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Junko Commissaire

My wife attended this location outpatient program. My wife is both physically and mentally disabled, 4'8", less than 120 lbs soaking wet and has a very noticeable limp. The caseworker's attitudes are atrocious (especially Denise Lidovitch who spoke to me and my wife would a snobby attitude that would put Trump to shame). I've seen and heard how they speak to my fiance over the phone (condescending, as if she said the stupidest thing in the world). My wife is also a private person. The doctor (Dr. Rayes/Reyes) there demanded to know all details about my wife's life, past trauma and such and my wife has come home crying about how the doctor pushed her to tell things that even her family doesn't know. The doctor also wanted to override a decision about her mental health because she "didn't believe her" (despite my wife was monitored 24/7 and was diagnosed from careful watch) So the doctor prescribed Saphris, a medicine that can help my wife a ton and the insurance company said that they'd cover it if the doctor authorized it. On October 9th, the doctor demanded to know details about my wife's life again and when my wife asked her to fill out forms to allow the insurance company; the doctor refused, saying that she's not in the business to listen to her patients and that she doesn't work for them. When my wife walked out, the doctor told Denise that my wife had threatened her life. My wife was, understandably, upset at that accusation (my wife has NO history of violence whatsoever). She called me and we went in together. Denise, with her bad attitude, told my wife she was being discharged because she threatened the doctor, despite the doctor gave no details or even said what my wife said that was threatening. When I tried to speak, Denise spoke over me, telling me that I wouldn't know anything cause I wasn't there (which neither was she). So denise gave us her supervisor's name and number, Jen P. We called Jen P and told her all that happened She said she'd talk to Denise and the doctor. All the while, I called the doctor's supervisor and told them what happened. Jen P called back and said she agreed with the doctor's decision. Dr. Reyes changed her story and said my wife's TONE made her feel threatened. From what my wife described of this woman, she's twice my wife's height and twice my wife's weight. And she felt threatened of my wife, who has not been violent once while in this program. The fact Kennedy Hospital and specifically this location allows these lying abusive fools into their hospital around those with Mental Health issues is atrocious and they all should be fired or have a background check done! I tell anyone who has mental health issues, DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION! DENISE, DR. REYES, JEN P AND ALL THE OTHER CASEWORKERS DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR PATIENTS!

Shane Glizzy

Margaret Macelis


I just got out of the ER. It was my first time ever at this hospital. Great experience. The staff is very attentive and caring. There is another hospital around here that I won’t name that is a big unorganized mess with people that don’t care. Jefferson in Cherry Hill is the opposite. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the doctors, the nurses, the facility, the care, their knowledge and treatment, and the speed of care (very little waiting). Next time I have to go to the ER I’m going there again!

Mimi Akin

I was happy with the ER and ICU until moved to the 3rd floor. It was something out of a horror movie. Never seen such filth. Garbage all down the halls, floor was filthy spoke to the nursing supervisor all she said was it’s a busy floor. No a war zone is busy, a ER is busy no excuse for filth in a hospital. So afraid my man is going to get sick after all he’s been through. Thank you Pat Raily nursing supervisor you really need to be check for glasses.

Frances Doherty

Wonderful, compassionate care. My sister was in ICU and they took care of our family as we went through a very difficult time. Dr's and nursing could not have been better.

Toast 360

I read another review it sounds like mine. I have been in er with my son since 11am it is now 11:00 PM asked if I could take home my son to sleep in his own bed instead of a chair in er. They said they would call dreyfus on us. I will never take him or anyone here.

Sean June

Lisa Carney

THIS PLACE SUCKS! ER STAFF ARE LIARS. Well been here since 7am (it's4:30) no food, medication, no gastrointestinal doctor! ER staff are liars! Told me my grandma would have a GI consult in the ER, then changed and said oh when she is admitted GI doc will see her, got upstairs after having grandma admitted only to find out the lying ER staff never even called for a consult! I swear if she wasn't over 100 I would take her out of this freaking place! Colleen and Kirsten on the 2nd floor are the only saving graces I've seen in this place so far!

john thomas

ram r25uy

Queron Truesdale

Worst hospital I ever been too and I don’t go to many I will never come here again even if I am bleeding to death. They inhumane in this place everyone here should be fired for the way they treat people. They honstley could careless about the brand and the stakeholders I would recommend anyone to go to hospitals in other areas before this one. I wouldn’t want any of my family to get a bandaid from here.

Annemarie Cain

Its Feb 13 I go into the ER at 5:00 with a very very bad infection in my toe with a chance I might lose my toe. its now 12 am I still in the ER in a bed in the hallway not even in a room very very sick with no answers on when I will get a room up in the hospital and can't even get a room in the ER while I have seen many other patients come and go and yet here I am still in the ER in a bed in the HALLWAY WITH NO ANSWER THE WORSE HOSPITAL I HAVE EVER BEEN IN I WILL NEVER COME HERE AGAIN BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER ONLY REASON IT HAS A STAR IS BECUASE THEY MAKE YOU PUT A STAR BUT I GIVE IT NONE THE WORSE HOSPITAL EVER

Frank O'Brien Jr.

Placido Moffa

My wife fractured her elbow on August 2nd and was taken by ambulance to Jefferson Health on Chapel Avenue. From the minute she arrived until she saw the doctor and had xrays and a ct scan done, everyone was helpful and very professional. Her arm was put in a temporary soft cast and told to see the orthopedic surgeon on Monday to determine if surgery was needed. Surgery was needed and was done on Wednesday of rust week. The surgery went well and the entire hospital staff was attentive and made her stay pleasant. 5 stars to Jefferson Health Cherry Hill

negra marie Rentas

Amanda Torres

Awesome service highly recommended!!!:)

Steven Daters

Excellent nurses. They took excellent care of my wife without any troubles or hesitation. Thank you for getting her back to me and for taking such good care of her while she was in such pain, and I was so worried. Well continue to utilize this hospital, but I hope not anytime soon!

Melissa Phillips

Wouldn't take my dog there. The name change is just that - a name change. Same old Kennedy.

Peter Lo

Andie Friedman

I Used to go to Kennedy as a Child, then went across the bridge when I was older . Except for emergencies. Back in 1990 my back went out and my Primary was head of Hospital, so we didn’t think we had any issues to worry about. EXCEPT when he wasn’t there. I had ruptured 2 Discs in my back and was put in traction while they did tests on Me. My primary brought a Neurosurgeon in to see me and he bent down to the machine I was in and crying in pain and said, would you like to have me fix the Discs in ur back so you can walk again. ,They forgot to tell me,I may not walk again. And they left me standing in the shower and when my mom came they didn’t know where the shower room was In Front of their desk, She came running In . I was hanging on to the shower for dear life. And Screaming!! I just stared at her and smiled thru my tears. She called my primary and had them Drug me. I was so happy to see But REGIONAL ORTHOPEDICS Weren’t too happy. They came in the following day and they threw me out since I was not going to let them do the surgery. In February Coldest day in 1990. My mom had to wrap her fur coat Around me. And they gave me NOTHING FOR PAIN. So we had to pass our primaries office and my mom went in and he came out to the car and gave me an injection and a bottle of medicine to hold me until my surgery in 2 days. Kennedy could rot in the dirt it’s burying in. I hate that place . The night I had my surgery at Garden State Hospital I was pain free for the 1st time in weeks and I actually walked to the bathroom.

Heather Mac Vicar

It's a very good hospital & since all my Doctor's are Kennedy affiliated I know that I am in good hands.

Kharyn Green

I am presently in the waiting room (ER) now for over an hour and 30 minutes , not a room to be seen but the waiting room. I was told some of the delay is change of shift. This is hospital not a restaurant. I need a doctor.!!! If I could rate a zero I would. Oh this is with Patient First Urgent Care calling in advance.

Eric Jacobsen

I think I'd rather just die than have to deal with this hospital again. The brainless billing department will keep charging you for the same service no matter how many times you pay. I have been charged 4 times and nearly sent to collections twice for a bill I had already paid ON TIME.

Priya Kamath

Emily Wheble

Recently had an MRI here and it was horrible. I’ve had several MRIs in my life, but this was by far the worst. I had an issue with part of the experience, including scheduling, checking in, billing and lack of experience and comfort I felt with the MRI technician. I will never go back. I sent a message to the resolution contact email address five days ago and have to yet hear anything. I now wish I could give this hospital a negative star rating.

Gerard Romagnoli

I admitted myself because there was something lodge in my throat. By the way I was told by my physician to go to the nearest ER. I wanted to go to Cooper instead. But decided to go to Jefferson because it was closer to home and better parking. What a mistake that was. The nurse who took my information seem to be stressed out. She was ok so I give her the benefit of the doubt... They also took E- rays of my throat which came out good... The main doctor who worked on me however if you can call it that was the worse. Thats all he did was gave me cold stares and dirty looks the whole time. Not friendly at all ! He was not at all helpful, rude as can be to.. Maybe he had a bad day I don't know. Nobody even bothered to check my vital signs at all ! Nothing ! And no diagnosis whats so ever was given to me when I left. I should of gone to Cooper instead. At least they treat you better and they are all top notch in their field.


God bless !

We Bounce

Eric Enigma

Adrianna Musallam

Overall the experience was okay. The nurses were very unprofessional in the ED. Three- four nurses took care of me while I was in the ED and only 1 introduced herself. None of them used alcohol wipes to access my IV which is standard practice. I was also receiving IV morphine which is well known to be very harsh on vein and all of them did not dilute the morphine enough. Even when asked to multiple times. I received antibiotics while in the ED and the nurse did not bother to find an IV pump to have them properly drip over half an hr. The staff overall was careless and sloppy. The ED resident was respectful and kind but scared me to death telling me and my boyfriend that they saw an abdominal mass on my CT but would need to repeat the scan first to confirm. The next three hours were agonizing(until the second CT results returned). I sat there wondering how could I have cancer at age 24. Once my diagnosis was confirmed the attending physician came and spoke to me and recommended I stay overnight. The only reason why I stayed was because they were actually able to control my abdominal pain. I stayed overnight reluctantly. Once I finally got to the room on the first floor. The nurse was rude and did not accommodate my boyfriend who stayed with me overnight(no extra pillows or blankets for him) of course I didn't think of it until the next day I was feeling a little better. I told her I was in pain and she told me my next dose of morphine was not until 6:30. I told her I was not able to wait and asked her why it was changed to every four hours from the original order that was every three. She did contact the physician and got an order for breakthrough pain. I later asked for Benadryl because the morphine was making me itchy and she responded there is no order . I told her the resident who put in my orders must of forget because I had already discussed receiving an order for it while in the ED. She never bothered to contact the physician again. I was the easiest patient she had that night. With no scheduled meds or significant medical history and my boyfriend took care of me for the most part helping me to the rest room etc. The day shift nurse was not any better. Took her about a half hour to get me pain medicine. She also had a nurse intern with her which I was totally fine with but she didn't properly explain her position, I had to ask. The Drs that day were pretty good but overall I would not recommend going to Kennedy. I am a nurse myself and expected much better care for how little care I required.

Annie Slater

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! When I heard that Jefferson had taken over Kennedy I hoped it would be a good my opinion it's the BEST thing. My mother was recently taken there from her nursing home. She was very sick and it soon became very clear that she was not going to get better. Even when you've been expecting's devastating to hear it put into words. From the minute we walked in the door my mother was treated with respect and dignity...and real tender loving care. The emergency room staff gave us frequent updates...never left us sitting waiting forever as other hospitals have done...and when I had to go out to my car, coming back through security I was treated with decency and prompt assistance...not left standing there and eyed up like a criminal. She was admitted to a room which was a double but only had the one bed. I told the staff I wanted to stay to the end. They brought recliner chairs with pillows and blankets. They made Mum as comfortable as possible...and checked on her hourly. Every time they came in they offered us drinks and asked if we needed anything. They brought us sandwiches, chips, cookies, soda and water...and in the evening on Saturday they authorized a guest tray so we could eat a proper dinner. From 8:00 p.m. Friday until Sunday morning I was there the whole time and didn't get much sleep. I would never have made it without the care of these lovely people. My mother was DNR...her choice. So all they could really do was make her comfortable and manage the pain. They did both beautifully. My mother passed away peacefully on a beautiful Sunday morning with her son and daughter by her side. For the last two years I have prayed to God to let me be there at the she didn't die alone. He did better than that. He got her out of the nursing home and into a place of caring and warmth...and allowed both my brother and myself the privilege of seeing this wonderful woman off on her journey home. Thank you, Lord...for this enormous blessing. And thank you to ALL of the wonderful staff at are all in my prayers.

Keritha Charles

On March 19, 2019.I went to the ER around 3:55 pm with Chest pain and numbness on my left side of my body. I was registered to be seen. I was given an EKG and I was told to wait in the waiting room to be seen by a doctor... I was told that I was going to get a room. I waited for almost 4 hours in the ER, without seeing the doctor. I then went up to ask when I would be seen? I was told that I will have to wait another 30 minutes to be seen by the doctor and in the event someone comes in with a cardiac arrest, I would not be seen before that person. I requested to be signed out, however, I was told by the worker at the desk that I didn't have to and that she will let the workers in the back know that I left. Just to mentioned, I observed two workers just talking, for about an hour or more... I must say that I would never recommend Jefferson Health Cherry Hill to anyone.

Christopher Cain

I will never come back to this hospital...been here since 5 o'clock with my wife and we r still in the hallway...still waiting for a bed.....worst hospital ever .....we will never come back....even if in yourself a favor stay away from here.

linis pwetko

Growing healthcare facility. Staff is friendly and courteous. Excellent healthcare can be received in this establishment fitted with the latest state of the art instruments and equipment designed to produce the best healthcare for patients. This organization strives to give patients efficient and outstanding healthcare. Give this hospital a try for your healthcare needs.

Joseph Rogers

Yong Chen

Unbelievable that your hospital will not allow food deliverys in front they want deliverys go to loading dock guess your going to have to tell the fed they have to go to loading dock if they want to eat the management there is terrible and should be replaced immediately

Natalia Dayton

I have been here 8 times in the last 3 months have been misdiagnosed 7 times . The 4th time i went i had to have an emergency cholecystectomy . That night i was kn the waiting room for 4 hours throwing up blood . I asked what would happen if something happened to me in the waiting room & they looked at me like i had 7 heads . & said that as soon as they had a bed they would see me . & i replied i understand but what if i pass out or something in waiting room . To which the nurse replied ; is that a threat ?! How is that a threat . Its a question of concern!! The first 3 times they discharged me & told me there was nothing wrong with me that it was all in my head . & prescribed me baclofen for anxiety . Baclofen isn't for anxiety . The only nurse i liked was gina the night nurse on the 3rd floor . Everyone else especially joan will ignore you & your questions . Lie to you about things just so they can get on with their day . The drs don't have time for you until you want to leave they come right in & give no answers . I leave with more problems then i go in with . From now on when i need a hospital i think i will be making the extra trip to upenn !

Angelo Miller

The worst hospital I've ever seen mr Gregory barone diagnosed me with diabetes just to find out from other doctors that all I had was low blood sugar they charged me 3 times for hospital Bill's that I have already paid in full and Gregory barone should lose his job from how heartless and cruel he truly is

Vanity Activist/Singer/Dancer/Author

I have been to this hospital more times than I would care to admit. I went to the out patient program and am now coming up on four years clean. They get a five from me.

Jamil Ziyoud

I have arrived with my wife at Monday Night at 8:30 and there was 2 people a head of me . Three hrs later no one called . a doctor shows up and tells my wife “there was no room inside” , and she will be at least” waiting 4 hrs to been seen okay ?”.

Lori Torres


terrible place, go elsewhere

Linda Miller

I went to the M I C A out patient program 2007 l had a good experience in the cherry hill hospital but don't care for Washington township one but now that it's Jefferson it will. Improve l alaway like Jefferson hospital it has alaway. Had a good name

James Leheny

DO NOT GO HERE OR GET YOUR PLOT READY. Was told at the start I would be staying longer lied by the surgeon then the nurses lied when they were to change my IV that came lose he never did it burned every injection I got by him trying to hold it in place rather than move it. Told the nurse that relived him she was mad said he was supposed to do that he did not. Next they are so overworked that meds never came on time had to page them every four hours. This is not their fault but the hospital. The nurse manger came in heard I was unhappy that I was not getting any rehab before going home. Told her what my doctor told me and the next day some young punk resident came in and told me I was leaving because they would not keep me because I had gas,????????. Called my doctor he told me do not listen to this young kid I was staying this was a weds 2 days after my operation. Later that night the surgeon came in not worried about me but I called him and then other people called him. Its the last time for this guy to being he can only work out of JFK now the Jefferson and the Rothman had merged. Could not believe the next thing that came out of his month that JFK was putting their protocol on me the I had to leave the next day. Friday 2 people from their other JFK came in and gave me about 40 minutes walking down the hallway and a few steps. I ask the nurse manger if they could give me some more rehab being I still could not move my knee she said no. As I sat in a chair because my meds never came and I could not stand anymore some woman came over not my nurse and ask if I wanted my meds I said ya. She gave me a small container with pills in it. I told her that they do not look like my painpills I was taking, with the 2 people from rehab and the manager there I told her to make sure she again said they were I said look at the pills and make sure again. SHE HAD 45 TIME THE STRENGTH THE PAIN MEDS I WAS TAKING IN THAT CUP. She grab the cup and said I sooooooooooo sorry I was giving you way to much A overdose amount to be sure. Looked at the nurse manager and the 2 other people and told them now you see why I hate JFK. Also they saw bites on me I think the bed had bed bugs . Had 2 bites on my lft leg 5 on my right and when getting dressed She saw I was scathing my back and saw a few more. Please go somewhere else. save your self the fear of not coming home.

Debbie Ma

Was in the ER and brought in by ambulance. Service was fast and quick. Was surprised that you dont have mri machine to do analysis properly. The billing dept has called my home but staff does not speak english. Left a phone number which 5 people in my household could not understand and refers # either. Speak clear and please slow down so we can hear and understand or give an American the job

Anna Ponomarev

Cathleen Curci

They are good very nice people and help you

Scott Kasperowicz sr

Dan Suarez

victoria cruz

There are some serious concerns that need to addressed in the ER. I went to the ER on 02/07 at 1pm where I sat for several hours. I went in with issues breathing and a history of blood clots in the lung. After waiting several hours and finally getting to go to the back i was immediately started on a breathing treatment, steroids and a magnesium drip to relax my lungs. They scheduled a cat scan with contrast that i had to wait an additional four hours for. By the end of the night I was advised I would be admitted because the cat scan came back inconclusive at ruling out a blood clot. In the mists of all of this the nurses and doctors were scrambling, stressed out, frustrated, and voicing their concerns openly about lack of staffing, working equipment, or equipment in general. They expressed how there were no beds available and I could even see the ambulances coming in back to back and standing in the halls with nowhere to go. The staff explained later that they made someone in upper management aware so that the proper people can make the call to divert ambulances to other near by hospitals for two hours. Needless to say I spent my entire night in the ER in a chair gurney as the nurse put it because it wasn't even a bed because your feet hung off it. The morning I was moved to a room next door from fast track where I was originally at. Still not on a actual hospital floor. Now when I was told I was being admitted I was advised I had to get what's called a VQ scan done. However, the VQ scan machine was broken. I was told it "should" be fixed by tomorrow morning and I would go down first thing in the morning. Well morning came and went. I was then moved to another "room" in the ER that was actually like a supply closet. It had two large heated fridges to keep the blankets warm that threw off so much heat I was baking the entire time in that room. I was eventually told i would be going down for my scan around or before 12pm. Well that came and went. So did several more hours. I was told it was fixed and then told again the camera was still broken. The original plan was I get the VQ scan first thing in the morning or by noon or I will be transported to stradford campus to get the scan done and then brought back. At some point this evening my nurse told me that machine was still broken and I wasn't going to get my scan today or be transferred to get it however for sure tomorrow without a fail whether it was fixed or not or if I had to be transferred I needed to get it done. Finally a tech randomly ran in and said it was fixed and they would take me. I did the scan and proceeded to wait several more hours. I requested to speak to the doctor at 7pm which is when i was informed he was gone and someone else had taken over. I was advised by my nurse she would send a chat to the doctor to request a conversation with me. she said thats the way they communicate when someone is admitted because it is off two computer systems. Needless to say for several more hours no one came. Finally I see a doctor approach my nurse across the hall of which she confirmed to me was my doctor and would be in shortly. Well the doctor never came. At this point being completely frustarted with no real answers and being in a very hot room, not in a bed, still in a packed ER since 1pm on 02/07 I advised my nurse i was leaving. She advised she just gave report for me to move to a room upstairs. Mind u hours ago she told me all she was waitng for was for housekeeping to clean the room. Hours ago. She explained i would have to go upstairs and speak with the nurses there. I refused because at this point it has all been lies. Eventually she went to a charge nurse and they gave her a form for me to sign out against medical consent. I wrote on that paper I was not signing out against consent because I wasn't even spoken to. The ER is very I'll equipt and managed and as it stands I don't know where I medically stand and was left untreated by your staff. I will be in tomorrow to speak with patient relations and forward this all the way up immediately for negligence.

T Clark

Nurses lied straight to my face then held my fiance against her will and wouldn't let her leave.. It's obviously more about money then taking care of people in need.. doing tests that's unnecessary just to get more money out of it. When they said all she had to do was sign paperwork and she could leave..


First of all, the hospital is confusing due to all of the changes and construction. I went to the hospital for an X-ray. I got called into an office to register and sat there for 30 minutes while the lady tried to figure out how to schedule the X-ray into the computer system. She said she was having a difficult time because of the new computing system. She called another person in to help her, but still had trouble. Many other people in the waiting area came and went and were easily registered. I finally was able to go to the X-ray department and found out she put the order in wrong. I had to wait, once again, until the X-ray department figured out how to correct the mistake. This place is horrible and I won’t be coming back!

BxGirl Blazin'

There are not any specialists on site. Go to a teaching hospital with every specialty available. This place is a joke.

Anne Lappin

I was seen right away, but big difference between insured and not insured. Put in a room with 3 other patients, not even on a bed. Thought I would be treated like my mom was 3 weeks ago. What a disappointment. Should have gone to Cooper Hospital, at least there they take care of their VETERANS.

Elisa Leoncini

They took excellent care of me in the ER on12/2\18 . had stomach pain -took several tests and blood work. Found I have strain a muscle. Thank You Jefferson Staff

Danielle Devery

Absolute worst service I have every experienced. After visiting Jefferson emergency room on 05/03, I was given Benadryl through and IV and basically forced out of the bed. As you know, benadryl makes people extremely drowsy. Some financial person comes into the room and asks me questions, mind you I’m still vomiting uncontrollably and now I’m and out of consciousness. I told them I have private insurance. After not being able to locate it, they signed me up for Medicaid!!! FRAAAAUUUUUDDD. After not treating me well enough that I thought I could walk, they told me ‘we really need you to gather your things’, and made me sit in the waiting room before I even had an idea of how I was getting home. Back and forth from the bathroom because I still thought I was going to vomit, nodding off in the waiting room chair, and to top it off, my vein is still blown out and BRUISED 4 weeks after the IV. The contract outside Jefferson for EVERYTHING; billing, operators, etc. Basic employees can not perform general tasks. After trying to contact the hospital to speak with someone about my billing matter and my situation in general, MULTIPLE personnel laughed and hung up on me, while one of them called to tell me what someone already told me! Absolute worst service I have EVER had from a hospital. Virtua in Marlton is 100% the choice I will always take. I made the mistake of coming to Jefferson once, I will never make that mistake again.

Juliette Drohan

Sharon Pease

Doctors & Nurse's are caring

L Crooms

Excellent experience, excellent care from every staff member during an overnight stay at Jeff-Cherry Hill, this past weekend. I've always had great care at this facility. Sometimes, when we feel lousy, our emotions are not the best. We can be difficult and no matter what anyone does or says, it isn't what we want to hear if it doesn't immediately fix the problem. I think simple courtesy in hospital situations could go a long way to an improved experience. I've had many hospital encounters in my lifetime, and out of all of them I can only remember two negative ones. And, looking back, I recognize they were due to lack of experience and if I had been more patient, I might have had a better outcome.

Terri MacNicoll

The emergency room is great with excellent staff. My 82 year old father has a history of 6 heart attacks and 6 congestive heart failures. He also cannot walk. He is in a wheelchair but can take 3-4 steps to use the bathroom. He was weak with a fever and couldn't breath. They diagnosed him with bronchitis on the verge of pneumonia. We have been to the emergency room before and had a good experience. They admitted him and moved him to a room. They ran some tests but he was so weak and couldn't talk. I wrote a note to give him a nebulizer treatment. They did and it helped but no one thought of it on their own. He soiled himself and I had to ask 9 times for someone to clean him up.They called for a male nurse. He is diabetic and could get skin sores. A social worker came in to see if he was able to take a few steps and see if he could be released. Well they decided he could be. I completely disagreed. I guess medicare didn't want to pay. I have him home now where he is so weak, coughing and out of it, he can't stay awake nor can he sleep. I am very upset and disappointed. I love this man so very very much and hate to see him suffering. I won't have him back to Jefferson again.

tyra haskins

Dont waste your time going to the emergency room.. you will wait several hours! There are better hospitals in the area that will serve you better!

Claude Gibson

Miriam Vicente

Alberto Rosa

Great nurses excellent care am still in the hospital have been here now for 5 days tomorrow I have surgery... again if your not feeling well and you need great nurses and doctors that truly cares about your well being this is the place you want to be This will be my third surgery in 4 maybe 5 years coming in and out of this hospital from the moment you step into the doors the take care of you and before you leave they already have a plan to get you better after your surgery am just glad that am better at ease and so is my family. Thank You Everybody at Jefferson Kennedy hospital for there support.

Nina Coleman bracey

Worst hospital ever. I came in at 6pm to have my son seen by a doctor they made him change his clothes and told us to have a seat at 6:30pm never seen anyone again for 8 hours and when I asked to sign him out to leave I was told they would call dyfs because I stated my son needed to be seen and was now refusing treatment. Like are you kidding me? I been here a whole shift and no one has offered a blanket, cup of water not even a simple check on us to let us know if they became or anything. They staff is rude in the emergency department and the service sucks. I wouldn’t even give them one star


Aleace loves

The E.R. registrator was kind& had me in nurse was working hard while cheering me up,she was overall very positive.The doctor did a fantastic job on numbing&stitching me up while keeping the mood light-hearted he was very efficient. Honestly...I have never written a review before but Kennedy Health in Cherry Hill has my reference.Due to their strong work ethic & genuine kindness towards patients, I recommend this place whole heartedly.

j lamanna

I adored the staff until I found out that they are not Jefferson employees. They contract out, which means, even if Jefferson takes your insurance, the provider may not. This was not a pleasant surprise. While I'll checked, this is legal. It shouldn't be. This billing practise imo is completely unethical and should not be hidden.

Heather MacVicar

My Doctors are affiliated with Jefferson Health NJ so basically I am in pretty much in excellent hands if I ever need to be hospitalized here & it’s accessible to transportation as well.

k egan

I feel compelled to write a review because of all the bad reviews I read. First, I cannot speak for the ER, but I brought my daughter in for outpatient surgery today and everything was excellent from the moment we arrived until we left. The complimentary valet parking, the new, state-of-the-art lobby, comfortable chairs in the waiting room, everyone who worked there and took care of us with such meticulous care from registration to pre and post surgery. So many people to name, but they all helped to make a nerve wracking situation as comfortable and seamless as possible. They were great with my daughter both when I was in the room and when she was going in for her surgery. I know Kennedy had a pretty bad reputation before but our experience today at Jefferson was actually excellent.

Sandimay Harkins

Was at the cherry hill Kennedy 2 weeks ago was seen right away in the Er by a very nice nurse that made me feel I was very important checked on me alot.she explained everything that she would be doing and what she was giving me in way of medication very important to me cause I have allergies I did have an extra band that was to show I have allergies as well. when I was being admitted and she found out I couldn't have anything after midnight she got me something to eat n drink.then went up to my room the Nurse's introduced themselves and wrote their names on a board in the room. I did get pain meds in the Er but they ask if I needed anything for pain.they would explain everything to me they truly were caring. Dr said I wouldn't be going for a procedure and allowed to eat the Cafeteria young lady came in with a tray and all I could say was can I get a big cup of coffee she brought one in then came back with another one.such a nice person. I truly can say everyone taking care of me was very nice n caring.know that if i ever need to go to a hospital that will be my first choice. A big thank you!

Peg Hagerty

Chinyere Osuji

They are very close to my house and they have a lot of new building space, especially in the lobby. My doctor seemed very personable and kind. Unfortunately, they are very unprofessional. They wrote down my phone number incorrectly, so they were unable to contact me the day before my surgery about the time it would be! This was after correcting them twice. Then, after the surgery, they never scheduled me for post surgery appointment. Instead, I got a random text message saying that I appointment at a time that I would’ve never consented to because I work at that time. Now, it is impossible to see my surgeon after the operation! I’ve unfortunately have three different surgeries at three different practices in the last five years and I’ve never had a doctor or practice treat patients this way before or after surgery. You would be better off going to Penn or Cooper. Lesson learned!

Michael Donahue

Went in to Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital today for same day surgery. From the time I arrived and went through the registration process and later on to prep and surgery, the process was seamless , efficient, professional , courtious and compassonate. Excellent staffing. The medical team that provided my individual care included Brooke, Gerri, and Amy. My surgeon Dr.Jeffrey Gleimer from Regional Orthopedic also did a outstanding procedure. So much appreciation to all who provided my care today! Thank You, Michael Donahue

Robin Joseph

Horrible. Brought my 12 year old daughter here by referral from her school to see a crisis doctor. Got here at 9:30. Admin was great saw nurse, and physical doctor by 10, that's when the doctor put in a call to crisis. They moved us to the meditation room to wait. It is no lie 30 degrees, I have arthritis, not a good combo. been waiting 4 1/2 hours for crisis, 1 hour over estimate. Getting ready to leave without help for my daughter now, due to the fact that the frigid room is actually about to make me unable to work for a week. Thanks for nothing!

Alfredo Levanti

Came for an emergency, left in an isle for 4 hours without been seen. It should be call the waiting room, not the emergency room. Awful!

Julianne Obermeier

Meghan Parente

HORRIBLE!!!!!! I went in the restroom on my floor and when I came out, a tech had her hands in my purse and my private possessions on the desk! They did not ask my permission to do this and they didn't wait until I was present! They sent security up to try to argue with me!!! Patronizing and unethical!!!!!! You do not give up your rights, when you enter a hospital!! Especially because they didn't even have me sign admission papers!!! Also, they can't get my meds right and the nurse said, "just focus on one thing at a time!" Adding to this: It has been three hours since I asked for nausea and heartburn meds. The nurse said, "well you're not going to die from that!" That's nice. . .if I'm in a great deal of discomfort, but I'm not dying, I don't receive treatment! Let's see how many more hours I wait.

Margaret Yacobacci

bridgette maimone

This is my second visit here, the last time it was Kennedy but they have merged with Jefferson. I came in with my sister and niece with extreme abdominal pain. I was ovulating but something was wrong. I explained for a moment between tears and the nice woman asked my name and already had me in their system. Then I was off to trioge the nice ladies took my vitals saw that was in severe pain and moved me right to a room. The nurse came right in asked what the problem was and gave me some thing for pain. I was so thankful to not feel it for a minute, I told her everything and she wanted a cat scan then and ultrasound. The ultrasound was a bust because they waited too long to get my urin. But they brought me upstairs to a room to be admitted. This is the only hospital I will go to I am still currently here typing about my experience which has had its ups and downs but I will say in all honesty I'm happy with all of my nurses and doctors and all other staff from sanitation to hospitality. And the administration management are very kind as well, they go above and beyond to make sure your stay meets their standard. I'm very satisfied and will refer more to come here because of their excellent service and wonderful bedside manner. We need strong but compassionate hearts for the pain we bring them and they all have it. Stars

sharon moran

God bless!

Tracy Laurenza

Sharon Wilson

Unbelievable STAFF, intelligent, knowlegable, kind, understanding. As busy as they are they still give you the time and respect to answer your questions. The doctors took the time to explain to family members what was going on, and answer all our questions. The nurses were constantly coming in to check on their patient. They have made this tragic injury of my brother, a little bit easier on the family. I’ve been able to get a good nights sleep for the first time in 3 months, knowing the care and compassion he’s getting when we’re not there, is the BEST!!! The Valet parking is great!!!! The hospital iS CLEAN. The staff speaks ENGLISH. JEFFERSON/Kennedy of Cherry Hill is the BEST!!!!!!

Taylor Neal

They saved my life when i was 21 n diagnoised with encorditis

mary norante

So i have never been in the hospital let alone have surgery.I am almost 60so lucky.I got hurt and ended up needing arthroscopic surgery on my knee. First let me say I love my orthopaedic Dr.(who is with Rothman). The day before they called with time to be there etc. I asked if my husband could come back with me while I got ready because I was petrified and they said no. They would take me back and then get him about 20mins later.UNACCEPTABLE to me and argued with them that there was no reason for him not to be there if I wanted him there. She said its easier for us if he's not there. Too bad I don't care what's easier for you i care about me. So then said well I guess that's your right. So get to the hospital at 5:30am and as we were being escorted to the surgical dept. I am informed my husband had to wait in the waiting room. Once again I fought and told her this was taken care of yesterday and he could come back. She made a phone call and in we went. I wanted him there cause I was scared to death and needed help changing. They totally ignored him. After their questions I was told to get undressed including my underwear. I questioned that as it was my knee and no reason my underwear had to come off. She said you have to get naked. Pulled the curtain and my husband was left standing there unable to help me. So before they hook me up I had to pee. Want my husband to help me the nurse walks me in at which point I said I got this. They finally move on to the next patient and my husband sits with me..I was crying scared and upset not necessary So I get wheeled into surgery,climb on the operating table and they start dosing me right away. I hear the one guy say got to untie and open this gown. My left arm goes on a board my right arm goes on a board and my gown is being lowered. I'm OUT I know they lowered and lifted my gown to drape me. I was exposed for knee surgery and that leaves me with an uneasy feeling. I complained when they called after surgery. Was told I should have been offered paper under garments. That my husband should have been allowed down with me without question. They said I remained covered but I don't believe that and no explanation as to why I had to be naked or exposed. My reason for this post is please people be in charge of you. The nurses are not your boss. If I ever need this type of surgery again, I will take a spinal so I can watch what they do.

Christopher Stens

The best hospital around. Ive been to all the other local hospitals. Very quick er service. I was hallucinating and couldn't function at all. No words. The staff knew what to do right away. Snapped me out of my seizure hallucinations. Thought I was going to die. I definitely recommend this hospital. The best part is, if you stay a few nights , it is possible to get a fine little nurse to help you relax n release.

Madeline Cimini

I was waiting with my friend at this hospital and all I can say is There Trash! She is so sick with a infected toe that an addict was able to get treated first and put into a room before she was! And on top of that she is laying in the hallway of this hospital going on 8 hours and no word of if she’s getting a room or not! The staff isn’t giving no info. Worst service I have ever seen from a hospital and I live in Philly...No Stars if I didn’t need

Chris T mahadeo

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