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Chris Thompson

By far the worst Hospital i have ever been to. Very slow, Rude, Disrespectful, They don't help you with anything its as if they hate their job! Very unorganized and these are referring to the people at the front desk! In the Emergency room and the nurses. They have you waiting hours as well

Yolanda Vilchez

Hi had the most wonderful experience in maternity, where I spent 5 days. The staff, especially the nurses, we amazing taking care not only of my newborn and myself but also the family that came to help throughout my time there. They do a great job but they are also kind and sweet and make your stay extremely pleasant. The place is extremely clean and quiet which helps you recover in a timely matter. Love to all the nurses.

Sergei Sheinin

I was in this hospital for in-patient treatment back in 2010 when VA had no bandwidth for my PTSD issues. Those pocket picks upcharged my lights out. I was lied to that the procedures would be covered and it never materialized. I wasted hundreds on useless BS those crooks laid on me. That snake pit (hospital) is infested with thieves. The management prefers real FIST FIGHTS with buffoonish nurses as a way of solving problems rather than accepting their faults. I am not kidding, I had to physically fight thugs empoyed by those idiots to stay out of harm's way. And they blamed congenital badness of my personality for my being unable to put up with their treating me like a bag of subhuman garbage. Also, a blood-crazed nurse spliced vein in my arm with a test needle and I was blue below the right elbow for weeks. That hospital needs a lock-down. Verbally abusive, idiotic doctors and illiterate, scrag ,blood-crazed nurses.

Catalina Carvajal

I’m only giving the hospital a 1 Star so they can focus on training the administrative staff to be even slightly friendly. No one wants to be at a hospital, don’t make it worse. Medical staff is great.

Beau Barnidge

Horrible experience. Room was over heated, systems down for 2 hours without any communication. Took over 4 hours for service (maybe 8 people in the lobby)

Michael Friend

A Doctor in the ER had male security guards hold my wife down and legs open as they forced a catheter inside her against her will. If I could give zero stars I would.

Om Barlinge

I was provided with a home sleep study equipment from Persante. Last night, the finger probe kept blinking on and off and did not result in meaningful reading. The Persante representative gave a different probe for tonight and exactly the same result. Very disappointed with this. Stamford hospital's sleep study center has not lived up to its hype. They insist on returning the equipment the very next day because they have a limited supply of these portable devices. I wonder why anyone would use these to begin with. The one person in the Sleep Center seems overworked and underpaid - she was always courteous and had the best intentions but there's only so much she can do with faulty equipment.

Angela Kaufman

We had a great experience in the ER recently. My family member was triaged within 20 minutes and getting lab work done within 30 minutes. The x-rays took a bit longer(chest and CAT), but by then we were waiting comfortably in a room. The MD was courteous and responsive. The new space is absolutely beautiful! Overall we were very pleased.

Jean hitchcock

Best ED Experience Ever I hurt my foot and it swelled up badly. Within an hour and a half, I had an X Ray, Ultra sound to rule out DVT and was bandaged. Every staff member was so courteous and every hand off was smooth. Can't say enough about that team.

Texas Storm

Parking is abundant and wrapped around the facility. All spots are close. Maneuvering around the campus can be tricky, but the signs and scattered attendees are very helpful. I see the specialists here. There are a number of quality physicians here.

Vincent Engongoro

No one likes to have to go to a hospital but if you have to go then Stamford Hospital and the Tully Center are among the best in terms of care and quality of care. The doctors and nurses are very caring and kind.

Polly Newman

The Bennett Cancer Center is wonderful! The staff and doctors are caring, efficient and knowledgeable, The facility is modern and comfortable. Plenty of free parking for patients. They even have many integrative options available.

Diane Bull

Being in the hospital is no picnic, but if I could just eat the great food they served me, I'd be happy. Physiatrist was a quack, other doctors quite good. Nurses are handicapped by too many restrictions and some have forgotten they are there to help the patient.



Frederick Tufts

I was admitted to the Stamford Hospital with a very severe case of hemolytic anemia for a stay that last 6 days. From moment was came through the emergency room to my discharge the care I received from the 8 doctors and a multiple RN's was professional and very caring.I unfortunately have had a number of stays in some excellent hospitals thru the years. The care at Hospital and in particular the Bennet Center world class.

Fernando Ferroni

I am currently with my pregnant wife (36 weeks) at Stamford Hospital’s ER for about 3 hours (since 4:20AM) waiting for a doctor to see her. Maybe the doctors think that a pregnant with a nasal polyp hanging on her nose is nothing something urgent, however more than 3 hours waiting is just unacceptable. So if you need ER assistance move away to find other hospitals, I will definitely never come back to ER at Stamford Hospital.


terrible service received in maternity unit

Michael D

Beautiful hospital, great staff. While I was waiting in the hospital bed for my results I had a chance to check out their website and its awesome. Hopefully i never have to go back to a hospital again, but if I do I hope it’s stamford hospital.

Debbie Jeffries

Was in the ER on the September 16th with pvcs, shortness of breath and edema. Won’t get into too much detail but it seemed as though the nurse was more knowledgeable than the doctor the nurse said I had low potassium which can trigger arrhythmias gave me 3 large potassium pills when I discussed it with the doctor he didn’t seem aware of the potassium and said I wasn’t having arrhythmias PVCS when I’ve had this condition for more than 3 decades and I WAS having them the machine was showing blips on my ecg. The doctor was not on the same page with the nurse or cardiologist that was brought in I’m having surgery in early October so a lot is riding on having a clear cardiac picture for my medical clearance he also said I wasn’t wheezing but I was diagnosed with bronchitis the cherry on the sundae was he said my bloodwork was fine but when I went to see my private doctor at the end of that week she said I was hyperglycemic, had severe anemia and low potassium so my bloodwork was not “fine” Dr. Malek wanted me to stay I couldn’t figure out why if I was ok but the real issue was he was not on the same page as everyone else. I’m seeing a cardiologist next week prior to my surgery for the final clearance and will explain to him what went down and why I refused to stay AMA when they couldn’t guarantee me the stress echo. I need this surgery it is a large tumor a possible malignancy time is of the essence considering I have hereditary cancers In my family that claimed my Mother’s life in July. My advice to the Hospital have physicians who work with ALL treating providers as part of a team effort. The nurse CS seemed to be more knowledgeable of my test results and gave me comfort in knowing that at least someone treating me knew what they were doing. The doctor struck me as being a doctor in training for someone with my health issues I need to have confidence in who’s treating me:(

Ron Berler

Everyone was upbeat, positive, thorough, helpful.

alisha brandon

I don't know anything either, Can I be a doctor at your hospital? 700 dollars for 'I don't know'.... I would be rich!

Ganesh Kyasa

We had our first son in this hospital in 2010 and i still have a trauma of how we were treated here,,, Since then we had second son in UVM-VT and it was one of the best experiences, I would never never recommend this hospital, doctors or staff if i can give i would give 0 stars

Petčko P

Decent ER experience....

Jeffrey Doyle

My experience with Dr Ofen Wellish last time was NOT a pleasant one. He left such a sour taste in my mouth I was afraid to ever return to this hospital. Long story short I had to. I met with Dr. Miller a surgeon who was simply an amazing guy. His staff couldn't have been friendlier. The interventional radiology department, Maria and I forget the others, but equally as kind. They made me feel like I'm a person and treated me like family. Truly amazing people that you can see go about and beyond, daily to help people like me. It's too bad there's a few very bad apples in the group, that sour the pool. I'm gad I went back and will continue to drive over an hour to get the care I just received from the few, above. I hope to never see Dr Wellish ever again. Unfortunately, doctors carry power and some abuse that power. The ones that don't, shine and I'm thankful for you. ♥️

Marilyn Quiles

I had my baby at Stamford Hospital 2016 my experience was horrible I already new I disliked this hospital but I had no other choice. The Stamford Hospital ER is the worst place you ever want to come for treatment care only if you want to die come here...... the staff from the minute you arrive no compassion and rude they don't care. It's like you are at there mercy and they want to see you in pain and die. I had an emergency 2017 and Stamford Hospital ER was again horrible!!!! I Waited and waited and waited for help while everyone in the ER were laughing and on there cell phones clowny around while I was in horrific deadly pain and they did nothing about it. Unfortunately I was forced to come here or else I would have gone to Greenwich Hospital where the care is the BEST!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND this terrible inhumane Stamford Hospital Stamford Hospital gets BIG fat ZERO A New fancy Stamford Hospital building with the worst Care Its a Corporate Cold and Inhumane Stamford Hospital and staff

Ayan z

Fast and helpful

Gary Rey

TERRIBLE HOSPITAL! I do not know what else to say. They have the worst healthcare practice in all of Connecticut, probably all of the United States. In the Intensive Care Unit, the nurses DO NOT provide intensive care. They come to check on you once every three hours, if you are lucky that is. When they do come, they treat you badly. The doctors are worse than the nurses. They always come with something negative to say. Also, they provide no intesive help whatsoever. One doctor, Dr. Steven Thau, came in everyday with bad news. He never once formulated a proper treatment plan and knowingly allowed my grandmother's health to deteriorate to a point of no return. If you are young, avoid this hospital! If you are old, do not even walk near this hospital! They do not care about their patients. They only use the excuse of making you "comfortable" (in reality, putting you to permanent sleep). Please heed my warning!

Cole Caulfield

Amazing staff! Clean facility! And you would not even know they are doing construction

Margaret Nolan

When I moved from Westchester County to Stamford a few years ago, I was gratified to learn that Stamford Hospital was about to open its newly-built hospital site. After over 30 years in that county, I hoped to find medical care and physicians who would offer advanced skills and compassionate care. I was not disappointed. Last August, I suffered a serious life-threatening crisis and was rushed to their Emergency Room. Because the team, led by Dr. Sandhya Dhruvakumar, their cardiac electrophysiologist surgeon, performed critical heart surgery immediately, I survived. I have returned to my regular life, thanks to them, and to the ongoing thorough followup care by Dr. Dhruvakumar and others on the staff of Stamford Hospital. Do not hesitate to consult with, and be evaluated by any of these fine physicians.

David Rosenhaft

Dont go here at night. Been in e.r. for 4 hours, been in pain for 4 hours. What a joke

Angela Sweeting

Had a real bad experience that literally put my husband's life at risk a few weeks ago and a supervisor from the hospital advised me to write a letter to Mrs. Sara Sanders which I did...Big surprise today when I got the answer from Kristin Ruocco...It's unbelievable and frustrating how just to cover themselves they lied in your face...and we're putting basically our lifes in their hands??? Stamford Hospital is not about the how big and fresh are the rooms in the new building, it's about what Dr's and staff are doing to take a good care of the patients. Very very sad that a person's health/life has become just a business and a source to get money from insurance companies, the sensitivity and passion to save lifes and help others is not longer important what really matters for you guys Stamford Hospital is the money!!! Attention community avoid to have a bad experience instead there's Greenwich Hospital which I heard is amazing or even Norwalk Hospital which I also heard they have tremendously improved...Our health/life should be something to really think twice before putting it in a unprofessional and unethical Dr's.

Denilson Reyes Lima

Gayle Alswanger

I had a colonoscopy today at Stamford Hospital and had an exceptional experience. Thank you to my nurses, Mary, Linda and Meryl who took such great care of me.

Jennifer Saunders

The wait is absolutely ridiculous they make you wait for hours and its completely unacceptable!!! There is no reason to make someone wait this long when the reason they came in is simple should go into triage, then take blood then into a room then get the treatment. The time between there is at least an hour in between each step and when you look at the nurses station all they are doing is on their phones or on their laptops or talking about what they are doing after work. I'd honestly rather be in pain or suffer until I can see the doctor the following day then go to the emergency room waiting 4 to 8 hours is complete BS!!!

Steven W. Giovinco

Not really excellent care; the wings are confusing; the oldest part didn't have basic temp. control--fans were required.

Shay Sez

My closest friend just delivered her 1st child in this hospital, and to say that it only compounded previous horrific experiences is nothing but a fair and accurate description. We will call my friend Kay. While Kay, in excruciating pain was forced to the toilet and had a nurse kneeling between her legs with a cup telling her she was going to sit there until the nurse collected her urine. The nurse told her she would administer a catheter if my friend could not produce urine. That was only the start of a degrading, humiliating experience that broke my heart to witness. After what equated to a nightmare of a delivery and treatment fit for the dark ages, I walked in the room to see my friend struggling to get up to use to restroom with tears on her face as she gritted her teeth and tried to move the IV tower with her while the nurse stood and took notes. I came in the room and assisted her and asked the nurse why she hadn't helped. She said, and I quote, " well she should go in there and clean up." My friend had asked for another sanitary napkin and mesh pantie as she was bleeding heavily. The nurse informed her that she was going to finish her writing and then "would see about grabbing that for her." As I took my friend into the bathroom to try and help her, we both cried. STAMFORD HOSPITAL is a shameful, pathetic excuse for a medical facility.

Elyjah Perry

2 night stay for a surgery. Better than I expected. Nurses were friendly. Doctors were compassionate. Overall, not a terrible experience considering it's a lousy feeling to need surgery/hospitalization. Nurse Taylor V kept me laughing and was very nice, nurse Kim was caring and friendly as well. Thanks for getting me through!

M Sherwood

I was admitted though the ED. I had past out in the lobby. From the minute I came to everyone was nice, compassionate and professional. When I asked if I was going to have to stay the night, the doctor and I made the decision together. He knew I was tried and needed rest. The nurses on the floor were so pleasant and helpful. No one bothered me overnight. It was quiet and so clean. I can not thank them enough.

ahmed jaafari

I hurt my foot and it swollen pretty bad. I went to ER at 8:45pm. The staffs told me they’re too busy and can’t help. Then i went to the front desk and ask for a guide. the front desk lady and secerity guy told me i have to wait otherwise they will kick me out of hospital. If i need a treatment, then i should call the ambulance. Or call the doctor to come to my house. I have been waiting for 4 hours, but no one came to me and treat me as a patient. At end, i just have to leave the hospital without any treatments. What a worse experience in my life.

John B

The quality of the care ranks 4 stars and maybe better. However, communication with different functions is lacking. Customer Relations doesn't return calls if there is an issue and the Billing Dept. is disorganized so that if you're looking to get an estimate of routine costs based on your policy coverage, don't depend on getting an accurate answer.

Kristine Delisa

I was in a situation where I had to stay in the hospital for two weeks. My family and I have also stayed in Greenwich and Norwalk Hospitals, but Stamford Hospital has stood out amongst them. The residents are sharp, the nursing staff is attentive and caring, the food services and janitorial staff are exceptionally friendly. My daughter had a birthday during my prolonged stay and the volunteer staff even organized a small party for us. I had a luxurious private room with water views with the NYC skyline in the distance. (the other side of the building has beautiful tree-filled views). I always felt very well cared for and attended to. I am also a cancer patient at the hospital and had a previous ER visit there and have consistently received the same warm, attentive care throughout my visits . I highly recommend the Stamford Hospital.

Rus Americano



My wife had delivery of our first child here and our experience was not what we expected. We attended hospital classes before and expected that everything will be smooth and easy enough. 'Don't worry, you are in a good hands!' In the beginning everything was fine and no questions to the first 3/4 of the labor, but for final part, the most important, i have a lot of questions. Imagine exausted wife after 24 hours of labor while in hospital, nurse, with absolutely no real help (big questions to how nurses are trained), doctor seemed tired, constantly leaving us and coming back, constant disconnection between them and us, "let's have a break for 30 minutes", to lower epidural you need permission from anesthesiologist, but you have to find him first, then "situation" in another room on the floor and doctor tells me she has to rush in the surgery, you have to wait until "new doctor will come soon", but "don't worry, contractions will continue", etc. I was in despair, 3 of us, watching my wife with already 5 hours in final labor (28 hours in hospital, 54 hours total) trying to push the baby out and our nurse back starring 'at computer checking for contractions. When doctor came back again we realized that my wife is too exhausted, we have no options but C-section. New anesthesiologist came asked questions, realized that we spend too much time on epidural cord, we need new for surgery, sure, we don't have options. Then surgery, where i see my wife shaking, then i see new anesthesiologist is taking place and while he is looking at papers and searches for something i see that my wife's parameters starting to drop, she starts to shake more and vomit. It's scary! But luckily new anesthesiologist starting putting fluids here and there and my wife becomes more stable. When we heard our baby voice we were in a huge relief! OMG! When it was over and my wife was put in the room back, this is where everybody started to introduce himself, checking temperature, blood pressure, etc, all these students, interns, nurses, etc. Where all of them have been when my wife needed help? This continued on the 3rd floor. People could walk-in without knocking the door to check vitals of my wife or the baby. Who cares if baby sleeps, right? No, there are good nurses too, and we are thankful to them: Ann, managed to feed our baby when my wife was after surgery. Marina, she helped us in the first stage of the labor, Eva, on the 3rd floor was very helpful. But it didn't change our total perception, on the 3rd floor was another scary incident: our baby had jandice and was prescribed to be under the lamp in the nursery. During the night my wife found him crying in the nursery under the lamp without glass mask while 2 nurses talked to each other and another was behind the computer. Like crazy she started knocking the window to attract attention, only after they put mask back on his head! They told her that this will not damage baby eyes. I requested this incident to be on the paper from the management. Expecting to receive it anytime soon. So, this is our experience in hospital and my advice - search for middle wife, somebody experienced otherwise you could end up with what we 've had.

Snuggles Renoiss

Best hospital hands down. Everyone I encountered with was very professional and helpful. The room was very clean and very nice. I almost forgot I was in a hospital it felt so warm like I was at home.. the doctor and social workers that were in my care went above and beyond to find a new dialysis center for me.. I couldn't ask for anything more. Best experience hands down.. Thank You!!

Monica Courtney

I'm not sure if this is South One the psychiatric ward. I couldn't find it on Google. I was molested by a nurse. I woke to her touching me. And I was manhandled there. I left with bruises on my arms and shoulders. This place is not safe. Go to Norwalk.

M. Smith

Stamford Hospital on Shelburne Road nurses are not compassionate (at least the female ones). Had an admission this past summer and was not offered water, I had to ask for it. In the past , the nurse would look at my med list and administer those that were due in the evening: this time they did not. I kept asking for pain medication and did not get it in til the following morning when I checked out. I was told they would (the following morning) bring my med that needed to be taken before any food ingestion: that never happened!! The morning after admission: I was told they did not have my emphysema medication and they would give me a substitute which did not have the ingredients of my regular med: I stated I am checking out. It was not a good experience and lingers still with "bad memories". Seems that many are in agreeance that "compassion" is lacking and this matter should be addressed and viewed as "corrective criticism." I have always had a pleasant experience at the "Tully Center" on Strawberry Hill ....

maria frattaroli

Not only is the new hospital beautiful but the doctors, nurses and supporting staff went above and beyond to be sure my mom was comfortable during her lengthy stay following a urological procedure about one year ago. The top notch care, facilities and award-winning nursing staff helped my mom feel like she was in an airy hotel instead of the cramped, odor-filled hospitals of her past.

Karene T

I had a stroke in Oct 2006 and was here for 7 weeks. 2 weeks in the actual hospital and 5+ weeks in the Physical Therapy unit. It was a mostly good experience. There were a couple nurses I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy but for the most part they were good. The Physical Therapy unit would definitely give them 6 stars if possible- they were kind, attentive and did a great job. Being in hospital for almost 2 months is gonna be hard to handle for most anyone, and by the time I was released I was ready to go home, but they made the experience the best it could be. Especially in P/T unit

Jessica Howes

I recently had Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome “MALS” surgery at Stamford Hospital the end of August. I am from Utah and was a bit nervous having surgery so far away from home. All I can say is that my experience in your hospital from the first phone call to set my surgery up, to when I arrived and stepped foot in your beautiful facility was top notch! I couldn’t have found a much more knowledgeable doctor that is well educated in MALS and of course much more! I love each and every one of my nurse who cared for me for the 5 days there. I was so impressed with my care and was actually sad to leave!! Five stars given on my behalf❤️ I wish I could have scooped you all up and brought you back home with me to Utah!!

supriya mimani

Go here if you want yourself or your family member killed. I went here in the emergency with a swollen neck because two medicines i had reacted with each other. Next thing you know, they injected me one of the same medicines again and i had a long qt syndrome! I was so close to death! Seeing my condition in the hospital they had the hospital doctor rush in- he did not ask why i took the medicines, or any relevant question- he in turn PRESCRIBED me the exact same medicine that caused me this issue! I had a huge bill and when i questioned it they waived off a huge part but still charged me some amount. Instead of apoligising they showed that they did me a huge favor! I have told my story to so many others and everyone knows at least someone who has had a horrid experience with Stamford hospital. Such a pathetic state- the doctors wont even visit you in emergency, its the PAs who go by the book, do not use their own common sense and prescribe you wrong medication. And when the doctors come in, they end up doing the same! Such a sad state of affairs...

Dawn Owens

I drove my brother to this hospital because he was having an asthma attack. It took us almost 30 minutes for the slow 90 year old intake coordinator to get his he struggled to breathe btw. When I requested assistance from security for another coordinator, he laughed in my face because he thought the situation was funny. But as soon as my brother saw the intake nurse, the security guard rudely and hurriedly told me to move my car, as though someone else was out there waiting. Then it gets worse. The nurses were so rude as if we were wasting their time, trying to get treatment when he told them he needed another treatment. It almost came off as prejudice, better yet racist to be honest. Like they were waiting for another black man to die off the planet. Do you think they knew it? Yes, because shortly after I complained, they sent the nicest doctor in to check on him. Smh. This place is a disgrace. Please if you care about your life, or someone you love, choose another hospital for services. This hospital should be shut down. I don't understand how they've lasted this long. I'm disgusted.

Antekia Hicks

Terrible emergency service

Zach Vasilakis

Nightmare! Dont bring your newborns to the ER. We got there around 10pm and left at 130am we still had NOT seen a doctor by the way. My 4 mo old had a 102 fever and no one ever checked her. Just a nurse before we left gave her Tylenol for a high fever that was running for HOURS. I was better off keeping her home and giving her Tylenol myself. Also , The lady at the front desk did not want to be bothered she had a huge attitude wouldn't even look at us when talking to her. The lady taking insurance was just as bad her face was down to the floor and you could barely hear her talk. The nurse we saw before we left was great he was very professional helpful and sweet. Unfortunately I am staying away from this hospital in the future.

Daniela Russo

Yes the place looks great. No doubts about it. But there is no reason for a patient to wait 3 hours to see a dr when the ER is completely empty. This is just unacceptable... Especially when it comes to crying toddlers that are not feeling well. Just get your act together come in see the patient and go about your day. Highly unhappy. And I bet I will be there a thousand dollar bill for this too bcuz that seems to be the ER ways

Christian Corpuz

For anyone who is unfamiliar to the Stamford Hospital, this facility may be a little intimidating. As a "frequent" flyer to this hospital, I can confidently say that most of their staff are professional, approachable and helpful. Peaceful place and impressive designs. It feels like I was in a museum. A true place of healing.

Dee Ro

I had a wonderful experience at Stamford Hospital for the birth of my daughter. The staff, nurses and doctors all took great care of not only me and my baby, but my husband as well. They were super attentive and catered to us throughout our entire stay. The room was clean and food was adequate as well. Thank you for contributing to such a joyful time!

Garfield Beckford

My experience her is going very well,I'm getting the best treatment for my illness.

Dianne Farley

BEWARE!!!! Stamford Hospital and Tully Health will be the LAST places I go for any health concern again. Due to their inept radiology department I am paying half again as much for my long term health care. The radiologist missed one of the three polyps on my thyroid during my first sonogram. The doctor who performed the biopsy two weeks later found all THREE polyps and reported it in my records at that time. In my six month follow up sonogram, the same radiologist did note the appearance of the third polyp HOWEVER did not refer to the doctor's notes (as I requested) when she did her write up. When the insurance companies requested information on the thyroid polyps, the radiologist, covering her rear did NOT report THAT the third had been discovered earlier and claimed it was a new one. NEXT - I am sent to Tully for a Lyme test. It's my second Lyme attack. I test negative? At a Connecticut health institution. REALLY? Never again. As anyone who has had Lyme knows, the critters leave a trail and one will always test positive. IGENYX is THE ONLY LAB that can do a true Lyme test. DON NOT TRUST STAMFORD/TULLY when it comes to Lyme!

Cathy Mez

I'm shocked to read all these reviews, and to see no one from the hospital has responded. I came here 2, maybe 3 years ago, ER visit. When I was feeling better, I just left. No one seemed able to communicate and they sat me in a chair that was screened off and there was dried droplets of blood on the floor (not mine). My bill was $5,000 and the physician's bill was over $1,000 - a seperate bill. They offered me financial aid and told me to contact Hector Reyes. After weeks, or maybe a month of making phone calls everyday, it was clear that no one by that name worked here. Stamford Hospital did everything they could to prevent me from receiving financial aid (lists and lists of notorized paperwork and letters from people that knew me) but I called them everyday. I was originally told the physician's bill would have to be paid in full. After about 6 months of me submitting the proper paperwork and making regular phone calls, they comp'ed the whole bill. The full fee was waived. It was all a very bizarre experience. I'm sad to see so many awful reviews, I was hoping to go back thinking maybe they had changed or improved a bit.

Pedro Soto

I had a toothache and applied benzocaine for the first time ever to the site. I then passed out twice and had a seizure. This is my first time ever experiencing anything like this. I am an otherwise very healthy mid-20s male. The people were very nice and the service was quick and attentive, but it felt like the doctor wanted to get me out ASAP. There was no proper diagnosis of what happened and why it happened, the doctor's seemed to ignore a few critical details i asked for like the possible interactions that benzocaine may have (OTC Orajel) with THC, and did not recommend a follow up or ways to treat my concussion that i had from passing out. Now I'm paranoid because I don't have any answers and am searching second opinions as to what happened and why. I received a CAT scan and blood work that showed everything as normal, so none of this makes sense to me. I know doctor's aren't supposed to know everything, but providing some type of closure would have been appreciated. I'm hoping this was a one time freak accident, but I have no type of confirmation.

Allan M. Miller, DDS

Would also give “0” stars if i could. Terrible overnight experience where MD would not come to my room- let the nurse handle everything. It caused me extreme pain for the next week

Lee Body

Worst experience in my life,, God forbid if I have to come here again if I can help it I’ve literally been here right now as we speak for about 6 hours in the ER & my grandmother still hasn’t been admitted yet. The nurses take forever to attend to the patient, you have to call them 3-4 times before you get any help & if you walk to where they are they’re just sitting at the computer talking to one another. They wouldn’t want that kind of service if there loved one was in the hospital. It’s funny because a patient next to me comes in & within 10 mins of her arrival she’s already seen 2 doctors & received X-rays while I brought my grandmother in at 10oclock & she’s just getting an X-ray around 1 o’clock. It’s a shame that someone has to think the worst when they hear Stamford hospital because of the service of the nurse & just the long wait in general. It doesn’t make any sense & ive very disappointed with how things are handled here with staff

Mangia Figliobella

This is a great place to go if you have a death wish. It may very well be the worst hospital in the United States. While the support staff (nurses, assistants, etc.) do an excellent job, the medical staff (the actual DOCTORS) couldn't possibly be any worse. They show no interest in your well-being, saunter in and out of your room with barely a discussion, let alone an actual examination, and have no plan whatsoever for your improvement. A review by any sort of governing body would shut this hell hole down instantly. Patients would be better off in the parking lot than under the care of these HORRIBLE doctors.

Autumn Macri

The maternity floor nurses and staff are amazing. The NICU nurses and doctors and the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors and staff we're also amazing. They really took care of myself and my baby. It is great to go to a place that cares so much about their patients. I cannot recommend this hospital enough. We will have all our children here.

Erica Smith

Staff was extremely welcoming & comforting. They went above and beyond to ensure that I and my family were at ease. I was a little nervous at first but the staff at Tully Center were warm and made the entire experience pleasant for me. Thank you very much.

Joe Geller

I recently has surgery at Stamford Hospital and it was by far the best hospital experience I have had. It is beautifully designed with the care and recovery of the patient foremost in mind. The art work, the paint, the floor coverings the sitting areas all designed with the well being of the patients & visitors. My entire staff was so kind, thoughtful & caring and took excellent care of me. All this certainly helped my speedy recovery. I might add that I have had says at numerous other hospitals in NYC & Boston and none can even come close to the care I had here. Joseph Geller

Jenn Radz

I was in the ER at the end of July, for dehydration and chest pains, and it took the doctors/nurses over an hour to get an IV for me, even though the ER was completely empty. I was clearly nervous about being in the ER (who doesn't get nervous in hospitals?) and the staff chose to leave me alone for over an hour. When I first came in, they did blood work and. an EKG, but an hour wait for an IV??? thats crazy. If I can help it, I definitely will not be back here. I would rather drive to Norwalk hospital for my medical needs.

Marz Ladi

We just moved over here to Stamford and I unfortunately fractured my ankle. Everyone was very pleasant and gentle when dealing with my injured limb. They were very attentive to my daughter and I and even though they were very busy, it didn’t take a long time at all, which is what I’m used to and why I avoided ERs in NYC when possible. Definitely a welcoming experience from someone who isn’t from around the area.

Carmen Aquino

Is the best choice you can make the best hospital I've met on match and forever doctor and they are the bestI recommend to everybody the hospital

Catherine Arias

I have always said positive things about Stamford Hospital until recently when I had to receive care from the ED. I would like to start off by saying that I am an RN myself and I know good quality care. When I got there a nurse started yelling at another nurse for not having an IV line started or urine collected (incredibly rude to yell in front of me and my family..... We all felt awkward). Secondly the nurse that was taking care of me didn't even smile or had any compassion towards my issue... She was almost like a complete robot. When I started vomiting the nurse just stood there looking at another pts chart while I was walking around the room for a vomit bag. Everything was such a bad experience with a long wait time. I don't care how beautiful the new hospital is when their staff is terrible. They need to seriously hire different staff members.

Smiley S

I must say i am impressed with the level of service i received from the moment i walk into the Emergency room to days after i got home. It started off when i arrived at the ER with a sprain ankle, the guy at the front desk was very nice and he got me assistance almost immediately. The nurse was very friendly and knew what she was doing she made me feel very comfortable. The nice nurse who took my x-rays and offered me socks and went to find me a bag for my things when she didn't need to. The doctor was very professional and even had a sense of humor(i was impressed most doctors are sad looking). Then there was the nice Tech who showed me how to use my crutches and insisted on taking my bag outside where my sister was waiting. I must say they were friendly, efficient, clean, and provided outstanding services. And then there was the icing on the cake 5 days later they called me, yes called me to see how i was doing and see if there was anything i needed. I was impressed when i got that phone call and i felt like the only patient in the world for them to call and check up on me, i must say " Well done" to the staff of Stamford Hospital and Thank You!

Anna Raviele

Nurses and doctors in the ICU are amazing. They made a very terrible time much more pleasant and got my father back on his feet. Once we left the ICU however the staff wasn’t as great. The SOCIAL WORKER who took care of my father’s discharge plan was atrociously rude and unpleasant which is very ironic and backwards. We had to request twice to speak with top case manager because of how unreceptive the social worker and nurse case manager were to our emotions after my father was in the hospital for a month. Also I spent over $200 dollars to see my father day in and day out because of parking costs. The last thing I needed was to pay that while watching my father suffer.

Helena Novelli

Great hospital!! Always go there for my whole family !


We delivered our second child here more than a year ago and are still receiving bills from multiple sources - we never saw some of the original bills. The medical billing process is not transparent and needs to better managed.

Jean-A'Layn S.

This is a great place to work! The staff works in such great teams and provides compassionate and efficient care to all their patients AND families!! The doctors and PAs are wonderful and knowledgeable. The whole team is talented and works very well together! The new hospital is inviting, spacious, and feels more like "home." I recommend Stamford Hospital to all my family members and will continue to do so. TERRIFIC PLACE!

Matt Olson

If I could give them 0 stars, I would. Do yourself a favor and go to Greenwich or Norwalk. My son was in their ER for one of the most painful emergency medical conditions on the planet. They withheld diagnostic activities to confirm diagnosis for 3 hours without providing any relief from the excruciating pain. Because of their negligence, we were warned by the surgeon that an amputation was possible. And that's just the terrible service. Next comes the misery of their corrupt medical "partners" - you'll get bills from a dozen different companies, each giving no detail as to why they're billing you other than you were at Stamford Hosptial at some point and they are part of the feeding frenzy. They all try to illegally surprise or balance bill you. STAY AWAY!

winnie the pooh lover

I’m at the hospital as I write this and I give it one star because my mom is still in the waiting room, her back hurting, her stomach hurting and, SHE IS PREAGNANT and theres a possibility OF LOSING THE BABY and it’s been and it’s midnight and we have been here for 5 hours and no one is attending us

Prateek Bahl

Hospital acting as more of a business than a hospital. I went to Stamford Hospital for a checkup because I was told that this was a walk in clinic. After 3 hours of waiting, I was called in and my check up was done. Or, so I thought.. After the checkup the PA had me wait for yet another hour before the doctor came in for 5 minutes, and re-did the checkup. What's worse is that they have the audacity to charge $275 just for the facility, and an additional $90 for the physician. Are you kidding me?!!!! Over $360 for a simple checkup? This has got to be a crime!!!!

Cody Heisinger

Modern facilities and equipment combined with poor service and overall experience.

Nerin Aguiriano

James Pruitt

Have been her for many reasons. Every department I have gone to I have been very happy with. The parking is pay by hour but is is easy to find a spot.

Sarah L Robinson

Beautiful building, nurses were great, just wish they didn't start out by over charging you for parking. They shouldn't be charging at ALL to park. That kind of policy directly discourages people from getting their health needs met and visiting loved ones.

Melissa Asare

I went to the er and I told the doctor I had multiple symptoms and he didn't treat me for anything and he only listed one symptom. Now if I am suffering from confusion and weakness with pain, how can I be discharged with no instructions to go home with but to come back if symptoms continue. Smh everyone says that Stamford Hospital is terrible, I have met very good doctors that works for Stamford in the outpatient facilities so whomever hires them should also hire the ER staff. Do better.

Raj V

Professional..courteous and caring .Keep up the good work .

Jill Zhang

Terrible emergency service, rude nurses. With the new facility, the service was absolutely terrible. I have lived in Stamford for 16 years and have been the old emergency room quite a few times. The nurses were always nice and I never waited for 5 hours just to have a doctor talking to me for less than 1 min and had a CT for 10 seconds. I understand I might have to wait. But 5 hours?! And there were no more than 5-7 patients (as I Counted) ahead of me in the waiting area when I arrived. The nurse was combative when I voiced my frustration after 5 hours waiting time. Told me New York would take even longer. Yes, I know Emhurst hospital is notorious for its emergency room service. So I guess that’s the “role model” of Stamford hospital now. Please EVERYONE, RUN AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL! THEY WERE SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE TO TAKE CARE OF PATIENTS. I arrived a bit after 10 pm and didn’t leave until 3 am. And I knew if I hadn’t start voice my frustration, I might wait through the entire night!

Taylor Simon

I personally had a great experience. The hospital is literally brand new and has your own private suite. The doctors and nurses were beyond amazing. Thanks SH!

Barbara Jean-Baptiste

Giving them one ⭐ but do they even derserve it? First, a nurse came to the waiting area discussing my health issues in front of other patients. Then they took me to a room with 2 open doors where a patient mistakenly walked through while ONCE AGAIN discussing my health issues..To top it off, they have several doctors who look unexperienced and some act unprofessional. They are nonchalant and seem miserable. I dont want to go back there again... message to others: if you want quality care, stamford hospital is just not the place...

Rosa M. Jimenez

I had both of my children at Stamford Hospital. They are now 11 and 9 and the nursing staff were marvelous! The aftercare was also outstanding as well as lactation specialists and other post-natal options. Stamford is a great local hospital. I plan on taking a tour of the new facilities one of these days.

Heather Wetzler

The new Stamford Hospital is world class

Michael Dinneen

This is a review of administration - not medical staff. I have had 2 experiences recently, one at main hospital and one at Tully. Main hospital was the sleep center and I sat for 20 minutes in their reception area while the ladies at front desk just chatted away. Eventually a PA arrived and called me by name to follow. At the end of my appointment he said "we want to do a follow up test that we will send you". Still waiting. Today I call Radiology Scheduling and was on hold for 18 MINUTES - are you kidding me! Then I finally get through and slowly make the appointments for my wife. Then we get a call back 2 minutes later to say she had screwed up and had to reschedule her for a different date. Amateur hour. They want to create a "regional hospital". IMHO they are NOT ready for it. UPDATE: 09/16/2017. We were referred by Stamford Health to a Gastro group at Tully who for some reason didn't have my wife's records. They had to request from our Primary and this was done. I now get a hand-addressed invoice stamped PAYMENT DUE, stamped EXPEDITE, stamped COMPLETED (dated TWO days after the initial request!) in the mail for $35.75 for 55 fax pages @ .65 each from Stamford Health "Medical Records Custodian". Who uses faxes anymore? You don't have a secure system where different groups within ONE healthcare system can access records? Who is running this joke of an administration?

The classy Realest!! Riri

They barely help my mom

Benjamin Hall

Amazing and caring staff. Always helpful and out going! The new emergency department is very efficient and comforting.

lauren eisen

From the moment i walked in to be admitted, to the moment i walked out to be discharged, i was continually impressed by the care, services, surroundings and attention to detail that permeate throughout the recently built Stamford Hospital. The nurses were OUTSTANDING! They went above and beyond extending care to actually making my stay enjoyable. Every person who entered my room to take vitals or assist with something, entered unobtrusively and always with a genuinely cheerful attitude. The amenities throughout each unit were so well thought out and accommodating and the aesthetics are unmatched. what could have been a dreary, intimidating experience turned out to be a surprising and delightful one!

steve gospodinoff

This place has gone down hill! My wife and I have been patients for over 20 years. The office is so incompetent! We asked to send CT results to our pulmonologist in March of 2019 as of June 2019 after many calls from us and our doctor they never sent results. I had to physically pick up the test myself. They NEVER return calls or put you on hold forever. They will however put you in collections immediately for a $15 co pay Don’t ever pay cash there. I have to pay twice cause of their mistake. Imagine that ruining A PATIENTS credit for 15 dollars even though I paid cash? WTH. DONT GO THERE! We are finding another doctor. There must have been a reason why my doctor, Dr. Alleva left that practice. I wish I could leave 0 stars.

Catherine Iyoha

i just had my baby there in december 2015. the labour and delivery staff couldn't have been nicer. everything went so well and everyone was pleasant, welcoming and so helpful. the rooms are very nice, they had a full length comfortable camp bed for my mom with plenty of blankets; nice hot shower, CLEAN; the food from the kitchen was pretty good and i almost didn't want to go home after the standard two days lol.

kevin jake

The worst ! Negative 5 stars. Look at all the reviews only a 3 star avg. Can any of the administrators look at all the one star reviews and change to make this hospital any better, please ? My mom was brought in the ER and they left her in the hall next to the door being hit with the cold 10 degree winter weather for a hour. They then put her in one room for another hour then another for another hour till after 3 hours the doctor finally came in. After admission and transfered to a room on the 6 floor they again left her in the hall for a hour before just getting a xray. Doctor Ready only 5 years experience had no clue and no plan to what to do i had to research and tell him what to try. There are not enought doctors and good doctors. The nurse's were all clueless and not helpfull or responsive at all. I had a open hart operation at Cleveland clinic and every doctor down to all the staff and nurses were the best at what they do . My mom also was getting prep for a colonoscopy takeing the liquid and they just left her in the bed and would not respond to the emergency button because she could not get to the bathroom. There were more very rude staff with no customer traning that should never deal with anybody at that hospital. After my mom pasted 3 hours, the social worker called me and said there morgue was full and i needed to transport her to another place. Please somebody there train your people in customer service and more doctors and better doctors. Hire only the best nice people you can find, it makes all the difference.

Lakecia Lane

Hello this is crazy I lost my only son April 2 2019 from type 1 diabetes. My son stay in the emergency room 40 mins next they said he need to go to I c u smdh my son last 2 days next thing I New he was gone they have me believing my son was going to wake up smdh he didn’t they gave him fentanyl , told me after he was far knock out I’m hurting bad my only son and I take care of people for a living and I love everyone why this happens they care more about the attraction of the hospital than people health this is sad y this have to be like this I’m from ny this wouldn’t of never happen I’m so sad but I’m ok I’m very strong

Osvaldo Mercuri

I had lower back surgery and the staff of the Peri-operative Team was great, caring, they were all amazing, Tamara Potter, Anna, Aisha, Sheila, Pat RN, Bennie CNA. The Hospital is modern and beautiful.

Marcia Hutter

I would argue that this is probably one of the worst hospitals you want to be in regarding administrative staff. It took two weeks to get my medical files sent to a doctor not associated with the hospital. Stamford Medical Group which is affiliated with the hospital took longer. There is no one that answers the phone in this hospital. Are they afraid of what a consumer would say? I have been trying to get in touch with the business office and all I get is an answering machine. One of my new rules is that I use no doctor associated with Stamford Hospital.

Brad Novak

Excellent caring staff.

Alex Ott

I’ve done three procedures at Stamford Hospital and one emergency visit over the past two years. In every visit, they have met and exceeded expectations. Everyone was pleasant and kind—docs were excellent. Facilities top notch.

Norma Riveiro

Stamford hospital labor and deliver I have to say I waS very very disappointed. When it come to baby’s Norwalk hospital is the place to go hands down. My daughter delivered her baby on Sunday she was there since Friday at 5cm. The following day they told her she was 8 and gave her and epidural. The doctor checked her and said I’m afraid she’s only 5. So now she has the epidural for nothing did not deliver til Sunday. Place did not look clean or comforting. Then I was waiting in the waiting room with my grandson and he yelled 2 times cause we where playing peek a boo when dr. K can’t temember her name threatend to call security on my 2 year old grandson. Horrible experience then after my daughter delivers they put her in a room. No one came and talked to her about the baby or nothing I had to call and b like hello is anyone going to bring milk for the baby or come and make sure my daughter is doing everything ok. Saturday was horrible nobody smiled everybody looked miserable not friendly at all we did not feel welcomed there. Sunday staff was much better. Only one I like was nurse Ellen she’s the best. But if you want to have good care I recommend Norwalk hospital when it comes to baby’s. My opinion never ever again will I step foot in the labor and delivery

Jan Kardys

A doctor punctured my colon and sent me into two different hospital. First Danbury Hospital which as mildly ok but STAMFORD was for 2 /2 weeks in Jan-February and I got great care, found a wonderful surgeon, Dr. Neeta Chaudhary who handled and perform surgery on me on Sept 8th to correct the emergency surgery from Danbury Hospital. It was a complex surgery and she did an amazing job. The hospital care was amazing from all the nurses, IV nurse, registration, to the operating room staff. I highly recommend this hospital. My only concern was that the food served to patients wasn't so great. I will suggest they spend money improving it. Thanks again Stamford Hospital. Love you! Jan Kardys, Chairman, Unicorn Writers' Conference, President, Unicorn for Writers

Christine Wayne

Stamford Hospital saved my life. Had I been in NYC that day, had I been in Westchester, I don't believe I'd still be here... On December 15, 2016 I called 911 from my Stamford (Harbor Point) apartment. Less than an hour later, I went into cardiac arrest -- just as my ambulance was pulling up to the ER at Stamford Health. It was all hands on deck; the most magical team of the right people in the right place at the right time. My heart stopped 4 times. And they never gave up on me... I woke up that next morning in the ICU, tethered to wires and breathing tubes, in utter disbelief that this was MY story. But I remember all too clearly being in that ER... Gasping for air as my heart was shocked once more. They didn't give up... I often think about "the minutes" and what if I was somewhere else that day... And I quickly have to steer myself back to that hospital room... Where I looked out over the water... Where the food was actually quite good... Where the room was clean, modern, comfortable... My friends laugh: "Only you would end up in a hospital that looks + feels like a hotel." It's true. How'd I get so lucky? #grateful #iheartadventure

Ray Rojas

Great place would love to work there!!!

Eugene geltser

Barely stuffed, not professional, pretty facility but dismal quality or care and doctors

Darin Rupinski

Parking a bit confusing but the hospital is very nice

Steven Andrews

After telling nurses wife cant breathe laying flat and has 3 compression fractures in her spine so taking a deep breath is extremely painful and triggers a panic attack....nurses lay her flat then yell " calm down take a deep breath" Do they NOT understand english? I was medic qualified in the military. I tell them her condition, had one nurse say..." You're not a nurse , you dont know anything" oh ...but I do and more than the nurse knows. Then after respitory was ordered to give 4 breathing treatments a day, a short asian nurse said " you no get those cause you have bipap" when told they were ordered she said " no" That right there is lack of care and a huge lawsuit waiting to happen. All week i would go out to our car and back in. No issues. Today a security rudely just pointed at me then pointed to a desk. Yelled " you must sign in" when I said i have been here all week and nobody said anything... The lady at the desk said " its not YOUR fault security should've said something before" So security makes a mistake then tries to order me around like he thought he was a real cop and I was a criminal. Im former military. I don't play that way. If someone is rude to me once....then nobody in that department better expect nice from me ever. I can't help he made a mistake and/ or couldn't get into police work , so he had to be a rent a cop to get psuedo power to try and order people around. But he can take his power trip elsewhere.

Eric Deda

Family member had surgery at the Tully Center and the experience couldn't have been any better. The registration staff and the pre-op nurses were wonderful; surgery went well as well. Loved this place.

Manisha Gupta

One star purely driven by cost (the experience was a 4 because the nurses are so great). They will rob you - this place is so insanely expensive! I get that prices are high, then insurance steps in. But when you start with such a high base cost even insurance can't help that much. I had my baby here and JUST for the baby nursery the charges are $1400/night (to place my baby in a plastic box and swaddle her). It's insane that they are allowed to charge so much. I wish I knew how expensive this hospital was so I could go back and select another one.

Thomas Jacob

Hi,I only worked there 1 month,it is worse place to work,I don,t recommend anybody to there work.Especially in pharmacy.thanks


My husband was on the 10th floor and the entire staff was absolutely amazing.

Elizabeth Rangel

I had a medical emergency for which immediate surgical intervention was required. I had the most wonderful experience. The doctors, nurses and support staff were amazing. The facility is also beautiful.

Cyril de Valry

NOT A SINGLE FREE PARKING SPACE! The biggest mistake Stamford has ever made! Doctors are doctors but this new hospital has completely lost the human touch and makes it all feel about profit. I felt like a number, not like a human. Very creepy experience.

Anthony Jaffe

The Whole team, from the initial registration, to all the nurses, Receptionists, were amazing, Thanks Anna and Lisa

Charles Guerrero

Great hospital. Staff was so friendly, and kept us informed the entire time we were there. They are so welcoming of family members staying with their loved ones, and the rooms are AMAZING. All inpatient rooms are singles. Everything is new and clean. Lots of parking. Best hospital experience ever.

Frances Becker

I had a colonoscopy several weeks ago. I have to say from the minute I arrived, until discharge, the care and concern from all of the staff was impressive. They were cordial, caring and efficient. A special shout out to my physician-Dr. Dettmer. Thanks to you all.

William Anderson

It's unbelievable how unbelievable the staff is here. God Bless them!!!

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