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Irma Garcia

Waited six hours with abdominal pain.. I left after that long wait time...

William Heredia

Waited (2) hrs to get registered from an accident, which resulted in me getting (9) stitches. Thank you Amber! The Emergency Room can tighten up their waiting periods and deal with Emergency issues a little bit better, after all it’s an Emergency Room! Alhamdulillah!

Howard Cohn

YNHH is an excellent teaching hospital with the highest standard of care. There is plenty of parking (both parking garages and valet), with really access from I95 out I93. The hospital also has several campuses along the Shoreline and North of New Haven so getting blood drawn or radiology appointments is very convenient. I have several severe medical issues and would not choose to be treated anywhere else.

Sue D

The emergency room at Yale is a nightmare! I have been waiting here since 7:00pm. It is now midnight and I have just been put into a room after waiting in the waiting room for five hours. People were coughing all around me and one man was vomiting everywhere. Another woman who sat directly next to me because of the limited seating was itching herself the entire time and then I heard the nurses saying she has shingles. This place is set up so poorly. They directed me to the bathroom to empty my bladder and upon entering the facility, the first thing I saw was a bedpan sitting on the floor next to the toilet completely full of someone else's urine. I had to move the full bedpan over with my foot to access the toilet. I looked around and I see dried urine all over the floor, blood and vomit splatter on the toilet and old blood splatter on the floor underneath the toilet. What a nightmare. If I don't leave this place with some new illness or disease I'll be very surprised. Never coming back here and I will recommend my friends, clients and family steer clear of this infectious place! I doubt I'll get out of here in the next few hours. Besides cleaning up the place, they need to hire more staff! This whole experience is just appalling and overwhelming.

Kayla Fernandez

My visit to the er was the WORST experience ever. I went in today for respiratory issue, as I explained to him what was going on, and gave my opinion on what the diagnosis can be he invalidated what I said. As all test came out negative meaning everything checked out good he then goes to say your story seems valid. The dr that was assigned to me was Dr Meir Dashevsky, in the very end he couldn’t give me an answer as to what can be the reason why my right side hurt and his prescription to “hopefully” cure my respiratory issue was take ibuprofen when that’s in any Tylenol or Motrin, going into the ER was a waste of time literally 2 hrs. Those doctors get paid to literally tell you to just take Tylenol. (ibuprofen)

Leslie Fanning

This place is an absolute joke. You could fly to another country before you will be seen by a doctor in this place. I waited six hours in the er and finally just got up and left. Not one time did a nurse come to check on me, offer me an advil or something for my pain. I was sitting there popping my own cbd oil capsules in the waiting area for my anxiety and pain. Not to mention they keep it like an ice freezer in there and I was freezing to death for six hours and not one person offered a blanket, or any care or compassion. Then when I left had to wait another half hour for them to retrieve my car. So I waited six hours to not be seen, then another half hour I had to wait just to get the hell out of there. Before I left I told them you better not bill my insurance I was never seen by a doctor, and the nurse got all stank with me and got an attitude. They had me speak to a manager who was more concerned with what they could bill for, and could not care less about the fact I had never been seen, was still sick but she was more interested in what they could bill for. There was no apology like oh sorry you have been waiting here for six hours for nothing and are leaving still unwell with no solution to why you are in pain but what can we bill you for...…...This place is an absolute disgrace....Don't waste your time....All they are trying to do is get warm bodies in there so they can do nothing and then bill your insurance for thousands of dollars. This place should be looked into for insurance fraud......They took my vitals twice and did a blood and urine test which took two minutes. So they are going to try to bill my insurance I am guessing as if I had a full er visit even though I was never once seen by a doctor, no tests were run and I was never treated. I will be checking with my insurance company to see what they try to bill for...…..

Craig Peel Trams

Sara Klopfenstein

No need to tip the valet as they will be sure to help themselves to any loose change you have sitting in your cupholder/center console.


Awful awful place avoid at all costs. 8+ hour wait dirty waiting area and dirty exam areas. Go ANYWHERE else.

jjiTanya Cote

I had 2 bad experiences giving birth to my 2 sons. (Different years) with my first son they went to circumsize him and then never came back with him. Many nurses came in within a 2 hour period and never said anything I finally asked where my son was and they told me his blood sugar was low and they have to keep him in the nursery. My second son I gave birth in my car outside the hospital doors. I was strep b positive and told the nurse and a few other people that were in the room that I was strep b positive and to check my son. They never did. I kept pushing it and they told me he was fine. The same situation again they went to circumsize him and never came back with him. They told me his blood sugar was low. Next thing I knew I was being accussed by several different doctors nurses that I was doing drugs while pregnant. I have never done any drugs. They said because I look like I do drugs and because my baby had a seizure. I looked like a mess because I almost died because they couldn't control the bleeding. I told them to drug test me they did and it came back negative they also check my son and he was negative. They waited until the second day to start him on antibiotics because he was exposed to strep b. Even tho I mentioned it 5 minutes after he was born they waited and he had to stay an extra day. I found out that my son never had a seizure these people are rude and liars. I DO NOT recommend having a baby at this hospital they made me feel like a terrible mom when I did nothing wrong.

jacob bent

They killed my twin babies , they infected the babies and mom with their dirty dusty rooms. They spend more time doing damage control not to get sued than actual healthcare services. You will see countless staff that lie straight to your face. I'm a carpenter and knew more about medicine then they did. All they want to do is get you out of there asap. They are killers!!!!!!!!!! Do not go to Yale hospital for anything!!!!!!!

laura alfaro

andox Cedric

The most bad hospital I ever seen in my life

Gina Reyes

anthony lancaster

Bashar Mobarak

DISGUSTING 4 hours in waiting room 3 hours in your room waiting for a doctor hospital absolutely dirty nurses playing with cellphones when you need help I feel sorry for all those people waiting for help this place its juke its definitely not hospital all I need to know how the state or the city Or the health department don't shut down this hospital bugs all over the place trash all over the place .............

richard turcotte

5 hours and I'm still waiting to see a doctor. This is beyond crazy.

J Dr.

Waited over 7hrs in the waiting area for my relative. In the mean time I learned about the racist remarks and indifferences between the 4 security guards in the booth talking about shift changes and working doubles also the nurses that like to stop and joke around with them this is ridiculous you would expect YALE to be more professional . I work for a news paper publishing what goes on would bring allot of light instead here's your opportunity to make it right and fix it. That way no one has to here or see what I've seen in the past hours I've been here. Disappointed

ta lawan

Best nurses ever!!!!!

JustMi Clearly

Yale. All in all, I have never really had any outstanding issues with you or your services. It is true your emergency room has ridiculously long waits, overpricing, and staff needing compassion training but my rating and comment are in 100% response to your canned responses to all these other experiences. (Im sure Ill get one, although I hope I don't). I am not one to judge. However, I look forward to a time when neither your institution nor your services are needed. In the meantime, please do better.

J Good

Google can pay me now for people looking at my photos on there thing I provide

Dorian Cole

showed up to the ER with intense stomach pain. after I was seen for labs, I waited over 2 hours just to be seen.

Caitlyn Massey

I’ve been here for almost 9 hours. Still have found nothing out. System has been down for a couple hours and the staff seems to be talking more about after work hanging out instead of helping patients. The doctor received our results over an hour ago and we still have not heard anything back. Definitely not coming back. Would much rather drive further to a place that’s more focused on the patients and give you quicker results !!!

Samantha Saunders

Zack Prose

Carol Patten


Yale is a wonderful learning Hospital but the valet that they offer is ridiculously priced., my mother was in Neuroscience unit for 63 days, we should have been given discounts on parking., NOPE the people that run the valet are rude and completely unprofessional, take my advice & park in the parking garage or on the street. Do not give your hard-earned money to the valet.

Alice slate

The care provided was compassionate and professional.

Anthony Botta

Yale is one of the premier hospitals in the world. They have been nothing but professional with me and my family and the doctors and nurses on staff are excellent. The children's hospital has the nicest staff and nurses. They are attentive and nice.

Courtney Ky

Racism toward people of color

Dale Hennessey

Very long wait time for emergency services. Almost 5 hrs in, and still no room - haven't been seen by a Dr yet....this for a spinal injury. Filthy waiting area, filthy restrooms, filthy exam rooms. Blood spatter on walls, floors, and doorknobs. Terribly dangerous situation to put ill people in. Will never come here again.

Moe soliman

john smith

Went there 2am in am for feeling terrible, legs and gut swollen from water. Trouble breathing . Laid me down on stretcher and left me in hallway for 2-3 hrs. Doc came back out and said I had respiratory infection . I said ok..2 weeks past no better. Came back again same hrs. This time they did a few tests and turned out to be chf. Congestive heart failure due to bad aortic valve and aortic anurism ..stayed there almost 2 weeks. Had open heart surgury . It's 10 months later I'm doing good. They have great doctors and nurses however the nurses need to grow up a bit. Act like little kids at times. They need to understand how bad the patients feel compared to themselves. But Yale is still the best hospital around in my opinion

Migdalia Torres

Went in for a lupus flare up. Got there at 11:00 p.m. After waiting in the waiting room for more than an hour I was put on a stretcher in the hallway. I complained of arthritis pain in my legs and back, and breast. Lupus affects all organs. At 4:30 I was discharged without be tested. Only bloodwork. Was asked what does my Dr. do for flare ups. I tell him a big dose of prednisone or salumedral iv. They say ok we will give you the prednisone. My son asked can I get the iv so that it takes effect quicker. They come back with a prednisone prescription. Never checked my back or breast. Nothing done. Now I have to wait until the morning to fill my prescription. Then wait a whole day for it to work. They gave me nothing or checked nothing. My son asked can I have the iv and they said no. Never again. Never going back there.

Ryan Hollembaek

Sky Kellz

I have been waiting for 4 hours to be treated in an empty emergency room. And this is after I had to return because they misdiagnosed me. The vestibule smells like something rotten, the people at the front desk ignore you, the valet are unprofessional and homeless people are bird bathing in the bathroom. I thought Yale was highly rated. But I won't be returning.


Alexander C Ekholm

Scammers as far as I'm concerned. Charged me way too much for a very short emergency room visit which took place sitting on a cot in a hallway. I probably used less than a dollar worth of supplies at the hospital's cost, and less than ten minutes of a doctors time. My bill was four figures. EDIT: I just got a bill from Hartford Healthcare for an emergency room visit from this October, which included an ambulance ride and the attention of many doctors as well as a the use of a room and equipment for about 4 hours, it was about the same as my bill from driving myself into Yale emergency room and sitting on a cot in the hallway. THIS KIND OF OVERBILLING SHOULD BE CRIMINAL.

SaBrInA Roman

They are very clean & very fast

David Skirkanich

My stay at YNHH was an excellent choice on my part. They did every test possible and came up with a diagnosis that saved my life. Everyone I had the pleasure of interacting with whether it was the team of doctors, the Cardiac.Catherization Lab, the CT Scan techs or MRI techs or the ultrasounds, the echocardiogram, the stress test, the follow up diagnostic w-rays, the nursing staff, the care teams, the dieticians, everyone involved in my care was thorough, professional, and worked together to take very good care of me. I will never go anywhere else for my healthcare. Yale New Haven Hospital gets FIVE STARS from me. They are the greatest. We are so lucky to have them within a short drive from home God Bless Them All. Sincerely, David Skirkanich

Melissa B

Do not go here!!!! You go in for a procedure and dont come out. Nurses don’t pay attention with meds, and literally will kill you! They r the worst!!! The list can go on and on!!!!

Lynda Norman

Recent ED visit resulted....23 hours on a gurney for my 87 yr old husband. Horrible treatment aka non treatment, non care. Totally disgusting Don’t go there! And look at the hospital remarks....every single remark is the same boiler plate statement, how very sad.

chris marron

The hospital was fine, the valet parking was awful, I just happened to go put for a smoke and the attendant was just moving my truck and the next thing I know my tires are smoking and I watch my truck go from 0 to 80 in half a second, I complained to the supervisor but he wasn't helpful, and made me still pay for parking, DO NOT USE VALET PARKING AT YALE!!!!

bibi Seraphine Isamene Safi

Samantha Granica

They suck all the nurses and doctors just sit and eat. Play on there phone. How are you spurs to be the best hospital definitely not. Never will go there again. Couldn’t even get a blanket took them 4 hrs to get one...

Christina Fontana

Surprisingly rude, inconsiderate, not caring front desk staff. (2/14/19 until 5am. I can give more details if that’s helpful.)

ogulcan guney

Literally came here at 5:30pm been here more than 6 hours and no service still. People who came after us literally went before us and people started complaining to get attention. Like I don’t understand how a hospital big as Yale can’t simply take patients in order. When I asked the lady in the front how much longer she said maybe another 2 hours, no thanks literally she said people with more of an emergency goes first, but that is completely bs a guy with a injured leg was here longer than I was and got mad he was here for 7 hours just waiting. If I could give it zero stars trust me I would. I’ll take my service elsewhere and won’t ever come back.

S Smith

Staff is extremely rude. You have to be dying for them to see you.

Carmen Garcia

Marilyn Hernandez

I made to wait for hours and I kept seeing everybody not doing nothing but talking. All of them were rude to me the one doctor that was working on the man that he injured his knee I heard them talking about me , even the black ugly man that's cleans needs to have some respect before I slap the s**t out of him. I left early because I couldn't take it anymore. Don't come here if you don't want to waste your time.

Soley Duprey


Erik Gunther

This is for the ER. The bedside manner was great but the medical care excruciatingly slow. I came down with a kidney stone two days ago: insane searing pain! Went to the ER and even though there was hardly anyone else there, I waited in the waiting room *5 hrs* before getting in! I was in so much pain I was barely able to stay conscious. The physician who saw me was serene and personable - great bedside manner. But I'm not sure he believed me when I told him about the intensity of the pain, because it took another 2.5 hrs for me to finally get enough meds to stop the pain. By then I was crying and vomiting and lying on the floor in pain. When they finally got the results of the CT scan, the physician declared with apparent surprise "you have a kidney stone". This after my precise description of the symptoms and the blood in my urine 7 hrs earlier and my weeping in pain. Yeah, no kidding! I'm hesitant to criticize because the nurses and physicians seemed to have genuinely great attitudes and I'm grateful to them, but if it weren't for the friendliness of the staff, I would give 1 star for the sluggish process. I now live in fear of my next kidney stone and the 8 hrs of agony I may have to endure before getting emergency relief.


I cannot begin to tell you how marginalized I have been made to feel by other hospital groups in the past. I have a serious medical history of severe systemic lupus, among other things. That being said - the stigma of occasionally needed narcotics for pain management in an acute care environment has, at times, caused me to be unfairly labeled as a drug seeker. This hospital assessed me objectively and fairly and paid no mind to the fact that I have been labeled by other doctors. They admitted me and erred on the side of caution only to find that I was having a dangerous flare that was effecting multiple organ systems. I was treated fairly and with compassion and will never again see another group of providers. I recommend them to anyone who is truly in need of care and appreciate every courtesy that they have paid to me. My advice is to just be honest and straightforward when you have a complicated history and they will repay that kindness with exceptional care.

Abdul Matin Karimi

Careless and worst hospital and service

mahboob ali

One of the worst Emergency Hospital They keep you wait so long

Gerson Cardona

Karl Janesky

I was in this hospital in August 2018, they lost my Insurance Card and my Drivers License, put a hospital bracelet on my wrist with the incorrect patient name, they refused to give me water to drink. They sent me away in a medical taxi to a wrong address and getting home was very difficult. I told the staff my correct name and staff acted like I was daft . I told staff I was very thirsty and staff did not care, they ignored me. Staff tried to give me medication, but I had the wrong name on my hospital bracelet, so who knows what medication they tried to give me. They should listen to patients, especially when a patient tells staff their name.

Tish Marie

I waited in the er with stomach pains very severe I was vomiting etc. a nurse nor doctor came in to check on me or even ask me what’s going on until 2 hours later once he did get what I was in the emergency room for he just walked out and said let me get a nurse she didn’t come until 1 hours later saying she was gonna give me IV fluids and antibiotics

Shasha Jean-Baptiste

I just called Yale and spoke to the front desk lady in ER about me having flu like symptoms (without explaining I am experiencing). I explained to her that I have no insurance but would like to be seen by a doctor knowing that if I do have the flu it may get worse. She goes ahead and states “it sounds like you have a cold and your congested. The walk in are cheaper.” Then rushed me off the phone! I am disgusted at the manner of how she chose to address me! I don’t think that it is right that front desk people feel as if they need to diagnose people over the phone! I will never step foot in there especially if that is the attitude they give towards anyone who is sick.

Andre Maldonado

Rosy SPA

(Translated by Google) Bad service waiting is terrible. They are minimum from 6 hours to 10 hours. It is amazing to wait so many hours. It is the worst hospital. In the emergency service. They should be more human with people with pain. (Original) Malo el servicio la espera es terrible. Son mínimo desde 6 horas hasta 10 horas. Es increíble hacer esperar tantas horas. Es el peor hospital . En el servicio de emergencia. Deberían ser más humanos con las personas con Dolores.


Yadira Arias

The worst expirience long time in er

Karishma Patel

I sat for 5 hours and they told me 3 more hours to wait. Is that really emergency room?

Wilfredo Soto

I do not come here very often, but it's amazing how the nurses and doctors waste time and do not call or take care of the patients. I arrive here at 5:30 p.m. at 9:35 p.m. I'm still waiting for the doctor to see me. .. incredible incompetence ......

Michael Hicks

Been here 13 hours just waiting in pain and agony worst hospital in amaerica freezing inside horrible

Chris Hamernick

Michelle Assad

joe wilson

The women at the desks in the ER are doing absolutely nothing. Except playing/talking on their cell phones. Quality of care does not exist here.

Janine Geneste

Karen Montano

Worst experience ever! Watched a nurse go up to a family in the waiting room and ask them what they were all gathering for? A dying family member!!! Hello? Temperature in the waiting room was 60 degrees? Sick people all freezing! Been here for 6 hours and my son still has not seen a Dr. Waiting in a hallway for someone to check my son out! Toilet in men’s room overflowing! Told them at the front but no one came to clean it!!! Absolutely DISGUSTING!

Gucci Lee

Recently, I went to Yale very sick and feeling like death. At first, the lady at the front desk was rude and asking me why I was crying. Um , because I lost my voice and every time I sneeze or cough or breathe I feel like something is squeezing my chest and ribs super tight. You cry when you are in pain. She is why this is 4 stars. However , this angel appeared and was the most kind, patient , understanding doctor there is. Dr. Jacqueline Savage. She is a savage. I came in there like a baby. She listened to my whispered voice and throughly checked me to find what this was coming from. I have never had an experience like that in an emergency room, hell even at a real doctor's office. They usually make you feel like a burden or a crybaby. She didn't. She even managed to follow up with me the next day to check on me. She is great! I wish me and my kids could have her as our PCP. Thank you everyone at Yale for helping as well, Erin and Chrissy and the guy I forgot his name, I think Dr. Boatright. Example of why I don't go to St.Francis.

Tasha Scott

If they don't see you fainting they will not put you in right away. I been here since 8pm and it is now 12:40 and I haven't still been seen. I don't see how me being pregnant and weak isn't urgent to these people.

7 playlist

Hannah Liegl

Very clean hospital

Brittany Barrett

I had a terrible experience after going into labor with my child. I had an episiotomy and I waited a whole day for a nurse to bring me some toilet tissue. I was assigned a nurse on my second postpartum day. I believe her name is Jessica (RN) (I will never forget her) and her nasty attitude ruined my whole experience at Yale. She judged me and didn’t even know me. She made an insulting remark that I refuse to even talk about but after that, I felt judged and it made me go into postpartum depression while at the hospital. She was not empathetic, she was tremendously RUDE, insulting, unprofessional, and showed nothing but prejudice towards me. They even took my baby out of the room without my consent while I was sleeping instead of informing me that they are going to give her shots or do eyes and ears test etc. I can say, the nurses that are assigned to help induce your labor were absolutely AMAZING. It was just Jessica who was on the postpartum labor floor (On October 24, 2016) that made me feel so uncomfortable. I would rather travel an hour away to another hospital if I were to ever have another child than to deal with the nurses who contributed to my bad experience on the POSTPARTUM LABOR FLOOR. My baby is now a year old, happy, and healthy because of the love and care of her mommy!

Katie Ramsey


Rhiannon Beyerle

My grandpa was in the cardiac icu for the end stage of congestive heart failure. The staff were incredibly kind and explained every step of the way. We were told that his organs were too weak and that when he came off life support, he would pass away quickly. He pulled through though and lived another week. It was an emotional roller coaster and we were blessed to have an amazing team of health care professionals for us.

Niyal Patel

Evell Concepcion

Went here with my pregnant wife to the ER; She was not feeling very well and passout in the car, which got me extremely worry. Got to the ER around 7:15 pm. Checked in, explained the symtoms and conditions during check in. After about 1.5 hours told a nurse that my wife had passed out again and that she has a heart condition, but didn't do anything. We waited until 11:00 pm. I told a lady at the front who was not a nurse we were leaving. She tried to ask the nurses about waiting times they just looked at her without giving a response and just kept on talking with among other nurses. How come a pregnant woman who had passed out multiple times and has a heart condition is left in the waiting room for almost 4 hours? You go to the EH because you need attention ASAP not 4, 5 or 6 hours later. The nurses at the front could not careless about my wife. Definitely not coming back here for services. Thanks for nothing.

Crimson B Retrograde

I feel awful with a headache and nausea. No one is helping. They said I cant eat or drink anything but if I could have soup or an IV that would help. Been here for the longest. The waiting room is freezing and they dont even have blankets. If they have blankets they didnt share with a cold elderly man. Awful health care.❤ If they could provide an approximate wait time that could comfort the sick waiting people. I wanted to get a soup after being told 5 hours ago that I could not eat or drink anything. What kind of healthcare is this?!?!?!

Thomas Perone

I came here for physical symptoms relating to anxiety. They made me wait for hours then dumped my off in their psych ward because I told them I was there for anxiety. How incompetent can a hospital be to not know anxiety can be physical too?

The Bunny

Visited here for my partners severe lower back pain. Appropriate wait time and the doctor was kind and knowledgeable. Thanks Yale!

Laura Chambers

I was bleeding immensley , cramping, chest pain , nausea , dizziness. I was there for 3 hours and still wasnt seen. At this point I'm fighting to not pass out and the staff was super rude. If I have problem I'll just go to urgent care

Hannah Jill

Nurses abusive towards family. Lied and never called respiratory. I had to as the family member call respiratory to bring breathing equipment. Dr allowed an 89 year old struggle to breathe and suffer. Patient advocacy could care less. Never saw or spoke with a dr in 8 hours. 8 hours!

Wendy F.

Anastasia Sloss

I waited 7hrs in the emergency room waiting room just to be seen by a doctor for less than 30 mins for them to tell me that they can’t do anything for me and sent me home with Benadryl for a severe allergic reaction. A woman came in who was having a MISCARRIAGE and they sent her to wait right next to me for 5hrs. She was having an ACTIVE MISCARRIAGE and was bleeding and had to wait 5hrs. A man had come in with severe heart palpitations and chest pain and he was waiting for 8hrs before he eventually left without even being seen. I understand that hospitals and emergency departments get busy, but Jesus Christ.

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