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jodi smart

expertise may be there, but i've been trying for over a month to get test results from a CT scan for my child. Can't get a response from the doctor's office, though the vm claims they'll call you back within 24 hours. WP and SMG are horrific to deal with -- impersonal, no accountability. you guys need a customer service department

Larissa Gaviao

Richard Pascual

I was a patient at White Plains Hospital from 11/4/17- 11/8/17. Every nurse, doctor , nurse's aid and security guards were top of the line except for Dr.Moy who upset me every time she visited me. All of the sitters went out of their way to make me comfortable and treated me with respect. Especially two sitters named Trisha and Ducella

Thomas Kaplan

Easily the best hospital in Westchester.

Bryant_brandon Gaming

David M

Had to go to the emergency room after cutting my hand open. No line no wait, they took me right away, took care of everything and we're really nice. Even the two checkups after, no wait and again super nice staff

A Threat

The staff is great ( 4th floor out standing)

Yinka Fisher

Excellent Hospital had colonoscopy there excellent treatment

Tammy Lee Figueroa

Dana Brown

Thank you so, so much for helping my mother!! I wish the previous hospital we went to had your professionalism & hospitality. ❤

Shanelle Greaves

Sneakersmart Customs

ridiculously expensive and doing their best to pay off their new renovations as soon as possible. ER visit - was there for 40 x rays or scans were done and the bill was $1,300. The care of the doctor was good and her fee reasonable...the hospital fee is absurd.

Michael J Mirabella

Julio Zallo

Very happy with the excellence of service especially when working with the lousy system we have. All the employees that I had encounters with were all kind courteous & considerate I was very happy with the level of service with their Doctor & Nursing staff.

arlinda shefkiu

I delivered my first child Wednesday at this hospital.. I can say that this hospital is beyond exception. The nurses are so kind and respectful especially nurse Gina she was so sooo helpful in everything that I needed as a first time mom..

Frank Cooper

Great Hospital great people great neighborhood

Alexander Fraj

YOU MUST go somewhere else Unless you are about to die and you are already in front of this hospital. (I am a young professional with insurance) I ll rate this hospital 0.5 Star. and probably minus 2 stars due to billing Dept. Personnel is rude and treats you as if you are stupid. I knew what I had but I was in extreme pain so i had no choice but to go to ER. They did a CT scan then an ultrasound then an Xray just to charge me for these procedures: they only needed ONE to confirm what they thought i had and what I TOLD them it is since this is not a new condition. The PA was NOT knowledgeable. And worst she was acting as if she was Dr House and know it all. On top she was inconsiderate, rude and loca. Nurse was super slow and disappeared at some point. When I asked about her, they told me that she is attending a training so she wont be available for few hours. WHAT THE WHAT? Personnel do not communicate, the ultrasound tech did not know I had a CT scan. The hospital lacks patient/ procedure/time management. They are very inefficient. 6 hours for couple tests: I've been treated overseas in 3rd world countries and it took them 30 mins to figure out what I had and and 5 mins to treat it. The hospital personnel are Robots with a very bad management software and a worst diagnostics one. I can keep going on and on.

Larry Sashin

A smart healthcare option for Westchester residents. Are they perfect, no, but to me they seem to be the best combination of tech, skill, a humanistic approach, accommodations and convenience available without crossing county lines. Always a good hospital, their merger with Montifiore Hospital and an huge infusion of cash / renovation makes White Plains Hospital a real player in Westchester County. By the way, with all the high tech and building improvements one thing has remained the same....the nursing staff has remained the skilled, caring, hard-working group of individuals that actually deliver the care that patients head to White Plains Hospital for.

Hasan Ashour

Good service


R.I.P Big Pun.

John G

Ha - this place is garbage. Good luck trying to contact them for anything. I dare you to call their billing department about errors on your bill. The phone rings and rings - no voicemail - no receptionist - no one. They dont want or care to talk to anyone about your bill. I even sent them emails and got no response. If they do have anyone in that department they should be fired - 2 weeks of trying and now im not paying their bills and give up. I have proof of myself trying to contact them a everyday for 2 weeks. This place is a joke.

Irene Groban

I can't rave enough about the care and attention I received at the hospital.This remarkable care started the minute I entered the admission office Even though my surgery was considerably delayed I was kept informed regularly and I was taken care of by the nurses until my time actually arrived. Needless to say my surgeon Dr. Kimberly Yee visited and talked to me before surgery as did the /Dr. who gave me anesthesia,(I'm sorry I do not remember her name) There were problems and they solved them admirably during surgery I am here to rave. Irene Groban

Cynthia Kessler

Most caring nurses and doctors. Very clean and the entore staff is very attentive.

alexandria sumner

I had a scheduled c section here and most of the staff was amazing. You get a few nurses who didn’t appreciate questions being asked but you learn to address them and let them know your body, your health, your right . Informed consent! NICU was amazing to my son. He was here for two weeks and I can say I love them for caring for my son like they did. The food was really good for hospital food as well .

Michael Cambareri

I sustained a laceration of my forehead from a mountain biking accident on 5-27-15. The wound eventually needed 10 stitches to close. This was my first visit to White Plains Hospital and I was immediately impressed. The entire staff was incredibly friendly and compassionate. I did not have to wait long to be seen . Dr. Joseph Hassan was terrific, he was very knowledgeable and gave me multiple option on how to best resolve my wound. Dr. Hassan was skilled and had terrific bedside manner and sense of humor. The hospital followed up to ensure I was stable and not showing any signs of concussion.

Vipul Pareek

First of all, let me disclose that I am a Dr. and my wife is a Dr too. White plains hospital from outside appears to be be a five-star hospital but it if filled with billers who will cheat patients and will not disclose if your insurance is accepted there or not . My wife gave birth to our son and we were charged more than 2000 $ for epidural ( This was eventually paid by our insurance even though we were out of network). We went there for pre -op and all the billers knew that WP anesthesia does not accept AETNA but they never disclosed it to us . Why not ? If they had we would have chosen a different hospital . I got more then 10 letters in my mail from Jan to April . The billers were very rude and even when my insurance company called them that a check is coming their way they kept on calling and sending threatening mails. During one conversation they mentioned that check has been cashed and I had to spend three full hrs just to realize that information above was wrong . When I called the office the only question they asked was when are they getting the cheque. I work in a hospital which has recently taken a signficant stake in the hospital but still I was treated like a thief . So my advice to all of you is please make sure that your insurance is accepted fully . If you want to be treated like a third grade citizen and want to take tretament in a over prized hospital please go ahead otherwise 5 miles away there is westchester medicl center which is a university hospital with far better quality and pricing . Please read my another review . regrading billing from lab services . New updates. Got bill from Lab on services done in October 2015 . Turns out the coder and billers did not put the correct disgnosis and now it is on me to pay the bill for a normal cbc and chemistry . Spoke with insaurance company and they sent it back to WP hospital for billers to re- evalute . Also came to know that there were two co payments on each visit . One Doctor and one facility even though we nevr went to WP hospital for those visits . WHAT A RIP OFF..... Can I give a negative star!!! please

Cogue M

Lucky enough to have an option, it was by my own choice that i recently had a procedure in this Hospital because I felt confident that I would be in the best hands, receive the best care. Yes I trusted WPH with my life and I feel I did the right thing. Thank you Dr Y. D.Oh and the staff involved in my care. You are truly THE BEST! Special thanks to nursing staff in the 4th floor who went beyond the call of duty celebrating my bday August 16th! O P McC


On a slow day in the emergency room it took 7.5 hrs to be admitted to the hospital. They say we waited an extra 3 hours because the radiologist was unavailable to look at a ct scan, are you kidding me. When a person is in their mid 80's and they are waiting that long not able to drink, eat or go to the bathroom it is very stressful on them. This hospital loves to toot its own horn about their ratings while you are on hold. What they need is better quality control and accountability. Most of the staff seems nice but there are some that do not belong in a hospital and are not sympathetic or helpful.

Janet S

Too long of a wait.

Toia Mitchell

Good care and top service from amazing healthcare professionals!

Tara Palmer

So both my brothers were born at this hospital. And even then I was like wow I love this place they’re so fast and efficient. And after tonight I firmly believe that!! Dr. Michael Menna was absolutely amazing. He was so attentive and caring and made sure I was ok every step of the way. And I say that with also the fact that there were able three other patients around me all in different rooms. And he tended to each and every one of them equally!! He was phenomenal. And made me feel extremely great! I am forever gracious! Alexandra Galán, and Nurse Crooks, sorry I don’t remember his first name. They were equally great! I told them personally I would write this review because they took such great care of not me but everyone around me and made sure everyone was ok. I can’t repay you all enough. Thank you for being such an amazing a gracious staff. You all are amazing.

A&P Lattinville

isaura carvajal

Eulah Clarke

Katie Kenny

I had my son here almost a year ago (c-section) and had an amazing experience. Everyone was amazing especially all of the nurses in L&D & Maternity. I did not want to go home :) Nurse Anne was so kind and caring!

Robert Berggren

Been there great staff,clean, efficient .

dj park


Charles Conklin

I've been going to infusion center last 12 years and not once did I have any sort of bad experience the nurses the doctors the staff what remarkable they were caring and most of all they listen keep up the good work

Gary Vestuti

waited too long. Doctor said I would be out of there by 6:30 pm, and was not released until 8:30 pm. She originally said she would give me 12 percocet for an extruciating migraine headache, but then change her mind and gave me only 4. She then said he would give me anti nausea medication, but never did. She said to go see my pcp on Friday to get more meds. First of all ,my pcp does not have any openings on Friday. 2nd, I am here now on Thursday paying over one thousand dollars for emergency care. Why should I have to make an additional appointment just to get a script, when she could just as easily written the script. All and all, I was there 6 hours, and received minimal relief. The place was disorganized, and if it was not for me proactively seeking out help, I would have easily been there significantly longer. White Plains ER let me down. They have no process flow, and they are not eager or willing to hep their patients. A big disappointment.

Sam Poet

White Plains hospital is the BEST!!! They treat you in a timely, professional, caring and respectful manner. Hospital is not overcrowded or unpleasant like Montifiore at Gunhill Rd or Jacobi Hospital in the North Bronx.

Dawn LaRochelle

Two words: stay away!!! If it was possible to rate with negative numbers, I would. My mother (who was actually a staff physician, and who one would think would have received especially good and caring treatment) died in this horrible place, and while I will stop short of saying WPH directly caused her death, I believe they helped facilitate it with haphazard care (missing biopsy results and an incorrect dosage of sedatives, anyone?). More gut-wrenchingly, despite strict orders from the family NOT to tell my mother (who had a tube down her throat and was terrified and in severe pain) that she had cancer until AFTER THE TUBE WAS REMOVED and AFTER THE FAMILY HAD SPOKEN TO HER, one of the hare-brained nurses took it upon herself to inform my Mom that she had a neoblast and would likely die. That was the day my Mom lost her fighting spirit and wanted to be fully sedated and asleep at all times. She died with that tube down her throat days later. I will never forgive that nurse (who, to the best of knowledge, was never even censured) nor would I ever allow anyone I loved to step foot in WPH.


The staff just sits around and talks. They don’t go around checking patients or anything. The doctors take forever to see you. Overall the worst place to go. If ever in an emergency go to GREENWICH HOSPITAL they take better care of you and they work faster to serve you.

Brandie Lee

The staff was very professional and very helpful and they listened to what patients have to say

Richard Roper

2 hours later without seeing the doctor, for an urgent matter, I just left. Third time this has happened and unfortunately for me I live down the street so I’ve been forced to come here. Never again! I will drive however long the distance to the next hospital.

Rocio Ledesma

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Swapna Nair

We had such a wonderful experience at the hospital during such a difficult time in our lives. A special shout out to the CCU nurses, esp. Lauren, Katie and Maria. You are the gems of this place. Your warm care, concern and prompt response made a very arduous time easier.

Noah Gordon

My lawyers and legal team will be in touch. Nice nurses and staff, however.

Alex Ayala

I went to the ER on 6/14 bc I couldn't take the pain in my arm any longer. Got X-rays and was told I had nothing broken, but that my arm was sprained. I had to wear a splint for two weeks, and it made things worse bc I was misdiagnosed! The brace made my situation worse and locked my wrist making it very painful. I went to another Doctor at a different facility to find out I had a different condition and was given the proper splint for my type of injury. I'm Back to square one because these past two weeks have been useless all because WP Hospital misdiagnosed me. The funny thing is, WP hospital didn't hesitate to send the bill which I'm most certainly will NOT be paying!

Alicia Scotti

Great maternity ward!

Peggy Bradford

Oh my goodness this is the best hospital ever. I went for an emergency visit and the process was perfect. I was taken care of, diagnosed and treated. The staff was professional and concerned. The facility is spotless. I even received a follow up call. More than 5 stars.

mark nadler

When you or a family member NEED a hospital, it's nice to know you can rely on White Plains hospital. I went there by ambulance on Sunday night and was discharged Monday afternoon. The care could not have been better in any way, from anyone, including janitorial staff, nurses, in house doctors, emergency rooms doctors and staff, technicians, etc. I have not been there in years and this experience surpassed all of my expectations. To the person who complained in their review about the sugar covered muffins and fat filled food in the cafeteria, maybe go find a restaurant to eat in but when it comes to medical care, I would not hesitate to recommend White Plains hospital.

Ife Osewa

Luke D'Amico

John Zahra

Ricco !

Happen to go threw the building bridge it seemed nice and clean

Matthew Li

Steven Ortega

Great sdocs, staff, techs, etc. Everyone was suoer nice and knowledgeable. Great place to have your baby.

Jennifer Bowen

Four hour wait to take a cat scan. Thank God it wasn't anything serious. I'd be dead waiting to find out what was wrong.

Lynn Weinstein

I would like to give a shout out to the entire staff at white plains emergency room. Thank you mar angela dr. cheung the spanish emergency dr who i can only identify as spanish with beautiful black hair and ruben the coordinator. My mom thought it was so wonderful that when she came home she said it was a beautiful hotel. They called me several times with questions, easily accessible and even both drs. spoke to me. Doesn't often happen thank u for being so caring

Princy Eapen


Angela Pelaez

DO NOT waste your time going to the ER of this hospital. The nurse prepared my mother for the IV but ended up giving her nothing!!! When asked about the doctor, she said there was only one doctors seeing patients. How is this possible?? When the "doctor" finally showed up he was using the flashlight of his phone to examine my mother! What kind of joke is this? The only funny thing is that they have a cell phone policy. Then after waiting for 3 hours they sent my mom home without doing anything for her. This hospital looks very nice on the outside but the staff and service is disgusting. I'm 100% sure that they will charge the insurance an arm and a leg for whatever they did which was absolutely nothing! My aunt was there recently and they charged her insurance 17k for a surgery that was never done!! This hospital is the worst!

jason amarteifio


anu pani

Chantay Harrison

My experience with White Plains Hospital have become very stressful. My first impression was very positive until now. I have Sickle Cells Anemia which forces me to go back and forth to the hospital. When I do come there, I am greeted with discrimination and disrespect. I am far from perfect but I am also far from the monster they make me out to be. Every time I would ask questions or state a comment about my care, the nurses become very defensive and disrespectful. I have made multiple complaints to patient Advocacy Department as well as called the coo’s office Susan Fox, I have not received anything in return. I can be in a very calm state but very straight forward and they will take that as a threat and call the guards on me. When I ask why are they here, they way informed that either the doctors or nurses lied and said I am refusing to leave after my discharge was ready which was a complete lie. I was told by my nurse I am waiting for my transportation. Overall I am fed up with the care I receive from there. At the end of the day, me being the patient, I should be treated with respect and dignity. No doctor or nurses or any hospital stuff should involve their personal attitude towards any patients. Just like patients should not be rude and disrespectful. I am fed up with how I am receiving my care there and being treated as if I am an monster or an addict. All I want is to pleased and happy.

josvi Kelvin

Frank Slickster

Wonderful hospital Best staff in the business !!

Mary Casellano

Suzanne M

Virna Angela Echeverria

Billy Roman

terence davies

Denisha Mayo

Pansy Thomas

A wonderful hospital,rated very high standard in Westchester county.The staff is great.Their motto is Exceptional Everyday.

Chris Kagenaar

Dr Mayer ER Doctor is the Best

angela pelaez

I have to say even though I was their for quite a while the doctor that saw me was excellent! Took Care of me No Complaints.

Elie Mrad

Best hospital Best team Best doctors Doct Dwarkin Especially Doct khoury and Doct hobeika peter

John Bonamici

We had our first born in this hospital they are very very very good my wife is very comfortable the rooms are big. They have professional photographers and specialists available for everything. I would highly recommend this hospital for childbirth

Kat Ve

Javier Sanchez

Marion Gonzalez

Excellence in every department that we came in contact with.

The My fescue can

It's getting better

s vet

Made sure to send the billing lady before getting me any treatment So I'm guessing your priority is billing and not patient care!

Max Russo

The updates to building certainly kept the patient in mind

aris ghani

The nurse from north korea or south. Anyway they did not do anything for me instead charged me for no reason i went there with a twisted knee they gave me advil and cruches. What a joke. The doctor was not helpfull atall don't go cvs is better

R Roberts


Horrible hospital!! Do not bring your love ones to WPH Very unprofessional uninformed doctors.

James Scholz

That's where I was brought into this great big world

Julie Levine

Good staff - clean - excellent service.

michael bowe

Excellent care - very professional staff from beginning thru discharge

Kimmey Martin

I am sitting here Wondering why so Quiet!! I jus Love the Peace and Quietness of Serenity I jus CANNOT believe this is a Hospital so Organized !! So i Do Not know what others Hospitals are doing in New York But they Need to put their Gears on and Take Notice!! This was NOT a Zoo like MOST HOSPITALS!! America needs the Soultion of why and how? You Guys are So Quiet and Composed!!

Praveen Bindingnavile

A very good and professional hospital. We used the maternity unit. If the nurses at the main 6th floor reception could less rude it'll be great.

paul dantzig

This hospital should be shut down by the state. The doctors in the emergency room are incompetent and not qualified. The emergency room is not equipped properly to handle most emergencies. The help is also nasty and uncaring. I am a physician and I have never seen such a poor emergency room. Avoid it at all costs. If you are able, go to westchester medical center or to a hospital in the city. That is what I had to do!

Nick Smacchia

I brought my son to the emergency room this labor day morning. I was expecting to be there for most of the day based on it being a holiday. I was delightfully surprised to find a short wait with all the staff being very pleasant and caring. It was an immaculate facility. We had a very competent and efficient nurse and doctor. My son was barely able to walk in and two hours later he was noticeably improved from IV fluids and medication. We received some test results in our two hour stay; and some of the other results do in the next few days. Thank you WP Hospital. To boot the parking this holiday was free. Nick Smacchia

Alise Wilson

Very caring staff...I hope too be going home soon....

Tamara Crespo

If I could give it zero stars I would. My mom has a complicated medical history and we were told by one of her doctors to take her to the ER. It was a pretty easy thing to take care of so I assumed we’d be sent to fast track and be on our way. First off they sent us to a room and after 45 minutes of waiting they tell us they had to clean the room. So I asked if it was just routine because you assume the room they place you in is clean. NOPE, they then put a patient in the room they just told us they had to clean and had us waiting in the hallway. At least be honest I would have appreciated you telling us you had an emergency and needed the room. Then the nurse that was standing in the hallway goes off on the tech who placed us there and very loudly says “why are THESE people standing here” like we could here how rude she was. We just walked out. Never again will I bother to go there. These people take an oath to serve us as patients. Unfortunately not all really care to do so.

Vinny Greco

Please read this entire review! This hospital almost KILLED my father. He was rushed in by ambulance having a major heart attack. While in there he was booted to the side hallway like a animal with NO HEART monitor as well as no oxygen or any assistance. I had to ask 3 different nurses to put a heart monitor on and after an HOUR it was. They came to a conclusion with no proof that he had a ulcer and was being discharged in a rude fashion after he said he was not leaving because he’s in more pain now than he was when he came. We went to Greenwich hospital where they said “oh my god, you had a MASSIVE heart attack and your heart is starving for blood all day” and had to perform emergency surgery to install 3 stents. I cannot believe what I saw there, words cannot explain it. By far the worst, scariest and most horrible experience of my life as well as my mother and especially my poor father who was in the worst pain of his life and thought he was dying which he very well could have. I hate everyone who was involved and I think they should immediately loose their jobs! How many other people are they doing this to? A circus act that has to be cleaned up. Disrespectful and no care for human life. 0 stars is what I would put if I could. I have also never wrote a review on anything in my life, good or bad. Thats how disgusting this was. A disgrace.

Bonne Carafa

Just made my last payment ever to WP Hospital. I was treated so badly the day after I got out of the hospital by their collection agency that I will never go back to White Plains Hospital. I have been a customer for over 15 years at the imaging center and paid my bills as soon as I receive them. But when my MRI showed I had cancer and I did not pay right away because I was out recovering all they knew was they wanted their money right away. I now have my imaging done elsewhere Even though I really liked everyone at Women’s imaging center in Rye Ridge. Very sad....

Ismael Vasquez

I had my first child here and i must say the staff in its entirety treated us as if we were family. All the nurses, docs, nutritionist , technicians.... were simply amazing. Don’t plan on having any more children in the future but if i do i will surely be going back to white plains. I highly recommend for anyone visiting the maternity ward!

N. Morales

Ok maternity nursing staff. The midwife who delivered my baby was excellent. She was calming and compassionate. Her name is Ingrid. The lactation consultant on call told me to let my baby sleep instead of waking him to nurse every three hours or on demand. Awful woman! (I should of taken her name). Nurse Ana basically took over the role of lactation consultant. She was extremely helpful and patient. Expecting mothers who are planning to breastfeed DEMAND to have a consultation with the lactation consultant. Also ignore the "it's ok for your baby to sleep" advice.

Geraldo R Ramos

PARKING situation is horrendous after 10am

Miranda .Majul

luilly mosquera javier

Nice place the weather is very good

Glenny Cueto

Jenny Batista

A nightmare the worst. Hours of wait and nobody cares if you are dying

Luz Garcia

Linda L.

My husband had a procedure in the Endoscopy Unit. From the moment we entered until the moment we left we were warmly greeted and cared for every step of the way. The procedure was done well and the follow-up in recovery with nurse Sue was efficient yet personable. A few hours later he is home and comfortable. We so appreciate the care and kindness.

Linda Cunningham

Only once before in my life have I felt strongly enough to sit at a computer to write a review, but here I am to give well deserved accolades to the staff at White Plains Hospital. 30 years ago I gave birth to both of my children there, and it was a fine experience. Ten months ago I had a major back surgery performed there. Again, a fine experience. Two weeks ago, another back surgery. Not just a "fine" experience this time, but a 5 star experience. Everyone from the admitting to techs, to food service, to janitorial, to volunteers and of course, the nurses, their supervisors and case managers, went above and beyond not only with medical care, but with support and emotional sensitivity. I will have had to move very far away from here to ever go to another hospital. Thank you to all.

Alban Merko

Roman Dvoracek

Bert C

Standard care. Limited staff. Nothing exceptional

Rose Iyirhiaro

They are the worst when it comes to billing....i wish I could give them 0 stars!! I have to get treatment at this hospital at least once a month. When I moved, I told the hospital, patient services and the department that I get my treatment that I moved and provided them my new address. REPEATEDLY! They keep sending my bill to the wrong address and every few months send my bill to collections because I never received the bill. When I get a call, I remind the customer service person to change my address so that I can get my bills sent directly to my house. They take my information to update in their system, but then a few months later...the same thing happens again! This has been going on now for 3 years!! I’ve sent them emails requesting for this madness to stop and that the continuous sending my bill to collects is damaging to me especially when it is sent to the wrong address! They are by far the worst, absolutely the worst, when it comes to billing!! Every single one of them is incompetent and lacks common sense. I don’t know if they don’t understand their system...or if they communicate with each other, but it really shouldnt be that hard to change an address.


A great place to have your appendix removed. Nurses and doctors were great.

Nathaniel Compass


Ken Borecki

Yesterday during snow storm, the 244 Westchester Avenue MRI facility called to instruct me to phone before leaving for my MRI today in case they were closed. Today I called before leaving and there was no answer. Called several times for 30 minutes all with no answer. So assumed they were closed. One hour later got an answer. They said phone has been ringing off the hook. Now I am rescheduled for next opening that fits my schedule in one week. They should not instruct you to phone before leaving for appointment if they have inadequate staff to handle phone calls.

Travis Broadhurst

Some ghetto a $$ lady couldn't even help me get information about a family member I was trying to reach, she kept transferring me to the ER and giving me attitude. And the ER lady was just as rude. Kept sending me back to the operator. What's wrong with you newyorkers?

Monique G

I went to White Plains hospital e.r and the service was terrible, I had to wait which for hours, which seems normal in a E.R. but the doctor that attended to me was just a disgrace to the medical profession. I had terrible back pains which i pretty much self diagnosed myself to him and he was under the impression that i came there for narcotics, his name was Dr Singh! Dr Singh didn't try to give me the proper assessments such as the basic urinalysis, xrays or blood test and he kept asking me what do I want, and if I want narcotics because he's not giving it to me, reminder I don't even take vitamins much less why would I want a narcotic.? My significant other was very disappointed because Dr Singh came at me as if I was drug addict. However, Dr Singh left for the shift and didn't even tell me anything about the dr that was going to take over his delegated tasks. Thank God for Dr Podger, he was very helpful and very professional. However I do work with some of the finest Surgeons in White Plains Hospital, but I'm very disappointed with the service i received from Dr Singh. I wish i could give this hospital no stars, especially with a $500 bill just for an updosed Moltrin and a crappy service from Dr Singh!

Killian Whalen

Great hospital, very nice people helped out great when my mom had a c-section during birth when my little brother was born


Great hospital

Sayyid Abdullah

Robert Finley

I underwent a robotic radical laproscopic prostatectomy at White Plains Hospital in November, 2013. I cannot say enough good things about the experience from start to finish. The admissions and pre-testing process was simple and efficient. The day of surgery, I was well informed and had an extremely good anesthesiologist start my line in a quick and painless fashion. The operation was successful and the post-operative treatment could not have been better. Every nurse, nurse tech, food service person, social worker and other staff member went out of their way to address all of my needs and provide fast, professional and courteous care. The staff delivers care in a "caring" and cheerful manner. They are only too happy to help you get through your stay at the hospital and begin your recovery.

Hester Hernandez

Lerner Mesereau

Of the many hospitals that I have visited both as a patient and a visitor, White Plains Hospital is among the worst. If you have other hospital choices, I would recommend looking into those carefully. The staff are unfriendly and unhelpful. Billing practices seem arbitrary. They point you in various directions without addressing or resolving your concerns. I do think that they do a great job of raising money for the facilities; they look new and very clean.

Julian Valencia

Polite staff but the service is mediocre & depending on what type of insurance they send you three different bills for a not so adiquete service that seems to take forever due to the high quantity of patients & low quantity of doctors/nurses

Fran Cabone

my Exp was ok, people working was a bit rude but nothing that no other hospitsal would do, place was clean.


Sarah Cao

Matthew G

Avoid if possible. We had to sit through a 2+ wait just to get in, room is quite run down, you get nickel and dimed for everything (they actually charge you extra just to turn the tv on!!). Staff is nice though.

Abramov Caan

White Plains Hospital is well over a century old. As the name suggests the hospital is located in White Plains, New York. In addition to providing general care to its patients, the hospital also operates a number of specialized programs. One such program is its cancer center. The hospital started life in 1893 as a tiny four-room hospital. Nowadays the hospital is considerably larger and extremely well established. They are described as a general medical and surgical, non-profit organization, however that really doesn't do justice to the excellent service, care and support they provide their community.



I had the unfortunate experience to have the worst treatment by nurses and “2 ER doctors” in a period of 2 days. I was rushed to White Plains Hospital (WPH) in severe leg pain. After an obnoxiously long wait just to see a doctor, I was left to languish in terrible pain for over 7 hours. Both the doctor and nurses blatantly ignored my plea for help. They appeared to be jaded to my screams of pain. Instead of doing a thorough investigation at the sight of where my pain is, they are doing a vaginal ultrasound. The ER doctor sent me home in the middle of the night with pain killers. The medication was insufficient and I returned to the ER the next day just to be ignored by the ER doctor on duty. It wasn’t until the 3rd ER doctor I saw promised not to abandon me. The 3rd ER doctor order a CATscan which of course showed a major problem in my leg which alarmed him enough to admit me to the hospital. There are many reviews like this before me with equally horrendous experiences regarding the WPH ER staff. You would think the administration would truly take this seriously. I wrote a 3 page complaint letter to the Director Patient Advocacy and spoke with the Executive Vice President/Medical Director. While they claim to address many of my concerns, their apologies are NOT accepted. Both ER doctors failed in the Hippocratic Oath they swear to. Never, never will I or any of my family members step inside this hospital again!

Bianca Canelliz

Steele Axelrod

keely Davis

I went to White Plains Hospital and the experience was great they saw me right away and everyone was concerned about my well being, even the custodian. Jeff the PA was great, nurse Samantha Rue was excellent, Cherry was nice and Dede from the radiology department was caring. I came in for chest pain and trouble breathing.


Big pun died here rip

Florence Fantauzzi

Never disappointed when I have been there. Major surgery or emergency room. This is my hospital of choice and the doctors associated with this hospital are excellent also. I feel safe their. Nurses and staff extremely qualified.

nelson nunez

debbie kis

This hospital has been the best thus far!!!! My boyfriend goes here and the emergency room is so fast!! Faster than any other emergency room he has ever went to!! His results were back so fast!!! Staff is extremely nice!!! I would recommend this hospital 1000X !!

Reza Emaminia

Poor ER assessment of critically ill patient. Though nurses were trying hard and were nice under stressful conditions, I think ER Physicians were extremely weak in terms of getting to a sick patient in a timely manner. Two and half hour from Entrance into ER until a physician assistant came to visit us is outrageous, specifically in a sick pt.

Mary Winfield

Thorough diagnosis of my mother. ER acted quickly.

Bill Georges

Amazing....Amazing.....Amazing......Great staff....4th floor....also Great food.....beautiful people work there....

Judy Salomon

jasmine cruz

Hospital is clean, ER is swift and informative, staff is very friendly and smart. Everyone who came to my loved ine’s bedside had previously read the notes on her. Go To White Plains Hospital!!!

holyghostChristine holyghostMorales

Vaughn Austin

carolyn shaw

Recently, my husband had surgery at White Plains Hospital. It was early in the morning and I went to the hospital coffee shop for something to eat. The options were sugar and fat laden white flour muffins and pastries. Fortunately I had some pistachios and coconut water in my purse. When I visited my husband in recovery, packaged Sarah Lee pound cake and a plastic container of apple juice were on his tray. The first ingredient listed in the pound cake was sugar followed by unhealthful fats and chemicals. I replaced this with a portion of organic applesauce I had brought with me. The nursing aides said, "Nobody should eat that stuff but it's all they give us." Later when I mentioned the unacceptable food to Dr. Glassman, he laughed it off saying, "I know, it's really bad." MDNEWS features White Plains Hospital Fighting an American Epidemic. This article is mainly about surgeries related to obesity and features surgeons featuring Drs. Weber and Mithani. The article also mentions that a nutritionist is involved. Who at White Plains Hospital is making all these unhealthful food decisions for both patients and visitors?


James Ayala

I had out patient surgery on 5/2 @9:30 . I can tell you the professionalism experienced from the first person i encountered to the last was beyond pleasant. I would highly recommend this hospital.


Maureen Shanley

So wonderful I am so impressed Just by going there. It definitely has An outstanding name for its self. I felt real. Comfortable . Awesome Pleasure to be there for my medical Need . the staff wow! Amen!!! I look forward to visiting there saying hello And see those staff member i Had to me for help. God bless them all truly

Joann Postolan Craig

Going down hill and fast.

Luzcelenia Espinal

Ali Jusinov

Finally been treated like a human being,ER very professional, helpful, friendly nurses and doctors, they make you feel comfortable and they tend to your needs.great job by nurse Cristina

gilberto barron

Peter Pugliese

I've been here a few times with my Aunt, unfortunately. Staff are friendly enough. It's a hospital, so really how great could it be if you're here. One big plus is they have Wi-Fi in the ER and patient rooms. Really nice to be able to get online and keep busy if you have to be stuck there.

Squid Cena

Kc Reccy

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