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REVIEWS OF St. Mary's General Hospital IN Connecticut

Tom Linker

Awesome experience. My nurse and doctor were both very nice and I was given a diagnosis within 3 hours of arrival.

The Coffee Guy

One star is too much for this hospital, it was horrible and in Northern Jersey the worse Hospital. Please think twice and go to Hackensack University Medical Center, they are actually 5 stars. Please note, they do not honor the name of the original St Marys Hospital. These people have the same low class service as general hospital, it is disgusting. Dirty bathrooms, and they dont even walk the patients out anymore. Do not go to this hospital please,


If you're planning to just give up in life or your love one's, bring them here.

Maritza torres

DISGUSTING THEY DO NOT CARE MY DAUGHTER HAD A SEIZURE 2 weeks ago and they made me feel like I over reacted and it was nothing wrong with her even the paramedics never again I will risk it and drive 110 to Hackensack I took her to Hackensack and she was left for observation for 2 days they were furious that st Mary’s didn’t transfer us to another hospital

Lusso Bar

This place a joke some of the nurse are very good and actually care. It seems more like the administration does not care. DR PORTER is a rude and disgusting human being. My mother needed to get the oxygen mask off he was sitting at the desk I went up to him ask him a question he did not even acknowledge me so I said hello do you see me talking to you, his response was I am busy and I am not her doctor. He got nastier and told the nurse call security and get this guy out of here.( The nurse did not because they knew he was wrong) when i ask for his name he took his badge off and put it 2 inches from my face , then he actually got up out of his chair and approached me yelling in the doorway of the room. Actually causing my mother extra stress that she does not need. SO MR PORTER YOU ARE A VERY DIGUSTING PERSON AND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF WHAT YOU DID TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanessa Gutierrez

Our emergency experience was made even more difficult with the customer service here. We were rushed and felt unattended. Dr. Greenberg failed in being sensitive & patient to our questions, and the nurses as well. We ended up having to go to our primary doctor two days later & my moms health was improved there. Next time I'd rather wait 2 hours at St. Josephs.

aaniyah morales

Worst hospital ever. Thats all you need to know.

Angelica Fernandez

This is the worst hospital EVER! I went in for dizziness and shortness of breath when I was 5 months pregnant. They placed me in a wheelchair because I was weak. Then the stupid idiot ER Nurse called me in and asked if I can walk I said yes but I am weak and she angrily wheeled me in like a bat out of hell!!!! Everyone was too busy and inattentive. I will never go back to that hospital. The worse I don't even understand how they are still operating????

S Rana

The worst hospital!!STAY grandmother speaks no English so I wanted to stay over with her but the nurse on the 5th floor would not let me stay over because I was not a female. I spoke to the supervisor and the supervisor said it was ok for me to stay. Then 10 mins later 2 security guards come and kick me out. The nurse then fakes a call and pretends she's talking to the supervisor and confirms we cannot stay. This place is a joke! She actually faked a call, what kind of professional does that?DO NOT bring your family to this hospital.

maher mustafa

If you want go to Saint Mary's hospital don't just because there are untrained professionals that don't know what they're doing. I went there in severe pain after sitting in the ER for 4 hours the doctor at Saint Mary's gave ibuprofen and antibiotics then sent me on my way due to infection. The next day still in severe pain I went to Saint Joseph hospital in Paterson the give me blood tests, check my heart and gave me a cat scan and now I am waiting to have surgery on my infection cause a could got a lot worse. If you wanna go to Saint Mary's just to get medication then go but if you wanna get treated go anywhere else but there.

Ronald Carestia

The worst place they have mold in the rooms where the patient stays in the bathrooms

Yesenia Arcay

They should close

rich k

Thank you to awesome staff, front desk outstanding, my nurse best ever, Dr koo was professional and caring. Thank you again, I was treated for allergic reaction, feeling better

Bogdan M

I just was treated there for a knee surgery. I was well treated in an Emergency Room. Later upon admission I had some difficulty with getting the Nurse to help (were they understaffed?) with pain or even with fixing a dressing.

Facundo Rodriguez

If u break your leg they will just give u some aspirin and some gauze so just go to st josephs

jennifer jefferson

prettiest hospital!!

Jacob Gonzalez

You will most likely die if you come to this hospital for treatment. The most ghetto unprofessional staff ever. Very long wait times. Do not give your insurance money to this ghetto hospital.

Delmi Flores

Miguel Arias

(Translated by Google) The most horrible hospital in 2016 my wife went there with Dolores de parto it turns out that she was told she was not in time to give birth and that she was discharged and being 2 hours in the house at the weight breaking source unfortunately we had to return to that horrible hospital and that's not all his doctor could not get on time it turns out that my wife did not give your attention to any doctor gave birth alone without enetecias (Original) El hospital más horrible en el 2016 mi esposa fue allí con Dolores de parto resulta que le dijeron que no estaba a tiempo para dar a luz le dieron de alta y estando 2 horas en la casa en peso romper fuente por desgracia tuvimos que regresar a ese horrible hospital y eso no es todo su médico no pudo llegar a tiempo resulta que mi esposa no tu vo atención de ningún medico dio a luz solita sin enetecias

John D Arch

The best hospital in Northern New Jersey.

2dope 4ya

Went to the er in and out

Santiago Gómez Martínez

anyelo ramirez

Don't even go here

Sally Nordyke

Rooms are gross and staff don’t introduce themselves. They are so understaffed that you have to wait forever. Very disappointed

Claudia Miller

Matthew 23:27 It was a great Hospital founded and managed by Catholic nuns. Now St.Mary's Hospital has become WHITEWASHED TOMB. As its said in the Bible Mathew 23:27 its a whitewashed tomb, beautiful outside and filled with dead people's bones and all sorts of impurity. People of Passaic expected California Company Prime will CLEAN this WHITEWASHED TOMB. But Prime did not do anything and allowed CEO and COO of this hospital to continue keeping this hospital as Whitewashed Tomb with their Empire. Prime Healthcare knows nothing about the reality inside this hospital. Administration keeps this dirty tomb whitewashed and pretty outside to them. May God Bless St.Mary's Hospital. The Worst Hospital Administration ever. For this Hospital to move ahead, A New Administration should be brought by California Company Prime Healthcare Services.

Tammy Sarai

I don't have any complains. I'm a people person and I tend to get along with everyone. On both my stays I was treated well and nurses were attentive. I am a long time resident of Passaic and I will continue to support the only hospital we have.

Yenifelrrglll Moya

Worst hospital ever the security guards in the entrance are so rude and labor and delivery don't let visitor in not even the family that's crazy.First and last time there they don't care about their patients.

christian estremera

Not worth it rude n takes 4eva I live in passaic n I hate it there quality sucks rude as people not worth it

Christine Kim Henckel

ER staff was so pleasant from the security guard to the medical staff. Explained every step of the process. My mom had a diagnosis, meds, multiple tests and her own room within a few hours.

oscar A

My first baby was born here and my second in the way also he gonna be born here. 100% honesty no matter which store or hospital or place we search theirs always gonna be negative reviews and all. People are friendly in the labor and delivery and if you see them with faces is because they get tired and exhausted also. So besides judging try starting a conversation.

Jon Cruz

They make you suffer in here , nurses are clueless to updates , food is jail food

Ed P

Naya Lopez

They don't know what they're doing. Over night nurse lazy, ignore callings for help, give medication late, don't care to feed you and more. I can go on for days. That is tge worse hospital I've ever went to.

Hadi Tala

The worst hospital in north jersey. Labor rooms are frozen with no heat at all, and every time you ask the staff why the heat is not on they will give you stupid answers. Most of the staff is Unqualified and rude, especially the night shift. Do not go there.

Yuriy Yatsenko

Stay off emergency room unless you are dying...

Diễm Nguyễn

It is ridiculously hard to make payment. Called so many times and often got a voicemail. I do not have time to keep calling and calling to make payments.

John alasfar

need more improvement

Michelle Barella

Visited the ER on August 31, 2017. This was my second visit to the ER. I did not have a pleasant experience on either occasion. Obviously, if I had a choice, I would go to another ER. Most of the staff is rude and defensive when you ask them questions. I was in the ER for at least 4 hours and was NOT checked on at all this last visit, not even to offer me a cup of water although I was on meds that made me dehydrated. I really hope I don't have to go here again. There was one ER nurse, Keisha, that was pleasant. If you can, go somewhere else.

Evon Petruchkowich

My Mother was taken there from her doctors office 2 years ago this november ( I still have problems taking about it ). They had to do an emergency tracheotomy because her thyroid had blown up and was chocking her. That's all they had to do..... She didn't make it.....Bled to death in recovery.........They get one star because SOME of the staff were nice but that's the only reason. My heart is still very broken....

vanessa rodriguez

I went there August of 2018 due to heatstroke. I was vomiting and shaking. They left me in the emergency room for hours without a doctor coming to check on me. My husband took me home when it was clear that they were not going to attend to …

Me Senior

To the complainers. This is a hospitall that opens its doors to all. In an urban setting you have to expect a huge amount of indigent patients (to those who don't know, those that do not pay) Look at Obama Care, a huge failure. Huge deductibles and high premiums. Only those getting it for free love it. The hospital is overwhelmed. Give them a break. They are lucky to cover the salaries of those harried employees that fail to wipe your asses hourly. Stop bitching or the next hospital will be in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's basement.

Javier Bermejo

Good place

Natasha Nichols

I’ve never experienced such a professional setting the nurses are very nice even if your difficult to deal with they have a lot of patience if I ever had to be under any care it would be here

Honorio Mayhua

Victor Ramirez

Staff was very rude in the emergency room.

ocean moonlight

(Translated by Google) It is something incredible that your having a hospitalized hospital by a surgery do not let you see it because they are prohibited from entering children in other words you can not see your family so I think my way of seeing or thinking is something too ridiculous my son and a grandson can not see his family by this rule all you grintan that if you can not read or saw the sign at the reception when hours before we could enter a while and see it before your surgery (Original) Es algo incredible que tu teniendo un familar hospitalizado por una cirugia no te dejen entrar a verla porque tienen prohibido la entra a los niños en otras palabras no puedes ver a tu familiar por eso creo en mi forma de ver o pensar es algo demasiado ridiculo que mi un hijo y un nieto no pueda ver su familiar por esta regla todo te grintan que si no sabes leer o viste el letrero en la reception cuando horas antes podimos ingresar un rato y verla antes de su cirugia


Worst hospital with no hospitality.

Crystal Mapes

Vandana Patel

Zev Zoldan

Great professional and caring staff. The doctors are solid and very efficient.

charlene bullock

All I can say is My first time ever.was so pleasant. Waiting for my dad to get a procedure.I was falling asleep A staff member said go get in the recliner.n offered me a blanket.I said I'm not a patient we both

Bob Arlotta

Was very impresses in the service /knowledge and cleanliness of this facility.

Sasha Daniel

My boyfriend came in on a Saturday night the 9th of March, and they saw us immediately, everyone was soo nice the nurse in the ER and the medical student and well as both ER attending MDs, they were great! We ended up having to stay for a couple of nights and they let me stay with him and gave me a blanket and pillows too. They answered all my questions and then some cause I’m a nursing student and like to pick brains. This was a good experience! They were open and straightforward as well. We were never left in the dark.

Mustafa Namoura

Lina Acosta

I was going to email St. Mary's directly however it appears they do not have a contact us email address. So here it goes. A hospital should provide quality care and service not bad attitudes and undesirable waiting areas. I took my mother over the weekend for an imaging service and I was displeased with the lack of professionalism of their staff. First the information desk was a joke, bad attitude all around. Then we proceeded to the archaic, one-room outpatient registration system. There were people waiting before we got to the room and somehow they were skipped over (e.g., a young pregnant lady waiting for over an hour) and my mom was taken care of. Nonetheless this doesn't excuse the registration lady for her lack of professionalism. She was extremely bothered that she had to do her job (AKA update the patient's information in their system). Sorry lady, if you don't like working weekends then find another job. Furthermore, my father pointed out that the drinking water fountain had mildew stains on it and when he mentioned it to a staff member they disregarded him. YUCK!!! I understand that times are rough, especially financially, for hospitals in underserved communities but the new hospital system that had to jump through hoops to acquire St. Marys, should provide professional development and service oriented training to their staff.

Stanley Salek

It was spent in the Hospital Room.

Ghizlane Elmawardy

I had a surgery in it last week I felt like im in 3rd word country and not in America, very dirty and the nurses are very rude and barely speak English. shame ans shame to have this hospital open in one of the richest state in America

Angela Abudeye

Shame on

Itza Sanz

(Translated by Google) Very good attention (Original) Muy buena atención

Abdullah Sheikh

Some of the staff members working the are very rude. I was a visitor there and they treated me like as if I can't visit my family.

stefano minaya

Came here for a foot surgery at 11am got treated well by the friendly staff and got out just fine, hospital is clean no complaints

Jeff Fellows

Whatever you do, do not go to St. Mary's Hospital of Passaic. I wouldn't know where to begin to describe the issues with the hospital, but I will try. 1. Poor Customer Service - The staff is unfriendly and generally rude. It felt like I was an inconvenience trying to get assistance from someone. The overall environment was unfriendly and gloomy, with few smiles to greet you as you walk the hallways. 2. Poor, obsolete and outdated equipment - They work with machines my grandmother learned nursing on. Everything in the hospital looks decrepit and outdated. Even my doctor complained to me about the lack of good equipment, which did not ease my nerves. 3. Poor management - While there, I read some flyers on the pending sale of the hospital. I Googled some articles and read what a mess St. Mary's really is. And I blame the Administration and state government for letting them continue to operate in the manner they did. They cost NJ tax payers millions of dollars, which we will not see returned. The entire Administration of the hospital should be replaced because it was there responsibility to manage it, which they did;they ran it into the ground. Reading any article on the hospital can tell you what kind of idiots run the place. In addition, most of there doctors are not board certified. 4. Better hospital choices locally - I would recommend St Josephs of Paterson over St. Mary's any day. I would rather perform surgery on myself then to be treated by anyone at St Marys ever again. I think I will leave it at that, you can Google St Marys to see for yourself what a mess of a hospital it is. The entire staff and church organization that runs it should be ashamed. You're doing God's work, and by that I mean taking advantage of the non-profit tax status and looking for handouts to support you. EDIT - In response to Lisa, if I worked for the hospital I might have been treated better too. Your point is invalid as it is a conflict of interest. You think the baker gets the old bread at the end of his day or the freshest loaf??

xiao li

I don't care about the other reviews.The other reviews are missing key factor that the hospital provides likes.

Tammy Schirrmacher

This is the worst hospital ive ever been to. Not only are the nurses are rude and dont tend to the patients needs but the hospital does not provide toiletries to shower no towels no soap ect ect. and than when you complain they switch the script and lie about what occurred. The 6th floor which is surgery and infectious disease patients on the floor in 70 degree heat. It was so hot we needed a fan. Than when the nurse finally does come she justifys why shes not doinggher job and has security escort you out. My worst experience ever.

Mariam Rafat

It doesn't even deserve one star. I had a c section on march 2017. The first nurse we met was very bad and she was not helpful at all she was treating us with attitude. The Anastasia doctor was not professional at all he had to poke me twice and the first time he told there was fluid came out of my back. But the nurses I met after that they were very helpful and nice

Next you'll say,

If you ever come to this hospital, prepare to sign your death will. Some doctors are okay, but the staff are very rude, most nurses are basically useless, and the hospital is falling apart. Most of the positive reviews are just fake accounts. This hospital needs to improve. Until then, I recommend the other nearest hospital like St Josephs or Hackensack Medical Center

Stanley Bernabe

If i could give 0 Stars i WOULD !! 5 Hours of my life wasted 3 Hours in the emergency waiting room. Then was placed in a room for 2 hours which not even a nurse or doctor stepped foot in... WORST HOSPITAL EVER !! Point Blank !!

Laura Belton

Had surgery on 8-1-19,,Nurse Dora Sharpe,,A true wonderful Blessing,Asset to St Marys,,,May she continue to be Blessed,,So kind,loving Professional

Amaury Pena

Waited for 45 minutes in the E.R. with only two other people waiting there and my foot bleeding nonstop. When the nurse came outside they called me and then had me sit back down because they mixed up my paperwork with someone else's. Some of the people at this hospital in the E.R. specifically play too many games and are far from professional. Was there for a toe bone fracture and laceration all they did was clean up the wound, take an X-Ray, buddy taped the toe, prescribe me pain medication and antibiotics then told me to go see a foot doctor.!? Really! They could't just give me a good analysis and just handle everything there? I also got a shot & the guy complained when I asked for a bandage saying "its just a small amount of blood". The guy planned on the leaving my shoulder bleeding I had to actually ask for a bandage and when I did it took him 5-10mins just to find one. IN MY OPINION SOME OF THESE PEOPLE ONLY CARE ABOUT GETTING PATIENTS IN AND OUT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!! That's sad...


Poor customer service, and the staff is very rude. We called the front desk for information about who we can speak to about getting x rays done, she transferred us immediatly to the x Ray department without even letting us finish what we had to say and no one answered. So we called back and the same lady answered and she yelled at us telling us basically to stop calling here because this is the E.R. Department and we told her that no one picked up in the x Ray department so she just gave us the number very rudely and hung up. So we called the x Ray department and the lady that picked up sounded like she had a bad hang over and wouldn't even let us finish our sentences and kept interrupting us! They were very unhelpful and very unprofessional! Customer service is everything, and they without a doubt need a new morning staff, period. If I could give a lower rate then one star, I would.

Adan Solis


Diana Lopez

Excellent at labor and delivery nurses do team work excellent doctor Pallimulla, post partum excellent nurses well knowledge their job, nice, sweet, make you feel like home with special person next to you. Thank you very much for the great attention.

Denise A.K.A Belly

Khokha ARABI

kamani tuma

The worst Hospital That I ever saw in my life..

Stephanie Marsh

Anywhere but here. St. Mary's belongs in a third-world country, not the U.S. The ER was filthy (on a slow night). I was put in a room that reeked of urine, with another patient's bloodied gauze and such piled on the bed where I was supposed to sit. Used gloves and things were piled on the edge of the sink. The equipment looked decades old. The intake nurse barely spoke English, and all of the staff seemed to be in a daze - no one was in a hurry or seemed to have any interest in doing their job. The discharge nurse, when I mentioned that the room needed the bloodied gauze to be cleared away, didn't seem to care. The doctor was an arrogant fool -- he decided not to believe what I said about my injury. He never asked any questions and never looked at my wound other than a glance from where he was standing in the doorway. The next day I found out that the wound was actually worse than I'd thought. I'm seeing a competent doctor elsewhere, and I will NEVER set foot in St. Mary's again.

Nancy Ruys

My first ever 1 star review. I was brought here by ambulance from my job due to head injury on 5/31 about 8:20 am. They had only a few patients in ER. First complaint is that the Dr said do not take off cgm and insulin pump for CT scan. My …

Jackie Stevens

I had tests done and along with my bill was a charge for some "take home slippers" that I never took home or remember getting but I have to pay the bill of $22 for what I found out was supposed to be some slippers made of handi-wipe material. What a rip off.

Fabioney Paula

Jose Reyes

(Translated by Google) Worst (Original) Lo peor

Tanya Caparotta

I will never ever go to Saint Marys I hate it there its horrible

geovanny gallego

(Translated by Google) The people in the lobby treated me excellent. But after going to review the pessimistic attention we were waiting for many hours to assist me, the doctor did not check me as it should. Entering running diagnosed me without checking me out and after another few hours they realized that they should take me to an exam and had forgotten. And after signing up, I had to wait a long time to have my IV removed. I would not go back to that hospital, attention is fatal. (Original) Las personas en el lobby me trataron excelente. Pero después de entrar a revisión la atención pesima estuvimos muchas horas esperando para que me asistieran, la doctora no me revisó como se debe. Entro corriendo me diagnosticó sin revisarme y después de otras cuantas horas se dieron cuenta que debían llevarme a un examen y lo habían olvidado. Y después de darme de alta igual me tocó esperar mucho rato para que me quitaran el IV. No volvería a ese hospital la atención es fatal.

Bruce Mota

wish i can rate it a zero these ppl need to go back to school and learn professionalism !!!

Rossi Rodriguez

Excellent services ,Good doctors and nurses.

Alvin Contreras

Avoid the ER if you can. My aunt was brought in with symptoms of a stroke only to be shortly discharged by the staff at St Mary's as they could not find anything wrong with her. Upon going to see her I quickly noticed the drooping on one side of her mouth and her inability to use one of her hands. We ended up rushing her up to Chilton where she was immediately diagnosed with having a stroke. Do yourselves a favor and avoid this place as it's obvious the quality of their services is comparable to that of a 3rd world country.

Blerina Zeko

ob has really good nurses but the environment was dirty

Milton Figueroa

Took my daughter to the ER today (Sunday afternoon) and from the moment we walked in, the staff was wonderful. We checked in with security, then met with several nurses, an x-ray tech and finally a P.A.. They all showed compassion and were true professionals. Thank you all for being so kind to my daughter.

Jesus Henriquez

This hospital sucks . They will let you die . They are so slow and they will not attend you. The rooms and bathrooms are dirty and the staff are very rude to the patients.

Weronika Blas

Worst er expierence EVER !!!!! My grandmother came in with excruciating pain , didnt get seen for about 3 hours !!!!

Carlos Rosario

very good Hospital been going there 4 years now find everything good about the hospital


If I could give this hospital 0 stars I would a million times I've been waiting for a doctor for two hours and the nurse has a attitude and also won't get off her phone the hospital looks unsanitary unprofessional if your having an emergency don't come here at all

Sarah Sedlacik

Wow. So this was my 1st experience with the ER happened just yesterday. I called the hospital and asked if they had a psych ward floor in the hospital for my partner, they replied yes. MY PARTNER HAD A PSYCHOTIC BREAK AND THEY TREATED NOTHING AND JUST SENT HIM HOME I was also experiencing severe symptoms from a kidney infection, so i checked in... 2 hour wait before triage. Nurse in triage not so friendly. So you are handed a cup in triage, you go into ER bathroom give urine sample then hold it and sit in a line of chairs waiting more to be randomly pointed at and led to a bed. well i didnt get a bed. I got a chair in a room with 4 other chairs. Nurse takes me urine. Doctor spends 2 minutes in the room. Coughing up blood, horrible back pain, black urine and fever were my primary complaints. She tells me to bend over.. Punches my kidneys then leaves and says shes gonna go find out if im pregnant. Comes back in with tylenol and tells me I have a UTI and sends me home. The wait was 4 hours i was in room 15 minutes. So yeah, i didnt put on a gown, no IV, no bloodwork, no pain meds . NO TESTS. This woman looked at my face and said, "you have a UTI" and sent me home. Its taken me all day to type this review because im so sleepy. Most likely going ti another ER, meds arent working. So I dont recommend you waste your time here. Even horrible saint Joes and Chilton is better.


Great Hospital Good Services

leini Gregorio

El peor hospital que e visitado en mi vida aparte que es asqueroso, el doctor que atendió mi bebe fue un grosero.

Maria M

Very Professional staff. Informative and compassionate personnel. Facilities are very clean and appointments for same day procedures are punctual. Overall I had a great experience. Will defenetly recommend this hospital for your health needs.

modenesi gluten free

2 hours and 30 minutes just for see the temperature and weight . . After 3 hours we choose to can get another hospital. . Really useful

George Sanchez

Bad vibes, no professionalism, extremely disorganized. Do yourself a favor and save yourself or someone's life go somewhere else.

Susanne Abitbol

If you are a local to the area, consider yourself lucky to be close to St Mary's Hospital. We have many options around us but the one place I consistently have had a great experience is here. I recently came in with what I thought was a stroke. The urgent care I received and the careful attention to everything I felt was impressive. No stone was left unturned and I was only released once we confirmed I had a clean bill of health and was to just follow up with my primary care Dr. I have also had the 'unfortunate' good fortune of dealing with the pediatric dr on staff one day when my little one split his lip. We were moved right through in a way that put both me and my child at ease. So to the staff at St Mary's I say... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Chrissy Hilda

One star is far to kind for this death trap. Last year grandma was in for kidney stones and other complications. She was mistreated and barely escaped death. They do not care at all and they will literally watch you die. The staff is rude and inattentive. The place is dirty and disgusting. All of these so called positive reviews are lies from either current employees or their family members. Any doctor affiliated with this hospital should have their license revoked because they clearly are not eqipped to care for human life. DO NOT GO HERE. I WOULD RATHER RISK DEATH TO DRIVE TO A HOSPITAL FURTHER AWAY.


If I could give zero (or even negative) stars, I would. I stayed in their pathetic excuse for an adolescent residential recently for nearly 7 months. Over that course of time, my mental health had declined significantly (not that they cared whatsoever). Staff had no experience, and were completely incompetent. The quality of the therapy there (group and individual) was horrible, and the entire stay was a complete waste of time. I made it very clear to them that I was extremely unsatisfied with the quality of their treatment and their living arrangements. While I was there, the fridge broke and it took them a whole 3 weeks to fix. Not to mention, multiple people were sick or injured and did not receive proper medical care. This place doesn’t care about their clients, only money. If you’re searching for a residential I’d highly recommend steering clear of this one.

Andre Velez

In the Summer I had a accident in my eye.So my friend rush me in the Emergeny room in the hospital and the care was outstanding.First they Steched the Scared I had Then they tolded me to come back in a week I came back the doctor took out the steches and they told me want to do. overall my Exprerences is 5 Stars

Sol Deleon

Came in at 4 am for stitches got actually taken care at 8:00 am no vitals no pain killers just sitting in a waiting room worst ER ever gosh

Rafael Quinonez


Christopher McAlley

PAY ATTENTION TO BILLING!!!! This hospital is a rip off, the have a billing company that works with them called Allegiance. I received a call stating I owed a co-pay, after paying via credit card over the phone, was told they will send a receipt. I received a bill instead... Nothing was listed on my statement yet, so I mailed in a check. Checking my statement I see they took both payments for $100 a piece. 2+ months of calling and still no refund, I live 15 minutes away yet it takes three weeks to receive a check? I was told, because my last payment was by check they CANT refund using my card, which of course is immediate. Hospitals, and billing dept can harass patients and threaten them all the time... If I dont receive my money, I am calling channel 4 to have them see why it take 3 months to send a refund. DONT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL

Surayo Sullivan

Worst experience ever, ER stuff is not good, nurses not paying attention, doctor was rude, they want to discharge my husband without taking care symptoms, when I was explaining that he just had enother episode of same symptoms - dizzy, cold sweats shutting me of,

Elisa Rodriguez

I was told by my doctor I needed to receive iv. And from the moment I came into the hospital soo many red flags came up. 1. I had to go to patient registration and sat there for 15 min before anyone even showed up to take my information. 2. I was then sent to the labor and delivery floor where it was clear I should have been greeted by security but no one was there so I tapped on a window where I saw 2 nurses doing nothing but sitting on their phone, they sent someone out to me who told me I was in the wrong spot and gave me directions. 3. When I was finally in the right spot again no one was there and I had to again tap on a window to get someone's attention. Soon as she opened the door all she said was to her child can't be here rudely as if I wasn't aware she couldn't pass a certain point. Didn't ask for my papers or what I was there for. 4. Got to my room after 10 mind of waiting bc they claimed it had just been cleaned (which is didn't look like they had done anything but change the sheets) floor was VERY dirty as well as the bathroom shower. 5. Nurse ripped out ny earing while carelessly taking my temp. (Could hardly speak English and was very rude). Being that I had got there after my apt I hadn't had nothing to eat so I ask if diner was available, "kitchen closed no food till tomorrow" was her answer and she walked out. 6. I had a giant sLider crawling on my dresser right next to my bed which I had to get up and kill myself. And when I told the nurse when she came in she accused me of maybe it coming out of my stuff. When I made it clear it was impossible she looked at te dead spider and said "oh it's not that big" and left. (The dead spider is still on my floor) 7.Thank god after a shift change I asked a much nicer nurse who warned that she could find something for me to it but it would be nasty. She was nice enough to help me find some places to order from. 8. Its now morning I've been up since 530 and no one had brought a menu to the lunch area to order from. So I asked the morning shift nurse what was the process on trying to get breakfast and she said my doctor said I couldn't eat which is a lie bc he told me a head of time that I could. I'm just sooo fed up already. This all true without me being dramatic what's so ever I could go on forever but honestly it's too much to type. After being in this hospital it's making me reconsider my doc all together

Mario Troncarelli

I couldn't give this place a half or I'd prefer a ZERO star. My nephew was taken there tonight with a possible stroke, and they kept him in the waiting room. Heaven forbid anything happens, they won't know the WRATH of me!!! BTW, all the GOOD reviews on here are suspicious especially the random "Google User" who posted the EXACT same review one year apart from each other. Also the 5 star ratings are either relatives of Administration or of the company that owns this hospital. What other conclusion when 80% are 2 Star and below.

Susana O

Don't go to this hospital, They did a copy of my insurance card, and driver licenses for nothing, because from 2013 until now. I’m still resolving payments. I did several phone calls giving my insurance information but the communication in that hospital is terrible, and now I’m in collection.

Anna Maria

(Translated by Google) Very good service by the staff and very friendly. (Original) Muy buen servicio por el personal, y muy amables.

Damary Fernandez

The my favorite place

Victoria Mancuso

Food is terrable. 2nd night of no dinner. Staff is great,but food service is the worst.

Ken Weston

Emergency room visit was horrible. No care or concern is liked they are callous to people with medical injuries. I was not even seen by a doctor. She was a PA. Do yourself a favor and go to St Joseph in Paterson if you really want you be treated

Anugraha Grace Journey

This was the absolute worst hospital experience i have ever had. It's 10:30pm & I'm sitting in the lobby, waiting on my ride because i left against medical advice. I got a full abdominal hysterectomy, one of my fallopian tubes removed, & adhesions removed from my stomach. All i was given for pain after they literally ripped me inside out was motrin. The doctor said he would order my anxiety meds but never did. So not only am i in excruciating pain but i am constantly having panic attacks. I wouldn't come back to this place even if i was dying!!!!!!!!

Miguel Baez

The absolute worst ER I have ever come across! Not the slightest sense of urgency, nor are there designated healthcare providers for infants/ children. 5hrs of b/s...they were more concerned with the intoxicated pts rather then helping to move improving patients along. The hospital's upkeep is embarrassingly filthy and dated. Save yourself by not thinking twice about coming here!

Bill Giddins

The hospital has made great leaps forward. The physical plant has improved and the staff in nicer surroundings is nicer. Many of the Doctor;' have world class training. Great to see positive changes taking place at St. Mary's

geremi guerrero

Actually upgrade rooms way better than few years back love the staff

kell kg

Avoid going to this hospital, I was taken to ER due to a strong pain and throwing up non stop, the women in the front desk are rude and mean, rhey didnt wanna hear it. They do not empathize with the patients at all. Just told me to sit and fill out some papaerwork... After waiting for a long time with no one approaching to check on me. My family decided to take me to St Joseph hospital in Paterson, as soon as I got there i was checked by an ER doctor and sent to get surgery, it was an emergency. It was a Cyst, it could've ruptured, i could have died at st. Mary's waiting for a doctor... government should do something avout that hospital, change staff or close it down. What's the point of having such a bad hospital in the area?

Awilda Lopez

(Translated by Google) Very good treatment but I have a complaint I am from Puerto Rico and I went on vacation when I had the emergency that took us to the hospital. I asked that an invoice will be raised to proceed with the payment. When having the invoice in hand the phones are not taken care of and it does not have personnel that speak Spanish they hung up the telephone they passed me to extensions that nobody answers. In short it was a project to communicate to coordinate the payment. What a shame that a city with so much Hispanic population has so few resources for them. Something to improve on .... (Original) Muy buen trato pero tengo una queja Soy de Puerto Rico y fui de vacaciones cuando tuve la emergencia que nos llevó hasta el hospital. Pedí que se levantará una factura para proceder con el pago .Al tener la factura en mano los teléfonos no son atendidos y no tiene personal que hable español me colgaron el teléfono me pasaron a extensiones que nadie contesta. En fin fue todo un proyecto comunicarme para cordinar el pago. Que pena que sea una ciudad con tanta población hispana tengan tan pocos recursos para ellos. Algo en lo que deben mejorar....

Roberto V Lopez

I went to this place for a toothache after waiting 4 hours for doctor, they just give me Tylenol and told me that they don't take my insurance send me a very expensive bill, why you didn't say it be fore you charge me?

Linda Go

Honesty the staff is great and friendly , long wait in ER but it's the only hospital in the city

Andrea Luciano

Many were rude, no compassion ,worst experience, ER treated elderly ruff, not gentle at all. Didnt carry a certain med, so didnt give any for, 3 days, never came in to wash,never change water in picture, night staff is tbe worse, didnt answer bell, patient had to go to bathroom. If you dont like people, than please pick another career.

Elizabeth Montanez

Elijah & Derrell

Overnight ER service is horrible!!! We waited two hours for bloodwork and an IV. Four hours for a CT. Rude nurses

Tiffany Colfax


Kristin Leisentritt

This is the worst hospital ever. I was brought here by ambulance after insuring my ankle. Five years later I'm still trying to get the bill paid. The idiots keep putting me in collection. A lawyer is trying tout help me. My insurance is more than willing to pay the bill but they need the billing codes which this hospital refuses to give them despite my lawyer asking multiple times. Also the staff is incompetent. When I was there they tried to give me anti inflammatory medication multiple times after telling them I couldn't take them because I was having knee surgery the next day. Three times they tried to give me motrin and also a shot of an anti inflammatory. Stay away.

Fausto Garcia

We just had our second baby at St. Mery Hospital. Our experience is the best, we are still here and from the start till now we have a very good experience. Nurses are great, very friendly. I had my 1st baby at HackensackUMC and I can say that this hospital top it off. Thanks to all the nurses from L&D room 4 to Nursery room 406A. This staff deserves a 5 star review.

Susan DeLuca

I disagree with previous negative comments. Unfortunately I have been in their Emergency Room several times for my 90 year old mother. The staff couldn't have been more patient, kind, informative and friendly. The hospital itself, while somewhat dated, is very clean.

Alicja Bil

No parking. You have to request for priest. Sanitizers are not being used by nurses. Sanitizers are not automatic. Patient bathrooms and regular bathrooms are gross. Very very cold or too humid inside.

Karen Jarrett

From ER doctors and staff once I was admitted everyone I came in contact with was very nice and pleasant so I had a good stay

Shaina Giria

I am furious! My mother just went in to the hospital complaining of painful swelling in her entire leg. They took her bp which was 155/101 and I'm aware your BP can pic up because of pain. Now, the reason I am mad is that she clearly was in pain with high BP and you guys still sent her home stating it was chronic pain! No bw, no MRI, just a shot in her buttocks and sent her home within a half hour time span! Great way to just get rid of patients. GO TO ST JOSEPH'S IF YOU WANT PROPER CARE.

Abhishek Chaki

[Major issues with billing, and sends to collections too quickly without verification] I have just used hospital's emergency room service and care quality was good. My issue was too minor to provide feedback on care quality. Having said that, they are really disjointed in their billing operations. I started receiving flurries of mail about insurance denials (which was not a real issue). Moreover, I think this place successfully confused me by using different billing vendors and you would have no idea who are you paying and what your total bill is. Very ineffective and frustrating. If you call the hospital billing they are sometimes clueless about the total outstanding amount. If you have to resolve any dispute about billing with insurance, they won't wait for you. They will be too quick to send to collections. And rest is fun!

mohamed elmawardy

No good

Madeline Miranda-Santana

Been here since 4: 35 and got registed at 5:35 and still waiting for fast track . Its 7: 29 and am still waiting. This is awful and not acceptable.

Eduardo garcia


cynthia sciola


Karina Castillo

Took my mother to the ER for pain on her foot. Staff was kind until a nurse showed up. As they discharged us, I needed to get a wheelchair to help my mother in pain. (She couldn’t walk.) A nurse came up to us and told me that I “harassed” …

Kristen Barber

Sully Yildiz

If I could rate it 0 or below I would. The help desk is not helpful and often just directs you to the whatever department name you utter first, before you can describe whether or not it's the right one, THUS the reason you're at the help desk. The help desk doesn't know either when each department opens or closes, nor do these departments speak to you as if they actually want to help out- leaving you with more questions and bitter anger than what you came in for. Personally, they've made me wait three days now, missing three days of classes since each department is only open during my class hours, only to tell me I'll have to wait another day since nobody thought it'd be important to tell me what days their moronic staff is taking off-which brings me to my final point- they do not take their job seriously. Speaking with one of the staff from any department, anybody can tell they're just working to get paid and can't wait to leave once the clock hits 3:00 pm, not giving a rats ass about the next person to walk through the door. A simple problem I had that could've been solved within an hour has taken over 96 hours now, and the last 96 hours have been dreadfully stressful. If you can avoid coming here, just do it and don't waste your time.

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