and family of patient. The reason for 3 instead of 5 stars is that they have one area that is same in this hospital as in every other. The have patients, and visitors of patients with breathing issues, asthma etc, yet staff wears scented products colognes, etc that cause in some people severe responses, scents can not be avoided in world but in a medical care facility making people I'll or worse extremely ill shouldnt happen. Since all places have this issue I would say they have some hassles of miscommunication towards family of patient. but care of patient is excellent except for staff wearing colognes

Philesha Couser

I usually don't have anything bad to say about Lankenau Emergency Room. After today I'm not sure if I will come back here. I was told that there was only one doctor and that was after sitting in a room for 1hour. Been here since Monday night 11:45 p.m. it is now going on Tuesday 4a.m. Service has declined.

arafat otkur

Making an appointment is crazy wasting time. So bureaucratic

precious jackollie

This hospital charged me over 5000 for a headache that they didn't even treat. DON'T GO THERE!

Chuck Walker


Been is this dump for over an hour & have yet to see a doctor or get any treatments for my asthma... if I had the strength I would leave & go to a hospital that cares. You don't leave asthma patients waiting for a hour to breath... Worst than Mercy Hospital... I'm bout to loose it in here!!!

Phil Garwood

Zoya Siddiqui

Raja Z

Danae J

Have been to this hospital with family a few times and have always encountered pleasant and professional staff.

Alia Renee Capodici

Absolutely love all of my doctors and they have a beautiful, well equipped maternity ward and amazing neonatal department!

rosemary mazzatenta

Horrible service from the emergency department was there 5 hours why do they do that to people so not right.

Dubianna Sirleaf

Basim Ayoub

Great staff excellent heart surgical ward. Well kept and maintained waiting rooms. The only downside is the parking lot charges especially if you have an inpatient that will be visited frequently. Otherwise it’s a great place glad it’s in the neighborhood


I met more nurses & doctors today then I can remember today, but every last one of them were friendly and professional... I was having a d&c procedure and I was appreciative of everyone’s sensitivity and compassion... Despite the long wait for my procedure, I was never left unattended for long periods of time and regularly updated on my status.... Overall I was given A1 care and that’s why Lankenau is always my number one choice...


This place is the worst! My husband who had a stroke and needs a wheelchair to get around. This hospital does not seem to have enough, and you can not even pull up to drop someone off, because of there rude valet parking people. The Staff is so rude and they talk about the patients in the hall. I had one nurse call me a dirty b*tch because i was upset that the Doctor did not take care of my husband. They need a new staff...not to keep making there hospital look like it is worth it. I would drive to another state before I would take my family there.

Bob Feller

My aunt was admitted. She passed away the same evening and the hospital never informed any of the relatives or her care giver. When we inquired as to what happened, they were more concerned about justifying their actions than providing information. We were told that the attending physician would contact us to let us know what had happened. Never heard from him. If there was a way to give them zero stars I would.

Shevanie Townsend

My friend just died there in child labor and she was perfectly healthy. The facility where I use to work at, they would send residents back with urinary track infection, wound sore and residents were sent back with dried up poop. They always put them on hospice and most didn't make it back. They are the worse and be careful about giving birth there.

Patricia Black

The Abramson TCC is a visually beautiful facility and the staff is very nice but, on whole, negligent.. The people who hand out meds have idea what they’re handing out. The floor nurses give only some information to the doctors and the doctors do not read patient charts at all or speak with other doctors who may know the patient better. No one monitors diet intake while giving out insulin, so the chances of low blood sugar is extremely high in this facility. If you don’t visit everyday, your loved one will slip off the radar. And even if you do visit everyday, the doctors are so arrogant, you need to call an executive meeting to get them to see a problem. They also blame their shortcomings on the nurses. Lankenau must know there’s a problem up there. The hospital staff doesn’t hesitate to tell you TCC is not part of the hospital.

Brendan Conway

my mother was here for surgery, and my grandmother injured her back and had to get stitches in her head after slipping and falling on a wet floor when there was no wet floor sign, and has been having severe back pain since, she had to see a lawyer, and didn't go well and thinking about filing a lawsuit to cover all the medical costs for treatments for poor mismanagement,

Helen Jenkins

Full service facility; 45 year experience utilizing medical and surgical care.

Erica Graves

The doctors are excellent!! However there was a few nurses who gave poor bedside manor. A great hospital overall.

Carey N.

I strongly endorse Main Line Rheumatology. I have been a patient of Dr. Gordon for ten years. He has consistently and accurately addressed all of my health issues so that pain is reduced and symptoms are minimized, if not eliminated. His passion for life long learning of new treatments is equally impressive. I have confidence in his knowledge and abilities. I also strongly recommend Cheryl Wieczorek, the nurse practitioner. She is highly skilled and truly a patient advocate. I always request her for follow up appointments. She has also recommended medicine and therapies that have improved the quality of my life. Medical professionals that are highly competent AND caring - an excellent combination.

Matt Scher

Debbie Thomas

I wonder if I went into the Outer Limits...My Doctor sent me to the E.R. my blood pressire way to high. After waiting for four hours Patrick tells me whe is a Triage person why am i here and my pressure isnt that high he kept shakinv his head...he sai he cant do anything for me....he was rude cold and extremely uncaring. He wheeled me in to the E. R. like he was frustrated and it was like a roller coaster ride. Still here I have had a ID poked thru my vein that caused brusing now a Cat Scan...huh?! This is a cold zoo and beware of Patrick with the salt and pepper ponytail he is a piece of work!


My 85-year-old grandmother was admitted to Lankenau Medical Center because of an atrial fibrillation. Before coming to LMC, she was fully living in her house by herself, exercising every day and doing day to day activities. However, in my opinion, during her time the LMC doctors did a very poor job of diagnostics and reviewing the patient's medical history. The doctors gave my grandmother medicine that she got sick from in the past. In fact, my grandma even told the doctors to NOT give her that medicine but gave it to her anyways. As a result of the medicine that the LMC doctors gave my grandma, she had episodes of vomit, nausea, and diarrhea, which are all side-effects from the meds they gave her, but they still gave her the medicine anyways. Also, during a prior visit with her primary doctor, she gave her that same medicine, however, Dr. Paul M. Coady got on her primary doctor's case for giving my grandmother that specific medicine to the point where he expressed that you can NEVER give her(my grandmother) this medicine again. The idea that my grandmother should never be given that specific medicine because it can be life endangering was NEVER communicated to the fellow doctors treating her. What's even more interesting, Dr. Coady was one of the doctors who treated her during this latest visit to LMC In a nutshell, her negative reaction to that medicine caused her to become ventilator-dependent where she developed respiratory failure and gradually Klebsiella pneumonia which led to her death. I asked Dr. Coady, what is "K. Pneumonia" and how is it contracted. He told me that he did not know what K. Pneumonia was and that he forgot what he learned in med school about it I asked Dr. Susan Ann Gregory about my grandmother's pneumonia and she responded that it was airborne and that you can contract it from breathing the same air as anyone. In my opinion, Dr. Gregory did a poor job of looking over old medical notes and listening to my concerns, for she was very sassy, sarcastic and disrespectful toward me and even laughed at my questions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supports that K. Pneumonia is "nosocomial" infections, which means they're contracted in a hospital or healthcare setting. The bacteria are not airborne, so you can't contract a K. pneumonia infection by breathing the same air as an infected person. Instead, K. pneumonia is spread through direct person-to-person contact, such as when someone with contaminated hands touches a wound This is information that Dr. Gregory and Dr. Coady, who has over 30 years of experience as doctors should know the answers to. Also, online research supports that patients in healthcare settings also may be exposed to Klebsiella when they are on ventilators (breathing machines), or have intravenous (vein) catheters or wounds It's a fact that it doesn't matter how much you clean the hospital machines you can never fully remove all the bacterial from breathing machines.In addition, the longer a patient stays in the hospital, the more prone they are to germs that come from being in a hospital Also, I spoke with Dr. Jennifer A. Cruz, she did a poor job of honoring the appointment times that we agreed to and she had very poor bedside manner Dr. Cruz kept calling me on times that we did not agree on while I was at work so I asked her, "how would you feel if you were in the middle of an operation and someone is in your ear, forcing you to talk with them" She sarcastically responded," I don't do surgery." As for the patient advocacy department run by Laurie Watson and Julie Monaco, in my opinion, they were of no help and are far from being "advocates" for patients, for I felt that they did NOT listen to my concerns and were hiding the truth from me because of my thorough research and knowledge of the subject In my opinion, my grandmother would still be alive today if the LMC staff did a better job with diagnostics and listening to the patient's concerns.If you have a loved one in a crisis look for another hospital other than Lankenau Medical Center

Kenneth McGregor

ALL OF MY DOCTORS (9) ARE HERE. THEY SAVED MY LIFE...RETURNED MY HEALTH !!! GOD BLESS THEM. WOULDNT GO ANYWHERE ELSE. my words are capitalized because they fall short expressing how grateful I am for the MAIN LINE HEALTH CENTER at LANKENAU.

Chip Slick

Good afternoon Lankenau was a very good hospital to me they have took care of my father and my mother and I just recently lost my mother over a year ago and each doctor and every nurse and staff that work my mother took her very well and I thank Lankenau and all hospital for taking care of my mother and especially to Beth over in the rehab facility next door to Lankenau she was a wonderful nurse to my mother and again I thank like it all my grandma for everything they did for my mother

Loren Wood

Good Overall Experience with Dr's however if you go to the MRI / CAT Scan area beware. Super Rude Reception person works there. All I did was ask her how I get to the cafeteria and she was like you are going to have to wait for me to finish. Obviously not a multi-tasker and it was a simple question.

RnB Charles

It's been about 2 hours wait... Finally got to get to a room and it wasn't cleaned from the previous patient, now in room and I'm pushing another hour wait so far... each time I make the visit here the service is more poor than the previous, what's going on Lankenau? Overall a good hospital but the emergency has to step up smh....

Matthew Kotwicki

Went to the ER, in and out in 1.5 hours and patched up. Loved the people.

Carolyn christmas Casey

I walked in the hospital on Oct 8th to have surgery with a coat, shoes and keys in my pocket. I am being discharged from this hospital Sunday Oct 22nd 2019with no shoes or coat!! They disappped from my room 194 South West. So call administrators knew this on the 15th They gave me a cheap sweat shirt and light slippers to put on after major back surgery. I am in so much distress about this mentallly and emotionallyI walked in here with my coat and shoesI should be going home the same way leaving from the Abramson rehab. In tears

Mary blitzer field

Lankenau hospital is great, and their physicians are terrific. However, the desk staff at Dr. Jane Porcelan's office are always grumpy and seem unhappy. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe they are under-staffed?

Monica Jones

So I post a comment a few weeks ago but I was force to go back to Lankenau again because I was not feeling well and was extremely weak and the location is about 10 minutes from my home. Again I had a horrible experience. No help what so ever and complete waste of time. I would recommend that you go to another hospital for any kind of treatment. Lesson learn twice, I will take a further ride next time.

Devon Didonato

Worst experience and decision of my life was delivering here. Was in labor 3 days, THEN pushed for 5.5hours THEN tried to forcefully have her removed before she was then stuck and i was rushed to have a c section. I told the nurses that i cold feel everything and I PROMISE YOU AFTER I SAID THAT THEY IMMEDIATELY GOT MORE ROUGH with me. I did get an epidural which post labor could not be removed. They left it stuck in my back for 3 days before bringing me down to have it removed. They are NOT accommodating to ur child’s father AT ALL! they were specifically asked to not speak to me about any meds i was on with visitors and they broke hippa two times! I delivered here because all 5 siblings including myself were delivered here as well as my nephew and i was told of nothing but positive experiences. I’m guessing the 5th floor went downhill since then. Whoever they Let go or fired they need to bring back. KYRA was an amazing nurse!!! She was the only one i can absolutely remember being so helpful and compassionate with everything my family had going on and there were a few others but this was 10 months ago and she’s the only one i still remember! The nicu doctors are so amazing on the 6th floor as well. The emergency room - i took my daughter there when she was about 4-5 months old when she got the flu. And they treated her with the utmost care it was an absolute amazing experience! Was so thankful for their help at that time because she was so sick with high fever and so little and i was terrified. They checked on her accordingly and didn’t discharge her until it was completely okay for her to go They also did everything they could to make me daddy and baby as comfortable as they could being that we were there pretty much overnight. I wish i rememberer their names but they were great.

Tiaa Nubian

What was supposed to be the happiest time of my life I experienced the highest level of being uncomfortable in a hospital. Staff in OB GYN department you have 2 good employees. I wouldn't trust the social worker there because we asked for advice and information and turned it against my fiance and I and caused investigations to be unnecessarily opened causing us to be held up at the hospital and was not allowing us to leave. (Everything turned out to be fine and they found nothing wrong) The staff does NOT recognize and respect the LGBT community as they will not acknowledge your partner in discussions and concerns. I had to put myself in the equation so I wouldn't feel left out. They also put what THEY want on your children's birth certificate instead of what it is your right to have. Mistakes after mistakes and the biggest was me trusting this establishment and even at the end an employee tried to speak with us to apologize and to try to get us to stay and continue to use their services for aftercare but we immediately declined. We will no longer be dealing with this hospital.

Rodney Mobley

Poor poor poor Hospitality. Security is rude and ignorant. Couldn't even pick up family without someone getting rude with me because I'm a young driver. Someone needs to give them respect training. The next time it won't be a pretty site in front of a hospital . JS

Annemarie Walsh

Saved my son .

Lamia Kardis

Gene Sayers

I cant say enough positives about this facility. I had to have major surgery here and the care a received before and after was absolutely the best. Everyone from surgeons to housekeeping were friendly and genuinely concerned for my well-being. Even on discharge the nurses provided extremely detailed instructions for home. Would choose this hosp again. Area I was at had private rooms with showers.

Simon Jessey

NOTE: My rating and review is based ONLY on my experience undergoing a short procedure at Lankenau Medical Center. Parking is a little awkward and costs money, and registration is a short walk and an elevator ride away. At the time of this review, there is a little bit of construction going on that makes parking and getting into the hospital worse than usual. The registration area (which is also where family members wait) is very comfortable, with televisions, vending machines and restrooms. A board makes it easy for family members to monitor the progress of a patient. During registration and procedure preparation, I was extremely happy with the attentive and helpful staff and nurses. The quality of care, the cleanliness of the hospital and the timeliness in which I was seen were all excellent. Post procedure, I was made to wait rather a long time to see the surgeon before being discharged. During this time, I was not given any information about how long I would have to wait. This may have been an isolated situation, and the patients around me did not have this issue.

diamon brown

This my second time giving birth here i love it very much

Khristen Clifton

Unless you want to spend 4 hours in a waiting room please seek help else where .....horrible staff with lack of work ethics speicalized treatment for pregnant paitents

John Doe

The security guard was hovering over every patient. Can we have a little privacy please. He does have a podium to sit down and secure the area but maybe he likes to listen in on peoples private problems. The new emergency room is very large and accommodating. All new equipment! Free parking as well.

Dave Cordisco

I had surgery there March 15th, 2017 and the Dr Shah yanked a vein out of my kidney is what the operative report says. I lost a lot of blood and had to get 7 units of blood and almost died. I was then hospitalized 3 more times with infections. On my last visit the nurse overdosed me on pain meds and the found me not breathing. So almost died two times, and i am sure they will cover this up. If you need surgery then never ever go to this hospital.

Nanette Karadas

zion fuller

If I could give this a 0 star I would. Ive been here twice and the staff are very hostile, Do not go to this hospital go to mercy or anywhere else

Ruben Beranza

(Translated by Google) Very good facilities .... Clean bathrooms and very complete information for patients and visitors .... The only problem is the free parking only 30 minutes. (Original) Muy buenas instalaciones.... Banos limpios e informacion muy completa para pacientes y visitantes.... El unico problema es el parking gratis solo 30 minutos.


Went to the ER at this hospital . I was having bad urological problems. I went to this hospital by choice. ( it was an hour from my home) because i thought it was an excellent hospital . I waited in the ER for 5 hours . The ER looked like it was a walk in clinic for people from the neighborhood ( people with their runny nosed kids ETC. After 5 hours wait i saw a doctor for 5 minuits. he didn't even do a urological check or an ultrasound. did not even try to stop my bleeding. i tried to go see a urologist the next day but ended up in another hospital where i was admitted. i ended up having to have surgery etc. I feel i got no care at all at Lankenau. . their emergency room needs to get its act together. the hospital always had a great reputation but whichever company is running their emergancy room needs to be replaced.

Timmy Greiner

Great dialysis team

Abby Crowwall

Chris Lounsbery

malofo Kanneh

Last night/ this morning, around 1:30am. I was still experiencing abdominal pain ( since 1pm Thursday). I didn’t want to wake my mother up so I took an Uber to Lankenau ER. When I arrived, someone in the front before checking-in took my vitals. I explained what I was experiencing. I articulated all of the prevented steps I took before deciding to finally go to the ER at 2am, alone. I explained: I took two Ibuprofen ( although I am not fond of Science Medicine),took a head to toes shower, tried heating pads but I just could not shake the pain off. No one communicated my vitals information with me so I figured it was probably not a concern. A young Caucasian woman with a white coat asked me for my pain level and I communicated “an 8, and other seconds sharp pain in abdominal and hips.” I was instructed to have a seat behind the ER security guard ( an African American older woman with pixie cute but shorter and curly- almost salt and pepper color or was— didn’t pay too much attention). I was in so abdominal pain I put two of the folded chairs together and laid on it prone ( face down). The nurse ( African American-green scrub) that took my vitals asked me to follow her. A woman at the front desk ( African American) took my I.D and Insurance informations. I then signed about three documents but could have been four, but I recall three. Received my band. She instructed me to have a seat but I laid down, again. A gentleman ( African American- completely bald- green scrub bottom) asked me to follow him. We went in a room, he handed two hospital gowns: “ one for cover up, the other two keep you warm.” He then left the room to give me privacy. When he returned in the room, he explained he was going to be taking blood. I informed him that I was afraid of needle and he was very understanding. After taking my blood he taped the butterfly or ivy-lock to my arm, took me in front of room 14- B- some sign (was over the bed I was laying on)could see the ” Trauma Education” board). An African American( green scrub bottom) brought a warm blanket and said “ it can get cold in here). Thanked her and was happy for the warmth of the blanket. Young- Caucasian-female came and asked me, “ protocols- or common” questions pertaining suicidal thoughts, wanting to harm others, drugs and abuse.She asked me for a Urine simple. One of the nurses ( Caucasian female) instructed to put the Urine simple right here “ she pointed to a divider- - breakfast bar looking thing. I did as instructed. At this point, i’ve been there approximately a half an hour. An another half an hour goes by and no one has attended or said anything to me. They are giggling walking around, giggling, talking about boyfriends, and who’s being really good for Ramadan ( Two African American females, one with a hajib and the a very short low ponytail). minutes go by, someone experienced their excitement for “ possible trauma that’s on the way in five minutes” and says to her co-worker, “ you ready?” Paramedics comes in with a guy on the stretcher and a neck brace. Almost every staff disappears ( understandable). The African American female( green top and bottom scrub- huge tattoo on her chest) comes and talk to me 20 minutes post the trauma patients arrival. She asked me about blood and Urine simples, I explain: I’ve submitted both. I tell her I am really in pain, can you please help me. She said you have to wait for the doctor to determine if you’re in pain or not. “ we don’t make that decision,” she said. Around 3:30am, An African American female with gold-ish single braids, asks to do another Urine simple because they can’t find the other one. She says, “ whenever you feel like going, no rush.” I responded: I’ve already submitted Urine simple. I’m really in pain, can you please help?” At this point, I am in tears. I don’t remember exactly what her response was but she walked away. Her and colleagues proceed with a conversation pertaining holiday hours; she wants to work on the holiday because she needs the extra money. 3:45am I text my mom seriously in tears ( she doesn’t response)

Bill Davish

Kathleen May

Lily Korbeil

Lorraine White

The worse hospital, no patient care. Sucks.....

kevin oneill

Fantastic emergency diagnosis and care for my childs stroke Their prompt assessment and proper medication prevented permanent damage

Bob Michetti

I went to Lankenau ER at midnight back on March 24 complaining of pain and pressure in the center of my back, I have had cardiac issues in the past. They triage me right away but after they took my blood and did a EKG I laid in the same ER bed for 14 hours. I did not physically talk to a doctor until 4 1/2 hours into my stay. at 2 pm on the 25th they finally took me for a cardiac cauterization and they found that one of my artery's was 98 % blocked. I rate the heart center a 10 but the ER I rate a zero. I work at another local hospital in the area, when a patient presents themselves in our ER they are brought back immediately and are seen by a doctor in less than 15 minutes. This is the way it should be done.

cairo psycho

alicia peck

I am a former Lankenau employee. I recently RESIGNED from doing er registration! I advise anyone NOT TO WORK HERE!!! Management team is HORRIBLE ! They create the drama amongst employees going..They talk down on the employees & use their minor authority to intimidate their workers ! That ER is a revolving door & despite the hard work & dedication we've put it, it goes unnoticed. For that reason I resigned & never recieved as much as a THANK YOU in the end for my services ! I highly recommend everyone to bypass Lankenau Hospital although Main Line Health has other professional entities that ER is unprofessional, unorganized and extremely stressful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kraig Rainey

Wow. Not the greatest OR Techs.

Shawn Baer

Doris Eaton

Khadijah Muhammad

I have bee here since 11:00 and no service I think they are racist because I’m the only Muslim in here. Everyone else have been in and called on. I’m in pain and my first instinct was not to come here didn’t have a good feeling from the start smh.

alyn Steinberg

My parents are in their 90’s. We have been in the emergency room so far for 2 hours. We had X-rays immediately and we were taken to a room after an hour. I have watched 6 nurses at the desk. I asked what the hold up was and was told that we were waiting for a doctor from upstairs. What???? Aren’t there any doctors in The house. It’s not like it’s a weekend. It’s a day shift during the week. That you are renovating is no excuse. Evidently the nurse and doctor that were to work with us was on break so the 6 nurses sitting at the desk were not working. I guess you should open at 4 pm when your staff starts to work. As a nurse who has worked in several ERs, this was the poorest excuse.aside from the fact that with renovations, it must be at least a half mile walk for an emergency room patient to even get to the ER. The worst.

Lu Grala

Tyco Rc

Was admitted over night, in the morning was given a nurse who seemed that she wants to see her patients suffer because she is not a morning person. I am now trying to setup a transfer to another hospital because this woman won’t even give her name. don’t waste you’re time here it’s a mediocre hospital. DAY 3 in hell And update I wish I could add the photos of my festering infected arm which hasn’t been cleaned or re wrapped in 3 days it smells horrible I’ve made it known and nothing is being done. My lawyer has been contacted and I will be filling suit. Please be careful where you take your loved ones for care this world is a sick place.

Nyla U

Went to the gyno clinic , there was no wait time & since i have low income my visit was free Staff was so friendly & i didnt feel uncomfortable at all unlike my normal gyno

La Phills

Thank God for the two women at the information desk in A and D!! They were both so nice and pleasant! ! What a wonderful experience. (All things considered)

riddhiman yadava

Amazing staff very caring. Dr Irving Raber did an awesome job

Geanna Williams-Davis

My experiences here have been so over the top all of my Drs. are the best, Tavani, Scharf, Williams, Martin, Geffen, and Hoffman. Thank You So Much.

Terence Sheridan

Great food at the cafeteria! One of the best hospitals in one of the best medical areas.

Adrea Renee

Gave birth here 3 yrs ago. My doctor was great (Dr. Doroshow) the nurse staff was awesome. They took good care of me and my then newborn. I still go there for emergencies. Never had a bad experience

Jennifer Bonovitz

My husband had a bacterial blood infection. I took him to the ER where he was immediately taken to a room and seen by a doctor. Dr. Rosa was phenomenal. She listened carefully to the history, consulted with an infectious disease doctor and instituted treatment promptly. He was admitted and did have to wait a few hours for a bed but was kept comfortable. The inpatient nursing care was excellent. Every staff member at every level was just great. We are most grateful.

Krissy Houser

I have had spinal injections here and the nurses and doctors are amazing . I travel an hour and 1/2 about to get there to my pain management doctor. Dr. John Park is and his team are awesome. I love when walking around the nurses and doctors all ask "can I help you find where your going or anything" they are so very polite thier. The pharmacy is really amazing and very personable. They would remember me every 2 to 3 months for my visit with my doctor and when I would fill my scrips before the long drive home they were so kind and friendly and tried to get everything done in a timely matter and made waiting very easy which when your in pain and have a long drive back you tend to be stressed but even my father who came with me lived to sit and talk to the staff outside the pharmacy which were people who were to direct you and A police officer. Now everyone has there bad days but most of the time it was a very pleasant experience or I would travel so far to go there.

سبحان الله والحمدلله

Rawa Khalid


The nursing staff and doctors,and specialists are freindly knowledgeable and good at what they do. Even the the techs,the people who maintain the floors patients etc are Great. I've been going here since the 80s and I live in Delaware now,I don't mine taking the trip for high maintenance care... Dr Yinn and Dr Catherine Clarke are my favorite s

Krystal Roseboro

Cathy Tucker

Great hospital



Ashley Taylor

My experience here was beyond horrific. I have always had my surgeries completed at Tuttleman UPenn where I feel at home. But I was forced to have a surgery at Lankenau last week (due to a new surgeon in the area). The anesthesiologist acted as if she hated her job, let alone her life. She made me feel very uneasy about the whole anesthesia process due to her lack of compassion. And what do you know, I woke up having an extremely allergic reaction where my eyes were swollen shut for 3 DAYS due to an anesthetic/lack of care of precautions. I ended up at Jefferson ER the next night. Not one single person from Lankenau had followed up from my procedure (not even leaving a voicemail) knowing that I had extreme difficulties with my reaction. The lack of care and professionalism has really shown its true colors with my extremely scary and dangerous outcome. Please choose your hospital and care provider carefully.

Steve Shurley

I love coming to this hospital it is first class! The NIC Unit saved my sons life. He was born very early in 2016. We were not sure what to think when this happened. However, as we sat and waited in the NIC unit for 2 months each and every day we began to feel better and better about the situation. I highly recommend this hospital over almost every other Hospital in Pennsylvania!

Carol Henderson

I've been here 3 times. Once for a brain bleed stroke; once for a fever that a I developed in rehab after after the brain surgery for that stroke and a month ago for head injury after a bad fall. I've never received better care anywhere else. The type of stroke I had has a 98% fatality rate but due to the care and talent of the neurosurgery department, I survived. I really wish I could say more thank you but you gave my life back. Thank you.

Joey Garofoli

Lankenau is a good hospital. It has been there up on that hill for a very long time. Mm llololobbeyt they have a free walk thru

Waleed Nowayti

lamonica Beecham

I had a knee replacement here the Dr's and nurses are amazing.

meed amine

Tomm Feeney

A great experience for a hospital. Being used to DCCH, Lankenau was a resort. The second floor staff was outstanding. Great people, happy atmosphere, very attentive and professional. Room service food was very good, the room was spacious and a single. The doctors and staff were so upbeat and happy.

Colin Comstock

If I could give zero stars I would. Gross incompetence at every level, total lack of communication between nurses, doctors, specialists. Most employees seem like they are being held here against their will. I literally hated my experience here


When I was a kid, I've been having an appointment after school.

Joe Coleman

The owner reached out thanking me for the review and to say he'd look into the receptionist (who was actually very nice and honestly not a huge deal considering the quality of the doc visit; just wanted to help potential patients avoid over-waiting). No wonder the patient care is exceptional!

Catriona Marchese

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. LO was taken here because it was the best “trauma” hospital in the area. He waited 4 hours for the doctor to come in and tell him his CT was clear and on top of that he had a swollen lump that the attending said they couldn’t do anything about and to follow up with his primary. Their night radiologist are from FOREIGN Countries that receive the CTs over technology so if there’s any concerns they will let you know in the next few days. Please do not go here. It’s a hoax.

Dave Snyder

I can’t say enough good things about the staff and facilities at this hospital. Our baby girl was born here recently and the nurses, doctors, and admin were all so friendly and considerate. They answered our multitude of questions easily and made us feel as if we were at home. The medical field can be a thankless profession at times, but the staff at Lankenau has earned our gratitude.

William Leggieri

One of the best medical facilities in the area, the one issue I have with them is that their growth has out grown convenient and accessible parking which makes paying for parking an insult!

Sandra Scott

I am so thankful for the medical staff in the ER. I came in with chest pain but it was diabetes which I never knew I had. Sugar was 789 it was a shock to me and my family. So thank you for working so fast getting me stable.

NaNa NaNa

PLEASE DONT EVER GO HERE!!! Do very lazy jobs & don’t go here especially if you love your life!!!!!!!!!!!!

George waffles

Gotta love being treated like crap by intern nurses on graveyard shift. Had the flu badly. Had a hard time breathing. Came in and got nebulizer treatment. As soon as it was done they are trying to discharge me and I am so dizzy and my hands are tingling so hard from the nebulizer. I can't even keep up straight with out looking like im drunk. I ask am I okay? After explaining my symptoms. They brush me off and tell me I can leave. I get 10 feet away and fall. No one helps just ignored. Like wow on to the next piece of money right? Glad my insurance company dishes out tons of money for this kind of treatment. Patch me up and drop me. What a crappy place.

The under dogs

I am so disappointed. :( Loved one going in for major surgery and what brought us hope was the great reputation for cardiac care at Lankenau. Surgeon was great- but recovery was painful. Lack of empathy (for patient and family) and bedside matter was lacking. Patient comfort was more than low priority- it was inconvenience. Hoping it gets better... This is hard for family and patient as it is so a little consideration makes a difference.

Khafre Bevins

I usually don’t have anything negative to say about Lankenau, I’ve had a surgery done there years ago, and in July I suffered from bilateral pulmonary embolisms. Because of my past experiences and my love for Lankenau I decided to switch every thing to Lankenau, my pcp, specialist, I go there for everything now, and that has been the worst decision I’ve ever made. I was released from the hospital on the 28th of July with instructions to follow up with hematology, Pulmonology, and my pcp one to two weeks after being discharged. I wasn’t seen by anyone in almost a month after discharged, I called and left messages asking if there were any cancellations at an early date could I be rescheduled and or put on the list for a sooner appointment. I had a echocardiogram done October 3rd and was told that I would get my results back the next day, so I called Cardiovascular, I was told my doctor would have the information, called my pcp, i was told he doesn’t have that information and that the doctor who ordered the echo would have the results, call the pulmonary doctor who ordered the test and when speaking with him he sound as if he didn’t know what to say, it’s almost like I’m being withheld information of my own health, I’m being to I’m good everything looks good but I don’t know what’s really going on? I’m on the verge of lose my current job and losing a new job because I’m being told I’m cleared to go back to work with restrictions. And why doesn’t all my doctors have the information I’ve signed a release form they all should have notes and information about my health, I’m getting the run around and I’m very disappointed in this whole experience with Mainline.

Paris Got it

Terrible Hospital

Tina Phillips

Even though our course of action was not totally successful, the nursing staff was great. They were so kind and helpful. I could not believe the healthy choices in the cafeteria! Forget "hospital food", this place is great to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner while waiting for a loved one. The room was large and clean. Even janitorial staff was polite and respectful. This is the only hospital I will ever go to.

Desiree Pierpont

If I could give them a zero I would. I have been a nurse since 1991. Some of the nurses are rude, jaded or burnt out and need to move on to another career. My biggest problem with them was that while my daughter was in labor interns, medical students etc. kept intering the room saying something extremely scary to my daughter and then walking out. The best one was when the intern told my daughter she could have blah, blah, blah or uteroplacental insufficiency. When I asked her why she wasn't following protocol after naming a complication that could cause cerebral palsy. The unnamed intern stood right in my face and stated that this hospital has no protocol's and that giving a mother oxygen during fetal distress isn't scientificly proven. I don't know who the current medical director is but I would like to remind them to read "If Hospitals Could Fly" and perhaps adopt the protocols suggested by the American College of Gynecology. If you can't access them, I read medical protocols for a living and will be happy to send you a copy. As for "The Intern" she lacks people skills. I hope that she seeks a fellowship in pathology.

Sakiynah Zawjatul Masruq

I’ve always loved this hospital I delivered 2 of my 5 children here I used to work here some years ago and I have never been mistreated due to my race my ethnicity or religious beliefs. I was in the ER yesterday 4am and the entire staff was awesome. It was a great reminder that the one thing I always appreciated was the staffs bedside manner..Thank you to the staff that cared for me in the middle of the night and to the staff that took over in the morning!!!

donalyn wittman

A week ago i came into this hospital for a scheduled surgrey. This surgrey was planned MONTHS in advance. Based on the nature of my surgery, i had to be admitted for 1 to 2 days at the hospital. All this information was previded to my family and i prior to my surgery date. I got to the hospital at 6am for prep and went into surgery at 7:30am as scheduled. My surgery was completed by 9am, and i was placed in the recovery room where i met with the surgeon who reported the findings of my surgery, was visited by my husband briefly, and i also met with my attending nurse Katie Long who cared for me as i awaited to be admitted to my room. As time went by, i asked my nurse what was the hold up in getting me to my room. She reported she was awaiting a room to become available to me. Can you believe this????? Here i am, came into this hospital for a SCHEDULED surgery and there were no rooms available to me after having MAJOR surgery. MY UNDERSTANDING IS, THEY DO NOT HOLD BEDS FOR PATIENTS COMING IN FOR SCHEDULED SURGREY. You may be waiting for 5 minutes to 5 hours or more to be placed in a room after your surgery.I remained on a stretcher bed for hours in discomfort and pain, such a high traffic area where patients coming in and out for outpatient services, bright lights, no privacy, staff going up and down, i felt like i was on a rollercoaster!! My attending nurse Katie kept calling for updates on a room, I dont even think she took a lunch break. My discomfort level after hours was through the door and i told my nurse that i wanted to leave against medical advice. She reassured me that was not in my best interest and was doing what ever it took to get me into a room. I can tell you administrators right now, if it was not for this nurse and her professional concern i would have pulled out every iv, tube, monitor off of me and dragged myself out of Lankenau. My husband called everyone under the sun including the administrators and patient advocate. The patient advocate met with me in the recovery room stating how sorry she was and wanted to know if i wanted to transfer to a bed for comfort. I declined, a bed in a recovery room? No, how about a bed in a regular room? After 5 HOURS of laying on a strecher bed from having major surgrey, i was finally admitted to a room. How inhumane is this!! No pun intended, but if i was at an animal hospital, i would have received better service than this!! Lankanua, I hope you are reading this because that is totally insane. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves!! You administrators try to make your staff look bad but you are at fault for your policies!!!! I paid for a service that was not rendered to me. No bed holds for patients coming in for scheduled surgrey? I could have been out of a room longer than 5 hours if my husband did not throw a fit!!! What type of service is this? Seems to me that you are more interested in getting people in your doors and then the rest will be figured out! The only saving grace is that my Drs. which i absolutely love are affiliated with this hospital, or else you would NEVER have to worry about me again!!!

Jackie Ball Realtor

The hospital's emergency room process is horrible. There is no privacy during triage or check-in. Everyone's information can be heard at the open check-in desk (date of birth, name, condition, etc.). There is no privacy! I was triaged and my bp was astronomically high for a person who does not have chronic high blood pressure. I had to ask what my bp was and was told, "oh, it's not bad". As my husband and I waited after triage to be guided to check-in, I was told to walk to the area while experiencing extreme dizziness. I fell from being so dizzy and was then placed in a wheel chair and left to wait in the waiting room for over 4 hours. People are herded and treated like cattle in this hospital. The service is horrendous.

Ike Knight

Everyone here is so nice and professional. Very modern hospital and the food is great. They are ranked as one of the top hospitals in the country by US News & World Report.

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