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REVIEWS OF Children's Hospital of Phila IN Delaware

Dalena Corcoran

Great service, friendly staff, clean environment

Georgiy Tatarintsev

Great place for your kids if they need it

Nora Ouardi

My little brother is having surgery right now. Im very worried, but I also know he is in good hands. I love this hospital. It is so clean and once you step in, you feel the joy of the kids and how happy they are to be in such a wonderful hospital.

Wendell Austin

Can't go wrong here they're great with kids

kimberly Carrafiello

HIPPA Violators... you privacy means NOTHING!!!! The Case Management & social workers should not let private company scumbags like just walk in and get you private info (example: Sam Grasso from Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services just walks and and gets your info).... maybe the hospital portion is good but this lack of privacy and professionalism kills everyting!!

Diana Ramirez

The best Children's Hospital in Philadelphia!

Katerina Zafeiriou

the best hospital for children !!!

Rahiem Henry

One female security guard in the emergency room is rude. Couple of individuals staff members was talking loudly about religious views and etc..... I wish I could give the doctors and nurses a separate 5 stars because they was awesome.

John E

My daughter, CARLEY, has been stricken with a rare blood disease which was only recently diagnosed. Carley spent her late childhood years and "all" of her teen age years in a hospital bed at the CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF PHILADELPHIA. Now, because she is over the age of 18, CHOP is refusing to treat her for this blood disease stating that they don't administer to "adults." This is a bold fabrication which can be easily proven but nonetheless CHOP will not even schedule her for a consultation even though CHOP is the ONLY medical facility in the area equipped to treat her. As a result, I am taking legal action against CHOP and will be seeking your help and assistance in telling CHOP that their position is morally and legally wrong. I will keep you updated on our progress, if any, in compelling CHOP to treat my daughter and I am sending a message "LOUD AND CLEAR" to CHOP that as long as I have a breath in my body, I will not stop my fight for CARLEY.

Reagan Barry

The hospital is great! They are really attentive and explain everything. The restaurant downstairs actually has edible food!

Pascha Hogan

Would give them a higher rating, BUT the way environmental on the 3rd floor works....I have to give the hospital 3 stars.

Adnan Akram

This is the good facility building however its kind of old from inside compared to the other Burger Building across the road. Doctors are same and staff is good too.

Richard Mitchell

The ER doctors need to be a little more forthcoming with information.

Katherine Stever

Going to one of the best pediatric hospitals in the nation - I trusted that my child was in good hands. Today, I feel very naive for assuming that mistakes can't happen at CHOP. While I do believe CHOP has some of the best doctors and nurses that exist - you MUST advocate for your child. Please please please always double check every medication they administer, challenge everything that does not sit well, and ALWAYS remember that you know your child better than anyone else.

Mike Voicheck

Dr. Panganiban is the absolute best GI we've ever met! She truly listens to you and asks a lot of questions. She is clear and concise, and she follows through and then follows up! We couldn't be happier with her.


Very clean and all the doctors are knowledgeable and helpful

John Mulholland

Great hospital. We have dealt with the E.R. department, neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, radiology, child life specialist, social worker, outpatient clinic and many other departments and all are great. Nursing staff is excellent.

Amanda Dobbs

I am so grateful for the doctors and the care they have given my Jax.

Tc Tc

Brought my child here many times the best hospital in Philadelphia for children.

Mz.Seductive Ladyy11

Just Love the Passion And Compassion they have for Every Child !

Dolores Glover

The hospital not only caters to the needs of there patients, but also the needs of the family. I was truly in pressed with the attention they gave to the sibling of the baby who was hospitalized there. The extent they go through to educate the family on the condition and treatment plan for the patient is so wonderful. Even the siblings are educated on why the brother or sister is there. May God bless all the workers ay CH in Philadelphia, who have shown the true examples of workers in the health field.

Love War And Piece

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is one of the best Children's Hospital in the Country! No one want to see their child sick or admitted into the hospital, however, if it comes down to that, CHOP is the best place to be for emergencies and on going care. All the staff that I've ever encountered were always very knowledgeable, pleasent, and helpful. It's the worse feeling in the world to encountered rudeness from staff while going through illness with your child.

Jacqueline Womack

The best children's hospital ever!

Kerry Najar

Had a great experience. They induced my quality of life by so much I am so great full.

Mark Bakst

Waited hours and hours for the doctor to come. No explanation no follow up. Commercial experience

Mia Marie

The best children's hospital in the world!

Luz Martinez

Best Doctors. Everyone treats all people so great.

Tewah Vanterpool

LMAO I was born there but back then they had better staff, know there Pain rude especially the Chinese lady .

Anntoinette Jones4

Been trying to schedule an appointment for months! First I'm told I can only call on Wednesdays then I'm told to call daily. The receptionist was very rude and told me I need to call earlier and when I asked if I could schedule at a different location she very flatly said " I schedule for all three locations". So of course I call my PCP office for help as we're coming up on the better half of 6 months of trying to get an appointment to just see a doctor and I'm told by the office we just have to keep trying. NO help at all and my child is having problems so don't look surprised when we show up in the ER!!!

meeper man

I got 2 surgery's here and they went great! Soon I will be back to get 2 more!(they where for my eyes)

Carl Lineback

Best children's hospital in the world. People of all countries and backgrounds come here for help for that reason

Steven Kline

The reason is I am a patient there and I am so thankful that they have a place for children with cleft lip and cleft palate and so very thank for there Ear Nose and throat department and very thank for my doctors/surgeons. Thank you to my surgeons Dr. Lisa M. Elden and Dr. David W. Low. Thay my two favorite doctors in the whole world

Bryon Booth

I would like to start off by saying that if it were possible, I would give more stars! My wife and I could not be happier with how the process of being admitted went to the care and attention from all the doctors and nurses. All was top notch!!!!! We were finally able to figure out what was going on with our daughter. They made her feel comfortable and at ease. It made having to stay a few nights go smoothly. We loved how each staff member that we talked with paid attention to detail and really left no stone unturned. We also loved the fact that the doctors talked to us NOT down or above us!!!!!! Thank you to all!!!!!!!!

django diaz

Best hospital for children in PA.

Suzanne Goodney Lea

If they want to be your only doctor, you should let them. They are amazing-- saved my son's life. Hard to get an initial appointment because they are so in-demand as they are the BEST in the country. But once you're in, routine appointments are easy to get. They run tons of clinical studies too. Wonderfully devot d people.


CHOP is one of the best in the country if not the world. People in Philadelphia don’t always realize this. We are lucky to have the incredible staff and doctors, as well as researchers and world renowned industry leaders at this hospital.

Zay Russell

The team at CHOP is awesome!! They answered any questions I had and kept me update on any changes concerning my son! Amazing experience

melissa smith

This is an awesome hospital for babys and kids very friendly and everyone is so nice and sweet to you thay answered all my questions and gave us some good advice

kevin wynkoop

Honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience here. They were so compassionate, caring and empathetic when I had surgery here a few months ago. They treated me with so much respect. I had a severe hospital phobia that I’ve battled since I was very young, but my experience with them is why I have conquered that phobia. If I could give them a million stars I would.

John Hayes

The very best care and staff.

Elisa D'Angelo

All the staff and nurses are so efficient and thorough at Chop. Our son had a relapse and Chop is making this very difficult time as smooth as possible to help him again. Thank you do all you have done for us.

Angel Harvest Network

I wish I could remember all the name s of the people who work here who helped us.. My sones nurse Megan, there was just so many sweet helpful kind people here... Thank you girls for your helpful energy I pray god give u all the strength to keep up your heart full work. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Paul Mazur

We've been coming here for the past 16 years as my son is a Cardio patient. The doctors saved his life when he was an infant, and we've had great care from the doctors, nurses, technicians and staff in the intervening years. One of the truly great Pediatric hospitals in the country

Charles Merkel

I called in for an appointment at the sleep center for my daughter. The receptionist provided very little information to help secure an appointment. She acted as if I were bothering her by asking questions - which she answered resentfully and without clarity. Better customer service is clearly needed.

Helga Vaalburg

I saw Dr Robert A Avery at the University of PA. He was unprofessional, insulting, insensitive, and rude. I came to him for an eye issue and I left crying for days. I truly believe that the way he treated me, an adult, I would never want this man near my children. What an awful human being. Parent's find another doctor.

donald rockwell

The nurses are always very pleasant never really had to go there for serious things other then a broken foot and such but I have never had a bad experience with this hospital

Rishad Mollick

The people were very nice, but it took too long to wait for a single visit to the doctor. It is expected, but the waiting time is too excessive.

Sydney Sheehan

For long term ICU care transfer to another hospital.


stereotype.a lot........ racial undertones caught them red handed......but they are all about the CHILDREN......

Lacey Cook

Best hospital ever! As soon as I got into the ED and told them the symptoms my son was having they diagonised it right away and took amazing care of him! All the nurses and doctors were so amazing and understanding. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


Best in the country!


Amazing. I’m going to be 19 soon and i am dreading having to transition into adult care because CHOP is so great. ❤️


This is a great hospital! Also great service! 100% Recommended

Luis Cruz

A one star rating is being nice, that’s only because there’s not a zero rating. Me and my wife have 3 boys one who was admitted for a seizure. They aren’t accommodating at all when it comes to families. I’ve been here 3 days it’s cost $100 so far. Me and my wife have to drive over the bridge (toll) to the hospital (parking) food for us and our children ($20 a day). I’ve asked because we are waiting to hear back and are missing work due to our child’s illness. So finances are tight so to have to drive everyday and pay for those daily finances takes a toll. One of their policies is siblings (family) can’t be bedside. My son does not have a disease that airborne. They offered to lyft my wife and child. Who wants their 6 month old and 1 1/2 in a vehicle with a stranger at 10pm? They accommodations for families are horrible. Especially when they administer medicine that is making my son agitated just to switch him to a medication that does the same effects without the agitation. Why not use that one first and explain to us the side effects. Also had put the IV in wrong my sons arm had swollen up just for them to try on the other arm. They don’t explain what the effects of the medications are, they don’t accommodate parents. I see why Boston’s hospital has definitely taken the top spot. I will be asking for my son to be transferred to another peds.

Glenn Lambert

I'm exceedingly pleased with the hospital staff, facilities and organization!

Ron Deluca

The Doctors, Nurses and Staff are Knowledgeable and friendly. I have always felt my family was receiving the Best Possible Care.There is a Reason people bring their Children here from all over the world.

Ashley Delarso

I had a rough pregnancy, coming down to CHOP multiple times for appts, tests and the birthing plans was told I could have who ever i wanted in the labor room for the birth along with my 5 yr old daughter. During my stay I witnessed stillborn birth of twins in the room next door because they shared a window that was not covered. How devastating. Then this Doctor Slack comes in (1st time she showed her face but had been in shift already for over 12 hrs) and says everyone except the father should leave (just grandparents)the sibling can’t stay and only the father and 1 other person can be in the room for the birth. Totally conflicting info from what I have been told all along. She refused to hear anything. Keep saying it is “hospital rules” and it is “up to her discretion “ and also, told me I didn't see the stillborns, are you kidding me! We told them you can see everything its a frosted window but you can see it all. Next thing you know they put a sheet up on the other side of the window. She upset me so much I crying and almost hyperventilating. So I'm at because of a high risk baby and This is how she treats someone. This is professional and good care? After being induced and here for 30 hrs already I did not want to go into labor because I did not want this horrible human being to be the one to deliver my baby. I was pleading with the nurse to not up my pitocin I did not want her to deliver my baby. Such upsetting behavior. Very very poor bedside manner. She ruined my entire birth plan and feelings toward CHOPs labor and delivery. They should reevaluate her status at CHOP! That's not how you treat a laboring mom in a high stress situation, let alone anyone!!

Miguel Contreras

It is one of the best recommended

Vernon Mitchell

My son was born with a heart defect where as he only had one ventricle.He had to have a Norwood surgery which was 3 stages administer at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.That was in 1999 and now in 2018 he has graduated from high school and is doing very well.This hospital is the best I've ever had a chance to visit.Top notch doctors ,nurses and staff .

Stacey Speak

Super super staff. Orthopedics is exceptional from check in to check out and even the parking garage staff are friendly and helpful. Overall great experience. My son found really awesome details in the building and the bright colors throughout the facility brighten even the worse situation. He picked a bright orange cast, but they had several to choose from. I would definitely recommend this hospital to any family with children.

E. Sims

Best care for kids

Hafida Messaoudi

It was horrible day today at chop I was waiting with my son for 3 hours and he get the fever for 3 days and caught and he can't even drink some water and then the doctor told me that he is ok and we can't do the test for him. I' m so so said I can't believe that my son he still sick at home and I can't do nothing for him

Mountain Man

Great place to get repairs for your children if they're sick they can make them well well maintained

Amanda CoBurn

They saved my son's life 11 years ago, when he was 2 days old! He had cysts in his lungs and they thought he wouldn't make it....but one of the doctors (while pregnant) performed surgery on him to remove the upper lobe of his right lung! She was amazing! They really watched me closely! He is alive and well to this day thanks to her....I owe it all to the staff there in Philadelphia!

Dori Rivera

I must say CHOP is the best of the best. Dr Bauer and his team are exceptional. I travel from NYC to see him . Not even Colombia is as good as CHOP. Friendly and spotless .


Excellent top notch hospital Very helpful and friendly nurses and doctors

Dennis Dawton

Family recovery room

Naya/Da'Venya SEO{Superior Executive Officer}

Sayz.......The Doctors r very warm am concerned about ur child/ren. They r equip 2 care 4 a child that is experiencing a medical or mental issues. I would recommend them 2 the nxt person.

Donald Mccloskey

Incredible hospital for children. We are so blessed to have them . They take great care of our daughter.

Rhonda Burke

Beautiful place / visiting great grand child

Leo Salgado

This hospital is phenomenal! I live almost 2 hours away and unless it’s a dire emergency I would rather drive all the way here because it truly is the best hospital experience I’ve ever had.

Marie MMC

No complaint about any services thus far. Am more satisfied at Chop than in DE hospitals

Ann Smith

When we moved to Philadelphia, we started bringing our child with medical issues to CHOP. We had heard it was one of the best hospitals. After dozens of appointments and tests, and 3 surgeries at CHOP, I can honestly say that it is average at best. In some cases our experiences have been downright awful. There is a handful of doctors and staff members who are fantastic but the majority of doctors and staff members we have dealt with seem like they are mailing it in. A few of the parents of kids on my child’s special needs baseball team feel the same way.

S. S.

Very professional! The staff was very helpful. The nurses were always super happy which I'm sure is tiring but it helps. My 2 and half hear old was very comfortable the whole time even thought she was getting surgery. The cafeteria food was actually good also. Good job CHOP.

Randy Watson

In and out just taking care of some business


Brought our daughter in extreme pain with a broken arm, the care here was superb and they addressed her pain expeditiously. We ate forever grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff.

Kevin Evans

Be careful they will not take ownership when they make a mistake. They will blame parents instead of being open and honest about what they did. A child almost died and they tried to cover it up instead of being open and honest.

Marlens Collins

Our family have been involved with CHOP since 2004, year child was diagnosed. We have experienced respect, comfort, professionalism, and inclusion in the care and hospitalizations during these 13 years. A BIG SHOUT OUT to 5-East Inpatient. The team on that floor are FANTASTIC. I cannot say enough thank you's to and for them. The entire hospital is staffed with pleasant, helpful, professional, and comforting personnel. Thank You CHOP!!!!!!

Candice Burgess

Chop is the best. The doctors and nurses are so hands on and kind. They keep u informed with your childs treatment every step of the way. They have been taking care of my children since they were born and i wouldn't have it any other way. I lOVE this hospital. Thank you chop staff for all u do!

Aaron G

The Children's Hospital is a top notch facility for diagnosis and treatment. After visiting 4 other places over a two month period with no luck we finally came to CHOP and had a diagnosis in under 5 minutes. Truely amazing

Rich Moore

best hospital always friendly staff nice doctors the food is very delicious

Carolyn Murphy


sunil gundu

I was here to check my new job. I got chance to take some pictures of the parking here.

Hannah Rizor

They know kids and use so many resources to help. Their child advocate Jackie was amazing as well as the nurses.

Lilly Bayers

super nice staff ryan from child life was super duper nice

Tracy Murray

Please CHOP save our Carley Elbert You are the only local hospital that has an adolescent and young adult unit that can treat Mast Cell disease. She has no one else that is equipped to administer care and without CHOP she will die. She has been a patient since the age of 14 chronically and now you will not treat her ???? CHOP KNOWS HER HISTORY Please CHOP PLEASE SAVE OUR CARLEY

Sheri Richman

Expert, brilliant, caring staff! 24/7

S Daly

Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Doctor diagnosed what was wrong with our daughter after months of visiting mutiple other doctors. Parking can be validated.

Emily Haggerty

This is the BEST hospital in the WORLD, I have been going here for 22 years , and have had over 20 surgeries here! I wouldn’t pick anywhere else to go, I rather wait 6 hours here see a doctor than 1 hour at a local hospital. This hospital deserves more than 5 stars!! Anyone who complains about the wait here should rethink their decisions about going to a different hospital..... if you rather go to a hospital with NO one waiting than come to the best hospital in the world who has a full waiting room than you need to rethink your decision because an empty waiting room compared to a waiting room that is full honestly shows which hospital is better...

Joyce Ellison

The ER is the absolute worst that I have ever experienced. The staff didn’t have a clue as to how to treat my grandson’s seizures and high fever. Each person asked the same questions over and over. I don’t mean different people, the same person, within seconds of asking a question, would ask it again. We were there for over 2 hrs.before they even gave him Tylenol, at my daughters’s insistence. Again, at my daughter’s insistence, they finally gave him IV fluids for his obvious dehydration. He has a rare condition which this well renowned hospital has no clue about. They tried to give him 6 times the medication that he used for emergencies. I am so thankful that my daughter, is well educated on the proper care of her son. It’s just a shame that the medical staff refused to listen to her without a lot of back-and-forth explanations. We were there for over eight hours! THIS HOSPITAL SUCKS!!!!

8990000 at Gmail dot com

They didn't solve my child's complicated problems, but they do provide top notch medical care. My daughter had severe birth defects. I recommend that if you can keep your child out of the managed care designation of doctors, they will continue focus on solutions to the problem. If not they will soothe the symptoms getting to a stable place for discharge, admitting in a covert way there is nothing more to do to fix the problems. That end result is very sad for any parent or family. I did have better luck at other hospitals where they didn't functionally give up on finding solutions, which as a parent you continue to be hopeful. They recommended putting a tube in for eating vehemently which in this case when done turned out to be a very negative thing. They did do there best in analysis but remember as a parent, when not sure of a decision, or if you question it, I recommend trusting your own instincts, because you know what will be best for your child. In this case, Inserting artificial device was something that instigated a quicker course of pain, and more problems. But every case is different so sometimes it's logical..

Crystal Rock

I wish I could give 10 stars. This place is amazing. God’s work is being done within those walls.

Brad Jenkins

Great hospital! Excellent staff, very clean and professional. I have brought all of my children here.

Kyaisha Hollis

2 East Newborn Intensive care unit is the worst I heard so many good things about this hospital I was happy to have them as my grandson doctors tell they really was the night nurses that watch your children are the worst they the best in the day time when parents are walking around but please do not leave you child there overnight even the charge Nurse was no help when we went to her with Complaints they told us he was leaving soon and walked away again please stay with your child the whole stay

marsha linton

They try to make the experience as pleasant as possible... Wawa comes around and offer refreshments why you wait for your child to come out of whatever procedure they are having.

Thomas Woytunick

Thanks to all the staff doctors and nurses our Ronald seal is the Biggest Blessing in Our Lives !!! and coming home today only Saved by God's Grace !!! Amen !

Butterfly Den

Dr.Rizzi is hands down the best ENT Dr. My daughter sees him every two months and he is the only Dr she trusts with her ears.

Hollie Keller

My son has Moya moya disease and nf1 he is a regular at Chop they all love Alex he's their guy. I know when he's being treated there that he's in great hands.

Don Fret

I will forever be indebted to this wonderful place and the staff there. In the early 80s they took care of me and treated me with kindness. I will always remember the playroom and making macaroni necklaces. They have an important mission!

Joseph Griffin

I don’t like leaving reviews because the experience is different for every person and situation, especially during major life events.... that being said, my family works in healthcare and medical practices and I was not only impressed but awed by the professionalism and experience of every person we dealt with at CHOP. Our child was air lifted here and saved here with open heart surgery. Though the process was difficult and challenging i thank god we had CHOP in our area.

Matthew Kochis

Security sucks and I had to walk around Philly for 12 hours. And I was threatened by security. But the nurses doctors and social workers were awesome

Michael Michnya

Six receptionist stations staffed by one receptionist for a busy department on a Monday afternoon. The check in kiosk directed me to the receptionist part way through. She was busy with another family, "Have a seat and I'll get to you as soon as I can. " We waited more than an hour. Apparently the check in kiosk doesn't connect to the receptionist work station because nothing alerted her that we were waiting because she completely forgot about us. During that time, she walked past us three times, then checked in another patient who arrived after us. She was very apologetic and i overheard her explain how busy they were ("another crazy Monday"). I waited until i saw her on the phone, went over and sat down. "Are you ready for us now?" I asked. Know what she said? ""Have a seat and I'll get to you as soon as I can. " I reminded her that that was what she told me an hour earlier. She was apologetic, but asked "Did I not see you?" I wanted to say ,"b****, you walked past us three times!" But i was polite. "Ma'am, i don't know what you saw. But we've been waiting an hour for you to get to us." You can bet the billing department is fully staffed. And the insurance company is doing alright.

David Hopkins II

Honestly without CHOP I wouldn’t be alive! Thank you!

Jacqueline Pinillos

My son has a rare congenital malformation and I’ve seen several ENTS in NJ who aren’t even familiar with his case. I became desperate for answers and a resolution to his condition. CHOP knew exactly how to handle his case and has seen several like his. THANK YOU CHOP! Doctors and nurses were exceptional.

Jennifer Pennypacker

Was not happy with the care at chop. The way the genetics department treated me was uncalled for. I waited 4 weeks for approval for a test yet they never sent what they needed to send to my pediatrician , then once the test was done I called every week and every week I would hear excuse after excuse finally when I got the results I could get testing done at the drs I needed however it was another 4 weeks to know if me or my husband were the carrier and after finding out he was my older son had to get tested my son has been doing good thank God but we go to Lehigh valley and love it there

Samantha Gallaghan

My 10 month old son was admitted here a few days ago after being transported from another hospital. What appeared to be straight up fussiness was actually viral bronchiolitis. He couldn't breathe, wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, and was inconsolable. They had him on oxygen and an IV drip. Worse two days of my life. But today he's breathing on his own and is finally able to sleep and for that I thank the Drs and nurses here at CHOP. Despite how busy they have been with the flu season currently going on, they have still been able to give my baby boy the one on one attention he needs. Granted at first I thought the roundabout care was a bit obsessive, but now I know how important it was. Thank you to my baby boy's special team, especially his day nurse Lauren. From the get go she's been considerate, sympathetic when it comes to my feelings, and has taken a great liking to my sweet baby boy. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you, CHOP!

Kearelis Ubiles

It's wonderful ❤️ I'm thankful I'm here

Kelsey Keppley

This place is absolutely horrible! We where transferred there from reading hospital. My son had and infection in his hip and when we got there they had no clue that he what was going on I had all paperwork and test results and they only looked at it after the second time I gave i told them about it. The doctors that came in to see him where very arrogant and talked down at the doctors at the hospital we where at. The place was dirty and gross and the staff was very rude! Will go anywhere but here next time

Jason Leeman

As parents of a child with hydrocephalus that has been causing serve migraines for three and a half years we were told this was the place to help him! Unfortunately could not be further from the truth. Our first initial appointment was in November of 2015. With no course of action laid out, and we had to keep chasing to get info and follow up appointments. Not very helpful at all, and made to feel our son didn't matter. Finally in the summer of 2016 they decide we will work with you. My son was admitted multiple times, and had some pretty invasive procedures done to place sensors in his skull. With no results or answers given. Finally at the end of it all we were told by the surgeon maybe he will out grow it, and nothing else we can do. Really brushed us off, and made us feel we were wasting his time. Never again, but we did get help from another hospital, and so far so good.

Antonio Salerno

Hope lives here, best place to heal a sick kid

giavonna depiso

Went to chop on broad st for my 1 year old daughter because she’s been sick for almost a month now with diarrhea and throwing up then to just a fever and now this terrible cough and I’ve been there 3 times in one week trying to get answers and all they tell me just let her get better on her own and they do absolutely nothing. I went to the children’s of hospital of Pennsylvania said the same thing. I express my concerns and still send me home with nothing and no information. I am now at Pennsylvania hospital and soon as they heard her cough said its definitely the croup and gave her a X-ray to make sure nothing else is spreading, gave her needle with medicine to help get rid of the cough sooner and now giving her a breathing treatment.

Island Gurl Dat

Excellent hospital, staff top notch. Everyone very professional and helpful. State of the art equipment, diversity and inclusion are displayed here. All around this facility is a great place, and worth traveling to for the compassion as well as up to date care that your child will receive. They welcome service animals.

Elizabeth Dever

I bring my children here for everything. They are absolutely wonderful with all their services. My children's pediatrician is affiliated with them so any of their doctors or specialist can access their records and history. My daughter has had heart surgery here and scoliosis surgery, as well as a few other specialists along with my son. I will not take my children any where else.

Stephanie Jean

I would be completely lost if I didn’t have this hospital near me. I am there at least 2 times a month and I always love going. My daughter was born with special needs and I am so grateful to CHOP for being there to accommodate my daughter and my family. Thank you!

Sara Hillis

At Children's hospital right now. Literally the worst experience I've ever had here and I've been here a lot. I know the doctors are good but I've been here 2 day and have yet to see one. The nurses are rude and not helpful. My daughter just got transferred out of the ICU with asthma and pneumonia and they have put us in a very small room with another sick child who keeps running around and coughing all over the place because getting my daughter sicker is a good idea. They have told me that there is nothing they can do to help. They suggested washing my daughters hands frequently. I will never be back here.

Alyssa Greenwell

I came to CHOP from St. Louis, MO to try to get a diagnosis. The doctors went through my records very carefully and were knowledgeable about my case when I arrived. They were ready to help me in my complicated case. The care I recieved in the outpatient setting was very good. they were just very organized and helpful which was reassuring. I saw doctors in Oncology and Rheumatology departments.

Caity Cat

Loved the nurses but, had a reaction to a medicine the doctor didn't listen to me and gave me it again. Had ALL severe reactions for a week. I wish the doctor took me serious. I was 17 back then.. I now have severe anxiety with medications because of this. Oh and to add.. I let them know I was allergic to morphine. The medicine they gave me said "do not take if you're allergic to morphine."


Staff seem very attentive and concerned for their patients.

Dawn deQuevedo

The two stars are for the nurses and Drs. I can't say that the nurses and doctors are negligent but it's hard to give them great ratings when they can't figure out what is wrong with my child. The ENT department has referred us to UPenn because they are stumped. UPenn offered a treatment that failed. So, we haven't gotten too far. If it were up to me, I'd offer a zero star rating for the systems and communication of CHOP. I am a regular caller to the patient relations department. I've requested a patient advocate...still waiting on that! No one can schedule appointments. One department told me that there was no way my kid could have a speech appointment within 1-2 weeks of discharge as in hospital (CHOP HOSPITAL) discharge papers. First she needed to send me paperwork and only after I sent that back, could an appointment be made and appointments are at least 6 weeks out. No one coordinates care. They are a hot mess. My favorite is, "you can't have a disk for the Upenn dr across the street while you are an inpatient. You have to wait until you are an outpatient". In the next breath they are telling you that CHOP is part of Upenn, "all one system". Why can't you send mri results to UPENN? Oh, we use different systems. Dealing with CHOP is like being in a torture chamber...


Had a surgery scheduled 4 months prior, and tests to be done the day before. The day before the tests we were notified that they would be adding another test. We were emailed about this around 7 PM the night prior. They had taken an hour and a half away from our previous time. Upon arriving I was brought to have an EKG, then was walking into a ‘waiting room’ of sorts where they explained the risks, as well as what they would be doing during the surgery. Following that discussion, I was brought to get my chest X-rayed. I was told the wait would be about 10 minutes, instead it was about 25 minutes. After the X-rays, I was brought to get blood work done. After I was seated and ready I had a mother across from me having her baby getting blood work from two, what seemed as very unqualified nurses, taking blood from the baby. I say unqualified because they looked as though they were in a panic and had to get help from a separate doctor. After the bloodwork I was brought back to my ‘waiting room’ and was then told that my surgery, which had been scheduled weeks prior reminder, was rescheduled, and we didn’t know the date! They told us that about half an hour before we were ready to leave. The reason for the rescheduling was due to ‘Lack of beds and anesthesia’. We where then asked questions regarding allergies, family history, etc.

nyeasha Martin

Good place nice staff very understanding explain the situation so that you understand very well good place to bring your children

Nina Lauria

Just called neurology to make an appt. And after explaining what I was calling for she said, you need developmental. I told her my pediatrician told me I need to see a neurologist and she said no you dont! I called developmental department and they gave a 9 month waiting list, and I need to have what I need to have done before the school year is over, it is affecting my daughter's learning and behavior....they could care less! I have had great experiences with Chop and the dictors,and nurses, but the people who do all the customer service and answering calls from today was one of the most rudest and obnoxious person I have ever spoken to at Chop! They really need to have more empathetic, and sympathetic people on the other end of their phones! A complete disgrace. So I called Du Pont and St. Chris's neurology department and they both said they would see my daughter with out waiting 9 months. Now I just have to decide which one!! And they both were very personable and understanding to my needs....even if they really didn't care...they sure acted and sounded like they did!!

Timber Ferguson

Dr Low did my Cleft Lip/Pallet repair in 1990. 28 years later and I still appreciate him for it. He did amazing work. I’d gone back to see him a few times as I got older and he was also so Pleasent to talk to.

Matthew Dragan

Well since I have nothing better to do because I'm bored out of my mind, I've decided to write a review. I'm going on 3 hours of waiting with my 2yo to get a cast on his leg. I know it's not the most urgent of needs but I literally watched family after family come in and leave before they called me. And I'm still waiting just in a room now. My guess is another hour or two until my 2yo actually gets a cast on his leg. The one star is for the staff actually being nice and the hospital is very clean and nice.

Shmuel Goodman

Staff has all been incredibly nice and helpful, from the doctors and nurses to the janitors and security guards. The care has been excellent too.

Anne Marie

Our first day there was a rough start but everything changed for the better. Surgery and procedures went well. We have now chosen this hospital to be the permanent care for my granddaughter. It's extremely hard to go through a tough time with a new born baby. Scarlett Faith had her open heart surgery at Hershey but then we had to come here for lymphatic system and lung issues. Nurses and doctors here have been wonderful. Today, in fact, we get to take my granddaughter home. Scarlett Faith will have to come back here for other surgeries when she is 9 and 12 months old. Make sure you ask tons of questions. If you have any issues they have the Ronald McDonald House that can help with rooming and food. You are not alone.

Michael Williams

The absolute best in the business of child healthcare

Denise Tortora

The best children hospital in the country Best doctors and nurses SDU was above and beyond my expectations They took care of me and my baby in a very difficult time I love them all very much

therealmaquest Rainey

Best hospital ever. The staff is friendly. The environment is welcoming. The cafeteria is lovely. My son treated there for his cancer @ 21. My grandson is getting a new heart as I type this. I recommend everyone take their babies there. They really care

Tamila Majeed

My daughter had brain cancer me and her spent alot of time here i appreciated everything they did top#1 hospital got my vote

Fidan Majidli

Dr. Stacy Gordon little advice to you! Please cut your nails If you work with kids. My babys face is terrible with red nail marks, because you have tried to open his mouth( obviously forced).. All his face in red nail scars!!! He is a baby couldn’t express his pain( although he was crying), but how could you dare to do it.

Pieter Ras

The attention to detail and customer service is outstanding. They make the experience for both patient and parents as pleasant as can be.

Arnaldo Salinas

The best and beautiful hospital.....of the East coast of the USA.


From the transport team to the second my grandson entered the facility they treated him like he was there own child. Caring and compassionate. When a baby is sick that is all you want. They Care!

Holly Noel

I don't get the rave reviews here. First of all for a HOSPITAL let alone a CHILDRENS hospital the place is absolutely FILTHY. walk the halls, the elevators and forget about the bathrooms --there was literally poop on the seats and the place smells like old urinals. I must have been really lucky to have been in very nice and clean hospitals theoughout my life if the majority think this place is so great. Smdh As for care. They put on a goos show but they are EXTREMELY disorganized interdepartmentally. Our 3rd visit here and every time its literally an all day event because they send us all over and when we reach our new destination they have NO idea what we are there for. Its crazy. I wanted my granddaughter in NJ hospital but my daughter listened to everyone else (typical) I pray my baby granddaughter doesn't pay the price. So far nothings gone right, confusion always, and filth everywhere. (The doctor is nice and the PA the lab is a nightmare)

Jessica Nunez

Best doctor azick god bless him

Hazel Atienza

We love CHOP. My son always receives excellent care when we are here.

Amie Lynn

So sorry we ever brought our child to CHOP. Disappointed in the below average care and the rude/cold treatment.

Luz M Hanscom

It was an incredible experience, my daughter had an open heart surgery everything went well she’s doing really well! They’re really nice and friendly the team it was just amazing! God bless you all!

Debbie Falkowski

In an imperfect world I am thankful CHOP was there for my daughter .

Daniel Snyder

Simply the best, better than all the rest

Stephan Papke

Very friendly and competent staff !

Steve Elkins

My girlfriends daughter is having seizures and conversion disorder. She can seize at any time and needs to be watched 24/7. Chops psychologist and psychiatrist ( who will not be named here) basically ignored the condition, or didn't understand it. Chop put a plan in place that was incorrect. The facility chop recommended did not handle this disorder. So, The child was left without medical treatment except for what her mother could provide at home. This child and her mother suffered terribly for weeks due to ineptitude. The child almost drowned at home in the tub. Her mothers vigilance saved her life. Finally, Maybe, Chop is taking this seriously. Letting a child suffer due to not caring and plain ineptitude is not acceptable! Be wary. These doctors (mainly the psychological group) do not communicate with eachother or other Doctors, at least in this case. Don't let this happen to you. Be your child's own advocate here. One Doctor, today, took control and he is wonderful. Ill leave a separate good review for him.he's caring and brilliant.

Marcos Prado

Abusive billing practices.. After paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for my child’s treatment (as our insurance would only partially cover certain services and procedures), I contacted the billing department to arrange a six-month payment plan for the remaining balance on the account. Weeks later, I received a letter demanding that I pay the full remaining balance on the account (even though I was on a monthly payment plan), or else I would be submitted to collections. I called the number on the letter numerous times and left a voice message, as all representatives were “busy and could not take my call.” I have yet to receive a call back. CHOPs billing practices are unfair and abusive. What a shame to the parents of all patients who are left in the hands of such an unscrupulous and greedy organization.


From April 2006 until 2011-2015, I was rush to the hospital with critical condition. No visitors allowed. Visitors may be banned permanently all from visiting patients in the future for offensive crimes after being arrested and kicked out. This is not an emergency. Do not go in there.

Heather Stanish

We love the doctors and staff. This is our 8th year here. We rest assured knowing our children are in the best possible care. Well worth the 2 hour drive.


Terrible hospital staffed by even worse employees. I've always heard great things about CHOP. However, my 2-month old has been here for 9 days and I wish I could say it's a great hospital. The staff are completely incompetent and seem to have no knowledge of anything or respect for the parents. The lack of communication between employees and departments was absolutely horrific. It's even worse trying to get information and updates as the parent from the doctors and nurses. Maybe our stay here was a random fluke, but I will dread the day that I would have to come back.

dave hellman

Have traveled to CHOP twice this year for our youngest. Top notch hospital and staff. They are truly the best of the best.

Amul Pariyar

Good doctors take care child good all staff

L Widjaya

I was working as an interpreter at CHOP and I was having seizure, a bad one. Mind you this was during my off time, I had 2 assignments and I was going to pick up my medications from the CVS that was located on the lobby in the first floor. So I did. I went to the pharmacy and started to talk to the staff but seizure started and I don't remember what happened, all I remember was I wanted to pick up a small hand sanitizer to put in my back pack. All of of sudden I was in the lobby where all the guards usually sit, I was surrounded by at least 5 of them, 2 of the security guards asking questions loudly like I was some criminals, they put this big bottle of green hand sanitizer, half used, in front of my face, saying "You drank this didn't you? Tell me you drank this?!! Huh! " I was still in and out of my consciousness so I didn't know what his question was so his question change into "you're drunk! you're a danger to the children around here!" while still flailing that bottle of hand sanitizer asking who the hell I was, how I can't get in and I finally could produce an answer saying I had seizure but they didn't believe me, and I was looking for my green, security ID which they seized. So I took another one from, my bag which clearly said "interpreter" then they took me to their office brought in a person from the language service and we talked but from then on they cancelled me from servicing CHOP patients and banned me from entering CHOP. Clearly, for a big hospital they don't know symptoms of seizures and never gave educations to their staffs and let bullying and harrasments happened. They're lucky I never press charges or sue the hospital and to this day I'm still considering it. I still had a record from that day showing that I had no alcohol in my blood if the want proof whether I drank the hand sanitizer or not or if I was a drunk. They also were a chicken because the manager of the agency asked for cctv from both CVS and the lobby to see of I really drank from the bottle and they won't give it saying CVS is not part of CHOP which is bull!!

Daniel G

This Hospital is Absolutely AMAZING !!! Talk about a Positive Energy ?? They make the best out of a horrible situation and put my family at ease knowing that we are in the best place !!!

Dan TheOnlyOne

Great Kids Friendly Hospital!!! Doctors knowledgeable how to handle kids...

Hanouf Mohammad

My mother and my sister were in meeting with Dr. Trude Haecker and other staff yesterday. Dr. Haecker's attitude was containing racist words toward my family since they are not American citizens and asked us to leave th U.S. even my little brother is seriously suffering from a rare disease and he must stay in U.S. until his surgery appointment time. However, yes we had issue with his midical insurance, but she could politely explain to us how can we fix this problem! But what she did is completely disrespectful, racist, and rude! Very disappointed. She had no right to ask to leave America and making fun of our situation!! Unforcunetley her medical degree was not enough to teach her how to deal with the patient's families!! And she was keeping ask us why are we still in America? Why don't we go back home?!!!

Wesley Beyer

Top notch children's hospital, unfortunately we have spent way to much time there.

ItsTara 215

I was in children’s for almost a month very very sick and this was the best hospital! They treated me with such care. They helped me understand how to take care of myself when I finally went home. If it wasn’t for them diagnosing me, not sure what would have happened. Thank god for this hospital. I was being diagnosed wrong in south jersey for a while. Thank you CHOP. This was the year 2000. Great drs great neurologist and neuro ophthalmology , all the nurses. Thank you

Mariana Elize Velez Bonilla

I would have never thought that is was the best hospital ever!!! My son was admitted in children hospital of Hershey PA for 2 months never couldn't figure out was was wrong with him,, I asked to be transferred to chop and it was the best decision ever!!! Since day one my son got out of bed started eating and walking!!!! I couldn't ask for more!!! Thanks CHOP for bringing my son back!!!! In Hershey PA they had my son under oxycodone and morphine every 4 hours because they didn't know what was wrong with him,, once again THANKS CHOP and my son still going outpatient to chop I rather drive 3 hours and have my son in good hands!!!! THANKS CHOP AND ALL YOU AWESOME STAFFING

Madani Hamdi

Almost 2 hours in the emergency room No doctor No nurse . No body . what's the meaning of emergency in CHOP. I saw better hospitals in Africa

Nicole Birnbaum

If I could I would give this place a million stars! Was there with my daughter over night cause my daughter needed emergency surgery and the staff took such good care of my little girl and any concerns or questions I had at such a scary emotional time! Anything me or her wanted or needed they were on top of it no questions asked! Thank you to all the staff for everything!☺

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