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REVIEWS OF St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center IN Connecticut

Henry Ruh

So I bring my 1 month old for an ultrasound at 9am, they do the ultrasound and find out that he needs to have surgery to open up one of his tracks to his stomach and that they can do it right away so we stayed here instead of trying to find another hospital to go to which we should have just done, they tell us he’s going to have the surgery the next day between 8am and 9am and he can’t eat anything until it’s done ok that’s fine so the next day they wait until 10am to tell us it’s been pushed back to 2pm unless there’s another emergency in the meantime, still can’t eat until the surgery is done so We’re over 24hrs from the last bottle. So on top of all this bs one of the surgeons has the biggest attitude on the whole world if you ask her any questions. Everyone please stay away from this hospital unless you feel like flipping out and going to jail ps what kind of hospital doesn’t ask for id for any visitors

Nick N

Terrible experience with Human Resources specifically. I called on 2 occasions regarding the status of an Application. The first time, a woman hung on on me. The second time, she put me on hold to a gentleman who told me he was the one who posted the job and I should "pump my brakes" when I only called to check if anybody had viewed my application. Both had a false sense of grandeur, and were extremely rude; made me reconsider wanting to work there.

Heidi Mugrauer

I was in the hospital Tuesday June 11th and June 12th first in the tower critical care room 206, where I had extraordinary care,they were fantastic,totally amazing all of them,and especially a woman named Regina she was fabulous took excellent care of me I'm grateful to all of them. I then went to the fifth floor room 565 the nurses and staff were terrific,so nice it was a great experience to have such great care I was there till Wednesday evening then went home I'm grateful to the hospital and staff thank you Heidi Mugrauer

jose a. bonilla

Bad emergency service take so long time to serve people.

Mariana Metry

People there are so mean. They do not respect the patient, do not smile at all. The worst hospital i have ever seen

Mr Fox

Never come here, stupid and not effective stuff

Joseph Cruz

Always have had a good experience. Been here for emergency room and labor and delivery for my wife. Never had a bad experience. The staff in my opinion have been professional.

Kaushika Patel

Staff is very attentive and all the nurses are doing their job with a smile and they truly care. Thank you.


The worst hospital ever please do not go there, they don’t care about their patient very unprofessional I almost have my baby in the hallway , I was crying like crazy no body listen to my I was 7 centimeters and they told me there is no room available for me I was unable to leave the hospital they didn’t allow me to do it I almost have my baby without epidural. A lot of doctor practice doing their Exeter ship before graduation with my newborn baby traying to take his blood no one ask me if they can do it . They put me in a room after moving me 2 time with another woman in the same room she had c-section she was crying all night my baby and I couldn’t sleep at all . No sofa for my husband to stay. They leave me my breakfast, lunch , dinner dirty plates in the room all day really bad smell. I wish I can rate this hospital with 0 I feel frustrated that was my first baby experience also nurse are nasty and very rude .

Darlin Heredia

they make wait for ever. The doctors usually don't check you at all, they act based on guessing. The point is that the hospital sucks, the charge you with more money that they are supposed to. My insurance card have the rate of copay for each visit, even though they charge me 28 bucks over the real price.

Joan Standora

I had a great experience in orthopedics when I had knee replacement surgery. Good care and quality staff.

Stephanie Restrepo

This is the worst hospital ever I don’t recommend it at all I had a terrible experience the nurses are unprofessional and they overdosed me with antibiotics which affected my kidneys.

mel o.

They don't deserve even 1 star. Apparently their billing department doesn't know what the hell they are doing. My husband went to the emergency room and our insurance covers that, yet they billed us stating it was a routine and tried to charge us $2000. Our insurance eventually straightened it out with them but they harassed us too many times for a mistake on their end. I guess shouldn't be surprised from a hospital located in paterson. I had given birth in hackensack and was not charged a penny for having a baby. Go anywhere but st joseph's. Clearly who ever works in the billing department didn't get any training or just trying to be a crook

Taylor N

FANTASTIC NURSES! Yet this hospital is all about $! It's in a poverty stricken town but they want you to pay to park 5$ a hour, 6$ for A DAY for TV, & 7$ A DAY if they want to call you! It's crazy! Don't the medical bills pay enough! What if you don't have $! You can't go see a family member who's sick?! CRAZY JUST CRAZY

Manish Chinche

Expensive as compare to other hospitals. Staff were good and professional. Rooms and food were ok. Difficult to get good vegetarian food.

Cassandra Willis

My husband was taken here 3 months ago after a truck accident. Emergency room and the ICU unit, GOD BLESS YOU...they get 5 stars....But when he went on the regular floor...OH MY!...In general it was ok..just had a problem with an nursing assistant the very first time I was there...if I talk to a family member the way she talked to me..I would be on the unemployment line..

Anais Martinez

The wait : non-existent ! I was in a exam room within 15 minutes . The staff was professional , the rooms also have TV if that helps . Very clean . The doctor took note and acknowledged that some preexisting issues have made my injury unique . She understood completely , and didn't belittle me when explaining myself . Ran some physical tests and after a few weird clicks and pops I was off to the X-ray . That was done quickly, they provided me a disc with the X-rays, reviewed it themselves and also asked me to wait so they can get a second opinion from a radiologist . She gave me an ETA of when I should be better , and also gave me clear steps on healing , and following up with my primary Doctor and specialist . A+ for all this . I was in an out within 45 minutes with a note and all the details I needed to investigate further ( which is what an emergency room would've done for 8x the price and 4x the wait) They also called me a few days later to see how I was doing and if I needed anything ! I'll definitely consider this place for any urgent needs that aren't too serious and simple . Thanks again ! Some of the reviews here are fake!

Jacqueline Hargrove

My fiance and I got to the ER at 9pm. We were there because he had severe kidney pain and blood when urinating. There was about 30 people there waiting when we got there. After an hour and 15 minutes, I went to the front desk to find out why the long wait. I was told they were filled to capacity, apologized to for the delay and advised we had been there for an hour and a half, there were people there that had been waiting to be seen by a Dr for 2 hours and 20 minutes and the average wait time was 1 hour and 50 minutes. At 11pm, 2 hours after being there and after the ER waiting room was pretty much empty and after EVERYONE that arrived after us had been called in to see a Dr, again I approached the front desk and expressed my concern only to be responded back to rudely by the intake nurse telling me that everyone is not being called to the same area and he would be called whenver they had a room available. At midnight, 3 hours after arriving to the ER, he was called in to be seen. After sitting in the room with no one coming to say anything for about 20 minutes, the Dr. nonchalantly walked in, asked my fiance why he was there and his symptoms and left the room all within 3 minutes. The nurse came back to the non private room a few minutes later to put in an IV. After about 10 min of trying to find a vein, and poking him 2x in the hand got the IV in. They took him for about 15 min to do a CT scan and bought him back. So, after about another hour my fiance gets up to go to the bathroom, at that time the Dr I guess realized he was still there and in the middle of the hallway where everyone could listen to what he was saying, patients, visitors l, staff told him what the CT scan result was. He told him he was gonna run fluids through him and then discharge him. So once the IV he was given would be done, we were leaving. At about 3am after we were exhausted, drained and extremely upset about our entire experience we noticed that his IV bag was not dripping! So 3 hours later after putting IV on him, nothing was happening! I advised the nurse, she said "oh, really?" I'll be there in a minute. At 3:40am, after being up 20 minutes shy of 24 hours I know turned to the Dr and told him exactly that. "Dr I've been up for almost 24 hours now, if he is ok can you lease discharge him so we can go home? I am exhausted!" He turned around arrogantly and with am attitude and told me " I gave the nurse his chart, as soon as she can he will be discharged". In conclusion, I had never, ever in my life been in a hospital emergency room for 7 hours and had never experienced such little professionalism and such incompetence! The director of this hospital should be absolutely ashamed of his or her emergency room staff!

Debra Weiner

The Emergency Department saved my life when I had an anaphylactic (allergic) reaction to an antibiotic.

Zaida Beltre

My son was born at 25 week weight 1 pound and 6 oz and everything was just great. Today he is 19 months weighting 31 pound and in great condition, thanks to the doctors, nurses and staff.

Siraj Tutkun

God have mercy on anyone who has to come to this place. You wait for hours....

Alfred Adam Klinger Jr.

Every time I went there, never had a problem, they fixed me up, and sent me home feeling better then when I got there.

teresa torres

I called 3 days straight and no one answer when I dial for gastroenterologist if someone is managing this they are doing a horrible job not checking on them if the phone work ,to even take a appts

Talece Carter

St Joseph hospital is the best I add my son there and the treatment was adorable nurses and doctor r very nice and knowledgeable


St Joseph’s hospital discriminates against gay & Transgender people (they were recently sued in court for discrimination). The hospital accepts funds from the state and government therefore, should not exclude anyone for any reason. The hospital claims to be Christian although the hospital leadership Are uneducated as they do not realize people were born that way, and the same leadership, also denied sex abuse scandals in the church several years ago. In addition, hospital leadership supports the trump agenda, reason enough not to give them your business.

Lakhvinder Singh

Before I start my review I want to read it ALL. That is no doubt about the Emergency Entry! Slow very slow But From the bottom of My heart After I crossed the Emergency I really Thanks to The Doctors Nurses and the faculties of The St Joseph Hospital. They saved my wife’s life. By the Grace of God! It’s like a miracle for me in this very Hospital. Right when my wife enter and when they moved her to ICU. She was on Life Support for almost 45 days and more. Even the first 3 days I felt I almost lost her, I was scared. Dark Dark and only Dark was around me. !!!But When you have faith you gonna see the miracle!!! On fourth may the experience wasn’t good, Next day when I took back my wife, I waited almost 4 hours, my wife was in pain I requested to the front Desk but no good response, but when I got upset I requested direct to the hospital telephone line and instantly doctor came and he took my wife inside. And Rest All I saw with my Eyes... Lots of Blessings to the Nursing Depart of ICU they really take care of my wife like kids. They encourage her and positively support her psychologically so she could improve, Great Work by the Doctor who did her Operation, whole team. Even I don’t have more words to Explain my feelings. God Bless All the Doctors Nurses and The Faculties trusties!! Ever Single person who work in this Hospital! Thanks ( This small word from my heart Means A lot)

Bernadette Goncalves

I went in to the ER for chest pains, shortness of breath and Wheezing. I showed up at 3:30PM and was immediately taken in to get an EKG done. After the EKG was done they sent me back out to the waiting area where I sat for 4 hours. I was then taken to a room which was filthy and had blood all over the floor. (YUCK!) Curtains that served as walls were also filthy. I don't know about any of you but when I was a child St. Joseph's was known as the best hospital in Northern Jersey, over the years the place became a joke. The ER staff aren't sympathetic. The ER doctor and nurse were great but the filth in the room and blood all along the floor turned me off and reminded me why I rather drive the extra 5-10 miles to go to Hackensack!

rosie Tangorra

Been to several hospitals in NJ both ER's and experience so far.

Christine Busch

I have had 3 orthopedic surgeries here in the last 5 years, and have been coming to SJMC all my life. Through its ups and downs, I can only say great things...

Joshua Borges

Great hospital friendly staff

Charles P Stauhs

Best care anyone can get in the area. Top notch doctors and nurses as well as state of the art equipment.

Louie Niglio

St Joe's does not deserve any star what so ever does not matter the condition your in if you go with trouble breathing they don't care you have to wait your turn and if your bleeding real bad which I saw happen dripping thru the bandage they don't care they think you are lying to get seen first people go to hackensack hospital they got it together there doctor and nurses at hackensack treat you like the human being you are st Joe's your just piece of meat I have update I went to the ER because I couldn't breath felt like I was breathing thru a straw and wheezing heavily the front desk took my info and told me to sit half hour later I went back and told them listen to my breathing they said I was fine and had to wait so I left called ambulance they came along with medics they couldn't believe the condition I was in my o2 was low and rushed me to the hospital when I finally got there I was sworm with nurse and doctors I told what happened up front and they were shocked that was not supposed to happen 12 days later I was discharged.

Jayy Brown

This Hospital Is The Worst . They Don't Do Their Job And They Take Forever . Was In Here For 3-4 Hrs Waiting And Just Got Service A Hr Ago . They Don't Do Their Job And They Are So Rude. DONT COME HERE !

Benny Ala

“If your going to give birth you want to do it at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical center” This is a direct quote from my Dr when I questioned why st joes. She went on to say that this hospital is equipped to handle (god forbid) any, ANY, complication during pregnancy and labor AND POST LABOR. That gave me and my wife a little warm fuzzy feeling. Lol. All 1 star reviews must be something off even go so far as to say they are false. I’ve had 2 children brought into the world at this hospital and a couple ER visits due to being in the construction field. I have found this hospital to be VERY GOOD even GREAT as far as quality of Dr’s and Nurses. They are spending money on their facility, as anyone can see who drives down route 80. Why give St Joseph’s a 1 star?

Leonel Angeles

Horrible hospital!! My son was in fever and they sent him home without doing absolutely anything about it. Patients have to be agonizing so they can actually take a patient seriously. Worst hospital in the world..

Ana chong

I visited this morning 05/ 09/18 the ambulatory same day surgery department to have a knee surgery. Starting from the receptions at the main lobby, the patient’s registration department , moving to the nurses assistants, the nurses, the anesthesiologist, my doctor Mcinerney (Orthopedic ) and his assistant, it was the most wonderful experience, they treated me like they already knew me, which did help me to relieve my anxiety about the surgery. Always smiling. The anesthesiologist Dr Schanzer kept me warm all the time during the procedure. They never left me unattended. I loved it.... Very clean hospital, very organized.

Michael Cartier

Emergency room Doctor Reese refuses to treat me any time I go there I'm not the only one in one time he even said that to me from behind the ER nursing station and he did not treat me he violated the law and my rights on several occasions stay away from this horrible thing that calls itself a hospital, especially from Dr Reese. I believe him to be a sociopath and a monster not literally of course.

Nicky Garcia

If you're in labor I recommend you go somewhere else my water broke and they send me home they didn't check me for 10 hours I was losing amniotic fluid for 10 hours before they even got me a room nurses were friendly but that was unacceptable. With my second child I went in there ready to push but still had to wait two hours to get a room by the time I got my room I was 5 pushes away from giving birth

Amy B

I had to go for same day surgery and the entire staff was wonderful!! My OB GYN, Dr Keirce, anasthesia, and all the nursing staff were attentive and knowledgeable. I felt great after my procedure and had a quick recovery (better than my friends who had the same procedure at other hospitals). I will totally recommend St Joseph's Hospital in Patterson, even though I live in Bergen County!


It's okay. The staff is not the most welcoming people.

Abdus Subhan

Need to be more productive and responsible

Michael Nunez

This has to be the worst hospital EVER!!! Staff is terribly slow with EVERYTHING. Like how do you have a needle from a embroidery machine stuck on a finger for more than 6 HOURS inside a hospital's emergency room? Does that make ANY TYPE OF SENSE. Like they will let you die in there if you aren't careful. Last time I will EVER use this hospital. Quick to take your insurance company's money but not quick to even help you. Warning to the public, don't go to this hospital.

Dutch Blain

The doctors and nurses in the emergency room treat you like a junkie and scumbag when are in extreme pain and need painkillers. And then refuse to give you anything to take away the pain.


My mom went in for a heart valve preceedure and at every step of her care at St. Joseph’s she was treated with so much love and respect. I can’t thank the doctors, nurses and especially the nurses aids who often get over looked for their daily care of my mom. The nurses aids were so caring and spoke so sweetly to my mom when she was nervous about going under and after her operation they were quick to get to her room when she needed help. If they were with another patient they would tell her that they would be right in as soon as they were finished and they always kept their word. I never had to search for a nurse or an aid once they knew she needed care they would get to her room as soon as they could. The aid in the cardiac unit changed her and cleaned her and made sure she felt comfortable and always with a caring touch and gentle words and sometimes even s funny story. Dr. Connelly took the time to speak my family about what to expect and listened to all our concerns. After the operation, The nurse in the ICU told us that they would treat my mom like a faberge egg. And they did. Wonderful hospital, caring staff, top doctors.

Bishwa Patel

ER department is not serving well to patients. I took my mom at 4 am to find what exactly was going on. she kept complaining about her feet hurts and her nose was bleeding because she fell down but they never did any x-ray so we had to ask her primary doctor to give us prescription to get x-ray done. I asked them so many times to do something about it but no they just didn't do anything. People go to hospital to get help, feel better and get answers about what's going on. Yes I got answers but wasn't really satisfied with their answers.

Maria Zadravac

LONG BUT PLEASE READ IT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE! My Mom was in the hospital several times last year and already 2 times this year. Her most recent visit was a disgrace. I made a BIG mistake not to call an ambulance. We arrived to the ER on Sunday, July 28th at 6:00pm to be greeted by a woman that looked me over from top to bottom and then proceeded to just ignore me as she stared at her computer screen. I didn't walk away and finally she acknowledged me. Explained my mom was discharged on the 18th (10 days ago) and that she is in severe pain, unable to walk, having difficult breathing, explained she is turning yellow and her stomach is all bloated and getting larger. They told me to provide her name etc and for us to sit down to wait to be called. We got called to the registration desk about 1/2 hour later where we gave additional information. Again sit and wait to be called about another 1/2 hour. Called again to bring her to a woman in a small room that hooked her up to an a monitor. I had to lift my mom myself as this woman just stood and watched me struggle. Once she was done we were told to go in the hallway to wait to be called. 2 1/2 hours later we got called to a registration desk to take more insurance information and for her to sign in. I asked how long and was told that our name will be called. We sat there for what seemed days but was hours. I kept going up to the desk to plead for them to see my mom as she was turning more yellow and was in extreme pain. they said just to sit down and wait to be called. I begged and begged, my mom cried in pain and nothing. Finally after 6 1/2 hours later they called her name. We went inside the doctor checked her out and ordered test. It wasn't long after the test were taken and read the doctor came and indicated that she has a blockage in her large intestine that caused a rupture and that she needed immediate surgery. I was told we didn't have time for a second opinion as the stuff that has been leaking in her stomach for over 6 hours is now threatening her life. He white blood count was so high and she has a major infection. So for all those hours sitting begging and pleading for someone to examine her meant nothing to those ppl at the front desk of the ER now my 81 year old mom is fighting to live. The staff at the ER had no compassion and could care less. As a matter of fact I felt that every time I approached them my mom was pushed further down the list as ppl that came in after us were called before us. The staff laughed when about half a dozen ppl got up and took of the bracelet and walked out he door. Is this the goal so they still bill insurance for your time sitting in the waiting room? The amount of names called and nobody stood up because they were gone without telling staff. Now my mom is in ICU fighting for her life. Her heart is weak, her body is weak and because of the wait she now has a colostomy bag. The way she and other people were treated that night is unfair and inhumane. Where is her rights as a human being to be treated with dignity and respect. Where is her right to get medical attention in a very clear evident emergency. Who is responsible that her life was on the line while those ppl just ignored us and could care less. Anyone that had eyes could have seen that something very serious was going on with her. Please do not take your loved one to this ER. The doctors and nurses inside are saints but to get to them you first need to recon with the devils at the desk that should not be there. Stay away!!

papi kei

If you're in serious pain you'll die here before they come check on minor brother was suffering from a chest pain a serious one, luckily he was able to handle himsel through the pain, it took them approximately 40 minutes before a doctor shows up. Too bad

Hector Garcia

If I could give them less I would the ER staff are very rude won't recommend to go to this hospital. I had a really stomach pain that I couldn't even walk never felt a pain like that in my entire life and they just told me to sit a relax. I took my things and head out to Hackensack hospital where they treat me asap.

Juan Lazo

Just left the e.r. since the wait was at least another 4 hrs long AND ALREADY WAITED 7 HRS. Who is in charge of triage? They have people really sick injured and in pain waiting over 8 hrs. You can go for a broken leg or a broken nail the wait time is the same! They have to learn the meaning of TRIAGE!.

Susan Co le

Me and my child went to this place for a check and they made more then it had to be.making troubler

Amjad Mohammad

I think that one star is much more then what this hospital deserve. The first time I went to the ER I was left for six hours dealing with worst staff. When I left the hospital I decided not to come back no matter what. But the next time I had a bad pain and my doctor told me to go to St. Joseph's because they have my file and they will be able to help me. When I went I was left with pain for five hours just waiting for them to see what decision they decided to go for. I am really sorry to say that it's the worst hospital I ever saw.

Michelle Diaz

The worse hospital I have been in my live never come here at least that you want to die they are so rude and the emergency is a real mess never come here

Laura Patricia Batista

the department of labor and delivery is excellent, all the staff is very professional.

Cahban Morris

Took my baby girl here absolutely awesome. The doctors and nurses were great, they break down the information so i could understand. Service was quick compared to other medical centre i would recommend it in a second.

Jose Rodrigues

Very pleased with my experience at St. Joseph's. I have been a patient of Dr. Priscilla Kaszubski for about two years now would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Kaszubski’s continued dedication and genuine concern for my health as well. She is a true professional; not only is she very knowledgeable but she is kind, patient, and understanding. Very pleased with the staff and doctors here!

Matt Casper

Horrible amount of waiting time and lack of care my two year old son came into the emergency room showing signs of brain trama and it took them 5 hours to even give a cat scan.

Leonor Hernandez

Sorry to say but this hospital will let you die on the floor waiting so long... I saw a guy who came in a wheel chair and the person with him told the lady at the desk that the guy was about to have a seizure but the lady just told him to wait they sat down not less then 20 mins later the poor guy had a seizure on the floor very rude staff wouldn’t recommend coming to this hospital!!

M Micaela

Horrible experience on Thursday night. My boyfriend had a 105 fever and a bad infection on his arm that caused his fever to skyrocket we were waiting for 4 hours in the emergency room. We ended up leaving and going to Hackensack instead. This hospital really sucks. Never going back to st. Joseph’s.

Nisar Naziri

Utterly disgusting and unprofessional hospital. Administration is rude and nurses are absolutely impolite and unprofessional. They need to learn some manners and customer service.

Marcos Ravelo

The best Hospital in new jersey.

Jackie Cristina

This hospital has changed so much they suck and they are so unprofessional speaking rudely about their patients. I went in today for a fever and sore throat and they didn't even bother sending me to a real room. They kept me in an open room and nurses kept coming in and out speaking in different languages. Then once the doc saw me he said that the only thing he can give me for my fever that I had since Friday is tylenol. Are you serious now I'm going to get a huge bill for just a tylenol prescription that I have at home! What a waste of time!!!! Never again!!! So disappointed.

leidy garcia

I like this hospital they're very compassionate and they're one of the only hospital to offer charity care for patients who really need Healthcare of any kind. Thumbs up and I hope it continues with the amazing upgrades!

Javy Ortiz

Worst place ever my wife came at 10:20 pm to the pediatric er cus my daughter has a fever and cough she is only 11 month yrs old still i call my wife at 2am she tells me no one has seeing the baby or pull her into a room smh worst stay away i rather go to valley medical hospital

Criszelle Baliong

Waiting at the infusion center is terrible. Scheduled time for infusion was 10:30 am, 2.5 hrs had passed and the medicine still has not arrived. Nursing staff did not even talk to us to update us what’s going on. I understand there is a process to follow to obtain the drug however a lot of times we have to keep waiting. The drug comes from the pharmacy but really almost three hours to mix the drug?

Mary Kolano

Great hospital been here since I was 4 years old now 33 years old.

Kimberly Diaz

These hospital have become so bad with staff in the ER... you’ll wait even 3 hours sitting down during their 3rd shift for kids which is terrible..

Emely L.O

Deserves no stars at all. My niece 104.5 fever, very congested and vomiting. Waited almost two hours in the emergency room. Told us only 4 kids ahead of her and they called 8 kids and still won't call my niece. Kept calling more kids and kept telling us that we were next but nothing.

PattyLove Love

St Joseph’s Hospital: the Better, excellent service always.

Gregory Louvat

Been here several times for many different issues. Each time i was handled within the hour and seen by professional medical staff who took the time to ask and understand my blight. Keep up the good work.

Chudney Reardon

Worst hospital ever!!!! They always hiring but never want to hire any workers I wouldn’t bring a dog here

Ja Ric

Brought my mom to the ED who had confusion. They placed her in a room on the FLOOR, freezing and gave her a gown. Had to find blankets. Hours went by, continuously asking when she will be seen by a nurse or a doctor. HOURS. Finally, after 3 hours went by, I got my mother back into her clothes. We started to leave. Then when the staff got wind we were leaving they started an argument on why we couldn’t leave. It was ridiculous. Finally, she was seen by a Dr. her blood pressure was through the roof. Unbelievable. I have no more faith and trust in the ED Dept at St Joes Paterson, NJ. Not going back.

Tiffany Torres

Dr John Kashani in the ER today and the nurse really over exceeded my expectations they were mobbed today and still gave every effort they had to keep me comfortable despite all the hustle and bustle I recommend this hospital to everyone I was born here my sister and my son as well 5 star staff from the ER to prenatal and delivery they really are the best at making you feel better and comfortable and providing all the information you need to know upon your discharge I want to personally thank Dr Kashani and his nurse on staff (she was pregnant can’t remember her name) but I’m feeling much better and I have to personally thank you guys

Ashtin Horner

If 0 stars was a option that would be it. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone! I had a surgery there on June 21st 2018 started out laproscopic then turned into open surgery with small intestine gone threw by hand. Exactly a week later I was back there with high fever 103.5 swollen, red, and extremly painful where my incision was. I was sepsis and tachycardic. I sat in the waiting room for almost 2 hours in that condition. The drs didn't know what they were talking about in the er. One said cellulitis and didn't think there was a infection. Went to CT showed a abcess. (Infection) was admitting and started on iv antibiotics. The next day I was sent back down to radiology to have abcess drained. Over 130cc of infection pulled out and a drain was put in to get the rest. Couple days later I noticed my incision was changing color and bubbly looking. By that night my incision started leaking it took almost 2 hours for the Dr to come to room to check and see what was going on. I was in excruciating pain. He finally came in started pushing and squeezed by incision I felt a pop and more pain that I can't even explain. By the next day my incision was open. The entire thing opened! Now I have to heal from the inside out. The infection was staph of which I should not of gotten. There's so much more but I think you get the point . Please be careful if you do end up going. I'd rather die in my bed then go back for anything!

Nazish N

This hospital sucks sooo much I have never wrote bad comments but I’m telling I would never in my life come here...It worst dam hospital I have ever in my life been to.. my mother hurt her self and she had bad eye and bleeding. Got to er at 2:30 took her in at 4:20 and and waiting in the dam room until 7:30 in the morning they didn’t even clean her freaking wound and all I heard them do all night is make jokes about other patients and laugh and talk about other things in the world and then they say they r very busy... and my mother is in pain and still we are waiting......oh wait more to say... now nurse came with nasty attitude saying she just got here we r waiting for another doctor... when I said finally someone showed up... really !!! Like reallyyy!!!

Johnny Cordero

The medical team is excellent, but the cleaning crew needs to improve, dirty sheets with blood stains for two days, the beds full of blood stains too.

Steven Watts

If I could say 0 stars I would. Don’t ever come to this hospital. I’ve watch people who were bleeding be left in the waiting room. People with broken bones left in the waiting room. I’ve gone through 15 hour waits just sitting there in pain and so tired I wanted to cry. Please knock this building down and torturing people. Worst place ever in history. I’m never going back there. I’ll catch a bus to a different hospital. I’d be home before anyone who comes here.

Mehmet Duzgun

Looking at the reviews, I was very hesitant to take my 2 daughters to St. Joseph's Emergency room. We had to go though, and it was around 9:30 pm. When I left it was 10:40. From receptionist to doctor, through security, they were all very helpful and friendly. Thank you all.

Greg Sirico

I agree with other people here. It's hit or miss depending on when you go. I've been here about 4-5 times with the kids and my wife for everything from car accidents to spots accidents. The last time we came in the staff couldnt have been nicer and tried their best to make us comfortable, but the time before that was insane because it was packed and everyone was on their last nerve.

martha alvarez

I agree with most of what's it's been said but what it bothers me the most is the fact that when you go to the ER, they don't have a private room functioning as triage, last time I was at the ER they were taking my vital signs in their open triage, the nurse was loudly asking me about the reason of my visit and I didn't want everybody seating close by to hear so I answered softly and she asked again I answer and she continues anphasising about my illness I was so embarrassed and humiliated but I was feeling so sick that I just wanted to be treated, after my visit to the ER, I couldn' stop thinking, I thought we as patients are protected by HIPPA and we shouldn't be treated with respect,they need to have a private room to sort emergencies and most importantly they need to educate their medical staff, now with a clear mind( because at that moment I was feeling very sick I wanted treatment most than anything) it really gets me upset when I think about it.

Facely Tavarez

Can I give this hospital a zero?!!! Very very unprofessional staff over the phone and in person. Every single encounter I have with this hospital has be very unpleasant. The whole staff should be retrained and be reminded that this is a HOSPITAL and they deal with sick patients, and other health care professionals who actually CARE about their patients and they’re only try to help them. I will not recommend anyone to use this hospital.

Alex Atallah

The worst place to be when you in need . My 13 year old daughter was there today at the ER . And Absolutely Nothing was Done . They had her wait for over 4 hours. Then when finally a room was Available she sat there for another hour waiting for A Doctor. FINALLY The doctor comes in checked her for about 3 minutes and tells her she just has to wait because they very busy????? Total BS . I can't wait till they send me the bill for doing nothing . SHAME ON YOU !!! WHERE'S THE BOSS . WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS BS . HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO PEOPLE. DISGUSTING

Uncle Pecos

ZERO STARS, Do yourself a favor, DO NOT COME HERE. Waited 6 hours in a filthy emergency room, then they made me pay $508 and sat me back down in the filthy emergency room for ANOTHER 6 hours. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!! RUN, LIMP OR CRAWL AWAY!!!!

Leen Morales

Staff has poor patient skills. Need to learn to be compassiante. People get jobs just to have jobs. Nurses need to be more compassionate and help disabled pstients. I went in with fractured foot pain. One nurse named Shelly didn't even want to help me take of my shoe she said I had to do it myself for doctor when he comes in. I was crying of pain. Cheif of department Marianna Karonos came to my rescue and heard my complaint and helped take out shoe and sock. I went to get xray they asked me to get out of wheelchair by myself. After i asked to assist they finally helped me one looked aggravated to not want to help. Then u had to give them the idea to slide me with sheet with two people. Staff was dismissive no compassion. Some were all good some were bothered. They need to hire compassiante workers to help the sick and elderly. Not bothered or not wanting to help assist injured people. A nurse job is patient care and help. They lack knowledge of patient care. I did have a guy and lady help assist for bathroom. There needs to be more observation on HOW staff treats patients. I recommend either a meeting staff should have to do better pt care and assist for fall risk pts. They didnt even put a fall risk arm bracelet. Some of them expected me to do everything myself . Im in an emergency room to get help not to be ignored or have nurses to not help assist.. Better patient care and assistance for pts who can't walk. There was some good nurses,a tall Man not sure his name and a nurse name Iris helped as well Hope they change their attiudes to positive and helpful. If not go elswhere

mariella graci


Ricardo Crespo

If you care for your love one do not take them here.

Derya Kurt

One of the least professional and filthiest hospitals I've been in. They performed surgery on my mom who receives Medicare. After surgery, my sister and I asked to see him to find out how it went. The surgeon was annoyed and frustrated that we even asked for his time as he said he was very busy. Mind you this was a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. He also went on to say he did us a favor because he is a renowned surgeon who rarely ever takes medicaid of medicare. We were floored by how much compassion he lacked as my mother lay unconscious on the recovery bed. Awful.

Desteny Correa

Worst experience ever. I got hit by a car and they didn't even give me a room I was in a hallway the whole time. The lady who took me to get a CT scan was so rude and inconsiderate. I got in at 11 and didn't leave until 4 took them 3 hours to give me pain medicine. Avoid this place at all costs.

ozge sara

The ER And the staff is terrible. I wouldnt go there if my life is at risk. They need another hospital in paterson because this hospital clearly overcrowded and run buy nasty staff doctors and nurses. You could wait up to 8-9 hours in the ER before you even get to see a nurse or a doctor. I bet even if you have a heart attack they will tell you sit down and wait thats how careless they are. Nurses rude and give you attitude if you dont like your job then quit nobody wants to deal with your attitude your taking care of sick people for gods sake. This hospital is ridiculous. Even if you are in an emergency ask the ambulance or the person whos taking you to take you to another closer hospital . Either way this hospital will kill you just by waiting and doing nothing. They are known for misdiagnosing people and not paying enough attention to detail and send sick people home without doing anything

Debbee Lukacsko

The absolute best hospital. Excellent emergency department, & excellent in patient care. Caring, compassionate and excellent care by all of the staff! Best nurses ever!

Kayla Quinto

DO NOT COME HERE. 0 stars!! Im a nurse myself and i do not work here, I was just in here 2 hours ago helping a friend in the ER, but i was absolutely dumbfounded at the stuff i witnessed in my 3 hours at this hospital. A patient came out back into the waiting room, and told us that the nurses gave her something she told them she was allergic to, and her whole face swole up and claimed her airway was closing so they gave her PO BENADRYL that she wasnt even able to swallow.. There was even a witness there who recognized what she looked like before she went in and saw her allergic reaction! But ALSO A pregnant lady clearly in labor, and BLEEDING about to give birth was sitting in the emergency room and not one staff member moved to help her, until just about 15 minutes passed by before rushing her to labor and delivery, which is not the way it should be. There were people there saying theyve been waiting since 4pm at 1AM. There was a nurse rolling a patient who had no idea who he was or whether or not he was discharged, or why he was even there, and he was barely conscious!! And she told him to go home and asked the security guard why he was even there... isnt it the nurses job to KNOW all of this stuff not security? And she had a nasty careless attitude. So if you know a short haired blonde night shift nurse at St. Joes Paterson. HA shes a death sentence to the health care community.

Hayley Malland

I was brought in for stomach issues, was given an IV drip and medication that I later found out COUNTERACTS and REACTS HIGHLY to my current medication, and was unable to receive proper care. They basically said, you aren't showing signs of anything wrong, so go home. NEVER again.

Ashley Garcia

Last night I got hit by a Van and had to be rushed to the hospital. When I arrived with blood all over my face and a man carrying me in they still made me wait in the waiting area for over half an hour. After I got taken in I asked if they could do a scan on my head and face and they stated they didn't see a reason to. They didn't even clean my wounds. After being discharged with nothing but ibruprophen I went to Hackensack medical center and they scanned my face turns out I had a fractured face. They helped to clean my wounds and gave me stronger medication.

Kendu Drippin

Well We Need More Hospitals In The Bronx

Luis Arellano

This hospital is the worst hospital ever they do not respect the appointment really bad customer service í can not say anything good about this place at all. The state need to close this place the room are so bad and restroom. And they do not respect ur surgery appointments they skip you all the time you make an appointment at 10 and you still here 3 days later with the surgery not started. Never again will h come to dis place. I give it a 0

Sarah Sedlacik

It's hit-or-miss depending on the day and time you go today was exceptionally ridiculous but on a Saturday with nice weather you got expect that the place is going to be rather busy for the most part the staff is friendly could be a little bit cleaner but for hospital and the Paterson area that's always being flooded with people and severe trauma patients it's convenient and close and they do their job My only real complaint today was that they did not allow me to go into fast track with my partner to keep him company so after waiting 2 hours I was in in the waiting Room I was informed I would be waiting 2 plus hours before he would be discharged or sent upstairs. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me but the care you receive its pretty decent

Dilara Kalender

WORST HOSPITAL EVER. TOOK MY DAD TO THE ER WITH AMBULANCE NOT ONLY DID THEY MAKE US WAIT IN WAITING ROOM FOR HALF HOUR, MY DAD WAS IN SO MUCH PAIN THAT HE WAS ABOUT TO FAINT AND LAYED ON THE FILTHY DIRTY CHAIRS IN THE WAITING ROOM AND SECURITY CAME AND SAID HE CANNOT LAY THERE AND STATED THE CHAIRS WERE NOT A BED. I told him my dad was in pain but he still argued that this was not a hotel. UM EXCUSE ME? I WOULD UNDERSTAND IF THE WAITING ROOM WAS PACKED BUT IT WAS EMPTY. RIDICULOUS. As you walk in to your room from the ER waiting room there are always homeless peope or drunkies lying in the hallways and it always smells filthy, the bathrooms are ALWAYS nasty. You have to literally beg the nurses to come check on you even if you ring the bell several times. I do not wish sickness upon my enemy, and I am hoping no one ends up here because it is a horrible place, all they are good at is billing you. I recommend chilton hospital, so much better than this place. It is a little bit farther but there are no long lines, great customer service and check out is pretty fast. I am willing to report this hospital anywhere so they can actually make a change...

Katherine Ferracane

Was taken yesterday by ambulance to this hospital because of a really bad sprained ankle. Was treated quickly and amazingly by all the staff, however one nurse truly stuck out to me. She wasn't the nurse that was helping assist me, however she came by and noticed my ankle and saw I was all alone. Without even knowing my story as to how I got there when I'm from Toronto, she started telling me a story about how 20 years ago she lost three of her friends in a car accident. So to the Jamaican nurse who told me this story, thank you for that and for being so kind to me. Your story was just what I needed to help me see the positive in a bad situation and I will never forget you.

Patty Aquino



Came here with my daughter cause of a problem with school. It’s all a misunderstanding and they are keeping us detained.told them I’m leaving with my daughter and they called dyfs on me..

Jarek Kosakowski

The best staff and doctors!!! Special thanks for dr Markowitz

Fernando Sanches

They are so professional thank you all the staff they saved my life and my kids both born here thank you st. Joseph’s

Sarah Estepan

I was there last night from 10-3am waiting to be seen, people at the front desk are not really helpful or nice. I don’t understand why. But wait, I had to leave because 4 1/2 hours later and still didn’t get any attention. People were waiting there for 5-6 hours. Like that’s crazy. NEVER AGAIN

Magda J.

Really nice surprise. Modern and clean hospital. Friendly and professional nurses and staff in PACU and orthopedic unit.

Kay Garcia

Next time, i'll definitely go to Hackensack hospital. Every time I come to this hospital it takes hours for someone to help. After someone helps, it takes almost another hour to get a response back on what the problem was. Sometimes I'm even placed in the hallway while someone with a less serious issue is in a room. It's horrible.

Linda Mcmahon

Best trauma hospital around. They saved my husband's life. Doctors and staff were fabulous. I am a nurse who is not affiliated with this hospital and usually find something to complain about but not with St Joe's. Since 2017 we have been there close to a dozen times. Very professional. Such a shame for bad reviews. May be coming from people who use the hospital as a clinic for free health care.

Gilda Galvan

Unfortunately I have to say, every experiences I have with this hospital Is negative.The staff lacks manners and has constant careless attitude. Some staff, I cannot say all, do not even know what they are supposed to be doing. And I completely understand that we are all humans and make mistakes however, individuals lives are in these nurses and doctor’s hands. My mom went for stitches on her finger and I believe they tried numbing her finger but it didn’t fully numb it therefore she was feeling all the pain. She cried and clearly was not okay. At one point my mother fainted and began seizing is what is looked like. And this is the first time that has ever occurred. There were two nurses with my mother and neither of them knew what to do. While one was trying to tap her while she’s clearly unconscious, the other one was yelling asking who should she call. I really don’t understand how both of them did not know who to call or what procedures to follow. I am very upset at myself that I did not record this or even get their names but clearly I was far more worried about getting my mom out of there alive and far from this hospital.

Daria O

Just came home from ambalatory outpatient surgery wing everyone so careing so so polite and professional . This hospital is a wonderful hospital take it from a retired medical doctors daughter. They explain everything thoroughly and give excellent care.

Maggie Romero

We have been waiting for 2 hrs to be seen, my daughters doctor sent us over because she’s having trouble breathing. And we have been sitting here since 10:45am to be seen. I hate hospitals as it is and this experience makes me hate it more. Some people need attention more than others, sorry to say. Some are here because they are sick and don’t have insurance so they come here to be treated for a cold. But the sad part is the people that are here for emergency have to wait for so long because of these people, smh

brandon penney

Wish I could put 0 stars. This place is terrible, my wife had our son there and they were absolutely terrible. The doctors didn’t seem to know what they were doing. My wife started bleeding and the doctors would not tell us anything and the attending before even checking my wife to see what was wrong was trying to rush her off for a c-section. Not to mention the person doing her epidural kept messing up and actually called in someone else to help and they still messed up, they stuck my wife 4 times and could not do it right to save their lives. Let’s fast forward now, they go to do my sons circumcision and messed up and now he has to have it redone, and on top of that with out getting consent from my wife or I let a med student do the circumcision, and are now trying to say that it is our fault when 2 other doctors have both said it looks like it wasn’t even done. I highly do not recommend anyone go to this hospital for anything, go somewhere else.

Hector Colon

Worst hospital i have been too waited 8 hours and 20 minutes in the ER room, bad communication, all staff was rude when aproached, then the doctor spend less then 2 minutes inside the room before diagnosing me and prescribing antibiotics. Was miss diagnosed and had to go back for the same problem 5 days later

Di Dar

I cannot even begin to describe the DISGUST I feel towards this place after watching, with my own 2 eyes, how terribly they treated my brother a couple nights ago. The staff is unsympathetic and the building itself is disgusting- I've been to animal shelters that are run better than this poor excuse for a hospital. We actually had to wheel out my brother ourselves (NO help was offered to us whatsoever), and when we finally got to the exit the doctors, if you can even call them that, wouldn't even open the double doors for us. Instead they made us push a wheelchair containing a patient being released from TRAUMA with a bad leg & stitches through a narrow hallway full of computers. I can't even find the right words to describe the nauseating feeling our experience left us with.

patricia varela

My father is still alive because of the dedicated doctors and nurses that tended to him while he was in the ICU.

Rebecca Cintron

One of the best hospital in the world. In the year2004. I almost died. Bleeding internally and I was seduced coma. My daughters that I wouldn't make it. By the grace of God and professional doctors and nurses in (surgical i.c.u. ) all staff I give a 10.!!

Danny Smith

I’m a 13 year old kid who tore their hamstring in football and i go there in agonizing pain just to sit in a room being asked the same questions over and over again without seeing my parents. I got no x-ray or mri but was still charged 2,500 dollars.

Mariah Luna

There was a roach in my daughters room (she was in the er). Highly outdated, and not clean. I asked for a vending machine and the nurse told me “they don’t have any”.... what!?!? The doctor was okay... but it was so hard to understand her accent. I would definitely recommend a different hospital - especially for your child.

Camelia Vidal

I work for a doctor's office and obtaining medical records for continued treatment on patients is a nightmare, I've even spoken to the Medical Records manager Erika on several occasions and NO RESULT until I got through to Human Resources, then I received most of the records, now I've been waiting for records since October 2014. This is a disgrace to the medical field & to the patient's treated at St Joseph's in Paterson, NJ who cannot get proper care due to the Medical Records Dept.

John Laski

After hours (understandable as they are very busy) they turn substance abusers loose into the street, because they do not do suboxone or other treatment regimens. Its a scam ... they're there for the "OD" part, and then you're on your own!!! They want the medicare $$$ ... thats about it!

Kay Glamm

My co worker stated the nurse gave the patient the heart medication (pills) to take and walked away. The patient laughed and said she was not going to take it !! omg :( I'm sure the nurse documented observing the patient take the meds in the patients chart.....Double omg :( :( :( :( The review for this hospital are currently 2.9..It seems that those numbers correlate with the care given.

Elliot Crespo

Don't even know where to begin, I show up with my 5 month old there is about 5 or 6 people on front of me and after waiting about an hour and a half the same 5 or 6 people were sitting there.i can't believe I was recommended this hospital for pediatric emergency. I'm never recommending this hospital to anyone nor will i be going back..

Sal Risteski

Just wanted to say thank you to all of the doctor's and nurse's at the hospital who help my dad with his speedy recovery from a stroke which he suffered on Saturday. Big thank you to the doctor's and nurse's at the ICU you guys were unbelievable keep up the good work you guys went above and beyond to help me and my family members. Thank you so much for everything. Once my father was sent to the 6th floor in the hospital on neurology floor the doctor staff and nurse's we're super nice and helpful to all of us. Just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate everything you guys have done for me and my family .. Family Risteski

Hdhdhd Hdhdhdhdhdh

The school sucked but I’ve never been there

Leila Taskent

Awesome place. So clean

Linda Go

Unbelievable on how unfair myself and other patients were treated in the ER . No compassion at all for anyone . Shame

billy prusiensky

Waited purposely until after hours just prior to an out patient test to call and tell me I would be responsible for almost $900 for a test. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES, will never deal with this hospital again.

Rebecca Renavitz

I wrote a review for St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, Paterson (cancer unit), over a year ago, and it seems to have been deleted. Aside from two lovely nurses, the treatment from the staff (doctors, nurses, aides, etc) at this hospital was unforgivable and traumatizing. As a family member of the patient, I saw incompetence, genuine lack of compassion, and laziness. I'm sure that much of the problem is rooted in how the hospital is managed (employees being understaffed and underpaid), but it is no excuse. Period. I will not go into detail of the situation, but a few things I experienced at St. Joseph's- An oncologist mocked cancer patients who were taking morphine. Nurses and doctors did not recognize hepatic encephalopathy (changes in brain function due to high levels of ammonia) and I HAD TO BRING IT TO THEIR ATTENTION. When I asked an aide for assistance, I was treated like the ultimate inconvenience. For comparison, I have had experience at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick and the difference was night and day, on all counts. St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, Paterson, made an already very traumatic experience a million times worse.

Neil Odza

This hospital should have absolutely been shut down. Horrible people running this place. Stay away, go anywhere but here

Daisy Hernandez

This hospital is the worst I feel like if someone were to come here almost about to die they would treat the patient right. I came here three time and had issues with being treated. And what they told me was that if the patient isn't dead then they can't treat them. So might as well not go to a hospital and die somewhere else and on my last time that I had to go I ended up leaving and not being treated and had to pay for the parking anyways.

Stephanie Tiahna

Longest 5 hour wait of my life. The ER is just terrible. Staff unprofessional. I should have gone to Hackensack hospital.

Obeida Hammouda

ER experience was the worst!!!! I came and was signed in and they gave me bracelet and told me to wait...3 hours go by and a bunch of people who were here after I came we’re seen and I’m still waiting. I go to the ER desk and ask how much longer I will need to wait and they say I’m not in the system!!!! They said that they take my name out of the system if they came and called for me and I never responded BUT I was never called (since I was by myself I was awake the entire time) I asked will I have to continue waiting again and she answered that I would have to wait again until I’m called! Worst hospital in New Jersey, even if I’m dying I’ll never come here again!

Manuel Rosa


Umme Choudhury

I think Passaic country will needs one more hospital in Paterson area .. St. Joseph’s Hospital is overwhelming busy with too many patients...

Viktor Pervushkin

They saved my life over there after 2 Latinos broke my skull, I got Charity Care and later the surgery was performed really well. Dr Justin Richer is a great doctor. And I am having second surgery in June.


My wife's water broke and I drove straight to the emergency room( my mistake). It took them a while to get someone to assist us. Afterwards everything went great. Her doctor showed up at the appointed time and performed the surgery. The nurses and pcas were great. They we're extremely helpful and always showed up with a smile. The doctor would show up for a minute to make sure everything was fine and leave. Other then my mistake I can't complain. Thanks !

Monika Ballah

some of these nurses have no compassions. Why did you become a nurse?

Claudia R. Perez Arteaga

Worst hospital ever. Was there for 6 hours with my mother whom was in pain after a wait came to find out they took her out of the system claiming they had called her when they didn't. Every time they called we asked who are you calling and checking with the name and nothing. Pure negligence on their part. They are inconssiderent to the pain of other. Worst hospital ever.

Esad Mrkulic

Total catastrophe in waiting room for 5 hours I will never come back

Rob Centeno

Came into the ER with kidney pain spent 8 hours and was sent home with Motrin Had to go to another hospital to get surgery that same night

Omar Najar

I went to the emergency room today because of bad stomachache. After 2 hours of waiting, someone took me in and after 1 hour, a doctor came in with an echo machine to draw my blood. He didn't know how to draw blood and kept fishing to find the vein. After multiple tries he decided to try to draw blood from my forearm and failed again. On top of the pain I was going through I had to go through the brain of him playing with the needle in my arm. I decided to leave the hospital since no one knew what they were doing and the doctor said why did you even come here, there are other hospitals to go to and made me sign that they are not responsible if anything is to happen to me. But he didn't sign for me that he's stupid and couldn't draw my blood.

Marissa McKiernan

I'm a 20 year old female and I've been to this hospital twice for similar reasons and each time I went there they did absolutely nothing to help. I was withdrawing from a medicine I've been prescribed to by a doctor and was having severe anxiety attacks and terrible pains. All they did was put me in a hospital bed for hours all by myself and would ignore me when I would cry out for help. The nurses were incredibly rude and one nurse laughed at me when I asked her if I would be okay. My friend also had the same experience but even worse because the nurses made fun of her while she was having a panic attack and clearly was in need to be treated with affection. The nurses here are extremely unprofessional. This hospital disgusts me. Edit: I just told my dad I was writing a review about this hospital and he told me he was in there for a minor injury years ago, and was sharing a room with someone. My dad turned over and realized that the guy was dead. So MY DAD had to get the doctors and inform them that THEIR patient passed away.

Samantha Mhanna

Hadi my second baby here. I was very pleased with the nursing staff, the overall birthing experience, my obgyn, the hospital room service especially the nutrition and kitchen department. ALL the nurses were super nice and friendly and accommodating. They often came to check on me and help me with anything I needed and super personable. Thank you!

Jessemine Amber

If I could give this hospital a negative star I would. If you’re considering taking your child there please do yourself the favor and take them to another hospital. My niece had severe appendicitis and when her parents took her here they said she was fine. Low and behold they took her to another hospital not even 48 hours later and she had to have emergency surgery to remove her appendix and is STILL being hospitalized. Shame on that pediatric ward and their staff for being so uneducated in healthcare that they sent a very sick child home. Thank God her parents had enough sense to get a second opinion. I am a mother and I would never trust this hospital with the care of anyone in my family. They’re reckless and quite frankly a danger to the community.


Worset service, worset atuttide, i came to emergency brcause i have an emergency not because i feel good and just came to sit there. I waited 2 hours to go in, and i threw up 3 times in the waiting room and they still didn't let me go in. And i know whats wrong with me but every person i meet i have to explain over and over whats wrong with me! Like im fading and passing out and getting dizzy before i throw up. And i throw up every 20 mins. When i went inside also like 1 hour of questions and they already have everything. At the end they gave me a pill to relax and thats was all i wanted. This thing happens to me like every couple of years. And i know whats wrong.

Eileen Patterson

Horrible, HORRIBLE experience, while recovering from surgery with nasty, ignorant nurses. I will never voluntarily go there again and pray I never get taken there. Compared to this dump, HUMC was a spa. I now only use Drs who work out of HUMC. Lied to, that I was given pain meds when next shift nurse confirmed I hadn’t. My “roommate’s” visitor had to help me, by putting my meal where I could reach it. Disgraceful.

Tyler Lund

St. Josephs isn’t in the best part of town, but the care here, especially for children is excellent. During a scare with our 1 month old, the emergency room staff were excellent and comforting. However, the pediatric staff made us appreciate how good the ER had been. We got conflicting reports often and a lack of information even more often. Everything worked out well, but it was frustrating during the time. Their care is really top notch though.

Robyn Posternock

5 stars to the staff at St Joes Paterson. My experience was such a pleasure from beginning to end, reception all the way to discharge. God bless you all for the amazing work you do and always with a smile. Thank you for taking care of my daughter!

Maria Colorado

Horrible service I was there Friday night after I had a car accident together with my friend they just gave as some pills and then a discharged without checking on me even that I said I had a brain surgery also we were hitting in the head and the dr Friesland Howard do didn’t care at all!!!!! The nurses are very unprofessional and rude Please don’t waist your time going there

Anna Wong

Been to the ER few times. Waiting room not so clean, staff is nice.

Yeasin Shuvo

Good people

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