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Edith Berstler

My review is strictly about the final stay my husband had on Rhodes 7 (oncology) in March 2016. It has taken me a long time to finally write to your institution. Steven died on May 5,2016, thankfully at home. Steven was dying with stage four head and neck cancer and had bleeding, weeping tumors growing out of his neck. No one on the medical staff addressed the tumors or offered an explanation. It was very disappointing to have a friend visiting us explain what these tumors actually were. What was worse no one offered to clean the wounds which also smelled very bad. My family was truly astounded at how shabbily Steven was treated after he became so sick. Another incident involved a marketing "photo shoot" that was going on just outside my husband's hospital room as we waited to be discharged on March 29,2016. Talk about "marketing" cancer care. On my husband's final visit to the radiology department (April 8,2016) for two palliative radiation treatments he fell and struck his head between the treatments. He was not hurt but an "angel" of a nurse practitioner sent us to the emergency room to get Steven checked out. When we returned from the emergency room and walked into the radiology department a nurse walking by looked at my dying husband asking in a mocking voice if he would open his mouth because she heard through the grape vine he bit his tongue off and she wanted to see it. Steven was exhausted but knew he was the butt of this person's joke. The nurse didn't skip a beat and kept walking. I hope this review will help your institution improve its treatment of patients.

Ro Gill

The ED is always backed up. The care is good. The housekeeping could be better. The bathrooms, patient rooms, and common areas are often dirty.

Victor Monaco

The staff and the Doctors are super nice. If you do need to go to the ER, they'll take you for whatever testing you need immediately. However, afterwards you will sit in the waiting room for hours upon hours upon hours. It's really unacceptable. I've never waited as long anywhere else as I have waited at Penn. I wish Philly had the equivalent of the Cleveland Clinic. That place is the real standard in customer satisfaction.

Rich Ka

My girlfriend had an outpatient surgery done at this place and they decided to admit her. Over 4 hours in the recovery room and still not in a regular room, the nurses excuse for that is she's still in pain and it wouldn't be fair to make the floor nurse have to deal with her until the pain is gone. According to the nurse she talked to the doctor and he said give her pain medication. Have to love the stupidity in Pennsylvania hospitals.

Deborah Boroughs

I can’t praise enough the superior skills of the staff of Silverstein 12. The nurses and assistants invested great effort to meet the special needs of our developmentally delayed son. Their compassion and skill in interpreting his language & behavior and in alleviating his fear were remarkable. In particular, Dan, MK, Sean, John, and Ivor were most kind. It is not surprising that HUP has achieved magnet status. Thank you all! Deb Boroughs

Lauren Lex

All my medical through here great specialists ❤ 5 stars

sophia jones

My Labor and delivery was suppose to be the best experience of my life, even going through the complications that I had i Thought i would have the support of the staff. They were nothing but insensitive, nonwilling, and unprofessional people, even down to the epidural tech which missed his mark twice and put me thru the same pain over and over, including the pain i had to endure of my contractions, And never appologize for his mistakes. I came across one nice Nurse but she couldn’t stay due to shift change. Only if they were professional, it would have been fine, because you don’t have to be friendly to help a patient you just have to do your job well which is patient care, i wouldn’t be upset and giving a bad review. From the time i was admitted to the labor and delivery floor down to my last day of recover in the smallest room in the hospital, i felt miserable and a burden on most of the staff there. I will not being recommending anyone to have a child there nore will i go back there for anything else in my life even if it was my last breath. Which they problem wouldn’t mind, Less work they would have to do....

Stephanie Abdul

My daughter had a baby here this morning and I can say that the nurses and doctors in the maternity ward are awesome. Very caring, great bedside manners and had a pleasant experience there. Mom and baby are doing well! High security measures taken seriously there. I would recommend any mom to be to plan and have their baby there!!

Bryan Kite

Doctor was fine, staff were not pleasant at all. Billing has been a joke. I can pay my bill, but I receive different bills daily for the exact same amount without any true explanation. I will get call and I will ask for a grand total of all my bills owed and the girl actually laughed and said well no one would know that. Seriously? This is a top of the line the hospital?

James Gleason

With HUP support for almost 25 years now, I am alive today because of their great care and skill in so many ways. Great docs and medical support teams!!

Michael Jaconi

This hosptial was great. My wife was sick, the staff on the 14 th floor helps us thru their dedication to the patients. I was able to stay with my wife. We were treated with such care. Thank you to all the 14 floor nursing staff they are the best. Thank you!!!!

Lisa Brooks

My husband is having his prostate cancer treated at Penn. The staff and docs are always friendly and helpful. We never feel rushed. They go out of their way to accommodate us in scheduling spots and treatments. State of the art cancer treatment!!

B Burg

IMPOSSIBLE to call to change appointment. No phone number available to voice complaint. Finally hung up after SEVENTEEN messages as I waited saying,'your call is important' 'all operators are taking other callers' while obnoxious music was loudly played. 17 times!!! Over five minutes, probably longer. Called again and got all the same. No other contact numbers available. Really bad service and to a long time customer. I will now not be able to let them know about appointments I can't keep. And they will loose money. Should have hired people to answer the phone.

Britney Solomon

Last year I had a ruptured aneurysm and had to get emergency surgery. The doctor's and nurses were so caring and so helpful. Everyone really touched my heart. I appreciate all the staff that helped me.

Melissa Welker

I see 3 different neurologist at Penn Medicine. I travel from the Harrisburg, PA area every 3 months. I would highly recommend the neurology department.

Ora J

Worst hospital ever. I don’t understand how they’ll have you waiting 3+ hours to be seen and call ppl back who you’ve been there before. God forbid you’re dying. If I could give zero stars I would.

Kenneth Huddleston

This is a great hospital with some very smart doctors and awesome technologies. Poking my way through stage 4 kidney cancer, they seem to either be a step ahead of the disease or ready to turn on a dime and hit it head on whether it goes to the bones or the brains. You know the foods pretty good at the hospital too with a really good staff and nurses.I feel lucky to be in this area of the country.

DJ DINK 2007

Definitely not the place to go for an emergency. Very long wait time. I cried for 3 hours from sever stomach pain before i was even bought to the back. My nurse did not give me my call button tv remote or anything then when you call for them i have been waiting over an hour for Ben as of now to answer the call light. I had surgery here that was great but there ER is a horror story to anyone in pain or in need of medical attention

keko jones

Dr. Bermudez, Dr. Courtwright and their team......THANX for giving me a second chance at life! I have nothing but the up most respect for you guys. To all of the nursing staff who took care of guys are the best! Thanks for the tough love!

Tyra Hall

One of the worst emergency room I have ever been in I have insurance and have been waiting 4 hours thus makes no sense I was going to choose them for my pregnancy but worst hospital by far in my opinion

Roberta Booker

I was there with my mother her room was on the founders side on the 10th floor. I really don't like that floor they treated me nasty and rude. Me or my mom really didn't have much money for food they couldn't even give me a guest meal ticket I barely ate at that hospital they need to do something about that 10th floor because it's ridiculous.

fred mitchell

I took a friend there 3/26/2018. 10:30 pm to there lousy Emergency services. She was suffering from a pancreas/gall bladder attack. Tremendous pain, throwing up, passing out (no exaggeration) They left us in the waiting area with 20 plus patients, homeless people that were just sleeping (6) fowl orders etc. The smart allec nurse was taking vital signs in the waiting area. At 2 am I asked for 3 rd time what the problem was, finally they told us after a 3 hour wait all the examine rooms were in use because the hospital had no beds We left the emergency service area untreated at 2am I took her to another hospital after stopping a police car on the street following his suggestion. Julia was operated on that morning because of an acute inflamed pancreas.She remanins in the hospital for additional Gall bladder surgery which is to take place Monday morning. Horrible experience at University of pa. hospital Emergency services

Linnell Trimbell

Located in a very built-up area with many modern and adjacent healthcare facilities. Staff are extremely cordial and well trained to assist clients in the friendly way. Many clients travel from outling region and are not familiar with the city area. It is comforting to have the customer service support, which UPenn affords.

Malik Gayle

THIS IS THE WORSE PLACE TO GO THE MINIMUM WAITING TIME TO BE SEEN BY A DOCTOR IS TWO HOURSSS!!!. I set in the ER waiting room for about four hours just to be discharged in two , I wasn’t hooked up to any monitors while I was being treated and I found that very unsafe because I have asthma and anything could’ve happened and they wouldn’t have even had any knowledge of it especially for the fact my nurse only came in my room twice throughout the entire two hours. I don’t recommend this place to anyone

Lisa Cofield

Not a bad hospital but horrible staff and service. Someone I know was in their er a few days ago almost 16 weeks pregnant complaining of leagake. She has a history of miscarriages and they were aware. She arrived at 7 pm and was not seen till 12:30. After being in the room she did not get an exam to make sure baby was okay and leakage was normal until 530 am by then it was to late and she was to dilated to do anything about it and baby would not make drs were even giving her wrong info. she was induced to have the baby and after was told they would take pictures of baby and have some things for her to take home not even one picture In the box just a teddy bear, it made her feel like they didn't care about her and baby or her whole experience she had just encountered . Her whole experience was horrible the whole time she was there she was only checked on a couple times one nurse didn't even wanna touch her to help her up out the bed when she reached out for her hand the nurse backed up as if she was disgusted. I would never recommend this place to anyone.

Tashonna Anita Moore

They are the worst hospital ever!!! I just recently went there because I was having pains on my left side because I’ve had 2 kidney infections this year we went there at 1 pm and left there at 11 and we were waiting for that long we waited for 10 hours for them to say that nothing is wrong and they just left me there in pain! And the whole time I’ve been there they gave me no medicine for my left side pain!! And the hospital is filthy it’s so dirty!! They didn’t prescribe me no medicine and the doctors are very rude!! We waited that long for nothing! Worst hospital ever! Mercy hospital is way better!

ermal tabaku

The service is Horrible. Took 7 hours to get looked at. Would never go back.


I gave birth to my first child here and the experience was horrible. Let me start by saying, the staff, not all, but most lack in bedside manners, effective communication and common courtesy. I gave two stars due to two of my nurses being phenomenal and going above and beyond to make sure I, along with my baby were comfortable. When I went to the hospital, the intake nurse checked my cervix and broke my water while doing so which was very painful. She did not warn me that it was a possibility that could happen and proceeded to roughly handle me during that time. The nurse and the doctor mistakenly found that I was 8cm dilated even though eventually three hours later after I received pain medicine, another doctor said I was only 5.5cm. When the doctors thought I was 8cm, they were going to do an emergency c-section because the baby was not far enough down in my cervix for vaginal birth. Once the mistake was realized, the doctors began to give me a drug to help make my contractions stronger and push my baby further down the cervix. That medicine kept making his heart rate rise whenever they’d up the dosage. I asked more than once if they could keep it at a lower dosage. Ultimately, I gained a fever and my baby heart rate was too high for a vaginal birth after dilating to 9cm and being probed and prodded for over 12 hours. I was never informed of what happens during the c-section. It was the worse. I was strapped to the table. Arms and legs. My medicine started to wear off and I could feel my legs. The anesthesiologist gave pain medicine without telling me what it was. My baby had to get an IV and they stuck him multiple times trying to find a vein. The nurses did not communicate with me about keeping him during his circumcision. Overall, I would never recommend to anyone to have their baby born here!!!

Clarise Carroll

Came into the emergency room today with my sister and was please with the attitudes and service today. From the nurse Harley to the doctors who treated my sister. They was patient with her due to her pain she was difficult, but they still handled her with care. I will make sure I return to this hospital for any emergencies.

Nicolas Keels

Let me start by saying the doctors, nurses, and all medical personnel are phenomenal. That being said, their service employees are among the worst I’ve ever encountered. The cherry on top is when it came time for my wife and I to be discharged after our first baby. She had a c-section and was mostly immobile. I packed everything and took it to the car which I had parked at a meter. I then pulled up in the pickup and drop off area to collect my wife and my baby from the hospital room. The valet guys aggressively approached me trying to get me to take a valet ticket. I literally just needed to grab the 2 of them and we were off. They said I could not leave my vehicle at all and I had to take a ticket and valet with them. I spoke to their manager and he said the same thing. He wanted me to pay him so I could go inside and pick up my wife and baby. I texted my wife what was happening and she told the nurses who had been amazing the entire time. They carried the baby down for us! The nurses at this hospital deserve special recognition while the parking and valet operation should be seriously reviewed. Is Penn seriously that strapped for cash?

Amy Arjona

The only reason I gave 4 stars is that the valet parking is a JOKE. Arrived at 530am with my husband for surgery and it was fine no issues no traffic. Saw the rates for valet parking and decided to move my car. Went down after my hubby was taken to OR and paid for my ticket. Stood outside for about 90 minutes and my car nowhere in sight. I am usually not one to complain but I asked one of the men what was taking so long is everything ok. He called someone who said my car had not even been moved from the lot yet?! I told him to never mind just leave it I will get it later. The supervisor I'm guessing was very apologetic and gave me 2 free parking passes which I am grateful for. I went back in to the window and got a refund and decided to walk to dunkin. By the time I get back THERES MY CAR SITTING IN THE VALET LINE! what the heck? I tell the guy I wanted it to be left in the lot since I will be here all day anyway no use moving it now! Sent the car back to the lot and sorted everything out with my ticket and I went on my way. I give the police woman out front a lot of credit helping the valet move somewhat smoothly. The cars were just coming in faster than they could move them.. if you aren't going to be here all day or just visiting DO NOT USE THE VALET unless you have over an hour to wait for your vehicle. Again I hate to complain but I was very upset and am still worried about my car.

Susan Padgett

Charging to park when u are having an emergency is wrong

Rob Dirty

My mother had surgery here and had to have a section of her lung removed due to cancer. The nurses and doctors were so nice and took great care of my mother. They also removed all of the cancer in one surgery!!!

rebecca may flowers

Had a terrible experience in the ER a few years back but since have received nothing but the best service here. They could use a make-over for sure! But the nurses, in particular, are wonderful.

David R Swinson

Francis Geldof

Amazing hospital. Doctors nurses everyone that I have encountered have been nothing short of spectacular.

Princess Diamonds

The best in the area in my opinion! Only downside is service can be slow.

Helga Vaalburg

I came to see Dr Robert A. Avery at University of Pennsylvania Hospital for help. He was insensitive, insulting, and unprofessional. I left crying for days. There are so many good doctors but this one is not one of them. He also works with kids. I would never take my children to see him. Don't waste your time with this doctor. What an awful human being.

Robert V

A loved one needed surgery and I was so impressed and calmed by the treatment of the hospital staff from the time waiting to be admitted to the hospital staff, nurses and physicians. Thank you

The Small Dawg

Penn has the most courteous staff and doctors. As a patient I always received stellar care. My brother has also been fighting for his life at Penn and he has been receiving the best care from this very professional staff. I love Penn!!

Connie L

Was referred to HUP ED for abdominal cyst and provider called ahead to try to get me through faster as the cyst was painful and I have a newborn. I was in the ED for over 14 hours before finally being discharged without any definite answers. Most of the personnel were friendly but a few were a bit snippy.

Joe Skelley

Great hospital and hats off to Dr. Malkowicz for saving my life with bladder cancer. Not only did I have my life saved at HUP I was also born there so I love the place. Joe Skelley

Joshua Wall

Took my spouse to the ED here for fairly serious symptoms. The triage stated we were a priority 2 and should be seen fairly quickly. We have been waiting now for almost four hours and still haven't seen a doctor, they just told us a doctor hasn't even been assigned. Go elsewhere if you want to be seen in any reasonable time. At this rate we could have just waited until the next day and went to an urgent care. Update: it's now been almost six hours and still haven't seen a doctor. Shift change is about to occur at midnight and then the new doctors will have to restart rounds again and who knows where we will be in line. We have just asked to be discharged immediately. What a waste of time and money for no answers.

albert hartman

Clean friendly and very professional The Best The staff goes out of there way to make you feel comfortable

Barbara Schell-Stewart

I've been waiting in the ER since before 11:00 am today. As of 4:00 pm I have not been seen for extreme low belly pain. I have a physician but I chose the ER BECAUSE I THOUGHT THEYWOUKD RUN TESTS AND SCANS. This is the worst ER ever.


Absolutely wonderful care from dedicated and passionate professionals. Even the support staff (housekeepers, security, etc) are so kind and caring. I highly recommend this institution!

Elizabeth Archibald

I was there for over 8 hours with a blood test and one other test done. they sent me home saying nothing was wrong and im still in pain. called the er twice to speak to the doctor since the discharge papers say "call if your symptoms worsen" and they don't do anything. ALL HOSPITAL STAFF IS RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, AND ON THEIR HIGH HORSE! STEER CLEAR OF THIS ER, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!

Jay Hettler

Both times that my mother has been admitted to the ER at HUP she has had her cell phone stolen. This latest time we were able to track that it was taken to Wilmington DE. Then when we try to get in touch with her through the ER dept. it is extremely difficult because there are no phones in the rooms there.

Narendrasinh Mahida

Good Healthcare

Rosemarie Straguzzi

I went to this nightmare of a place today, to get the proper and appropriate medical care that I desperately summary,i was discriminated against and denied service because of my economic status.think this isn't happening in America? Think again. Deplorable. God help America.

Samuel Foster

Heaven forbid you come here with an emergency. I have sat here for 3 hours and listened to them call for someone with the last name justice the entire time. I don't think they're here. They probably left after hearing someone else's name all day. And this whole time multiple people have been in excruciating pain. Guess it's not that important to them

M Tager

They bought up all the other Philly Hospitals [just about :-(] and now they're so big, they treat you like dirt. Went for their great 'name', left because that's all they have now. I'd now go anywhere else!

David McIntyre

Best hospital in the city if not the country

Jeff Strauss

Wonderful place. Spouse transfer to here are from delaware because they couldn't handle all her problems there. Staff here wonderful. Best of everything available.

lawyer1919 philly

My mother was there for 3 weeks I'm critical care floor and once her vitals changed alittle they brought her down to another floor only to bring her back up. Happened (3) times before she died. The nurses were the worst. They were rude and wouldn't get the doctors when I sensed something got worse. They only had 2 patients but very slow!

Jennifer -

Came here from Jersey for a procedure for a family member. Everyone we encountered was kind, happy and helpful. Nurses were nice and helpful. Doctors were amazing. Cafeteria was awesome, but very crowded.

Faruq Washington

University of Pennsylvania hospital has a lot of apartments they are most definitely right at five because beyond five I’ll read them 1000 they really know what they’re doing a skill doctors nurses and much much more super much much more I would marry his hospital if I could I wouldn’t recommend anyone come in here

Deb Hauk

Top-notch world-class medical care. Doctors, nurses & staff were very compassionate and knowledgeable and the availability of cutting edge treatment is unmatched. The FOOD SERVICE IS HORRIBLE however. From late or completely missed meal delivery, to substitutions made without the patient's knowledge, to food service workers taking meal orders with no knowledge of dietary or food restrictions. There is no excuse for this in a world-class facility such as this.

Vanity Activist/Singer/Dancer/Author

I took my mom here. She is 59 years old and was there for three days. She presented with bradycardic symptoms, dizziness, falling and confusion post stroke. They did one test. They should have done way more tests. It was absolutely ridiculous. The ignorant doctor working the floor gave me an attitude when they decided to discharge her after doing nothing to which I challenged them to do more. I was told "Well she's not here for the stroke". Here's the problem with that. I noted the fact that with her heart symptoms she needed to be seen by a cardiologist. She never saw one. My mother and I live together and I can give the best picture of anyone of her symptoms. I have kept a log of every single incident that has occurred since she had her stroke and there have been many. They were uninterested in any of the events leading up to her hospitalization, including the daily chart of blood pressures and pulses I have taken since the end of July to present. If anyone could have told them that there was something not right it was me and my mother who also showed her displeasure with not having the tests that she so desperately needed. This young lady should have listened to my mother who has had SEVERAL MORE INCIDENTS since being discharged, and has also been hospitalized at Cooper since. She has injured her rib cage twice from falling on two different occasions. I'm here to tell you now.. I have kept records of everything. If something happens to her due to your negligence and I lose my mother who is not even 60 yet, that hospital is going to have a problem. P.S. The low potassium levels she had at your hospital are just getting lower and they can account for EVERY SINGLE SYMPTOM she has had since her stroke. Looks like you missed the mark that Cooper picked up on, and they gave her a script for it. If you had done the extra tests that we had asked for, maybe you would have caught that too. It was NOT her medication as you had stated.

Sweet Mit Robinson

Always get the best care !


Worst experience in the ER on 3-18-19 til 3-19-19. My sister has been a patient of U Penn fore several years with a rare lung disease. Came to the ER 3-18-19 after having lung surgery two weeks prior with heavy chest and not being able to take a deep breath. Sat in the waiting room from 5 pm to 12 am doing some testing while we were waiting. After 7 hrs in the waiting room we were taken in the back and she was put in the hallway. The surgery that she had is a new procedure and she is the first to receive this surgery at U Penn so to catch and infection can be life-threatening. Once in the back the Doctor and nurses were very kind and even knew who she was from prior visits. They called Pulmonary and then we were told she was staying for observation this was around 1:30 - 2:00 AM. Sometime between 2 AM and 8 AM there was a nurse practitioner there that when my sister ask for her pain meds she asked in a mean way what she needed it for. I would like this women to walk one hour in my sister shoes who lives in pain everyday. Never had I ever had such a poor experience with this hospital. I never complain because I know that the Doctors and nurses jobs are not easy. I thank them for the care. Last night that ER was a mess. Dorrie

Aaron G

My treatment was smooth and easy. I was in and out without any delay or incident. Staff was amazing. They all went above and beyond to treat me and help keep my at ease during a difficult ordeal

Nita Pruitt

I was born here in 1957. My Mom loved this hospital and when she died the doctors were very respectful to her body and our family. This occurred in 1979. I'm 61 years old now!

JP Clark

Friendly, empathetic, knowledgeable staff, big rooms, clean facility, convenient parking & shuttle, reasonable rates. Helped my ailing mother tremendously! Thank you HUP!

John Kruger

Because Mary Livingstone was born in February 6th, 2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Matt Tincani

Misdiagnosed by an incompetent resident after being seen by four other lazy physicians who deferred to the least experienced member of their team. Indifferent staff. I was treated like a class project. If you want decent treatment and caring staff avoid this “world class” hospital.


Had a double lung transplant and was treated like a king!!!!!. The 1&1/2 hrs. travel from N.J. for follow up is worthwhile. The staff, nurses and doctors are excellent at meeting your needs.

Naye K.

I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN THIS HOSPITAL. THE ER IS A COMPLETE DISASTER. DO NOT Come here for any emergency visits . You have been WARNED. I brought my mother here 12:30 pm and I left 9 pm this is ridiculous and more ridiculous that I believed that they had her best interest in mind . She’s 74 and only went to triage nurse and CT scan and they just kept giving us the run around .

Sharon Fischer

Short caucasian nurse with dirty blonde hair and glasses totally disregarded my discomfort and need to use the restroom. Walked past my room multiple times without any update or solution. Had to flag down another nurse to address my issues. Had the same test run 3 times due to the fact the blood was untestable by the time the staff got to my samples.

Debora Smith


chessia kelley

Do not go here for radiology. Worst machines in world. I've had at least 50 brains scans, and these are the worst by an extreme margin. Wayfindingid also abysmal. Good luck getting around.

Carl Cooper

you worked on me in 1996 thereabouts and I am still alive and thinking QUALMS Thank you

Gail Smith

My daughter was born here...they took real good care of both of us!

Anthony Tamburro

Somebody once told me that medical errors cause more deaths than alcohol. They are overly Confident considering their lack of Intuition.

Brian Brett

The staff members were professional, courteous and caring. They went out of their way to explain my condition to me and give me options and alternatives for treatment. I am grateful that I found a true health care provider in this city.

DianeM Meibauer

My husband has been going to U Penn for at least, four years. He uses all testing departments and has five doctors in different departments. Three of those doctors have saved his life from various illnesses that the myriad of doctors here in NJ could not help him. Kept him on drugs, drugs, drugs. After his first surgical procedure, he went off some of these drugs and after the third, he was off ten drugs!! Ten drugs he does not take anymore because his medical issues were addressed and addressed correctly! We now go for check ups......check ups!!!!! Great doctors, great nurses, wonderful staff in all departments!! Thank you, U Penn!

Emmanuel Wilson

The first hospital of a medical school in America. Among the best of what it is and what it does and offers to the world. It cures the body and heals the soul as best as humanly possible. Here, miracles happen and wonders prevail. The past, present and future seek perfection here. I was trained here for what I professionally do now.

hoosama Senladeen

Went there because I was feeling like i was going to pass out after eating food that I believed was mixed with chemicals. They gave me the run around and told me I am exaggerating. Did not even do any tests on me just wanted my money. Now I have a relative being treated over there who has endless amounts of money. So instead of actually treating this person they decide to play around with the guaranteed paycheck and so they do their dumb experiments such as getting a grandma to smoke drugs.Nothing but a waste of money and a guaranteed slow and painful death with this hospital. MARK MY WORDS - They are there just to take your money and if you have something serious they use you as their guinea pig, even if its the result of your death. That's the summary of this hospital.

Sha Rodriguez

Very very VERY slow hospital service. No matter where you go in the hospital you are expected to wait!


Best hospital and drs and nurses around they truly are in a league of their own absolutely incredible in my opinion the best hospital and staff in the USA

Karin Swope

Made a call to a Drs office that we were referred to. Answering machine type message came on, gave my cell phone number so i wouldnt miss a call back never received any. Doesnt surprise me the same thing is happening at the Dr that referred us in Lancaster.

Makil Chronic

I love this hospital cause my whole family was born there including myself. And welcoming my new granddaughter Logan is being born today thank goodness

Eileen Spampata

It is a cookie-cutter experience in the emergency room. Unless you have a broken leg, a heart attack or a stroke they will not help you in the emergency room no matter how much you're in need of a immediate life saving medical care. The arrogance of giving you some Saline solution as a cure-all for your problems. It's a shame that this is what medical care has come to today. A true disappointment costing lives.


Worst guest services, terrible housekeeping and dietary. Crowded rooms and false promises. If you don’t want to be medically treated and want to sacrifice your psychological well-being, this is the place for you. I would give this place a -5 rating if feature allows.

E. Miller

Have been taking excellent care of a friend who was in really bad shape. I did not talk to any doctors, but the nurses seem very friendly and knowledgeable. View from the Silverstein Tower is amazing.

Brian P

By far the worst hospital experience my family has ever had. I have never been in a dirtier, less comfortable, or disorganized hospital. The staff was unmotivated and uncaring. I am sure there are some good nurses in the bunch but they are the exception rather than the norm. Terrible beyond compreshension for a University Health provider.

David Perlmutter

Top notch medical and support teams. Positive attitudes prevail. No complaints at all.

naim woodley

I’m sign in under someone else name but I was a inpatient there January 30 until February 8th for heart failure & high blood pressure and being pregnant the CRNP Annemarie Ziegler told me that I was going to die me & my unborn child if I leave that hospital who tells someone that and started arguing with me because I wanted to leave an go to another hospital for care ‼️ She need to be fired‼️

Kevin Hoover

I arrived in the emergency room at 11:30pm last night and still have not been seen by a doctor. It is currently 3:30am. I have spent 4 hours waiting to be seen for an emergency the people here are absurd


Dirty emergency area...rude receptionist Doctors & nurses extremely busy talking amongst themselves...waited over 3 hours for cray result...very little time and effort for patient...Flagship, standard bearer NOT HUP....


Good services; helpful doctors and staff; white noise machines for privacy at certain reception areas, which is a huge plus.

Andy Gordon

We are very lucky to have this hospital in our area.

Martina Wheeler

I received the miracle of receiving a new liver there. And all the nurses and doctors were absolutely wonderful. It's a very painful experience however they made me as comfortable as possible.

Tinquel Adams

I don’t like this hospital at all . I wasn’t getting my prenatal care here and I used since I wasn’t they made me feel very uncomfortable and kept asking what bring me hereTHIS IS A HOSPITAL WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAD TO COME AND MAKE SURE THAT MY BABY WAS OK. Don’t do your prenatal care here at all or don’t come here if you have your prenatal care somewhere else. They will make you feel so unwanted

Dasha M

So far I have never received more compassion from any other health care provider. There are things here and there to fix just like anywhere else but they really go an extra mile to make sure patient's needs are met. Great specialists as well

Frederick Downing

I'm here as I write this we have been here for 7 hours without seeing a doctor or getting a room. They have lefty my fiancee in pain because they gave hey meds and they didn't work now she had been left in pain without any answer or relieve

Harry Keogh

HUP is Great. The Physicians, Nurses and staff are always professional, polite, and caring. I specifically give my praise and respect to Dr. Robert Wilensky, an Interventional Cardiologist and Dr. Cary Aarons, a surgeon, who specializes in GI medical issues; they both save lives every day.

Moscato Mamis

Unbelievablely bad Valet Service! Terrible customer service! I was told by staff to pick up my family member from the main entrance & just to let valet know where you are picking them up from. I pull up & a attended that could barely understand me waits until I get out of the car then tells me to pull up so I had to get back into the car pull up & then he yells you only have 5 minute VERY RUDELY! Then a old man comes up to me as I’m trying to pick up my family member and approaches me rudely as well! I explained to him what I was told by the nurse & he still was rude! I also work in a healthcare & I would never treat a patient or a family member that way! I’m sad that this is considered a hospital! Patient care does not stop at the door!

Truty Brown

Excellent service

Jerilyn Wilbert

I have been a Patient at PENN Since 1989. I Have The BEST DR.S IN THE COUNTRY!DR.Coutifaris,Dr.KatzkaDr.Khella,Dr.Vivino,Dr. Glaser,To Name A Few, The Worst of Is,When You Are " Let Go As A Patient,because of A Nurse's Opinion of You,And You Are Still Ill,In Need Of A Dr.'s Care! That's Has Happened To Me!When Your Health Is At Stake,It IS YOUR LIFE! It has Great Baring on The Rest Of Your Health,Life and How You Will Be Treated. I Am Forever Grateful In The Fact, That I Am Still Alive! I Am Living Proof,I Am Tough,I Am Strong,I Will Speak Out,I Am Very Loyal To PENN for Still Having Me Today,As A Patient!

LP Reviews

ER was horrible. I took my epileptic daughter there with severe migraine and partial paralysis and she was left on a gurney in the hallway. When she had a seizure, the nurses were quick to act, but then the attending physician saw the commotion, came over, got annoyed, and told everyone, "We're treating her for a migraine, not seizures. Get back to work!" and the nurses promptly scattered. He then told me, "We have people dying here. They take priority over a headache." Fair enough. But why couldn't they have told us that from the start? Why make my child lay in a busy hallway by the nurses' station for 3 hours with all the noise exacerbating her migraine, when we could have just gone elsewhere for treatment? Which is what we did. They seemed shocked when we left. Recommendation: always ask the triage nurse how busy they are and how long the expected wait time. If it's unacceptable, go elsewhere. Philly's full of great hospitals. Observations on HUP ER: chaotic, disorganized, and mis-managed. Also, parking is a nightmare.

Steven Ferrazzano

Very slow

Debra Clark

Wonderful caring staff with great doctors although bring your own food, would not feed it to my dog, disgusting

Mohammad Faruq

6 hours waiting time in ER, seriously!!!!

Baddgyal Q

Absolutely the worst hospital ever!!!!!!! I had an allergic reaction and broke out severely into hives... I told them That I tried Benadryl and it didn’t work.. they decided to give it to me anyway and when I took it my lip swole up.. I walked up to the nurse to tell her and they suggested that I take another Benadryl and go back to the waiting area. I refused to take another one and say back down in the waiting area because they told me a doctor will see me.. it’s been another hour in addition to the previous 3 hours and they have done NOTHING to help me..

Jason M.

Great hospital, my daughter was born here and the staff was great with us and made the experience so much better.

Sylvia Gladney

I need this hospital to do better in the (ER) there should be no reason to why I am still waiting in the ER AND HAVE WITNESS PATIENTS ASLEEP BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF MORE ROOMS TO HELP PEOPLE.I MEAN THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE ONE OF THE BEST HOSPITALS IN PHILADELPHIA PA. Which is sad because I have seen people leaving because of waiting forever! I have seen patients being bullied by the guards for sitting down on the floor because she kept throwing up. Employees lolly gagging and laughing Plu, joking around.Which is to me VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.i mean I'm in pain and I have to see ya'll having fun and chilling at work AROUND A BUNCH OF SICK PEOPLE. I have been to Temple and other hospitals and they haven't made me wait from 3:00 am to now 5:16 am AND AM STILL WAITING

elaine weaver

Professional and kind compassionate staff all around.

Robert Quigley

I have been going there to get treated for Sarcoma. The treatment I have been receiving from this hospital has been outstanding. Couldn't be happier.

carla mcgurk

Best hospital, best Dr’s, Best Nurses, best support staff!


The most horrific experience of my all hospital experiences ever (and I have worked in many). On oncologic floor in a room for Chemo patients was the wife of a patient in bed 1 with her children and grandchild. As our loved one went to use the private bathroom in the room passing by at least 7-10 visitors there were women’s toiletries in the bathroom and a toddler running around in the room with his toys and all family members using the room and bathroom as if It were their hotel room. At one point the family bought in sandwiches that reeked of raw onions making our loved one more nauseous than he already was. We complained over and over again to the nursing staff on all shifts and were told at one point that WE could take our loved one way down the hall to the visitors lounge! UNBELIEVABLE ! Not to mention that GERMS are the number one threat to Chemo patients! We literally even waited for the night time charge nurse who just shrugged his shoulders! Thank heaven we got him out in 2 days and will NEVER return to this joke of a hospital. I wonder with the reputation of the hospital; if all that is important has gone with the wind. If you need the expertise of the U of P doctors use the 2 other Penn hospitals because they MUST be more concerned for all of their patients and much more professional that the one at 34th and Spruce! If I could give this a 0 in stars I certainly would have.

Michelle Watson

I don’t recommend their Emergency Room at all. The wait in the ER is ridiculous. I’m pregnant and having pains, so I just want to make sure everything is okay with my baby. It’s been 7 hours and I still haven’t seen a doctor yet! They took my vitals when I first got here. Than 5 hours later they finally called my name again only to retake my vitals and then 20 minutes after that draw blood. Now I’m just still here, waiting again. Ridiculous! And this is not the first time I’ve came to this ER and they have done this to me, so you would think I would know better smh. Back in 2009, I was experiencing the same thing and they were taking forever to see me so I had to go to Mercy Hospital ER, got seen right away and turned out, I actually was going through a miscarriage. If I would of stayed at HUP, my baby would of fell out of me in the ER waiting room. Last time coming here. Definitely learn my lesson.

Michelle March

My UPenn urologist is among the best and most dedicated doctors I’ve had the pleasure of seeing (and there have been a lot). Before my first kidney surgery I had to go to the ER the night before. It was insanely packed but since I had a scheduled surgery they ended up taking me right back. Great experience except for discharging me to go home 6 hours before I had to be back. Anesthesia/surgical staff commented on how absurd that was, and they were beyond great. Making sure I was comfortable and calm (not an easy task). Entire stay from arrival to discharge days later was the best I could have hoped for. Second time around, not so much. Everyone and everything was great up until my post surgical stay. The staff was rude, abrupt, and accused me of sneaking pain pills in and taking them without their knowledge. I was on a heavy dilaudid self press every 7-10 minutes. Plus the 100mcg fentanyl patch they put on me (my prescribed dose was 50), Xanax, muscle relaxers, nerve blockers, and ambien. There was clearly no need to sneak extra pills. Even with all of that I couldn’t sleep for 2 days. I ended up doing and saying a few things in that time that I’m still embarrassed of (once I learned I hadn’t dreamt them) but nothing really awful. They blamed my behavior on sneaking pills even when the psych and another doctor made it clear they were the ones at fault for pumping my 110lb body full of substances and thus my resulting behavior. They decided that after major kidney surgery they wouldn’t send me home with anything for the pain. My first surgery was less intense and I went home with oxycodone and 2 different strengths of oral dilaudid. They called my pain management, primary, and urological doctors and told them I had obviously been taking something extra than prescribed. Which made me look like a POS until my urine screens proved that wasn’t the case. If I ever need another surgery I will either ask for a different location or a different post surgical resident.

Tracy Spencer

I love HUP all of my Doctor's are there I Don't trust any other Hospital with my Health, I had my kidney transplant at HUP I have 7 Doctors at hup and I love them's not just a job to the Doctors at HUP They actually care about there patients I absolutely refuse to go anywhere else my health is worth penn medicine, and I Tell anyone who would listen about university of Pennsylvania Hospital I would not be here today if it had not been for my Doctor's at HUP Top 10 in the nation number 1 in this whole Region, I know this to be true with all my heart. I give HUP 10 Stars baby , all Day long 24/7 no other Hospital will do I will be a patient of HUP ,and the Doctors I have till the day I Die..and I know for a fact that that will not be any time soon :)

Andrew Russell

best hositpal for heart patients. i dont truth anyone else with my heart beside penn.

Hq Gaming

Nurse Told me my foot was just bruised and I would be ok in a few days,looked at paperwork when I left said it was fractured and got the results on the Penn app saying it was fractured and needed to see a specialist...I can barely walk...and did nothing to the foot to protect it.


Might be a great hospital..if its not an emergency..been waiting 3 and half wife is in about to snap out!

ya weavologist

First off I was born here I felt safe... dealing back with them!... & when I came back home it was wonderful environment!... they made me feel good & comfortable!... I had surgery & it was a speedy recovery!... everyone that delt with me was wonderful!... I'm blessed & grateful!... H.U.P y'all rock!✊

Nick Royal

I was a previous employee as a pharmacy technician there. Worst place to work at. They claim that their Iv room is sterile and meets 797 but it don’t. The hoods are rusted and out of date. I spoke with management multiple times about the hoods being in that shape and nothing is fixed yet. Management and The new director Allison Apple are the worst. They don’t treat employees fairly and equally. I would never suggest anyone to work or go there.

Naresh Mullaguri

I went there for a job interview. This place was built massively. The buildings are state of art. The layout of signs to help patient navigation was very good. Staff are super nice at the reception. Of course my purpose of the visit is different from other people but I felt hope attending the place and the people I met seems very caring. They have a cyclotron for proton beam therapy for cancer which is one of the only few systems attached to the hospital. The physician team works very closely with the departments of science to innovate things.

Gwyn Reed

I am ever so grateful that I found a great doctor here at the hospital. I was diagnosed with RRMS and all the other doctor's I was seeing didn't seem as qualified as my neurologist. If there was a way for me to show him how thankful I am for him, I would. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kelly Simpson

Doctors and nurses are wonderful, the administrative aspect could use a lot of work. The doctors also need to communicate with each other better. Absolutely absurd how things do not get done at this hospital! The nurses we've had today alone are horrible! No one wants to work.

Khalid sultan

I am very disappointed to visit the hospital if it is very poor as it enters the emergency and falls for long hours. Please upgrade from the hospital services and consider patients. This is my first visit to the university. I have not received the treatment because your symptoms increase

Carl Muldoon

outstanding care for my mother. great, caring staff. thank you!

Crystal West

I went to Helen O. Dickens for my prenatal care and they were great very thorough and efficient only thing I didn't like was the waiting. I had my daughter back in February the nurses were fantastic me and my little queen had royal treatment of which I'm very grateful.

Anabelle Parra

Visal Srey

I went to the Labor and delivery floor for dizziness and nausea, they hooked me up to monitors to check to make the baby was ok and said since this was unrelated to the pregnancy sent me on my way....24 hrs it got worse but I went to their ED instead and they said they couldn't treat me because I was pregnant and about due. I told hey I was just up there on L and D and they said to come here. So they sent me back to L and D and the NP there said they can't do anything for me since their speciality is Ob and I said they can't send a physician up and they said no and that I needed to go to an urgent care center...where am I going to go at 3am in the morning? No one there wants to do their job, so disappointed in Penn.

Guy and Carmen Schultz

The staff was so kind, but it's been 4 hours and we're still waiting...AND we saw a bedbug!...gross!

Adam J

I had colon surgery at the university of Pennsylvania, and the doctor who did the surgery " Najjia Mahmoud " I thought she did spend sometime with me when I went to have a consecration with her. She spend about 40 minutes with me and conversed me that is the surgery will be a great solution for me. This is the first time I going under knife and being cut, I was very scared and I did trested her. I had the surgery one month after my surgery went back to see Dr. Najjia Mahmoud, she spend 3 only 3 minutes with me and told me I am ok and not even looking at the surgery aria and tested me? Then she told me I DON'T have to come back for another visit? I have so many questions to ask she DID NOT give me more then 3 MINUTES. I was very an happy with her treatment. Addition to that wile I was in the hospital for 2 weeks she only visit my room a few time! It is the worst bedtime maner and the next day after my surgery I star to have savers pain not just my colon aria but in my shoulder too? Of course after a few month when I was able to do MRI to my shoulder they ripped my muscles and alignment tissues in my shoulder? I have been leaving in a nightmares every day since my surgery till now. Additional to her scored up for my surgery she took about 13" off my colon and reattached it and she made the opening too small and till now I have a big problem going to the bathroom. The last doctor I seen he told me my problems is that the opining in my colon too small and that causeing me numbness in my left upper leg. I pray to God that doctor will suffer every day in her life as she making me suffer with her nigliges. She is the worst doctor I had ever seen.

Tony K

I brought my wife here when she had severe abdominal pain and fever and we waited in the ER for 3+ hours. We decided to leave after a fight broke out in the lobby and we signed the forms to get discharged. It was after a certain hour at night so they usual way to exit was closed. So just to get to our cars we had to cut through 2 buildings. This was difficult to do since she was in so much pain. We went to a different hospital where we got in right away. She was treated for a ruptured ovarian cyst at the other hospital. A few weeks later, we received a bill for $200 even though all we did was wait in the waiting room for over 3 hours. I WILL NOT EVER come back to this hospital. I got my knee x-rayed here about a year ago and I had a 8 hour wait and the rooms were dirty. I can't recommend their ER to anybody. I am officially done with this hospital.

sharon jackson

I want to say in general i had a good experience and recieved great care for the week and a half I was admitted to the hospital. The team on the colon rectal surgery unit was amazing. Thank you for helping me through one of the most painful and difficult times of my life thus far. With that being said there was a nurse that stood out and will always be remembered by me(not for good reasons). I arrived at the ER around 6:30am 2/13/18 after being in excruciating pain for over 24hrs. Like most people i tried my best to cope with the pain assuming it would past. When i got to the ER i could barely walk. I was lethargic and vomiting. After meeting with the triage nurse i was asked to sit back out in the waiting area which i did. After about 20mins i started feeling extremely lightheaded. I knew something was going horribly wrong. I alerted the lady at the registration desk that i need help. I was scared. Nothing like this had ever happen. She seemed annoyed with me and called a nurse when i collapsed on the floor. Fully conscious and alert i could hear this nurse SCREAMING at me to get up off the floor. Said she would not help me if i stayed om the floor. Physically i could not get up. She chastised me over and over for not complyin with her demands. I felt helpess in a place where they are suppose to help you. Eventually they put me in a wheel chair and took me to the back where they realized my temperature had reached 105. We later found out that i went into septic shock. After getting my vitals stable with the help of IV's i started to pull through. I sat in the hospital for 9 days replaying my experience in the emergency room. The lack of compassion confusing me. I have worked in healthcare administration for over 10 years so i know it can be a overwhelming experience, but you should consider a new career if you put your own frustrations before the needs of your patients. I dont know your name but i will always remember the way you made me feel.

Theodore Andrews

Never went there for an appointment but know by going there for lunch that the staff members there so dar gas positive and good vibe attitudes.

Sheré Mayfield

I came here very sick. HUP completely turned things around, now I'm feeling a lot better. This is a great hospital.


I scheduled an appoint with the residents program. I explained my girlfriend and I were I flying in from Indiana. I arrived to learned the resident was transferring, and I had to re-schedule. Nice-I flew in for nothing. The quote included a physician's fee for the resident. I paid cash for the visit. They double billed me by mail. Do NOT lose you receipt.

Lord Resef

Ive gone here for quite some time now.Atleast a few years and the majority of my many visits were due to my chronic pancreatitis with a life threatening psuedocyst.This condition when flared up or even slightly agitated causes extreme pain nausea vomiting as well as quite a list of uncomfortable side effects. For years my care was hands down amazing to be fair. Though over the past few visits my care has become horrific and at points cruel. So bad that this most recent stay made me swear and promise myself and family i wouldn't return at all cost. The doctor i was assigned was very rude from our introduction and made me feel very uncomfortable. When i requested a new doctor i was told i had no choice because that was the only one usually in for a week or more and far from a foul but this is the line i was fed for 5 days as well as when i asked for contact info for patient advocates .....somehow they never could find that info either. Then just as i was prepared to place a complaint i was treated like i didnt exsist and the doctor nicely arrives at the end of his shift only to lower all my pain and nausea meds for no apparent reason and i went through one of the worst and terrible nights of my life only to see him 14 hours later to say oh i would have changed it back if i had known.....what a laugh as multiple nurses called him many many times to no answer. Still i was denied a new doc nor the info to complain properly. This hospital should be ashamed of the ways some of its patients are treated and then its a joke to ask for anyone of authority to remedy these badly treated and forgotten patients. This used to never happen at UPENN. But my last 3 or so visits have been horrid to say the least.

Liesell Ferguson

Never in my life have I ever waited 9 hours to be seen by a doctor. What's the point of calling it an emergency room. I understand the wait goes by the emergency, but lord the pain that I was in i could have committed suicide. Second day that the room didn't even have seat for me to sit.

Tiffany Sales

Everybody was super nice specially Theron Louis transportation and Otthea and Ogodey Silverstein 10 fl

Jiggy Jake

Did great delievering our daughter. Great experience

Matt Novatnack

I had the best emergency room experience at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania. Minimal paperwork, easy billing, no waiting and a friendly staff. I showed up on a Saturday at 11:00am with excruciating eye pain. I packed snacks and entertainment expecting to spend the entire day there. To my surprise they had a separate processing area for non-trauma victims, the fast track. A nurse saw me in less than 10 minutes and a doctor shortly after that. They had an optometrist who found scratches on my cornea and got me out the door fast. I highly recommend going here for medical attention on off hours. My entire experience was less than 1 hour and they handled everything I needed. HUGE UPS to U. Penn. Still going to Drexel for my follow up :p

Tammy Cee

On Tuesday January 9th, 2018.(Icy morning, schools delayed 2 hours due to conditions) The nasty woman working at the desk at 9 am, turned us away for our doctors appointment because we were 15 mins late!!!! We had to drive/ walk like snails in order to avoid almost breaking bones attempting to walk on frozen surfaces, including their sidewalk!!! Mind you I had already paid for parking, taken off from work, and risked injury to get there. Can't speak for the doctors, but customer service SUCKS.....STAY AWAY, IF YOU NEED SERVICE, no one cared when I called back to complain.....still waiting for a reason/ response. Called to change OB GYN as soon as I got home

Jenn D

The nurses are wonderful The doctors are God awful! No communication, conflicting care. If I could give them negative stars I would. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to my worst enemy!!! Go anywhere but here!!


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