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REVIEWS OF Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital IN Delaware

Mary Grace Galada

Positive energy through the facility, staff and the inspirational artwork placed through out the facility. Staff was very warm and welcoming. The facility immaculate.

Milly Merced

Phyllis Harris

Min. Tamika Patrick-Walker

Sandra Shaw

I cannot say enough about Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital; my mother went there on May 26th and stayed for 3 weeks after a stroke. When she first went she was not able to walk, barely able to speak or use her left arm and hand. In the space of 3 weeks she was not only able to walk, speak, and use limbs on left side but was smiling again. Special shout out to her nurses especially Rashid, Kathy, and Case manager MaryAnne. This place exceeded our family's expectations!! Dana PT, Kick, OT and Kaitlyn Speech therapy were top notch and brought my mother back to us!

Jay Rausch

M and J Small

Edmundo Morales

The best attention I ever got in my life. The tecs, nurses, and therapist not to mention the food are extraordinary. I was there for two months and five days.

Laura Tollefson

Marie Pence


I was a patient at Bryn Mawr after serious spinal surgery. They push you to get going again. I am 10 months out and I feel that if it wasn’t for the staff at Bryn Mawr I would not be moving as well as I am.

vipul bhatt

They put you on hold to make an appointment it's been close to an hour and still no answer.

Susan Powell

I was very pleased with the care I received from nurses, therapists, support staff and doctors during my recent 6 day inpatient stay after double knee replacement.

Ali Griffin

D Zee

My cousin had a stroke and was in BMR for inpatient and day therapy. Inpatient was a very good experience and staff was extremely friendly and compassionate. So we went with the same expectation to day therapy. All i can say is that I would never recommend it to any family or friend to go to day therapy program. The OTs are all COTA certified, which means they are just therapist techs and not even real therapists. When you see Insurance invoices, the charges for these techs are as high as therapists. Almost $500 per hr. that is billed to the insurance. Sometime all they did was massage her hand for an hour. For amount billed, that was one expensive massage, I would say. OT session always started 12-15 mins late every day. Though they billed for full one hour. None of the therapists have kept up to date with their skills for a long time. They have no idea of latest therapy methods and keep using same techniques regardless of the person's need to situation. With major breakthroughs in technology, there are lot of latest devices available for upper and lower extremity that other rehabs like Magee and Moss have incorporated in their therapies. However, BMR has none for upper extremity. They just have 5 REO-GO, which as per their own therapists, no one ever uses. We feel we wasted our precious recovery time at BMR and would have seen better results if we had chosen Magee or Moss rehab.

Dominique Terry

no comment

Allen in the neuro center is a great therapist. I can't recommend him enough.

Sharita Combs-Tripp

When we were told that my daughter was assigned to this facility, I was a little upset because it was far from my home but when I arrived the campus, I immediately changed my mind. It is absolutely beautiful. Everyone was so nice and helpful. She spent 2 1/2 months there and was very well taken care of. I can't even begin to thank everyone. From her nurses and techs to housekeeping and reception. EVERYONE was amazing. I would recommend this facility as a first choice. I can't wait to go back to visit and say thank you.

Brian Forsyth

Everyone at the Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital treated me so well while I was an inpatient there- over 10 years ago- that the place has felt like home to me ever since. The compassionate and expert care I was given has made me a better man, always eager to give back in whatever way I can

Naveen Dhillon

Jill Murphy

Twenty nine years ago, I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury from a car accident and I was sent to Bryn Mawr Rehab. There I was given the time and help I needed to recover and relearn everything. The therapists gave me the tools I've needed to continue to recover all these years. While I still struggle a little, my life is much better than my doctors predicted!


The people here are nice and very helpful but they keep you longer than you need to be here so they can keep collecting insurance money. Its ridiculous I've been here 4 days longer than I needed to be but I have to stay because they never ordered my wheelchair to go home. They PT and OT personnel are great but the rehab only cares about making more money! Its disgraceful I'm going home tomorrow only because I started to make a fuss about things and that's when they started the process of getting me ready to go home not Saturday when they told me when I was good to go home. They started the process on Wednesday its ridiculous I would go to a different rehab simply because they will keep you here longer just to get more money out of you. F**k this place

Sheryl Glover

Aletta Trego

Wonder full helpful people

chitra Guru

Best decision I made for inpatient and day therapy . Absolutely professional and kind people .

Josh Moore

Meagan Hudson

Stephanie Stern

Jonathan Knippschild

Very professional staff that attended to my every need. They all go above and beyond and are very courteous!

BlackRaspberry Production

great work. they really care.

Todd Elliott

So far I have had 3 family members who have been admitted to Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital. My mother was a patient there about 15 years ago, my father-in-law was a patient there in 2003 or 2004 and my wife is being treated there now (2013). All three of the contacts with the facility were very very positive. When my mother was there it was after a long hospitalization which had made her very weak and de-conditioned. The rehab kept her for about a week because she didn't want to work. They felt that they couldn't do much for her and they were right. She basically wanted someone to wait on her and that wasn't going to happen there. They tried to get her back on her feet but because she wouldn't cooperate, they released her. Totally appropriate decision. When my father-in-law was a patient there it was after he had been operated on for a brain aneurysm. He was much more willing to do the different therapies and they helped him get back on his feet end even helped him get to the point where he could drive again. We thought the care he received there was awesome. My wife is getting phenomenal care. Her visit to Bryn Mawr Rehab comes after a 10+ week hospitalization during which she spent most of the time intubated and on a feeding tube. Needless to say, when she reached the rehab she had lost considerable muscle mass, she was weak, she couldn't feed or dress herself and she needed help with just about all daily life activities. So far she has been at the rehab for about a month and during that time she has relearned how to feed and dress herself, she has regained a considerable amount of her strength and she is even beginning to be able to write and sign her name again. In short, the doctors, nurses, techs and therapists have been amazing. My wife has been working hard during her stay at the rehab. She wants to come home and we want her to come home too. With the efforts that the dedicated folks at Bryn Mawr Rehab are making, I am very confident that when she does come home, although she will still having some healing to do, she will be ready to be on her own. I and my family are very grateful that Bryn Mawr Rehab exists and is so good at making people better. Thank you!

ThatGuy FromFl

Best staff ever.

Brad Margetich

As a patient I discovered that Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital had No experience dealing with concussions. They jumped on the money train, and are just guessing what might work. Save yourself a lot of time and start with a craniofacial therapist. You can do the neuro/ cognitive training on Lumosity for a whole lot less in the comfort of your own home, without the noisy circus lile atmosphere of Bryn Mawr Rehab. Hospital. Not what you need when you have a concussion! And they haven't figured out that part yet. And your sessions will be 15 minutes late@ $600 an hour. So you'll get a 45 minutes. So you be the judge.

Theresa Marrow

Charlotte Harrison

Yvonne Jones

Friendly staff. Current medication safety. Outstanding friendly cummunication from the staff. I feel my family member is getting great care. He is optimistic and in good spirits so is the staff.

Irene Hall

Gregory Gregson

Great place

Stephen Worth

Where do I start? Well my sister was in a car accident and sustained major injuries. After about 6 weeks in Jefferson she was transferred to Bryn Marw. After about a week there she was aloud to scratch the stitches out of her head down to bone to the point where she needed to go back to Jefferson for emergency surgery. After another 2 week stay in Jefferson she came back to bryn mawr and we found out she lost the single person room she had. She was now in a corner of a room with another person she had no space to even put pictures up and we could barley put a chair next to the bed when visiting. 3 weeks later she was put in a smaller room with even less space which we thought was impossible but they found a way. Along the way we dealt with some of the laziest nurses and 1 on 1s you could imagine. We have came for a visit to find her soaking wet (urine) who knows how long she was sitting like that but when I say soaking I mean dripping wet. The nurses refused to take her to the bathroom on more then 1 occasion and that's just when we where there who knows what she had to deal with when we weren't there. More then several times we would get there for a visit to find that her food tray wasn't even touched she had a severe brain injury and severely broken leg and couldn't get to it without help and they didn't even take the lid off the plate and this was all the time. After talking to higher ups and being told they would look into it we got know feedback whatsoever and the problems are still continuing as I write this. If it was up to me I would've taken my sister out of Bryn Mawr after they let her hurt herself to the point of needing emergency surgery but being just the brother it's not my call. I can't speak on the actual therapist because I don't have any interaction with them but the nurses are lazy as could be repeatedly making excuses of why they couldn't or wouldn't do there jobs. Update: December 23rd my sister went to Jefferson for what we were told was a Dr. visit for "just a check up". Only if wasn't only a checkup they admitted her and scheduled her for surgery because she had gotten an infection in her leg that was down to the bone. That's 2 infections in 3 months while at Bryn Marw. The 1st required a 10 day stay at Jefferson during which time we could not visit her because the Pope was in Philly and everything was shut down. The 2nd meant she was even further from home on Christmas needless to say we as a family are far from happy and actively looking for another rehab facility to place her in after she's released from Jefferson.

James Fusco

Was there in 1013 for stroke rehab. FANTASTIC PLACE! I can't say enough good things about the staff there.Totally professional and caring. Nicest people in the world.

Mary Mouet

Margaret Murphy

Our daughter had outpatient concussion therapy for 7 months at Bryn Mawr Rehab and to say the care and attention to every detail exceeded our expectations is an understatement. As two medical professionals,we were impressed with the knowledge and communication at every level.

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