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REVIEWS OF Community Campus IN Delaware

James Johnson

Very friendly staff that will do what they can to help. Been coming here for over 4 years and am very satisfied at this point. My life has improved greatly since coming here. To anyone else struggling with something should come here as well

Violeta Ramos

Not happy at all with your service. No one ever answers those phone. It’s really upsetting that when the pharmacy calls because the Doctor needs to call the insurance for a prior autorización she never does. She’s always busy and meanwhile my girl has to be with her meds. I already started looking for a new Doctor to take my daughter to.

Francesca C

Dirty and unorganized.

Robert Fields

My experience.. was great on one side of the hospital ... but not on the other side... straight up punkes.... no kind staff...

Jahhh Wise

This place is unacceptable, I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy with mental health issues, they violated my hippa rights

Les Taylor

I work here

Dominique Frazier-Abdulhadi-Whitley

Greg Bohn

Anthony Capetola

Caroline M Kerrigan

*some of this review might be an issue with psychiatric hospitals in general, although some is definitely specific to this place* Going to this psychiatric hospital was the worst thing to happen for my mental health. In intake for crisis, if you have drugs or alcohol in your system at the time of your crisis, you are automatically labeled an addict and put into “group 1” out of two groups in the entire facility of patients and required to go to NA and AA meetings (scratch that, not required, cause they allow depressed people to lay in bed all day without leaving their rooms) As someone with a life history of mental illness and no history of addiction, the only therapy I got the entire 3 days were these meetings (two total), although Alice was nice and sassy and fun and did great work for people, not everyone can take help from these meetings and it did nothing to address my mental health issues, only shared stories of drug addiction and trauma. The doctors at this place were the worst part. I don’t know if it was an issue of just generally being understaffed or just how this place works. But doctors would take away anxiety medications from patients with zero notice, meds that they had reasonably been prescribed for years for severe panic attacks, and just leave the patients with no other options and ZERO communication at a time they needed help most. I was diagnosed with bipolar-unspecified after a five minute conversation with a doctor. I’ve never had a manic episode in my life or anything close to it. Minus two NA meetings and one video on depression in my three days there, the patients were left to sit around all day and do nothing. There were some old board games and coloring pages and a couple books among the roughly 25 or so patients at a time, but zero psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or even basic human communication with doctors more than the previously mentioned five minutes where a doctor listened to my symptoms and apparently ignored it. We weren’t allowed to go outside at all, even with supervision. We had a joke that we wouldn’t mind literally being handcuffed to a bench if it meant we could get some fresh air and sunlight. The ONLY saving grace in this place was the patients. Talking to them and relating in our misery and trying to cheer each other up was the only good part. Too bad more than half stayed in their rooms the whole time. I wonder often about those patients and their wellbeing and hope they’ve found better help. The aftercare was even more of a nightmare. The case workers are incompetent and getting an appointment with an actual psychiatrist takes forever. You are required to go through your case manager who then contacts either the psychiatrist or a random nurse practitioner, and assuming you need your meds changed since they took away the ones that actually worked for you, you’re gonna be basically sh*t out of luck. Every new appointment is basically a new intake with a new nurse practitioner. My files were misplaced by someone in a chain of bureaucracy that I didn’t know existed leading me to be prescribed a med on my list of SEVERE INTERACTION medications. Luckily I had the competency to recognize this before taking what they gave me. In the three months after my hospitalization, I never got prescribed a single medicine that worked for me, and most of that time was spent unmedicated dealing with the nightmare of their bureaucracy chain waiting to find a potentail working med. To be fair, I did miss a couple appointments due to my severe anxiety and agoraphobia that my caseworker seemed to have zero concept of. This led to her calling my mother multiple times and worrying her when I clearly explained to her i was just having a bad mental health day and couldn’t come in due to anxiety. Since then I moved and found a new psychiatrist and was prescribed working meds in a single appointment, and she has availability close to every week for 30 minute sessions, and even takes my Medicaid.

Amy Hodge

Alexis Morales

Very cool

Ian Hancock

There are good doctors here, the case managers however are extreamly unreliable. The staff at times will finish there conversation before helping you which is just plain bad customer service.

evettta Richardson

It was OK for it being our first time

Yolanda Haves


Tina Hughes

I currently work at Community Hospital in Chester. I've worked for Crozer since 2001. I help run the Family Room for the clients who are in program there. I absolutely love my job and Crozer is a very good place to work!

Magenta RT

Barbara Chamberlin

My son has been seen 2 times by the community hospital ... He didn't like 1 program that was offered , and ever since that he has NOT heard from anyone at the Chester location... His case manager hasn't called on him since June, nor has the behavior health department.. ( then u wonder why people with behavior health issues are homeless or walk the streets all day) shame on community hospital

Allison Rathburn

Can we even call it a hospital -it is so filthy and the staff are so ignorant and demeaning. It's a joke. And they keep patients in outpatient for 6-9 months- can you say insurance fraud!?!?! Horrific place. Horrific.

James Ron

Raven Whitechapel

I was an inpatient for about 5 days back in May of 2019. I thought that the staff was very nice but I thought that like everything there's too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Sometimes one or two of the staff were a bit rough on us, and also when you don't go to therapy they confine you to your room this only irritates people who are already suffering emotionally with boundaries now to have boundaries physically placed upon us like we're bad children is not a good thing. the food was adequate but there were only about six meals to choose from everything seem like we were eating the same thing everyday snacks were a problem because often times they run out of things that the patient's want it because a lot of the guards that work there and staff members helped themselves to the potato chips and the crackers when they come in and they shouldn't be eating that stuff because it's for the patients because they make enough money to buy their own snacks and bring them with him. Crozer is a bit behind the times I Penn hospital a transgender patient can share a room with a female patient. what I crozer they keep you to yourself and the noise that goes on all night long with them turning your door knob to open it to look in on you and then shutting your door makes it impossible for you to sleep more than an hour you wake up the next day zombie 5 and you're constantly tired. Therapy really doesn't consist of therapy no matter what group you go to people come late to the great meetings just to put their name on the list so it looks like they're attending all the meetings you go over and over and over things that don't really apply to you and you're watching DVD sometimes for a therapy session which are ridiculously old. The next problem in the last problem I found wise as I said, therapy is not therapy. therapy supposed to focus on how you're feeling what's drives our goals can you reach to help end your depression and feel like you have some kind of a life to look forward to when you leave it's supposed to be about sharing bits and pieces of your life like what brought you in what keeps bringing you down but we don't go near those things mostly it's just about people having a couple laughs and quite frankly if they just had a bar an open bar and some laughs we might all feel a lot better. So therapy really has to focus on the problems we have why would I go to alcohol and drug therapy if I don't have those two problems??once you put in on a 302 I believe it is you can't leave on your own will if you're signed in because you went through a hospital or somebody else signed you in you have to go before this judge sits downstairs and they have to understand if you think you're ready to go yet when your time comes. I chose to stay an extra three days because I just didn't feel like I was ready for the world around me. I'm 61 and if you think depression just his young people you're wrong it hits all of us never forget that no matter how old we are how cute we are or how much Charles looks have faded we are all walking in the same path and it's very possibly you will wind up in my position. all in all I think crozer was better than most places I like the fact that they had a little bit more comfortable beds that way I think hospital beds are more comfortable Toast can be soggy. But most of the people that work there are good people. it's just you feel funny crowning around every meal when it arrives like hungry animals instead of human beings. It'd be better if we just went in and sat in the lunchroom and it was brought into us but they don't do it that way. The lunchroom is overcrowded it's just too many people for a lunchroom the tables are big and round they need to replace them with square ones or at least take one of the tables out.there is no smoking allowed and you are not allowed to go outside and smoke if they would just change that and let us go down and sit outside once a day or maybe twice a day it would make us feel like we had touch with the outside world the sun on our skin would make us feel alive.

angel coale

jackie t

Not a good place.It is very chaotic and staff does not always follow rules,regulations and guidelines. Often counselors or the program coordinator will recommend unnecessary treatment for unnecessary things. And then they say you have a choice to not take the additional treatment but in reality you don't. There are always consequences if you don't comply regardless of how you feel. What this program is lacking is understanding and empathy towards human beings.At this place you are just a number and an insurance bill they can collect. They expect the patients to follow exact instructions and guidelines but they them selves don't ,and do things they are not allowed to do. The Doctors, Counselors, Therapists and even the Program Directors change constantly. Don't expect to have a Counselor longer than 3 months at the time, they in and out.Program is not supportive to the needs of the individual patient and don't expect anybody to ever stick up for you. Even though they are working with addicts, they have forgotten that they work for/with addicts.

shark gamer19 Bobbr

Christina Bourne

Robin Scott

It's an awesome crisis center and helped alot. But sucks as far as outpatient goes... they didnt even inform me they moved so when I came for my appointment it was an empty building.. then I was running low on meds and they wouldnt answer to reschedule.. finally after about a week someone called me back and they just gave me more numbers to call so I did and eventually they gave me an appointment .... but to do all that is horrible. You should never make someone go out of their way like that.... especially when it comes to mental health .. luckily I wasnt suicidal at the time or I would probably be dead...

Adam Griffith

Let me preface this by saying I am an agoraphobic shut-in. The visitors hours are from 8pm - 9pm and are at the extreme ends of the hallway. If you are being taken off anxiety meds, you can only hide in your room. I feel far worse now than when I went in. If you want to be taken off the meds that work for you, this is the place. I was taken off the Xanax I’d been on for almost 20 years in 10 days because, “We don’t prescribe benzos.” I’ve never felt worse. Every day is worse than the last. A slow taper after months is required to come off benzodiazepines. I had delusions during this period. I thought I turned into a spider. This is help? The patient care techs are horrible. They treat you like a child. I was constantly exhausted. If you think you’ll get sleep, you’re wrong there. I had to remind half the nurses when it was time for my medication. I lost over 25 lbs in 10 days time. You can only eat in a small uncomfortable kitchen. They will not let you eat in your room. Because of the shaking from withdrawal?, I’m guessing, I had severe problems with mobility. The food tray felt incredibly heavy. When I couldn’t get out of my room, they called it “refusing to eat.” My case worker said I could not lift my head. No accommodations are made for you or your phobias. After not being able to leave my house for 4 years, they expect me to somehow go to appointments without anxiety medication. Unfortunately, due to my severe agoraphobia, this is my only option. I’ve been stuck in bed the entire 2 months that I’ve been home. I’m a guinea pig for their antidepressants that don’t work and have a million side effects. I haven’t been able to feel my pinky fingers since I was released. I have sleep apnea and bought a machine out of pocket due to my inability to see a pulmonologist. They broke it, but somehow I fixed the lid and after rearranging some inside rubber pieces, I got it to work again. Also they couldn’t find distilled water to put in the machine. The closest I got it to working was doing it myself. I only used it once because they didn’t know how to work it and I was too over medicated to figure it out. God bless anyone who has to go here including me because I know I’ll be back. Once I build up some courage, I’ll be going back. The meds aren’t right and I can’t deal with the intractable anxiety. Once you are out patient, the doctors will not talk to you on the phone regardless of the circumstances. Update: While I appreciate being contacted regarding my traumatic experience, a taper is needed to be taken off benzodiazepines. Ten days was not enough. I am constantly suffering. The benefits far outweigh the risks in this case as I am not on alcohol or opiates. I believe I am suffering from PTSD from my stay here. I am thinking about contacting a lawyer. There has to be some kind of law put in place for people on benzodiazepines. Heroin addicts get methadone for the rest of their lives. There is no equivalent for benzodiazepines.

jimmy Faust Jr

I was born there :) back in 1979

Theresa Brown

I believe it's a good place to go. My family goes there for help. Have a blessed day.

Tricia Glancey

Great place for someone who needs help with mental health issues STAFF was amazing everyone was so helpful, Stacey, Iris your the BEST

Jea H

They try their best to help you out

charles jordan


Michael Johenning

Toniette Morda is a great therapist.

Bernada Gill-Jackson

I only do dropoffs and pick up of ppl being treated there

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