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REVIEWS OF Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus IN Delaware

Allegra McCullough

A 6-hr wait for an emergency situation is inexcusable. This happened to me in 2018 and to my brother in 2019. What part of quality control do you people not understand? Get it together, Kent General!

Allen Coggins

Worst hospital ever. I will never go back

Robin MacBride

Spanning 30 years and 20 plus admissions with various members of our family this hospital consistently provides sub-standard care, nursing is understaffed, overworked and quality of patient care suffers. Hospitalists are incompetent, and social services could not be more disinterested.

Tom Burlington

I’ve been to Camden , and Lourdes hospitals in NJ and I can say this place is a palace. Great size room for icu , friendly staff and good food. Thank you for the hard work on my ma

Skye Sjaarda

I wish we could rate this a 0. My fiance and I had gone to the ER because he was having problems breathing. They gave him a steroid and breathing treatment and told him he was good to go. Now they did run a few labs and give him a chest xray however they told him he was good to go home and to just get some rest. We went to his primary doctor after that because he still wasn't feeling good and told them What happened at the ER they requested the labs from the hospital and took one look at the xray and asked if he was aware that he had pneumonia. So they neglected to tell him that he had pneumonia at the ER and that kills people. They should have told us while we where there and not just acted like he was good to go home without any antibiotics at all. May look onto filing a report of negligence.

Beth Kollar

Worst experience ever! I'm currently looking for disciplinary action through the Delaware Board of Nursing against one of their RN'S. Ill be surprised if I don't wind up with a staff infection from my surgery. Stay away from this hospital!

Ashley Burris

Why am i still in this damn wating room in so much pain!!!! So far 4 hours

Ian L

Avoid anything and everything BayHealth. They do absolutely nothing and charge you an insane amount of money for it. They don't care about your health in the slightest, just the money.

Mike Brown

Louis Roberts

G Dub

The worst experience ever if you not dead an don’t want to die waiting or die cause of your ailments then just drive the complete opposite direction of this place they live up to the name killer Kent for a reason you wait for hours then it’s nurses sitting at the desk eating an there’s nurses sitting in the back talking an laughing or on the phone texting or on the computer doing nothing been here for 4 hours an if the person if we didn’t wait as long as we are I would have left .

shy bradhams

Believe the reviews . I went to the ER last night for heart problems . They checked my vitals right away than about 10 minutes later they did x-rays Than literally had me waiting in the waiting room from 5 to 10:15 and I just left . Never have I ever waited in a waiting room for 5 hours . It was just ridiculous and I'm sure there was others who was in waiting longer than me while the staff just say around and ate pizza.

Terrenna Giles Brown

Wish I could give minus 1. My sinuses were bad I was promised and assuered they would be fixed. It was a painful operation that ended in disaster. I have worse issues and now I have permanent blood in my nose. Also sinus infection which I never had. Hard snot every day and constant sore throat. Please do not use this quack!!!

Florena Berry

All the negative comments are true. My 6yo son's pediatrician advised me to take him to the emergency room for severe vomiting (26 times in 24 hours). I signed him in at 9:30 am. Had to sit in that disgustingly sticky, stained, stinky waiting area for 2 1/2 hours with my son still throwing up. The entire wait time i sat in the children's chairs because there were made of wood and I've heard rumors of bedbugs being in the cushioned chairs(but i was too afraid to check for myself). Then we were takento another waiting room in the back with 4 other people. After the recent multi-million dollar renovations the service is far worse than it used to be because they still did not have any beds available. The doctor saw my son and another adult male in a hallway. Employees were walking thru while the doctor talked to us and the other patient. There was absolutely no privacy. I learned that the other patient previously had stage 3 cancer and 2 back surgeries just from listening to the doctors conversation with him. I have no business knowing this information. This hospital disappointed and disgusted me today. I will drive an hour to another hospital for emergency services in the future. This place is the worst I've ever experienced!!!

Garnett Mukoyama

My brother Jorge was treated nice. The staff was outstanding. The food was good & the rooms were clean. He had a private room.

Allen Sibley

The worst hospital I have ever been too ..i see why people say it worth the drive to go to Christina Hospital... 7 hours in waiting room and as of this post ..we are still waiting me drive to Christina Hospital I'll still be here waiting I'm sure ..

Deborah S

Some staff super nice a lot of the nurses act like they don't see you...The floor in the room and outside the room was too dirty..

Amanda Wilson

This hospital told me my brother was discharged at 10 pm at night after I called them and instead of being discharged I found out the transferred him! They don't think to tell the family who Jess been worried sick about him all night trying to find him that they transferred him???! This hospital is the worse hospital ever! They need to get shut down or get employees that actually care about their job?


Kelly Johnson

Jennifer Duffy

I had to wait 4 hours to be seen in the ER - There were only a few other patients. Desk clerks were rude. Doctor was nice, but kept me waiting an additional 20 minutes while she printed a prescription on to a piece of paper...after moving on to the next patient first. Oh, and stopping to joke with the rude desk clerks. 4 hours to be seen, 20 minutes to print an Rx.

Susana Borbor

They were great to me! They showed me love,respect, tolerance n patience during my L&D..especially a nurse called Julie..gush she was the best

Jill H.

There needs to be a zero rating. This staff was pleasant but so incredibly incompetent that it's not funny.

Kawanda Wood

Just plain Horrible.....the staff is so fake and phoney

Tammy Alarie

This is the worst hospital I have been to and I am not the patient. My sister who is still currently waiting to be discharged after 4 hours of waiting. The nurse button gets 9ushed and it takes 1 hour to have a nurse come in, the I.V. Just dings and dings and nobody comes in. My sister waited for her awesome clear liquids tray for hours after not having anything for over 24 hours. The IV was empty they waited so long to change it, it clotted so they had to do a new one all the while trying to push the clot back into my sister's wrist. The ER smells, the halls smell, the elevators smell. The doctor my sister had was so rude. I will not let anyone I know ever come back to this hospital and I will never step foot in here myself ever again. I had to give a 1 star rating just to write a review and I wish they had a -1 star!

Yolonda Swinton

OMG!!! I'm visiting from out of state and husband had an infected foot, plus hesh diabetic. We we're here for 3 hours and stikk hadn't even seen the ER doctor yet. Foot oozing pus and all. We just checked out, and trying to find another facility. IveI never in all my years seen it take that long to even meet the doctor. Man came in class asking questions without even introducing himself. Didn't know if he was a doctor or the cleaning guy!!!! Please done go here if you're in the need of emergency care!!

Casandra De Windt

WORST HOSPITAL IVE EVER BEEN TO!!! I came in with excruciating pain (still am in pain). Got to the hospital at 3am and it’s not 6am and haven’t been seen once. They just stick you in that dirty waaiting room with flies and the nurses gather and sit and laugh. I’m horrified at the service. I was throwing up in so much pain and all they did was NOTHING. I was I could shut this place down myself. DONT GO HERE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE

Tatiana Moody

I delivered my daughter here in 2017. There was great staff the people were nice, very helpful, and each rotation of nurses we're amazing. I took my son to the emergency room here and I had a bad experience so I guess it's depending on the department you go to. For the most part I like this Hospital. The staff is pretty nice, the valet people are nice, but I wouldn't suggest going to the emergency room unless you plan on being there all day. The wait time is ridiculous.

Alicia Jones

Instant mash potatoes for one thing. Service here is horrible. We have people in the ER for EMERGENCIES while the staff here stands around and talks and laughs. Wanted a pillow but that seemed to be very difficult in doing. If you want to live don’t come here.

Sigil Hunter

If you like waiting with your sick child for 8 hours, only to be told she doesn't "look sick" then this is the place for you. We arrived at this hospital at 11pm, as our four month old daughter was running a high grade fever and vomiting profusely. After having a nurse confirm she was in fact I'll, we waited nearly 6 hours to get an exam room. After finally getting an exam room, another nurse re confirmed she was still infact sick. After waiting another 3 hours ( 8 am by this point ) I asked the nurse when we could expect to see a doctor. I was informed that my daughter didn't look sick, so they did not call a doctor. We ended up leaving and contacting her pediatrician. I can only imagine how many other people have not seen a doctor at this facility because they don't "look sick" to the staff.

Antonio Johnson

Lucie Thompson

Currently sitting here for 10 hours since checking into this hospital. It is beyond atrocious! Tax payers of any kind shouldn't be dealing with this kind of neglect!

George Schuler

We have been to Bay Health numerous times, and usually found it a decent hospital. Today we went to visit a friend on the third floor, and his room was filthy, and the trash can was way overfilled, rubbish on the floor. Based on our visit today, I would not want to be a patient here.


Had the absolute worst experience here giving birth to my son. After making a complaint and continuously calling and talking to people, i have yet to get back any real feedback. My son is now 9 months and i have yet to get my complaint handled. I will absolutely never go back here again, especially not to give birth.

Kathy Young

They need to implement a better plan for patients. There should never be a reason a patient should have to wait 7 hours!! No reason!! Lucky I give them one star!!

Ryan Ellis

I went one time, had decent care. Since them I have been billed for incidents that were not even mine! I've told them several times that it wasn't me and I wasn't even in the state - and they refuse to take the charge down. It's affecting my credit.

צדיקה ישראל

As my PCM I visited the office; though she (Zulehuma Rather) may have hundreds of patients there's no sincere connection given by her it all seems robotic. One of my visits was because I had what appears to be a boil on my right knee it was hot red and swollen. She just asked a few mundane questions and wrote a prescription which I filled and started using. The pain got worse and so did the swelling which spread. Ultimately I had to rushed to the ER when I showed them what she prescribe they asked, "did she swabb the knee? Did she ran a test to what type of infection it may be? Then why would she give you these to drink?" Turned out I had a staff infection that was going from bad to worse has to have a specialist look into if the bone was infected now in order for me to see a specialist my PCM has to refer me: she REFERRED me to an OUT of network facility which made me have to pay out of pocket. Why would my PCM not have my best interest at heart is a testament to how as a patient I AM just a number not a person. My insurance company has not covered the cost.

Davi DaOne

Michael Burris

Three hours just to back there . . . then another hour an half to get discharged. : (

James Morgan

Worst hospital ever. Waited for 6 hours with my 4 year old and newborn in the dirty waiting room. There was people throwing up everywhere. There was throw up in the bathroom sink. Food all in the kids part of the waiting room, dirt and grime in the vending machine area. Not where I want to bring a toddler who's battling an infection or a newborn. I had to leave at 3am after waiting for 6 hours. There was a 2 hour timeframe where they called no one back. They said there was no beds. The ER wasn't really busy. I don't know what was going on. My daughter never got seen. A guy was brought in by ambulance after he was in a car wreck! He came a half hour before me and they had him waiting in the waiting room with neck pain, &a he had just had surgery on his neck 2 years prior. It was a bad experience. I should have drove the extra 25 mins to the new Middletown Christiana ER. I would have been in and out of there in no time. And its 1000x cleaner. I would never recommend.


Staff were great in the hospital.....but the business office Is the they sleep at night I will never understand....

Caroline Kowalczyk

My husband took me to the ER with chest pains .The ER did not keep me waiting .I got up to a room which was ok .one of the nursing assistant was rude and made me feel I was Wasting her time .Nobody seemed to check on me for it seemed along time .

Rita brown

I don’t do reviews, but after setting in this ER for 7+hours , while everyone around me is snoring my pain found it own cure .

Christina Marie

Came in an ambulance blood pressure sky high ended up in the waiting room over 6 hours!!!! Lady came out and said there was a ton of beds open but only 2 drs on call. So instead of giving us all beds they flooded the waiting room until there was no seats for anyone.

G White

Very good Doctors. The nursing staff treated my mom very well everytime she was admitted. The actually found out what was wrong with my mom when 2 other hospitals didn't.

Gary Mick

This place is the pits. Nearly all of the staff is rude and cold. 6 hours in the ER with my girlfriend for a very basic illness. You could see that some people were trying but the overwhelming majority of the employees were more interested in talking to their Co workers than providing health care. Very unsterile practices that I’ve only seen in 3rd world countries. No gloves being worn by people administering drugs, starting IV’s and collecting “specimens”. The Dr (Cullen) was the only bright spot of this whole experience. She was very knowledgeable, caring and was polite. Observing The support staff was like watching recess at an elementary school. If there was a formal hospital operation inspection I’m sure this place would rank with the rankest at the bottom of the barrel. Spare yourself and go to Christiana hospital or any other facility!

Trudi Harper

Bayhealth Medical Center, Milford DE does not care about your time AND after reading the very poor reviews on they’re facilities around the state, my complaint is confirmed. Had an appointment for a simple CDL physical that kept me here 2 HOURS!!!! I’ve been getting this physical for over 20 years and it takes less than 45 minutes everywhere else I’ve gone. This is my first and LAST time bringing my business to Bayhealth Midical Center. I have complained about how long we been here to the folks at this facility. They have apologized. But what will change? We deserve better everyone! Hope you’re listening Bayhealth? Trudi

Charlene Johnson

Ginger Conard

Isabella Brooks

If its serious find a christiana care hospital

B Wms

Been here 5 hrs, it's freezing. Would have been better off asking Google for a remedy and getting some eye of nuit and a cauldron off Amazon!

Amber Payne

Mised diagnosing a blood clot and almost killed me. But what do I have to show for it a 32,000 bill

Edith Blankenship

Thank you sincerely for the compassion and excellent care my sister(Rose Salter) was given on 4/11/2017.Dr.Christie Miller and the surgical team was awesome .I have never seen so many people at one time having surgery and the aftercare to each individual was impressive. I only hope I get the same nurse who cared for my sister and that her name was clearer on the paper so I could tell you who she was. My sister thinks the world of you Dr. Miller .She said you were so kind to her. Thank you Dr. Christie Miller for an awesome job!!!!!!!!!

Carolyn Baitsholts

Raider Nation

Always treated with the upmost respect here. I understand the long waits suck, but this is a very busy hospital. I appreciate what these employees do, not just for me, but all their patients. Keep up the good work and thank you for everything! I've been here 5 times in 3 years and always left in a better position than I came in.

K.M. S.

My mother went in for brain surgery yesterday and it was our first time there and I HAVE to say we were pleasantly surprised and so very thankful to the doctors and staff. Everyone was so nice. Barely any wait time. They continuously called me throughout her surgery to give me updates which I thought was great ! Her nurses were very patient and helpful. I'm sad to read other negative reviews because they were very very good to my mother and our family.

Shelly Grady

I want to say that as a nurse with 25 years experience at another facility.. the unit on 3W was excellent to my daughter. She received excellent care from the ED the surgeon .the nurses the CNA’s and even . to the dietary and housekeeping staff!!!! Thank you Bayhealth for a positive patient experience.

Mari Esquilin

If I could give it a negative rating I would. KILLER KENT- Enough said!

Courtney Howe

The staff really care

Jason Carpenter

I pee in a cup and they check my TB bump. All goes well.


I would never go back. I'be been there since 1pm and I left at 9 pm and I still did not get what I needed.

Danielle Durham

Seriously this place is a joke. Be for warned if you are bringing a child here drive the extra 45 mins to A.I. dupont. Waiting 3 hrs in waiting room is ridiculous.

Melissa burk

This place is a joke sometimes There's long waits in the er and staff don't care about you. They forgot my father was even in the room and turned off the lights when he was there. Just unacceptable I'd rather drive to Christiana then go here for an emergency. The only positive thing going for this place is the delivery ward I had a good experience on that floor.

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