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REVIEWS OF Haven Behavioral Hospital of Philadelphia IN Delaware

Kelly Burger

Denise Kayser

They have no communication with family at all. The doctors have an in at the senior living facility to get the money from the insurance. They coach the senior into thinking they need to be there.

Diana Carpenter

Traumatizing experience at Haven caused severe setbacks in my father’s care.

Chantelle Wharton

Siobhan Irwin

My 86 year old father was admitted for Alzheimer's dementia with escalating behavioral problems and agitation, worsening with attempts to treat outpatient for years and later at his memory facility. Dr. Seara immediately assessed problems with his medications and, more importantly, started him on previously untried second-line medications which have made a huge difference. My father is calmer than I have seen him in at least 2 years. Dr. Seara was also able to assist my mother with the best tactics for engaging with someone in late Alzheimer's. Except for a few notable exceptions (Beth Ann RN, Tonya RN, PCA Brianna(or)Brittany [sorry!]), the staff were generally not helpful or accommodating.


This is the only place that ever got my dad's medications correct. The doctors actually really cared about my dad and were very thorough and professional. They also gave him a correct diagnosis that he DID NOT have dementia as there is a VERY competent geriatric psychiatric on staff.

Dawn Sandor

I recommend this hospital as a place to go if you need help...

Richard E. Ramirez


Recently completed a rotation in Geriatric Psychiatry at this facility. I observed a team of dedicated medical professions who collaborated to provide much needed service to a vulnerable population in the community. There were a number integrated therapies that encouraged expression, creativity, and positive behaviors for patients. The facility is clean and modern and provided a great learning environment!

Lynn Burke

Great help here! Social Worker Karen D was extremely helpful especially since I live far away. Dr Seara really helped my loved one with meds change.

Beatrice Cuyler

Cheryl my social worker and Dr. Seara helped me with my recovery. I recommend the hospital and the team. Thanks for telling me.

Lillian Pacheco

The treatment was very helpful and Dr.Seara adequately diagnosed me and gave me the right medication. I suffered from mental illness for a long time. I also loved the therapy groups especially the art groups! Now I feel great and I can care for my patients!

Maurice Jackson

When I arrived to Haven I was confused, distraught, and afraid. It was late in the evening thus everything was a blur. Nonetheless, It was an unimaginable experience. I've always been conscious about my health and only hospitalized once many years ago. But, I must say, Dr. Rai was one of the most attentive soft spoken doctors I've ever met. He was so empathetic and honest. His presence was comforting because he was so invested in my care. He met with me everyday which eased my worries and stress. It was a frightening experience and no one should have to go through it alone. My social worker was also great. I thank them both for all their help and what they have done. I will recommend this place to anyone who needs a helping hand.

John McClary

Extraordinary personal interest, professionalism, and care. Attention to details necessary for expedient delivery of services to maintain my loved ones forward progress. I highly reccomend this facility.

Russ Battavio

I was confused ,depress after my stroke and feeling like giving up of life .Dr Seara a geriatric neuro psychiatry help me by understanding what happen to me and give me the right medicine .Now I'm going home to enjoy life . My social worker Karen help me to get the services that I need . Thanks .

William Kinney

I want to thank the medical, nursing and social services staff for the care given to my girlfriend, Barbara. The level of care has always been marked by professionalism, caring and compassion. And a special thank you to Princess Kenney in Social Services. She has always been tireless in her search for the best program of caring for Barbara, both in the facility and beyond. Thanks to you all!! God bless.

Pamela Foster

Ronald Deitrich

Dr Seara gave the correct diagnosis after many years. And now she's on the right medication and happy. Dr Seara is a Geriatric Neuropsychiatrits. Thank you very much.

Ernest Spencer

For many years I thought I had dementia. I was 58years old when they told me that I had dementia. Dr. Seara geriatric neuro psychiatrist gave me the right diagnosis and explained to me what happened to me for many years. He gave me the right medicine talked to my family and now I am happy and going home. The staff was nice and the groups very helpful. Thanks

Robert Neeley

rick kochel

staff was wonderful really care about their patients and they keep their cool under very trying circumstances. The staff rocks

Cassandra Bell

Great doctors. My mother stayed here for about a week and everyone was so kind but seemed a little disorganized.

Rayza Villa

This place was great! Helped my grandmother feel a lot better, I would highly recommend this location especially Dr Seara! He is a very nice and friendly person and very accommodating!

Harry Manawelian

My sister had a very satisfying stay. The therapist and the social workers and other employees are compassionate and attended to her every need. They are all well qualified. The doctor gave her the right medications.

Donnie T-C

I traveled out of town to see my 94 year old grandmother. So I had no prior knowledge of this facilities rules regarding bring clothing or snacks for my grandmother. I was instantly met with a lot of this is not allowed or our policy states this. I asked for a list of the rules and was told by the nurse that I could go online to get the information. I shared with her that my uncle doesn't have access to a computer. Needless to say, the nursing staff that I encountered today (6/8/19/day shift ) on the 5th floor was very unprofessional. The nurse refused to answer my regarding my grandmother because I'm not listed as a point of contact. However, my questions were not medical related. I just asked how has she been eating and overall how my grandmother has been. I left this place very upset and feel the nursing lacked compassion during my visit I feel that the owners should be aware of how their staff is treating guests. I will be talking with my uncle to see if my grandmother can be transfered to another facility Lastly, the nursing staff is well overdue for an in service on basis customer service skills.

Pilar Bohrer

They have probime with medical attention one hundred percent and Doctor Seara has provide me with the most excellent care that my family were expecting They also have groups and therapists that are very helpful and expectacular

Nelly Rodriguez

The staff was nice .I suffer from anxiety and depression .Dr Seara gave me the right combinatjon of medication to feel better.Thanks. Now lm happy and going home with my family.

Ryan Vinett

Yg Plug

j.n hopkins

I have recently left Haven for personal reasons but my experience there was amazing. I grew so much as not only a nurse but as a person. The changes in the past few months in management has been the best for the continued growth of the facility. I could immediately see the changes to staff morale and culture. Dr. Seara as the medical director is very involved and diligently working to tap into the potential that Haven Philadelphia has. I thank Haven for my time there and wish them all the best and continued growth.

Karen Haines

Our Social Work Team is finally Full Staffed and Our Patients are being served at an Optimal Level. Haven’s Goals of Promoting Behavioral Stability and Enhancing Long Term Mental Wellness in our Patients is Finally a Reality. Kudos Dr. Seara.

Andrene Murdock

As a seasoned Nurse, this is my first time working in a Psych Hospital. I really have learn much since I've started working at Haven, the staff works well together. my experience her has encouraged me to start my NP in psych.

Bessie Strain

The food is the worst it's not overcooked it's over season with salt to the hilt the worst food in the world… They don't take care of the patients the staff let the patients walk around smelling of urine all day and night ...They don't help wash the patience to get them cleaned up they just let them walk around looking like nobody in the world cares about them… I saw a woman cough in her plate food that she had just eaten she was coughing it up in her plate and they came along gave her another scoop of rice on top of what she had just brought up and told her to eat it… The nursing care isn't much better… There are a few staff that care about the patients but they still don't do anything in other words they don't lift a finger to help these poor demented women and or men feel as though they are human to walk around smelling like urine to not change their beds to not help them just let them wander around is just too much ... And I need to mention that the place is freezing cold even the staff walk around with their coats on and they don't bother to help the patients stay warm they just let them walk around in their nightgowns with just socks on their feet when the floors are freezing cold... The worst place in the world do not put your family there !!!

Penny Jones

This place is shabby, low budget and dirty!!!!! The social worker Karen is just as ignorant and very unprofessional, she doesn't know how to talk with family members. The cna's are ok and i mean just ok. They don't help and try to make the situation any better, just no communication at all with family. PLEASE DON"T SEND YOUR FAMILY MEMBER HERE, i learned the hard way about this shabby, dirty place.......


Once my family was admitted. They told me when I called since I wasn't added to her list. Due to the privacy act they couldn't give any information. I was the one who ok'd her admission. I had to inform them that I would contact the Office of mental health before they went to her and got the ok to add me to the list so I could speak to my mother. I was told the staff would call me back. No one did. So I went to visit mid afternoon. I was told it was two hours before visitation. After insisting, I was allowed to see her. After approximately three days, she was transferred to a medical facility. I called and spoke with a staff by the name of Kelly. I told her I needed to pick up my mothers belongings. I was told someone would call me back. Never happened. I called back two times and asked to speak with the nurse manager. Left two voicemails requesting a return call. He never returned the calls. The staff that I encountered were nice. But the lack of communication with the family and not returning calls is just unacceptable.

Diana Ohene

Been working at Haven for over 2 years. Within the last year there has been some very needed and positive changes. From a new CEO to a new DSS. Social services works very hard to please patients and assure safe and appropriate aftercare. There are still things that need work and improving (in no way is Haven perfect), but with the right leadership that is presently running things I think that things will continue to improve with time.

Michelle Glascoe

Jane Schofield

My sister was going through a very difficult time. This place has been wonderful. They have been kind and helpful to my sister . They keep me informed . I would highly recommend this facility.

Lisa Drake

Allison Golia

I recently completed my Behavioral Health rotation for Physician Assistant school at Haven Behavioral Hospital. I was so impressed by the staff and how much they care for each patient individually. The group therapies offered really allow the patients to engage and heal. The whole team including the Psychiatrist, nurses, BHTs, social workers and group therapy leaders attend the meeting and discuss each patient's case which really individualizes care and allows everyone to be on the same page. I learned so much from each member of the team and was grateful to have had the opportunity to rotate at Haven Behavioral Hospital.

Marcy Marshall


Sese Lincoln

As a nursing staff. I believe in the last couple of months, Haven has dramatically changed for the better. There has been new strategy's to help lower workload on nurses and other staff, in return better care for patient's.

Vicki Oswald

Dr.Seara is a geriatric neuropsychiatrist who helped my father by giving the correct diagnosis. I am over the moon that my father is going home with me today.

Marianne Ryan

bad hospital was 1 star a few hours ago now 5 stars something rotten in Denmark

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