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REVIEWS OF Christiana Hospital IN Delaware

Paul Feldan

The kindness, care and compassion shown to my ill relative on the third floor transition unit was remarkable. Everyone from the physicians on down did a wonderful job during a trying time. I can not say enough good things about the nursing care there.

Beautiful Disaster

Great hospital but took us over 2 hrs to get results of ultrasound

Eric Stowell

Admitted fairly quickly to the ER. Cat scan and testing done within 2 hours. Overall, fairly happy. I'm just waiting to see the bill after insurance for 5 stars haha.


I was recently a patient at this hospital for 4 days and couldn't be happier with the care I received. The doctors, nurses and all the staff are top notch. Highly recommend.

Aaron Mitchell

I had the unfortunate experience of going thru the ER, the ICU, Cardiac/Pulmonary, and a general care unit, before being discharged to the rehabilitation center in Wilmington where I spent an additional week or so of care. I have nothing but good things to say about my care while being an inpatient for those weeks. There was a noticeable difference in attentiveness going to the step down unit process, but that was expected as my conditions improved. There was no let down in the care provided me. Overall the staff was very professional and showed genuine concern for my treatment and comfort. The food, not bad considering this is an institution of health serving a variety of different people. I was fortunate to have access to outside cuisine during my rehabilitation program, and there again, the staff at the Wilmington facility were just as caring and professional.

Allison Sheldon

I wish there were negative stars to give. Took my husband there, waited for over 4 hrs and walked out. When I asked how long it be after they cleared the ER twice was told that he was close to the top. Couldn’t tell me, then when my husband said he was leaving the lady at the window said “Ihope you feel better.” Who does that? She knows he wasn’t even seen. Makes all other hospital staff look bad. Not to mention there were mouse droppings on the floor and the bathrooms were dirty. I know there are mice everywhere but Christiana Hospital doesn’t need to advertise it.

Michelle Barnett

The Emergency waiting room is a horrible experience! I took my daughter there on Friday afternoon around 3pm. She was in horrible pain in her chest and abdomen! She had her vitals done within an hour then put back into the waiting room. No one called us back until 1am that next morning(Saturday). Meanwhile she was crying and hunched over in pain for 9 hours! She could have died once we found out what was wrong with her! She was rushed into surgery at 4am Saturday morning, and thank god is now recovering! You need a new system!

Simba Bridge

The nurses will lie to save themselves. You get the run around and nurses here seems like they really don’t understand what needs to be done. Every patient is different

Cristina Santoro

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! The ER Dr’s were very nice. They suggested I stay for pain management. It was managed better down there. The first night the nurses acted as though I was an inconvenience. It took 24 hours for me to see a Dr. I have Lupus, and spine fractures and pinched nerves. I just was thrown down stairs and I have a new pain that they can’t seen to find out why. I have been telling them from the beginning 1 mg of dilaudid is NOT WORKING!!!!! So then they move it to every 4 hours.... NOT HELPING, added a 2 mg pill to be taken ever 3 hours. STILL O RELIEF! I’ve spoken to every Dr and no one will budge no one cares that I feel tourchered. The nurse has the shittest attitude and so does the charge nurse. They’ve watched me cry so hard I’ve vomited.yet Godforbid they increase my doses so I feel normal. They even searched through my purse after my mri and had me patted down!! I’m appalled! St. Francois was wonderful!

Marianna Morrison

The staff was kind and took good care of my daughter both times when she was in there. We also travel from over an hour away to this hospital because the quality of care cannot be found in the area of PA where we live. My entire family also uses Christiana Hospital for out patient care as well. I would and have recommended this hospital.


Okey staff. The building is filthy. Equipment seemed old and beat up. Can definitely tell that the CEO is making good money.

Patricia Pryke

I had two surgeries last year, one very serious, and the care could not have been better. The nurses and ancillary staff were wonderful; even the food was good. I would recommend Christiana Hospital to everyone.

El Hayden

My overall experience at Christiana Hospital & Emergency Room was extremely positive. I entered the ER at 7:30 am; due to early arrival, I was immediately seen by caring & attentive staff. I was kept overnight for observation &, again, the nurses & doctors (with one doc exception) were outstanding. I was released following day with little fanfare/no problems. My one complaint is additional services were pushed - a physical therapist who arrived ten mins bf I was discharged to walk me around nursing station for a few mins (what did that cost?!), & a sweetly assertive nurse who insisted she give me her spiel (fancy brochure included) re "Signs of a Stroke" which she (with some embarrassment) admitted did not pertain to me (ca-ching! $).

Paul Feldan

The kindness, care and compassion shown to my ill relative on the third floor transition unit was remarkable. Everyone from the physicians on down did a wonderful job during a trying time. I can not say enough good things about the nursing care there.

Fatima Akhtar

4hr + wait time in the ER. Had an awful experience there.

Ashley Kierstin

Everyone here is very helpful and very caring......from the check in desk to the doctors and nurses that care on you.

Robert Marrara

Clean facility. Professional and caring staff. I think they overcharge you if you have insurance to make up for those who don't have it. I think that's par for the course as far as health care goes.

Dalene McGuigan

Worst hospital experience. I was told by Doctor Michael Murray that they had faulty equipment which meant I was kept under for 8 hours instead of 4 hours like I was told. The nurses are over worked and understaffed and I was not getting my pain meds in timely manor and suffered longer. One nurse was snappy and left me laying on bloody sheets. Horrific experience and then because all my screws in my back became loose soon after surgery I had to have surgery over again. I did not go back to Christiana Hospital for 2nd surgery.

Wonder Woman

The Emergency

Jessica Floyd

Took my 24 year old to ER pass thru metal detectors get to triage and they send a constable to search my son again. Why he is only person back here but he is black.

William watson

Nurses in the emergency room could use an extra class in ethics.

Jim Shortley

This is one of the worst Hospitals I've ever witnessed. My father was here due to a mini stroke/ blood on the brain and they gave him a CT scan and then told him he had a tumor which they did not know it was a tumor which scared the hell out of him which made him call myself and my sister to tell us where all his will papers were and he thought he was going to die that night or shortly thereafter. One person told him that after they remove the tumor people have lived for another 15 years. It's unbelievable! He's been here so far 5 days but haven't done an MRI which they said they were going to do because now we don't know if it's a tumor and we need a more vivid picture. Unbelievable! So here we sit with our thumbs you know where waiting.... I'm going to write a negative review on every media site there is for making our family feel as if our father was gone no to die. I'm also going to talk to a lawyer and see if there's any legal action I can take so another family doesn't have to go through this BS UPDATE: They finally gave my dad an MRI and released him. They just handed him the CD of the MRI and sent him on his way No dr came in and explained what they found or nothing. After telling him he had a tumor. WORST HOSPITAL EVER! Do no harm right???!!!



Tonya Duker

People here not nice and you will die waiting to be seen.


Too many inexperienced and ignorant people working here. They don’t take their jobs serious and it’s sad!

Beautiful Disaster

Great hospital but took us over 2 hrs to get results of ultrasound

Jenlene Arrington

My father went in for surgery which was a success. The staff were warm and friendly and accommodated my family while there. My dad didn't like the food and often sent us out to get him meals. Overall the experience was good.

Jack Vickers

Enviromental services must be on strike or very lazy and unsupervised ! The emergency room that I was in had a 2" to 3" dirt ring around the baseboards and the door frame nasty nasty ! I can guarantee it was not from 1shift or 24hrs i have pictures to prove it . I will post another reveiw for the nurses and others that helped me including the doctor. They we're a great help and very friendly. 4 stars

Jim Kibble

i have an extreme anxiety involved with needles doctors and dentists went in under extreme pain got thru the emergency room and a surgery for me this all was a struggle and nightmare from the start my mother who had taken me there had expressed this too them and not once was i treated like i had any problem with them needles or anything and they were always ready to throw me into a panic state by saying its time for another shot or blood drawl they hardly managed my anxiety or my pain i ended up checking myself out with a drainage tube in my throat because i could not stand another minute inside that hell hole honestly just avoid this place at all costs if you have any sort of special need u might as well be screwing yourself because i felt 0 special care about it but i was really glad when they asked me to turn down my tv so i could hear them give a talk to my suicide failure room mate in the middle of the night. thanks for the ptsd christiana!

Dawn Alexis

Leaving the emergency room after sitting for a little over 2 hours with severe abdominal pain. When asking how much longer it would be before I could be seen I was told I had only been waiting 2 hours and the average wait time is 5 to 6 hours. I'm new to DE and have no prior experience with this hospital. Rest assured I will speak with the powers that be concerning the lack of professionalism, less than tidy conditions/facility and excessive wait times. This of course will be done on behalf of future patients as I have absolutely no plans to returning to this hospital.

Diana R.

Horrible service! I had to wait for 5 hours to be seen and no doctor in sight willing to see me so i had to walk out. I've been harrassed for 4 years to pay a bill when i did not receive any treatment nor are they willing to provide a discount. I am beyond annoyed with my experience with this hospital.

ChrisCross Xperience

Ive never gone here, But i can tell its good because christiana is my name!!

Jenna Elizabeth

I had to have my appendix removed obviously very unexpectedly. I went to the ER with realky bad pain in my abdomen. They saw me very quickly, and got me in for different tests to see what was happening. The emergency room doctor, the nurses, everyone was just amazing. Especially the emergency surgeon.i stayed over night, and he came down to talk to me after hours of preforming surgery. I thought that was really nice. Every nurse i had was so caring and attentive to any needs i had. This was in Feb of 2019. Everyone here is great and I can't reccomend them enough!!

Maurice Miller

I wish I could give less than one star. My father in law is there and the nurses and doctors in the emergency room have been absolutely terrible. He is there for pneumonia. His fever is over 104 and NOT ONE DOCTOR has been there since we first arrived at 11 am. Eight hours later and still no doctor. The nurses have been so very rude to my mother in law. Just an overall horrible experience.

JoAnna Pullella

Esteemed physicians, compassionate,empathetic and wonderfully communicative Nursing, Paraprofessional & Specialist team whose mission to provide comfort as well as comfort for both patients as well as all visitors, support persons, loved ones' and families is clearly evident by the bounty of conveniences, amenities, programs and services their vision and growth excels towards.

Wilma Cosme

I arrived here at 10:30am. I sat in the ER waiting to be seen, and wasnt called back until 5pm. We were placed in a room in the ER at 5, and were seen by two people. One did the intake, and another was a nurse. It is now 7:30pm and I still havent been seen by a doctor. Is this fair for ANYONE to have to deal with in thr ER? If I wasnt as sick as I am, id get up and leave right now- this is absolutely unacceptable.

Brandon Reim

My wife and I came to this hospital for a follow up appointment and we were unsure where to go, since it’s a large hospital. The lady working at the information desk on 1/28/19 in the morning (I believe her name was Linda) was very nice and extremely helpful. She greeted us in a comforting manner as we approached her, and she gave us very clear directions on how to locate the doctor’s office we were there to see. We greatly appreciated the kind service.

Dennis Smith

Place is about a joke

Ryan Haines

You can tell most of the nurses/doctors just do it for the money. Have no heart & treat you like you are a problem because you are in pain. Be prepared to also spend at least 2 hours in waiting room no matter how busy it is.

jesus Dino

Worst place to give birth. Unless your lucky. Won't let our baby transfer because they feel like it's an issue. As a parent I believe that what makes us comfortable and what care we want for the child matters. This place is a mafia. Too powerful for their own good but too dumb to talk too.

Brenda Parker

I was admitted through the ER for a Kidney stone. I stayed one day in ER and was transferred to ED Observation. Had surgery this morning and discharged. I have to say, from beginning to end I had top rate care. (And I have worked in hospitals for 45 years) I cannot say enough about how kind and caring everyone was. Infection Control procedures and hand washing procedures were well observed every where I was. My Nurses were exemplary and the OR staff were so reassuring. I couldn’t have asked for better care!

Ryan Haines

You can tell most of the nurses/doctors just do it for the money. Have no heart & treat you like you are a problem because you are in pain. Be prepared to also spend at least 2 hours in waiting room no matter how busy it is.

Julia Stallings

Horrible place!!! 4 d General surgery is the worst!!! Keren mCcloud is the worst supervisor EVER!!! And Omega Martin is a thief!!!! The patient's are not taken care of!!! One tech for 36 patient's!!! People are over looked, and no-one cares!!!!

Churchs Auto Detailing

Terrible came in Wed 30th for testicular torsion. Nurses tried to manually manipulate the twisted. Ball. Ouch. Holy #&×%. Well didn't. Work. 2.ultrasounds and a c.t scan. Later and no surgery . as soon as they suspect a torsion. Your supposed to go straight to surgery or could lose testicles. Did not. Now its Monday. And was told you have to learn to dealwiththe pain We can't do anythingforyou. My balls have gotten smaller since being here and you can barely see the one anymore. This place is a joke. Then you are told we can't help you so move on. Christiana Hospital doctors are uncaring and um responsible for another person's wellbeing. . was.your. there balls your damn sure they would fix them . but mine. No not so much.

Jeff Pincin

My wife just delivered our first child. I would give every nurse, doctor, and staff member a 10/10. The deliver was super long (27+ hours) and of course very painful, tiring, and extremely taxing. They did everything they could to help, reassured and affirmed us when we were worried and scared as new parents, taught us a ton about everything we'll need moving forward, and showed that they genuinely cared that our family does well moving forward. I would highly recommend Christiana for anybody checking out hospitals in which to deliver.

Carlos Paredes

This has to be the worst hospital ever. At least the emergency department doesn’t work. I went in with my mother in law and the registration process was fast but they tell you to go in the waiting and wait for the call just like any other hospital. Not to mention I had to go through all the security (at that point I knew something was wrong). They called us 20min after and they took us inside to get all the information from my mother in law and then sent us back to the waiting room to wait 5 hours to get treatment while she was suffering over there. After 5 hours they called us and we spent 3 hours in a little room divided by curtains and they just gave her something to calm down and get rid of the pain and right after they sent her home with some medications and the same pain in the same spot. It is the second time she goes to this hospital for the same pain and they acted the same way. They sent her back home saying that she is not going to the bathroom because she’s is taking acetaminophen. Well guess what? She was constipated before she went there and you prescribed the acetaminophen she was taking so how come the problem is the acetaminophen? The main concern is that she’s hasn’t been in the bathroom for over a week and you didn’t do anything to help her go to the bathroom. When I asked the doctor what was going on because they weren’t doing anything and everybody were typing stuff in their computers he didn’t even know what to answer. Finally we got out of there with more medication for the pain but nothing to make her go to the bathroom. We had to take her somewhere else because they couldn’t do anything at Christiana Hospital and she was still suffering from it and the pain was still there but I guess they will charge us big time for doing nothing. I just have to say that if this is the care people from Delaware are getting then they are basically F***ked.

Ashley Gibson

The wait time makes absolutely no sense! There's no way you should go to the emergency room at the hospital at 12:00 p.m. and not leave until 8:00 p.m. It's ridiculous!!!! And half of the staff doesn't even know anything, their answer to everything is "you'll just have to wait."

Steve Hart

June 2017: If you go to the ER & they've determined you aren't likey to die, then prepare for a LONG wait. I've been in the waiting room for 3 hours passing a kidney stone in pain and without help. January 2018: At the hospital with my 87 year old mother who has been stuck in a bed in a hallway for 5 1/2 hours without seeing a doctor. I would give this place zero stars but I know the people here are doing their best to help others in dire need, but really, this hospital needs to do better.

Sunshine Diaz

(NO STARS) Michelle-RN & Cindy-Charge RN, Doctor ?? spoke with a woman who was not blood related or married to the family without verifying who she was which is a HIPPA violation (just so you know) the patient is confidential. We called the hospital for information and now no one will speak with us on the phone or in person? You can speak with our family lawyers .... this was suppose to be and event of celebration turned into a nightmare. I thought Nurses and Doctors were suppose to take care of patients and the hospital is suppose to protect the patient while they are there?

Eric Bridgeman

Casey on the 5th floor as a nurse is horrible!! Constant attitude. She needs to be fired . She doesn’t follow hospital rules and my mother had to find me a wheelchair when I was aloud to leave (after a week there ) . Gave me wrong medicine constantly and I had to keep reminding her about my meds and time.

Dawn Puni

6 hours and still waiting in the waiting room. It stinks in here too. Told them when I came in I was having trouble breathing. This is a joke.

Paula Steele

I fell at home and needed treatment at Christiana ED today. My experience was a 5 star award winning experience that started with Kevin who greeted me, put me in a wheelchair while talking very warmly to ease my anxiety. Intake was done quickly and I was taken back to have my vitals recorded and then to a treatment room. I met Steven, my nurse who again treated me with kindness and made me feel secure. He explained what would happen next and who would be seeing me. Patient escort whisked me off to X-ray where an X-ray tech took the necessary X-rays. Back to my room and I was met by a PA who explained what the X-rays showed and how I was to be treated. I arrived about 1030am and was on my way to see an Orthopedic Specialist by 1:30 pm. Words cannot express how grateful I am to all the wonderful caring staff at Christiana ED. You all are the best!

jesus Dino

Worst place to give birth. Unless your lucky. Won't let our baby transfer because they feel like it's an issue. As a parent I believe that what makes us comfortable and what care we want for the child matters. This place is a mafia. Too powerful for their own good but too dumb to talk too.

Beverly Rickards

I was at an appointment with my sister and, while she was in her appointment I needed to go to the bathroom. It was a task for me since I was new to using a wheelchair alone. I had to push myself several feet to the nearest bathroom. However, a housekeeping attendant named Linda Bartley helped me inside and out and pushed me back around to the front entrance. My arms were killing me. #thankingGodforthatAngel

Ashutosh Kumar Gupta

Christiana Hospital Management please please improve your emergency service and waiting area for sick senior citizens and kids specially. You guys make sure once a patient is in, they will stay for 6-7 hours before discharge with majority of the time is waiting in the small conjested waiting area. I am sitting with my 8 month old from last 5 hours and still not sure when they gonna attend us. Please stop playing with people’s moneyband health when you can not manage things well on time. Full stop. Please improve and evolve.

SweetT Davis

I have had 3 babies at this hospital and each time the nurses were great! Never an issue with them answering questions or requests and the food is great!

Aretha Barnes

This hospital shouldn't get any stars. How is it that the wait in the emergency room is so long, but then when you get back there everyone is standing around? Then you wait an additional 3-4 hours on that too. I'm sure it won't take long to get the bill though. Please stop being lazy since you make decent money, and get the patients out in a timely fashion. I will not be returning to Christiana.

Rome D

Just sat down at the ER for 3 hours waiting to be seen and left because I started to feel worse and felt I would be better off resting at home. This is the most ridiculous system ever where people who come hours after you are served and released before you. So you guys decide which emergency is more important?

Kathy Love

My only complaint was my discharge Dr the trauma unit. She sent me home on 10/19/18 with a RX that expired on 10/12/18. When I called back to try to fix it I was told that I never received that med from them. I believe the discharge Dr was deliberately being hateful.

connor ryan

Just took my girlfriend to the ER with a back injury. Already waited an hour and just told we'll be waiting another 3 hours in the hallway.

Lila Wildey

Er wait times are always over two hours

Emily Aiken

Yes, wait times at ER are long if you are not in life-threatening condition. This is the largest trauma center between Baltimore and Philadelphia. Keep that in mind, and think about the number of lives they are saving per hour. More importantly, the staff are caring, attentive, and diligent. I had an occult fracture - the kind that is invisible on X-Ray. Many people with this kind of injury are sent home with a clean bill of health, and are not treated until their fracture gets catastrophically worse. But ER staff trusted their instincts, got me in contact with an ortho IMMEDIATELY for follow-up. Saved me from surgery, chronic joint pain, and a potential lifetime of complications.

Ryan Smith

Place is pretty good I'm here now 08/17/18. Happy with the whole staff all the way around. My major problem is the guy next to me in the room. Masterbates so loud I can hear every stroke. Its gross

Jenna Waldron

I came to this hospital as a Pediatric Patient. Personally, my family and I had a very good experience at this hospital. The Nuclear Medicine staff are very kind, and the nurses are really nice. The doctor we had, Dr. Manzone, was super nice and he is awesome at what he does, and he really cares about his patients. Everyone was very nice, and we had an overall great experience. Thank you Christina Hospital!! :)

Will Nacht

You have to wait 5+ hours to get seen in the emergency room and the nurses are incompetent along with the doctors. You mine as well stay home and take care of yourself.

Amy Edwards

I have been in many hospitals in the past 22 yrs. This is by far the absolute worst hospital I have ever been, in my entire life! They triage you along side every other sick person in the emergency room. You barely see anyone use the hand sanitizer. They go from one patient to the next without sanitizing. The floors look like they have been cleaned since they opened. They have you wait on a stretcher in the hallway for hours before a doctor will see you. Along side ppl vomiting, coughing, hacking .. I will drive an hour to Jefferson before I go back to Christiana!

Terri Allen

I entered the emergency room, and I was taken to the back for my vitals within 10 minutes. The nurses and other staff were fine. But, the Dr was rude and talked down to me. His bedside manner was an experience I have never encountered. My daughter works in the med field and asked other drs if they knew this dr, and some responses were on point. Many people do not care for the dr who unfortunately saw me in the ER that day. I also have a very close friend who is a dr, and she was appalled when I shared my experience. The drs first name is Evan. I hope to never have to see him in ER again.

Kristopher Small

I spent a week in there . good people always there to help .

Nichola Harvey

Unbelievable how long you have to wait for service. Waited for 6 hours in the emergency room and didn’t speak to a Dr. once !! Had an abnormal low heart rate and nauseousness. Had an ekg at my work and Called my Dr for advice. Was told to go to the emergency room. What a horrible piece of advice when Christiana hospital is my local hospital. I asked the receptionist 3x for a status and all she told me was the the wait time of the person waiting the longest. Didn’t have the patience to wait anymore especially since they allowed a 9 year old child to moan In pain and not one person came to check on him!! I’ll sleep with my watch on tonight to monitor my own heart rate . Cheaper and more efficient service !!

Mari Ocasio Aviles

They should provide an estimate time of wait. 3 am waiting room is empty, however more than 5 hour wait time so far. If you choose to leave because you are in pain and want to go to another hospital, ( St.Fancis has a 15 minutes wait time) you are doubled charged for the emergency visit. Had I known ahead of time, I would have elected not to check in and go to another hospital. I should have caught on to the triage nurse's comment about being short staff as an indicator, however. did not as I was in pain. As a former hospital employee in New York , I understand times get busy...indicated by a full waiting room.....a basically empty waiting ......hard to understand with a basically empty waiting room...... 3 to 5 hour more. I will think twice about coming to this hospital again. Unfortunately in to much pain to leave.

Marie S.

This hospital is HORRIBLE!!! Almost 3 hour wait. Receptionist could careless because they’re too busy talking or on their phone. They have no consideration for sick babies/children. My baby had serious projectile vomit in the waiting area and all they did was give her some Motrin and told us to wait in the waiting area again. Another young girl was sick with flu symptoms & she had to wait a while as well. I felt bad. That wait was too long and the kids were fussy (granted it was getting late past their bedtime due to the waiting). I wouldn’t suggest anyone to go to this hospital.

Carl Olumansk

Diagnosed with "sprained LCL" asked Dr what to do to follow up... was told Ice and would be able to get back to physical activities within a week... "do not exercise within time period." Actually took 6 weeks for me to properly heal.. terrible advice.

Nancy Frueh

My Mom had surgery 7/6/18... A very busy place...Things were going nicely...BUT needed to wait in post op for a Xtra 7 hrs..because no room was clean... Unreal, finally I asked the supervisor what is taking soo long.. And she got us a bed, but man was I disappointed..The nurses seemed to not really notice until I made some noise...uncalled for..Hoping her leg is fine and we never have to go through that again..Weird experience!

Malinda Rodriguez

This hospital invests in its buildings and parking and doesn’t ensure that the quality of the ER staff are both professional and patient friendly. The ER staff is the worse in the TRISTATE area!

Tiny Tree

I wish I could rate this hospital with negative five stars. Twice my family has had a traumatic experience at this hospital and they made it even worse. Barbara at the front desk, cold and no help at all . The chubby light skinned black security guard , so rude . My niece died there , no help , or compassion from any one there. Same when my mother died there. They even tried to run us out the hospital when people were crying and upset, because they said we were making to much noise. I know someone else who also died there. Will never forget how my family was treated. I hope and pray I never have to enter the doors of this hospital ever again in life.

Peter Lindvall

Bad fall, tore a disc, a lot of pain, and it was a total waste of time. Calls himself a doctor, but in reality, he's an intern. They also don't know, that ataxia is a known side effect of Klonopin, and it affects 30% of the people, that take it. I had a bad bike accident, but I didn't want to waste the whole day, for nothing.

Liz Cox

Our grandson was there for six days. From the moment we got to the the day we checked out, nothing but the best care!


Horrible hospital. Was there for 3 hours with a dislocated shoulder. Xrays were preformed and I was sent to the waiting room for 2 hours. I decided to leave and come to st.francis hospital about 30 minutes ago, they were able to get my xrays from Christiana hospital and within the time it took me to write a review about this horrible place, I’ve been seen already. Please do not take anybody here it’s a joke. Not only that but they treat employees bad as well.

Alicia D'Andrea-Norris

They lie about wait times and want you to think they are doing good with wait times. They have a rolling screen in the waiting room that says the average wait time to see a doctor is 1.5 hours. We waited 4 hours but never saw a doctor. Just uncaring nurses that don't know how to do their job.

That Harmon

I called the hospital...the automatic phone system said they were closed this weekend.. 6 times trying to talk to my sis on 6th & no answer half of the time & no answer after 6...they act like a dr office definitely Not a hospital! This is just ridiculous & outrageous!

kali marshall

Horrible experience I am currently a patient here now, poor communication nurses all over the place, IV nurses with attitudes, IV not done properly, a doctor with an attitude and proceeded to tell me how she was qualified yet could not answer my questions so she became frustrated and stormed out, techs who find the situation amusing, techs who are unprofessional, nurses not knowing my name!! This hospital sucks and I will never come here again!!!!!

maria najera

Worst hospital ever! The nurses and doctors don’t care about your pain and have no compassion whatsoever.

צדיקה ישראל

Pediatricians at this hospital please understand that a baby is a human also. Waited for more that 5 plus hours and the doctor was sitting at the computer in the Nurse Station comparing notes on a previous patient while my child wait and waited. As a first time mum its hurts to have had this experience.

Dr.Sachin Vidhate

Best hospital for premature baby

With God's Grace Consulting

I feel so bad about having to leave this review but my conscience is bothering me because I did not leave a review for the Wilmington location during my last visit which took place two weeks ago. I'm also including photos of that visit. Let me start by saying that the employees at the Christiana location named Tiffany (Ekg), Tracy (blood sample), Steph (x-ray), and Ingria (x-ray) made the experience very pleasant. I did have an issue with Shane (x-ray). I requested that a female do my x-ray exam instead of a male but when he was asked to leave the room; instead of leaving, he set at the window in front of where I had to undress and then pulled out his cell phone. I was so offended that I called to Steph and demanded that he leave completely. I then asked if Ingria could block the door so that he could not come back in. He seemed disturbed but I do have a legal right to make that request. I'm including photos of the waiting area and of the bathroom. I'm so shocked that a hospital would be this unclean. You can look closely at the photos and see that these stains have built up over time. Even the portrait on the wall had dirt contaminants. This is not the first time that I have experienced unsanitary issues with the Christiana Hospital. Two weeks ago the phlebotomist at Wilmington withdrew my blood and splashed it all over the place. No one came into the room to clean it up immediately. Instead, the woman placed a bedding cloth over some of the blood on the floor but the rest of the blood was left splattered all over the wall (see photos). The blood stayed in the room the whole time I was in there. It was also very ofensive when I "begged" the doctor to remove the blood pressure monitor off of my arm. When the doctor arrived the nurse walked away from completing the blood pressure procedure. It was squeezing very tightly, had been on my arm for quite some time, and it was hurting BADLY. I'm sure that the hospital will probably even have a video of me begging him. You will see me in extreme agony but he refused to take the monitor off my arm. I later I found out the reason why the machine had hurt me so bad. I overheard the nurses discussing that the machine was broke :'( I did learn something new though. The nurse told me that she could not give me ibuprofen because they found out that it causes blood clots. That was interesting to me because two weeks prior a doctor prescribed me a high dose of ibuprofen for my pain. Thereafter, I had blood clots that was more than three and a half inches in length (I won't include the photo). I couldn't figure out why but now I realize that the doctor did not look at my health history chart. If she would have reviewed my medical history she would have noticed that I have a history of fibroids and I should not have been given the ibuprofen in the first place. She also diagnosed me as having the flu but she never took a swab. The side effects from the Tamiflu were so bad that I stopped taking the medicine and contacted the Food and Drug Administration. I spent 6 hours at the Wilmington Hospital and close to 5 at the Christiana location. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I checked myself out last night and just requested if they could give my doctor the results.

Trina Bradshaw

Nurses and Doctors are awesome professional informative and courteous but it takes too long to get in a room after the diagnoses in ER....4 hours and still waiting....

Jon Dowling

I am a fan of Christiana but am very disappointed today. I have been sitting in the cardiovascular sugery waiting room for 2 hours and am still here. There is a very large family/group here, almost 30 people, now down to 12. The children are running around everywhere and the adults are just as loud. I understand family support, but they have to be RESPECTFUL of the other people here who are worried about their families. I can not understand why the hospital has not asked them to get quieter? Such an unacceptable situation!

Thomas Boroughs III

Some of the most rude staff. Half of the staff doesn't even know where the rooms are. They yell at you if you visitor badge doesn't work. Worked at numerous hospitals and trauma centers in Philadelphia. Never dealt with any this nonsense before.

Nicole Miller

THIS IS THE SINGLE WORSE HOSPITAL I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. Emergency room staff is rude and inexperienced. Received an x-ray and they said no pneumonia. Went back a day later and they read the same x- ray and suddenly see pneumonia. RIDICULOUS! We needed an extra chair in our triage room and took one from the hallway. An employee actually came and confronted us about the chair. A CHAIR! It's terrible here.

Don Dave

Now in the emergency room for 5 hours going on 6 for my mother's back pain and still no answer they come in and out of the room asking questions leave. still waiting to go home No 83 year old woman should wait that long See what your mother would have to say about waiting that long. Unprofessional to do this to Senior citizens!

sb 35

This place is thee worst.. you are supposed to feel comfortable about sending your love ones there if needed. There were a lot of rude nurses. They seemed incompetent and didn't seem to care about making sure you received "proper" care.. I've never seen my mom cry so much and it was because of the workers in that place that clearly didn't want to do the job they were assigned.. such horrible service! !! !!! !!!! !! I wish i could give it no stars!!

Prasad Rao

I have been to emergency for belly pain and had to wait for 3 hours to be seen by doctor

Pamela Cammock

The ER poured water over a dog bite wound of a relative. Sent him on his way. That night he had a red line all the way up his arm. Ended up with a pic line and almost lost 2 fingers. I also remember an employee, James who went to the ER with severe stomach pain. He waited over 2 hours and then was so sick he just went home. Found him dead the next morning from a ruptured appendix. Another nurses son went to the ER for a severe headache. ER sent him home and they found him dead from an aneurysm. Man CCHS takes care of their own. No wonder they only have 2 1/2 stars. They don't even deserve that.

Kerry Reeves

The ER is a joke. 8 different doctors come in to see you - I am sure so each can bill their time to insurance. Each ask the same questions and then do nothing. Patients lined up in the hallways in beds. Once you are in a treatment room in the ER and are not critically injured - expect to wait...and wait....and wait. Don’t expect to get any attention from anyone if you are not dying. 8 hours and counting in an ER room waiting for a room to open up. Avoid this hospital at all costs.

Richard Jaskewich

I took my Mom Rosalie Jaskewich was taking to the Christiana Hospital ER on 7/18/19 because she was very weak and SOB. The staff was very nice to her from the man who let us in to the girl at the admitting area. The nurse Jessica Jones was so nice to her and started an IV to get blood so she did not have to be stuck so many times. She was very kind to her and explained everything to her because she was so scared an 87 years old. Also Dr. J Daniel Hess M.D. explained all her lab results to her and told her she did not have to stay in the hopsital because all labs were normal. She was discharged and is doing fine. Thanks for taking such good care of her. I would recommend family and friends to your hospital. Keep up the awesome work.

Tamara Santiago

Extremely dissatisfied with my experience yesterday at Christiana care yesterday. I checked in, with kidney pain, I am sure because i have had kidney stones 3 times and, unfortunately my doctor's failed to properly care for me. Upon examining my discharge papers, which no one went over, I realize that my blood pressure was elevated all day, not that any one communicated that to me, and they noted that i came in with lower abdominal pain, then then gave me medicine for irritable bowel syndrome. What a waste of time and money. I have not now nor have i ever had IBS or ANY of it's symptoms!! There is a problem with my kidney that still needs to be addressed. So disappointing.

Matt H.

I had the misfortune of being at this ER several times in the last few years. Tired of being told over the course of >>5 hours, "we will have you out of here in just a minute!" Staff is friendly during direct interaction, but unorganized and apathetic, leading to excessive waits between procedures and for discharge. There is no regard for maintaining a comfortable and tranquil environment for patients who are obviously suffering - poor business culture.

shorty harper

Hi my name is Bernice Smith Harper my mother was admitted to Christiana Hospital on October 8th she had major surgery she's ready to go home now she's doing very well.. The first thing I would like to say is thank you to all this staff the nurses the doctors and technician's.. They were a major part of her healing process there wasn't anything that they wouldn't do for us. We do appreciate all the positive and sensitivity and humors part that they played in my mother recovery. Not only was they very professional and doing that job but sometimes you need doctors and nurses to spread a little sympathy and human through the process for the patient could heal better faster or quicker. We really feel and know we received the best care from all that involves the nurses the doctors even the technicians play the major role which we are grateful appreciate. They showed comfort and positivity in attitude They also show all family members of Mines support that was very appreciated. The last thing I wanted to say is they also show teamwork together and they also let me participate and her plan of care they were very supportive to me very supportive to my mother and the biggest thing when you let a family member participate in the care of they loved ones it supports them more than you ever know... So once again I would like to say thank you very much to Christiana Hospital the staff and the co-workers we are very pleased with the outcome and happy about the support and the medical attention that we received. Thank You, Bernice Smith Harper


TERRIBLE WAIT TIME! On April 26, 2016. I arrived at the hospitals emergency department, around 3pm. I waited in the ER for six hours. Once my name was called and taken to the back, I sat in a room for two hour before I was able to talk to and be examined by a doctor. The Dr. and my nurse (Dave), that worked the early evening shift were polite, helpful, and informative. Once their shift was over at midnight; the next shifts nurse and Doctor was rude and aggressive. The nurse literally argued with my wife! Very unprofessional! Long story short. Save yourself the time and aggravation and go to another hospital!!!!!!

Jacopo Zucchetti

AVOID !!!!! They make me go back to ER 3 times in 48 hours for blood work that they contaminated, long wait and nobody seams like to know what to do. They call to rush to hospital now and 3 hours later I'm still here waiting to know what's going on. If you ask for information nobody has them... Update. After being told to go to ER as soon as possible ( 3th times in 3 days) due my blood works has resulted positive to culture work and I need a IV with correct antibiotics...I asked what's going on Since it's almost 4 hours that I'm there. Answer : it's "only 3 and half-hour" there is people here waiting longer....

Elaine Lodanski

OMG. What a wonderful place to be if you are in pain. The whole staff from the admitting staff to the doctors, nurses and everyone in between are great, caring people and made our wait and care as good as it could be. Thank you all.

Brian Gartside

I saw some reviews that said something about the lunch not being good and "if you need to go to the ER pack a lunch, you're going to be a while". Well it's a hospital. A hospital I'd rather go to in any emergency situation. They are there for your health, not to give five star cuisine. I had my craniotomy there and they a fixing my wrist there. My only problem is some of the receptionist need to speak more clearly. But the nurse staff is the best.

Quazonia Quarles

My sister was able to get all of her blood test, EKG, etc. completed under one roof.

Sharlym Torres

Wait and wait and wait. Actually currently waiting after being told it would be a minute we are just cleaning the room for you. Wait and wait and wait. Go to St. Francis if you need something unless you want to wait and wait..... Update: I would like to add that once the long wait was over and you are finally being fully examined by staff they are most courteous. Every nurse we deal with had the most pleasant and attentive demeanor.

Ed Stir

I was unable to sleep 4 days before I came in with n/v. My roommate was released and I got a new one. He was constantly trying to get out of bed dispite warnings from staff. He was admitted around 2000. He started off with problems and wanted to go home. He finally settled and the nurses put c-pap on him. The machine was about 18 inches from my head. It woke me up and they placed me in the TV room. I'd been sick for 5 days and precious little sleep. Now I'm in a room with a cursing, verbally abusive person with a c pap machine that won't stop alarming. And cared more about him than my need for sleep and rest. Tonight was just incredible. I worked for 25 years as an emergency room nurse and I've not experienced this kind of disrespectful behavior. I'm being discharged tomorrow and I will not give my recommendation for this hospital. Right now I'm very tired. No sleep. No sleep! The c pap man could have come into the tv room and left me to try to sleep. I'm tired. I'm in pain (8). I want to go home and try to rest. Its strange that sleep and rest are so important to healing and physical and emotional wellbeing that those ingredients are missing here.

Gail Baumander

An extremely confident group of professionals. Bed side manner was a 10 plus! This maybe the only hospital I will ever go to if the need should arrive again.


10/19/17 Ambulance brought my mom here at 2 am and its now 12:30 pm its now been 10.5 hours and were still here now waiting for surgeon's to let us know when gall bladder surgery will be. Came into the emergency room and had to wait 4.5 hours for a room. I have to say this area is dirty and the bathroom disgusting you can tell they dont clean well if at all. I can see where if your not dying don't come here its absolutely terrible. Where being told there busy.

James Dawson

Other than having to wait for quite a while to get a room after going to the ER on March 18th, everyone we came in contact with acted professionally and with respect to my wife who was in pain from a crushed vertebra after an accidental fall. We would like to thank the nurses and staff on 5D who were just wonderful and special thanks to Crystal Ricketts for solving a problem involving a miscommunication with our surgical team.

Rick Burton

The ER here is horrible. I came on here one day, couldn't breath,terrible pain in my chest and stomach. Waited nine hours only to be told there were still 8 people ahead of me. I left, went to union hospital and found out I had a massive hernia that needed operating on. Last time my wife was here five hours and when she asked what was going on,they said there was a shift change and they somehow forgot she was even here. Today, my wife has some kidney issues and some severe swelling and pain in her legs. We've been here over six hours and they can't even tell us how much longer the wait is. Avoid this place at all costs!

Dynamic Mobile Audio

You could almost hear this hospital tell their staff to use the word allergies if someone asks if they're sick in their training! My wife and I went for a induction of our baby. The first 5 hours went okay. Then a nurse came in that simple was sick stating she just had allergies. Fast forward after a C section to the recovery room where yet again another sick nurse was awaiting use again using the words oh I just have allergies as they were all over my wife and the baby. 32 hours later we had to be emitted into the ICU for baby, the transporter was you guessed it, having allergies. Once our baby was emitted and situated we went down to see them. I'm not making this up but the attentive nurse watching over our baby was yes another with allergies. If you see what I'm saying now they were all using the cover that they were not sick but just had allergies. This isn't professional at all. Not only do you put others at risk but you receive poor reviews like this for it.

Chamesha King

I was in a car accident and they took care of my kids and myself. Although i had some issues with one staff member and prob bc they were right at a change of shift, the overall stay was good. I wish they would have sent me home with pain meds seeing I had to check out the same day.

Lawrence McNutt

I would give this pathetic excuse of a hospital a zero star rating, but clearly I can't. Let me start off with saying that on a Wednesday evening with very few patients in the emergency room, somehow there was a 7 hour wait just to be seen and put on a strecher for another hour. Severely understaffed, unorganized, and lacking the necessary resources for an emergency service!?!

Calvin Du

Almost took 4hrs to get everything done in Emergency. My wife had stye in her eyes, and it's itch and pain. It took 2hrs in the waiting room. When they call our name then we are in the ward waite about 1 hour. Go crazy at mid of the night.

Z Mecke

The worst medical service I've experienced. Nurses have terrible attitudes and are for the most part useless. There's better medical attention in prisons

RM Huntington

My experience was excelent, both times.

J. Patrick Guidash

The Helen Graham Cancer Center is a state of the art Cancer Center. The Doctors are the best in Delaware, it is a one stop shop for everything Cancer. They saved me from an Unsurvivable Cancer.

Emmanuel Negron

Worst hospital ER is terribleeeeeee 5 or 6 hours waiting

Eva Foxwell

In labor and delivery and every nurse and person associated but 1 has been miserable. It's basically we are a bother to be there. I feel sick for my daughter knowing this experience is not so good and it should be a happy time for her. We don't mean to bother anyone, but my daughter just wants to have a baby in a positive environment. So disappointed and would never recommend this facility again.

Key Baldaguez

Im giving a one because i cant give 0 in here. Got to the emergency room with my kids at 9pm, vital were taken to the 3 of us and after that I left at 3:26am. 6 hours passed and They never called again, nobody showed up, the recepcionist never knew anything, we left untreated and dehydrated. There were people before me waiting for hours and when I left they were still waiting. I know the policy of the hosp but 6 hours!! 6 hours with the vomit, complety dehidrated and nothing happened. Horrible horrible service, emergency room of Christiana Hospital waste of time, dont go there! Not visiting again unless I want to die...

Karen Warner

The professional staff at the heart and vascular center, specifically the catherization unit & CICU were wonderful! My son's cardiologist and nursing staff were extraordinary. Thank you so much for giving me back my son!

Gemini Godess

My mother was sent here from an urgent care center for chest pain upon arrival she was given a sticker that read STAT EKG. She was taken back and no one once even attempted to say a peep to her until I asked when the STAT EKG would be performed .On top of that the nurse I asked had the worst attitude, I understand hospitals are busy and all patients deserve quality care . However some patients come in with conditions that need to be addressed immediately not when nurses and techs feel they will get to them . I was very disappointed in what I observed not just for my mother but for others the hospital is becoming larger this is true and the quality of care is going down .

Tony Langford

Arrived on a Monday afternoon with an elevated blood pressure and referral by EMT’s at work. Sat in the ER waiting room for over 6 hours before finally taken back to see a doctor. After providing insurance, ID and payment of my deductible could not find anyone for over an hour? Without a doubt, the worst experience I’ve ever had in an Emergency Room. Lots of talking and visitation amongst their staff but zero attention after payment was secured.

cindy husfelt

I hope I never have to go there again I told union hospital not to send me there because they wouldn't do anything! The ER is the worst they put you in the hallways and when you leave the hospital with the same problem that you came in with and now I have to look forward to going back to work having 2 to 3 spells a day The nurses were great but the doctors are terrible !This hospital is so unorganized

Chanel Freeman

Horrible Horrible Valerie the charge nurse was not helpful I came to the ER right after work they had a 4 hour excessive wait time ! I WILL NEVER return to this horrible hospital.. you gotta be damn near dead to be seen.. will definitely be filing a complaint w patient relations

David Shaw

Emergency room, was a joke,. Too many patients and staff just ignores those waiting. Good if you force them to do something. Waiting for more than 8 hrs to be seen and still waiting. Arrived at 3 pm got into a room at 330am. Even though the cardiologist office brought us over to get admitted for testing the next morning or today I guess

Dominic Mcfadden

The ER is not the place you want to go to. What's bad is a triage nurse who shows no compassion and would rather be combative for no apparent reason. What's even worse is never getting a physical assessment after waiting in a triage booth for over an hour. I was told my vitals were stable and I wasn't actively bleeding, problem was the elderly patient in the triage booth next to me was bleeding from a post op procedure and after her husband complained about the wait, they were told she can lie on a stretcher in the hallway,,,,,,,,, you just can't make this stuff up...

Gemini Godess

My mother was sent here from an urgent care center for chest pain upon arrival she was given a sticker that read STAT EKG. She was taken back and no one once even attempted to say a peep to her until I asked when the STAT EKG would be performed .On top of that the nurse I asked had the worst attitude, I understand hospitals are busy and all patients deserve quality care . However some patients come in with conditions that need to be addressed immediately not when nurses and techs feel they will get to them . I was very disappointed in what I observed not just for my mother but for others the hospital is becoming larger this is true and the quality of care is going down .

Ewa Romanowicz

I went to the ER on March 5th with a very bad headache. I spent 2 hrs there, including 1 hr being alone in the room with an IV, and received a bill for $1,900. No tests were done. I didn’t see a doctor. I was given two migraines medications through the IV. I was charged for ~$500 for the IV+medication+$1200 for ED level 4 service because of the IV. Charging a patient $1900 for 2 hrs at the ER, no tests, not seeing a doctor seems to be a little excessive.

Tony Langford

Arrived on a Monday afternoon with an elevated blood pressure and referral by EMT’s at work. Sat in the ER waiting room for over 6 hours before finally taken back to see a doctor. After providing insurance, ID and payment of my deductible could not find anyone for over an hour? Without a doubt, the worst experience I’ve ever had in an Emergency Room. Lots of talking and visitation amongst their staff but zero attention after payment was secured.

Val M

Unexpected major surgery. Phenomenal surgeon and staff 4D. Best care. Food was awful.

Jim Sawchak

You are searched like you are entering an airport, a feeling of security. Waiting time is horrible even arriving by ambulance. You will see patients on cots lined in hallways as if there was a natural disaster. However, the staff is excellent, kind, respectful and very knowledgeable. They seem to always have smiles on their faces which tells me they love their job. I'm not sure what can be done to accommodate all the patients? If I was a billionaire, I'd help them figure it out and pay for the costs.

Keirstyn Zewecke

My sister went into the hospital with severe chest pain and could barely stand. The nurse at the front asked for her symptoms and then put a STAT EKG sticker on her chest and then we wheeled her back to the EKG room. We waited out side the room and the nurse that was supposed to be in the room walked passed three different times looking very confused. She then proceeded to ask the name of the woman that came in after us and took her into the EKG room before my sister. My sister was in excruciating pain and this woman looked to be fine. We were there first and were treated like we werent even there. I hope I never have an emergency and end up in this hospital. Nurses and security are very rude and nurses were running around crazily with no organization.

Christopher Salo

Having a child here was a great experience. They have a bed for mom the baby is in Alittle crib in the middle and a bed on the other side for dad. It was like a hotel. The staff was nice... They had alot of classes and Information for new parents. Just a great experience!!!!!!

John Quick

Great care

Happy Julie

Received a bill from hospital for over charge, ask receipt and they send me something i wasn’t know something i never done and the provider don’t summit the claim to insurance, i call the insurance they know nothing about it, because the provider, what the provider try to do want patients to pay out of their pockets because they dirty awful wants your money don’t want your insurance to know, and patients relation can do nothing about it! Because they are a group of hospital only wants to charge you

cindy husfelt

I hope I never have to go there again I told union hospital not to send me there because they wouldn't do anything! The ER is the worst they put you in the hallways and when you leave the hospital with the same problem that you came in with and now I have to look forward to going back to work having 2 to 3 spells a day The nurses were great but the doctors are terrible !This hospital is so unorganized

Donna Durante

My daughter was in for a bilateral mastectomy and the surgeons were the best. The problem came when she got to her floor. The 1st shift of nurses were great the 2nd shift that is another story. Poor She was to be released an never got to leave till 7 30 in the evening. I never in my life have heard of any hospital releasing a patient that late. She was so glad she was out of there.

swamp monstar

The way they throw incompetent nurses/doctors in training in your room is absolutely awful also nobody here knows how to read a chart before entering a room to see a patient

Donald B. Reeder

I was taken here by ambulance from the ER in Smyrna, DE. I vaguely remember being in the ER and woke up the next day after surgery. They saved my life. I woke up in the ICU and the staff I remember was great. I was within hours of death, and walked out under my own power. I thank them all.

Melanie Petlock

The floor nurses and techs are great. The ER staff is mean ,very mean and rude. I do not know why they are allowed to get away with it. Also the ER was filthy dirty.

J Thomas

In the ER and I am horrified what I see. The PA acting like an unprofessional idiot. Patients in the ER for 5 and 6 hours now being reassessed because been to long. Patient information in violation of HIPAA law. Patients Right to privacy NOT patient female legs exposed and not covered. The so called assistants snickering and whispering at the station and UNPROFESSIONAL in their gray uniforms appalling. UNPROFESSIONAL! Stroke patient laying in the ER Hallway waiting on blood work shameful. Healthcare we can do better!


They not answer my phone call.

Kim Massella

I had a spinal fusion on November the 5th and everyone I came in contact with was so wonderful. From the phone call to let me know to come in early, the whole process was flawless to the end. The nursing staff was amazing during my recovery on the 7th floor. Thank you so much for being the first outstanding involvement of my healing process.


Worst service ever i seen. If you are in wheelchair don't come to here, you have to waste whole day because there are loo lazy, they just moving around. And also some staff behavior too rude, even they don't care about you

Elias Herrera

Currently in waiting room for an emergency pain I think may require a 2nd surgery. Been here for 5 hours. Still sitting in the same spot.

Tom Not Critical

I stopped using this hospital. They "in my opinion" have grown too large. Also too much drama and infighting between departments. They seem to favor profit over care in my opinion. Also, I've read several patients had kidney stones. I suggest you drink an alkalyd fluid like a glass of Turkey Hill or any brand lemonade once a day to reduce or slow down stone growth, try it, what do you have to lose? If this works for you tell others!

Timothy Stevens

Don't go here if your in a wheelchair, I'm in a wheelchair my chair got left with my son and I had to stay the for some testing and dialysis so I was done about 7pm that night and I had no way to get back to my chair so I had to wait for someone to come and get me but I guess they was coming fast enough for these people they were going to send me to the Sunday morning mission in Wilmington after I told them that they are not equipped to take people in wheelchairs but the social worker did it anyway and called to have me transported to the mission so I waited from 7pm till 3 am for someone the social worker called and when they got there the driver told them that they could not take me there because the mission would not take me because I didn't have a wheelchair so I had to wait until one of my nieces woke up to come and get me now she has little kids so I had to wait to she got them taken care of I guess it was a social worker started coming in the room and kept asking if I found someone to pick me up this at 6am in the morning so I told them that someone was coming and to take me to the main lobby so I was sitting in the lobby to long because security keep coming up to me asking who was coming and I would have to call them so they can talk to them to see how long they would be

James Merrill

I recently had back surgery in Christinia hospital. I do not recommend the 7th floor. I stopped breathing after surgery which resulted in no pain meds to me. As I’m being taken to my room I was crying & the nurse said to keep it down. Second I couldn’t get out of bed to use the bathroom so they gave me a pan to put under me of course the young nurse sets it on my bed & walks away, resulting in me peeing the bed. After that she got a attitude never wiped me down changed my sheets & left. I asked her to please look at my incision, she says oh your fine. If it weren’t for my daughter I would have never been bathed off teeth brushed or anything. No one came in to clean me. Spoke to the head nurse said she was looking into things but of course she didn’t. To many young kids no compassion at all. One heavy set girl had no name tag . They just won’t take care of you & don’t be fulled the fancy name spine center what a joke. I don’t think a lot of these nurses there are going to make it with no compassion doing a glove toss at night with one another just awful place I’ll never go back.

van Nguyen

If i could give them a zero star, i would. This has been The worst experience ever! I took my husband in for abdominal pain and vommiting. The nurse left us in bed, in the hallway waiting for 2 hours for just pain medicine. I went to the front desk to ask if anyone would come to give him medicine. The lady said she will let the nurse know after i told her I that we waited for 1.5 hours. I then went back to my husband and eaited another 1/2hour and then had to go back And the lady replied, “we will when we get a chance” and i told her politely that he’s in a lot of pain and that we’ve waitied for 2 hours and she replied with an attitude saying she knows an rolled her eyes... i Then went to my husband and found his nurse. He said he thought we had a room because when he came back to check on him, he didnt see us. OMG like how can his own nurse not know where he’s supposed to Be? We totally stayed where they left us...After that he came back with some percocet and told us he would be back to tel us my husband’s blood results. An hr after that, we are in a room, still waiting for who knows what? We are currently in the hospital... i overheard the nurse telling another patient that her nurse left her there and went home and nobody else following up with her. lol she came in before us... i will update after he gets discharged but so far, nothing’s being done except clerks coming in to check to make sure they have the right social security number and billing address...

Shawn Folk

Labor & Delivery Review - On behalf of my wife With Private rooms, flexible birthing options (our nurse brought me a birthing ball), a space for a support person to stay with you the night, and a warm staff, our experience with labor and delivery at Christiana hospital was very positive overall. Capable, caring nurses guided us through a challenging birth with threatening circumstances. Because of the attention and experience of our nurses we were able to avoid c section despite complications. A seasoned nurse was able to spot a problem with baby’s breathing soon after delivery. It was a nerve wracking time as baby had to be placed in nicu but the Competent, comforting and compassionate team eased the tension some by walking us through everything step by step. An appreciated feature of baby icu is a camera in the baby bassinet that allows you to see baby from your phone when you’re not able to be there with him. It was so hard to be discharged without my little one and separated in his first week of life but the ability to “see” him brought us more comfort than I ever could have anticipated. With all that was happenings we never got the chance to really take him in and decide on a name; the Nicu nurses ended up even helping to name him. Baby is a year now and the happiest, smiliest little person you’d ever meet. We are so grateful for the care he received from Christiana in his first hours and days. They were truly a blessing. Would definitely recommend

Monique Brown

This place is a death trap!!! I would have given them a zero if possible. BEWARE seriously! They punctured my moms esophagus during a scope checking for acid reflux and ruined her life. The doctors had no clue what to do! Therefore they did a bunch of mindless surgeries never correcting anything!!! The doctors at this hospital must have All graduated at the bottom of their class!!!! Thank goodness for Johns Hopkins Hospital, they actually know how what they are doing!!!!

Eva Green

I had a emergency stomach pain so i go to ER in the morning 8am, i tell exactly what problem i had for my digestive system problem according my history usually problem, cause I can’t wait for my personal doctor to come, that’s why i got to hospital, after that amazing! I don’t know why this crazy doctor like to check my vagina i tell her so many time i had problem with stomach because it’s still hurts me so bad! And this doctor they don’t care! They doing everything checking about my uterus! I mean i had experience doing medical assistance i know what problem i had, and i had my OBGYN doctor i know i had no problem at all with that! I strongly concern and they don’t care about me! Because i am a Asian, so they treat me like a machine do everything they want after that just send me a bill with 3 thousand dollar want me to pay! Before i left hospital ask doctor what cause my pain, she say she don’t know and maybe! Of course you don’t know it! I am pain on stomach and you checking my uterus! And the woman doctor sent me a bill name is jason matthews! I think i need to contact or ask lawyer with medical resources abuse with insurance. That really surprised me in my whole life, it take me to wait for 6 hours in pain with no helping and doing nothing just send me a bill! Don’t go this hospital, it worse

Chanel Freeman

Horrible Horrible Valerie the charge nurse was not helpful I came to the ER right after work they had a 4 hour excessive wait time ! I WILL NEVER return to this horrible hospital.. you gotta be damn near dead to be seen.. will definitely be filing a complaint w patient relations

David Harrigan III

My god daughter was born today!


Don't waste your time. Went in can barely walk, waited for over 4hrs to be seen, to just be referred to my pcp. No X-ray's, nothing. A 5 second examination where the doctor didn't listen to me at all or wouldn't have been diagnosed with a pulled muscle. I know the difference between a pulled muscle and something else. I wouldn't have gone to the ER for a pulled muscle! I should've just went to union hospital like I usually do, but I thought maybe, just maybe after 7yrs, their quality of care may have improved. Needless to say, I'll be going to union tomorrow.

Chrissy Bassano

Been waiting over 3 hours!!! Someone could die waiting n they wouldn't care!!! Not like they r understaffed, plenty of people standing around talking... This is what we pay all this $$$ for!?!?!?!

Michelle Feigin

The hospital staff is super nice but the procedures are AWFUL! I went to the emergency room TWICE with excruciating pain and after they checked me in, I waited several hours before I was even seen. And even more time passed after that before they gave me anything for the pain. I also have bruises all over from when they stuck me with needles finding veins. The worst thing is that I still feel poorly and the last thing I should do is go to the ER!!! Also, my fiancé wasn't allowed up to age me when I was admitted because the "computer didn't have my updated information". I had to beg at least three different people to call the front desk to get him up. When people go the hospital, they are scared and at their most vulnerable. This experience would affect your mental as well as your physical health. Go somewhere else. PS If the owner of this page would actually like to give a response rather than regurgitate the public relations number, now would be a good time. Because, clearly, these problems have been going on for a while and Public Relations isn't changing a thing.

Tanisha Thurmond-Parker

They add more parking but not more rooms. I needed to get a cat scan done and been waiting for 5 hours!!!! Don’t waste ur time you’ll pass out in the waiting room.

Payton Kelley

The staff here is inconsistent. Some of the nurses were nice and knew what they were doing; however, other nurses were rude and unorganized. Medicine was "forgotten" to be brought to us multiple times. Our stuff in our room was thrown away and moved around. Surgerys were rescheduled multiple times. One time was by a whole day( meaning couldn't eat or drink ANYTHING for 2 days!!). Then they delayed that same surgery by another 4 hours! Also, we never once spoke to a doctor because they were "too busy" yet we've spent over a week here. Just a mess all around. I'm sad to say this is Delawares most visited hospital.

Brittany Andrews

Why isn't there a direct number for the ER!? Our loved one's lives are in your care and we have a hard time getting a hold of anyone.

Lucky Burke

I came to this hospital for a minor situation unbelievable security was like coming through the airport have been waiting to be seen about 6 hrs and counting

Jazmin Meadows

Horrible bedside manner in the women and childrens LDR unit from nurses.

Kat Furta

My overall experiences have been pretty good here. The majority of staff that I've encountered have been polite, professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. They offer inpatient and outpatient services and has over 900 beds. LONG WAIT IN THE ER? Here's why.... Christiana Hospital has the ONLY regional Level-1 trauma center (highest capability) in Delaware. This attracts patients not only from where it's located in New Castle County, but also from Kent and Sussex counties.

Jazmine Price

So this is my second day here it should really be zero stars. So they told me I couldn't eat for 10hours because I was suppose to get a procedure done on my throat last night. So they it back until today didn t even let me know. I wasn't offered breakfast or lunch. They decided they weren't going to do my procedure today either they want me to wait until I get another cat scan tomorrow. So last night it took over an hour for a nurse to answer my call bell. When I asked the nurse today why I wasn't offered any food today she said she didn't know. But she would make sure I got a generic plate for dinner. I asked to leave AMA and the doctor refused to bring me the paperwork or call another hospital to see it theu would take me. At this point I'm sure it's because I'm black sorry! Not sorry!

Bridgette Smith

This is the WORST hospital I have ever been too. My family all works for cooper hospital, my father runs the emergency department which is in the middle of Camden City, NJ. Much much busier then this hospital here. My boyfriend and I arrived at 7pm, it is 11:45pm now, we have yet to be seen by a doctor. We weren’t even brought into the back until 11PM. When it hit the 2 hour mark I went up and asked how much longer it would be. They said “well, he’s only been here for about 2 hours. We have people still waiting that have been here for 5-6 hours, so I’m not sure.” How is that even possible? Every nurse/tech has given us no answers. All the whole my boyfriend is throwing up all over, and has asked is he can be given a cup of water. “Well you can’t have any until you’re seen by a doctor.” I’ve never seen a hospital more unorganized, this place is an absolute joke! If I could give it negative stars, I would.

Kurt Randazzo

I have had nothing but good experiences at this hospital. Excellent nurses and doctors.

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