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REVIEWS OF Waterbury Hospital IN Connecticut

Ariel Duva

Victoria Miller

Some of the staff is nice but some doctors forget they're treating with Human beings

Lisa Lettieri

My husband had to use the ER and they took him in right away. Six doctors surrounded his bed immediately and diagnosed his condition and prescribed the right treatment. All of the staff were efficient, kind, and knowledgeable. What more could we ask?

Ryan Gobstein

Nick Archiere

There was three other besides me and my girlfriend waiting and it took 6 hours. They let a bunch of people ahead of me with just a cough multiple times. My gf who hates needles had an I.v. in her arm for 5 of the hours with nothing attached and no blood taken out. Then they pretty much just sent her home. Me I got decent treatment till the second shift nurse who woke up pissed for some reason came storming in and didn't listen to me or the doctors. As I was telling her what's wrong she shhh'd me and sent me to a lady asking for money like a drug dealer and not listening that I have insurance and I should've been covered last time I came then she would listen either so that was it. Got nothing fixed and they suck horribly. If you want additude, nothing done for you and possible zika have a blast me I'm gonna stick to urgent care


WOW just called to ask about my procedure time which they did NOT include on my form. Without telling me to hold or acknowledge she heard me, she just clicked me off to transfer me. Whoever answers the operating desk is extremely unprofessional. Not to mention staff is unorganized. They did not have any information for me on file.

Amber Stefanchik

NEVER DELIVER YOUR CHILD AT WATERBURY HOSPITAL. It was the most awful experience of my life. The nurses are amateurs and rude. My baby was having seizures after he was born and the nurses brushed it off as normal newborn movements and told me to stop overreacting. Nurse named Kendra is scary crazy. It was so bad I barracaded my door with a heavy chair and requested to be discharged early. The doctor that did the delivery was a fill-in so I had never met him before, which was not expected. He wasn’t even from my normal practice. They are very rough with your newborn and inattentive when he was in special care unit. He was left burning and crying under a heat lamp, skin as red as a lobster, and sweating. I came in trying to block the heat and when I said something to one of nurses all she said was if I cover the sensor it’ll only get hotter. RUDE and UNCARING. I wanted my child out of there! DO NOT CHOOSE WATERBURY HOSPITAL!


I've been here for 3 hours and its me and another person in the waiting room, not including the cleaning person

Leah Persano

If I could give Waterbury Hospital a NEGATIVE review - I would. They deserve zero stars at best. AVOID going to this hospital at ALL COSTS. I'd rather risk my life in a longer ambulance ride to a different hospital than EVER leave my life in the hands of Waterbury Hospital staff ever again. If you haven't heard of the lawsuit in regards to Abip Sadiku - just google it. Waterbury Hospital DOES NOT CARE about its' patients. They only care about collecting the bill and doing the absolute bare minimum to actually help you. I got my bill, and immediately challenged it - they did NOTHING for me (left me in the hallway, ignored my existence - turned heads and heads down when walking past, ignored requests for water and phone use, gave me "leftover" cold breakfast after being an overnight patient who didn't receive dinner either, didn't give me a pillow or allow me to recline all night, didn't see the "required" doctor that kept me overnight to begin with). As a patient who was supposedly there for making threats against her life (false claims thanks to a toxic relationship), you'd think the staff would at least try to go above and beyond to be friendly and make you feel like life is worth living... but instead they make you feel like you aren't even a living, breathing human-being and are to be ignored and avoided at all costs because your existence is inconvenient to them. Waterbury Hospital ignored all of my correspondence to them (phone calls, emails and letters) much like they did during my hospital stay... and dragged me along for nearly a year before they finally sent me a short letter that said they "reviewed my file and I was treated appropriately" and that they "strive to provide excellent care" and that they hope I use their business in the future (HA!)... and then they sent my bill to collections. I paid it, because at this point, I'm not trying to ruin my credit - but Waterbury Hospital will NEVER, EVER receive my business ever again. And I highly suggest that they don't get yours either!! I am so thankful that my life was not actually dependent on the Waterbury Hospital staff and that I was not in need of any actual medical care. If they can't even provide basic comfort and a friendly attitude, I can only imagine that they are also incompetent to provide decent medical care as well. Just look at what happened to Mr. Sadiku (may he rest in peace)...

Janice Robles

Steve Rootbeer

In my opinion they shouldn't even get one star. I had my girlfriend admitted there on Monday August 21st 2017. Currently they are holding her against her will because she asked to leave AMA because she's feeling much better and they told her she can't. I thought it was against the law to refuse somebody their right to leave the hospital if they make the decision of their own free will. Some people may even call that kidnapping. They're treating her like a prisoner and I don't understand why because they won't give me any answers. I have repeatedly called the patient rights Advocate and they have not returned my many calls and many voicemails after a week and a half has gone by already. I just need some answers.

Richard Pagan

Star Semedo

Nurses on the 9th floor did absolutely nothing but gossip. My grandma needed to use the bathroom and her oxygen got disconnected she pressed the alarm and after 7 minutes i had to go up to them and forcibly make them come in the room. It was honestly completely disgusting! The only person who looked like they were working was this male nurse

Rossana Cinquegrana

Maria Perez

Elizabeth Ostuno

Waited with my fiance last night over 4 hours before he was seen by a doctor, shoved him in a back room and ignored us didn't even see a nurse, he was in excruciating pain and vomiting. No one seemed to care! This ER has really gone down hill...


Marc Morgan

The wait was ridicules. Mixed review of the staff. Some were very professional and courteous while others were downright rude and unprofessional. Served the purpose in an emergency situation. If given a better choice and more time we probably would have gone a different route.

Charlene vivas

Sat in room for 4.5 hours and they didn't want to come in and do anything until I was ready to leave. Very rude staff

Maria Cacao

BEWARE of this hospital. Bad staff, dirty restrooms, old technologies. I wanted to give 1 star, but that would be for the very few nurses who did their job well. Most of them, takes fifteen minutes to an hour to check your room after a call. A nurse had my IV flying and dripping on my bed. EVERY DOCTOR AND ACTING DOCTORS DID NOT HELP AT ALL. Would do everything to get every test and procedure, even if the results are negative. They are incompetitive and lacks professionalism. Doctors don't see patients problems, they only act so. HELP YOURSELF AND NEVER COME HERE. CHOOSE ANOTHER HOSPITAL.

aden light

decent, could be much better

Law D


I delivered my baby boy here a week ago and could not be happier with my experience. The entire staff in delivery and recovery were attentive, helpful, kind, and genuinely cared. They went above and beyond for me.

Sophia Benjamin

Hospital staff is very knowledgeable and professional and they take good care of you.

Steven Drifter

Went to Waterbury hospital this morning. Was told by the front desk to go somewhere else for non emergency. We went to saint Mary's. Much better hospital.

Michelle Long

Worst hospital ive ever been to, rude / uncaring staff... Completely unhelpful. Ended up leaving and going to St. Marys right after.. Dont waste your time

vlog champ fnaf

Elias Panasci

By far worst hospital I have ever been to, there are used medical syringes in my "just cleaned room". I've been stuck here for hours with no one to answer my questions or help me at all. People are lined up in the hallway, and there is 4 to 5 people to a room. Dirty, and a huge waste of time. I recommend finding a different hospital.

Mike Pete

The ER hallway looks very similar to New York parking. Sick and hurt patients lined up against every wall in stretchers, because there's not enough rooms to accommodate the patients. People moaning and crying etc just wanting to be treated or at least acknowledged. Theres not enough doctors. However they sure will give you a bill for the conviece of holding a room as if you had one. Just keep your children home if they're not there to be seen or treated for, because that's a bit tramutizing. The waiting room is okay sometimes, but other times it's too crowded and you have to sit close to people who my have the flue, cold, or anything else which you may not feel too comfortable around.

CJ Fam

Very unprofessional staff. Some were rude as well. Sad! My guess is that leadership and management must be changed. If you are an employee there and are "so over it", find another profession! Simple!

Carol Temelsiz

My uncle (a recent) amputee called his nurse several times while I was there for assistance with his leg. She kept saying she'd be there in a few minutes. Never showed up in the entire time (hours) I was there. I did her job for her.


Jasmin Johnston

I never had a bad experience here been going here awhile now, doctors there are very kind, I like that they have a USB outlet shows me there thinking for the people and they always have great food love it I'll stay just for there food

Carlos Martinez

Waited 4 hours for this doctor to ask me a couple questions and give me some pain medicine. He didn't even ask the right questions and when I tried telling him he completely ignored me. Not one to complain much but this was just absurd.

Carol Sormilic

Once we were seen the experience was fine. We did have to wait 3.5 hours to have him xrayed. It was unsettling to see over 10 other people come in after us and to be soon ahead. It was explained that the wait time is based on the injury and availability of physicians. Rating 3 star as the care was good, but the wait times and lack of updates was hard to get through, especially for a younger person.

James C

Paul Centeno

Ryan Thomson

worst hospital I've ever been to . equipment was old and outdated my nurse was wearing dirty crocs with a big hole in his sock like a bum . what a dump hospital I will never ever go there again . and the nurse prescribed medications themself there needs to be an investigation of the crappy hospital

Shpetim Dalipi

Jeffrey Lynch

Undeniably the worst hospital on the East coast. St Mary's is a close second for that rating. Went up the highway to Danbury hospital, so good they are the best hospital I have ever been to. That's the way a hospital should be run

Mike Bouchard

This is the worst ed in ct the people are rude especially the doctors they are more concerned with being recorded then the patient 3/6/19 10 pm

Norah B

TERRIBLE HOSPITAL. I was in the ER hallway for almost 12 hours. I had to talk to their staffs in front of other patients (in the hall) & I also overheard other patients personal medical issues (I'm pretty sure that's HIPPA violation), some of their staff were nice while others were RUDE. They did not offer me anything to eat, I had to ask. They gave me a ham sandwich that had nothing on it. Yuck!! The ER bathroom was disgusting, there was blood and piss stains on the toilet seat and floor, ugh. I've worked at 4 of the top hospitals in CT(Yale, Danbury hospital, St. Raphael & St. Vincent hospital and I've never seen any of their bathrooms or staffs that nasty). One last thing, I was Told by an ER doctor if I needed an extra day off work to call back they'd be able to extend my leave, when I called the ER HEAD NURSE said no she couldn't do it because I wasn't physically there, maybe the head nurse needs to sit with the doctor to explain that to them. Overall, this hospital is BAD. No wonder they're not listed as one of the tops hospital in CT.

Matt Gambardella

This place makes me want to shoot myself in the face. Wait two hours for ibuprofen, staff sits on their asses, wait 8 hours for a room, doctors are nowhere to be found, kept in the dark about everything.

Do W

Audie Powell

The most incompetent and unprofessional staff. I believe Waterbury hospitals hire physicians that barely passed medical school. Every Physician knows that if a cyst reoccurs it's because the core was not cut out and the cyst will abscess. They left me for hours with nothing for pain. A previous visit I had a female west Indian doctor who diagnost me with scabies without examining me. I didn't have scabies I had a more serious skin condition that didn't involve parasites. As I was leaving after this ridiculous vist a group of workers lol at me. One guy bald tall light skin maybe black or Spanish kept ducking his head out from the side of one of the stations lol with his coworkers as I left to wait in the front of the ER for discharge paperwork. I will never!

Victoria Panasci

I've been sitting in Waterbury hospital for over 4 hours, coughing up blood and all they've done is give me Tylenol. And ignore me trying to ask questions. Most unhelpful, worst, dirty hospital I have ever been too. The nurses and doctors are not compassionate or sympathetic towards patients. Don't go to Waterbury hospital.

Phyllis Steeves

My husband was transferred from Charlotte Hungerford in Torrington in Oct of 2018 w ith heart attack. They were waiting for him and had 2 stents put in. The cardiovascular group were spectacular. They saved his life with their fast attention.

Rose Munoz

Always go there. Staff is excellent. Short waiting time. Never had any problems.

Ragheb Ahmad

Please people stay away from Waterbury hospital

M O'c

Back in 2015 had a positive experience here. Good friendly staff. Apparently recently there had been some cuts by management and I hope that isn't reflected in service.

Zach Hellyar

Sanjiv Gupta

Tarisha Claudio

Brian Fox

Ashley Harris

I have had two experiences with waterbury hospital and i must say i do not care for the hospital, the staff, or performance. They have been rude to me and unclear. When speaking to half of the people there they don't sound thrill about working there and they don't reflect their hospital in the greatest light either

Stephen Strong

Kyle Mitchell

I liked the doctors did not care as much for some of the staff.

Keiko Acri

I had to take my foster son to the hospital today. Although we were there for four hours, the staff was very pleasant and helpful.

Nancy Yovina

My husband went in to Waterbury Hospital for a day surgery, Dr.Moy and his PA were FANTASTICALLY! Very kind and thoughtful to me his wife. The nurses in the DAY SURGERY were absolutely GREAT! They were on the ball, professional, great with their patients, You could tell they really, really care about their patients! They were very kind and coinciderate to the family members as well! These nurses work very hard, and yet they always have a smile on their faces! They were QUICK to notice my husband needed to stay overnight to be further taken care of and made sure he was admitted! All and all a excellent experience for the patient and the family, and early the next day my husband was discharged in great health! Thanks again Waterbury Hospital Doctors, P.As and THE NURSES!!❤️ They are fantastic, smart, kind, people, who “ take care” of the family unit!

Dorinda Hunter

Used to have this great walk in clinic but its gone now. Still a very nice campus with nice people.

Grace Mendez

Well. It's been almost 45 minutes. Somebody came in witjy chest pain, another looks like she is due to deliver and an elderly person showed up with right hand in cast, so God only knows when I'll get out of here.If they can find out what's wrong with me , it'll be worth it.

Daisy Laureano

Shiloh Trotman

This was my second visit to Waterbury hospital and boy was I pleasantly surprised! The staff overall are all eager to help and provide quality care. My two experiences has prompted me to give 4 stars as a review. The hospital still needs work on cleanliness as a whole!!!! However, while in the care of the hospital staff I felt cared for attended to. Dr Diaz and nurse Kathy are rock stars. Their teamwork and compassion helped me through a difficult experience. I hope they continue to use their expertise to continue to provide quality care! Thank you

hey I'm Elias

I am a transgender individual, and they did not respect the fact I wanted to be called my name and not what is on my licence. I understand that legally they have to keep it as my birth name, but they could have had the decency to call me my name and use my pronouns.

Faith Albino

Went there for a broken leg after getting hit by a plow I was brought there by ambulance ... it was all around terrible service and after holding me for about a week saying they were doing the surgery to fix it and hard cast it ...the ended up discharging me WOTH JUST A SPLINT UNTIL I CAN SCHEDULE SURGERY .... Out of that week I was only able to eat 1 day because they kept saying I couldn't eat or drink u t AFTER SURGERY .....RIDICULOUS....I WAS STARVING AND TBIRSTY BEYOND BELIEF


Horrible place, I've seen ants(not just one or two but dozens) & other bugs not only in the waiting room but also back in the E.R. The doctors are completely unprofessional & have zero empathy. If I'm in an ambulance & the nearest hospital is Waterbury, I'll take my chances and go to Bradley Memorial. Atleast they make an attempt to clean that place.

Dayyan Adoor

Jamie J

I gave birth recently and had a great experience. Every single nurse was caring and attentive!! Wonderful place with wonderful nurses .

Dainette Lukos

Worst hospital in the country, filthy, unprofessional all around gross. Nurse Elaine who works in crisis center is the rudest, vulgar women, she needs to be fired...

Karate Master

I went to see my son today who's in psychiatric area and he asked me why the doctor didn't see him today? If the doctor has favorites?? I explained to him the doctor might be busy or was called for an emergency and he got mad and complained about nurses, I usually don't have any complaints and we know everyone on scrub looks like a nurse. My son have DISABILITIES and I have legal papers of his custody, Hes mental and will say whatever but he was very upset about the issue and asked me to please talk to them about it. I went to the desk and the oldest lady with white hair Paula no matter what shes always very polite, right next to her there was a unhealthy looking overweight woman a RN talking to me like she was going to hit me and I was very nice asking questions and even her co-worker was nice. It's easy to abuse of a power you dont have but is easier for me to promise all the thousands make thru my family by this hospital NEVER AGAIN. I WISH I CAN SEE THE UNHEALTHY EXAMPLE ON SCRUBS OUT OF THE HOSPITAL. THIS HAPPENED January 24 AT 7.20 PM......NEVER AGAIN WATERBURY HOSPITAL, SHE HAD AN ATTITUDE IN EACH QUESTION AND SEEN LIKE A MENTAL PATIENT HER BEHAVIORS NOT A EMPLOYEE. UNFORTUNATELY THATS AN EMPLOYEE WITH MENTAL AND ANGER ISSUES. I CAN TELL SHES RACIST TOO. SO YOU MOVED TO THE WRONG COUNTRY. I WILL TRANSFER MY SON TO ANOTHER HOSPITAL. I HAVE GUARDIANSHIP PAPERS.

Caroline S

Did not have appropriate equipment to treat me, did not call in prescription they were supposed to. Took over 3 hours to not do anything.

Jennifer Peters

Absolutely amazing. I went in and they got me right in due to dizziness post-stroke. When there was a stroke alert the staff was like a well oiled machine working together. I've never seen anything like it. They were also kind and informative. The doctor I was seen by was Dr Frances, and he was a true professional, absolutely wonderful. I was so scared that day and they just took over completely efficiently and compassionately. MRI department was an amazing experience as well with excellent staff. I think at any hospital you're bound to connect with a miserable person who is cold, going by the other reviews. But my experience was impeccable and I would highly recommend this ER and this hospital!

Carissa Mayo

edneia souza souza

James Brousseau

If you ever see the name name Dr.C on as on c duty just leave he is lazy and don't like his job he he don't do it and he just stands around talking about his new car for a half hour because that's his job took about an hour for him to order my first nebulizer treatment and over an hour to order 2nd usually have 2 within 40 min. Never took x-rays to see cause of distress apparently not his job

Gaudi Azimov

I was recently on emergency room all smiles and sweetness but very unprofessional , social worker was there to witness their bs record wasnt updated to administered very serious medication and Nurse Hailey decided to list down my son allergies with a marker on her gloves never on his records like always. Dont waste your time COMPLAINING to any deparment, they will take 5 mins to type a delusional nonsense letter SKIPPING subjects and adding services not provided lmao

Efrain Perez

(Translated by Google) Very well attended (Original) Muy bien atendido

Laura Kaschak

1 star and only because it wont allow no stars. Worst hospital in CT, staff is horrendously unprofessional, and could care less about concerned family members, I have been talked down to, told I was wrong about things I have educational background in. Disappointment all around. Wouldn't come here if I was dying on the front door step. Rather rot.

Don Siering Jr

My mom has a blood clot in her lung...from the emergency room staff.....cardiac/pulmanary unit and then to the ICU all the staff....doctors..nurses...pta's and transport have been gentle..efficient...explanatory...thorough...and patient and understanding and the hospital is spotless with updated equipment...a very positive experience so far ....5star rating!

traycee porter

I normally prefer Waterbury hospital over St. Mary's. But this morning I got the worst doctor ever. He had a problem with his listening skills. He said it doesn't make since you are in pain. Well you get hit by a pick up truck and tell me your body is not sore all over. Not to mention the 5 Hou wait to see his sarcastic self.

Shane Purcell

let me start by saying I never get to see a doctor always a PA who only needs a bachelors degree and has one year of medical school and acts like their an MD. This particular hospital the staff is rude, slow and so unprofessional I had wrist and hand pain and they let me sit there in pain and told me nothing was wrong with the bones on the x ray. That’s all fine and dandy but i went to a orthopedic specialist not too long before them who told me the opposite of what they said tonight. That guy saw inflammation and that my bones touch where hands meet the wrist, which means no cartilage. They literally acted as if I was making it up!!! It was ridiculous only reason I went there was because other places were closed at the time it acted up and I wanted to be comfortable for the night until I can see someone who actually knows something and is an MD. I got the exact opposite, I felt better before I went. I hope that if something serious ever happens to me I don’t come here because they are the absolute worst and it will be the last time I come here for anything.

Robert Figgs

All the above, true.

Christopher Caban

Half the people here actually do theirs jobs right n with pride. The other half are miserable n rude. Complaining as they help. I been here hospitalized for 6 days already and it has been the worst experience ever!!

Lisa C

I was in the emergency room waiting for about an hour, there was about three or four people ahead of me. They had me take a urine sample while I waited. When I went into the ER the nurse took me to a room an put and IV in my arm to draw blood, I have a big problem with needles and politely made her aware of that. The IV was left in my arm for the next five hours while I waited, attached to nothing just stuck in my arm. They had made me take another urine test because the first had been used for a pregnancy test. The fourth hour I was in the hospital, I overheard the nurse telling the Dr how long I had been waiting just to get my kidneys checked. The Dr came in and told me that from the urine test there was nothing wrong with my kidneys, I asked about the blood they had drawn from me and they wouldn't answer me. It took another hour and a half just for them to discharge me, they hadn't seemed very busy, the drs and nurses mostly just seemed to talk to each other rather than care for other patients. I have no idea why they took my blood, they wouldn't tell me why. I am never going to this hospital again.

Michael Vega

Emergency room is absolutely horrible. Each doctor there has a different agenda and there's zero communication between them. Cleanliness is sub-par. I had to bring my postpartum fiancé there multiple times in the same week due to some complications from her birth and the treatment was cringeworthy. She was there for 12 hours and then went HOURS in between a nurse/doctor to check up on her. It turned out she had a severe illness that could of killed her and they sent her home saying that they felt comfortable with the prescription they gave her would work. To our better judgment, we decided to drive to Yale-New Haven hospital for a second opinion. If it wasn't for that, she could of had permanent damage from the illness or worse could of passed away from it. Thanks to them, I had to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas in the hospital away from our newborn son. In my opinion, you're better off taking the drive to New Haven where you will get treated properly the first time. I will never bring any of my family to that hospital again.

Kenneth Askildsen

Awesome!!!!! Everyone was great, kind, thorough, attentive, informed, professional. Surgery was perfect. Every person in every department was awesome!!! Had experience with this hospital about 5 times and was always good.

Bomb Fun

Doctors and nurses in the emergency room are helpful to you only if you're religious! especially catholic!!! i'm not muslim you p... of sh...!!! I only liked a couple few good people in this hospital. I disliked the . bad and ugly people who were whispering and judging against me without knowing me personally! Bad and ugly people are everywhere! Watch Out from them Good People! they are everywhere!!!.

Egla H

This is the first time I brought my mom to the hospital and I am telling you all, DO NOT CHOOSE THIS HOSPITAL!! The nurses did not even care when I paged for the 3rd time. I was basically there 24/7 for my mom. If you're stuck in this hospital, do not leave your cared one alone even for a second!!!!

Veronica Perez

Gave birth to my first child here and I did not like my experience. After giving birth naturally, I had to get stitches. While getting stiched I felt everything. I yelled and told the doctor I can feel it and that it hurts. She told me she was going to numb me. She continued and I still felt the needle. The following morning I had trouble getting out of bed (exhausted from pushing for so many hours) I called for assistance 3 times and no one came after 30min. I struggled on my own to the bathroom. My son later on that day had jaundice so they held him in another room under a blue light overnight. I went to visit him and I asked one of the nurses where (amongst 10 others) was my son. She said she didn't know and to look for him. (Despite giving her his name) So I finally found him after going up to all the different babies and reading the names. The following day a nurse came to bring my son, I happened to be in the bathroom and she kept knocking and rushing me so she can verify the numbers on the bracelet. The ONLY thing good was the nurse that helped me push. She was sweet, kind, and patient. She taught me how to push and taught me breathing techniques.

Patrick Aitken

Not up to date, was place in the corridor for long period with a heart condition ,didn't ask if I was able to walk ,escorted to x ray on foot while experiencing discomfort in my chest. No call to find out how I feel after leaving ER ,call the hospital, left on hold for a long time, one of the worst operator I've experienced. Must say, great doctors, and admitting staff, 5 star to them.

Donna Oldfield

I didnt even want to give a 1 rating..I went to this hospital with an episode of tachycardia my heart was beating 201 beat per min.they left me in that condition for almost 45 mins....THEY ALMOST KILLED ME..Never ever ever go there one of the worst hospitals.

Bob Taggett

Al Quin

I was born here on June 4th, 1979.

Daniel Depedro

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